Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 11, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 11, 1845 Page 1
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NEW YORK HERALD. INEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 11. 1845. Prlet Two CcnUk THE .NK?V YORK HERALD. JUKI MttH KMWT. froprirtor. Circulation--Forty Thousand PlILV M?R*Lt? t.raey *%j Prtr* t rant. pat (MrT ? i; ft* Mt ?...>?? j-a? <' to Hi adrMM-* #? ? *|.? H? K *l.D >.?arf l*rtraft{ e*M> fr r?i? M it. r?nto par Hwm -fttiM* ta *.1 vane a 4 l>T? MT? at Mm mm! pn, M pkH im ?#i ?>f ? ItlNttMM af aM ktmda tmim?< < wlk leanty u, <te-|<Meh IV- AM bHM M NMNMWHW. fcj Ml), aidraaea 4 ta tfca xuMMkM** mm* paM. ar Mm i-??Ta?? ?i .M fca AaM*?la4 !*??* Ifca asrta iikmh iMik re 'nititi' j*m'? '? \ ??M^r.rr. WW *?? VMlNlUllbliMMHI WDM ?? VLiHbI Ml| ^HW>i tt .VMKM arm Hit UK ST <S% w4 ??? IN ma* , a maiii'l Ww iW >??<, at |mt I, . i .. H .1 I , t?tfl I ??ii I M*s fl? ?#*sf #tf N at ?H| iwl|a<j% Km (in "? r,mt r>??a r? I ?? i m Tit WWm.KN TKAV1.LL fcXI'RKS" *\,i Pi ?M> ?M f l Kr.HB Ptol*4el*t> ft? - t?1" .i/nI * ? 4 th ??**? 5% 4>v ft full ?'|t* ?? a > i -If*-. ?>1 Hi? ?n? ?. ? i jjMMsnl of Ifltllil I# tW ?#"?< TH# ? <????- i.?!('?, .? n.r w w boat* *rr An#4 up wmmt, ?mI ?my ?#?1 t* aai by lH* proprt+Uo* to r<?w?ittrr to (W ?*?*! rotftswof Ol frutrii'ffc. TW M-^iMi f Mlbl* fiMltr Mi |fl?|?)u Hfr*i rli*? of i run*) h %sm n?i#<<ukl fettftf*>*???? ?i? m sncII ?#,*? W Itrn*g ? 3tH?? nmt? p<w?wyrn <*?<*4 alt rW? f*i|? i difi|rn m ?ol ?|xti at ^c uiVfllwi, *>m4 ?f rtit OMft* (iomt a?*k* <u? n |?- lr p. Tht ?"*/? lr -.*#? ?fcT#f > iftiofuini *1 ? o Ifflrk- ?4 vi??4 rn fpMP* ^ *' i4?r ^ ?i n?4|. j (|?h.? (Mkf i? hnUM pit in N f c.? '?r ot i hf.vit ? If i -h^t * -t? i><4 k V% 13 %n4 11 THiH ?t? A. t t M.viINc,* A|tuf hui?iirli?iu9, Vw) 17. Ilii Kof Mhirmiliwi. Mi tfc# r*fv >?( N? m Vovfc. aM) Ml h II *V-M I \V I t?r IV U M H k < 0 '?!-???? ? *'?n ?t N II mvlt fft CliASOK OK IUM K UNITRD IT ATM M ^ IL LIN KH TO li^l.TIMuKK FllILAUKLI'llI A. WIL>US\urnN AND lUtl MOHK K \ ILIUM I) UNK. V 11< !i. ?. ? W II ? ? '. ?? i< k? 'Ar?N|4 m N.j V/wr-f M. On uid *ltrr Minnay nr\i vtujr Itih. in? I m wi Drpol corner of 11 ill ami M?rfc?-| .i-rri iluly |?(?|K at V o'clock, V >1.. lk? li'ir* I an ?t ? r. .VI and hull imtt >? P. M., !??-? k ili^coiifmuni ?ft^? mi J*tt TUu Liur wilt Irtrr ll ilimi 'ir for f'liiU<lrl|>l>ia. at ? a clock A. M. NEW CASTLE AND KRKN? HTOWN RAI1.HOAD AND STKAMUtUT LINK Through I'M Srira llaw?t'ur? fj Otiaiid ^ftrr Mono*)' i?r*l. May Itlh. iHr ripdal 'Ml ROftKRI Molt U|S, ( a|.|. l)oitv:liu>, will leair Dock alrrrt wltarf 4aili (excel I Sandny.) at liall" |>aat 1 o'clock. P. M., UMr 4 of t A Nl.aa heretofore. This Line learei B?wly'? wharf, Balt'more, for rhiluWIi'hia at 7 P. M. SUN HAT MAIL LINK. The only Line lor Baltimore on Sui day l?-a*e? the Drfot corner of llth and Market ?lreH?, ?! I d< rk I'. VI. Kit K.I HI IT PAHSKNHKU '1 RAIN Fare to D iltimore 50 centa. A I'aateiiKiT Car attached to tlw Krri((it Tma, will Irare thr Depot corner llth and Market ?tr>-rl. daily. (etee|>f ?<iiiid<> ) ai 5o'clock, P. M., and rencK Baltimore at <n earlv li "ir .??> nionaiiK. I), II. IIUDDKLL, A?ent al PWiladi lldoa, Pa. Koffurtlier |<articular>, "1'1'U^lj^ mylOlmrc No IT \\ ..I P. KISHK R, A feat, ? Weat air FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IS A DAY. WH? TRAINS upon ilie LONG ISLAND KAILROkl' A ar<" now nrraiiuril for paaapnger* to lra?e Bn?t' m it li o'clock and arrive in New York at 4, aa waa the caae |.i?t rrenina . am) tike the Pliiladt li'hu Iraiu at i|Uarter Im fore S, and airrml? at HP. M. m\*itl k 4 >ai_ it|a11 m41i/i ^4iAl4l?4k I L? *lli| li.. ?Uait.tlio csrTTiitTVVfYVr ,fy ffOTWlmHVll fhemornin^ for Willi in* IS ! ill I. Jiair I?a*t fivi* ; rfturuii<v, will Ipiv? V\^iIImhi' IJini^' ?a hcvru o'clock. Tlu- rirthii Icavf# < ft v- Ilall in th. evenini{at half paat ?i* o'clock for II uli iti, will l^i?ratil? o'clock, and will run to William'. Uni!^- ; returnum,' |e?n William'* BHdne al wtw o'clock mm! twewt> ruinate* PKOl'Ltio LIN*. OK srhAM?OATa Mil; \I.M\.M /af DAILY?Simd ya Kacepied?Thruagh Di I-,- ? . j'rect. at 7 o'clock P. M.. from the Pi-r U-tw>^? ^ *-'- ** i i i. and Lilierlv atn*ta. Mti'amltO'it KO( IIKSTKH, Oaptaiu R. U. t'ratteoden. wil le.ivc on Mourl iv. Ww!w?diy ami Kridiv Kv<* iiiijr?. at* o'clock K.N 11 'KKllBOLKK.R, i'i|tain A. Hoa^ln,will l?4Vti on Tuesil iy J'liura?Uy and Saturd y eveniuKi, al 7 o'riork At i o'clock P. M.. landin* at iiitcrim diate (dace, from Uh- I'm. cf Barclay street ;? I Stfuuil'Oai NORTH AMERICA, C'artain L. W. Bramanl, will le.-,Te on Monday, Wednt.d.iy, rrid.iy and Sanday Afti i I10OI1S, Ht S o'clock. Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. W. H. Peck, w ill leaee oi Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday AOernooiia, at J ?'clock Passengers t ikinii either ol'tlie aKure Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ami'le tune lor the Morning Train ol Can for the eaat oi west. ' The Boats .ire new and substantial, ire furnished with new aim cleg t it state rooms, arid for s|?ed ,:jd accounnoJ itious ax, u rivalled oil the lludsou. h'rriilit take? at moderate rates. All |H'i-soiia are forbid tnislme any of the B>ats of this Line without a written oriler from the Ca|H tins or A){?uta. Kor passaire or lieii;lit. apply on board 11# boc.las or to P. ( . Scnu.iz. at the ollice on the w harf. Julrc NOTICE. ^ stati:n isiand ferry, FOOT OF WHITEHALL strkkt. FAKE 6U CENTS. On ami After Saturday, 7il> June, I tie Mr unboata SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New Yuri every hour eicept "i P. M., commencing at ? A. M., until 7 P. .M L**j> f-taten Island every hour except 4, commencing ill A. >1.. until 7 P. M. J"*"? ^ri KOU S.VLK?The Steamboat Ki Inn f torn, of * light drift w -fer, 126 ft l.i.gil ^ ^ fret beam,8 fret depth hcnn engine, i'j inch cvln.der, UI en stroke, in pood order and fit for immediate use copjier fastened; would uuwer for a tow, freight oi pass <g. holt, hiving fiuithetl cabins with bertha. If not ?uld belon- tin I'Uli instiiit, will then be told at imldic miction, at thr Aler c'inits' Exchsnge, on that day. For fuither information, to Mesar*. Dougherty, TS Sooth street. jni Iw'rh CHEAP AND PLEASANT EXCURSION TO 'IIIr LOWER BAY. Tim Stesinboat AVAVE will, on and aftei ? Saturday, the 7tli instant, leave PirrN". I * ? " at 9 and 11 o'clock, A. M., and 3 and 8', 1'. \| : leavr .Msten laland at * and 10 A. M., 1 and Jhi P. M.? Fartti'a cent*. N. B.?O i the 3 o'clock trip the War? will make an egcur aio.i in the Lower Biy, |>u?ing Fort II imiltou. Telegraph aim Coney Island, giving piss,-tigers a full view oftlie Ocean. F?? the whole excursion only 12La centa will be charged. |j^"HeAv?hiiwnU| of the heat qualities, provided ou board, tnyl Iin'rc KUfc, *?^!K DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit in.. W. uey to their lrie"d< in any part of England Ireland, Scotland or Wale-,can be (applied ???with drafts payable at aight, without dis count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards. l.i Etui.**!)? On the National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; .Messrs. J. Bameil St Co., Exchange and Discount Bank Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t lit Sou, London, and branches throughout England and \Valej. In fr.KLANti.?On the N'..tional Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. I r. 8<;oti.a."?D?On the Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Orecuuck Banking Company, and brauche* throughout Scotland. T he steamship Britannia sails from Boatonon the lat June, by which ail drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. St J T. TAPSCOTT. mvl ni 7fi South at, cor Msnlen line FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ship* BRITAN NIA and C V.MBlil \, will leave Boston foi I the above ports, as follows:? Britannia, Juo. Hewitt, Esq., Commander.. .Sunday, Jnne 1st. Cambria, C. H. E. Judl-.ins, Esq., " .Monday, June ICth Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. For freight or passage, apply to m2!lin I) BRIO!! AM. Jr.. Agent. * Wall at FOR SALE?i he hULLV, h amall ?tiN>|?rii,^i-'l ? lire k sailing vessel, of I i*ht draught of water, csrr> Int. Jg N'tweeu five and six tons; Is well found in rvt r, thing tiring all entirely new last summer, when al? tin lit. hlie is a fn*t sailer. She lies at the foot of Cedar atnrt, N. R. For particulars of sale, enquire of jll) Jt'rh JOS. S. KANANI). 130< edar st.fN. V. FOH SALI.?'J'he Schooner URl AH M.JUDAH, W{J*jfWone year old, M tons, carries 800 barrels or 120 tons roal, MMtflfieW 111 be sold at a reasonable price, or wtmld In ev en nig. ii lor a brig of 200 tons. Apply to A M'. WKLDF.N, 107 Smith at. FOR SALE?FREIGHT (>lt( HARTElt Th, ? very lust sailing packet ship, MISSISSIPPI,6.V) tons, ?'milt in tins nty by Brown St Bell, salted on the stock", and resetted every year, live oak and aril locust top, live oak apron, semsou stern Irame, and forward and after cant frames?newly coppered and in perfect order for a three year* \ oyage?has accommodations for 2li iwssengers. Apply ou bond at Orleius' wharf, foot of Wall stJeet, or to F- K. COLLINS St Co., 56 South street. jiifiin .7. ii. vs oi.T? established emigrant PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Great Britain nnd Ireland, via. ?Liverpi?ol. e.ui always be arranged at the lowest rate. Bind Draft* furnished tin- any amount, payable at all ton i n..cipal Banks in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application to J. HERDMAN, j'irs- 61 South street. K PASSAGE FOR I1A.MBCRG?With Desii.telP The splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, Capt. C. C. Berry, will sail a* above, and can very cm,lorl u Iy iccoinmoilate a limited number of of imsaengi-rs in cabin and steerage. This ship having lieen built eipresaly lor a New Grleana packet lier accoininodations are of the best and most Costly desenption. Persons wishing to secure berths shoaid make early application on board, or to iv. k J. T. TAP8COTT, my26 rr corn*4Bouth street and Maiden lane. KOK LIVERPOOL?The N.-w Line-ReSular hclirt ttMJnae?The sujierior Cut aniline Packet ship jHOl II STK.H, 800 toiu burthen, John Brittou, mas Mil .? almve, her MMrU K?r i ? i^ht .ir having eicellent and suimrior accom nuajituits, dim I) to tin- Captain on board, or to WOOOHIJLL k MINTURNS. ?7 South street. PjW ?>( 1MMS 'ge $190 tw Packet Slu|i Hottiniurr, 1650 torn, Cnpt J. Buraley, will sen. ? r4 iiv Kot l.t r,and >aii <mi lur regular uay, 2Ut July, jsll KOR OLASOOW ?Regular Packet.?The fast ?ailing Brinsli Barque ADAM .CARR, ^cott, mus jtrr IVi i i,.?, ?i|| meet with quick despatch. , mrr of freight, or putsap', having excellent accom ?d4tii) is, apply to captain on board, at foot of Dover st, or to WOODHULL It M1NTURN8, 87 8 mth street I .ulai packet bark ANN HARLEY, will succeed ibe \-i > . < arr. jell Bl.vTT B M,L, OK OLD l.INK OK LTVKK POOI. I'At KET8.? KOR LIVERPOOL?Only ~ i u I >i Packet of the Ititll of June.?Tile magnificent ??n wpl faat sailing, favorite packet ship OXFORD, ?i twiOt,.,,! Ji hn Kithbone, commander, will sail poai ? St.. I*> , 10th of June. II v. >g ? ~|u.llrd scc< niaiodations for cubin, 2d cabin and fllNMRB iMaeengers, th.wie returning tothe old countrv, or send iag IW tVeir nieoda will tii I it to their interest and comfort to ?eleri tftt* MM .lied line m pickets. I- I .ruts of |.>ssage and to secure the best berths, early np ' K- !m . .. aid I e ui ide on In ard, foot of neekmaii street, Or itwrribrra, ROCHfc, BROTHERS & CO ' Knltoa street, nett door to tlie Kultou Bank, N.Y. A ?5^5 it m r or |*um| <?!>?? |*?J Hp mm KOR NKW OKI.I'.ANS-Louisiana aud New iX I ine Rrcilit Packet,to sail on Monday, June _H?t i The elegant, last sailing Packet Barque Gr.NK t* Muiot, will |?isitive!y sail as above, herrejfulai eight or (wage, having handsome furnished accommo I,'!, on 1.mi J, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at.. ?: K COLLI N8 k CO., ttSouthau _P,?lH*el, ... nniird on board after Saturday evening, ?? h t- stint * .1 ... New Orleans Mr. JAMES K. WOODRUFF, > il pr...i.,.ii? I'fli .rJ all goods In his address jlOec ?JE^ I(Mt LIVERPOOL?To sail on the 15th lune? Hffgy T>- ?i lend nl f,?t Mh| s'uip SUSAN (!. HOW JWMfis . I ' l??in Bailey can iccotniiiodate a few more . i in i-.??e.ig? r? in a NMtO? HotU* on Deck, at a very mo de mle i ate. Kot passage apply to JOHN HERDMAN, I?re 61 South street. k'"K ANTWERP-The splendid ship UKVON HHIR < pt , w ill m ct with quick despatch ' '? the ? l?"Vr poet. ? )g> hsving I. trills. mt farm "lied accommodations for ... era. anil >|ao fit second cablu passengers in the ' deck appl) to J. Ill-RDM AN. 61 South street. N H I IS V OK I'At h KTS KOK LIVKKPOOL l i k. I of 21?t Jaw?The >ple did and favorite kel - .ip IU>? HESTER, InWMons burtlieu, Capt i nrii will .ol hi Saturday. Jum 21, her regular day. ") I., aklpa of thi< li> e l.eing all IIW ton. and upw.irda, jiersons ,k?et eml?rk ("i ibe Old Ivsutry will nut I'.ul to see the . Kgwloh derived froai aelwrtiug this line in preferenct "any ?j*er as their great ea|?irii\ reni'er? Ml every ?a\ *?** tal.le Slid C.I ne .;?? .1 than Mi of a small class, tad MMW arcMMMMtatHiaM fi t cabin, ?eeond i 1 uid steerivi ?a-* )?> t?. K la well abown, aie suivrior to thoae of any otltei ii . I |.a. k. t< IViw lilting to steure bertha ah?iilld not CsM to asakeearl) ari^teatioa on board, fool of IImImn Slip, oi f. W. k I. T. TAPSCOTT, At their tieneral I'aaaage Office, ff rm 11 Waetk steeet, eori'^r nf Mioiieii l.>o'e. KOR I.I VK.RPOtiT-fhe packet ship On/SB) aps an the IWh instsni and the packet Oup t'i A K ll< K oil the K(h InM. Kor |?sa?ge, hating splendid arti.miuodali.xit. aped) to J. HKKDMAN,?I South street. N B ?Tli..?e ^ending for their fnenda residing in (ireat Bri Ian. a id Irei.oid c..a hue them brought oat with <juick da pat eh ?is I Iieevool md .Iratta can a. uaaal lie au|>plied, paya I. I .iigli. at the I uited Kiafdnm, ou ?n.liration as above. PAt kr.Ta koh iia? hk?iMto, a,? lie Packet aliip 0^^I1JA, Ca|<aia Jas. Kuuk, will sail on tlw l.i..t Jal> ?n lieigbt or passage <i idy te llov D k R1MCKEN. Agents, No. f 1', ntiae Baildi .gs, cor. Wail aud Water street* j to rt KOK l.l VEKPOOL? New I.ioe?Kegel ir Packn of the fiih* elegmit faat sailing Packet Shit AKItH K < ii,t. B. J II Trask, of 1100 toua, wil Cove, lief regular day. Kir trright or |M?>ige, having aceemmoil-'ion aneqaslled foi <11> and eonifnct, apply ou board, at Orkvuts wharf, Too1 * W.dl street, or to I K. ( OLLINS It CO., M South atnrt. Price of i.oup |M. Packet Hhip Hoaciaa, ( apt. Asa K.'.dridae, nl 1100 ton*, wil ?acceed the Ciamck, and sail Mth Jely. her legular day. mf? ee 4?L l?U KI >1. VS I Ircl la },!(? ??<.1 ooM at a I Kwrr a ho* ? (M.l> EHTABLIBHt.p KMIOHANT I'ABBAOfc ,wr'l< K, || mmi^rMM from I nitland. Ire jl i .1 *?? rlaod ami Walra- Th"*. '.ending for tlin ???M .1 i m .11 i? mil tha marlvra of the oHnitnily ol m .ki.1*thru arrautrmruta with the anbaoribera on very taiidr ratetrrou. by tirat claaa packet ?hi|*, aailinf from Livrr|>ool attlilv. l>r.ilu can aa umi?I Ik- I urmahrd for any atninat, payabh throwghuwt thr I nurd h.itadom. Apph i<> John iu.udman.u*>?*?. Tf><* nttil atrano-r lliberaia aaila Irrm (I ?it* om tlw I'jth mat tn a 'inli |rtt,iaj-au hr f raarMiAwllt. miDih UURWIN'S PATENT HOKSE-SllOEa .(111 IJ\ III I W 1-w.t^l A ? !??. 111 lit* ( m'r?i Ht.'ira ar> all warranted j*r ?nd mad* ol'th, Irrj H?-?t refined iron. I.iction over the price of i roti ia th* b* r iarry aha* which may br fund n..i in accordant-, with thr above rrconirnendalioa will I* r> rrterd haafc and ll.t m <ory rrlundrd. with all n|vaan from thr tauat diataat |?rt ?tt lhr eoantry. H 01 KDKN, Afrnt my II tin*rrc Traj I run aud NaiI Factory. i >It'oi< i a tion or wat< hk*. HK< KIVM> iri.m Hvuiz.rland, by |>acl.ct ?hi| Dfi'ijZnracb, an aa^.Ttiamt of Umrhea .uid >1. eamenta ol > daacriMHMi and of drat quality, rrad> lor tlit wli..fe?.lc u*ale, at m< derate pro a*. D? LA? H M *? It MAIRK. j?7 Im'rr No 117 (? atrret. Nrw \ ork. " TO LKT. A IvaiMrr Hr?nirnrr. nw mile from tht William than: Krrr>.-lh?t H??*fiota? Brick !)*< Hint; ?tli r' UU , ?* holt f.| ? k i %? <1 ^ roiiutl. *? <' a Sr3 * tru ly of Irnit Mid thidf !frt??, nHMrd oti thr It-It ikir of MeKiMm atrr?l. *a >?>? *o up li<m the I'eek *hf? l-erry? will he uriitrd ?mi the Itth Jtaur nut ? when a u? ????! tenant can have ??at a moderate rent, for ? IV? moiitba, or th? vt*ar il ?t*>iniir?l A|*t*h at Mrs. Jlallagh1*, corner ol Beavei atrret and Broadw*}% ??i at the ho?t?e, jel lwem jgA Tt) L. K.T- 1'ait ofthe H. I* No * Vm. ? alien, cm ?3 aiatina of two parlor* ua Aral Moor, a bedroom ait thr ae JaU- "i'<l llx". Iv " atfn Iwdi 4Ma. and km lira n. !???? awut. Sc! i'i?a???ioii id it ?an ba iiadiuiiwrdialt' ?low ??it. K in ii rIt- iwvmiaaa Jul I w-* 11. ? ? tUK SAI.fc?A liraatiliil ( i*nirt luariaMa, iaia rail* JOlfcfroin H"??vill? l.andun. "?i Hi '<? Iaiawd, n K.mii.f 6 athan rr. of lira' ralr l.and. a Ur(r liiaw awl food lia-w, ai?. ? iiln i liuildn.ftt; food Uardm w i!N |>lrnty ol ^ i?ij 1 rwa?wMI ??r ...Id rr?>'>wablr and oa rood trrma Kn.|uitr of mv7 Iwi'rr "AM l. II M.t. M Broow.# at rTKST R *1. Il lLbtNu ll^AlM. M Nmwa.^ W nf MwImi ljuir.? Ml ordrra im wr.liatHv attaiid. >1 to (in ? Slatrnifc, i'l.?t*iinf. K laj?n.?. IM i.h.U r*|hoird aiti iwinlra, and all otli-l rr|i?u? an<iallrnit|.?i> dona in Utr k*at naaiaar. Alao, [aunt, k.ltlra ataam dollar, n.oia. and r?n> kind of hat w.'.k? |nt mp Now* l<ni |w? a-nrkH.rn rmi'loftd K?| <-'llll?a> and m??ir? Wr Hlatwrt rlnmiirr to|Mi?rrHriwt am >kr l!|i Iowa uidrra Irfi with J '(num. I'lniiiltrr. Ml Itioadway ml??Im*rh M HI'INN TriiAtiLEB PAUL tSk kocaTOMl-l7t7F~ TH>: W. rk' of t 'harlr. dr K rk. IMnalratrd 1. withf mail and h..tgr?|<hy, c?in|4a*? m am* aommr ? I'riCf our dollai. 'I l?r |*li|ir i.a?? Mt m o|hhklnntt? of mm ?i^aiu( tiirmarlrra ol n? rom|4rw w...ka ol lia- rr?i..?(iir^ ran' da Kock III o?r ri?i<.| tdaat, oawtawtag twrlta l.undr^ .ad rikhty larua Ci Inn. a ol W?la? maitrt and at a IM ahicli |4acra it tha n <rh of |?r?owa la tl.r moat limn, d rircam?tMfH. 'I .i aolnma tiiatiaa all iltr aoaaia, rlc ?ahirli w?? rart artnally wiKtm hy thia moat arMlr lawgMn loaintt and farf?m-d .d mudria anthura Ami Ihr imhlirlwr l'lrd?r lltrmaajtcw that tha tranrlatmwa haar ' r. laitl.iuln 4Hw, and thai ihr work Will b* I.-and tlw moat rara-kiUint faacinatina and rtritiua ha. . in Iwrn i. a.H thr | >aal ffjMMMM. Vol aalr til An.'alrrrt Nrw I wrk Tlir work u wtailal^a. and may l? at I by foat ta any l<?rt id 'ha I nilrd nutra or thr (.auadaa. at an r?|?ta im, I. m in '?l??in canta. Krotdmi tn U> tl.atam r Mi ..rahn l..i u< ? ?omi'lt-if rofty in.m rtmlain oar doHat I r Irwahrti ..r , "at, wd md ilira, tnd to Holland II <Wo?rr, N? w t ortl I tty On cm>ira w til br f?i wanbd Hi otaa aMww lot ua d>dl>ra intt d?w Im'm MITUL ALK AM> il I) K It. jt?iiN j. fTAmm IQTTUNO ESTABLISH MBMT, MO. I ANN n RKf T. *a*t 4ow i. dw Amr .r? Mwar.n. r> tarwa hit am,, er tiiai.ka to haa Iraa. da and thr |?I>|.. taairrally, f.n tl>- rrtry literal ah?ir of MMaait? al* adv w rind, and ho|?w by air act atwwlin* *a am ha m?. ' a raaa IMwM. ria?T QL'AUTT rhtladrli'h* rort. t Nrw uk ( im, Cluhm Ala. I..?id. B- (Mb _ and h. trk \W Ordrra for atnrrwi aw..di4 u? wit- tfcai?irh "<a 11 ar I Tht "Tut?11 n"TTiani'a? .~\rT~ I THK tl.NI'tJUUUNKO will htraadhr h " tamady * hand, for aalr an aitlrlt M I I- miapr Hi rot ? Mat llinf andimdaably a ...|a?ll d .jnalMy Tliraubaarthrr haa ????? a(i> intrd aaalr A|lW aa thr t'litl?? Htataa fur Ik Manalartwiar Ai a (uarniira id Ma awt?*>?nly. < ukad Uom* Thi M. ?) ' P,ria, haa all. wrd aa . iwi' af bia anl U> br a4? dlyaark huOlr. Tkr i|ulllt of llir U wa a ill W *a? wrard ta-II latm. i ahi|>uiMU, und and. i no I in am?tu..wa M alk>w*d W drt r? njt?. H.a|? rtm? thla Wiar, I'al Thora thaa writra ?"It ta ?f a I |tt*lily rarvly to ba wart with m Aaarrira I haa a drwaab m i4k*t lori'rara |aal " '1 i.r aiuaitma of pnaatr (awtWaara, II.Mrl bai*iia. aad lha tradr i> layiual to tin* articlr. PartK-Jrairma ? aamawr aaji'ly at makr .??. '..t? a|> I'lication.* ' XiyiNOMlir n I* I tn re No wWi'l hm Ilk ani) I.BM. OI.I> HI.K* bat littlr -..?d, l .t aaJr IU,UUU Alao. a IM of ISaJM Md loada fcalila making, worthy tlir attrntlu i of NumalartaraK*aaadamit?.a Af ply at No. IM Walr, at part ma H laa. nYMFKI'SlA, OI5 Hl.l'KhM IUH A SAKE, aiirrdy, and rffrrttnl rata. f.?t> 'h.i aw aHirt 'm. ril with thia ofiatinat* M hiimintnia di- .<? 'hr da fftf rrornM, will ba loand in Tt RMKla OV?l UTIM A h K Thia ramrdy haa Ur,n aard Mrrraafully m iirnctirr, by a rhyairi ia of nniumr*, for yraia, Md h ta t -??r failed in o ainglr inatMrr. rKail, for thr Pro|t>r?or, ai I W OWl.n1, no Bowrry, com. r of Bmid atrn t IVii'll l? bot it Im'.r NOTICH. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTEKS AND OTHERS. . ? . . . .. , . (IB connec tion with Ilia a oil) Ihr hnunraa ol maimlartnrtng, rri^irini and r.itinit rhrniinimtrra, and dritlinK in Nnnnral Inairnmrn'a l^hnrta. Watch**, Clocka, Jewelry, Mily*r Wate. ft''., at th. ..1.1 atmid, No. 2:19 I'r irl ?tr*et. 1). ?.?lUKIt f. jufi I mt od'rc 'I f) BOATMAN. AND OTHKIIS.-r*TMt Mmm ?ri^ * rateqitnlity win ted immetliitrly Apply to WILLIAM rOROAT, " .Norfolk m i*tim*r > No. a ROIJLSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 137 mil 13)1 Mfrfer Street. MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to inform his friends .nil the public in general, that hit School for Instruction in Honeiuanship U now open lay unci evening, "* follows .? Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to ( A. M. ? " Ladies " 9A. M.toSP. M Terms of instruction mode known on application to Mr. Roulstoue. Mr. R. has just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. my7rc MSB ROWS RIDING SCHOOL, ?OH Bowery, on Aator and Lafnyrtle Placri. "T\/|R. W. H. D1SBRO W has the honor to announce, that his ivJ. School is open duly, (Sundays excepti d) for Equestrian Tuition and Exercise. Riding. Hours for Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Hours lor Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to7 P. M. Ky~Terins made known on application as above. N B.?Highly trained and quiet Horses, for tli? Bond and Pa rade, to li t. reyO im'rc LtiuK AT TlilS. J JUST 11ECEIVKD by the packet ship Duchess D'Or leans, from P.iria, tlw* best article of gentlemen's French Boots ever seen, and now offer, wholesale and retail, at the low price ol 5S, and the best of French Calf lloots made to order for $5; andtiK greatest assortment of all kinds of Boots and Shoes and Gaiters. Ladies, in this store you will fitid the greatest assortment of all kinds of Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, and all other kiuds Misses and Children*. from the largest to tin-smallest; an don't mistake the No. HOT Bru iilwy, cor ner of Franklin ?treet. M. CAII1LL my IB lm* rc FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 SO ; City Made, and for style and durability they are equal to those sold for $5, at Vouug Si Co.'s Imperial French Boot and Shot Manufac turing Depot,at No. 1 Ann street,one of the most Fashiona .loot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to older, for SI 60 ; eouil to those made in other stores for M and %1. Boots, Shoes, trailers tic., made to order in the shor test notice. Mending, be.,done in the store. Win. M. Voung Si Co., Wholesale and Retail Mwufac.Hirers, No 4 Aim street, New York, near Broadway. W M. M. YOUNG, and n.7lm^re H B IONES CHIP OF THE Ol.l) BLOCK. MAJOH FANCHER & VOUNG BOSS RICH ARDS, No. 5 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that ihey can sell a splendid article of Freuch Stitched Boots for $3 and $3 50. Ladies'Shoes at wonderful low prices. So stop your clack, ye lovers of Bootological imposition, ?ay* lm*rc T O COUNTRY M E R C H A N T S . BOOTS AND SHOES. . E. JOHNSON, (late Wilson & Johnson) j IV lias on hand, in store 142 Chatham street, Wrectiy opposite the theatre, one of the best assorted roiTT. jft of Boots ai d Shoes th"t can he hud in the eity. Gents Kip, i alt, Grain and S? i|. Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, Cegged and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; I.ulie Uitera, Buskins. Ties, SIilis. Sic , of every descripuon. A greater variety of Children s Shoes than any other store in this f!ity. Gentlemen's line G liters, twenty different kiuds. Gents Buckskin Shoes; Sportsman's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boots Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country tiler i-haut? an opportunil v of en itniuiuB the gooas at their leisure. my!J lm*ee ROWE'S SUPERIOR STYLE of G-'ntlemens'Summer Hats are J^?well worthy the attention of those about supplying them ?elves with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Hat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, and warranted not to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consists in part of, Pearl Cassimeres at $3 50 Sliver Peuri do 3 50 Smooth white Castor 400 Long uap white Rocky mountain Beaver 6 50 to 8 Together with an assortment of Panama and Bohemiau Straw Hats, all of the first uualitv and most fashionable shape. ROWi., Sales Room 10 William at, myJ4 lm*rh Merchants' Exchange. KCONOMY AND FASHION PB ELEGANT SUMMER HATS. fl jjk PRICE $3. ROBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation ol the PIKENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 103 Fulton st, between William and Nassau, East of Broadway, ss the cheapest in this city or any other, begs leave to introduce to the public a very superior style of SUMMER HATS, which for lightness, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? u.d for cheapness unequalled In addition to being very jilea sMt and genteel, these Hats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to raiu without injury, which it is weliKnown Leg horns, Panamas, tkc., will not do without losing shape and color. For business more is important to keep the field dry and cool, a desideratum which has not hitherto been attained. These Hats cannot be injured by perspiration,owing to tlie peculiar style of trimming wnich the subscriber has fount! by experience so very cleanly and popular. Their weight ranges from 2's to 3)4 ox., being much lighter than substantial Leg horns snd Panamas. ROBERTSON, 103 Fulton stn rn 14 lm*ec Sign of the Phoenix. ~Z0\ LADIES'FASHIONABLE HATS. ^ Qfj' CARL KING, the well known and celebrated uU first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitai.^*-*. Manufacturer, 17 Division street, informs the public thathis Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of a superior quality, and war rant t d to elean, made in the most fashionable shape, called the t'oit-ife Gipeey. N. It ?Lace Neapolitan Hats $2 eaclv. M illiuera supplied by the case or reasonable prices, at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. ...'8 l.n'rc CARL KlNtJ. Ili r~t!iirrOX*1 M.R UHESS VtMTS MADE. FOB TWELVE DOLLARS. W. H. DE GROOT ife CO., orrosiri: thi: pi'tch iih.kch, lll'i Fnllon ilrti l, Knot of llroadwnjr, A N.NDI NCEto the Public that they will make to ordera Fasluoaable black Dress ('oat for Twelve Dollars. < lotlnng ready m nle, V ix.: Over 500 Coats of every cut, sh:q>e, ?r mate rial in usi?siichas fine Broad Cloth. Urapd'Ete, Merino, B- mha/ii.e, l.i-e I, ("ashmen-tie, Tweeds, Jeans, Checks, Cassi* in i . niii all kinds of Summer Cloths. Prices range from $1 to $17. 1500 PAIR OF PANTALOONS, Of all grilles, qualify, colors and cut". Prices from SI to $f. prr pair ; m inv are ritrs line and usually sold at from $7 to $8. 1500 VESTS OF VARIOUS MATERIALS, Horns, Valencias, Silks, Marseilles, rich figured Stnpes, anil Plaids, lie. he., from 75 cents to t4. Also. w?- hal< a r ry large stock of French, English and Ame roanBr.'.dt loths, Cassi mens and Vestings, ofthe most desi nlil. ,<nfl fashtoaable patterns, which we warrant to make and lit ion il to any other e*t*hli?hment in the United States. A full suit made to order from S20 to 815, and, if necessary, fur in-hei! in 14 hours complete. W? u> for cash and sell for cash o ily, and invite buyers to call and ei nnn.e our stock belorapureh uing elsewhi re. W. II DEtiROOT Si ( 0.102 Fulton st, mil lm e? New York. A WHOLE HLACK SUIT OF CLOTHES FOK KCM RTEKN DOLLARS. AT I). OWK.N1 BMi OPPOSITION STORK. II* In ml nlrivl, rnriHT ct !?. .a fHlSlM) appeal ilini it im|na?i>lr, bit swell is the effect ol I lni I AMI IVfl'UI, unit :lie siviH profits charted ou g,x?l<. il,.: ii In* li*<-ome til* i"Vr?M of n>ry buyer lo patronise ill* ???' i li.liiiifni A glance m liif lilt of prices in a sufficient fu r mttf of ikr shore laits. In I made ur a eery lirjre assortment of those fashionable Dllru)r OiW nil Business Coats, of every possible VfUiK) nl iiflr uad |V?i^ ?arying m prim from.., . $1 2J to $li) mi A ?i lrmlij lni i.l IhkIi sua I Iran I oats, made ol line Saxony ????!? ? 1 ' I'tli, ? 'I .in Hid 111 m >1 in the moat el?. ai.t i il IaaMmisble ?l) In,from.. $9 to f 18 \ ? uiiful y| Ihhi of f uits. consiitnii of plaiu Bl.ick and I ol.-real I iiuiiwMi Tamil. Urali iiKte, flwich Klaatic PI .id m il I iguri-d I hxxis. Ice. tic , from $1 JO to W i* till pi iiiii nl (iitmet Pants SI 50 to $:i Ml Tb* grpafal luMf ol raata ??er offered... ...... 7i to M IK> Aim. a complel- assortment of liny'a Clothing, chewier than fTrt N B ?I untilry Dealers would find It a great advantage to |iarrha?eat this establishment. aa the greatest attention ii paid to I* I uiiiiig IVlaniimit, which u all-important in the selection ?if awa < <ii?? una. come all, drop m and try them, If |1>| I are not cheap, then d<m't buythsilt! D. OWEN'S, Wholesale and Hctsil ( lothinc Store, af? lai'ee ( onier of Orand anil Kavt its. 8 EC OX ll HASH CLOTHING AND FUR NiTURE WANTED. AND the highest price gitan for all kinda of caat off clothing -la ,1 ?,, ,?! furniture Persons wiihing to dis a ,mr will il ? ! i II in, lit* <u bacrilier, or ml - I lit? ukh liar Prnt Ullii r, whn!i will lie punrtually .!?< teal In. U LEVY, IBH Chatham atreet. New \ ark. N II -i atai.tlr on haad, a ?aaaouabl" aaaortment of gen ii ? ? i t die>y for cash uiy29 Im'rc til M LI.VI w Ll.FT OFF WARDROBE W \ NTH). f a ? NTI I VI N mg Ksmiliea can obtain the full value for all "? aiai? ii., w , i> i nr \ a ? all tii ili.|>?.c of, (either gentlemen aIa4i?v | In aeuili ^ in ihe anhaeiiber wh,iflin not prrtenilto ?? aa t|?i ie ,i ilwn any other penou, but will givi aMiMM Mi <1 rtnul I ariillrinen leaving the city ? II* i ii ii, ?> . laaa lo aeiad for llie sulianlliei previnua, v J l.KVENSTl N. N U t I '? ' ?ali ' ? 1'iiat Ollce, dircctrd In 4WI Droail ?y, HI >? ill ?*'e Mii> tn\2llin*ni it ft ( ihTmqamd ^ummituhM ii , \ (AIM ? AND (il. \ I L?il N haamg any any cast nflT or i ia??ita a. I f a g la 4iai 'iae?l will Ii d it to iheir ad . .r i , . , , n In, will |aay the higheal ? h l?i'? fin H? , m M. N COHK.N, M Oilaui' at. ?? ? - A l?a? ikri*(li ttm Piwt tMfn e. or ilharwiaa-, will bi r ? ,lrt ia inW Im'rc iu n i i i.??.i \V i.i F1 01K WAHDHOBE. ( ' IS II N ? f ??ilea g.mag to Kufope or aliewhere. ||-I|>|,( " giae-iiruH I er "a ni^lara of thrir ailliprflniiua ? afdiuiw 'lib* ? .1, |aallrflH ?U'I II \V I I. Ii I , llhl \KM? kr lu, aill ? bt i i frnvn ihe anhaeriber twenty iai e?*t win Mai frwa thair whai ineii id lo |im the higln-at (aakpma II LKVI.II, I '?< r N-. I Wall atraet, New Vork Kawi Iwa na<-n u'ewtad at tlieir re>id?iic? by ap ;? 'Willi.. ? ta< aHi rilna l?ft <l |S? aaharntirt a ? (Re?, or aent through iha i ? ?' ? will . prnrtaaHy amu4?d to. mIT lin*ec W T. JKNNINOS a* tin, t'UAl'EKS ANIt TAlt.oHS, 1MPt>MTI.H*ii< ? MKa.laaimtm. Vrallnga. Kaney Dreai

K' I. Il < fc. N,?l Hiaailwai \m> , ia n. I (? I iffi i '? r iwaivtii'i an ralri iar awa- ,if a* , u. ii U gnuda, com piiaiag i l.itla, ( aaaiawiwa, Vratiuga, he ia all the aew and ?a | >|i al', Ira The aid mi aa ifcrn,! a e -rpa t4 Cuttera, aa caa h* found in th? ewualr*. Wariaata aa in the b*4irf ih?i iha- i?y|? and liaiic W?af aai <*arat*ala will ha aarh aa laa narnl a couUuuancr of II" liberal IMUaawge larn !? laira rlicili 1 Whi I-I an Mam oca of lh? cuniinnanca at Iha ayiteni of laaiall PraiAla and liaiik Haiun i, canna^ fall lo he a]i|irrriiiril by those who ?ixtldf llrrt a aaauif uf lh? eiira par rani-ga le a aiiaudai I ha cr> till a I Waal VVa winald iafa| m partienlar to the Pantalonaa we ars e: a 11. I lai fsn tah ? iKaa a huh there la no gar men' ao trying to tl.e agill nl a Cottar- and aadie tl a trial lina thaiaa w In, afaprr-ei itr a 'ii, inMbanlng eaaa and elag aura I , Utoia Mi Umi aaaai M* r'ment of goods kept hy tha I trade, ae na?? alwajrs on haml lleady Made Dreaa and Vrm-k l aata, Paalilooaa, Vesta, lu- lo snawer tha ra?|uireiaeiiis of th'iaa alw, in cases af emergency, aay rwiuira g ftr.t rata s?M. Alan I may rraa Amelia In great earieey; Bearfs, Cravats, Handkrrrhiefa. tMnaaa, Haspenalrra. I|i,ai?ry, I 'nilar- Vi ats, Urawera, lad Mualin Mhnta. t 'dlara, kf fcc mil miura ISALVA.NIZEU IRON AaVl) TLN. ALVANI/.l.ll Sill K.T IRON AND TIN, a rerr an \I panrn article a lantad no) lor ait Alao, Tib Plats Nice Iron, Raaaia Wheel Iron, AtalfifMi, /inc. Mr,itch and Amet tiean Pig Iron. fo? tnla by I AWK fc W kKD, aay II lai*sa No. 71 Broad atraet WILSON'S HOTEL A\I> IilXLVO K<X>M, t (inld ilri rt. urar Malilrn l<*hr. Cot M HY MKJU II V N1 !* will this a da-air le HtMsae, lieing ctmwml t<> (Imp i?u?i? ?? i ?t nf ?This establishment i? fitted up withIv ? ? fWrrnmr* < ? ?? ?l ind tabtiwtMjdiRjirr, liv c4bti, K omIi Kur c??* Veuience Hill comfort thisnouar i*? iml iqmv h ?? I i? the t ttv. and at half ||?> price. Permanent ? can he > .tnmo^atrd on very reasonable term a jnA 1?ii ? r CATS-KILL MOI N'TaIN lin'Tsi. THIS hMmi and da-liifhtfullv aitHatr-d 11-I. St 'he PIm Orchard, i. now i.peu for tlx- r?ce|-ti.m ??( taaMora. nn der ihi Mfwialmaiin af tk? nhe> nil!!., i<ed Bl)extend a cordul welcome to the lr?> ? i ?? i |?> lie "?? * ? niu regularly to anal Iron, tlir m rm?g ami . ?e .r>* (..? ila, I iuJn.? fit Catskill. Tin llouae and preimaea have J ? ? a materially nn? proved since thr laar -e aeon, imi| mow | r< ,eut 't i act' MM ui.?nr* passed at ur watering plate in the connti > W M * oBir Jm Id, ltti. ni'i iwrc no.iRifrxff. ONK or two gentlemen ran be accommodated with bnu4 t:i a resectable pnTfttv luilyon ni<>< ItrW, wbere there are no other boardcai tski-n, in an airy healrhv aitnati xe. within two maMst Walk of the rail nra Of otnmlMiacs < in slso I. iv (.fit nfliot ? id Cold hatha A l,..le addressed to X. V.X., H [hi office ol this p<i|>er, will bn puucteally attended to. jnl It " EPHltAlM SWEENY'S DINING IIOOMS, No. M < HAT11AM STRKET, V * TO THE NKW YOKK. Pl'HLIC. nTHESl BSCHIBKR WILLul'KN ON MONl?AT. June A 2d, llil.'i, on the second Hih? of Ina highly rrMrati I and popular rooms, oue of the moat novel aud elegaat < duoua in thr country ever intended for public bnainc**, where gc l u en < r private parties may Warned in tlie best nurnei with Km >k fist, Ui'iuera ;uid Suppers ; an comfortable aiid <;u t aa in tle*ir own private parlora. The extenaive urangamem in <1* in the cooking department, will iustn to tlio-e who piefee this Mode of living, oue hundred and seventy-eight Dishes served up in a style surpassing any thing y et attempted, and al prices to cor respond with reaaoii, as every thing h?? neeo got up in my own peculiar it vie. 1 would moat rea|iectl'ully iu? ite all tboee h ho would encourage the march of improvement, to cell and be an iafied to what perfection the moat humble bualneaa may, with perseverance, be elevated to. mitt) Im'rc KPIIH AIM SWKKVY. 3 H A K LI N s t't! 1 N OS I' A V I I, I U > , St HOHAKIE COUNTY, NKW YOltK. THE PUBMC are reapecti'ully informed that Sir I.AN DON, of (Jpugreaa Hall, Albany, hu a<aociatr,l himaell with Mr. Gardiner, and that this eatablialuneut will been., ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the rcciptionof visitor* oa the first day of June next. Tlie subscribers have made maa) improvement* in the ground:, and bathiic-bouae. and pledge thi-uiselves to u?e their bt-t exertions to render this establish, tneut fully equal to any watering place in this country. 1^. bi G. Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the cars at ( .ina joharie, to t ke pnasengeii to the house. Mr. L> will, as heretofore, continue the Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be uuder the superintendent of Mr. Joslin. my29lin'ee THE " WRIGHT' HOUSE, ?HI Nassnli Street. WILLIAM WRKJHT, formerly of the Ram's Head, Ful ton street, begs leave to luiorm his friends that may be unacquainted with the fact at n distance, as well as those of the city, that he has opened a pu'alic establishment at SI Nassau street, upon a scale of comfort that cannot be suriutssed by any iu the Union. His bar is furnished with the best of wines ol eveiy class. Ale, Scotch Whiskey of the pure.t brands. Porter, aud every other article necessary for a well stocked bar. Inde pendent of which, he has two splendid rooms, furnislied, on the second floor,Sfieciully ailupltd for private and public meetings, courts martial, or any general purpose; besides which he has provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodgers, iu extensive and well ventilated bedrooms, the furniture new and well assorted, and every attention will be paid to the arrange ments of the lodgers, as well as the visiters of the "Retreat," on all occasions. WILLIAM WRIGHT, my26 lin'ec 81 Nassau street. BOAKL'liNU AT 27 COURTLANUT STUtib J (^1 OOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single geutle * .men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom adjoining, suitable for a genteel family?by iriylS I rn * re MRS. OKRK. XI CourrlnnHt street. Wll*IAAMSB URGH COTTAGE. THK 6UBSCRIBKRS resjiectfully inform the citizens ol New York, Brooklyn, Williamsburg!! and its vicinity, that they have recently oianied the large and splendid mansion known as the WILL1AMSBUHGH COTTAGE. and furnished at great expense for the accommodation of resi dents and strangers. The Cottage is eligibly situateiT a few rods south of the Pock Slip Kerry,and convenient to the Houston and Grand street Ferries commanding a beautiful aud extended view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyn. They have also at tached to tlie COTTAGE a large and splendid Garden, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Trees, 8lc.. making a most delightful summer resort to w hile away a lew honrs amid the,refreshing breezes of the Bay. Their MUSICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, being the best piece of mechanism of the kind that wai ever imported to this country. It will play fifty different tunes with remarkable harmony and accuracy. The choicest variety of refreshment will at all times be promptly furnished. N. B.?In connection with this establishment, they have WARM AND COLD SA.LT WATER BATHS?known a* the Washington Baths. The water is at all times clear and pure. The Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street aud Hous ton street every fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cent*. iny 16 lm*ec HANDFIELD St HOEFT. NB.?Private House of Refreshments by 1). W. TELLER a SQt FrCtit street?Breakfaar, Dinner *nd Supper. Is6d. each, lirt .ilkf' .t lYom 63* until 9; dining hours from anu.irter before i2 untB S; Supper from 5 uutil ftW o'clock. Also, Hi Beda, all in prime Ofder. L?dcings S3 cts. All,gentlemen wishing t( aesort to a fine cool dining apartment, will do well to call ami aatisfy themselvva. The proprietor also keeps the old aland corner of Fnltoa and Kr'lit streets; 7,8 and 9 Fulton Market, where he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of tin season. Also, Wines, Liquors, and Sejjais of all kinds and of the choicest brands, direct from the importers. ml7 lm-rh BI(_iG All'S REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS, <>7 Canal Street. 18 rionrt IVttt of Broadway. COLLECTORS OF KNGRAVIN'OS Visiting the city will here find one of the choicest collections of RARE oLl) and FIN E MODERN Engravings iu the country at less than one-half the usual prices. B.?Grate Apron a and Drapery for Looking Glasses in great variety and ol* tlie neweat designs in 11 !rn*ec I.\l PORTA NT NOTICE TO DAGUERRKO'l YPE -AR TISTS.?The undersigned have made application to get Li tters Palrnt for their new process to color Daguemeotyiie Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and ch illies the appearance of the Daguerreotype to that of the finest painting. 1 hia coloring process ia done liy nature itself, guided only by the hand of tlx' operator, and machinery. It can be peformed by every one not skilled iu the art of painting, and will be perfectly under.: od at one glance. It aho can be com niiuiicaled in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City or County, can ioake pre-engagements therefore, by addressing (postpaid)to' W.St F. LANGENHEIM, jel im DStWVc Exchange, Philadelphia. LAFAYETTE BAZAAR, 111) and lilBroadway, con of Liberty street, NEW YORK. The Cheapest and Most Attractive Store of the City. FOR the convenience of tbe buyers, $10,000 worth of Fancy Woods, Toys, Perfumery, Citflery, Jewelery and otlu r v:t rietiei of goods, are displayed on the counters. and sold ON AN KNTIRELV NEW PLAN, At the following Prices Counter No. 1 12), ceuts each article. Counter No. 2 25 do do do Counte, No. 3 M do do do Counter No. 4 75 do do do Counter No. 5 SUM do do do All the Goods are warranted to lie genuine; the prices are fifty e i cent below the market price*, and by this new plan you can Imy the Roods at retail prices a great deal cheaper than at auc tion. Von will also find in the BAZAAR, the most complete i sortmeut of Sugar Plumbs and Candies, from 25 cents to $3 a pound; Jujnlie Paste, Chocolate, Icc. Two large Saloons have been fitted np in a magnificent style, as ICE CREAM SALOONS. A competent person^ from a Philadelphia establishment, has been engaged to take the entire management of the Ice Crrain Department, and ladies and gentle men will obtain at the Lafayette Bazaar, a real Ice Crem,Phila delphia style DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. 8HANKLAND, Daguerrian Artist, has fixed the front part of the two galleries of trie Bazaar, as Daguerreotype Saloons, when1 she will continue, as heretofore, to take the most perfect LIKENEM8 FOR ONE DOLLAR, including a neat Morocco Case ?r Frame. For further particulars apply to K. A. ARTAULT, mv6 Imrc At the Lafayette Bazaar. DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN HOACH, Optician,82 Nassau street, begs leave to In form Photographists, that he has just received, direct from Vienna, an invoice ofVoightlaender & Son's Celebrated Oertnan Tubes, which he is now ready to warrant genuine to purchasers. Prices .is follows:? Tu be w ith 3 inch lenses for fn 11 s ize plates, camera and stand, $145. do 2 do half size do do do 78. do 1)4 inch lenses for quarter do do 50. Persons at a distance upon Awarding a remittance, with order, may depend upon having an excellent instrument sent them J. H. keeps constantly on hand an assortment of fUtes, chemi cals, cases, and all articles used in the Daguerreotype process, of the heat quality, and at a* low prices as they can be obtained any where rise. my8 lm*rc VulLiTLAENDKK'S daguerreotype APPARATUS. 4 XRANOKMKNTS recently made with their brother-in /I "aw, Mr. Voigtlaender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to Hll utoae Apparatus nt reduced prices, viz :? Lnrffeetsize Apparatus, with three inch lenses forftillsize plates, at $115. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at f78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for i|Uarter size plates, at (50. (leutlemeu sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, miy depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlaender Mid not a worthless iinitateil article, they having pr.,< nred tlie sole agency for tlie United States. Plates and Chemicala, of their own importation, as well as ill other irticles conneetcd with their art, for anient lowest market Prices. W. A. T. LANOENHEIM. l1ilUdel|ihia Kxrhange. Referring totlie above advertisement, th? subscribers inform the li iguerriau Artists in general that the above Apparatus and other materials can be procured to the stated prices, at their Da iiirrreen Attelier. No 201 Broadway, New York. wUl.i in LV? KNIIKIM V BECKERS. ~~ DAGmiHREOTYPE. In. RIN88E 8t CO., 83 William street, np stairs, respect J? fully inform l'l.otogr.iphists that they n?Te now on hand ?lull suiiph 01 their Mates of different No*, andsizes of the "L. H it H I'o. mark"'so favorably known throughout the Uni ted States They have constantly on hand the chemicals and preparations used in the Dagnerreoty pe process, as well as French Tubas of very superior quality, lut Iron Mercury lliilis, Plate Polishes, Coating Boxes,and Head Rests of the best ritym'k'-. ml3 lm*rc MINIATURE PAINTING. I A. McDOl GALL ha* removed from No. 11 Tark Place I. to Broadway, fourth houst above White street, east inbv my4 ltn*ec QUARTER MA N <te SON, PAINTERS, NO. II BURLING SLIP, Nr.w Yon* ||.i ??, Sn 's 8mr rAiXTimt, Omipii*?, M<wi.t*l *wn Uuiim ALSO?l.K AD SA8HKS. Foil I HI *< lies AND UoTHtC Bl II.OIMIS, MADR 1 0 OKDRR. ml Im'ee CI AST I HON WATER PlPE?,af different sues, constant J |y on haiul Alan, American Pig lr>n, ? r sale by wARHINUTON It RIC HARDS, mv?! I?*rh 218 Water st. Bo?ton. forrespondence of the Herald.] Boston, June 9, 1S46. Pri>tpm'ff wtiktMt Property?Cutting; out the Slaver Spit lire - Ihalth ?/ Capt. Judkini? Sicilian Frigate Ura f The weather during the past week has been delight full}' warm, almost hot, and our city nabobs who have reni.iined longer in town this season than for many years 11re woui, have fought the purer atmosphere of their ru ral -.eats Our city, therefore, i? at present without any very great men, but their absence to the general observ er, i? not perceptible. Ship* ariive, discharge, load and ml again . cart*, and all other kind* of vehicles pass, l? len and empty, slow and rapidly as before, and the ?t ie-walk* too are juat a* crowded with pedestrians, as if *11 our gri .it men were pictcnt and looking on, which proves clcailv that Bostou can exist without very great rue*. 1!* the way, there wat a rumor nlloot previous to the ti ,,l of < aptaln Flowery, that a parcel of daring blades I fro-n the Soulti w ere hero, and tmd actually concocted | ? scheme lor cutting out the Spitfire, an*l carrying hor to j ? . i, and that but for some loose hints thrown out by | theai. when they had too much grog on board, which i ?eit- ' omuiitni. ated to Lieut, lteid, would actually have c.?itie ! tlx-irscheme Into effect. These hints, it is said, induced Lieut. Itced to have the Spitfire taken from the harbor. ,,ml mooted above the l.ndge which crosses tl-ttlf. !ti\er whence it would be impossible to cut her out with her mast* standing. The reason assigned for thi* undertaking, is luither said to be bet'uuse she has money to a considerable aiuount secreted in some part of her hull If she is condemned, and the Captain or any ol hi* agent* bid highly for her, when she is on sale, some importance will be attached to this rumor. t aptain Judkins, of the steamer Cambria, has been very nek ever mice the arrival of his vessel. At one time it was not expected that he could recover, but at the present, hope, are entertained that he will be able to re?ime hi* nation on the Kith. There i? nothing new in ti e religious world. I saw Brother Mimes, of the second advent faith, not long ?iiire, ami he ?p|x-nml to he in excellent keeping, and has no doubt, dumii; his ministry, laid up enough of the j good things ol tin- life, to keep him and his comfortably > ?luring the time allotted to mortals to sojourn in this vale | of tears. The Vercantile Varine Insurance office in State street, i ?a? entered either on (Saturday or Sunday night, by some one who knew where the keys of the safe were se creted, the safe opened, and fl3 4."> stolen. Whoever made this lilt could not have been very ravenous, for property to a \ast amount, locked in trunks, was un totwha i. The Hon. Marcus .Morton, the Sicilian Consul, and ( apt. sturgis ol the U. 8. revenue cutter Hamilton, made an otnciul visit this day onboard the Sicilian fri gate* ( raiua, and received the customary salute from her gun*. Havana. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Havana, May 29,1845. The Markets, Religion and Politics. Since my Inst, our market has continued in the same dull state previously advised. Sugars have receded, but very few purchases are yet made; they must go still lower. Planters are holding at 7-11 to y-13 rs., but these rates are much above European limits. Stock estimated at 120,000 boxes. Molasses has also experienced a great decline. Here it i:r Creel) oll'ered at I rs. and can be hud ut Matanzus ai 3i rs. Some few dealers, unable to find a market, are shipping on their own account, and before the season is over, more will go forward in the same way. Freights are still nominal?nothing doing. JEl 10 a ?l 15 are quotations. Many vessels have left in ballast. Exchange.?London 15 a 15.}, in demand; New York, 3 per cent prem. The British war steamer Hermes, touched here two days since having on board the Bishop of the W. 1. Diocese on his way to Nassau and Bermuda. The Mexican steamer Neptune is just in, five davs from Campeachy. Politically, we have nothing new; every thing quiet. Lucre*. Supreme Coiht?Ji'ne Special I erm?Saturday, June 7.?Smell ads. Scott. Motion for judgment of non. pros.? granted, by default. Chandler, et al. ads. Williaans. Motion for re-ta\atiou of costs?granted, with stay of proceedings. Smvtli ads. Oathout. Mo tion lor judgment, as in case ol' non-suit- granted, by default. Lucy ads. L)orr. Motion tor a commission? granted. In the mater of the application of Reynolds el al. for a certiorari?granted. Baker ads. McKnight.? Motion to set aside inquest?denied, with costs. In the matter of the application of John W. Jacobs vs. the Jud ges of Delaware county. Motion ordered to stand over to next special term. Bliss ot al. vs. Otis and one othci cause. Motion referred to Chief Justice nt chambers, and proceedings stayed. Hopkins vs. Prentice et ul. - Motion for a commission granted w ithout stay. Smith ails. Bumham et al. Motion for judgment, as" tho case of non-suit?denied, with costs. Miller vs. Williams.~ Motion taken by default at this term opened and ordered to stand over, unless argued at chambers. In the inattei of the complaint of Putnam vs. Curran. Motion ex parte tor certiorari? grunted, lligbie, im'd, Stc. vs. Meeker.? Motion to set aside default, 4tc.?denied, with costs, with out prejudico. Rogers ads. Burrows. Motion that de. fendant l>e allowed bis costs for preparing for circuit, he ?granted by default. Bank of Troy vs. Uurk. Motion for a precept?granted, ex parte. Rice vs. ( lapp. Mo tion to discharge plaintitl' from the limits?grauted, with costs, and motion to set aside judgment, denied with costs. \ ale ads. Dugall. Motion for a commission granted, without stay, on payment of costs of oppo sing motion. Merritt ads. Westbrook and wife. Motion to ciiango venue?denied, with costs, without prejudice Acker v*. Ledyard jMotion to ivacate order of circuit judge suspending writ of error ; granted, 011 payment ol costs ot opposing motion. Vnderson vs. Got! Motion for jiulgt. us in case of non suit ; granted, unless pit! stipulate and pay costs. Bromaghim vs. Gorse. Motion ordered to stand over to next special term. Uoynton et al. ads. ? arlew, assignee. Motion to set aside or itay proceedings ; denied, with costs, liorton ads. Miliar ! Motion to quash writ of error ; denied, with costs. Gib son ads. Morrell. Motion to set aside verdict, fce.; grant ed, on terms. Voorhee* vs. Muitts, impl'd Stc. Motion that plaintitl be permitted to amend judgment record . granted, Smith ads. Moneely. Motion tor judgment as in case of non suit ; granted, unless ldaintitt stipulate Hnd pay costs. Com stock adds. The Wntervliet Bank An order granted directing a feigned Issue in this cause. IIill et al. vs. The Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Co. Motion for attachment ; granted. e\ paite. Hoysradt ads. Gale. Motion that plaintitl pay defendant costs ot preparing and attending circuit, tec., granted for $6.50 Graves ats. I- inch. Motion to set aside (1 fa granted, w ill costs. Fowler ads. Titcher. Motion for judgment as in case of non-suit, granted, unless plaintiff stipulate anew and pay costs Hopkins vs. Baker et al. Motion lor a commission, granted,without stay, Smith vs. Humphrey Motion to set aside judgment of non pros, granted, on terms. Spencer ads. Campbell. Motion to set aside re port of referees, granted, with costs. Worth et at ads. Jermain. Motion to set aside judgment he., de nied without cost, Plaintifl'to have 10 days to serve opposing afl't's in answer to delta, served for a mo motion to set aside the report of the referee 111 this cau-e and in that case the report ol the reletee to be made an<i settled pursuant to the rules of this court. Judgment to stand as security. In the matter of the application ol Michael Cornirt', a redeeming judgment creditor Mo tion for a Mandamus to the sheriff of Kulton co., dean-it with costs. Mead et al. vs. Ilaskins imp'd lie. Mule ol costs taken against deft, for not moving St John et al vs. Lj on and four other causes do do do in each cau<e Carman vs. Bergen, do. do. do. Harrington vs. Gle?son. do. do. do. llallet al vs. Bradly et al. 00. do do. spen cer vs. Squire ct al. do. do. do. The Hoard of Supervi sors of Oswego ads. Tho People ex rel. W yrkott Rule for costs taken against Wyckofl'for not moving. I ourt adjourned June 7th, fine 4ic. India.n News krom Texas.?It appear# tiiat an Indian war ia now raying along the whole line ot the Rio Grande from its mouth to its source On the south the Commanclies are devastating the country from .Matamoras to the l'asso del Norte ; above this town the Apaches and Kioways are extending then depredations near to Albuquerque, and above this posi tion the V uta Indians are desolating the country through the whole valley of Taos. The w ar with tliese Indian tribes will.probably become more and move formidable to the Mexican settlements until these Indians are checked by the t inted State*. The weak settlements of I hihuahua and Santa Ke, w ill be scarcely able to withstand the terrible inroads ol these savages, aided by their Indian allies from Arkansas and Missouri, who have battled with success even with tne veteran tioops of the United states. Indeed, it is not improbable that the whole province of Chihuahua and Santa Kc may be in possession of Indian trihes in tho course of live or ten years, unless the Go- ' vernment of the United States lnter]>osee its authority to keep these tribes in check. Kor this reaaon Mexico would derive an immense advantage from annexation.? Houston Trlfgraph. The Cask of ('apt. Flowery.?On Monday a motion lor a new trial was made in the Sii|* nor Court of Massachusetts in the above case, on foui points of law anil tw o legal objections. Tho defendant will not be sentenced until that motion ia disposed ol, nor then, if it r.hould be granted. The mi nimum punishment to which ho is liable, is a tine ol $1,000, and three years imprisonment the maximum, seven years and #ft,000 line. The Spitfire is now lying at Charlestown. She is a beautiful craft to accommodalc 340 passengors! Herbur then is ninety-six tons. American Coin.?The new postage law will bring into general use ths ten and five cent silver pieces, and the Spanish 6ps anil shillings taken by their w eight for thoir value, w ill get into the crucible and be made into dimes and half dimes. If this is not the result then tho Spanish coin w ill be mostly in use for workers in silver, One of the good results in this change w ill bo the general substitution of the ten cent piece for the shilling, and the half dime for the sixpence, and they will soon become as valuable as the Spanish coins. Varieties. Walter Kissam, a miller at Rochester, attempted to commit suicide a few nights since. He came home in a state of intoxication, ami attempted to kill hi* child with n club, but was prevented by his wife. who. in res cuing the child, received a severe wouinl upon the heal. A watchman, hearing the alarm, proceeded to the home, and found KK-am in the bed in the act of cutting his throat with a razor. He was bleeding profusely with a gash in his throat two inches long, lie wan conveyed to the watchhouse, where his wound wax dressed by a physician, and where he remained. One of the new houses now going up near the coutre of this town, is owned by two young women, w Ito work in one of our mills ; and the other, that on the sub scription paper for u new mill, circulating yesterday forenoon, we taw the names of several manufacturing Operatives, prudent, industrious, and calculating men, put down for one or two shares of five hundred dollar* each.?Ntwburyport lltraltl. A female engaged in u mill in Suxonvilie, while brushing her frames, had the brush caught by a pulley. She was thrown down, and the handle ol the brush thrust in her face, breaking her jaw bone, and making a hole in her throat. Her physicians think she will recever. Charles Flanders, confined in the jail at Newport, New Hampshire, made his escape last week in a some what ingenious manner. During the absence ol the jailor, ho took a corn broom whicn had been left in his cell, on the end of which he made a hook, and put it through the iron grating of the door into a third room, where the key to the grated door hung, to which he fixed his hook, secured it, and unlocked his door, and immediately made his escape into the woods, lie w as soon retaken. On Saturday last, a mun by the name of Jones, committed suicide at Minersville. by cutting his tbroat with a penknife. We learn that he has for some time past labored under mental aberration?was a much res tated cituen, and has left a large family to lament his oss. The gentlemen who have been imprisoned in St. Louis lor refusing to give testimony relative to the late duel, have been discnargod from prison upon recogni zance to appear before the next grand jury. We learn that Colonel Thomas E. Doughty, of Venice, Coyugu county, still labors under temporary insanity, caused by falling from his wagon some tin.e siuce while on his way to Dryden. The jury in the caseof William Hnrdieon, charged with the murder of Sarah Broughton. brought in yester day a verdict of not guilty.?A'uifulk Beaton General Bernard, of Eart Baton Rouge, for Go vernor, and Judge King, of Opelousas, for Lieutenant Governor, of Louisiana, are suggested to the whigs of that State. Christopher Kain has been convicted at New Or leans of mutiny on board ship Kssex, |of Boston, Captain Welch, on her passage from Liverpool to N. Orleans. William Smith, colored, has been found guilty a Norfolk, of an attempt to kill Mr. Fretly, some time sine e, of the barkCalisto. Harry Wurr has been delivered to the authorities of Great Britain, under the treaty, for trial for forgery . George Ormsberry has been arrested in Baltimore for attempting the life of his mother. The s|ieech of Senator AlcDuflie has not been af fected by recent paralysis; he is improving. The number of emigrants who have arrived at Que bec the present season to the 1st instant, Is 7,170, b esides lOti cabin passengers. Arrivals to the same perio d last year, 4,311. The colored man Marshall, convicted of bu rclary at Mobile, has been sentenced to be hung on the 4th of July, What line sport a hanging will furnish on that day. The Townsend prize for English composition, at Vale College, was awarded to Mr. Robert Rankin, son ot John Uankm, Esq., of South Brooklyn. The Protestant Episcopal Convention of Michi gan, met at Detroit on Wednesday last. Fifty cleigy men were present. Lemuel Shattuck, Esq. has been appointed to take a census of the city of Boston. Tticatrlenlii, iLe. Ole Bull pave a concert in Columbus on the 6 th inst., to a highly respectable and numerous audience.? He was received most enthusiastically. Dan Marble, the greatest Yankee of the stage, mado his lirst appearance since his trip to Kngiand, w here he produced a great sensation, at the National, Boston, on Monday evening, in Deuteronomy Dutiful and Samp son Iloidhcad. Mr. (irattan is engaged at the Albany Museum. 1 lervio Nano is engaged in Albany with the E ques trian Company lately performing at the Bowery Amphi theatre in this city. Mr. John (ireene, formerly so well known us the able representative of Irish characters at the Tremont, made his re-appearance at the Boston Museum, on Mon dav. The little vocalist, Miss Hard wick, made her be nefit concert at the Kemale Academy, Albany, on Mon day evening, assisted by Austin I'liillips, his lady, and Mrs. Hardwick. The press of that city are out in praise of this t'airv warbler. The concert was a good one, and the little bcncfieiare vwho is only five years old) was well patronized. Maelzell's celebrated exhibition of the conflagra tion ol Moscow, and a variety of other mechanical inven tions of the like character are ottered for sale or hire. They have two theatres, one museum, and a cir cus in lull operation in Boston at this time, with other at tractions. A manager of a French theatre, announcing a play called the "Death of Abel." advertises that it would be acted "in the costume of the time." Fire iv Bm.MiNrjii.tM.? About hall-past three o'clock on Saturday morning, June 7th, a fire broke out in the borough of Ilirmingham, in the iron works of Woods, Kdwards and Mcknight, which was totally con sumed. The fi#emen of the borough, with almost super human ettorts, confined the Names to the rolling mill. Through their exertions, aided by the citizens and hands, the nail factory, which is a large brick building attach ed to the mill, was saved, though somewhat damaged. The warehouse, containing a large stock, and separated from the mill by only a narrow passage, was also saved, though frequently oh tire and by many given up as lost. More than 100 hands, by this (ire, are "thrown out of em ployment, and will feci the loss of the Mill more severe ly than the owners, who ate insured. When the fire was at its height, large sparks and tlakos were carried by the wind over most of the town, and much fear was created for the rest of the borough; but fortunately, the dncction of the wind changed and carried them into the r iver. The houses in the vicinity of the fire, being most ly fiame. including Mr. Mulvanv's extensive Glass Works, nothing but the activity of the tiremen and citi zens coutiucd tl:c (lames to the Rolling Mill.?Piltthurg . tdrO' ate, June 7. Melancholy Suiciok ?Yesterday morning about s o'clock, Mrs. Sarah Maria P. Alien,'wife of Mr. John Allen, formerly a Universsllst minister, nnd more re cently editor ol the social Kcformer, committed luicide by cutting her thiont w ith a tn/or at the Graham House, No. J3 lit utile street. The unfortunate woman had been for several months laboring under interininive tits of in sanity . induced l>y over excitement of paiental fenti inent, in con?equeiicc of the illness of her little boy, and | during Saturday night ?be made several attempt! to tlitow lier*elf lioni the chamber window upon the paie ! u-ent In the mnrtmur she told her husband that the should leel hettei ii >lie had something to do, and ac cordingly went :? f>ont arranging the room Having ' made up the bod, she requested him to turn it up- -It ?? ; a tun.-up bedstead?and while he wa? so engaged, I she went to * drawer, took a nil or, stepped into a ?ide roon and belore ho could icach her, inflict ed a tatal wound upon her throat; her husband cut Ills hand severely in setting the instrument vf death I from her grmp, i he verdict of the Coroner's jury was in accordance with the above facts.? Botl. Hrr, Jun> 9th. Another Di ki. ?An allnir of boner, growing out of commercial tranesctiuMS, of sooc months rt md* nig, took pi >ce sestet. as morning, between Ave and six o'clock, at Naanmn s < irrk. L>elaware '1 ha nrinci) als were Mr Marris Meredith an I Mr. Washington Keith, both ot Philadelphia, and generally considered well practised shots I ho loraiei gentleman we regret to say, wet dangerously woun... u in the Hi gh, the ball having struck the tomoral artery and it is thought them will be great dilicult* to staunch the I lee.tiug \|r. Mered ih continue* in tho neigM orhood of tUe 1 af.le ground, it ben g hsSsrdows to temove lii? attended by an e in lite at piiisiciaa et litis city. Mr. Keith was is ton ii yesterday at noon, having escaped unhurt, but we learn iiss since le^ i"r ?tew \ nrk Mr Butler I'rics waa Keith's second?and Mr. WiUhun Meredith of Baltimore, is as second to his cousmi, Vteru- I he has r tea- , ted much Interest asnongjhe friends and acquaintances of the parties. TVmvinnrs Tw;\iih' s !Vt AMCtmiA.?Th* storm on Mmdsy utterm... n ? ?? *cn violent in the upper part ol Uie city It l?reeu lltU, located in and about Broad street above Papular the wirsd blew dows the front of Ml ' real's saw hctarr aw* did cous.der i able damage. ThO root el Mr. Mights slaughter house in Parrish street, was litte I and earned about a square, I when it flsi to the ground with a great rrash. The ?laughtei house wa? entire demolished. A large mini i et of chsrfV tree*, s* well as other km.I of trees, In that section were twitted oil close the surtare of the earth, and w tin led uiiw awls and cat led oil to a great die Uncs A numl er of chimney ? were thrown down ami large holes were made through the roots Iwntngs werw ripped from their fastenings, and buried afcen; amid tho foliage, in great cc.iluaion There were satroral very narrow e?ra|>e?. The residents of section ??>? that it was most decidedly tno greate?* atomi that l?aa passed over it for many years. Hkart-iuhiphw C.u.iurrv?Two Ixwt.? Oil Kriday night the .nsrliim: house ol '.i Jehiil leutiip, on the canal about two ?|lr> west of i-oiida, \ ont gomery counts was consume, y lite and shocking to rslate. t |t?Lt> ot M> rreatuj a lad o twelve years of age, arid a git I '? the '""''J ?hou, were burnt to death I'awkx'W kkom LiVI ."arah Ann, Cam >ki'itivi'l, arrived .?i due poit yeotardy with imstceregc ?essei T><* slots"*. Portland. from Kastnort, also came up yesterday wi'h 7S caMa and o'vor JtHi deck pa??engers >t>..stly It ?h emigrants ton rrssirri/il./ssf"