Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1845 Page 3
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MONEY MARKET. Wt-diveaduy, June II?U P. At. The itock market continues very heavy. 8to*ington fell off l per cent; Mori is Canal, } ; Indiana, J ; Canton, } ; Harlem, 1 ; Norwich and Worceitor improved J ; Reading, 1 j ; Kentucky 8'?, J. Farmer*' Loan, Pennsyl vania A'i, Illinois, Krie Railroad, Long Island, Mohawk, and tost Boston, closed firm at yesterday'* price*. The toll* received on the public work* of thi* State to the 1st of June, in the pant three years, have been as follow* :? Canal Tolls. Stati or Nr.w York. 1043. 1841. 1848. 31 day*. 44 dayi. 47 day* On all the canals, (335,663 $696,*?8 *600.063 At Albany St W.Troy, 118,219 187,896 170,?11 At all other offices, 227,324 408,812 439.562 The daily average of the receipt* in each year for the time given i* a* follow* ? On all the canals $11,147 $13,662 $12,038 On up freight 3,814 4,270 3,798 On down freight 7,333 9,292 9,140 The receipt* thi* year have not been in as great pro portion as last. The gross revenue has been larger, but the receipts per day have declined. The /F.tnu Insurance Company have this day declared a semi-aiuiual dividend of four per cent payable on 16th instant. ' The rates of freight between Oswego and tide water are represented to be ruinously low. Klour i* carried to the Hudsoa for 30 cent* per bbl; wheat 8J per bush; staves, $1 60 per ton, and othor produce at proportion, ably low price*. The toll on a barrel of flour from Os wego In Albauy is 20c. 3 mills, thus loaving a margin of less than 10 cents per bbl. to pay for towing the boat, wage* of men, See. on a trip of at least 4 days. Wo uotico that the books for subscription to the stock of the Oswego and Syracuse Railroad are to bo opened by tho Commissioners ou the 24th July next at the vil lages of Oswego, Fulton, Baldwinsville, Syracuse, and other places not yet made known. A law for the repeal of the charter of the Bank of Du buque, Iowa,has passedlioth branches of the Legislature, aid at the It, test dates,only wanted the signature*o( theGo "vernor to become a law. The Court has decided that the Bank has not forfeited her character, and tho question will be tried whether the Legislature can repeal the charter. We annex a tablo giving the quotations for foreign ex change for each month during the past year. Quotations ok Foreign Exchange in this Market London. May 15.. 8W? 9 " 30.. 8lia O'i June 15.. 9>? " 29 . 9'4a July 13.. 9'.ia 95-, " 20. . 9Wa 9>? " S1..9Kl?)Z Auf. 15. . 9?t10 " .10. . 9&1I0 Sopt. IS.. 97v'U0 " 30. . tXalO Oct. 15 .10 *10'i " SI. 10 Via? Nov. IV . 10',i?? .... " 29.. PKilO 5,21 >? Dec. 13.. O^ulO 5,22'Sa ? " 30. .10 ?10?.? J,??"4,i5,2l\, Jan. SO. . 9?*10 5,23^5,221, Feb. 27.. 9'i ilO 5,25 a5,23% Mar. 16. . !l}?'M0 5,25 a5,23'? " 29.. 9',a 9M 5,25 *.',,23^ April. 23.. 9>i 5,26'4a5,25 May 15 . ttf.i nJi 5,26)^u5 25 May 30.. 9>ialfl 5,25 n5,235? June 11.. 9%nl0 5,25 a5,23*i It will bo seen that there i? very little difference be' tween the rates now current and those ruling about the same time last year. The demand for tho steamer is to u luir extent, but by no means extensive, and the supply of all kinds of bills, frem inferior to prime is ample. At Savannah on the 7th inatant, Sterling remained as last noticed, and we continue to quote as the out-door rate 9f per cent prcm. In Domestic, sales wero heavy at the following rates, viz : On New York, sight to 10 days, } a jj per cent prem; 30 day*, J a j dis; 60 days, 1 percent, dis. The banks were checking on New York at A per cent prem for sight checks, Stc.' At Mobile, ou the 2d inst , bill* on all points were scarce, with an upward tendency?the principal im provement boing in foreign, which had advanced nearly h per cent. The increased operation* in cotton had givon the market a better supply towards the close of the week, without, however, in the least, weakening rates The Dank of Mobile was buying sterling bills at 8J pre mium, and Now York, 60 days at 1} dis. Checking on New York at i premium, and on New Orleans at J pre mium. Stjte notes were in active request, and brokers generally firm at 2'per cent dis. The demand arose from tho fact that the debtors of the several State banks were required by law to pay 33} per cent of their liabilities before the 1st of June, otherwise suits will be institu> tod. Tlie.v ware paying up with more promptitude than anticipated. We annex the prices current at the close of operations to-day, fur the stocks used in this market principally for investment:? I'kicv.s ok Stock* i* thh Nkw York Market. Hedrent- "itJI5. 1815. 1315. H?te. at/If. Feb. 27. May 15. June II. United States? 1962 lit all4?i ? a? ll2}?a ? " 5 1853 IM a 10"> 101 a ? 102 nlOtV New York, 7 lP/,8-49 llW'^alOSM 103Jtal04 1UJ alOBJi " ? 1850-54-60 100 alii ? al07 106 a ? I4. IIWI-62-67 111'i>al 12 ? al06 107 al07?4 5>i lCfiO 61-65 105 aior, ? a? 102Jaal03.H " 5 1815 ? al01>4 99 al02 ? alOO " 5 1846-7-8-9 ? al02 99 alOO . ? alOO " 5 18.00 -1?3 ? a 102 ? a ? ? a ? 5 185.5 58 ? al03X 100^^101 ? alOO " 5 1859 60-61 103 al04 101 a ? 101 alOl.'^ " 4? 1919-58 95 a 97 ? a? 90a95 Ohio, 6 1850 98 a 98'* ? a ? ? a 98?i " 6 1856 60 98 a 98s? 98!?> 99 99'ia 99\ 5 1850-56 ?5 a#l 85 a 90 ? a ? " 7 1856 103^al05 101^al02 101>ial0IK Kentucky, 6 10Q alOlJi 101 alOlVji 101'4a ? " 5 06 a 87 85 a? 85 a 08 Illinois, fi 1870 41 a 41)4 39 a 39.'.j 38>%a ? Judiaua, 5 25 years 35 a 35'a 31 a? 33,Lia ? Arkansas, 6 40 a 45 ? a ? ? a ? Alabama, 6 ? a? 81n90 80 a 90 " J 70 a 75 ? a? 85 a ? Pennsylvania,5 ?- 73!?a 74 73 a 7?!4 75 a 75'i Tennessee, 6 ? 100 al03 ? a ? ? alOl N Vork City, 7 1857 113 all7 111 a? 111)4*113 " 7 1852 108'Jal09 ? a ? 109 allO ?' 5 law ? a ? ? a ? M alOO " 5 185.9-70 100 alOO'i 100 a ? !? *100 BkCom'eN.Y- full 96>,'a 96X? 98 99? " seri|> 96Ha 9ti^ 97 a ? S8^a 99 N. Y. Life Ins. & Trust Co. 110 al20 105 a ? ? alM Farmers'Lojn & Trust Co. 310*a'JO'-i 35 a 35'j 35 a ? Ohio Life Ins. U Trust Co. 95a? 94'ia 95 99 a ? Bank of U. S. in Peiiu'a, 6 a 6'0' 6H? 63i 574a 6 Boston fc Providence Kiil'd,? a? 108 al09 112 all3 N.Jersey H It. fcTrans. Co 93?<a 94 91 a ? 94?ia 95 Moll iwk tk Hud'n ltailroad, 65 a 6fil4 61*^62 6' a ? Utica fc Schenectady RailM, 130 ol30!i 12??,al^*? 130 alJO^ Syracuse 8t Utic i Railroad, 115 aim 111 atl5 115 all5l4 Anl>iir?i Jit Syracuse Riilr'd, 116 all8 114 sll5 117 nl 18 Aitborn 8c R< ehe tcr R. R. 106 al08 106 al08 108 al08'a Quotations lor government storks have fallen off since the departure of the last packet, notwithstanding the increase in the interest on them for the intervening pe riod. There tins been a decidcd improvement in <iuota tions for Ohio ti's and Pennsylvania o's. On the first named stock there has been an accumulation of nearly three per cent interest, and the - sales mado now carries that interest with it, which reduces tho cost of the stock to about !)6J I'cr cont >or three and a half per cent below par. The improvement in Pennsylvania o's has been pro duced by the probability of tho semi-annual interest due on the 1st of August being paid at maturity in full, in cash The Treasurer of that State has within a few weeks past been making great efforts to raise sufficient funis to meet tho demands upon the Treasury promptly on tie 1st of August, nnd wo are induced to believe that ho will succeed in so doing. The Treasurer certainly deserves much credit for hii activity and judicious man agement of tho finances of the State at thil critical period, nnd should ho succeed in sustaining the credit of tho commonwealth, by maintaining the re sumption of payment, he will be fully entitled to the thanks of his constituents. There it at present very little doubt, but that the payment of the August divi dend being made, tho future payment! will bo met punctually and promptly. Tho increase in tho an. aual taxes of the State, alter the, first of August, and (ho giadual liquidation ol arrearages, as the re sources and prosperity of tho people increase, will be sufficient to enable tho Treasury, at all times, to meet tim demands upon it. No State in tho Union is growing rich so rapidly os Pennsylvania. Under the operations of the tariff, from the protective features of which Penn sylvania is more benefitted than any other State, its mineral resources arc becoming rapidly developed, and the taxable property of tho State must, in a fow yoars, i each an amount grcator than any other State, requiring hut the most trifling rate of taxation to produce sufficient rcvenuo to meet the current expenditures of the govern ment. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, so far as its finunces are concerned, lias seen its darkest days. Tho experience of the past, with the many evidences daily presented of the extravagant expenditures of former administrations, must exert a wonderful influence upon all future legislation in relation to financial matters, and bring about a system of economy, which must be attend ed with the most gratifying results. While economv must bo the order of the day in expenditures, the reve nue of the State must be steadily improving, under the present rate of taxation, merely from tho increase in the value of property. The public work) of Pennsylvania are gradually, bnt stoadily, increasing :n productive no ss, and must in time become a source of great revonue to tho State, and relieve many descriptions of property Irom taxation. Kvery year, almost every mouth, is (lengthening tho financial condition of Pennsylvania, and if by uny management the payment of tuxes to an extont sullicient to pay the August interest eon lie anti cipated, tho credit of the State becomes firmly establish ed, and its stock once more a good investment. The ,nictations in the above table, for Pennsylvania 4'*, rule at 7# a TflJ per rent; deduct from this two ends-half per cent, nearly due, and the pricc of the stock is reduced to * 7i; per cent. Theie in very little doing in other Statu stocks. Capi talists and operators are uot fully satisfied as to the com plexion of our foreign relations, und it must be admitted there is sufficient foundation for whatever fears may l>e entertained upon the subject. Surrounded as we are. b) the emissaries of all nations, fearful thnt wc shall add one ferlong to our boundaries, or eclipse them in commer cial enterprise, wo know uot how soon our position may be changed ?the day or the hour when tho peace of tlie principal nations of the world may be disturbed. The most trifling circumstance imaginable might set the ball in motion, which undoubtedly would, in its course, crush the weaker powers, and wipe out boundaries which have for nges separated nations. Our attention must be particularly turned to Mexican affairs, and the black cloud that is rising over the Gulf of Mexico. The Oregon question is one of time, unless carried onward by being connected with other matters. Tho bubble will burst in Mexico, and its fragments may scatter wide enough to attract the attention of more nations than now appear to be interested in the existing difficulties. 80 long as the doubt and mystery that now hangs upon our foreign relation* continue, so long must there be a great want of confidence in all commercial operations; so long as we are threatened with difficulties from so many di rections, so long will there be danger of a rupture with some power. We do not look for a speedy settlement of either of tho two questions affecting commercial affairs 10 seriously. The Oregon question, as we have before stated, is one of time, and it is probable that tho misun. dcrstanding with Mexico, in relation to Texas, will uot come to a crisis uutil some more decided movemont is made between Texas and the United States. If Mexico can keep Texas out of the Union by acknowledging her independence, she will not hesitate a moment in doing so, and we do not look for a commencement of hostili ties between the United States and Mexico, until annex* ation has actually taken place. Then there will be no alternative. Influences are at work upon tho avarice and arrogance of the Mexican government, which must compel it to destroy the amicable relations that havf so long existed with the United States, There is ne use in shutting our eyes, determined not to look at the facts of the^ase boldly. We have too much at issue iu this mat ter, Jand precautionary measures are usually tho best. Old Stock Exchange. 99*? 60 shas Morris <'anal 32 9?H 10* 30^ b3l) 75 75K s30 7Wi $8000 Ohio 6's, "60 1600 do 2000 Kentucky 6's 1000 Illinois unci 15000 Penn'a i s 10000 do 10000 do 20 .tins Del and Hud 90 City Bank 20 Bk State N Y 25 Illinois Bank 26 do 25 do 20 Bowery In* 100 Farmers' Tr 50 do 50 do 50 do 117 109 94 17 IBX IfiJi 135 *60 35 35 b30 35 31 50 do 100 do 100 Canton Co 175 ? ast Boston Co 5 Krie HR 30 Syr & Utica RR 20 Mohawk KK 100 Harlem UK 50 do 150 do 100 Wilmington RR 100 L Island RR 50 do 75 Stonington RR 10 Nor mid Wore 175 do 50 Reading RIl b90 32 31^ 42,'a 13^ .'<0 115 59 my. 1)10 69^ 69 36 t?G0 72.^4 >30 72 31 73? 73'4 slO 53'4 Second Itonrtl. ?!* 25 shas Stoningtou RR 30 ')*? f"! ntifnti f' /"A ? OA 4 1 150 shas Farm's Tr b3 345i 50 Nor and Wore 7.1% 50 do slO 73? 25 Stouii.gton RR 30*4 New Stock Exchange. 25 Canton Co 25 do s30 41 >30 41 $5000 Penn'a 5's 200 shas Dieiiix Bk 50 U 8 Uk 100 VickshurgBk M Farmers'Tr 100 do 100 do 400 do 25 Morris Canal 25 do 25 do 25 Canton Co 50 E BoKton Co 125 do b30 76 e 5TI 7 f.' C 34\ 1)3 J4? c 34?J b60 35 c 32 3IX 1)3 31^1 b30 42 c 13'i c 13 50 shas L Island RR 25 Nor and Wore 150 do 200 do 25 do 25 do 25 do 100 Stonington RR 25 do 25 do 25 do 50 (jo 25 ? si 72 tw 73 <4' C 73 \i c 73'i s3 73V, bnw 73'j s30 72Yx <3 31 b3 31 e 30?| Monday 30>i s60 30 1)10 30li Salcti of Stocks at Boston. F.tchsncR Boakd, June in.?75 shires Kait Boston Co, 13k; 1C0 do, Mm. I3V?. 25 Long Island RR.slOd, 72; 150 Norwich and Worcester HR, 73'a; 50 Reading RR, 25!<; 30 WiliniiiK ton RR, IBS!; 100 do, solm, I8V,; 50 do lS1^; $3000 Reading RK bonds, 1857, 75. MONTHLY REPORT OK THE ,,rr..n. T , NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTF Wo. 75 Chamber* Street. CASUS SUCCESSFULLY TREATKD. ' Prevention in all cases of dis ease is'better than care, antics pecially so in Consumption: for when Tubercles hive once commenced to form in the lungs, the creat majority of ^ 'mpotency. 9 Oreit Debility from impro per habits. ,? ?',,euI>V'ism, (chronic) 19 Oonorrhasi. " ? ??*-? hibjuih* t?i | 3 Epi|pD?V 5?es wiH ..rove fatal, n-.les, g Secondary veneres!. ,i I ones' the disease is promply treated 2 Scrofula. 4 Cosfiveness. 1 Fever. a lileedincr from the Lungs. 4 r rysipelas of the Face. J Diseases of the Womli. I Aiioplexy. 8 Ulcerated Sore Throat. 0 Cases of Inrtimed Breasts and More Nipples. 10 Case, of Incipient Con sumption. ' CTV!""? of 'he Spine. 1 Bid Burn, I Case of natural Cow Pox * Erim,r> Chancre. 5 F nipt ions of the skin. * 5 Affections of the heart. II Semi i" 1 weakness 3 Tic Douloureux of the face 74 V 'ccinated 6 Ulcerated and sore legs. 7 VV I' d and sourness on the stomach. 13 Examinations of the chest to detect disease. 4 Case-, of Small Pox. 5 Sensation of sinking or fall ? nit at (he stomach. 2 Opacity of the cor tea. SSSgSS. whowrr* .Sm'Ku s,.;,h; JsS ,x2iS;l?5j2?ss! 1 ?ayr"WV g,vrn UC I Ifiven un ft) die, w ith a o die ii now at work and disease of Iti* liver and ?fo 2 ft*It Rheum in the Hand. I wo?k' ??W **" Md *f 4 Cases of Midwifery. 1 f SUCCESSFUL ST'RGIGAL OPERATIONS AXI) CURES. 3 Qpwytiwu for radical case for Hydrocele. 1 lymiinal Hernia. I Irire Lip. 6 Hemorilioidal Tumors re moved., I Dislocation reduced. JJ* 14 Strictures in Urethra, cured without cuttinpor burning. Fractures. 3 Operations for Squinting. I Operation for Fistula in Ano. 3 Bnd cases of Files. 1 Operation to remove caries I? JjJi??a*es attended ,ower j"w ?3SHT I'Wt ursr' rc Attending Surgeon and Physician trv rnr .a. AI'H.\MRA 1 F C lua 8A^0\NDn^ONTO:T.ONABV. where the Ice Creams are made entirely of pure cream anv c"mAro^ 011 P?"lt' mny e4ii,J' '"'"V 'hemselvcs by Pirties and families supplied as nsnal; also with rich Plain Crerm. received twicea Aay, from Orange en. 'L.T.'l <*"???? 5?" 1,9 nccommodateU with Bo ,j? J ? . i Be<,r,,,\m?. ?"d Breakfast and Tea. or full COL RTLAND ALLEY ?wSn^/k^k White Streets. . TlTrr TTSIVL'F V rAr . hROADWAV. ^i:rt:rmf?rnr,t:^? jell Ini'rrc C. J. SMITH. Proprietor NOTICK. That the Office for the Sale of SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP Has been removed from No 49^ Courtlandt street, to NO. 4 COURTLANDT 8TRKF.T (T7"P. 8. BT" - genuine ScHK H?"^Ai^o0uf^g? lon"r *n I. .IStT,1u! lnel?t>*r? of Nationsl Ten No 37 SJfM.uS,'??>. b/Ti.l. c.r. p TPpik?s.ra iz\?xor,4^ will please attend ,0 the fcei," o miuiblr o? AYl J"ni' H,h- wi" b? ^Wished, the firs. " THB JESTER." . ra^^ioxs - ?r.V.^r.aPv i i."'--'/. '.VkT" i,,c ?r. for advertiieme ,u V be * "rt'M ?*d'?ni on ll" premises, at the rat. &'feh.f?rticnlw: s'? f,r,t number. }, "ot admissible. .t.ceN New "7n' Bo*^n' ,**<?'"?????' ?" Am aurnts tork- T'?"le ??d Dexter'., and at all periodical jel2 3t?s*rrr WIG, SCALP, AND HAIR CUTTING PKfNf?Vr PI'rcll'.H'H-'i^r Sc 111? or I adie.' "Mde measure Inlhe'very N B-H ,d?e Park. ;(j'>"?n''1"r*;r it"aV|,,fimes'.' The^ra'"jniJ.'rV*..7??iVnb the head, and moistetniiK the Inir, beinK well known to l i SSWK&" _ GKRMAN physician. D?" JOSEPH HKINK, V... ?n Dume street, continue, t? cj" ? "" vari"?s branches nf h's 11-ofe si.m? I lie th?<?t no"! *? r,'r7 ,n H r*w,1!IV"' , 01,1 '"Tertiou,.,, here ?f^C ,di:r?'' f "m'rrn,'y y '"COm' Vi'rk ^trni-i>t,/,4.ook nl ThUt k Jliv}.IOiV j?Alj ^PLATES 11V Xn J'f.WR,:TS clrr No. 60 FULTON, Nka? TO P,PS0 ? 1 ? - a 1...... ~ ? **"? Bt?"t le*lm?rrc IIKMMJ.VS \V^)RMl3EsfROV|\(; svri i? fT 1* cheerantr, in this awe of enw>eri. i.m i k V I kiaow that t?ne Haaiativc for i1.#? Jiu Vr a Rn.^ to ?jththe ..nctio? of^hiJh'^^^^X''^1;; '"rr'p." Worm Destroying Syrup h . 1 I , . . i"' "'Kleys and the proprietors miarant.i n, mi i,?'' ''"y "u1. l??"eX P*id for the [.{quid will U,! ,.\7/ t'i*"", by II#m?!ey and B?ers it i.!'. N.B-To Atents -Tha agent, of tk?. Mt.hlkk?!,r.*'1^ I communicate any deficiency which may oce? by Sft " ! Tal'lw'lVc mw ,0 k"v ? ?"'""'?"t ?to5l ' 'nd I MILLS, HATTER, ]73 BROADWAY, ! HOWARD HOTF.L, (Tt H AS now readjr, an assortment of 8?"tmfr Hill, I'1 which the attention of geullcnien in invited, at the ful low in v p'ice*. vii I".eiirh Pmrl (a new article) $4 00 Peail C>?l(nrre J 50 White Fr- c'i (also ? new article) <00 Smooth Whit-C is'or ..350 Also, an ' of Pi.' mi Fine P.ltn Leaf, Bohemian. , r. it c tli' r H.ita.auit il'l" lor the ? i on. Jrtflm'irc MILLS, I'D Broadway, Howard Hotel TO LET.?The tiew Hotel, now finishing at Huboken. iuimedi \ie.y t to tile lerfjr?built in m< der _ atyle. 15 by 50 fert, ;hrre stories. with piazs- on t?" .., and containing 17 rooms, with a winy 21) by 116 feet; tw j srorie. containing 7 rooms This Hou-e i> beautifully siiuated, , commanding a fine vi> w of tin city and hirbor of New York. i tot further imriiculirs apply to J uies A Steve-a, jr., at the j office of tlie ilobokeu Land ami linproveuitlit Cuim>auy. at | Ho , ken. _ .i<-'''w *rh ? rlill H\Lt, Ult TO Lb 1?At the nite- iuimaioue. | Ki igsbridge Ro,d, four htndsouvv Cutt K" Houses. Tv. o of th in line each 14 rooms. with kitrheu aud callur. | piiiii front and rear. sui<les and out houses,finished ill the be*: in with marble ma itlra u id grates. The other two louses each nine rooms, finished ?s above. Also, ?Mw large Stone Ilouae at Fort Washington, with ten 1 room i ii'td two Iciteh -us, c luch house and out buildings, w ith 5 acn-s of land?ihe huuse well finished, with marble mantles and grate*. All the houses have gardeus, well I lid out The Majihattan ville stages |*?s the premises every hour in the d >>'. Enquire of 11. K. Carman, 635 Broadway, or at Fort Washington, and at the store 155th street, Kuigsbridge Road. Jell 2w*in TO MS DI8P06EP~0fV ? ONE of the pleisat.Ust Hetreats in the vicinity of New York, sijuated on the bank of the River, where a profiita isi' le business ein h" doll#, with attention. Excellent isln g and Bathing ({round in the front. Boats. Bait and Fish Tackle are now kept for the purpose. The not being f to attend to it is the only reason for disposing of it EuquireofMr Wright, ut the " Wright House," Nassau St., near 1< niton street jll 2r*rc ?n FOR SALE-A last Trotting Horse, with Light *1*1^ Wagon and Hnniess, complete. The owner bavins A s \ .... i.."I,..- usr f?r ||u. ullle, ofTer* it at a great bar gain. r.iii|iiire at E. (t li. W ier's Stable, H Charlton street, jell Iw'rh WANTED.?Situations by two respectable young women, as Cook, Washer and lroner, or t hunbermaid. Would have no objection to going in the country with some private family. Please to call at 14 King street, front basement. jel2 lt*rrc WANTED.?A few active, intelligent men, to act. sageui? for the sale of new and popular Publications, in difleient parts of the country. S300 per year over their board will lie insured thetll in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $100n per year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our employ, will mo doubt ni ike oyer $1000 i>er year, clear of all ex pences, and there is about half a doxeu places open, which must lie filjed ; each uini will have his district, aud it will be neces sar> for them to have at least $25 or $50, to obtain a good luting out. None need apply unless he has that amount, for it is our object to get thetn stalled in such a manner as will be beueli cial to tliein. as well as to us. Apply ut 95 Duaue street. jel2 lin'rh able t M U S I C . A LADY, who has n thorough knowledge of music, being taught by the first masters in Europe, and feeling lieseli' fully competent to instruct in tint accomplishment, won Id wish to devote her time to the inst-uction of young ladies, on moderate terms. A note addressed to A. B. C., at the office of this paper, shall he pnai tn illy attended to. jell lw'rc WANTED?By a French young woman, a situation to take charge of children, or as lady s maid, with a family going to France. She can give the be?t of references. Address by letter, to M. P. A. Herald Olfiee. julO lw*m IMMEDIATELY WANTED. A GENTLEMAN who can write Lectures, as well as on other subjects, in a scientific aud superior style, in tie Enylish language. Apply immediately in letter (pout p .id) to A. B. C., delivered at the Express Ollice, corner of Centre and Chambers streets. julO tit'in FOREIGN MAIL. POST OFFICE, ) New York, June lOtla, IB 16. S LKTTERS will be received at this office uutil ifi o'clock, P. fl., oil Thursday urxt, to be forwa.ded by tile Strainer Great Western, for Liverpool. Postage for the steamer 25 cents on each single letter to be paid. ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. M. jll 2trc REDEMPTION OF NOTES OF INSOLVENT SAFETY FUND BANKS. COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE, ) TAlbituy, June 6th, IMS. S -IE COMPTROLLER, in obedience to the Third Section of the Act, Chapter 1U of the Laws of IMS, hereby (rives no tice, that lie will redeem at p-r, the outst.i.iding circulating hills of tlx; Coniinerci>il Bank ol New York the Btnk of Buffalo, the Commercil Bank ol Bnffslo, the Cotninerci il Bank of O ? wego, the Clinton County Bank, tile VVatervliet Bank, and the Bank of Lyons. The Comptroller is not authorised to pay interest in any case: Those persons, therefore, who have packages of note* which liave been protested or the payment demanded of the Reeceiver i the B ink. in ord r to olnai i interest, will li.iil it necessary to i lect the demand tlnorgh the R ceiver. Those perons who i d hills of any of the Bmks before uained, and whohave not 11 ken the necessary steps to establish a claim f>r interest, ami arc willing to surrender the notes o i receiving dollar lor dollar, can be paid at this rate, on presenting the bills to the Comptrol ler. All other claims which Inve been presented and established agaiustauy of the insolvent Bmks will In paid by the receiver, who cannot get ail ori'er fn-.ii the Chancellor oil the safety fund, uutil he has collected t'le sums due the bank and applied the avails to the payment of its debts. The balance then remaining is a charge on the safe ty fund, and these balances can be paid as soon a( the Re ceiver disposes of the assets of the Bank and gets a final order from the Chancellor, either in cash or six per cent stock at par, which the Comptroller is authorised to issue u uler th- 'Ai t t' ptov ide for naying the debts of insolvent Safety Fund Banks,*o passed April 28, 1845. In tile case of the Bank of Buffalo, the fl lal order lias been m ide by the Vice-Chanc llorof the nth circuit, and me means for paying the balance ot all the claims against the Bank have been paid to the Receiver. The assets of the bank of Oswego are b- lieved to be sufficient to pay til the debts of that Bank, and none of the circulating notes of the Bank of O.wego have been redeemed by the Cuinie troi ler. The names and residences of the Receivers of the several Banks are as follow.:? Coin in ere ml Bank of New York, J. M. Blatehford, New York. Commercial Bank of Buffalo, S. G. Austin, Buffalo. Commercial Bai k of Uswego. T. Beekmau, Kinderhook. Watervln t B mk, (ieor.'e R. Jivis, Troy. Clinton Cotiuty Bmk, Henry K. Averill, Pittsburgh. Bank of Lyons, Theron R. >trong, Palmyra. Bank of Oswego, Charles Stebbius, Caxencvia. Wayne County Bank, 8. muel Miller, Rochester. City B ink of Buffalo, O. IV. Newell, Albany The debts of the Lafayette Bank of New fc'ork, including cir culating notes, have been p lid by the Receiver from the assets ofthe Bank. A. C. FLAGG, jll ..trc ( omptroller. FRANKLIN HALL. JPEROZ & HAHT respectfully hep permission toinform ? their friends and acquaintances, and the gents in general, that they h ave o|>ened the house 475 Pearl street, under the above name, where tin y intend to keep the best liquors, inclu ding Wine, Champaigue, and Segars. We pledge ourselves that neither of the above articles shall be inferior to no 3 cent house ill the city. We respectfully beg gents to call and try our Beer. Please not to forget, No. <75 Pearl sf, between Chat ham and City Hall Place. N. B.?There will be a Frefc-and-easy at this house every Sa turday evening^ je!2 lw* rc. SECOND WARD HOTEL. NOTICE.?The undersigned having purchased the entire right of the above establishment from the late proprietor, Mr. Edmuud Jones, solicits from his friends and the public ill general, that patronage which has heretofore been so liberally extended. No pains or expense will be spared to render it equal in entertainment to the late proprietor, whose pride it always was to please. The Liquors and Sesars are of the choicest kinds, mid |*>nons in attendance to mix the former in a superior style?and hopes by strict attention to please all those who may favor him w itli a call. GEORGE THURSTON New York, June 10, 1815. A CARD.?Tli ? undersigned having disposed of the Second Ward Hotel to Mr. George Thurston, cannot refrain from ten dering his thanks to his friends mid the public, for the very liberal and distinguished patronage bestowed upon him for the last seven years of his sojourn. It is with feelings of regret thst he retires?but Iroin illness a ml bodily infirmities he is obliged to seek some rural retreat for a while, and renovate his health. In withdrawing from the above, he would call the attention of bis friends and the public to his very worthy successor, who, he fi els assured, will endeavor to gratify all those who may favor him with tlieir patronage. EDMUND JONES. New York,JunelO, liHS. . j 12 3tis*rh DELICIOUS EAT1NOIt is with (treat satisfaction that we have noticed the abundance ol beautiful straw berries with which the window of our friend OOl'LD, of the Fulton Saloon, (No. 10 Fulton street) is daily tilled; and as a recompense for the excellent manner ill which he serves them up, as well as the gratification we experience in partaking of the same, we advise our friends to give him a cill and t?st the accuracy of our statement?and particularly those who have moved in the vicinity of his eating establishment since the 1st of May Inst. In fact all his dishes are ofthe best quality our markets afford, and his old customers seem desirous of promo ting his interests by their daily attendance at his tables.? Gould's Strawberries, with pure ('ream, seetn to be the order of the day. _ jli Ifrc TROY HOUSE, 'JROY, N. Y. lOLEMAN He ROGERS, Proprietors.?This House, so ?> loi.g and favorably known to the travelling public, is now open. A new story has been added and extensive alterations made: imong which are the extension of the Dining room, to a length of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can lie extended ro one hit idled and thirty leet; thirty new parlors, with bed luoms attached: pleasant and airy rooms to the i.umber of sixt) have lieen added?affording accommodations for 300 |*er>ous.? Pile house h is be*n painted and p ipered throughout. The ears for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, start from the front ?f this house. It is alio but a few steps from the steainboxi I lulling. The proprietors trust, by their personal attention to their bu siness and guests, to receise continued and increased patronage CHARLES 8. COLEMAN. Late ofthe Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, ju7 lm#rc Late of th.?Steamer Umpire. Warren hall. No 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the ahove house as a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac 'otnmodation ol citizens generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit (or themselves a portion of tlieir pa nonage. Their larder will lie at nil times well storked with the be?t the markets can afford. The W'les, Liquors amnSegars are ol the best quality. The bedrooms neatly furnisheck, spacious anil lirv. While from its central location, being Jeai/theCity Hall, ind in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those \isitiugthe city. I. BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. II.?The nsual relishes served npat all times. je7 Im'ec HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, '<*?:? Chritnnt Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. T7~ Baths just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine apart ments?for both ladies and Gentlemen. myiM lm*m NEW JERSEY HOTEL?MORRISTOWN. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and the public generally, that the new and coinmmlious house erected for a Hotel, at Morristown. New Jersey, is open for the entertainment of all those who will favor them with their com pany, when they ho|w to furnish tlielh such accommodations as to entitle them to public favor. D. W. NOE, m25 tMwim'rc DAVID CROWEL. DENTISTRY?VALUABLE D1S(^OVERY. PRESERVE YOUR TEETH. WHY' w ill you snlfrr with the toothache, when hy calling on Dr. PAIGE. 199 Grant) street, near Broadway, you can hsve it effectually and entirely cured. He baa an entire new preparation, that will cure it in a few minutes without pain or inconvenience, so that it may be filled, making it a valu able tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it extracted. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries of the age, aniLneyer fails of tlie desired effect. The most ten der teeth filled without cny unpleasant sensation. Artificial teeth inserted in the most approved manner. je7 Im'ec OTIS FIELD respectfully informs his friends and the public that lie has arrived in the city and taken quarters at the Uni ted Stites Hotel, his entrance through the liar, or l?SB Water street; where he has a number of Bassford's improved Billiard Tables, on sale or for playing. and will be happy to hare them tried. Ilis bar is well stocked with materialtformtkingSherry Cobblers, White Lions, lw. he. let lm'rro c ALUTlOUt NOTICES. A. J I TTLK. Auctioneer. T. hardware ^ cut li LtRY FOB 11IIS JiEAsoN.?J AC OB 8. PLAIT ?' l *oll Thi - Oay, t l*iu clock,-<t ihe aurtion room, 23 Hit sire (, corner .'I (,old, 2WJ r .ckittfM ( j,r<. of fro reignum! I) meshc ilirdware, tunleu d Fancy Oood<, See to clw contig. me .ts. Alto, CUTLER Y?con*i?J'nj; ofa ge ? isoiime'it ofti i Ivurv Table aud Dessert Knivc Pen id Pocket Knives, Sci Mil Shears, Sec Al?o 30 Jocen D and Long Handle Shovels; 20 do. Gnrdei. Hoes, Scyih a, '.j bales Shoe Tbrrwi, kc Also, ZOOu dwa llemp and (?rasa Fi h Line. Also, 100 Set. Jgnauiied Te i Teiy? and Waiters. Also, 3 Asbtaio- Fire Proof Sale i. ? nil particulars in catalogues, which ma)' be obtained at the store. Tfrm*?6 mouths. je 12 li'rh "paper warehouse i'ERSSE Sc miOOKS, No*. 03 and 67 \aHnnu Street, HAVE always on baud a complete "ssortmwit of every de scriptiou of PAPER To be found in a paper warehouse. TUey own the large P.i|ier Mill at Windsor Locks, Connecti cut, (formerly tlie Windsor manufacturing Company (operating nine Engines and twoM inch Fourdrinier Machines, which en able them to supply all orders for Paper, on the most reasonable terms, and with the at moat despatch. ju6 Iwrc A THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS CRISTIES' MAGNETIC FLUID. N AI) VERT18EMENT will l>e found on ,:he outsire, in relation to tin? new and extraordinary discovery in m'.dical science. The object in referin^ to it is to warn the public against spurious imitations, which are entirely devoid of a gal vmic influence, ami consequently without any beneficial effect The MAGNETIC FLUID is always in connection with the GALVANIC RINGS to promote their more effective aCtion, and to direct the galvauic curreut to the particular portion* 1 which are affected. The only Ajteiicy at present in the United J State*, is at 134 FULTON STREET, a few doors from j UMadway, in this city. Dr. Cristie intends establishing one' luthoritcu Agency in every city in the Union, and all imitations of his discovery sold elsewhere, will be worthless and of no ef fect. Due notice will immediately be given in this paper of the respective Agencies which are now beiux established. jfl lwis*ec L A N G L E Y,' S D1SCUTIENT CORN PLASTER, HAS been Ions; know.i in England, and is warranted a (ertain aud speedy CL'RE. It is spread, ready for use. Sold at Dr.W.H.Milnor s, 182 Broadway; 771 Broidway; 114 Canal st ; 127 Bowery; l!)2 East Broadway; 208 Greenwich street; 51 Sixth Avenue, and E L. Cotton a, Bleecker street. Price 25 cents. jell lm*ec LETTER BALANCE IN A PENCIL CASE ~ FOR THE NEW POSTAGE LAW. JOHN SHELDON'S Patent Unique Pocket Companion, or Weighing and Writing Apparatus, containing a Letter Balance (or the 5 cents, 10 cents, and 20 cents R ites of Postage; the ,'4 ounce, >3 ounce, 1 ounce, \ K ounce, and 2ounce avoruu ??ois weights ; a convenient Pen Holder ; in ... . improved ever-pointed Pencil ; a Toothpick and Sovereign Guage : a Letter Seal ; a reserve of Leads at the top of the Case, and the whole serves to measure with, Iteiiig exactly four inches, forming a complete ' ? '??, 111 ?"(* ta aytaa iui.ii mi iiiiii), i milium inparvo, the conveniences of which are self-evident. For sale by JOHN J. BROWN & CO. julO 3tia*rrc 122 Fulton, near Nassau st. NAVY BLUE DltAP D'ETE for Coats: lirst quality Nan keens, for Pantaloons; super Drab Tweeds, for Sacks. Frocks, Sic.; and Fancy Striped Linens, for Shirts?just re ceived by WM. T. JENNINGS tic Co., Tailors aud Drapers, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, j'l 3tis*rc WHEAT?1800 bushels prime Illinois Wheat, landing ex ship Oswego, from New Orleans, and for sale by jllrc E K COLLINS. JRSouth street. HEMPSKED?150 bushels clean Western Seed, ot superior quality, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by jllrc K. K COLLINS Ac CO 56 South street. HEMP-10 ton* very superior water rotted He'-"for sale by E, K COLLINS S* Co., jllrc 56 South street. BEEBWAX?5 bbls very superior western Wax, l<? s .|e by K. K. COLLINSScCO 5fi South st. jllrc WHEA 1"?180 bushels prime Illinois Wheat, 1 Hiding ? x ship Oswego from New Orleans, and for sale in lots to suit purchisers, by E. K. COLLINS Sc I O., jlOrc 56 South street. TO CAPITALISTS. A RARE CHANCE?To invest a of ahout$10,A00 in a s ife and profitable way, by erecting building for divine worship for llie Kmaim-EI Congregation of this city, and fur nishiag two lots, between Bowery and Hast River, and between Broome and Madison streets, for that purpose. For particulars enquire at Mr. J. Dittrnhoefer, 25 Cedar st.; or at Messrs. Stettheimer Sc Brothers, 87 Beaver street. julO lm*rc JAMES AND PATRICK SKANELL, SO long ind favorably known to the Qjlliunl pliyiug portion of this community, ii tviug bird th it well It own establish m-nt of Mr. Abrihim Bissford. No. Iii Ann -treet and 149 Ful-a ton street, respectfully solicit the p?trmage of thoae who take an i' terest in the well fa re of new beginners. J. Sc P. return their sincere th uks to those gentlemen through whose kind support and liberal patronage, they have b-en thus fir enabled to con pete with "11 opposition, ^nd hope, by a strict attendance to business, to merit a continuance of the same. The B ir is well stocked with th'' choicest Wines and Segars, Sherry Cobblers, Mint Julaps, White Lions, 8tc., See., made in their own inimitable style. Seven T-bles up, si tu marble and marble beds, with all the modem improvement*. jlO 6t*ec SCOTT'S BAZAAR, No. 37 Dt'.V STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GREENWICH STREET. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends .oid the public ut larjfe, for the liberal support re ceived since he has been in business, and hones by the s m. strict attention to merit a Continuance thereof. Tne ou dities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and S.'girs, are too well known to need comment. A large assortment of Refreshments to he had iit ill tiine<,till twelve at night?such as Beef Steaks,Mut ton Chops, Fried Kidneys, Ham and Ku;rs, Sardines, Poached Kgga, I'ickl' il Tongues, Welch Rarebits, Cowe, Tea, See A good dinner of lioast or Boiled Me t for One Shilling, everj day, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout lways on draught. Good Lodgings for 15 cents and 371 j cents. Cold Curs at a moment's notice. This House has been proved, b\ comparison, for years past, to be the coolest and most comfort able in the eity No House bi tter supplied with English Irish, Scotch and city papers. Always th latest news by the Ste'inert, (iood Rooms for Private Parties always ready at a moment s warning?free?gratis?for nothing. je8 lni'ec CENTHEVILLE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. T HER IS will be two matches, to come off over the above Course, on .Monday, June the 16th. Particulars made known on Saturday next. Also, a Parse of $50 will he given, to come off the same day, mile heats, best three in live under the saddle, five for horses that never won a purse over $50. Entries to be made at Jones' Second Ward Hotel, on Friday evening, 13th instant, on or be fore 9 o'clock, P. M., three or more to make a field. IOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, June 11th. 1815. jll 3t*rh CAMBRIDGE COURSE. GREAT SPURT. FOOT RACE FOR A PUIISE OF TUESDAY, June 17th, nt 3% P. \1., will come off the great Koot R-?ce of Ten Mile*, for a rnrsp of$500; $100 to th< second best, and $50 to the third best in the rir" This will be the greatest sport ever offered over the above Course. The following persons have entered to run:? John tSilnersleeve of New York. Ambrose Jackson of England. Oi-orge M. Kllis of Camden, Maine. George Brown of... Charlestown, Mass. Francis M. Adams of... Boston, do C. Desmond of... do do Richard Kvans of... do do Win Sweeny of... do do Suidford Wenlwort'ii... of... do do Rolert Christian of New York. Jnines Lewis of New Jersey. Silas M Romer of Hudson, N. Y. John P. Taylo- of. Connecticut. Mich lei Cuvenaugh... . of... do do JohnVe\ill of Yorkvillf, N. Y. St<n> Hock, the Tonawanda Indian, of Buffalo, N Y. N B.?The fire to Boston being reduced to only two dol lahs, affords a cheap and pleasant < xcursiou. j 10 3tis*rc UNION COURSE, L. I. API RSK of $300 will lie given, free for all borsee, for a Hurdle R<ce, IS mile hexts. lo coine off over this Course July 7th, four hurdles in each heat, 3 feet 9 inches high, three or more to in ke a rac>* Entries to tie at the office of the -spirit of the Times, ou or before vtonday, June 28th. T<> c .rry >0 poii'idi. jtO 3t*rc FOOT RACE ON THE REACON COURSE, For THE following Purses will he give i for Foot Races to take place on the Beacon, as follows :? A rnrse ol $300, for a Foot Race of one mile?$50 to the se cond in the Race, to take place on the 'Wth of June. Same day? V Purse of $200, for the greatest distance walked in one hour?$50 to the second in the race; the walk to he a fair heel-and-toe walk. A t'nrse offHOO, for a Koot Race of 10 miles, to take place on the 5th of July?$W0 to the ft at; $150 to the second, and $50 to the third in the race. Entrances to be made ten days before the race, with the pro prietor, or at R. Smith's. Park How; except persons that are now out of the United States, or more than (00 miles Irom this city?such persons may enter four days before the race, in all of the above, three or more to make a race. hurdle" race. A Purse of $<00 will he given for a Hurdle Race, to come off on Thursday, the 3d of July, 1*4 mile bests; four hurdles,each t feet high to the mile; $IO?'t o the secoid; $'i0 entrance. II', how ever, any person shou'd enter ahorse now m I anadn, onl\ b 'II entrance will be charged, the third horse to receive hack his entrance, provided there is four horses start, each horse to carry I6H lbs. Entran ?e to I " made on or before 30th June. FOOT RACE. Same Rav?A Purse of $400 will be given, for * Foot Race of1 miles, $300 to the first; $7i to the second, and $25 to the third in the race. Entrance to be made on or before the JOtb June, The Races hive been delayed a few days in conse iuence ol the rebuilding tin- pi'hlic stand. There will probablt be ? gre it iiumlie ? of Pedestrians present, who w ill compete for the, as there have late armed a number from different (nirts ofthe world, including Jackson, the American Deer; George Seward, late from England; and an Indian of the Iroquois Tribe, Imm Canada. There are also many others here or on the way, including Major Henry Stannard; John Oildersleeve; Stephen Mack, the Scotch Bantam, and several others. /"Should there be * storm on either of the acore d?y?, the races to take place the ftret fair day thereafter, JT fc*ee C. B. BROWNING, Proprietor A:Vf I..'SEME NTS. I'VliK TIIKATHK. 13 me fit of Mist C/ara Ellis, THURSDAY EVKNiNG, June 11 will be performed, th? new American Cuin. <iv, <? (ltd K.% HI I ION?Count de Jol iiidfie, Wfl Cniip; (it rirniie, aIim Clara i'-llis. A v etUev Da-'Ce, t*y >t i I ir l*f *nd 2 d -ct* oi' the new DriBh o ORhhN 15 L SMKij?Conner O'Keanedy, Mr DyotC, Mi ? mi, Ml** C!?r? Elli* ?? u?t Tier. 7^ i ? Ho!?-*, 2d iimI *i! yj ( euta?I*n. ' [>? u?(ivllrry , &> Cent* Door. m|*-ii i! 7 o'clock uid tin* CorUiu will n?e precisely ? i' li-p .^1 7 o'clock. IVIBLO'S CJAHOBN. Tlun-aclay Kvenlnc, June l'4(ht The Entertai.iineiiU will commence With a gorg?ou? Fairv Spcct icle, in tike production of which 1,0 e*Pe:i-e has liee:i yjMrt'd, c<tll? tithe SEVEN CASTLES uF THE PASSIONS. m > [?> M??r?. Hillyard, Islin wood, and Grain. /*'" ?'''J4y]y't MIss H. .Vl a twe ws. Miss Partington ' eleste; Mrs Watts, Mt sn. T.Placid*, Gallagher, Nickinson, ke., kc will appear j? it. Urand ras tie Deux, by Mesdemoiselles Partington and Celeste O" Intermission ?rhalfmi hwir.JV j *.? ?i i fireworks. u'?!?? " CrC i MM,r- wl" *'v<" * Display of the mwi Brilliant Fireworks. Many ol il*e colors arv entirely new, and known only to this artut. To corcludr wiih lir,! tint,, i,ere. a ( omic Piece. entitled ?. MANSL AUGHTER IN THE FIRST Dh.GRK.E Mr( uuwjI, Air Nicklnsoti I l?t Officer, Mr Deering Sjihoun, Mr Chippendale 2d do WiIuni I1 rank, Mr Daveuport | Confectioner, Barrett <"hip, Mr Andeiton | Rhode. Miu Roberts Villiam, Mr Lt'Vrn.'| \V hikkera, Uit Watts "lie public are respectfully apprized of the arrival from K'u rope, and eng igcment at this establishment, of the celebrated and latest i-uroj can Novelty"! tli wood* rlul ACROB *T FAMILY ! iL/"An eiHcient Police will always tie in attendance to main tain goud order and keep eil iiti|iro|ier |iersous out. (&? Tickets F[fty Cents -4Jj A limited number of Se n on 'I icltets will be disposed of K "Performance to couuueiice at 8 o'clock Door* open at past 7. M tASTl E OlICIibiA. Proprietor*. iVleaart. French and Heiser. An Entire Change of Eatert/unments. CONCERTS A L A MUSAKD. Admission 25 Cents. Tliurwduy Kvcnlii^, June lltli, To commence with a Grand Series of Tableaux, taken from the eirliest iges of ma lUiud, entitled the FIRST FRATRICIDE: IIKrtlf'SK.NTATIVKS 5? <-?<?, ? ?; Ellsler I VI im L KlUler Abel C 1 Par-lue | Slisa Cohen Succeeded li. a Popular Overture. A Nautical Ball. d. by Air Deum^on. A Scotch pas de Deux, by Mi-s Cohen. A Grotesque Trhi Tchou, or ( heiese Buffoon's Dance, by T. P. rslo. . Song from llu* B >hemian Girl, Mr. Denuisou. Overture by the Bind. A spirited Dance ol Nationalities, by Miss Cohen Ballad?'I wish I could remember .lie melody she sunn," Mr. Denniaoii. To conclude with the ('? mic Ballet and ExtnivaKauza of TRIBULATIONS Ot VOL AC VENT. La Pere Boniface, Mini Gtntave I Ju tin, Air T C Par-loe Vol su Vent, Moll Louh | Louise, Mi?s Cohen \J" Between the Kiitertamineiits an intern; isiiou ol 'i'eii Minutes tor Promenade 'lid Refreshments. r Doors open at luilf-p ii-t (I o'clock. Performance to com mence nt So'clock VAIAHALL <i VlU>KN JXALOO.N, BlflVERV. ADMISSION ONLY ONE SHILLING. JT'OPEN EVKRV EVENING, KAIN OR SHINE R THIS EVENING, The entertainments will commence with a urmid Comic Panto mimic Ballet, entitled THE TINKER, THE TAILOR. THE FARMER AND SAILOR. Also, Singing, Dancing and Nerro Extravaganza, by the Opera tic Brothers and Sisters, forming the best Band of Minstrels iu the world. The Company at Vauxliall consists of twenty talented l>er formers, w ho w ill all have the honor of appearing every evening this week. Door* open at 7>J o'clock. Performance commence at 8K o'clock. No Ladies admitted uelcss attended by gentlemen. An efficient Police eng.ged, under otticer Sastiu. ^ For particulars, see tnlU ol'tbe day. j!) lw*m UtH'lt?N s 'I HUA'l ilK, ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. THURSDAY. June 12, 1815?will be performed, the Pictorhl Drama ol OREGON; or, The Emigrants' Duuirhrer?Shel don, Mr S Johnstot; Jacques Bablnte, Mr Stevens; Petei Whetstone, MrT Johnstone; Mrs Smith, .Mrs Hughes; Lit tle Thunder, Mr Jervis; Doves Eyes, Mrs Dunn To he followed by i he Farce of THE THIMBLE RIG?Sam Shindy, Mr Barrett; John Ginger, Mr Burke; Mrs Ginger, Mrs W II Smilli Daucii g by Miss E Moore and Mr G Smith. 1(1 conclude v\ ith t!,e l ew Burle?que of THE BOHE A MAN'S-GAL?Mr Hamheim, Mr Johnston; Shady, Mr Burke; Mrs Quill, (a Queen of Pedlars?a Funnier) Mr Stevens; Arline, 'In- (jie .t Original. \ln W 11 Smiih. 1'AKK THEATRE. F R K N C 11 O 1' E H A . rPHE MANAOF.R has the honor uf announcing to the ciii X tens of New ^ ork, that he lias leased the Park Theatre fjr a limited season, and will open it on Monriuy the 10<li Jnn?-, With (first time in litis city) the celebrated Grand Opera of GU1LLAUME TELL, By Rossini, WITH A POWERFUL CAST, AND A LARGELY INCREASED ORCHESTRA. fT/""The Box Book w ill be ojiened on Fiidty morning, the 13th instant, at 10 o'clock, at the Box Office, where places may be secured. 0^7*" A limited number of Season Tickets will be disposed of. and Private Boxes engaged for one night or the w hole period ol performance. jli 1'AKK TULA i'H E.'~ MR. IV. It. CRISP'S BENEFIT. Friday Evening, June 13tli, 1S4A, "jW" R. CRISP has the honor of announcing the first ap|>earaiice IvA on any stage, of MRS. MOIVATT, Anthorofthe successful Comedy of " Fashion." The performance will commence w ith Sir E. Bulwer's popular Plav entitled THE LADV OF LYONS. Pauline Deschappelles Mrs. Mowatt. Claude Meluotte Mr. W. II Crisp. A variety of entertainments. Tickets and places secured at tlie Box Office, and of Mr. W. H. Crisp, 83 Leonard street. Bo: Plan nine opcn.-CQ j10 3trc NATIONAL ACADEMV OF UESIGNT *" 'T^HE Twentieth Animal Exhibition of the Academy WILL JL CLOSE on Saturday, the 5th d?> of July t ext. TEACHERS of Schools who de.ire invitations for their Pupils, will please sqiiJ their nauie* and aiidiess to the Council of the Academy. jel J3ri?*rrc ^PHE Ladies and Gentlemen engaged lor the Albany Thea A tre. are requested to meet iu the tsreen Room of the above establisluneut, on Thursday, June IGth. at II o'clock. By order of the Manager, CHAS. S. BtRNARD. jll 3UC TO THE PUBLIC. MON SIE U R C H U B E R BEGS leave to announce to the prblic, that in consequence of the extreme heat of the weathe*. ne has, in accordance with the wi?hes of a numiier of hi* trie 11 (Is, POSTPONED HIS CONCERT, which was to have taken place on ue*t Thursday evening. June 12th, to some future occasion, due notice of which will he wtveu. j 11 gt*m AKAHt: SPECULATION FOR MONKYKD MEN? For s de or to hire? MadzeTt Exhibition of tl>e Conflagration of Motcow, "?Automaton Hope Dtacers, with peaking Figures;" *'Pyric Fires,' and 'Mechanical Theatre *' Toe whole of the above being in perfect working order, and can be out up in ai v pi tee ii; the space of one week. This sple id id rnl u e ju tiled exhi bition will be sold low for cash, or iniy be hired at a reasonable ? f along with the services of a person perfectly qualified to conduct it, mid Would I ive no objections to travel to any part of tlie world. For further particular*, ?ddres* 1*. L. Z., Phila delphia Post Oflice. jll Gtgbz CONCEHTi MRS. STRONG, illSS PEARSON. MR. COMES, and MR. PEARSON, RE8PECTKULLY inform their friends and the public, that their SECOND SECULAR CONCERT, Consisting of rare and beautiful O'^es, Songs, Duets, fcr. will be given on Tuesday Evening, Kith June, instant, at the C ol lactam, 450 Broadway. Commencing at bl.\ o clock. Mr II (). Pimm will preside at the Piano Forte. Single Tickets .'HI cents, or three for $1?may be obtained ai Music Stores of Firth ic Hull; Firth, II. 11 4c Pond; Atwill. Schar fen burgh & Luis; Haxon & Miles; at thestoreofO. F Nesbitt, cor Wall and Wafer streets; ol H Meiggs, 146 Broad way, and at the door of the Coliseum, on the evening of the perlormance. j'?7 Kt*ec l'KI\ l'f/11'AL MOTiON. NOW EXHIBITING, at the Lafayette Baxanr, 149 and 1SI Broadway, one of i lie most splendid piece, of workman ship of the opr. Perp?tual Mutton in so k'ng for which mi man) hare been ruined, lias ?t laat been discovered, ami inay be seen in .ucceaalul operation, at the above place. Tin. power i. now applied in keeping a clock in motion, showing the time a correct a. any piece ever made. Visitors will be ampl) rew arded in v lewing thi. ingenious piece of mechanism. Time <1 eiliibilioii from 9 A. \1. to 8 P. .\1> Admission 26 cent.. The Kxhil'ltion is under the superintendence ol M UOB STKVK NS. Ju!) lw*ec sr.i KOR 4ALE?'The Steamboat Itichmniid ?"of 227 to: s, of a liuht draft wafer, 126 ft length :>.'i foot lienn. 8 f t ! depth tie ? lit engine. incl cilu'Vi 8 teet stroke, in good oriler and fit for immediate nie, copper fastened; would answer tor ? tow, freight or paMagt boit, lining finished cabin* with ??ertli*. If not .old before tm 1Kb instant, will then be ioltl at public inction, at the Mer chant.' Etch intje, oil that I ?y Kor further information, amd) to Mruri. Dougherty, 73 ^outh street. julJ lw*rh lTdnUoN~LIN kT (TKTA<KH,T?? I'acket ol th. ?20th Juoe?The spleadid and elegant lust .ailing park t .hip QUEBEC, Ji. II. HEBARD, muter, will Mil a. aoore, her regulur day. Having very superior accommodation, lor cabin, second ca bin andsteerage pa.<?ng*?,per?on| about to secure berths should in ike e.irly application on board, foot of Maiden I. ine.or to JOSEPH MelMI'HBAV, 101) Pine .tpeet corner of South street. The packet ship Wellington, I), Chadwick, roaster, will suc ceed the Quebec, tnd .ail on the 19th July. jd2irr^ KOR~ I.I VEHFOOL?To .aiFuth Instant?1fhi elegant and very fast sailing packet slup SilAKS elegant ami veiy l ist sailing packet snip r??I \l jPKAHE, Capt Cornell, hiving mo.t ol he? cargo on hoard. w ill sail .is above. Kor freight or |?issage. having elegant pscket accommoda tions, apply on board,at Oilcan, wharf, foot of Wnll street, orti jl2rc K K COI.LlNB k CO., J#9outh .1. M EAIVUTAN HDN N biT&. >a THE UNDEHSIllNED, Patentee.aiiil Mannfacturei, rtCgJofthe Sl.apolitan Bonnets, rested fully in form the trad IWe that they ire now ready to supply the above article of th. l itest style and of sii|<erior quality, in quantltiea to suit pur chaser. Thi y warrant that they can alter and clean the Buoneti P appear eqaal to new. Bayer* ape cautioned against au inleiior article of the kind n the m irket. Tlie genuine article, lor which we received the ?il ver medal at thi- last fair of the American Institute, ha. our tick et ii|*on it. Apply to VV8E k SON8, 171 Penrl stre- t, or at th manefictary or PATTI80N, NOK <0, mv< lm>?*ee No V> Del.i cr strwt TUITION. A KRENCH GENTLEMAN, a gradvate ol the /l. of Paris, is ileairon, of findini; in .om? sfllOOl or private I mily, a .iliiatiou aa instructor?throiirli the means Ol tin English, which he >|>caks fluently, orofthe ? reneh and tlennai langusiges, tijually his own, in any of (he different hranche? o a thorough andliberal education, and also drawing and p:\inting o tit her landscapes, heads or flowers. The best references ean he had, and his name and resident known, by applyinK to the Rev. A. Veiren. Hector of th? Freneh Protestant < nurch of this city, No W hrauknii st i ? t nU lm*rc BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. ?\% ??Illusion. lCorr??poDtleuce of the Herald.] Wash inoton, June 10.1816. A Rustinn tweathoute can only ^ive you an im irftsion of the climate in which we are in this Ca pital, ge?t *nd ladiet, npidly dissolving like can* lies uiiil candy, 'lhe Thompsonian system of steaming is at lau in universal operation?wnh this litference, that, instead of lobelia, many of our wisest wiseacres prefer juleps, and toddies, very cool ?ind very strong. A man, occasionally seen about the hotel-, has disappeared most mysteriously within u d?iy or two, supposed to have died from spontaneous explosion, dissolution, or combustion! The hackmen, acclimated to any thing short of pur gatory or the north pole, look as greasy from exuda tion as so many sides of smoked bacon melting and frying in,the sun. The old woman who site from year's end to year's end at the western gute of the Capitol, retailing apples and peanuts, has had to put on a pair of double-guarded weak-eyed goggles, from the in tensity of the sun's refractions. The ambier from the t?t>uecu-chewers fries upon the Uattoir of Penn sylvania Avenue, like water upon a fish griddle The shower which we expected yesterday was absorbed before it reached us. The clouds about us to-day look, an hard and tearless as a coterie of old blue light orthodox parsons. Oh ! for Elijah's eloud:? " Saw ye not the cloud arise, Little an a human Innd, Sec, it spreads along th 1 skie?, Waters all the thrifty land." Such a phenomenon would, indeed, be worth looking at. Let us pray for rain. Cross yourselves, ye Catholic fathers?cross yourselves, and call upon Mary Mother to give us a little rain?call upon the blessed f> iints, oliJ Noah especially, and we shall have a slight sprinkle, if not u deluge. Elongate your visages, my Presbyterian f riends, a little more, and pray dolorously (or rain. And you, ye philoso phic brown coats, and broad brims, strengthen yourselves in tne inner man, that ye may wrestle lor the blessing, like Jacob of old. But upon our Methodist brethren we mainly rely. Call mightily for the power?pray like men in earnest?take hea ven by storm, and ten to one we shall have a storm. Sing, brethren, sing! ? "(lain?rain?rain, my Saviour? Itain?rain?rain, my Lord." Oh! tor u shower of rain! Oh ! that the clouds would arise! Oh, that the thunder would peal! Oh, that we had a regular ont-and-outer! It would do us good. It would make us grateful, and it might stop, in its_ cooling effect unon the air, this incessant absorption of brandy and gin. Oh, for a shower of ram that shall last till July ! Otherwise, if Washington city be in the heart of the temperate /one, save us, Saint John, from the deserts of Africa. We feel warm in the discussion of this subject; but I as it may be dry to your readers, we shall dismiss it, still hopeful of a shower this afternoon. Would you believe it, that the President and fa mily lind more (leace, and quiet, and meet with far fewer perplexing importunities at Coleman's public hotel, th m they suffered at the Executive mansion 1 It was for sometime expected by Mr. Matthew St. Clair Clarke's friends, that the President would take his tine mansion for the interim of the repair ing of the White House. Mr. Clarke's house is a large and splendid one, northward, ticross a vacunt public squate, from the President's. But there the Executive family would have been expected to keep open house on stated days, to give public drawing rooms, levees, See. They desire repose?relaxa tion from the uninsetmitted labors of several months. ; in their attendance upon the calls individually, and ; by detachments of the dear, delightful people. The I poor dear old dowagers are disconsolate?their occupation is necessarily suspended for a fortnight, or a month, or two, according to the stay of the Executive household at Coleman's. The dowagers are dodged most dciiciously. What a horrid thing it is, but never mind; there" is a pri vate entrance at Coleman's hotel, and see tf these ladies dont discover it, and never rest till they have found Mrs. Polk " at home," and poured their com plaints of the guillotine into her charitable ears. We learn that it is the purpose of Messrs. Blair & Rive-, to l..y the corner stone of Jackson Mall, on the 4th July, with great and imposing ceremonies. The workmen are. rapidly preparing the ground.? Some whig suggests in the Intelligencer that we have a general National celebration on the " glorious fourth," in hopes, pet haps, that the blending of all political elements even for one dav, might tend to mitigate the rigorous exactions of the rule of rota tion. But we tell liiin that it would not answer.? If he be a whig, and tin in, he might as well with becoming grace, resign himsell to go out, lor out he will have to go. We are certainly a believer in the doctrine that an occasional leorgaiuzation of the per ton rile of the departments, is just as essential to the efficiency of the administration, as the ventila tion is to the healthfulnesB of their atmosphere. We have nothing further of the robbers of Mr. Pdine. It appears that he had perhaps no New York money among the ,S"2ti00 taken from him. The sum was made up of new notes of HX)s and 30s of Boston and Worcester Banks, with several 20s. Strong hopes are entertained here that the rogues will be. naii lied. We had nearly forgotten the Hon. Mr. Bagby. We are glad to see him yet among us, though we regret ihi't lie has been detained on account of the ill health of his family.' We had thought that he re mained of because that 'ere mileage; but we suppose that In- will make it up some way. We now honestly assure him that letter writers have the feelings and sympathies of other men ; and that it lie unjustly assails diem as he has done, he will meet with a et of customers more annoying than the warlike population of a hornet's nest.? That's alL The Afosti.e Pai l. Washington, June 10, 1R45. The public, accustomed to the nodding of heads, which tlu-y see in the President and each of the Ca binet, may have begun to think of each, there in " nothing in it"?or say with Sir John Vesey, " humbug! all humbug, upon my soul!" But at thia place, after having seen with wonder the President falling into the hands of those who have done their best to prevent his election, and who still abuse him, nnd lan^'h to see how easily he is managed, we have endeavored to penetrate and expose the arca num. It is now said that, like Faust, there is a po^ lilical Mephistophlles, who claims the |>olitical soul of Col. Polk, under a terrible bond, from which the unhappy victim cannot escape ; and that the Presi dent of the I'nited States is a subject of the most dreadful oligarchy ever known, except, perhaps, that of the Council of Ten. It may not be known, but such is the tact, that Col. Polk was, before the assembling of the Balti more Convention, an aspirant for the Vice Presi dency. Himself and friends, during last win ter, regarding it to be settled that Mr. Van Buren would receive the nomination, opened a corres pondence with the renowned sorcerer of Linden wald, and his friend the modern Cato. In this cor respondence, it is bifid, the President that is, coinci ded with Mr. Van Buren in bis views on the Texas question,and promised large favors to the clique now centred at Albany. In order, also, to make sure of the nomination, Col. Polk prepared a letrer. it is as serted, ugaimt the Annexation of Ttxa.i, and, in company with Cave Johnson, went to the office ot the Xathvillf Union and asked Harris to insert it. This, when he was acquainted with its contents, Hums refused to do. In the meanwhile, other coun sels prevailed, and Mr. Pok's opinions underwent a radical change, lint it is furthermore said, that a copy of this letter, properly authenticated. is in the possession ol 'he modern Cato, together with the other letters from Mr. Polk, on various subjects. The magic which controls the President, then, if this be the fact, is the dread of exposure ; and by this wand, held in ferrvrewn, has Mr Polk been moved of late. The magician must have his bond ?the soul, and the i?>htical soul, of a President is his prerogative ol ap|>ointinent. Hence the selec tion of Maker. Purdy and Hoftman?hence the remo val of Van Ness?and hence w hut will yet t>?k?- place the removal ol' Morns, Moore, and, ultimately, of Cornelius W. Lawrence. The difficulties which surround the administra tion seem to thicken at every step. No matter how many appointment* are jiven to the Wright faction, they will not lie sntislied. liach appointment recon ciles one ; but the power of appointment is limited. Mr. V'nn Buren, at this present moment, is engaged at < lyster Bay, on I.on,' Island, plotting mischief with Catnbrefing He slipiwd through New York, a few days since, secretly : and is now ostensibly engaged in shooting with the man who uses curses loud and deep because he was not made the Secre tary of the Treasury. The game he shoots at, how ever. may be divined Letters are daily |ioiiring in from the North and West The giant of New Hampshire, Woodbury, is full ol ire, calm, but none the less bitter. The young democracy of Pennsyl vania are angry at the insults offered to them?the old hunkers dissatisfied because they have not every thing. The appointments through the whole North, in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, have Ziven general dissatisfaction to the mass of the party And there is no refuge from the South, where the President might flee. South Carolina especially, indignant at tlv insults olfered to her favorite son, -lands aloof. 1 lei three (Jracchi will not have their wre tit soothed The) have spurned the purple of the Knglish mission All is distrust, confusion and dismay. .... . The news from New \ork, however, is produc tiv. of most si arm To remove a man from office who is well qualified, i- a democrat of unimpeach *hle character and gives satisfaction to the mercan

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