Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW Y O iR K H E R A L T>. Vol. XI., So, 170?Wbol* No. 4039. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 22, 1845. Price Two Cent*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Tho usand. DAILY HERALD?Evory day. Pile# 9 cent* per copy?$7 as per annum?payable In adriutea. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 8} cent* per copy?$3 11* cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the u?ual pricea?alwayi cash in advance. PRINTING of ail kindi executed with beauty and deipatch. ,' IXf- All letter* or communication*, by mail, addressed to the establiihment, must be post paid, or the po*tag? will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiETon or thk New York Herald Establishment Northwest corner of Pulton and Mrsmbu utrwM* njjaca ftamgi ^5EiSiJBBfca xjTiTI WWfgWlP REDUCED FARES. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN A8 FOLLOWS, On and after 14tli June, 1843. from Brooklyn Depot? Boston Train?i\ A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Karmingdiil? and St. George's Manor. Accommodation Train?9H A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming dale ttid intermediate places Jiaily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, J P.M. lor Green port, duly, Sundays excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead. and llick? ?iII , and nil the stopping places betwerii Hicksville and Greoii|iort. From Grtenpart Depot? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at UK o'clock M., or on the arrival oftheiteamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepted, lor Brooklyu and intermediate places. from Farmin^ilale Depot? Accommodation Train. 6% A. M. and P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyu ana mtermediate places. from Jamaica Depot? Extra Traiu, IK P M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn mid intermediate pi <ces. The Boston Trains stop only at Karmiugdale and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver paasen- t gers, via: Bedlord 8 Deer Park 69 East New York 11W Thompson 88 Race Course 18M Suffolk Station 1 on Trotting Course 18>? Lake Road Station I 135? I Jamaica 25 Meilford Station 1 18^4 ; Brushville ... 31W Milleville 1 JO 1 37>i St. George's Manor.... 1 62 Riverhead I 62 I ? ,, Jamejport 162}* I Hempstead 37!; Mattetuck 162!j Branch 37>? Cutchogue 1 62^ i Carle Place 44 Southold 1 62'* Westbury 41 Greenporf, Acc'n. train. 1 75H ' llicksville 44 Bosteu Traiu S 00 i Farmingdale 62!* Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains st the several ! Stations, to take passenger* at very low Fares, to all parts of the ! Island. Baggige Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall ' street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. tf7"Rockawny Baggage taken in separate Crates. julOrc I TU WESTERN TRAVELLERS. j EXPRESS ANl) PIONEER PACKET LINE, . I From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail roids and Caual?through in 3!* days. The above line is now in full operation and offers great inducements to persons who wish a pleasaut mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up iu a superior manner, and every effort is made hy the proprietors to couduce to the comfort and convenience of travellers. The scenery on this route is uuriralled, and the Keat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wor y of being seen. By this route passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex peditious trip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad- | vised to engage their places at Phil-.delphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. comer or Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 13 and 15 South Tliird sts. A. CUMMINGS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISELL. Agent lor D. LEECH It CO.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. myl7 6m rrc Hyde Park, 17 miles 37) Clowsville, (during *cs sion Court,) J7k ClUNVE OF HOUH. SUMMER ARRAGEMENT. On and after the 22d inst., a train will leave the depot, at Brook lyn, for Boston, via Norwich and Worcester, every morningat 8o'clock, Sunday's excepted. Passenger* will leave the foot of'Whitehall st. at 8*^ 'oclock. Far* through ... $3 25 Second claas passengers 1 88 myl7 Imis rc FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. ffMS? iB!iP THE TRAINS unon the LONO ISLAND RAILROAD are now arranged for passengers to leareBoaton at C o'clock nod arrive in New York at 4, as wan the cute last evening; and take the Philadelphia traiu at quarter before 5, and arrive there at 11 P. M. mv23tf CHAM OK OF HOUR. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES TO BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINNGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. ViaCheater, Wilmington, Newark, Elkton, Havre deGrace,fcc. Through t'n Six Hourg?Fart $3. On and alter Monday next, May 12th, the Curs will leave the De;>ot corner of 11th and Market street,daily (except Sunday) at 9 o'clock, A. M.. the lines tearing at 4 P. M, and half past 10 P. M., Iieing discontinued after that date. Thia Line will leave Baltimore for Philadelphia, at 9 o'clock, A.M. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. 7Virnuph in Seven Hours?Fare $3. On and after Monday next. May I2th. the steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Capt. Douglass, will leave Dock street wharf daily, (except Sanday,) at half past 3 o'clock. P. M., instead of* A. heretofore. This Liue leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore, for Philadelphia, at T P. M. SUNDAY MAIL LINE. , ^ The only Line lor Baltimoie on Sunday leaves the Depot, eorner of ilth and Market streets, at 4 o'clock, P. M. FREIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN. Fare to Baltimore 50 cents. A Passenger Car attached to tlie Freight Train, will leave the Depot corner lllh aud Market street, daily, (except Sunday) at So clock, P. M , and reach Baltimore at an early hour next morning. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent at Philadelphia, Fa. For further particulars, apply to . GEO. P. FISHER, Agent, mylOlmrc No. 17 Wall street, or 6 West street. NOTICE.?On and alter Monday, the 9th iff stauC, the car that leaves City Hall at six o'clock in the morning for William's Bridge, will leave at half past five : returning, will leave William's Bridge at seven o'clock. The car that leaves City Hall in the evening at half patt six o'clock for Hsrlem, will leave at six o'clock, and will run to William's Bridge ; returning, leave William's Bridge at seven o'clock and twenty minutes. jn3 rrc MORNING BOAT FOR ALBANY, AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS. Breakfast and Dinner on board.?The splendid .steamboat SOUTII AMERICA, Captain H. Al. I ruesdelf, will leave the foot of Barclay street (north side ill'the Kerry) on Saturday morning, June 21*t, at 7 o'clock. For passage ..pply on board the boat. Usnal l.iii.diirgs?Caldwell's,West Point, Newbtirgh. Pounh keensie, Hyde I'ark, Rhinebeck. Redhook, Maiden, Catskill, Hudson, L'oxsarkie, Kinderhook and New Baltimore. J20rc NfcW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT ?The steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy. will leave the loot of Coartlandt m street, on BATlIRDA^ EVENING, at 7 o'clock. . The Empire, owing to Iter light draught of water, will be ena bled at all times to pans the bar, and reach Albany and Troy in amnle time to take the morning train of cars going east or west For Passage or Freight apply on board, or to O. CLARK, r the office on the wharf. jn20 re MORNING LINK AT 1 O'CLOCK, jMQ FOR ALBANY, TROY and intermediate &?-**p"? it*landings, from tlie Steamboat Pier at the foot of 3vaaJBEaZ.Darcl.-iy street. Hr? ikl-tat a.<d Diiuier on board the boat. Leaves New Yark at 7 o'clock, A M., Tuesdays, Thursdays nnd Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday anil Friday. The low-p^Msure steamboat TN O V, < aptain A. Gorham, on Tuesdays, I'hursdays and Saturdays, st7 o'clock. For iiassage or freight, apply on hoard, or to F. B. Ilall, at the office on tlie whirf. Notice?All goods, freight, baggage,batik bills, specie, or any other kind of proiieity taken,shipyard, or put on hoard this boat, must lie at tlie rial of tlie owners of such goods, freight, hag gage, fcc. jelKrc PIMPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY? Sundays Excepted?Through Di 'ivet, at7o'elock P. M., from the Pier betwnn .Courtlandt and Liberty streets. _ieamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Ca|>tain A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cnittendeu, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At J o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate place, from the foot of Barclay street :? Steamboat COLUMBIA. Capt. W. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Weduesday, Friday aud Sunday Afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at i ?'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time Tor the Morning Train ol Can for tha east or west. i TIk Boats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elagant state rooms, and for speed aud accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Fieixht taken at moderate rates. All i?rsons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, Without .i written order from tlie Captains or Agents. KcirpaMftM or freight, apply on board the boats, or to 1'. C. Scnuitt. at Uie office on the wharf. jelfi m ktatkn'islanii ?g&a? FURRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE DENTS. On and after Sstnrday,7th .Inne, the Steamboats SYLPH and HTATEN ISLANDER will tsava Nrw York every hour except "> P. M., commencing at > A. M., until 7P. M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4, commencing at I A. M., nntil 7 r. M. jn7m Ir'kLAM^P ORKAT BRITAIN AND Bank of Scotland, oUenock Binkin "r of 9cotl*l,d1. National throughout Scotland. nk"1? Company, ami brauchea Which InTa1ruo^,bUXV.1dedrrerBTm,i; Ut Jm"> ^ -SS? lai^p^Tl"^ ^"Ot-ND STATKV y y C,p*i3 RL arnl'^^ L STKVKNS. Amos ?t. on Snnday Jbm a ? I JXl^l!1 A***? ,hr r?"' of ?t-l^; PierNo. i &Mr^ 2 oVrlvir, k'(;m"1Nk* ?ufficieitt time for pa?<m?ra to PPjflo"?'He a '?Tefnrtl.e Mhore *"d ?*W WI^VShIhI^.ANTWKKP-Th. .pleiidid .hip iJh vON " *'" "*?< with quiX d^h bEpS55?;s A'iK Mmi'i'lsi ivl "If i>ri.ici|Ml B ii<ks ill England lreffi W'W#' "t nil on application to ' w"',,8Y?f!SlS.,"d Wales, jfifrc J- H&KDMAN, M*. *OH. "LasgW^Tk^SS^'?t, "S" ar^,r^;?*"*" jSDrc OOUHULL & MJNTtJRNS, fife country, should make e'lily application to' " f?r *he olJ jf20 rrc ? ?,??? * J- T. TAP8C0TT, 1-775-7 *tf,;ct' cor"" Maiden Line. ?plfudid ne?7^k? .^'vVcToiu'?? July-jh, her regular day. ^ *' P' will nil M abore, "bi W?d cabi,, aAr-*-? and ml ou the etli of Anoint ,uccted "'? Independence stock", and resulted every year |?-!T ,,t V' "I'V^ on the liveoak apron, aeinaon stem (rame nn.l"? a,,(*1 Iocu*t top, cant frame?-?ewly coppered and ft n?r.? /?d aft? year, voyage-ha. accommodation,for*2 ?,Uer f"r ? three on board at Orle.n.' wh.rf fo^t of Wan .u^'oZ"' Apply jiKtm ? *? ??LLIN8 & Co., 56 South atreet. a]?jpl y to jlOrr 8hfpAMAHCELLA, clpHn *1 jp?cket tlie 1st of July. Vol f, f }ii,V '. H"*"r> w'' **? oi, Je Wg 9 Tontine BuildfajflL" * WaKiCSfe't, "[la*abovr, her regular day. ' ' 1100 ton*, will Price ,f'jpngftm COLL'N8 k CO ? * South atreet. issvl^s? Z?gp i>r A *?.Z&2ugSs;vrK.Zt ??? ft.Srn.feir ????????? *SsS^S1S!iaSS' sas^saKr sag t >V? v m; ~&'?JKR.? ttaJBSvfslS"'" XJCe. i,.Ju. .,., .. . Soutli .treet. coinlortaoly accommodat^'limitrd n rV% aud cajl TrO cabin and steeraire Thi. .KJnT.. ""mber of of (>a?P?^.n NVw Orleiji^packerher aecomnioiJi^mM7'Tr"'> -?f?" , , ^rL^.im.orr. swJrtsia i*or lrei|(ht or piita^e apply to w, r No.9TontineBu^^,* XtkuH AumABAC'S FUC1846, FtHJTTlaNTR N ihe puffic'jeiieraVlyTare?l'erehy'notfAeif'of*th''"' *"1 "?lure. Ki.her'. "mT lwT?l;i'tl'h,,,l( volumeol Head Comic, mid De Darkies ( ..mi,. .7 rt>rkett. Go ? call, look, lauith, and buy ? those at ?' "n 'hf. *P"t will ?enJ for iainillei. Alway, on safi will order, o. qu .ntitv of Children.' Bookn, colored J,f& fVd colored prints, kc. he. in the 8"ll|r ?<>ok.. We ?e?W| ?f ^"I1 kin?' ?? "PP'ic* order., in time,'ku2, qnintitV?^ priced? rU" ju',ice to"" J?H Im'rc TURNKR & FISHER, TO 1 '^natham itreet Broome a.:d Madison .treeU, for^C pun. ,^ "'** b'tw< e'> f 1A8T |BON WAUH Plffca, Ol dm.,.,,, - CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. THE SUB8CR1 BF.RH hsve just ojiened the I arte* and stweious CARPKT WARE rooms, No. 444 Pearl itnct, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt It Co., and are now ready to offei the public an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought expressly fni the spring trade, tome of which are exceedingly rich, of new de sign* ana colon. Among thetn max befouna? 15 NEW SETTS KlD.MINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. It TO. KIDMINSTER three PLY. Ilich Shading. superfine FINE aNO COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, Wonted, Tufted and Jute Mats; Oil Cloth*, very heavy and in great varietiea, from 2 to 34 feet wide: together with all other articles usually found in the trade. The public are requested to call and examine ourstock before purchasing. PP.TERSON k HUMPHREY, mMlrn'm 454 Pearl street. CI PIRCE'S First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges *? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are warranted *ni?rior to any everofft-red. They are mi constructed that il is almost impossible for tliem to get out of order, or for the (dates to crack, so common to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 month*, and in every in stance ^iven the almost satisfaction, and in no one instance has the nrolirietor been called on to repair one. All Ranges rut up. by the subscriber are warranted to live en tire satisfaction; if they do not, they will be takru away without the least expeuse to the purchaser. GEORGE PIRCE, Proprietor, roil Im'm 291 Hm?dw*v Oris FIELD respectfully iuforms his friends and the public he has arrived it the city and taken ijuartera at the Uni ted State* Hotel, his entrance through the bar, or 196 Water street; where he has a number of Bassford's improved Billiard Tables, oil sale or for playing, and will be happy to have thrm tried. Hi* bar i* well stocked with materialsfor making Sherry Cobblers. White I,tons, lie Ite. J HI Im'rre " TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate ol the Unlvenity of Pari*, is desitras of finding in some school or private fa mily, a situation aa instructor?through the mean* of the English, which he speaks fluently, oroflne French and German languiges, equally his own, iu any of the different brandies o a thorough and liberal education, and also drawing and painting o either landscapes, heads or flowen. The best re'ereuces can be had, and hi* name and residence known, by applying to the Rev. A. Verren, Rector of the French Protestant Church of thi* city, No. M Franklin *ti?-t. tu4 ImV ? GALVANIZED IRON AN1) TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, a very *?. peiiorarticle,warranted not to rest. Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and Amet rican Pig Iron, for sale b? CA88 fc WARD, myll lvB*ee No. 71 Broad street OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE Co, / T, Wo. 5# Wall street, opposite the Exchange. > HIS COMPANY continue to insure against los* and da mage hy fire on rood*, ware* and merchandise, and also, against loa* by inlana navigation on vessel* and their cargoe*. ,ri _ directors. rhoma* W.Thome, KlishaRipgs, I liumas T. Woodruff, Auson B-iker, B. R. Rob*on, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, M'^Tucker, Jnmas E. Holme*, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, cSvLyjik h. H"Cj? I,3"1;''' K.Ugene Bo^art, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith -r u THOMAS W. THORNE, Pre*,dent. Uronor T. Hop*, Nnlirjr. rc TO THE PUBLIC.' ' I NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE No MDUANK STREET, is my SON-was net ABSA LOM, DAVID'S SON I See Book Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. M 1 Jm'ec No. 57 Reade itreet, New York. NOTICE TO BAKERS AND OTHERS-For sale, iPF the business aud fixtures of a Bakery, doing a caih bnsi Jjff . ne?s in h good l"?rt of (he city. A Rood chance for a "stranger in the city, as all the business is done over the counu-r. t or further particular* call at No. 601 Water street, jell lw*ec ,KOR SALE OH TO LET?-At the ninr mite atone Kingsbridge Road, four handsome Oottsge Houses. Two tn-m hive each It rooms, with kitchen and cellar, i frout and reiir, stables and out liouses,tmislied in the beat U4U ier with marble mantles aud grates. The other two houses eich nine rooms, finished as above. Also, one large Stone House at Fort Washington, with tan rooms and two kitchens, coach house anil oat buildings, with J acres of laud?the house well finished, with marble mantles and (ratal. All the houses have gardens, well laid out The Manhattan ville stages |wan the premises every hour in the day. Enquire of K. F. Carman, 63i Broadway, or at Kurt Washington, and at tlie stare l&jtli street, Kiugsbridge Road. jell 2w*m f GENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS, J8 Nassau sr.. corner v? "ai'len Lsne.?All orders immediately attended to for Maaou, Sliteing, Plastering, Flaming, tin roofs repaired and painted, and all other repairs and alterations done lu the best manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steaia boilers, ovens, end every kind of fire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditions and moderate charges. Ch-mney tops for curing smoke, tip town orders lull with J. Q?inn, I', 444 Broadway ! ?,rr? im'ri, K. H Ql'INV. HOULtfTONE'S KibLNG SCliUUL., 137 anil 139 Mercer Street* MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor to inform his friends and the public in genera], that his ~_l*?.4_Scho.?l for Instruction in Horsem&uship is now jpen day and evening, is follows.? I Hours for Uentleuieu from t to 8 A. M. ' " " Ladies " 9 A. M. to J P.M. Terms of instruction made known ou application to Mr Roulstone. Mr. R. luu jnst received from the country several flue and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonahle price. iny7rc BURDEN'S PATENT HOUSE-SHOES* BEINO NOW ON SALK by the principal dealers in hardware in the United States are all warranted per feet ill form and made of the very best refined iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of iron in the bar. Every shoe which may he found not in accordance With the above recommendation will be received back aud the money refunded, with all ex|>ense* from the most distant parts of the country. H. BURDEN, Ageut, mv 1* lm*rrc Trov Iron and Nail factory. IMPORT VTION OF WATCHES. RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship. [OyZurich. an assortment of Watches and Movements of ft^every description and ?f first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices 11K I. AC HA USE ?c MAIRE, ju7 lni'rc No 127 Fultou street. New York. MILLINKltY AND LMi>S MAKING. MRS. RO^E, No. 175 Walker, New Yor1', re ^Qlspectl'nlly solicits a call !'? mn Ladies wishing any thing jjy in tlie Millinery or Dress Making line. jell lm*rh LADIES FASHIONABLE HATS. (^Ejj) CARL KINO, the well known luitl celebrated first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolican -??*"? Manufacturer, 17 Division street, informs tile public thuthii Straw* and Lace Neapolitan! are of a superior quality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most fashionable ihape, called tlx CottHCp Gipsey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hats $2 each. Milliners supplied by the case or dozen at reasonable prices at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. inlm*rc_ CAUL KINO _ INFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY rl BEAUTIFUL light White pUin SummerH?ts, pricf JP"* $'!,7i, which for beauty ni flu sh cannot he surpassed. Also, Drab Bt-avers, Blue Biush and White Castor Hats, al I ofthe latest style. | Also, Panama H its, very low. C.KNOX, ! jelO lm*rc ItO f ulton 5t. between William and Nossan MILLS,"IJATTER,'178 BROADWAY,' HOWARD HOTEL, HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to which the attention of gentlemen is iuvited, at the fol lowing prices, viz:? French Pearl (a new article) $4 00 Pearl Caaaimrre 3 JO White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor 3 00 Also, an assortment of Panama, Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, avd other Hats, suitable for the season. jf 12 ImVrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. ltOWE'S I H SUPERIOR STYLE of Gentlemens' Summer Hats art J^?well worthy the attentiod of those about supply iug them selves with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Rat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, aud warranted not to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consists in part of. Pearl Cassimeres at $3 50 Silver Pearl do 3 50 Smooth white Castor 4 00 Long nap white Rocky mountain Beaver 6 JO to 8 Together with an assortment (?!' Panama and Bohemian Straw Hats, *11 of the first quality and most fashiouable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William st, _my24 lm*rh Merchants' Exchange. ECONOMY AMD FASHION fl ELEGANT SUMMER HATS. CM >*? PRICE S3. ROBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation of the PHOCNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 103 Fulton st, between William ind Nassau, East of Broadway, is the cheapest in this city or any other, bugs leave to introduce ,>.?) the public a very superior style of r? SUMMER llATS, which for lightness, beauty and durability, are nor surpassed? tnd for ch?apue*s unequalled lu addition to being very plea sant and gaiiteel, these flats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to rain w ithout injury, which it is well Known Leg horns, Panamas, &c., will uot do without losing sha|ie aud color. For bnsmess more especially it is iiniKUtant to keep the head dry and cool, a desidemtum wnicli has not hitherto been nt lined. These flats cannot be injured by perspiration, owiuij to the peculiar style of trimming which thesubscriber has found hy experience so very cleanly and po|iular. Their weighr ranges from 2% to Si4 o*., being much lighter than substantial Leg horns and Panamas. ROBERTSON, 103 Fulton sl.t ml4 lm*ec Sign ofthe Phoenix. LAJOK at this. i JUST RECEIVED by the packet ship Duchess D'Or leans, from Paris, the best article of gentlemen's French Boots ever seen, and now offer, wholesale and retail, at tin low price ol $6, and the best of French Calf Boots made to irder for $3; and the greatest assortment of all kinds of Boots ind Shoes and Gaiters. Ladies, in this store you will find the greatest assortment of all kimls of On iters. Buskins, Slippers, Ties, and all other kinds Misses and Childr-ns, from the largest to the smallest; an don't mistake the No. 367 Broadway, cor uer of Franklin street. M. CAHILL inylG lm*rc . PI A NO^FORTE sTFOR~HIRE. \T 411 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WALKER has constantly on hand an extensive assort ? ment of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianoforte of every description, including Grand* and Cabinets, whicn ire lo ined on hire st the above establishment, or at his manu factory, No 40 West 14th street, near the 6tli avenue. Also, New Pianos for sale, with all the modern improve ments. warranted equal to any in the United Statue. jel3 lm*rrc THE MEHM FLUTis. PHILLIP ERNST, Teacher of the Flute and Guitar, would inf irm the lovers of Music, that he has now for sale one ol the above celebrated Instruments, constructed in every respect in iceordauce with those now lit use at the Paris aud Loudon Koyal Academies. To be seen at PHIL1-P ERNST'S Music Saloon, SX> Broadway, near Walker street. my8 lm*rc iliUUAN HARPS. NUNNS Ik CLARK having purchased the patent right for "Coleman's iEolian Attachment to the Pianoforte,"Tor the eutireUni-ed States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to he public, that they arc now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or m attach the same to an> modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability of this invention, N. It C. are preiwred to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the asaertion, that the "jEolian" will remain in tune in any climate, aud it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The moat satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the"J?oliau Pianofortes" tt their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assortment of 6, 8>? aud 7 Octave Pianofortes, both in rosewood aud mahogany cases. ui26 6m*rc *TZT NEXV music. El HILEYltCO., 297 Broadway, publish and keep on hand r ? an extensive assortment of New and Fashionable Music, which they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at the lowest possible prices. They manufacture Instruments ofsu)ieriorqiia Ity?warrant every article they sell, being practically acquaint Id with the different branches of their business. Military Bands eupplied at the :nnst reasonable rates. my I22m*rrc IIAR PS?REMOVAL OF WA RE ROOMS ~ To No. 281 Broadway, opposite Washington Hall. JK. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Paten! ? Grand 8>4 and 6 octave Double Action Hants,begs to inform his friends and the musical world, he has removed his ware rooms to the above cotnmodius premises, and would call their special attention to a new, unHiue, and beautiful specimen ol grand 6>? octave double action Harp lie has just completed. J. F. H. is constantly receiving the most flattering testimoni als from the first mnsicnl talent, regarding the superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect tiuish of his Ha!)!* and has reeeivrri the Franklin medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of Ada, for his improvements in tins very delightful instru inent- Harps repaired. Strings, Music, Sic. J. F. BROWNE, Loudon,2*1Broadway, and 7JChsmhersstreet, New Yerk. my 17 lasdkW*rc published 111*. TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! WONDEHHL IMI'ROV F. E N T S. DIl BROllW, DENTIST. AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. MOX BROADWAY, three doors above rhamber* street, nett to Mewarl's new building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to ? whole ?rt, on the Scientific Principle* of Atmospheric Pleasure. Also, his ceje b rated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted uaefnl for mastication Jf LOOSE TEETH, amine from meiMral treatment, or other cause*, effectualy fastened by the highly recommended Lotio Odonta. TOOTHACHE J , cored in one minate, without pain. Teeth extracted with leu than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Deutist in thia city. References will be giveo to numerous families ,md to the medical faculty in thia city, by calling at No. Broadway. my>7 lm*rh TEETH, TEETH, TEETH. 73 Only. ALL KINDS of Dauteal Operation! performed in a superior atyle and cheaper than any other dentin in the city. City or couutry dviuist* can haia plate-work don# by applying at tlie office. Instiuctions in any single branch, or in the whole ?ya (?in of dentistry, will be given on tha moat reasonable terms. N.TAYLOR, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist; mv?4 Im'rh _ 6i East Broadway. OKNTftVJ'KY?VALUAMLE DISCOVERY. PRESERVE VOUR TEETH. WHY will yon suffer with the toothache, when by calling on Dr. PAIOE. 119 Orand street, near Broadway, you Ciin have it effectually anil entirely cured. He liaa an entire new preparation, that will cure it iu a lew minutes without pain or inconvenience, so that it BMJT lie filled, making it a valu able tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and dinger of ha ving it eitracted. It la certainly one of the greatest discoveries of the age, and never fails of the desired effect. The most ten der teeth filled without any nnpleaaant senaation. Artilicia teeth inserted in the most approved manner. jeTlm'ec 1/v A/Wt LBS. OLD ElI.KM, but little used, for sale? 1U| V/\ rVJ Also, a lot of Kile Steel and Tools for Kile making, worthy the attention of maiinfactnrcrtand amiths. Ap ply it No. 1(16 Water street my I* lm'rc LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY, " HATH BUILDINGS," (roKMF.RLV IIKKIHiw'l. ) THIS well-known and delightful sea b-tbing establishment will lie opened for the reception ofvititors on and niter the 25tli June inst. The buildings nave undergone a complete and thorough repair, and ao effort* will be .-.pared to maintain th? deservedly high reputation which this establishment ha? here tofore acquired. The price for boarding will be from $7 to $il per week?chil dren and servants h^lf-prlce. Voung people, not requiring much room, will find accoiniiiodatiuii terms. I The steamer Orus, Captain C. Price, from the Knlton market, | willinake a daily trip between New York and Lmig Branch. | Slaucs will be in readiness upon the arrival of the above boat at the Orean House, to convey p?aeneen immediately to Long ; Branch. JAMES tJUK.KN, Proprietor. 1 June 12, 1815. je!9 lm*m TROY HOUSE, TROY, N. Y COLKMAN It ROGERS, Proprietors.?This House, so long and favorably ltuowa to the travelling public, is now open. A new story has been added and extensive alterations made; I among which are the extension of the Dining room, to alength of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can be extended I to one hundred and thirty feet; thirty new parlors, with bed rooms attached: pleasant and airy rooms to the number of sixty ; have been added?affording accommodations for 300 persons.? i The house has been painted aud papered throughout. | The can for Boston. Buffalo aud Saratoga, start fiam the front ! of this house. It is also but a few steps from the steamboat I landing. The proprietors trust, by their personal attention to their bu I siness .uid guests, to receive continued and increased patronage. CHARLES S. COLKMAN. Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, ' jo7 lm*rc Late of the Steamer Empire. i WARREN HALL. No. 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house as a lintel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac : commndatton of citizens generally and visitor* to the city, would respectfully solicit for themselves a portion of their |>a ; tronage. Their larder will be at all times weM stocked with the best | the markets can afford. The Wines, Lionors anmSegsrs are of i the best quality. The bedrooms neatly furnishe<k spacious and airy. While from its central location-being neatftheCity Hall, and in the centre of business, it will afford greatluducemeut to those visitiug the city. I BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. B-?The nsnal relishes served up at all tinier. je7 ltn*ec , 11 ART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 4^3 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. j IT7" Baths just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine apart ments?for both Indies and Gentlemen. my29 ! in *m ~WILSON'S HOTELTaND DINING ]ROOM" 5 (>oIil afreet, near Maiden Lane. COUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable Honse, being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good aud substantial dinner, 18% cents, lodgings 25 cents. Kor con venience and comfort this 1 to use is equal to any hotel in the city, and at half the price. Permanent boarder* can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price ol' other houses. Elegant private J> irlors. for the referee cases, or priva'e dinners or sui> per parties. The very best of liquors. ju5 SmVc SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION, SCHOHARIE COUNTY. NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of ('ongress Hall, Albany, has associated himselt with Mr. Gardiner, and that this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened forth* reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many | improvements in the grounds and bathiug-housu, and pledge ; themselves to use their Lest exertions to render this establish ; meut fully equal to any watering place in this country. L. & O. Stages frill be in readiness on the arrival of the cars at Cniiv joharie, to take passengers to the house. Mr. L. will, as heretofore, continue the Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be under the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. my29 Im'ec T1, r THE " WRIGHT" HOUSE, 81 Nunnnu Ntreet. WILLIAM WRIGHT, formerly of the Ram's Head, Ful ton ?t rent, begs leave to inform Ilia friend* that may b< unacquainted with the fact at a distance. as well as those of tlx city, that lie has opened a public establishment at 81 Nassai street, npou a scale of comfort that cannot be surpassed by any in the union. His bar is furnished with the best of wines o every class, Ale, Scotch Whiskey of the purest brands, Porter and every other article necessary for a well stocked bar. Inde pendent of which, he hiu two splendid rooms, furnished, on th? second non^tprcially adapted for private and public meetings courts marflM, or any general purpose; besides which he ha; provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodgers, ii extensive and well veutilated bedrooms, the furniture new am well assorted, and every attention will be paid to the arrange ?Bents at the lodgers, as well as the visiters of the "Retreat,' ou all oocasious. WILLIAM WRIGHT, my26 lm*ec SI Nassau street. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. MS well-known ai.d delightfully situated IIote.1, at the l'ina Orchard, is now open for the reception of visitors, un dor the iuperintenuance of the subscriber, wh? will be pleases toexteuf a cordial welcome to the travelling public St izes rui regularli to and from the moruiii? and evening boats, Tiiniii.; at CaUlull. The House aud premises have been materially im proved Aiee the Iaat season, and now present attractions uusur paaaada^ay watering place iu the country. . ' ~ . WM? SCQBIE. Jnne3d,1ftl5. 1u5 4wre WILLI AMSDURGH COTTAGE HI 8UB?PR1 BK.Rfl respectfully inform the citizens o 1 t New York, Brooklyn, Williamsbargh and its vicinity that they have recently opened the large and splendid mausioi : knowu as the . WILLIAM8BURGH COTTAGE. ; and fum'slied at great expense for the accommodation of resi : dents and stringers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a few rod: ; south of the Pock Slip Kerry ,and convenient to the Houston anc I Grand street ferries commanding a beautiful and extendec I view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyn. They have also at tached to the COTTAGE a large and splendid Gardes, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Tivei, lie., making s most Veliifhtftil summer retort to while away a few hours amid i the refrushing breezes of the Bay. Their MUSICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, being the best piece of mechanism of the k ind that was ever imported to this country. It will play fifk> ; different tunes with remarkable harmony and accuracy. The : choicest variety of refreshment will at all times be promptly furnished. ! N. B.?In connection with this establishment, they have j WARM AND COLO SALT WATER BATHS?known as j the Washington B iths. The water is at all times clear and I pure. The Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street and Hons ; tou street every fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cents. my IB Im'ec HANDK1ELP fit HOEFT. NB.?Private House of Refreshments by D. W. TELLER. ? 206 Front street?Breakfast, pinner and Supper. l*6d, each. Breakfast from until 9; dining hours from a quarter ? before 12 until 3; Siyiper from i nntil lk| o'clock. Also, 26 Beds. all in prime order. Lodgings 2,'j cts. All gentlemen wishing to | resort to a fine cool dining apartment, will do well C3 call and I satisfy tlttmselvM. The proprietor also keeps the old stand ; corner of Fulton and Front streets; 7, 8 and 0 Fulton Market ?here he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of the < season. Also. Wiues, Liquors, and Segars of all kinds and of j the choicest brands, direct from the importers, i ml7 lm-rh ! BOARDING AT 27 COURTLANDT STREET. GOOD BOARDING, with pleasant rooms, for single gentle men. Likewise, a handsome furnished parlor with bedroom ' adjoining, suitable for a genteel family?by ! my!3 lm*rc MRS. GF.kE. V Conrtlandt street. i $1:1. FASHIONAHLE DRESS COATS MADE FOR TWELVE DOLORS. W. H. DE GROOT Ar CO., OFPOSITi: TH* Dt.'TCH CHVKCII, 1051 Fulton street, Knat of Broadway, ANNOUNCE to the Public that they will make to ordera Fashionable black Dress Coat for Twtlve Dollart. Clothing ready made, rit: Over 500 Coats of every cat, shape, or material in use?such as fine Broad Cloth, Drapd'Ete, Merino, Bombasine, Linen, Cashmerette, Tweeds, Jeans, Checks, Cassi meres, and all kinds of Summer Cloths. Prices range from $1 to $17. MOO PAIR OF PANTALOONS, Of all grades, quality, colors and cuts. Trices from $1 to Iti per pair ; many are extra fine and usually sold at from $7 to $8. ii00 VESTS OF VARIOUS MATERIALS, Satins, Valencia*, Silks, Marseilles, rich figured Stripes, and | Plaids, Vc. fcc . from 73 cents to t*. I Also, we have a very large stocK of French, English and Ame i rican Broad Cloths, Caasiineres and Vestiugs, orthe most desi 1 table and fashionable patten.s, which we warrant to make and fit eonal to any other establishment in the United States. | A full suit made to order from $20 to $35, and, if necessary, fur nished in M hours complete. We buy for cash ana sell for cash only, and invite buyers to call and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. W. H. DEGROOT It CO. 102 Fulton st, m23 lin ec New York. GENTLE.VIENS' LEFT OFF WaRDROBE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value for all superllnus (fleets tliev wish to dispose of, (either gentlemen or ladies,) by sending to the subscriber, whodoes not pretendto I give twenty i>er cent more than any other person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered. Gentlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous ! to selling to any other person. J. LEVENSxYN. N B?A line through tlie Post Office, directed to 466 Broad w?y, will be promptly attended to. iny21 lm*m CAST OFF CI.OTUTNG AND FURNITURE WJiNT*JED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any any caateffor superfluous Clothing to dispoae of will find it to their ad vantage te send for the subscriber, who will pay the highest cash price for the same. M. 8. COHEN, 6? Duane st. N. B.?A line throogh the Tost Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended to. m20 lm?ec GKNTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE. GENTLEMEN or Families going to Europe or elsewhere, wishing to disencumber themselvea of i|?,f .uieilluoun wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's; also. JEWELRY, KIRK ARMS, Jtc.Jfcc, will obtain from the subscriber twenty per rent more than from those who pretend to pay the highest cash prices. H. LKVETT, Office No. t Wall street, New York. Families or gentlemen attended at their residence by ap pointment. And all orders I eft at the subscriber's office, or sent through the post office, will be punctually attended to. ml7 lm*ec SECOND HANI) CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis Sose ofthe same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad ress a line through the Post Office, which will he punctually attended to. B. LEVY, <9X Chatham street, New York. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable astortmenfeof gen tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash. iny29 fn're CONNOR WARD. INFORMATION WANTED of Conuor Ward, late of I .Springfield, Mass. Any person who will give any informa tion respecting him will confer a favor on his wife, Ann Ward. Address W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, Sooth st, myM rre cor. Maiden lane I F ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mrs a Hughes, Boardlng-hon** keeper. Union street, Liverpool left Knvlaiul about nine foears sgo to live in New York?will write to her father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Salford. Manches ter, in Enrhud, site will hear something greatly to her advan tage mVlfl tmilv*cwy*re 'I'llK P AN AM A, from Hull?< onsignees per this vessel 1- will please send their permits to the office of the subscri bers, as all goods not iiermiited within five days.arc liaMe to he sent to the public stores. WOODHULL k. M IN TURNS, jllre *7 Sooth street. THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND T MAGNETIC FLUID. HIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY has recei?wl the umteriod approbation of th? medical profession of Ore it Britain, who nave pronounced it an i on it the moat important a01?,"''be inventions. The PATENT GALVANIC RINGS liave been founil to answer all the purposesfor which the ordinary kmvwic battery, or electric and magnetic ina chinesare used, but are without any of the injurious SHOCKS which always accompany the application by these instruments, uwj? many Other respect* arc more sate and certain iu uccom pi ishmgthe desired abject. The Gelvaiiic Ring* have beeunsed with perfect success in all cane* of rheumatism, acute or Chronic; gout, tic doloreux, tick headache, indigestion, dys|>epsia. fits, cramp, paralyiia, stiff joints, general debility, neuralgia, deficiency of nervous energy, and all uerrous disorder*. The galvanic power which they possess is gradual and constant, and the beneficial effects they produce upon the system must be witnessed to be believed. The Galvanic King* are in every way perfectly harmless, and are sold at prices to be within the reach of rll. CHRI8TIES MAGNETIC FLUID is used in connection with the Galvanic Rings, to promote and render certain their efficient action, and to direct the ralvanie influence to the par ticular portions which are affected Dr. CRISTIE warns the American public to beware of tp irious imittUinnt. The only agency iu New York, is at 131 FULTON STREET, a few Toors from Broadway, and from the secret process by which the metals are prepared to be rendered sensitive and efficient, all imitations must be entire ly devoid of any galvanic effect. Dr. Christie's pamphlet may be obtained without cost at the office. j?2t lw'ec Public sa lk "UF~TVTi'. MONROE HAIL ROAD AND HANKING CO. I icnnr.l a ) Decree of the Sjieaial Jary in relation to tlie Bibb County' ( Monroe Rail Road and Banking Com WE, T^E JUI&" tiud and decree, that the Monroe Rul Rond from Macou to iu terminus at Marthasville, in tlie county of DeKalb, both the part thereof which has In-en com pleted and in operation, and the part thereof which is in an un finished condition, and all the property, equipments, and effects therewith connected, is subject to the payment of the debts ol the Monroe Rail Road and B Hiking Company?that the said Company is insolvent and wholly unable to pay its debts afore ?ml; and from its embarrassments is unable to complete said Road, and keep the same in 01 rration, so as to answer the great public objects contemplated by the Legislature. We further find that there are creditors of various descriptions of said C?m iiatty, viz: holders of the bsuk notes issued by said Company, holders of bonds is:ued for work and materials for said (toad, Judgment creditors. creditors holding certificates ofdeposite de mauds for work, labor and materials tor said iti il Road, and cre ditors claiming to be mortgage creditors of said Company, and all other creditors not here enumerated ; and that there ar among them creditors claiming a priority of right in respect to their demands; and we further decree that the said Rail Road, and all the property, equipments ai d effects therewith connect ed, and ajl tlie property belonging to said Company, and all the rights, privileges a d Irani hises in any manner belonging or ap pertaining to said Monro* Rail llocd and Banking Company be ?old at public s ale at the court house in the county of Bibh. bv David C. Campbell, Abuer P. Powers, James, A. Nisbet, Samuel B. Hunter, and Thomas Hardeman, commissioners, or a majority of them, on the first Tuesday in August next, after giving two mouths public notice in the gazettes of Macon, Gri'lin and Savannah, and th <t the proceeds of said sale be paid to the Clerk pfthis Court, who is r quir- d to deposits the same for safe keeping oil special deposite in the Agency of the Me chanics'Bank in the city ol Macon, Slid that public notice be given to the creditors of said Company to file their respective claims, or a schedule thereof in the Clerk's office of this Court by the first Monday iu October next; and that the said credi tors, if any controversy should arise respecting said claims, then litignte ?m?ns themselves, in respect to all objections which would or migl.t have been available against them by said Com pany if said sale had not been made in relation to matters of set off, and whether t'oey be subject to objection on account of the statute of limitation, non-performance of contracts, or other cause, embracing the quantum of consideration, piidforthe claims or auv of them, and also that the liens claimed by the re spective creditors be then and there also investigaft d mid adjudi cated; and we/urtherdecree the purchasers of said Rail Road succeed 'o all the obligations of said Company in respect to the completing, equipingand keeping the said Road in opera tion,as intended and designed by the act of incorporation.but not to extend to al ability of debts contracted prior to said sale; and that after said sale ution demand or notice, tlie stockholders in said Company transfer to tlie purchaser the stock held by him, her or them in said Company or that the title be transferred by slid (Commissioners in tlie same manner as is provided by law jor the transfer of bank stock when sale thereof is made by the Sheriff; and we further decree, that lor the keeping of said Road 111 operation for the time intervening between the day of the passing ol this decree and the day. of sale, the receipts on the said Road be applied, and that if said receipts should not be suf ficient for sairi purpose, that the balance be paid from the pro ceeds of the sale aforesaid; and we further decree that William B. Parker as trustee in charge of said Road and appurtenances until the sale of the aforesaid property is completed, mal<< monthly returns of tlie amount of receipts thereou, and Ale the same with the Clerk of this Court, and also of accounts for keeping the same in repair and operation, exhibiting aspecific statement 111 each of the number and description of officers, agents and hinds employed thereon, the value of the hireof each per mouth, and the quantity, quality and value of material* purchased, subject to the examination and approval of the Court, and the costs and other expenses be p iid from the pro ceeds of sale. JAM KB DEAN, Foreman. Atroe extn-et from the minutes of Biob Snpenor Court, May term, Mi. HENRY G. ROSS, Clerk. By virtue of the above decree, the undersigned will sell he fore the court house door, in tlie city of Macon, on the first Tuesday in August next, at 12 o'clock, M. th? whole line of the Monroe Rail Road from Macon to Marthasville, in the couuty of De Kalb.and all the property, equipments and effects there with connected, and all the property belonging to said Compa ny, and all the rights, privileges and franchises in any manner belonging or appertaining to said Monroe Rail Roa-.l and Bank ing Company, embracing not only the Road, but the various de pots, work shops, ware-houses, engines, cars, iron, tools, equip ments, and all and every tiling apiiertainiug anil belonging to said Road Also, the entire assets belonging to said Monroe Raid Rosd an? Banking Company, embracing subscriptions for stock un paid, including the subscription of the State of Georgia for $200,000, and all debts, demands, and claims of every kind and description, due to or belonging to said Monroe Rail Road and Banking Company, a full schedule of which m iv be seen, 011 application toM. L. Gray Mil, at the office of said Company. The length of the Road is 101 miles, the whole of which is graded to its junction withthe Western and Atlantic Rail Road The substructure has been completed on tlie whole road, except four and a half miles. The lload is in use to Jonesborougn. eighty miles, and is equipped with five locomotive engines three passengers cars, eighteen freight cars, wheels and axles for eight other freight cars, and one stationary engine. The teims of sale c uh, to be paid immediately to the Commission ers; and on lailure of purchasers to comply, so much of the property as may be bid off by such defaulting purchasers, will he forthwith resold at their risk. DAVID ? . CAMPBELL, I ABNER. P. POWERS, I JAMES A. NISBET, >Commissioners. SAMUEL B. HUNTER. j THOMASHARDEMAN, j Macon. Ga., May I8IS. je!7tosu5 rc BlGGAR'S repository OF FINE AKT.N, (>7 Canal Street, doors Wntof Broadway. Collectors of engravings visitingthe city win here find one of the choicest collections of IIA R E OLD and KINK MODERN Engraving* in the country atle** than uue-hair the iimi&I price*. B.?Grate Apron* and Drniiery for Looking Glasses in great variety and of the newest designs mil lmto?-c VOIGTLAENDKR'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. \ HRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother in ?it kw, Mr. Voiftlaender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to ?< II ..lose Apparatus at reduced prices, viz Largest size Apparatus, with three iuch lenses for full size plates, st $145. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half site plates, at $78. Small size Appamtns, with one-and-a-half inch lenses for quarter size plates, at $50. Gentleinen sending remittances in accordance with the above Prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigtlaendei Apparatus, uid not a worthless imitated article, the}" having procured the sole agency for the United States. Rates ami Chemicals, of their own importation, as well as all other article.-, comieetcd with their art, for sale at lowest market prices. W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to tin above advertisement, th* subscribers inform the Dagaerrian Artists in general that the above Apparatus and other matt rials can be procured to the stated prices, at their Da guerrean Attelier. No 301 Broadway. New York. nUlin'm L4V KNHEIM It BECKERS. UAGUE RREOtYPE. LB. BINSSE It CO., 13 William street, up stairs, respect ? fully inform Photographists that they have now on hand a full supply of their I'lati-s of different Nos. and sizes of the "L. B. B. It Co. maik"so favorably known throughout th? Uni ted States They;_ have constantly on hand the chemicals^and preparations Kreneh Baths JP city make. m 13 lm* re itates They have constantly on hand the chemicals and trations used in the Daguerreotype process, as well as ch Tubes of very superior quality. Cast Iron Mercury s, Date Polishes, Coating Boxes, and Head Rests of the hest IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DAGUERREOTYPE AR TISTS?The undersigned have made application to gei Lrtten Patrnt for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and changes the appearance of the Daguerreotype to that of the finest painting. TKis coloring process is done ny nature itself, guided only by the hand oftlie operator, and machinery. It can tie peformtd by every- one not skilled in the art ol painting, and will be |>erfectlv understood at one glance. It also can be com municated in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City oi County, can tnaxe pre-engigements therefore, by addressing (post paid) to W. It F. LANOhNHEIM, jel lm HkVVVc Exchange, Philadelphia. NEIV EMBROIDERIES PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrival*, which, being imported direct from the Euroiwaii manufactories, will be sold at a tritium ads ance on the original cost. He would also call atten tion to several lots purcha?ed at auction, at an immense sacrifice, winch will be found well deserving an early inspection. The following are very desirable, bmng 25 per cent under the usual retail prices? High-neck Chemiaett*, richly embroidered, from 14s to $3,M worth $1,2} to $5,50. 608 Rmbrouirred Collars, finished edges, for Si., usual price lis Id. 130 Embroidered Capes, at$S, usual price$5. 30 do do very- rich, from 91 to $11. 300 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from Is to $3,51. 1 rase Embroidenrd Dresses,from $3 upwards. 500 doz Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, YYoin Sd. 50 do do extra large size, foe gentlemen's use 45 do do hemstich do, from 3s Id. 30 do do Rivierd border*. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchief*, which are offered unnsually cheap. 5 cases of vanou* styles of Swia* and French Mnslins, in stripes, plaids, ftgun-a, Sic. kc. A lot new Muslin Trimmings, Lace*, Veils, Hosiery,Glove*, Itc., fcc., all of which will be sold decided bargains. myll lm#rc No. 3TO BROADWAY. KATS, MICE AM) COCKROACHES. THIS is to certify that we have used Soloman Levi's Exter minator for Rats and Cockroaches. ,ind it ha* given the I greatest satisfaction for the puniose* intended. II S. DUNNING, Dnlining's Motel, S3 Courtland st. W. MOREHEAD, 41 Courtland st. D. GRAHAM, 79 i ourthnd st. Hilda host or others I Korsale at HU8HTON * CO'*. No. 11" Droadwg*. 10 Astor ! House, and Broadway New VorV lw?rw LANG LK Y.'S DIsetJTIENT CORN PLASTER. HAS hem long k*own in England, and is warranted a sertain and speedy CURE. It is spread, ready for use. Sold at Dr.W.H.Milnoi s, 192 Broadw y; T71 Broadway: 114 < anil ?t ; ?JOS Greenwich street; 51 _ leecker street. r/^PiieYii cent*. J?1I 1m*ec IJ7 Bowery, 1M East Broadway; 20* (in Sixth A venae. and E. L. Cotton's. BHiee.ker *treet. Albany. [Correspondenceof the Herald.] Albany, June 18, 1845. Politic* and Politician*?Steamboat Speculation*? Re])talem? Travellert? Theatrical*, Q-c. As the weather waxes warmer and the season ad vances, the quarrel*) and contentions increase among the political leaders here and about the State. We have strange occurrences here, which plainly indicate that the political leaders and placemen are uneasy in their minds and unsettled in their places. Governor Marcy, it seems, was recommended to the war department by men in whom the President had much confidence; the appointment, however, an the locofocos now say (and the truth of the fact I must say is now apparent) was palmed upon the Pre sident, with the settled purpose of breaking down I (iovernor Wright and his administration at Wmli i ington. Mr. Marcy was the friend and ally of Van Buren aa long as the latter had cold victuals or old clothes in his gift; he endeavored in 1837, when the subtreasury scheme was tirst started, to srganize a party in opposition to Mr. Van Buren: he, with Beardsley, Clark, Talmage, and some who snail be nameless, 0|>en!y endeavored to palm off upon the general committed of Albany a string of resolutions and an address, denouncing the Bub-treasury as a ruinous scheme and warmly advocating the nursing of local banks; hut the young democracy of that day and the barnburners of this, rejected and kicked out their balderdash, and earned the party out of their hands. Clark and the others were in their opposi tion, to a degree honest, for they persevered, but Marcy skulked back. It became urettv apparent last summer that the locos must break down, if Bouck was re-nominated for governor; in fact, it was conceded that Harry of the West would sweep the State and then the Union, if Bouck was candi date for governor. In the face of all this, Marcy rea soned after this fashion : if Wright be nominated, lie will succeed and give the vote of the State to Polk, and that will make him President. In that event, " where shall 1 go !" It is safer to run a chance of success with Bouck than run the risk of Wright's nomination and my |>olitical damnation. But in this he was again overthrown by the voung locos, lwring the campaign. Vlarcy laid a plan to !>alm himself oil' as acceptable to, and in truth, the leader of the locos. A large meeting was to be had; and he seduced the youthful committee ol ar rangements, and secured the promise of president of the meeting; but no sooner was this known about the city than the mass rose in anger, and so great was the commotion that the committee were com pelled to wait on him and give notice that he could not preside?that the masses were indignant and would create disturbance if he appeared; and thus was he thrust out of the communion of locolocoism. | And this is the man who .'s now secretary of war, I at a moment too when the services of most unbend I ing, devoted,patrioticWtatesmen are wanted to stand by our country's honor. Marcy is, or rather was, here, until a few days asro. lie came up from West Point for a certificate of character, it is paid, and although " the party" profess to be in much grief and in sack-cloth and ashes, at the announcement of the death of General Jackson, he starts a committee around the city to collect names to a letter, offering him a dinner, and goes oil" to Springfield to have it sent to him. It is honorable to the locos, however, that a large majo rity of those solicited utterly refuse to be entrapped with so stale a trick. Steamboat speculation is all the rage now. The People's Line boasted of dividing forty per cent last year,and this brought on the immense fleet of steam ers now upon and ready for the Hudson. Two small craft, the Express and Belle, started an oppo sition, and the People's "Line put down the fare to '25 cents. The small boats,however,their owners say, made some fifty dollars per day at that price, but iust as the summer travel sets in. the People's Line give a bonus of to have tne fare raised and kept up at a dollar and a half; the gceen horns bite and beqin stealthily to raise the fare. The conse quence is, that the large boats carry all the better class and the small boats only the emigrants, and a trip now puis a decent man in a snd dilemma. No doubt the old line now own these small boats. The 1 >elevun House is a splendid establishment. We think that it is the finest hotel (out of your city) in the State ; and yet how can any thing excel Congress Hall, Mansion House, American, Stanwix Hall, or Eagle Hotel I The repealers here, begin to look awry, turning their backs on O'Coiinell and looking towards Tex as. By the by, thejocos are very patriotic now: not a soul of them was ever opposed to annexation. The fashionable travellers begin to show the selves, and there is no doubt that the throngs at Sa ratoga and Niagara, will surpass those of any for mer years. We have some of your old Bowery company here; they have got up Putnam in tolerable style, but they lack stage talent dreadfully; it is a sad mistake to suppose our peonlr will be content to see supernu meraries of the Bowery palmed oil'as reputable play ers ; the first night was worth $500 Tne Museum has an excellent talented company for light comedy and farce. Miss Rosina Shaw, of that company, has buckled her fortunes on the back of Charles Howard; they were married a few days ago. I propose giving you in a few days the result of a secret conclave of the most prominent |>oliticians of the locofoco party. Gunpowder. To the Editor of the Herald: Sir :?An article was copied from the Xar York Herald the othrr day, into the Journal of Commerce, s|>eakiiigof (reneral Morris's fine brigade, which brought forth a letter in the Courier ami Ennuirer, over the signature of Corporal " Miles," who ap pears lo be very touchy and sore at " the paragraph in the Jonrvnl of Cerumen r." eulogizing that fine command, and seems to think and fear that tn this vast military community, a " Brigade" may by the intellectual, unwarlike'and pvaceable readers of the Journal of Commerce, be mistaken for a " Divi sion," which, as ha informs us, is comprised of the three whole Brigades. " This Sixth Brigade," he continues, to whom the Editors have been so libe ral ! will nave to bestir themselves to turn out " as many hundreds" as the division will " thousands!" Ma conscience ! Where's the Philadelphia Cadets ! Where's her Britannic Majesty's frigate Eurvdice ! Corporal Miles states that he has seen " a little sar Vice," in the last war, but whether in a |>aper " mo ral war," or with villainous saltpetre gunpowder, he does not inform the readers of the Couri.r, but this mueh of his ex|>erience he slyly ixtkes at the non military community? that a " Brigade" is a Bri gade, nnd not h "Division"?Perhaps the corporal was one on the division of officers that gave the glorious majority of twenty votes out of twenty-two that " no foreigner" should be admitted a commis sioned officer in a certain " disciplined" regiment, in one of the three brigades ; because, it such be the ease, it will at once account for that " paragraph in the Journal of Commerce" touching him on the '? raw." Will the New Yorkers deny the tine martial ap pearance of this 6th Brigade?the good citizenship of its members?their respectability ! Who has not admired that splendid German lleaiinent, Col. Wa rner's, attached to "this Brigade"?comprising seve ral of Napoleon's "boys;" Capt. Tomkins' welld'ici plined "and well trained artillerymen, and the 13th Regiment,Col. Mine's,which never(ao saysCorporal Miles,) can be made "available" for a public "par ade V' Perhaps they could be made available in more need than "a parade." Is not the 13th Regiment well represented in, by, and has not the Press frequently S|K>ken of the merits of those two splendid Scotch companies, commanded by Capt. A. Cas tle nnd Capt. J. Craig !?as also those handsome carp* of Hussars, commanded by Captains Marx and Charles! But Corporal "Miles" affects to forget the composition of the Hth Brigade of the adopted citi zen soldiery,and coes on to say?"I have uet to men tion the 1st Brigade, consisting of four Regiments, (which, it will T?e rememl>ered, is not the "Divi sion") commanded by <^en. Hall?each of which will turn out now more than the whole of the tfth Brigade." We subscribejto the Corporal's opinion, that the 1st Brigade is all that be cracks it up to be, and no doubt will materially add to the three thou mn<i "expected" to be out on the occasion. Atten tion, squad!?By the right flank, right face?for ward, march' Very resp'y, Skru't BrzFt-jt. Newton's London Journal of the Arts, Vot, IS?Third Series?The individual who has this l>ook in his possession, taken from a public institu tion in this city, is advised n return the same- it will certainly relieve him from very unhappy conae rpiences. Verbi ,vt Sat Sapiknti. Kaki. Cathcart.?This nobleman, who has lately lieen a|?i>ointed Commander-in-Chief of the forces in i anada, nrrived at Unohec on Sunday morning la?t, in the war Klcamor Ve?nvin?. Hi* Ktrellency inspected the troop* in the Quebec ffnrruon on Monday, ami visited the lortiticatioix. He left the ?nme 'lay for Montreal, the steamer ratline; to land Lady ("atheart and family, who intend making that place their summer residence. We understand that the Iroopa in the Montreal garriion were inspected by hi* Excellency yesterday at the old race course. Karl t atheart ha* taken ui> lii? residence at Ra> C0'? Hotel. Montreal Pilnt, Junr 19

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