Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1845 Page 3
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THIRD DIVISION Gen. W? L. Morris,. ) Aids to the Grand 1 Benjamin 8. Hart, Esq., j Marshal. Heads or Departments of Che Stale. 1 he Senate of l^e State m..?i..? , . Houseof Assembly of th?Sote. lemberi of tk Senate a d Huh of RepresenUtivaa of tile . Lulled St tea. Society 0f th, Cincinnati, in carriages. T. "evolutionary 8"ld|.-r?, in c*rri<ge<. C, Lodge ol the State of New Yoik. r.?-Ma> ors, Ez-Aldermen and Ez- *n?u t> of the Citiei of ? . , New York and Brooklyn. Heads of Departments of the City Government. l-_ u Mmliten and I 'oaiult, in Orrirges. r-K-Meuibers of Congress and of the State Legislature. Hacort, City Guard. eoinmanded by Captain McArdle. ac ~ companied by Kendall's Boston Brass Band, ihe Judges of the United States, Sute and City Courts. , , Members of the Bar. ... , The Sheriff of the City and County ol New York, and Under Jjheriff and Deputies, with their Staves of Office. The Marshal of the United States and his Deputies. The Register,/jounty Clerk and Coroner. f II "??'?? MsgW...e?and Officers, with their Stives. ?J'W}??* Naval '-ificer and Surveyor of the Port, and Ml other Ti ?>' <ifth? Uuited States and Sute of New York. Ihe President, Trustees, Ksculty and Students of Colum bia College. i he President, Fsculty and Studeuts of the University. College of Physicians and Surgeons. Medical Society. Physicians and Medical Students. J cachers and Pupils of the Grammar Schools of Columbia Col lege and of the University. College of Pharmacy. United States' Naval Lyceum. American Academy of tine Art*. National Academy of Design. American Art Union. Chamber of Commerce. _ . .. . Board of Trade. J etchers and Pupils of the several Public Schools, and other Seminaries of Learning. Institutions for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind. FOURTH DIVISION. Major Gen. F. Pentz, > Aids to the Grand Tk. r MTr H 8,"k". Jr- $ Marshal. The Fire Department of the City of New York, and Exemp Firemen. FIRTH "dIViSION. Hon. Isaac L. Varian, ) Aids to the Graud Mjjor Robert B. Boyd, J Marshal. Society of Tammany, or Columbian Order. . . . Baud of Music. Independent Tompkins Blues, as an Escort. Democratic Republican General Committee. ? lu? ^"ericauRepublican General Committee. T^epttblican Young Men's General Committee. V mocri.dc Republican Waru Committees, and Citizeus. Band of Music. Empire Club. Banner. Grand Car and Tomb. SIXTH "mVlSION. kieiir &*1, ??*i0l ? I Aids to the Grand ?ando ph. Esq. j Marsh al. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows. SEVENTH'S IVI8ION. ^ol.?"Jl ?. Jojies Mumford, ) Aids to the Grand Col. Medad Piatt, $ Marshal. he Procession of the Civic and Military Associations of the City of Brooklyn, in the following order Brooklyn City Guards, commanded by Capt. Olney, As an Escort. General Robert Nichols, Grand Marshal. Bergen, ' ' E. W.Fiske, ?ii ^ R.R. Perin, Mir. " Runnel Engle. Military of Kings County, comman ded by General Underliill, ?. _ A1". to Brooklyn Grand Marshal. Sheriff Jenkins, aid to Brooklyn Grand Marshal. ?? . , , The Clergy of Brooklyn. of01*"* of *'??? *?d Members of the Bar Members of Assembly, and Ex-Aldermen of Brooklyn. v ?i. Soc.'My ofthe c?unty of Kings. bxSheriffs. Deputies, Officers and Members of Police. Fire Department of Brooklyn, headed by Chief Engineer Stryker, aid to Brooklyn Grand Marshal. . ? , .Fire Companies. . Independent Order of Odd Fellows, headed by D. D. Grand Story, aid to Brooklyn Grand Marshal. K. R. Perm, aid to Brooklyn Grand Marshal. r? ? ?? ... U. 8. Marshall. Democratic Republican General Committee of Brooklyn. Empire Club of Brooklyu. ????? WilliaBisburg Societies. Citizens of Brooklyn, Wilhamsburgh, and adjacent towns. EIOHTHDIVI8ION. Si R-.(ivMo,'7iV i Aids to the Grand ajri 1 ? ?*sq j J Marshal. . J"?.?1- yeorge * Benevolent Society. Phe St. Andrew's Benevolent Society. The 8t. David s Benevolent 8ociety. German Benevolent Society. French Benevolent Society. _, ? . Italian Benevolent Society. The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick mi o ?r- .The New England Society. Ihe St. Nicholas Society of the City of New York. The Hibernian Benevolent 8ociety. The Shamrock Benevolent Society. The Hibernian Benevolent Burial Society American Institute. Mechanics' Institute. Typographical Society. Benevolent Association of Bookbinders Lest.*,- Dressers' Society. Benevolent Society-of Shipwrights and Caulk-rs nmitlu Beneficial Society. *".? Mirer Artiians. The (-ollege of Pharmacy. NINTH "dTvISION. Colonel O D. F Grant, > Aids to the Grand George C. King, Esq. f Marshal General Society ol Mechauics^nd Tradesmen, instituted Readers st the Apprentices' Librarr Jourr.eyme ? Tailors' United Benevolent Society Journeymen Stone Cutters' Association. "soc ie t yf. ibrsry" Associat i on!'01 * ^ ?' American Lyceum Irving Lyceum. New V ork Society of Literature Mercantile Library Association. American Society of Young Men. New York Metropolitm Association. N?? Ynrk ?of,letLVJ(lf Letters. The Board of Education. Wardens of the Port and Harbor Masters. . ? Marine Society. fTLj . ft1"' MVt?" ?".d M-les of Vesiels in Port. Thistle Benevolent Society, preceded by several bagpipes TKNTH D1VI8ION. Cn!" f p nPhilkrick' JAi(U IS t??? Orand Co!. L_F. Hough. J Marshal. Ihe iroiiftides Association. S?!l. Jefferson Association. Polk-Wrieht Association. Oerman Democratic Republican Association. The New York Shiftier Club. ^ ELEVENTH DIVISION. Col. B. W. Reman, ) Aids to the Grand John D. Kellogg. Esq. J Marshal. J1 riwikYyn'Vmen ?tone*^ut,,!" Associations of New York and Journeymen Granite-Cutters Association. Ulcerative Masons. Laborers Union Society. The New York Benevolent Society of Operatii e Masons Benevolent and Irade 8oeiety of Jouri.eymeu Tailors. 4.L* Cordwniners of the City of New York. Ihe New Y ork Division of the Book-Binder's Union. TWELFTH DIVI8JON. Major Thomas K. Kelliuger, ) Aids to the Grand Captain C. 8 Storms. 4 Marshal. The Ancient Order of Good Fellows. i i . '"everance Lodge No. 3613, I. O. of O. F. Independent Order of Ilechabites?New York District No I? r.- ~ , ?ity Tents, 1 to 37. I loueer Temple No. I, House Carpenters Protective ? , , Association. Butchera of the Cities of New York and Brooklyn. Cartmen of the City of New Y ork. THIRTEENTH DIVISION. ?John (.olican. Esq , ) Aids to the Grand Capt. 11. A], Graham.) Marshal, The New York Pilots Association. The New York Watermen's Society. The Watch Department. Old Company Citizen Volunteers. . Citizens of the Ninth Ward. Citizens and Associations of the Teuth Ward. Sine ? . Societies from Jersey City. .u j ? Societies and Associations not above enumerated, in Marshal' 1,1 W 'y ,h*" rePort themselves to the Grand The various military ami civic bodies above enumerated, V ill assemble at one o clock precisely, at the following p| ices, l>reparat(>ry to being brought into column front'ofthet'""? Half'1'1"17'"tr"t' resting in Officiuting Clergymen. Orator of tha Day, the Clergy, Ge neraI Scott and Aids, and Commodore Jones nmi Aidt, at No. 8 in the City Hall. HaUa>?r* ?f ,he *?ver"' ci,'M "'Presidents, No. 8 City CUy"'hsII?"t** Troon* and Marines, at tha west end of the Pall Bearers, at No. S City Hall. Common Councils of New York, Brooklyn and other cities, ai i>io. o L-ity Il.iII. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Heads of DeMrtinenu, Le Kislature of ihe State and Members of Congress, in the .Mayor's omce. ' Society of Cincinnati. Revolutionary Soldiers, ex-Mayors and Members ol the Common Councils of New York snd at'&o f Cit Hall ?>f *?'? City Government, Foreign .\jini?ters and Consuls, ex-Members of Congress and Bute Lrgisj iture. Judges ol the Courts and Members of the Superior Court Room, west end. Other Gentlemen included in the 2d Division, in the Uuited ot.nes Court Hoom. Gentlemen included in the 3d Division, in the Kast Superior Court Uooln. 4th Division, iu Murray street, front on Broadway. .?th Division, in the Park, rear ol'City Hall. ?'h Djvisiou, in Warren sireet, fro .t on Broadway. 25 Ulvi.O'i, ill Spruce street, front oil Chatham street. 8ih Division, in ? hamheis street, front on Chatbnm street. ?J,?i iv ","n' ^.ekman street, front on ( hithsm stieet. jPtli Division, in I entre street, Iront on ( haniher street. ioli! ?">"?<>"?, i:r"'re street, front on Franklin street. n,K n!3!I!~"?est, Irout^on C.entre -treet. r street. , Oration, Esplanade cessioa. "* "" "" ln" arT,v?l ol the rear of the pro Th? troops of the United States, stationed at the different Ijosts in this harbor, will Are minute guns from noon till sun The Veteran Corps of Artillery will fir* miaul. ...... .? noon!"* "* ""mber t0 ,h" **' 01 ,h" commencing ai Xmute guns will he fired during the day, from Brooklvn /leightv by the company of Flatbuah Light Artil|e^fr?m PhiMp'sT rooke ^"rner, under command of ci^ul Minute guns will be fired at Tompkins square, by the corps bf 1"try ccmmaoded by Captain Castle. r 35* ir?"i,h v!B,n,em Si Arf"?nr. '<"der command af Colonel Charles Ystei, will fire minute guns from the Batterv during the movement of the procession. The carriages lor the use of the invited guests of the Com. moil Council will be under the direction or Jacob Ramsay first Marshal of the city. '' The following rule! lor the government of th<> citizens on the route of the proeessiou will he observed It IS directed by the Committee ih it all public and licensed carriages and vehicles he withdriwn from the streets through winch the procession is to pass. The Superintendents of hack nT/nt af'thiVorXr? '"',1 C"r"' "e ?^.d with the en,ore. The i wiers of private carriages and vehicles, are also res te'e i^i't!,u" respe!' COr>form to ol' the climmit No obstruction of anv kind will he suffered to remsin in the Str. ets through which the procession is to pass. 1 he preceding programme having been adopted hv ih. inlxt obTeTvid * ommo" Council, the aame will b, {filly I). D. BRIGGR, KM'I B IIART ' )<lf Ikt S?mrdif THOMAS P. TAi'^EN.J WM. H. CORNKLL, 1 . Ih* iionrd of Dr. WooA*i lu*?|i?rlll? and Wild Cherry Bitten in now scksowledged by alt who have siren them ? trial, to be om of the beet prorations in us*. As a Family Medicine it is invaluable. It is pleaaant to the taste, which nukes it ail easy medicine to .>dininuter to children, and i fist taking the place of those Nauieating Remedies whicl have been so long in use '1 he proprietor cannot too strongl recommend this preparation as a Vatnily Medicine, as a lev doses taken on feeling a little unwell will save wnlu am months of sickness and suffering and prevent in most i stances attacks of fever and ague, bilious fever, and all the io eal fevers of the cuu ntry. Kor Oyspeiwia, Headache, Indiges tion, Humors, |>ain in tlie Back and Hide, they have beeu u??.l with great success. Be ixrticuhr to aak for Dr. Wood's Sarsaiiarilla and Wild Cherry Bitters, and receire no others. Only Agents?New York, Dr. Wm. H. Milnor, 192 Broadway;Oeorge C Ouiou, 311 Bleecker street; E. M. Uuion, 127 Bowery. Brookiyu, James W. Smith, corner Fulton and Cranberry streets. K'eventh Kdltluii of tti? Proscribed Book! ?" The Quaker City; or, Mouksof Monk Hall," is just issued ill one volume, complete, or ten numbers complete, urire $1. single numbers lii.lj ceuts?for sale by all clieap publication agents. No Americau novel lias ever met with such astonishing suc cess as " The Quaker City," of which 60,000 numbers have al ready been sold. " The tragedies from which the foundation of this work is drawn, were thrilling aud horrible ; yet tlie forcible |?-n of the author has heightened the subjects luto a fearful interest."? Western Literary Review. "This is a bold book. It is the first American work which, written with the inleutiou of illustratiug tlie secret life in our lsrge republican cities, has met with a decided approval from the public. The work will live in the records of our literature, as the first Americau novel describing life, and men. and man ners, not ouly as they appear, but as they an-."?Philadelphia Home Journal. 3t All Philadelphia Subscription* to the IkiiLD most be paid to the only authorized Agents, Zie berkCo., 3 Ledger Building, Third street, near Chestnut ? Terms?75 cents a mouth, including the Sunday paper; or 85 ceuts without it; delivered free of charge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copies for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Price 3 cents. The Wr.EKLV Herald is also for sale every Saturday morn ing?Price 6V cents, or S3 |?r annum, delivered in any pert of Philadelphia, free of postage. II/- All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es tablishment, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. (J3~ With the exception of one paper, the " Herald" is read as much, perhaps, iu Philadelphia, as anypaper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at half paat4 o'clock, will appear in the Herald next day. Boston Subscriptions to the New York HERALD received by tne Authorised Agents, Reddino k Co., t State street. Terms?$195 perquarter, or three cents for single copies. WEEKLY Heeald, every Saturday morning, price 6 ceuts, or $3 per annum. All new and cheap publications for sale as soon as issued. Boston Publishers of Thiers' Napoleon. Medical Notice?The Advertisements of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression o? Quackery, in the enre of all diseases, will hereafter appear on the fourth page, and last column of this paper. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M.D.. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Naasan at. MONEY MARKET. Hundny, Jane 'i'i?<5 P. M. The stock market during the post week ha? been teadily improving. Sale* have beon more extensive, and a disposition to operate hat been more prevalent.The war ever has somewhat subsided, and our foreign relations are apparently assuming a more peaceable complexion. Thla being the dull season, stock operations are usually very limited, and the absence of many speculators from the city, prevents any very rapid improvement in prices( and reduces the probability of getting up any excitement in tho market We see very little prospect for any per manent improvement in prices, untill all departments of business become active. The internal affairs of the country were never im a more healthy state, every branch of business is prosperous; the banks'.have not ventured beyond a safe point, and credits are at present not extended beyond a proper period. The staple pro ductions of the Union are abundant, and yield remunera. ting prices ; and all that is necessary to give a perfectly healthy state to commercialaffairs generally, extenal as well as internal, is a speedy settlement of the existing difficulties between this country and Mexico. Our rela tions with Kngland, are of very little moment, compared with the matters at issue between this country and Mexico. The disputed point with Kngland, in re lation to Oregon, will not bebrought to a settle, ment for years, and the excitement created by t he recent agitation will be absorbed by the difficulties likely to spring from the annexation of Texas, and the movements made by Oreat Britain in the matter. The re sent public advices from Mexico, do not give us any in sight into the course the government of that country in" tend pursuing in the event of annexation ; but private accounts assure us, that the people are ripe for hostili ties, and will compel the government to declare war should annexation be consummated. We cannot conceive how the government of Mexico can avoid a rupture upon the declaration of th? people of Texas in convention, in favor of annexation. Between the excitement among the people, and the secrot influence of the emissaries of Oreat Britain, the government of Mexico must be driven into a position, compelling it to adopt a course, in rela tion to the United States, it would, if possible, avoid This being the present complexion of our foreign affa r? we may look for some important advices from Mexico as soon as the result of the convention to be held in Tex* as is known. As soon at the Mexican government finds that all the proposals made to acknowledge the indepen dence of Texas are not accepted, and annexation is de termined upon, the affair will bo brought to a crisis, and the question disposed of in some way. We cannot think that the Mexican government will quietly permit its ter ritory to be dismombered, and so large and valuable a portion taken from its control. We cannot believe that the people of Mexico will sufler the annexation of Tex as to the Ur.ited States, without making some offort to recover that section of their country, or to obtain satis faction for its loss. A declaration of war must bo the result of these movements, but to what extent hostilities will be carried is at present difficult to tell. This position of our loreign reiations^inust hove a very jivjurious influence upon our commercial affairs, upon stock operations and stock securities. So long ns there exists the slightest probability of a collision,or so long a8 there exists any disagreement between this and any foreign power, our internal and external commerce must remain in a very unsettled state. Wo annexe comparative table giving the quotations for stocks in this market, for each day during the past week, compared with those current at the close of the week previous. It will be seen that in tome of the fan cy stocks there has been quito an improvement. Qu*tatio!<s roll thk PaiNcirAi. Stocbs in the New Yoaa Market. _ ? . ? Sat. Man. 7Vy. IVti. Th'y Fr'y.Sat. Loof Island TIM 71* "X T1 "ft J2 Wi Mohawk 57 ? 47 57* 57* 57* 58 Hariem. . . . . . .. . ?'* - 67* 68 - 68 67* "2 . <0? 40* 41* 41* 42'i 43 4i\ Kwmcri- Loin. . . 34'2 ** IV, 35* 3S* 36'; 36* Nor^ai Wo; 72 TsC 7234 72)4 ? 72^ 73* Ulinoia'snlet.37* - 3737* 37* 37* 38 ?? Indiana - , , 33 33 - 33 - Itt - T.yy Penn'a. t ives 74* 74* 75* 75^ 75.* 75* 75,? Stenincton 29 29* 30* 29.-? 30 30 29* Krie Railroad ? 29', 29* 29. a 29W 29.. Vicksbun: ? 7** 7* 8 . U.K. Bank J* ? 5* ? Rcaduiu RR 51 53* j3* 54 Morris 4 *isusrl 30 JO 4 31 30,4 Ea?t Boston 13 13 13* A comparison of prices current at the close of the market yesterday, with those ruling at the close of the previous week, shows an improvement in Mohawk of 1 per cent; Canton a per cent; Farmers' Loan aj; Nor wich k Worcester H; Illinois 1; Pennsylvania 5'a lj, Stonington J; U. S. Bank j; Reading Railroad lj; Mor. ris Canal 2. The hooks for subscription to the capital stock of the North Branch Canal Company were opened at Wilkes barre on Monday last, and the whole of the sum re quired?one million dollars?was subscribed, and the first instalment on the shares paid the same day. The North Branch Canal is one of the unfinished Pennsylva nia works, and has been surrendered by that State to a private company for completion. The Secretary of the Tieasury has given notice, that after the first day of July next, certificates of stock o the United Stales, under the laws of 1S4J and 1843, with coupons attached, may bo surrendered to the Register of the Treasury, and the usual certificates bearing interest, and transferable at the Treasury, issued in their stead. The most important commercial intelligence received in this city for some years past, is that in relation to the probability of a short hsrvest this season in Kngland.? The s<lvantages this country would derive from an ex tensive demand in Great Britain for our breadstuff*, would undoubtedly be great, but th? derangement that weuld be produced in the commercial affairs of Kngland by a great drain of bullion to pay for imported grain, would seriously injure the tiade with any other country A much more severe pressure would be experienced Irom a short harvest now than ever before, in conse' quenceof the recent change in the banking system, reg ulating the issues of the Bank of Kngland by the bullion on hand. We annex a table showing the aggregate movement of the bank, for a period covering several bad harvests :? Bank or Knhlanp. Circulation. Denotilri. Strnritin. Ilullwtt. '824, FVl> H 19,736,990 10,097.850 18,872,00(1 13,810,0641 1824, Frh 20.7.VJ.760 10,168,789 21,951,130 8,779,100 1835, Feb 25,487,910 0,935,940 32,918,580 2,159,510 IH<7, Fell 21,890,616 S,Ml,ran 23,529,530 10.159,020 1829, Feb 19.870,850 9,553,960 25,381,750 #,815,020 1833, Feb 19,372,000 12,455,000 23,856,000 10,205,000 1837, Feb 18,165,000 10.007,000 27,297.000 4,077,000 1838, Feb.... 18,975,000 10,285,000 21,958,000 10,471.0410 1819, Aug.... I7.98J.000 ?,<88,000 25,1)1,000 2,420,1X10 I84t, Feb.... 10,399,000 0,407.000 21,344,000 4,155,000 1842, Feb.... 10,670,060 8,500,600 "2,600.000 >.237 000 1813, Feb.... 19,739,000 11 ,f05.i 00 tt.UDft.Ofn 10,915,006 1814, Dec,.,. 1#,124,000 10,914.00(1 26.9-V000 12,175,000 llll, May,... >1,419.187 23,477,43.1 16,171,751 The short harvests in this period can be traced by the decrease in bullion in the bank. The greatest reduction In bullion was in 18S9, when the Bank of Kngland was eompellcd to raise a loon from the Bank of Fiance, to emable it to go through the terrible revulsion of tt? time*. It will bs perceived that the circulation of the I Bank of England through tho twenty-one yean inclu- j ed in this table, fluctuated very little from year to year lotwithstanding the falling off in bullion. The amount >f paper issues being very uniform compared with lie amount of bullion in bank, the currency *u not mch reduced, but much depreciated. There will be a >ery great difl'ereuce in the movement of the bank in he event of another decrease in bullion, produced by a >ad harvest. The issues of the bank over fourteen million* pound* ?telling, are regulated by the amount of bullion on hand, and a* that decreases, the circulation must be reduced a correiponding extent. A drain of bullion will there, fore have an immediate effect upon the currency, and upon all the branches of business. The indirect effect of a had harvest upon commercial business will be very injurious, but the direct effect upon consumers general ly and poorer classes particularly, must be terrible.? The distress would be increased by the unusual influ ence a bad harvest now would have upon the currency Nothing would give a severer test to the new banking system of Sir Robert Peel's, now in operation, than one bad harvest throughout Great Britain, and it is beyond human foresight to tell what will be the result of such an unfortunato experiment. A short harvest in tho midst of the piesent prosperity of England, would soon produce a cliango in affairs, both com mercially aud politically, and perhaps bring about a complete modification of the corn laws of England.? It would give the ministry a very plausible excuse for I making alterations in tho tariff in relation to grain. The free trade party has become so stron g both in and out of Parliament, that some such aid as a short harvest would give, would be sufHcicnt to bring into operation their principles. We have a large surplus of all the neces sary articles of food, and can supply any nation with any quantity, at prices muchbelow those produced by the various tariffs in different countries. By a more liberal commercial system, we could reduce the cost of grain in most of the ports of Europe, and improve the condition ef the consumers. Our surplus agricultural products can find no markets abroad, while the laboring classes of lireat Britain are compelled to pay the highest prices for their breadstuffs. While the lower classos of Eng land arc literally starving, we have more than sufficient for our own wants ; we are prevented furnishing them food, cheap rates, because the landed interest must be protectod at all hazards, and at tlie cost of thou sands of lives. Time works wonders, and it is our im pression, that the time is not far distant, when many of the barriers that now obstruct commercial operations of all countries will be removed, and a more liberal system of commercial Intercourse adopto Old Stock Bzchangf. $500 NV City J'j, TO 99 50 shas Morris Canal b45 32 10000 Penn'n 5's s30 75% 50 do 1)30 32>? 10000 do 75% 150 do 32 15000 do Wedns 75?? 25 do b!5 32w 15000 do 1)90 76 25 do 1)43 32>. 5000 Ind. spcl bds 35yrs 2!) 125 Stonington RH 30 1000 Reading RR bd? 73 50 do 20% 1000 do 73% 50 do 29fS 1000 Illinois spcl 38V? 75 Nor 8c Wore 73)2 15000 do 1)60 38% 50 do 73% 2 alias Bk N York 122 50 do b30 73!? 5 Bk Com. full 99 150 do 1)60 73% 100 Farm's Tr *10 36% 50 do ?60 73% 100 do >30 3fiji 50 do saw 73^ 50 do 36% 75 do nw 73}Z 100 do 37 200 Reading RR sI2m 52 10 Ohio Life & Tr 99 100 do b60 56 I 50 Cau:on Co s30 43 100 do b30 56 102 do opg 43 100 do 55% 50 do 1)60 43!* 50 L Island RR i90 71)2 50 do s30 42^4 150 Harlem RR 67% 150 Mohawk RR 58 10 Housatonic \>90 32 Second Board. $4200 Ohio 6's, '50 95 50 shas L Island RR s30 72 50 shas Farm's Tr s30 37 250 do 72% 50 do >30 31 25 Moms Canal 32J, 50 L Island RR b30 72% New Stock Exchange, (1000 Illinois 6's, 70 31% 225 shas Farm's Tr c 37V 3000 do 35 50 do b30 37>4 150 shas U 9 Bank b3 5% 100 do i3 37 350 de b30 6 150 do *60 36'i 50 do c 5% 50 do 50 do bnw 6 25 do *3 36& 25 Morris Canal s3 32 25 do *3 25 do 32*4 25 Stonington RR *30 30 75 do s3 32 V 50 Nor and Wore s3 73U 50 do 1)30 32% 75 do c 73'4 50 do b40 32% 75 do c 73\ 25 do 32't 50 do blO 73% 25 Canton Co oi>g 43'4 25 do sGO 73 25 do slOafopK 4334 50 do blO 73% Hales of Stocks at Boston. Eichanoe Board, June 21.?10 shares Charlestown Branch RR 89; 50 Portland, Saco and Portsmouth 1<R, slm, I03s?; 50 Kist Boston Co. 13ji; 50 Norwich and Worcester RR, 73; 25 do, slin, 73; 75 do 73%; 150 Long island RK, 72; 25 do 72(?; 50 Western RR, blm. 104?;; 75 do 103%; 150 do, blm, 104%; 25 <1 104; 25 Reading HR, 27%; 50 do 27 11-16: 150do27^; 100 do bl5 days, 21%; 400 Wilmington RR, 18%; 100 do, blin, 18%; 50 do, ?lm. 18*4'; 500 do, >.20d, 18^ POST OKFICR. ) New York. Junt* 23, 18-15. $ ON Tuesday, 21th day of June iiut, thi- Office will be closed except from 8 to 10 A. M., and from 1 to 2 P. M . and 'lie mails w ill be closed at half |?st I P. M., to enable ?11 per sons attached to this office to join in the soletn"ities of the lay. ROBT. H. MORRIS, P. M Jet3 2tec CUSTOM HOUSE. NtW YORK,) June 23, Hti. 5 NOTICE is he'eby give", that the Offices in the Custom House will be open to-morrow (Tuesday) from J o'clock until II, A. M.; after which hour they will be closed, on ac court of the Funeral Procession in hunor of the memory of Vf AJOR GENERAL J4CKSON,lnte President of the Uui ted States. C. P. VAN NESS, Collector. MICHAEL HOFFMAN, Naval Officer. je23 Itrc ELIJAH F. PURDY, Surv-yor. AN ENTIRE NEW BADGE Foil THE FUNERAL OBSEQUIES. REPRESENTING the Tomb of Jackson, with a Bust in relief. . The figure of Religion weeping at the Tomb, and k'aith pointing upwards?on a beautiful Satin Badge. This, surmounted with the BlackCrape,Rosette and silver Breastpin, is decidedly the most beautiful and appropriate B>dge fortlie mournful o casion. The two together at 2J cents, or singly at 12H ceuts. For sale, wholesale and ret*il, by JOHN J. BROWN & CO , je?3 2t*ec 122 FultO'i St.. near Nassau st. MOURNING BADGES 1"MIE Sn'iscriber has a ne t and elegant Badge, for the pre ? sent mournful occasion, which has been adopt'd by the Comm w Council arid Generit Committees. It has a likeness of tHedeparted chieftain which ia believed to lie perfect, wall ihe inotto "The Union, it must and sh<11 be preserved." The Badge can be had nt the Morning News office, i,nd of the suh acrilier at 491 Pearl street. HENRY L1EBENAU. je->:i 3i*je NOTICE. THE MEMBERS of the various Welsh Societies of this City, and Welshmen generally. without regard to party, arereque-ted to assemble at St. David's Hall, No. 242 Walker <treet, this, Monday evening, at 8 o'clock, to toke such action in regard to the death of the late GKNERAL ANDREW lACKSON, Kx-l'resident of the United States, as will ma i fest the regret felt by the Welsh portion of this community at a loss so universally mourned in. je23 H*jc MASONIC CHARITY. THE UNDERSIGNED, the widow of a deceased mem ber of that ancient and honi rable institution, Free Ma sonry, by sickness and misfortune was under the painful ne cessity (of soliciting aid fr m some source, to enable her to procure the necessaries of life; and being impressed with the idea tint one of the cardinal principles of that iiutitution was to falter* the distressed brother, his widow and orubans in fluenced me to call upon Mr. James Herring, the Grand Sec retary of the Right Worshiul Grand Lodge of this State, ask ing assistance in the name of my deceased husband, but was compelled to return to the house of my friend as pennvless ns I went. _ I was then informed that there was another body of Ma?ms iu the city, denounced by Mr. Herring as clandestine, under the jurisdiction of St. John's Grand Lodge. I applied to one of the subordinate Lodges of that Imdy, known as Inde pendent L' due No. 7, and although mi" husband wis not a member of that portion of the order, they immediately pre sented me with the sum of ten dollurs. 1 deem this statement due that Lodge and the frnternity in general. CANDAES MUNN, Widow of the late John G.Munn. New York, June 12.184.V je23 lt*ec I EXPRESS NOTICE. THE Undersigned being desirous of doing all in their power to sustain the Uoremment in its experiment of giving che i| cr postage#,hereby give notice, that on and after the fir.t day of July next no mailable matter whatever, either open, or in envelopes, or in wrappers, will be received at any of rheir Offices f r transmission hy express, or otheiwiae. Positive instructions will he given to their Agents to refuse ?nailable matter, under wh>tever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON k WELLS. New York and Buffalo Kxpress. New York, June 23. IIHA. jc23 tlfyu ec COLMAN'S LITERARY 6* A L O O N , AND EXHIBITION OK BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 'jlKI Uromlwny, New York. MAXIMILIAN'S Great snd Splendid work, being h's tour tkroutli the United States, ill"stra'ed with Eighty En (ravings, ?Per the " anner of drawiii's in large folio?with a quarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly pnt up .or the Drawing llo.m. A few copies ???? ly printed in English. No stranger should visit the City without calling in to see ;he Great Colle tio" of HOOKS, PAINTINGS, \ND ENGRAVINGS, w'-ich are offe'ed "at greatly leiluced prices." The Public Sale Room is filled with hooks of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge ia made. Above the Bookstore or Sa'e Rot.m, an apartment is fitted up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consistinv of about TWO HUNDRED CHOIC E PICTURES, he ancient and modern Masters?to view which, asmall charge of |?S cents is required. HERALDRY. The Arms of Individuals whose families crigwsted in anv country in Europe, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel >um. equal in execution, and at one third the charge of the Lon don Hera'd's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, with h s arms and ereat, as wom upon hia carriage. Price only $ 30? in colors. A Curiosity. je23 eodtf m rpO FARMERS, he.?A young, stout, healthy Scotchman 1 and his w il'e, wish each a situation ?he as a firmer, or far mer and gardener, anil she to do light housework and attend d nry, for which they are well iiualified. He wss brought up to the most approved plan of Scotch farming snd girdenuig, and is thoroughly conversant with the rearing and managing of cattle, besides repairing and keeping in order the tools used in his proleision. They are of pood moral character?sober, in dustrious, and obliging disposition; and having had some expe rience in this country, they can produce the most satislactory credentials. Any reply (post paid,) addressed FARM KR, He rald office, shall meet prompt attention. je232teod*rd CROSS KEYS MUSIC SALOON, :>4 H?ftde Street. CONCERT EVERY EVENING. VENTRILOQUISM MUSIC AND SINGING. THREE ITALIAN PERFORMERS. Admission fl'? rents. Concerts to commence ?t 8 o'clock. je2J IPr MANILLA GRASS CLOTHS. A SUPERIOR ARTICLE?t-t wide and 8yards long, at M each. 1'Orsaleby E. & W. COCK, jen lt*m 3} Liberty street. AUCTION NOTICES. A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. SIGNOR V1TO VITI'S GRAND COLLECTION OF ITALIAN MARBLE ANI) ALABASTER STATUA HV, VASES AND ORNAMENTS, SILVhR PLATED WARE, GIRANDOLES, CHANDELIERS, FRENCH CHINA CLOCKS, fcc. JACOB 8. PLATT will sell on We<lne*d*y. 25th instant, ?t 4 o'clock, P. M., ?t the Colli?rum, No. 150 Broadway, the e.itir- collection of Fancy a::d Staple Articles, imported by Sig tor Vito Viti direct from manufactories of Italy, France, and England, and comprising in part the following articles of Statuary, Sic., viz: "Nenere del Medici," " Aristotile," "Ajiollo Ballarine di Canova," "Agryspita Vent-re," 2 "Petti di Cauova, 4 Haiti "Poeti Italiaue," "Vestale," superb marble and alabaster Can delabra*, Mosaic centre Tables with marble stands,large "Bor diegllo" agate, yellow of seina Vanes; basso and Etruscan goiliic L'rus for niches and the decoration of parlors, halls, and churches, full siied busts in purest marble, of Tasso. Dante, Petrarch, and Ariotto; beautiful Vaaes of marble and alabaster and other ornamental articles of rare finish, rich silver branches with figures and cut crystal Stand*, bronze ai d gilt French clianch Chandeliers with figured and crystal pillar., rich gill and bro> ze Vases for table ornament*, very splendid bronze and gilt Clocks with figures; 4 column do. in alibastir, ebony iiilndand mahogany; trench Chinadiniug and desert service*; Tea Setts richly decorated; China Vases and toilet >rtt?, 9 to 13 pieces; rich and elegant plated Unit; cake and bread Baskets; very superb plated Waiters, from 10 to 30 inches, all silver tnoni.ted; (' isturs, 5 to 7 cut Bottles.'new patterns; Gi

randoles for 1 to in lights,viz: Bayadiereand Julien, Metamora, Fanuy Elssler, Stag, kcjl splendid ai.d highly decorated ja panned and papier in ache lea Trays; Brr <d Baskets; splendid papier inache Centre Tables; Card Plates; Solar Lamps of*u|>e nor workmanship and finish, in ormolu and bronze, fcc. Alto, just landing from ship Brooklyn, fiom Leghorn, seve ral cases Roman Busts aud Figures, in marble and alabastar. Also, six Chinese Gongs. Catalogues and goods ready on l'uesdiy evening, 24th, when the room will be well lighted with gas, and the goods so ar ranged that purchasers can see precisely what they are, both as to quality of material and aristical ezecution. ju23 3t*ec ? FUKERAL OBNKdl/lES. GENERAL ORDER. Citt Hall, June 21, 1843. THE Aids to tha Grand Marshal will assemble at the May or's Office, City Hall, ou Monday Afternoon at Five o'clock. By order. GILBERT HOPKINS, Grand Marshal. Sam'l. D. Jackson, t v, Bt*j S Hart, \ Secretary*. j?23 Hi I7TH WARD. HONOR TO TIIE ILLUSTRIOUS DEAD. THE Citizeus of the 17th Ward are reapectlully requeued to assemble at Hermitage Hall, corner of Allen and Hous ton streets, on Monday Evening, June 23, at 8 o'clock, to make suitable arrangements for tie purpose of unitiug with our fel low citiz-us in paying the last tribute of itespect to the memory of Ex-Presideut JACKSON. By requestor the Ward Committee. GEORGE H. ROSS, Chairman. Sam'l.'8. Concklin, ( Secretaries. je23 lt'ec L O. OF RECHABITES. AT a meeting of N. Y. D. No. I 1. O. of R., held on Sa'ur dav, 21st inst., it was unanimously Resolvid, That we will unite with our fellow citizen* in the public demonstration of respect to the memory of GENERAL ANDREW JACKSqN. Resolved, That wc recommend to the Brethren of the Or der generally, to assemble their respective Tenta in Regalias ou Tuesday M ruing at 8 A. M., the 21th in*t., to form in line with the District*. Resolved, That Brothers Middleditch, Beatty, Sibell, Hul sart and Ellis be a Committee io make arrangement* to accom plish this object. ROBT. BEATTY, Jr.. D. C. R. Wh, P. Estkhhrook, D. 8. je23 tt*ec. I. O. OF RECHABITES. AT a Meeting of the Committee appointed by N. Y. District, Brother w. Jay Hiskett was appoiuted Chief Marshal oi the Order for the 24th, aud the Aids from the different Tents will report themselves to him, at his office, IS Centre street. The Chief rulers of Teuts are requested to meet at Washing ton Marine Tent on Monday Morning at 10 o'clock, to receive the necessary instruction from the Committee for the direction of their res)x>ctive Tents. The Members of the Order are re spectfully requested to join with the District, and will take poaition at 12 o'clock, at the corner of Elm aud Canal street*. The Committee respecttully recommend the Brethren of the Order to dress in dsrk clothes, dirk gloves, and cr?pe roseatte on the left side of the Regalia. The Secretaries ol Tents are requested to furnish the Committee with the sashes undisposed of in their possession, by sending them to Washington Marine Tent, where the Committee will be in session during the day. THOMAS J. M1DDDEDITCH, 1 ROBERT BEATTY, Jun., GEORGE SIBELL, }Com. 1SAI AH HULSART, jygtgfec JOHN P. ELLIS, J ORDER OF THE CHIEF MARSHAL OF THE IN DEPENDENT OKDER OF RECHABITES. The Order will rendezvous at the comer of Elm and Canal streets, aud take position on the left of the dist. according to the num ber of the Tent, at 12 o'clock precisely, on Tuesday, the 24th inst. and report immediately to the Chief Marshal. The Aids appointed by the Tents will immediately report them?elves for duty, on the receipt of their appointments. The Special Aids, Bra. Howard S. Scheuck, Thos. Jenkins, Samuel S. Ack er, Win. McLellaud, Frederick Hennell. Win. T. Reilly, ('has. McMee, and Hiram S. Sainmons, will form the line aud guide it into column. The Head-Quarters of the Marshal will be at his office, 15 Centre street, up to 12 o'clock, Tuesday ; after which time he will receive reports at the right of the line. Br. Schenck is detailed for inspection duty, aud will report ou the formation of the line. W. JAY HASKETT, je23 2t?cc Chief Marshal. I. O. OF O. F , OLIVE BRANCH LODGE, NO. 31. THE MEMBERS of this Lodge are requested to attend at the Lodge Room, 411 Broadway, oil Tuesday Moiniug.the 2ltli inst , at!? o'clock, for the purpose of joining in the proces sion agreeable to a resolution passed at the special meeting held ou Saturday eve iug la-t. Members of the Order. wbo?e uodges have not decided on turni g out, or ? ho may be stran ger- in the city, are hereby invited to unite wiih us on this oc casion. RALPH L. ANDER10N, N. G. C. Henry Edwards, Secretary. je23 2i*ec THE Officers and Member* of Knickerbocker Tent No. 28, I. O. of R. are hereby n'tified toatteud a Special Meeting ol this Tent on Tuesday (to-morrow) Morning at 8 o'clock precisely, for the purpose of making arrangement* to unite with the Common Council, Military and Civic Societies, in paying the last tribute of respect to the late GENERAL AN DREW JACKSON. WM. HATHAWAY, C. R. H. Estks. Se?l. j?23lt*ec NOTICE. IO. OF O. F.?The Member* of Waahington Lodge No. ? 12,1. O. ol O. F., are requested to meet at their Loidge Koums, National Hall, Canal street, this evening at 8 o clock, to make prejuirations (in pursuance of ail invitation from the R. W. Grand Lodge) to unite with the procession to-morrow in paving the last tribute of respect to the late GENERAL ANDREW JACKSON, Ex-President of the United States. By order. B. A. CAMPBELL, N. G. Kklly, Secretary. je23 It* I. O. OF O. F. THE M-MBERS of Covenant Lodge No. 33, and the Members of the order in general, are respectfully invited to meet at tlie Lodge Room, 187 Bowe'v, on Tuesday, at |0 o'clock, A. M., for the puipose of joining in the procession in honor of the memory of ANDREW JACKSON. je23 It'm WM. L. WEV1MELL, N. G. I. O. OF O. F. THE MEMBERS of Fidelity Lodge are reqnested to attend a Special Meetiug at the Committee Room, No.4U Binadway, on Monday F.vening, June 23d,at 8 o'clock, to make ar augemeuts for joiu-ng the luueral procession of our late Ex-President and Patriot, ANDkEW JACKSON. By order of JOHN DIPPLE, N. G. II. W.Kaii.n, Sec'y. je22 lt'ec /. O. OF O. F. THE MEMBERS o." Harinouy Lodge No. 44 are requested to meet at their Lodge Room, corner of Clinton and Grand streets, on Tuesday Morning, 21th inst, at 8 o'clock, in full Kegalia, to join in the Funeral solemnities of the late Ex Presideiit, ANDREW JACKSON By ordsr of JONATHAN ADAMS, N. O. IIkmiv Hadkiks, Sec'y. N. B ? Brethrt n of distant Lodges, sojourning at present in the City, ?rw respectfully invited to unite with us on the occa- | ami), at the above time and place. jet3 ItU'ec NATIONAL LODGE, NO. 301. O. OF O. F. THE MEMBERS of thi* Lodge are requesteu to be punc-. tual in their attendance This Evening, Monday, the 2 dl June, at their Lodge Room, a* business of importance will be | brought before them. CHARLES W. AMBURGER, N. G. J. Meskrole, Sec'y. je23 lt'rh iT0WXKD~L01XiE NO. 60 I~)7"OF O. F. "HE MEMBERS of Howard Lodge are hereby notified to meet at their Lodge Room on Tuesday Morning at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of joining with the R' W. G. Lodge in pav ing the 1 ist tribute of respect to the departed *ol dier and Statesman, ANDREW JACKSON. Member* will ap|>ear ill full Regalia. By order, JOSEPH C. PINCKNEY, ) EDWARD Y. PRINCE, M om. EDWIN J. MERCER, S if 2:1 2t ?ec HANCOCK LODGE NO. 49 I. O. OF O. F. THE MEMBERS of the above Lodge will assemble at Na tional Hall, on Tuesday, the 24th inst., at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of joining with the R. W. G. L. in solem- I nizing the tuneral of Ex-President ANDREW JACKSON. ?Vleinhers are requested to appear in Dark Clothes, White | Gloves and full Regalia. Every Memlier is expected to he present. By order of the Committee of Arrangements. 8. VAN NOSTRAND, Chairman. Hr.*Rr 8. jK-rsnwris, Secretary. jc22 2t*je IO. OF O. F.?The aeveml subordinate Lodge* under the ? jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of New Vork, are hereby notified that the Grand Lodge willpnrade, in full Hrgalia, on Tuesday next, to unite with the Common I ouncil, Military and Civic Societie*. in paying the last tri bute of respect to the late General Andrew Jackson. The several subordinate Lodge* are, therefore, respectfully invited to join them as Lodges, in full Regalia?each subordi nate will appoint a marshal? and report their number* to the Grand Marshal, T. David*, National Hall, Grand Lodge Room, on Tuesday morning, June>4, at 9 o'clock. The line will be formed in Canal street, right on Centre street, at 10 o'clock. WILSON SMALL, 1 EDWIN WAINRIGHT, Committee PETER FA1IU HILD, \ of JOHN MARRINER, Arrangement* jell 1t*je JAMES STOKES. J THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the X Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New Vork, having resolved to unite with the City Authorities and the various Associations, in pay ing a proper and deserved tribute of respect to the memory of their Illustrious and Most Worshipful Brother, ANDREW JACKSON. Past Grind Master of the R. W. Grand Lodge of Tennrssee, the Officer* and Member* of all the Lodges under it* jurisdiction in the city of New York, Brooklyn and Staten Island, in good standing, are heiehj, SUMMONED to meet at th' Grand Lodge Room, Howard House, corner of Broadway and Howard street, on Tuesday morning next, at 11 o'clock T1 The (lilicrrs and Member* of the Grand Lodge only will ap pe <r in lull rrgali&IAll |other hretheren will appear in black or | dark clothing?bl?elt hats, white glove*, and white apron*, or white aprons trimmed with blue. No M*hei to be worn. Byorder of the M. W. Grand Maater. Isaac rhillips, James J. Timpson, 1 P. S. Vanhouten, Elia* W. Nexsen, [Grand Lodge John Clark, Wm. C. P*rk, f Committee. Wm. Bnraet, ) New Vork, June 21. AL.'rfUi. I j2l 3ti*'rc AT A MEETING of the Cordwainer* of the city of New York, held on Thursday evening, June 19th. 1845, at the comer of Grand and Elizabeth streets, M. T. C. Kimball wa* called to the chair, and P. A. Gerdy wa* appointed ?ecretary.? | The following resolutions were uuanimously adopted:? Itesolvad, 'I hat the Cordwainer* of the city of New York will join with their fellow citizen* toiuv the la*t tribute of respect to the illustrious and venerated Andrew Jackson. itesolved. That the following gentlemen be a committee to iu> iti- the trade, and to make allnecessary arrangement* to car ry the above resolution into effect: P. A. Gerdy, T. Baker, E. Siiser, P. Klein, H. L. Rottger, A. Gamble, John Scollan. Resolved. That we adjourn until Monday morning at eight o'clock,(Ml that the employers of the eitv be invited, and trade generally, with our neighboring citiy and it* vicinity, to a**o fiate wiui us in the funeral obaequies of the late chief. M. T. C. KIMBALL, Chairman. P. A. Gbrdy, Secretary. VII wishing to join witn us, will pleaie meet at Keen'* 14th Ward Hotel, corner of Grand and Elizabeth street*, on Tues day morning at 8 o'clock. Crapes and badge* will he furniiheu at the hotel. jtl tt*8?8iM m " SCANDiNAViA. THE Society will hold its Monthly Meeting on Monday the I Ttd in*t?nt, at 8 P. M., at the house of Mr Napoleon Cour tien. No l?>4 Fulton street WM. FELL, Secretary. New York, June II, IMS. j?4plt*m AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THKAl'KK. FRENCH OPERA. 9Ion<!ayfKveii|tig, June !i3(l. Will be produced, for ilie Second Tinn* iu tlii* city, GU1LLAUMK TELL. Arnold, M Aruaud Waiter, Douvry Gealer, Douvry Leuthold, , Chaffary Princess Mathilde Guillaume Tell, Garry Kodolphe, Cceuriot Melcthal, Bernard A Fisherman, i'elleve Mr* Caaini. ITT* Price Of AclmUaiaa First Tier of Boxea and i'arquette, Si; Second and Third Tiers, M rents; Gallery, 2S cents. Lloors o|>*u at 7 o'clock, and U<e Curt ..u will rur nrrenelT at half-past 7 o'clock. NlDLO'g UARUKV Srt r.ith . Ipjtravanrt in .imerica, of VOt ROBERTS, The celebrated Comedian Iroin the Loudon Theatre*. Second Week of the Appearance < f the Wonderful .ACROB \T FAMILY ! Monday K veiling, .lane ?'M K"'1'rULi""""l? w'" commence with a Grand Overture. After which, 4ili time in America, a new ver*iouof the popular _ Drain,1 of DON CiESAR DE BAZAN. Don t eaar de Bazan Mr. Robert*. Charles, Mr Gallagher I Watermau, Mr H Davi* Don Joie, Andertou I Soldier, Wilson Marquis, Nickiuaou I Gil P-irax, Brooks | Lazarillio, Mia* Roberta Capt of Guard, Ueeriug | March ionesa, Mrs Deering Lo|>ez, Levere | Mariun.i, Miss Taylor IIJr~Intern i??ion of half in hour. CONCERT A LA MU8AR0T After which the performances of the GYMNASTIC P ANTOM1M18T8, Mean*. Nuiui, Walker, Honey and Steward. 'Sy All r????..cut Ponce * ill bs lu BtUsaaaM to main tun good order and keep all improjier peraoua out ,?>? Ticket! Fifty Ctnti.-ffl A limited uumber of Se.isou Tickets will be (fisposeU of !f7'Performance M> commence at ? o'clock Doora ope.i at nalf-|ia*t 7. PALJIO'S OPKHA HDISK. CHAMBERS STREET. Thu Best Ventilated Theathk in the City. IMMENSE ATTK ACTION !!! Unparalleled Succr?8 of the Operatic Burlesque Company! MONDAY EVENING, June 23d, Will be performed the Burlesque Opera ol SHIN-DE-HEEL-A ! The Virginia Kairv.or the Gum Elaatic Slipper. with nil the original music. To conclude with the Medial Bmlesque of the VIRGINIA OIRL. In which are introduced the i?ui of Balfe's Opera of the Bo hemiau Girl: also the celebrated Burlesque rOLKA. in imitation of M. Martin and Mi*s Turubull. Admlaalon MS Cent*. Private Boxes, for four persons, $3. Door* open at IX o'clock?Performance to commence at S o'clock. Bo* Office opeu from 8 A. M. until 6 P. M. OA8VLK WAHUICV. Proprietor* Messrs. French and Heiaer. At/mission 25 Cenlt. Grand Entertainment! Monday Evening, Jane 2,'ltl. Will be produced a new Comic Pantomimic Ballet. M:lle Desjardins as the Soldier's Bride. Firat Appearance of the celebrated English Pantomimist, Mr. W. Wood. Firat Appearance of Mr. J. H Amherst, and Maater* W. and F. Wood. The entertainments will commence wirli the Grand Overture to La Gazza Ladrn, by a Full Orehestra. Mr. W. Wood will appear as a Model of Ancient Greek and Roman Statuary Overture by the Band. A Grotesque Pas de Danae. by the Maatera Wood. Song, Mr Denuiaon. Hornpipe by Mis* Cohen., Mad'aelle Desjardins will dance a Swiss Paa Seul To conclude with a Comic Ballet Pantomime entitl ed the LADDERS OF LOVE, Or Dancing Mad ? Jemmy o' the Glen,Mr Denniaou I Auld Dame Meg.Mr. Wood Sawney Buck Egg. Parsloc | Jenny, Mis* Cohen l}_/~ Between the Entertainment* an intermission ot 'l'en Minute* for Promenade and Refreshment*. Doors open at half-past 8 o'clock. Performance to com mence at So'elock. VAUXHAJiL GARUK1V SALOOJI, BOWERY. T^-OPEN EVERY EVENING, RAIN OR SHINE. Where the Public can see seventeen different Performances, and twenty talented Performer*, every night. ALL FOR ONE SHILLING. The performances consist of light, chaste, and genteel amuse meut?alio, Burlesques on all the celebrated Operas. The Manager has added to his former Company, for this week, the much admired MISS COLMAN, The charming Vocalist. Also, PETE MORRIS, The best Comic Vocalist now living. Door* open at 7H o'clock. Performance commence at IX o'clock. DC?" For particular*, see bill* of the day. j22 lw*rc BOWERY THEATRE. Boxes 25 cents. | Pit 12)? cts Complimentary Benefit to J\Tr. S. F. R. Morrin. MONTMY EVENING. June?3d, Will be performed 'he LADY OK LYONS. Claude Melnotte, Mr Morri* | Pauline, Miss Kate Ludlow Singing Danci '? Trial Scene ftxm the MERCHANT OF v h NICE Shylock, Mr 1 Bine | Portia, Mri Madison After which THE LOAN OK A I.OVER. Peter Spyke, Mr J R Hall I Gertrude, Miss Orville To conclude witli the CONGO MELODISTS. j23 I fee THE Manager of the French Opera Company, ha* the honor to announce, iliat a GRANb MUSICAL PERFORMANCE Will be given in honor of the Memory of General Jarkson, at the Tabernacle, Broadway, on Tuesday Evening Next, the 2tth inst The service will consist of a selection from the sacred works of Mozart, Rossini, and other eminent masters. PRINCIPAL SINOKKS ! MLLE CALVE, MME. CA8INI. MME. STEPHEN C(EURIOT, MRS. ARNAUD, COCURIOT, GARRY, DOUVRY, &c. The Choruses will be full and effective, and the Orchestra numerous and complete in every department. Full particular* iu a future advertisement. Ticket* of admission, 30 cents each. Je20r CENTKEVTLLE COURSE, L. I. TWO MATCHES AND ONE PURSE, TO COME OEK ON MONDAY, June 23. lHJ-Purse $100, mile heats, hest three in live, in harness, for Pacing Horses, and closed witli five entries:? R. Tuthill enter* b m Get off my Track I. Smith " b g Ice Hone H.Woodruff" b m Aggy Down Mr Dunn " b m Cayuga Maid P.Hunt " _ b m Peytona A Pacing Match?mile heat* in harne s, for $200. Mr Wells name* b g Sir Archie C.8. Bartine " .????.? ? g Cb Sorrel. Also, a Trotting Match, mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harne**, $100. The above Pur?e w ill positively come off at 3 o'clock T. M.? the matches immediately after. Admission toll a parts of the Course and Stands, fifty cents. JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietc r. Centreville, June 20th, 1846. j21 3t*m L / /. BEACON COURSE. WALKING MAT C H . THE FOLLOWING PERSONS hue mtfted their namn for iliepurer of 4200, for thegreatcst distance walked in one hour to take place on the 30th instant:? James Wood, of Charleston, 8 C. Charles Wright, Oeonie Kice, G. Bingen, R. Hull, Boston. E. Chenny, John 8. Vandiim, J. Taylor, John Thompson. North St-tr, of Canada, Charles Freeman, Charles Kirk, John Navtla, George Whitehead, Wm. ?'ermilya, Wm. 8. Sherwood. Wm. Roorback, J. Boaton, ONE MILE RACE. The following Pedestrians have entered their nameato contend for the Parse of WOO, for a Race of One Mile, to tike place on the 30th instant:? Maj. Henry Stannard, I Win. Lewis, Welch Bantam, Edward Chenoe, Wm. B?rlow, I Igrace Katanehiate, the Indian Richard Hall, I of the Irioquoiae Tribe, Ambrose Jackson, from Canada. John Smith, All entries for the Fire Mile Race, and also for the Hurdle Race, must lie made on or before Mouday evening, the 23d in?t, and for the Teu Mile Race on or before Wednesday evening, the 25th instant. j'-'l 3t*rc PEOPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY?Sundays Eicepted?Through Di rect, at 7 o'clock P M., from the Pier between Conrtlandt and I.ilierty streets. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A Houghton, will leare on Monday, Wednesday and Frid tv Evenings, at 7 o'clock 8teamboat ROCHESTER. Captain R G. Cruttemlen, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot of Barclay street f Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Curtain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Monday. Wednesday, Friday and Suuday Al ternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat NEW JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Furey, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons. ?t S e'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time lor the Morning Train ol Can for the east or west. The Baata are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rate*. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Sclmitz. at the office on the wltarf. jel6 m PASSENGERS FOR SCOT LAND.?The Hue. fast sailing British Banine "TRIDENT," will nail in a few days for Greenock, and can comfortably ac com mod* commodate ten or twelve cabin passengers on ? oderate term* if esrly application be made on board, at Pier No 9, North Ri ver, (loot of Rector atreet,) or to STOKES It \NTHONY. jeW 3t*ec J7 Broad atreet. THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND CRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. AN ADVERTISEMENT will lie found on the outside, in relation to this new and extraordinary discovery in medical science. The object in refering to it is ro warn the imblic against iruritnu imitations, which are enlirrly devoid of a ??l vanic influence, and consequently withont any beneficial effect The MAGNETIC FLUID is always in connection with th? GALVANIC RINGS to promote their more effective action, and to direct the galvanic current to the particular portions which are affected The only Agency in New York is at ITT- IM FULTON STREET, a few doors from Broadway Dr. Cristie intends establishing one authorixed Agency in even eity in the Union, and all imitations of his discovery sold else, when, will be worthless and of noeffert D?e notice will h. given in thia paper of the respective Agenrm which ar.-1 u <e tag established jngj l w*ec BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. W*tHi!?<;T?N, D C? June 31, 1844. Trial of Cufit Voorhrei. The Court Martial met this morning at U o'clock. The Judge Advocate was a little late in making hit appear ance, and some time pievious to bis entrance into the court loom, many hail collected theie to liear the de fence of tho a^cu. ud, and among others u number of la die* were waiting hi Coleman'^ iiaiuKome public parlor, the aseemtding oT tho court. So loon as tlie court was ojiened, the 100m and entries were crowded with spec tator*, who all manifested, by their smilei and underton ed ejaculation*, du i ing the delivery of the able and elo quent defence, thu". their sympathies were greatly rous ed, and their feelings strongly elicited in the behalf and approbation of hii conduct After the .Judge Advocate had finished the reading of the opening proceedings of the journal, Air. Cox, in behalf of tlie accused, began liis defence A few prelimiuaiy remarks were made, a* to the character of the charges, and the plea of tlie nccus cuan-wurud thereto; the orders of Com. Turner, which Cant Vooihees is charged by the Secretary of the Navy as having disobejed, bearing date of the 14th of March, 1844; tire accused dec lined lie was not guilty of any vio lation of duty or disobedience of orders, any violation of national law, or the infringement of any public law, and contended that the taking of the Sancala was an entirely justifiable act; that the wearing of the tlontevidean flag was one to which she bad no right or title, and by sail ing under such a flag was unlawful, and the act done un der that flag, piracy; that if she was commissioned law fully to act by Geu Oribe, the charges under the first specification fall to the ground, as tlie foundation on Which the) were laid was wholly too fragile and unsouud; for by the specifications it was alleged and chaiged the taking of a vessel belonging to a government at peace with the United States, and at war with Montevideo.? Now, (ieu Oribe was not recognised as the head ol any government, and the papers of the Sancala weie simply signed Manuel Oribe, without any of the formalities of the teal of State, ike. lie., and was therefore of no effect, and she was thereby guilty of piracy. The counsel for (he accused alluded to the hauty and arrogant remaik of Louis the XIV. when he said, "I suis l'elate," but for Oen. Oribe, who only bore the title of brigadier general ol the southern division of the Argentine forces, to de clare, "I am the republic," was too supremely ridiculous to tulk of. The counsel spoke of the subsequent orders of Com. Turner, of the :26th of August, and by which he was ordered to repair to Montevideo,had entirely superse ded those of the 14th March; that on the reception of those new orders, those of the 14th of .March were null and of no effect. Allusion was made to the strange peculiarity of the specifications, in not so much as once mentioning what government it had reference to, when it speaks of a government at peace with the United States. The re leasing of the American seamen was ably and elaborate ly argued, and a lengthy and eloauent argument was made upon this subject. The blockade was next taken up, and fully and fairly shown to have beea no blockade at all; that it was doing a groat injury to the commerce of tho United States, by admitting other vessels than American to enter the port without any molestation what ever, on the part of the blockading squadron. The con duct of Capt V. had been applauded by all the officers of his own vessels, and others, of the French, Brazilian, and Knglish Navy, who were on the station at the time, and that the taking of the Sancala had been approbated by his own commander, whose orders he is charged with disobeying, as well as by the American Consul at the port of Montevideo. The rule of action laid down by Capt. V., said the coun sel, could not be otherwise than approbated by every true American heart, " that when we are struck first, to always return the blow," and seek an explanation after wards, but not to go, hat in hand, and in an humble and submissive manner enquire if the insult perpetrated, had really been intended. No, that was not the way to do? and ilsuch a course had been adopted and approved, he hoped to be laid beneath the sod, rather than see one star of our glorious twenty-six dimmed, or one sparkle of it* lustre eradicated. A very merited and just rebuke was meted out to the Judge Advocate, who, had he pursued, with the same assiduity, to defend the honor and charac ter of the accused, as ho had manifested to clear this fo reign officer from a supposed aspersion or charge of falsehood, would hare been more worthy of the approba tion and feelings of an American, and the position which lie held. Allusion was also made to the unfair manner the Judge Advocate had pursued in the examination, and the unjust inuendos he had cast, as to the value of the testimony of Lieut. Browning. The thanks of the ac cused were tendered to the Court, for the manliness of their conduct, and the kindness and generosity they had extended towards him ; but no such mark could be extended towards the Judge Advocate, as he had by his course entirely disqualified himself from the merit of any approbation whatever. A remark made to the Judge at a stage of the proceedings when he was making himself somewhat odious, and by one of the Court, wiU be sure to elucidate his mode of proceedings during the investigation?it was, "That might do in an Old Bailey? but cannot be approved of in a court of honor." After the reading of the defence?of which I here but give a very poor and imperfect account?the Court was cleared anil they proceeded to read the evidence. They will, doubt less, decide upon their sentence before they finally ad journ to-day. The defencc of Mr. Cox will not fail to elicit the warm and most decided approbation; for it ia well worthy of the highest encomiums and praise that can possibly be conferred, and for the short and limited time allotted to its prepaiation, it is truly an c\hi!utioii of ability, talent and learning not frequent to be found. A marked and manifest satisfaction was expieased by many who listened with the greatest attention to its delivery. It lias added but another wreath to the deserving and well-earned laurels of this uble and profound legal gen tleman. He was greeted with smiles and hearty and warm welcome from all his friends, as he retired from the room ; to look on him and then at the Judge Advo cate?the one enjoying a deserved and worthy commen datio i, whilst the other as richly deserves the just and correct animadversions passed upon him?well may we exclaim, "Oh, what a picture is this, my son !" * Philadelphia. C orrespondence of the Herald.] PlIILADKLPHIA, June 23, 184.?. John C. Smith, president of the North American Insu rance Company, and an old and respected merchant of this city, died this morning. Garrick Sharpe, who was injured by the accident at the < amdcn Race Course, when the staging fell, at the grc t race between Fashion und I'eytoua, had his leg amputated this morning. It is doubtf ul whether he wiO survive. A sailor fell from the gangway of the ship Thomas I*. Cope, about half an hour since, undstruck against the outside fender, fracturing his skull, and otherwise injur ing himself, suns to render his recovery doubtlul. Since the riou of July, 1843, in Houthwark, and the withdrawal of the military from that district, at the re quest of a committee of the mob, it has been in a con stant state of riot and confusion. Southwark lias doubled, nay, trebled her police, and yet the rowdy boys, and those connected with one of the flro companies, have persisted in setting the law at defiance. Lust week the Court of (Quarter sessions took the matter in hand, and the lesult was, the breaking up of the Wecacoe Hose Company, one of the principal sources of the riot, and the binding over the members in high bail to keep the peace. Tnose connected with this company were the active rioters in the contest with the military, and their house was the point from which many of their attacks weio made. The procession, &c., in honor of General Jackson, is still the absoibing topic. Our citizens made arrange ments last night in town meeting, but the Mayor of the city declined allowing his name to appear on the com mittee. This is looked upon as an exhibition of partisan feeling.though he says it is in consequence of the neces sity he will be under of attending to his official dut'es. LOST?On Saturday Kvt iiing, at the corner of Maiden Lsne ai.d Natkaii streets, a GoldRing, set with live diamonds. The ti.ider will be suitably rewarded by leavu.g it si this Office. je2:i :tfec L< A OSlVOs Tucsdiy afternoon, I7tli inst., beiw een the New > York Hotel and the Hospital, a 1'ockel Book. The finder is welcome tn the money it contained, biifis iwrlicul.irlj re quested to rcMriithe book with the papers were in it, to No. :H2 Bro.nlw.Tt. jcTJ II' m WANTED LMME 1)1 A TEl. V, A GOOD, sober, Female Servant, that cai cook and do general housework for a small family composed of two l<eople. Apply at No. 47 15th street, between 5th and fitli Ave nue. je23 lt*m WANTED, A SITUATION by a Y'oung Girl from the country, as Chambermaid mid Waiter, or Ims no objection to do (leue r?l housework of a private family. Also, can do plain Cook mil Washing and Ironing. Most unexceptionable references given as to charicter. Address A. I1. at this office. jeZi lt*ec WANTED, TWO Partners, 3 Clerks, 4 Pedlars. 1 ( hambermaid, 1 Por ters, I Buik. riwr, 5 Seamstresses, and 1 good t ook. Ap ply at Room No. .1. 2d floor. 111 Wf*t Broadway. jr23 2t r WANTED. BOARD for the Summer Months, on Staten Inland, for a OentltBian and h{s wife. A good location for Sea Bath ing is necessary. Address, stating rarticulars und terms, which tniiHi be moderate, to A. H. < ? at the Herald Office. je? lt*? i: WTANTKn I MM! DIATKLY-A smart, ac:ive boy; o.fe vv who can read sad write, M'ply stthi* ofl?ce. jtl 3t* re SITUATION WANTED. Y'Ol' \'G ENGLISHMAN, who has resided in theUuited Stat"s one year, in the saB>? capacity, wants is situation i valet or groom to a genoMiaa. lias no ohjectiou to tr.ivel. Good relermees given. Please address bo* 333 Lower Post Of fire. jel? tw*ec WaNTCK BY A FIIF.NCH YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to take ehar*e of children, or as lady's maid, with a family going to VlMte. She can give the best of references. Address by letter, to M. P. A., Herald Otfiee. jelT lw'm W ANTKD.-A few active, intelligent men, to act esupnt* for the sale of new and popular Publications. indifferent iwrts of the country. >300 per year over their board will be insured them in writing?with an opportunity of clearing >1000 per year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our employ, will no doubt make over $1(100 |>er year, clear of all ex pences and there is about hall a doren places open, which must he filled ; eseh m-n will have his district, and it will be neces sary for them to have at least $25 or *50. to obtain ajfood luting out. None need apply unless he has that amount, for it is our object to get them started in such a manne' as will be beneti cial to them, as well as to us. Apply at H Dnane street. Letters must be jwet paid. jel'J Im'rh GUNTEH'S dining saloon, 147 Kultrsn St., New York. rpHE Sl!BS( RILKH having taken the above premises, sad J. tilted It up in a stylt surpassing that ofaay e?t?hl'sh?ei?l of the kind in New \ork. begs to call the sltentwjjif Ins friends in town and country, to the ?qnvenienees which hM establishment affords. To men whose business and profe* -tonal pursuits require them to he supplied stain hour in the day. this Dining Noon will he particularly convenient. f.very luxury which may be desired will be found, while the most issidious attention will he shown to the wants and wishes of customers. ? .. , To those who visit the city from the country, pecultai le cilities are afforded. Kverj ?? daily set ved up at so eco. nomical a price, that all can snjm them. 1 he subscriber feels persuaded that * call at his establishment will be satisfactory to every visitor. _ ? .. u I /"Open on Snnda\s. H H, GUN1 v jefl Imeoil itwy're 147 V niton street, CARVER* HALL, ? ' _. v,r xttife ncsi^l* . bought '"id --Id; money 1 aned and mvest'd, |v%9?d ind r?nt? collar**! ^