Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1845 Page 3
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ft: A'lridtir poiti ? ?? 142 60' Turkey, Levant, 6tc 61# 3.471 l-W 6i' Hayti JB,44? 188,173 <1,801 201," Texas 6,401 I.MO 87r Mexico 19,602 90,464 21,010 90,00 Ce Ural Republic of Ami tica 469 2,442 1,121 5W Venezuela 28,796 147,173 27,071 133,9"* Until 292,406 1,197,123 288,l?l 1,493,41 Cj?|.latuie Republic, 13,327 64,264 42,281 198,12 Chill 6,478 39,467 4,863 27,04: " ruenti >? Hepo. lie 22,132 120,801 7,071 36,01 ?w Orinada 2,761 13,768 2,?29 13,38. We t Indies generally 1,628 8,KOI 2.404 11.84. South America generally.. 1,M0 10 R81 5,420 39,40" China 220 1,247 2,000 1J.J4 Aiia generally. 763 4,388 409 8,?. Afnra generally 3,728 21,170 3,708 ?.99 South Sen and Sandwich . ... islands J,307 27,928 1,710 ?.!* ToUl 1,414,817 7,749,616 1,438,474 0,749,48H Eiforts from the United States roa Several Xf4.1"' Ytart. Barreh. Jlv'gepnce. Value. 1835 779.403 $4 67 1838 401,9* 7 00 1837 318,311 9 40 2.987.269 1838,... 433,444 8 00 3,603,299 1819 392.613 7 AO 6 924,170 184 0 1,893.121 4 37 1 0,113,614 1841 1,414,817 4 12 7,749,646 1812 1,283,602 4 74 7,374,*6 1813, nine months 841,474 4 47 3,763,071 184 1 1,438.471 4 67 6,749,4Pj The lowest average price touched was in 1843, aud the highest in 1887. The largest exportation was iu 1840, and nearly one-third of the total amount exported that year went to Great Britan. Of the 1,893,131 bbl*. exported in 1B40, 1,300,940 bbls. were shipped to Oreat Britain and her possessions, at price* averaging $5 37 per bbl. This unusual demand from Oreat Britain and her possession!,foroui breadstuff's wasproduced by a short harvest in the mother country, and the necessity of obtaining larger supplies than usual from abroud. Prices in this country were at the time very much reduced in consequence of repeated abundant harvests, and the re* cent contraction in the currency, and We could export our principal cUplos moro profitably than for many years previous. The importation of breadstuff's into Oreat Britain every year is very large, the products of the United Kingdom being annually much less than tho de mand for consumption* The annexed table will show the quantity imported every year Corn, Grain aud Flour Imported into Great Britain in each YkaR from 1st January. 1830 to 1813. Imported/rum Total Im? rear. Ireland?Q>j. vortrd?Ort. Huineh. 1830 2,214.421 4.640.4CT 37,204,436 1831 2,429 182 4,971,182 47,769,446 1832 2 990,767 3,788,664 30,309,320 1833 2,737,441 3,191,710 24,433,6811 1034 2.792,648 3,341,548 26.8U.464 1834 2,679,438 3,000,643 24,001,701 1836 2,948,272 3.G0I.864 28,814,920 183 7 1,030,293 4,346.223 34,819,781 1838 2,474,302 4.009,031 40,072,248 1839 2.243,141 6,831,249 41,449,99g 181 0 2,327,78 ! 6,318.301 40,44ft I3j 181 1 2,844,424 6,442.406 . 4'.339,24s 184 2 2,083,GOO 4.806,1197 46 443,47r 1843 2,781,408 4,167.823 33,342,484 The importation of grain into Great Britain from foreign countries range* from ten to twenty millions of bushels annually, of which, about one aDd a half millions of bushels are received from the United States. Ireland supplies England with about one-half of the quantity an nually required. With not more than fifteen millions o( acres under cultivation, but little more than the State o New York, she supplies England annually with a quantity of grain three times greater than is exported from the United States to all the world. The production of wheat in the United State* in 1843, amounted to 100,310,896 bushels, equal to 30,063,371 bbls. of flour, of which about one million barrel* were export ed. The production of wheat in 1844 was equal to 19,131,400 barrel* of flour, of which l,438,d74 barrels were exporte 1?leaving a balance in the country equal to about ono barrel per head per annum. This surplus, i* of wheat alone, the production of which is only about one-fifth that of corn. Nearly one-tenth of the agricul tural production of the United States is annually ex_ ported, leaving nine-tenth* for home coniumption.? All we want i* market* for our production* to itimulate cultivation, and we could supply all Europe with bread stuffs. Since 1838 the wheat crops of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois, have nearly dovbled, and the pro ductions of the soil increase ten-fold more rapidly than consumers. According to the census of 1840, 3,719,951 individuals in the UnitedStates were employed in agricul ture, and only 909,356 in commerce and manufactures. A very great change has no doubt taken place in tho employment* of tho people of this country since 1840. Tho revival oftrado, and rapid increase of manufactures have required a greater number of laborers in these branches, and many may have been withdrawn from the cultivation of the soil, to supply the demand for opera tors in manufacturing establishments. The agricultural class has been by no means reduced by the withdrawal of those required in this branch of business. The great influx of foreigners has increased the number of pro daecrs full as fast a* consumers, and every employment i* fully supplied with laborers. In 1840. when the last census was taknn. thorn were more ;n tural pursuits than fur many year* previous. The re vulsions that just previous to that time had taken place In commercial affairs, induced many to turn their atten tion to agriculture who were previously engaged in mer cantile and manufacturing operations. Since the time* have improved, and every branch of busine** has become active, and the productions of the soil, and of every other industry, within the past year, have without doubt l>eon greater than for any previous year. The increase in (Ireat Bri tain is very large in the numbor engaged in commerce and trade. Within ten years, from 1831 to 1841, the num her engaged in agricultural pursuits decreased. Comparative Tabi.k of ICmploymioth. 1831. mil. liter, liter. Agriculture 1,251,761 1.215.264 ? 36,187 Commerce and trade 1,572,292 2,039,409 467,117 ? The changes that occurred in the interim are not given> and as the numbers employed in any particular industry fluctuates, from time to time, ai the policy of the govern ment and the movements in the currency may make them profitable, or otherwise, we may tak? it for granted that thii ii a very favorable view, taken at a very favor able time. In this country, where the exiitence of every commercial interest depend* upon the policy of the go* vernment and tb c state of the currency, the number em ployed in the different branches of business fluctuates enormously , and in no one more than in manufacturing establishments. Old Stock Exchange. S'^lONYCityJ's. "70 99)4 50slias Canton Co 41 30(0 Ohio 7'? 101)* 50 do 41,K 5000 Illinois s|>cl bonds 3(1 50 uo blO 41.? 300 slias Mech's Bk 109 25 do \\% 50 Bk Coin, scrip 911 25 do slO 41, a II Ohio Life ana Tr ops49 I"" t1?" ?"'.I lONYOasCo U6'.i 75 de |2'2 l.'iO Morris Canal 3I'* 50 Kast Boston |J i too do blO S1J-I 100 L Island Kit 71*4 2J do 3ltf 50 do 71 50 Farmers* Tr b60 36 25 Housstotiic HR 30 25 do 36 25 Stonington KK 2!) - 10 do 36Si 125 Nor and Wore 1-30 70 no do Itr.'.i 50 do opg 70 1110 do I i,o 36>a 200 Reading ltR 55 Keroad Hoard* > 1000 lVnn'a 5's 76 S'>000 Illinois "pel lids bit 18 25 shas Canton Co 12V 25 slias Stonington RR 29 V 25 dn H'i 150 L Island Hit *30 71, New Stock Bxeltangr. 75 slias tl 8 Bank c 5 50sli\s N/4'in N?v s30 111 200 Haruiers'Tr 1)3 36!* 5 Nor and Wore opg ?9H 125 do s3 36>4 100 do opff 70 100 ? bnw 36'* 25 do *10 70 50 do 36!-, 25 do July II 70** 50 do *30 3T> 25 do s30 <19)4 50 Canton Co ?3 12 2.5 do MM 70 25 do *15 42'* 25 do sl5 70 I 50 do s30 4 IS Males of Stock* nt Boston. Eit-HAttog B?A?r>, June 3B.?45 shires Kast Boston Co, 13'?? 75 do, sol-.n, 1JW; got heshire Kit, 100>.i; 20 do, so4m, I0l'i; 50 Wilmington hit, 17,'?; 50 do, holm, 17*,; 300do. solm, no nit, l'Ki 200 do, solm, 17 7-IG; 50 Heading RH, solOd, J71*; 10 Nor V.rli and Worcester HH, 71; ICOdo723*; I50do, solm,72^: 250 Lout Mnnd Hit, 71^; 50do7l?4; .50do. holm, 72; 27 Mercht's Batik, 108',; 100 Western UK, bo20d. 104,^. U. A. O. D. UNITED BROTHERS LOUUE NO. iT f|1H? Members of this Lodge an- requested to meet nt their 1. Lodge Itooin, Ce aire stretl, on Mundy Evening next, June 30 lit 15, ?t n o'clock P. M , as business ol importance will lie I ud before tliein. fly order, WM. FA1RBROTHF.R, N. A. Jollt l.i (???, Becret \ry, je28 ?teod*rc NOWLAN'S HOTEL, At Harlem Hlver. Gl EORGE NOWI.AN respectfully returns his most sin r cere ttianks to his frienas alio the public for the liberal support which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to inform them thit he Ims filled up the large eitab|i?lin>ont at the termination of the, on till- I.I lud, and on tlie Bvik of the River, when' he is prepared to fur ish visitors with Bre kfast>, Dinners, 'Peas, Suppers, and o'her refreshments, at the shortest notice. O.iod ground, and every accntnmi d iimii for Military Compa nies. All th-Railroad Cars laud peoeugers in I'ront of the Hotel for I2}4 ce:ils. from th? Ciiy H ill. j. on nXirrWhOTS ~ WASHINGTON HOUSE, Client nnt Street, ABOVE BEVBNTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, T H I L A t) E L r H I A . IT/*" Batlis just introdneed?Warm and Cold?in fins apart incuts?for both ladies and Ocntlenieu. ie28 lm*ec NOTICE. IK the (tenth man that lives in Bleecker street will return ? Drib (Ivercoat that he borrowed of the B .rk?eper of the Uaitery Hotel, some ten weeks past, he will much oblige th. owner by doing so, and paving the expense of this adverti* nient. j-*? lt*ec LIGHT, KLASTIO fcVIOK FITTING IVJUS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT METALIC SPRINOSOR CLASPS. lo UK HAt> oisi.v or OHAKLHS ItinGWAY, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, NO 25 WALL STRliET, Opposite thr Cuktom Houmk. N. B ? Formerly of Howard's I'otel ie?8 Im'rc nitl (JS, fcC.?I small Case 15 lbs. Vanilla He .us. 20 ' his Jamaica (linger Root. 600 o*. Hydriodate Potass. 200 fro?e l.orofoco Matches. For sale by JA?. ?. A8PINWALL, JeJI Jt'eo M William street. w FOR SALE A SPLENDID SOKKKL IIORHK, 8 >e>r*old MJH Iwods high, extremely well broken for tin: **<J .11* ?i'i goes nuietlv in harness. It nur b? ?e?n > "a'trrsallj, and will be sold at (lie Auction on Monde* Oth instant. je28 2t*rr WANTED?A young man with from *300 to (WW c??h, I travel with a g?ntlemau and take a share ii * vei) ligl d easy business. tin* i rofitsof which will yield from $50 '? MO wr week, or if preferred a >ahry of $12 per w eek will h? iid lor hia services and use of liia money This situation wil be iwrmauoiit and tin- employment eery pleasant. None need pt'ly unless they can fnriu'.h tlia required aum in cash. Fur n?r iufonnation can I e lnd by addressing a letter, peat paid. t< Vlr Beck, at Freuch's Hotel, 133 Fulton it. stating name, resi dence and nil particulars. j2? It'ec MUSIC. L ADV, who lias a thorough knowledge of Music, being tU|M by the pat mv-ters in Europe, and feeling herseli fully competent to instruct in that accomplishment, would wiah to derote her time to the inatruction of young ladies, on mode rate terma. A note addreaaed to A. B C., at the office ofthia paper, ahall be punctually attended to. jetg lm*rc 'ANTED IMM DIATELY?An active and intelligent Boy at tliia Office. Enquire at t^? deak. je27 3tih WANTED?Several Cornish Miner*. Apply to EVERETT fc BATTELLE, je26 Jt'ec 116 South street. WANTED.?A few active, intelligent men, to act "SM[eiit? for the aale of new and popular Publication*, iu different parts of the country. $300 per year over their board will he insured tliem in writing, with an opportunity of clearing SlOOfl per year, aud more if tney are active Some men, now iu our employ, will no doubt make over $1000 per year, clear of all ex pence*, aud there ia about half a doxea places open, which must tw filled : each man will have hi* district, and it will be neces sary for them to have at least (25 or $50 to obtaiu a good fitting out. None need apply unleu lie has thai amoout. for it isour object t? get them started in such a manner a* will be benefi cial to them, a* well a* to u*. .Ajnri y at 95 Duane street. Letter* must be post paid. IO'T-By a passenger landing from tlie haniue Per*e verance, from B Ifast, two Trunk'. *everal Baudho-es. and a Feather Bed. Any p-rson giving information whe e hiicIi goods are, or returni r the to 93 Perry street, or?l Pearl strert, New York, will <?? ha >dsnmo(y rew -rded je27 3t*ee FEVER AND AGUE WYNKOOP & CO.'R COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE ?For the cure of Fever and \gue. Remittent ?"d Inter mittent Fevers.?The proprietors of tins medicine having the greatest confidence in Us virtues, have .beeu induced to offer it to the pubiic, with the assurance that it will effect a speedy aud permanent cure of that dis'ressing complaint. It is highly recommended, and has beeu extensively used with distinguish ed success in relieving mauy of those who are suffering under thisscourve of our country; when used according to the direc tions,has NEVER FA1 LED of effecting a permanent cure in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. Persons of weak stomach and childreu may take it without the least difficulty. It strengthens the stomach and digestive organs, induces an appe tite, and seldom requires more than one bottle to effect a cure. It is purely vegetable, aud contains nothing injurious to the most delicate constitution. We offer the Tollowing testimo nials from two physicians who have used it iu their practice with uniform success:? Gents?1 have used your medicine, called " Couipouud To nic Mixture," in cases of Fever and Ague, and have found it to answer the puri>ose better than anything 1 have ever prescribed in my practice. I have used it when employed as Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy, on different stations, and when we have had us many as forty or fifty cases on the sick list at one time, and it has always proved successful. I re commend this article from a certainty of its effects aud a pre ference over all other articles iu medicine for that distressing complaint. Yours, be. G. H. TRAPHAOAN, M. D. New York, May 8, 1815. NbwarRlN. J., May 10, 1815. Sir*?Having adopted the use of your Tonic Mixture for the cure of Ague and Fever, I regard it as deserving of public con fidence, and as a medicine that will maintain the claims you make for it. In every case, so far a* I know, where I have prescribed it in Ague and Fever, it has been successful. 1 find it an excellent Tonic iu debility following Fever* generally. 1 hope it may get the extension and patronage it deierves. Very respectfully, L. D. FLEMING, M. D. Thi* Mixture is prepared by R. D. Wynkeop, Druggist, C2 Vesey st. New York, and for sale by Dr. L. D. I< leming aud B. McCormic, Newark, N. J.; A. Reynolds8cCo, Buffalo; O.fc J. G Hill, Detroit, Mich; G. F. Thomas, Cincinnati, O; J. M Barstow, Philadelphia; Wm O. Hunting, Charleston, S. C.; and J. McChesney, Chicago, III. je28 !m*ec THE EYE. DR. POWfcLL AND DR. DIOSSY, OC ULISTS and OPHTHALMIC SURGEONS, No. 201 Bron<lwny, Corner ok Warrkn Street, New York, CONFINE their Practice to Diseases of the Eye. Opera tions upon that org in anil it* appendages, and to all imper fections of Vision. Testimonials from the most eminent medi cal men of Europe and America. Reference to Patients who h*ve lieen perfectly cured of Amaurosis, Cataract,Ophthalmic, Nehnlsc or Specks on the .Eye, Strabismus or Squinting, lie. ARTIFICIAL EVES inserted, (without any pain or opera tion.) that cannot be distinguish) d Horn the natural. SPECTACLES.?Advice given as to the kind of Glasses suitable to particular defect -.. The Foortreatedgratnitously. jeL'U lm*m DOCTOR GODET. G1 RADUATE of the University of Edinburgh, has taken l an Office at No. OS Mercer street. je28 3teod*ec TO BAKERS AND OTHERS. THE subscriber contemplating removing to the country, offer* for sale his business, No. 57 Hamersley street.) (established for the lastfourteeu years) with every utensil ne cessary to carry on an extensive business. The premises were built by liim two years ago exclusively for a balteiy, and are convenient, light, and well ventilated. The building fronts on Hamersley street, and exte ids through to Downing street; entrinre Irom both itreeis. There are two excellent ovens II feet by !); a large tlour loft, sitting room, lied rooms, Sic. There is a first rate store custom, also an out door rou e. The family baking has for years past been more than sufficient alone to pay the rent. Any person disposed to purchase, can do so by applying on the premses, where he will receive evtry in for mat ion. with terms. Itc. JAMES TURNBU^L. New Vork, June 27, ISIS. je27 lw?ec A FIRST RATE OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLISHERS AND OTHERS WHO REQUIRE C O I> PE RP LA TE P R IN TIN G. THE advertise-, a young man who lias hail extensive experi ence iu his business, in some of the first Offices in Europe Mttl.i" Al|i?."B"?Vpt-v;i'>iilie:est'?vrrt?o<?r.? ???? services would be required. He owns a first rate Press, the use ol which lie will give gratuitously during his engagement. Re ferences as to character and capability given. Terms moderate. Address C. A., Herald Office. je27 2t* rc MAGASIN JAPANAIS, 69 Dunne Street* AH. PARKER, Agent, from Ain.terdam, most respect ? fully informs his friends and the public in general, that he has received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of Japanese. Porcelain Jars and Vs sea, Flower Bottles, Plates, Di?lies, Cups 'lid Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Oroups aud Figures: Cu|>s and Saucers; an cient Fans of the 16th century; aud two Ebony W oodeu C.irved Arm Choirs, from tin* yetrs 16t8aii<J 1577, formerly bt*ioi?Keu t? the Cardinal Ximenies, (treat luqui-itor of S|>aiu, sue ? as neve has been seen in this countr) ; ol which lie can dispose at moderate piices. Ladies and (Jen lemeu, if you wish to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Catholic Churches; to be seen from 10 A.M. till 6 P. M. j?27 2m?rh MARINE PAVILION. Rockawav, 27th June, 1846. THIS Oreat Sea Bathing Establishment i? now open for th> X He iso n. and fa?t filling up with Families All desirous'I obtaining qu .rtera must apply early to the Subscriber, at the Astor House, New York! HIRAM CRANS1 ON. je27 6tis*eC COI'Pi.R?lOO cases Kuglith Shesthiug Copper, comprising a complete assortment, from 16 to 30ox, aver] xrticle, being m inufa tured from the beat of ore. sele great csre and for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, by je27 ec E. K. COLLINS* CO., 56 8 plete assortment, from 16 to 30ox, a very siiDerioi " ' ?- ' .-tedwiti. South at. PELT?English Patent Sheathing Felt, snittble for roofs of houses and ship bottoms, a very sni>erior article, and of great be .etit not only to the bottom of vrs els, but al?o to the Cupper. For sale by E. K. COLLINS (t CO , 56 South at. j*27 ec WHEAT?5000 bushels Illinois Wheat, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by j27rc E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South st. BK.KSWAX?2 casks pure Missouri Wax, jnst.received and ?or sale by a. K COLLINSSt (JO.M South st ir27 ec MOHAWK AND HUDSON RAILROAD COM PAN i BONDS OF 184D. INTEREST on the above Bonds, duel st July, will be paid to the holders on presentation at the office of DREW, ROBINSON It CO.,52 Wall st New York. June 26, IM5. Je27 lw'ec poTATt,ES ime Nova Scot purchasers, oi^ hoard Schooner Bee, Cunt. Comer, foot of Rosevelt street, East River, or enquire of M.ssra. CORWIN, 8TOW *t CO.. je27 Ut'rc 91 South street. 1U|Ul Bushels Prime Nova Scotia Potatoes lor sale, in )OyU lots to suit | TREASURER'S OFFICE, Norwich ami Worckstkr Railroad Co., Norwich, Conn., June 21. 1845. 1 A DIVIDEND ofThree percent for the last six months, fias been dec's, ed on the <liares of this Corporation, pay. ble on and after the fir.t day of July next, to the holders of Stock on the 28ih inst., at ilie Transfer Office over the Suffolk Bank. Boston; at the Buik of the State of New Vork, in the City of New Vork, and at this Office. The Bonks will be clo-ed from the 27th of June instant, to the 4th of July next inclusive. O. 8. PERKINS, je2*ltoJnly5 jgh Treasurer. FOR SALE. THE Lease and Fixtures of a Refreshment Saloon, nicely fitted np, on Broadway, and doing a very good business. To a Lady wishing to establish herself in a business of thia kind it offeia an excellent opportnnity For particulars address O. R. B., at the Herald office, for the purpose of an interview. je26 5t*rc \%fatcHes:-watches and jewelhi ? i Hum vv who wish to purchase (Jold or Silver Watches, Hold Chains, (iold Pencils, Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selliug all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city. Oold Watches as low as $20 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewely repair ed in the beat mauiier aud warranted, at much less than the usu^l price O. C. ALLEN.Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, 51 Wall street, m25 lin*ee Late w. cor st no NA' IV EMURMUEKlEs PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attentionpf his friends and the public to some splendio goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, which, being imported direct flrom the European manufactories, will be sold at a tritling advance oil the original cost He won Id also call atten tion to several lots purchased at auction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserving an early inspection. The following ?re very desirable, being 25 per cent under the ns?a' retail prices? High-neck Chemisetts, richly ambirjidered, from 14a to $3,5* WOrtli $2.25 to $5,50. VX! Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for Is., usual price ins Cd. 150 Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price$5. 50 do do very rich, from $6 to $11. 200 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from 4s to $3,54. 1 case Embroidered Dresses,from $3 upwards. 500 dot Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. 50 do do extra large si?.e, for gentlemen's US*. 45 do do liemstirh do. from 3s td. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered uuusually cheap. 5 cases or various styles of Swiss and French Mnslins, in ?tripes, plaids, figures, *c. ke. A lot new Mnslin Trimmings, Lares, Veils, Hosiery,Gloves, yc., lie., all of which will be sold derided bargains. ?nvll Im're No. T71 nilOADWAV OOA1IC ALMANACK FOR 1W?, FOUR KINDS NEWS agents, cheap imhlicitlioii depots, booksellers, and the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual ippcarauce of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun ami fine engravings extracted with care from the laughing volume of nture. Fisher's Comic, Turner's Comic, Crockett's (Jo h Head Comic, and De Daiki.s Comic, thuse on the spot will c ill. look, laugh, and buy ; those i>t i di trice ?ill order, 0' ?end for samples. Ajw;'\s o i ?j|, t!ie jtrea'.c it Variety and luantity of < hildrens' B.i. ik?, colore! and plain; .Voug Bonks, colored prints, ike. kc. in the crli iti). c.tulogurs on np|dica tion. Show Bills of all kinds given to dealers. We s?ll low, v?rr low, lor cssh. and do Hall Justice to all orders, ill tim*, kinds, quantity, and Dries, C OM* AI.L WHO ARK SUFFERING FROM PAIS, Be Cured without Charge or Kxpcuse. HAKTINE'8 LOTION, the grttiletf Remedy ever known for nil the Com plaint* which it;n-ofe?se? to curt, will be given Gratis to the afflicted who rannol qffbrd to purchase by, applyuffr to 393 Broidunf, New York. BARTINK'B LOTION?The I otimi wu invented some < rait .ico, and is the production of acci idental discoveries uded bv ?kfll and einerience Tlie origin d design of it <n|?lr for the inventor s own us*, but no sooner had it become ?tahltshrd in his practice, than inquiries began to be made, by he friends of those who had heen beu.-btted by ita virtuas, where it might be procured Thin it* fime began to ?|?vad '.rom individual to individual. until it became known aa a never ailing cure, in most of the lame citie? in the Union. Without puttiuif, or the aid of the |>ublic press, it haa acquired iu own celebrity and found its way iulo public favor as an unriv illrd md extraordin ry balm iu tliecure of many of the ill* to which mankind are subject. Iu case* of Gout, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kinds, Dis locations rr Fracluied Bones, Bruises, Cuts, Contusions at tendril with pain and inflammation, Poisonous Bites and Htinti, Bum, fcalds, Chilblains Coma or Bullion*, aud Wounds of every description, it aiford* an immediate and per manent relief It is, perhaps the only article that can ne de pended upon iu the cure of those pains iu the back aud side, generally produced by taking cold niter violent exertion and overheating. Kor Glandular Tumors, l<umbago. Erysipelas, retter or Ring worm, and all kin s of Eruptions of the Skin, it is & most excellent remedy. Kor Kover and Agn-, Ague in the Breast mil Face, Cramp in the Stomach, and Headache, it acts like a charm. But above all, in the cure of '1 endino_i?? and Capsular injuries, Sprains, aud Wounds of every description, it shows in a inoi-t astonishing maimer, its magical powers. In addition to tlie benign inllueuce the Lotion exert* over the accident* and infir nities ol luan, it has been found ||'> less v dis able iu similar complai'its to which inferior animals are su ject, particularly 'he H"rse, who^e value and useful ness demands ihrt ]>eciiliar care ol its owners Iu some eyes, wl e e it his been appl ed to this fie creature fur inju ries, it ha-, in addition to an almost i '?taiit eous cure, Riven app >rotly ? tw a imation a> rf v v-icity to the animal, (to sncli aa exte> tihat in var out instances tliewinni'ig of a race has been tenac ously ascribed to the stimulatng a d hippy effects of the I.otiou, rather I; au the natural speed of the ?nima|.) It lias h come equally celebrated as an tin versal specific both for man aud bea?t. The follow tng are some of ilie complaints mo.t coinunou to the horse in which i' has proved its superiority. The Lotion ia composed e tiielv i f the medicinal proper ties of vegetable substa res c nceutrated and rendered most pure by distillation and other chemical processes As an in ward medicine, 't is the most innocent wholesome, s iinnla tiiiK and cheering character, and hill exp I, ixstHntly, those dull, heavy and hypncho' driacal feelings 10 which many are subject, and givellfe and animation to both bod* aud mind lo be. had iu New York of Thorns* 8. Bartine, of!l2 Ve?ey street, opposite Washington Market, at 75 cents per single hot tic, with pro|>er directions for use ou every bottle ; T. Butler, No. 1 Nassau street ; at the Drug Store, corner of Sixth Ave nue and Thirteeutli street. Also, of the Proprietors, 32:1 Broadway, where there will be made a liberal discount to those who waut to purchaae by the quantity for shipping or other uses. Agents wanted for the sale of the above Lotion. C. S. BARTINE k CO., Proprietors, Principal Depot, 323 Broadway, N.Y. i Where n large volume of testimonials may be seeu from highly respectable parties iu this city and other part*. ju28 lmrrc ] CARVKttte HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate Agents, 33 Wall street. New York: 51 North Sixth street, Philadelphia Pbus, Si ecifications and Estimates for Build ing; Drawings and Specification* for Patent Rights. Real Es tate bought and sold; money loaned and invested; property leased and rent* collected. je22 'in*rc HO CITY AND COUNTRY MUSIC DEALERS AND PROFESSORS OF INSTRUMENTAL MU8IC. THE UNDERSIGNED would respetfully inform his friends and patron*, that he h?* juat received, from Europe, a large assortment of Violins, of various price* and quality; Cello; Double Bass; Ophilide, with 0 and II keys; Bas* and Tenor Trombones, with valve aud plain; French Horn, with valve anil plain; Trumpets; Comets; Bugles. See Avery superior quality of Violin Strings, and otlier instru ments, wholesale and retail, by J. F. WOLTER, 116 West Broadway, up itairt. Military Band* supplied at the most reasonable terms. jel? lm'rc DR. BOSTWICK, No. 75 Chambers Street, ONO known to thi* community as a skilful and successful Operative Surgeon aud Practical Physician, may be con sulted any time during the day and evening. FREE ADVICE TO THE POOR will be given every day between 3 and 4 o'clock. For a proof of hi* success in the treatment of Surgical and Medical Dis eases, he refers the reader to the Monthly Report of the New York Medical aud Surgical Institute iu uuolher column. To st'sugcr* or auy one requiring it references will be given to many of the most eminent medical men of this city, as to hi* resiiectabilitv and qualifications. Office 75 Chambers street, first house w est of Broadway. je2G 2tis?rc. UST PUBLISHED?And for sale by Wm. Radde, No. 322 JJrondw*y. a Maniml of HOVHKPATHIC PRESCRIPTIONS, By II. Sherrill, M. D., Meinberol the N. Y. Hi>m<**ntbic In stitute, and author of the Treatise on Epidemic Diseases, j. 20 3t*rc L BOARUimf. TWO or three resjpectabl* Youiir Men can 1* teil with Breakl&st nnd Ten, with single Bed*, lor l wo Dollar* P?r week, full board $2 75, at 179 ( kurch street, one d fjr b!?l^tpectable referenced required. j2f. 3t*rc TO FLUTE AMATEURS. jeiaj 3t"ri- . ? ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. LOST or stolen last Sunday night, a Luly'i * V*eJ ins two one hundred dollar bills on the bute i 0rk letter G. or C. One Mexican Doubloon; one half do do, ciJlXd.. do; one English Sovereign; one half American K.sgle; 3 small Mexican Silver com called Qua tdlos; and three brass Wliist Marker*, the one'* face repreaentiur Queeu V ic toria, the other's face unrku 1,2, 3, like the ? The Busier will reeeive the above revvnd and uj.'iMttl."* ?? tuition. a i JJily, ? s'tuation " y*, ; d . oroftfie French and Oerman Kuglish, which he MW^snuenuj , ^ different branch** o i SS emdUberal education, andalso drawing and painUng o , either laudscape*, head* or flowers. name ud residence The* can t*had, ""jj ^,7^Rector of the iwVp^sTnt 'cfinrel'ofth.. city. No. W^rankliu sm-1 in* Iw*" ??u 1N liiiKMK) uw-in willh^foondCjWiM' .t*l Norn>?. ?s :s: SSXS?.'Or .1" ,*8?i,f ILnpul. - I ? ?: TO CITY anU ANDUSTtAMB(^TRPROPRIKTOR8, CITV 1G3 Greenwich Street, Ho__. Mingyong, Coupon ^ucho^^ wracn ^ (JooJ his season, which, "?' 'rX"n Wt hare also tme (^overnmerrt"it^^CoffVi, as ns-al. routed and '^^SjfZSJXSSSS.! t>articularly at 121 CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York?121 Chatluun 361 Orand st. *nd JU Bleeckat '"phihdelphia-W Ch**tnut street, and 16 Kifthrtreet. ' myD 2?w*ip 1 _ Y stSkt bktween^br6adway AND So. 37 DhY 81 JKrftA kiwir.Il STKKKT. CAN OS SCOTT rvturn* uEeTb?1 the'^Xral'^api.ort re" itrict attention to merita' cwjnuwwce ujerroi ^ w(jj known of his Ales, Wine*, L rt'm5n t of Refreshment* to be L? i""1nQ.T.7,Vll twelves* night?inch a* Beef Steaks. Mut had at all time*,till tweiv . Kgg*. Sirilmei, Ioached s^iter&SWS'S! comparison, for yean wst, to tUnPHed with Knglish ible m the city No Hon e v? thr latest news by the FOR THE SPRING TRADE. D.L-T7 HROTHKR ?t CO, No. 13 John street, are mann IKTZ, * _ ? h(UJj complete assortment facturin*,*ndh**e alwa> description*, which they ..I article, ... tneir line, ol tlw tolloWMI< { . "Cornell?* t Co. ' "iemi ail?iiWe^or bronxed. Otrandole*. various pattern*, gi 'Dorlc Cnm,,hene Lamp*, Suspending oolar*, do do HfLWKL Bracket do do Solar ( handeher*, i\n do r-tent l'"",^l';nd1.L"mP,, Oaiml'hene ( handelier*, BntwiaH*n4Ump*, rure Sperm Oil, gnperiorCljemical Oil, Urd 6, . do Buratenid. Refined WUal* Oil. mhieiiwf^e ? Look M Tbia? SUPERIOR MARKING PL.ATES AND ALPHABETS Cl/7. BY JOSEPH S1 M P S O N, # So M fllLTON. N**? to I' Jet lw rrc ? MILITARY EQUTPMENTa y 1H,. B& ??'? ! TilV uS'u JfnMT ...U NOTICE. L1. . meet, and fitted up for the accommodation of all iu want of e mployment. (^.11 at ?'i Dnane street. jejo-lm'm . , /S A?1 I HON WA . f.K 1'11't.h, ol dilleiei't ?i*es, constaul v ' Iv on hand. . ? ??

Also, American P.? ^{JhTnu foN h UICI^UIDH^ mT? S??* r.^TTF r\NAMA, from Hull?1 oimig" e. I>r ,hi. L ]%] Pl.?e .end U.e.r I^rmiu ,o 0,e office ?f the . rssal snbscri t>e ?ent to the public store*. ^ South street. VlfYllK I'UHLK,. i n^'oSane m ?on^??'Um J* I SB"*" AUCTION NOTICES. SECOND HAND FURNITURE. \UCTION NOTICK.-llv Sniff.II St C0.--TI1U Day, ?? 1# o'clock an asaortinent of Furniture, restored from llobo ken t'omprising Wardrobe^, Mahogany, Tew. and Pining Ta lei French Bedsteads. Mahogsi v Muckers. Dressii if Bureaus. Divans Ottomans, Revolving Pining T.iklai, Solas, Marble Top I)r ssi::g Tables, Bed?, Btwiu( MtUmn, Enclosed do do. High Post Bed<teid?, Hall and Astral Itusips, 12 Parlor and Bedroom Caipet.. fitc. jc28 1t'ec B~KNJAMIN VIOONKY will sell This Itay at 10 o'clock, it the store S3 John street, a lot of Fancy Ooivls, by ordei of Executors, consisting of Knriich and Kngliili Jewelry', Silk Bags, Beads, Cushions, Light Stands, Raxor Strops, Lot of Toys, fcc Alio, lot of Wi r Seivea, damaged. Also, 1 Desk, suitable for a lawyer or couuti?g house. Also, 1 Matrass. Also, 23 bbls. Caroliua Potatoes. I Also, 1 large Grind Stone. Also, 1 Lathe. Also, 5 dozen Shoreli, long handle. Also, 3 Gold Watches, and several Silver do. Also, 3 figure Heads. je28 lt'ec OLD LINE ENGRAVINGS AND DRAWINGS AT AUCTION. A LEVY w>II sell on Saturday evening, nt R o'clock, at ? Pifo. 293 Broadway, an entire Invoice of Ancient Li e Engraving* and Drawings, from the old master*, just received from Antwerp, embracnijg many rare and exquisite works of Art, rarely to be met w ith. Amateurs, Artists and C. Hectors, ari' particularly invited to examine this collection. je27 2t*.ec IK ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Airs Hughes. Boarding-house keeper, Union strvet, Liverpool left Km; I and about nine year* ago to liv iu New York?will write to h*r father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Sal ford. Vlauchr> ter. iu Ki'cl'ud, she will hear something greatly to her vivas tixe mvIO 2m dvkwr're WINES, OIL, OLIVES, Jcc. G1ILBKRT DAVIS it> Pine street, corner of William, f offers for iMe the following articles of his own selection and importation Pure I'- le Sherry Wine, of the highest order. do Port, iu wood andglaas, do do do Champagne do Burgundy, Clo? de Vouge?t,Chamb?rtiu Reuianne do. do Hoclu, Jnliaunisbtfrg and Marcobruimer, Cabinet, Steinbergcr, do. do Chaizberger, Bronneberg, Greunhausuii and PeisiKirter, do Claret, Chateau Maigaux, LaStte, Latour, La Rose, Cos da Astomrll. do Napotitan, Lagrimchristi. white and red, do A few superior Parmesan Cheese; JO small packagus ol Queen's Olives, selected at Seville. Also, the best Lucca Oil. Tlie above articles are warranted to be the very best quality, and selected with great care, without regard to cost, by the Subscriber, during the last niue months. je24 I wis m FIVE DOLLARS REWARD, LOST?On Monday last, (16th inst ,) at the Park Theatre, or between the Theatre and Park Place, a Gold Bracelet, in the form *f a Snake, having an opa| set iu the head. The finder will receive the above named reward ou returning the same at No. ft Broad "treet. jr.'M lw'rc AT WILL'S MUSIC OF THE "BOHEMIAN GIRL." CAUTION TO MUSIC SELLERS, PERI ODICAL AGENTS, NEWS VENDERS, SfC. IN the Month of December last. I adapted the Music of this Opera at a very great expense, adding new matter, new ti tles, and some original poetry thereto, and 1 secured to myself the copyright thereof. The firm of Kerrett It Co., of Philadel phia, have thought fit to is?ue a spurious cheap edition of this music, with my poetry, titles and adaptation thereof, and their Agents have been selling the same. 1 have, by my counsel, Samuel Owen, Esq. instituted proceedings against these Agents, and hereby give notice that 1 will prosecute all per sons who may vend the spurious edition copied from my Music bv the said terrett tit Co. The genuine music, as arranged, adapted and published by me, bears the autographs of those eminent vocalists, Mr.and Mrs. Seguin, and Mr. Krazer. AT WILL, 201 Broadway. Country papers in the employ of Atwill, will insert the aboye three mouths. j?25 3tis*rc EXPRESS NOTICE. THE Undersigned being desirous of doing all iu their power to sustain the Uovemmeut in iu experiment of giving cheaper postages, hereby give notice, that ou and after the first day of July next uo mailable matter whatever, either open, or in envelope!, or in wrappers, will be received at any of their Offices f r transmission by express, or otheiwise. Positive instructions will lie given to their Agents to refuse mailable matter, under wh itever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON k WELLS, New York aud Buffalo Express. New York, June 23, 1815. je23 tl5ju ec 1JLOCK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and Common Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Ware, Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Selves and Brooms?in short, every variety ol honse-keeping articles N. B.?A complete assortment >>f Coffee and Tea Urns,Table Dislies and Covers, tic., be., for hotels and steamboats, on hand and mauuf.oUurvd at the shortest notice. JAMES Y. WATKINS, juS lm*fc tC Catharine street. New Vork. 1|| ik/Uk LBS. OLD FILES, but little used, for sale? IU,UUU Also, a lot of File Steel and Tools for File innkin):, worthy thi? nrfutioo of manufncturrrsuidamithr. Ap plvnf IVn IHf. ?V?f#r ?fWNM mr IR . trotting! T"}!0 PURSE8 in one day will come off over the above X Course on Wednesday, July 2<1. Stake, Mile He .t?, liett 3 in J, m harness, free fbrall Trotting Horses that never won a Puree over $30. Sub. SSI each, 1.1. ft., with a Purse of $50 added by the Proprietor. Alao, a Pacing Stake. Mile Heata, beat 3 in 3, under tlie Sad die. for mean that never won* Purse over (30. carrying 140 Ibi. It rider*. Sub. $20, hfft., with i Puree of S23added; to Ctfflle "n-SitTTrdiy. Inne 2*tli, at Orcen and Lmfm, on or be Ceiitrevillc, June 27th, l#45 JI7 jrrc FOOT AND HURDLE RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE, TO take place on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of neIt week, viz: the 30th of June and 3d uid3th of Joly, weather permitting. for PuCea amounting to $*2100 The fol owing race onMondty 30th. at 3J4 o'clock Kirat a Purse of $300 for a Race of oue mile, $30 to the 2d in the Rice. Forthn Race the following Entries have been made 1 M <jor Henry Stannard, i Ambrose Jackson, 3 William Barlow, 4 Richard II .11, i John Smith, 6 Ignace Katanacliiate, the Iro quois Indian from Canada. 7 Scotch Bautam,or Hubert Williams, who haa arrived from S otland for the Race. 8 Edward Ch?nne, 9 win. Lewis, 10 Wm Roorback, 11 O. Be gen. Same Diy ? At 4 o'clock a Purse of $200 for tlie greatest dis ta->ce walked in one hour. For this Purse the following til tries have been made :? 1 James Wood, of Charleston, 8 C 2 Charles Wright, 3 George Rice, 4 O. Bi.igen, i JohnS Vandina, jylor, henny iThi 10 North Star, of Canada, 11 Charlea Freeman, 12 Charlea Kirk, 13 John Navila, 14 John Janaon, 13 George Whitehead, 18 Wm. Vermilyra, 17 Wm. S Sherwood. 18 J Boston. 8 John Thompson. 9 R Hall. HURDLE AND FOOT RACE FOR PURSES OF $800 . ON 3d JULY. To take place on 3d July?First, a Footrace of five miles for a puree of $4?0?$73 to the second best and $23 to the third best: to come off at 3){ o'clock For this race the following entries have been made 6. Ambrose Jackson. 7. R. M. Hall. 8. Peter Hntcheraon. 9. I grace Katanchiate, the Iroquois Indian. 10. Welch Bvutum. 11. C. Dermond. 1. Maj. Henry Staiinard, 2. American Deer, or William Jackson, who has just ar rived from England for this race. 3. Long Mike. V Edward Chenny. J: Wm Fowl. I S,tne Day.?A Hurdle Race at 4 o'clock, for a puree of $440, $100 to tlie second horse, third horse to receive back his e? trance. The race to lie I'* mile heats, four hurdles of four feet each to the mile. For this race the following entries have been made :? Mr. C. Duchesny, ol Montreal, entera b. gil. Hops. Barry Clark, from Santa Fe d. g. ird Snip. Oscar Sweitland, late from Fort OlMOln. enters ch. gd. Niagara. I Thin horse is half-brother to Fashion.) A. Conover enters his hone TENMILEJIACK. TO TAKE Pi.ACE ON SAT URDAY THE 3tii OF JULY, FOR A PURSE OF $800 $130 to the second, and $M to the third in tlie race?To com, off at 3J? o'clock. For this race the following entries have been made _ 1, William Jackson, tlie Ame-1 6. R M. Hall. rican deer. I 7. C. Dermond. J. John Gildersleeve. | 8. James Whelan 3. Major Henry Stannard. 9. Wm. Pinckney. I. John Hteeiirock, the Indian | 10. Ignace Katanchiate, the Chief from Towanda. I Iroquois from Canada, i. Edward Cheney. I P.S.?Should the weather be unfavorable, the race will come off on first fair day. Tlie entrance to the five mile race, also the Hurdle Race, will he open until Saturday evening. Should there be any min take or entries omitted, it will be corrected by leaving ih fonnition of the same with Randall Smith, Park How. Each person running or walking, can have tlieir numbers by callina mi Mr. Smith. Saturday Evening. Each person will lie requu? ed to wear a Inidy shirt. The ritlere inthe I In die Race to rule in Jockey dresa. There will be no distancing in the Hurdle Race. Any person falling, his horse can be rode in by any other person without regard to weight. j-fijf GRAND EXCURSION TO THE liA.NKs ufc* SANDY HOOK. THE new and faat Steamboat BUFFALO, ? Captain J. W. Hancov. on Sunday next. June ,2!ltn, will leave the foot of Robinson atreet at 8 A.M., HaniHiond street at H'a; ("anal atreet. 81.; Jersev I ity 81,; Pike atreet (East River) at 0i and Pier No. I (North River) at 9'^; and m ike an Excursion to the Banka, landing at Fort Hamilton on the passage down. The BUFFALO will remain at the I- ishing Banka two hours, giving tlie I'assenuers time to eajoy the im igoratingiea breete. and arrive ai the city by 3 ir'clock. Refreshments provided on lioanl. Far* 1**4 cents each way?To Fort Hamilton III j. jctt If ec EXCURSION To HAK.LEM. THE Favorite S'eimer HH IIMOND, Captain Yatea, will make an bvenraion t< Harlem on Hnnday. 29th lone leaving Pier Mouigomeiy >treet, East River, Jt i?aat 1 o'clock, P. Si ; Pike street ?; Delutcey atretf, Returning, leave Harlem ball past j o'clock Fare each way lt'? cents. , The above trip will afford to passengers a tine view of the East River, Hurlgate, and the various Public Buildings at Blackwell's Island. Je?8 lt*ec NEW h'KRRV TO FORT HAMILTON. YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. THE Steamboat IOI.AS, Captain Richard ?Yates, lias been put on the above Ferry, and rill commence on Stin'la), the 29th in*t.,and Pier No. 1 E.R. I Ft. Hamilton. 10 A. M. Ill A. M. P. M. I 2 P. M run us follows, leaving Kootof Pike at. i Canal st.N H. 9 V. M. I (H A.M. 12 M. I t?H P M. J P. M I 1M P- M. ?'are 12'% cents. ? r. m. f.? P. M. je26 It* ic KXOUKSION AROUND STATE N ISLAND THE Steamboat ROBKRT L. STEVEN?. ?( ai'tain R. I.. Mab?y, on Stindiy, lime 2*?tli .will mike in Kscursion around Staten Island le iVtug the following Piers?Amos street at I, C anal street at |M| Pike street at I?; Delancey street at IX, and I ler No. I Battery Place, at 2 F. M ? Stopping ?t Amboy long euongh foi passengers to ^o ashore and view tne place. FareFiny Cents. No excursion ca>. ba made in thi. vicinity ol the citr ?ore gratlfyiug or refreshlnf than this. Health, comfort and diver sion art obtained at a time whan our fllty reaorta are lntolerahl* from heat and dust. in* n*r? AMUSEMENTS. PARK THKATKK. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Evening, June JOtli, For llic Second Time in thi* city, will be produced the Celebra ted Opera of LA FAVORITE. Leonora deGuainan, M'lle < aim. lie*, M'me Stephen Ctauriot I A'rtiouac, MOarry, h'crii-iiid. Aniaud I Biltltazar, Douvr) 11. hi tiaapai Cueuriot. of Admiaaioii?First Tier nl Boies aud Paniuette, SI) Secoud aud Third Tiara, M cents; (iallery. 25 cents. Door* cpeu at 7 o'clock, dud the Curtain will ri*eprrcuelr *1 ??Jf-p??tT o'clock. CASTLE CWAJLUKM. Proprietor* Maura. Freuuh aud Hriset Admiuion 12fc Cents. Grand Entertainment'. MatunUy Evening, June IStli, Th* Entertainment* will commence witb the admired Over tare to the celebrated 0|>era of La Reiue Du Chypere. Souk, Mr. Deuniaon. Hornpipe uy Matter Win Wood. ?or. W. Wood will appear aa a Model of Ancient Greek and Rointu Statuary Polish Dance. M'lle. De'jarilius. Overture to l.a Oazza Lidra. Spanish Castinet Dance, MiasCoheu. Grand Claaaic ttiid Scene uf the Youth ot Spaita, by Maalera W. and F Wood. Overture to the Opera of Fra Diavolo. Ball-id from the "La Bayadc e"?Mr. Deiiuiaoii. Dance of the Tyrol by M llr. Deaj irdiua To conclude Willi famine'* ('..iiiic Taliban* Mouvaus, in wh cb Mea<ra. Wood, Paroloe, Deunison aud Mi-a Cohen will appear. I/* Between the Entertainment* <iu uiieriTiiiiiOD of Ten Minute* lor Promenade and Refreshment* Doom o|>eu at halt-past 6 o'clock. Perfornwnre to coo oience at lo'cluck. N1HI.O'* IMUDKiM. BENEFIT OF MR ROBERTS, The celebrated Comeiliai from the London Theatre*. Second Week of tile Appearance ? f the Wonderful AOROB \T FAMILY ! Nnturdny UvciiIiik. June il8tll. To commence witb a Burletta <-.i led the TRUMPETER'S DAUGHTER Madelou .Mus Taylor I Phillipot, Mr. Roberta Muller Nickinaon | Robin, Bleecker Achillea Deering. Paa de Deux by Miase* and Parlii>Ktou. To be followed by the p miliar 1'elit-comedie of the MARRIED RAKE. Mra Trictac, Mia* Taylor I Mr* Flixhty, Mia* Roberta Suaaji, Mra Watt* | John, Mr. Luvere Frederick Flighty, Eaq Mr. Robert*. lC/^liiterini4*ioii of half an hour..-1 Jl CONCERT A LA MUSARD. After which the performance* of the GYMNASTIC PANTOMIMI9TS, Meaara. Nunn, Walker, Honey and Steward. To conclude w itli the popular one act pice of ONE HOUR; or, T1IE C ARNIVAL BALL Charlea Swiftly, Mr Roheit* | Julia, Mi** Man- Taylor O'Leary, Nickinaon Mr* Buvil, Mr* Walt* Mr Smith, Brooks I Fanny, Mi*s Roberta '?> the O'ttae of the piece Miases Partington and Ce'eite *il! dituce i popular Paa de Dev.i ffT" An effluent Police mil alway* b*. in atteaa<uiee to main tain eood order aud keep all improjier peraooi out QC^Tirlkets Fifty Cent*.-Oft A limited number of Sesjou Tickets will be di?po*ed of. H r"Performance to comineuce at I o'clock Door* ojien at nalf-|>a?t 7. PAL"r.7*M ?rEUA HOUSE7 c?". MrnJ I" Ev?">I??K, June 28tli Aken from SP'>'!BU&te?!?Per? ?' Amina, ?- m e an-her' a I i M?DiuahP" "si! 'f f,'le Somnamfcnla. Rud'nPnk ?li ? Jumbo 8 t!'re''fl'e,r Poiyie? Tick,,. ?-.&^ft!?SiSSS ^AssriiStt.ts, j^pwss Notary, no-torv. . whig ,?d ??t hVirv S"C<!/" ?>n^M.v Sofoon the Accordion, hy Mr. Hn?1i?y ,"re' r" Admlaaloii Cent* Pnrate Boxes, for ft,,,, ? *'fr i'o0^ " " ' 10 8 ? c,oel,~PerformMC? to commence at | ,mti| 6 p M _ yAu*iMMBoivS^K"'~ wd twenty P.rf^S, elv"t 'V'onniiiices, Th. ^ TKjlBIJ?,~rU?n. Burl, vinw ?u slhb^rt'l "1 Bjn?el """??? I The Manager I,a, added'to l.ii 'for" !/(?%r" t T1 psrfcte ,,wk* Door* ojK-ii at or luck pC'i'"t now living. 0 ^.k/. Performance* M Ik .g^rp?rtiCT|w,wi,,|,iofth>thy I MBMl'S (tAR.(>V\ : fiSfSSiSi-. >?* ANt> p In Which he will iiltroduw, "?th Mi,. Taylor, the popular ' ,eiT?!',Vi1Vk?,'xiv"'W Acrobat, will ?y E. ??--itv. w.ti.Vuiiii^.^t s ,e^r ?k st"r? ?? All order, punctually attended^. ""*? ""m ?"" je28 6t.rc .. FIRE WORKS" M "'r?nn*1| ti"? P?M,C that hi. ar ever attempted in tl.ii eoufitrv III i '""V *Iteu?ve >oalt furnish Citie?, Town. A !* "Tu a"T CTared to with pyrotechnic dUnla'v. v.V?-.? 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H",, " * '?'I""1 drink for disc ,?e* in 1 riie#t. it* component \mrtn ?re tery innocent %ntl it can he recommended to females in all ?t..gei of life- good for IW.rVf' "1 ru"r ?"?}????? asa.ubMitnte for milk ?1 IKiiw rtill roprietor by L. Joachimssen, No. w Attorney street. Jpj4 ,m,re tUMAX ST A H I.E. Ot RTLAND ALLEY, between Walker It Whit* Streets E_-nl **?a or wn HRotnu it. XCLI SIVELY for Gentlemen's The accommo .lationsarefttit-rate?the Stalls evtra width, and the (J ,r the s'lf.^Ti1" A f,,,? St?Ms are yacant, and are worth\ Nrt? * W W' "" 10 hllr' " J?l?ln*m. c j, SMITH, Proprietor 1 LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LIST EVENING'B NAIM. fi'orrenpondencc of the Herald.] Washington, June 20, 1846. 'VtnttUv in the L'nmji?The Meeting ami tit '/Vm/?o ranj Suj'prtuion?Struct in the Brette?Matri mony? Funtral Rita, fyc., 4*c. On the heel of the letter of Gen. Van Ness, wo have the right honorable Collector of the port of New York, C. W. Lawrence, among us. He has gone up to the President, and Mr. Morris haa gone up, and a lot of other old Hunkera have gone up to see Capt. Polk at the State Department, on the sub ject of complaint between the two Corneliuses and ihe Administration, not forgetting the old wheel horse oi the Metropolis Bank. What's to be done, wr dou't know. We waited personally upon Mr. Hives to-day, in regard to that "suppressed speech," after reading an explanatory article in the "Union" of the how's and the why's of its rejection. Mr. Hives said, "Oh! no! no !?not publish it now?if they are satisfied, let it rest?1 am sure its of no consequence at all." But it is of consequence Didn't Mr. Rives com? plain of the sujiercedeas he and Blair had experi enced, us a breach of good faith in Captain Pnk'l Did lie not say that the eh ice of the new organ and the rejection of the old one was nn outrage U|>on the Clfo'ie tirni, U|)oii the party, and upon Gen JarksonT Did lie not read a lrtter of Gen. Jackson to establish tlie1mtier elaube ot this latter charge 1 Did he not intimate rather broadly that Father Ritchie had bet' ter look out, or that the rejected "Organ** would be resuscitated in opposition to the "Union," as the "Organ" of the party, if not of the administration. Now we are told that Mr. Rives said all this and and much more,which is a very satisfactory clue to suppression of the speech from the columns of the Union. The idea that some portions of the speech would not altogether be in consonance with tne ap proaching funeral obsequies to Gen. Jackson, does not cover the case. It was an assault?the speech was?upon the administration ; and the organ of the administration, we guess, was stumped at assuming the responsibility l'he old Ulysses of the Union dared not the publication of that speech, while, in every view, it was iwlitic to exclude it?and sup press it?mid hush it up. I But what ungrateful christians are John C. Rives and F P. Blair! The administration has done its utmost to conciliate those two customers, and to stop their growling, after their excommunica tion from the official paper. Blair was offered the mission to Spain. He rejected it with scorn?his son, Montgomery, was offered a Charge-ship, at his option, which was refused with contempt. Theuart ner-in-law at St. Louis of Mr. Montgomery Blair, Mr. Wimet, was made the Postmaster of that city, and we hear that Mr. Rives himself was offered the mission to Honolulu, or the Collectorship of the port Washington, not very profitable to be sure, but a post of great opportunities in leisure for other pur suits. Mr. Rives looked at the bait, looked at the Administration, looked at Mr. Ritchie, and then in true Kentucky style, he placed one hand in his pock et, shaking his dollars, and the other a la mode upon his nasal organ, indicating by pantomime, as dis tinctly as in black and white; " No, sir, you can't come it, exuzuckly." But? Is the dillieulty over T We tear not. When we are done with tlie rites to Gen. Jackson, the feud will lie revived, the sparks of mutiny in the camp will shine out again, and if we can only raise a stiff breeze, there will be a fire, a flare up, and fuss in the family; equal to tiie harmony of an Irish wake. But leather Ritchie is prudent, and the only way for vengeance on the part of Mr Rives, is to submit his ease to the " young democracie" of the U. S. Jour nal, or if they will not aid him, then to the older democrats of the Conititution, and if they deem it inexpedient, then the Inte/ligcnrrr is his only resort. We have offered to give Mr Rives a lift toward an immortality independent of Blair, by publishing this late contested speech in the Herald. But he waives the advantage, and has had his labor, therefore, comparatively for nothing. Had he assented to our suggestion, the designation of "Orator Rives" would have become a title for transmission to his latest posterity. Connected intimately with this disaflection of Blair and Hives, is, we'fear, the withdrawal of Col. Samuel Medary of the Ohio Statesman. He did not like the promotion of Father Ritchie quite so well as the veteran could have desired, nor did the dis missal of Blair on any terms meet with Col. Meda ry's approbation. Besides, it was almost the unani mous voice of the Ohio democrats that Col. Medary should have the cabinet appointment of post-master general. That another man was preferred did not inuch damage; but the unex|<ected indifference to of iY!i'd*rv'a claims, and the. molasses. We scorn to set up men ol straw tor the agreeable pastime of knocking them down; but if the Admin istration clears safely of all the breakers in ita way, Capt. I'olk's good luck will be luckier than the luck of " lucky John Tyler." The news from Texas is gratifying; it came up yesterday with a hail storm from an opposite direc tion. No damage done by either. Hon. George Sykea, of New Jersey, " a good man ;ind true," is at the United States Hotel for several days. He says he is just through with a bri dal excursion, which party he had had the honor to . accompany. Really, it has become quite fashiona ble to have a regular jaunt with a lot of friends as the linal chapter of the wedding ceremony. We had designed some such excursion to the Hudson and Niagara in our own behalf this summer, bnt wc believe now that it is indefinitely postponed. Wr: have let the iron cool u|>on the anvil and it is now too late to strike. After the gorgeous pageant of your city to the memory of Jackson, we have here oecome discour aged. But we shall have something very respecta ble to-morrow, notwithstanding, if the weather is as favorable aa it promises to be. As ever, The Doctor. P. S. Two bona fide old Colonels in town?both heroes and both Johnsons. 1st?Col. H. M. John son, the hero of the Thames: 2d?Col. W. K. John son, the hero of the Turf. Delightful breeze from the northwest. WA1HI5OT0I*, June'M, 1845. Proceedingt before the Vara/ Court Martial?The Secre tary of the iVary on the Stand. Court opened pursuant to adjournment, ami the jour nal of yesterday read. The plea of the aecuied having been prepared yesterday in a very haitily and hurried manner, wan modified and again reld to the court as changed ; the reply of the Judge Advocate had also un dergone a revise! during the recess of the court, and was also read as revised. The accused was then re quired to plead to the charges, which he did through his counsel, by submitting a plea with objections, explana tions, Sit"., to the various charged and specifications and, therefore, not guilty. The Judge Advocate was proceed ing to otter evidence of a documentary character in sub stantiation of the tint specification of the first charge ; when the counsel for the accu -sd objected to sucn a proceeding, and submitted his reasons in writing, in which he made these two provision* 1st. That the first specification of the first charge set forth so muoh of an order from Commodore Turner to Capt. Voorhees, to proceed to Norfolk and report from thence to the Sec re tary of the Navy, but does not allege that be did not proceed to that port; on the contrary, he did proceed to that port, and did report, and had not disobeyed the orders of Commodore Turner. 3d. That the facts set forth in said specification, were well known to the Secre tary of the Navy prior to the U3d of May, and before the charges were preferred to the previous court martial. The consideration of the first specification was deferred for a time, in order to take evidence and consider the ob tectiens of the accused. The second specification of the Jirst charge w as then submitted, to which the counsel foi the accused offered his objections in writing. (The Secretary of the Navv here entered the court room, having been summoned by the accused to testify to cer tain fact*. &c.) Quits a sensation w as produced among the. epaulatted gentlemen, all pushing forward to shake him by the hand, and pass the customary civilities of the lay. The counsel for accused, after the court acquired its equilibrium, proceeded to read his objections to the court in substance as followsThat the SBC re tar) of the Navy knew of the facts as therein set lorth, and that be be required to slate when lie receivod he logbook of the Congress, which it is believed was on or about the 14th of April, fee. Ike. Mr. Bancroft being present, was then sworn by the President, and answer*.i is follows to the question of the accused? to wit : The paper shown is the order issued by mo as Secretary of tho Navy, and transmitted to t apt. Voorhees on the 13th of March; the same day as its date: I was informed im nedistely of the arrival of tho Congress at Norfolk by < nptain Voovhees, through Captain Bolton, under date of the *Md of March, !*"?"> ami w as received by me in due course of mail The logbook was received, I think, or it was at the department in April last; the precise time of its reception I do not know?(The letter ?1 Cspt. V to the Department, informing them of the transmis sion of the logbook, which letter was acknowledged by I endorsement of the chief clerk to have been received on he 14th of April. IMA, was offered by the accused, and ?ccepted by the Court) ... By the li ivir. Aovocur?"Please examine the first specification of the first charge, and state when it ?ame to your knowledge and the circumstances that lead t? its being preferred ?" Alter some conversation upon this question by all parties, it was withdrawn, ami mother proposed by the Judge to which the Hon wit ness <ieo. Bancroft,replied, to wit; "As tar as the reetq tion of the order sent to Arina|>olis is concerned, they were torwartled by mail and a duplicate sent by Lieut I I'orter, who had reported the arrival of the Congress at Vnnapolis. As togsixls the time of sailing from Annapo lis I do not know that any report was made; I have not ? examined the lopl-ook. nor even read or seen it; my hr-t distinct opinion of unnecessary delay was during the last trial ; I had entertained an apnrehension that Capt. V hfl?l not proceeded fro in Annapolis to Norfolk with all nessiblo despatch. The grounds on which I preferred the charge came to my knowledge during the pendancy of the last trial." By the \cci-srn-"Look at the papers shown you