Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1845 Page 3
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thii city, and are us current hi the circulation uf our city bank* t? Issues or New Yoax Country Banks, Par in this City Where redeemed. Albany City Bank, 100's State Bank. Albany Exch. Bank, all Merck. Exch. Bank of Albany, AO's and 100'i Bank of N. Vork. Bank of Newburgh, all Merch. Exch. Bk. Bank of Klnderhook, all Amer. Exch. Bk. Bank of Poughkeepaie, all March. Exch. Bank of Troy, 80'? and lOO'i Merch. Bank. Catskill Bank, all March. Exch. Commercial Bank, Albany, all Bk. of Commerce. .Dutchess County Bank, all Phoenix Bank. Farmers' Bank, Troy, all Merchant*' Bank. rarmera' Bank of Hudson, all Mechanic!' Bank. Kami, and Drov. Bank, Somera, all. . .March. Exch. Bk. Farm.and Manuf. Bk. Peitghkeepsie, all, Phoenix Bank. Hudson River Bank, Hudson, all Leather Man. Bk. Highland Bnk, Newburgh, all Phoenix Bank. Kingston Bank, Ulster County, all... . State Bank. Mech. and Far. Bk., Albany, AO's, iOO's, Merchants' Bank. Powell Bank, Newburgh, all Amer. Exch. Bk. Pratsville Bank, all Mechanics' Bank Tanners' Bank, Catskill, all Amer. Exch. Bk. Ulster County Bank, all Merch. Exch. Bk. Westchester County Bank, all Merch. Exch. Bk. Issues or New Jersey Bank*, Par in this City. Where, redeemed. liclvidere Bank, 10's and over Merch. Ex. Bank. Commercial Bank, 10'sand over Mechanics' Bk. Far. U Mech. Bk. Kahway, 10'? St over, Merchants' Bank. Far. & Merch. Bk. Mid. Pt. 10's & over, Fulton Bank. Mech. Bank, Newark, A's and over. . . .Mechanics' Bk. Morris County Bank, 10's and over,. . .North Rir. Bank. Newark Insurance Co., A's and over,. ..Merchants' Bk. Orange Bank, 6's and over Amer. Exch. Bk. Sussex Bank, 10's and over Merch Ex. Bk. State Bank at Morris, 10's and over.. . .North liiv. Bank. Slate Bank at N. Bruns. 6's and over. . .Phccnix Bank. ?State Bank at Newark, 3's and over. . , Manhattan Bank. State Bank at Elizabeth, O's and over. ..Merchants' Bk. Trenton Banking Co., A's and over Manhattan Bk. The production ami exportation of sugar from Cuba tiiis year, are attracting some considerable attention, in consequence of the apprehension of short supplies, and u corresponding improvement in prices There has been a very great falling oil' in the exporta tion of sugar from Havanna and Matanzas this season compared with last. The annexed statement shows the movements in these staples from January 1st to May 31st, 1844 and 1846. Comparative Exports ok Sucah from Janizary I to May 31. From Havana. From Mutanxat.. To. 1844. 1846. 1844. 1845. United States 62,401 15,230 55,296 17,008k Great Britain 8,984 1,196^* 2,990 1,380 Cowes 89,068 38,78li 59,872 14,174 Baltic 18,997 3,862 30,910 none. Hamb'ic k. Bremen. .34,449 12,192^ 16,522 5,075k Holland 4,980 1,115 751 none. Belgium 5,704 660 none. none. France 8,479 3,910 1,110 1.688 Spain 55,416)4 41,8133* 10,610 7,221 It.dy 2,878 1,302 none. none. Trieste, Venice, &c.. 9,997 l,106l? 26,550 3,132}{ Botes 301,353 )?, 127,2033a 201.611 49,759)4 Export to May 31, 1814 505,961k boxes. '' " 1815 176,9633* Deficit in 1845 329,001)* To the United States only to May 31, 1811... 117,697 boxes. " " " " 1815... 82,318)* " Deficit in 1845 86,378?,' The imports into Havana this season, have, with the exception of box shooks?the demand for which is regu lated by the crops?exceeded those for the correspon ding period last year:? Imports at Havana krom January 1 to May 1,' 18-14 and 1845. 1844. 1815. Incre'e. Decrea'e. Box Shooks 271.464 171,738 ? 99,726 Flour, U. States, bbls. 11,090 8,174 ? 2,916 " Spain, do 23,428 60,727 37,299 ? Wiue, France, pipes. 30* 28.) ? 22 Spain, do 16,232 9,429 ? 6,803 Jerked Beef, <itls... 86 562 64,981 ? 21,578 Butter, do 87 2 789 - 83 Cheese, do 3,591 4,121 530 ? Codfish, do 11,583 20,282 8,699 ? Hams, do 1,919 2,198 279 ? Lard, do 14,131 13,464 ? 967 Clear Pork, do 1,146 1,067 ? 79 Rice, do 25,106 68,242 43,136 ? A comparison of the exportation of sugar from Cubai |U 1845, with [844, is hardly fair, as the exports in 1844 were unusually large, in consequence of the abundant crop of the island, and the increased demand from the United States?our crop being very limited compared -with previous seasons. The crop in this country this season has been larger than usual, and the demand for Cuba sugars, therefore, much diminished, which ac counts, in a measure, for the decline in the exports from Havana and Matanzas to the United States. The stock ol'sugar in Havana on the 1st of June, was estimated at 140,000 boxes, of which -JO,000 were whites. About 60,000 boxes will be required for the consumption of Havana and vicinity, leaving 110,000 boxes for exporta lion. Old Stock Exchange. S50A N V State 7's, '49 104 50 Harlem R R 67k 1001)0 Ohio U's. 1856 95.'* 50 do b30 68 .'i0fl0 Illinois spl 38 51) Stonington R R 293* JinOO Pennsylvania i'i 76 25 do blO 2<3* 25 alias U Ss Bank 53* 50 do 293,, 75 Vicksbunr Bank 8 100 do ?30 29k 100 Mech Ic Trad N O 61 200 do 29H 20 Fireman's In* 91 50 Nor Sl Wor b60 70k 25 Oliio Life fc. Trust 99 50 do b30 7tk 150 Farmers' Trust MM) 36k 175 do 70)fc 35 Canton Co s20 42 50 do *30 70S* 25 do 42 '* 175 do s30 70)i 50 do *60 42'* 200 Long Island R R 7134 25 do 42k 50 do b30 7l3i 150 Morris Canal 31), 150 do 71k 50 do ?1( 31), 100 do s60 71)4 75 Erie R R 29)* Second Board. 100 slias Farmers' Tr s60 363* 50 Morris Canal 31k 50 do s30 26'., 25 do 31), 100 do I>90 36k 25 Stonington R R 293* 100 do 36)* 50 do 2934 25 Long Island R R 713* 10 do 29% 50 do 713,, 25 do slO 293* 50 do 1)30 71?* 3.) Canton Co I2)? 50 Reading R R 55 25 do 423* 50 do 55 50 do 1>60 423* 'i'i Erie R R bnw 30 New Stock Exchange. 100 shiis U S Bank s3 53* 50 Canton Co li60 43 50 VicksburR Bk s30 8 25 do s30 421* ?125 do 8 75 do ?3 12)? 25 Farmers' Trust b90 36k 25 do b30 42), 50 do ell 36'n 25 do ell 12), 200 do ell 36)4 25 Harlem R R cli 68 .50 do b3 36'* 25 Nor k Wore opt; 70\ 25 East Boston cli 13)* 50 do s30 70)4 175 Loiik Island RR ch 71?s 25 do o|>k 70'* 25 do slO 7l3i Sale* of Stocka at Boston. Exchange Board, June '27.?5 Amoskcag Mauuf Co., 1600; 10 N E Worsted Co., b 15 d?, 103: ^00 E Boston Co, i:tj; 100 Western Railroad, b 1 m, 104); 40 Western liailroad Scrip, 103}: 10 Vermont tt .Mn?s K R, s 0 m, Oo; -JO Cheshire Railroad, 100}; 60 Long Island Kailroad, 711; 50 Wilmington R R, 17]; 35 do. 17 j; :i0 Heading Rail road, 371 s 50 Norwich 8i Worcester Railroad, opg, 69}; 100 do, 73.}; 18 do, opg, 69j. POST OFFICE, ) L New York, June 21th, lH.'i. 5 r. 1 I LHSknd papers will be received at this office until o clock, P. M , Monday, June 30ih. to be seut via Boston lor (lie Steamer Caledonia, lor Liverpool, &o. Postage to Boston be paid 110UX. II. MORRIS, P. M. j31> Iftec OLD GOLD AND SILVER. fcjJILVER (>ilt Epaulets, Book Binder's Rags and Silver ^ Smith's Stouings bought. by A. BARNARD, No. 2 Wall street, Melter and Assayer of Aietals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Flue Gold anil Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on hand, at ?flioe No 2 lvall strwt. Works 184 Laurens street. jeB Im'ri: THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND CRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. HIS remarkable discovery poneisei all the beneficial ef -I. lects ol 'be most powerful galvanic batteries and magnetic machines mid has been used with the most perfect suci ess in nil cases of rheumatism hud nervous complaint*. The only Vee.icyfor l?e Ocnuine Mines and Fluid, in New York, i? at 13-1 Kl LTON 8TREICT, (;*un Buildings.) jw 3i*ec PLEASURE BOAT FOR SALE. A beautiful and fast-sailing Pleasure Boat, ID feet in ?length and II feet in width, is offered for sale. She is acompletely found in every respect, having just been l>ui i.i complete order. Price $150. For Particulars apply at tin' office of J. P. CROSBY, Esq., No. 20 Nassau st. ,i'W 3tis*ec TEN DOLLARS REWARD will be raid for the ?tSwS recovery of a plain Uold detached-lever Watch, gold 1 - iy'''*1,u"1 cap, thirteen jewels, No. 1,216, Varheron (iirod, ?aw Ofneva.malim?stolen with sundry Other small ai iicles, this morning about thrve o'clock, from 57 Morton street. The ?liove reward will lie paid at the above house, or by Stehbins it Co., HI Broadway. j2!) It*ec FOR SALE. xfy A SPLENDID SORRKL HORSE, n years old. 15*4 bands high, extremely well broken for the sad ' ' ? ? di? "i 'I ??ni??lv in harness. It may be seen at ' itwrsuU', and will be sold at the Auction on Monday, nth instant. je2U2t*ec GREAT TRIUMPH. DIt. POOLE V continues to perform, with the greatest suc cess, the most painful operitions on the Teeth, he., while I.i- patients are under the influence cf magnetism, without their feeling any nam or uneasiness. Ever> department of Dentistry oii reasonable terms. Office 42 De> street. jeH lin*cc A RESPECTABLE YOtrifG LADY wishes a situation il totra*el;or would b?' willing to act in the capacity of Indie's ComiHinion, in a respectable family. Please address a not?|pY. * , at the office of this paper. j2!i It* in M U !S 10 . * LADY, who has atliorongh knowledge of Music, being J\ taught by the first mi?ters in Europe, and feeling herself fully competent to instruct in thataccoiiipllshneat, would wish to (lev ite her tune to the instruction of young ladies, on moile late terms. A note addressed to A. B. ?., at the office of this piper. ill 'H lie pip.ctn-lly attended to. JeZIl lin* re WrAM'ED IMM DIATELY?An active and intelligent Boy .It this Office. Enquire at the desk. j>27 3tth WANTED.?A few active, intelligent men, to act nsiqteuu for the sale of uew and popular Publications, ill different p.trU of the country. $300 per year over their board will be i iMtred them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 fir year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our emjiloj .will no doubt make over $1000 per year, clear of all e* iiMicea, and there is about half a down places open, which must lie tilled ; each man will have his district, and it will be neces sar} for them to have at least $?i or $50, to obtain a good fitting out. None need apply unless he has that amount, for it is our object t? get them started in such a manner aa will be benefi cial to the in, aa well as to us. ply at 35 Duaue street. Letters must be post paid. 1 Im'rh LO"T?By a passenger landing IVoin tlie barque Perse verance, from Belfast, two Trunks, several Baiidhmtes, and a Feather Bed. Any person giviug information whe'e such foods are, or returniiig the same to 93 Perry street, or III Pearl stre t, Neiv York, will be handsomely rewarded je?7 3t"ec Appl jeld I I) HUOH, ?I small Case 15 lbs. Vanilla Bean*. L'O libls Jamaica Ginger Root. (MM o*. Hydriodate Potass. HH) grace Locoroco Matches. For tale by eM3t*?C JAB. S. AHPJNWALL, K William str LiIUHT. ELASTIC EVER FITTINU eun charleSaridgway "A'R ^"w/ll stree^ ' Opposite the Custom House. ?{ n ?Formerly of Howard'* Hot*I. Je2* "" fC FEVER AND AGUE.~~~ WYNltOOPkCO.'8COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE ?For the cure of Fever and Afue, Remittent and Int*r" mitten i Ke*er?.?1Tht proprietor* of tin* medicine n*viofftne ereaiest confidence in lis virtues, liave been induced to offer it to the pnbiic, with the usuranca that It will ?|r,c} ? WbWv and permanent cure of that distressing complaint. It is niglil) recommended, and ha? bean extensively used with distii:iguisl - ed success in relieving many of tl?oae who are suffering unde thisseoume of our country; when used according tothe direc I ions,has NEVER FAILED of effecting a permanent curatiitM moat obstinate stage of the disorder. Persons of weik atomach and children may take it without the least difficul >. It atreugthcna the atomach and digestive organs, nducea au appe tite, and arldom requirea more tlian one bottle to enect a cure. It ia purely vegetable,and contains, nothing injurious to the moat (TeTicate conatitutiou. We offer the Tol owl.., nial* from two phyucian* who hare u?ed it in their yractic W'o?-wt???l"haveCua*ed your medicine, called '.'Pom!.,OUD^it'*,|0" me Mixture," in cases of Fever and Ague, and have found it to answer the purpoae better than anything 1 h.*T* V" "..1? in mv practice I have uaed it when employed aa Assistant Surgeon in the United States Navy, on different ??'??? when we have had aa many aa forty or fifty caaea on tne sic* liatatone time, and it haa always proved 1 re | commend thia article from a certainty of j L, Jiutf fereuce over all other articles in medicine for that distressing complaint. "b.H. TRAPHAOAN, M. D. New York, May t, 1846. NewarKjN. J., May 10,lMi. Sirs?Having adopted the uae of your Tonic Mixture for the cure of Ague ?id t ever, I regard it aa deserving of public con fidence, and us a medicine that will '?a'n,f1? 'l,e ^,* ve ?n>ke Tor it. In every case, so far as I know, wuere 1? prescribed it in Ague and hus been successful. I hud It an excellent Tonic in debility lbilowiug evers generally. Iiopa^t may gel the extension and patronage it deserves. V.ryre.p.ctfullj,KLEM1NO M ? I <: Mill Detroit Mich; li. P. Thomai, i iuc?nu?"? y^ BaVstow'' PhiuWa'; Wm G. Hunting. Cl^ton ?.b^.d J. McCheaney, C hicago, 111. lm e THE EYE. UR. POWELL AND DR. WOSSY OC ULISTS andOPHTHALMIV S UROh ONS, No. aOl Broadway, Corner OK Warrkn Street, New York, CnNKlNE their Practice to Diseases of the wptra tiou 1 that cannot be distinguished from the natural. . .. SPECTACLES.?Ailvice given as to the kind of Glaases suitable to particular defects. , The Poor treated uratuitously. _ jjOCTOR GOUET. G1 RADUATE of the University of Edinbu^.hM taken f an Office at No. 9i Mercer street. Je28 3teod_ec_ I TO BAKERS AND OTHERS. THE subscribe! contemplating "moving JW Ujj? couuW. offers for sale hia busineaa, No. 47 lumeraley sirw.1.1 I (eatabliahed for the last fourteen years) with e.very cessary to carry on an extensive buawesa. The prewia^ e.Hr?n?e from both atreeta. There are two excel ent oven. il feet bv 9; a large Hour loft, sitting room, bed rooms, 8tc. There ia a firat rate store cuatom, also an out door rouie. ^ he ' family baking haa for yeara past been more than sufficient | ^A^pSnondil^d to purchase, can do ,o by applying on the prem%ea, where he will receive^r^m^atK^wtth ' "nI'w York, June 27, 1845. je27 lWec MAGASIN JAPANAIS, 00 Duane Street. AH. PARKER, Agent, from Amsterdam, moat reapect ? fully informa hia trienda slid the public m general, that I he haa received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings ind Antiquities, consisting of Japanese.Porcelaiii J*rs?nd Va. tote wess..." treat yourself call and examine thia splendid collection. | Cat"?'1C jg^7tm*rh ?rticle, being maniifai tureifrom the beat of ore, selected with '%c"c' and for IB,e ,nfc?"t0nn"^NCafc cb.,^6 South St. ri^bWAuth at. I jeiff ec CAUTION TO EDITORS AND THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. INFORMATION having been received from N. J. and up the Hudson River,tl,at a'disclirged agent of Dr Br?jte? h. I ,,f rlie most questionable character, is industriously (irculating I -ti al ici o ua re IK) rU fo r the PuriM^ of injuring ray buainesj therefore, Siu U to notify all who may see him, that they will be held responsible for countenancing any of bis reports. Our tr .vellinit agents are all geut emen of food breeding, and they freuuemfy hear uf this fellow's incivilFtie.. He ha, succeeded in getting in <lebt to B or 10 papers. H : 1844?G riTv im) Cot'NTV ok Ni:w \ or?, aa .?Swoni in 1M4 y BFNJAM1N SMITH, of New York, being duly jworn. de noaeth and aaith, that he ia the aole inventor and first maniifac lurer or'SUGAR COATED PILLS," am that ^h..m?de ^FR0ofNw?Vork"'ameVh7m"bout two montha aince, fiir the ImrpoaeT as he said, of obtaining the agency for .aid Pilla and other medicines; that aaid CllckiMierasked forR^o of Mid Pills?which were given him-and stated that they | were the first he had ever seeii^ jjEpjjAMlN SMITH. Sworn before me this 17th saNDFORD. Commissioner of Deeds, New York. important CAUTION ? 0iri< I, "S"' si S'oTtAt"?'" I ?'Pill Coa,ej!{ Ellsworth, Commissioner of Patents. I V ^mo?^bsS JcoM1.?-^t H:vingr u'thlV'St" ed and written signature of O. Benjamiii amith. l<or sale in ^ninTftdJl- are allowed to ael. these PilU. Examine the signature. $24.--0aution. DRUGGISTS, DEALERS, and the public generally, are I hereby informed that the genuine "Sugar * jin'8rn^lh^ ("or^ws'thau ^hVs'ige^Xveap^ '^.ificate, ice. Office .79 Green 1 wicli street. New \ ork. r??i ie27 Jteod'ec TwentV-tne rent* per box?i forSl *" B COME AM. WHO AKK SUFFERING FROM PAIN, Be C**rd without Charge or Bxpenic. UARTINE'8 LOTION, The gi ratal Remedy ever known for oil the Com plain ts which itprofttut to cure, will be given Gratis to the afflicted who cannot afford to jmrchtue by, applying to 333 Broadway, New York. ART INK'8 LOTION?The Lotion was invented some years sgo, mid is the production of accidental discoveries, aided by skill and experience. The originil design of it solely for the inventor .1 own use, but no sooner had it become established in hi* practice, than inquiries began to be made, by the friends of those who had been benefitted by its virtue!. where it might be procured Thin its faille began to sprfad from indmdual to individual, until it became known as a never failing core, <11 most of the lame cities in the Union. Without puffing, or the aid of the public press, it ha* acquired its own c?leljrit> and found its way iuto public favor as an unrivalled and extraordinary; balm in the cure of many ofthe ills to which mankind are subject. In case* of Oout, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kinds, Dis locations cr Fraotmed Bones, Bruises, Cuts, Contusions at tended with pain and inflammation. Poisonous Bites and Stings, Burns, Hcalds, Chilblains. Corns or Bunions, and Wounds of every description, it affords an immediate and per manmt relief.^ It is, perhaps the only article that can be de pended upon in the cure n| those pains in the back and side, generally produced by taking cold after violent eiertion mid overheating. For Glandular Tumors. Lumbago. Erysipelas, fetter or liingworm, and all kin s of Eruptions of the Skin, it is a most excellent remedy. For Fever and Ague, Ague in the Breast and Face, Cramp in th* Stomach, ami Headache, it acts !>!>e a charm, But above all, in the cure of Tendinous and Capsular injuries, Sprains, and Wounds of every description, it shows in a most astonishing manner, its magical powers. In addition to the benign influence the Lotion exerts over the ?ccidents and infirmities ot man, it has been found no less valu able in similar complaints to which inferior animals are subject, particularly the Horse. w hose value and us-ful iess demands tbe peculiar care of its owners. In some cues, where it has been applied to this line creature for sluht inju ries, it has, in addition to an almost instantaneous cure, given t|tpireutly new animation and vivacity to the animal, (to >uch an extent that in various instances thewmniug ofs race has heen tenaciously ascribed to the stimulating and happy effects of th? Lotion, rather than the natural speed of the animal.) It lias b-come equally celebrated as an universal specific both for man and beast. The following are some of tlie complaints mo?t common to the horse, in which it has proved its superiority. The Lotion is composed entirely nf the medicinal proper ties of vegetable sn balances. concentrated nnd rendered most pure by distillation and other chemical processes As an in ward mediciue. it is the most innocent, wholesome, stimula tingaud cheering character, and will expel, instantly, those dull, heavy and hypochondriacal feelings to which many are so snhiect, and give life and animation to both body and mind. To be had ill New York of Thomas H. Bartine, of A3 Vesey street, opposite Washington Market, at "5 cent* per single bot tle, with proper directions for use on every bottle ; T. Bntler, No. I Nassau street ; at the Drug Store, corner of Sixth Ave nue and Thirteenth street. Also, ofthe Proprietors, 32:1 Broadway, where there will be made a liberal discount to those whe want to purchase by the quantity for shipping o; other ti?es. Agents wonted for the sale of the above l.otion. C. 8. BARTINE h CO., I'roprietors, Principal Depot, 323 Broadway, N.V. Where a large volume of testimonials may be seen from highly respectable parties in this city and other parts. jn28 Imrrr CAltVEK ?Sc HALL, ARCHITECT8, Engineers, Building and Real Estate Agents, 33 Wall street, New York: Jl North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specifications and Estimates for Build ing; Drawings and Specifications for Patent Right*. Real Es tate bought and sold; money loaned and invested; property leased and rents collected. Jrtl lm*rc TO CITY AND COUNTRY MUSIC DEALERS AND PROFESSORS OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. Hit UNDERSIGNED would rcspetfully inform his friends and patrons, that he has just received, from Europe, a large assortment of Violins, of various prices and quality: Cello; Double Bass; Oplulide, with 9 and II keys; Bass and Tenor Trombones, with valve mid plain i French Horn, with valve and plain; Trumpets; Cornets; Bugles.lcc A very superior oaality of Violin Strings, and other inatru ments, wholesale and retail, by J. F. WOLTER, I Mi A Vest Broadway, up stairs. Military Bands supplied at tlx1 most reasonable terms, jel# Im'rc MILITARY F.Vl'lI'MKNTt; II, J. STORMS, M V I) LTO N |; EET HAS constancy on hand, a fnll assortment of Militatv and Horse Equipments, according to the United States ami State regulation. Also, a variety of Saddles, Bridl s, Harness Trunks, Valises, he. lie. Horse Equipment* of every stylo, made to ordtr. JolS lm'm NOW LAN'S HOTEL, At Harlem Rim. EORGE NOWLAN reapeetfullr returns hit most siu "* cere thanks to nis friends ud tnr public for the liberal support which he ha* received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor uf Prospect Hall, Mid begs leave to inform theut that he ha* f't'ed up the large eatabliahmant at the termination of the Railroad, on this Inland, and on the Bank of the River, where ha i* prepared to furniah visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas. Hnppera, and other rclraahmenu, at the shortest notice. Good (round, and every accommodation for Military Compa nies. All the Railroad Cars land paasangers in front ol' the Hotel for 11% cents, from the City Hall. jets HAKTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, ??3 Cheatnat Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, ? , , PHILADELPHIA. \Z/ Baths just introduced?Warm and Cold?in fine a|>art meats?for both ladies and Gentlemen. je28 lm*ec MARINE PAVILION. T Rockawav, 27th June, 1846. HIS Great Sea Bathing Establishment is now open for the Season. il fast filling up with Families. All desirous of obtaining quwli ra muat apply early to the Subscriber, at the Aator House, New York. HIRAM CRANStfON. je27 Gtia'ec TRITON HOUSE, 61en Cove, Long Ialand. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs liis friends aud t?? public, that he haa improved aud enlarged the "Tritou Hotel at the heail of the Steamboat Landing, and it ia now thoroughly titled up and ready for the reception of Boarders. The situation of thij establishment for the purpose of Salt Water B?i<ii..g, is smougst the most eligible ou Loug Island, as the lauds attached to the premises have a very extensive wliter front, and a fine beach for awiininera. The out-buildings are new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are entirely discon nected with the house. Having a farm ol" 30 acres appended to the Hotel pmperty, the Subscriber can' offer his friends the in ducements of a plentiful supply of good milk aud butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted atteutiona to the wishes of his guests, will render a residence at the "Triton House" extremely desirable. lloraes and Carriages to hire. For terms, which will be moderate, apply to _ . WILLIAM L. JOINES, Triton House. (lien Cove, Long Island, June I, 1846. j24 lw re LONG BRANCiCNKW JERSEY^ " BATH BUILDINGS," (fohmkrlv kknshaw's.) 'I'HIS' well-known and delightful sea bathing establishment A will be opened for the,reception ofvisitors ou andafterthe 25tli June in?t. 1 lie buildiugs have undergone a complete and thorough repair, and uo efforts will be spared to maintain the deservedly high reputation which this establishment has here tofore acquired. The price for hoarding will be from $7 to $8 per week?chil dren aud servants half-price. Young |ieople, not requiring much room, will find accommodating terms. The steamer Orus, Captain C. Price, from the Fulton market, will make a daily trip between New York aud Long Branch. Stages will he ill readiness upon the arrival of the above boat at the Ocean House, to convey pusengers immediately to Long Branch. JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. June 13, 1816. jel9 lin'm TROY HOUSE, TROY, N. Y. COLEMAN ft ROGERS, Proprietors.?This House, so long and favorably known to the travelling public, is now open. A new story has been added and extensive alterations made; among which are the extension of the Dining room, to a length of ninety feet, aud, by folding doors connectiug, can be extended to one hundred and thirty feet; thirty uew parlors, with bed rooms attached: pleaaautand airy rooma to the number ofaixty have beeu added?affording accommodations for 300 persons.? The house has been painted aud papered throughout. The cars for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, atartfroui the front of this house. It is also but a few steps from the steamboat lauding. The proprietors trust, by their persoual attention to their bu siness and guests, to receive continued and increased patronage. CHARLES S. COLEMAN. Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, JH7 lm * re _ Late of the Steamer Empire. "WARREN HA LET No. 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house as a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac commodation of citizens generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit lor themselves a portion of their pa tronage. Their larder will be at all times well, stocked with the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors amfSegars are of the best quality. Tlwj bedrooms neatly furnished, spacious and airy. While lrom its central location, being mWtheCity Hall, arid in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those visiting the city. I. BR1TTON, w ? ?? C. McCORKLfc. N. B.?The usual relishes served up at all times. je7 lm*et GUNTER'S DINING SALOON, 147 Fulton St., New York. THE SUBSCRIBER having taken the above Prem.??;?. and fitted it ui> in a style surpassing (hat ofauy establishment nfthe kfndill New York, begs to call the attention of hft friend* in town and country, to the conveniences wl e.tablislimeut afford*. To meu who*e business and I'.rofes tionnl pursuits require them to be supplied at miy hour in the day, this Dining Saloon will be particularly convenient. Even luxury which may be desired will be found, while assidiou* atteution will be shown to the wants and wishes of CU'l'o those who visit the city from the country, peculiar fa cilities are afforded. Every thing is daily served up at so eco nomical a price, that all can enjoy them. 1 he?nbscriber feeU persuaded that a call at his establishment will be satisfactory t0$jr6i*n o? Sundays. H. H- OIJNTKB, je20 lmeod 8twy*rc_ 147 frulton street, N. Y. "WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Qold atrcet, near Maiden Lane. COUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable House, being convenient to the business l?rt ol the city. im* establishment is fitted un with entirely. l^w furni uie- Oood and substantial dinner, l?% cents, lodmngs ?C*iiU. For COM veoicuce and comfort thisfiouse is equal to >'<y hotel in c,'Vj and at half tlie price. Permanent boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. * All the delicacies of the season served up* as soon as they arrive iu market, at half the price of other houses. Elegant private J> tflors. for the releree cases, or private dinners or sup Jier parties. Tlie very best of liquors- J"5 *n tr SHARON SPRINGS P A V 1 li I U iN , SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. UA^ DON, of Congress Hall, Albany, has associated himsell with Mr. Gardiner, and that this establishment will be con ThePavili'ouw ill be opened for the reception of visitors on the first cUy of June ue?. The subscribers have "i.demauy improvements in thegroundsandbatlung-house, and pledge themsefves to use their oest exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to uiiy watering place in this country. Q Stages will be ia readiness on the arrival of the cars at Cana j?!W^lfcK Confess Hall, which will, during tli? summer, be under the supernitei^fnce of Mr. THE " WRIGHT' HOUSE, 81 Nassau Street. W,L^.TO?eTaVM every class, Ale, Scotch Whiskey of the Purest bra'uU, Porter, and . very other article ueceJ?ary for a well stocked bar. Inde peud, -it of which, he has two splendid rooms, furnished, on the second iloor, iprcially adopted for private wid rublic neetirigs, court* martislT or any geueral purpose; beside* which he has provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodgers, ii? ;ite. sive ^id well ventilated bedrooms, the furniture new and wellTsorted. ^ every attention will be paid tothearr.^e ment* of tlie lodgers, a* well a. the visiter* BRIGHT on .11 occasions. AVILLIAM W'KIUH 1, my26 lin'ec 81 street. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. THIS w ell-known and delightfully situated Hotel, M the Pine Orchard, is now opeu for the reception of visitors, un- , der the *uperinteuaance of the subscriber, whe J*1"''' 1 to extend a conlial welcome to the travelling public Stages run reicularly to and from the moruing and eveuiug boat*. landinjt at Catakill. Tlie House and premises have been materially im proved^since the last *e*.on, and now present attractions unsur- | pansed at any watering place in the conntr^^ gcOBIK* June id. 1X5. IVJLLIAMSBURGH COTTAGE. TlfifKS;1'! that they have recenUy opened the large aud splendid tnansioi known as thewiLL|AMgBUKOH COTTAOE and furnished at great eipense for the *"ommodatlou or r?v dent* and stranger*. Tlie Cottage is eligibly situated, a tew rou> south of the IVck Slip Kerry,and[convenient^to Mie Hoostou and < iraml street Kerne* commanding a beautiful alio eatenoeo view of the Bay. New York and Brooklyn. I hey ^sv* ,i.e COTTAGE a arge and splendid Garden, cpnve iii e n tPro m ei i ades, Oris* PlatU, Shade Tt*e?,kc., making s m<?t delightful summer resort to while 'Y.VJ J i rT LC LOC K the refre?hing bieexe* of the Bay. '1 heir MUSIC AL CLOUK is richly worth a visit, being thebe*t piece of 7'*,?ofct^ kiml that was ever iinportedto this country* It will play nit. d!ffei?5tun!s vnth remarkable Harmon yand ??umey. Th, choicest variety ol refreshment will at all times be I romptly fnrnnjicil. connection with this establishment, they havt W xArAND CoLo SALT WATER BATHS-knowu^ .heWashington Baths. The water is at all times clear and pu%. The ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street and Hon* "'myM lm*e7 Ml"a "AND^IELD h HOKKT B ? Private House of Refreshments by D.W. TELLER ? 2TK1 Front street?Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. Is 6d. each, llre ikfant from 6H, until 9; dining hours from before 12 until 3; Supper (rom i until 8)4 o clock. Also. II Bed* aMin ^itiIne order. Lodging* 24 el*. AH gentlemen wishing t^ re.irt to a fine cool (hning apartment, will do well caliaud ?>ti.fvthemselves. The proprietor also keep* the old stand corner of Kulton and Kront street*; 7, ? and 9 pulton Myket. tlie choicest brands, direct from the importers. inl7lnwh ?? SEA BATHING LONG BRANCH,TNEW JERSEY. ri^HE PROPRIETOR of the New York House, begs leave 1 to inform the citir.eiis of New York, and the public general ly, that his house i? n..w oi?-n lortheaccomm.jdationorboardr er* during the summer season. 1 lie fate ^will b? Hldollsn ? week, and every attention will be paid to heir comfort and*. Good servant, will be iu constant attendance. The .teamer Ori. w ill leave New York every day from fob ton Market Slip, and Stage* will be in readme** at the Ocean | H!&^eyr*"",,,'er,to saMUKL COOPER. jeU flw*ec I Lamps, oikandoleu hall lanterns | AND OANDfeLEBRAS, Ff>R THE SPRING TKADE. , DIETZ, BROTHER li CO, No 13 John street, are manu- | facturing.and have always on hand, a complete assortment i ofirticle* in their line, ofth?- following descriptions, wliicn they | will sell at wholeaald or retail, at low price* lor cash : Improved Chemical Oil and Camphine Lamp*. Solar Lamps, Gilt and fleet variety. "Cornelius 11 Co.'*" celebrated Patent Solar Lard Lampe. Girandole*, various patterns, gilt,silvfr*dor hronied. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphene Lam|?, Bracket Solar*, Side *> do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Pitent Lard Hand Lamp*, Stand do do BritaniaHand Lamp*, CamnnensChansrlHls, Superior (Chemical Gil, Pure 8|>erm Oil. do Camplieue, Solar and Lard Oil, do BurningKluid, Refined While Oil. mhH3md*ee , IIWI I U y\ HAVANA SEGARS, imtairted by M. AN 4UU.UUU GULO, for sale at V Liberty street. Among them will be found Cabanaa, do Imperinle*. Regalias, Panetela*. (Aubrey Wenier Segar*; do amall ?ites; Napoleon*, Norm**, Urraca, San Reman, Deliiic*, Colon**, do Pwietela*, aud van ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, from the above well known house, just imported by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid. *""?*rt NOTICE. MR. CLARKE is desirons of supplying the public in town and conntry with the be?t of he|p, free of eii>en*e, with ?ervautaof good character, both prot?-*t*nt? and other*, white and colored. He Hatter* him.elf that by doing *o. he I* bene fitting all thoie in want of employment, and is in hope* of Usat patronage, which such an iiiidertaking merits. His office l? 9i'i Duane street, and lifted up for the accommodation of all ill want of employment. Call at MK Duane street. )e(R-lm*ai AUCTION NOTICES. A T TATTERsa L^Pj^^UC-nOxV MHijpBies IK 18THER COHEN, who formerly lived with Mil Hughe*. Boarding-house keeper, Union street, Liverpool? left England about nine nun ua to livt iu New York?will write to her father. No. HNe* Bailey street, Salford.Manche* ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage. mvlO 2tn dykwy're WINES, OIL, OLIVES, Jcc GILBERT DAV18, 45 Pin* street, comer of William, offers Tor sal a the following article* of his own selection and importation:? Pure Pale Sherry Wine, of the highest order. do Port, in wood and (las*, do do do Champagne. do Burguudy, Clos de Vmigeot.Chambertin Reinanne do. do Hooka, Johannisberg and Marcobrunner, Cabinet, Steinberger, do. do Chanberger, Bronneberg, Qreunhauseu and relsporter, do Claret, Chateau Margaux, Lafitte, Latour, La Rose, Co* de Astornell. do Napolitan, Lagrimchristi, white and red. do A few superior Partnesau Cheeae; 30 small package* ol Queen'* Olive*, selected at Seville. Also, the beat Lucca Oil. The above articles are warranted to be the very beat quality, and selected with great care, without regard to coat, by the Subscriber, duriug the last nine month*. }e24 lwism FIVE l)OLLA RS RE WARD, LOST?On Monday last, (16th inst.,) at the Park Theatre, or between the Theatre and Park Place, a Gold Bracelet, in the form of a Snake, having an opa| set in the head. The tinder will receive the above named reward on returning the same at No. 44 Broad street. Je24 lw*rc EXPRESS NOTICE. THE Undersigned being desirous of doing all in their power I to sustain tin- (Government in its ex|>criinent of giving cheaper postages, hereby give notice, that on and after the tint day of July next no mailable matter whatever, either open, or in envelopea, or in wrappers, will be received at any of their Offices for transmission by express, or otherwise. Positive instructions will be given to their Ageuts to refuse mailable matter, under whatever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON k WELLS, New York and Buffalo Expres*. New York, Juue 23, 1BU. jc23 tljju ec BLOCK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and Common Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard mid Hollow Ware. Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Seives anil Brooms?in short, every variety ol house-keeping articles. N. B.?A complete assortment of (Coffee aiul Tea Urns,Table Dishes and Coven, It,, he., for hotels aud steamboats, on hand and manufactured at the shortest notice. JAMES Y. WATKINS, ju3 1m*rt 16 Catharine street. New York. lit (Utn LBS. OLD FILES, but little used, for sale? 1U,UUU Also, a lot of File Steel and Tools for File making, worthy the attention of manufacturers and smiths. Ap plv at No. IfiH Wnr.r ?rr*#r. mv 18 lm*rf TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, fcc. EXTRA FINE TEAS! 163 Greenwich Street, NtA? COVETLAHDT 8t., AMD OFfOIITE THE PACIFIC llolKI., New Yoke. WE BEG LEAVE to inform you that we established our , selves at the above place, priucii>ally for the purpose of meeting our views of our wholesale and large family customers on the North River Side. The upright manner in which we have carried on our business for several years past in this city, together with the very high quality and moderate price of our goods, liave earned (or us a degree of reputatiou aud renown far beyond that of any similar house in tlie United States, and we cousider these the best reasons we -can urge to obtain your pa tronage. We hare, however, much pleasure in stating, that we have made, with great care and judigmeut, our selections from all the spring cargoes, and whicn comprise the finest specimen* of Young Hyson, Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong Pekoe, Ningyong, Congou Souchong, Iu., which have arrived here this season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Good Qualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We have also true Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted and ground daily. We continue our operations at oar other places as heretofore, particularly at 121 Chatham at. We are your obedient servants, CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York?121 Chatham St.; 361 Grand st. and 310 Bleeckej stree. Philadelphia?89 Chestnut street, and 43 Fifth street my9 ?m?m SCOTT'S BAZAAR, No. 37 DEY STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GREENWICH 8TRKET. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public at large, for the liberal support re ceived since he has been in business, and hopes bv the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Segnrs, sre too well known to need comment. A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all times,till twelve at uiglit?such a* Beef Steaks,Mut tou (.'hops, Fried Kidneys, Ham and Eggs, Sardines, Poached ???KBs, Pickled Tongues, Welch Rarebits, Coffee, Tea, &c A 5nod dinner ofRoast or Boiled Meat for One Shilling, every ay, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always ou draught. Good Lodgings for 23 cents and cents. Cold Cuts at a moment's notice. This House has been proved, by comparison, for year* past, to be the coolest and most comfort able in the city. No House better supplied with English Irish, 8cotch and city papers. Always the latest news by the Steamers. Good Hooms for Private Parties always ready at a moment's warning?free?gratis?for nothing. jel lm"ee FOOT AND HURDLE RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE, TO take place on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of next week, vix: the 30th of June and 3d and3th of July, weather permitting, for l'ur?es amounting to $2100. The fol'owing race on Monday 30th, at 3)t o'clock :?First a Purse of $300 for a Race of one mile, $30 to tlie 2d in the Race. Forthis Kacethe following Entries have been made 1 Major Henry Stannard, 2 Ambrose Jackson, 3 William Barlow, 4 Richard Hall, 3 John Smith, 6 Ignace Katanachiate, the Iro quois Indian from Canada. 7 Scotch Bantam, or Robert Williams, who has arrived from Scotland for the Race. 8 Edward ('licniie, 9 Wm. Lewis, 10 Wm. Roorback, 11 G. Bergen. Same Day?At 4 o'clock a Purse of $200 for the greatest dis tance walked iu one hour. For this Purse the following En tries have lieen made :? 1 James Wood, of Chirleston, I S C 2 Charles Wright, 3 George Rice, 4 G. Bmgen, 3 John S. Vandina, 6 J. Taylor, 7 E. Chenny, 8 John Thompson. 9 R. Hall. , HURDLE AND FOOT RACE FOR PURSES OF $800 ON 3d JULY. To take place on 3d July?First, a Footrace of five miles for a purse of$IOO?$73 to the second best and $23 to the third best: to come off at 3>? o'clock For this race the following entries have been made.:? 6. Ambrose Jackson. 10 North Star, of Canada, 11 Charles Freeman, 12 Charles Kirk, 13 John NaviU, 14 John Janion, 13 George Whitehead, 16 Wm. Vermilyea, 17 Wm. 8 Sherwood. 15 J. Boston. 1. Maj. Henry Stannard, 2. American Deer, or William 7. R. M. Hall. 8. Peter Hutcherson. 9. k'race Katanchiate, the Iroquois Indian. 10. Welch Bautnm. 11. C. Dermond. Jackson, who has just ar rived from England for this race. 3. Long Mike. 4. Edward Chenny. i. Wm. Fowl. I Same Day.?A Hurdle Race at 4 o'clock, for a purse of $400, $100 to the second horse, third horse to receive back his en trance. The race to be 11? mile heats, four hurdles of four lect each to the mile. For this race the following entries have been made :? Mr. C. Duchesny, of Montreal, enters b. gd.Ho|>*. Barry Clark, from Santa Fe% d. g. gd. Snip. Oscar Swe'tland, late from Fort Gibson, enters ch. gd. Niagara. (This horse is half-brother to Fashion.) A. Conover enters his horse. TEN MILE RACE, TO TAKE PLACE ON SAT URDAY THE 3th OF JULY, FOR A PURSE OF $800 $130 to die second, and $30 to the third in the nice?To coine off at 3)i o'clock. For this race the following entries have been made 1. William Jackson, the Ame- I f>. R. M. Hall. rican deer. I 7. C. Dermond. 2. John Gildersleeve. ; 8. James Whelan :t. Major Henry Stannard. 9. Win. Pinckney. 4. John Steeprocjc, the Indian | 10. Ignace Katanchiate. the t 'hief from Towanda. I Iroquois from Canada. . Edward Cliene> ? I P.S.?Should the weather be uufaiorable, the taee will come off on lirst lair day. The entrance to the five mile race, alsolhe Hurdle Race,will be open until Saturday evening. Should there he any mis take or entries omitted, it will be corrected by leaving in formation of the same with Randall Smith, Park Row. Kach prrion running or walking, can hate their numlar* bv calling on Mr. Smith, Saturday Evening. Each person will he requir ed to wear a body shirt. The riders iu the Hut die Race to ride in Jockey dress. There will be no distancing in the Hurdle Race. Any person falling, his horse can be rode in by any other |<ersou without regard to weight. j26 .if "FARE TO BALTIMORE $1. Through in Srvm Hour* NEW CASTLE AND FRENCIITOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled Steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, < 'aptain J, M. Douglass, will, oil and after Monday, June 10, loave Dock street wharf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. t'a? senders will arrive ill Baltimore atuliout III P. M. Karr only $1. This Line ia composed of (lie following splendid and fiuit Steamboats:? Robert Morris, ('?plain J. M Douglass. Ohio. Captain L. Davis. <' onatitu tinn Captain J. Chavtor. George Washington Captain J. Trippe. Tina l.ine leave* Bowly'* wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M.? Tickets for Wheeling and Plttatrarg can be procured on ho.ird the bout. UNITED STATES MAI I, LINES FOR BALTIMORE. h'nrr $3?Thrmtgh in Six Hourt PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Cheater, Wilmington, Klkton, Havre de Grace,lie. flbfl&flB -flflfefc jQjl jmft On and after Wednesday neat. June tMlf the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Linei, will be rednced to Si. The Trains will leave aa follows:? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore. Depot I Ith and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except I! A.M. | Daily, etc, Sunday, at 9 A M. And Daily, at 4 P. M ? I And Daily, at * P. M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh?Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can he had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts, aUHI. HUDDKLL, Agent. June 24th, Iftli. je29ec * NtW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, ?at 7 o'clock, P. M ?'The steamboat EM .PIRK i M*ain R B. Maey, will leave the ste pier foot of Cnurtlandt street, every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturdsv afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. II. Peck,every Monday, Wednesdays d Frida-' afternoon, at 7 o'clock For Passage or Freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. ju2M re EXCURSION AROUND STATEN ISLAND. THE Steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, ? Captain R L. Malwjr, on Sunday, June 2*itl> .will make an Excursion aronud Staten Island. le ivmit the following Piers? Amos street at I, Canal street at |U| Pike street at |>j; Delancey street st t%, and Pier No. 1, lattery Place, at 2 P. M.?Stopping at Atnhov long enough for passengera to go ashore and view the place. Fare Fifty < enta. No excursion can be made in the vicinity of the city more gratify ingor lefreshlng than thi?. Health, comfort and diver stou are obtained at a time when our city resorts are intolerable rom heataad dnat. ieM (t*re amusements. PARK THKATKJC. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Evening, J?"? 3W1-. , . For the Second Time in (hit city, will be produced the celebra LA vWor'tK M^VsuX?CoBurirf I Al'phouse. Fenmnd. An.aud I Balthaxai, ( V?*rry r^^frice'S Admission?Firit Tier of Boxeaiud Parquette, $1; second and Third Tier., 40 cents; Odlery,? cenu. boon oiwn at 7 o'clock, and the Cnittui will rue precisely at 'ialf-paat T o'clock. ? NIBLO'8 GAEDBB Reeuiagementof MR ROBERTS, The celebrated Comedian from the London llieatres Firat Night ofthe Ballet Pantomime by the ACROBAT FAMILY I Monday Evening. Jane .!Otn. Will be presented tlie original Vaudeville entitled LE CHaPF.AU UU OENERAL. Madame de la Garde, Mi?s H Mauhews Marchioness de Villecour. ...??? -Miss M Taylor Marquis de Vilecour, J Seflon I Cut de Merval, tallagher Col de la Garde, Chippendale | Louia, .... , To be followed by a laughable Pantomime by the Acrobat Family, entitled LA VILLAOEOWfe ET HES AMANS. It /~lutnnni*siou of half an hour..;<*l CONCERT A LA MUSARBT To conclude with the petite Comedy ol A ROLAND FOll AN OLIVER. Sir Alfred Highflyer ....Mr Roberts. . Sir Mark Chase. Chippendale j MariaDarlinfton,Ml??MTay|or Mr Selbome, Gallagher Mrs Helborue, Miss Roberts Fixture, T. Placide I Mrs Fixture, MrsWatts rrr"An efttient Police w lil always be in attendance to main tain good order and keep all imi>ro|>er penona oat. fcjr-Tickets Fifty Cenli.-ttf A limited number of Season TiclieU will bedi.i.osedof. (T7"Performance to commence at 8 o clock. 1/oora open at nall-paat 7. CASTLE GAROKK. Proprietor* Meaara. French aud Hetier. Admission 25 Cents. Grand Entertainment! Monday Evening, June 3Wh, The Eiilerttiuments will commence with the admired Ove ture to the celebrated Opera of la Reme "" ' hypert. ) Hong, Mi. Dennisou. Polish Dance, MMIe. De^jardio*. Miisi.1 W. Wood will appear ns a Model ol Ancient Greek and Roman Statuary Overture by the Band. To be followed by Parsloe's Comic Tableau* Moiivan*, in whicb Messrs. Wood, I'arsloe, Denuisou aud Mif? Cohen will yu|?car. Overture to the Opera of Fra Diavolo. K1 Boleio d'tsnaRiia by Mad'selle Desjardius. Grand Classic and Gladiatorial Scene ol the Youth of Sparta, by Masters \V. and F. Wood. Overture to La Zanetta. To conclude with the most finished Act ever presented to the public bv any Acrobat in existeuce ^'tithd Mi'OllEOOOH, McGREGIJOR, and HAMED, Prince of Persia, both of which will be euactfd b> Herr r line. jt^r*Between the Entertainment* ;ui micriuissjoi* ol leu Minutes lor Promenade and Refreshments. Doors open at halt-past 6 o'clock. Pcilormance to com mence at 8 o'clock. PALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE. CHAMREIIS STREET. ,, | Th* Bf.ST VWIILATKP ThSATM. IN THK ? "TV IMMENSE ATTRACTION !!! First Night of the New Opera! Being for the Benefit olTalmos Ethiopian Burlesque Company. Moitduy Evening, June <JOtn, Will be presented, for the first time in.thia city, the grand oiieratic burlesque and ballet d action, entitled BUV-I-DARE; . Or, the Itevolt of the Woodheads. . . Founded on La Bayadere, with Burlesques on all tlie original dances To conclude with the Medley Burlesque of the VIRGINIA GIRL. In which are introduced the gems of Balfe s Opera of the Bo hemian Girl, and the Laughing Polka. Admission 145 Cents. Private Boxes, for four persons, $2. Doors open at to 8 o'clock-Performance to commence at '^UI 7~'bo* Office open from 8 A. M. until t P. M. VAVXHALL OARUKBi SALOON, BOWERY. ITT-OrEN EVF.HV EVENING -?fl GRAND GA/.A IVEEh. Miss Orville, late of Niblo's, has been engaged lor su nights Alto, Barney William), die celebrated Irish Comedian. Also, Miss A. Homer, the American EUsler. Also, Mr. J, Goodwin, the beautiful Comic Dancer. Also, the Ethiopeau Operatic Brother.and Sisters, Alessrs. Gardiner, Whitlock, While, .lohnson and Bnant, forming to gether the best Baud of Minstrels in the world, who defy com petitiou, and challenge any other Band to Play, Sing and Uance for the suin of $1000. fT?" Admission ouly One Shilling No postponement on account ofthe weather. Doors open at 7). o'clock. Performance commence at IX o'clock. jeg* Iw'ec S'KW MOWKIt Y THEATRE. THE LADIES and Gentlemen engaged at tins establishment are requested to meet at the Theatre on 1 uesday, the 1st Julyj at 10 o'clock. A. M., preparatory to the opening ofthe 8d ol July next. By order of .. JOHN D. P. CHAMPLIN, Manager. j2!i It'ec FRANCIS S. CHANFROID. Stage Manager. A CARD. GRAND CEL- BRAT I ON OF THE FOURTH OF JULY, AT VAUXHALL GARDEN, BOWERY. THE MANAGER would respectfully inform the public that he is making extensive preparations for the eOURTH OF JULY', when he will ?tve an Afternoon aud Evening * er formsuce in the Saloon. Also, . , A Grand Military ami CtVW nail, in the Garden, for which he is buildiuK a new and eletcinttloor. Price of admission to the Afternoon Performance, Admission in the evening, to the Garden, Saloon and Ball, 5(1 cents. A Splendid Cotillon Band is engaged for the occasiou. The Police arrangement* will be entirely under the direction of Officer Bird, who will preserve the Uest of order, and exclude nil improper persons. . . . Dancing to commence at Hand continue until 12 o clock. For particulars see bills of the day. , je/9to.jyl*ec P. DE LA Rk.k. Manager. (tLORIOUS 76. FIRE BALLOONS, FOR DAY AND NIGHT ASCENTS, manufactured by E LOWE, 32 Lewis street, Grand, up stairs, may be had at Messrs. Gassoners Young's, Chatham, aud at Listendaln s, Maiden lane, and at most of the principal Firework Stores in the city, with full directions for setting them off. All orders punctually attended to. jet86t*rc FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! MR. EDGE respectfully informs the public that hit ar rangements this season are on the most extensive soalt tret attempted in this country. He is now fully prepared to furnish Cities, Towus, Public Gardens, Theatre*, Parties fcc with pyrotechnic displays, varying in price from $n to ?S00Q. comprising the most Drilliant and variegated fires and appropri ate designs. Mr. E. will also add to his display this season low entire new colors, never before exhibited to the public?A Car mine, Royal Purple, Maroon and Maiariue Blue, unknowu to ^ffitVi^Xa^Niblo-s G^den, Mr. J. Robertson ; and No. 47 Coo rtlwdt street, Mr. W. H. Page; or atthe Laboratory, Jersey City. ISAAC EDGE. Jr.. Pyrotechnist. myJO Im'ec FIR IS WORKS, IVholesale and Retail?United State* Laboratory 'r*HE 8UBSCR1 BKR8 hare on hand and for sale, an entir> -I- newstock ol brilliant Fire Works,comprising a very general assortment, which for beauty of appearance and real utility,will exceed any ever offered by them in IS yean; and if sold b> weight will be found, by perhaps 30 per cent, the cheapest in the city. Canton Fire Crackers, lie. in abundance. OASSNER fc YOUNQ, 132 Chatham street, opposite Chatham Theatre, Dealers in Groceries and Fruits, and Agents for the celebrated Pavilion Fountain at Saratoga. N. B.?Serpents and Chasers being prohibited in this city, O * Y. will d.tly receive orders for them from the country. ju5 lm'rli KIKE WORKS, GRACHLKS, it 0 . FOURTH OF JULY, 1H45. C COUNTRY and City Dealers in Fireworks, will find it to J their advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the best quality, at R. AYLIFF'S old establishment, 78 Chatham street. A Urjje quantity of Fire Crackers just received Remember the sign ol the Two Mammoth Sky Rockets. Mind, we have removed from 86 to 76 Chatham, jel Im'rc FOURTH OF JULY, 11*45. FIREWORKS FOR THE PEOPLE. THE subscriber offers for sale a complete assortment of py. rotechnic articles, manufactured exclusively for his own salefc by the best maker 111 the country. Cities o. towns, public or private exhibitions, supplied at th< lowest prices, and the quality warranted. Wholesale buyers of small lireworlu will find their advan tage in giving a call. Prices as low as s good article can be af forded, and the best article warranted to be the chea|>est. Chinese Firecrackers and Fireworks at a reduction of Ml to 6(1 per ceut from last season prices. J. W. IIOLBERTON, 7J Maiden lane, m31 tjyl "m below William street FIRE WORKS?FOURTH OF JULY! NEW Y ORK LABORATORY. M BENNETT, IS# Front street, two doora south of Ful ? ton. The most extensive .mil brilliMt asiortment ol Fireworks are now offered at the above olacc, consisting ol Honary and Signal Rockets, with gold ana silver Rain, Sims. Fans, Palm Trees, Pyramids, Peruvian Crosses, Octagons, Tri angles, Vert trie*, Mines of Serpents and Stars, Maroons, Ben goTa Light, Roman Candles, Herpents, Tut Wheels, Orasshoi* Purs,Port hires, Blue Lights, Scroll Wheels, Torblllious, Lin* tgeons,Torpedoes, Pulling Crackers, Doable Headers, Fire Crackers, Canton Rockets,lu., lie. Country merchants and dealers in general are requested to call and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city and eonntry displays, military and private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the above mentioned articles wkii mi li>?tin- materials having been selected with the atirn <st eaie. Im mJ7*rk < ;i;.vn.hMi:.vs lkft off \vahdr??bi:. 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Its component parta are very innocent, and it can be recommended to females in all stages of life; good for wet nurses, and can be used at sea a? a substitute for milk. Prepared and sold for the Proprietor by L. Jonchimssen, No. I2? Attorney street. je*4 Im'rc CLIMAX STABLE, COURTLAND ALLEY, between Walker li White Streets, E_?. **** or 390 BROADWAY. XCLU81VELY for Gentlemen's Horses. The accommo nations are first-rate?the Stalls extra width, and the Car riage Room excellent. A few Stalls are vacant, and are worth) the attention of gentlemen who wiah their Horses to have mi perior treatment. jeU Im'rrc J. SMITH. Propr etor THE PANAMA, from Hnll?Consignees |>er this vessel will please send their |>ermils to the office of the subscri bers, as all goods not permuted within five days, are liable ti be sent to the public stores. WOOI'Hi'U. k Ml NT URNS, jllrc 87 Honth Street. TO THK PUBLIC 1 NOTICE THE PUBLIC 'hat Doctor JOSEPH HEINE No. tODUANE STREET, is my SON-was not ABBA LOM, DAVID'S SON ' Sh B"0* Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. jel3m,ec No. J7*?ade street, New York. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST Bvcmiwa MAILS. Wublnfton. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Washington, June 27?2 P. M. FuiwruJ Oh*ft/uie$ of OenrrxU Jack son. Tina was the day pet apart (or fh? funeral obse quies in respect to the memory of Gen. Jackson. The day was very fine, and the whole population lias been on the move since an early hour. All tlie ?ublic offices have been closed, and the stores and :he houses on Pennsylvania avenue are principally lung with black. The procession moved from the President's house at I o'clock, headed by the milita ry. The President of the I'nited Stales, and all the lignitaries of the government, followed in car tages. The various associations, grand lodges, and jther societies of the District, were in tne.line. The clerks of the civil government, numbering over tlx hundred, made a very respectable appearance in he procession. The turn out was quite general, and :he cavalcade are just about sntering the Capitol square, where Mr. Bancroft is to deliver the eulogy, from the eastern portico. Washington, June'J?, 1H4.V Fourth Dau'i I'roi eeditif of the New Court Martial?The Funeral SolemniUte, 4'<? The Court met thif morning at the uiual hour, 10 o'clock. The journal of yesterday *u read, corrected and approved. The Judge Advocate asked the accused if he had any further, or other, objection* to prefer to the charges and specification*. The counsel for ths accused immediately proceeded to read to the Court, with their l?rrai>iion, his objections to the third specification of the tirst charge,in not issuing aa order when corporeal pun ishment was to be inllicted, and having it read to the of ficers and crew of the vessels, which was a violation of the naval law of 1040. The counsel baaed hi* objection* to the validity of the specification, according to law, on the following strong grounds. That no case J* mention ed, or particularly designated, m the specification; that the rule of law wlieu such a charge in made require* the act to be specified, and the precise time of its transpiring to be mentioned; the specification doe* neither; but re ferred the accused to a period of thirty-two months, and the log book, to find (out the act*; and that it was impos sible to kuow what one it is applied to. No person is named us having suffered, or when corporeal punish ment had been inflicted, and that the specification was very infermul; that if the Court sustaiu the specification, the accused would, perhaps, be compelled to answer, not only to one oflence, but a (core, or even hundred, and that he was referred to the log book to find them. As woll might the Secretary of the Navy have referred him to any Kncyclopaedia. The couniel farther main tained that the act or act*, time, place*, kc., should be designated in the specification, in order to hold the ac cused to auswor to it. The Court was then cleared for deliberation, and on reopening, the Judge Advocate an nounced to the accused that his objection* to the third specification of the first charge were maintained, and that to said specification he be not held to answer. The counsel for the accused here offered his objection* to the recond charge, and accompanying specification, lor illegal punishment. The specification state* that cm some <lay not mentioned, the accuied inflicted unjusf punishment, and established an order for the internal regulations of the Congress, authorizing the lieutenant and officers of the vessel to inflict corporeal puniihmant not exceeding six lashes. The counsel for accused fur ther maintained that the act of the navy of 1800, which is stated to have been violated by the accuied, ha* no bearing to the case at all; and the order which hs i* charged to have given to the officers and lieutenant* of the vessel, is not stated ever to have been executed, or the privileges of the order exercised. The counsel gave farther and more cogent reasons for the withdrawal of the chargo,which related wholly to matters of law, kc. The Court was then cleared, and when again opened, the Judge Advocate informed the accused that hii objec tions to the second charge and flrit specification were overruled, and that he would be held to answer te the same. The Judge Advocate proposed to the accused, that if his counsel had any further objections to the re maining charge and specification, if he would submit them to him, he woula examine the.'Q and make his reply in the morning. The counsel remarke d he bad no fur ther objections. The various members oi 'he court in tending to participate in the funeral obsequies' to Gen. Jackson, now proposed to adjourn, and the PresiJ?nt ad journed the court accordingly. The following, from the Union, in relation to the proceedings of the Court Martial of yesterday, is likely to leave an erroneous imprs -<*on upon the minds of the community in relation to the matter of fact *tated. Whe ther or rrot it is done intentionally I do not say ; but if the reporter is whom 1 suppose, he will correct the er ror, if he wishes to be " just and fear not." The extract is as follows ; " The accused then called the Hou. Oeorge Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, who wa* present, aa a witness upon his summons. Mr. B. testified that the first specifi cation was known to the department at the time the charges on the previous trial were preferred, and that it was omitted in those charges, at the most earnest soli citation of Captain Voorhees, in writing sad verbally, Captain V. desiring to have it tried, if at all, diltinct from the other chargesFrom the italicised line*, the infe rence is thrown out, that the accused wa* willing to submit to a second trial, upon that matter. He only de sired it to be wholly and distinct from those charges and ipecifications for which he was to be tried, by the pre vious court, and did not wish to be tried by a second court, but was entirely willing for it to be trisif before the court already adjourned, if made a subject mat'erof charge by itself. Thil is the understanding I have of the matter. The graud funeral processiou started thi* morning from the President's house at half-past twelve o'clock? minute guns firing and church bells tolling from the time of its departure to its arrival at the capitoH Among the distinguished strangers of the procession ware Oeneral Scott and Commodore Stewart, Old Tecumsei. R. M. Johnson, and Cost Johnson; the Heads of the Depart ments and the President, the Ruasian Minister, and other of the diplomatic corps were all in their respective places?the procession was lengthy and well at tended. It was thirty minutes passing any given point. At the capitol the crowd wa* a perfect smash, a large nun.bcr having proceeded thither before the arrival of the procesiion, in order to secure good seat*. The fences and railings, pillars and steps were crowded, and hung full of spectators, boy*, lie., kc. Truly it was a great and glorious |>anorama. There wa* one incident that occurred that filled me with disgust; and the young rascal should have been kept at home. A peddler of small things, trash, kc., was hawking through the crowd "the life and last dying con fession of Ileury McCurry," who was hung at Baltimore for tho murder,ot Paul Kotix. This was ^infamous, ami the chap should have been obliged to have retired from the ground penniless, whereas he sold many of his "con fessions." Execution of Henry McCi kry.?The majesty of the law has been vindicated. The demand ot' justice liui been complied with. Henry McCurry, con victed at the February term ol' Baltimore City Court, ol' the murder of Paul Roux, yesterday morning, between the hours of oleven and twelve o'clock, expiated hi* crime upon the scafl'old. At a comparatively early hour in the morning the re porter visited his cell, and found him engaged in conver sation with his attending prieat, the Rev. Dr. Coskery. Previous to the reporter's entering the cell, McCurry had been engaged, with his spiritual advisor, in religious exercises ; which were subsequently continued, with but slight intervals of conversation, up to the moment when ne left the cell for the the place of execution. His countenance showed no trace whatever of appre hension or fear in reference to the dreadful ordeal through which he was about to pass. On the contrary it indicated a degree of calmness, humility and resignation to his fate which could scarcely have been anticipated, lie conversed freely, if spoken to, and when any <|ues tions wcie addressed to nim answered them with the most apparent cheerfulness. His deportment remained the sumo during all the time the reporter was in the cell; and, while mingling in the religious exercises of the oc casion, his responses were made in a tone of voice dis tinctly audible to all around him. When asked by Mr. Coskery if he felt afraid to die, lie said he did not and intimated his assent to the Rev. gentleman's remarks, that it was not'death which mor tals were to fear, but the judgment which came after it, as well as to the hone expressed by Mr. C. that he had so used the time of liis confinement a* to prepare him nroperly to meet that, relying upon a saving faith in the Lord Jesui Chriit. In the course of the ceremou) the Rev. Mr. Coskery was joined by the Rev. Mr. Hickey, who aided him in the remaining religious exercises.* At eleven o'clocK, deputy sheriffs It. Wilson and J. T. entered the cell, and with the aid of Mr. Jacob Cook, police officer, arrayed the prisoner in the usnal dress. When these officers first approached the prisoner and shook hands with him, hn turned, lor a single in stant. deathly pale, hut his countenmiec almost imme diately recovered its former color. At twenty-five minutes past eleven o'clock, he wan taken from the cell to the place of execution, followed by a procession limited to hii attending priests, the War den of the Jail, the High Sheriff , his deputies, and the reporters ol the preea generally. (in the way the psalm Mhitrrtrt, or Have Mercy on me, Oh (Sod, was sung At twenty-three minutoa before twelve he ascended the scaffold, accompanied by the Sheriff, the Warden, and the priests. Alter a moment or two s|?nt in prayei with him by the Rev. Mr. < oakery all left him, annul twenty minutes before twelve he was launched into etei - nity. He struggled but very little; and when lowered down, it was found by the attending physician that his neck had been broken by the first shock. The surrounding eminences in every direction, as well as the jail yard, were filled with a dense crowd of men, women ana children, comprising many thousand persons who had assembled to witness the execution. Too much credit cannot he awarded to High Sheriff Tracy, toT. O Hollers. Fsq. Warden of the Jail, and the officers generally under thoir control, for the manner in which the whole proceeding was conducted, ami the good order and decorum preserved within the walls, and the conduct of tlic High Sheriff in performing the pain fnl yet impressive duty which the law devolved ujion him, of officiating himself to the last, instead of tranwfet ring that duty, as used to he the practice, to some irre sponsible agent, is deserving of all commendation. The body was taken down at twenty-two minutes past twelve, and after being examined by Dm. Piggot and Vales to ascertain that lilo was extinct, was delivered ovei to the charge of the Rev Mr. ( oakery, for inter ment. Bsfffairr American. June JS. TUITION. A FRENCH OENTLKMAN, a graduate ol the Uulverstty of Paris, is desitms of finding in some school or private fa mily, s situation as instructor?through the means of the F.nglish, which he speaks fluently, oroftne French and Herman languages, equally his own, in ear of the different branch** o s thorough mdlilural edncation, and also drawiugaad painting o either landscapes,heads or (lowers. The best references can be had, and his name and residence known, by applying to the Rev A. Venea. Rector of the French Protestant Cnoreh of this eity, No. WFranklin st???t. Ia4 Im're ________ _ CI AST IRON WA I'KR PIPES, of different siaes, constat J ly on hand. Also, American Pig Iron, for ?sl* h', WARKINO ION* Kit HARDS "ViS *1? Water t

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