Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD, NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 30, 1845. PrlM Two Cento* hr~NEW YORKllE^iLD a lroulatlon~-I^rt*fc< j ^ ,AILV HERAI^^enrJ,le centi advance 1EKLYIWRALD-J|u advance -JfOR^SST''^'^3 pn?.? SA^NOri -1 U" ??" "** " "* ? -estfsK^riyissi ^fie establishment, mV* subscript*^ money remitted ill be dedooted frem the BENNETT, . S?w Yoaa H?*ld E.t*?lhh??*i?t ""'^hw^cny>r nf r?*nn N..-W -t*~? LONG ISLAND KAlLROAI^COMPANj^ I iflBlrlT MM *'** ^Millet:* fahM. summer ARRANGEMENT, "to^Tr*!n-K'M. dnily, Sunday* e*cePted, .topping M^d 5 Pi MrJ?i > ? i.ted stopping at Jamaica, Brauch, Hemp?traJ, ?ud Hicks .wdXth* stopping Place, between Hicluville and enport. *I?TwnT'w^'9oodi?f ?^5Sni!d,1"<,,'Cl0'k M" 3rooklynand inteimeui*t?plMei. ? ^'nr?an^da/eD?P?(- M< ^ ^ p M-i daily, Suu r?c"?2d f<?r'Bf0.^1y0 and intermediate plate.. IttnTn^n*$*?"?!? daily, Sunday, excepted, for Brook he^oVwuTraiM .top only at Fnmingdale and St. George'. he Accommodation Train* .top at. the following place, the road, going both itay* to receive and debtor paweu Itorif * * Deer Park M , t New York 12K Thompson.. ?? e Course 1? Suffolk Station.., 1 00 V: tting Course.'. 1?X L.kr_Road attU?n 1 i. .niica ? Medford Station 1 Ws .hville 31K Milleville .... ? i le Part, 17 mile. *H ?? George's Manor.... 1 81 i 1 wsville, (daring .ei- Riverhead JOT nn Court,) 37? Jamesport 1 62J? npstead 37$ Mattetuck 1 MX ? ni.i| 37>. Cutchogue 1 ,le Place 44 8outhold......... .... 1 62>a sthnrv 44 Oro?npnrt, Acc n. train. 1 7J>t ? k.vU& :: :: 44 Bo.ten Train 2 00 ' - ?ages'are in readiness on the arrival of Train, at the several cions, to take passengers at tery low Fares, to all parts of the oggage Crate, will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall et, lo receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minute, be ? the hour of starting from t)ie Brooklyn aide. . /-RncSaWay Baggage take* lu .eparate Crate*. julOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. EXPRESS AND PIONEER JACKET LWIJ, * rom Philadelphia to fituburgh viathe U and Canal-through in J* dSy-J. The above line tonow.ia ? '? operation and offers treat mducements to person * tiir?.llppioied modern style, the ta are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is madr the iiroprietor* to conduce to the comfort and coiiveiiieiict rav'llerv The scenery on thia route i. unrivalled, and the it chain of Pennsylvania internal improvement, is well wor ;v thii'rou'teVaisenger. avoid all the fatigue. ?nd danger, at ^ant upon .Uge travelling, and at the same time make an ex ;he?c?jr?"eave every morningnt 7 o'clock. ^^?n;*ephM?,ui -d to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel a N. E. corner oj Chesuut and Koarth .treets andst No? '? nd 15 South Third sts. A. CUMMINUS, Agent. ^liufo&of2rrn1gie.c& of New York, apply to j, in the city of New York, appl i. H. KN18ELL, Aaentfor D. LEECH fc C 6.'. Line. 7 West st, N. R. My 17 gm'rrc ? 1 ROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A ft u i> ? ' 3f<I1E TWAINS Upon the LONG ISLAND RAILROAC ire now arranged for passengers to leareBostou at 6 o clocl 1 arrive in ^NewYont at 4, aT was the case last evening; and e the Philadelphia train at quarter before S, and arnvrrtierea! "NOTICE.?On and alter Monday, the 9th iii sunt, the car tli?t leaves City Hall at si* o clock n the morning for William's Bridge, will I^.c?e? i? ? l.-tlf rent live '. rctdrning, Will '^?v? " idge at seven o'clock. T\ie car that leaves Cirv Hall in th. enfng at half past si* o'clock for Har em, will leave at si* ?lock and will run to William's Bridge; returning, leavi 'ilium's Bridge at seven o'clock and twenty minutes. ju6 m h W YORK- ALBANV AiSJJ TttUlt L,lAt<. ,3^ ii %R ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. - M-VJ* - 7 o'clock, r. M -The steamboat EM .J^^ECpIRE, Captain R B. Macy, v?ill samboat pier fool of ''ourtlandt street, even" mrsday and Satnrdav iifternoon. at 7 o r'l?'"- ? _ , Th. steoml oat COLl'MBJA, C?P??m Win. H.Feck,every ;|J~ w0^g;Ur.r,.i" R. 1,. Mabey, on 8und<y, June 29th. ?;li mike an Excursion around huten Island, tviviHg the following Piers?Amos street at]I, Cyal "treet at i; Pike .ureet at 1}?; Delancey .treet at lX. and Pier No. 1. ?isttery Place, at IP. M.-Stoppmg st Amboy long enough foi issengers^to jfp ashore and view the place. n"eicursion'can'be rtlade in. the vicinity of the city mors b ratifying or refreshing th?n this. Health, comfort and uiver ".on sre obtaiiM-d at a time when our city resorts are.uitolerabl* ow hest and du-t. J*28 2t rc MORNING BOAT FOR ALBANY, . |_r-| MA and INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS Breakfast and Dinner on board.?The spleudu W-f K^., SOUTH AMERICA, Captain H u 1 ruesdell, will leave the foot of Barclay street (north sid. i'" the Ferry) on Thursday moming, June 26th, at 7 o cloca. Kor nassege apply on board the boat. . . . Usual Landings?Caldwell's,West Point, Newbprgh, Pough ' reiMie, Hyde Park, llhincbeck. Redhook, Maiden, Catskill, uX'n, Co*.ackie, Kinderhook and New Baltimore. j2J - ? ? MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, ? ^ FOR ALBANY. TROY and intermedial! l2?53_^3elaudiiig?, from the titeamboat Pier at the foot ol 'M M JL Barclay .treet. br? a..d Uinuer on board the *>at. , Leases New York at 7 o'clock, * -f , Tuesdsy., Thur.d.y; ^ SuuriavT?id Troy at Albiy at 7 o'clock a o-<-. - B. Hall, at th* ,orany > boat. mat lie it me risa oi me owiin. ?. ?v.. ? i.V?rr* rsge, he. ,eUrc The low-pressure stesmboat 1 HOY, t/aptain J 'uesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o clock For passage or freight, apply on board, or to f. rfotfee?AH^good., freight, baggage,bank bilU.^cie. or .ther kind of property taken, shipped, or this b nust lie at the risk of the owners of such goods, ireiant. i NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE CENTS. On ind after Saturday, 7th June, the Steamboat* SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York every hoar ixcept I P. ML, commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. Leave Maten Mand every hoar except 4, commencing at I A. M., until 7 P. M. jn7m KOK LIVfcRI'OOL?The super or ?hip NEP ? TUNE, Cartaiii Peach, will aail on her regular day. - For piasage, having unsurpassed accommodations Cabin only, apply to JOHN HERDMAN. J?V1 rc $1 South street. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS-FOR LI VERPOOL?Only ulsr Tacket of the lit of July.?The magnificent i f - it e I .-i.:.. \* auh??'it - aud MieuratH fast sailing.favorite packet jliipMONTE/.U>1A burthen 1100 to?a, A. B. Lowber, commander, will ?ail poai lively,on TuesdAv, ut of July. Having unequalWd accommodations for cabin, Id cabin and steerage pasaengsra, those returning to the old countrv, or send mgfor their Ineuds, wd| find it to their intereat and comfort to ?elect thia nnrqualled line of packets. ForteraaofPMaagesud to secure the best bertha, early ap plication should be made on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to the MlMcribn., HO< HE, BROTHEHH It CO. Jeff M r ultsm street. ne.t ,|,M.r to the Fulton Bank. N.Y. ?. <+UAJK>VlW -Regular Packet-The well >^nown,'ytffiluiMlaiti.hBamue ANN HARLEV, ?UttftCan Smith. muter 1U1 i.?. I ,i?;i? FOR ULA8C arrival will mm witk quick despatch. Kor freight or LL k MINTURNB. gJS inth street FOR LlVERPOOLs-Th. M* KJ&JJi ^SlNuTON. Captain ahumway, will poaitittly ?*" t*h'??iiik'excellent accommodations In Cabin snd Ste^'lpply on board ^liniT^iW ;h6tT1 NUUI'.R, 10W tons, Capt. Ira Burslay, wifl san aa au*of?? h?r d having excellent and superior Mcom V or freight or t,oard or to modationa, k MINTIIR^S, V South .treat J-sSSBWrjra August ECR LONDON?Packet of the 1st July?'i he |>leiidid nevr packet ship VICTORIA, Caiitain Moi. an, will sail aa above, her regular day. hor passage ?Mil) 1,1 J. HERDMAN, ' J'"rc >1 South street. LONDON LINE OF PACKETS.-Pack.t of ,"? J"1 splendid and fast sailing Pack I et Ship vi< lORIA, Captain K. K. Morgan, will po.iuve.y sail as above, her regular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons about to embark for the old country, should nuke early application to . W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, rrc T, South street, corner Maiden Lane. FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CH ARTER?The frrv fast sailing barque HOME, Captain Watts, built fissssnrsv,A"" i ro M South .treat. 1 FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Strum Ship* CALEDO NIAand HIBeRNIA, will leave Bostou fur che above i>orU, as follows:? Caledonia, E. O. Lott, E?q., Commander, Tuesday, July 1st Hiheruia, Alex. Ryrie, " " Wednesday, July 16th. PaiMge to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, 6 WaRst. je 26 DRAFTS ON OREAT BRITAIN AND j? iWlMVv IRELAND?Persons wishing to remit mo tfH, ABm\ Mia nev to tlieir friends in any part of Eniland, > Ireland. Scotland or Wales,can be supplied ??????V-?>'?with drafts payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following ' It/kimiLAnD?The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Banied k. Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t k Sou, Loudon, and branches throughout England and W'jles. , , n In Irelakd.?The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. . In Scotland?The Eastern Bank of Scotland National Bartk of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches ^The^^am^pCaledouiasails from Boston<? wist Jnly.hy I which all drafts can be forwarded free. ./l&VicOTT J^-JQ South St. for. Maiden lane. -is:?Liverpool line of packets-p?xet..i JBSvL the 6th July?The splendid and fast sailing packet ship BSiHbINDEPENDENCE, F. P. Allen, will sail as above, ou ^^raMrtiuRKAv;" 100 Pine street corner of South street. The new and elegant packet ship AskburWn, burthen n?0 tons, Henry Huttleson, master, wilUucceed the Independence and sail on the 6th of August. Jl7rc ~xJEt-~ FOR SALE?FREIGHT OR CHARTEH-The j^^ve^ l?t slilitTl?cke\ ship, MISSISSIPPI.?? tons, JflJX&i.uilt ill this city by Brown k Bell, sall?d on the uSPriid resalted every year, live oak and^ast top, live oak aprou, seuuon item frame, and forward and uier cant frames?newly coppered and iu perfect order for * **"*? years voyage?has accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply ju6m FOR ANTWERP?The splendid ship DEVON kMBfV 811 IRE. Caft. :, will meet with quick despatch the above port. .... ... r For passage, having handsome fnvnished accommodations lor cabin passengers, and also for second cabin passengers in the 1 h??7e ?" JC *P1>ly t0 J. HERDMAN. 61 Sonth street. "Ijep: PACKET KOR MARSEILLES.?The Packet ?A&tW. Ship MARCELLA, Captain G. Hagar, will sail on i ut ?f t0 103 Front street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buddings, corner Wall and Water street*. Jel3rrc PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Liue-The JH9v packet ship ONEIDA, Captain Jas. Funk, will sail JauUK^nn the lstof July. -T^ght or passage ggf U,& HJNCKgv Ag?U. No.9 Tontine Buildings, eoi. Wall and WaterstreeU ju3 rc J HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 01 SOUTH STREET. tjes. PASSAGE from Great Britain and Ireland, via. Jg4H[V Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest rate, jfifiakand Drafts furnished for any amount, payable at all die principal Banks in England, Ireland; Scotland and Wales, on application ,6 J. HERDMAN^ PASSAGE FOR HAMBURG?With Despatch ?1ie splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, ?H||S?capt. C. C. Berry, will sail as above, and can very comfortably accommodate a limited number of of |>asaengt'rs in cabin and steerage. Thiaship havmir be?u built expressly lor a Cfetr orlealis packet her accommodations are of the best and most cosiy description. Persons wishing tosecure berths should 'u?k? early application on board^or to ^ ^ T'Xf^cOTT, mv2X rr eorner Rnsth .nrl M.iHen Inn# OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFIO?, 61 South at.?Passage from England, Ire ____>land, Scotland and Wales?Those sending for their ,'rieuds would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of making tlieir arrangemeut* with the subscribers ou very mode rate term*, by first class packet ships, sailiug from Liverpool Dra&s can as usual be furnished lor any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN.61 8outh it. The mail steamer Hibernia sails frnm Boston on the 16th inst, by wiich letters ran he forwarded quickly. mv23 rh TO LET?Front rooms, lurnished or nufuruished. (f?W suitable for any office, in.the*National Coffee House, 321 Xjl^Bruadway. Tlie proprietor re*|iectfully informs his friends and the public that he has a pleasant establishment, in the vicinity of mercantile business. Billiards and other amuse ments in tne house; the J>rice of billiards Itty cents per game. The proprietor has a strict regard to the coinlort of his viMters. and that he has combined economy the following prices will show:?A 100m can be had as low as 23 cents per nignt and $1 per week. The porter will be in attendance at all times during the night; any body who wants to come iu at late hour* will ring the halljiell. je8> 3w*je TO LET?'The NEW HOTEL, now finishing at Ho bokeu, immediately adjacent to the ferry?built iu mo dern style, 45 by 50 feet, three stories, with piazza on two side., and containing 17 ronms, with a wing HI by 36 feet; two stories containing 7 rooms. This Heuie is beautifully situated, commanding a fine view of the city and harbor of New York. For further particular* apply to James A. Stevens, Jr., at the office of the Hobokeu Land and Improvement Company, al Hobokeu. j*ao 6w*ic FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50: City Made, anil [for style and durability tliey are equal to those sold for $5. Efnt Youngfc Co's Imperial French Boot anu Shoe Mann r facturing De|x>t, at No. 4 Ann street, one of the inost Fash ionable Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dres> Boots, in?de to order, for $4 50; e.yial to those made in other ?tores for Sti and $7. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, kc., m-de to or der iu the shortest notice. Mending, kc., done in the store Wm. M. Young k Co., Wholes.le and Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Ann street, New Yoik, uear Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, and je24 lm'rc H.B.JONES. fNFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY, fl BEAUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, prict $1,75, which forbeauty of fiuiah cannot be surpassed. Also, Drab Beavers, Blue Brush aud White Castor Hats, all olthe latest style. Also, Pniam* Hats, very low. C. KNOX, jel9 lm'rc 110 l1 niton st, between William and Nassau. MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY,' HOWARD HOTEL, CM HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to which the atteutiou of gentlemen is invited, at the fol lowing prices. viz:? French Pearl (a new article) $4 00 Pearl Cassimere 3 50 White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor 3 50 Alse, an assortment of Panama, Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, tNd other Hata.suitable for the season. jel2 Im*rrc MILLS, 171 Broadway, Howard Hotel. HOWE'S 8UPERIOR STYLE of Getitlemena' Summer Hats an J^^well worthy the attention of those about supjilyingthem ? with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Hat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, and warranted not to be affected by wet or damp weallter. The assortment consists in part of, Pearl Cossimeres at. $3 M Silver Pearl do 3 50 Smooth white Castor 4 00 Long nap white Rocky mountain Beaver ? 50 tot Together with au assortment of Panama aud Bohemian Straw Hats, all of the first quality and most fashiouable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William at, my24 lm*rh Merchants' Exehann tSCJONUMY AND FASHION ELEGANT _81JMMER hats. KGO jjb ~~ _ PRICE $1. _ ROBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation ol he PHCEN1X HAT AND CAr ESTABLISHMENT, IN Fulton it, between WilliamandNaa*au, East of Broadway, u the cheapest in thia city or any other, beg* leave to introduce to the public a very superior style of Summer hats, which for lightneaa, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? and for cheapneaa unequalled In addition to being very plea sant and genteel, these Hata are warranted to atand all ordiuary exposure to rain without injury, which it is well Known Leg horns, Panamas, kc., will not do without losing shape and color. For business more especially it ia important to keep the head dnr and cool, a desideratum which has not hitherto been attained. These Hats cannot be injured by perspiration, owing to the peculiar style of trimming wnich thesuburiber has found by experience so very cleanly and popular. ThV weight ranges from 2% to JM ox., being much lighter than substantial Leg horna and Panama*. ROBERTSON, 103 Kulton st.v mH lm*ee Sign of the Plxamx. MILLINERY AND DRESS MAKING. MRS. ROSE, No. 17J Walker street, New Yoak, re ^^J)?l>ectfiillv solicits a call from Ladies wishing any thing J^^iu the Millinery or Dress Making line. jeU lm'rh LADIES' PASHiONABLE HATS. ^ (B) CARL KING, the well known and celebrated first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitan.^^; Manufacturer, IT Diviaion street, informs the public that hii ; Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of a superior quality, and war- j ranted to clean, made in the most fashionable ahape, called the Cottage Ot'jeey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hata $1 each. Milliners supplied by the caae or doxen at reasonable prices, at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. mil lm*re _ CARL KINO I IMPOKTATION OK V/ATCHEs! RECEIVED from Swiixerland, by packet ship i TW^O/urich. au assortment of WatcheJ and Movements of j ^?preverv description and ef first Quality, realty for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. delachaube It MAIRE, i?7 lin'rc No. 127 Kulton street. New York MUKDEN'S PATENT liOlt?h-?HUEo 0 BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealera I in hardware in the United State*are all warranted|*r : feet in form and made of the Tery best refined iron, and seld at a fraction over the price of iron in the bar. j Every shoe which may be found not iu accordance < With the above recommendation will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenaea from the moat distant pan* , orth* country. H. BURDEN, A~K, my II lm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. i HOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, | 137 ami 130 Mercer Street, MR. JOHN 8. roulstone ha* the honor to I inform his friends and the uublic in general, that his I .Behowl for Instruction in Horsemanship ia now open 1 ?T *"d evening, aa follow* .? . .. lours fer Oentlemeu from 6 to I A. M. _ " * Ladiee " ? AM. to 1P.M. i Term* of instruction made known on application to Mr Roulstone. Mr. R. ha* ju*t received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea snnahle price. my7rc ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. A NEWLY INVENTED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER . ,n?at perfect article of the kind ever iuvcu ted. It has been in use lor some time, and approved of by all medical men who have examined It, and pronounced bythem the best article of the kind ever offered to the public. The af flicted are requested to call and examine for theniftelte*. The inventor has put tWm down to the low price <>l One Dollar. To be had only of Madame Osaear, 21 Murray street, New York. This Article cm be sent to any part of the United State*, by Mail. Persons at a distance can Vtv? them sent, by addresring m above, po*t paid. Jetl lm*re HORTICULTURAL GARDENS, FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK. vu| THE SUBSCRIBERS hare now for talc a beautiful Wgfllcollfotiou of Roses, Axalias, Camellias, Pelargonium*, . On , Rhododendrons,8tc., embracing all the novelties of the season, grown in the best manner. Alio, a select variety of Stove and Greenhoase Plants, Strawberries, Raspberries and Grape Vines; Evergreens and Flowering Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants, Dahlias, kc., kc. Catalognes aent on application, post paid. Persona interested in Horticultural a (fairs are invited to visit the Gardens, Suud vs and 4th of July excepted. Having a Urge collection of Geraniums now in bloom, they will be sold very low, from three to four dollars per dozeu jnlO lwH?d-r<- VALH It CO. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE AS8U RANCF SOCIETY OF LONDON. Empowered by Act of Parliament. CAPITAL ?500,000 STERLING, OR #2,500,000. General Agent for the United Statu, . J. LEANDER STARR, 74 Wall at. New York. Physicians?Dr?. Hoaack and J. Kearney Rodgers. Solicitor? Wm. Van Hook, Esq. Examples of Rant?for the JUturance of $100 on a Single Life. PREMIUM8 PAY ABLE ANNUALLY. Age next For one year For Jive roa i.ira. oirln day. only. ytari. _ Without proJUi. With do. 15 (0 77 S* >1 $1 47 tl ? 20 0 88 o tO 16* 1 87 25 0 98 1 OS 19) I 14 30 1 21 1 30 2 ? 2 46 33 1 46 1 64 2 64 2 80 40 1 81 1 64 2 93 3 26 46 1 72 1 78 J 47 3 86 60 1 94 2 06 4 21 4 68 66 264 2 96 628 686 60 3 73 4 26 t 6 68 7 42 Premiums "for life" payable yearly, half yearly, quarteily or month)? The public are respectfully requested to examine the distin guishing principles of this Institution?their tables of rates? their distribution of profits?mid the facilities afforded by their Loan Department?before deciding to insure elsewhere. Pamphlets containing the last Amiual Report, and the Socie ty's rates, &c., may be obtained ujhmi application. m23 lm3taw*rrc J. LEANDER STARR, General Agent. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON LNSUKANCE CO.,< No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchauge. > THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da mage by fire on goods, w nA and merchandise, and also, against loss by inland navigation on vessels aud their cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Auson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moset Tucker, James E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P Moore, John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. George T. Hope, Secretary a5 re KNAPP'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. THESE PLASTERS pre|?red for pains and. weakness in the back, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains, (cc., and for asthmatic affections, and croup in children, will in most cases give immediate and soothing relief. ... . . , They will also be found highly beneficial for complaints of the Liver, Lungs aud Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, who?e business requires them to sit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness iu the chest, or pain in the side or breast, will find great relief by wear ing one or these Plasters. With regard to the efficacy ef tliese Plasters, nothing need be said, as they carry with them their own recommendation, and the price being so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement for those afflicted to give them a trial. The proprietor is confident that by the great ana increasing de mand lor these Plasters, the [wpularity which tliey have obtain ed solely by their oitii merits, and the universal satisfaction which they have given, that they are decidedly superior to Br others in use. No pains is spared in making them as adhesive and pliable as possibly, aud in rendering them free from all those objections which is a source of complaint to the ordinary plasters of the day. These Plasters need bat one trial to give every satisfaction de sired. Be sure and ask for Knapp's Indian Strengthening Plaster, and see that his signature is on the back of each. None others mrr genuine. Made only by P. B. KNAPP, and sold wholesale and retailai his Medicine Warehouse, No. 362 Hudson street, one door below King street, New York. Also for sale by the Druggists gene rally. Price 12 1-2 and 18 3-4 cents each m6 2ineod*rc THE WONDER & BLESSING OF THE AGE THE ONLY CURE FOR CONSUMPTION. LET EVERY MAN, WOMAN <$? CHILD, WHO is troubled with Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Liver Complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping Cornell, Pain in the side aud Breast, .Sore Throat, Rising or Tickling in the Thsoat, Nervous Debility, Palpitation of the Heart, Broken Constitution, from the abuse of calomel and other causes, try the genuine, and ouly genuine. Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, prepared by the celebrated Dr. Swayne of Philadelphia?all others are spurious, and mere imitations. Therefore, he cautions to ask for the original and only genuine Sreparation from this valuable tree?Dr. Swayne's Compound yrnp of Wild Chenr. Principal office, north-west corner 8th aud Race streets, Philadelphia. Agents?Wm. Milnor, M.D. corner of Broadway and John street; E. B. Warner, 206 Bleecker, corner of Minetta street; and R. A. Sands. Church Dispensary, 188 Bowery, corner of Spring street, New York; W. G Wood, M.D.. Harlem; Havi land, neeseand Co., 80Maiden Laine, New York; Rev. J. P. Cook, 76 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Andrew Oliver and Co., New Orleans; L. B. Swan, and J. M- Wiiisluw, Rochester, N. Y.; Mrs. Hayea. Brooklyn; E. Kleine, St. Louis; Wm.Thorn, Pittsburg; E. B. Hinman, Cincinnati; Pierson and Harrison. 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Benjamin Olds, 278 Broad street, Newark,.N. J.; John S. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H. Pierce, 4 Sunwix Hall, Maiden Lane. Albany, New. York; Backus and Bull, Troy, New York; Spalding and Harrington, Worcester, Mass.; James Green and Co.. Worcester, Mass.; E. Hollidge, Buffalo, New V ork; Grant and Bockee. Pough keepsie. New York; O. O. Woodman, Vicksburgt Miss.; H. and J. Brewer, Spriugfield, Mass.; J. P. Hall and Co., Boston. Mass.; E. S. Holden, East Boston, Mass.; P. M. Coheu and Co Charleston, 8. C. jel9 3meod?rh WM. H. JA?1ES, 241)^ Broadway, opposite the Park, of fers for sale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Segars, which he warrants genuine as imported, vix :? Regalia's Panetelas, Common Size, Imperial, El Regulador. Cubrey, La Lealtad, Regul .tor, Ugues, El Regulator, Small 8ize. Mariposa, Cubrey, Wemar, Superior Plantations 1 Medians, El Regulador, m27 yMltSt lm*rc TKANfPOIiTA'l ION OF GOVERNMENT STORKS. ?Sealed im>po.-als, endorsed" Tranipn," will be received by the subscriber, at his office, 85 Water street, until Friday, 18th July, 1 o'clock P.M.,for carrying 1500 barrels in bulk,more or less, from the U. S. N iry Yard, Brooklyn, to the Navy Yard at Penaacola, Fla. Ten fair weather working lay days to be allowed at each port for taking in and discharging cargo. No primaga allowed. The vessel must be subject to the in spection of the Yard, and be ready to load as soon aa required. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Nary Agent. Navv Aijkivt's Office, ) New York, ./nne 20. 1845 i Je2l Iaw4w rc SuMfcTHimJ A K W A.VJJ U&fcfbL,. AFTER long endearora, the undersigned lias succeeded in introducing to the people of the United States an article they hare long needed. It is in the shape of a Paste, called PATES U'AMANDKS. (Orgeat l*;ste,) while it, combines a healthy and pleasant drink for the Summer While it promi ses these qualities it ia at the same time useful in removing Heartburn and Sour Stomach, and is a capital drink for diseases of the cheat. Its component parts are very innocent and it can be recommended to females in all atages of life; good for wet nurses, and can be used at sea as a substitute for milk. Prepared and sold for tha Proprietor by L. Joachims?en, No. 129 Attorney street. je24 !m*rc CLIMAX STABLE, COURTLAND ALLEY, between Walker It White Streets, a FAR OF 390 BHOADWAT. EXCLUSIVELY for tJentlemen's Horses. Tha accommo dationsare lint-rate?the Stalls extra width, and the Car riage Room exoallent. A few Stalls are vacant, and are worthy the attention of gentlemen who wish their Horses to have su perior treatment. je!2 lm'rrr C. J. SMITH, Prnpretnr THE PANAMA, from Hull?Consignees per this veaael will please send their permits to the office of the subscri ber*, as all goods not permitted within five days, are liable to be sent to the public stores. WOODHULL It MINTURNS, jltrc 117 South street. To THE ruiiLic 1 NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor J08EPH HEINE, No. 20 OUANE STREET, is my SON?wm not ABSA LOM, DAVID'S SON ' See Book fennel. SOLOMON HEINE, M.D. Je t tm'ee No V Re?te ?rr?et. New York.

PIANO-FORTES FOR HIRE, AT 411 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WALKER haa constantly on hand an extensive aasort ? ment of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes ol'every description, including Orands and Cabinets, which are loaned ou hire at the above establishment, or at hia manu factory, No 15 Weat 14th street, near the 8th avenue. Also, New Pianos for sale, with all the modern improve ments, warranted equal to any in the United State*. jel3 lm*rrc yfcOuIAN HARPS NUNNS It CLARK having parchaard the patent right loi "Coleman's AColian Attachment to the Pianoforte," Tor the entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepated to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, o. to attach the same to any modem made horixontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability of this invention, N. It C. are irepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the assertion, that the "AColian" will remain in tune in any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee ia given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the "AColian Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be fqund an aasorttnenl of 0, 4% and T Octave Piauofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cases. m26 6m*rc NEW MUSIC. P RILEY It CO., 297 Broadway, publish and keep en hand ? au extensive assortment of New and Faahiouable Muaic, which they offer for sale at wholeaale and retail at the lowest possible prices. They manufacture Instruments ol'au|>erior()ua Ity?warrant every article they sell, being practically acquaint Id with the different branches of their business. Military Bands eupplied ,It the most reasonable rates. myl22m*rrc HARPS-REMOVAL OF WAREROOMS To No. 281 Broadway, opposite Washington Hall. JF. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent ? < Grand 6'. and I octave Double Action Harps, ben to inform his friends and the musical world, lie has removed his ware roouis to the sbove cominodius premises, and would call theii special attention to a new, uukiuo, and beautiful s|>ecimrn oi grand <W| octave double action Harp he has just completed. J. F. B. is constantly receiving the most nattering testimoni als from the first musical talent, regarding tha superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of hia Harpa and has received the Franklin medal of the Philadelphia Socie ty of Arts, for his improvements in tikis very delightfal instru ment- Harps repaired, Strings, Music, he. J. F. BROWNE, London,2JlBroadway, and73Chambersstreet, New Yuik. mvtV ImHIt W?rc Established 1810 fKUNTliNU I'Al'f.K A(M\ reams3Hvi6printing patkr. Ivl/200 dn 211x12 do. 700 do 26x37 do. 300 do 24x36 do. 400 de 22x32 do. 100 do 90x39 do. ?nyt3rh" ** PE^E It BRO0lhf?j'and Nassau st. TRITON HOUSE, Glen Cove, Long 1*1 and. rpHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully jnfornu Itia friend* anil X the public, that he hu improved and enlarged the "Tritoo* Hotel" at the head of the Steamboat Landing, and it is now thoroughly fitted up and ready for the reception of Boarder*. The situation of thia establishment for the pimione or Salt Water Bathing, is amongst the moat eligible <>u"Long Island, aa the lands attached to the premiaea have a very extensive water front, and a line beach lor swimmein. The ont-buildiugs are new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are entirely discon nected with the house. Having a farm of 30 acre* appended to the Hotel property, the Subscriber can offer his friends the in ducements ota plentiful supply of good milk ind butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted attentions to the wishes of his guests, will render n residence at the "Triton House" extremely desirable. Horses and Carriages to hire. For terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Triton House. Glen Core, Long Island, June 1, 18-15. ,124 Iw rc ~SEA BEACH HOTEL. HEALTH liECRI^nON AND COMFORT TO INVALIDS AND ALL OTHEKS. HHOWLAND k CO. have opened for the ??"?<?'> ! ? well miown Hotel at Long Branch, N..J., (kept lut ve rbv J Barelay k Co ,) ?o well patronized by the ciniens of Niw York and Philadelphia in past year* with great amiro batioD and considered decidedly the mo?t comfortable Hotel aud Sea Bathing establishment within a hundred milea of either "^'^isitors and invalids will receive evary attention from the proprietor!, who are now ready to eoter into arrangement! with families for the season for bonrtl. , The advantages of ten bathing daring the maimer month* arc apparent to all, ard Long Branah furn?she? every induce ment to familie* and individual- lor health,, recreation and c infort. To the lovers of ftshiui,. the vicinity of the Sea Bass Bank, affords great sport; and the gunning in the ueigh ^ Tl'i'r ^Jamboat^ORUS leaves Fulton Market wharf every day. For hour, of leaving, see advertisement of Steamer Oru* in the Courier and Enquirer. From the Ocean House, passen ger! are conveyed to the hotel ? , Proprietors of the Sea Beach Hotel. Long Branch, June 21,1S46. je24 eodlin m LOfcG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY, ? BATH BUILDINGS," (fokmkrly rkn.haw'. ) THIS well-known and delightful ?ea b?thiug establishment will be opened fiTthe reception ofviMtor. on ami after the 9.4th Jane in*t The buildings nave undergone a complete and fhorouJh rei?ir, and no effort. spared to maintain the deservedly high reputation which thii establishment has here '"The'pricefor boarding; yvill be from $7 to $8 per vreek?cliil dren and servants half-pFifce.. Young people, not requiring much r<^;r?eintdofurC.?ptn MSR. from the Fulton market, ?or?-mamarssgg&T June 12, 1845. Jel9 lnrm TROY HOUSE, IROY, iV r. Cni.KMAN & HOOEH8, Proprietors.?This House, so loug and favorably known to the travelling public, is now 0PAnew story ha. been added and extensive alteration, made; among which are the extension of the Din in g- room .to alength of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can be to one hundred and thirty feet; thirty rooms attached: pleasant and airy rooms to the number olsiity i have been addei?affording accommodations for 300 persons. The house has l?een painted and papered throughout. <? _t The cars for Boston, Buffalo anu Saratoga, start from thefront of this house. It is also but a few steps from the steamboat *%The*proprietors trust, by their personal attention t o their bu .in...and guests, torec'iT.^nu.dmd.n^e^ed^Umw. Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROUKRS, . jW7 )m*re Late of theSteainei Kmpire. WARREN HALL. No. 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house a. a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, tor the ac commodation of citizens generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit lor themselve. a portiou of their pa ^Thefr larder will be at all times well, stocked jrith the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors ancTSegars "e of the best quality. The bedrooms neatly lurmshedf,spacious.and airv. While from iu central location.Jieing uearfthe City Hall, and in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to tho?e visiting the city. j BR1TTON C. McCORKllE. N. B.?1The n.ual relishes served np at all time.. Je7 1m ec ?: GUNTKR'S DINING SALOON, 147 Fulton St., New York. THE SUBSCRIBER having taken the atove premises, Mrt fitted it up in a style surpiusing that of any establishment of the kind in New York, begs to cail the *tt?n,l?"hi?f tj|| friends in town anil country, to the conveniences which hi. establishment affords. To men whose .business iind l'.rores ?ional pursuits require them to be supplied Many, honr in the day, this Dining Saloon will be particularly conveiiient. Lveri luxury which may be desired wilt be found, while the most assidiiyis attention will be shown to the wants and wishes of 3B2S&& Every'thing"?' ^nu^d^^ha^i onH'at 'iS'e.tabttlhmentfwuf'^.ati.f.ctori "?^i'nonSanday. HH.OUNTER je20 lmeod Btwy'rc 147 * ulton ,treet' - "WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Gold street, near Mnlden Lane, ft OUNTRY find this Ho.SfI V being convenient to the businee. part of the city, establishment is fitted up with entirely new funiituriJ???l and sub.tantial dinner, 18X cent., lodging. 25 cent.. r r veiuence and comfort thishouse isequal W any^td ?n thecitj^ and at half the price. Permanent boarders Can be accommodate on very reasonable terms. , .x ? All the delicacies of the season arrive in market, at half the price of other houses. Megan private p .rlor., for the referee, or private din.?'" per parties. Ttie very best of liquor.. jui 3m rc_ ju a K.() N SPRINGS PAVILION SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. law DON, of Congress Hall, Albauy, ho associated bimael with Mr. Oardiner, and that tin. establishment will be con dTi^al'm'oTwill be opened for the retention of wjtton^ the first day of June next. The subscribers have made man) improvements in the ground, and bathing-hou.e.Mdpledg. themselve. to use their tiest exertion. ??/Ke."d" e*Wbh,h ment fully equal to any watering place in thu country. Q Stage, will be in readiness on the arrival of the car. at Cana joharie, to take passenger, to the house. Hall wi.;,t Mr. t. will, as heretofore, coutinuethe ConfTes. Hall, wilier will, during the summer, be under the supenntendenceof Mr The " WRIGHT' HOUSE, 81 Nauau Street. , ? . _ , WILLIAM WRIOHT, formerly of the Ram .Head, ton street, begs leave to inform his friend, thatmav b? unacquainted with the fact at a distance, as well Mthcweoftt* he has opened a pulilic establishment at 11 Nassau street, uiniii a sc.ile of comfort that cannot be ^surpaMed by any in the Union. His b?r is furnished with the best of wine, ol i"e7y cl?..Ale Scotch Whiskey of the pure^ bnuid. Porter, and every other article uece.sary for a well stocked bar. Inae iiendrnt of which, he has two .plendid room., furai.hed, on the second floor, specially adapted lor private Md public meetings, I courts maitiaC or any general purpo*; besides which he has ! provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodger., in extensive and well ventilated bedroom, the firaitare new and well as.orted, and every attention will be paid totIhtfrun; menu ef the lodger., a. well as ^ wrT( JMT WlLL'AM^WRHiHl^t. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. THIS well-known and delightfully situated Hotel, at the Pine Orchard, i. now open for the receptiou ofvi.itors, ?n d?r the suuerinteuaance of the subscriber, wne will oe pieaseo to extend a cordial welcome to the travelling public Stares run regularly to and from the morning and evening bo?.,. landing at Caukill. The Houie and premi.e. been materially Im proved since the la>t.eaw>n, and now prewnt attraction. paued at any watering place in the countr^^ gcOBIE. June Sd. IMS. ? jni twit WIL LI A MSB UROH COTTAGE. that tliey have recently opened the large and .plendid man.ion known as thewlLLIAjvlsBUHOH COTTAGE. and furni.hed at great expense for the ^ ?? dents and strangers. The Cottage is .ligiblysitu?ed,alew r,,<i sou til of the Teck Slip Kerry.and convenient Ito thr Hoin.t on and Orand street berries commanding a Watiflil andex ten ?f the Rnv New York and Brooklyn. 1 he) nave ai tached to the C&TTAOE a large S"'1 VL inakmg'a kind that was ever imported to this country, it ' / Ti,i fp^wiv pu%WfvTr?i.B. ?. ^m'peck'siip! Onnd H?^ fi"een H A n'd^I ELD It HOKET. N. each ^reakfist fromuntil9; dining hours from .quarter before 12 until 3; Siu?per?romSuntil U1 the choicest frauds, direct from the imi>orter?. SEA BATHING ? 'at LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY. THE PROPRIETOR of the New York Houae, 1?irt to inform the citizen* of New York, mid the public general ly, that hi* house ii now o|ien for the accommodation of hoard er* during the summer *ea*on. The fare trill be *ix dollar* per week, and every attention will be paid to their comfort and pleiMtire. Oood aervant* will he in contbuit attendance. The (teainrr Ori* will leave New York every day, from Ful ton Market Slip, and Stage* will he in readiucu at the Ocean Houae, to convey paaaenger* to Long Branch. Jane 19, 1845. SAMUEL COOPER. jeU 6w?ec NEW~JKRSEY HOTEL?MORRISTOWN. THE SUBSCRIBF.R8 respectfully inform their friend* and the pnhlic generally, that the new and commodion* lioaae erected for a mM. at Morriatown. New Jentey, i* open 0,r the entertainment of all thoie who will favor them with their com pauv, when tliey ho|? to furnUh them *nch accommodation* a* to entitle them to public favor. D. W. NOE, ma 1taw2m*rc DAVID CROWV.L. LIVERPOOL (ENGLAiNU) bUARUUNO HOUSE No. 70 Unite Street, (Formerly the Reiideuce of Sir Willram Barton.) TIlV. MI88P.S PERKINS re*pertfully aak the patron'je of families and gentlemen viiiting Liverpool, fur their e* tabli*hment, where they will meet with the comforn and atten tion of a private home. Reference?-H. Worrall it Co., No. 3fi Elm *treet, N. York. jell lmeod*rn SHIP OCEAN, FROM L! VfcKl'OOL.-Con.igne.. will pleaae lend their permita on botra, It Pier No. 4 North River. All good* not permitted by the Itth Inat., will be lent to the Public Store. jtll Motes of a Flying Trip to Virginia* [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, June 25, 1845. Trwdtof the Valley?Cause of the Decline of Alex andria and the Prosperity of Baltimore?Harper's Ferry and Winchester Railroad?Virginia La dies? Tlic Crops?Mountain Scenery?Shannon dale Springs?Harper's Ferry?U. S. Armory? Maryland Wheat, Region?The Desert of Mary land, and its Peculiarities, fyc. fyc. Some days ago we wrote you the flying observa tions of a run up into Virginia, from^Alexandria, across into the Great Valley; we now sit down to give you the jottings of our return trip, down the Valley, via Harper's Ferry and Baltimore. Winchester is a bustling, active place, of about four thousand population?the terminus of the rail road from Baltimore, and the depot by the beautiful turnpike of the most beautiful valley in the world, of the agricultural products of that valley irom Staunton, drawn a distance of one hundred miles ; and also of a large scope ot country extending backward over the mountains to the westward The general tone of the society of Wincnester is high and fashionable; many beautiful girls there; a great number of pianos, and quite a fair proportion of idle young lawyers, doctors, and eay young gentlemen of leisure. The town, however, improves slowly, while all along the valley there is a great reformation and renovation in progress. From a thousand to fifteen hundred bar rels of flour, with a great variety of other products, are daily sent down from this depot to Baltimore. This is the trade which thirty years since made Alexandria the third commercial city (next to Phi ladelphia) in the Union. This trade has been gra dually diverted to Baltimore, until that city has se cured the mouo|)oly: and much of the rapid growth ot Baltimore of late years, and all of the decline of Alexandria, are attributable to the gain and loss of the inland trade of the great valley. Ten years ago, had the people of Alexandria, instead of building that foolish aqueduct across the Potomac at George town. in order to carry the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to th^ir town along the margin of a broad na vig ible river, and thus secure the coal trade from Cumberland?ten years ago, instead of this absurd enterprise, had they run a railroad across the coun try some seventy miles to Winchester, Alexandria would at this moment be a flourishing commercial entrepot. Evenyet it would be an advantage to the town?to Virginia east of the " llidge," and to the Great Valley. That expected cohI trade willtum out a failure?Baltimore has it already?tons upon tons of that good coal are brought in those iron boxes from Cumberland via the railroad to this lat ter port, almost every day. Talk of railroads not being capable for the transportation of heavy freight ?there ia no weight superior to the strength of a lo comotive. A good stout locomotive would pull the capttol from Washington to the Kocky Mountains, and Cumberland coukl furnish the iron and coal; and Baltimore has the enterprise to undertake the job by contract. The Erie Canal will do, because it is in York State?but elsewhere they are out of date?too slow and sickly even for the transportation of salt and plaster. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, a great work of enterprise and art?a curiosity as such when we consider the mountainous region through which it is carried?was commenced at the wrong era for success. The iron horse defies competition. He can't be beaten, tired down, or overtaken. He must go ahead. Give him plenty of boiling water, hot coals and lard oil, and he will bring down the con tents of a coal mine ut a single trip. But we are branching off rather too Urgely; let us come down to the matter in hand. Left Winchester yesterday via the Harper's F'-rry Railroad for Baltimore. There was n group of beautiful girls on board?beautiful and delicious to the eye ns a ripe cluster of Isabella grapes?fair specimens of the choice stock of th? valley. It occupied us some two hours in making the thirty miles to the ferry, although from the re cent improvement of the road, und the running gear of the trains, they can make this distance in a short er time when required. One other thing would perhaps be an advantage to the company? a reduc tion of the fare, so as to make it an inducement of itself for travellers to take this route to the Springs The crops were most luxuriant?thousands of acres of wheat on either hand, of the first quality and quantity were awaiting the reaper, and the reapei was only waiting for the subsidence of the rain. The mountain scenery of the Blue Ridge, sprink led all over with favors up to its very top, and visi ble for fifty miles, as it stretched away up the coun try, with masses of white clouds rolled up like satin curtains over it, as if some invisible agency had lift ed the veil to show you the landscape, was most glorious to behold. _ God Almighty has left the im press of beauty, of light and Bhade, of magnificence and grandeur, all along those glorious boundaries ol the Great Valley. Gods! what a noble country it ours! It is a great country, sir ; and we are a great people ; and when we are equal to the country we shall still be greater than we are. Let a man travel through the Valley of Virginia, and he will feel his religion, his patriotism, his love for man, and for woman, too, God bless her, boiling up within him, like the sparkles in a glass of champaigne. Allah! bismillah! glory to God! Passed near the f?hannondale Springs, which, hounded on one side by a broad, pictvfresque and fresh water river, and oh the other wim the lofty Blue Kidge, is the very region for the hunters of ro mance, health, love, and matrimony. At Harper's Ferry, with a friend, we climbed upon Jefferson's rock, above the town, a sort of trap rock, elevated like a centre table on one leg, and literally covered with nnmes chiselled or scratched upon it Here is the spot whence .Tctlerson is supposed to have taken his view of the junction of the Shenandoah and Potomac, and their rup ture of the mountains, when he wrote his description of the scene r worthy of a trip across the Atlantic. NTow tuci is, the scene is rather Hat and tame, and i : nculurly so just now, when there is rarely water enough in the two rivers to cover their rocky beds. The mountains are here low and covered with shrubbery and trees, and the whole concern looks ns if the two streams had crept down to this natural passage by accident, rather than with the preconcerted understanding of forcing a jwssage^? We could name twenty spots farther up the couniry far " more sublime," as tney call it. than this scene at Harper's Ferry. Yet, it is a good picture, though Jefferson has undoubtedly overcolored it, or perhape it has been spoiled by the engines, the furnacee, the mnchinei^, and the hammers, clamors, din and smoke of the United States' Armory in the neck of the two streams. Nine-tent! is of the travelling pub lic think that the fame of Harjter's Ferry, is not from its bold natural composition of mountains and rivers; but from Uncle Sam's manufactory of small arms, and the three hundred men he has there employed. The train for Cumberland from Baltimore arriv ing, we met coming ashore to dinner, among other friends from the Fast, Col. James W. Breedlove, of l,n., and -Major Klennikin, of Western Pennsylvania. Both appeared to be satisfied that the administration was getting on smoothly, from which we infer that these two gentlemen have gone home with the pro mise of a custard. We also encountered Captain Watson, of Washington, who had been up into the Valley on a bridal.excursion, and who, though not a handsome man. is'decidedly popular with the ladies With the arrival of the tram from Cumberland, for which we wer? waiting, we had the ple?sure of meeting <!en. McCalla, one of the coon hunters of Kentucky in the late campaign, now second Audi tor of the United States Treasury, or Auditor of the War Department. He was fresh from the neighbor hood of Ashland in Kentucky, but xaid lie regretted he had not time to call upon Mr. Clay. Left Harjar'sFerry witn the liirge train and acces sion of (tussengers from the West. Seats made ex pressly tor comfort?even the ladies sleeping as snug ly in them as upon the sofa in the parlor at home ? Penetrated into the line wheat region of Frederick county, Maryland. Crops equal to the products of the Nile. 1 he land is literally teeming with bread. Boys at a stoppage brought us black-heart cherries, strung upon a stick so as to resemble a large bunch ot grapes; or in little baskets ingeniously wrought of leavea. Very nice. Two hours after ward we had fairly entered that miserably poor re , gion of country stretching off from Baltimore in every direction fifty miles, more or less. Dirty lit tle shanties?wretched fields of starved-out corn? white-headed children, peculiar to all new, or old poverty-stricken or semi-savage districts; and wo men with complexions as hard and brown as lea th#r. Stopped at lialtimore tor the night at Stock bridge's National Hotel, opposite the railroad depot, Pratt street. The house is furnished and kept in the Northern style, (which is superseding every other style,) and will be found particularly comfor table and convenient to transient passengers. Found out there that great preparations, and expectations were on foot respecting the rites due to the memory of Jackson, and the ro|?e due to the crimes of Mo Curry ; for both the procession and the hanging take place this week. And here, at the United States Hotel, we lind our self this evening closing a long epistle with a wish tor ti e continued success of the gospel, the admi. I nistratiou, good fare, cheap postages, and the JVetc | York Htrald. Boston. [Correspondence of the Herald.] ? , Bostow, June at), 1844. Coolntii of Daniel IV,ksterinHo, Weather?t\e$K W* P'cm" an<* Religion Horticulture?Fathionaklr *hgkt. Theory man' have seen to-day who was not in a n ate of excitement, was Daniel Webster, walking up Summer street, with both hand, in hi. breech., pocket. He alone did not hare Bo.ton*. greatness " .ticking out'' at least a yard * I do not learn that any definite arrangement. hay. ??emo?Lt?KUPP,!y thi* CUy With ",e element, ? Th?? h. K ,tU"' WhicU " here called water, las been much talk about bringing (rood water 'hiu.ertt s1 ittSftKUftrTicinity: but p^oPS^S s-5^sf^saws omnibuses, wearing black lecrhnm ?^ri? &***? ?enia FsasteSSs@5 esa? S"3* ssasw may be found every morning, even in the little' nmvi "M* a*Ju 'he more pretending estab?sh i-ait' ?Pn? of fj?'?. the Horticultural .tore of Walker have seeJ. ThJ l* ?uperior to any thing of the kind f , ssra JassrsAsnr if -x < !U? S?aS^w "d "*""""'5X5~ le?fB?a,t?rn: a)wa>'! *? in a crowd, following the ieau 01 a few men and women, ilence all bJL^m street is going to Newport the lir?t ofAu<rust Th?? thrMall thVh^^f'Ti'V hBiVe no time now t0 sP?ak of urn- 7 ! l, u,l(ul drive" in th? ?uburb.?Mount Au tv n fash.on the penny paper.?fashionable socio ty the fine arts, and other subjects of interest. Thau may give the materials for other letters. The8B T .u i Varieties. Qutoec and8tth?H!!ve' 7000 migrants had arrived at trngdoms, is estimated by?ome M b?h a' lS> ?? %T more WiU W&5 Townshhi'^DMrh11 nieeti^8 has been held in MUler nation offce coma^tyVu^ for the murder of Merrit ScroS The^'.tSS?^! clare the verdict of tho jury to be contra? ,? ?F ivefte(?oferohhi!!laM'd of. LawrenceviUe, being mu peciea oi robbing McRae's store was tsL.n "r?...kL,irr since from his dwelling intn j V nlghta fe?>ws^sS5tBva(? next morning, and it is thought may recovS. William G. Eaton, chief engineer of fh? a partment in Hoxburv fall p " , tne "re ?e ISS* -."*-2 "rt "??" throwing the lead off Point w-hf ^"overboard, while A person by the name Of Gr.^ O^.' ?h" "f ?P" ?"?h. capacity of late on the boat, bu?wheth? ST son lost is him or Mr. John Huff who I, ..u . J"'~ iz'.xr"" -"? c.JS.'???[;S?C?fklh0?f An.her.1 CoUep, h?K Franklin Agricultural Societv fHfp"' and their next festival on the l^of Octobw r?M * th,M is . b<,y tanceof aqnaiter of a mi . r??u , ri??> ?' a di? ?m&as smmsi u1oCir,kT]'?i?o:; of New j"?y So?"10 *"n"*' ?n i" bJ'iSSS: Uo^Mh??nS'.?hSJ'SvIo,i!<11SUl ?? ? ?. vilie on the 4th of July > " Pott,> L,1- at Laurence A gentlenmn of Boston hnn i j "z'ri.zz." in Jl" rT2hfL.OF A"'N,i? Parke.?On Monday morn the jiart of the 'slate? aml"^cupiedd the""^*5 UP ?n Counsel followed on the nait of thi w ,? 6 d,3r* morning, and spoke thrSuKhout^^thS IT'u" ?,d^ ceeded, Wednesday, hv ?"f* K B^'7' WV suc defendant, who occupied tht dav . 'i ^ for which go to show not onlv ?ho? i priwner himself, of malice a'5 hatred ?ow^John feeliDf assaiwSSSS^SrSS.' ! murdor, going toward the ularo (?US? fB t*1? place of ) between la and 2 o'clock ,0,n?wh?** I comingirem the direction of the hlnll^r r "??n 1 three witnesses his counsel h.!. ^fy "Cen!- Thes? down, bv insisting that two of th-m KaV?red t0 break him at tfte church between 8 andB oVinV** / ,,w . taken, a. he was in another D?.ce .t ,SLTlmU,t ^ T11' bring in hi. own familv as uftn-f.i ? ' and t,'?3r I lion. In relation to Ui"third witness*"whn1 *!?? about midnight on hi. return, thcy^cek t^show^ has contradicted himself in .on.V?r wf .? ?r thatha in therefore unworthy of credit The K?a# , ?"'! introduced to i??i? J he Ktate, to rebut this, or three of U,e members ofStmnt 'Z T"*, ?f t.w? they have told different stories as to tho tim? ^h ? .ti'al came in that night, and also to ?h?i ?i e,r'*th#r ?f the "riCte,,t ^tegrity^Tt"^.-^^ Northern Counties of Iowa.?The tide of emi gration is rapidly setting in towards the north of lowa. The wagon of the emigrant may be teen upon almost every road travening the beautiful prairie* and fine groves of timber. They come seeking a home, a home for themselves and their posterity. They are not destined to disappointment. The broad and fertile flelda of the north of Iowa are every where open and ready to receive them. A rich and extensive domain, canopied by a beautiful iky, fanned by the pure breeze of a health ful clime, and channelled by noble streams that wilt to bear on their loyal bosom* the product of agriculture and the arts, have been especially bestowed upon this section of our much loved country, by the liberal hand of nature's Uod In addition, mineral wealth is abun dant, and thousands who wish to draw from the bowel* of the earth a highly valued prize, can readily invest their mean*, (little or much) ana, with a fair prospect for a successful result of their labor. The advantagea which the north of Iowa posseeses, render* it particular ly inviting to the emigrant. Through their inctrumcn tality town* and village* (tart up as if'by magic ; and where so recently were heard the veil of the lavage, the scream of the panther and the howl of the wolf, may now be seen a thin out industrious and intelligent population, following the honorable pursuit* of elviiized lit*.?lev a Trintrript. Inhian Tboi'ri.m.?The prairie tribes,according to lint .Irkuniat Itiltlligr nrtr, are making a great stir among themselves. The < addoe* and Camancne* seejii to be try ing to get into a war. The Camanche* have notified a white trader, who live* fifty or lixty miles from Kort Washita, that lie must return to the "settlements." He has applied to the military for protection. Tha (. amen ches seem on the eve of a war with the Creek*, (unlet* some "negotiation" of the emuing Grand Council at the Holt Plains can hinder,) while they no doubt think that the presence of the trader denoted a too great vicinity ot the whites to their much loved hunting ground*. Westkri* Watehs?'The river continues to swell very rapidly. It has risen live feet within the past twenty-four hours, and the merchant* on the levee ex pect to be compelled to remove their good* from the cel lar* to-day, II it continue* to come up at the same rate Tha Jasper reports heavy rains have fallen at the upper part of the Illinois, but there i* no rise in the river above Peru ; below that point the small streams have been swollen by the rains, and caused a rise of a leu inches. There was from TO to as inches on Baardito'vn bar. ? St. Ia>hii Rrpnhlitim, June -JO. Army Cottrt Martiai..?The Court Martial which wn? ordered to be held at Fort Smith, to try Col. Harney, on charge*, the nature of which we have not heard, is prevented from acting by the non-arrival of some of the members of tha court. Those who are pre sent, of which there i* a large number, a* witnesses and meinbers of the court, are a fine looking and noble *et of fellows. As soon as the court commence* we will en deavor to report the progress.?Arkansas Inttlligrvctr M Litti.e Titt'itnER."?This somewhat notorious personage appears to take his Confinement quite philo sophically, as he plies his fiddle a greater portion of tha time. The Court of Common Pleas, which ha* been in aassion during the past weak, have been highly enter* tainad bv tha " irraninara" nf the universal aenlus.? tained by the " Huiitnn (intrtf