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June 30, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Tl.o revolution that hus P1bcc in ,bc position of I),(vie two works,witliiiW^ Past ",ree ) oars,mn?t astonish ik?M interested in f>e >uccess of each. While the coal trad* of the lection <n which these lines are situated lias been annually in*TM*ing, we see that the business of the canal has fallen off more than fifty i>er cent. The in crease in tha coal trade in the weeka included in the above statement, was about fifty per cent, and the in crease in the business of the Reading Railroad, in the corresponding period, about five hundred per cent, hav-, jng secured not only the increase in the aggregate trw*' hut the falling off in business experienced by the ^llul The large receipts of the railroad this season o^*no' more satisfactory than the enormous increas#" the ',us' Uass of the Company, as that shows what f'? antici" pated as the prospective value of the jr1'' 1 Pro?uc^ tiveness of those works for the tim" " no' mero 'm. j prrtance than the prospect of ir rman?n' ?n<' steady in. crease in the businees annua"'' The stockholders of thf^Mhu? ?n(1 Worcester Rail road Corpo^tion held ??ncetiag at Worcoster on Wed nesday, ?ud made chofe of the following gentlemen as Direct?*, viz Jaorb Kisher, of Lancutar; John <>. ' Par*, of Uroton; Joel Pratt, of Sterling,- J. W. Bancroft, a. Salisbury, and Kdwin Conant, of Worcester; Samuel R.Brooks and Jacob Little, of Ne? York; J. C. Holland nad John A. Rockwell, of Norwich; Isaac Hunt, Jr. of Nashua; Alexander De Witt,?>( Oxford; and Wm. Brig ham, of Boston. We learn ?h*t the amouut of stock now "ubscribed is $330,000. rhe amount required to be sub scribed before the wo* can be commenced is $700,000 This road connect' with the Norwich at Worcester! and opens a direct communication with Long Island Sound, and the i*?st extensive manufacturing districts of Massachusetts and Now Hampshire. Its completion will increase the business of the Norwich. a*ul Worcester road a large per cent. We audex a comparative statement showing the uggre ?ate banking movement in the State of Maine. The re turn! for June, 1845, show that the operations are now greater than at any time within the past three year* Within the post two years there has been a steady in crease in most of the principal departments, particularly in discounts and circulation. The inflation has, howover been very gradual, and not b*/?n(l the increased legi timate wants from cbo""?'8 trade and comitorce * The improvement business since 1841 has been very great, requiring additional facilities from the banks. Bark* or Ma ink June, *42. June, '43. Jan. '41. June, *44. June '45 Capital, *3,364,000 2.923,0011 :i.009,000 3,009,000 3.009,000 Circulation, 1,232,205 1,117,625 1.60Q.663 1,602,327 1,913,310 Profits, 160,707 109,014 100,975 117,343 100,176 Due Banks, 75,062 1:18,166 *>.200 76.793 71.H52 De|>ositfs, 561,223 633,098 927,498 887,170 1,086,637 Deposites oil interest, 91,196 90,716 81,115 113,382 145,962 Total amount due from the Banks, $5,487,435 5,043,918 5,790.511 5,836.015 6,326,867 Keftmrcrt. Specie, 184,041 158,592 223,769 224,106 192,274 Ileal estate, . 811,118 258,64 * 262,628 254,056 239,226 Bills of Bk? ui the State, 94,798 87,610 101,667 83.B2I 93,365 Bills of Banks elsewhere, 24,491 31,199 30,105 55,537 74,260 Due fm Banks. 275,618 560,957 885,010 551,086 744,277 Due to Batiks, 4,700,363 3,916,613 4,27!),332 4,666,'>04 4,983,166 Total am't of resources of Banks, (5,487,435 5,043.618 5,790,511 5,836,015 6,326^ The leading features in the Bank movement of the State, since 1830, compare as follows :? Capital. Loam. Circ. Specie. 18:10, January,... $2,050,000 2,565,256 519.110 1815, January,... 2,931,000 4,359,871 1,358,914 137,419 1838, January,... 5,458,754) 7,522,938 1,696,123 246,720 1810, January,... 4,671,500 5,901,610 1.221,658 195,699 1811, June 3,009,000 1,666,503 1,602.3*7 224,107 1815, June 3,009,000 4,983,166 1,913,340 192,274 The immense speculations that have from time to time ragod in the State of Maine, in land* and other species of property, nave not been produced by any great expan sion in the operations of the banks of the State, but by facilitie* afforded speculators by the banks in neighbor ing States. The profit* of the Maine banks for the past six months have been larger than usual, as will be seen by the in creased amount of the semi-annual dividend, and the doubtful debts have been reduced to a small amount. June '43. Jun- '44. Jun? '45 Amount of semi-annual dividend,.. 86,730 90,295 101,050 Do reserved profits 61,227 69,900 ' 54,366 Debts due and considered doubtful 22,582 22,279 20,178 Amount due from Pn-sideut and Di rectors, as principals 242,407 218,419 228,522 Do do as sureties.212,612 231,936 227,616 Do from stockholders, as prin cipals 259,720 222,591 197,610 It will be observed that of loans and discounts amount inK to $4,983,466, only $228,522 were loaned to Presi. dents and Directors as principals, and only $237,616 to Presidents and Directors as sureties. Old StocU Exchange. S500 N Y State 7's, '49 104 50 Harlem E 11 luiuiii Ol.i , |)V IK'rf*. 95'4 50 do 5*100 Illinois spl 38 50 StoniitRtoii 11U ."JtnO Pennsylvania 5's 76 25 do 25 slias U K Bank 5% 50 do 75 Vicksliurir Bank 8 100 do 100 Mech Si Trad N O 61 200 do 20 Fireman's Ins 91 50 Nor k War 25 Ohio Life k. Trust 99 50 do . 150 Farmers' Trust b60 36), 175 do J.'i Canton Co s20 42 50 do 25 do 12'., 175 do 5<> do s60 42'.i 200 Long Island R K 25 do 42' 150 Morris Canal 31 50 do sir 31 *5 Erie K R 29 Second Board. , 100 slias Farmers' Tr *60 36'a 50 Morris Canal 31,'i 50 do *30 261. 25 do 31?, 100 do |i?? 25 Stoniugtoii R R 29)? 100 do 36^1 50 do 2!)'i 25 Long Island R R 7B4 10 do 29}i * .50 do 7 IS 25 do *10 29)1 50 do l>30 7IJJ 35 Canton Co 42*-% 50 Reading R R 55 25 do 42)V 50 do 55 50 do V,0 12?i 25 Erie K R bnw 30 BT?w Stock Exchange. 100 slias U R Dank s3 5J< 50 Canton Co b60 4> 50 Vicksburg Bk s30 8 21 do ,j0 jji 4".. d,> R 7i d" s3 12'J 25 farmers'Trust b90 36)*' 25 do 1.30 42 k 50 do ch 36'n 25 do cli 42'* 2W' do ch 36'^ 25 Harlem R R ch 68 50 do 1)3 36 25 Nor & Wore opt: 70?* 25 East Boston ch 13V 50 do .31) 701, 175 Long Island RR ch 71\ 25 do ?,,J to'I 25 do *10 7lS Sales at Ronton Stock and Sxehangc Board. Jvnr 2H, 1846.?141 Concord Railroad, 6ft ; 13 Nashua and Lowell H R. 123 ; 12 Western t.ailroad Scrip, 102] ? 60 East Boston Co, 131 ; 50 Reading Railroad, 27 7-16 ? ?M0 do. b 10 da, 27J : 200 do. b 1 m, 27 jj ; 50 Norwich and Worcester Kuilroad, b 1 m, 70{ ; 60 do. opening, 70 ? 126 Wilmington Hailroad, 17j ; 200 do, 171 ; 60 do. s l' in 'l74 ? 200 Long Island Kailroad, 71J ; 100 do, 711: 60 do. s 2 m' 714 : 40 do. b I m. 72 ; 60 do. s 10 d, 711 : .'>0 do 711 ? $1000 Beading Railroad Bonds, 1860, b 10 ds, 73}. ' * ' TOST OFFICE, ) New York, June2?th, 181.%. > LETTERSand papers will be received at this office until o'clock, P. M. Monday, Jnue 30th, to be sent via Boston for the Steamer Caledonia, lor Liverimol, Stc. Postage to Boston must be paid. ROBT. H. .MORRIS, I". M. j3!t 2tec FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. LOST?On Saturday morning, a purple and white silk Pur??. containing about thiity or thirty three dollars, supposed to be lost in Hudson street near Canal street. The above rewaid will be given and no questions naked, if returned to No. 209 Hudson street, or 6H Courtlaodt ?treet. j30 It*in TWELVE GOOD DAGUERREOTYPE OPERA TORS WANTED. WITH complete Apparatus, to whom n reasonable aalarv tutd permanent employment will be Riven. Apply, with *peciin;ni and references, .it this office, to day and to-morrow. j? 2i?*rc SEGAltS. I MITATION PRINCIPE, Regalia and other sort*, in ijuar* 1 ti-r and half boies, fur sale low, in lots to suit purchasers, by F.LAURENCE, i?'W 3t*rc B9 Bioad street. CUMUERLAND COAL AND DION LANDS . o?nL. t'OR SALE. A SUPERIOR tract of the 10 feet vein of the Cumberland * ? oal, comIKi|OII, t0 ||le Kailroad, and, according to the Jvrport ol I tor. Johnson on American Coals, the best coil for rai-ini; Kteaiij. 2,irvi acres are offered ou reasonable terms. ,''"'lWIRPv'1" lro.R Ore tract of II 100 seres, consisting of hog, kr fthliTfc hematite Iron Ore, also contiguous to the Baltimore ?"d the laud is well timbered with Yellow be seen and JCi? Vl,Hous iron ores, as well as the coal, may be a. en, and lull l?u-.ieulw, |ive?. by applying to je30 3teod*rc, DR UtWlS F&UCHT W ANOER, ? - ? No. 23 Liberty ulrcet. OALVANfrRINGS CRISTIK'S MAtiNETTr fn inn ?PHIS remarkable discovery inatM. . ?. u i c ? i t A lects of the most P"S'esses all the beneficial ef machines and It&a keen used with tli.? magnetic all cases of rheumatism and nem?. 52?Je.rf,et ???.' {" \geney for the (Genuine Hinm m,<l iri.,f . ^he only , GREAT TRIUMPH. I) cess, the most psmful""wrft'ons oii his laments are nnder the influence cf m?*netUm wit^i. .tii* feel in* any pain or uneasiness. Every department of III, .! .' on reasonable terms. Office 41 Dey street"je?lm*ee'' DBL""8. kC.?I small Case 15 lbs. Vanilla Beans." ~ M bbls Jamaica Oinger Root. tiflO o*. Hydriodate Ptitusa. 200 groce I.ocofoco Matches. For sals by , JA8. B. A8P1NWALL, - ieWttVc ps William street. J f MlHfcK COHhN, who formerly lived with Am . Boarding-house keeper, Union street, Liverpool? left England about nine years a?* to lis* in New York?will Write to bar father. No. UNew Bailey street, Salford.Manchvs ter, ill England, she will hear something greatly to her adran *"** inylfl >m dyfcwv* re BLOCK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. A MENERAL ASSORTMENT of Plauislied Tin and Si- J ?fiymoB Till Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Ware, Hood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, 8h*ki<r Spires auii "Ki-in short, every rariety ol In use-keeping articles, li.~j eomplete assortment of Coffee and Tea Urns,Table in.l "v,7' *c ? foT hotels and steamboats, on hand and manufactured at the shortest notice. Ins in..,- JAMES Y. W ATKINS, I* Catharine street. New York. 10|00() OLD FILES, hut little used, for sale? makingwo?K..^l,0,a lot of Steel and Tools for File J*Tat No )(a m/- l* *'ta**ion of manufacturers and smiths. Ap vvaterstraat my II lin'ro WANTKD for a Hotel, at on* of the J"*1*1 fohi.'jnhle w - (.-ring I'ltem. n few st.'.cjy uL'1?iv.i? Ti,o*I underhand! heirI"*-? wAUo. *??d ?WNf*K..c:,gRtytfVjaTcWM. Apply This Day b^ween"he hour. of ten ^n?e o'clock, at ff?V? iUy ' yrSluaic . ' AL- t inv wlioltf* "thorough knowledge of Music, being f^ennt muters in Kurope, and feeling lienell I r iiu ISmpet^!1 to ""tr?Ct ill that accomplishment, would wish r ,.VVote to'1 t'me t0 iustnu'tion of youug ladies, on mode A note addressed to A. 1) C., at the office of this [JCpjr. snail be punctually attended to. .ie2Hlm*rc tlf ANTED.?A few active, intelligent men, to act i>s agentr TT for (lie sale of new and popular Publications, indifferent parts of the country. $300 per year over their board will be insured thetn in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, and mom if tliey are active Some men, now in our employ, will uo doubt make over $1000 per year, clear of all es sences, and there is about half a dozen places open, which must e filled : each man will have his district, and it will be neces sary for them to have at least $23 or $30, to obtain a good fitting out. None need apply unless he has tliat amount, for it is onr object to get them started iu such a manner as will be benefi cial to them, as well as to as. Apjdy at 95 Duane street. Letters must be post paid. LTGfiT, ELASTIC EVER FITTING IVIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR CLASPS. TO BK HAD only OK CHARLES R1DGWAV, HAIR CUTTER AND fVIG MAKER, NO. 25 WALL STREET, Opposite thk Custom House. N. B.?Formerly of Howard's Hotel. je28lin'i< FEVER AND AOIJE. WYNKOOPkCO.'8COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE ?For the cure of Fever ami Ague, Remittent and Inter mittent Fever*.?The proprietor* of this medicine having the greatest confidence in its virtue*! have been induced to offer it to the pubiic, with the assurance that it will effect a speedy and permanent cure of that distressing complaint. It is highly recommended, and has been extensively used with distinguish ed success in relieving m tny of those who are suffering under this scourge of our country; whan used according to the direc tions, lias NEVER FAILED of effecting a permanent cure in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. Person* of we ik stomach and children may take it without the least difficulty. It strengthens the stomach and digestive organ*, induces an ui>l>e. tite, and seldom requires more than one bottle to effect a cure. It is purely vegetable, and contains nothing injurious to the most delicate constitution. We offer the following testimo nials from two physicians who have used it in their practice with uniform success:? Gknts?I have used your medicine, called " Compound To me Mixture,'' in cases of Fever and Ague, and have found it to answer the pur)>ose better than auythiug 1 have ever prescribed in my practice. 1 have used it when employed in. Assistant Surgeou in the United States Navy, ou different stations, and when we have had as many as forty or fifty cases on the sick list at one time, and it has always proved successful. I re commend this article from a certainty of it* effects and a pre ference over all other articles in medicine for that di*tre*sing complaint. Yours. &c. 6. H. TRAPHAGAN, M. D. New Yokk, May S, 1845. Nkwark, N. J., May 10, 1845. Sirs?Having adopted the use of your Tonic Mixture for the cure of Ague and Fever, I regard it as deserving of public con fidence, and us a medicine that will maintain the claims you make fur it. In every cast-, so far as 1 know, where I have prescribed it in Ague and h ever, it has been successful. I find ?tan excellent Tonic in debility following Fevers generally. 1 hope it may get the extension and patronage it deserve*. Very respectfully, L. D. FLEMING, M. O. This Mixture i* prepared by R. I). Wynkeop, Druggist, 62 Vesey st. New York, and for sale by Dr. L. D. b leming and B. McCormic.1Newark, N. J.; A. Reynolds St Co, Buffalo; G. 8c J. G Hill, Detroit, Mich; G. F. Thomas, Cincinnati, O; J. M. Barstow, Philadelphia; Wm G. Hunting, Charleston, 8. C.; and J. McChesney, Chicago, 111. je!8 tm'ec THE EYE. DR. POWELL AND DR. DIOSSY, OC ULISTS arulOPHTHALMIC SURGEONS, No. iiOl Broadway, Coitmolt of Warren Strict, New York, CONFINE their Practice to Diseases of the Eye. Opera tions upon that organ and its appendages, and to all imper fection* of Vision. Testimonials from the most eminent medi cal men of Europe and America. Reference to Patients who have been perfectly cured of Amaurosis, Cataract,Ophthalmic, Neliulie or Specks on the Eye, Strabismus or Squinting, Sic. ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted, (without any pain or opera tion.) thai cannot be distinguished from the natural. SPECTACLES.?Advice given as to the kind of Glasses suitable to particular defects. The Poortreatedgratuitously. je28 lm*m DOCTOR GODET. GRADUATE of the University of Edinburgh, has taken an Office at No. 95 Mprcer street. je28 ateod'ec TO BAKERS AND OTHERS. THE subscriber contemplating removing to the country, offers for sale his business, No. 57 Hamersley street,) (established for the last fourteen years) with every utensil ne cessary to carry on an extensive business. The premise* were built by him two years ago exclusively for a bakery, and are convenient, light, aiid well ventilated. The building fronts 011 Hamersley street, and extends through to Downing street; entrance from both streets. There are two excellent ovens II feet by 9 ; a large flour loft, sitting room, bed rooms, etc. There is a first rate store custom, also an out door route. The family baking has for years past been more than sufficient alone to pay the rent. " Any person disposed to purchase, can do so by applying on the^remi..., where he will receive, ?^gi^ton^th New York, June 27, 1845. je27 lw*ec MAGASIN JAPANA1S, 00 Uuane Street. AH. PARKER, A^eut, from Amsterdam, most respeet ? fully informs his Iriends and the public 111 general, that lie has received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of Japanese,Porcelain Jars and Va *es, Flov er Bottles, Plates. Dishes, Culm -Mid Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; Cups and Saucers; an cient Fans of the 16th century; and two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from the yeirs 1518 and 1577, formerly belonged to the Cardinal Ximenies, Great Inquisitor of Spaiu, snc>i ns never has been seen in this country; of which he can dispose at moderate pi ice*. Ladiei and Gen'lenien, if you wish to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Catholic Churches; to be seen from 1C A. M. till 6 P. M. je27 2in*rh COPPER?!30 cases English Sheathing Copper, comprising a complete assortment, from 16 to 30 ox., a very superior irticle, being manuI'm turedfrom the best of ore, selected with sreat care and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by je27 ec E. K. ( OLLINS ( '(>., 56 South st. FELT?English Patent Sheathing Felt, suitable for roofs of housei auu ship bottoms, a very superior article, and of treat benefit not only to the bottom of ves<els, but also to the Copper. For sale by E. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South st. j--?T ec COME ALL WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM PAIN, Be Cnretl without Char ire or Expense. BARTINE'S LOTION', The greatest Remedy ever known for all the Com plaints which it professes to cure, will be given Gratis to the afflicted u-ho cannot afford to purchase by, applying; to 3*43 Broadway, New York. BARTINE'8 LOTION?The Lotion was invented some vears ago, and is the production of acccidental discoveries, aided bv skill and experience. The original design of it was solely for the inventor.* own use, but 110 sooner hud it become established 111 his practice, thsu inquiries began to be made, by :he friends of those who had been benefitted by its wrtues, where it might lie procured Thus its lame began to spread from individual to individual, until it became known as a never tailing cure, in most of the larve cities in the Union. Without putting, or the aid of the public press, it lias acquired its own clebrity and found its jvay into public favor as an unrivalled uid extraordin: ry balm in the cure of many of the ills to which mankind are subject. In cues of Gout, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kinds, Dis locations or Fractued Bones, Bruises, Cuts, Contusions at tended with pain, and inflammation, Poisonous Bites and Stings, Bums, Scalds, Chilblains. Corns _ cr Bunions, and Wounds of every description, it nfTords an immediate ana per inan? nt relief. It is, perhaps the only article that can tie de pended upon in the cure 01 those pains iu the back and side, generally produced by taking cold atW violent exertion and overlie iting. For Glaudular Tumors. Lumbago. Erysipelas, Tetter or Ringworm, and all kin s of Eruptions of the Skin, it is a most excellent remedy. For Fever and Ague, Ague in the Breast and Face, Cramp in the Stomach, and Headache, it acts like a charm. But above all, in the cure of '1 endinous and Capsular injuries, Sprains, and Wounds of every description, it snows in a most astonishing manner, its magical powers. In addition to the benign influence the Lotion exerts over the accidents and infirmities ol man, it has been found n? less v.lll ible in similar complaints to which inferior animals are subject, particularly the Horse, whose value and useful ness demands the peculiar care of its owners. In some cases, where it his been applied to this fine creature for slight inju ries, it has, in addition to an almost instantaneous cure, given ipparentlx new animation and vivacity to the animal, (to such anextenttliatin various instances thewintiiug of a race has been tenacioudv ascribed to the stimulating and happy effects of the Lotion, ruber the natural speed of the animal.) It has become equally celebrated as an universal specific both for man uid beast. The following ate some of tne complaints most Common to the horse, iu which it has proved its superiority. 1 he Lotion is composed ei tirely < f the medicinal proper ties of vegetable Mibsta ces. concentrated and rendered most pure by distillation and other chemical processes As an in ward medicine, it is the most innocent, wholesome, siimula ting and cheering character, and will exprl, instantly, those dull, heavy and hypochondriacal feelings to which many are so julject, and give life and animation to both bodv and mind. To be had In New York of Thomas S. Bartine, of 92 Vesey itrect, opposite Washington Market, at 75 cents per single bot ' le, with proper directions for use 011 every bottle ; T. Butler, No. 1 Nassau street : at the Drug Store, corner of Sixth Ave aue and Thirteenth street. Also, of the Proprietors, 323 Broadway, where there will he made n liberal discount to those who want to purchase by the quantity for shipping or other n?ei. Agents wanted for the sale of the above Lotion. C. S. II \RTINE Si CO., Proprietors, Principal Depot, 323 Broadway, N.Y. Where a large volume of testimonials^ may be seen from highly CARVEK. dc HALL,, ARCHITECTS, Engiierrs, Building and Real Estate .Agenti, 33 Wall street, New YorklJI North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Pinna, Specifications ami Estimates fur Build ing; Drawings and Specifications for Pata-nt Rights. aReal Es trite bought anil sold; mixiey loaned and iuvested; property leased and rents collected. je22 lm*rc TO CITV AND COUNTRV MUSIC DEALERS AND PROFESSORS OK INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. . THE UNDERSIGNED Would re*petfully inform lua friends and patrons, that lie liaa just received, from Europe, a lirge assortment of Violins, of various prices and quality: Cello; Double Bass; Ophilide, with 9 and II keys; Baas and Tenor Trombones, with vatvc and plaint French Horn, with valve and plain; Trum|>et?; Cornet*; Bug|es.lkc Avery superior quality of Violiu Strings, and other initru menu, wholesale sua retail, by J. F. WOLTER, H6 West Broadway, upstairs. Militarv Bands supplied at the most reasonable terms. jert Im'rc _____ MI LIT A R Y EQUIPMENTS? H. J. STORMS, ai FULTON S'l It 15 ET, HAS constantly ou hand, a full assort inrilt of Militaiv and Horse Equipment*, according to the United S .\tes and State regulation. Also, a variety ol Saddles, BritH s, Harness, 75 *' X*'>>"< fcc- kc Hone Kiininments of every style, made to order, jel3 lm'm EXPRESS NOTICE. _? CnApraigned being desirous of doing all in their power nlr!!!?a?l!L "}e government in its experiment of giving ' ' ' p notice, that on and after the llr? t matter whatever, cither open, or ?i __ me uovernn ? d?v ?r'??"?""hy give notice, that oil and after tfie lir?l in eiiv.l,?,.L.n,,1"-no n>eilaT>le matter whatever, either open, or Offices f ,r rran.'ni will lie received at any of their PosJive express, or otherwise. malUbW.??^ i matter, under whatever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON h WELLS, NewYork.Juu.83, my Y?'k ""^VuCeo G. r?,nhin',,f.e^ Treininm new Patent two Oveu Ranges Ranges ^ my' COnv'"l*l"e* ?,,<1 durability. These 5,Z^ue,7dX^ \"J.V^, r:nr ""V Onered. They are so order or for thl i l. i. IT" ''' f"r '<> *?'? of 10 r" r>k'' f" all other Ranges itWesrir?,Z J1 "7 O"'.""'1 1 .i ,-iMeryV -V1"0??'r1, : .e has lll ll "**" ?? t?' f' P I III,. . ire s?11'V.?wbscriher ire warranted to giv?en 2&BSK5it y wi" "? "hrn "w"y w,,hou' mlt lm'm UKOliii* IT. A O.IJD. UNITKO BROTHERS LODOK NO. 3. Members of this Lodge are requested to meet at their JL Loilnf Room, I'enire <trect, O'l Monday r.*euing iie*t, June ;K), IM5, MB o'clock P. M , a* bu*i?e*? ol importance will lip laid before them. _ fly order, WM. KAIRBROTHER, N. A. Jon* L.i i as, Secretary, je28 8teod*rc NO IVLAIS'8 HOTEL, At Harlem Itlver. GKOHtJK NOWLAN re*pectfully returns his ino*t *in cere thank* to lit* friend* ?n<l the public for the,liberal mpport which he ha* received for the la*t ten years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, and beK* leave to inform them that lie lia* fitted up the large ealabli*hinciit at llic termination of the Railroad, on this Island, and on the B ulk of the River, where lie i* prepared to furnish visitor* with Breakfast*, Dinner*, Tea*. Supper*, and other relre*limeuts, at the shortest notice. Good ground, and every accommodation for Military Compa nies. All the Railroad Car* land ?u?eugers in front of trie Hotel for 12X cent*, from the City Hall. j>2S HART WALL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, !i!43 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, nilL AD EL PHI A. (C^* Baths just introduced?Warm mid Cold?in finr apart ments?for both ladiesand Gentlemen. j-'28 lm*ec MARINE PAVILION. RocKaway, 27th Julie, 1816. ^lMllS Ureal Sea Bathing Establishment la now open fur the X Season, and fait filling up with Families. All desirous of obtaining quarters incut apply early to the Subscriber, at the Astor House, New York. HIRAM CRANSTON. je27 Htis'ec POTATOES. 10| WA Bushels Prime No* a Scotia Potatoes for sale, in jOvv lots to suit purchasers, on board Schooner Bee, (Jmlit. Corner, foot of Rosevelt street, East River, or euquire of Messrs. CORWIN, STOW fc CO.. je27 3t*rc 91 8outh street. TREASURER'S OFFICE, ) Norwich and Woiii'ESTicn Railroad Co., J Norwich, Conn.. June 24. 1845. ) A DIVIDEND of Three percent forth* last six months, hits been declared on the shares of this Corporation, payable on and after the But day of July next, to the holder* of Stock on the 28th inst., nt ihe Transfer Office over the Suffolk Bank, Boston; at the Bank of the State of New York, iu the City of New York, and at this Office. The Books will be fclo'ed from the 27th of June instant, to the 4th of July next inclusive. O. S. PERKINS, jeiKtoJuly5jgb Treasurer. FOR SALE. THE Le tie mid Fixtures of a Refreshment Saloon, nicely fitted u|>, on Broadway, and doing a very good business. To a Lady wiihing to establish herself in a business of this kind it offers an excellent opportunity. For particulars address O.K. B., at tlie Herald office, lor the purpose of uu interview. t, je265t*rc GENTLEMEN'S LE1-T OFF WARDRObE. GENTLEMEN or Families goiugto Europe or elsewhere, wishing to disencumber themselves of their superfluous ' wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's: also, Jr.WKL.KX, FIRE ARMS, &c., Stc., will obtain from the subscriber twenty per cent more than from those who pretend to pay~Vp highest cash prices. ^ ^a Wa^,^New York. Families or gentlemen attended at their residence by appoint "" And all orders left at tlie subscriber's office, or sent through the Post Office, will be punctually attended to. ml7 Ini ec. i TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate ol the University of Paris, is desirous of finding in some school or private la mily, a situation as instructor?through the means of the English, which he speaks fluently, or of the French and German languages, equally his own, in any of the different.branches o a thorough andliberal education, and also drawing and painting o either landscspes, heads or flowers. ... The best relerences can be had, and las name and residence known, by applying to the Rev. A. Verren, Rector of the French Protestant Church of this city, No. 99 Franklin sti*. I. in4 1m*re "1 AST IRON WATER PIPES, of different six?s, constant ly on hand. c Al^. AmericanPigl^okn.eobfoNfcRluHARD8 n>vMI?i?>h __ Water st /If Ml OfWl HAVANA SEGARB, imported by M. AN 4UU.UUU GULO, for sale at 21 Liberty street. Among them will be found Cabanas, do Imperiales, Regalias, Panetelas, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small sizes; Napoleons, Normas, Urraca, San Reman, Delisics, Colonas, do Panetelas, and vari ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, from the above well known house, just imported by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid. "<3 3m* re NOTICE. MR. CLARJCE is desirous orsupplying the public in town ai:d country with the best of help, free of expense, with servants of good character, both protestants and others, tvhite and colored, lie Hatters himself that by doing so, he is bene fitting all those in want of employment, and is in hopes of that patronage, which such an undertaking merits. His office is 95Duane street, and fitted np for the accommodation of all in want of employment. Call at 95% Duane street. je20-1 m*m NEW EMBROIDERIES. PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his friends and tlie public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, whicli, being imported direct from the European, manufactories, will be sold at a trifling advance on the original cost. He would also call atten tion to several lots purchased at auction, at an immense sacrifice, which will be found well deserving an early inspection. The following are very desirable, being 25 per cent uuder the usnal retail prices? High-neck Chemiietts, richly embroidered, from 14s to $3,50 worth $2.25 to $5,50. 500 Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for 8s., usual price 10s 6d. 150 Embroidered Capes, at $3, usual price $5. 50 m do do very rich, from $6 to $10. 200 prs Embroidered Uuder Sleeves, from 4s to $3,50. 1 case Embroidered Dresses, from $3 upwards. 500 doz Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. 50 do do extra large size, for gentlemen's tu*. 45 do do liemstich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. 5 cases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslins, in stri|ies, plaids, figures. Sc., fcc. A lot new Muslin Trimmings, Laces, Veils, Hosiery,Gloves, See., See., all of which will be sold decided bargains. mv31 lmTc No. 373 BROAD WAT. COMIC ALMANACS FOR l&lfl, FOUR KINDS. MEWS agents, cheap publication depots, booksellers, and the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun and fine engravings extracted with care from the laughing volume of nature. Fisher's Comic, Turner's Comic, Crockett's Go a Head Comic, and De Darkies Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; those at a distance will order, or send for samples. Always on sale the greatest variety anil quantity of Children*' Books, colored and plain; Song Books, colored prints, Sic. Itc. in the country; catalogues on appliea tiou. Show Bills of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very low, for cash, and do full jnstiee to all orders, in time, kinds, quantity, and price. Tl/RNER It FISHER, je!4 Im'rc 74 Chatham street. Isoolc at Thli! SUPERIOR MARKING PLATES AND ALPHABETS CUT. BY JOSEPH SIMPSON, No. fl FULTON. Ncab to Pkari- Struct, jel lm*rrc TEETH! TEETH! TEETH! WONDERFUL IMPROVE. " E N T ?. DR. BROWN; DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 390X BROADWAY, three door* above Chambers street, next In Stewart's new building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole set, on the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, hi* cele brated _ WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth^^and^ useful for mastication vising from medical treatment, or otlier causes, effectually fastened by the highly recommended Lotio Odonta. TOOTHACHE cured in one minate, without pain. Teeth extracted with lees than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. References will be given to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, b? calling at No. 290^ Broadway. my27 ltn*rh TEETH, TEETH, TEETH. 79 Only. AL L KIN DS1 of Denteal Operations performed in a superioi style and cheaper than any other dentist in the city. City or country dentists can have plate-work done by applying at the office. Instructions in any single branch, or in tne whole sys tem oi dentistry, will be given on the most reasonable terms. N.TAYLOR,Surgical and Mechanical Dentist; my24 Im'rh 62 East Broadway. DENTISTRY?VALUABLE DISCOVERY. PRESERVE YOUR TEETH. WHY will you suffer with the toothache, when by calling on Dr. PAIGE. 139 Grand street, near Broadway, you can have it effectually and entirely cured. He bas an entire new preparation,, that will cure it in a few minntes witliout pain or inconvenience, so that it may be filled, making it a vain ible tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it extracted. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries of the ape, and never fails of the desired effect. The most ten der teeth filled without any unpleasant sensation. Artifici* teeth inserted in the most approved manner. je7 lm'ec BIGGaR'S REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS, JLD and FINE MODERN Engravings in the country atless than une-half the usual prices. B.-t-Grate Aprons and Drapery for Looking Glasses in great variety and of the newest designs m 14 lm*ec IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DAOUERREOI YPE AR TISTS?The undersigned have made application to gel Lrtlm Patent for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures. Thin process produces ail effect not known before, mil changes ilie amieinuice of the Daguerreotype to that of the finest pemting. This coloring process ia done by nature itself {uided only by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It cits Sf P*fbrm?4 by every one not skilled iu the art ol painting, and will be perfectly understood at one glance. It also cnn be com municated in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City 01 County, cm make pre-engagements therefore, bv addressing (post pud) to VV. St K. LANOENHEIM, jel 1m L)kW*ec Exchange, Philadelphia. WINES, OIL, OLIVES, iVc. G1LBKRT DAVIS, 45 Pine street, corner of William, offers for sale the following articles of his own selection and importation Pure Pale Sherry Wine, of the highest order. do Port? in wood andglass, do do do Champagne. do Burgundy, Clos de Vougeot.Chambertin Remanne. do. do Hoclis, Johaunisberg and Msrcobrunner, Cabinet, Steinberger, do. do Charzberger, Brouneberg, Orennh.iusen and Peisporter, do Claret, Cliatenu Margaux, LalUte, Latonr, La Rose, Cos de Astomcll. do Napolitan, Lagrimchristi. white and red. do A few superior Parmesan Cheese; SO small packages ol (Queen's Olives, selected at Seville. ' Also, the best Lucca Oil. The above articles are warranted to be the very best quality, and selected with great care, without regard to coat, by the Subscriber, during the last uine months. je?l twism TO CAPITALISTS~~ A RARE CHANCE?To invest a capital of about tit,MO ill a safe and profitable way, by erecting a building lor divine worship for the Emanu-EI Congregation of this city, and fiir nishingtwo lots, between Bowery and East River, and between Broome and Madison streets, for that purpose. For particulars enquire at Mr. J. Dittenlioefer, IS Cedar St.; or at Messrs. Hn ttheimerh Brothers, 87 Beaver street. jnlt lm*rc PA< KET SHIP HOSCinS from Liverpool.?Consignees by this shiji will please have their permits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods

not permitted in fiVe days must be sent to Public Store, je2l rc Rath, mice anl> cockroaches. THIS is to certify that we havensedtri oman Levis Ester minator for Rats and Cockroaches, end it has given the greatest satisfaction for the purposes intended. H. S. 1)1 rNNINO, Running's Hotel, 63 <'ourtland st. W. MOREHEAD, 41 Courtlandst. I U. GRAHAM, ;?/;onrtland st, ! and a host of others For sile stRUSHTON fcCO's, No, lit Broadway-, It Astor loase. end MBiWwsy, New York mil IWrre I AUCTION NOTICES. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. AT TATTERSALL'S. This Day, (Monday,) 31th Juae, a strong, well-built family doable horse BAROUCHE, with a, half-way top, and capable of holding six persons. As .> Family Carriage?this affords considerable convenience. it will be sold witlioiu reserve. iti?*rc COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OF B E A UTIFU L I' A IN TIN G 8, IVo. ?40:1 Broudway, New York. MAXIMILIAN'S Great and Miilendid work, being lii? tour tkrounh the United States, illnstra'ed with felicity En graving!, ?fier the >? aimer of drawings 111 large folio?witli a iiu*rto volume of letter press, both volume! elegantly put up lor the Drawing Room. A few copies only printed in English. No stranger should visit the City without calling in to see the Great Colle'tio" of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, wHch are offered "at ar-eatly reduced prices." Tit- I'ublin Sale Room is filled with books of every kind, iu various languages, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge is made. Above the Bookalore or Sa'e Room, an apartment is fitted up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OK OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by ancient and modern Masters?to view which, a small chaigr of IJ>? cents is required. HERALDRY., . The Anus of Individuals whose families originated in anv couutry in Europe, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel lum, equal in execution, andat one third the charge of the Lon don Hera'd's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OK GEORGE WASHINGTON, with Irs nrm? and crest, as worn upon his carriage. Price only J' 5#?in colors. A Curiosity. je23 eodtf in SCOTT'S BAZAAK No. 37 DEY STRKKT. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GRKENWICH STREET. SANDS SCOTT returns hii muit sincere thanks to liii friends and the public at large, for the liberal support re ceived since he has beeu iu business, and hopes by the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Sugars, are too well known to need commeut. A large assortment of Refreshment* to be had at all time*,till twelve at night?such a* Beef Steaks,Mut ton Chops, Kried Kidneys, Ham and Kjcgs, Sardines, Poached Egg*, Pickled Tongues, Welch Rarebit*, Coffee, Tea, he A good dinner ofRoast or Boiled Me-it for One Shilling, every day, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught. Good Lodgings for 26 cents 37)4 cents. Cold Cuts at a moment's notice. This House has been proved, by omparison, for yc*r?, to be the coolest and moat comfort able in the city No House better supplied with English Irish, Scotch and city papers. Always th- latest uew* by the Steamers. Good Booms for Private Parties always ready at a moment'* warnings-free?gratis?for nothing. je8 ltn*ec CENTRE VI LL,E COURSE, TROTTING. w EDNE80AY, July 2d, at 3 o'clock, P.M. Purse and Stake for $110, mile heats, best 3 in i in harness. W. Whelati fillers ch g Henry Clay. C. 8. Bertiue " b g Trouble. P. Hunt " b g Moseou. Admission to all part ol' the < nurse 'i' cents. r. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville,.June 29th, 1845. J30 3Pm FOOT AND HURDLE RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE, TO take place on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of next week, vis: the 30th of June and 3d andith of July, weather permitting. lor Pur'es amounting to S2100. The fol'owing race on Monday 30th, at 3% o'clock -?First a Purse of $300 for a Race of one mile, $30 to the 2d in the Race. Forthis Racethe following Entriw have been made 1 Major Henry 8tannaril, 2 Ambrose Jackson, 3 William Barlow, 4 Richard Hall, 5 John Smith, C Ignace Katanachiate, the Iro quois Indian from Canada. 7 Scotch Bantam, or Robert Williams, who has arrived from S?ot land for the Race. 8 Edward Chenne, 9 Wm. Lewis, 10 Wm. Roorback, 11 O. Bergen. Same Day?At *1 o'clock a Purse of $200 for the greatest dis tance walked in one hour. For this Purse the following En tries have been made :? 1 James Wood, of Charleston, I 10 North Star, of Canada, S C. 11 Charles Freeman, 2 Charles Wright, I 12 Charles Kirk, 3 George Rice, I 13 John Navils, 4 O. Bingen, 14 John Janson, 5 John 8. Vandiua, I 15 George Whitehead, 6 J. Taylor, I 16 Wm. Vermilyea, 7 E. Chenny, I 17 Wm. 8. Sherwood. 8 John Thompson. I 18 J. Boston. 9 R. Hall, I HURDLE AND FOOT RACE FOR PURSES OF $800 ON 3d JULY. To take place on 3d Julv?First, a Footrace of five miles for a purse of $400?$75 to tne second best and $23 to the third best: to come off at 3J-j o'clock For this race the following entries have been mide :? 1. Maj. Henry Stannard, 6. Ambrose Jackson. 2. American Deer, or William 7. R. M. Hall. Jackson, who has just ar- 8. Peter Hutcherson. rived from England for 9. Igrace Katanchiate, the this race. Iroquois Indian. 3. Long Mike. 10. Welch Ban turn 4. Edward Chenny. 11. C. Dermond. 5. Wm. Fowl. I Same Day.?A Hurdle Race at 4 o'clock, for a purse of $400, $100 to the second horse, third horse to receive back his en' trance. The race to be 1'4 mile heats, four hurdles of four leet eacli to the mile. For this race the following entries hare been made:? Mr. C. Diicliesny, of Montreal, enters b. gd. Hops. Barry Clark, from Santa Fe% _ d. g. gd. Snip. Oscar Swe itland, late from Fort Gibson, enters ch. gd. Niagara. (This horse is half-brother to Fashion.) A. t'oiiover enters his horse. TEN MILE RACE. TO TAKE PLACE ON SAT URDAY THE 5th OF JULY, FOR A PURSE OF $800 $150 to the second, and $50 to the third in the race?To come off at 3>? o'clock. For this race the following entries have been made 6. R. M. Hall. 7. C. Dermond. 8. James Whelan 9. Wm. Pinckney. 10. Ignace Katanchiate, the Iroquois from Canada. 1. William Jackson, the Ame ricau deer. 2. John Oildersleeve. Major Henry Stannard. I. John Sleeprock, the Indian Chief from To wan da. 5. Kdward Cheney. P.8.?Should the weather be unfavorable, the race will come off on first fair day. The entrance to the five mi|e race, also the Hurdle Race, will be opeu until Saturday evening. Should there be any mis lake or i-ntries omitted, it will be corrected by leaving in formation of ih- same with Randall Smith, Park Row. Each person running or walking, can have their numbers by calling oil Mr. Smith, Saturday Evening. Each person w ill lie requir ed to w ear a body shirt. The riders in the Hurdle Race to ride in Jockey dress. There will be no distancing in the Hurdle Race. Any person falling, his horse can be rode in by any other person without regard to weight. jZG jf FARE TO BALTIMORE ft. ITirough in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled Steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Captain J. .M. Douglass, will, on and alter Monday, June 16, leave Dock street wharf, daily, (except Sundays.) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Tin snigers will arrive in Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only |l. This Line is composed of the following splendid and fast S;?mboats:? Robert Morris, Captain J. M Douglass. Ohio.. . ._ Captain L. Davis. Constitution Captain J. Chaytor. ? George Washington Captain J. Tripw. lfiis Line leaves Bowlv's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M.? Tickets for Wheeling anil Pittsburg can be procured on board thiboat. UNITED 8TATE8 MAIL LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. Fart ?Through in Six Hourt. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elktou, Havre de Grace, kc. O i and after Wednesday next, June 2.5th, the fare between Philidelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced toi' The Trains will leave as fotlows:? From Philadelphia. I From Baltimore. Dei* ' lltli and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Dail\. except 8 A.M. | Daily, exc, Sunday, at 9 A M. And I'aily, at IT M. | And Daily, at 8 P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh?Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsi nrgh can be had at the Depot. Eleventh and Market sts. a. H. HUDDELL, Agent. Jttir 24th, 1845. ie29ec PEOri.ES' LINE OF 8TEAMBOAT8 FOR \LBANY, jMfk jf-t DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di ^W*rect, at 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between SLwSEai?.('ourtlan(lt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttenden, will leave ?? Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. 'mat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will eave or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7o clock. At So clock P.M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot if BwcUy street StMini'Mt WLW JERSEY, C*pt. II H. Furey, will leav* on Mo*.lay, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. 8teaml?Mt NORTH AM K.RICA, Caput in L. W. Braiuard, will leav on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons. at 5 a clock. Pssaeni. r? taking either of tlie above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in aui.'lf tune lor the Morning Train of Can for the eaat or West. The Bun are new and substantial, are furnished with new and ?levant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are nn riyalled on the Hudson. Freight: ikau at moderate rates. All |ier*niis are forhid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agent*. For pnssnre or freight, apnly on board the boats, or to P. C. Sctrait*. at the office on the wnarf. jc'm m NEW FERRY TO FORT HAMILTON, YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. jgjt THE Steamboat HAMILTON, Captain H. fig. . ^*'?v'r^* Mall.iii. has been put on the above Ferry, and ?Xh__XL?Z-will commence on Monday, the tilth ins'., and run as follow), until further notice : leaving PierNo. I East River. I Fort Hamilton. 7 A.M. WP.M. I ? A.M. S P- M. 10 A. V 6 P.M. I I2X P. M. 7 P.M. Fare. 12>* cents. The IOL V8 will he ready to commence her tnp* on 3d, and continue tne season. jp30 3t*re ? FOR ST. JOHNS, N. B.?The British brig VIC TcRIA, Price master, being detained, will take wli'l freight may offer This Day, and sail To-mor ...w, (1st Jul*,) for which, or passage, apply to the Captain on bond, foot ol I roy street, N. R , or to je?i U"m PKHSSEfc BROOKS, No*, to &.S7 Nassau ?t. ???- fOR NEW ORLEANS?This Day at 11 o'clock n9vV?Louisiana *nd New York Line Tlie Barque JHUbOl' VKSEE, (apt. Minot. will sail as above. For Ireight or imssage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, orto " E. ITCOLLINS ?t CO;, 56 South st. Ship|iers pie ise send iu their bills of lading this day jjfler /'/./ isi RE boat for sAi.h: A l>esulif?l and fast-sailing Pleasure Boat, 18 feet in length ami A feel in width, is offered for sale. She is enaai'lelelv found in t \ ery respect, hsving jast been wr in complete order. Price 1130. For particulars apply *t i the office or J P. < HOSB Y, Esq., No. 20 Nassau ?t. J? Jris'ec I AMUSEMENTS. PARK TIUCATttK. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Hvenlng, June 30th, For the Second Time in thia city, will be produced the celebra ted Opera of LA FAVORITE. Leonora de (iuim n, , M'Ue Calve. liier, M'me Stephen Coeuriot Alphonte, M Garry, Kemand. Aniaud I Balthazar, Donvry Don Oupnr Onriot. HC7"Price of Admiuiou?First Tier of Buxe* and Parquette, SI; Second and Third Tieri, SO cenU; Oallery, 2ft cents. Uoora open at? o'clock, nnit (he Curratn will ruepreciwlr at half-paat7 o'clock NIBTjO'8 UAltDKN. Reengagement of MR ROBERTS, The celebrated Comedian from the London Theatres. First Night ofthe Ballet Pantomime by the ACROBAT FAMILY ! Monday Kvenlng, .June 30th, Will he presented the original Vaudeville entitled LE CHaPEAU DU GENERAL. Madame de la Garde Mis* H Matthews Marchioness de Villecour Mist M Taylor Marquis de_ Vilecour, J Sel'tou | Chs de Merval, Gallagher Col de la Garde, Chippendale | Louis, Levere To lie followed by a laughable Pantomime by the Aciohal Family, entitled LA VILLAGEOISE ET HES AMANS. O*" Intermission of half *11 liour..-Ol CONCERT A LA MUSARD. To conclude with the petite Comedy of A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER. Sir Alfred Htghtljer, Mr Roberts. Sir Marie Chase, Chippendale I Maria Darlington .MiwMTay lor Sir Selbcrne, Gallagher Mrs Selborue, Miss Roberta Fixture, T. Placide I Mrs Fixture, Mrs Watts (C7*Aa effi?i?nt Police ?ill always i*. in atteau**ce to roeiu tain good order aud keep .ill improper persons oat. QtJ- Tickets Fifty Cents. ~d\ A limited number of Season Tickets will be aisposed of. O-tVrformance to commence at 8 o'clock Doors open at naif-past 7. ____________ CASTLE CiAROKN. Proprietors Messrs. French and Reiser. Admission 25 Cents Grand Entertainment! Itloixluy Evening, June JOth. The Entertainments will commence with the admired Over ture to the celebrated Opera of La Heine Du Chypere. Song. Mr. Denuisoii. P?lish D.nice. M'lle. De'jardins. , Mast.' IV. Wood will appear as a Model of Ancient Greek aud Roman Statuary Overture bv the Bind. To be followed by Pursloe's Comic Tableaux Mouvsna, lu which Mes?r?. Wood, Parsloe, Denuison and Miss Cohen will appear. Overture to the Opera of r'ra Diavolo. El Bolno d'Espagua by Mad'selle Desjardius. Grand Classic aud Gladiatorial Scene of the Youth of Sputa, by Masters W. and F. Wood. Overture to La Zanetta. To conclude with the most finished Act ever presented to the public by any Acrobat in existence entitlsd McGREGGOR, M. GREGGOR, and H.VMED, Prince of Persia, both of which will be enacted by llerr < line. ,\Jf~Between the Entertainments an lntei mission ot Teu Mmutej lor Promenade and Refreshments. . f Doors 0|<en at halt-past 6 o'clock. Performan'o to com mence at 8o'clock. PALJKI'S" OPIillA HOlISK. CHAMBERS STREET. The Bust Veniilated Thuatre iff THK Citv. IMMENSE ATTRACTION!! ? First Wight of the New Opera! Being for the Benefit ol Palmo's Ethiopian Burlesque Company. Monday Evening, June 30tn, Will he presented, for the first time in this city, the grand operatic burlesque and ballet d'action, entitled BUY-I-DARE; Or, the Revolt of the Woodheads. Founded oil La Baj cdere, with Burlesque* on all the original dances To couclude with the Medley Burlesque of the . VIRGINIA GIRL. In which are introduced the gems of Balfe's Opera of the Bo hemian Girl, and the Laughing Polka. Admlwlon !i5 Cents. Private Boxes, for four persons, $2. Doors open at '4 to 8 o'clock?Performance to commence at 8'* o'clock. 11./" Box Office open from 8 A. M. until 8 f. M. VAI'XHAIjL GARDEN SALOON, BOWERY. BIROPEN EVERY EVENING -O GRAND GALA WEEK. Miss Orville, late of Niblo's, has been engaged for fix nights Also, Barney Williams, the celebrated Irish Comedian. Also, Miss A. Homer, the American Klssler. Also, Mr. J. Goodwin, the beautiful Comic Dancer. Also, the Operatic Brothess and Sisters, Messrs. Gardiner, Whitlock, White, Johnson and Bryant, forming to gether the best Band of Minstrels in the world, who defy com petition, and challenge any other Band to Play, Sing and Dance for jhe sum of SlWKi. O-Admission only One Shilling. No postponement on account of the weather. Doors opeu at 7J* o'clock. Performance commence at 8X o'clock. je29 lw*ec A CARD. GRAND CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY, AT VAUXIIALL GARDEN, BOWERY. rrMlE MANAGER would resiiectfully inform the public i that he is making extensive preparations lor the FOUltTH OF JULY, when he will give an Afternoon and Evening Per formance in the Saloon. Alio, A Grand Military and Civic Ball, in the Garden, for which he is building a new and elegant door. Price of admission to the Afternoon Performance, 25 cents. Admission in the evening, to the Garden, Saloon anil Ball, 50 cents. A Splendid Cotillon B uid is engaged for the occasion. The Police arrangements will he entirely under the direction of Officer Bird, who will preserve the best of order,and exclude all improper persons. Dancing to commence at Sand continue until 12 o'clock. For particulars see bills of the day. je?tojy(*ec P. DE LA REE, Manager. KLYSlAN FIELDS?(Hoboken.) Free Exhibition every Afternoon, commencing on Tacstlay, auly 1, nt. 3 o'clock. MR. McCARTY has the pleasure to announce that he has made arrangements for .1 short time with that justly true and celebrated EAKIR OK ANGELINA, and the extraordi nary and accomplished Prince of all Wonders, YOUNG KRANCI8CO, whose beautiful and instructive Hindoo Fes tivities have been the wonder aud admiration of all Europe, America and the Indies. Also he has the pleasure to announce an engagement with that admired Vocalist and Dancer, Miss DELIA EMONS. The entertainments will commence with Young Francisco's wonder-working HINDOO FESTIVITIES! selected from his grand Magic Cabinet; anionic which w ill be found the fol lowing;?Egyptian Rings, Mystic Figure, the Maiden's Glove, Robes of Eudor, Cabalistic Boxes. Divination of (tablets, An nihilation of Balls, and the Fakir's Outlandish Supper; after which he will introduce the Iudian (tames, after the mannor of Indians af Malabar. K7" Intermission of half an hour. Dancing and Singing, by Miss EMONS. The amusements will conclude with Francisco's elegant Mechanical Exhibition of the celebrated ACROBAT KAMI* LY iu miuiature. consisting of the following Marronctts;? 1st. Kogan. the Graceful Magi ; 2d, Joseph, the Chinese Clown; 3d. Marvo, the Naval Dancer; 4th, Gardener, a la K.lssler; Jth, Alonzo, the Equilibrist; 6th, byall, tlie Mystic (.Jill; 7th. Great Western, as Tele* Smashnm. After which, the burletta entitled Old Grimes and his Wife, to be performed by several of the figures. The New York Brass Band has been engaged, and will play every afternoon. je SO 3t*rc Dl1 GLORIOUS 76. FIRE BALLOONS, FOR Messrs. Gassouer* and Young's, Maiden lane, and at most of the principal Firework Stores in the city, with full directions for setting tnem off. All orders punctually attended to. je28 6t*rc FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! R. EDGE respectfully inform* the public that hia ai rangement* this season are on the most extensive soul M ever attempted in this country. He is now fully prepared _ furnish Cities, Towns, Public Oardens, Theatres, Parties lie with pyrotechnic displays, varying in price from $30 to tSWN comprising the most Drilliant and variegated fires and sppropn ite designs. Mr. ?. will also add to his display this season (ou entire new colors, never befon exhibited to the public?A Cai mine, Royal Purple, Maroon and Mazarine Bloe, unknown t< iny other Pyrotechnist Office* in the City, Niblo's Garden, Mr. J. Robertson ; and No. 57 Courtlanf.'* street. Mr. W. H. Page; or at the Laboratory JerseyCity. ISAAC EDGE, Jr., Pyrotechnist. myiO lm*ec fire WORKS, Wholesale and Retail?United State* Laboratory 'I^HE SUBSCRIBERS have on hand and for *ale, an eutin ?1- new stock ofbril Want fire Works,comprising a very general usortment, which for beauty of appearance and real utility,will exceed any ever offered by them in liyear*; and if sold b) weight will be found, by perhaps 30 per cent, the cheapest in the city. Canton Fir* Crackers, fcc. in abundance. GASSNER V YOUNG, in Chatham street, opposite Chatham Theatre, 0'alers in Groceries and Fruits, and Agents for the celebrated Pavilion Fountain at Saratoga. N. B.?9nrents and Chasers being prohibited in this eity, G * Y. will Anfy receive order* for them from the country. ju5 lm*rh FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, & C. FOURTH OF JULY, 184.V OUNTRY and City Dealers in Firework*, will And it to Vy their advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the best quality, at R. AYLIFF'8 old establishment, 76 Chatham itn-et. A large quantity of Fire Crackers just received. Remember the sign oftheTwo Mammoth Sky Rockets. Mind, we have removed from >6 to 7? Chstham. jel lm*rc FOURTH OF JULY, 1846. FIREWORKS FOR THK PKOPLE THE subscriber offer* for salt* a complete assortment of py rotechnic articles, manufactured exclusively for his own I sales, by the beat maker in the country. Cities o. town*, public or private exhibition*, supplied at the lowest prices, and the quality warranted. Wholesale buyers of small fireworks will find their advan tage in giving a call. Price* a* low aaaifood article can be af forded, and the best article . uranted to be the cheapest. Chinese Firecrackers and h ire works at a reduction of SO to 60 per cent from last season ? Maidfn lane, mil tjvl *m below William street FIRE WORKS-FOURTH OF JULY! NEW YORK LABORATORY. t M BENNETT 19# I'Vont street, two doors south of rul ? ton The most extensive and brilliant assortment of Kireworks are now offered at the above place, consisting of Honary and Signal Rockets with gold and silver Ram, Suns, Fans, Palm Trees, Pyramids, Peruvian Crosse*, Octagon*, Tn ?ingles. Verticles, Mines of Serpents and Stars, Maroon*, Ben ?rnlti Lwht. Roman Candle*, Serpents, Pin Wheels, Grassho|> ners, PortVi res BIue I.ights. Scroll Wheels. T.rbil'lion*. Lin. Pmeons. Torpedoes, Pulling Crackers. Double Header*, e ire Crackers, Canton Rockets, ?C., lie. Country merchant* and dealer* in general are requeued to rail and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city and country displays, military and private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with ;he above mentioned articles warrant*!)?the materials having veil selected with the utmost care. tm m*7?rk FIVE DOLLARS REWARD, LOST?On Monday last, (16th inst.,) at the Park Theatre, or between the Theatre and Park Place, a Gold Bracelet, in he form of a Snake, having an opa| set in the head. The finder vill receive the above named reward on returning the same at Mo. M Brnsd street. Je24 Iw'rc PORTER. ALE AND C 11) K R . JOHN J. STAFF'S bottling estabijshment, NO. 2 ANN STREET, nextdoortothe American Mmenm. returns his sincere thanks to hi* friends anil the public enerally, for the very liberal share of (.itronage alreailv re eived, and hopes by strict attention to MsiMW* to merit a eon Inuance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, ( roton Ale, Loudon Brown Sioot, and Scutch Ala. Order* for shipping attended to with despatch. nihil M wk LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST KVENINO'8 MAILS. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, June 27, 1845. Funeral Rite* in Washington to the Memory of Gen. Andrew Jackson. A great uR(i glorious and honorable day to the Fe deral Metropolis. The duties of respect to the me mory oi the hero, the statesman, the |>atriot. the Christian, the friend of Washington city, the friend of his country, and her rights, and human rights every where, have been most beautifully and honor ably accomplished. "All honors to the brave, Who in the land, or in the wave Have battled in defence of the right." SrNKisis?Fair and brilliant. Flags half mast all over the Metropolis. The bells are pealing the dirge of the warrior throughout the city. Minute guns a1 th'- Marine Barracks and the Navy Yard Eight o'cloc k, A.M. ?The quiet of the Sabbath prevails. The Capitol, Executive Mansion, public departments, Offices of the National Intelligencer, the Union,the Constitution, the U. S. Journal, the ' edifices of the Corporation, the public hotels, the i stores and shops, and many of the private dwellings I draped and festooned in mourning. I Tkn o'clock, A.M.?Martial music, men in gay ! uniforms passing the streets, Marine Band near ; thirty strong in red coats and white pants, followed by a company of Odd Feljows from the Navy Yard, ! marching up to the President's. Various detach* i ments forming at other i>oint8, for a movement to 1 the same quarter. Half-past Eleven?Avenue gradually filling up with passengers. President Polk at the White House, in Ogle's elliptical saloon (Ogle's furniture still in the apartment, threadbare and dingy). Presi dent waited upon by the heads departments, the diplomatic corpr, Army and Navy Officers, Soldiers of the last War, the Corporate Authorities, the Com mittee of Arrangements, Arc. Among the company we were pleased to find there our valued old friend and fellow-citizen. Col R. M. Johnson, " The hero of the Thame*, my bota, The hero of the Thamei." Twklvb O'Clock.?An immense concourse in front of the White House The various divisions ol the procession f orming near there, on the avenue, and the adjacent lateral streets. From the Presi dent's to the State Department, sidewalk under the shade, lined with ladies of every gradation of age, complexion, and beauty. Numbers inside the grounds looking over the railings. The grand por tico of the Treasury building, extending along the avenue south of the State Department some mree hundred feet, absolutely dazzling to behold from the congregation there of bright eyes and radiant faces of beautiful young women. Innumerable soap locks, ranger?, idlers of all kinds, white, red, yellow and black,, crowding the pavements in the vicinity of the President's Square. Sun intensely hot, notwith standing a fine breeze from the northwest. One O'C 1.0CK.?The tolling of the bells and the minute j>eals of the artillery in the Executive Square, announce that the procession has been put in motion. All the windows and balconies, and porticos, and doors on both sides of the avenue oc cupied with the fair sex, including a small sprink ling of darkies, while a greater number of colored folks are taking their chance upon the pavements though constantly ousted out of the way by the poor white trash, as they call them. Fine collection of fair sweet lasses in the windows of Apollo Hall Jemmy Maher's, Johnny Foy's, the Union office' the Democratic Poll, Joseph K. Boyd's, Douglass Moore s, Jemmy Clephane's, Galabrun's, Fuller's, lirown s, Coleman's, the United States, and nearly the lot of Jackson Hall, and the Temperance House and the Literary Depot, and the Metropolis Houee, and the Polk House, conspicuous in their black dra pery, and for their suddenly and largely augmented population. Thence to the railroad depot, thence to the foot of Capitol Hill, every house is adorned with black, and every window illuminated with bright eyes. I here were some countenances in the balcony of the Temperance House, which would a most tempt the veriest wine-bibber to swear to the pledge indefinitely, for the privilege of a kiss. Ne vertheless, juleps, more than dew-Hps, were the de sideratum of the day. Half-Past One O'Clock.?Head of the proces sion passing beneath us, as we look out from our lofty position in the United States. 1st. Chief Mar shal, Gen. Alexander Hunter, and aids: the mili tary, half a dozen well equipped and disciplined vo lunteer companies of infantry and riflemen, one of cavalry, one of artillery. Four full bands of music. Second Division.?Officers of the army and navy md marine corps, General Scott and stafl at the head; ollicers of the militia of the District, Com mittee of Arrangements, orator of the day, the Pre sident of the United States, heads of. departments, hx-Presidents, (some say John Tyler was there, but we did not see him,) Ex-Vice Presidents, (Col. R. M. Johnson,) the Diplomatic corps, in their splendid official costumes, otlicers and members of the Su preme and other Courts, officers and members of the Senate and House of Representatives, and ex members of both Houses; the Reverend Clergy corporate authorities of the cities of Washington Georgetown, and Alexandria, ex-mayors of the' C1['.e!* ?! the District, (about two dozen.) all of which division occupied a string of some flfty-seveu carnages, varying from four to six persons to each carriage, including the driver and his friend in the box. Third Division.?The Grand Lodge of Free and accepted Musons ol the District of Columbia, num benng several hundred strong, and the subordinate Lodges. Odd Fellows' Societies, firemen, red jack ets, white pants. With this division there were two hne bands of music; and among their banners,taste fully shrouded, we noticed as (>articularly handsome those ol The Lunding of Columbus; Portrait of Washington, surrounded with a dense wreath of evergreens ; Beehive, with a circlet of grapes and flowers, wreath on the Ion of the staff; An ideal Temple ; Green banner with motto in yellow letters. F9LRTH Division.?The several Ihstriet Demo cratic Associations, with their magnificent banner in front, presented to the Young Hickories last fall Mrs. John C. Rives and other democratic ladiee of Washington. Four or five hundred men, one band ot music. FtFTM Division.?Georgetown College, Colum iil?n, V?'leget Columbian Typographical Society Washington Benevolent Society, Temperance So cieties, Sons and Brothers of Temperance. A small turn out, very small, compared with the actual fore* of these societies. Perhaps not more than two hun dred men in all?hfe and dnim. Sixth Division.?Officers and subordinates of the several Departments, other civil otlicers, strangers citizens. A very respectable body of men ? This division was particularly remarkable for (J* > vast pro|>ortion of umbrellas, new and old, black,yel low and green, which it carried along. On the side walks afar greater procession followed the regular line, or led the way to the Capitol. The main bodv was not ever an hour and a quarter iu passing our location on the avenue, and the whole number 111 the regular line did not much exceed two thousand men, while the congregation at the eastern portico of the Capitol, ofbotn sexes, would make an aggregate. ;>erlirtps, of some six thousand persons. The excessive heat prevented many persons from loining in the line, who, with 11 cool and cloudy day would have fallen into the ranks ; and the liarvest time, and the necessity of getting in the crop with all despatch, prevented any general arrivals from the country. We noticed, therefore, very few of the yeomanry of the land in the crowd. No merely par ry banners allowed. THK srKNK AT THE CAPITOL, Was imposing; a vast crowd had collected 01. he ?levated 'erraces at the west part, to view the be coming down the avenue, ana a large number quiet [ ly waited in and about the portico, and upon the Hitrht of steps on the eastern side, in order to have a place to hear the orator of the day. Tho portico was oc cupied almost exclusively by the ladies?at least five hundred clustered np"there. Oh ! how beautiful they did look. The President, his Cabinet, the Diplo matic cor|>s, \*c., occupied the platform with the ora or A long and eloquent prayer bv liev. Mr. Sprole of the 21 Cnurch. Music by all the i>and*. Then a discourse of some three hours dura ion, a history of Jackson's life, and an eulognmi, liy Mr. Secretary liancroft. After which the pageant dissolved. f- Mr. Bancroft acquitted himself to general admira tion. Many persons, however, after catching his <Jyle, and the drift of his discourse, dropped off to dinner, and by 'he time-he had finished full one third f the multitude ha I been subtracted from his audi tory. Hut of this branch of the obsequies an asso iate will more elaborately inform you. We ex|x ct to send you Mr. Bancrofts oration to-night. Half Past foi r P. M ?The Military and Civic Associations,with their bands of music,are ret urn in in singular contrast to the funeral dirges of their t >? ward march,playing the most lively and stirringairs. ?ncluding several of Fanny Elssler's favorite dances. Vationaisalute at sunset. Washington, June 58, 184.V Thf Fifth liny'1 ProcerHingt of lltr new Court Martini The Court met at ten o'clock, the journal of yastarda) .vat. read, corrected, and approved. Before the regular ,iroceeding* should begin, the Judge Advocate an lounced that he would proceed to read a paper which le had prepared in relatlou to the third xpecincation ol ..he tint charge lie had not proceeded far with his -ending before the Court "topped him from further read ling. a* it was altogether uncalled for, and upon a mat or not before the Court; it wan remarked during the ?onvcrnation that aroie, tbat it wan muting a diihonora de implication on the part of the accmed, in objecting to he specification yesterday The Judge Advocate re narked -not at all, that he only daaired to put the ac

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