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July 1, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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tub *ff mi *?>%r MArttuMW ut Hi i,?*, jei't) c!n^ 'fa- . ,ic sot the country, to m re*sot nation this day, and the New York Herald tree to all subscribers residing within thirty [ this city We annex a list of the townt ced in this "circle of freedom," which we [ed from the Postmaster. POST OFFICES' tlhin thirty mile* of the City of New York. Op?H'E? IN NkW JeRUKV. Auuacknonck, Belleville Bergen Bloomfield Caldwell Camptown Chatham Elizabcthtown Elizabethport English Neighborhood Hackensack , Hanover Hanover Neck Hoboken Jersey City J Little Kail* Madison Metuchin Meads Basin Morris town Montville Newark New Prospect Orange I'arsippany I'ascack Plainfield Paterson Perth Amboy Pompton Pyramui Hah way Scotch Plains South Orange Springfield Summit South Amboy Unien Westfield West Bloomtleid Woodbridge. i Connecticut, Greenwich. ROBERT H. MORRIS, P.M. the rates of postages, and to what ig privilege can be used under the :vent mistakes it should be cut out |t? in New York itoria auveltville ooklyn ronx ollege Point Pbb* Kerry Chester pat hush >rt Hamilton [lushing arlem arrison cmpstead empstead Branch icksville ericho tings Bridge llamaroueck |lanahasset Newtown (ow Rochelle l^'orth Shore )o Hempstead Vyack )o Turnpike few Utrecht |Piermont Port Chester (Richmond |Do Valley [Roily n tossville lye iTarrytown iThe Purchaso "Tor '-1 "v!l|r r r any pa. that is "trail.. IK RATES OK POSTAGK. Cents. ir, not exceeding half an ounce, ant not exceeding 300 miles f> 10 ;e, and any excess over every half rates of postage; and when adver on each letter, or four cents, if osts so much additional. it to be mailed) each 'J cular, handbill, or advertisement, ly distance 9 or other matter "of every kind," table by mail'' and has no written ommunication, of one ounce or less, or for a news aper exceeding 1,900 square inches of surface. . . 3} r each additional ounce, or an excesB groater than a half ounce 1 >r any other newspaper, sent over 30, and not more than 100 miles, or any distance within the same State 1 nt over such distance 1} THE KI-ANKIKO PRIVILEGE. t. The President, ex-Presidents, and Mrs. Madison and r(i Harrison, retain the franking privilege an regulated ! Vor.ner laws. ?i. The Vice President, Mombers of Congress, and de bates from Territories. May transmit public document s free during their official n?s ; ? May send and receive free, letters, newspaper t, or pack t, weighing under two ounces, during the session of | ongrcss, and for thirty days before the commencement nd thirty days after the close of any session ; May receive letters free, not weighing over two ounces, uring the recess. This does not include the interval rom the close of one Congress to the commencement of | ho next ; May transmit free written utters from themselves the [v.ioZf year ? that is, from sixtv tiay* before the com mencement of any session until the meeting of the next ongresi. 3. The Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the Houn? Of Representatives May send free public documents during their official terms ; May send and receive free letters, newspapers, and ipackagen, not weighing over two ounces, during the Jacssion of Congress, and for thirty days before and after; I May send free letters written by themselves during their ? official terms. lm.4. The governors of States may send free the laws, 1 records, and documents of tho legislature to the gover "nois of other States. fi. The three assistant postmasters general 1 " May send free letters, packages, or other matters rela J ting exclusively to their official duties or the business of | tho Post Office Department ; May receive all such letters and documents as relate to their own duties or that of the department, and have the p<>- tapes remitted at the city post office. (1. Deputy postmasters may send free all such letters and packages as may relute exclusively to the business ol their respective ffrtices, and may have allowed all postages paid or charged to them in the settlement of their accounts. 7. Exchange newspapers between editors pass free. 8. Editors or publishers of newspapers may send their papers free within thirty miles of the place of publication. 9. Communications addressed to the officers of the government, heretofore having the franking privilege, jouching the business of theii" respective offices, are to De paid out of the contingent fuud provided for their offices, or out of the treasury. newspaper subscriptions, &e. All Postmasters aro forbidden to send money to prin ters, under his frank, and the following regulation is sub stituted, viz : Money may be left with a Postmaster, (in no instance exceeding $10) for the purpose ef being paid to distant publishers, if said publishers shall so desire. The Postmaster may retain 1 per cent, and give his re ceipt for the balance, which will be paid to the publisher by the Postmaster where payable, he also deducting 1 percent commission. No packet, weighing more thau 3 pounds, can be sent m b)* mail, nor bound books of any size, except books sent L ,by Governors of States. I Sport In L'pper?loii? Mn. Editor: ? A f-w morning's since, in a mansion in the up per part of town, were seated a group of the young men ana maiden - of Gotham: they had just returned from a church, where one of New York's noblest pons was nnited to a love y woman, and feeling ma trimonially inclined, one of the young gentlemen proposed to 11 young lady that they should get mar ried also "for the fun ol it," and a gentleman pre sent volunteering his services as I'arson, read to them the form of marriage from a Prayer Book, and to the questions therein asked, the couple answered boldly "yes!" Now, Mr. Editor, will you inform me whether this marriage is not legally binding, as much as though a ceremony had been (terformed ny an es tablished Clergyman, and aleo whether the young . man who acted iih I'arson is not liable to an action which might result in serious consequences'! Wish ing definite information upon these points, I intrude uiysell upon your valuable time. Answer.? By the laws of New York the marriage is |>erfectly legal and indissoluble? the person mar rying has incurred no penalty, 'nor committed any offence. Marriage in New York is only a civilcon tract. ? fid Herald. Steamboat Hoimeriks. ? On Saturday morning oliieer Muck arrested on board the steamboat Knickethocker at Albany, a person, who gave his name a* Jolin llonry, and nays he is by birth a Russian. He . appears to tie about 30 years of age ; is six feet high, and rather slather. Henry was fully committed under the following rivumidanccs :-On n charge of stealing a gold lepine wueli, chain and key. valued at f.?4, the pro perty of Cornelius D. Van Vrankcn, of New York. A boy oh boa (1 tlio \nieliorbocker saw a person whom he recofrni'cd iftenvarda as Henry, putting, as he sup posed, somett??,jj under the sill of tho door of the water ' closet, which v., proved to be the property r.tolen. When arrested h, jiai| jn |,js possession a lady's gold . pencil with a (jn?, j1ca(jt an 0*e glass, a buncn of ?mall gold beads, anu,j?0 Bn instrument used by bur- I gl*rs for opening door??_om tjie 0>, tn i fte , when the key ol the door is ill the lock, a?? jn,j,|e room. The same evening, Mr. I). J. Shaw, <>? horning, Steuben county, a passenger in tlie Knickcrho<v,r (m,| ??fety chain cut, Wh le on his neek in his berth, ,nd j aJnd ,jlTe, lrpine watch, worth $40 stolen. r and - ?.? uieiocaTen n?rjftW. As tK-e Was no one in the house cxcept a small child, she ran t??|ic nenr. est neighbor for assistance. As she approachet.'t|)en)i ?with l>?th hands raised to her head, htr mouth open ,n(j I jaw hanging down, crying out " ugh '. ugh !*' they mi mipposad her crazy , and fled. One of th<yn finally hah' courage to turn round and ask her what was the matter. The only reply was, " ugh ! ugh !" A crowd soon col lected iiround her, among wiiom was a young Doctor, who took tho liberty to apply his hand to her jaw in a scientific way? when, lo ! tho lady smiled and chatted, and expressed her gratitude, Hko a sweet girl ?as she wes ! This Doctor is no quack, hut a regular M. D., and, it i> said, is quite handsome. No wonder tho young indies still continue '?<> gape in that neighborhood more than ever. Wo think his business will soon be so pressing that ho will need a partner, and have no difficulty in obtaining one. ? Cincinnati Uazetlt. \ At i kmh to Escape ? We learn that a black boy culling hi mscM" George Nott, was found secreted on board tho brig O. W. t.amar, which sailed from this port on Thursday last for New Vork. lie was put on board the t hai lesion pilot L. H. Lucas, with a request from Mr. L llaldw In, a passenger on board, that he bo sont back to this city l>y one ot the steamers, but in carrying him to tlio guard house, ho made his escape, and has not been heard of sinr?. The runaway says ho is free is about ?18 jetra of age, and has a blemish on his left eye. ? .VnrantxiA I'tjmb., Jiih. From M.VRTiNimiK,? By the sclir. Henry Jenkins, Capt 1 .ightbourne, arrived at this port yeaterdu) from Martinique, says tho Sncannah lh ?publican of the ?iOthin^t, wo leani from ( apt. Lightbourne that husi lie- < of nil kind* was very dull. Molasses very searc< and liign. Lut saloi T, P..' Lumbei +*1 per M. and rioui f?> }>?> Mi), ( Kxcitkmktmt at Lawkknckbuiu;. Ind. ? There hat been quite a little Btorm in social life, according t( the I .awrencebu rg Register, in that town, in consequence of the anest of a negro boy, as t> fugitive, llewftt arretted by two Burkleys aa the property of Mr. Freret late Mayor of New Oileaui. The cause of the excite meat ia, that the boy wa? arrested without warrant, am brutally beaten by the constables. The negro was com nutted to jail for ten days in order to he fmly tried. Ii the meantime affidavit was made of the ussault on the negro, bjr the Burkleys and the constables ? Northern and Swing? and a warrant issued against thorn. The Uuikleys escaped, but the constables were arrested ant' held to answer. ? Louisville Courier, IMrif. Amnscuenti, The opera ol' " La Bayadere," wits travestied lawi night at Palino's Theatre, by the Ethiopeau Operatic (Company. It was highly successful, the burlesques on the dances were admirable, and created much laughter. It is decidedly the best piece they have yet produced; its reception was so enthusiastic, that it will he repeated till further notice. H ra. Mowntt?Just published and for utile by BURGESS, STKlNyEB^k CO - A HEART "UNMASKED ; Jl Tale of Domestic Life, BY AWNA L'ORA MOWATT. Author of " Fashiou," a comedy; " The Fortune Hunter," &.c. In 2 vols., each 25 cents. Godey's Lady's Book for July? A Trium phant Number? American painters and American engraver*. First? "Morning," painted by Mount, and engraved by Oim brede. Second? Quaker Heroism, painted by Darley, and engraved by Cushman. .. ? , Fashions? Parisian, engraved by Humphrey. Mrs Darvech's residence, engraved by Frist. Fashionable Wood Engravings, engraved by Frost. Music? Selected expressly for the l.ady's Book. In presenting this number to the public the proprietor of the Lady's Book thinks that he has achieved a triumph in Maga ine publication. If any other work can approach this, new z fields must be sought for further enterprise. Independent of the embellishments is added a list of contributors, uusur pissed, it is believed, in this or any oilier country.: ? List of Contributors. Mis- E. Leslie. Miss H. F. Gould, Mr3. A. M. F. Annan, Miss Penetna Moise, Mrs. M. E. Robbins, Mary Onne. Mu-yClavers, Esther Wetherald, Mrs. E. O ikes Smith, Miss Angelina M. Walcott, The author of " Kate Perci- M. Culver, ? val," L.A. 8. W. Mrs. Sarah Joseph Hale, J. T. S. Sullivan, Mrs. H. Seeley Totten, Prof. Jno. Frost, Mrs. Lydia Locke, Edw. H. Coggins. We ask attention to the notice on our cover about Fashion plates. We intend^ in future, to make them a* well as authen tic fashions, "An Embellishment" to the only Lady's Maga zine published in this couutry. Yearly subscriptions $1. Single number 26 cents. For sale by Bl RGE8S & STRINGER, 222 Broadway. W. H. GRAHAM, 162 Nassau st. N. Y. "It la an 111 wind that blows nobody good " If by this simple advice I can save one solitary individual from the excruciating pain and consequent irritability produced, (and that invariably the early part of the day, rendering the mind ruffled and unfit for business) by tearing out the hairs of the chin by using a good razor spoiled on a bail coarse strop, I shall be satisfied that the puff of wind has blown good to some, by telling them that one of George Saunders' Metallic Tablet Strops, is the only sure remedy for a dull razor, and that with outlossof many seconds, time, or trouble. Manufactory, 177 Broadway. All Philadelphia Subscriptions to th< Herald must be paid to the oni.y authorized Agents, Zi? berSiCo., 3 Ledger Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? Terms? 75 cents n month, including the Sunday paper; or 66 cents without it; delivered free of charge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copies for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Price 3 ceuts. The Weekly Herald is also for sale every Saturday morn in^? Price cents, or $3 |>er anuuin, delivered in any part of Philadelphia, free of postage. '[~r~ All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es t?blishment, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. [ \jr* With the exception of one paper, the " Herald" is read as much, perhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at half past 4 o'clock, will appear it the Herald next day. MONEY AIA11KBT. Monday, June 30?4) P. M. The stock market has decidedly improved, and prices ?how an advance of a fraction on most of the fancies. The sales were not very largo, but operators exhibited a better feeling. Stonington went up 1 j per cent ; Nor wich and Worcoster 1J ; Morris (.'anal } ; Long Island 3 ; Canton 1 ; Harlem J ; Farmers' Loan fell oft' J ; Penn sylvania Fives closed firm, at Saturday's prices. All the State stocks are firm. The books of Pennsylvania stock close to-morrow, and sales made after will be quoted with dividend oft'. Sterling Exchange closes firm at 0} a 9J per cent ; on Paris at 6f,27J a ftf 26$. The demand is not very active. The Old Board of Brokers passed a resolution, to ad journ from Thursday to Monday, on account of the 4th of July. It was rumored in Wall street this morning that forge ries to a large amount had been discovered, implicating some parties formerly of high standing in this city. The amount already known is about $10,000, and it is suppo. sed that the extent to which the operations have been carried, will make the amount very large. The amount of duties rcceivcd at the Custom House of this port from the 1st to the 28th of June, 1845, was $1,172,091 67. The amount received for the month of June, last year, was $ 1 ,960,363, showing a fulling oft' of $788, 272. This may be reduced about lUty thousand dollars by the receipts to-day, leaving a deficiency for June this year compared with the same month, of about $738,000. The Phosnix Bank of this city lias declared a dividend of three per cent for the last six months, payable on the 10th July. (The last instalment of the debt contracted for the construction of the Krie and Champlain canal, becomes due to-morrow, and will be paid at the Manhattan Bank. The amount of principal is $78:2, (WO. The amount to the credit of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund in the Manhattan Bank this day, is $1,232,677 Krie and 1C ham plain debt duo . . .$782, <W0 Inteiest on canal debt 215,917 1,028,537 Balance after paying Champlain debt and int'st. .$201,140 This balance will be applied to the redemption at par nf the Ave per cent stock issued for the construction of the Chenango canal, which fr.'.U due on the 1st of Jan., 1846. The receiver of the Commercial Rank of New York has made dividends to the amount of seventy per cent, and is about closing the affairs of the concern. ? This leaves a demand of thirty per cent, upon the Comp" troller, to be drawn from the safety fund. The agent of the Madison and Indianopolis Railroad Company has succeeded in obtaining a loan in this city and in Philadelphia of $50,000. The grading and bridg ing of the thirty miles from Edinburgh to Indianopolis have been put under contract on favorable terms. The cars, in a few weeks, will run fifty miles from Madison The receipts for March, April and Moy were $11,400, be ing $10,000 more than received for the coriesponding months last year. Our F.astern capitalists appear to have a great deal of confidence in the prospective productive ness of the railroads of the Western States, and liberally subscribe for their completion. We have no doubt but that in a few years every section of Ohio will be connect ed by lateral roads running from the main stems open ing communications from theOhio river to Lake Krie. The public improvements oftheWestern States, must hercaftet be constructed by individuals ; the governments have become tno deeply involved, to attempt any thing of the kind again. Private companies invariably are more sue cessful in building railroads and canals, than govern ments, and make them more productive after they are completed. The most profitable public works in the country have been constructed by private enterprise and wo have been taught by dear experience;that govern rnent* are not able to compete with individuals in making improvements in the modes of communication lietweei different sections of the country. The extravagance and useless expenditure that attend the construction o all State works, require the receipt of large revenue* from them, to pay even the interest on tho outlay, an< legislative enactments protecting them against competi tion; whereas individual enterprise is compelled to pto! tect itself against all rivals, and can only become profit" able when perfected at the most reduced cost. Wo annex the prices current at the close of operations o-diiy, for the stocks used in this market principally foi investment : ? Pkicks or Stocks i* the Nr.w Yohk Market. Krdtrm- 1845 1815. IBIS. Rait. able. May 15. June. 11. Junr 30. United States6 lfK;2 ? a ? Il2',s ? |I2 a ? " i IB. VI 104 a ? 102 alMW |02 al02\ New York, 7 1818-49 I03%a10l 106 slOii.'^ 10t^fat05 a ? a ? a 99 a 100 Ohio, 8 18i0-.M-60 ? a 1(17 106 a ? 1117 6 lflr.l-fia-07 ? nil*. 107 al07k ? 1 WH)? 61-6A ? a ? 10t){al03)2 ? 5 1845 99 alfl2 ? a100 98 i 1840-7-8-9 99 nlflO ? gJOO ? S 1850- '-3 ? a? ? a? _ i 1855-58 lOflJialOl ? a|00 91 * _ 5 1059-60-61 101 a - 101 alOlU' lot a ^ ? a ? 90 a 95 92 a 93 " law ?a? ? a 9B& 91 >i ? " 11158-60 98^a 99 99,4t99'? 91' 5 X* Bi "9? ' Kentucky, I BP Illinois, (1 1870 M a 39 ? I..J..M, 5 ? 25 years * S _ 1 33$ I 38 Arkans.u ? ? /a Alabama, 6 Bl a <10 80 a 90 no a <10 i Zi * ?} n ? BO a 85 i'en iTsmm'"^ * * S " 7V* 7,i " 78, 6 ? - a- - a 10 1 - ?ino II ? Pennsylvania, 5 73 a 7J* 75 " 75* "? " M leiuiessee, 6 ? a ? ? .int V"rk City, 7 1857 lit a? 1 1 1 >ani in >? 1 ? a ? inn ?no 5 I8.V) ? a ? 99 a 100 _ _ dl t , M J. J*f*-70 1(10 s - 99 aim 99'.:* _ OK ( om r N. Y., full 96*?.< 98 9IlUa 9#X ? a 99 M V >1# . ? ?c"p 1,7 ? ? 9Q'>" 99 9B a ? ? ? ? . LlCr III*, fk Tiller < o. m.'i I ? ? al ! I 111 ilifi Loan fit Trunt ( o. r r- 5 ~ ** f ' V ? ?aiK 01 u.g, in Ptnna, s'jt Pi , a i,, ? N Jfnuv M B i n! ft^W.lOB a 109 112 allj In atl3' ? J'rse\ It R IcTnns . ( '<> 94 a? 9l5ia 95 91 < M I i 1 t u i 'lad ii Kailrotd, ci'jtOJ 8 a ? '>8 a ? ?vi rus^tl'THe1"!^ I|t,il'1.1' ?"&>? I* ?I30? IM ?IM> ,rn ? I W?M?r n. B. UK a io? )ob alOt* 109 aim '1 he quotation* lor the stock* included iu this lit hare varied but very little since the middle of May la*'. The improvement that liaa been realized upon noma ?? the .State stock* ha? been caused principally b> the ac cumulation of interest, the aeini-annual dividend* beiiifc nearly due. The favorable change that has recent!) taken place iu the financial condition of Pennsylvania, has caused the advance iu the market value of the stock ol that State. The semi-annual dividend of two and a half per cent, due on the first day of August, will be paid without doubt at maturity, as severnl banks of Phila delphia have determined to take the temporary loan, by the county of Philadelphia, for the purpose oi furnishing iu advance its quota. The efforts of the Treasurer to provide funds have proved successful, and the credit of the State ma> be considered jiermanentl) established. The settlement of this important question must be very satisfactory to the stockholders, and we trust will prove an era in the finances of some of our State governments, that willrciult in redeeming the ere dit of every delinquent State, and wipe out the stain of repudiation. It will require some time for the now States of theWest to recover from the embarrassments thoir ex travagance of former years have produced. With immense wealth within their limits, and undeveloped resources be' yond the wildest calculations, the debts that weigh upon them, must lor a time be patiently borne, but will event ually be leiuoved. The finances of Indiana and Illinois are at present iu an almost hopeless state, but the in crease in population, in the value of property, in the wealth of tiie people, is so rapid, that the public indebt edness of each must ultimately be redeemed to the last mill. All classes aro in the most prosperous condition, and every one finds full employment. The agricultural classes particularly are rapidly grow ing rich, in spite of the low price of produce, and the absence of large markets. The increase in tho va lue and amount of taxable property every year in the principal agricultural States, is tho best evidence in the world of the prosperity of this class of people.? Indiana and Illinois possess an immense extent of terri tory, an immense quantity of the finest soil the sun ever warmed, ludiana alone possesses more arable laud than the whole of New Kngiand, and more than a dozen States liko Connecticut could be made out of it. ? The increase in the value of the agricultural products of every new State in the. Union, every year, is sufficient to pay tho intorest on the public debts. The agricultu ral products of Illinois in 1841, were valued at$ 18,327 ,'278, and of Indiana at $43,548,225. The floods aud freshets of the Mississippi destroyed an immense quantity of pro duce in Illinois lust year, and reduced the aggregate value of the products of the State from $29,122,686 in 1843, to $18,327,278 in 1844. The increase in the quanti ty of laud annually brought into cultivation iu the West ern States, is very large ; sufficient to give the creditors of those now delinquent, every liopo that every dollar of their demands will ultimately be paid in full, principal and interest. The new States are as yet but thinly po pulated, considering the immense extent of their limits. The annual amount of agriculture in Illinois aud Indiana, averages more to each inhabitant than any other State or States in the Union. There has, within the past year, been such a complete revolution in the public mind in relation to State delin quoncy and repudiation, that the Legislatures of heavily indebted States will be compelled to enact more strin gent laws, regulating the collection 'of taxes and paj ment of State dues, than have yet been adopt ed; and the people will be induced, more by the mere force of public opinion than heretofore, to be more prompt in the payment of taxes. The success of the tax collectors in Pennsylvania and Maryland, 4s tho best evidence of the change in the feelings of the people upon this subject. Taxes in arrears to a large amount have been liquidated, and the payment of the late levy has, in several instances, been anticipated Wc look for a gradual but steady improvement in the financial condition of every State in the Union, solvent and insolvent. The difficulties and embarrassments Of the past few years have been a severe but salutary les son to all parties, and the systems of retrenchment and economy that hnvebeen produced bythe effects offormer extiavngance, will, at no very distant day, establish State credit upon a basis firmer than ever yet attained, from which there will be no danger of removal. Old Stock. Kxcliange. *3000 U S 6's, "W coup 112 20 Stonington R R 30 50(10 do s 10 112 25 do s30 30 1300 Ohio 7's 101% 100 do 30U 10 ehss Union Bank 118 50 dr> Mn -vii 3 17 Fulton Bank 36 N V Gm Co 50 Farmers' Trust 75 Canton Co 25 do 10 do 75 do 50 do 50 do 150 do ?VI Morri" Canal 125 do 100 do ino do 100 do 25 Boil on ( o 50 Hflrlem 11 R 50 do 30 Atlb St Rocli R 575 shas StoiiniRton 75 do 1(10 do 50 do 100 do 50 do ino do 50 do IIIO do 3(in Loin; Island 100 do 200 Reading RR 100 Morris Canal 55 do 15 sliia Vicksbura 175 do .')0 do 50 do 50 do 50 do 50 do 25 Morris Canal 50 do 25 do 25 do 35 < -an ton Co 50 do 25 do 25 do i't do .'.0 Long Uland R I 25 StoniiiKton R R 1 18? a 75 do 30\ UV 75 Nor k Wore 01* 70% 36/4 75 do opa 71 43 25 do op* 71% ?30 4 3 50 do s60 71% ?10 43 25 do opa 71 blO 43/a 50 do opa 71 s60 13 -v 50 do b60 72 43% 50 Wilmington RR s30 34% b.30 43% 200 do 31 % 31% 50 do 34k 31% 50 do 3(% ?00 31M 175 Lou* Island R R 72 31% 150 do 72 litiO 32 .50 do 72% 13% 100 do ,30 72(* 60 50 do I16O 72% 68% 100 do Ii30 72% R 109)2 Second Board. R R 31 25 Morris Canal 32*,, 31 125 Canton Co >30 43% sf>m 30 50 do ?3I 43 J 4 30 '4 50 do 1,30 44 s6? 30 50 do lilfl 41 Ii60 30% 50 do - >3 44 *60 30 25 do >3 44 30', 1110 do 1,60 4 1 % ?60 30 >4 50 Nor & Wore I16U 72.'4 ?o 30 7254 50 N Am Trust s30 II" 1.30 72% 25 do 11 _ 56 50 Farmers' Trust 1)60 37 & 50 do blO 36% s30 32% 200 U 8 Bank 1.30 5% iv Stock Exchange. Bk 8)4 25 Farmers' Trust cli 36% ell 8% 50 do btw 36?, b 15 8% 250 do tw 36S s30 8% I0O do s30 36% s3 8% 250 do ch 36% cli 8l, 75 de s3 36% ?3 8% 75 do >10 361: l<3 32 '4 25 do stw 36% tw 31). 50 do 1)10 ;#??? s3 32 25 do btw 36% -30 31', 75 Harlem R R s30 6'J 1)60 43% 50 Nor & Wor njiK 71 ?3 13% 125 do OM 7H, ?10 13% 25 do b 15 71)4 b 15 4 3' 2 75 do opK 71% ch 13)4 25 do opjr 71% H ?I5 71% 50 do s30 71 l, ? 3 30l.i WILLIAM COONEBY, alias JAMES PERRY, lefi vT England about!! or Oyeara mo, and is about 42 years ol ige. Should this rartt his eye. by applying to Mr. Thomas < I'lrn Hoppin, of Providence, Rhode Island, with whom is 1< -It i by his brother, Joseph Coles Corneby, his certificate of bap. I titm.he will hear something to Ins advantage. .N( ?? V ork, June 30th, IMS. jl 3t?i PLUMBE NATIONAL DAOUERRIAN GALLE HV AND PUOTOGR APHIO DEPOT, 9 \ 1 BROADWAY, corner of Murray street, (over Ten ets J. Iiey's Jewelry itore,) aw arded the Medal. Tour tint premiums, md two "highest honors,'' at the exhibitions at Bos ton, New York. and Philadelphia respectively, I'or best pictures and apparatus ever exhibited. Jii'rii e of these superb Photographs reduced to that of ordina ry ones at other places, so that no one need now sit for an ordi nary likitiess on the score of economy. Taken in anv weather J 1 1 .'IT. 'PIIK TURTLE DINNER, under the management of the I. President of the old Hobokeu Club, will take place this day, July 1st, rain or shine, at Buruhain's Mansion House, Bloom ingd If. Mai hattan and Blooiningdale Stages leave corner of Tryoii How and < liatham street, every hall hour. Knickerbocker line from Whitehall street. jl it*rc SALE AT THE DRY DOCK, NAVY YARD. va A PAIR OK KAT OXEN will be sold at the Stable* of the Dry Dock, at public auction, at 12 _____ ^o'clock , M., oil Saturday, 6th July. I erms, cash on delivery. They must be removed immedi ately after the sale. Navy Agent's Odice, New York, > 30th June, 1815. S jl Mm PROSPER M. WKTMORK, Navy Agent. TO LET ? A Room and Bedroom with pantries, to a small family, at 373 Broome street, and can be had im mediately. Rent >104 a year. jl It'rh TO LE ASE ? For a term of years, the new House No TiTjW 3 Murray street. Will be ready lor tenants August first. ?uULH'.n<|ii ire on the premises. jl :ttgbr. FANNY CAMPBELL , THE FEMALE PIRATE CAPTAIN, A Romnnre of the Revolution, By Lieutenant Murray. ON the rover will he exhibited a full length portrait of the Ciptain, with a drawn sword in one hand and a flag-statl in the other. Published this day, at French's Publishing Hal I, j ?!>3 Broadway, and for sale at all the Periodical Depots? price 25 cents. Im'm i^oil .SALE? A second liiml F.nginc, of superier J construction and workmanship. The cylinder is 4 inches | liore and 12 inches stroke: has a tubular boiler with 160 flues. For particulars, euqnire of JOSEPH HEWES, 60 Vesey street, N. V , or 8ETH BOYDEN, 522 High St.. Newark, N.J. jyl Iw'ih PACKET SHIP SHEFFIELD from Liverpool-Consignees . by this ship liri rsipfCtlslly requested to send tluir per mits on board, foot of Dover street, or to the office of the sub- | scriben. ; All goods not permttted in five d?ys, mn*t unavoidably he sent to public store. W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. New York, .lime SOth, 11145. J'"i PASSENGERS by the packet shin ONEI DA for Havre, will plpiue be on board, at Pier No. 1 North Iliver, nt IV

o'clock this day, July 1st. rhe Letter Bark will close st the usual places this morning, at lUa o'clock. J Ire ROAR!) IN THE COUNTRY. ONfc. or two families can obtain board, on moderate term*, in a delightful locotion, at the village of Shrewsbury, N. J. For further particular* apply at 107 Front street, first floor. jyl 3t*rh _ $15,000 TO LOAN, on biwd^arM mon^age-^ Apply Jlrc South street. APPOINTMENT. Alexander wathon, fsy, *r this city, has been ap| (cited by the Governor of Connecticut a Commissioner tike t. r acknowledgement and proof of deeds, instrument ii 'I. r sesl, depositions to he us?d before th? Courts of th" Sute. a ndavlta, Ike-, within and for the 8t*t? of New York, jl It'rfl AUCTION NOTICES. A. C. TUTTLE, Auctions. OIONOUVITO VlTl'S SECOND AND LAST SAL) ?3 of ITALIAN MARBLE, Bardeglio, AgaU. 8itm.Vcr dintico and Florentine St.ituary, Ornaments, Rich Frencl China and Pitted Ware, Lamps, lie., prior to hw departure toi Italy? JACOB 8. TLVTT will ,ell, on Wednesday, at I o'clock I'. M . at (he large Hall in the Coliseum, 00 Broad i way, the balance of goods now binding from the ship Brook lyn, from Leghorn, (not received in time for last sale,) compri sing a choice selection of Statuary, Vases and OrnameDti. Templet, Fouutains, Tazzas, line Ricaglia, China Figures, Etruscan and Medeacis Vases nid Klowera; Dinner una Te;' Services, rich Plated Ware, TeaTriys, Clocks, Lampa, Itc. The whole of which it )Msrti<~ ulisr I y worthy the attention ol the admirers of the One arts. Another opportunity to proeuri mch rare articles will not probably occur for many years t? c. me, Also, with which the sale will commence, the balance ol g iods sold at previous sale and not called for. To be sold for account of former pu rcK. u-rs. (Catalogues will lie n uly and the goods may be eiainiuetlou Wednesday, at J o'clock P. M. Terms? (lash; current money. jl2l*m AARON BUTTERFIELD, Auctioneer. WILL BK SOLD, THIS DAY, July 1st, at 10 o'clock, at 57 Houston street, nearly opposite Columbia st, th entire Stock of a fashiouahl' Merchant Tailor, consisting of tSOvards of assorted French Cassimeres. 350 yards of Silk and Fancv Vesting!, 1(1 pieces of assorted color* Sattinets, Browu Hoi lands, Linen Drillings. :t00 yards of assorted Gambroons, Cot tou Drilling, Muslins, Silk Hdkfli, 12 dozen Suspenders, 300 yards of Cotton Check I, ining? together with numerous other article!, which will be sold in lots to suit buyers. Th* Store to Let. jl It'rh NATIONAL LOAN FUND ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF LONDON. Kinpciccrid by Jlct of Parliament. CAPITAL .?500,000 STERLING, OK. #2,500,000. FT* HE following are among the advantages held out by this X Institution, which will he found most advantageous to the assured, and such as are rurely offered, viz The peculiar advantages secured to the assured by the princi ple of the Loam Department. A very Urge suin to be permanently invested in the United States iu the names of three of the Local Directors, a. Trustees ? ivaiUble always to the assured in cases of disputed claims, should auy such arise. The iwymeiit of premiums, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. No charge for stamp duty. Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium becomes d?e, without forfeiture of policy. '1 ravelling leave extensive and liberal; and extra premiums ou the most moderate scale. Conditions in the policy less onerous to the assuradthan usual in cases of Lite Assurance The actuul and declared profits (published iu successive Re ports) affordiug sure data for calculations of the value of the "bonus" iu this institution I's h ring unconnected with Marine or Fire Iniurance. The rates "for life with profits" are lower tkau those of auy otli-r foreign Company effecting Life insurance iu New York. UNITED STATES LOCAlTBOARD OF DIRECTORS. New York Branch. JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairmin. John J. Palmer. Es<|. < Jonathan Goodhue, Esq. James Boorman, Esq. Oeorge Barclay, Esq. S?inuel S. ilowlaud, Esq. Gorham A. Worth, Esq. Samuel M Fox, Esq Physicians to the Society, (Medical Examiners ) J. Kearney liodgers, M. D.. 110 Bleecker street. Alex E llos.ick, M. D . 101 Franklin street. E. A moult, M. D., 3B6 Broadway. Bankers. The Merchants' Bank of New York. Solicitor. Wn. Van Hook, Esq , 39 Wall street. General Agent for tha United States, and British North Ameri can Colonies, J. LEANDER STARR, resident in New York, Office 74 Wall st, New York. The admirable system of Life Insurance which this institution has organized, and which has secured such marked distinction in Euro|>e, has obtained for it the highest favor in America. During the short period of its establishment in the United States, its principles have won the unqualified approval of many eminent men, and the patronage it has received fully tests the public confidence in its lavor. Pamphlets containing the last Annual Report, and much gene ral information, together with the Society's rates; also Clank forms, and the lullestiuforination, may be obtained upon appli cation to any ngent or siih-ageut. A Medical K.x miner is in attendance at the office daily, at 12 j noon, and 3 o'clock. P. M. Fee paid by this Society. JCxatnjilei of Hates? for the ^ Iswurance oj $100 on a Single Life. PREMIUMS PAYABLE ANNUALLY. Age next For one year for Jive for life. birth day. only. years. < ? > Ifithout profits. With do. 15 $0 77 S? 81 $1 47 $1 64 20 0 86 U 90 1 68 1 87 25 0 98 1 05 1 93 2 14 30 1 21 1 30 2 22 2 46 35 1 46 I 54 2*54 2 80 40 1 61 1 04 2 93 3 26 45 1 72 1 78 3 47 3 85 50 1 94 2 06 4 21 4 68 55 2 34 2 96 5 28 5 86 60 3 78 4 25 6 68 7 42 There are tables for single lives, joint lives, survivorships of I two or three lives, endowments for children, kc., kc. Tables also for ANNUITIES, both immediate and deferred. All the;e tables have been calculated from sterling into dollars and cents. The Court of Directors in London have, by a formal instru ment, delegated full authority to accept risk* in sums not ex ceeding $15,000 each 011 a single lile, and to bind the Society from the date on which the premium is actually paid to their General Agent in New York. J. L BANDER STARR. General Agent. 74 Wall street, 27th June. 1815. jyl ltaw 3mrc LOST. ON SATURDAY, the 28th inst., a Bead Purse, lined with white silk, containing between $12 and $15 in bills and sil ver, in passing from Morrison's drug store, up Fulton st. into Broadway to Courtland st. It contained a widow's all. The finder, by leaving the same at Mason k Tuttle's advertising of fice, Merchants' Exchange, 38 William st, or Morrison's drug ^tore, 188 Greenwich st, will be liberally rewarded. jl 2tm AN T if P A situation by ? rM|>cclttcle ymniG woman, in II some private family, as cook, w isher ana irouer, or would be willing to do the chamber work and assist in the washing. Please to call at 85 Grand street, front basement. jl Ht'rh WANTED? By a widow, and daughter aged ten. a situation in a small respectable family; is willing to do the cook washing and ironing. The best of references given. jyl Please apply lor Mrs. Barrett, No. 61 Grand street It?rh Bl WANTED A SITUATION , V an American girl, as chambermaid or nurse. Would have no objection to do the waiting in a small family. Ap plv No. 14 Deekinan street. jl 2l*rc _____ A LADY, who Ins a thorough knowledge of Music, being taught by the first masters in Europe, and feeling herself fully competent to instruct in that accomplishment, would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, ou mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B. C., at tl le office of this piper. sli:ill lie ['ui'ctually attended to. je28lm*rc w ,r ANTED.? A few active, intelligent men, to act as spent* for the tale of new and popular Publications, in different parts of the co?nfry. $300 per year over their board will he insured them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1001' p?r year, and more if they are active Some men, now in out employ, will no doubt make over $1000 per year, clear of all ei peuces, and there is about half a dozen places open, which must he filled : each man will have his district, and it will be neces sary for them to have at least $25 or $50, to obtain a good fitting out. None need apply unless he has thai amount, for it it oui object to get them started in such a manlier as will be benefi cial to them, as well as to us. Apply at 95 Duane street. Letters must be post paid, je 12 lm*rh ~ LIGHT, ELASTIC EVER FITTING . WIGS AND SCALPS , WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR CLASPS. TO BK HAD OML* OK CHARLES RIDGWAY, 1IAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER , NO. 25 WALL STREET, Opposite the Custom House. N. D. ? Formerly of Howard's Motel. je28 lin'rc TWELVE GOOD DAGUERREOTYPE OPERA TORS WANTED. WITH complete Appiratns, to whom a reasonable salan and permanent employment will he given. Apply, with specimens and references, at this office, to day and to-morrow j 3(1 2is*rc SEGARS. IMITATION PRINCIPE. Regalia and other sorts, in quar ter and half boxes, for sale low, in lots to suit purchasers by K. LAURENCE, je31) 3t*rc 89 Broad street. CUMBERLAND COAL AND IRON LANDS FOR S A L E. \ SUPERIOR tract of the 10 feet vein of the Cuinlierlaml <"oal; contiguous to the Riilroad, and, according to the Report of Prof. Johnson on American Coals, the nest coal lot r^i.ii'^' steam. 2,5(10 acres are offered on reasonable terms. I.ikc wise, an Iron Ore tract of 11 500 rctes. consisting of hog meadow, hematite Iron Ore, also contiguous to the Baltimore k Ohio Roalroad, and the land is w ell timbered with Vellow I'ine. Samples of the various iron ores, as w ell as the coal, may be seen, and full particulars given, by applying to DR. LEWIS KtUCHTW ANGER, je30 ItcodVc^ No. 23 Liberty street. GREAT TRIUMPH. DR. POOLEY continues to perform, with the greatest suc cess, the most painful operations 011 the Teeth, kc., while | bis patients are under the intluence rf magnetism, without theii feeling any nam or uneasiness. Kvery department of Dentistry on re.uouable terms. Office 42 Dey street. je2!) lm*ec FIVE DOLLARS REWARD, LOST? On Monday last, ( 16th inst.,) at the Park Theatre, o liet ween the Theatre and Park Place, a Gold Bracelet, in the form ft a Snake, having an opa| set ill the head. The findei will receive the above named reward oil returning the same al No. 44 Broad street. je24 lw*rc DOCTOR GODET, CI RADUATE of the University of Edinburgh, has taken * an Office at No. 95 Mercer street. je28 3teod*ec MI LIT A R Y EO UIPMENTS. H. J. STORMS, 34 FULTON STREET. Has constantly on hand, a full assortment of Military and Horse Equipments, according to the United S ates ami State regulation. Also, a variety of Saddles, Bridl.'s, Harness, Trunks, Valises, kc. kc. Horse F-puipmcnts of every style, made to order. je!3 lin'm EXPRESS NOTICE THF. Undersigned being desirous of doing all in their power to sustain the Moverument in its experiment of giving cheaper postages, hereby give notice, that on and after the first . day ? I July next no mailable matter whatever, either open, or | in envelopes, or in wrappers, will be received at any of theii Offices for transmission bv express, or otheiwise. Positive instructions will be given to their Agents to refuse | mailable matter, under whatever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON k WELLS. New York and Buffalo Express. N.-w York, June 23. 1845. je23 t I.Tjii ec f ^ PIRCE'S First Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges combining economy , convenience and durability. Thes? Ranges are warranted sii|>erior to any ever offered. They are s?, constructed that it is almost impossible for them to get ont of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Ranges They have been in use for the last 18 months, and ill every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and 111 uo one instance ha the proprietor been called on to repair one. \ll Ranges put iii> by the subscriber are warranted to give en lire satisfaction; if theydonot, they will be taken away without the least expense to the purchaser. GEORGE riRCE, Proprietor, mil Im'm MJBroadwsy. ~ WATER-CURE ESTABLISHMENT, \T BRATTLEDORO', Vt.? BY DR. R. WESSKL IIOEFT, (German, late of Boston. I Patients wishing to try the Water-Cure Treatment, on the plan of Vincent I'riess lit*, Oracfenherg, < Germany, will please address, postpaid, a ihove, giving a Wid statement of their diseases, when the', will receive a prompt and decisive answer as ta the probabilit [if their < ? RE by WATER, with the time when, and th> lerm* o# which ihef be received at the establishment, 1' ihey denre to come. Satisfactory references given tell lineodfclmW*rfi AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. FRENCH OPERA. Weitntitday UvcnliiK, July id, Kor the first Time in this city, will be produced the celebra ted Oner* of ROBERT LE DIABLE. Robert, M Aruaud I Bertram, M Douvry Raimbaut, Cieur.ot I Albert), Garr> Princess IsaeelU, M'meCaaini Alice. Stephen Cteuriot ItT- Price or Admission? First Tier of Boxea and Parquette, $1 1 Second and Third Tiers, 50 cents; Gallery, 25 cents. Uoors open at 7 o'clock, luid (he <;urt?iu will rue precisely at half-past 7 o'clock. KIBLO'S OARBKN No Postponement at this Establishment. on account of the weather, as the (iriuid Entrance from Broadway to the Sa loon is protected, and the New Saloon, which is ventilated from the top and side.", can lie enclosed at a moment i notice. Rcengagetnent of MR ROBERTS, The celebrated Comedian from the London Theatre*. Second Night of the Ballet Pantomime by the ACROBAT FAMILY : Tuesday Evening. July lit, Will be presented the original Vaudeville entitled LE CHaPEAU DU GENERAL. Madame de la Garde, Miss H M ttthews Marchioness de Villcour Miss M Taylor Marquis de Vileconr, J Sefton | Clis de Merval, Gallagher Col de la Garde. Chippendale I Louis, Levere To be followed by a laughable Pantomime by the Acrobat Family, entitle.! LA VILLAGEOI8E ET SES AMANS. (T7" I ntermis* ion of half an hou r. -^11 Concert a la mlsard: To conclude with a Burletta ca'led the TRUMPETERS DAUGHTER. Madelon Miss Taylor I Phillipot, Mr. Roberta Muller Nickiuson | Robin, Bleecker Achillea Deering. (?7" An efhcient Police * iil alwayr. be in atteadnece to main tain good order and keep all inipro|>er prrsnni oat. Tickets Fifty Cenls.-4i?, A limited number of Season Tickets will be disposed of Performance to rotnience at (o'clock Dooranpenat naif-past 7. CASTLE OARDKN. Proprietors ...... . Messrs. French and Heiser Admission 25 Cents. Grand Entertainment ! ? Tuesday Kvenlnu, July 1st The Entertainments will com men re with the admired Over ture to the celebrated Opera of La Heine Du Chypere. Tlie Elsler Brothcia in i Grand Act. Overture bv th>- Band. Louiiet Gusttve Elssler on the Kl> i ? K Pillar of Hercules. Locomotive Wahz Vy the Baud Highland Fling hv Misa Cohen. Mast. W Wood will appear as a Model of Ancient Greek and Roman Statuary Song, Mr. Dennison. Overture by the Orchestra. Spanish Castanet Dance Miss Cohen. A Grotesque Pas de Danse, by the Masteis Wood. The Classic Lutte by the Elssler Brothers Song Mi Dennison. Powder Monk y Hornpipe, Master W Wood. Ovt-rturc to the Opera of Fra Diavolo. To conclude with a Series of Comic Tableaux Mouvaus, by the blister Brothers. (JL/"" Between the Entertain menta an lutermiision of Ten Minutes for Promenade and Refreshments. (T~r- Doors ojieu nt hall-pant 6 o'clock. Perform\eee to com mence at 8o'clock. ~ PALAIO'S OPERA HOLME. CHAMBERS STREET. THh BtsT Vkn i ii.atki) Thkatbk i* the Cit?. IMMENSE ATTRACTION!'! Second Night of the New Opera! By I'almo's Ethiopian Burlesque Company. Tuesday Kveiilmf, July 1st, Will be presented, for the 2 id time in this city, the grand ojieralic bmleaijue and ballet d'action, entitled BUV-I-DARE; Or, the Revolt of the Woodheads. Founded on La Bayadere, with Burlesques on all the original dances To conclude with the Medlev Burlesque of the VIRGINIA GIRL. In which are introduced the Re ins of Balfe's Opera of the Bo hemian Girl, and the Laughing Polka. Admlaalon 25 Cents. Private Boxes, for four persona, $?. Doors open at V to 8 o'clock? Performance to commence at 8'4 o'clock. jj. / ' Box Office open from 8 A. M. until 6 P. M. VAUXHALL (1AUDKN 8AT.OON, BOWERY. IT^OPF.N EVKBV EVENING -O GRAND GALA WEEK. Misa Orville, late ofNihlo's, has lieen engaged for six nights Also, Barney Williams, the celebrated Irisn Comedian. Also, Miss A. Homer, t lie American Kltsler. Alio, Mr. J. Goodwin, the beautiful Comic Dancer. Also, the Kthiopean Operatic Brothess and Sisters, Messrs. Gardiner, Whitlock, White, Johnson and Bryant, forming to gether the best Band of Minstrels in the world, who defy com petition, and challenge any other Baud to Play, Sing and Dance for the snm of SI000. fl /"Admission only One Shilling No postponement on account of the weather. Dooft open at o'clock Performance commence at tyt o'clock. je29 lw*ec A CARD. GRAND CEL BRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY , AT VATJX1 IAIjL GARDEN, IJOVVERY. THE MANAGKR would respectfully inform the public that he is makii g extensivr preparations for the FOURTH OF JULY, when he will give an Afternoon and Evening Per formance in the Saloon. Also, A Grand Military and Civic Ball , in the Garden, for which he is huilding a new and elegant floor. Price of admission to the Afternoon Performance, 25 cents. Admission in the evening, to the Garden, Saloon and Ball, 50 cents. A Splendid Cotillon Bind is engaged for the occasion. The Police arrangements will be entirely under the direction of Officer Bird, who will preserve the best of order, and exclude all improper persons Dancing to commence al8and continue until 12 o'clock. Kor particulars see bills of the day. ' 1 1 f > i v !*ec P. DE LA REE, Mauager. Ai AKU ? MH. DINNKKORU respectfully informs his Iriend.s ituil the public, that, Messrs. L)e Vema and De having in tlie kiixle&t manner tendered him the free use of their house for hi? BENEFIT. it will t ike place on WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 2, THE CHATHAM THEATRE. His old friend. J. R. SCOTT, has also volunteered his valuable services for the occasion, and will appear as ROLLA. OIIOZEMBO . MR. DINNEFORD. The friends of Mr. Dinneford who ("urchased tickets for his Benefit, to have tiken place at the New Bowery, on Wednes day last, iu which he was grievously disappointed by circum suneos beyond bis contiol, are respectfully informed that they will he good for the above occasion, jl lt'rc ^ ELYSIAN FIELDS ? (Hoboken.) Free Exhibition every Afternoon, commencing on Tuesday, July 1, at 3 o'clock. lyi" R. McCARTV has the pleasure to announce that he has . ^n?de ?n"??Kements for a short time with that justly true and celebrated !? AKIH OK ANGELINA, and tl* extraordi SK*. ^?,al!*J:>Hlnrl,,hHl "r "II Wonders. YOUNG r KA NLISCO, whose beautiful and instructive Hindoo Fk? t iv it iks have been the wonder aud admiration of all Europe. Americiand the Indies. Also he has the pleasure to announce an engagement with that admired Vocalist ami Dancer. Miss DELIA EMON8. The entertainments will commence with Young Francisco's wonder-working HINDOO FESTIVITIES! selected from his i^iaud Mdgir- Cabinet; among which will be found the fol lowing;? Egyptian Rings, .Vlystic Figure, the Maiden's Glove, Rohea of Endor, Cabalistic Boxes. Divination of (tablets, An nihilation of B ills, and the Fakir's Outlandish Supper; after wlurhhe will introduce the Indian Games, after the maniMrol Indiana af Malabar. Hy"" Intermission ofhalfan hoar. Danciug and Singing, by Mi?s EMONS. The amusements will conclude with Francisco's elegant Mechanical Exhibition of the celebrated A< ROB AT FAMI LY in miniature, consisting of the following Marronetts;? 1st, Kogan, the Graceful Magi ; 2d, Joseph, the Chinese ' Clown; 3d. Marvo, the Naval Dancer; 4th, Gardener, a la Elssler; Jtli. Alonzo, the Equilibrist; 6tb, Fyall, the Mystic Girl; 7th, Great Western, as Pelen Smashum. Alter which, the burletta entitled Old Grimes aud his Wife, tn In- performed by several of the figures. 'J he New York Brass Band has been engaged, and will plaj every afternoon. je 3fl 3t*rc CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH OF JULY NEXT rj^HE GRAND MARSHAL directs, that those Trade anil -I < ivic Societies who have resolved to celebrate the comiiu N itn Anniversary, will attend piinctiullvto the following ORDEK: The Line will be formed at 9 V, o'clock, A.M., in I'riuce street tin- light resting on Bioaj way? counter marrn to the Bowery, thence to 14th street and the fith Avenue, up the Rth Avenue t? ? 20rli street, down this street to the lit h Avenue, down this ave nue to Greenwich Avenue, Carmine. < anal and ( Jreenwich stf to tli Battery, up Broadway to the ( tyllill, w liere tlie So cieties will piss review by his Honor the Mayor, and Common ( on. oil. After review, the line will proceed up Chatham ihtoiikh the Bowery to Bond, down Bond to Broadway and ti the Old Head Uuarter*, "Montgomery Hall," where the So cieties will be dismissed JOSEPH B REM AN; Of the Operative Masons, Grand Marshal of the day. Messrs. WM. GREEN, J Ofthe Hibernia B. B. S.. Aid P. KERRIGAN, $ to the Grand Marshal. jl 2t*rc GRAND SHOOTING MATCH. NORTH vs. THE SOUTH. V SHOOTING MATCH will take place on the Itn of July, (near Bedfoid Church, back of Fort Green, Brooklyn,) at 2 o'clock, between a member ofthe Anglo-American Shooting Club aud a gentleman from the South, for $100 a side. 21 bird* each. Any other gentleman fond of the sport can be supplied with birds, as there will be 100 birds on the ground. For an) fmther information enquire at Sport man's Hall, 293 .Adams St., near YVilloughby street. HENRY RUSSELL. jl 2t?rc _____ OOLMAiVS LITERARY SALOON, AND KXHIF.ITJON OF BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. '403 Broadwny, New York. MAXI Ml LI AN'8 Great and Splendid work, being his torn through the United States, illntrared with Eighty En gravings, "fier the n-anner of driwines in large folio? with a iiuuto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly pnt u| lor tlie Drawing Koom. A few copies oi ly printed m English No stranger should visit the City without calling in to sc the Great Colle'tion of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offe'ed "at greatly reduced prices." Th* Public Sale Room is tilled with books of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge is made. Above the Booketore or Sale Room, an apartment is fitted "P EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about _ TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, hy ancient and modern Masters ? to new which, asmall chargi of UK cents is required. HERALDRY. The Arms of Individuals whose families originated in an\ country in Enrope, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel lum, equal in execution, andat one third the charge of the Lon don llera'd's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged am! illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OK GEORGE WASHINGTON with his arms and crest, as worn upon his cairiage. Price only $1 50? in eolors. A Curiosity. je23 eodtf m ' THE RYE. " DR. POWELL AND OR. DIOSSY, OCULISTS and OPHTHALMIC SURGEONS No. '461 Broadway, CoRNKR OF WaRREN STIIKIT, NkW YoRK, rONFINE their Practice to Diseases of the Eye. Open tions upon that organ and its append ires, and to all impet fections of Vision. Testimonials from the most eminent medi cal men of Europe and America. Reference to Patients win hive lieen perfectly cured of Amiurosis, t':it.\r?ct,Ophthalm? Neliulie or Specks on the Eye, Strabismus or Squinting, lie. ARTIFICIAL EV ES inserted, (without any pain or oper Hon, ) that cannot be distinguished from the natural. HPECTA( LES,? Advice given i to the kind of Gbssi suitable to particular defects. The Poor treated gratuitously. 4 lm-in LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST IVBSmO'S MAIM. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, Saturday, June 28, 1846. The Awacdofthe Spoilt? Mr. Aiken among the Outt ?Cherokee Comrniuimurt ? 'J'. H. Hartley the Choctaw Contracts? Villainous Treatment of the Indians ? Committees Haunted, tfC. Hurrah! on Monday next there are to be twenty two removals t'roin the General Land office thirteen under the law of Coulees, limiting the whole num ber of clerks in this bureau to sixty, and nine under the law of rotation, which exacts that every grace less varlet of a whig in place shall be compelled to sympathise with Mr. Clay in his late decisive and appalling defeat. To till these nine vacancies by ro tation, there are, of course, nine goqd and well endor sed locofocos on hand, some of whom have unques tionably dipped pretty largely into their prospective salaries. But a gieater haul upon the whig subordi nates all over the country, and out of the country, will he made from the expiration of their commis sions at the close of this unlortunate month of June. And from the smooth, deliberate, and cool mode ot operation governing the distribution of the spoils, we question whether there will be a solitary Coon over #2,000 a year by Christmas, standing under the ad ministration as a monument of its clemency, rour years hence we may have another official holocaust. It wou'd, therefore, no; be amiss for our democratic brethren, now supping the cream of the Treasury, to anticipate the day of wrath, for Gen. Scott will cer tainly be the next President ii lie takes the Held, un less confronted by Commodore Stewurt Mr. Aiken, chief clerk in th<.' Auditor's office for the War Department, has taken up his bed and walk I ed, but as it is a single bed, he can tote it comforta ' blv He has been in office for thirty-one years ? is (said to be across-grained, crabbed, crusty bachelor ?(a bachelor, God forgive him and is said, fur ther to be worth at least !$0O,OOO in cash, stocks and property ; and that the reason of his never marrying ip that he has dreaded the expense. Of late he has been reading Mrs. Caudle's curtain lectures, and m now confirmed that he is right as a bachelor? that \lr Buchanan is right, and that all old bachelors are right. No, sir, you are not right; you are right wron<'. Had you married a personable woman, sir, her -atluence might have saved you, combined with that of the LadyDowagere. Why, don t you know that old Mr. l^ewis, one of your late clerks, is to be reinstated again, though he is a whig . And why . Simply because the Dowager influence was lrresist * ill's charged that Mr. Aiken wished the custody of the private letters to the Auditor during his late ab sence, which he had assigned to the care of his son, Thomas. Mr. A. claimed, notwithstanding, the en tire suiiervision of the Auditor's correspondence, and upon this issue he has fallen through the sifter. The old gentleman will now have leisure to look up a wife to s oothe him for the irreparable loes of his seventeen hundred a year. \Ve learn that Messrs. Mason and Washington, late Cherokee Commissioners, have been removed; and that as yet their places remain vacant, l.ier* ate many unsettled claims in favor of the treaty par ty of the Cherokees, yet to be examined, audited and liquidated; and the ends of justice to this unfor tunate and persecuted people demand new Commis sioners and prompt act'on. And here, it would seem, that T. Hartley Crawford and the Choctaw contracts and the graceless, mean, wholesale swindling of the Choctaws, by some person or persons, doubtless known to Mr. Crawford, are laid upon the table tiJl the meeting of Congress, when we are assured that a Committee of the .Senate w ill be appointed, with power to send for persons and papers. And then, of all the swindling practices ever perpetrated upon the Government and the defenceless Indians, we predict that you will discover the tlagitipus villainy of the II. S. Agents in this Choctaw business, to be the meanest, and the lewest, ard the broadest, and the basest. Indeed, it seems that our Indian treaties and relations with the red. men generally, are main ly the instruments of enriching the most heartless swindlers. With the Semmoles, with the Cherokees, with the Choctaws, with many other tribes, the ends of the Government have bsen frus trated, and its magnanimity turned to a curee, through the rascality of brawling grog-shop politi cians, promoted to the responsible trusts of Indian Agents and Commissione s. Mere swell-head loaf er ? who, fo- denourcing and slandering most -reck lessly the opposite party, are thus to be rewarded.? We call the serious attention of the President to our Indian relations, and our Indian agencies. I hey are trusts which demand the appointment of honor able trustworthy men-men of whom we know their love of justice transcends their love of the In dian's lands, his bounties, and gratuities. We forgot, in our last, to mention that among the right-liana men of General Jackson in hissouthern campaigns, who walked in the funeral procession yesterday, were Gen John S. Russwern, Col. John A.'ilodgers, Capt. Eli Davis, all of Tennessee; and John Looney, of the Cherokee Nation. Among other soldiers of the last war. in the line, were I apt. Nicholas Burke, of Md., Michael Hill, of Va^, Corpo ral Lynch, ofN. Y., and George F. De La Roche, The President is a mere shadow. They are bonng him to death, and its a shame. If a stranger were shown into his official room at the State Depart ment, with twenty men present, the President would be< .sily distinguished from hisbeingthe most plain ly dressed, (almost shabbily,) and the most unhappy looking man in the company. It takes a stout heart, a strong will, a cool head, and an iron constitution for the Presidential chair just now. In these respects the qualifications of the Executive have been tested to The uttermost, and bravely as he has borne him self, he is absolutely beginning to waver in his pur pose, in his will, in his coolness, and decisiveness. Stand fast to the wheel, sir, or you are stranded. The Po?t Office Department is sending otl to tho various offices throughout the Union the several forms of blanks required under the new postage liw. It is unnecessary to apprise the readers ot the/iwwfl i hat the five and ten cent postages commence on next Tuesday; but it may not be amiss to encour age them to co-operate with all the friends of cheap postage in giving the law a good start. It won d be a beautiful idea too, thsit every one who could abort the time and the dime, would address a complimen tary letter on that day to Senator W. D Alernck, of Maryland, congratulating him on his success m push ing the bill through Congress. "With fair play, the law will work to admiration. At the Library of Congress to-day, we encounter ed that old business man of the House, Hon Elisha Whittlesey, of Ohio. He. and the Belgian Minister, Mr. Scrruys, Captain Wilkes, and a few others, were the exclusive visitors of Mr. Meehan to-day. Weather thick and muggy. The few strangers in town are baling at the hotels, smoking segars, and discussing small gossip and clap-trap rumors. After a visit to the public buildings a stranger finds it u dull business to stay in W ashington. vv e are ex pecting ?*very mail that Mr. Shannon will come for ward and report upon those Mexican instalments.? The claimants are very curious to know ot the dis position of those !gi275,000. WiiHisoTox, June 39, 1346. T e Proceeding of (he Fifth Day of the Xtir Court Mar tial, continued. ? Sew Inrevtion. Not being able to forward you the ftiil proceedings of Saturday by that evenings mail, I avail of the oppoituni ty ottered of bringing up the lee-way by giving the re mainder of the evidence of Lieutenunt Joukins, on the part of the prosecution. The Judge .Advocate pf<>po*?<l the lollowing question to witness, " What vru> ? ?^'prac tice of the officers under that order was it acted upon by the officers of the Congress as a duty enjoined as bjr other orders therein contained 7" For a proper under standing of this question I must state, that the order re fe,red to, does not authorize the officers to inflict corpo real punishment, unless they should consider the interli neation to be part of the order. The interlineatiOH spoker of by l.ieut?nant Jenkins, is written in the margin book of orders produced in court, which is a copj one Lieutenant Jenkins saw hanging at the cabin for the use of officers and crew or the Congress, purport ot this interlineation I gave in my last. 1 hiv to be able to forward you an exact copy of the who>? order, &c., next week. The accused, through his coun sel. objected to the qaestion, on the ground that the spe cification stated the establishment ol an order nnthori/. ing the offirers to inflict corporeal punishment, but ilurs not state that it was ever exerchcd. That the order it self, when examined, is found to be a prohibition. Thai the marginal note simply gnwe the information that Capt V. was permitted, by the Secretary of the Navy. A. f Upshur, to allow the officers to inflict punishment witk a piece of ratlin nnd not to exceed six stripes. That the N. B. also stated, that Commodore Morgan allowed the same. And that it was for the Court to decide if that in sertion, the interlineation, or marginal note, was an or der, nnd not for the witness to give his opinion as to how he understood it. The Court was cleared lor delibera tion, and on re-assemblisg, the Judge Advocate announ ced to the accused, that the question was declared by the Court admissible. The witness then proceeded to state as follows. ' considered it as an internal regula tion and order of the Congress, and so far aa I know, it was acted upon as other orders in tha order book. By the Coi rt.? In the first place that portion of the order referred to, the interlineation, giving the authority, was in the hand- writing of Cant. Voorhaes, and my atten tion was called to it by the tnen First Lieutenant of tho ship, Lieut. Tilton. And Capt. V. frequently asked ma why I did not punish the men myself and not report them to him. (The President declared this as travelling out ot the wny. The Judge Adrocote urged that the witnaM had a right to give his reasons for his considering it to be an order. The answer was, therefore, allowed to be re corded.) By the Jrnor Ahvocatk. ? It certainly was known t* Capt. V., that the Lieutenants acted upon it as an inter nal regulation of the ship Examination on the Third Charge and accompanying Specification ? " Scandalous conduct, to the destruction of all good morals," in writing a letter giving an account of the delay occasioned on the ship's return Irom Anna polls to Norfolk, which is alleged to be false in it* oh* "^Byt'he' Juonr Au?o< in The first information I had of the Kliip going to Annapolis. Instead of Norfolk, was, I think > <t" ?!: ; previous to ortr crossing the equator While exercising my division at the great gun*, < apt. V

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