Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1845 Page 3
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WR9B9BSHSBBBBBHBBB Office of the Chief of Police. The efficient and able Chief anil lilt new corpt were *erT busy on the anniversary of the glorious 4th, in ?leaking to prevent the freemen of Ootham committing a breach of the peace?a number of arrests were made, however, aud many riotous and disorderly persona com mitted There was one very remarkable fact in the his tory of this day. which we presume is not generally known ? it is this ; that the alarm bell for fire was not once railed into requiiition ? for though several fires were discovered in different portions of the city in con sequence of carelessness in the use of fire works, they were all got under by the officers without the assistance of the fire department. Row on the Fourth ok Jitlt. ? Took place in Orange street, among a set of low worthless scoundrels who inhabit the filthy dens in that neighborhood ? Assistant Capt. fiouton who attempted to quell the riot, was struck with a knil'e, and most grossly abused by the mob. He was rescued however, by Capt. McGratnof the 6th Dis trict, who succeeded in arresting James Thompson as one of the leaders. Another. ? A regular flare up occurred abont 13 o'clock at that highly fashionable place of resort for our Up town " bloods," Lafayette Hall, Broadway. A large party had congregated, and sherry cobblers and mint Juleps were in great demand, and for a time all was wit and good humor. The motto of our young exquisites was? " Wine and women, mirth and laughter; Sermons and soda water the day after." A dispute, however, at length arose in reference to a game of billinrds, nnd excited by the subject, the wine, und the enthusiastic feelings natural on the glorious day, n nice and very scicntific bit of sparring took place between the principals, which was joined in by the others, until all was confusion, uproar, and excitement. Alderman Compton was sent for by the proprietor, and the house closed. Attempted Suicide. ? Mrs. Jenkins, a highly respect able woman residing at 38 Hester street, and who lias been insane for some time past, and seou wandering about the streetsyesterday. At length shewax discovered by Capt. Telly, of the 13th district, at tho foot of Grand street, in the act of drowning herself. She was taken to her residence. A largo number of arrests for disorderly conduct, drunkenness, &c., were made by the new policemen, who seem determined to do their duty. Fri-ncli's Hotel, 133 Fulton street. ? A most important improvement has been made in this favorite re sort, by the addition of a splendid luncheon, consisting "f a variety of dishes. For the small sum of sixpence, _the fre quenters of the house can enjoy au excellent class ul liquor, w ith the delicacies of the seison. This lunch is served up every d y (Sundays included,) from II until 2 o'clock. Mrs. Mowatt? Just published and for sale hi BURGESS, STRINGER it CO., EVELYN ; on. A HEART L' NM ASKED i .H Tale of Domestic Life, BY ANNA ( OKA MOWATT. Author of" Fashion, " a comsdy ; "The Fortune Hunter &0. In 2 vol'., each 26 cents. 2t Vourth of July? On tills day of festivity ami joy, when we are all prone to indulge in the good things of life, and not unfrequently to excess, let us not forget that overloading the system, either with food or with drink, es pecially at 'his season of the year, is often attended with the most serious consequences. If Hiiy, however, should inadvertently overstep the bounds of prudence, they should bear in inind that Wright's Indian Veg etable Tills .are certain to prevent all evil results from impro priety of diet ; h?rause they thoroughly cleanse the stomach and bowels from those bilious and corrupt humors which are the enlist' of colic, dyseutary, cholera morbus, and other disor ders of the bowels. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills also sid and improve diges tion, and therefore give health and vigor to the whole frame, as well as drive disease of every kind from the body. Caution ? .As many unprincipled persons are industriously engaged iu selling Counterfeit rills, the public should be ex tremely careful to purchase from none except advertised Apents, persons of known integrity, or at the Office anil General Depot, No. 208 Greenwich-street, N. Y. N 1}. ? In all cas?-s. be particular to ask for genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. Scandinavia din Skjonne .lull hvo kan den J?l sk ie or i lljerted sole ci, H a bet* vaarlyst. Scaiidie-s Juli er H-ntii-st K\est, Lev.rg Frieheds morgeu Den liar gladen kun (jje.-st til l'eads til Sor^en. The members of this union are requested to meet at their room, No M 8)6 FultOll street, on Monday evening, July 7th, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of deliberating on the propriety of relebrctiug the coniiug anniversary. Punctual attendance is expected. 2t H. J. HANSEN, Secretery proton. Tliomai Ayrej and .lames Booth, Kcameti, of the ship New York, Capt. Hu'l, from Charleston, return their sincere thanks to the passengers on board said ship, on her last trip here, for the kind manner in which they mane up a subscription in their behalf. The occasion on which this subscription was made, viz: the saving of a lady passenger from drowning, is one on which they feel sufficiently rew arded by the act alone; lint nt the s one time they are highly gratified and pleased at having thus received a token of the estimate in which their acts were held by the ladies and gentlemen ou board. Thev also tender their sincere thanksto the citizens of Charles ton for the handsome manner in which they acted towards them, and are greatly pleased at the good opiuiou whicn was pub licly given of them. New York, 6th July/18-13. Ail Philadelphia Subscriptions to the Hkkai.d must he paid to the onlv authorized Aoekts, Ziv berilCo., 3 Ledger Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? T?rms? 75 cents a month, iucludiug the Sunday paper; or6i cents without it; delivered free of charge in any part of Phila delphia Single copies for sale as above, daily, at 1 o'clock? FriceSeecta. The Wi kkt.v Hki:am> is also for sale every Saturday morn ing?Price 6.U cents, or St |<er annum, delivered in any par! ol Philadelphia, tree of postage. IT?" All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their es tahhshment, as soon as issued, wholesale and retail. If"/*" With the exception of oue paper, the " Herald" is read a.i much, l>erhaps, in Philadelphia, as any paper published in that city, sffording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents at half past 4 o'clock, will appear in the Hersld next day. MoMun Subiicilpliona to the New York HEH ALU received hy the Authorised Agents, Raiding 8t Co., 8 State street. Terms? $1 95 jierquarter, orthree cents for single copies. Weekly IlERALn, every Saturday morning, price 6 cents, or *3r er annum. All new and cheap publications for saless soon u issued. rt'*?fon PnMishers of Thiers* Napoleon MONEY MARKET. Saturday, July 5-fl P. M. As neither of the Boards of Brokers held a meeting to. day, business was very dull in Wall street. Some stock operations were made out of doors, at prices curront on Thursday. The advices just received from Texas, must have a very unfavorable effect on the stock market, and prices will, without doubt, continue much depressed, until advices are teceiv od from Mexico in relation to the reception of tho rejcc. tion of the treaty of independence offored to Texas, and the unanimous agreement in favor of annexation. Tho Long Island Insurance Company have declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent, payable on the 16th inst. The Equitable Insurance Company of this city, have declared a semi annual dividend of four per cent, paya ble on demand. The Bridgeport Bank, Conn., has declared a divi de id of three and a half per cent for the last six months, payuhlc on the 1st of July. The Firemen's Insurance Company of Washington end Georgetown, D. C., has declared a dividend of twelve per cent out of the profits of the last five months. The receipts of tho Western llailroad Company for the week ending the 38th of June this year, compand with the corresponding week last year, were as annexed :? Western Raii.roak. Kectivh of week ending June 2&lh, 1841. IRIS. l)rr'r Passengers 3.M2 7,781 ?i I Freight, ?CC 7,871 7,681 103 Total ?I6,.'>1I> $14,162 1,054 The weekly report of the receipts of this company this ycor.hHvefrequentlyshowna falling oflT;butthe aggregate receipts for the first six months of 1816, compared with the first six months of 1814, show an increase of abou' ten per cent, while last year the increase on the receipts of the year previous was about twenty-five percent.? This filling off in tho ro venue of the road can be princi pally attributed to the high rate of charges for freight nntl passage The greatest decline is in the income from passengers ? the receipts from freight being more uniform. Tho European intelligence, received hy the Acadia, has had very little effect upon this market. The favor able change in tho weather throughout (ireat Britain, had improved the nppeurance of the growing grain, and n much belter harvest will, doubtless, be renlized than anticipated. Po far as the cotlon market is concerned, the news is of very slight importance. Quotations were firm, nnd the advices from this side, in relation to the probable extent of the crop, no longer affected prices unfavorably. On the whole, the European accounts, in a commercial point of view, are of very little impor tance. The money market continued easy, and the rate of in eiest ruled low. The Bank of England hud increased its issues for the week ending the 7th of June ?90,865, it* gold bullion ?7:1,011, and silver bullion ?33,864.? On the debit side of the banking depai intent the rest had decreased ?45,184, the public deposits X 33.1,3(58, tho pri vate or other deposits had decreased ?301,180, and the seven day and other bills ?12,058, making the total of the liabilities ?35, 017,094. On the credit side, the govern ment securities had decreased ?80,000, the other securi ties had decreased ?138,187, the notes had incresed ?300,0.'0, and the gold and sliver coin had increased ?33 1.1, which squared tho account. The bullion in both departments of the Bank hnd increased from ?10,411,078, to ?10,519,089, being a difference of ?100, 108. The paper in actual circulation, including the seven-day and other bills, was ?30,0.53,080 against ?38,830,688, being a de crease of ?167,00*2. The railroad speculations throughout Ureal Britain were rapidly subsiding, and many of tho contemplated routes have been abandoned. Oled. At Ureonwieh, Connecticut, June 8th, of small pox, Noah Lock woe t>, aged ninety-one years. This vener anle pati iot entered tho army at the first out-break, and wm an nctivn participant in the perilous struggles at Lexington, Bunker Mill, Concord, Yoiktown, and many others I le sor?'ed his country with a zeal, energy and bravery unsurpassed throughout the eritiro of our Revo lution. and was a pensioner at the day of his death.? Htqvi??cant in /ttire. In Geneva, Switzerland, on the lit of Jnno last, forty three years of age, Jon* Maorir, formerly a resident of New York, senior partner*)! the firm of John Magnin & ( o , brother-in-law to J. (Juedln (ttOX REWARD? Lott, o>i Hmatdiy about four o'clock iujcoiug from tit* coruer *f Barclay and Church sts to r ultou rerry, a Pocket Book, containing , aa near as can bt recollected, between $210 ai d $240? Among the money lost win 4 $50 bill on the O^lensbnrg Bank ?nd three twenties o' Bunks in this 8tate ? the balance wu made up of tens, fives twos, mid ones of State and City money- The finder by leaving the inouey at 15 Barclay atreet.will receive the above reward, or he can enclose it to the owuer'a address, which is onthe It. side of the pocket book. jy 6 2t ec Ik' Mr. ANDREW PKTRIE, a Smith or Irunmoiiger, now living in New Vork, will call at No. 84 Front street. he will oblige one who wants to see him, to obtain some informa tion relative to a family who left Scotland soinr years ago said family now having a relation in New Orleans, very anxious to ascertain their present residence. jy<> 1 w*m FlJRfi/iSHKD ROOMS WANTED"", without Board, by a Gentleman and his wife, in or near Broadway, between Leonard and Broom streett. References exchanged. Apply by note, addressed (post paid) to W. W. W., box 481 Post Office, and stating location and terms. jyG 3t*ec H A R P? DO UBLE ACTION! A GREAT BARGAIN? To be sold, a brilliant toned, full scale Double-Action Harp, warranted in perfect condition, and good aa new, for half cost, if applied forimmediately, at 85 Anthoay street, near Broadway. jytnteod'ec TO BAKERS AND OTHERS. THK subscriber contemplating removing to the country, offers for sale his business, No. 57 Hamersley street.) (established for the hut fourteen years) with every utensil ne cessary to carry on an extensive business. The premis-s were built by him two years ago exclusively for a bakery, and are convenient, I iicht, and well ventilated. The building fronts on Hamersley street, and extends through to Downing street; entrince from both streets. There are two excellent oveusll feet by 9; a large flour loft, sitting room, bed rooms, 4tc. There is a first rate store custom, also an out door rou e. The family baking has for years past been more than sufficient alone to pay the rent. Any person disposed to purchase, can do so by applying on the premises, where lie will receive evtry information, with terms, Jtc. JAMES TURNBIJLL. New Vork, June 27, 1815. jeZ7 lw*ec MARINE PAVILION. Rockawav, 27th Juue, 1845. THIS Ureal Sea Bathing Kstahlisliment is now open for the Season, aud fa?t filling upwith Families. All desirous ol obtaining quarters inust apply early to the Subscriber, at the Astor House, New York. HIRAM CRANSTON. je27 6tn?ec LUST, or taken by mistake, last evening, from the Ferry Boat Bergin, a small i usset Valise, no nruk or name ft | is of no use to any one except the owner. A liberal reward will be paid to any one who will leave it at the Astor House Office. ju3 2t*rh COPA RTNEHSIilP. DBOl.L AND JOHN HAU8ER have this day, July I, ? entered into partnership under the name of Boll 8c Hau ser for the business of Nurserymen and Florists, at the old es tablishment of D. Boll, corner of 50th street and Blooininrdale Rosd, N. Y., where tliey cultivate and offer for sale at reduced piicea, asplendid selection of Plants. Their collection of Car nations and Perotes are in full bloom. Amatuers ?f this beauti ful tribe axe invited to call and see them. The Bloomingdale Stages pass this Garden every half hour from the City Hall. Bouquet! at the shortest notice. ju3 3t*rc VALE'S GLOBE, and Transparent Celestial Sphere ? | adapted to common schools, colleges, and private fami lies ? now in use in the Normal Schools at Boston and Albany, at the High School and Naval As\lum, Philadelphia, in Yale and other Colleges, at Mrs. Willard's, Troy, and iu numerous j Common Schools in New York and other cities and States, and recommended by Dr. Lardner, Professor Olmstead and others. Manufactured and for sale by G. VALE, at his Nauti cal anil Mathematical Establishment, 3 Franklin square, New York. jy3 eodlni*rh THK CELEBRATED PATE D'AMANUES. ORGEAT PASTE dissolted iu water proves a very excel-, lent, pleasant and healthy summer drink; it can be had at the following places : ? J. Milliau, No. I8:i Broadway; J. R. Chilton, 263 Broadway: A. B. Sand & Co., 273 Broadway: Gass tier St Young, 132 Chatham street: W. R. Ballaxh. cor.Cham-l hers and C hatham streets;P. Merkle, 383 Grand street; W. Kir by, cor. Division and Clinton streets; Moore, Lent St Co., 83 h rout street, aud at the manufactory, 129 Attorn- y st; W. For tenbach, 14 Hudson St.; J St J Coddtngton, 203 Hudson, corner | Spring st. ; J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway ju3 lm'rc IMPORTANT NOTICE DA GUERRE I) TYPE A R TI8TS. THK undersigned have made application to get Letters Pate ul for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and change* the appearance of the Daguerreotyiie to that of the finest paint ing. This coloring process is done by nature itself, guided oul> by the hand of the operator, aud machinery. It can be peformeo by every one not skilled iu the art ol painting, aud will be per fectly understood at one gUnce. It also can be com municated m writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City oi County, can make pre-engagemeiits therefore, by addressing ( post paid ) to W.StF. LANGENHEIM, j\3 lin*rc Exchange, Philadelphia. TO PRINTKRS? FOR SALE. -A small Job OfficeTcIin tnining 438 Ihs. Small Pica, 200 lbs. Brevier, 115 lbs. Non pariel, Cases, Chases, Imposing Stone, double and single Stands, Composing Sticks, Galleys, Sic. Stc., together with Leads and a number of founts of Job Type, nearly new, cost ing upwards of (500; all of which will be sold cheap for cash, or approved paper. Apply at the Foundrv of JAMES CONNER & RON, j2 3trc ^ comer of Nassau and Ann sts. Packet" ship yazoo, from new Orleans, is I discharging at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Con- | signees will please attend to the receipt of their goods imme diately. yt British barque ann harley, from glas OOW. ? Consignees per this vessel will please send their permits on board .pier No. 8, N. R., without delay, as all goods not permitted within five days, are liable to be sent to the pub lic store. jg Aiimory of thk Piiii.aoki.pmia Cadkt*,] Rekitiigtobi, Joneti, 184S. y 1M1E Cadets embrace tin- earliest opportunity on their return . from the city of New York to notice the civilities there received, ami in ike a suitable acknowledgement for kindness extended tin ruin their stay. It was not their good fortune to see many of their brethren volunteers nor their officers in a mi litary capacity, so that their thanks must be necessarily limited in this particular. To Commissary Gen. Storms, for his atten tion at the arsenal, and lor the opportunity offered of visiting and inspectiiiK that interesting depot? to Captain Joseph Craig and Lieutenant Alexander Eaglesou, for their personal exertions to render our visit agreeable ? and to Captain J. L. Waugh and his Fifth company of the National Uuurds, for the limdsome escort on our departure, we owe thanks, and most cheerfully tender them. To his Honor Mayor Havemeyer, for the review of the 17th, in the Park, and the handsome reception by the authorities in :he City Hall ; to William Niblo, Esq., of Niblo'* Garden, for invitations to visit that delightful garden; to Mr. John Florence, for refreshments seasonably provided by him; to Messrs. Kipp it Brown, for the liberal offer of their Line of Omnibuses ; to ?he proprietors of the Baths in Courtland street and at the Battery, for throwing them open for our gratuitous admission; and the citizens of New York generally, for their uncommon, and under the circumstances, gratifying attention, we tender grateful acknowledgements, and the assurance of our lasting remembrance, But to H. Edward Lord, Esq., our gra titude is especially doe, for bis unwearied and generous exertions in our behalf ? Although not now attached to uiy military body, and therefore not particularly called upon to give up his time and delay his business on our ?ccount, yet the recollection* of Auld Lang Syne would not permit him to be idle, while there was a chance for him to add to our pleasures or increase our comfort. Iii> untiring atten tion and constant efforts cannot be forgotten, and have confer red au obligation the Cadet* will delight to cherish, but cannot cancel. To the State Fencililes, Capt. Page, and the National Grays, Capt. Fritz, for the beantilul escort on their lauding, they re turn thanks. The parade wa* conceived in a military spirit, carried out in a military style, and is duly appreciated by mili tary hearts. GEORGE WHITE, Captain, JOHN MUTZ, 1st Lieut. JACOB MO Y ICR, 2d Lieut. jyl 2trc ROBT. HAROF.Y. 3d Lieut. PACKET SHIP SHEFFIELDfrom Liverpool? Consignees by this ship are respectfully requested to send their per mits on board, loot of Dover street, or to the office of the sub' scribers. All goods not permitted in live diys. must unavoidably he tent t" public store. W. Ik J. T. TAPSCOTT. New York, June 30tli , I84i. jlrc NAVY BREAD ? About teu tcus, in barrels and hags, for sale by JOHN HERU.MAN, jjrc 61 South street. FELT? English Patent Sheathing Felt, suitable for roofs of huuses and ship bottoms, a very superior article, and of great benefit not only to the bottom of ves els but also to the Copper. For sale by E. K. COLLINS & CO., 36 South st. j' CT ec. BATCHELOR'S NEW INVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY resembles the real head of hair as to defy detection. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances are completely done away with. Wig wearers c tn now enjoy ; < much ease and comfort as ever they did with their own hair. ( itizens and strangers are invited to inspect this tasty mid deli eate work, at it must be seen te bu appreciated, at WM. BATCHELOR'S Wis and Scalp Manufactory, No. 2 Wall treei, near Broadway? Removed from 16J Broadway. jel7 lin*m TilE INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resemble* the real head of hair that sceptics and connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantages of this no vel and unique wig is its being made without sewing or weaving which cause* it* appeirance* .to closely to resemble the natural liair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detec tion, its texture beinst so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in ill cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpeded and the great -vils of other wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and connois seur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the manufacturer's, C. BARRY, 116 Broadway, corner of Lib ~rty street, up stair*. jul lm*ec PIANO-FORTES for hire, AT 411 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WALKER has constantly on hand an extensive assort ? ment of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes of every description, including Grands and Cabinets, which ire loaned oil hire at the above establishment, or at hi* nunu factory, No 10 We*t Hth street, near the 6th avenue. Also, New Piano* for sale, with all the modern improve ment*, warranted equal to any in the United Statu*. jel3 Im*rrc yEOUAN I1A HPS NUNNS &. CLARK having purchased the patent nijht fo? "Coleman'* .AColian Attachment to the Pianoforte," for the entire Unifed State*, (excepting Maa*achu*ett*,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modem made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard totlie durability of this invention, N. & C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant tliein in the assertion, that the "A'-olian'' will remain in tune in any climate, and it will not be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee i* given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the ",?oli*n Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may he found an assortment of 6, and 7 Octave Pianofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany case*. m% 6m*rc NEW MUSIC. P RILEY kCO? 297 Broadway, publish and keep on hand ? an extensive assortment of New and Fashionable Music, which they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at the lowest possible prices. They manufacture Instruments of*uiieriorqua ity ? warrant every article they sell, being practically acquaint Id Willi the dinereut branches of their business. Military B inds eupplied .it the most reasonable rates. myl22in*rrc H AR rs? REM OVA L OF WA REROOMS To No. 281 Broadwny, opposite Wellington Hall I F. BROWNE, Maker and Importer of Improved Patent ?I ? Grai.diiU and 6 octaveDouble Action Harp*, begs to inforir his friends and the musical world, lie has removed his ware room* t? the above commodius premises, and would call theii special attention to * new, iinioue, and beautiful specimen ol xrand 614 octave double action Harp he ha* iust completed. J. F. B. is constantly receiving the most flattering teatimom Us from the first musical talent, regarding the superiority and great brilliancy of tone, touch, and perfect finish of his Harps and ha* received the Krankliu medal of the Philadelphia Socie ly of Art*, for his improvements in this very delightful instrn mcnt- Harps repaired, Strinss, Mn?ic, See. J. F. BROW NE, London, Ml Broadway, aii'l T'M'.ti ,eihers?t'eei. New Y?rk. mvlT ImddiW'rc I ' list* PARTNER " W A N T hl>. A RARE chance i* offered toa young or middle aged man to purchase the half interest of a gentleman who is about to travel. The business is one of respectability, with little competition, and affords a large profit. The applicant most have a cash capital of $8000, and of strict business habits. Add rasa "Inquirer," throegh the Post Offles. ju4 **#c D'X. WANTED? For thai'. 8. Marin* Corp, a number of able I bodied young man. Apply at the Marine Barraek*, uaai the Navy Vard, Brooklyn. G ALE8MAN WANTF.D? One who understand* the lace 0 uid embioidery Lade. No other ne ? d apply. j2 3i*rh PETER ROBERTS, >73 Broadway. WANTED? By a young man recently from France, a tn? tion aa teacher in a school or private family. He has studied in theUuiversity of Frauce.andthoroufhly underatand? | the Germ ui language, and can teach all branches of education. \ddress. Iiy letter, E. J. X.. at this office J2 3t*rh MUSIC. A LADY, who haa (thorough knowledge of Music. being taught by the lirat masters in Europe, and feeling hersell fully competent to iuMruct in thataccomplishment, would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. ? A note addressed to A. B. I',, at the office of this | paper. shall !>.? punctually attended to. j elBI 1 m * rc WANTKD.? A few active, intelligent men, to act asapeuu for the sale of uew and popular Publications, indifferent t>arts of the country. $300 per yaar over their board will he insured them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our ?mploy, will no doubt make ever $1000 per year, clear of all ei jieiices, and there is about half a dozeu places open, which must ue filled ; each man will have his district, and it will be neces sary for thein to liave at least $2i or $60, to obtain a good fitting out. Noue need apply unless he has that amount, for it is our ?hject to get tlietn started in such a manner as will be benefi cial to them, aa well as to us. Apply at 95 Dunne street. Letter* must be post paid. jel2 lm*rh MONEY? MONEY. tik'TfQ or more of Bank notes, in blank, purporting w ? OjUvV to be notes of the Bank of Lower Canada, and the plates Irom which they were printed, having been ordered tad never paid for, will lie sold cheap. To any honest person who wishes to open the brokerage or banking business ill Cana da, the above will l>e wor'h possessing. The whole impres sions and plates w ill be sold cheap. Any person wishing to purchaae the name, will please call on JAMES HARMS, 18 Nassau street, up stair* jy3 lw*rc OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK EQUITABLE INSURANCE COMPANY. 58 Wall Street, i 3d July, 1845. $ IVIDEND~The Hoard of Directors have this day de clared a Dividend of Four Per Cent on the Capital Stock lor the past sii mouths, payable on demand. _ This Company continues to insure against Loss and Damage . fr un Burglary or House Breaking and Robbery, and also | igaiust Fire Risks, uu tlie moat favorable teims. LAMBERT SUV DAM, President. Joskfh SruoNi;, Secretary. jul fit rc SPANISH LANGUAGE. A GENTLEMAN late from Havana, having a few hours to spare during the day, oiler* his services as a Teacher of the | Spanish Language to those who would aciiuire the Castillian Idiom, now become so useful, anil almost necessary loan American. __ Said Gentleman, who has for many years lived in the United States, possesses aji intimate knowledge of the language, and fol lows a method ofi natruction so simple and natural that hedoes | not fear to assure any |>ersoii that lie may speak Spanish ill three months. His terms are moderate, aud he will call wherever it i* re quired. Those who would avail themselves of tlie Teacher's services ?nay address him through the city mail by letters thus : E.J. G. 148 McDougal street. jul 3t*re X CARD. '?piIK Subscriber having discontinued his Writing Classes A for the season, politely informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York ami Brooklyn, who may be desirous of writing an elegant hand with ease and rapidity, that he will give Private Instruction during the present week (only) gratis, to each indi vidual purchasing a copy of his GEMS Or PENMANSHIP, 1 magnificent volume of large quarto size, elegantly bound; an ornament to the Centre Table, as well as a thorough self-guide to Penmanship in all its branches. Price Five Dollars. OLIVER fl. GOLDSMITH, 281) Broadway, corner of Ileade street. P. S. ? Separate Pallors for Ladies. j it 1 2tis*rc L^OR SALE ''HEAP ? Harper's Family Library, complete F in l.'iti volumes, uniformly bound and quite new. Will be sold a bargain. Apply at 91 Liberty street. jl 3t*rc "PAINTINGS FOR SALE. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural and Historical subjects, Landscapes. &c.. amongst them a | genuine Interior by Teniers; a Clepatre by Suteriiiaus, and t Magdalen by Guercino, See., tic. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty street. jy< Im*rc SUMMER GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WE have still oil hand a large assortment of seasonahlr goods, comprising cloths ol particularly light fabrics fo Dress and Frock Coats; Drillings, Naukiu, and single mill ed Cassimers for Pantaloons: C holly and Marseilles Vesting in great variety, which w ill be made up to order at a deductic from our usual moderate prices, ill view of the advanced stat or the leaion. WM. T. JENNINGS ?t CO., Drapers and Tailors, jul Imisrc 231 Broadway, American Hotel. HOARD. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN can be accommodated with boarding in a small private family, in a healthy, niry situation. For particulars, a line addressed to A.C., this office, will he attended to jy4 lw*rc TUITION. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, a graduate ol the University of Paris, ia desirous of finding in some school or private fa ?nil jrt a situation 89 instructor? through the means of the English, which he speaks tlueutly, orof the French mud German languages, equally hit own, in Buy of the different branches o 1 th ornugh and li beral education , ar.d also drawing and painting o either landscapes, heads or flowers. The best reiereuces can he had, and hit name and residence known, by applying to the Rev. A. Verreu, Rector of the French Protestant Church of this city, No. 99 Franklin stir- 1. in I lm*re <;kntlk.\ii;n\s left off wahdkobf. G1 ENTLEMEN or Families going to Europe or elsewhere, f wishing to disencumber themselves of their superfluous wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's: also, JEYvELRY, H IRE ARMS, 8tc., 8ic., will obtain from the subscriber twenty per ce-.t more than from those who pretend to pay the highest cash prices. H. LEVETT, Office No. 2 Wall street, New York. Families or gentlemen attended at their residence by appoint ment. And all orders left at the subscriber's office, or sent through the I'ost Office, will lie punctually attended to. ml7 lm*ec GENTLEMENS' LEFT OFF W/vKDROBE WANTED. / 1 ENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value for all vJ superlloustfffects they wish to dispose of, (either gentlemen or ladies,) by sending to the subscriber, who does not preteudto give twenty per cent more thau any other person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered. Gentlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other person. J. LEVENS TYN. N B? A line through the Post Office, directed to 466 Broad way, up stairs, will be promptly attended to. my21 lm'm CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any any cast elf or superfluous Clothing to dispose of will find it to their ad vantage to send for the subscriber, who will pay the highest cash price for the same. M. S. COHEN, 69 Duane st. N. B.? A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be promptly attended to. m20 lm*ec SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. \ ND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing xa. and good second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis pone of the same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Post Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49K Chatham street, New York. N. B.? Constantly on hand, a seasonal*!" assortment of gen tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash. mv29 lm?rc *13. FASHIONABLE DRESS COATS MADE FOR TWELVE DOLIJ1RS. W. H. DE GllOOT & CO., OPPOSITE THE DUTCH CHl'HCH, 10*4 Fulton street, Kant of Broadway, ANNOUNCE to the Public that they will make to orders Fashionable black Dress Cont for Twelve Dollars. Clothing ready made, viz : Over 500 Coats of every cut, shape, or map-rial in use ? such as fine Broad Cloth, Drapd'Ete, Merino, Bombazine, Linen, CaahmerettH. Tweeds, Jeans, Checks, Cassi ineres, and all kinds of Summer Cloths. Prices range from $1 to $17. 1500 PAIR OF PANTALOONS, Of all grades, quality, colors and cuts. Prices from $1 to $6 l>er pair : many ar" extra tine and usually sold at from $7 to $8. 2500 VESTS OF VARIOUS MATERIALS, Satins, V&lencias, Silks, Marseilles, rich figured Strqies, and Plaids, Sto. tic., frum 7J cents to $4. Al -o, we have a very large stock of French, English aud Ame rican Broad Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, of the most desi rable and fashionable patterns, which we warrant to make and lit .equal to any other establishment in the United States. \ full suit made to order from $20 to $35, and, if necessary, fur bished i.i 24 hours complete. W" buy for cash and sell for cash only, and invite buyers to call mid examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. W. H. DEGROOT k CO. 102 Fulton st, in23 I in ec New Vork. TEETH! TEETH! TEETli! WONDERFUL IMPROVEMENTS. I)R BROWN ', DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, %TO- 200*^ BROADWAY, three doors above Chambers street, next tm Mewart's new building, continues to insert I reininm Artificial Teeth, from oue to a whole set, on the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele Prated WHITE CEMENT, i ? >r filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH, truing from medic.-l treatment, or other causes, effectually i '.stened by the highly recommended Lotio Odonta. TOOTHACHE .:ured in one minute, without pain. Teeth extracted with less than half the usual pain. . ? . PRICES LESS th*u any other Dentist in this city. References will be given to aunerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, by ?'ailing at No. 280*11 Broadway. iny27 lm'rh TEETH, TEETH, TEETH. 7ft Only. VLl. KINDS of Deuteal Operations performed hi a superior style and cheaper than any other dentist in thecity. City or country dentists can hat ? plate-work dime by applying at the linen. Instructions in any single branch, or hi tlie whole sys tem ol dentistry, will be given on the most reasonable terms. N. TAYLOR, Surgical aud Mechanical Dentist; m>24 Im'rh h2 East Broadway. DENTISTRY ? VALUABLE DISCOVERY. PRESERVE YOl'R TEETH. ilTHY will you suffer with the toothache, when by calling on Dr. PAIGE, 139 Grand street, near Broadway, you can have It effectually and entirely cured. He lias an entire ?lew preparation, that will cure it in a few minutes wirtniut I >:?in or inconvenience, so that it may be filled, making it a valu able tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it extracted. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries gf the age, and never fails of the desired effect. The most ten ?ler teeth filled without any unpleasant sensation. Artilicia !eeth inserted in the most approved manner. je7 Im'ec HEM PSEED? I io bushels clean Western Seed, ol superior quality, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by jllre RTk COLLINS fc CO . 56 South street. NEW J E IIS E Y HOTEL? MOIlKISTnWN. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform theirfriends and the. public generally, that the uew and commodious house erected for a Hotel, at Morristown, New Jersey, is open for the entertainment of all those who will favor them with their com psnv, when they hope to furnish them such accommodations as to entitle them to public favor. D. W. NOE, in 25 1tiw2in"rc DAVID TROWEL. LIVERPOOL (ENGLAND) BOAR DING HOUSE No. 70 Dukr Slreef, (Formerly the Residence of Sir William Barton.) rHr. MISSES PER KINS respectfully ask the patronage of families and gentlemen visiting Liverpool, for their es- j tabliahment, where they will meet with the comforts and atten 'ion of a private house. Reference? H. Worrall It Co., No. 26 Elm street, N. York, iell lmeoil*rc CARVEK Ac HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate Agents, 33 Wall street. New York; 51 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Pl*ns, Specifications and Estimates for Build- ] ? ng; Drawings and Specifications for Patent Rights. Real Es sie Imught aud sold; money loaned and invested; property leased and rents collected J etl I m ? re E^<Mt SALE? A second hand Steam Engine, ol superior construction and workmanship. The cylinder is 4 inches bore and 12 inches stroke; has a tubular boiler with 160 flues. Kor particulars, enquire of JOSEPH HEWES, 60 Vesey street, N. Y , or .... ?KTH BOYDEN, 582 High St., Newark, N I j Jyl lw"rh FISHING , SEA BATH! NO, *<? Omu Hour, Bf. J. 'T'HIB desirable ininn retort hiving been uewly refitted * ?ud completely renovated, is now open for the season. The subscriber wouli respectfully iufrm hit friends and the pub lie generally, that lie has leaaed the above premises and soli C'J? * share of tlirtr patronage. The steamer Onu leaves Fulton market aljp, daily, for the above bouse. O. H. WILI-ISTON, j4 3t*th (Late of lb* York House.) NOWLAN'S HOTEL , At Harlem River. GEORGE NOWL AN respectfully returns his most sin cere thanks to his friends aud the public for the liberal suppoi; which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of Prosper! Hall, and begs leave to inform them that he has fitted u|> the large establishment at the termination of the Railroad, ou this lslaud, and on the Bank of the River, where lie is prepared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas. Suppers, and other refreshments, st the shortest notice. Good ground, and every accommodation for Military Coinpa ?lies. All the Railroad Cars land passengers in front of the Hotel for cents, from the City Hall. je28 TRITON HOUSE, Glen Cove, Long Island. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he haa improved and enlarged the "Triton j Hotel" m. the head of the Steamboat Landiug, aud it is now thoroughly fitted up and ready for the reception of Boarders. The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathing, is amongst the moat eligible on Long Island, as the lands attached to the premises have a very extensive water front, and a fine beach for swimmers. The out-buildings *re new, and the Bar and Bowling Alley are eutirely discon nected w itli t|ie house. Having a farm of 30 acres ap|*>uded to the Hotel property, the Subscriber etui offer his friends the in ducements of a pli-ntilul supply of good milk and butter, and such other comforts as he trusts, together with his unremitted attentions to the wishes of bis ^ 1 1 >? s i s , will render a residence at the "Triton House" extremely desirable. Horr-es and Carriages to hire. For terms, which will he moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. JONES, Triton House. Gleu Cove, Long Island, Juue 1, 1845. J 21 Iw rc LONG BRANCH, NKW JERSEY, " BATH BUILDINGS," (rOK.MKhl.V KKMSHAW'l ) rT' HIS well-known and delightful sea b?thiug establishment A will be opened for the reoptiou of visitors on and alter the 2'ith June lust. The buildings h ive undergoue a complete and thorough repair, and no effort! will be spared to maintain the deservedly IiikIi repuutiou which this establishment has here tofore acquired. The price for hoarding will be from $7 to SB per week? chil dren and servants half-price. Young people, not requiring much room, will tiud accommodating terms. The steamer Orus, Captain C. Price, from the Kulton market, will make a daily trip between New York and Long Branch. Stages will be in readiness upon the arrival of th* above boat at the Ocean House, to convey pissengers immediately to Long Branch. JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. June If, 1IM5. jel9 I m'in TROY HOUSE, TROY, N. Y. COLEMAN & ROGERS, Proprietors.? This House, so long and favorably known to the travelling public, is now open. A new story has been added and eitensive alterations made; among which are the extension of the Dining-room, to a length of ninety feet, and, by folding doors connecting, can be extended to one hundred and thirty feet; thirty new parlors, with bed rooms attached: pleasant aud niry rooms to the number of sixty have been added ? affording accommodations for 300 persons.? The house has been painted and papered throughout. The cars for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, start from the front of this house. It is also but a few steps from the steamboat landing. The proprietors trust, by their personal attention to their bu siness and guests, to receive continued and increased patronage. CHARLES S. COLEMAN, Late of the Astor House. CHARLES M. ROGERS, _ju7 lm*rc Late of the Steamer Empire. WARREN HALL. No. 3 Warren street. r|MJE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house as a -I- Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac comtnodntiou of citizens generally and visitors to the city, would respectfully solicit for themselves a portion of their pa tronage. Their larder will be at all times well stocked with the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors amfSegars are of the best quality. The bedrooms neatly furnished, spacious and airy. While from its ceutral location Jieing neatfthe City Hall, and in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those visiting the city. I. BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. B. ? The usual relishes served up at all times. je7 lm*<'C WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Gold street, near Maiden Lane* (?* QUNTRY MERCHANTS willfiud this a desirable House, J being convenient to tile business part of the city. This establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good and substantial dinner, lBJt cents, lodgings 25 cents. For con venience and comfort this house isequal to any hotel in the city, aud at half the price. Permanent boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses. Elegant private p triors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup per parses. The very best of liquors. ju5 3m*rc SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION, SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectful ly informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congreis Hall, Albany, has associated himsell with Mr. Gardiner, and that this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements iu the grounds and bathing-house, and pledge themselves to use their best exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to any watering place iu this country. L. fc G. Stages will he in readiness on the arrival of the car* at Cana johane, to take passengers to the house. Mr. L. will. as heretofore, continue the Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be uuder the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. my? Ini'ec THE " WRIGHT ' HOUSE , 81 Nassau Street. WILLIAM WRIGHT, formerly of the Ram's Head, Ful ton street, begs leave to lnlorm his friends that may be unacquainted with the fact at a distance, as well us those of the city, that he has opened a public establishment at 81 Nassau street, u pon a scale of comfort that cannot lie surpassed by any in the Union. Hi; bar is furnished with the best of wines ol every class, Ale, Scutch Whiskey of the purest brands. Porter, and every other article necessary for a well stocked bar. Inde pendeut of w lm !; he has two splemlid rooms, furnished, on the second door, *j>ei ially adapted for private and public meetings, courts martini, or any general purpose; besides which he has provided accommodation for permanent and transient lodgers, in extensive and well ventilated bedrooms, the furniture new and well assorted, and every attention will be paid to the arrange ments of the lodgers, as well as the visiters of the "Retreat," on all occasions. WILLIAM WRIGHT, my26 lm*ec 81 Nassau street. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. 'I^HIS well-known and delightfully situated Hotel, at the JL Pine Orchard, is now open for the reception of visitors, un der the superintendance of the subscriber, wh? will be pleased to extend a cordial welcome to the travelling public Stages run regularly to and from the morning and evening boats, landing at Catskill. The House and premises have been materially im proved since the lastseason, and now present attractions unsur passed at any watering place in the country. . , WM. SCOBIE. June 3d , 1845. ju5 4 wrc WILLIAMSBUHGH COTTAGE. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform the citizens of New York, Brooklyu, Williamsburg!) and its vicinity, that they have recently opened the large and splendid mansion known as the WILLI AMSBURGH COTTAGE. and furnished at great expense for the accommodation of resi dents and strangers. The Cottage is eligibly situated, a lew rods south of the Peck Slip Kerry, and convenient to the Houston and Grand street Ferries commanding a beautiful and extended view of the Bay, New York and Brooklyu. They have also at tached to the COTTAGE a large and splendid Garden, conve nient Promenades, Grass Platts, Shade Trees, See . making a most delightful summer retort to while away a few hours amid the refreshing breezes of the Bay. Their MUSICAL CLOCK is richly worth a visit, being the best piece of mechanism of the kind that was ever imported to this country. It will play fifty different tunes with remarkable harmony and accuracy. The choicest variety of refreshment will at all times be promptly furnished. N. B.? In connection with this establishment, they have WARM AND COLD SALT WATER BATHS? known as the Washington Baths. The water is at all times clear and pure. The Ferries run from Peck Slip, Grand street and Hous ton street eiery fifteen minutes. Ferriage four cents. inylfi lm*ec HANDHELD h HOEFT. B.? Private House of Refreshments by D.W. TELLER, 1" ? 206 Front street ? Breakfast, Dinner and Supper. Is6d, each. Breakfast from 6>? until 9; din inn hours from a quarter before 12 until 3; Sumier from 5 until 8>4 o'clock. Also. 26 Beds, nil in prime order. Lodgings 25 cts. All gentlemen wishing to resort to afinc cool dining apartment, will do well to call and isfy themselves. The proprietor also keeps the old stand corner of Fulton and Front streets; 7, 8 and 9 Fulton Market, w lieru he will continue to serve up all the delicacies of the ?t-ason. Also, Wines, Liquors, aim Segars of all kinds nnd of the choicest brands, direct from the importers. in 17 Im-rh ? SEA BATHING LONG BRANCH, TNEW JERSEY. 'THE PROPRIETOR of the New York House, begs leave ? to inform the citizens of New York, and the public general ly. iVit his house is now open for the accommodation of board ers durit'g the summer season. The fare will he six dollars per week, and every attention will he paid to their comfort and pleasure. Good servants will be in constant attendance. The steamer Oris will leave New York every day, from Fml t. m Market Slip, and Stages will be in readiness at the Ocean House, to convey imssengers to Loug Branch. June 19, 1846. SAMUEL COOPER. e!8 6w?cc SEA BEACH HOTEL. Long lirniich, IV. .1. HEALTH, RECREATION AND COMFORT TO INVALIDS AND ALL OTHERS. HHOWLAND & CO. have opened for the season this | ? well known Hotel at Long Branch, N. J., (kept last > eirby ,1. Barclay & Co ,) so well patronized by the citizens of New York and Philadelphia in |>aat years with great appro bation, and considered decidedly the most comfortable Hotel and Sea Bathing establishment within a huudred mi es of either | city. Visitors and invalids w ill receive every attention from the proprietors, who are now ready toaster int. ? arrangements with I i iinilies for the seasou for board. The advantages of sea bathing during tbe summer months J are apparent to all, and Long Branch furnishes every induce inent to families and individuals for health, recreation comfort. To the lovers of Aehin&. the vicinity of the Sea | Bass Banks affords great sport; and the gunning in the neigh borhood is very fine. The Steamboat OltUS leaves Kulton Market wharf every ?lay. For hours of leaving, see advertisement of Steamer Oras in the Courier and Enquirer. From the Ocean House, passen gers are conveyed to the hotel, ^miles^in^gjiml^arria^s. Proprietors of the Sea Beach Hotel. Long Branch, June 21, 1846. Je24 eodlm m PHILADELPHIA HOTELS. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 4)13 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHIL AD EL PHI A . (1"^ Baths just introduced? Warm and Cold? in line apart ments ? for both ladieaand gentlemen. je28 Im'ec COLUMBIA HOUSE. Chestnut Street, between 6th ana 7th streets, PHILADELPHIA. PT1HE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and I the travelling public, they have taken the above house, (for merly known as the Marshall House,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements in its interior, having spared no expense to render it one of the most pleasant and fashionable houses in the city The parlors are numerous, the chambers large and well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is in the most central part of the city, near to all the places of public amusement, anil convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. 'l'he t thles will be supplied with all the delicacies of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by tlieir personal attention and experience i in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor | them with their patronage. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE k CO. James Bagley, (late of Jones' Hotel. ) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerlv of rne Washington House.) Peter L. Ksrguson. Inly lit. 1846. jy3 im*ee AMUSEMENTS. PARK THEATRE. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Evening, Jaly 7th, Will be performed, for the second time, KuBERT LE DIABLE. Mill Julia Tnrnbull, who hat been especially engaged for the occuioo, will perform the part of Helen. Robert, M Arnaud I Bertram, M Do?*ry Raimbaut, Cceuriot I Alberti, , Garry Princess laaeella, M'me Caaini Alice. Stephen Coeuriot K7" Price of Admission ? First Tier of Boiea and Parquttte, ?li Second and Third Tiera, 50 cent*; Gallery, 25 cent*. , P,00? at 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rtsepreciielT at half-past 7 o'clock. NIBLO'S GARDEN. Monday Evening, July 7. Tbe performance to commence with the Orerture to LASARINE. To be followed by. 13th time SEVEN CASTLES OK 'THE PASSIONS. Raymond, Mr. Gallagh.r Cauuche. Mr. T. Placide Azclle, | Miaa M.Taylor Dame Ursula, Mrs. Deering. 0"" Intermission of Halfan Hour??J To conclude with the new au<l wonderful leats ofthe ACROBAT FAMILY ! Or the Aeiial Suspensionists. An eAcitnt Police mil alwayi be in atteAiuace to main tain good order aud keep all iim>ri<|ier persons out. OCJ-7 \rktts hifty Cents. ?? if) A limited number of Season Ticket! will be disposed of. E Performance to commence at 8 o'clock Doors op?n at lit 7. ( Al/li.E UARDEK> OQhAdmlnlon '45 Centa.nDO Propristors ... Meaars. Krencn and H ? set. Grant I Entertainment ! Dlunday Evening, July 7th, The Entertainments will commence with the admired Over ture by the full ' and of this large establishment of LA FILLE DU REGIMENT. "Patriots Resolve, "a Nitiouxl Air, by Mr. Deniiison. Succeeded by a Queer Move on the Board*, in the style of an ejtravagan/.a, by Mr. C. T. Par?loe. AlVr which the SOLDIER'S WALTZ. rAfter w hich, Zampa, or the Spectre Bride Mad'lle I'. Desjardins will then appear, In the first time in MAZOURKA. The second part will commence w ith tlie introduction to the Robber ofTemciuj. After which the comic tableaui of Philip Quari and his Monkey. To conclude with the CARNIVAL OF VENICE, By Herr Cline, who will without <|<iitting the Cord, sustain the three arduous char .ictirs of Polirhinei from Italy, a Lady of Fashion from Broadway? Zephyr the West Wind, jr../" Between the Entertainments an intermission of Ten Minutes for Promenade and Refreshments. f1"7' Door* open at hcM-paft H o'clock. Perforioan^e to com mence at lo'clock. CASTLE GARDEN. SA CRE1) M USJCant SUNDA Y C ONCER T, IN TWO PARTS. By tile Celebrated Band, under the direction of Mr. LOTHIAN. PART I. CLARIONET BAND. Aria, from the Creation Handel. Prayer, from the Italian Multitude Auber. Chorus Buhop. The Cruciliiion Haydn. German Hymn Kiinner. An Intermission of Half an Hour. *AnT "? Aria, Trombone Obligatu Kelwig. Vital Spark of Heavenly L"ve Rev, Dr. Hawes. The Huguenots Prayer Auber. At Dawn of Day Dr. Clarke. Chorus, Hosaniia in the Highest Hawthorn. The Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. Admittance, 12)s cents. i FOOT RACE. BEACON ( OITRSE, JULY' 7th and 9th. \/? ONDAY, July 7, 1815, at three o'clock. I'. M.. a Footrace 1Y1. of Ave miles for a purie ofSltiO? $7.'i to the second best tud $2"| to the third. For thii r ice the following pedestrian! have entered: 7. Peter Ilutcherion. 8. Welch Bautum. 9 C. Dermond. It. Lone Mike. II. Edward Chenny. 1. Wm Barlow. 2. William Jackson, " " e Katanchtatt, tlie | Eiois Indian. rose Jackson. 5. Wm Fowl. j 12. E. Kennedy. 6. N. M. Hall. Siine Day, at 4 o'clock.? A Hurdle Race for a purse of $400, $100 to the second horse, third horse to receive back ei trance, if more than three horses Malt, for which are the follow inn en tries: Mr. C. Dnchesny, of Montreal, enters b. g. Hope. Oscar Swextlanu, late from Fort Gibson, enters ch. g. Snip. A. Conovcr enter* his hone WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, AT 3 O'CLOCK. TEN MILE It ACE. FOR $800? $150 to the second, $50 tothe third. The following have entered : ? 1. John Gildersleeve. I 6. C. Dermond. 2. Ignace Katanchiate, the I 7. M. Pinckney. Iroquois Indian. | B. R. Williams, or Scotch . R. M. Hall. Bautam. . Edward Chenny. I 9. James Whelan . American deer. Kite fr.Eng. | Same Dav. at half past 2 o'clock, a purse of $50, lor walk ing 2 miles. $10 to the 2d, for winch entries most be made at R. SMITH'S Park Hotel, on or tiefore Monday evening. 8.ime Day, at t'? o'clock, or immediately after the 10 mile Race, a parse ol $.ifl for a Foot Hurdle Race, $10 to the 2d; (iunrter of mile heats; 15 hurdles 3 feet 3 inches high, to go over as they please. Entrance $1, at li. Smith's Monday Eve ning before 8. M TROTTING AND PACING. JULY 15th will come off a Match, Mile Heats, best 3 in 5 in harness, between the celebrated pacing horse James K. Polk and the trotting horae John C. I alliouu, for $1 000. Also, July 22d,a Match, two mile heats, in harness, for $1,000, between the same horses. TROTTINCi? On the first Monday in August, or first fair day, will come off a Sweeiwtnke, subscription $750, half ft., lor two mile heats under the s 'ddle. to he governed by the rules of | the course, and close with the following subscribers: ? Geo Spicer's horse Zip. James D >1 'Mann's Reality. j4 rc Harry Jones' Lady Tompkins. COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 203 Broadway, New York. AXIMILIAN'S Great and Splendid work, being h's tour . through the United States, illnstrated with Eighty En gravings, after the >"anner of drawings in large folio ? with a quarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly put up for the Drawing Room. A few copies ?nly printed in English. No stranger should visit the City without calling in to see the Great Colle' tion of ROOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offe'ed "at greatly reduced prices." Th? Public Sale Room is filled with books of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge is made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment is fitted up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of abont TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURE8, by ancient and modern Master*? to view which, a small charge of 1!}? cents is required. HERALDRY. The Arms of Individuals whose families originated in any country in Europe, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel lum, equal in execution, andat one third the clnrge of the Lon don Hera'd's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, with li s arms and crest, as worn ution his carriage. Price ouly$i 5?? in colors. A Curiosity. je23eodtfm (IHANU fc-XCl HSIUNsV COTILLION PAN TV, TO rERPUINK'S POINT. ON THURSDAY, JULY 10ra, 1*45. The Managers of the THISTLE BENE- I ?VOLENT ASSOC IATION beg leave to an nounce to the members, and those ? ho take ut interest in the Institution, that in compliance with the wishes of a numerous body of their friends who participated in die enjoyment of the excursions of last yeir, they have made irrnngements for a Grand Excursion to take place on THI T1S I r A \ . 10th July inst. The splendid steamer WASHINGTON ?nd the Barge PRATT, have been engaged to proceed to Verplanck's Point, thus giving a line view ol the picrti esque tnd romantic scenery of the Hudsou. Mr. Isaac Edge, Jr., the celebrated Pyrotechnist, liaj kindly offered some SPLENDID FIRE-WORKS, to be exhibited on the return passage, under his own supervision. To ensure safety and comfort, the Barg* will be in complete order, for those who wish to join in the ma7.y dance, under the direction of Mr. George Robertson, who has kindly volunteer ed Ins valuable services to lead the cotilions. Wallace's excellent Band has been engaged, and Mr. McKer raclier, the much admired Piper to the Scottish Guard," will ?nliven the scene by the soul-stirring piproch. No exertion will be wanting by the Committee to make the icursiou one of pure recreation and happiness. The Boat will leave Catherine street Ferry, East Hiver, at half past 8 ; Liberty street, North River, at 9 ; I 'anal street, at quarter past 0 ; State Prison Dock at half past 9 ; and foot of 10th street, quarter before 10. Tickets lor a gentleman and lady for the excursion $1, extra I idies' tickets 50 cents? Children halfprice? t * be hail >>f James Curr, President, corner Canal and Hudson sis; Dr. finuglass, Vice Pres., corner Laighl and Greenwich; George Harrison, 79 Courtlandt street; Wm. McLaughliu. 113 Elisabeth street; John S. Scott. 76 Niusan street; John Patterson, 93 Greenwich Avenue; Barnard Rice, <6 Bedfoid street; James Espir, 21st uid 2d \venne; Wm. Richardson, comer of t'errv anil Green wich streets; John Patten, Commercial Hotel, Courtlandt at; I'eter McLusky, 392 Hudson *treit; V. Clireliugh, Jft'i Broad way; J. B. Waistell. 86 Hudson street ; IVrer Milne, 17 Centre street; Wm Wright, 81 Nassau street; Thomas Bell, lit) Ful ton street; Wm. Armstrong, 19th street and 10th avenue; Geo. Dickson, foot of 19th street. North river; Arch. Grieve, 5 John -treet. lames UunloP, John street, Brooklyn: James Virtue, 'id street and Broadway; Jaule^ ( -rant, Ann street, John Curr, corner Bleecker and Hammond; John Martin, 5 Cathe rine slip. , P i Kelreshments on board, as per bill of lare. jvC 5tcc A. CAMERON, Secy. EXCURSION TO THE FISHING HANKS. 0* Steamer K. L.STEVENS, Caouin R. L t^StqfMa'ity, will make an excursion to the Fishing jEaSflUdK- Banks on Monday, July 7th. leaving foot of HnminouU street, 8 o'clock; Canal street quarter past ?; Pike and Delancy streets. East Rivei , quarter to 9; Pier No. 1 Bat tery, 9 o'clock. Baits farnithea gratis? Lines at a small charge. Fare 50 cents for the excursion. Regular days to the Banks, Monday, Wednesday and Satur day. jy ft lt*ec PLEASURE BOAT FOR SALE. A beautiful and fast sailing Pleasure Boat, 18 feet .in length and 8 feet in width, is offered for sale She ?IS completely found in every respect, having just been nut in complete order. Price $150. For particulars apply st the office or J. P. CROSBY, Esq. No. 20 Nassau street. jv6 2t is-m STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOli THE IIAik, HICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. . Those who doubt its virtues, are requ-sted to have their hair changed before paying their nvney. If humbug* would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution can be forwarded by Harnden s Express to any part of the world. One trial will prove the lact. ? , Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Record*, New York, up *tairs. jut Im'rc _ O VTMEAL -Irish Oatmeal, a lot in prime order, Jnst re cured and for sals by JOHN HERDMAN, jjre II South street. W1 LATEST INTELLIGENCE. LBTTBRB BY LAST K VBIUVO'S MAIM. Wuhlnglon. [Comipondtnci of the Herald.] Washington, July 8, 1846. The Oregon Question ? Rumor of a Compromise ? Danger ami Impatxibtlity of a L\ mcettion of Ter ritory to Great Britain ? Rumor set afloat at a feeler ? The Neu> Pottages uiut Father Ritchie? Another New Church ? Jackton Hall ? Arrivals and De partures ? Judge Meek, 4*c., frc. For some days past, there lias been a rumor preva lent, at first exceedingly vague and improbable but gathering strength from day to day, until it baa as sumed, like Hamlet's ghost, " Such a questionable shape," that we will speak to it- In five words, it is a com promise of the Oregon question. It is now confident ly asserted that Mr. Packenham for H. B. M., and Mr. Buchanan for the Administration, have settled upon the 19 degree of north latitude as the highest point of the NorthernBoundary of the Territory of the United States west of the Hocky Mountains. Dr. Duncan's bill which passed the House by an over whelming vote, fixed our northern Oregon boundary at 52" 4(), and if Mr. Buchanan has agreed to cede away nearly four degrees of latitude for the sake of pence, there will be no peace for him. The voice of the Great West for this territory is unanimous that not an inch should be surrendered ? not the lirst solitary square inch from the boundaries defined by the bill of I Jr. Duncan. Such a compromise as is rumored to have been made, cannot be made, witli the universal voieu of the Mississippi valley, and a strong correg|M>nding sentiment from the east of the mountains against it. The administra tion would become powerless from the moment of the assurance that a compromise had been conceded upon the Oregon question It would become as negatively weak as the administration of John Ty ler, and fully as odious to the party placing it in power. An open and broad proposition to establish a United States Bank would be received with im measurably more forbearance by the democracy of ihe whole country, than any proposition whatever, excepting, if necessary, "the arbitration of the cannon's mouth." The west is rife for war, and any temporising, or concession by the Execu tive Government to ward oil' this issue, will be re ceived with unqualified reproach and detestation. The motto of the whole west is ? "War? war to the knife, bef ore a concession of the first solitary square inch of our rightful soil to any power upon the face of the earth." But it is said, that upon the authority of a proposi lion on the part of the United States heretofore made, but rejected by Great Britain, to recede to the 19th parallel, Mr. Buchanan finds his authority for that concession now. No authority will answer him ? no reasoning, or diplomatic casuistry will save him. He must go the whole figure. The soil may not be worth having? it may cost millions to maintain our title io a strip of land not worth one dollar? but where the honor and dignity of the coun try are involved and regarded, the people will rather abide the chances of war and direct taxation, than vield the shadow of a compulsory concession for the sake of peace. And a treaty submitted to lite Senate for the settlement of the Oregon ques tion, by our receding to the forty-ninth parallel, duly signed by the high contracting parties, would be rejected at the first reading. We, therefore, think the rumor a mere feeler put forth by tlit- cabinet to ascertain the tone of the public senti ment upon this subject, and nothing more. For while we incline to the opinion that Mr. Buchanan may be disused to recede, we are confident that he haw not the hardihood for the movement, without first consulting his own safety in making it. The small postmasters are resigning, according to the I rnton, by scores, because they are divested of the privilege of tranking a letter, which otherwise might cost them some live cents postage. And from all we can gather, neither the President, nor die Post Master General, nor Father Ritchie, are very! warm advocates of the law ? from narrow unci antiquated views-^views unworthy of men of the [present age. It is our solemn opinion, that Father Ritchie looks upon the cheap postage law with about as much brotherly kindness ana bar barous jealousy, as the veriest Pennsylvania Dutch man ten years ago regarded the innovation of the English language and English schools among the benighted districts of the Keystene State. All that we demand ? all that the people demand, is a fair trial of the new postage law, and then modify if, if necessary, but repeal it if you aare. On Eighth street, lust afternoon, north of the Patent Omce, the cornerstone of a new Presbyte rian Church was laid. The church is designed for Rev. Mr. Tiistin, for several sessions the chaplain of the Senate. Ministers of several denominations were present, there was a hymn, a psalm, a chapter, prayer, and a discourse. Then followed a dead inarcli by the Marine Band, when the corner-stone, with the usual depopites, was laid by the ancient fraternity of masons. The whole affair, according 10 the universal usage in all church occasions what ever, wound up with a collection There was quite ?i respectable congregation of both sexes present to witness the ceremonies. There is something peculiar, not to say mysterious in the way that our churches are multiplied. Mr. duller of the Lutherans, came here from Tennessee iliree years ago, as poor as the apostle Peter ; but he ims mised a congregation, and built a fine church. Then Mr. Samson, a young man of twenty-two ummers, of the old iron-side Baptists, came among us, without money and without Price (the Swart vouter,we mean,)and he too, has had a large church raised over his head, as if by magic. Ana now our friend Tustin, a christian at heart, and a gentleman, is putting up a church, and he is not rich, by any means. Tne Methodists, also, have put up, mean time, a fine chapel, and are building another: and it is somewhat, but not altogether, a mystery to us, where the money comes from. The laaies' fairs in the winter season ? collections from abroad ? collec tions at home ? contributions by mechanics and la borers, of materials, bricks, lumber, &c., and of la ?or, do the business; to all of which we say, go ihead ! Let us have plenty of churches, cheapnews papers, cheap postages, good crops, and Texas, Ore gon and California, and we may bid defiance to the powers of earth and hell combined. Amen. God :rant it. < ien. John P. Van Ness gave the lot in this instance. To-morrow the corner stone of Jackson Hall is to be laid. Judge Shields, of Illinois, Commissioner of the Law Office, orator of the day. Theophilus !? isk, late Universalist preacher, late Professor of Mesmerism, Magnetism, and Phrenology, later a bearer of despatches to the High Dutch, arid at pre ent joint editor of the U. S. Journal, delivers to morrow an oration of some sort in Baltimore. Va lious pleasure excursions on foot. Colonel Johnson left town this morning, and Se ?retary Marcy got in last evening, after an official trip which six months ago he would not have dared ?o dream of. Mr. Conrad, Idte U. S. Senator from Louisiana, is also here. . I udge Meek, of Alabama, who in consideration <f his being upon a history of that State, has been ?nven a clerkship .n the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury to till up his time, has written a poem ''en 'lie Death of Jackson," which we ask briefly to no nce. After describing the general gjoom, he speaks f the " star-wreathed eagle'' "folding his mtiffl1' ?' in the darkness," as if the habit were confined to " star-wreathed eagles" of folding their wings in the dark. And then he commands every soul of the Federal |>opulation. "Of every creed and party weep;" While he himself is sitting by, "smoking his regalia* ius eyes as dry as a powder horn. Besides the or der is not "official." None but the President ha* a eight to issue such an order, and therefore, we can't obey. The new publication ofkthe edict in the "offi cial" organ will not suffice, unauthorized by the Ex ecutive. Altogether, though smooth as a glacier, i lie poem is as cold, as hard, and as tireless. Our copy is mislaid, or we should take f urther liberties with the erudite Judge, for his future improvement as a burd. Fine showers of rain. We hope your readers will consider this epistle as quite enough for five cents postage. "Wamiini; tox, July t, 1H4.1. Hie /UffiruJlit ? of tlir Administration ? It* Policy anil if* Ikferne briefly Rcnrwed. It becomes the bounden obligation of the neutral press to stand by the Executive and his honest ef f >rts to a conciliatory dispensation of the offices, and a fair administration of the Government. Denounc ed by the whigs for every act he does, and every sentiment he utters, good, bud, or intolerable, and watched with a jealousy, unexampled, novel and alarming, by the various factions of the great and squabbling democratic family, opposed by each for !iis favors to the other, and believed by each cluiiie i , |,P prejudiced exclusively against its claims to nis ' ounty and consideration, he is at this moment in a nore deplorable condition than ever were the lucky ohn Tyler and the immortal John Jones. From the west the fiercest reprehensions of Father ! itchie's apology for "filling vacancies created by I iw" are fulminated. The idea of apologizing to he whigs for filling their especial commissions with >cofocos good and true, is regarded as the ultima im of humiliation. From Mississippi we have an xpose of Secretary Walker's suppression of Col. rhompson's appointment as Senator bvGov Brown, yhich, if not palliated by some official explanation, tamps the honorable Secretary with the seal of rank lishonor. From Tennessee we have the disclosures >f Major Lewis; from South Carolina the strongest .nd most unanswerable protestations against he ejection from the Cabinet and the Ore ion negotiation* ?f Mr. Calhoun? from New

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