Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1845 Page 1
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i ? issarnmmBSSsmmKSssBsssssmssBmsBsmsssssBssmmmmmii^mtmmmmmmammmmmmmmammmmmmmBmBsmmesssEsaBBmmmm . ll. l.i? ihuljj? THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Mo. ISflaaWlkOl* HO. *048. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JULY 9, 1848. PrlM Two CoMi. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BKMETT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price 3 cents pel copy? $7 -ib |>er annum? payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD? Every Saturday? Price 0| cents per copy ? $* rJ) cents per annum? payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices? always cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. ftp- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicToa or thi Nkw York Hkbald Establishment Northwest corner of Pulton and Nassnu streets SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. BLOOM INGD ALE, MANHATTANVILLF., AND FORT WASHINGTON STAGES, ? lire* ? Will commence running in the following I order, on Saturday, May ilio 17th, 1814, leaving Vlmiiiatt?nville at 6 o'clock, A.M., and du ll, ur e. >' hour until 7 o'clock, P. M. Leaving New York, corner of Cliaihnm and j'Tryou Row, a(6 A. M.. and continue every halfhour until 8 . M. Stages to Carmansville Triuity Church Cemetery and Fort Washington, every hour through the day, from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. .Fare to Maiihattauville I2)? cents; Carmaiuville 18\; Fort Washington 25 cents. B. MOORF., jv2 Im'rc Proprietor. UAV LINE FOR NEIV PORT AND PROVIDENCE. VIA LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD. On Thursday, the 3d of July, a tram will leave I the De|>ot at Brooklyn, at 8* o'clock, and con Lnect with the Steamer Worcester, at Gr eeu J'on. rare 81. Tlie regular days of running will liereafter be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, commencing next wext. Brooklyn, July 2, IBIS. jyl 2wrc FARE TO BALTIMORE #1. Through in Seven Hour*. NEW CASTLE ANI) FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled SU'.imboat ROBERT MORRIS, Captain M. Douglass, will, on and after Muuday, June 16, leave Dock ?.treet wharf, daily, (excejrt Sundays, ) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive in Baltimore ut about 10 P. M. Fare only $1. This Line is oomposed of the followiug splendid and fast Steamboats:? Robert Morris Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio.,. . Captain L. Davis. Constitution. Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington C&ptain J.Trippe. This Line leaven Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M.? Tickets for Wheeling anu Pittsburg can be procured on board the boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. Fart %'i ? Through in Six liourt. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Klkton, Havre delirace, Itc. "W" vv vy-?^inr On and after Wednesday next. June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced toJJ. The Trains will leave as follows;? From Philadelphia, ] From Baltimore, Depot 11th und Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except 8 A.M. | Daily, exC, Sunday, at 9 A M And Daily, at 4 I'. M . I And Daily, at 8 P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be had at Use Depot, Eleventh and Market sts, . G. H. HUDDELL, Agent. for further information, apply to J. L, sLEMMER, at the office of Adams & Co. 17 Wall street. June 24th. 18t5. . je29ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. ML SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after 14th June, 1844. >Vum Brooklyn Depot ? Bostou Tmiu? 834 A. M- daily, Sundays excepted, stopping st Farmingdale and St. George's Mauor. Accommodation Tiain? 9>* A. M and 4 P. M. for Farmiug dale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Trainer. M. for Greenjiort, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstend, aud Hicks vill -, and all the stopping places between Hick>villc aud Gr?eii|>ort. From Qreenport Depot ? Boston Train, daily. Sundays excepted, at 12)4 o'clock M., or on the arrival of then earners from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At 4 A.M., daily, Sundays excepwd. for Brooklyn find intermediate places. From Farmingdale Depot ? Accommodation Train. O'i A- M. and 2)4 P. M., daily, Snu days excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. From Jumtucu Orpnt ? Extra Traiu, 1)4 P. M. daily, Suudsys excepted, for Brook lyn aud intermediate places. The Boston Trams stop ouly at Farmingdale aud St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following place" on the road, goiug both ways to receive snd delivr passen ei, vii: lor J 8 Deer Tark M East New York 12)4 Thompson 88 RaceCourse 18M Suffolk Station 1 (Ml Trotting Course 18% Lake Road Station 1 1>V Jamaica 24 Medford Station 1 \i\ Brushville 31V Milleville 1 50 Hyde Park , 17 miles 37)} St. George's Manor. ... I 62 Clowsville, (during sea- Riverhead I 62 tion Court,) 37V4 Jamesport 162)4 Hempstead 37)2 Mattetuck I 62% Branch 37), Cutchogue 162)4 Carle Place 44 Southolil 1 62)1 Westbury 44 Greenport, Acc'n. train. 1 74H Hicksville 44 Bosten Train 2 00 Farmingdale 62K Stages are in readiness Ou the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes he fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. It /"Rockaway Baggage taken in ?e[iarate Crates. julOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ADS?l dm- ' KJCPRESS AND PIONEER PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail- ! roads mid Caual? through in 3!, <1 iyj. The above hue is now in full operation and offers great inducements to persona who wish ! a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the inoul approved modern style, the i boats are fitted up in a auperior manner, and every effort ia made I by the proprietors to couduce to the comfort and convenient I ol travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and tii? j great chain of Pennsylvania internal improvemeuts is well woi i thy of being seen. By this route passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant u|>ou stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex l>editious trip. ' The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets and at Nos. I J and 16 South Third sts. A. CUMMlNtiS, Ageut. Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNiSELL. Aeeut lor D. LEECH It CCi.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. myl7 6in*rrc The Trustees of this Kerr) , believing that there arc many of the citizens of New V'ork , FROM BOSTON TO PHILADELPHIA IN A DAY. rp HE TR AINS upon the LONG ISLAND RAILROAD J. are now arranged for passengers to leave Boston at 6 o'clock mil arrive in New York at 4, as was the case last evening; and take the Philadelphia train at quarter before ft, aud arrive there at II P. .VI. myMtf a NOTICE. ? On and alter Monday, the 9th in stant, the car that leaves City Hall at six o'clock in the morning for William's Bridge, will leave at _halfpast live: returning, will leave William's ten o clock. The car that leaves City Hall in the evening at half past si* o'clock for Harlem, will leave at sii o clook, and will run to William's Bridge ; returning,, leave William's Bridge at seven o'clock and twenty minutes. juft rrc WILLI AM8BURGH AND PECK SLIP FERRY. ^ESSJ^ES^and vi.-inity that arc unacquainted with the facilities this terry affords as a pleasant communication with Williamsburg and Long Island, would statu that there ait; two good Fe rry Boats on this Kerry, which leave l'eck Slip every fifteen or twenty minutes through the day up to J o'clock, P. M., and then up to I o'clck, at each even hour and half hour; after which a boat leaves at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Tlie last boat leaving Williamsburg at half-|?st 9 o'clock, 1'. M. P. S ?On the evening of July 4th, the boat will continne to run aatil U o'clock. Jyl Im'rc NOTICE. MTATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. FARE 6'4 CENTS. ... On and after Saturday, 7th Jnne, the Steamboats SYLPH and h T ATEN ISLANDER will leave New York every honr except ft P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. Leave Htaten Island every honr except 4, commencing at 8 A.M., until 7 P. M. jn7m MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY, TROY and intermediate landings, from the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay street. breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New Fork at 7 o'clock. A M., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, and Troy at II o'clock. A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock .A M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 'Pile low-pressure steamboat TWO Y , I aptntii A. < iorhnm, sn Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o clock. The steamboat NIAG ARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o clock. r or pissage or freight, apply on board, or tor. B. Hall, at tlie office <111 the wharf. Notice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank hills, s|>?cie, or any other kind of property taken, shipped, or put on board this boat, must lie at the risk of tlie owners of sucli goods, freikht, bag gage, 8t?'. Jeltrc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, ?at 7 o'clock, T. M.? The steamboat EM PIRE, Captain R. B. Maey, will leave the mboat pier foot of < onrtlandt street, every Tuesday, nrsday and Satnrdav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. Phe steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peek, every M.milay, Wednesday aid Krnlav all. moon, at 7 o'clock. for Passage or Freight apply on board, or at ?he office on the ivharf. )?* ft NfcW KERRY TO FORT HAMILTON, YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. THE Steamboat Hamilton has bean with drawn, and the steamboat WAVE will take .tier place, aud run as follows, until tlie IOLAS la ready? leaving (tier No. I, K. R New York. I Kort Hamilton 7 o'clock A. M. 10 " A. M. ?3 " P, M. 6 " P. M. B o'clock A. M. xa>w " p m. 5 " P. M. I . 7 " P.M. _ . . Fare? ia>? ceuta. r inght taken ou reasonable terms. )y^ 3t*je MORNING BOAT FOFTaLBAN Y, sat and intermediate landings. fli ? ? The spleudid st"amboat SOUTH AM KR.I Captain M. H. Trnesdell, will leave the Toot of Barclay street (north aide of the Kerry) ou Thursday morning, July 10th, at 7 o'clock. IT??- Breakfast and Dinner ou board. For passage apply on board the boat. Usual Landings? Caldwell's, West Point, Newburgh, Pough keensie, Hyde Park, Khinebeck. Redhook, Maiden, Catsktll, Hudson, Coxsackie, Kinderhook and New Baltimore. jy9m I PEOPLES' LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, DAILY? Sundays Excepted?1 Through Di ? reot, at 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between .Courtlaiult and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R G. Cruttenden, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot of Barclay street ; ? Steamboat NEW JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Furey, will leave ou Mouday, Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Sleuinboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Braiuard, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Albn ii V >u ample time for the Morning Train ol Can for the east or west. The Bvauareuew and substantial, are furnished with new and slegaut stare rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un rivalled ou tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All |ier?ons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a written order from the Ca|>tains or Agents. For i>assage or freight, apply ou board the boats, or to P. C. Scnuitz. at the office ou the wharf. je30 m FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ship* CALEDO NIA aud HIBERN1A, will leave Boston for ^the above ports, as follows:? Caledonia, E. G. Lott, E?q., Commander, Tuesday, July 1st Hiberuia, Alex. Ryrie, " " Wednesday, July 16th. Passagi' to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIG HAM, Jr., Agent, 6 Wail st je 26 FOR SALE? The New York built copper fasten reiitd and coppered ship 8YLVANUS JENKINS, ?burthen per register, 6*7 tous? She, carries well, and is well found. Apply to Captain Eveliegh.on buaru. at pier No. I, N. R , or to BOYD St IIINCKEN, jyllrc No. 9 Tontine Building, cor of Wall and Water sts. KOR LIVERPOOL? Packet of the 16th July? .The new packet ship K1DELIA, Captaiu Hackstaff, ___jwill positively sail as above, her rgular day. Abu, tlie splendid packet, ship ROSCIUS, Capt. Eldridge, will positively sail 011 the 26th iust. For passage, having su perior accommodations, apply to jyS-rrc J. HERDMAN. 61 South st. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVER POOL PACKETS - FOR LIVERPOOL-Only .Regular Packet of the ltith of July. ? The new and in iguiticeiit packet ship FIDELIA, 1150 tons burtlieu. Win. (i. Hackst iff, commander, will sail positively on Wednesday, ltith of July. For terms of passage aud to secure the best berths, early ap. pi n'atioii should be made on board, foot of Beekmau street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. jy7ec J5 KuHou street, next door to the Fultou Bank, N.Y. FOll SALE? FREIGHT OK CHAKA t.K-Tlie ? very fast sailing packet ship, MISSISSIPPI, 650 tons, ?built iu this city by Brown ti Bell, salted on the stocks, and renal ted every year, live oak and aud locust top, live oak apron, seuison stern frame, aud forward and after cant frames ? newly coppered and in perfect order for a three years voyage ? lias accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply ou hoard at Orleaus' wharf, foot of Wall stJeet, or to ju6m E. K. COLLINS & Co., 56 South street. KOR NEW ORLEANS? Lou isiana and J>ew York Line Regular Packet, to sail Monday , 21st linstant ? The elegant fast sailing packet ship OSWE . .'apt. Wood, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply ou board, at Orleaus wharf, foot of Walt st, or to E. K. COLLINS sc. CO., 56 South st. Positively no goods received ou board after Saturday evening 19th instant. Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all good* to his adddress. jlrc ' OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT 1' ASS AGE OKKICE, 61 South st.? Passage from EngUud, Ire ?land. Scotland and Wales? Those sending for theii friends would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity ol making their arrangements with the subscribers on very mode rate terms, by lint class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts can as usual be furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South at. The msil steamer Hibernia sails frem Boston ou tlie 16th iust, by w oich letters can be forwarded quickly. mv23 rh KOR GLAStiOW -Regular Packet.? The well known, fast sailing British Barque ANN HARLE Y ?Duncan Smith, master, 450 tons, will meet with quick despatch. Kor freight nr passage, having excellent accommodations apply oil board pier 8 N. R , or so WOODHULL k MINTURNB, jyjrc 87 S mth street PACKET8 FOR HAVRK-Second Line-TV ? packet ship BALTIMORE, Captain Edward Funk, ^will sail on tlie 1st of Angust. p ur freight or passage appl y to BOYD k HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cot. Wall and Water streets iy2 re KOR LONDON? titular packet of llKh Julv? The welMuiown, fast sailing packet ship WEL iLINGTON, Captain Charles Chadwick, will posi tively Mm I as above, her regular day Hiu splendid accommodation! for cabin, second cabin anc steerage paaseniers, whs will be taken at reasonable rate i, it e?il> application be made on boanl the ship, foot ot Mai leii Lane or, to JOSEPH McMURRAY, j2rc Comer of Pine and South street KOR ANT WE R 1'? The splendid ship DEVON mRjmFV SHIRE, Capt. , will meet withqniclt despatch jMgfliBBriii the above port. Kor passage, having handsome furnished accommodations for cabin passengers, and also for second cabin passengers in the house ou declt, apply to je7 J. 1IERDMAN, 61 South street. KOR LlVERPOOL-The superior ship NET TUNE, Captain Peach, will sail on her regul ir day. ? Kor passage, having unsurpassed accommodation? in the Cabin only, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, jcU7 rc 61 Mouth street. KOR LIVERPOOL ? The New Line ? R-gnl.u Packet 21st July? The superior fast sailing Packet shii iIIOTTINGUER, 1050 tons, Capt. Ira Bureley, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor fr? iglu or passage, having excellent and superior sccom modatious, apply to the Captain on board, or to WOO DHL' LL k Ml NTURN, IT South street. Piice of Passage $100. The Packet Ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, Capt John Eldridge, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on her regular day, 2d of August je26 ec FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER? The yen- f??t sailing barque HOME, Captain Watts, built lin Baltimore one year since of the best materials, carries aoout 4,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodation* I'or twenty passengers. Apply to Csptain Watts, on board, at Pike street wharf; or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. il? rc 56 South street. SCOTT'S BAZAAR. No. 3T DEY STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND _ GREENWICH STREET. SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks to his friends and the public at large, for the liberal support re ceived since he has been in business, and hones by the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Segars, are too well known to need comment, A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all times, till twelve at night? such as Beef Steaks, Mut ton Chops, Kried Kidneys, Ham and Eggs, Sardines, i'oached Eggs, Pickled Tongues, Welch Rarebits, Coffee, Tea, lie. A good dinner of Roast or Boiled Meat for Oue Shilling, every day, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught. Good Lodgings for 25 cents and J7)t cents. Cold Cuts at a moment's notice. This House haa been proved, by comparison, for years past, to be the coolest and most comfort able in the city. No House better supplied with English Irish, Scotch and city papers. Always the latest news by the Steamers. Good Rooms for Private Parties always ready at a moment's warning ? free ? gratis? for nothing. je8 lm*ec EXPRESS NOTICE. THE Undersigned being desirous of doing all in their power to sustain the Government in its experiment of giving cheaper postages, herein give notice, that on and after the first day of July next no mailable matter whatever, either open, or in envelopes, or in wrappers, will be received at any of their Offices fur transmission by express, or otherwise. Positive instructions will lie given to their Agents to refuse mailable matter, uuder whatever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON k WELLS, New York and Buffalo Express. New York, June 23, 1845. je23 tl5ju ec MILITARY EQUIPMENTS. H. J. STORMS, 34 FULTON STREET. HAS consUnt'y on li ind, a full assortment of Militaiv and Horse Equipments, according to the United S.ntes and State regulation. Vlso. a variety of Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Trunk*, Valises, lie. kc. Horse Equipments of every style, made to order. jell lm*m /VflS FIELD respectfully informs his fricndsaiid the public Vr that he has arrived la the city and taken quarters at the Uni ted Sutes Hotel, his entrance through the bar, or 196 Water street; where he has a number of Bassford's improved Billiard Tables, on sale or lor playing, and will be hapjpy to have then tried. His bar is well stocked with materialslormakingShcrry Cobblers. White Lions, lie, lu* . jefi I m'rre 111 (W W | LBS. OLD FILES, but little used, for sale? lUjUvvF Also, a lot of Kile Steel and Tools for File making, worthy the attention of mannfacturersand smiths. Ap ply St No IR* Wafer street niv IS lm*re "CAKPETINO. ~ 454 PEARL STREET. Tf HE SUBSCRIBERS have just opened the large and spacious X CARPET WARE BOOMS, No. 4M Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt St Co., and are now ready to offer I tlie public an entire new stock of ' 'ar|?<tiug, bought expressly for the spring trade, some of winch are exceedingly rich, of new de signs ana Colors. Among them max be found? 55 NEW SETTS Kl DM IN ST Ell BRUSSELS. Entirely New. II P8. KIDMINSTKR THREE PLY. Rich Shading. tWERKINE FINE aND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING. . Of every variety and description. Ruga, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, Worsted, Tulled and Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide: together with all other articles usually | found in the trade. The nulilic are requeated to call and examine onrstock before purchasing. pf.TEJlSON It HUMPHREY, m20 2m ?m 454 Pearl street. IS ELT? English Patent Sheathing Kelt, suitable for roofs of | houses ana ship bottoms, a very superior article, and of great benefit not only to the bottom of vessels, but also to the I Copper. For sale by I. K. COLLINS k CO . 56 South st. jefTee TO LET? Kront rooms, furnished or unluruuhed, All suitable for any olfii-r, iu (he Natioual Coffee House, 321 Xj^Broadway. The proprietor re*|?rtfully informs hi* 1 frieuds will the public that he luu a pleasant establishment, iu the vicinity of mercantile busiuess. Billiards aud other imuie tneuU iu the hooae; the price of billiards I1K cents per (am*. The proprietor has a strict regard to thecouilort of his visiters, and that he has combined economy the followiug prices will show:? A room can be liad as low as 25 cents per night aud (1 per week. The porter will he iu attendance at all times during tlie night ; any body who wants to come in at late hours will ring the hall bell. je]0 3w*je tTO LET-The~NEW HOTEL, now finishing at Ho bokeu, immediately adjacent to the ferry? built in mo dem sty If , 45 by 30 feet, three stories, with piazza on two uid containing 17 ro?m?, with a wing JO by 3? feet; two stories containing 7 rooms. This House is beautifully situated, commanding a fine view of the city and harbor of New York. For further particulars apply to James A. Stevens, Jr., at the office of the Hobokfn Laud and Improvement Company, at Hobokeu- je20 3w*rc LOOK AT TfflS ! ! ^ JUST RECEIVED ? Another lot of French Boots, ol [?the best kind and will be sold at ine old price, $5, and the (?best of French Call Boots made to order for $i; City made Calf Boots, SI; and the greatest assortment of Gents (lit ers of all kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the finest Calf Shoes, $2 and %1 60. A great variety of all other kinds. Ladies iu this Store will find a gr?at assortment o( Gaiters, Buskins, blips, Ties. Prunells, Satin, Sic. For au assortment of all other kinds Misses and Children's Boots and Shoes we cannot be beat in thiscity. Do irat mis lake tlie number, 361 Broadway, coruer of Franklin street. ju31m*rh M. CAHILL. m FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50: City Made, aud jVfor style aud durability they are equal to those sold for $5, ? at Y oitng k Co's Imperial French Boot and Shoe Manu faeturing De|>ot. at No. 4 Ann street, one of the most Fash lonable Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for $4 60; equal to those made in other stores for S6 and $7. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Ike., to or der in the shortest notice. Mending, Sic., done in the store. Win. M. Young (k Co. , Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Auu street, New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, and je24 lin*rc H. B JONES. INFERIOR TO NONF. AND SUPERIOR TO MANY. BKAUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, price $2,75, which for beauty of finish can not be surpassed. Also, Drab Beavers, Blue Brush and White Castor Hats, all ol the latest style Also, Pauaina Hats, very low. C. KNOX, _Jel9 lm'rc 1 10 1" uitou st, between William and Nassau. _ MILLS, H ATTE R, 178 BROADWAY, HOWARD HOTEL, {"? HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to which the attention of gentlemeu is invited, at the fol lowing prices, viz French Pearl (a new article) $4 0* Pearl Cassimere 3 50 White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor 3 50 Also, an assortment of Panama, Fiue Palm Leaf, Bohemian, aud other Hula. suitable for the season. jel2 lm*rrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. _ HOWE'S n SUPERIOR STYLE, of Gentlemen*' Summer Hats are J^fewell worthy the attention of those about aupplyingthem selve* with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Ilat, possess ing the richness of a Leghorn, and warranted uot to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consists in part of, Tear! Castiuiere* at .$3 50 Silver Pearl do 3 50 Smooth white Castor 4 00 Long nap white Rocky mountain Bearer C 50 to t Together with au assortment of Panama aud Bohemian Straw Hats, all of the first quality and most faahiouable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William st, my24 lm'rh Merchants' Exchange. MILLINERY AND DRESS MAKING. MRS. ROSE, No. 175 Walker street, New York, re spectfully solicits a call from Ladies wishing any thiug in the Millinery or Dress Making line. jel4 lm'rh LADIES' FASHIONABLE HATS. Qyl CARL KING, the well known aud celebrated first premium Straw Hat aud Lace Neopolitan Manufacturer, 17 Division street, informs the public that his Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of a superior quality , and war ranted to clean, made iu the most fashionable shape, called tlie Cottage Gipsey. N. B. ? Lace Neapolitan Hats S2 each. Milliners supplied by the case or doz?n at reasonable prices, at the Laee Neapolitan Manufactory. 17 Division street. m28 lm?rc CARL KING _ 1M PORT ATION OK WATC H E8. RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship Zurich, an assortment of Watches and Movements of every description and of first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DELACHAUSE & MA IRE, ju7 lm*re No. 127 Fulton street, New York. KOULSTONE'S RlDiN(i SCHOOL, 137 Riirt 139 Mercer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROUL8TONE h is the liouor to inform his friends and the public iu general, that his School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open ay dU'l evening, as follows . ? Hours far Geuilemt-u from 6 to 8 A. M. " ** Ladies " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M Turns of instruclion made knowu ou application to Mr. ' Houlstoue. Mr. H. lias just received from .the country several hue and stylish Saddle Horses, which ho is authorised to sell at a rea I souable price. mv7rc_ BURDKN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOES BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealers in hardware iu the United Suites are nil warranted per feet in form and made of the very best refilled iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of iron in the bar. Every shoe which may be found not iu accordance with the above recommendation will be received hack and the money refunded, with all erpeuses from the most distant parts of the ?onnfry. Dl 0 H. BURDEN. Agent, my II lm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. Me PUBLIC SALE OF THE MONROE RAIL ROAD AND BANKING CO. iivnDnii ) Decree of the Special Jury in relation to the inu5. i? ( Monroe Rail Road and Banking Com Bibb County $ p,nT. WE, THE J URV, tind and decree, that the Monroe Rail Road from Macon to its terminus at Marthas ville, in the county of DeKalb, both the part thereof which has been com pleted and in operatiou, *"<1 the part thereof which is iu an un finished condition, and -ill the property, equipments, and effects therewith connected, is subject to the payment of the debts oi the Monroe Rail Road and Banking Company? that the said Company is insolvent and wholly unable to |>ay its debts afore said; and from its embarrassments is unable to complete said Road, and keep the same in operation. so as to answer the (treat public objects contemplated by tha Legislature. We further find that there are creditors of various descriptions of said Cam r, vir.: holders of the banknotes issued by said Company, Jers of bonds isiuad for work and materials for said Road, judgment creditors, creditors holding certificates mands for work, labor and materials for said Rail Road, and cre ditors claiming to be mortgage creditors of said Company, and all other creditors not here enumerated ; and that there are among them creditors claiming a priority of right in respect to their demands; and we further decree that the said Rail Road, and all the property, equipments and effects therewith connect ed, and all the property belonging to said Company, and all the rights, privileges and franchises in any manner belonging or ap pertaining to said Monroe Rail Road and Banking Company lie ?old at public sal* at the couit house in the county of Bibb, by David C. Campbell, Abner P. Powers, James A. Nisbet, S min i B. Hunter, and Thomas Hardeman, commissioners, or a majority of them, on the first Tuesday in August next, after giving two months public notice iu the gazettes of Macon, tlrifin and Savannah, and th?t the proceeds of said sale ba paid to the Clerk ofthis Court, who is ri-quir* d to deposite the same for safe keeping ou special deposite in the Agency of the Me chanics' B.uik in the city of Macon, and that public notice be given to the creditors of said Company to file their respective claims, or a schedule thereof in the Clerk's office of this Court by the lirst Monday in October next; and that the snid credi tors, if any controversy should arise respecting said cjauns, then litignte aniung themselves, in, respect to all objections which would or might have been available against them by said Com pany if said sale liad not been made in relation to matters of set off. and whether they be subject to objection on account of tjir stature of limitation, non-performance of contracts, or otnei cause, embracing the quantum of consideration, paid for the claims or any oftnem, and also that the liens claimed by the re spective creditors be then and there also investigated andadjudi cated; and we 'urther decree that the purchasers of said Rail Road succeed to all the obligations of said Company in respect tp the completing, equiping and keeping the said Road in opera tion ,as intended and designed by the act of incorporation. but not to extend toal ability aidebts contracted prior to said sale; and that alter said sale, upon demand or notice, the stockholders in said Company transfer to the purchaser the stock held by him, her or them in said Company or that the title be transferred by said Commissioners iu the same manner as is provided by law 1 for the transfer of bank stock when sale thereof is made by the Sheriff; and we further decree, that for the keeping of said Road in operation for the tune intervening between the day of the passing of this decree and tlie day of sale, the receipts on the said Road be applied, and that if said receipts should not he suf ficient for said purpose, that the balance be paid from the pro ceeds of the sale aforesaid; and we further decree that William B. Parker as trustee in charge of said Road and appurtenances until the sale of the aforesaid property is completed, make monthly returns of the amount of receipts thereon, and file the same with tlie Clerk of (his Court, and also of accounts for keeping the same in repair and operation, exhibiting a specific statement in aacli of the number aud description of officers, agents and hands employed thereon, the valua of the hireof each per month, aud the quantity, quality and value of materials purchased, subject to the examination and approval of the Court, and the costs aud other axpeuses he paid from the pro ceeds of sale. JAA1ES DEAN, Foreman. Atrue ettrartfrom the minutes of Bibb Superior Court, May term, 1*15. HENRY O. ROSS, Clerk. By virtue of the above decree, the undersigned will sell be fore the conrt house door, iu the city of Macon, on the first Tuesday in Augnst next, at 13 o'clock, M. ihe whole line of the Monroe Hail Road from Vlacon to Marthasvillr, in the county of D? Kalb, and all the property, eqnipments ana effects there with connected, and all the pro|<erty belonging to said Comca- ; ny. and all the rights, privileges and franchises in any manner i belonging or ap|>ertaiiiing to said Monroe Rail Hoail and Bank- j iag Company, embracing not only the Road, but the various de pots , work-shops, ware-nouses, engines, cars, iron, tools, equip ineut*, and all mid every thing appertaining and belonging to | said Road Also, the entire assets belonging to said Monro* Raid Road I and Banking Company, embracing subscriptions for stock liu E'i, including the subscription of the State of Georgia for ,0(M), and all debts, demands, and claims of every kind anil :ription, due to or belonging to said Monroe Rail Hoad and Beak lag Company, a full schedule of which may ba saea, on application to M. L. Gray bill, at tlie office of said Company. The length of the Road is 101 miles, the whole of which is ft ided to its liinction withthe Western and ABantic Rail Hoad. 'he substructure has been completed au the Whole road, except four and a half miles. The Road is in use to Joneaborougn, eighty miles, and is equipped with five locomotive engines, three passengers cara, eighteen freight cars, wheels and axles for eight other freight cars, aud one stationary engine. The terms of sale cash, to be paid immediately to the Commission ers; aud on failure of purchasers to comply, so mucb of the property asmaj he bid off by such defaulting purchasers, wil be forthwith resold .it their risk. 0AVI1) C CAMPBELL, ) ABNKR P. POWERS, J JAMES A. NISBET. { Commissioner SAMUEL B. HUNTER. THOMAS HARDEMAN, J Macon. Oa . May 26. ISO jelTtoau.') rc MOHAWK AND II' DSON RAILROAD COMPANY BONDS OK 1*16. INTEREST on the above Bonds, duel st July, willbeiwid to the holders onprcsentarion vtthe office of DREW. ROBINSON It CO., *2 Wall st. New York, June 28, 18IJ. jeS7 l?*ec L A N O L E Y,' S DISCUTIENT CORN PLASTER, HAS been long known in England, and is warranted a eertain and speeuy CURE. It la spread, ready for use Sold at Dr.W.H.Milnor's, 192 Broadway; 771 Rroadway; 114 Canal st.; 127 Bowery; 193 hast Broadway; 308 Greenwich street; 41 Suth Avenue, and E. L. Cotton s, Bleecker street. rr^Pnce 2J cant*. jail lm'ec Sew Orleans. [Correspondence of the Herald.] NkwOri.kank, June 27, 1846. Ob/iet/nies of General Jackson ? Apprehension of Yet lotv Fever, and Departure ? from the City ? Death of the unfortunate Mitt BUmchard ? Rumors of War with Muxico ? TV Law Court t ? The Belle of Saratoga. Vou will perceive from this morning's papers the great respect our citizens paid to the memory of Gen. Jackson. What a sight ? one so grand and j im|>o8in<: was never before seen by the good citizens i of the Crescent City. Thousanes wrapped in mourn ing, and deploring the loss of him whose name will ever shine bright in the long list of freedom's cham- : pions. His fame is his country's, and so long as I the star-s|>angled banner shall wave unsullied over ' Liberty's home, will the names of Washington, Jackson and their copatriots live in the kind re- i meinbrance of every American. Our stores and I jroblic houses were closed during the day, and I shrouded in black. All was gloom and sadness. Generously has New Orleans paid the last sad rites which she owed to that great man. Our goodly city is almost entirely deserted. The old French ? and they seldom miss'it ? say we are to be visited by the yellow fever, m all its horrors, this summer, fivery boat and craft ? and their name is legion ? that leaves our levee, is crowded to the brim. The " Westerner" oflers h?s prime sorn and prime pork at prime cost? not ut all anxious to re main and sec "sights." The Yankee no longer i talks of his bold speculation in expectancy , but is fast collecing his " little dues," that he may be in the land of codfish, and pork and beans, when Yel low Jack shall make his unwelcome appearance. He is 110 longer willing to " beard grim death in his den." Hut Lord ! we nave enough priests here to cheat the devil out of two such worlds as ours. The young and beautiful unprotected girl. Miss Rlanchard, who, some days since, in the face of day, and in the presence of hundreds of our citizens, shot the scoundrel who robbed her of her fair fame, hlabted her hopes und expectations, and made her a mother, died yesterday, either from the effects of poison or the ravages of an insane mind. Such has been the cruel fate of u beautiful and innocent, Kentucky ^irl, who had left her home and friends to seek a fortune in the South. She passed from the abode of innocence, fearless and regard less of the ordinary trials and hurdships of the world ; but ere she again greeted the welcome smile of her fond parents, the villain, under the garb of pure love, committed his damned and aiabolical deed, and plunged her into death. Our laws furnish no redress for so dark a crime. The man still lives ; but may he sufler the tortures of hell. May " gob lins damned'' haunt him to his grave ! There was a rumor afloat this morning that Mex ico had actually declared war. It is doubtless a hoax, as the papers make no mention of it. She had bet ter attempt to suppress the violent internal convul sions which are now shaking her government to its very centre, and will, ere long, uproot its founda tions. Santa Anna is the only man who can steer her ship of state clear of the shoals and quicksands of utter ruin. They are slaves, and can never know how to enjoy the blessings of a free government. ? Tyranny must reign within her boundaries until the Anglo-Saxon American shall preside at her council halls. Capt. Elliott is still iu;re, waiting for de spatches. He is anxious to get back to England, he says, and retire from public life. lie has spent a fortune and thirty-three years in his country's cause, without recompence. He modestly advises an im mediate removal of our national ships from the Guli, or "the want of water, the ravages of the yellow fe ver, und one good drubbing from Old England, will make you regret it." Sucn is the empty talk of H. B. M. Minister to Texas. I wonder if nis anxious mother knows he is out. Our Courts are on the eve of adjourning, to meet mrain for the last time under the old constitution.? 1 ne new one mukes a clear sweep of them all, save the District Courts, the number of which are in creased. The abolition of our Criminal. Probate and petty Courts, especially those of the city, holes of corruption and vice, is one grateful duty, if none other, which our late convention performed. Many will vote for the adoption of the new constitution on this one ground alone. The lawyers, poor souls, have not had a rich harvest of it the last winter. Al ready they are striking North, South, East and West, in quest of friends and pleasure. They are our great men, and our high-souled chaps ? ever ready ana wil ling for work or fun. By the by, the Clerk of the United States Circuit Court, Duncan N. Hennen, has been jxditely requested by our honest old Judge, McKinley. to respectfully resign on Monday next. It is saidne "oes immediately to Europe to soothe kis grief, und squander away nis ill-gotten g'lins. He even ho|>es for an office from the hands ofMr. Polk. Uncle Sam. I think, had better examine his accounts 1 first, and learn the whv and wherefore she paid him $18,000 for our late Marshal, Holland. Friend Bennett, give the fair one, the belle of Sar atoga last summer, a hearty welcome to your shores. She left our "nice young gentlemen of fortunes" sadly disappointed. But if your trickish Yankees are not smart, we will show you next winter that all impossibilities are not impossible: or, as a darkey said yesterday, lying on the sunny side of the pavement, the thermometer at 102 in the shade, " I'll show you, Pete, a circumstance." Did you say she was worth $500,000 ! What ! Who threw that last brick-bat ? Hartford. Hartford, July 7, 1845. Minder, Most Foul ? Arrest of the Supposed Cul prit . In this puritan, pious, wicked and corrupt city, in the "land of steady habits," a horrible murder was commuted on Thursday night last, but it was not known until yesterday. About noon yesterday, (Sunday) the body of a man was discovered in the Connecticut river ? apparently having floated a short distance ? against the eastern j>ier of the Great Hridge. l |>on taking him out ojt the water, he was | recognised us Moses Whitney, from 35 to 40 years j of age, of Cabotville, Massachusetts, (where he lias ! a brother,) who had been in this city, about the Fer- ' ry and Commerce street "hells." A Coroner's in- i quest was immediately summoned, and after the | examination of the body by three of our most emi- j nent physicians, and after several hours examina- ! tion of different witnesses, the jury rendered a ver- | diet of found murdered, by some |<erson or persons unknown. The deceasea had been struck twice or thrice on his head and side, and had evidently struggled with his murderer. On Thursday he whs seen to have considerable money with him, and a watch and metallic chain, and a cane with the head of Jackson engraved thereon. The cane and watch chain have been seen in the possession of a Ferry street thimble rigger, and for whom the officers to day are in scarcnTGreatexcitement lias been caused by this murder ? and well there might be, for the two last prior murders committed nere, the culprits I have not been detected ? because officers did not do their duty. ( >nly ninety-six.cents were found in Ins possession when taken out of the water. From certain declarations ? not proper now to j state ? made on Thursday by a low-bred fellow be- | longing to the Commerce and Ferry street gang, and ; from other mysterious and suspicious movements, Annm White was last evening arrested under the following circumstances One of our police offi cers had been, to h?s knowledge, on the watch for him at a certain Commerce street groggery, where hr was secreted, when he slipped out the back way: but when about a nule from thence in north meadows, >eein? three men walking in the same direction with himself, and mistaking them for an officer and assistant he started upon a run ? when the three, thinking the fellow acted queer, halloed to In in, but he run the harder and they after hint. After a considerable chase, they found he had se creted himself in some bushes ? and before they spoke to him, he said lie didn't kill Whitney? he wished the man whs here that did, as he could then get clear ? he knew who did it. Two of them took nim into custody and the other went in search ol an ollicer, by wriom, in a short time, he was com mitted to jail to await an examination. Summer Reside nee. PkarSir ? Knowing, as I do. the meansof distribu tion of information afforded through the medium of your valuable sheet, f take this opportunity of inform ing the rusticating portion of the community of the existence of a certain beautiful spot, situated about thirteen miles back of Psekskill? Lake Mahopnc. It is a splendid place, and within but few hours' travel of this metropolis. You can take the Columbus tor Peekskill at 7 o'clock in the morning, arrive at IVekskill about 12 o'clock, where you will find Fowler's line of stages, or Mr. Monk's excellent ! team, in readiness to convey you to the F,ake, which you reach in time for dinner at Mr. Monk's well kent house, the host and hostess of which are very obliging and agreeable. Many excellent fish are caught in abundance in the lake, Mr. Monk be- , ing always ready to furnish row, sail and fishing boats, lines, baits, t? his boarders, free of ex pense ; besides which, there are numerous delight ful drives about the country. By giving this an insertion in your |>aper, you will much oblige a subscriber and constant reader of the Herald. Varieties* The Caracas " El IM*raT' of the 1 1th ult. states that "Th? ban | ne Venezuela, Captain Dill, will *11 from Laguayra for Philadelphia un the lTth ioat., with a large number of passengers, among whom are Commodore John D. Daneli, one of the patriot* of the Revolution, and Mr. John P. Adams, the active and (illuatrado) emi nent American Consul at Laguayra, whose family are sick at Baltimore. Several young Caracanaana will I also embark in the Venezuela, to be educated in the eel- I ebrated college (St. Mary's) in Baltimore, and who will be under tho guardianship and friendly care of Mr. Ves- 1 pasian Kllis, the preseut Charge d'Affaires of the United States, in Vene/.nela, upon his return to this country." ! They have adopted a new flag lor Flerida, on the I occasion of her entrance into the Union. Its motto 1 speaks volumes. The colors were prepared by u com mittee, who presented them to the Senate and the House, and they were immediately placed over tho speaker's chair. The motto is, " Lot us alone.'' A bull-light, which took place at Madrid on the > Oth, was one of the finest of the season ; 'it horses were killed on tho occasion ! Another affair of the same kind is to come oft'shortly, for the especial gratification of the diplomatic body ; and among them Mr. Livingston, Sec retary to the American Legation. Some time since the authorities of Boston adopted a law against smoking in the streets of that city. The " Jeater'' says that in the pursuance ol this law, a watch man recentiv took to the watch-house a hasty-pudding which had been set out to cool, and asserted that he found it smoking in the streets. Or. Simpson, Dr. Macleod of Morven, and Dr. 1 Macleodof Dalkeith, have been appointed by the Gene ral Assembly of the Church of Scotland, a "Deputation | to America." For what other purpose is not stated. It is said that Daniel Webster, alter having be come eligible by citizenship, will be sent, if possible, by the whigs of New Vork city, to the State Convention. ? i Mr. Van Buren will also be a member. j The Portsmouth (N. II ) Academy was set on , tire a few days since, by India crackers thrown upon the roof. By much exertion the building was saved from j destruction. Dr. Durbin has resigned the Presidency of Dick- ' inson College, and accepted the pastorate charge of l'n ion church, in Philadelphia. We understand that the Hon. B. G. Shields', j Charge d'Afl'aires to Venezuela, has taken passage in the ! barque Venezuela, which will leave this port to-<lay for I.aguayra.? Phil. Timet. An invoice passed through the Boston Custom House the other day, written in phonographic characters, and containing the regular official marks and endorse ments. There were JOO.OOO letters in phonographic characters sent through the British po>t office last year. A farmer iii the neighborhood of Axminster has ; lately discharged one of his laborers on tho sole ground > of his wife being a witch. I Two Messrs. Nelson, father and son, were drown I ad last Monday in attempting to ford a stream greatly | swollen by a fall of rain, in Pendleton couuty, Va. j Mrs. Cox, wife of Warren Cox, was struck dead ' by lightning at Portland. Me., on Thursday last. ; Thee orner stone of the State Capitol of Tennes j see was to be laid last Friday. I Col. Stone, of the Plattaburs; lie}>ublican,aiter edi j ting that paper over thirty years, has just found time to get married. Breach of Promise Trial ? Mary Ann Rhodes vs. N \ than Miuler ? This was an action brought j by the plaintiff against the defendant for a Breach of ! Promise ol' Marriage. K. Van Buren and K. Qtiin. for plaintiff'-, D. Rumscv, Jr., and W. Barnes, for defendant. I As is usual in sucfi causes, there was considerable anxiety manifested by the spectators to catch a glimpse of the parties, particularly the aggrieved. They un doubtedly exacted to soe some blooming mai<|*n, sighing like a furnace for the loss of her faithless lof?r, appealing to the strong arm of the law to protect her injured innocence, and render her some little compensa tion in dollars ind cents lor the irreparable iujury ; and last, though not least, teach all graceless scamps, to be careful in future, how they make promises but to break them. But no, the Plaintiff, though n maiden ladv, was aot young, nor was she strikingly beautiful, although she might have been at the age of sweet sixteen,'' in the I eyes of a very passionate lover, but now, alas ! the , mischievous fingers ol time hnd stolen many a charm. I leaving unmistakable and indelible evidenoe upon her ! features, that she was several years, at least, the blind I side of thirty ? i. e. thirty and upwards. Herappearanor I was respectable? her manner precise and dignified, hei j countenance indicating a fixedness of purpose, not to ! commit suicide or die of a broken heart? but to make 1 her recreant lover paj roundly for trifling with her I affections. The defendant was a widower, we should j udge, about 46, a i>lain sort ol a farmer, with nine children, worth tome $A,000 ? which counsel alleged was an important consideration with the fair plaintiff in bringing her suit, as listing to his on the start. It appeared in testimony that the defendant, soon after losing his'first wife, began to think about getting another, talked to the old women of the neighborhood about being lonesome? wanted [u house-keeper ? could nt stand it so, Sic., which, as a matter of course, enlisted their sympathies. Ho finally stated his case to a Mr. Dolt told Dim he wished to get married? did not like to marry a woman with a family, because he did not want two kinds of children, and for a reason not altogether dis similar. he was unwilling to wed a maiden lady, unless of a certain, or rather of an uncertain age. t'pou this statement, said Bolt intimated that Miss Mary Ann Rhodes, or Tolly, as he called her, would be just ? fit, and consented to bccome a proxy, or a sort of con ductor of mutual love and affection between the two saw Miss Rhodes, made known his business to her, she exclaiming, with some surprise and much apparent regret, " why rould'nt I have known this before,'1 foi alack and alas, she was engaged to be married to another man in about a week. No time was to be lost, a per sonal interview of lovers was thought advisable? was had? when and where it was agreed ny andfbetween the said lovers, that the said Miss Rhodes should most un feelingly an?l ungraciously sack her former beau, after | which she and the defendant were to become one fleah.? This was accordingly done? we mean, the fellow was sacked ? and he like a true bhilosopher, to show that there was no love lost, also that he was punctual in all I his business transactions, wooed, won and wed another damsel in about a week thereafter, so that he was married at the time first appointed, though not to Miss Rhodes. Time passed on. Miss Rhodes carefully preserving the wedding dress prepared for the first occasion, for the second, and making some other preparations? but Mr. Miller, in the mean time, becoming enamored of a more youthful and blooming maiden, anil in turn, gave Miss Rhodes the " mitten," for which she brings suit, kc. The proofs of the contract and the violation thereof, by tho defendant, were clear and conclusive; Bolt and certain old ladies, cognisant of the facts, being quite efficient' witnesses, an admonition to all widowers and bachelors to do their courting in propria prrtona, nnd be careful how they trust their secrets to others' keeping The defendant alleged, by way of defence, that the plaintiff came into the court with a had grace to recover damages of him for practising upon her what she had played off unos another, anil attempted to show in mitigation of damages, if not in bar of the action, the plaintiff's general bad character in the the neighborhood in which she lived, that aa improper intimacy had existed betweon her and tho witness Bolt, for years , but the proof of these allegation* was not very- conclusive, it seoms, to the minds of the jury, it being little more than a repetition of neighborhood gossip, and various sur mises and insinuations of gai -ulous old women, after having regaled themselves witl Voung Hyson. One witness, however, was brought upon the stand who swore to enough, but the jury, it seems, would not believe him. His testimony, if true, showed him a most shameless villain ? if false, a very dangerous one and if the jury entertained any doubts of his having impeached himself, they were pretty effectually dispelled by the testimony of other witnesses. The proofs being closed, the cause was ably 'dimmed up, on the part ol the defendant by W. Barnes, Ksq?? eloquently by R. Van Buren, on tho part of the aggrim - eil. His Honor, the Judge, committed the cau?e to the Jury in a charge which showed him not insensible to the wrongs of lovely woman, and the Jury, after due deli beration, returned with a Terdict for the plaintiff of four hundred dollars, to compensate her for lacerated feelings, blighted hopes and crushed affections the loss of a hus band worth five thousand dollars, and ? nine children. Slntban Court* r. Lai'nch or the Stephen. ? This new sirfimhont was laiin? hed at ilunimondsport on Saturday last, in presence of the hundreds assembled to witness the ceremony. Being loosened from the stocks, she slid oft upon the' gently heaving hosom of tke lake, as gentle as ever swan kissed its crested waves, the prolonged cheers of the multidude testifying that it was genteelly done. The ketika, freighted with a large number of the citi /.ens of renu-Vaii, lay off upon the lake about a hundred yards distant, at times careering about in half sportive mood? now approaching a* if to greet - and now retreat ing with a half jealous air from this strange "water fowl," as if at a loss to know w hy she should thus unbid den intrude upon her own hitherto undisturbed domin ions. The dimensiona of the Steuben are as follows Extreme length 13-i feet, breadth of beam I9i feet; ex treme width of deck J."? feet; depth of hold 7] feet; ton nage 100 tons. Benjamin Terry, New York, builder. Captain, John Uregg.? Sttubrn Courier. Murbkk a*i> A*ti-Rknt Trials.? The special Court of Oyer and Terminar lor the county of Rennselaer, Judge Pakkkr presiding, commences its session to-day. The trial of <Jreen for the murder of his wife, anil of three of the prisoners connected with the Anti Rent movement, indicted for manslaughter, will be heard. The Attorney fleneral has been required to as sist in the prosecution of these cases We are requested to state, that inconsequence of Judge f' .taunt's engage ments in this duly, no motion Court in Chancery willpe held by him before tho next stated ( hancerv term for the Third Circuit, which will commence on the second Monday of August naxt. Thk Milwaukie Fleet. ? The number of vessela belonging to Milwnukie is twenty-six nail and one steamboat, with an aggregate tonnage of '.147* ton*. ? This of course is not bringing into account the great number of vessels from all the lakes that are constantly at the wharves. The first vessel launched at Milwankie was called the Sol. Juneau, from the name of the owner, and was set afloat in IH37. She wa? 90 ton* burthen. ? Since w hich time the tonnage has increa-ed to the amount before mentioned More Slav* Cahim. ? ' The Olive, a! Boat on irom Bahia, whence ahe sailed on tbe 3l?t ol May We learn by her that the U. S. brig liainbridgr, lr>>m Rio Janeiro, had made nei/jire <>t bri^ Albert ol Boston, Capt. Woodbury, on a charge ol pertirij?t ing in the slave trade. The Bctlot- Foil of yeii da) , ?*y > (? ( . i.onug k.?i , commissioner, held a cot this morning lor the poiy>? of binding over the following viImmm, troujli Mm iu the brig Porpoise, to testify at Portland, on *.k? leth. e*> the complaint of W. L. Bum. bailiff', against < ) ru > Lib bey, lata master of the Porpoise. charged with aiding utd abetting in the slave trade: John K. Peer, 'l.wat ' * Navy, prize-master of the Porpoise, Peter Jokmim Mill Tower, John William*, John h Paine, < harlea llrndrx k and George William*, leameu, and ?imi ol Lhe crew el the Porpoiie, and William Sage William Patteraee John Muller, and Hani Hanion, ol the brig Kent art) supposed to have been a consort ol the I'orpoiae Also two fine looking African boys, about 14 vear? of eg* bought an slaves by the supercargo of th? Kentucky and known onl v by the dames of Pedro and < iillaume la 4e fault of bail the witnesses were placed in the custody ef the U. H. Marshal, Col. I. O. Barnes. The two *lavee were somewhat apprehensive at the flrat that they were to be eaten up by the white men. bat were soon soothed by the kind attentions of Henry Harris, Keq , I S Da pa ty Marshal, who convinced th'cm by his paternal aian ? ner, that they had nothing to fear, ' apt l ibba> . ol the Porpoise, is now under arrest at Portland Special Trains kor ikk Spriv.> A new ar rangement, tor the 8|>ecial accommodation ol die pleasure travel to the Springs, has just been r oeipleted by the Mohawk and Hudson, and Saratoga and Ncksasc tady Hail road companies. Two special trains in la run daily (Sundays excepted) between Saratoga and Al hany, leaving this city at hall past eight in the morning, and at half past three in the aheruoon, and Saratoga si tij A.M., and 3] P.M. On Sundays there will be but one train, leaving Albany at 8] A. M , and the Springs at 3} P. M. These trains, being specially intended far tra vellers going to and returning from the Springs, will run through without any change of baggage, and in the short time of two hours and a naif. The hours af depar ture from each end of the route are wall chosen. Tra vellers from the South, coming up in the night boat, alter un hour's rest and a good breakfast at one of ear many excellent hotola (and no city in the lTnion can beast of better) , can take the morning train to Saratoga at hall iiast eight, and after a pleasant ride of two and a half hours, without anv delay, confusion, or change of bag gage, will reach the Springs by eleven. Or, if dasiroua of making a longer stay in ourcity, thev can remaiu un til the afternoon train at 31 o'clock, which starts from here an hour and a hall after the usual dinner hour at our hotels. Returning, persons whose business orincli natioh requires or prompts them to spend a portion of a day in Albany, can take the morning train at o'clock from Saratoga, bieakfast at Schenectady, and reach here by 10 o'clock; while those taking the afternoon train will arrive in ample season for the evening boate U? New York. This new arrangement offers to travellers visiting fca ratoga, not only the most direct and most expedition*, but the pleasantest and cheapest route to the levari W> watering place of America. The road is in excellent order, the cars of the first class, the agents and conduc tors intelligent and trustworthy men. Combining the advantages of despatch, directness and economy, we can not doubt that these spec ialjt rains to the Springs will re ceive the preference and patronage of the travelling pub lic. ? Albany Journal, July 7. U. S. Iron Steamer Spencer.? It will be recol lected that this vessel started from New York a week or two since, bound to Galveston, Texas, and was obliged to return in oonsequence of leaking badly. She is now upon the Marine Haiiway at the Dry Dock, New York, undergoing repairs. We learn from a gentleman attached to her, whose politeness will be remembered with pleasure, that she will never plough the ocean again, being an unsafe vessel in her present condition, and totally unfit to navigate the sea where there is any heavy swell. Her keel does not possess sufficient strength, and in pitching and rolling upon the turbulent waves, it springs and opens her iroa seams, letting in more water than her punius can free. It will require a large sum of money to put ner in a condition to navigate the ocean.-? The government has ordered her to remain on the New York station, and all her cruising hereafter will be con fied to New York bay and harbor, and like the old steam er Fulton, she is as bad as condemned. Her Loper pro pellers, which were put on to her in this city, have fully unswered every expectation, but her engine is said to be faulty. Thus has another of Uncle Sam's experiments failed, and a large sum of money been expended to very little purpose. VV'e are sorry lor it, as she is a very beau tiful craft above the water line, handsomely and conveni ently fitted interiorly, with one exception, and her arma ments and equipment* are of the very best kind. The exception alluded to is the berth deck for the seamen, in the forward part of the vessel, the after bulkhead of which immediately joins the boiler, and when under steam the place is so hot that the men, unless they be sa lamanders, stand a chance of being roasted. Further Mexican Items. ? l'|)on recurring to our liles of JMexictn we find & few more items of news which may interest Home of our reader*. It apjiears that Gen. Kenglon, in his desperate attempt to effect a revolution, employed an his war cry " Bant* Anna and Federation"? a preposterous combination for all who arc familiar with the political history of the late Dictator. It is stated that the i'reaident, Gen. Herrera, with his cabinet, were held prisoners by the insurgent* for three hours and a half. Their deliverancetis attributed to tlio firmness of Herrera himself and the fidelity of the Government troops. Signor Torre, the editor of El Siglo, XIX.. was dangerously wounded during the affray. Gen. Renglou himself fled, upon the disastrous issue of hi* ' attempt. | Among the? candidates for the Presidency, besides those we mentioned on Thursday, it Gen. Nicolas Bravo, renowned in the military annals of Mexico. We learn fiat the guns had been manned at the Castle | of San Juan ic Ulla, near Vera Cruz, and that the garri 1 son are dili ently engaged in target practice, in order to 1 bring their runn'errinto the most'eflective possible state , This looks a little bellicose, but in rase of hostilities : with this country, they will need all the skill they can I readily acquire. it is stated that many of the men employed by Mr. Cumminger upon the 'projected railroad between Vera | Cruz and Jalapa have either died, or else are down with I the yellow fever, which is raging with great virulence on the Mexican coast. ? JV. O. Pic., Ju n* M. Indian Troubles. ? A few. days ago a party of 1 Chippewas came down to fit. Peters to get pay for 1 some wood delivered by them. Whilst there, two of fheir number went out, and from a place of concealment, fired on two Sioux Indians who were passing, and killed 1 one ol them. This creatod a furious excitement among 1 the tribe of the Sioux; they collected, and would have ' exterminated the whole party of Chippewas had they not been prevented by the L'nited States troops, who promptly turned out and took the Chippewas into the tort. The murder was committed on Sunday; on Mon day a treaty was held, bv which the Chippewas pledged 1 themselves to arrest and deliver up the murderers, and to leave two of their number as hostages lor the faithful Krformance of their promises. This restored peace. ? e Sioux live in tho neighborhood of St. Peters, and | the Chippewas higher up. They are ancient enemies.? | Si. Louis Era, Jane 18. French Fleet. ? The Alabama, from Pensacola, reports a French fleet oft' that harbor on the 25th j iustant, going in. We shall learn by the next arrival whether these vessels are in addition to the French naval force already in the Gulf. The appearance oi a strong French armament may well be expected, considering the ticklish posture of the relations between that power and Mexico. Before the insult to the French Ambas sador, it was thought there was cause enough to bring about another brush. But Mexico seems deter mined that if France does not go to war, it shall not be for want of provocation. The affront to the Ambassador has been followed by outrages upon French citizens, which will no doubt aggravate, in the eyes of that 0o vernment, the offences already committed.? N. O. Bulle tin, June "iS. Camp Schuyler.? The encampment of the Na tional Guards, on the course at the Bull's Head, at tracts hundreds of spectators. It is indeed well worth a visit. The tents are pitched with military precision; the regiment is under excellent disciplne; the music, by Dodsworth's Band, is beyond praise, and the drills and parades afford excellent specimens of "the pomp and cir cumstance of glorious war." The hour for evening pa rade is six o'clock, and as that is towards the cool of evening, it is the favorite time for visiting the encamp ment. We hope that our crti;ens will endeavor to make the leisure hours ef the National Guards pass pleasant ly. The regiment is an honor to the State and to the militia service. Albany Journal. July 7. Larof. Fire r\ Troy. ? Last nisjht about eleven o'clock, die Mount Olympus Flour Mills, in the up per part ul the city ol Troy, and the Woollen Micloij. not now in operation, and 11 plaster mill adjoining, were consumed by flip. We do not learn the amount of loss, oi on whom it falls. The flame was visible in this city , and several of our fire companies were out with their machines, supposing it to be in the north part of the city . ' Jllhany .Hint, July 7. _ Distressing Suicide. ? We learn trom the Leon ardtown, (Md.) Btacon , that Mr. William S. Crane, an estimable young man, who has for several years cai ried on the mercantile business at the Factory near that place, was found drowned on Wednesday last, in the pond adjacent to the factory. He left a note saying "this is my own act." No cause is assigned for the rash deed. Death of (.Jen. Dawsow. ? We learn with regret, snys the New Orleani Picayune of the J6th ult., the death of "en. J. U. Dawson, member of Congress ftoin the Third District of this State, who expired at his residence near St. Franc isville on the Mth iast. General D. was ? man of generous impulses and chivalrous hearing, uni versally pomilar in Feliciana, and his loss is much re gretted by all who knew him. A Strange Visitor. ? The Montreal Pilot of th* 3d inst. mentions the appearance of a large Ash of the whale species in the river opposite St. Helen's Island, which, when blowing, projected the water to the heif lit of 18 or 20 feet. Several shots had been fired at it, but there was no hit made, and no blubbering. Vermont. ? The whig State convention asaembM at Montpeller, on the -id inst The following nomina-. tions for State officers were made . For (Jovsrnor, Wm. ttlade ; for Lieut Governor, Horace F.aton ; for Trea surer, John Spaulding.

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