Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 13, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 13, 1845 Page 1
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I T H E N E W YORK HERALD. 9 4 I t NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 13, 1845. ph?,w.c..^ THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation ? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Pric* 3 oeuU poi copy? $7 26 per annum ? payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD? Every Saturdny? Price CJ cent* per copy ? $3 lilt cent* per annum ? payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiuul prices? alwayr cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty a no despatch. ft J- ^11 letter* or communications, by mail, addressed to tin; establishment, must he post paid, or the postage will hit deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, orniKTOK of tmk N>w Yonx Hkfald Establishment "wmhwent rortipr of Fulton and Nassnn atr??H il(ANI) KXClJltSI' i.N TO TIIK L-'lSIIIVt; BANKS OFF SAM DY HOOK ^ m7\ THE 'iew <uid fist Steunbot BUFFALO, (*' j'oii Sunday, July 1Uc.1i, will inske un Excursion . thf ISn'iks ntf 8iiuly I look . leaving Uuclay (* ! t rt VI If tminond street ?t II' i; I '.inal street, I ?t iVi; Pike street ( East River) at 9; a :d Pier i. I 1 North River) at 9.'< u' lock; ami proceed to tile Banks, 1 1 i.'d.H!; .it Fort 1 1 iniiltu'i on tl?? way up Hid down. Hefri-hinenta plovijed on In, iril. P. it at cost. Fire l't V; c .it.; each way? To Fort llntniltun I2,li The Buffalo will arrivo in the city by So'clork. P. M. jylJ 2l*rf I V I L LI A MUD U UGH AMI) I'ECK ' rERR V. ,si2 1 Tlie Trustees of this Ferry, believini^that ~*y-'-j*t!u'i<! 'Hf mill v of the citizens of New York " " 9 1 vi.'iuity He unacquainted with the f cilities tin. firry affords as ? pleasant communication with Williamsburg -nd Long Ishnd, would state that there arv two good Ferry Uoats on this Ferry, which leave Peck Slip every fifteen or twenty minutes through the div uptoi in lock, P. >1., slid then u|> to Do'clnk, at each even hour mil hul hour; after which a boat I en es at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock The l?At Goat leaving Williamsburg al half-put 9 o'clock, P. M. P. S ? <Jii the evening of July 4th, the boat will continue to ma until 12 o'clock. jy2 lm*re MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, ygra KOR ALBANY, TROY and intermediate B. i t^*.-?jjehiidiinta. from Lhe Steamboat Pier at the foot ol Iff WL^K-Barclay street. Pre ikfiuit and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. M., Tuesdays, Thursdays sud Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat THO V, Captaiu A. Gorham, eu Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For |?s*age or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the ofli'e on the wharf. .?Jotice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, specie,. or any other kind of property taken, shipi>ed, or out ou board this boat, must be at the risk of the owners of sucli goods, freight, bag gage, Stc. jel8rc ~.\h\V YORK, ALBANY AND TKOY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. . ? ? -st 7 o'clock, P. M ? The steamboat EM MB m .TIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, will leave the steamboat pier foot of f.ourtlandt street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain^ Wm. H. Peck, every Monday, Wednesday and Fridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. H or Passage or Freight apply ou board, or at the office on th? wharf jn*? PEOPLEiFLINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, DAILY? Sundays Eicepted?'Hirough Di fc*. at 7 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between Z-Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttenden. will leave on Monday Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. Houghton, will I* ave 'in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot of Barclay street : ? Steamboat N Ew JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Furey, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will Imve on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 ?'clock. Passengers tikiug either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny iu ample time for the Moruiug Train oi Cars for the east or west. The B?ats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and eteeant state rooms, and for si>eed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freiicht taken at moderate rates. All persons are forbid trusting any of the Boats of thia Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board tlie boats, or to P. C. Sctiuitz. at trie office on the wharf. je30 m FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Ro , Msil St#iun ghj H1BER N1A and BRITANNIA, will leave Boston ^for the above ports, a* follows:? Hiberuia, Alex. Ryrie, Esq., Commander, Tuesday, July 16t)i Britannia, Jolui Hewitt, " " Friday, August 1st Paasage to Liverpool (120. raw. me to Halifax 20. ' Kur freisht or passage, apply to jvl ? O. BRIGHAM. Jr.. A??nt. 6 W?ll it DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ? Persons wishing to remit mo uey to their friends in any |iart of England ' Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplier, 'ttith drafts payable at ?ight, without dis count, for any amount, from XI upwards, at the following placet. \ it S >, In Kxr.Lifrn ? The National and Provincial Bank of Ku| land; Messrs. J. Bsmed St. Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank. Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t it Son, Londou, and hranche throughout England and Wales. In Ireland. ? The Nictiou'il Bank of Irelaud, and Provin ciil Bank and branches throughout Ireland. In ?cotlan:> ? The Eastern Bark of Scotland. Nations! limk <>f S,-'>tlard, Greenock Banking-Company, and bmuehe throughout Scotland. 'I he ste unship H hernia seils from Boston on the 16. h July, bj which ail drafts cau be forwarded fr"e. Amity to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, || n 7R Month it c,,r- MuMssImm. ? V. "OK LI V KKt-t )t_>L -i'lit Ne.? Line? Kegmai i'aclcet ? I <t July? Ti>>' superior f .. t i?illn( Packet shii ?w-IkSiIIO'ITINOIIEK, IMO tuns, Capt. Ira Bursley, will s ilt is above, her regularday. Fr>r freight or, having excellent and s.ipenor acorn Buxlatious, apply to the Captain on hoard, or to WOODHULL St MINTURN, B7 South street r> ice of passage *itgl Th.t Packet Ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, < Japt John Eldridge, will succeed the Hottinmer, and sail on her regular dsv. 2d of August. j>12ec LONDON LINE OK PACKETS? Packet of the 20th Julv. ? The splendid and fist sailing Ticket Shil HKNDltK K HUDSON, Ciptain Moore, sails po.i on .Monday, July 2lst. This ship has splendid accoinmo 1 ,tions for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers; to se cure berths, early application should be m de to W. It I. T. TAPSCOTT, j y 10 rc 76 South street, comer of Maiden Lane S NEW LINK OK P. it l< ETS KOR LIVERPOOL ? Packet of aisi .l i.v -The splendid and favorite picket ship HOTTINOUElt, 1100 tons burthen, apt lia Uursley, will sail on Alouday, July 21, her regular day. The ships ?f this line b.eing all 1000 tousand upwards, persona about to embark for the Old Country will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference >o any other, as their great capacity render* them every way more comfortable and convenient than shim of a small class, \ud their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage iiasseiu;ers, it is well known, are superior to those of any other line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane, jy< rye. Up Stairs. KOR SaLK.? The New York built copper lasten enrd> mid coppered ship BYLVANUS JENKIN8, ? burthen per register, Ji7 tons? She sails (fast, carries is well found. Apply to Captaiu Lveliegh , on ->aid, at pier No. 4, N. R.orto BOYD St HINCKEN, j>Brc No. 3 Tontine Building, cor of Wall and Waf sts. KOR LIVKRPOOL? Packet of the 16th July .Tlienew packet ship FIDELIA, Captain llaekatan, iwill positively sail as above, her r?gular day. ii, tne splendid packet ship ROSCIU8, Capt. Eldridge, will positively sail on the 26th inst. For passage, having su perior accommodations, apply to iy8-rrc J. HF.RDMAN. 61 South st. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS- FOR LIVERPOOL-Only ?Regular Packet of the Ifitli of July.? The new anil lnagmliceiit packet ship FIDELIA, 1150 tons burthen, Wm. O. Hack?t iff, commander, will sail positively on Wednesday, JBth of July. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early ap. plicition should be made on board, foot ol Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO. jy7ec 9 Fulton ntreet, next door to the Knlton Bank. N.V. FOR SALK ? I" HMOllT OHCtlAHl l-.M? 1 he very last sailing packet ship, M ISHISSlPl'l, 650 tons, ibuilt in this city by Brown St Bell, salted ou the stock*. and res sited every yeaij live oak and and locust top, live oak apron, seinson stern frame, and forward and after cant frames? newly coppered and in perfect order for a three vcars voyage? has accommodations for 26 passenger*. Apply oil board at Orleans' wharf, foot of Wall sfeet, or to ju6m E. K. COLLINS St Co.. 56 South street. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 South st.? Passage from England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales? Those sending for their ?rfeud?~would do well to avail themselves of the opi>ortunity of t.iakingtheir arrangements with the subscribers on very mode rate terms, by first class packet shi|>s, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts can as usual be furnished <or any amount, payable rhroughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South it. The mail steamer Hibernia sails frem Boston ou the 16th inst, "by w oich letters ran be forwarded quickly. mv23 rh | FOR GLA8UOW -Regular Packet.-The well i known, fast sailing British Barque ANN HARLEY, ; iDuucan Smith, master, 450 tons, will meet with ' quick despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations ,iply on board pier 8 N. R, or so WOODHULL St MINTURN8, __ rs mth street PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Line-The packetship BALTIMORE, Capuiu Edward Funk, twill sail on the Istof August. orfreight or passage apply to m . ... ? BOYD It HINCKEN, jv2 rc IVn 1 I milin.' Building., cm. Wall and Water streetsF TUtt SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER? The very fast .ailing bar.|ue HOME. Captain WatU, built Jl" ' . LlJ!P\"r" ?."e y?,.r ,lnce t,,e ''est materials, out (.000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations lor tveiity passengers. Apply to C.a|>tain WatU, on board, at Pil,e slrrut w liar I, or to E. K. COLLINS St Co W South street. jWbt KOH SALE-FHEIGHI Or CHARTEK-The jOTJV very fast sailing New York built packetship YAZOO ,?wfas ?70 ton?? Live Oak and Locust top, Live Oak trail mill, "pro" and lorward and after csnts; came* 2200 hales New Orleans cot'on, and his handsome furnished accommodations for twenty-six passengers. Apply on boa-dst Jones' wharf, or to, ^ E. K. COLLINS k CO, 56 South street. r J ^ K ? ?ui>erior ship NEP Lapttin Peach, will sail ou her regular day. jrVrr. ? * ? - 91 South atrM. TO LET? Krout room*, lam i*h?d or unlurnulied, pjW suitable for any office, iu (lie Natioual Coffer House, 331 JiaUL Broadway. The proprietor respectfully informs hi* rrieuUaaiid the public that he ha* a pleaaaut establishment, in the vicinity of mercantile btuiuea*. Billiards and other amuse ment* in the house; the price of billiard* 12J? cent* |>er name. The Iiroprietor ha* a *trict regard to the comfort of hi* vuituro. a i I that he ha* combined economy the following price* will ?how:? A room can be find a* low a* 2J cent* per night and $1 per ween. The porter will be in attendance at all time* during the night; any body who want* to couie in at late hour* will ring the hnll bell jr20 3w*je LOOK AT THIS ! ! ^ JUST RECEIVF.D? Another lot of French Boots, ol wtlie be*t kind, and will be (old at the old price, S'i, and the W best of French Call Boots made to order fortS: City made Call Boots, $3; and the greatest assortment of Gents Giil er* iif all kind* to lie found ut Very low jirice?. Alio, tlie lin^st Calf Shoes $2 snd 52 .Ml. A great variety of all other kind*. Lidiits ill thi* Store will find a grest assortment of Gaiters, Buakius, Slip*, Ties, Prunells. Satin, Sic. For >n assortment of all oilier kinds Misses and Children s Boots and Shoes we cannot be in thiscity. I)o uotinis Uikethe nmnlier, mil Broiduay, corner ofFrankliu ?treei .in! 1 in *rli M. CAHILL. , J" KIN IoVrKNCH BOOTS for $1 50: City Made, and tor style and durability they are ?iual to those sold lor$.i, at Youug St Co's Imperial French Boot and Shoe Mauu facturiuu Depot, at No. I Ann street, one ofllie most Fash iouable Boot Manufactories in lliis citv. Fine French l)res? Boots, inxde to order, for $1 50; eqivil to those nude in other stores for $6 and S7. Boots, Shoes, Gait'Ti, Jke., Hi de to or der in tin' shortest notice. Mending, Stir., done in the store. Wm. Si. Young 3tCo. , Wholeiclr and 1'itiil Manufacturers. No. 4 Ann street. New York, near Broadway. WM. M. \'OL"NG, aud je^4 lm*re II. B.jJONF.8. INFERIOR TO NONE \ND SU ^EH IOR TO MAN V BEAUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hat*, price $2,75, w Inch for he.intyof finish cannot lie ?rnlia<*?I. Also, Diiib Beavers, Blue unisli ,uul Wlnto Castor Hat*, all oft lie latest style. Also, Panama Hits, Wry low. C.KNOX, jell Im'rc 1 10 !* niton at, between William and Nassau MILLS, HATTEitl 178 BfWADWAY, HOWARD HOTEL, HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer H it*, to which the atteutiou of gentlemen i* invited, at the fol ig prices, viz :? Ficucli I'earl (a new article) il 00 IVarl Cassimere 3 10 White Krench (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor 3 iO , Alse, an assortment of Panama, Kine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, i and other Hat*.*uitabl>' for the season. Jel2 lm*rrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. ! ~ ROWE'S : SUPERIOR STYLE of Gentlemen*' Summer Hat* are i J^?>well worthy the attention of tho*e about *upplyingthem ; selves with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Hat, po**e** | lug the richuex of a Leghorn, and warranted not to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consist* in part of, Pearl Casaimere* at $3 50 Silver Pearl do 3 :>0 ! Smooth white Ca*tor 4 00 I Long nap white Rocky mountain Beaver S 50 to 8 I Together with an assortment of Panama and Bohemian Straw Hats, all of the first quality and molt fashionable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William *t, | my24 lm'rh Merchant*' Exchange. MILLINERY AND DRESS MAKING. MRS. ROSE, No. 175 Walker *tr?et. New York, re spectfully jolicits a call from Ladies wishing any thing iurfhe Millinery or Dres* Making line. jell lm*rh LADIES' FASHIONABLE HATS. ^fs, raQ) CARL KING, the well known aud celebrated uU) first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitan,^^; Manufacturer, 17 Diviilon street, inform* the public that his Straws and Lace Neapolitan* are of asuperiorquality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most faikiouable *hape, called the Cottage Gipsey. N. B.? Lace Neapolitan Hat* $2 each. Milliner* supplied by tlie case or dozen at reasonable price*, at the Lace Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Diviiion street. m28 lm?rc CARL KINO IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship Zurich, an assortment of Watche* and Movements of every description and *f first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DKLACHAUSE Ut MAIRE, ju7 lm'rc No. 127 Fulton street, New York. ItU^LSTONfc,^ KWiSiu WHOUL. 4&?f mad: Saddlinj?0rece"*(i from ^ eo tIOa to M' ?^bleprice. Ho?". which he .. authS'toVe?/ ^ and at a lea oiy7rc "IS IT A HUMBUG 1" THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND CRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. DR. CHRISTIE prom'sed the American public, when he introduced In* discovery, Chat it should be tested solely hf) its merit*. Thousands olfureifn certificate* mieht readily hive been presented, but it was believed that it would be inur < satisfactory to await some result here ..which might prove deci sive a* to its truth and elliracy. It is, therefore, with a feel in. of pleasure that the following home ceitilicHtee are presented Ci the public, which are selected from several others of a similar description, iiud have been voluutarily tendered by tbc respec I tive parties. ! The first is an extract from an editorial which appeared ni the 2ltli instant, in the "Albany Daily Citixeu''? J. Stanley Smi'h, Esq., Ed.tor. I ' The I'at? nt Gai vaxic which are making such a I itir in the world just now, are a novel invent inn ofthisaKeo ! inventions." ******* ' " Willi reiprd to theif offiracy we can ?ay that twonrthre Cases have la Icniruhr ournotic,-, which Ivye favorably 'in pressed onr minds. The first is ihnt 1 1 a highly re.pecMblt merchant of New York, wh > declared to us lit t tjn ir us> spetdi'y relieved him of i cough, stated paiu in n.e iJe, am many *ym: torn* of a palm.nian complaint, ami lie is now en tirely well. The second tli t we shsll notice istli .t of a oiim mail named*, a resident of l his rily, ? ho about one \ e.,i sinee w s visited w it i nn attack of Par il) --is which II rted tin whole side of hi . bod v. We accompanied a tmdic.d friend t h's ivsiiVnce, No. !*. Beavt r s r. ef, on K.itiinl iv . to in. jti ? ? e iriii ills r 1-e. 1V|' Ii II id th.<t he hid been d pri> ed en: lelv of tht use of one arm and ieif, and that se. 1 *'itioii i*d been h>-t t.' ih< whole sillr of his body. He h d lieen tillable to use the leu ii, iv.ilkinit. or the arm in eating, a-.-d the physicians the; could not help him. Wjthin the hat few week* lie bus wor two and four < f l)r Cristie'sOd'Vauic Ili. gs, a.,d used tl e Mag. i netic Fluid, and the ? fleet upon his parali tic limbs is a-touish , in k. 1 lie ?e ith-like c?.ld ;?** lrl> them, the numbness begat to Rive way to many sensations ol" r turning life and Iteljiig Inspiration <? we on' freely, and he has been rapidly gaining, .mil while before he wore the Kings he was unable to articulau distinctly, walk or ii ed himst If ; yet now lie talk* freely, ride i out. walks some, ai.d fi r the most pait s able to help himself These ch es, coming to our person ,1 knowledge, certainly testi fy to the merits of Dr. Cristie's Galvanic Ring* and .\|jg.ieti< Fluid." Dn. Cm st if. : ? Sir ? I have been severely afflicted for the list eich ? years with cramp in my legs and thighs, frequently suflei ing m must excruciating pains, the cords ol iny ltgs having contracted into knots I have tried every " remedy" that I have ever hearil I of, without the least snccess. In truth, I seeined ouly to t.t getting worse. From a favorable account which I accidentally heard, I was induced to try the effect of your Galvanic Rings, and Magnetic Fluid. In less than twenty-lour hours after wear ; ing two of the Rings, one on each hand, the severe pain had en I tirely left me, and two weeks having now elapsed without any recurrence of complaint, I believe a ctire has been effected by your discovery, and deem it a duty to inform yon of the tact. 1 and state my willingness to have it made public. My wife has : been severely troubled withChronicRheumatism, affecting hei I in various parts of the body, which has beeu cured, as she be lieves, effectually, by the use of the Rings and Magnetic Fluid, after a trial of hut a lew dsys. I shall feel pleased in satisfyii g the incredulous of the truth of the above on personal applica- | tion. SAMUEL SHIELDS, 155 Eldridge street. New Y?rk, Jane 25, 1845. New York, Jane 23, 1345. Dr. A. H. Cristib i Dear Sir? I have from my childhood been afflicted with almost constant nervous headache and rheumatic pains in my ! legs and arms. I hsve often sufferedso intensely that k has pre vented me from my usual occuiiarien and frequently destroyed my appetite. My nervous debility and weakness ha* consequently been so great that after having tried almost every I thing without any relief, I gave up in despair. I was recom mended to try vou' Galvanic Rings and Magnetic Fluid, and o i|y at a friend's urgent solicitation, was induced to do *o. Its 1 effect upon my system was almost miraculous. Afterafew hour* the application appeared to strengthen my nerves, relieve me of my headache, and I have had no relap.e of the rheuma tism or any pains since the first day. I would, therefore, un hesitatingly recommend your Galvanic Rings and Fluid to those afflicted as I have been. Respectfully. JACOB A. OGSBURY, 1G2 William street. These certificates are published for the purpose of inspiring an honest confidence in his discovery, which Da. CRtsTir be lieves it deserves. If it were necessary, many others could be Eiven, which may be seen at the office, 131 Fulton street. In all inds of Rheumatism and Nervous lines, the beneficial S fleet is certain and lastiug, and iu all cases wh re the Galvanic atteries or Magnetic Machines are recommended, the Galva nic Rings and Magnetic Fluid, will be found ruiia/fu beneficial ?much iafer, and twenty timet at cheap. '1 ne only place in New York to obta.n the genuine article is at Dr. Crist ik's of- . fice, (G?"134 Fultoh sTRr.eT, (Suu Building.)^!] Allimita- 1 tion sold elsewhere in the city, are entirely worthless and with out the least beneficial effect. jyfl Iw'ec | VOlGTLAENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in law, Mr. Voightlaender, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sell those Apparatus at reduced rates, vie ? . Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full size plate*, at tlO. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size plates, at ft. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses, for quarter size plates^ at >50. Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigt. laender Apparatus, snd not a worthless imitated article, they having procured the sole agency for the United States. Plate* and Chemical of their own imimrtation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for sale at the lowest market prices. W. A. F. LaNGKNHEIM. Philadelphia t.xchange. . Referring to the above advertisement, the *ubscribers inform the Daguerrian Artists in general, that trie above Appararus and other materials can be procured at the stated prices, nt their Daguerrean Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New York jvl Im'rc I. ANOKNnklM It BECKERS. HLOCK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and ! Common Tin Ware, Cntlery, Hard and Hollow Ware, Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Helves and Brooms? in short, every variety of house-keeping articles. N. B.? A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea IJms, Table Dishes and Covers, Ike., lie., for hotels aud steamboats, on hand and manufactured at the shortest notice. JAMES Y. W ATKINS, tna t? ratnarine street. New York. AUllCE. rPHE Undersigned being desirous of doing all in their power ?a- lo sustain the Government in its ei|ierimeiit of giving cheaper postages, hereby give notice, thst oil aud after the first day of July next no mailable matter whatever, either open, or in envelopes, or in wrappers, will he received at any of their Omce* for transmission by express, or otherwise. Positive instructions will he given to their Agents to refuse mailable matter, under whatever guise it may be offered. LIVINGSTON It WELLS. ? ? , . New York and Buffalo Express. New York, Jnne a, 1145 j?a tldju ee PUBLIC SALE OF THui MONROE RAIL ROAD AND BANKING CO iil'mu/h a ) Decree of tlie Social Jury in relation to the Bibb County' \ Monro? Rail Road and Banking Com WE, Ttf E JUI^Y.'Ld and decree, that the Monroe Rail 1 1 1 1.1 1 J from Macon to its terminus at Marthasville, in the couuty of DeKalb, both the part thureof which has been com pleted and III 0|>eration, and the |>art thereof which x in all un finished condition, and all the |>ro|wrty, equipments, and effect* therewith connected, u subject to the payment of the debts of the Monroe Rail lload ami Banking Company ? that the said Companv i> iusolveut and wholly unable to pay its debts afore said; and from its einharrnssmeuts is unable to complete said Ko*d, and keep the same in <>| as to answer the great public objects contemplated by the Legislature. We further hud that there are creditors of various ile>criptioi.sofsaid C?in paiiv, viz: holders of the bank notes issued by said Compauy, holders of bonds istued for work and materials for said Road, judgment creditors. creditors holding certificates uuiid* for work, labor and materials fur said Rail Koad, and cre ditors claiming to bu murine,#.- creditors of said Company, mid nil other creditors not h; re i iu merited ; anil ti>>t there ire among them cred furs claiming a priority of right in r?*pect to their demands; and we further decree that the said Rati Road, and all the properly, equipment* and effects thrleu Itli connect ed, and .ill the prop- rty lie! i.. in: to said Conip my, a>id all tb> rights, j>rivil<-ge< a <| franchises in ; tiy manner l? hmgieR or ?p pcrtainnig to said iMourm Jt<il R.- d .Hid Banking Cmnr-wy : t ?old at public s tl? it tht couit lioiite in th? couuty of Jlibh, by David C. Campbell, Aimer 1'. Powers, Junes A N.sbet, Samuel B. Hunter, and f'hoioas II ird' inaii, co.nini..?ioners or a majority of them, on the first '.Tuesday in August next,aftei giving two mouths public notice in tlii g>/.ettes ofM.iCO.i. Ilrilin ind S.vsuuah, aiidth t the proceeds of said ?.de In* paid ti> tlx? < li rlt oftli'-. < "<mrt who is r quir d to drimsite the same lor safe keeping ivi special d<*positf ill the .lgenc\ of the Me chanics' li auk hi the city ol M?con, a<id thatpnblic notice be It i veil M the creditors ol said Compnny to fee tlieir respective clsimi, Or n schedule thc:eof in the ( In k olli. e of t!li? Court by ih - first Moml.-y in Octolw r next; aud that the slid ciedi ti rs, if. my contlovr.y shoal I arise respecting said claims. thru litiir.<re imn,i^ themselves, iu . <? -t>ect to all objection^ which would or uiight have been available against them by slid Com pany if slid s lie had not been i.ixde in rvlitiou to matters of set off, and wh-ther they be sul jecf to objection on account ol tin statute of limit ?tion, uon-pirloruiance of contracts, or othei cause, embracing the quantum of counderatiou, piidforthe claims >ranv of them. and also that the I, ins claimed by the re spe< live creditors be then and there ilso invesligati d and adjadi cat-.-d; aud we further decree tli. t the purchasers of said Rail Ro id succeed to all the obligations of said Company in respect to the completing, equipiug and keeping the saiil Road in opera tion, as intended ami designed by the act of incorporation. but not to extend to al ability at debts contracted prior to said sale; and that after said sale, upon demand or notice, the stockholders in said Company transfer to the purchaser the stock held by him, her or them in said Company, or that the title be transferred by said Commissioners in the same manner as is provided by law for the transfer of bank stock wheu sale thereofis made by the Sheriff; and we further decree, that for the keepiug of said Road iu operation for the tune intervening between the day of the passing ol this decree and the day of sale, the receipts on the said Road be applied, and that if said receipts should not be suf ficient for said purpose, that the balance be paid from the pro ceeds of the sale aforesaid; and we further decree that William B. Parker as trustee in charge of said Road and appurtenance* until the sale of the aforesaid property is completed, make monthly returns of the amount of receipts thereon, aud file the same with the Clerk of this Court, and also of accounts for keeping the same in repair and operation, exhibiting a specific statement iu ?acU of the dumber aud description of officers, agents and hands employed thereon, the value of the hire of eachner mouth, and the quantity, quality and valueof materials purchased, subject to the examination aud approval of the Court, and the costs and other expenses be paid from the pro ceeds of sale. JAMES DEAN, Foreman. A true extract from the minutes of Bibb Superior Court. May term, 1?45. HENRY O. ROSS. Clerk. By virtue of the above decree, the undersigned will sell be fore the court house door, iu the city of Macon, on the first Tuesday in August next, at 12 o'clock, M. the whole line of the Monroe Rail Road from Macon to Marthasville, iu the county of De Kalb, aud all the property, equipments and effects there with connected, and all the proiierty belonging to said Compa ny, and all the rights, privileges and franchises in any manner belouging or api>ertaining to said Monroe Rail Road and Bank ing Company, embracing not only the Road, but the various de pots, work-shops, ware-houses, engines, cars, iron, tools, equi[> inents, aud all aud every thing appertaining and belouging to said Road Also, the entire assets belonging to said Monroe Raid Road and Banking Company, embracing subscriptions for stock un paid, including the subscription of the State of Georgia for $200,000, aud all debts, demands, and claims of every kind and description, due to or belonging to said Monroe Rail Road and Banking Company, a full scliedule of which may be seen, on application to M. L. (iraybijl, at the office of said Company. The length of the Road is 101 miles, the whole of which is graded to its iunction with the Western and Atfantic Rail Road. The substructure has beeu completed on the whole road, except four and a half miles. The Road is iu use to Jonesborough, eighty miles, and is equipped with five locomotive engines, three passengers cars, eighteen freiglg cars, wheels and axles for eight other freight cars, and one stationary engine. The terms of sale cash, to be paid immediately to the Commission ers; and on failure of purchasers to comply, so much of the Eroperty as may be bid off by such defaulting purchasers, wil e forthwith resold at their risk. DAVID C. CAMPBELL, ABNER P. POWERS, JAMES A. NlSBET. Commissioner SAMUEL B. HUNTER. THOMAS HARDEMAN, . Macon. Oa . May 26. 1845 jeI7toauS rc COME ALL WHO AKK SUFFERING FROM PAIN, i Be Cured without Cliarirc or Eipciim'. BAHTINE'S liOTlON, ' The grcatrtt Remedy ever known for all the Vvm i />loin Is which it proftstet to cure, will be given Gratis to the afflicted who ran not afford to jut rebate by, applying to 3!43 Brnndiray, New York. BARTINE'S LOTION-The loth n ??? invented some . ears ?no, and i< tin? production of acccidentel discoveries, by skill and experience. 'Die origin <1 design i ?f it t?a? iolelv fill rite inventor h own hup, but no sooi.rr had it becoini i stab) ished in his practice, th hi ii.qnirie< bpgan to he mule, b^ ! the friends of those who hail heei lieiieli'ted hy it? virtue | \vher? if might be procured Thus it* fame began to spread from inl.vidusl (o i.idividu it. until it became kno'vu ns a never ? 4 ilint; cure, oi most of the l?r?e citiei in rli- L' ion. Without , putting, or the aid of the ptiblir I re**, it has ?cqnir*-d its owi c- i-'hrit;' Mi'l found its w .y into pnHtic f.ivor ?< oi iiuriv illei! I iiid exfraordin. rv halm in I he c u r e .1 many of il e itls to will* I I iinnkind a-e subject. I In c e ei ni I Sunt, MipnmatiJin. Swelli' irs of ill kinds, Pi* l.iCitiotM I r Praam id Done", rr r e?, ' ills. I auitnynna r t 'ended iv;*h ]> ? i it and in!l miiiatio-i, Poisonous Bite, an* Stin^. liurti*, Soabls, Chill I'i i" Conjs <r Biviious, and H'on d* ot'evi ry di scriptioii, it affords mi iit.nit di -tp and per m no m relief H is, peihi; th'oi'ly article tli t (Mil I e di . pe id d n I'Oii in tl.e cure oi ill' I *?? pair* in the bark 'id Side. ?e:ier.i;iY produced h? tiki s cnldi i.ftrr violi nt ?\eriini ami oveilie T i - c Kir ( Tumors. Lu.nb co Ervsipel.s letter or Him, vorm, and all kin sol Eruptions of tip N in ii is a mo't lleiit remedy K"r Fever and .\ene V.'ite in th< Brent and Face, I'i .inp in tin Srotn ich, a id lie d ii-lie, it ?cN like a chirm. Bn: above all, in tiie euro of 'I endiuou ? at (! Cnpoil ir injuries, Sprain*, and Wounds of even desc ii|tion it snows in <\ most a itoiiinhiuu manner. its magical powers In addition to t!ie lieinun influence the Lotto'.) ejerts over the accidents and inliri.iitipa n| man. it has been found no less i In able in similar complaint* to which inferior aniin ill are su'ijecr, particularly the llor.e, who-e value and useful ness demands the peculiar care oi itsownur*. In some cises, where it ha? been applied to thin line creature for alight inju ries, it ln?, in addition to an almost instantaneous cure, ci Ten apparently new animation and vivacity to the animal, (to ?nch an extent that in various instance-, the winning of a race Ima been tenaciously ascribed to the stimulating and happy effects of the Lotion, rather Itiwn speed of the animal.) It has become equally celebrated as nn universal s.iecifio both for man and heast. The followmjj are some of the complaints most common to the home, in which it has proved its superiority. The Lotion is composed entirely of the medicinal proper ties of vewtahle substances, concentrated and rendered most pure by distillation and other chemical processes As an in ward medicine, it is the most innocent, wholesome, stimu la tins and cheering character, and will expel, iasuntly, those dull, heavy and hypochondriacal feelings to which many arc so ?ubiect, and give life and animation to both body and mind. To be had in New York of Thomas S. Bartine, of 92 Vesey streetj opposite Washington Market, at 7S cents per single bot tle, with proper directions for use on every bottle ; T. Butler, No. 1 Nassau street ; at the Drug Store, corner of Sixth Ave nue and Thirteenth street. Also, of the Proprietors, 323 Broadway, where there will be made a liberal discount to those who want to purchase by the quantity for shipping or other uses. Agents wanted for the sale of the above Lotion. C. 8. BARTINE k CO., Proprietors, Principal Depot, 323 Broadway, N.Y. Where a large volume of testimonials may be seeu from highly respectable parties in this city and other parts. ju28 lmrrc CAUTION TO THE fUHUC Office for the tale of the Original Genuine PULMONIC SYRUP, At N?. 49 1-H Cortlandt street, New York, m uanal. FJICTS FOR THE PF.OPLE SOME YEARS AOO I was cured of a severe and danger ous illness by a Syrup made from an old Indian recipe, and being strongly urged by my friends as well as by the considera tion murn good might be done through the extensive intro duction of the Syrup to the public, I entered into an arrange ment for that purpose, ar.d located myself at No. 49X Court hind street, in the city of New York. Having confidence in a young man by the name of Schenck, I had a verbal understanding witn him. and the medicine was sold in his name, and a true state ment of my cure by the Syrup in his name, in the fortnofa cer tificate, was published and widely circulated. I continued this connection until 1 had reason to believe this person was deviating from the understanding. Complaint after complaint bad come in to ine relative to tne variability and strength of *he Syrup. Thinking thata written agreement might be more effectual, 1 requested one, hut it was declined. I could overlook and pardon any merely personal matter, hut my repu tation was too completely interwoven with the reputation of this valuable medicine: I, of course, felt that whatever affected the one would extend its consequences to tlx other. I had encountered large expenditures in establishing and con ducting this business. My time and attention were devoted ex clusively to it. These inniiencea, based u|>on my well known charaoter, and the certificate of my cure, with my advice to n u meroiit patients or their friends, who called at my office, as wel as to others whom I visited both in the city and country, and the gradually increasing and now wide-spread |?ipularity of me treatment of consumption, colds, coughs, diseases of the organ of respiration, as well as the liver complaint and dys|?psia, have caused great numbers to make application to me, most of whom I have been the means of benefitting and restoring to health.? Results like these were truly gratifying, and 1 did not feel will ling that the advantages thus arising to all should be lost; no coald I conscientiously permit my sphere of usefulness to br narrowed through the neglect or variation of any other. To those who know me personslly, and the history of my Sy rup, it is ii nnecessary to ssy that I hold the old original receipt, and have the most accurate knowledge of the only correct me thod of preparing this medicine through all ita different stages. And in order to render it freefrom all impurities, as well as to insure its full and uniform strength, without the use ofthatkind of heat which tend* to destroy the medical properties of some of the most effective ingredients. I have the aid of a discovery and the application of an imporvea and only suitable apparatni by which these objects can be successfully attained. Complaints of inefficacy, blackish color, and variable strength can never arise from my process, the knowledge and employment of which are confined exclusively to myself. "Hie young man whose name has been incidentally mentioned being no longer interested in my business, has, I am told, set up for himself, or at least opened an office in this city ^ I wish him all the success that he may justly deserve. Hp invitps the pnb- i lie, I am informed, to come and buy ms genuine Syrup, and wisely enough cautions it against adulterated compound!. The Original Genuine Pulmonic Syrup prepared in tkis city exclusively by myself is for sale in New York, oni.v st my old established office, Court land st, ouad or below Greenwich . 8. BKEKMAN. I G ENtKAL BUILDING REPAIHS, .">? Nassau st., cornar of Maiden Lane.? All orders immediately attended to for Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin rooft repaired snd painted, and all other repairs ana alterations don* in the best manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steam boilers, ovens, and every kiud of fire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charges. Chimney topsfor curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. Qninn. Plumher, M4 Broadway mr-lm*S K. H. QUINN. New York Institution for the Blind. New York IiiNtltutlon for tlir Blind. This building ? a correct representation ot which we give above ? located in one of the most salubrious parts ot the city, between 33d and 34th streets, and the 8th and 9th avenues, com prises, with the adjacent grounds belonging to the Institution, an area of 800 feet by 200, and is situated about three miles north ol the City Hall. It is three stories in height, and constructed in the modern Gothic style, of Sing Sing marble. It consists of a main building, 175 feet in length , and til in depth; and in two wings, each 130 feet by SB. The north wing was built in 1H3S, the centre or main building in 1840, and the south wing in 1842. This building can ail'ord comfortable accommo dations to at least 200 pupils. Both wings are u|> propriated to their use, the north one being occupied by the male inmates as a dormitory, hospital, work shops, \'c. icc., and the south wing in a similar mannerby the other sex. The music and school rooms for the males are situated in the northern part of the main building, while the south part is similar ly appropriated to the females. The dormitories are well ventilated and spacious, i being 125 feet by 25. Cold and warm baths, and | every other essential requisite to the health of the I inmates are amply provided, and every where reigns in the building," an air oi cleanliness and comfort, which strongly tend to sooth the painful thought"' raised by the misfortune of those who tenant it. The following branches are taught in this Institu tion, by means of books, maps, iSrc. &c., preparedro especially for those who arc deprived of sight: ? Spelling, Reading, ( leography, Grammar, Arithme tic, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Mental Phi losophy, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, History, Astronomy, Writing and Rhetoric. The same branches are taught to the female pu pils, with the exception of algebra,, geometry, men suration, mental philosophy, and chemistry. In addition to these branches of general educa tion, music, both vocal and instrumental, is taught to all who choose to learn it ; and some of the pu pils have already acquired such a proficiency upon their instruments as would put to the blush many a fair one whom we have seen stepping proudly to her piano, with the full consciousness of receiving the applause of the visitors to her father's house. Mr. w. ISoggs, the superintendent ot the institution, who had the kindness of accompanying us through the building, requested several of the pupils, both males and females, to (lerl'onii in our presence, and thus enabled us to give our opinion on their skill. During a certain number of hours the pupils at tend to mechanical labors. These are,! or the boys, willow works of all kinds, mat making, and weav ing : and the girls make bandboxes ana pasteboard works of all descriptions. Through the kind atten tion ef the above named gentleman, and always in his company, we visited the work rooms of oth, and saw the pupils engaged at their dailv ; ks. They all seemed cbeerlul and well contented his gentleman also took us through the schoo. oniH, where we saw several of the pupils receiving! the instructions of their respective teachers. After wards we visited the chapel, the dormitories, th?* sitting rooms, Arc., iVc., and everywhere we noticed the smne appearance of cleanliness and comfort which had struck us on entering the building, and which bespeak the careful attention of him who lias the different departments under his care. The number or pupils admitted in the institution from its opening, has been, as we were informed, 229. The number of those who actually enjoy the benefits of this institution is 120. Here we subjoin a comparative statement of the number of pupils, during the last four vears, accord ing to the annual reports made by the board of man agers to the Legislature : ? Which gives to the month of February of the present year an increase of more than one half over that of the year 1S42. There is also attached to the institution a board of eleven musicians, distributed as follows : 1 oc tave flute ; 1 clarionet in F ; 1 do , 1st in C ; 2 do., 2d in C : 2 French horns, 1st and 2d ; 2 trombones, 1st and 2d ; I bass drum ; 1 pair cymbals. Several of the pupils pay particular attention to the study of the organ, in order to become able to take charge of that instrument in some ef the churches. Indeed, several pupils are now employed in that capacity in two or more churches in this city February, 1842 1843 1811 . 1846 . Malct. Ftmaltt. Total . . ir a 7t . . 15 :u 7? . .49 38 87 . . 6A 1b 110 Scene at the Irish Emigrant Office in Ann street. ..imfflinmfflllllirii i MlitliUUllUIIW'1 Irlali Gmlgrant Society. The office of this Society is at present loca ted at No. H Ann street, in a plain and unpre tending building, but one which can boast of as many occupants as any other in the range of this populous city. The passer-by is almost sure to have his attention arrested if he come within hail of this establishment by the crowds of persons stand ing about the door, sitting on the neighboring door I steps, or strolling within point-blank distance with | their hands in their breeches pockets ? the favorite i posture of the loose and ready boys of the green | Isle. Against this |>osture in their case (although in | others it is not graceful) we have nothing to say, re j collecting that when they take them out of their ; temporary resting place in the everlasting corduroys, it is themselves who know hew to use them Many of these industrious people attend from day to day for weeks, with amazing perseverance, until at last the Society's efforts succeed in procuring a snug situa tion for him who is but too happy to be employed, but whose despondency at one time was so great as to make him exclaim, "by this and by that, its as far from this to a situation, as it is from Ireland here." The Irish Emigrant Society is now about five A Valcable Discovery* in Africa. ? Ft is stated in a letter recently published in the columns of the Xational Tnlelligmetr, that a new race of people have been discovered near the mission established by the American Doard at the Saboon, who are described as being far superior to any upon the coast, and whose Inn guage is represented as one of the most perfect and har monious in all the woild , who have anions them a tra dition that some two centuries ago a stranger came to their country and instructed them in civilization and their duties ; who are pcquainted with the tacts and truths of the holy Scriptures, and who are remarkably prepared for the reception of further knowledge. Tlte v hip at prevent removing from the interior towards the const, and the missionaries cherish the hope that through their agency, civilisation and Christianity may be widely diffused. Mys terious Affair. ? About a week since, as has already been stated, Mr. Knight Armstrong, of Bur rill wile. on going into his barn, found a jug of rum, as ho supposed, of which he drank a small quantity ; *0011 after he was taken sick and died in the course of the day. Alter his death, the liquor was found to contain poiaon. Suspicion immediate!} tested on Mr. Daniel ( ooper, his near neighbor and brother-in law. An investigation was about being made into the affair, and a town meeting was to have been held on the subject. On Wednesday morn ing last, Mr. Cooper went into hi? barn and hung himself. He left a paper behind, protesting his innocence ol tho crime alledgcd against him, and made every arrange ment lor his funeral ; requesting, that If some of his near.ielatives should come to it, that they might Ik; sent away. Appointment by Tint President. ? John Dougher ty, assistant engineer 111 the Revenue Marine, ap pointed a chief engineer, to supply the vacancy occa sioned by the reiignation of Thomas VV. Karon. yonrs old, and is settled on a firm foundation. At first, there was a good deal of difficulty experienced in organizing it, which was at las' accomplished by Hie triumph of common sense, and concession over trivial and sectarian differences. Now the unanimity of rlie friends of the Society, who are very nu merous among all denominations, keep but one ? the one essential object in view, the welfare of the friendless emigrant. This is Hone, in by far the ma jority of cases where it is net led, in different ways. First, the information and counsel, furnished by the officer of the society, is invaluable, and really better than money in New York. Secondly, imposition and violenoe practised on emigri nts, are redressed are put in employment by its ngency, and thousnnds more put into the nearest track towards a lionv of their own. The sick are cared tor, and the d s !>on iiny cheered up with encouragement and svm pathy. Within the last year, probably between three md four thousand i>crsons have found employers, the females, is household servants; 'he males, prin cipttlly to work in the service of farmers, and in exceedingly few instances, have either |>arty cause to rue the arrangement, as they generally continue in the same service for lonsr periods. Occasion 1 1 scenes of an amusing kind occur in Mexico and thk United States. ? The otlicial Government journal at Washington, alluding to an aiticle in a Philadelphia paper under the caption ? " Will Mtxico dtclarr II 'ar . says?" Politicians here differ about the cotine which Mexico will pursue. tioveinoi Shannon and < aptain Stockton incline to the opinion that her clamorous and infatuated people will hurry the gov irbmtnl into hostile menMires. Other politicians here will not believo that Kngland will permit Mexico to de clare war They say (hat it ii her interest to keep at peace, and that Kngland has peace or war in the palni of her hand. A few days must now deride the question. Unless Kngland is Mindly intent on a war with the Unit ed States, and she may think it the time to itnke at in, she will urge upon her ally to keep the peace." Foioitrrct Accikent. ? A sad Hccidenf"occurred in Rochester about hull past 5 o'clock on Thursday. Maniel Osborn and John <>riftlth. who were at wuik on the top of Osborn's new block, electing on the corner ol Main and St. Paul'i streets, by the giving way of the ral tors, fell about sixty feet, into the cellar below, and al though not quite (fend when taken up, but alight hopes are entertained of their lecovery. Mr. Oiborn in brother of Nehemiah 0*l>orn. the owner of the block, and ia a highly esteemed and reflected citizen. Mr. (iiilfltli is a young man about 10 year* old, and had scarcely comple ted his apprenticeship us a carpenter Additional compensation to Post-ha^teks. ? The Postmaster General has iiaueil an order dlrec ting Po?t mn .ters whoie commissions on the postage ol letters at .10 per cent, and o( newspaper* at SO per cent, under the Act of 3d March, 18M, shall fall short of the sum ol *6,26, for any one quarter, or of the proportional part ot' that sum for any fraction of a quarter be authorized to credit himself, in a separata item in his account current for extra commission on the postage of letters at 99 par cent., under the act ef 3d March, 1846. FBHatL^r 1 1 >4 ' the office. Crowds of anxious expectants are seated there, looking out every minute for a chance, in comes ail employer in search of a steady man, orde ceni girl, when buzz ! titty candidates for the piece of good fortune are on the alert, and on their legs in an instant. The director, Mr. Buckly, who goes on systematica ly, has a notion that turn about is fair play, and forthwith tells them in plain English, and after that in classic Irish, that although Father Matthew used to serve out the temperance devotees with the pledge and his blessing, in squads, the plan was not practicable in other cases, and, therefore, that they are bound to wait their turn, like well trained christians. It is only fair to state that h few words from the director, of this kind, well put in, serves quickly to restore order, and the same resigned demeanor that prevailed before the stimu lant was applied. The excellent wood cut that heads this article is the representation of a scene outside the office, where the irrottp is seen on the yitc five by the arm .t! of employers in search of suitable helps. A grave Irishman stands with his back against a i<ost. cogitating with the aid of his dudeen on parting with I'liti and Harney, who appear in the foreground quite amused with the overtures of the stranger, while the latter is seen laughing with good will at the fun of the dialogue. The door is crowded with buxom lasses, eager candidates for the honorable situations of cooks, chambermaids, or drynurse* Altogether it is a graphic sketch. SrictDie. ? A highly educated and accomplished young lady, about nineteen years of age, drowned herai-li in oncord on Thursday. She was engaged in school keeping, and left hor father's house at an early hour in the morning, for the purpose of walking to the school house, distant two or three miles, and was not. missed until afteraoon, when search was made, and her bonnet and gloves were discovered upon the hank of the river, and about one o'clock at night her body was dis covered. ? New Bedford Bulletin. Core i>e SoLKib. ? We do not recollect any sum mer within several years when so many have died from the effect* of the extreme heat of the sun as this. Vesterday we mentioned threo cases ? we have tuo more: a (ierman, name unknown, who was sun struck on the fJsntillr Koad on Tuesday morning, was tnkon to the < harity Hospital, where he died yesterday. Isaac Newton Wool ridge, of Richmond, Va.,was taken there j esterday ; his sickness proceeded ftom a similai cause. -A'etr Orlentu Picayune 3d m it. Marriahk no Experiment ? The North Caroli na Watchman chronicles the following case of inn tnmon) at Statesville, in its neighborhood: ? Mr. John Martin Sharpe was ie annexed to his former wife and partner, Mrs. I.ucy Sharpe, on the !>th June, by Win Moore, Esq.; having been diuorced from each other on the 10th of March, last. Having been married ten years, the "stock of love" ran out, it seems. They divorced, courted and married again. Farming ? Punch, in his almanac says ? Oetyour carrots forward and try Rowland's Macassar if the crop looks unpromising, riant your potatoes with salt which gives them a relish; and dress with bits of woolen cloth or shreds of old coats, which will improve the po tato's jacket. Now, sow your P's; keep your U's warm hive your B's ; shoot your J's ; feed your N's; look after your potatoes' I's; and then take your K's

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