Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1845 Page 1
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?BBS fj ILL ' 1 ? ? i i I I J THE NEW Y O R K HERALD J vm. ?o. im-wkoi. ? NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 19, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JA"WES CORDON BBM8TT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD ? Ever; d.i> Price U cent# pat CO*,iy ? $7 Jft per annum ? payable ia advance. WEKKLV nKtALI) ? E?ery Saturday ? Price Of cuute per copy? M li- cunt* per annum ? pay able in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the u*i;ij piico* ? alw-^ ciu.ii iii advance. PRINTING ?: all luu.ln executed with hautily iu>c despatch. JO* All lettxra 01 communication*, by mail, addremied to the i*?tablmhment, mint be pout paid, or the pontagi will be deducted liom the subscription money remittal Jft.ME? GOHDON BENNETT, PanmiKToe or thi N?-? York Hw?i,n BaT*aLi?WM**? *'????! w ... ,,vl v?. S(J UMKR AHItAXUKMK.VT. BLOOM IXGI) A I.E. MANII VTTAV'VILLB, AND PORT WASHINGTON STAGES. 4^%^^ ? Will eo'nmeiir* ru'iuitf in ilir following rder, on Sxtui'd v. Mm b- lTtli '?*;? I- viiiL latihnt'aiivill* rt 6 k'cIocI , V M. and c n t ii t . i hour ? 1 1 1 7 o'elo U. P- M. Leaving N'ev> \i ik, c ? er <T Chatham ind j?'( ryun Row. ai 6 A. M.. and ? O'iti iu" i'i ?rv h?l? hour until 8 M. St .*?? s In ( <nrmnuiivil!e Tri itv Church Cemetery ?nd WaiTiu. fiiri.u^h ibe <1 v. fr..n. 7 A. V. to 7 P. M. ihmgton, every lion Fire tn Manhoitanfiile 12^{ cents; Carmnnsrille IS3ft Fori. W;ubi"irt"ii2icMiti. B. MOORE, Jlrtib LI AL J*Uil iius'io DAILY OvKH TlitI LuMr i&La->l/ uAIL KOAP, VIA A' F. fV r.nyoov, NORWICH 4' TrORCrXTF.n. At h o ch'^k iii the Morni* g, fr^m the Foot of Whitehall ?tr* ? t, Siw.tli I'V.rv ? Stind v i e*ce| teU W*y Or 1 es nre in re?dine?s to receive baggage Tor New I.o do?i. Vorwich and Worcester. 15. Rg gi* foi Bosron goe thr^u-h u der 'nek jn 16 ti re " for Newport and providence. On Aio J'>v, Wediesd ys rt?>d Fridiya. oxer the Lon;: I'UiHail Road to Greet port th*uce to Newport a ud Fro vi de 'ce in a splendid - i l commod oih Son d Steamer. This Line leave* at 8 o'clock in the Mortiii g, from tlv? Foot of W ifeh?'l t eet. ^outb Kwy. julCtf rc 1* A i i r. TO HAl/n.vit>Kti #1. Through in Keren Hours. NEW CASTLE AND ERENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. .Mitei. iiiiriv . I ?*'d Steamboat flOBftllT MOIUUS. Captain J. M Douglass, w ill, on and aft-r Monday. June If*, leave Dock street wnurf. daily, (except Sundays, ) *t 3 o'cloc k, 1*. M. Pas senger* will arrive in 13 alii: ;ore at about iO P. ??1. Fare oul\ $1 , Thin Line ia compoued of the following splendid ?nd fast Steumbo.iU: ? Hubert Morris, C&vtain J. M Douglass. Ohio.... Certain L Davis. Constjtti Cttpnin J.Oiiytot. i trot K*' \T>i?hinxt<>n C'Ptiin J.Tripw. TIi i* Linr l*Hve? Bnwly'* wharl', Baltimore at 1 r. M.? TicUetn lor Wheeling and I'ittiburg cuu be procured on boar<! the boat. UNITED STATES MALL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. Fnrt ? Through in Six Ham PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE KAILKOAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elk ton, Havre lie Grace, Sic. On imi'1 n(W Wedn^aday nmt. June 15th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced to t'i The Train . will leavf 3* follow*; ? From Philadelphia, i From B iltimore, Depot llih ?ud M rliet <treet?. Depot in Pint! street. Duly except Sunday. at 8 A.M. I Daily, exc., at 9 A M AndUiily.xt 4PM | And Daily, nt 8 P. M \V heel ii g -.nd Pitt*liur>;h? Ticketn through to Wli?-linK anc PitOi'uurKh can be had at the Deiwt, Eleventh and Morket ?ti. . . <? ? HUDDi.LL, AKeut. rorlurtber information, apply to J. L, 8LEMMF.R, at the office of Adams & Cu. 17 Wall street. June 24th.. I8-I.1. je2!iec "" LUNG IS LAN I) R AILROAlTcOMPAN V ~ UrAtllCEl) FA lll.S. SUM M K K A K R A N GEMEUT, TRAINS HUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after I till June, 1IH6. Ft ntn Brmiklyn Of.jtot ? B?'?o?i Train? A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping et Farmin^dal" mid 5?t. George's NIanor. AccMiniimditioi. Traiti? A. M and 5 P. M. for Far mi ug da)'* t??d intermediate place.*, daily. Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 i'. M for Gretuport, d iiiy, Sunday - etcepted. stopping at ?) -inaica, Branch, Hempstead, him'. HicKs \iii , and ail th? sioppitif; places between Hick-.rillc r\ni> Grveuport. b'r?t w (rr'tnyort Dtfiiit ? Boston Train, daily, Sumla/* excejf'd, at 12J4 o'clock M or ou the ariival ol*thesteHiiierj? from Norwich. Acconunod turn T ; i<* ? A' 5 A M., dtiiy, Sundays except?d for Brooklyn and iutermedi te i?lacc*. ft urn Far tui if adult iJejjot? Accomtnodat'o1* Train A M. and 2^ P. M., daily, 8uu exeepred for Broi klyn and tnteruiediate pi tees. rrosn Jattimva Uttfui? f.xtra Trin?? lty r M daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyj* ai d intermediate pi ces. The Buarnu Trains stop only at KarmiG;{daic and St. George^ Manor The Accommodation Trains stop at 'he following place* on tHe ro?d, going both wuy? to receive iUid deliver passev ffers. vix: Sedior* r* V ork . . , . ... Rice ('Oil me Trotting (<our*e iiiinica Uruihville . . . Hyde P?trk, 17 miles . . . . Clowiifille, (during ses sion r.onrt,) Hempstead lir inch Carle Placc. U'estl.urv Ii ir.ksville Farmtugdale ... Stages are in r? adin a !8 *, 12^ 26 31 >4 37* 37^ 37>i Dee i Park 69 1 iioinpAou b8 Suffolk Station. . ... .1 00 Lake iioad Station I Medfoid Statiou .... 1 10^ Mil lev i II? 1 io St. George's Mauor ... 1 62 ftiverh^ad 1 t>2 Jauiesport 1 b2K Vl Utetuck I r,2>* Cutchok'ne . . 1 62? j Southold 1 O'ijt ^rwenport, Acc'n. train. 1 7^, 44 Ro-.ten Train 2 CO 62, Si the arrival of Trains at the several ^t itii'.is, to take passeng'.-rs ?l very low Fares, to all* puts of the Idaad. I5<iggage (/rates will be ?'i re-nlineaa at the foot ??f Whitehall street, ?o receive B 'ggjge lor the -everal 'i r?i<.s, 30 miuutes be fore the h< ur of start i .g from ihf Brooklyn side. li'fk'w \ I; gg'g^t ke i'i -ep ?r le ' r t?s. jutOre 1 KJ VV u.oi VitAV 1'iLL.Pavd ./I Tfc ? , 7. i. PACKET LINK, krom Philadelphia to Pittsourgh via the Pennsylvania Kail i Vo.daand Canal? through in 3!? daya. The above line is uow ii > full iteration .mil oilers great indues menta to persons who wish I 4 plaaiant in ? -tl? of travelling to the w est. The cars are built in the inoai .pproved xnodern i.tyle, thi I boats >re titled u|< in n *u;*rit>r maimer, mid every effort la made ; by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort auil convenient I ol tra? elU'ia. J li? acenery on thia route is unrivalled, dud t'.?? | great chain of Pennsylvania internal improvement* is Well woi i Ifiy of lieum aeen. By this route passengers avoid *11 the fatigues ?nd dmireri at tend uit upon stage travelling, and at the islue ttmemakcanei peditious trip. The 'v ri le ive every morning st 7 o'clock. PH*!?eugers arr ad ?iaed to engage their places at Philadelphia. Oltice Ml I'hiladel P'Ud N. I ? corner of Cheanut aid Kourth street*. and ..t No* I and U South Third sta. A. CUMMINOS, Agent. I Vhll idelphia, M.i> 11. ISIS. I'nr iulormalior, in the city of New Vork. apply to ft. H. KNlKKLL. Agent lor 1). LKK( H (k UU.'i Line. 7 West ?t, N. B. rny 17 <in*rrc . CHKAP liXCUKSlONS TO THE FISIIING,. RANKS OFF SANDY HuOK KAtlK I f)X CENTS EACH WAV al^ejQ1 L Tllr. new and fast BUFFALO -4* C""t. J. W. llmci'S, w ill m ike Kicur-inni jC b mm . / dnri g ihu se 'ion every Monday, Wtd.ieiday, on .1 i . ie \ lug 11 iininoud street it 8 o cluck; Catml, 81*; Delano y and l'ik- ?t?., L. R., ?>. I'ier No. I. N. H-.VH o'clock On th" leturu p.s.",g.i? will he landed .it Coney Ll.n.d, ai id one hour allowed l"r H- 1 h i . if. All kind* of* on board. Bait at coat. jil !7 ia'cC h,\ ,Ul>MUN 1 U 1 UK FlSlliMv llANKrt. ^ i St-*mer n L. STEVENS, Ca"tun K. L flrrJ1J^t1'jj1Mi ?y, will make ?n nni to the Fishing Ila .1- ? ry Tuesd iy , 1 loirs. lay anil Friday, ? In ?.,* Ilie w i?o 1. 1' v ilia ILtnmoMd aire t t o'ch ck, A M. < mi.iI st ret at a?*' ; D-luicv a rret, E?i K ?e , ai 9, and I'ier No. 1 N K . at'Jk ..'clock? eturnig to th.. city in g.a.d sea ?on A fine Ua-id of Music in engaged. IUit furnished gratia; ? d line* at a small churn*. Kaie 30 centi. jull Iwis'rh rTui'LkM' UlNh Uh M h.A.MbUA I # hUH ALBA.NV, DAILV? Suinlaya Kieepted? ITironith Di cL rem, at 7 o'clock 1'. M., from the Tier between J8U.-~JW K < mini unit and l.iherty ttrwla. 9ti-amhont HOCMKMTKIl, CaiHain U U. Cnirwiiden. will laave on Monday WVd n ?day >nil Kriday t.vniiiiKa, .it ? o'clock Sr- amlioat K N it : K |. It HOC KKH, Captain A lloiiKhtou, wiil Uave on Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday e?enin<?. nl 7 o'clock At A o'clock P. \1., landing ut iiiti'rmeiiiate placei, from th? fool ef Oarclay atr.-et Steainiicai UuU i'H AMKKK'A, C'lptam W H Trueadtll, will le'ive in .luinl-v, Wednesday, Kriday and Cuuday Alter uooui at i I'clork Jit'amhuit >KW JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Furey, will l?mvt oil fumday Thoradav arid Hnturday Afternooi .. at J a'clock. PaaaeliHera iakni|| either ol tlie aliove Lmc< will arrive iu AIl? oy in ample nine lor fee Morning Tram ol Carsfor thtlMtor west. Th- B?ati are naw and anbstantial, are furnished with new anil f !e?aiit ?tat.' rooms, and for speed and nccoinmodations a-e no riynlled on the Hudson. Krai, In lal,e> ai niuderate ratea. All peraoua are forbid traatinir any of the Boats of tnia Liue, without a written order from the Captains or Agent*. koriimiiite or freight, apply on hoard the boats, or to I'. C, SctiMi r ? at the oAo? on.'lie wharf. jull re IV1I.L1AMSIWROH AND PECK Sf.lP FERRY. . TheT rutrt e* <?f thin Furrr, he!i#vitiK t#>nt OL? ?? ifthi rf nr? mmiv of the cit?7"iin of N**w York Jrtf >?T?i ,?ihJ vicinity tint nrf uii;tC(]uiiiiit*?tl with th IftCi-iiiw* tln? trrry rtfforU* an n |'lea?Miit roinmutiirnrinii with Willi inulmr* mhI I .ini4 l?l iihI, would I'Mf t h it thrie ??re two gin-el J?* rry Boats on this Kerry, which l**ntr?* (Vrk .S|ii? t> very fifteen or twenty rrimuu-a throiuh the ?hv tip to 5 o clock, P. M., ?nd then tip to 8 o'clck, nt each even n our aihI h.ilfSiour; alter which a boat leaven at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Tiie luit Ooit tearing Williamahurg at half-i>a?t Oo'clock.P. M. P 8 - On the evening of July |th, the boat will continue to run until 12 o clock. jyt im'rc NOTICE. STATKN ISLAND WL^SZZSL FFKKY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STKF.KT Tl.oM. i>rh<mttt<VLrh ?Kd 4TATKN ISLAND* II w i!? l-.-ve \?-w York every !?? ?u r *xcepf * P VI., commencing at * *? U., until 7 1 VI Leave Htateu II a ml every hour except 4 P. M. *oiitme??ciug ?f H A VI *t ti t ? ^ 7 P. Vt. N B.? i?i Ku i<la>s f)i*? Bo ts will leave every hour from!' A M until 1 f. M., a.tdfiom 1 t.M. until 7 I'. M., every li il hour. j >12 S L W YORK, ALPAW'ASh TKOY LINfc FOR ALBANY AND TROY 01 It fc'T I ? at 7 uVlock, P. M ?The .Ueamboai fc.M PI RK, Captain li ii .Vlaey wdl Lav*- th* ?lg? m'-oit pier font of or.^t. every Tuo*day, Thursdi> a d Sarurdn* afternoon. at 7 oV^'k Tht ste-' in' oaf C0L1 VI! I A, Captain VV in H. Peek, every Vu* d?v, Wednesday a (J Friday afternoon, at 7 o'cliw.k. f Of I' "f ?? ivighl anplv on board. or ar to* otT.<? Oil tit" \*i ui*\ n. n I i * ?ui\, /*A FOR VLBANY, TI'OY aad interm-di .n e J* 1 h 1 1 d ) 1 1 tr-i . (rum the Steamboat Pier at the foot vi yr ~* jii m li relay street. f#r* tkf t>r ? d Dinner on bo..rd r he boat. Leave* New Y<n U <t 7 uVlo? k . \ M . Tuesdays, Thursdays ? ? . ? I Saturday, and Troy *? 6 o'clock, M., Albany at 7 o'clock \ M. vlo day, Wednesday and Friday. Tii"1 low-pre<sure f?te?nibo>.t 1 KQy . Captain A. Uurham, on ' ru< <?dayn Tlmr-d * * and ^-.furd* vs. *t 7 o'clock I The steamboat NI AO UtA, Capr ?in A. Degroot, on Aku { 4<y, Wednesday and Friday, ar 7 o clock# j For piss ?g" or freight, apply ou board, or to F. 15. Hall, it the >ffice on the whirl Notice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, sj>*ctevor any cither kind of property taken, shipped, or put on hoard this ho?t, ' must be it the risk of the owners of such goods, freight bag Ate- jeHrc FOR HALIFAX ANTTTi VklKrtMTl] ?T'vv^N ;nJ*v\ THK Royal \1hiI Mtcam Shirs H'BF.R -N 'A ""j B KIT ANN I will Wive Uonov '"i tlw above iiuru. as loliowj" ? Hihernia, Alex Ryrie. Ksq , Commander, Tuesday, July 16 h ! Britannia. Join Hewitt, " 14 Friday, August 1st. Passage to Liverpool 3120. Passave to Mnhf** iN). For freight or paas k'e, apply lo jyl2 I) HUIOHAM. Jr.? Aarant. 6 Wall af? > LONDON I. INK OF PACRKT^-Kaaular pn'^k I hlKSSV "f th' ?? lit of Au x?i ?r.? The splendid n?-w picket US' iAwm 'tip PRINCK ALbERT, VV. S. Jrebor, master, will | a ??? 'i* abov*', hejp d >y. Huvinjf very superior acccmmoJ.itions for cabin. second enhir ! and tt^H'rag^ pnsseup rs, jiersnas wishing; to secure berths bv this vessel ?hnuld make earlv *pi?iic?ition on board, foot < I Maiden latie, or to JOSKPH MWIURRAV, 100 Pine street corner of South The picket ship ST. J A MLS, K. It Meyer, mister, will succeed the Prince Albert, and nil on the 1st of September, j in 18 re FOR -M VRSKILLKS ? Packet of 1st August. ? ^The supe-ior ship AGN1CS, C ipt. \Vethereu, will ike the place ot the new ship Nebraska, not ready, uiu Hni on the 1st August. For freight or passage, npply to CHAMRKR liAliS & PUKLP&, or to jal7rr ?f?VD U HINCKF.N. Attend. gjfc NKW LINK OF PACKKTS . 01< LIVKKPOOL ? Positively first shin and only regular Pocket of 2lM _ July? Th?? splendid and favorite packet ship HClT" INOURiR, l ! 00 tons burthen, Cnpt ha Bursley, will sail | on vlonday, July 21, her regular day, Th? ships r.f this h e beiiu: .til 1000 tons and upwards, persons 1 '.bout to embark for the Old Country will not fail to see tht j advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference o a'iy other, as their great capacity renders them every way ' mora comfortable aud convenient, than shins of a small das j and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and stcer?ue i passengers, it is well known, are superior to those of a?iy oth? > I li :e OI packets. Persons wishing to secure berths shonM qoi ' fail tom^ke early application ou board, foot of Wall street, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 70 South frtreet, corner of Maiden Lane, | j* 5 rre Up Stairs. %Z ^ FOR" L I \rKIlPO 0 1 - -The New * Liue? Tte*nlai I V.' ? S Pack*-v 21st July ? The superior fa.?t sailiug Packet shij ?.v^JatUOTTI VOUER, 1060 tous, Capt. Ira Bursley, will ! tail as above, htr regular day. | For freight or passage, having excel! - if and superior ac orn : JK'dariotis, api-lv to the ("aptiin on board, or to WOO I) HULL fc M1NTUKN,?7 South sireei. i Price of passage jtlOfl. The Packet Ship Liverpool, 1150 tons, Capt John F.ldridee, will succeed the )lottiut;t tr, and sail on her regular dr.e. Md cJ An trust jy12cc LONDON LINE OF PACKETS- Packet oi th. ^Oth Jnlv.? The si-lendid and fast sa ding Packet Shi) .HfcNDlUCK HUDSON, Captain Mnore, sails |k>hi t?vel. ui Momhy, July 2Ut. This ship hasspleud d accommo dations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers; to se cure berths, eaily application slnuild be m de to w. 6c J T. TAPSCOTT, jy 10 rc 76 South street, corner of M tid-n Lane FOR S \LK The Ne* York built copper la-Oen ^e,.! ind coppered sh p S\ LV ANUS I r.NKINS ?jtp'i 'iiSR* bu rt he |?er register 6 7 tons? Site sails fist, cirrief well, and i* well found. Apply to Captain KxKlie^h.oi hoaid, at pier No. 4, N. 11 ,or to BOYD & II1NCKKN, jjr^rc No. 9 Tontine Budding, cor of Wall and Wiitersts FOR SALE, FRKIOM I l)H ( H \R TKR?Th* ? very fast sailing barque HOMK. Captain Watts. bu?l? em B dtimore one year since of the best material*. -irrie* anout i.OnO b irrels, and haa handsome accommodation for twenty pass^uifers Apply to Captain W <tt?. on bo.ird, m Pike street wharfVor to E. K. COLLINS Jk CO. i 17 rc 3H South street ? FOR S Al^f r'.Ti G H T"lfRC 1 1 A RT fc. H -Th* very iait. s oling packet ship, MISSISSIPPI, 660 tons I'-uilt in (bin city by Broivu ik Bell, salted on th* UoekN uid resalted every year, live oak and and locust top live o?tk apron, sein?nn stem frame, and forward and aftcn ?.nut frames? newly coppered and in perfect order for a thret years vo/age ? lias accomniod ttious for 26 passengers. Appl\ n hoard at Orleans' wharf, foot of Wall ?Ueet, or to juoiii R. K . Cf>| ,l#| \S h ''<* .fa Smith ntr*?ei OLD ESTABLISH KD L.W U iR AN 'ITaSSAOI tfi v ?^OFFlCL, UI Soutli st.? ^-Possige from fc.'igUnd, Irt 1 ^ Scotland and Wales? Those sending for theii friends would do well to av-ol tiiemselves of trie opportunity oi miking their arrangements with the subscribers ou very mode rate terms, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liverpoe' weekly. Drafts can na usual be furnished lor any amount, payabt* throughnut the United ICinadotii. Apply to JOHN jlt.RDMAN.6I South it. The mail steamer liiberuia sail., fr^rn Boston ou the I6(h niftt. hv w oich letters can be forwarded quicklv. im W , run ul.iSuuii -ni-,,uiai rmiui. -ji> wn rt-j'Sx known, la-.t sailing Briiisl. B iiyne ANN HAKLl- 1 it? ' mu ' ' ? " " Smith, master, ?KJ ions, Will ni'<et witl <|iiiel> ?Itmmcb k'nr fr-ikf l>r or pasture, h iTii.g eictlleut accommodations siii>ly ou board pier S N. It , or ?o WOODHULL Si MINTL'RNB, JVltft IB H tufh street PACKKT* KOR ~H~\ VRK-Second Line? Th. l<oket ship B.VLTIMOHK, Cspniu l.dward Fu. k i?rill h.iiI u i tin- Utvl August. t or i ? -Hi nt or passage Hp, /I r u> BOYD & HJNCKKN, iyU rc No. 9 Tontine Buildinis, eoi . VVhIIiiihI VVntirnrMiS AAyg. KOR S \ I, E? FREIGHT OR CHARTER? Tbt KlKrffV,"*rV l"?*' B Nn? \ ork I'll >tt packet vnp V A/Ot mm ? t>7(l t. .11 ? Live 0*k and Luc at to, , Live ( >ak Iran ? >m, npimi and lurM ard and aftei rants ; ctrrifi 2&<o b.ites .N w . Orlenseoton and l> ? hand onie fitrni.lnd aeaouuuoda iou. \ fortwt' passengers A illy UII hot d at Jones' wliarf, 01 : to K K. COLLINS & CO., jyfl in ?if?S'?irb ?rre*r ) Aji*- KOri LI V r;Jll'UUi> ? 1 lir super or snip .N t,l ? JTjMn^TUNE, C?i tain Peach, will sail on her r.-uul tr <la) W|NK> For p usage, having Unsitrp is'.ril accommodation n the U.tbin onlv. ai>j>ly to JOHN HER IJ.M AN. ieTT rr gi ^rniih ?lw' KAiU'C'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER 'f HE8E PLASTERS |irr|?irc<l lor |iains and weakneta in th< I- hack, breast. side or lunlis, brunt**, sprains, he'., anil foi nthmatie affections, and croup M ekildlM, will hMRMM give immediate Ji.rl soothing reliaf. They will also be found highly beneficial for complaint* ot tii>' Lirrr, Lungs and Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, whose basinets requires them t< lit or stand much, who may lie troubled with weakness in th> cheat, or pain in the side or breast, will bud great relief by wear ing one of these Plasters. With rrgard to the rrtioacy #f theae Plasters, nothing need t? said, a* tliey carry w ith them their own recominendatiou, and tlie prire UeiiiK so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement foi tl iOst* .mi.-t. iJ to give them a trial. The proprietor is confident that by the ipeat and increasing dr inand lor these Piasters, the |iopii|arity Which they hare obtain ed solely by their own menu, and the universal satisfactior which they have given, that they are deeidedly superior to au> Others in us*. No pains is spared in making them as adhwive and pliable n> |x>?.iible, and in rendering tiinn free from all those objections which is a ronrce of complaint to th? ordinary plasters of the dir. Tli?a? Plasters need but one tnal to give every sat is faction de sired Be sure and ask for Kuapp's Indian Strengthening Plaster, am' see thut Ins signature is ou tha back of eacn. None others >r> genuine. Made enly bv P B. KNAPP, a^id sold wholesale and retail at hu Midicme Wan house, No. 3B2 Hudion street, one door below King striet. New \ork. Alio for sale by the iJrugirists gene rally Price 12 1-2 and III :i-l rents ejeh m5 imeod'rr NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. r|MIE SUBSCUIBKH would regretfully inform thtro, that JL h#? lint been in the employ of the Uu* s.miuei Dvinilt over twenty y**ar?, and the late Samuel Uc milt haynig tienurathed to hirn th#? '1 rausit Instrument, tw?* Ahtmuomical (.Jocks, and the use of the Ubae> vstory , it I* his intention to co?,tinu?* ( in eounec 1 1 on vrith hia son ) the biuii.rssol mauufacturiug. repiiriuK and riting Chrstionietera, and dealing in Nautical lustrnmenU. Cliarta. Watchen, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Ike... st the old stand, No. V'tO I'earl strict. D. Kli'JKRT. ju6 lin#od*rc THE WON L)ER Ac itLESSING OK THE AGE THE ONLY CURE KOK CONSUMPTION. I.Kl EVERY MAN, WOMAN 4" CHILD, WHO ia troubled with Cougha, Colds. Spitting Blood, Liter Complaiuta, Asthma, Bronchitis. V\ hooping Cou<h, I'aiu id the ftide and Bre.ut, Sore Throat, Hiain^ or Tickliuv in the Throat, Nervous Debility, PnI|?itatioii ot the ii?nr( , broken Constitution, from the abuse of calomel and other causes. t?y the geiiunie, and only nenniue. Ctunpound Syrup t>l Wild Cherry, prepared by the celebt.iteu Dr. JSwayne ol I'hll tdelphta ? all othrrs are ?i'Uriou?, and mere imitations. Therefore, he c-mtnuia 10 for the ongiiiaj anil only genuine preparation from this vainaUe tree?Dr. Hw iyne's Compound Syrup ol Wild Cherry. Principal office, uorth-west comer 8th and Jl<*iCe stieets, Philadelphia. Affents ? W in. Milnor, M.D. corner of Broadway and John j street; K. B. Werner, 20$ Bleec.ker, corner of Minetta street; and K. A. bands, Church Uispensarv, 1HK Bowery, corner ol Bpring street, New \ oik; W . (i Wood, M.l).. H o-lein; Havi \ itid, Ket*e and ( 'o., HU Maiden Laine, New \oik: Hev. J. P. Cook, 70 Biltiinore street, Baltimore; Andrew Oliver and Co., Ne>* Orleans, L II. Mwau, mid J . M. Winslow, lioche?ter, N, V.; Mrs. lityes, Bri?oklyu; K. Kleme, St. Louin; ni.Thoru, | Pittsburir; h?. B. Hiuman, ( 'iiiciuuati; Pieraou and ll.<rruon. 7ZU Broad street, Newark, N. J-; Benjamin Olds, 278 BriiHil itreet, Newark, N. J.; JohnS. Harrison, Sulem, Mess.; J. II. ' ! I?*.ee, 4 St?nw it Mall, Maiden Lsue, Albany, New \ork; ! B ckn* and Bull, Troy, New * ork; Spalding and ll.irrinetou, 1 Worcester, Mass.; James Green and CoM Worcester, Mass.; K. H?*llid?e, Buftalo, New \ ork; (irant and Bockee, Pouah kcepsie. New Vork; O. O. Woodman, V irknourUj Mihs.; 11. and J. Brewer. Springfield, Mass.: J. P.Hall and Co., Bostou, Mass.; K. !S. Holdeu, Kast Boatou, Mvss.; P. M. Cohen snd Co ( h*rl#???on. H C. je in 3m cod ' rji_ [Vi t K f-.? British Barque Ann Harley, from Ol.isgow. All |?ersous are Hereby cautioned sgaiiiht trusting anv of the crew of I his vessel, as tto dehu of their contracting will he liquidated by the eastern or consignees jt Ms ^TH AYKD or Stolen, from No. 26 Howard stieet. u hu <1 > in rumy. a -in -II \ ellow L> ? ?? . with both ir6 r pr?-d, ?oni: Mil and vuch by the ? ? m-. of I'll U i'ivt* Dollar* will be i;iv?-n for die ietur?i ol said Do|f, ju 16 *t*tn tUii A PAIR of Dapple (1 cy Honu, 16 hand* high, 6 111(17 year* old Un il jiniJ aouud iu^ver^resprct. jCLJ^X*"*0 k k * utiftl S<rrtl .Mare and Top aeou. 'i he NlJir ? ?. you >r, sound and ki id, and t d sirab'e saddle bi?-<* ; the VVego i i* ol mwe'i' in ike; breu used but o ce. The Mb**vt? |?r? ?jH*rt y will be so'd, to. ether or separate, as the present owmr has uu iarihcr u *e l ji them. Apply t ? W i. I) SPARKS, jnl3 lw*rc 4 MiV Hon*", 3d A rem* aTO LLT.until the first of M ?y ueit md itMiiedu'e |*>s session giv'-u of flie 3 *????ry hou*e No. 101 F i*t Avenue l.-tw*-? i ???h tncl 7?l? stiver*. The premise* beve lately l>t*?i , u? mi c-iiri|,|f iif?? order And ill ha* been |m tilted inside and ? ur, I i*t Ju e, the Cm ton w.iter n.trodn. ed, m<*rl I mantle pieces, folding doors, a- d it ia well ad |?ted to accommodate *ne or m>>r*-f miiieS re*?t niknl to one C mil y f?-? th?- r?-idue ol tlie ye ir t" ? ext Ma> is $T?>. JiujUueut tile office of Johu II. Power. I a > | , ,N'< > 70 Natssu %t. cor. i?r ?>f Job.', up ?t ir* from the hoto* ol 0 to 3 o'clock, or of Ssml R 1). Nortou the owner, at the san c office on 'i ue?da> * and Wedut 'id*) lni jy U* i, p(jj)K aTTHI.S!! J/l*3T RKCEIVF.D? A > ther h t of French Boots, of the best k iud mid w II be so hi .t the old |ir ce, S1^ and tin* i^estoi' French I Bo. -U in -de to order for?j: < it y in u)e C It Boof*. $'i; oid th?* xrr <t? ?? assortment of Genta G it ens of all kmd? to he b uad it % ery h?w pri e . Also, the finest Calf Sh es, $'J tid $' 0 A gre?*t var.? y of all other ki' d?. Indies iti tin* St re will tfi ? d a irre-?? tuaorlmeut of Liaiter^. Bu'liins, *li|?, Tie-*. Pi u ell?, 8?tin, &ic Kor au aasortruent of -II o wer kind* Mi tact und Chi}dren*M Boot? and 8hoes we cannot he he 4t in riiiftcity Do notinia tnkt-tlie number, 361 Bro..dwa>, cornel of Krauktin street ju3 I 'ii * i .j .\i. CAHILL. " "r77 ^'NK WKNflf B( >OTS~?;r$3 W7 City Made, and fo st> ie a?.d durahilitv lljev are Mjual to tho?e #old for $6, j? h t i oung Ac Co*? luiiiei i ll French Boot and Sh? e Slanu* jft9 Cirturihg Depot, ni So. 4 A?.n fctn-ef, one ol th.* moat Fash ion ?b!e Boot Main factories in tin* city. Fine Fre ch Dre?> Hoot* in d?- to oider, for $1 ^); e?|u-l ?o tlionr mole in other ^Uirea for S6 and $7. Boota, Shoes, OaiU-ra, 4ic., in de to or d?*r in thr* ahorte?; notice Mw.iO * kc., d???;H id lb*4 ?tnr* VV'ia. M. Young ( o. , U'lmlea. |?* auJ l?et ul Manul?ctureu, No. 4 Ann street, N an Vo rk, near Broadway. WM M. YOU SO. and j*14 lin'rr l^f B IC'NK.S hKrjnuK it) NUNt AND SUftLtiluU 1C> ;.lANV. BF'.AUTinjL liicht White pi tin Hummer Hats, Price which for be ?uty ol liuiah cannot In? auMektaeJ. Also, Dr ib Beavera, Blut Biu?h iuni White Castor Hats, a.'l olthe lute*t *t> le. Also, Pan.tma Ilats^ very low. C. KNOX, ^?19 im*rc lit* Milton .it, between William tuui Nassau MLLLS, H ATTK Hf 178 BliO ADVVAV, HOWARD HOTUL, Vjk HAS now rendy, au assortment of Summer Hat*, to which die atteutiou of geutlemeu is lHvited, at the f?.l lowing prices, vi/. Fiench reurl (a new article) $1 00 r t*H 1 1 Cwasimt re 3 .'/0 White French (alao a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Cantor 3 60 AlsA,nn assortment of P.mama. Fine Talm Leaf, Bohemian, and otht r lints. suitabl" for rhe season. jel? lm*ric MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. MTLMNEftY AND DRKSS MAKING. ,<??N MRS. ROSK, No. 175 Walker street. New Yor^, re QkA)<nectl'uliy solicit* t call from Ladies wi*him: any thii k i" fh? Millinery or D ens Making line. jell lm*rh 7~v7l \Jli l \TIUN iJF W AT< ,HK8. IU.< ' K.I VKl) from Switzerland, by packet ship i/urich nn assortment of Watches and Movements of "everv description and ef first quality, ready for die wholesale trade, at moderate prices i DKLACH \USK 8c MAI RE, ju7 lm'rc No. 127 Fulton street. New York. liOULSTONK'S HIDING SCHOOL, 137 find I. 'IB Mercer Stretl. | efi MR. JOHN * ROULSTONK has die houor to | jUiOinform hi.i friends and the public in general, that hr?? School for Inatructiou iv. i'encmauship in now oj?et. day and evening, *s follows . ? Hour a fen (*e:?tleineu from. .... ... 6 to 8 A. M. ?? ? Ladies " DA. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of instructiou natide triowu on application to Mr Ron Intone. Mr. U has just received from the eounrry several tine aud ? stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rea a >11 able price mv7rr FOR SALL ? A Farm on the Banks of the Hudson, ^?Sroiita?niiiK' about sivtv acres II in a high state ofi uitiva ?iiim rj---t with nple. diJ Buildings, situaud one mile W e^t o? New burgh The terms w ill be m?de easy For ?ir ticul rs iiKjuiie at 419 Bioa ? way, corner of Canal street, in the Shoe Store. J\-Q2we? d * rr ^ iiAT^, MiCJL;, COt>lvliUA<Jiic-^. 1-Llb5, BUGS, tec. ; HpHE ftdlowine certificates, out of' thon?andn, may give thi I publican idea of the usefulness ol tite ra ioui prt-pa u : tin* a, viz Th? room in the bui'ding 70 Wall stiver, was badly infested j ' with C'jckroarhea, and 0..f applic. tion, four weeks ?*jjo, hasen l ttrely diapersed them. (Si^uud) CH8. MOU^T. i I have nst d 0 . F.'s jtrepar-tion to ettermi ate rats and mice. J tnd hive wonderfully aucc? eded in cieai iug them fiom house uid yard, alter the first trial. (8uned) JOSEPH OUTEVAN. Dr Feucht * aiuer's Fly Paper h is bee i u>?l by me with rfreatsu cess; u arl) one quart of slain flies ha\e been col ect ed in fouid ys out of curiosity. (Signed) C. VAN 8CIIOSAHOON. The Uubogs hnve b*^n cle^r^d from my house 21i Hud on j ?treet, ellectUiijy. (S ^ne?h) 'OMN SOLOMONS ! The yard m the rear of ihe courier and Kuqmrt r office h-s I been for years i' fesied by rats, and One sii gle appliccitiou has i efTectuxliy destioyed them I caut on aKaii<st the va iousjeilous imitafio s, and my genu j me ir paretionsarv lor sale by Dr. Miluor, cor er Broadway imd John street: Joh son, Vrooui 4c F?u|ei, 3Courtlandt st., uid Chis. Ford, corn- r of Fourth and Wooster street, Oo ra d'* Fnicy Store. 178 Grand trnrt, aud ?>f th rn^nuf cturer, Dr. LKvvIS F?Ul HT WAN otR, 23 Li/ erty. i jy71m?odVc ? e?r Willi m sfreer. V.ALK'S GLOBK, and Tra?i?i*ornt Celestial 8|?h? re ad i|>ted l<> common ?ch<?ola, college*. ai d private f?mi- ; j lies ? ow in use ?? the JSchroU nt Boston mid Albany, 1 I t the HikI) School a-. d NaVul Asjluin, Phtladrl) hia, in Vale j j uid other Colle ges, at Mr* Willatd'a, Troy, ai d in numerous j Common Schools n New York a d other citie> a*id State#. uid recommended ly Dr. L miner, I'rofesaor Olmsteol ai d ! "titer*. Manufactured and for sale i?y (i VALK, at hia N ?uti* c il and Mithenutic d Latabliihtneut, 3 b r -qu ve, Nr-w 1 | Vorh j v3 e- dlm'rh j PUBLIC SALE OF Tlifc MONROE KAIL KUAli A >\U haNKLNG CO i n'nitm * ) Urcrrt of the bi?*cial Jury lu relation to rl.e Silib Couuty! ( Monroe Ruil lload and B.mkwg Com j IIT E, THE JUll i , lind ?'nl decree, that the Monro* Rail ! ?v Road from Macun to its terminus ai Mnrth isville, m the 'ounry of DeKalb, both the pari th -reof w hu h b it been eom ileted .uid in o|? rut ion, and the part thereof wiiit h it iu an un i lishetl cmid lion, null nil the property, equipments. and effect, heiewith Connected, ii subject to ti>e payment of tlie d.-bt.-ol ; he Mouroe Rail Road . Mil 15 uki-g CnmiNuijr? that lie said Oumimiy i? insolvent and wi oily unable to pay its debts afore > ml; and from it- embarrassments is uitaVde to compl -re said ] ftwt, a il kft-p t he same in o| ia to answer the grvai >ub|ic obj -cts contemplated by ths Legislature. We further : ind thai i nere are creditors of variuii- de-criptious of said luaity, ru: holders ol tin banknote* issue) by said Company, | holders ofl)iind> in ned for work and materials for said Koad. I nil.; inent creditor* cr< ditora liol Jing certificates ofd-i> nite de noid- foi work, labor and materials I ir san! Hit Road. and cre ditors claiming to be mortg ige creditor nf taid Company, and ill other creditors not here ?numerated ; and that there are , >monc ihem creditors cl limine a priortv o? right in r.spect to their demands; and we further decree that the said Rail Road, oid all the property, equipments and effect! therewith connect ed, and all the property belonging to said Company, and all th? rights, privilege'' a d franchises in any manner belonging or ap- , Road and [l inking Company he 1 old at public sal? at the court house in the county of Bibb, by j I David C. Campbell, Aimer P. Power!, James A NiiDet, ' Hamuel B Hunter, and Thomaa H ?rdeman. eo nmiisioners or a ' majority of them, on the first Tuesday in August ueit, after living two mouths public notice in the gazettes of Macon, Ori'tin a d Savannah, and th t tlie proceeds of said sale he paid , 'o the Clerk ol this Court who ia r quir d to depoaite the tam<r for safe keeping on special deposit? in the Agency of the Me chanics' Butk in the city ol Macon, and that public notice be given to the creditors ol said Company to file their respective cl >inn, or s schedule thereof in the Clerk's office of this Court by th- first Monday in October nest; and that the and credi tors, if any controversy thoulii ante respecting said claims, then lirig-ite among themsefres, in re?|?ct to allobj. ctious which would or might hare been available agnnst them bv said Com pany if siid s tie had not been made in relation to matters of set off, and whether they lie subject to objection on account of th' itittite 01 limitation, non-performance of contracts, or other c.iuie, embracing the quantum of consideration, n tid for the j claims or auv of them, and ?Uo that the liens claimed by the re | spective creditors lie then and there also investigated and uljudi I cated; and we 'urtlo r decree th?t the purthisers of said iiai) Koad succi ed 'o all the obligations of said Company in re*peci to the completing, eiinipnig and keeping rlie said Koad in opera t ion, as intended and designed by theact ot incorporation. hilt no' 10 extend to a I ability ??debts contracted prior to said sale; and | that titer said sale u pon denaad or notice, the stoi khoblers in | smd Compan) tran?l?'r to the purchaser the stock h-ld by him, Iter or them in said Company, or th it the title be transferred by said Commissioners in the s ime manner is provided by law for the transfer of b^n* stock whi ? sale thereof is nude by the i Siiei iff; n ud we further decree, that for the keeping ol siid ftond in operation for the time I'lterveniig between tlie day of tin I passing ol this decree and the day of sjle, the receipts at the ? a,ud Road He appiiod, and that il s od receipts should not be suf- | fiei?nt for said pnn>ose, that the balance )?? paid Irom the pro- | ce*d? of the sale afiresaid; ;u d we further decree that William I B. Pa i ker as tm?teo in cli irge of said Road and appurtenances nntil the sale ol the afores .id property is completed, malie monthly returns of the amount of receins thereon, and file the mme with the Clerk of this Court, and alto of accounts for | keeping the same in repair and operation, exhibiting a apecific staiem ot lu each of the nnmbar and description of otficers, i agents and h mils employed thereon, the nine of tne lure 01 j each iter month, and the quMtitf, quality and value of materials ! purchased, snkject to tne eiamiu ition and approval nf the | Court, and the costs and other espcuses lie p ml from the pro ceeds of sale. JAMKtt OK AN, Koreman. 1 A true e*lr-et from the minutes of Bibb Superior C ourt, May term, IHS. HKNKY O Clerk. By virtue oTtlie above decree, the uudeisigiieti will sell "e I fore the court bouse door, in the city i f Macon, on the tirst 1 Tu< sday in August next, at 12 o'clock, M. th- whole line "I the | Mo roe Ri mil from Macon to Marthaaville, 10 the county ! ol lie Kalb, and all the property, equipments ami effects there 1 with connected, mid all the property belonging to said I'ouip i ; ny. and til the rights, privileges i.ud francnisea in any manner belonging or apiiertaming to said Monroe Kail Hoa I and Bank I iug Company, I mbracing not only the Road, I ul the various de I pots, WOik-slio|ia, Ware-homes. eneincs, cars, iron, tools, eijiiip ineuts, and all and every thing apportioning aad belonging to I aaid Iioad ' Also, the entire aasets belonging to said Monroe Raid Ro- d I and Banking Company, embracing subscriptions lor stock un paid, including tlie subscription ol the State of Ueorgia for (200,000, and all debts, demands, and claims of every kind and description, due to or belonging to said Monroe Rail Koad and B , nking < oinpany, a full schedule of which miy be Seen, on application to M. L. (.ii iy bill, st the office of said < oinpauy. The length of the K.iad is 10 1 miles, the whole ill winch u graded to its iunctiou w ith the Western and Ad nine Rail Koad. The tu '-structure has been completed on the whole Wad, encent four and a half miles. The Koad is in use In Jouesborviugh, | ? iKhr \ miles, and i< equipped with five locomotive engines, | l hree passengers care, eighteen IVeiglit cars, wheels [and llji s for eiglit other freight cars, and one stationary engine The teimt ol ssle ca ih, to be |wid immediately to the ( .ommitsiiiu ers; and 011 failure of mirchaaera to comply, ?o much of the Krone rty as may be bid off by such defaulting purchasers, wil e forthwith resold at their risk. DAVID < . I AMI'BM.L, 1 ABNKR P. POWKlia, I JA VIKS A. NISBKT. V Commissioner SAMUEL B. HUNTKR. 1 ? , THOMAS HARDtMAN, J Vlacon, Oa., May IS. JslTtoaai re I OTTO COTTAGK, IIOilOKJRtf. FREE. Monday, July 14, 1N45. TREMENDOUS Excrement and mont wonderful doings tor jhu we k only, eoiume'ciii* on Monday, July H,a>d every f i^d ijr duri' g the eek Mr. Hood, 'he ceteKnted A.-rob <t, ii e ?g >**? to repe it >iia unknown performance wiiuh 1 ga\ e the greatest I'tinf ft ion . arid ? 1 1 fact th* o--ly person th ?t i ?*ver accomplished thf d ringfe t of cr^ssiinr th Bowirynn a Rope e steaded l r m theBroich H?t*Ito the Bowery Hie - i tiv. "n the IfU of July, on hiclwoccaaio'i hit perform oice wa? wit ie* e I < thou .v?di of ep.'C ai?rs, who tfive hini lond and tr- ine nl oii ch ?rx. Mr Gardner w II perform hi? m it wonderful > oi th" Elybig VV i ? e , md *U.? i ? rroduc** his Chim*e O iii* ??. The Infuit Sable Family will al> ? app**r i hi* iceaai ud enfc-itain th*. audi* tee with their mo Miwi vocal |K>we?'-i 1 he Le trued f> 1 Ro'l <, the mo t * ilrlligent of the Cani-** H v* ill fihvH 1 he ud?euce with his tag ci i tv. The New * "k Bin* B U:il will entertain tl *? audie .ce * ith a iiuroW of f ? vorit#- \ ?ra. F.'i ce to c< utmence at 3 o'clock and conti me until ! 7 P. M. Capt L. Sw ?rtr hopes th *t all of hi t friend* wi 1 eive him a rail o thi < ocr ? i v 1 j-ii 1 J ? tn itf-JSCli'6 liOlr.L, I-'fcl Pulton Ktmt, ii* at- Bron'lwny. | *TM!E Pro fiVror of this Hotel, would respectfully inform the I. j uhlic th the his >e enOy ?dopt d the Sourher mode ol I furnishi- if 1 Liifheo 1 co is'stinv of * v -r #tv of dish sdoly, b-'ween the h- u a of l' i..d 2 o'clock, ( Su dty'a iuc'ud^d J? : Th't 'inw armig?m<?nt he ti usts will meet with spprobifio ? ? 1 he L'i|Uon? are of t* ^ c aoicest <|u ity, *nd every effort h >s ? * en ru de to make this H - tel <aju tl to any in t ?* ,:i y, Me 'n* ! vit**s his friend* to visit the est iblishment and jtidg* f-rthem I ?rlv-.. jv 12 IWtli L')m; branch. ni;w jkr&e*. "IJATII BUILDINGS," (roRWK- lv hens tiaw 'a ) 1 ryTliS uoH-knomi md d?-l stbtful s?*;t b thi*.? establishment j a will be ope tied for the rec- prion ofvi itora on and after the ! 2't!? June nut. 'i ll* build. tig* h ve undergone a complete and | thorough r?-p iii , no eftorfs will he spared to maintiin t!?* ! t)i*?urvt-div high reputation which thin wHtuhltsiimant haa herr 1 tot'ire cqtured. ! Th# price fo?* hoarding will he from $7 to per week ? ehil I dreu and M*rvanta half-price. V oung people, not requiring nuuch 1 room, will fi .d accoinrnodati* sr terms The Rieani^r < )> ua, Captain Price, from th*? Knlton marker I wHlmnkti a d*jily trip between New York and Lonir Branch Stamen will hi* in readiness upon the ariival of the above boat at | the Ocean House, to convey u\ss?nsera in?mediarely to Long Bruich. JAMKS (iliiKLN, Proprietor. 1 Inne 12. Hi.1!. jel!> Ault i.Ai\t .S MC/A'i., At liar I cm Ul vor. GEOKGF. NOWLAN respectfully refnrna his m ost sin cere tnanks to his friend* and tl e public for tlie Jihenl | upport whi' h he han received for the laat tan years, while Pro | nriaior of Prospect Mail, s?:il begs leave to inform tnein that he I Ins fitted up the li'ge e >tal>li.shinwnt at the termination of the I Railroad, on thi ? Uand, and on rlie B oik of the River, where ; he is prepared to fur ish visitors with Dre k fasti, Dit uers, , Teas. Suppers, and other relreshments. at the shortest r ?tice | (lood ^lointd, and every accommodation lor Military Cc tnpa nil's. All th?- Railroad (^ars land r?u?neugers 111 front oi the ! Hotel t'<?r I2>i cents, from th*' f'ity H\ll. N H ? V 1 ordinary at half pist ? o'clock on Sundays. j~2H ; TKUY HOUSE, 'illUY, iV. k. CIOLKMAN ^4 ROCiKHS, Proprietors.?^ This House, so ^ Ioijr and favorably knowu to the travelling pnblic, is no* ! open. I A new story has he^n added and extensive alterations made; I among wiiich ?tre the ? i tension of the Ditiiug room, to a length of ninety feet, and. by folding doors connecting, can be extended to one hundred and thirty leetj thirty new ptu*lor&. with bed rooms attached- pleasant and r?irv rooms to the nnmner ofsiity have been addea ? affording accommodations for 300 persons.? The house his hevn painfeo and papered throughout. Tl\e cars for Boston, Buffalo and Saratoga, start from tlv? fror.t of thia house. It is alio but a few slepa from the steamboat landing. The proprietors trust, by their personal attention t o their bu siness and guests, to receive continued and increaued pntronage. CHAKLK8 8. COLKMAN. Late of the A<tor House. CHARLKS M UOOLRS, ju7 lru*rc L^tc oftheSleamer Knipoe WARREN HALL. N'o 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS haying fitted th?? above house us a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, for the ac commodanon ol eitiMBtiniiil ly ud visitors to thi city, ? would respe-ctfully solicit ror tiiemv-lves a portion of their pa tron age. Their larder will he at all times well stocked frith the heft the markets can afford. The Wines, Lifiuors anrf Segars are of the bestnuality. The bedrooms neatly furnished, spacious and *irv. While from its central local 1 on , being neartht City ila.ll, til J in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to those ; is i ting the city. 1. BR1TTOX, C. McCORKLE. N- B. ? The usnal relishes served up at nM tirn? * je7 l?n*er \ViL?UxN> HOl'bL AM> ULnTMj K'JUiVl, r> < near Malilfn I?t\ne. OUNTRY M ERCHANTS will find this a desirable Honse. Vy b- ing couveiuent lo the busiiirais p. it of the city. Thi* e&iahluhmeut is fitted up with eiinrely uew furniture Oowi ind substantial dinner, 1');,% cents, lodgings 26 cents a Frrcos. VHnieuce aud comfort thi* hou>e uequil to any hotel in the city nid at half the price. Permanent boarders Can be accommodate*' 011 very reasonable terms All tiie delicacies of the season served up. as soon aa they rrive in m trket, at half the price of other nouses Elegant private p >rlnrs. for the re lerej* cases, or priva e diuners or suj o?t parties. Tlieeery b? -it of I i.-jnors. i??'> 'Un*rr TTTa K U N M' it i iN VT C3 F 1 V I h 1 U iS , SCHOHARIE COUNTY, VEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are resj?ectful! , uil'orui- d that Mr. L \N DON, of Congress li ill, \lbi y, n.'* tasoci.v'eil himaelt with Mr. Gardiner, and thut this est- bluiimeut will becon ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for ie % option <'f t i-?to;? in r lie Arst day of June next, 'i'he so -scr'bt-rs ha%* m .dp m.-uiy ituprovemt.'uu in the grounds aud w?athn>i{ house? ?* d pl? ?! rt rhentselves to use their best ' *erti< is t* ? r- nder th - i-.-taldKh ment fully equal to any wateinig pi ce in this con- r\. ^ ^ Stages will be iu readitn-ss on rhe rri/al -?f thecr. * rt ( joharie, to take passenarertfto ; tu house. \ir. l> will, as heretofore, c Mir im*** the C ? ngress ' )l whiet will j during tne sui u. iv be tin ' -r ie .?? ?>vrinte?;?i? ?.c?- of Mr Jo*lju. i i . 'K1 tin ktf /f**i * / '/A l.r LONG Hh * JERSEY. rp UK PROPRIK if' ; Uf y*-* V.?;k Irivf " to inform thf ?"?: /.r : ii N ? \ .?k. a ?! thr puMie feiifrtl !y. tSu hi* hou ?? ??> ?, > iv. im ;J? , I'commodxtiOTi U?'ir<J **r? aljiiutf tli? . "? i , u'i. X! f- ? will f?e six ilolhn j vi Wpfk, anc I VfT, ,?*? Will if |m::I U) tlirir Oifilfur! ?uu l?it* tsnrr * ioon sv .\ will 't i.j r . ? nit attrutlftur* . Tlimt* <;ih , ' ?ri.. will .\v <? NVw V?rk every day, from Kill ton M trior Slip, and 1 will 'v in rciijiiicM at the OeriU' House, to CO V ?? , I'rt- ? I'|5 Co Lnu:; }Wncl>. ? 19, [Hi5. g.VMl'EL *IR 6w?( T' ISA ttATriLNG Al' !,UVi li RANCH. HK BuHtprilHT br^ l.av( to inform t1i?* public that he is |J"W prepared to receiw- fowiwHf. hi* lutf made aire a tiuus 'nil * rti.KinenU f??r I lie b. it? i acrommodatiouof viviers In addition to oth.-r a<l<aut ge? that hi* hi u<t |?o??es e*,hebe lievesth tumnmltiiri 1* rt sid-nee for the approaching sea ?*n tin ot bp founil. The convenience* for tea byhing rcu': jur|i used. To thru1 wiioaie food of falling, no place can b? foii'ii] when ino-r ulVAdt^Kit ^rc offered. Mr J inn** ' rreen Imv.i g .'tHai'lf-hed a line of atage* from Rwl tj ink 10, puwii{eri can always relv on a quirk cou> veyaii.-a, JOHN OKEEN, Deal, N J j> 8 in-'r rr N IS W J KllS E Y HOTEL? MO II R13TO W N 1'HK SUBSCRIBERS reapectfully nifortn their friend* and 1. the I'ul.lic generally , tliti! the new and commodious house , fPcted for a Hotel. at Morrittown, New Jersey, it open for the entertainment ol all thoa. who will favor (ham withthrir com [unv, when they ho|>e to furuuh them tuch accommodation* a* to entitle them tu public favor. D. W. NOt, m? ?.w2in?rp DAVID CROWFL G WSK POOL (ENGLAND) HOARDING HOUSE No. 70 Duke Street, the Residence of Sir William Barton.) 'rMlk MlftrtES PKR KIN8 retpeeifully a?k the patronage of I familie* and gentlemen Tieitmat Liverpool, for iheir ei tabliah'iient, 'hey will meet with the comfort* and atten tion of a prirate bonae. Reference? H Worrall It Co., No. an Elm meet, N. York jell lme.-d*rr SEA ii t, A CM HOTEL.. Long Brnnch, X. .1. i HEALTH, RECREATION AND COMFORT TO INVALIDS AND ALL UTHEKS. HHOWLAND k CO. h??e opened for the rcaon thi? ? well auowii Hotel at Long Bruich, N. J., (ki'pt laat 1 ye r by J. Birclay ic Co ,J ?o wefl patronized by the ci izena of New York ana Philadelphia in i>aat yeara with ureit appro- i bat ion, and conaiderrd decid?dly the moat comfortable Hotel i and Sea Bathing establiahment within a hundred mi es of either city. V i<itora and inealids will receive every attention from th? rronrietora, who are now ready to enter into ai rangeuieuta with f.iiniliet fnrthe aeaaon for board. The adva itagMof tea bathing during the mmmer mmitha apparent to all, ai^d Lon^ B anch ifurii'the* tiery indui e me it to familiea and individuil' lor health, recreition ami c mfort To the loveri of fuhiiifc. the vici. ity of the Sea B.i*? B ">ka affonl? great ?port; and the gunning m the neigh borhood it very di e. Thr Stramboat ORUS l?avea Knltpn Market wharf every day. Kor houra of Iravin*, ?ee adv. rti emeot of Steamer Orun in the Courier and t. quirer. From ihe Ocean Hou?e. paaseu etii are conveyed to the hotel. 8 mile*, in good carr,n?e?. H. HOW LAND fc CO.. Troprietoii of the Sea Reich Hotel. i Long Branch, Jane 21, IKS. jcM eodlm m PHILADRLPHIA HOTRL.8. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 3'43 Cheitimt Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC II \LL, PHILADELPHIA. Batha jmt introduc?l? Warm and Cold? in line apart iiieiiK ? for both ladieaand gentlemen. je2t lm*ec COLUMBIA HOUSE, ( hentnnt Street, lietwrrii Otlt mid 7tli streets, PHILADKLI'HIA 'PHK 8UBSCRIBKKS rrapectlully inform tlteir frirndf and A the travelling public, they hive takeu the above boose, ( lor uterl\ known an the Marshall House, ) uid have inadf cxteuaive alteration* and improvementa in its interior, having scared no rxpenxe to render it one of the mixf p easant and lashionable bouses in the city. The iiarlor<:ire numerous, tlie chsinbera liUk'e and well arranged, the lurniture entirely new Ita loca tion it in the most centrd part of tbe city, Heir to all the places I public amusement, and convenient to the depi U of the , Southern, Wettmi and Northern ronies. 'I lie rnbles will be tin idled w it It all the d licaciel of the sea son. I lie Wines are of the choicest brand*, and Ii iv? been C a ? e t'u 1 1 y telected. 1 be proprietor* lio|* by their jiersonal attention and experience I i tbe business, to ui?? satitfaction to those who may favor i lit- in with their patrou >ge. . BAOLEY, MACKENZIE U CO. .lames Batley, (late of .lone*' Hotel. ) H"iiry C. Macarnxie, (formerly of trie Washington Hon?e.) Peter L. Kergutoa. .1 . 1 V tst^l?4f,. Irl ^Ti'ee Will. II. JA.sihS, Ml)t Bionuway, oppotite the Park, oi ler* for tale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Seutrs. which he warrants Keniiine a* importeo, viz liegalia'* Pauetela*, I omrilon Mze, imperial, El Regnlador. t.'ubrey, La Lmltad, Retiul <tor, Ugnet, El ReKiilator, Hmall Sua. >iariposa, Cnbrey, Wenier, Suiwrinr Plantation* Mediana, El Regulatlor, mT7 yMStSt Irn'rc NAVY BREAD? Abont ten torn, in barr?i* ar.d bap*, for ?ale by .I0HN HER DM AN, jlrc tl South * tract. Qfi.vcv, (Illinois,) July 1, 1845. A n Account of the l.rul Murder in the Mormon Country , tfC. While we are blessed with promising meadows j and fhe richest grain-fields, wr t ? not wanting in mental excitement, the raw mat .1 for which our ' Mormon neighbors furnish up, in the retain of their spiritual wife system, petty larcer. - , horse stealing, robberies, murders and aaBisaitiaUon-t Our jail h*t been for a long time almost literally filled with Mor. i mon preachers nnd Mormon "saints And this is the fact, too, although ours is not h Mormon county. You will remember that a mo?-t horrible murder was committed in L~<* county, Iowa, some time ago, by persons ?' th it time unknown Suspicion r-ated upon two Mormons, it Na'tvoo, by the n irne of Hodges They were arrested, carried to Bur- 1 line too, in Iowa; tried, found guilty on the 2Ut ult . ; -?n>l condemned to be hung on the 15 h instant But during th" progress of 'he trial, fact-' were de ' veloped, which rendered it certain thut a third I brother, a ciuz^n of the city ' f tif lio'v Joe, wm : | /iirt icy* crtminis He whs liken in Nativooon the 1 I 2 i I ult , and while in custody he w is called to the 1 door bv some one, who pretended that he wished | to s^dk fo Hodges for a tew moments in private, i II" was immediately stubbed, and died in a very short time. Upon being asked ii he knew who it was that inflicted tite f tal wound, he replied. "Yes, ! it was my beet friend " It is believed that he was ? on" of " the D inite band" of Mormons, who had : been sent to Iowa to Commit the mi'der for which j he was arrested ; that being arretted, he told his confederates that he would turn States' evidence, il | they did not relieve htm; and that he thu* became ' th1* victim of a conspiracy among his associates in i crime, who thuscrtainly, and in a summary man- 1 j ner, put him out ??f the way, to prevent t?im from at- \ tempting to save himself, by exposing the robber? ! I and murderers who live in nnd about Nuuvoo : It U scarcely possible to exaggerate in paying ill of these Mormons, known, as they are, to have violated every command of the decalogue, j Hancock county h.ts utrain been the i-cne of the ! 'nos>t intense excitement, growing out of the fact of I Ur Marshall, an old and esteemed citizen, having been killed on th1* 2tth ult, by Gen Deming, the : sheriff of that county, and I. ng regarded by many as beiiiL' in the Mormon interei-t I)r M ir.-hall was i an anti-Mormon. The circumstances which led to 1 this afliir, are about these : ? Dr. Mar-hall had pur i chased a tract of land at a tax sale. The land was subsequently found to have been sold in error. Dr 1 Mar.-hdl, with a view to getting hi* money 1 | back, requested the Sheriff to murk the pile as hn- j 1 ving been nuule in error. This the Sheriff", havine ! perhaps forgotten, did not do: and L)r. Marshall, > who was a man remarkable for his accuracy, and i imiticularly in the transaction of business upon i learning that his request had not been attended to, ! said something, which highly exasperated the ' Sheritf. A scullle ensued, Deminir drew his pistol, ! and fired upon Dr. Marshall, the b.tll entering a little j below the navel. Marshall, upon being asked if he i was hurt, answered "I will very soon be a dead I man " lie died in about five minutes. Derning did not attempt to escap?, but said, with great emu i tion, to Mr Bickenstos, "this is what I have ex ' pected." He was arrested by tlie Coroner. The Grand Jury found a bill against him, next morn in?, ! for murder. He was admitted to bail in $5000 ' bonds. i The indictments against the persons charged j with the murder of Hyram Smith, have been dis ' missed for want of prosecution. I regret to see that the people of the United States, : influenced, perhaps, in their opinions bv the press. , ihtnk that we h ive no caus- to apprehend danger of j war wuh England. To my mind, war seems to ' ? be inevitable in less than two years. Thousands of j hardy, enterpriztng men in the valley ot the Missis ! -ippi* Htid Missouri, are resolved upon going to ) the West, which I have at last found to be situ iteri : ; between Point Adam*, nud Cape Disappointment, j !on. 123 deg 54 nun. West, tat. Iti deg. 19min I North And this disposition to go to the west, wiii I not |>erinu a iiriu-h shadow of title to interfere with their plans It will have Oregon. This will involve u- in war in less than two years. Gkneual Jackson's Last Wiu, aud Testament I ? Extract ot a letter from Nashville, dated June 7. j > to a gentleman in Washington. i " 1 lie last u ill and testament of the old hero wan thi: I j day approved in our county court, and is ol public lecord j He commences by giving his body to the dust, whence j it came, his soul to God that cave it; he , devoting hi> ! i estate, iirkl totne payment of two debts, via: one ol j i f.6, OUO, with interest, borrowed of Gen. F'lauche of Ne* I Orleans; another of $10,000, with interest, borrowed oi i Blair U Kivci s. and the balance to his sou, An irow Jack ' son, jr , with tue exception of a few servants to hi* gian 1 ! children. " The sword presented him by the State of Tennessee, he Rive* to A. J I >onald?on. (hii nephew j now char?!i dVfTiires at Texn The sw ord presented at New Orlean be leave*! to Andrew Jackson t offee, the son of his u)<. friend General ( ofl'ee . '1 he sword presented him lit I'hiladclphin, he leaves to his grandson and namesake.? | i'lie morJ and pl-tols whicn he cariied tnioug'i the i I BritjMi and Indian wars, ho leaves to lien Arm-tiong ? I I'lie pistols of Washington, by him g van to l.afa\ette ! j and by Lalatette given to Jackson, tie leaver to George Washington Lafayette, the son of Geuetal (.a svelte ? I .Sundiy other pre>euta made him duiiug h in long ane ' eventful caieer, are lelt u itli his adopted son, with in- i stiu tioiM to iiim, tlmt, in the event ol wa>, they shall > upon the restoint on ol piace. lie distributed amongst I tho<e who shall have conducted themselves most worthy | of their country in the conflict, in the opinion ol then ' countrymen an i tue ladie*. " It is dated, 1 think in September, 1A14, an 1 revokes a I will made by hi in revet al ) ears before ltisiu his own i [steady and lit in handwriting, ffnd, like all things tnat j ever 'oil from his pea, b.eatnc-i the purest patriotiain i throughout." __________ Distre-sino Drought in South Carolina.? WV i ! lenrn troin the Churltetun Courier ih it h most dis- ' tressing drought pi-avails in the upper district of South ?? i Carolina. Apprehensions are entertained in some pia i ees, that it will he difficult noxt j to suppl) food to ! the laboring classes. This state of thing* extends into [ a part of North Carolina. The district of Mil field, 8 j C , ha* suffered most. Not only the corn and cotton | were dying, but large tree* we<c withering under the ef | feet) of the sun Ail vegetable natnre teemed to be ! parching up, "while," sa> ? the Cnuritr, "panting cattle , and carc-w oru man alike indicate the reigning calumit) . .Some flight showers had fallen, but without nioi-tening the earth, they seemed hut to asii-t in scalding the ' stalks and leaves, and lacilitating the blighting effects ol the drought." Some letters trom Fairfield, in the Conner, j give a melancholy account 01 the sdnte of things | thero. A letter Irom Charlotte, N. C.. dated July 5th, | states that there had been no rain there in ieven weeks? that flour sold for three dollars per owl, aud corn would bring one dollar per bushel. The earth, say s the letter had not been wet thoroughly since the 3d ot February. Distressing Accident. ? lohn Troub;it, E-q , of . the firm of Allibone and Tn ubat, of I'lulndtlphw, was drowned while bathing at ape Island, on the Ifith , inst. He had gone into bathe at the uaual hour with hun dteds of other#, about 11 o'clock, A. M, and halt?ken the precaution to have fastened around his person a lift preseiver, the ?irings ol which somehow became loosen ed and it was dashed from him, as well a< his small straw hat nt the same moment, 'i here were several ladies and gentlemen within ten or fifteen leet Irom him, heard him shriek for help, and see him hold up his hands for relief, but none could tender him aid without endangering them helves ; and alus ! he sunk to rise no more. During the afternoon, and after all hopes of effecting the recoveij had /led, the body was very unexpectedly discovered on the bcach, dircctly alter being thrown there bj the | breakers, one quarter of a mile abote (.ape May iig t house, near 0 o clock the same evening; n#was without any injuiy. The body was judiciousl) placed in ice and taken to Philadelphia. Teotjblk in Washington ?We have several let letters from Washington, which refer to a grievous i misunderstanding betw een Mr. Buchanan, Jecreisiy of . ?State, and Mr. T. Hartly Crawford, < ommissioner ol In dian A flans. It seems that Mr. B (if our informants aie coriect, and they agree in most points.) duected Mr (' to find a place in his bureau for an applicant, but would spate himself the unpleasant ottice of designating the victim to be displaced. Mr. ? .was willing to appoint, but required that .Mr. B. should name the person to be dismissed. 'J he message was taken back with some ad ditional loice of expi ossiou, aud the messenger was made to s? ear to the statement. This, it is sa.d, forms tlie gtoundw tu k ol a complaint lo the President, and Mr. < rawlord is likely to lose his place. Mr. becrotaiy Walker, Mr. Crawford, and ? few others, aie, it is said, close friends, and desiie the promotion of Mr. Vice Pre sident Dallas From New Zealand ?By ? letter received yes terdiy from Cap! .labez H. Hsiwland, ?>f the ship Loudon Packet, ol Fiurhnven, dated Bay of Islands, New Zealand, March lath, we leain that the na'hes of Now /ealantl, hail risen upon the Knglish inhabitants of the Du\ ol Islands, aud completely overpowered them. On the 13th March, u battle was lought between the h nglish 1 and nRtives, in which the lormer sustained a loss of -iO to ao killed, and a _ great many wounded. The Knglish fled to the ves-els in port, leaving (he town in possession ol the natnes, who soon teduced it to ashes, ? A hie linljutd Mercury* SfPREMF Cotot? Unt'A, July Ifi. ? Present all lh? JudjjfH ? Woopter ?'t ?l. vs. Jenkins, Allen vs. W. ! II Culver, ^nme vs. J. Culver. These causes, on motion of Mr. Kirkland, were orileied to bo placed on the calen dar !or the teim. PO. Stevens nds Palmer? decision postpoi ed. 4 46 - ? Berland vs Jackson. Motion to amend : granted on terms. 61. (A reserved cause ) Thompson ' va. Whit*. Sent back to referee, with directions to make a special report of the tacts, kc. 69. (A reserved cause) Kvans vs. Tooker. Argued r>art. Adjourned. ? I'tira Gastllt New Yokk Institution fok tuk Blind ? The e* animation of the pupils was concluded the day be fore yesterday. The morning exercises went off admirably. In the afternoon the examination on the princi< ot music had already begun, but we arrived it? tun'* to witness a good portion of it. Then followed :i march composed by Pr(if Reifl', the music teavher attached to the tchool, which was viy well per formed by nine or ten of the pupils, pliyinp on dif ferent instruments. Afterwards a hymn was sung by ihe second class of music, entirely composed of new pupils, most of them under eleven years of age. accompanied <>n the piano by another pupil, t young Udy, who pl iyed with much feeling Two young twirls then st<"p;>ed to the piano, and pla\ rd a four h <nd pi<>ce, in a very handsome manner. This wan followed bv u song, ?rlso very creditably sung by four young pupils, ihree gills and one boy. The pi ? imunib weie ihen awarded, not always, as w..f observed by Mr Muiray, one of the Manigt-rs, to the m<ict pu ficient rl the whole tchool, but to ill ? nin.-.i proficient, e\ery thing con-idr red, ugc, time oi retitience in the Institution, & c &:c U'u annex a li-t of the pupil* who, through their industry and pri fciency huil deserved such an lion ornble distinction : ? IUadiko? Ut premium, Mii? ( atharine Gilmer; 2d Jo, Master Aimer Biown; 3.1 (to. Angelina Merrill Gko^msfhv? 1st premium, Master Thomas N. Soper; 2d do. Mi** Helen \iuna) , 3J do, Hudson A] re?. Asihonomv ? Only premium, l*' lanklin S ila?kell. Abithm> ric? 1st premium, Dnnie! Mullen; Md do, Charles C. Butler: 3d do, W'arien U'aturbury OtuMtThr- Only premium, I harlcn C. Wardwell. Gkoimi h ? l.*t premium. l!o*nnnn McKenua, id do, Edmund Citizen 3d do, Maiy Ami f'lunkctt Hisi orv ? Ut cla?s, l?t piemium, Jan es Dowd; 2d do, Eliza Melwin; 3d do. Allied Holmes. 3d class, only pre mium, Josephine Sanford Pxit-osorHr? 1st piomium, John Nichols; 2d do, [Almond Cruier; 3d do, Eli/a King. Hhftoric? Ut premium, Loui?a Jiowri; 2d do, Eliza Kini(; 3d do, I'eter llutun Spblmno? Ut premium, George Donaldson; 2d do, Mary E. Aur.KSnt ? Only premium, George Washington Os borne. Chemistry? tit premium, Alien S. Goodrich; 2d do, ElUa King, rrunnuai fur pri/.e essay, Cornelius Ma houy . Alter the distribution, xMr. Murray asked leave, in the name of Mies Cynthia Bullock, for this young lady to address a few words to their Honorable vis itor, the Secretary of this State. This was granted, nid Miss liullqck, in going through the task she had tssumed, expressed herself with a great deal of el<v gaiice and tluency. This young lady, as our read e is remember, is the same one ? a graduate of ihe institution, who was introduced during the ex ercises of the preceding day. in order to give a spe cimen of the skill to which those, who have unfor tunately lost tiieir sight, can attaiu in reading, through ihe medium of their fingers. L'lie Honorable gentleman then addressed the pu pils, and hfter having expressed his satisfaction at ihe manner in which they had |?ssed ihrouuh their examination, explained to them the cause of his otfi cial visit. As on the previous day, Dr D M lleese, ihe supervisor of ihe board of public instruction, ac companied the Honorable gentleman, and both, as well as the managers and the audience, which wua very numeruos, and composed ol visitors of both sexes, appeared highly pleased with the result of the exercises, and the excellent manner in which they had been conducted. Varieties. William Stewart, who was convicted at Baltimore some > ears since of the murder of his father, anil now confined in the penitentiary, is hourly expected to die of a pulmonary affection, and in vie w ol his death he has made a "contession"' of all knowledge in his possession, of the most foul and unnatural deed with which he stand* condemned hy the laws of the land. | The New Hampshire Legislature has just adjourn ed The session was thirty day* long, during which lime sixty acts and thirty-four resolutions were patted. Vmong the acts were tiiree incorporating railroad coo pames, and three incorporating as many hunks. Acomposuor in the Rahtray (S. J ) Ripubiean office, by the name of William Sutherland, (u acothman) ihout fii'ty ycar-i ofage, was Hccidently drowned on Sun lay afternoon last, while tialhing wiili several others, in i part of the Kahway river, near that place. The Bast"*i Trannript says, that Mr. Paine, of Oxford, whose recent robbery has caused some excite ment, was stiot at again on Wednesday evening, about linlf pastt), while in the room with his family, in h?? house at North Oxiord, the hall passing w ithin three inches of | ii ic head, and lodging in the sofa on which he was lying, ( neing too leehle to sit up, from loss of blood caused by . his former wound, The New Jersey Court of Errors, on Wednesday, on motion of Mr. HnlFtcd, of counsel witli the Siate in the Warren muidei cases, directed thai the counsel ol ti.e pri ouej? should assign the errors on w hich they mean to ' 'ely, to support their writs, hy Friday morning next. ? On motion ol Gov. Vroom, the counsel of tlie prisoner* ,iad leave to Inspect the judgment roll. Gov. Jones, of Tennessee, his arrived ut Dan ville, Ky., on his way to Ashland, to vi?it Mr. Clay Pre parations were making at Lexington to Rive him a pub lic welcome. Tli** St. 1 oui? people are getting up a company to enriijjrntc tt alifornia It is thought that the rn'erpii-e will be pro ecuted with vigor and turret.'-. "Thelnl vei>al \ aitkee Nation i> bound to go ahead, and uo mis take," is the urotto ot the-e adventurer*. Mr. (>ardin?:'r, sheriff of Fayette co , T>'xas. who was killed in a duel by Augustus William*, Represet.ta tive iu Long i ana, was a native ol Kinderhook, New \oik, <nd '.'3 years of age. He ii spoken of iu terms ot tho highest le-pect. A traveller informs the eihtnr of the Buffalo Cnm nercial Adverti er, that in Illinois lie taw 40,000 acres if wtiea' in one bjdy divided only by cross ruads. The t ield upon the wl ole lot gave promite of something belter tiian was t-een last \ ear. A vigorous Httemnt is soon to be made to obtain thirty or forty thousand dollars to erect a suitable edi rice tor the nm-eum, library, lie. of tho Boston Natural Histoiy Society. Two mea minted Rogers and Budd, have been arretted in Illinois. for ttie murder of Col. Davenport, at Kock Island, on the 4th inst. The gultm Gazette says fish are tvnvirkubly plen ty In that vicinity, and laige quantities are daily taken oy amateur fport>meu, as u ell as the regular i.snormeu. ..arkerel, in particular, were never so plenty at thta ?eason ol the \ ear. The pending treaty between the commiaeioners of the United states and the Pottawattamie* has been broken olf The Pottawattamie* own about 6.000 000 acres of land, which the government desired to purchase at ten cents, but tue chieis would not take less than fif teen cents per acre. The young Englishman, Henry St. Vincent, who obtained tome notoriety by being arraigned belure the llotdon police ceurt, for making disturbance in the stieet on Sunday night, died suddenly on W ednesday evening, at his lodging* at the Tremout House. One of the Mioses Montgomery, rescued from the cabin of the Oraloo, and taken ou board (he Albion, died from the injuries she received at the time of the wreck, just beloie the schooner arrived at Oamariscotta. The yacht Swallow, a beautiful craft, with a de putation ot the Now Vorl. pilots, on a professional riuise, arrived at Boston on Wednesday evening. They have been comfoitahly provided for. The symptoms of Commodore Elliott'a diaease have appeared more lavorable for the last two or thiee day*. Mrs. Osgood, the poeteac, ie now reaiding at Pro deuce, R. I. The Baltimore Patriot, alluding to deaths by cold water, eaya? "When pereona are thirsty, and the hody is unusually heated, helore drinking cold watei it is w ell to cool the wrist* by pouring water thereon. ? vioie than a mouthful or two at laithest. should In noraie be taken, when the tody is overheated, without cessa tion. It, instead of swallowing a tumbler of water in a hall minuia, as many uo when they are warm and thirsty, they would consume at least five minutes for thiit purpose, there would be very little danger to he ap ple bended.'' The Great Western Convention assembled at Memphis) on the 4th ? one hundred and ti/iy dele gates being present liom the teveral Western State*.? - I tie object is to prouiwte Western improvements and tiade. As the attendance was paitial. and tome of the most important States were not represented, no final ?c lion was had. The (..onveiilion therelore, then adjourn ed over to the 13th of November next. Tub IIoRtiiBLE Affair at Wallabolt, L. 1. ? It now appears that there is no truth in the re|wrt ihit Mrs Higbie sold the head of her dead husband, aa stated a few days since. It how comes out that Mrs. Hig bie is a deeply injured woman, and that the revolting story is the result of personal enmity, got up fur the purpose of injuring her. It appears that so lar liom hav ing sold the ticad, Mrs. Higbie did not even know it had been removed. It was in accordance with the wish of the deceased himself that she gave the physicians permis sion to leniove the diseiued portion ol the head The cancer had made deep inroads upon the whole taco and head, the nose had been eaten away, and the da- ? ceased was a frightful and revolting object to look at. Ttie physician! thought proper and tookihe respunsi bilit) .without the privity el Mrs, II , to remove the whole head supply iis place, as has been stated, and then ?Craw down the coffin lid, at the same time telling her that the body was in such a stage of decomposition th>'t it would not be proper to expose it to view. '1 his ac counts for her alleged unwillingness to have the friends see tho deceased; she at this time being unawar* that anything more than the diseased portion of the head had been lemoved.

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