Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1845 Page 3
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The discounts hi the-e insiittitiuiis have f>ewu tei y uni form for the past twelve months, ami the deficiency on the orer issue of stock by Schu)! Bank is becoming rapidly ieduced. Since July, ltU4, the amount has beei reduced ?3u3,900. The amount of specie on baud ha> 'been very uniiorm, the inciease being steady but mod erate. The circulation trom July, 184-1, to Januaiy. IsUj, incioased >198 v!tf9, and from January to July, 184o. decreased 'rSd.SG j, and the proportion ol? paper in circu lHtiou, to sjiecie on hand, in about equal to one and a hah t>oue Ou the whole, the bauk appears to be in a very strong position, and the operations of the different institu tions appear to have been regular fro n the date of one re. poit to another. Any vuluntaiy contraction in the move' meats ofoui hanking institutions, we look upon as being u lavurahlt; feature, and indicative of a determination to pi e possible, tho slightest approach to an inflation in an> bianch of business. So long as tho banks in all section! ot the country, maintain the present extent of opera tions, thcio will bo very little chance for nay speculation to be carried to a great extent. E\ory thing depends ?pon the course pursued by the banks, they are tho re gulators of all commercial operations, the thermoiuetei by which we can easily tell the state of business, and the permanency of the existing prospeiity of trada. Old Htock l?xchaii||e. Indiana Bis S3 25 sin Erie K II 301-, 11 lie .'lab mi' i'i 73 50 L 1?1 md KR c:i 101" (I Pen i'i s30 do 6* Mtu OhioB'i, 'TO 310 2iu Nor St WorRK 7uv; Jno ?li? .Mi-nU Cmal 3 1 ??.? <''K) <to s30 7li! . 17'. do 130 32 50 Ite .id i g RR 5 50 F irmers' Tiust IS1* It 0 do 57'., Ml Ca t ii Co 41)* 25 do 57', 8 .0 E B stiu Co 13^? 100 d> ltd 5 M. 60 Mi h wk lilt M 10U do bJO 57>, 15 Stt>ui..|tou RR blS Nmv Klock Rxcltengs. 2't shs Vicks' urg Bk ?60 B 200 shs L I <1 and R 11 b4m? flv So Homers' Tr tut 35V loo do ?] 68 C 2 1 E Bo.t ii Co 11 % 100 do biu i.m4 25Hii|emllK S30 61) 100 do sJit GH 50 Nor & Wor siiw lOZi S00 do c GK 25 do s3 70*4 1(0 d J c 67?, 2^ d<? c 7<l& 50 do C 200 I, Isl.t d RR sGO 18 I M> do s3 6H, 450 do f,3'4 100 do ?7H Ot?d, At Elir.ahethtovrn. N J , on Wednesday, l^th inst., Mrs LtniA Brittar, wife of Stephen P Brittun. Esq. In Brooklyn, on Thursday, 17th inst , Rodman Kmc Bownt, eldest con of Samuel Bowne, in tho 23th year oi his ago. TiiC fiiends and acquaintances of the family are respect fully invited, without further notice, to attend the fune ral. this (Saturday) a ternoun. at 0 o'clock, Irom No. 143 Washington street, corncr of High stieet, Biooklyn ? Altei which the remains will bo carried to the Green wood Cemetery for interment. At Westport, Es?ox county, on the 13th inst., of con aumption, Bahtok Hammond, oi this city, son of Nathan Hammond, Esq , of Essex county. On Friday morning. 18th inst , after a severe illness, Mr?. An n Ponvkrt, in the 79th j ear of her ago. Her friends and those of Iter sun, Elia? Pouvert, are re spectlully invited to ut tend the luncial, from his resi dence, No 86 Blocker street, this (Saturday) afternoon, ?t i o'clock. On Kiiday. 18th inst., Richard J. Evans, in the 32d year of his iige. His funeral will take place this (Saturday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his brother, David Evans. Fourth Avenue, between 24th and 26th streets. On Friday afternoon, 18th inst, Wakrkn J. Fuu.r.n, oped 3-2 ) i-ais. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral, this (.Saturday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, lrom 28 Park Row GALVANIC RINGS. L?R CKEIGHTON'S GALVANIC KINGS REQUIRE iii'fltiid to increase their Gilvanic power. They |to >eit all tlie adv ming s til' a t J t v.utic tint' try, ? itliout i.ssh ck, and are successful i curing II nervous diseases F< only by hi* Agent ? 14!) 143 and "2 Fulio 07 vValk er *t l)tus S'iMe* C'Tiier ol Bowery Hiid Gra d, 17 Avenue D . 176 8prinif, 36 Catherine cor er of ? linluii and Division Mrs Hd>?, Bro klyn Price <N? gold fl. jul9lm"ec TO. A. Y. OK A. Z NEW YOHK July 18, 1815 \rOU forcet your prim'se : we hue nut from j ou -ince the ni.U- ol 10th July in answer to our idv> rtise t ent. H w, lt d when, ai d in whit t miiiite do you propose m iki tg your communication ? Hmll we c ->11 U|?>n you o. will you d.i us the f.v r to c dl upon its I We de?ire justice and the truth e it<c k I". r nothing m .te. V\ h tever C 'lnmu tic^t ou you nt:k,' will l e houo l ly con-idered^< co lid.- tial and priv le. > i tir ii? .. iiii-o.uito sit 'II he it t>4<>rvt d inviol .te. We w it to heat fn in you. NEW ORLEANS It BALTl.ilOKE. jii 10 itis' ec 'fUE Leife, Fix' Ftirtiiu e, &c , of an old established X 'i'overn .. d U..?idi .n ll.tu* nearth- l>ry Dock, Kast III v. r at pr- sent Wi ll siocketl w th |ieiina'.eiii Boarders and d >? It g a k' I u - ues*. ill lit" ?o'd rhe |t il appli dforimtitdi i t It and suflic. dt ri psmt* assigiied for sel t.,g out. Apply to >lr Bam in, corner of Elm and Walker stieeU. jn 10 3 *ec ^AUCTION GOODS at S.'i iVIAlDL^N' LANK, (UP SI'AlrtS ) 1,^ ANS, Fancy O"od-, Colog e VV.ite; , fis. per dosen. F ncy Boat s, 5* an ? 6? ; K ivrs Fork*, and I'm ket nnd Pen Kiivti,3s a tl upwards; Ivoty Handle Kniu-s, 1, tterPaper. B IV r ream. I pte 'ti stlv redded Cike tl ske ; 1 Tut? will B rtU, Bi.d> on Fede?tils, Shell Fn wers an' ork B..*e , 11 in Biusl.i's, 7i. per Uoie.i and upwards, with o her go -da Mil lly clw p C. VAN Bc.Mf.R M 1 1_\ A.sD JMlr-fc/l 1K?'N WANTED A STEADY M AN, rcqu.ii'ted with the work in *11 its de t ii. Hid capable ol uk ng ch >rge of a Shop, nuy c 1 1 at 2 I'.arl ?l 1 1 1 1 from 8 o'cl>-cl lo Uim S..tuid iy o. Mo 'day in r <i g <i od i rftrir,.L m - will lie require ?? jiUO lt*ec ALL i er-o 5 ? n- eaut oned not to tr-usact u-v hus.ness on acc' u it of I hi- New Br ifht >n Colleiji t>* School f sXCejit vit.neo.g.- L Lc I o , the Priucip.l uf .lie toine. i\V? Bri.bton, .lu y 18, IMS ju'9 ft'rc ~ CliU V LK I LL COAL DI.ilvJT. Till", ivib c ioer is i r. p:oed to co tnct forth transportation of dO 000 IINII of CO I i i bo U. d ri-ct from tli c u I I mil i .*> in the bcli > y I Ic ? 1 1 coal region to .Nt w * ork, at lower r lei th n 1 y lie di. g Ktilru d and 11 <-hn\" d. A t>l v by letter add i>- e.i to J A MLS DOY\ KEY, ju.9 3t? c Fott^Tllle, Pa. TO LET. JfrvA THE lit, 3d ind 1th flours of Home 285 Broadway, I ffTjB ever the St iv, auilable f r a Tailor or Milliner The VB ' r ? ?] - isti i shed in a most complete inan er oa *ho? I....HI .. The llou?e is -n the ei-ry lie t bu-jitess I'irt III I lie | I in. a d to a desire' le tenant the r~nt will ue m. -defte. En- I quoe ol T Covert, 70 W..11 stieet fiom 10 to 11 oi at 20 Chun b r? st eet. In m 12 to I. Also I' rente, the property ?C Ludlow stieet, F.i quire a* ?l, jnla 3 ? C FoH .^A Liv I'lIK Three Story Brick llou?e, 411 Houston street, built in ilie best maiine ; w o in in wi.iter and cool in luinm r; ie lete with every co v?i II ? f the i ,i >.? e money ra.y n m.,i.i on bond -nil moiUnge tO Per (?-in. For teims ?pi ly lo E. k. COLLINS 81 ' O., ju'Oec to South street. Tuk .-ale AT iN. Y. TAT rtKSALLS. ON >o d y , 2 1 1 Jul' . iist.'t 12 o'- lock, tne entire e?ta blikhinent of a priT ite gmtleman, r z A si le,.did p iir in OiryHor es 6 and 7 years md, perfectly found and ki d. and ia>t tuiTi llers. A Sorrel Ma.e, 6 >ears old, perfectly aound ind kind xnd will tro' a mile in minutes iu harness or tne indole; has b en used by a Lady Alio, a thr<es?.,ted Hockawny Wagon, with double harness, all n good oriler. A -injli Clo>e Carnage, and a Wagon, with th ft* no i Ole f reach y 8 ? Thr- abore c ill be seen at any liour previous to Moil day n< xt at ihe Slab'-. No. 1) Thiid stieet, east of the Bowe.y; a d if n* t di-po-ed i > f a | riVa e tali , will be sold without re l>i\p nt T iter* ill" a- alii ve jnlH 3t*rh UUNDliED DOLLARS It b W A II D STOLEN from the office of the Subsi ribers on the 1 >th iuit., #100 iu 5, 10 and 2ti dollar i ills ,>i thf Mcich-inii' ttauk, Nc? Liu- y | urt, MassachnseU The abov? reward ? il ? be pnid fo the recovery ul the money. i et ctinn anil conviction ol the th ef by H. DOLLNER Ik POTTER, jti!8 :u*rh 2 Counties Sl'P IU' l HE lltiliE.illAA UiUL. FERRETT it CO 'd CHEAP EDITION. rpHE Public aie respect 'till y ii. formed ihat we have opened A a Store for the sale i f our Mush- >t NO 2J7 BROADWAY, and that Me are pn-pnred to sell all wlmmay wish to purchase oui cheap and < lt u ">t Mu-ic IVoin the Oi eraof THE BOHE.ViIAN OIRL. P irt I. containing si* i>oi g< and three pieces, for 25 ccnts. Pait II. containing tire >ongs, a du, it and chorus, for 25 cents. ... Part III ront lining seven favorite aits, arrang d for the piano fort- ^ for I2>s ci-nts. This Musie is accurately and hemtiliilly pri ted, ou paper as line and white nt any in the market. We invite th- mus-ctl |uldic of New York to visit our store, and lo -k <t onr music for liifinseive* We h ve already pub I; bed. be id-s the Musie nt the Uohemian Oial : ? Eleven ol Lover* So gs f r 25 cents. Nine Kivor.te l otk 'I h ite- n l'i puli Wal V5 Kourie ? K vovite Oalii pules 25 Melodies of Irel oid, 8 so, g-. nud 5 piece* 25 Mumi: of the ! tin pe ill Seie.iads r?, 9 songs iiitl a set ? f Cotillions 25 Beauties of La Nor u-,7 piece* 25 YVe hit*-- in pteis and lie il> ready ? Moore's vlelodies, No. I, t o it lining I of Thomas Sl'-Ore's So II* and Ballads 25 Fonr-et- of Cotillion* 25 A -e' of Straus*' Waltzes .25 Kb wei* of MeloHy? 10 i oplilir Siungs ai d Bal ad* tor 25 tsongiofKa i v, 9 song* 25 Melodii * of Loitl Byro i 12}< Soi gs a il fl tlUd i f 'l h tn is H t> net Uayley, No. I. .25 'I ? eive i'0| ul .r Hun k Steps 25 Knurtr en ceh-brateil Mart-hes 25 Silver. I voc I Duets, by poi ula c ni|>o*er? '5 ft ti of I'll l b s iMat-ilki* '2^s G msfrioii the Opera of Cindeieilt 25 Somn '' Kri Uiavolo. 25 ' '* _ " tiny Viaiiut-ti 25 " ' 1 " Po t Hit, nol' Lo, jwme tu. . . . 15 1 he-e enihr-re but a sm ill portion of wh t wi- a-e ptep r'n* w. i tei d meeti.,g in evrv way the Ueinand ft r our ,>i ,.1 A IH1CE Wlliril Pi T8 COMPETITION OUT OF J lit Q1 ESTION To msniv c -rrei t"e?s, md thus to * -t at reit at the threshold - ouro| er ti s ihe *| ecioti* al egation hat music so elie ip nil ot i ? correct, 8tr , t?.i- , w?- einpioyed to edit the whole if i'Ui 'mi. I Oil p Mirations, A PIlOFt-SSOR AND <<i?iPOSER of the first AUII.ITY? ( i e who i" known to he thoroughly s proficient. The pnblic i sy depend upou the article we offt-r thein E FERRETT k CO.. Book and Mu-ir Pulilishers, julC Jt'rc No. 237 Broadway, N V ork. MACJNETISVI EXIHWb. JUST PfJBLlsHEO, AT FK EMCII'.S PUIILWIIING HALL. 291 HROAlnVAY, rpilK. I ONFES-sloN OF A M AON ETI8F.H? Being an I f.ipose of V -m tl ^lague'i-m by a Pr -ctictl M ig tetiser This i i|o- hou d lie read liy every one, andespec ally liy tin I . idie- Thev will *et- the danger*. It c . they will he u .del |i> ubnotting In t e inline i e ol ihisd.i gerom-cie ce V , Iv i' .il, thf Per odical l>ep t*. Price I2'? ? ent*. je2' I m ? m ItlJl^L' A A I > c, |( SILVKR (iilt Ei-anlrts Book Binder* Rigs and Silvei Smith's Miuiii g* bought, by A. BARNAKD. No. 2 Wall street. Melter and Asuye, of Metal* Jeweler's Sweeping* purcha?ed by *s*ay Fine Hold mil R,.|t.d Silver, for plating, cooslnutly on hand. *t office N o X U'sll street Works l? l^mrens street je? In'ee D ? u,? A.V.t BBIil'S, BANDS AND BRAVL/.ETS. R. C RIHTI E, bclieviiu tint the simplest ppicitimi el his discovery, the UALVANiC RINGS h ?e_been aul iciently lung lic*> e the puMic to g ?e a faiMeslof their ell' cicy, mid uumerou, commend t< ry testimonials huviug bee. ilreidy reciiv- d t m per?on* of t e highest character aad ill telligenee, bedeems ii a proper time id introduce * more ev i? d, d lpplic turn nf his ii vei.tiou, by means nf the O vV A.N iC UKLTS, BANDS Hid BKaCEI ETS. For sever.U ueyk p *t these hrticli*! iuYt been in the bftiilu ci1 SOD* "f llit physician* ul N?-w i ork, who kindly po mis d * fair trial ol ;hcm in uu'ir pr ctice Dr. Cristie feel* much pleasure iu be im{ ab'e to -i le |h t, in ? in jority ol, they h ive been bji pruved, ami IwilnuliUMl dwt by |WWNNiiC>.'. IN ? will l>< >111 exception t< tlieir benefit in witr oa>e lu some cotiu l of u v t i y severe ch irtcter. and of long (landing, the p,m or ? b tsi ed by the Galvanic Iting* i> not mitncicut toarie.t t lie i 'r< ? rent ol Ji-n.i, and ultilii telv 10 restore heal It. lie im proved mod'tic ti 11 in tiwGJvauic Brltx, limcelels, fee. e - tirttly lemedie* this ? b.leciio,i. Any d. ^.ee ? I l '< wet tint i< ri quiivd can iead!ly be . btained, and uo oi-e i*- ? Inch die mys terious agrnt ofli ilvau ? in i; in rif'-ct. will f i| to be petinane il ly rmieved. 'i In applic itiou of the Belts, Band. n JB acelet is na ?*??> . eu aiMfLi., and as i. khi aim,** that attending llii- G ?i ic i<ings. They can tie adapted with perfect convenience to ch- wrist, arms, waist. Innna, ankles, or a.iy part of tin- body. . and when worn r -und the neck, are confide >t t > reconime 'detl i ?? an i .fallible incentive of Apoplexy. No u iple is?iit Jeelnig i whatever iittend-i their constant u>e, and the moat delicute le- t in ile can wear tliem without the slightest discomfort. TIk-> 1 <re niad? like lite llingi. of various patter ul, and of iliffi-reut pri i s. accoidittf to the mode of finish and oruame 1 t. L)r. Cristie ha? thui far calmh submitted to the only valid | objection wlwi-h scientific peno ii and other* have in ide against j the tneiit'f hia invent i ii. namely, 'wa.xi or airriuiCNi I r iwia." He now gives them a pownr which lie believes will be lou d mohk th <ii " auirieient, and will aa calmly and a* pa tiently w lit lor other olfactions, w hich he truus to lie able a* elfectu illy i,, ri-nie'ly. It is dmoat i?i'dleaa to st te that, in *11 i-a-ieH in which the Galvanic Kin^t are rec tnme .ded, the Bt 1'a, B ,i d, and Bracelets are applicauh* precisely to the aatne. I he onlydiHeie<,ce consists in an increxaed certainty ol be ielicial effect, by nie> ta of i gna'ly i i?iea?ed p wer ul galvaui m. Tlie rna^i etic Uuid is ueceaa urily u>ed in the a unt mauunr a* .t ith the It lilies. Kor ill farther and requisite piaicul .r?. refer ence is madi* to the adverti^eiue it i < a loth* r column- Dr Cris t'* mua' -till wa'ii the pu! lie to bewne ol sri R>uia imita i tuna. '1 he Galvanic Bt.U, Bands ai d Br-.ceiets w ill probably lie cou te, le ted "? have l.ei n die Gilv.iiac Jtiiigs. 'lb iesou re f the I Ui.l.c is U> upply t the Oft-V agency III the city, >? I U Ki'ui m ? i hek i . ( <u'i Buildi K jy 17 Jt'rrc TKETH ! TKETH ! ! TEETH ! ! ! UXPft /?: ChUK XTh' I) RFhL'VTloN IN DENTtSTR V. AT the ( Id cst-blisbnie it, 62 K n-t Bronlway, where can be had Ir m one to a whole aet of Te. tb inaeited on the moat .ea^onible tt rma. Sui'enin Te? tb inserted f om 7J Ceuta to $1 00 Tee'.h Killed fioni i ' cent* to 1 00 Teeth -Mounted fur other Uentista. by N. TA* LOR, julT lm*rc and Mi-uhanieal De i'i?t. ESTABLISHED 1822. PETER ROSE, CUTLEK, AM) MANUFAC TUREK OF SCR.aiC.1l. *4NI> VEA'ML IHSTNUUEXTT, >o 41"! B?o dwav, xf.a* Canal 8r ket, New York. PH. w uld re-*|K'Cifully cull the attention of Pli\ siciani, ? BurxeO'.a, I)e itiito, and Country Mercbanta, to his gene idl nsaortniaut of instruments, and Cutlery ol the most approved attems wh ch h<- will warrant in t to be surp ased iu qu ility or workinaiisbip by any manufactured iu this country or im polled H. Ii. trusts that his long and practical < uperience ill ihe bnai less (h iving 1 ee ? en^ .grj in it since 182J. ) will be a aulHcienl guarnuiee to purchawra tliat all orders w ill be faiihl'ully and j pr mptly atte ded 10. Surgical and Dental instruments, It - .She 'r?. Mci^aors, Penknives, Stc. , ground, aet, and repai'- j ed with great care and deipatch. jui' lm*re j PACKKT SHIP Li V Kit POOL? h rum Liv, rp ol ? Con S.gneej per tlna vessel, will please send th' ii permits on i> ird, west side of Bin ling SI p. All goods uot permitted w ith 'ii 5 d iys are lish'e to be sent to the Public Stores. julfi ' I At\ 1 1 1'K^lAL li, 1 MA UK and Inserted by Dr J. Gil \Y, No. II!) Bowery. N. V ork, the only maker of the HUMAN AHUFICIAI, EV K ill the United "-tates. Any person th it wis e< to he well suited should always apply to the Maker, who has been in the Ari Forty \ ears. jii 16 Im* c LASTS. LEATHER AND FIN LINUS. (CONSTANTLY on hind au assortine t of B ill more and Philadelphia Li^ht Oak Leather Philadelphia .vli/rocco, oid Ki doigs of all ki.ndt. Lasis m .d. to any p .ttern. N B ? A lirst rate lot of Mr G. Macheu's Pliilad I: hi' Hasps for s i'e at 29) Spring street, near VVa-b ngton strt-i t, N York. ju!3 I in* re W AKIO-NJ S. U I Ki- \ FOll SALE OK TO uLT, AT the Nine Mile Stone Ki'iifsbnil/e Ko <i, 4 handsome Cottages, two of which coutuii 14 ro ms, ^ ith kitchen j iiid c liar piazzas, f'ont and r**ar, with Ice and Conch houses attacht d. The other two contains Nin?- Kooms, * ith M uble Mantles (ira?es, &tc., complete. Also, a l-oge Stone Hou?e at 11 mile Stone Fort, W.t?hi gion, containit k 0 rooms, 2 ki rh ens, with coach house ami other ne- esnary nuitdinKs, all finish* ed i i the best m tinier^ with 5 acres of Krouiid sttiched. The view from each is varied and eitens ve. embr <ci k river and m unttin scenery; and ! in point of health, will vie with any other situation iu the vicinity of New \ oik. Api'lv to U K. CAR.VIAN, C U Br?> .Unv, Or at the Store ou iWth st., King- bridge lloud. ju 15 2w*ec c L, s-tTTm IIOUSK, VKVV YORK, ( CollecforV Office, Jul v 15, U15 > ccord'iice with Ire^nury iust ruet ioiis. notice is hereby i itiven thit i I'Unlic h He of "unclaiined ( ni.d nood< niion >n hicli tlie i.n|H>fter, I'on^ig'iee, or a?e it, h f tiled ??r ne* to pay duties o ? compietioii of t<>e e ?try. and whieh 4'm d? h ive now remained tn imblic 'tore sixty d iy?, (or ui ety d?ys if iioporo U from beyond th* (' i| e of Good hop*-,) w II take pi tee st the auction n?om o! HbNHN Le V'\\ VV'VCK, r-tch itiue I'l ce, at 10 o'cloc On Mo d iv morning, the 4th August, proximo. C W LAW RhNCE, Collector. j'tt SUMMER GOODS FUR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WE have still on hand a large assortment of seasonahlt goods, comprising cloths of particularly I'uht fabrics f? Uivas anil Frock Coats; Drill ink's, Nankin, anil single mill ed Cissimerslor Pantaloons: I hally and iVlarseillr. Vesting IB K'eat variety, 'thich v ill fit m ule lip to order at a dednctif Iroin our u* moderate price.-., in view of the advanced stat of the season. WM. T. JENNINGS U CO., Drapers and Tailors, In* t'm-re Oil Fr",i'wv \ merir-m / u c sil'U siJJSTS. AH VHE CHANCE? To iureat a cnpit-,1 of ahont ild.OOe 'n a Safe and profitable way, by erecting a building for ?' ine worship for the Kmniu-El Congregation of this city aid fn I - nisllliig I wo lots, between Bowery ai d East Itiver.iuid between Bioome ai d Mndiami streets, for ibat (lurpose. Kor particulars e nuire >t Mr. J. Dittmhorfer. 25 Cedar st. ol at > e<m Sti-ttbeimer Brothcr>, 87 Beaver street. ju 10 I in "re II II I I II II I HA V AN A ?KGAl<&, unpolled t?y A1 AN- j -tV/w?\/v/\ J Gl/'LO. lor sale *f 27 Lilwrty ?tnrt. Among ; them l>f f?uii(l Cabanas. do Imperials. Rt'Kaiias, Pauetelas, ! I'ubrey Werner Setfars-, do small sixes: Na|*>leoiia, Norma*, j ITrracft San Reman, Dfli?ic?, Culoniu, do Pliiiflt'lHi, and vari ouh other bruids AUo, old Tobacco from the above well k'lown houne. j nut i m ported by the (Jf>ri*fopb Colon and the Rapid ** *m*rr \\r AT( II .8 watches and jkwkliu.? ii,o*e rw who wish to pure haw* Gold op (Silver Watch* ?, Gold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, &c. will find il jtwitly to r ad Vintage to call on the -subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city Gold Watches as low u? $20 and $26 each W.tche* and J* welry eichitnited or bought All Watch** warranted to keep good time or the mone} refunded Watches and Jeweh repair ed in the best manner ind warranted, at much lets thai) the usual price C i . C. ALLEN, Importer of Watcher and Jewelry* Wholesale .tnd Retail, 51 Wall street* tnH lutein rnr Willnm ?t? op nuiTi LIGHT, ELASTIC KVKK FITTING IVIGS AiXD SCALPS, WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR CLASPS. 10 BK HAD OftLV OF CHAKLK8 RiDOWAYj HAIR CUTTER AND HIU MAKER, NO. 23 WALL STREET, Opposite the Custom Hons*. N B ? Formerly of Howard'* Hnfel je2B1m*rr MAVtA.^IA JAfrt.V.AiS, 0(1 Dunne Street. \ H. P ARK KK. Atftut, from Am-terdam, most reipect - V ? fully inform, his Iriends sud the public m general, that he h?s received a magnificent collection uf ancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, cousis'i>i( of Japanese. Porc??l.?in J <rs and Vn ?es, Klower Bottles. Dales, Di-hes, Cups ml Siuccrsjold Dresden Porcelain Groups and Kii(iire?j Cups and Saucers; an c ??*iit Kans of the ICili century; ?'iJ two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from the yeirs I.VII and 1577, formerly belonged to theCnrdinM Ximeuies, Great Inquisitor of Spain, suci as nevei has been seen in thi? country; o I which he can diapoae ai moderate price*. Ladies and ()en lemen, if you wish to Ueit yourself rail and examine this ?ple. did collection. Also, two oirvd Chairs, for Catholic Churches: to he seeu from II) A. M. till 6 P. M. je27 2in-rh jEOlIAN HARPS. N'UNNS & CLARK having purchased the patent right lot "Coleman's ./Eolian Attachment to the Pianoforte," for the entire Uni'ed State*, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte* with tliia improvement attached, or to attach the muif to any modem made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability of this invention, N. & C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience w arrant them in the assertion, that the "jKolian"' will remain in rune in any climate, and it will not be affected by tram ition, of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is ?iven with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the " ASoltan Pianoforte*" at their ware-room. No 210 Broadway, opposite the Park where al?o may he found an assortment of 6. and 7 Octave pianoforte* both in ro?ewood and m?hoeanv ease* Sh w Vll'SiC. HI LEY ill '?()., 297 Broiuiway. puhliabaud keep on hanC ? an eiteuaive aaaortineut of New and Kaihiouahle Musi- , which they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at the low ,1 iNissible prices. They manufacture luauiimeuuofsiiiienort .ia it y ? * <rrant eve^y article th?'y sell, bemii pnetic.lly aCiju uit Id with the different branches of their business. Military auds en| plieil at the most reasonable rates. mvl2?fn'rtr liOHDEA (TX WINES A* BRANDY. NK. RICIIIT k '"it.. Importer, ?0 1 Broadway nffer fori ? ?ale in lots to suit purchasers the followiuit pt"ods, vi* Bordesui cl 'ret wi e, Chate u Marvr-iux. St. Julian, M. K a- | tejdie, lids. B irsac Saule'iii' Sic Jtc in ? . >Us, bids, ensse? all ol superior quality (>'dCo?nac Brandy. Noeyeau n d Anisette, in run of the w ell known house of Vlario, Brmril St Kofter in Horde ux French mu>t?rd and sardines. Bordenix olive oil. n'l imperial Pru ies iu kI i?? j ira and f incy boxes, seilin* w ;x for Imities and coiltx. all orders will be thmkfiilly re ceived and promptly executed, free of cirtiRe. jyl2 2w*rh CAKVKtl HALL, ARCHITECTS, K.nKiueers, BuildiiiK an ' Real Krftate Aiteiits,33 Wall street. New Vork.JI Noith Sixth street Phil idelpllia IT ?ns. H, ecifications anil Ksti tiates for Hmld inif ; Drawinifs snd S|ieeificatious for Patent It urlits. Keal K? tste bouwhi and sold, money loaned and invested; properM t. '??-d ml fpnfi r*?tl I rf.-H Ml ? f*r FTKS\V \A? 1 cask B. s? s, of very superior .|ii litv (or >ale by K. K ? OLI.I NS Si ( O. 58 South stivet ^ KAZAa k. No. V DKY STRI-ET. BKTWKK.S BltOAUWAV AND (IRKKNWli H STRKET SANDS S(.OTT returns his most sincere thanks to hii friends and the public at Isrif , for th- liliersl support re ? ived since he has been in businesi, and hopes liy the s me strict attention to m< rit s continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Seunr* are too well known to need comment. A larne assortm'-nt of Refreshments to he had it all times. till twelve at mum? such at Beef Steaks, Mut ton Cho|ia, Y rieil Kidneys, Ham and hpirs, Sardine*, Poached i* itK>, Pickled Ton|<ue?t Welch Harehits, '"ofTi ? '. Tea, kc A ffoo?l dinner of Roust or Boiled Me U for Otm Shilling, ever)' lay, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout alwt.y? on ?lr inifht. (>ood I.oiIkiiiki for 25 cents and 37^< cents. Cold ? 'nts at a moment's notice. This House has been proved, by comparison, lor \ ears past, to he t!ie coolest and most comfort ible in the city No House better supplied with r.niilish ' rish. Scotch and city papers. Always tfi? latest news by the Ve mtrs Oood Rooms for Private Parties always ready at a n.m- l'i nrninir fr f,,r ....ihoir j. 0 im??< i > i it ;h V I R <*1j \ RKE is desirous of supply inR the public in town *1 mid c u try with ilo I ?? i of lic|p, fi ? ? ? ' ? xri'ns- with '-rvants of food char uir ' li j n u nl.i'b i white ud colored He Hatters luni.eii Lit- 1 by ? i. - < he i> heue ilttiMg all thoia in want ol < mpl .yum. t, and is in hopes of that Patronage, which inch an umWrtakiuK menu. His oilice is Duaiie street, and litad up for the accommodation of all lu want nl employment fall at t5M Dunne strMt. JaW-Vn*tt 1 COA H.MAN WAM'hD. A8INOLE MAV w??<? un'ertmdi I, is u i e*n. **'??! i wtlli k 'o H??f? hun-rli useful, miv e < ui * 11 11 Mem ??ii hi reft, Brooklyn, (ou the H.-ight*,) befoie 9 A. % I . ??? Mti t . ?,q io? k M. ju >.* H*r?' aNTKD ? A French Woman, in the* capacity ??f Lady* ?? Maid 8h?* muit gi?e goo J reference* in the city. A? i?l > ? t tin* i! <U of thin otficf. ju 18 3*'C WAN I LD-F-r a tiicheio * Ko?>iti. I complete second hu d H urioture, intfeod order, ?tf*d of l ite i'uhlott, inch' <lin ' Brdtteid, Chaiii, Looking G1j?* kc. Apt lv at l>< >* li!(l f\*t Office. ju?? *t *M, WANTED- A aim tiou ?>? Purer in a Store, by a you .> ui -rried man. A line addressed te W Jones, S7 Tulinai street, Brooklyn, will meet with immediate attention, ju 17 t*tc ______ MUSIC. \L 4DY. who has a thorough knowledge of Music. beiii. taught by the lirst m uters in Europe, and feeling nerseb lull)' competent tu mxtruct in that ccntnplishinent would wish ui devote tier tune Co the instruction of young Indira, on iu<ide. rite terms A note addressed to A. B C-, at the office ofihii> paper. shall tie pu cu II v attended to. jcifltlin'rc 111.' ANTKl) - a lew active, intelligent men, to act .sigeuu ?? for tlic -. it'' of new and popular Publication* id dill-rent part* of the country. #300 per year sver their bond will be insured them isi writing, with <ui opportunity of cleari g S 1 000 per year, and more if thev are active Some men, now iu our employ, will no doubt mike ?ver S1IKH1 per year, clear of all ei ueuces, and there u oboul half a dozen places open, which mud he filled : each iti iu will h ive hit district, aud >t wi'l be neces <ar> for them to liAVe at least (25 or $5t to obtain a food luting >ut. None need apply nnle.i he liaji thai unouut. for it is our object In get tlietn started in such a uiauuer as will be benefi cial to them. as well as to us. Apply ?t !?5 Dunne a:rcet. Letters ir.ust be poat paid jel2 lm*rh Al.liX A .Vl JKK'S TH 101 >KAPH hi. \NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, bein| a li quid Dye, which instantaneously changes the color of ilia h ur to a be tutil'ui brown or hi ck without injury to the hai 01 skill. The ure It superiority of this dy? consists in its i-a?y mode of application a id instantaneous effect? all other dyei recj'i irinK I nmi t> u to twelve hours tu produce any ch nife. Its supen T excellence w ill be apparent to every one upou a single application. r.xtraci from the" Philadeliihia Daily Sun."? At.KiANi)r.r.'s TRicntiArHi:. ? Tne effect of the above on the h iir is ttul> *? UitiitliiiiK. It waa tried ye?terd%y iu our office, and the change fioin gr-tv to bhek ?v:i* issaut ueous. For salt by Ku'luoii k Co, diuijgists, 110 Uroadway ! I? Aa tor House mid 8SG Bioadw.y; corner of 14th stieet;A-piu w ill, 8<; Willi no stmt Johnson, .Moore Taylor, 81 Maiden lane ; J. \V. Wright it t.'o. 2 Cedar street; and of the principal druiiitis's ihronahout the United .Stales, or of sole agents. K. Ik Ci. A. WltlOHT, i.i South Fourth st,eet, jy> lin*m. I'hil ?il??l|?hiw. HIANU-FOR IE& FUH HiR*., AT 411 KKOADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) DWALKKR has constiutly ou hand an tit?n>ivr ass.-rt ? ment of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes of every descriptiou. including Urands and Caninets, which are lo tted ou hire *t the above establishment, or at his inauu factory, No 10 West Mth street, ne ir the 6th a* enue Also, New 1'ituos for sale, with all the modem im|iroT? ment-, warranted equal to any in the United States je 13 lm*rrc PAINT1Mj> tUU SALii. A FEW FINK OLI) PA'NTINOS, cmnpristng Scriptural and Historical sulijects, Landscapes Me , amongst t^em a genuine Interior by Tenier-; a < te|?itre by Sittcrmans, and a M'igdalen by (tneretno, 8tc., &c. Ma> be seen dail y from 9 till 3 o'clock at 91 Liberty street. jy4 Im*re MUSIC. RKMOVKD to No. 6 'j Kranklin stre?-t, one door Fast of Broadway, ,\1. DUMSDAY, Professor of the Guitar, ring ing Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teacb Ladies and <irn tlemen of New Vork the abore fashionable instruments. Stc ,iu a comparative short time, by his new Analysing and Imluctive System. Terms reaso inble. M. U. will go, as usual, to the residences of his pupils to any pirt of th? city, by the stages. Stti?fictpry city *ou other re ler-iices giTeu ou application at No. Gi Ftankliu street. jy9 I iii'ni SAl OAZJ HAXD Cl.OTHLVG AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AN D the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good ?econd hand furniture. Peraoiis wishing to dis po?e of tlie same, will d i well to call on the subscriber, or ad drew a line through the Post Office, which will In- punctually attended to. B Lh-VV. 49.^ Chatham street. New York. N. B.? Constantly on hand, a seasonahl* assortment ofgeu tlemen's clothing, cheap for cash m\*29 Im'rc NE iV EMU liOlDERIES IJKl ROBK.KT8 respectfully calls the attention of his I friends and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, whicli, being imported direct from the Kuro|?au manufactories, will be sold at ? trilling advance ou the ortgiual cost He would also call atteu tion to several lots purchased at auctiou.atan immense sacrifice which will be found well deserviug an early inspection. The following are very desirable, being li per ceut under the usual retail prices ? Higii-ueck Cheinisetu, richly -mbroidered, from 14s to $3, io worth 82, 2i tu $6.50. 500 Embroidered Collars, finished edges, for 8s., usual pric. 10.. fid. 150 Embroidered Cap< s,at$3. usual price $4. 50 do do very rich, from SO to 1 10. 200 prs Embroidered Under Sleeves, from 4s to $.t,50. 1 c;is?- Embroidered Dresses, from $3 upwards. 5l?ldi>z Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, I'rotn till. 50 do do extra large sire, for gentlemen's use 45 do do hemstich do from 3s 6d. 3tt do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich etniiroidered Handkerchiefs which are offered unusually cheap. Scases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslins, in Striptt, plaids, BKtuv*. M. A lot new Muslin Trimmings. Laces, Veils, Hoiiery.tilovw. fctc. 4tc , .ill of which will lie sold decided bargains. mv^l lm?ee Vn 'rt 1 Rllfl \ |1W?V COMIC ALMA.\AV.& flili I" OL> l< MAU* NEWS aifents, chea|i publication tlepota, booksellers, and the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual appeannce of our Coinic Almanacs, replete w ith fun and line engravings extracted with care from the lau^hinit volume ol nature, ruber's Comic, Turner's t^omic, Crockett's Oo a Head f'omic.aud De Darkies Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, aud buy ; those at i distance will order, in send for samples. Always on sale the greatest variety and qu uitity of Cluldrens' Books, colored and plain; Song Books, colored prints, fee. Stc. in the country; catalogue* ou applica tion. Show Bills of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very low, for cash, and do fall justice to itl) orders, in time, kinds, quantity, and price. TURNER fc FISHER, jel4lln*rc "*4 f'hsrham .fr?.e* OFFICE OF JKKFKfifcUiN LN&lJtt AMCh OU.t ? No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ' 'M^HIS COMPANY continue to insure acainut lo*s and dp A in tve by fire on good.*-, w irps and merchandise, and also .gainst loss by inland navir?tiou on ve*?els and their cargoes. D IKKCTOK8. Thomas W. Thome, Elishn flings, Thomas T. Woodruff. Anaon bnkt-r, D K. Kobaon, M. D., Joseph Dr*ke, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen,. Moifx Tucker, Jaine? fel Holmes, John R Davt?on, John P Moore, John II Lee, Win K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tuuis, Thomas YlorrvU, Franc nt P. .^ue, Eugene Bo^ ?ru John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOM AS W. THORNE. President (?rn> f;r T. Hqfk. Secret ?rv a5 rr AH!H).Ml\AL frUH'uKTbK. 4 NEWLY INVENTED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTEB x"\ Warranted the moat perfect article the kind ?-ver inden ted. It his been in u*e for ?oine time, and approved of by al medical men who have examined it , a d pronounced by then tin- l-e^t article of the kinl ever offered to th** pvihlic. The al llicted ire requested to call and examine for themselves. Tin inventor has put tie m down to the low price of One Dollar. T ? he h*d only of M.idtm* Oascar, 2 1 Murray street, New York This Article ran he sent to any part of the United States, b> Persons at a distance can have them seut, by addiesriiu is a hove, post paid. jr2' lm*rr MIUTAHY KQVIPMENTb. H. J ST Oli MS, :n PULTON S i K E E7 . HAS constant you hand, * full assortment of Militarv un [lour Kquipmenta. according to the United S.ates am State regulation Also. * variety of Saddle*. Bridl.<s, Harnes. Trunks, Valises, lie Stc. Hone Equipments nf evorv style. made to order, jeis im'n ~ ST R IK E K 'S S< ) LUTiONl FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will ch 'tige trrey hair t" it, original color in a fev minutes, 'i his solution it diffi rent from any yet offern and cannot I'ol of superceding sll others wno doubt its virtues, are requ sted to have their hai changed before paying their m nry. If humbugs wou d tak. this method there would he no reason to ronipl <in. None eenuiiie unless signed U. Striker, in red ink. '1 he Solution can be forwarded by Harudeu's Express to ani part of the world. One trial will prove the fart. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. S Chathm Cruet, opposite the Hall of Record , iNew Vork, op (tain. jut m*~ PIRCfc. 8 Kim Premium new Patent iwu oven Hang* * ? combining economy, convenience and durability. Tliesi Ranges are warranted suiwrinr to any everolfered. Tliev are s< constructed that it is almost impossible for tltein U> ret out o> nriler. or for the plains to crack, so COWMBOU to all other Ranxei. They have been in use for the last 18 mouths, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and in no one iustance ha the proprietor been called on to repair one. All RanKesput up hy the subscriber are warranted to giveei tire satisfaction; if they do not, they will be taken away withon the least expense to the purchaser. OEOROE PIRCE, Proprietor, mW lm*m 291 Broadway pOHTER - ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 3 ANN STREET, next door to the American Museun returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the pnbl> Ki-iienjjy, for the very liberal share of patronage already r> Reived, and ho|ies by strict attention to business to merit a co< tiuusnce. FIRST QUALITY? Philadclnhv Porter Newark Cider, Crotou Ale, London Brown Stoat, ?nd Scotch Ale Orden for shipping attended m with despatch mhu ?? _____ INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics am connoisseurs e pronounced it rhe most |>erlect and extt "ti!mar\ invention of the A?y. Tlie great advantage* of this u. v. I and unique wig is its being m ?d? without sewing or weavin which causes its tpji' irances jo closely to reaeinble the n itur hair, bo'h in light ies? and naturil appearanee, a* to defy dvtvi tion, its tenure beiua so beautiful sn porosis and so free, that i ill cases of perspiration eva|ioratioii is unimivded and the gr?s evils of other wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and couuoi. seur are alike invited to inspect thi, novel ana beautiful Wis nnd the peculiar method of fitting the head. at the inanuftcturvr't V. C. BARRY. 148 Broadway, corner of Lib rty street, u stair. in* tn,*.ie HA ICtltLAJtV ? NEW INVENTED WIG,

SJO PF.RKECTLY re-emliles the real head of hair n* fo def\ ' detection. All the old ditlicultie* ai d vexatious aniioyauce* tie completely done away with. Wig wearers can bow euju) is mucn ease and comfort as ever they did with tbeirown hair i itir.ens <nd strangeri- are iuvitnl to inspect this tasty and deli it. n.iili, as it must be seeu t* be appreciated, at W.M UATCHELOR'S Wig and hcalp Manntactory. No. I Wal itreei, near Broadway? Removed from Itt Broadway, je 17 lm*m gEntLeme NS'IleFTI ?ff wardrobe^ W A X T E D . CI ENTI k'.M EN and Eamiliescan obtain th? full value lor all T su,ie t|?. Ii? effects they wish to dispo^ of. (either GKN TLE.Vl K.N ?f LADiEM,) hy se ding to the subscriber, whu does not r etend to give twenty per cent inure than any oth-r person, i ui will give a fair price lor all articlss offered Usn ilsmen Ir >ving the city will tind it totheir advantage to stnd for the subscriber previous to selling to any other person J. LEVEN8TYN, Mi Broadway, (upstiin.) N. B ? A line throngh the Post Office will b* promptly at; tended to. jylft Im'rf CLIMAA fslAtil.t. UOURTLAND ALLEY, lH-t?e?n Walker k White Streets, _ HKAg or 1911 HKOAOWAV. L~ \CLUHIVELY for Urnileinen's Horses The accosnmo Li Uation.are lirst-raie ? the Stalls extra width, and the Car ia?e Room escellrut. A few Skills are Vacant, and are worlht ihe atieniion of (autUiueii who wish their Horsea to have su penoi uearmnnt. , "> Ivn'.ff n ^ < |W1 ? Ml U i<u?ii"U pritne liloiuu W lir .t, to " lut* to tu it piiroliasers by Jyt C K. COLLINS k CO w South st. ?HK c ELEH AThU PAihi U'AMASmi^ OH Ok AT I'AbTK in w?ttr itovps i icry eic?l lent, it and heulrhv *uinm? r (in k, it can be I) ><4 ? | he follow ntf Millnu. No. I JO Bro dwnv; J. H hiltmi, At TJr<Miiwny : A. B Ik ( 273 Broadway; Gtii> : t*r & Young, 1 12 Chatham street: W. R. Bnllai(h. cor Cham >ers aui J Chatham itrvrta;P Mrrkle. 30 Ur <md arrerti W Kn c?.r. Division and ( 1 niton street*; Moore, Lewi * Co.. 1<? H root ttret t a. d at the maiiufictorjr, 129 Att >n u y *t; \V. r?i eubach, 14 Hudson st.; J 6l J Coddintcton, 203 Hudaon, corut J'rii i nr.; J. W. iii**ett, $44 Broadway; Collin* a* Co., ?6 Grraiiil *rr#et; Dr Str^-nf corner 8th street nnd 3d tvenue: Joh L. Sliefflin lit Canal ?tre?*t; A. O. Lwvy. 2**2 Delanry ?t r?-e? . linnliton St Co. 110 Broadwny ; Brooklyn, J.-s. W. Sruiih, cor er o|' Ful ton and Crnih*- rry streets. ju3 lin+rc IMPORT A NT N OTIC L TO HA G UERREOTYPE A R TISTS. I'll;. ondetsign. dli?te made application to gei LtUeri Patrv ? for their k^w process lo color Duuerivotj |? Pictures I hi* proci ,s | .mimes .-.u effect uot known before, and chaiiji*> ilic <j|"j? .raucc of '.lie D txue rrentyi* of the finest pann ing- sjhi* coloring 1 1 roc 1? is done by uature Itself, ifuidei! onl) t.-y i he I. !. j J ufth- operator, and machinery. It can be Jieformei !>?, i very on* nut skilled in the art ol uaiutiug, aud will be I <er l<*ct! )' understood at one tfl ance. It ;.lso call be com muuicaud in writing, without difficulty. Artists wialuuK to procure the Patent ri<ht for a City 01 Con uty, can make pre-eni/auemeM* therefore, by tddressint (post paid) to W. (k K. LANOENHEIU, IV? lin*rc Kvchanrw Phil-dell hi*. lJh.\il.M'l! Y-VA!,uArtU blM;uVbKV. PRKSKBVK VOUR TEETH. WHY will you suffer with the toothache, when by call in* on Ur. PAIGK. 139 Grand street, near Broadway, you cm have it effectually and entirely cured. He ha* an entirs new pre^>aratiou, that will cure it in a f?w minutes willioui pain or inconvenience, so that it ma> he filled, making it a valu aide toolh for life, thereby obviating the pain and dtutcei of ha viii* iteitr??*ed. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries of the use, and never fail a of tliedeaired effect. The mostten der teeth rilled without auy unpleasant ?cusatian. Artiftcia t-eth inserted in the it'osi approved manner. je7 lm*ec It/lli I I. A l..\ S DAGUr-K K K( )TVI'K AlTAH ATUS. ARHANUEMKNT8 recently ni .Me with their bmther-in- . law. Mr V-uvlitiaeiider, Vienna, enabh- the tub.cribert to J (?II those Api'ariiu> at re.lui-ed rates, viit? L.irsce.i hire Apparatui, with three luch lenae* for fall aixe pl.ites. Ht $M4. Mediuiv size Apparatus, with two inch lentea for kalfsiz platea, at $'l. Small size Apparoua, with on ?- and-n-half inch leoaea, ioi >|uarter ' r/ r platea at %M. Gentlemen aeudniK remittance* in accordance with thr above pr Cea, mav dei end up<ni rereivuiK the .enuitie Voiki laeuder Apt a*Mn>. and nol a worth ?>? imitated article, the) li vmg procur d the sole agency for the L'ii ti-d States Platesand' heimcal of their own import* -.ion, .<? well a* all O'hei article* connected with their ait f. r sale hi the lowest market orire*. W A. F. L AN(ic,N HKl.M. hit delphia t.xehanire. Ref^rriun to the .hove *dTerri*e?ent. the ?ub*eriber? i> form the L)ifu rrisu Artista in Kei et .1, ih t the above App<raru? oid other material* c ni be proru ed at the *tated price*, at their [> ku- rivau Attelier, No. 301 Broadway New loik jvJ Im'rc LANOr.NHEIM 8t BECKERS. Si )METHING new and useful. AKTKK long endeavor*, the undersigned ha* succeeded in iutroilui'iiiK to tin- people of the Unitvd State* an article they have loutt m-ed^d. It ii iu the ahape of a Paste, called P4TKS U'AVJANDl-S. (Orxeat P-*te,) while it combine* a healthy and pleasant drink for the Summer While it promi se* these qualities it is at the saine tune eseful in removing Heartburn ami Sour Stmnich, and i* a capital drink for disease* of th- chest. In coni|a>neiit part* are very innocent aud it can lie recommfided to leuiales in all *ta*(e? of life; good foi wet nurses, and ran he used at sea im a substitute for sulk. Prepared and sold for the Proprietor by L. Joachim*?en, No. '29 Attorney street. je'4 lm're (iOTHIC CHURCHY COT.OItED GLASS, MOSAICS. vVc. THE U dersigned hein* tl.c Agent of a h:rge Colored Glass Manufactory in F rance, will furtiish tli? best qualities ol colo ed 01 -*s t much low ei prices ban they have been sold to this day ( hup ii Windows can be h*d re^dy mounted, ? ith a y pattern of >lo*aic made according to model*, ?>r copied oil me finest tiothic .Monuments in Europe. He wili contract for the complete Glass Kumiiure a' any (. hurch. Ap p y to C. CAVORET, juiC lmeod*rh No. (South William street. TU" STRAN'trhhS. STRANG'" US visiting New York will find an agreeable re lief from the oppressive I eat f the city . by imssiiik a hoin or two in th- inoruii'K or event x, t the Al.ll AMRA, (JW Bro ilwaf . ) twi uty <lei{r> es diff-rencc in thetem|ierati'r? of the htino*|ihere eiug observable between the int-rior and eaterioi of the est 'blislnne'it The b-ou iful Kou itaiu alone is worth a visit to the plice, aside from the aeknowle Ig.-d superiority of the quality of the IceCreams <nd other refreshment* furni h-d thi-i^- n" /** Ad ihs.ioii Ire.-. jy 12 <weo.l in-* c IO ClTV ANU COUNTRY MERCHANTS HOTEL ANU STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, Cm AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, tc. EXTRA FINE TEAS! Ift3 Greenwich Street, Ne*B Cot'KTUANDT 8t., *rtD aft 0SITK the Paciric Hotfl Ni? YOU. rt7" K BH(J LEAVE to itiform you that we established our " selve* at the above place, priucipally for the purpose ol meeting our views of our wholeaale nud I ir>!e family customer) ou the North Rivet Side. The upriKhl manner in which w* have carried on our husnies* for several years past iu thin city, together with the very high quality and moderate price of oil' _. ids, have t anted lor us a degree of reputation and renown fn beyond that of Oiy similar house iu th- United States, and w< consider the** me best reason* we can urt;e to obtain your pa trouage. We have, however, much pleasure iu station, that we have | made, with threat care and juilumeut. our selections from .11 the spring cargoos, and Writcti coni'tW the finMt specimens ol fotioi Hyson, Hyson, Gimpowdtr, imperial Oule?w Pekoe, Viokvoiik, Congou SouchoiiK, he., which have arrived here this season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Good an ilities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We have also tree overnmeiit Java nud other Coffees, ns usual, roasted and ground daily. We continue our operations at oor other places as heretofore, particularly at 121 (,'lutham st. We are your ohedixut servants, CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York? 121 Chatham St.; XI Gr&ud st. and 313 Bleeckei ?tree. Philadelphia ? R9 ("hestuut street, and 4S Fifth street. HV' 2ln*TI OARPKTINix 4f>4 PEARL STREET. THK SUBSCRIBERS have just oi*ii?d the larue and spacious CARPET WARE ROOMS, N<> IM Pwl strvet. former ly occupied by Smith. Hewitt St Co., ami ire now ready to offer fi>* public nn full n* new stock uf Carpeting. bought expressly for 'he sprin,; trade, some of which are exceedingly rich, of u e? de <isu* and rolora Among them inn* he found? rs NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BRUSSELS, E-itirely New UPS. KIDM1NSTKR THREE PLT. Ri<-h Shxdmg BUPERFINE FINE ->ND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, Of every variety mid description. Rniji.. UmsKfU. Tnl.le mid Piano Cover*. Worsted Tufted uid Jute Mats; Oil Cloth*, very heavy and iu ureal varieties, (mm 2 to 24 feet wide . together with all other articles usiiall) id in the trade The public are miue*ted to est) m exam i in in r stock before puidiasing. pf.TK KSON It HUMPHREY. Ul r'-..l Or? I Ul I " Mr,i*ii leapectfully iunrui* tin, Iriemlaaml the punlic that he ha* arrived in the oitv and taken iiuarter* at the Uni ed State* Hotel, hia ei trance through the bur, or 196 Water street; where lie ha* a number ol Baasl'ord's improved Billiard Table*, on mIc nr for playing, and will lie happy to have them ?ried. Hi* ha, i* well nocked with materialslormakiuiiSherry CoHHer* r. t?. | v? ? e tfj I \ i W lit 'U I.OA.S , u . bond mil hill' t* we Appll 3iO,UUV/ to E. K. COLLINS it CO il'C *iK H-.nth street. TEETH ! TEETH! TEETH: WONDKRfUL IMPROVE E N T 8 . 1)R BROWS, DENTIST, . AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. alfls, BROADWAY, three doors above Chamber* street, next tn Stewart's new building, continue* to inaert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole net, on the Scientific Pnuciple* of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSK TEETH, vising from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually "a?tened by the highly recoin mended Lotio Odouta. TOOTHACHE :ured iu one minute, without pain. Teeth extracted with less -han half the usual pain. PRICE* LR** ban any other Dentist in this city HeK-renees will b? given to inmerous families and to the mescal faculty in this city, by ?ailing at Vo. Bradwav. mvfl lm*rh HAUBROOK S OOLDEN KISH W BROADWAk . 1 No longer the Golden Fish shines in the sun ? At the old place in Broadway? two, seventy-one : It Iu* d.iried up stream to a tar better haven, And is now seen to glitter at two ninety-seven. There Brndbrook'a establishment, known as of yore, Fora well-stocked and excellent outfitting store ; Oil the instant 'till furnishes outfits complete, From fine ihirts and silk drawer*, down to towel and sheet. The voyager bound on some long ocean trip Should call in at Bradhrook'*, ere joining his ship, And there officers, civil or naval, may find \ll the y need, when to far distant Italian* assigned. The tlrauger or resident there may inspect The most elegant goods he could w ish to select, Of the very liest fabrics and lasMully in de, At prices as fair as are known in the trade. Suspenders, glove*, collars, strap*, purses and hose? St icks, handkerchiefs, bosoms am] fine under clothes. With di Slay he w rttaink miwni. night ca|>?, Mid fifty things more, ? 'til h?*l M Braahrook "if?m?*?l outfitting fore 400 PIUX I'lN.r I'AI' ,it reams 28i<6 printing p yper. do 28s t2 do 7H0 do 26s37 do. i 2110 do 2ts'? do. ?mi do 22k 33 do. KM do 20x10 do. 710 d '4.ts do, for sale hy ,n - ?>?> h PFWW1' * KKPOK >LxNl'A\ I. At I I\>IU.N IU IIA .I.I..V1 THK Kavo'ite Sewn r RICHMOND, ?5L rrt-j '7>j' t ' ? tit T. VI Dougheitt . ? ill leire the fier font j JC~??*Ti> / i 'f Mmrgomert street. K st River, at S P'st i ii'cut<; Ro euilt sfri-el. H I'Sst I; I'i^e street 2. Del uicev t'eer. S put 2, A. M Returuiiik', leave Harlem half past 5 ! o'clock, P M. I heinore triii will aff.nd to p>ssenger* a fiu* view of t' e I "'list River, Hurlgate, Blarkwell's Island, Loi g Isis ,d ' F'rms, lie. Kaie I2S cents each way. jnl!) lt*e" EXCLKSIUN TO THE KiSHlNii HANKh. r^Tin1 THE new anil *|ilendid steamhnit 'ACOB & ?**; i j* BELL will make an Excursion to the Fi-hing | JH f Banlii on Moniliy, 21st July, |e vintf Mont joinery st ret, Ea?t Hirer, -it pist 7 o'clock, Mel?'iCe> st , * 0 clock; Pike stJe. t, W pts> 8; 1'ier No I North River, 9 i, clo \ M., returning to the City i i good tea^ou. Ilait fiiniish-d Gratis? Lines at ? small cluirgc ?I " : DRAFTS ON GRKAT BRITAIN AND I ^ IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit mo- i my to their fnemls in any part of England, i Ireland. Scotland or Wales, can he supplied '? iih drafts payable at sight withont dis 'mint, for any amount, from i.1 upwards, at the followiu( places. vir. ? Its MflUin-Thl National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J Darned It Co.. ('.xchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. Jame* Bill t It Son, Loudon, and branches throughout England and YVales. I>! Ian.*!*!*.? ' The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin- , eial Bank snd branches throughout Ireland. |<< S?oTL*r?t>? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. ill* steamship Great Western sails on the j which all draft* can be forwarded free. Apply to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. jv19 re * %v?th st. eor. Maiden (ana. lOK .NKU ilULt <>a L.uisia,. . a.1.1 N.w JMMVVork Line Positively first Regular Packet, to *ail atlwgi i Mo nl iv , 2l*t i .slant? 'I'he elegant fa t (ailing liacket *hip OSwE'iO, ' apt. Johnson, will positively *ail i .hove her regular day . Fir fr'iirht or i<aMege. having handaome famished acconi' inoilations, a >|ily on board u Orleans whuf, foot of Wall a', rti E K < OLU NB k CO . Vaonthst Kositirelv n" foods received on board after Saturday evenii g Itth in*tant. Pmengi r? will plesse be on board at Orl an* wharf, fool ol Wall street, on Monday, 21st mat., ?t 11 e'clock, at which time ? th- ship w ill *tul Asei? hi New Orleau* J ine* E Woodruff who will Prompt- i I y forward all good* to hi* adddrasa iuitec AMU&EMEN I S. PARK THKATU K. F K E .V C H OPERA Momluy Kvrnlnui July DUt, Will la performed LA FAVOlUTL. . . ? . Leonora dt Ousnuu. . . MHa C?lve. Iiei, il nw 6 - phi-n < uiu lot I \|4i"iise, M Garry r'aruand. Amaud I BJihaiar, , Douvrj Don Gaipar Cueuriot. Alter which the Si- o d Act of GUILLAi MK TLLL. \mold M Ar and | Guill urne Telle, M 0*ITJ* >V alter, M Duuvry | viathihie, Mm* 1 iiiui To c iiidudi- with M'LLK DANOKVU.LK. . In which M m?. Sieph. a Cicuru t. Mm Moutasster, Jules and Oternot will ai pear /* Price of Admiuui. ? Fi-?t 1 in of Buses and Parquette, il" Hecoud aud Tiurd Tier*, '>0 outs; Gallery, 26 cents. Door-, up^u -it? o'el irk. ?id the t,jiun. will ri?- Mtecnelr *' irtlf pant ' o'clock I. \ SILK bAUUESl. ({j^AdwIuiloii *r? t>iil?.-?jj Proprieloia! Heiaer. Grant! Entertainment Extraordinaiy Extrtwn* and SurjTiting Attrac tions. Satlin'ay KhiiIiik, .July IU(h, The performance will coti'mcice with an Overture by the Orrheatra to the Muu'itain Devil. Grecian StatUdiy liy Mr. W. Wood. Ov. rture to /. mpa. So- a oy Mr. De'iioson. Kli K l y Mis* C< hen German S i Part Medley, Mr W i isns, J^'lutermuaon of Half an Hour Tor Pn in.-uade and Refresh menta Ora d Gallop de, *"u'l Bind. Wanden ([ D tToona I >y the Maiti rs Wood. Keclt ed Ali Sir Ub"| iaiiii. Poiul r.SiiK Ly Air. Wiiiana. To conc'ude with Parch es ^ria? of Connie Tableaux, by jifain Wood, De. onion, PardOe, and ikliu Cohen. f?7*-Doorii pen at ha'^-'ait S <? c' ev. Performance nenre at lo'fl' ck. MliliO'? GA1(I)K.\. Saturday K veiling , July 10. Tha pei for main e to rommens*- w ith the Overture to I'nlichinalla. To be follow, d hy the !'? i ular Firia of the H API' k MAN Ho Ket, Mrs Watt* | fling Small, Mii< R ber's Rum l-ustl, Mr A de t->i. Fnxi Fum blreckn ?- lei Hi, Birre t I Hu i Phd.ter, Bri nks Murphy, Nickinaon | Mured, _ Lutoe fn^Iaterim lion nl H li nn Hour? /~i ToroiClude with 'he HEVEN C YSTLKS OF THE PAM10NS. Kaymoud. Mr Gallagh. r I C touche Mr. T Placide At He Mils M i*>|or I ' imr Ur-ola, Mra. I aeriug. Urand Pu de Deux bi Miaaei Celeste a..d Partington. 't..' AH 1 UlWeC&Jl ' t/UCC ?? ill HIV**,* Ul |U lllCitauMWC W ill'ill' ram good order ?utl ke?p -til improper i>er*(.n? out. tyj-THrk'tt Fifty A limited number ol Season Tickets will be disnused of. \Ly* Performance to cnmmcnce at K o'clock Utmn > pe-j * ,iaTnP?,t t V Hi aIIALL. ><AUUKiA sALtAl BOWKRY. OPF.N EVERY EVENING, RAIN OR SHINE. Admin, inn wdy One Slullive THE cnot.Esr 8-ILUON IX TIlE CITY". Po*iti*? l> mi Free Li*t, tic>|it to the l'rr*a. TheforowniK arr*j od'ajent h ivi h?-e . e >ica?ed lor til night and will aliliaar, in addition to the fo'mer Company MR. W. H ILI.IAMS, The renowned F.quili'.nat and Poeitjoui*t will ai>peai U hi I'ichly 'rrrsti IC iVat.s ul' GRECIAN AND I' > HISIA - G V.MLS, T (t>-iher with MASTER W. H WILLIAMS. The Infantile Poeitiouiat. only f ur 51- uf <*?? ?i.d cattail 1> la? M eau I. Alan, MADAM0I8ELLE HOSINA GASCON, From Pirn. Miharnii g Da rr>3, only S yenr?ot ag?. Wednf*d.y t.v-ninn, Benefit of BILLY YWHTLOi K Doom open at '% ? lerf-rnia ce to ? rnimfii'i *t Au efficient PoIipk iu ift?- Ui -??*. under otl'u-er Mt:ii. umI Bi il 11 "t f>' n liiL, AlUM' KiMlU 'A AAiLii is TllE E/.YSIAX FIELDS . HOFOKEX SPLFADILI Ethibit ona Foe every aiw ?? rilia week coinu e' ci'ur on Vlouda}, J 1 1 y 14th t 3 u' loi:k ou tin ne ?util'ul Greeu i-i front of thr Cullouade Coi Ce' tritlou 1 Novelties, CdlcuUted to iuapire the audiem v with uaeful kiiowledK" a- d .il ir t ion, to f.e give by 1. ver l of the 1u1.11 popular Arti?t?pf the day. Mr. .VlcCarty In* the pie ?nre ti ?iinou ce f-r thi? week, Y'nuni! Frn cisro, the ^ccompliahed Fakir of \11gtl11iH, ai d the y entr?t M*Kici n of the xne. Also he hai made arrangement! with th- two Mm :-ar! eri,w ho will Kppear in a vwriety of th. ir mom popular D ucea and Snugs, if ? ung hy rliem in 'II tlie principal 1 net' res in the Union. ORDER OF THE AMI'SEMt.NTS.-Y.iu. g Frauri.c. will cumint" ce with his lit *iJ '?> Miricles, consisting of op ward- of One Huudied K*|ierime .ti ! Alter which he will i troduce heeleguit and r I I huu -e Gamea? in which In heat, for a l irgr >um of lliouey, rhe flighty Gre^k Hi|{is, mill lie uow >-idl delia ce lira Duici Km all its varieties, by the two Miu B irb.-is; a'?ii, they w ill si k several ul ilie most |H>puhir .So ig-i of the d <y. In ndditiou t-i tlie ? tuive, .M r McCart) Ins e k Kel tit it justly celebrated Americm Bnti. Baud? L- der Mi. "Iiel' jn JVrr LAJL>1 a.N a L I T E R A K V SALOON, ANIJ KXH1KITIO.N OK D E A V T I r I ! L r A I W TI XQ S, No. i?V:t rtiomlwny, \t w Turk. VI AXIMILIAN 8 Great nd !?|>Undid work, beinir h'l tntr if J. tl.rounh tin- t.uited Mate*, ill ?stru'ed with Eighty En gravings, -t'er the " aimer ofdrnw'.n-* in large loli-e? with ? cjuirto volume of letter lire**, both %? luni'i i-iegantly fit ui lo' the I) awing tt'i in. A few cop ei > ly printed in Etiglia' .No stranger should visit tile City without calling ill to set the Great Colli* no of KUOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, w^ich ai* otte ed "at 1 1 eitly reduced price*." Th Publi<-8ile Room la filled with book* of every kind, in various langu uea, to nee winch, and the Fruit Room, uo ch -rice ii made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment ia fitteC up fo the EXHIBITION AN1) SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, conaiating of al?mt TWO HI'NDRED CHOICE PICTURES, hv n"cient and modern Mantel* ? to V'ew w hich, a small chaigi of ItH cents is re?|Uiied. HERALDRY. The Arm* of Individual* whose fauvlie* originated in am country in Europe, traced ami splendidly emblatoi.ed on vel I ii in. erju al in en cnlioii, and al one third the charge of the I .on don liera d a Colleges. Gen-alogies or Pedigrees ami.ged and ? Humiliated. JUST PlTB' ISIIK.D. The OENEAI.OGV OK GEOKGK WASHINGTON with h a arm-, and crest, u worn U|<ou hi* Ciiriage. Price * >11 1 y S fr*? in color* \ ( 'ufositv jeiO eo'hf m T H E A I. H A M R A .">* ICECREAM SALOON AND ( ONFECTI0N ARV, Vi9 Brondwu)'. JN addition to its being the in at magnificent ai d eicellent ca tablishment of the kind in this c t) , it is alao the only one where the Ice Creams are made entirely "f puie cream ; any one sceptical on tfcia point, may eaaily intiafy themselves bj compurisoii. Parties and f<milie> supplied an nsnal ; also, with rich Plain Cream, receoed twice a day I om Orange county. JV 2 2w ei ?' I i-'ff DIAA/iV IKN WAUL .viA.NUtACHdvL \ GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and Common Tin Ware. Cnt'ery, Hard and Hollow Wan Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Seivee and Bromns ? iu short. e?erv eanety ol house-keeping articles N B ? A Complete assortment "f Coffee and Tea Urns Table Dishes and Covers, Ike , fcc . for hotela and steamboat*, on hiuid and manufactured at the shortest notice. james y. w atkins, in* lm* I* r?tl>*ei*.e .rre.. N-w VnrW TU L>C. AT1&1&. A GENTLEMAN giting up business, will aell hia entire ?tockoi Instruments rir : one *nperiordonble vction Chair, Lalerta's patent; one Lathe; full andcomplete seis of Oi eratin* old Mechanical Instrument*; t"geth?r w ith liO l ine and Pivot Teeth, iir.k.c. for SlOO ca?h, to close the coucern. This la a ureal sacrifice. They have not been twelve moutha in ue, nid embrace every article reqnired iu the business: or thev will be sold iu lota to suit purchaser*. Address " Dentist,' Herald office. ? j V 12 lm*rh GALVANIZED IRON AND TIM. fi ALVANI7ED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a very so IT perior article, warranted uot to met. Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron. Russia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, /inc. 8cotch and Amet rican Pig Iron, for sale b* CASS Si WARD, Tn*-lt Vn VI ReW ??-?*? ~ TO THE PUBLIC. I NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE I No 20 DUANE STREET, is my SON? wa? not ABSA LOM, DAVID'S SON I See Boo* Samnel. SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. t |? I No V Beaile <te~*. N..w Voefc I h C.biill-.K L-OliKfs, wuo loruieriy lived with .vir? 1 Hughes. Boarding-house Keeper, Union street. Liverpool left Englann about nine years ago to live in New York? will write to ber father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Salford Maiiche* ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan t.ige. fpyin itriiw*" CENTREViLLE course, L. 1. V SWEEPSTAKE is open to come off the fi'a* weeki AuKuat, mi'e heit*, heif 1 i 1, un<*er th- s ddle, r.irtrm* I ig hor.ea tin' never w i a I'urse over S-W .t ? c hall forleit, with a Pu -e ?( S'iO 'tde I bv t^e P <?prieti r; to c'om ?Iulv2nh, b\ ft < 'clock P. M., at Gr<euSt L is es; three <r tnoie to in ke \ fi, Id Al-o i m tch v ill rente iff about t''e ? me 'line, live mil he, its i i hitr i a, lor which the Proprietor ndd* a I'lirse ? SlWI JOEL CONK LIN Picpret- r N B ?All St kea made to come off on this C'ouise the Pro* prietorwill d<iarur?e. I'e r v?l e Inlv 18. IBH tnll ?**r e TRuTTESu 0.> THE in.A' u.n UvTurSeI JULY 22d will Come off a Match, Two M'le Heat*, in harneaa, etweeo the pneing horse Jam* I K. Polk and John C 1 elhoan. * Same n?y? For* Purse, five milv*, for Road Sulkies. c?rry* ryiug 290 ll>? , for which P. i'? t n oies h. m. Eanny .lenUs Mr Bridget mme* ch g Red Robin. Alao, on the tirai Monday in August, a Sweepstake sub scription $710. half ft , two mile heats, in harneaa ? closed with the following lUbacrihera:? Geo Spicer's horse Tip. James D O'Minn's Reality. jnlfttf rc Harry lone*' L ?iv Tomi km*. RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE. - ? ?? ? 1 "rn ? ? I !>'? mm 4 M ATCH for ?50rt will com* off over thu C< ?rnt on Mon- I A. div the Mth i ?!??.. or fi at f'ir lav. betwe?l?he Canada | Horse Hops and th- well known Racing Horse Livingston te | ,o I '4 mile heats and leap I hurdles 3 f?et # Incbee h gh to the . ' "same Day- \ Tiirse . f f 0 will be given for a F; of R.ce H ' of *mtle.tole?pl?hu'dles . nch 3 feet ? i'tchea f iei,. to get i over as th y t'le'se Entrance ??,?<? be made at H. ?m th'a o>i . ..rbefore lhnrsd>y even ng n< *'; ilOcfthi mo?e> (Ottwtd. I if ihere ia more th*o five atsrti. BVRLOW AND GEORGE SEWARD. Th* Match On? .VI I*, for MOO, between 'brae two Tedtsm tns will come off on the Slat iuei. iuivf rc LATKS I" INTELLIGENCE. BY JL.AST EVEMNti'S UAii. Washington. [Corre?pou<lenre or the Herald ] Washington, July 17, 18-15. Iffuin m Washington ? A rather L<ng and Inte retting Chapter for til * Dug Dayt Mr. Walker's Mississippi letter in ihe Union of :his morning, taken in connection with General Brown's, ni<ik?-s the suppression of Mr. Thompson's commission as Senator, a very plausible proceed ing, to say the least of it. The justification of Mr. Walker in (he premise* is self-evident ? ihe only iiuestiou interposing is, was it exactly fair 1 Mr. Thompson has made no complaint? Gov. Brown is satisfied ? and there arose no necf ssity during thfl Executive Extra Session lor Mr. Thompson's vote. We are satisfied that Mr. Walker's conduct was governed exclusively by the interests of the State.and his sense ol delicacy in the duty assign ed him of notifying Mr Thompson of his appoint ment under certain s|tecified contingencies, which duty, it appears, he has f-iiihfully obeyed. Actu aied by these motives, we think Mr W..|ker will stand honorably discharged. A lesion, however, is enforced in this trivial affair, ihat no matter hi w high the functionary of the government may st^nd as such, he is amenable and must account to pul lie opinion, even to the clearing up of rli- slightest sus picion as to their offici d integrity. To our tniiid the upt ri of Njr. Walker. all things considered, is |ier fectly satist ictoiy and conclusive in his favor By-the-by, we learn that Mr W?)ker has made a requisition upon the bureaus in the several deiwit uienls under his control, f< r a list of clerks f?? m each, their |>oiitics, time in office, the Mate ft < in which th?-y c?me, tlieir general character. tec , which would rlmote th t on or about the 1st of An ju-t another thinning out of the whigs is to be bad. Thi" si'pposition issnppntted by a late asaettion < f Father kit. hie, that the President has by no means, yet, gotten "to the end of his tether " Poor *higs, how they tremble? how we pity them ! It is too bad, that these gentlemen, so snuyly fixed, hould be turned loose upon their own resouiccs, w hen 'hey have none Special session of the Cabinet to-day. Preient, f lis Kxcell-ncy. the Pierident, and Messrs. Bucha ian. Walker, Johnson, Mason. Absent, Mr Ban croft. gone to Annapolis; and Mr. Marcy, gone to Vot folk and Fortress Monroe, at ( Id Point. His mission is said to be in conjunction with thatof Mr. Bancroft, upon the project of establi-hmg a naval chool ai some eligible point along ihe Chesapeake v. Th'1 White Mouse on the first floor, is a I tot*y rurvy, n nd h.isia most villainous smell of white lead md oil cloth*. Kannaban, the lanitor. protests gainst King Sav.uje and the leetotalers He swears iliat it is this n Id water system, that has killed off" ive or six of hiu f< How couutiymen this week, at ?work upon the street- of Washington." It is his opinion that an In.-limcin in ihis hot weather, who ? -r-e vcres i i< cold water, is deliberately committing suicide A writer in th? Xitional Intelligenrer of this in -amine protests against the metamorphosis of the L* S -hip Constellation into a steam frmate, while ? mmodore Stockton is bent on ripping the guts ? at of her, and putting new works into her that will uove her to the itgular speed of fifteen miles an in ur. Th - money ( $20,000) appropriated for the mile of Pennsylvania Av nue between the President's and he Capitol will not hold out. Wry good All that w:'s requisite was to grt u finger into the Treasury. The wotk is now fairly started, and Congress are ?mind to complete it Item ? We commend Mr. Vbert, of the Topographical Engineers, superin tending this work, lie has it arranged so that ihe workmen sti ll fall to a couple of hours eailier m t'.e morning, whereby they will be afforded a pro ,ioniounte relaxation in ihe heat of the day . Mrs liiche, the old 'uu of the l'.mily of Baches, roes out to Europe, mid will doubtless call to see her on-m-law, Mr Irwin, our Charge at Copenhagen. We pray the dear old lady may not uet sea-sick on the voyage. "It oilers goes so all tired hard with h ? dear old criner*." us Sam Slick would have it. We observed to-day, in ihe |M>rtico of the D?-part meut of Statf, h penes <f boxes, nmiked "Cong. Doc. 28ih Cong ," and addressed to our diplomatic ? >r comnierciafiigents ut London, Paris. Havre, Ber ? in, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, St. Peters burgh, Stockholm, Constantinople, Sardinia, Copenhagen, Vaples, Bogota, Mexico, llto de Janeiro, Carr.u:cas, Chili, Buenos Ay res, Arc , See. These documents will be found very interesting for w;iste paper; and hat man who reads his parcel through, ought to be li:-cliarged tor neglect i f duty, in reading w.iste pai>er sent out by Mr Buchanan. We learn th it Torn Marshall, the man who so lately knocked the underpinning from Col. Webb, ? >f the " realars," m making a hard tight against 'turret Davis (whig) as a candidate tor Congress in Mr. Clay's district Old Robert Wtckliff-. Known ? >ut tnar as the old Duke of Town Run, is doing all 'if can for the temperance and anti Clay candidate. We are turther gratified 10 hear that the old Duke .ins found grace with the Administration in the re ention ot ht* son as our Ch ir^e ur Sardinia, one i! Captain Ty lei 's appoiiitnieuts. It was the t.ilk last niuht that the President, hav :iur b'-en noiitied by Mr Buchanan of his design to resign the State depirtment, hud written to Mr. >ievnson, of Virginia, requesting him, incompa tible, and so on, to come forward and till the vaean y wlien it i-hall occur, \"c. Father Ritchie, it is -aid. is at the bottom of this movement. He sees iliat there is an iron bar 111 the way of ihe reduction ? it the tariff, as long as Mr. Buchauan is in the Ca diuet. We give this as a matter worthy of jotting down at all events. Certain it is, no arrangement ?ippears possible through which Mr. Buchanan and VI r. WaJker can be made to pull together on ths ta riff. Some twenty odd copies of the V. S Journal, which wre sent to our ministers abroad, have been -topped by Mr. Buchanan, and the list tram-ferred to the Union The Maditonian, which was the organ under John Tyler, and the unptirchasable. lugubrious, and inimitable John Jones, continued to be sent without a change of the order, through the transfer ot the paper, up to the present. I' is only a trantfer now of the order from the State De partment to the " organ" now ot the administra lion Father Kite hie is charged with having ditco vered this mouthful o*' patronage; and as having i;one, silk gloves, gold-headed cane, gold guard chain, tiiid all (what do you think ot that for a de mocrat TO years old) right straight off to Mr. Bu chanan, to set the matter right. It wan giving a cold shoulder to Fisk and Dow, so nicely anu coui iortably. We are going to have a menagerie in town next week, Belden J Hunt's, from New York. It will lie just 111 the nick of time; for we are not now even olessed with a negro song of one evening, j Wash i. Wrox, July 17, 18*5. IVhat hut been Done .' ? tVhat it to be Done I ? What ivill be Done f ? And what cannot be Done ! ? Some thing Rich in the Chronicles of the Timet. A late number ot the JVushviUe Banner brings an ther rich chapter of Major Lewis disclosures, with i: letter Irom Gen. Jackson, which must have been t lie text to Hives.* suppressed speech, ot the jrport of w hich, nevertheless, your readers have !reli fully lliiorilied. But ot thU matter, and of certain alleged pledges r Colone Polk t-> the conservatives, uniedeemed sv him, and d'-iiied hv the organ; and, also, of a ?:eitainiate letter ill the Richmond Enquirer, feeling >.e way for a second term, in order, as the writer -t.ites, to prevent the Calhoun men and the Van Bu en-nun from destroying the party; and why >lamm (a1 ii-il to jiet the initr-hilrhip of the Southern District ot Yoik State; and how Hiell was used up in his application tor tiie mission to the Sandwich islands, with vaiious other interesting matters, we t-hall dress a chapter to-morrow, which will be as rich at < Id cheese We shall really Imve to lake hold of 'he administration in good earnest, or it may fall o;f its legs before the meeting of Congress Rumor of a duel in the neighborhood to-day, be r.veen two gentlemen of the South, one stopping at t oleman's, the other at Brown's Kejiort say* that i-n the second tire the North Carolinian tainted, whereupon followed a compromise, a ncconcihu t on. and a julap. ,, , , We understand that, in nddition to Mr. Sykes, of \ew York, and Mr. Seng* tack, a nainter of this < ty, Hon W C. McCauslen, of Ohio, is also a lonnnent candidate for Comnn*fci< ner of the Pub i c Buildings If the Ohio candidate would be suc ?ssfiil, it is necessary that he should come forward uH present his claims. They are preparing the way for another sacrifice < f the coons against the first of the month. But as t'ie demand for offices is ten times greater than the upply, we can't imagine how the democracy are to I harmonized. At all events, we shall do the best v/e canwith'em; but a war is the only expedient v. hicb would give them all employment. PmiiDieLrnu, July It, IMA. The steamboat Portsmouth, from Cape May, did not ar . ive in this city until seven o'clock last evening. Her ? rrival however put to rest the rumor* of poisoning. &c., hirh ha<l been circulating about the city, and alarming inny of our people. But though she quieted apprshen. ?mns upon that score, the newt by her was not vary r <>0(1. Ths weather, though comparatively nodniatrj. i till oppressive, aurl the newspaper* continue to icv iid in