Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1845 Page 3
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Movement* of Truvellei-a. The arrivals yesterday were far more extensive than is usually the case tin Sundays. The following if but a selection from the many at the principal hotels : Amisicis. ? J.J. Bieban, Philadelphia : Hall Mercer, Connecticut ; C. M. Conrad, A. 8. Kutherlord, St. Louis; Hobcns, Philadelphia j Hasbrook Davis, Worcester ; A. Vunder Zen, Charleston ; W. E. Oriftiith, Natchez ; M. Whitney, Albany ; W. W. Oenhard, Phila.; Manuel Green, liivanu ; A. H. Cross, Washington ; Lewis Nar via, Kentucky, and -20 others. Asron.? Cnai. Makepeace, England; Oliver O'Don nell, U? It : more ; Duncan, Mar) land ; Gedies, New Or leans ; W. .Morton, Athens ; W. Hose, Attukapas ; lie chell. Ilell and Kowler, Boston ; J. C. Paris, St. Louis ; O. Oillaric, New Orleans j W. Hopkinson, do., and t> 0 others. Cm v. ? J. W. Jennings. New Haven; Mr. North, Washington ; Newell, 1'hila ; Mr. Miles, Wushington : Hon. C. >1. Com ad, N. Orleans ; French, Ewing and Holmes, 1'hila.; Mr. MeDouald, C.tuadn ; Ed, Ucmming ton, Philadelphia ^Dr. K. E. White, Tenn.; Sumuel Ve Clean, Cuba ; Miss Mallallitsi, Miss Barker, Liverpool. EiitrcKLiN. ? Oeo. Pratt, Connecticut ; Wisewale, Bur liilirtew ; J. 8. Oreen, New Orleans ; Dr. Ball, Boston ; S. Memiager, Morristow n ; W. C. Jones, New Orleans ; B. Valentine, Chicago ; E. L. Mallory, Mr. Kail, James O'Neil, Florida, and 30 othets. Oi.omk. ? Mr. Foster, Washington D. C.; Mr. Pagott, Phila ; Mr. iUtton, iiU H. B. M. Regiment. \r How iiin. ? C. Vanderbunk, I). O. Littlefield, Col. Wm. Burritt. Saugerties : M. David, New Orleans ; R. 8te vons, Montreal ; John Young. Hamilton, Del.; H- Brew nan, North Carolina ; E. E. T. Smith, N. C; Mr. Jonei, England ; T. C. Turner, N C.; O. II. Saunders, Conn.; Col. J B. Cleggett, Washington. Pel lee Intelligence. Poi.ick Ofpicb, July 31. ? Rubbery and Jlrson. ? Oeo. Cooper, elerk for Barker & Towle, was arretted jester day, cburgod with uctting fire to their store, 71 Cathe rine street, oa the 11th of May last, at five o'clock in the morning. It whs supposed the store was roLlied on the night previous to the fire of a lurgc amount of goods by soino persons unknown. The efficient clcrkh. ot police, and the magistrates, have been engaged for several weeks past in investigating tkis affair, wuich seomi to be involved in great doubt and mystery. There are ru mors adoat implicating other persons, and which go to prove the innocence of Cooper. Packet Picking. ? A man had his pockot picked of hi* pocket booh containing $383, und a breast pin. Okfick or Cmr.r or Police. ? Setting Fire to a House. ? Charles Kenard was arrested charged with attempting to set fire to the premises, AO Anu street, kept as a hoard ing house by JoHoph Hafner. He was caught with a box of iocefoco matches, in the act of letting Are to a straw bed. Pickpocket*.? A. M. C. Smith arrosted three pickpock ets at the Post Office. They had been engaged in thiev ing at the lire. Appointments by the Pi<Efii>KNT ? Thomns B. Abiams, ol Pennsylvania, ai Consul of the I'nited States for the port of Mayaguez, in the island of I'ueito Rico in the place of Ourdon Bradley, recalled. t'mtest Mtati's Circuit Court.? The t'lrik'i Office of this Court hs-i bee'i removed this d*jr from the rooms occupied by lift Clerk of the U S. District Court, to a portion of the apartments of the United State* Marshal, on tiie simr floor, where the docket, records, aud flies of the Court, will be hereafter kept. O*" Persons desiring searches for judgments, ? ieadofgiv in* a general uotic- for searches in the united States Court will plense send distinct notices. Tuesday, July 8, 1W5. All Philadelphia Inbsrrlptlnns to tlx Her sld must be vaid t? the only aitthohiiki> Auknti, Y.'\ ? ber h Co., 3 Leader Building, Third street, near Chestnut ? Terms ? -7% cents a month, including the Sunday paper; or65 cents without it; delivered free of chirge in any part of Thila delphia. Single copies for dole as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Price Scents. The Wkkbi.y Hkhald is ulso for sale every Saturday morn UJK? Price 6'* cents, or SS per annum, delivered iu any part of rbijadelphia, free of postage. It r~ All the new and cheap Publications for sale at their er talifjkliineut, as soou as issued, wholesale and retail. It. r" With the exception of one paper, the " Herald" is read as much, perhaps, ill Phil' del>hia, as any paper published in that city, affording a valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments h'imled to the ageuts at half pastt o'clock, will appear in the Herald next dar. Medical Notice.? The Advertisement* of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lor #ie Suppression of tJ?e cure of all disease#, will hereafter appear on the fourth page, and last column of this paper. W. S. RlCFlAllDSON, M.D., Agent. Otficr ?ti(i ('nn?iilti':ir oftVi* 05 Nftuvan *t MONEY MARKET. Sunday, .July 20-0 P.M. The stock market during the past week lias been more depressed than for any previous one for years. Quota tions for many of the fancies have lapidly declined, and some range from three to five per cent below prices cur rent at the close of the week previous. There appeals to be some extensive corner going on in Long Islai d and the silcnco of the directors of that company, lock very ominous. Wo know that some of them are deeply engaged in tho operations going on in the stock, but that should not prevent the publication of statements showing the condition of the company. The recent diftl culties with the people of Long Island, and tho rumors afloat in relation to the boats of the company run ning on the Sound, Should lie sufllcient to induce tbe directors to make a plain statement of the actual condi tion of their affairs, with the daily, weekly, or monthly receipts and expenditures of the road, independent of tho tolls, und what portion of the fare they receivc on the through passengers to and from Boston. The doubtjnnd mystorv which hang over tho affairs of the Long Island Hail Itoad Company, affe< t the market price of the stock more than an unfavorable report would. The recent disturbances on the island? tho re diicod price ef pava;;e between this city and Boston? tho reported limited amount of travel on the road, arc having a very unfavorable effect on the minds of specu lators, and the price of tho stock is rapidly declining. If a majority of the directors of tho company are not en gaged in bearing the stock, for the purpose of getting hold of all tho stock offered, at the lowest prices, they can have no object.on to making a correct exhibit of the affairs of the road. We learn from good authonty, that tho receipts of the company are much larger than generally supposed, and that the expenditures aro much less than anticipated. Those holding the stock of this company as a permanent investment, are entitled to an exhibit of the condition of the company while those bearing tho stock in Wall street, are opposed to the pub lication of any report, being satisfied with tho unfavora. ble effect of tho hundred rumors afloat, respecting tho value of the road. The directors must tako one of tho two horns of tUo dilemma? either make a fair statement ol the companj's affairs, or rest under the suspicion of being deeply interested in depressing the market value of tho stock, for the purpose of getting comploto control of tho road, on- somo other interested motive. quotations for stock at the close of the market yester day were very firm, considering the many influences at work to dspiess the market. The destruction of so large ?n amount of property, in the business part of tho city, must create a temporary panic; but it will coon subsidei and the indomitable energy and enterprise of our mer chants prove superior to the calamity, as groat as it un questionably is. The conflagration of 1M5 was toon re covered from, and tho portion of tho city destroyed was npidly replied? We must, for a time, feel the effects of such a loss as that just experienced. A great doal of Individual sufferiag must be experienced by the loss the utter loss--the complete annihilation, of such a vast amount of property. Another class of individuals will come ^forward, build upon tho ruins, and a few months may suffice to obliterate all e ap. pcaranc# of so large a fire; but it will require y#*n to do away with its effects upon the fortunes o many merchants, and to makeup the losses of widow" nu.l orphans, who have been severe sufferers, as stock, holders n mr.ny of our insurance companios. The amount of property destroyed is estimated to bo about five millions of dollars. The amount insured by the companies of this city and Hartford in the burnt di'trict is about four and a half millions; but their losses will not roach "hat amount, as great quantities of merchandise were removed from buildings that were destroyed. Most of tho buildings destroyed were burnt after daylight, and everv t'ulng w as as favorablo for the removal and preservation of moveable property as coald be. Many if the insuranco companies will therefore have a sal vage to a Urge amount on tho property removed, nnd wil therefore reduce their losses very much. The excite Trent attending an event like this, and the confusion eve. ry tiling has been thrown into, will require several days to allay, when wo shall bo able to tell "better^how these companies stand. We annex a table giving tho quotations for stocks in this market, for each day of the week just closed; aUo' the cles ng prices for the week previous. It will be seen that the closing prices yesterday woro in many iustances higher than on the Saturday previous Q oriTioss roa i ?r Paitrie*i. Stocks in tiis Nr.w Yoaa Msitxr.T. Th'y. M mi. 7'n'y. H'td. TVy h'r'y Sat CoiU Island MX ??? f.9 fit MX ?? 61* Mol'wk - - ~ - - ? 60 II Tl'tn 69 V ? ? ? OR'i 60 M Canton i\h tns 4i* 4tX 41'* 4t>? 40 I'inrifrs' Loan 3$, 3SX S?X - 3S? 3IJK Nor. sad Wor 71 70 71 71 71 7(1% G9 OliioHises 96W ? 'M'i ? Illinois Silts... S!l'< 3?X ? ? ? ? 3# Indiana ? ? ? ? ? ' 33 33 Kentucky Hiies !i?X ? ? 100 ? ? 100 V Fives 73 73 - - - 73* 73S St.iiiinKtOB iSM1* - 3 9'< 2f? 29 29* - Krie Klilroad ? 30 30 30's 30 30'i 29)* Vn-kslmrt # - - 8'*' - ;s - U.S. Bank - 5H - - - - ReadlUK HP MX - !i7 VK 57>i 57 U MX M"tTis <" <iisl 31*5 32 ? 3I?J ? 31*$ 30 K.a?t B listen ? ? ? ? ? I3X ? A comparison of pricos ruling at the close of the mar ket yesterday, with those current nt tho clofo of the pre. vious week, shows an advance in Kentucky fl's of } per cent; Pennsylvania ft's, J; Mtonington, j; Heading llail roail, 4; and a decline In Long Inland of 3J per cent; llnrlom, 1 J ; Canton, lfl; Farmers' Loan, j|; Norwich and Worcester, 5; Illinois fl's and Morris Canal, H. ily the arrival of the steam ship Britannia, at Boston, from Liverpool, we bar* advices from kurope Aftaoo ?lay* Inter than those pieviously recciveil. 'I lie cummer cial accounts are of very little interest. Tlie only im portant item of information we have by this arrival is the slight advance in cotton, connected with large sales The London money market was in a very easy state; the rate of interest ruled as low as usual, and there had been a slight improvement in stocks, paiticularly American securities. Wo annex a table giving tho quotations fot American stocks in l.onJoD, at about the fame time this year and lust : ? Quotations ron American Stocks in London. . isn. , 1813. ? .Will/ 13. June 3. June 20. June 27. New \ ork i'?, 18j8 and I860 WJ a 'j| v3 a 91 90 a ? 90 a ? Do do '35 mid '60, 93 a 94 !i3 a 91 ? a ? ? a ? Ohio 6'-, 1856 'JO a? 92 a ? 83 a ? 85 a ? Peuu'a5'i. 18.'il, '36 *68, '6U. f4 St "64, 68 a 70 68 a ? 63 a ? 67^a 68 Indian* 4's, 1861 and 18*6. 31 a 37 38 a ? ? a? 45 a 30 U. S. Bank shares, 20 u 22a 13 a 2is ? a 21* 24 a4">i Tho improvement in Pennsylvania 5's has been caused by the favorable advices received from this sido, in rela tion to tho probable payment of the August interest. Tho weekly reports of tho Bank of England, since the adoption of the new system, havo shown a regularity ol movement never before cqunlled. It is true there has been no commercial operation calculated to test the Bank in any way; but so far, every thing works well; and so long as the businos* of the Bank continues in its present favorable condition, the business of tho country must continue prosperous : ? Bank ok Knhi.and. March 13. Jtv it 26. Mi <|/ 10. June 21. Notes issued ?29,1I8,IWI ^,453,915 29.412, Mi 30,051,610 Gold coin & bullion 13,102,733 13,180,674 13,309,315 13,911,607 Silver bullion 2,045,307 2,073,473 2,103,030 2,1:0,003 B'k ing Dip't. Rent 3,379.429 3,176.289 3.191,161 3.140,337 Public depositcs.. . 6,451,283 2,613.448 5,031,007 6,931.773 Other depositcs.. . 9,994,672 10,781,637 10,087,331 10,117,586 Seven day and other hills 980,378 17,1*1,347 1,021,187 1,001,802 Govern 't securities 13,471.379 13,921.966 13,384,898 13,384,898 Other securities... ll.Kki.377 9,680,272 10,644,537 11.981,420 Notes 9,151,383 8,101 .770 9,011,815 9,837,175 Gold St silv.r coin 796,251 631,913 860,206 587,703 The last account would, if made out in the old form have presented the following result : ? Liahilitiei. ? .Itsrln ?, Circulitinn, inc. Bk Securities 21,816,318 post bills 21,215,717 Bullion 16,639,315 Deposits 17,099,339 38,313,076 41,455,633 ? The balance of assets over liabilities being ?3,140,657, as stated in the above account under the head of Rest. Tho actual circulation of the Bank of Kngland, for the four period* mentioned in the above table, was a* an nexed : ? Circulation or thk Bank of England. HflrcA 15. .//m/26. May 21. Ju nr 21. I Notes issued ?29,148,060 29,253,945 29,412,345 30,051,6 0 'Notes on hand 9,451,385 8,101,770 9,014,815 9,837,175 Ictual circulation. ?19,696,675 21,152,175 20,397,700 20,414,435 It will be seen that with an increase in tho amount o' notes issued, the actual circulation has been steadily de clining since April. Sinco that time the issues have in c:eascd each month, but the amount of notes on hand I ss also monthly inc. reasod; consequently the circula. tion has become reduced. The movement of the Bank bus for a long time been very uniform. The speculations in railway shares have had very little etlect upon the operations of the bank; the only department that lias been at all affected by tho mania, wan tho deposite*, which have fluctuated a great deal. The Scotch Bank Bill had been read a second timo in the House of Lords, and adopted without a division or akcration. The Irish Bank Bill was about undergoing a t.econd reading, and notwithstanding the hardships the bill inflict* upon the Bank of Ireland, thero was very lit tl<* doubt but that it would pass without alteration. In consequence of embarrassments attending the trans, fer of United States Stock Certificated and Coupon Certi. licates, changed into transferable stock, tho Secretary of [ the Treasury has deemed it necessary to make the fol lowing regulations " The attestation of witnesses to endorsements or as signments will be dispensed with in all cases of stock or coupon certificates, transmitted heretofore or hereafter to this department, as security for the public deposites ; and also in all cases where tho signature of the sevoral assignors or endorsers is known in the register's oflicc, or in this department, to be genuine. " An assignment or endorsement by a hank, or other corporation, if subscribed by tne president and cashier, ov other proper ellicers in their official capacity, and at tested by the seal of the corporation, will be deemed suf ficient to transfer its interest. " An aflidavit of owuersnip will be required in all case* where the attestation by witnesses of the assignment or endorsement is not made." Spurious notes of $100, with a vignette of a rail road car, and purporting to be issued by the South Western Rail ltoud and Banking Company of Charleston, B.C., aie in circulation. The signatures of James Rose, President, and J. G Holmes, Cashier, arc good imitations of the gonuine signatures of those officers : but in no other par ticular do the spurious notes resemble any bill of tho bunk. The only plate of $100 notes of this bank ever used or engraved, has the vignette ot a ship under sail, and en the margin, the coats of arms of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kontucky, with tho names to the first three, but not to the last State. Old Stuck ICxrlian^c. S'.OHO Ohio 7's 101>s 50 ?has Morris Canal 30 |i 000 Kentucky 6'? 100 75 do MX 2JU00 Penu'a 5'? ?60 73)? 100 do 31 1 01 10 Indiana bonds 33 100 do 30* :?000 lllinoni ?pel bds 38 250 do ICO ?li? b'^rm'? Tr bnw 34j< 50 Rendmic RR 36V f0 do 3I?4 50 do 5fi>4 VS do b60 35 50 do 56 '? 50 Canton Co blO 4#,'? 36 Nor and Wore 0# '.0 do slO 40 '4 2) do 69 4 30 do ?I0 403, 200 do 69** 25 do 20d 40 50 do 69* 210 Mohawk RR 6m 60 175 do 69 K? 130 I. Island RR 06 100 Erie RR 29>? 30 Harlem RR 68 Sccoiul Bonrd. S 000 Penn'a 5'? opu 73 30 shat Canton Cn 40 .',00' 1 do ops 73 50 Morris Cain I 30 '.1 30 ? L Island RR b3 64'^ 100 do 30 50 do 64 >4 30 do 30 50 do 61+4 45 do 30'a rm do b00 65 25 do 16O 29\ 25 Canton Co b3 50 do 3o 200 do 40 150 Nor and Wore 69 25 do sl5 40 10 do s3 69'i Died. At Brooklyn, on Sunday, 20th inst. Eliza, wife of Wm. H. Kervin, ago! 43 years and 11 days. The friends of the family, and tho members of Brook lyn Lodge No. 26 of 1. O of O. F. ami the Salem Division of S. of T are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, tiiiM afternoon at 3 u 'clock, at tho residence of the fami ly, corner of Sand* and Pearl street*, from whence she will he tuken to the Greenwood Cemetery for interment. On Friday evening, 16th inst. at the residence of his son, corner of avenue 1) and 7th street, Mr. Sami el Thomki, in the 7 1 ?t year ef Uis a<?o. (a*- I'ortland (Mo.) papers will please copy. of the Lafayette Hook and Ladder Company, A No. 6, return their sinccre thinks to Mr. Bunker, the pro prietor ot the Mansion House, for his very liberal supply of refreshments fiirui>hi-d to the Company, at the fire on Satur day, the 19th. As also, to the proprietors of the Astor House, for their very kind invitation, which they regretted they could not have accepted at the moment. (Signed) J AM KB M. MURRAY, Foreman. Geo. Born, Scc'y Pro Tern. 1. ilayette Hook and Ladder Company, No. n. j2 1 li'ec ? I HK Members o? H08K COMP ANY No. 22, return their J. grateful acknowledgments to Messrs. COLKMAN Si 9TK raON , of the Astor House, for their liberal supply of re Ireshmei/ts at the fire on Saturday morning. Hicii Villi II. \V KLC'll, Foreman. Hn.s. S TowwsKwn, Secretaiy. j \ 21 lt"cc i ?' MID.? The members of JACKSON FIRE ENuINk 2\ I II No. XI. of the city of Brooklyn, return their most iiicen ik nks to Messrs. DROWN St HALL, of Nos. 3 and .'> tsridge street, New \ oik, fnrthr very liberal supply of refresh ments furnished tins company by them, at the tire in this city on the morning of the I'Mli inst. SKI. AH II. BRUSH, Foreman, ?lost pi i Wills, Secretary. j)2l Ifec Mil). ? The undersigned return their grateful ?i knos ledgments to the Chief Engineer, and companies Da, 12? Willii msburg Company No. 'J, and the Kire De|sUtineut gene r II) , for their m.t itsiik efforts to rescue their property from flu d''?.ti uctive fire whirn so devastated a large portion of then iieigbboihood on Saturday moriii last. j\21u*ec P. A. k L DELMONICO. THK trKr.A 1' F1KK. SuPpLliMKNT TO T1IK Dli< KCTORY. i 8CPPLEMENT TO DOUOBTT'S NEW YORK l\. CITY DIRECTORY, to cmiiaiu the names of all wh< I having been located in tiie burnt district) shall send theii names oid.dlresae* to this office ( lifi Broadway ) on or bs'fore Thursday next, will be issued with nil possible despatch, and sold at I be bate cost of the same to these who have purchased, or may purchase the Directory of the present ye v 'I'hose in terested will please xive an early attention to this notice Di rectory hutabl ishment, lii; Urondwav. jyXI live MTO I. FT ? A large and genteel three story HOCttK. partly furnished, if desired, will be let for a Boarding House ? the gre iter part of the rent nuy be tken in no on uy a small yiiiet family- the location heu g in the nnnir diate vicinity of the Battery, and not five minutes walk from Wall st. It not let this day as above, it will he let hi apart ments to a small genteel family, hi quire No. 9 Pe ill st. jy2lt It'ec tlTILDER'S PATENT SALAMANDER SARI * i ?v Tg-tJMfHAfiT.? Jever.l have been taken fr -m the burn ing ruins of the lite great tire, and all having proved faithful t" their trust, as can be SI eai St my store of theGreit Sign, IJ<l Water, corner of Depeyster street, where inoie of the same kind can be had Mil, \* c. HERItlNO. jt 21 imDfcWed B( I A III) ? \ few Gentlemen and Ladies can be well and pleasantly accommodated, by applying at (X, Varick street, ar Si John's I'ai k, in c ill of 'lie stage line. .i v 2 1 :tt?ec I) v( KhT Mill' IIOTTINOUER, FOR LIVERPOOL - I I'as engers lor this ship will plesse be on board, west side of Burling slip, this day (Mondiv) at 12 o'clock, precisely, w hen she w II proceed to sea with the steamer. Letter bags will rlose at half past II. ,iy2l It ec tVABKRk BIKRWIRTH will br found for the pr< .sent at F ike store of Messrs. TII. VIKTOR k DUt K U 1 1 /, n , I'earl street, (back ollice) where they request all bank notices . kr. m iy he left. K. & II. having lost the great part of their books and papers, will feel obliced to parties having bought IVom then, or sold to them, to furnish them with c.>[ lei ol iheir I ill i. 3) -1 2t ec ' Wl NK ?A complete a . . v.e.t fit I ^ , Hei X ring and Gill Net T \ i t : , i'j ! . .. . . .?? I .-i? - tured with the greatest caie Ii. mi the I .-e.i in lenals, ? xpressly for this market, and for sale in lots to slut purchasers. by J y 21 ee F. K COLLINS fc CO. M South st. HF.MP.? 10 tons of very superior Dew and Snow Rot Hemp, I'll sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South st jy?l_e? 'PIIK MANSION HOUSE, ? Broa.l? I ijuivd by A^the late fire, and continues open rot e^uipuiy^^ gyt. the order of the uudcnigiir d fur tt09 71*. As none of the above check* nave l> ON K HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD STOLl'.N from tlir iiockrt of the Stib.cri^'r. ?t tlir nffice of tlie AV hi York llerald, ??u Saturday afternoon. KRn inat i small Morocco Pocket Book containing fiv?* bill* of tw?jf nomination of $50 e ch, of the B tnk of iJanbury. nil ? f which <re marked on the b*ck iu small capitals. VV. >V kCo.,*iHl about $16 in small bills of < ther banks, and the follow Hit; ? hecks on the Fulton and Merchants' Bat ks of this city Check on the Fultoi. Bank dated July 21. 1846 payable to the order of Whitson Ctllyer for $3?mi. but not endorsed by him Check on the Fultou Batik, dated July 21, 1816, payable to the ordei of tbi* u idersigut-d lor :>) AM, < i.eck on the Fultoi Bauk. d.te 1 July 26. 1H15 jrjyahle to tlo- o'der ol the under aliened for $1 000; ( heck on the Merchants* Bank, d.ted July iU. payabb- to the o def of the undersign*- d t*>r $tU7 ?'J. ' 'heck on the Merchants' B oik, dated July 24, 1 *115, payable to | 9. _ . been endorsed by the un dersigned, and payment of all of them ha? been stripped at the above named Bank*, the public are hereby cautioned not to negotiate them. Whoever will return the said pocket bcok and contents to the u .d?-r shall receive the above re- | ward, or if the thief will enclose the Papers and checks con tained in said pocket hook, to the unuersiinied. through the Lower Post O luce, directed to Box I,<i86, he may keep the money, and no questions will In- asked. j > 1 It * ec \VM, K *TH()N<?,gH, Pe.rl ?t. PARTICULAR KEUl/EST AND NOTICE- WILSON 6l BROWN, recently occupant* of the Store 32 Broad street, now removed to the corner ol Carlisle aud West street*, hiving suffered in common with ..others ii the loss of book* aud papers of account, earnestly solicit those to whom #thev h iVe sold goods which have not been paid for, to render a full statement of their iudebteness. with copies of bills and ac counts rendered ; and where such bills aud accounts have not been rendered, to furnish a statement of the goods delivered, iu order that th y may come to a v tf lament. WILSON 6c BROWN will altothi?<k parties holding their acceptances and notes, to render a statemeut of the same, tnat due provision may be in 'd^ for them at maturity. Banks hold ing their name running to maturity, will confer a favor by no tifying; them in a similar manner. WILSON &. Bit N hav" been so fortunate as to recover from the ruin* i>f tl?eir I te store, their tin box, containing all their notes of hand collect' d, with but a very few exceptions, and other v ;;! u thle p -p< is; hut iu so charred and damaged a st te. tli t though 1- n"l le, they will have to trouble parti- s eon* Uc-ctedthert with, With substituting new papers of similar tenor in their ste .d jy2l Iw is eod*je OFKM :T f tTiTT CROTON insTrXnce CO I '!? \\ a li Siiu:i:r, Nkw Yohk, July 19, 1845. S THECapit I o( this Company mnMins unimpaired, their Ions by the l"i c of tliia d iy not esrrr I idk ?'* > A"". ""<1 thrv ure prepared to in ike prompt ?e'tlement of all claim. against them They continue to iusurr Kire and Marine Riskjw at fair rates. jy21 lwisec N. C ARffOLL, Sec'y. FIR. EI N8UR ANCE" ~ rPHK TRUST KIRK INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 60 I. Wall street, offer indemnity again.!. lo?? ami <1 uuage by lire on reasonable terms. Directors.? Klias O Oralis, Valentine O. Hall, William VVIiitew rinlit, II. J. Hutchinson, William 11. Johnson, Krancis Butler. M .: rtin lloil'm n. VVm. K. L.tjgeu. Jsmo B. Town send, Charles Williams Kdmund Peui?ld, Robert M. Stratton, John llankin, Jr., John H. Hurtin, John < leavelaiid. F.LI AS G. DRAKE, President. L. Chatm**, Secretary. jy21 lw*ec ? insurance! The BROOKLYN KIRK INSURANCE CO. will insnre' buildiiiK* anil merchandile .gainst loss a'ld b y tire in New Yorlt, at their office, upper corner of Fultou and hront street., near the Ku (ton Kerry. Brooklyn. The capital of thil company i? unimpaired by the recent calamity. Reference is made to the following gentleman , director. <*f the company, doiiis business iu New Vork, for furtln r infor in it ion, viz E. D. Hurlbut, lirm of E. I). H. Ji Co., 81 South street ; Paul Spofford, firm of Spoffard. Tile. ton Co , 149 W ter street ; Amos WiJIetts, firm of A. St S. Willetts, 30) Peail street ; Joseph Pettit. liim J. Prttit & (Jo.. 134 Pearl it. WILI 1A VI ELLSWORTH, President. Aura ed O.Stetbns, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, 1815. j y 21 Uwis'ec NOTICE. The national kirk insurance company, No. t'.2 Wall street, (Jones' Bui!i1iiik?) his lost not e< ceeding Twenty-Eight Thousand Dollar*, probably uot more than Twenty-Five 1 housaml Dollars, by the recent fire in the Kirn Ward. Applications for insurance received as usual. No risk taken for mure than S'i,0tKi.* jy2I 1 w'' in WM. J \S. BOUOS. Secretary. "THHE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. ha?e ilie JL satisfaction to inform their customers and the public, that it will not reiiuire over IU percent of their capital stock, to pay all claims for losses by the recent sad continent on in this rity. ' The office of the company, No. (,l Wall street, is open lor insurance as heretofore. R. H. BEADING, President. D. F. Ci'RBv, Secretary. jyill lw*ec T11KLONO I.-.LA.NU I.N^UKA.SCL: COAll'ANY. Capital, 200, (KK) Uoulars. Office, 41 h'ulloi. street, Brooklyn. This covipany is, prepared to take risus in the city of New Yoik ou favorable terms, having lost by thereceiit lire only about ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui dation. K. (J. FINN Secretary. B.M. DKLAMATKK- President. Bwoqklvw. July >1, 18-16. jy 20 1 in is in '?M1K MERCANTILE MUTUAL 1N8UHANCK COM A PANY, No. 6 < Wall street, inform the mihlic, that they are prepared to meet all claims promptly, and their assets are so fai unimpaired by the recent fire, they are e tabled to t*ke Marine and Fire Risks as heretofore, on the most favora ble terms. L. (JUhGOHY. Preside. it, JOSEPH HOXIE, Vice IWt. Klwood Waltkr, Secretary. jySO lw is ec New Yohk. July 19, 1816. IN THE Commercial ofSaturdav, appeared a sfattinent, thu the JEFFERSON INSUKANCE COMPANY had lost ny the recent lire $200,000, I wish to s y tint this is greatly over-estimated. The losses of the t'ompanv, it is tup po>ed, will amount to about $100,000. Tlie company continue their husiurss of insurance as ii-u.?L at their office No. Wall fr. ?r. T. W Tilt )KNF., Prt'snlenf. jy20ec AC. K08SIHE & CO. have removed to 19 Wall street, ? up stairs. jyll lw'ec OELRICH8 k KRUOER can be found nt No. 9 Broid strewt, up stairs. jygl li*ec LOFTei TO LET. ? 1 wo lofts, No. 'SI and Cedir street, to let. liiquiiv up Htairs. j y 2 1 2t?ec ANTED, by two respectable young Girla, a situation, v? one to do the general house work ofa private family; the other as a Chamber .viaid, and assist in washing and iruiiiiiK, *?r t h i ml?er Maid and Waiter. For p?od reference, please to call at 105 West Broad wny, up stairs, first lloor. jy 21 lt*ec MUSIC. \ LADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Music, being ?fV taught by the tirst masters in Europe, and feeling liersell fully competent to instruct in thataccoinpli&hinent, would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. A note addnsr.ed to A. B it the office of this paper, shall be punctually attended to. je28 lin*rc v> Stoi l? ' AM'KI). ? A few active, intelligent ineu. to act *s agents VV i;?r tlit* sale of new and popular Publication*, in different (>arU of the country. $300 per year ever their board will be iiinurr-il tlitin in writnis, wi'h an opportunity of clearing $IOW) J per \ ear, and more if they are active Some men, now in our einplu) , will no doubt main- over 5!000 per ye?r, clear of all e?- | .lencr!", and there in about half a dnxeu pi ices open, which must ne tilled ; each m m will have his district, and it will be necei vir) for tiiem to have at $2S or $60, to obtain a good fittiny ? ut. None need apply unless he has thnt amount, for it is out jbject to Btt thum started iu ?uch a m inner as vrill be benefi cial to them, an well as tons. Apply ai Dual)*- street. Letters must he post paid. jell Im'rli St WARD having been burnt out, have removed to | Store No. K> llroad street, on the comer of Stone street. jy20 ec rpO ECONOMISTS.? K very description of fancy silks, JL shawls, sun shade!, vests and embroidery, cleantdbya Krencli process, known only to the advertiser ; table and p ano covers cleaned; carpets cleaned whole ti ii'4 rents per yard; .'Iks dyt d to any shade and w ttered on an improved principle. ? i-uiltme '? coats renovated in a lint rate stjle nt Ml cents; p .nt* do, 23 cents, jy' in I w*m T. SMIf H.*? Allei street, m ar (irand. J'L'ST Kk.( J-.IVKU AND KOli >A I.K ? At tin- bt.ble of Mr. Vandoseu, No 12 Prince street, opposite Niblo's Gar den, a lot of very sup. rior Horses, several pairs, some fast trot ters, fine anil stylish drivers, well broke to all harness, and can e rerommi'i.ded as perfectly safe for family purposes. Those wishing lopurch-'-e, would do well to call and ?re ih' m, be ,o e purchasing el -e where. jy'.'tl 3t*ec LOST. ? A olack l.eathei Tiil'NK containing wearing ale pi.rej, marked I'. Hurts, II. Also a Inrjfe wooden Trunk, nd a lin case contain! g pipers, iic. I nese articles were | thrown from the rear of No. 23 Broadway, and were seen to be liken by ?> me persons near ihem at the tune, who will lie libe r illy rewarded ny returning them to N", 12 hxchcuige Place. jyjO It'ec I) I I.I.I A H I) TABLES? Kor Sale, four excelleut second-hind IJ Billiard Table*, complete iu everything. Also, a very iiHiid?ome Chess-board and Men, cheap for cash. Apply to T. 0 ( oiiiior, 34 Ann st. N. B ? Billiard Tables repaired, taken down and let upon the shortest notice, and in the best manner. _ Cloths, B; lis, ( ues and Maces turn tailed at reduced prices for cash. jyjfljtec FOR THE PILES. DR. l'PHAM'8 ELECTUARY, \N interernal remedy, is a Certain cure for the Tiles, tithe internal or eiternal, bleedniK or blind 8j|d at the ollice of the original proprietor, A. Ipliain. M.I).. a legu 1 ir educated physician ol twenty years experience, conli.ied to an office practice, where Piles and i hiouic iliae se? ? e successfully treated, Medici office, l!?i Bowetv, four doors r-liove Spring street. Ollice lunra fiom7 A.M. to !l P.M. V'lvise giatix. jy 3) I in dticw ' in THE PA TEXT GALVANIC KINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. 'PUIS 11EMAKKABLK DIBCOVKRl ha* received the I tut i v**r s d approbation of the Medical Profession of Grea> -Jiit'iiu, and lias l?? en sunicirntly long before the Atneiican pub ic to give a fair trial of its power and efficacy. 'i he I'atf.n i ? iai.vank' Kinos have been round to ausner nil the purposes I' t which 'he ordinary ti dv.wic Battery or Khetrie and Mag netic Machine* arc used, bat are without any of the injurious shocks, which accompwy the application* by those instru ments, and in mauv other >espects are more s.u *. and ccRTAt^ ui accomiili^liii>K twe desired object. The Oul van ic Hiugs have been used with perfect success in .11 of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applying to tin" | Iieid, far- or limbs; Gcut ; Tic Doloreaui ; I ootliache, , | Brouchitis : Vertigo; Nerroua or Sick Headache; liuliges ion i Piralysi* ; Palsy ; Epilepsy; Kits; Cramp; Palpnatioi. ?f the Heart ; Apopleiy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago; Neu- j r^lgi.i ; General Debility; Deficiency ol Nervous Energy ; and ill Nrrtous Disorders. In cases ol confirmed Dyspfpsi.i they | i.iff been equally successful. Their exfraordio ry cfl'ecU upon i he system must i?e witnessed to b?* believed ; and as a certain phk\ V:n i ivr. for the above c<tmplan.ts they ?*re eqtnllf to be recommended. The (falvauic King* are in every way perfect ly harmless and art' sold at prices to be within the reach of all, < ntiTir's .Vl AfiWKTir Kino u used in connection with the llini(s to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the tialvanic influence tothe particular poitions which areafft cted. For numerous certificate* of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the (rulvatnc Kings and Magnetic Fluid, r?'f**r eitce is made to former advertisements, or they may be seen it the office. Only Agency in New York, 131 Fulton street. { Sun Buildii.g. ) In Brooklyn, at the store of J am km W. 8 mi iii, i)ruKK?*ti corner Fulton and Cranberry streets. jy20 Iw'ec (i A LV A N 1 V n / N u s . 1)R. CK EIGIITOM'S GALVANIC KINGS |> Fa QUIRK nofluid to increase their Galvanic power. They IV possess all the advantages of a Galvanic Mattery , without itu shock, ami are successful in curing all nervous diseases. Fur sale only by his Agent ? 1411, 113 and 92 Fulton; 67 Walk <v, nt Drug Stores corner of Bowery and Grand, 17 Avenue I) 176 Spring, 36 Catherine, corner of t linlon and Division. Mrs ] : I vs. Btooklyn. Price Ea? gold >1. .m 1> i m - ec FOR SALE. ^ " rI^ HK li?ist>, Fixtures, Furniture, fcr., of an old establishe-l | " Tavern and Boarding HotiSf near the Dry Dock, Kast H? ver, at present well stocked with |a*rmanent Boarders and d nig a good business. Will be sold cheap il applied for immed . nely, and sufticn dt reasons assigned for selling out. Apply t ? I vtr. Br unan, comer of Flm and Walker streets. ju l!? It #ec t-OUl JVlKILL COAL DIR^d'. I "f 8|tbscriber is prepared to contract for the transportation ? ol ^0,000 tona of coal in bosts, direct from the c m d land ngs in the Hchuylkill coal region to New York, at lower rate* tun by Keadmg Hailroad and Richmot d. Arply by letter "blressed to JAMES DOWNKV, in 19 It re _ _ Pott.rille, Ps. ( ^ I K I . I > res|>eclfiillf informs bis frieiiilsand the public s * that lie has arrived in the city and taken ijnsrters *1 the tni nl Ht ites Hotel, his entrance tlirongh the bar, or 19* Watei it'Cet i w here he hei a number nfjlttaaibrd's improred Billiard ? 1 1. t or fo> pUyiiiB- and will lie h.ipny to h??e Uiew C ob bl eri"w luti Zlolu' "ke'tu' ' '"^n^h' fOr j r :>iraic ok i urf oiuu FERRETT & CO.'S CHEAP EDITION. HE I'ublic are respectfully oifoniitd that we have opened a Store for the * tie of our Music. at NO. Ol BROADW VY, ind tint we are prepared to sell !i ? Im> may with to pure base >ur cheap and eleg on M lasic lmm tin Opera of TMfc; UOHEMI A N' GIRL.

Part 1. CO' t in i us in -o. gt ^ud tlsfc-i* pieces, for ?'< c?nt? Part 11. contaiuii.g lire MJiigi, a du> it aud cli< rue, fur 2. CeiltS. Part III iunttim|iffea favorite ail*, anan^ d Tor t!,i i iauo Tort", for li.'i -' iiU. Tbu Muiie i* I >- . ? <1 I irilall/ j>ri ted, our-i*' is tine and white as My in lit** mark* t. We invite tin- musical | ublic of New York to visit oui store, uid loJ.kat our music loi lh uiselnes. We I, v? alrendy pub lulled, In- id, s tlie tluaic <t the Bolieuiiau 'i.-l Eleven of l.ottrs Ho (i for 2.'i M ti Nine Favorite t'o'k a .tl % Thirteen I'opuUi Wal'ie :'?> Fourteen Faroiite Glliopcdes , . ..?4 Melodie* of Ireland, I n 5 piece* d Muaic of the htln peaii Sereu?d?rs, 1 son;,* auil j ?et of Cotillions 25 BcaatieaoTLa Norm*. 7 puces fi We h&ft ill press ana ne rly ready? Moore's Melodies, No. 1, containing 8 of Thomai Moore's So *s and Ballads 2j Four l et* of Cotillion.-- a A '?t of Strauss' Walt/.es 85 Flower* of Melody? 10 popular Songs and Bali id* for K Songsof Fancy, 9 songs 25 Melodies of Lord Byion 1 2}? Song* :i .d Ballads of Thomas Haynts Baylej , No. 1. .& Twelve popular Quick Step* ti Fourtreti celebrated Marches 25 Several vocal Duets, by popular C"inposers 25 A actt of Puuch'a I2fa G. ina from the Oi*ra of Cinderella 25 " Kiimn tmbula 25 " Fra Diavolo 25 " tiny Mauneriug 25 ' " " Portilliouof Loujumeau. .. .25 1 lie. e emhnce hut a sin -II portion of wh -l we are preparing. We intend meeting in every way thr demand for our Music, and AT A PRICE WHICH PUT8 COMPETITION Ol'T OF THE QUESTION. To insnre correctness arid thus to s, 'tat rest at the threshold - our operations the specious allegation that muaic to cheap n i. ot be correct, he., Ike, we have employed to edit the v. hole of our musical publication*. A PROFESSOR AND COM POSER OF THE FIRST ABILITY? >i e who is known to be thoroughly a proficient. The public 3 ay depend ujioii the article we offer them E FERRETT It CO., Book and Music Publishers, jnlt lt*rc N o. 2T7 Broadway, N Vork. ALEXANDER'S TH ICOBAPHE. A NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVER Y, being * li quid Dye, which instautaneousiy changes the color of lh? hair to a beautiful brown or black w ithout injury tn the hai or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists iu its easy mode of application nnd instantaneous effect? all other dyes requiring from teu to twelve nours to produce any change. Ita superior excellence will beap|>arent to every one upon a aingle application. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Sun.'' ? ALC<tmtl'a TmcoHariir? The effect of the above on the hair ia truly as tonishing. It waa tried yesterday iu our office, and the ch.uige from grav to black was issautanentis. For sale by Rushton It Co, druggists, 1 1 0 ISroadway! 10 As tor House and 856 Broadway; corner of 14th street; Aspin wall, 86 William strci t : Johnson, .Mnore Taylor, 21 Maiden l-uie ; J. W. Wright i Co. 2 Cedar street; and nf the principal druggiars throughout the United States, or of sole agents. R. Il G. A. WRIOllT, 2j South Fourth slient, _ jy* lm*m. I'hilidelphia. PIANO-FUR TKS FOR WRK, AT 111 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WALKER has constantly on hand an attentive HStort ? rrrnt of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianoforte* of every description, including Oranda and Uabineta, whick are loaned on hire at the above establishment, or at his matitr factory, No 40 West lltli street, near the f>th avenue. Also, N>-w Pianos for sale, with all th* modem improve meuta, v, irrrnted i?qual to any in the United State*. jel3 lm?rrc PA IN TIN (is FDR SALt. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINGS, cmnprising 9criptural and Historical subjects, Landscapes ike., amongst them a genuine Interior by Tenien; a Clepatre by Suterimois, and a Magdalen by Uuercino, Stc., See. May be seeu dailj from 9 till 3 o'clock, nt 91 Liberty street. jy4 Im*rc MUSIC. REMOVED to No. 65 Franklin street, one door East of Broadway, M. DU.MSl) 4.Y , Professor of the Onitir, Ring ing, Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruments. he. ,iu a coinpamtive short time, by his uew Analysing and luauctive System. Terms reasonable. M. D. w ill go, as usual, to the residence* of his putii Is to any part of the city, by th- stages. Satisfactory city ai.d other re ferences i> ven on application at No. t>5 Krnikl in street, jyj liii*m SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis pose oi the * unc, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a I me through the Post Office, which will bepunctually attended to. B. LEVY. 49>i Chatham street, New ^ ork. N. B.? Constantly on hand, a seaaonabl" assortment of gen tlemen's clothing, cneap for cash. mv29 !m*rc iSEW EMBROIDERIES J)ETbH ROBERTS r?-?| c tl m 1 1 y calls the attention of hit frif lids ?:id the public to some splendid Roods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, winch, being imported direct from the Euro|>ean manufactories, will be sold at a (rifting advnnce on the original cost Hp would nlso call atten ti hi toss veral lots purchased at auction, at ui immense sacrifice which will be found well deserving hii early inspection. Th? following are very desirable, being 25 per cent under the usual retail Prices? High-neck Cheniisett*: richly embroidered, from Hito$J,W worth si, 25 to S5, 40. 500 Kmbroidered Collara, finish d idgei, for 8s, usual price 10. Gd. 1M) Kmbroidered Caries, at S3. tun ?i price S5. 50 do do veiy rirh. from 8?ito 510. SCO prs Emnroidered Uuder Sleevea, from Is to ll.M 1 case Embroidered Dre??e?,froir> W upwards. 500 lot i.iueii Lam. Ha?. It, Irom bd. 50 do do extra large ?ir.e, for i,eiuleuieu's na? 45 do do hriiisticndo.from 3s M. 30 do do Rivind borders. A choice H??i'tmi r.t of rich embroidered Handke" hief*. which are ofl-"i d ui.n.-uaily cheap. Scales of various styles of few its and Krencii Muslins, ii stripes, plaids, figures, fit:., Uc. A lot new Mu .lin Triminiugs, Luccs, Veils, Hosiery, Gloves &.C., he., all ol allien will be sold decided bargains niyll lin * n Wo. in PIC l P'V AY COMIC ALMANACS FOR 134rt. FOUK t\ IN DP NEWS apects, cheap publication deiaiti. booksellers, ami the public generally, are hereby notified of the .n i : n i h i appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun and tine | engravings extracted \% itli care from tin laughing volume o* nature. Fisher's Comic, Turners Comic, Crockett's (Jo . Mead Comic, and De Darkies Cim.ic, those on the spot will nil. look, laugh, and buy ; those nt n distauce will order, o: send for samples. Alwa>s on sale the greatest variety and quantity of ( hildreus' Books, colored and plain: Sons Books colored prints, Stc. kc. in the country ; catalogues on applies tion, Show Bills of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very low, lor cash, and do full justice to nil orders, in time, kinds, quantity, and price. Tl RNER U FISHER, jel4lm*r(^ ?4 t hatham street. OFFICE < >F J EFFE KSON INSU RANGE CO., < No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ? T^HIS COMPANY continue to linure against loss and da mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and also, | l' ainstfoss by inland navigation o-i vessels and their c.-.rgoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thoroft, Elisha Riggs, Thomas T. Wqpdanff, Anion Baker, B. R. Robson, wl. D., Joseph Drake , Thomson Price, Joseph Alien, Moses Tucker, Jam?s K. Holmes, Jolm R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnia, Thomas Morrell, Fraucis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, Joliu C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNF., President, (tronoit T. Hopk, Secretary a5 rc A BI K )M 1 N A L SU PPO RTEE. A NEWLY INVENTED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER 1 '1. Warranted the most perfect article of ihe kind ever inven ted. It has been in use for some time, and approved of Bv all medical men who Imve examined it, and pronounced by them the best article of the kind ever offered to the public. The af ilicted are requested to call and examine for themselves. Th< inventor has put them down to the low price of One Dollar. T lie had only of Madame Oascar, 21 Murray street, .N ew York This Article can be sent to any port of the United States, hj Mail. Persons at a distauce can have them sent, by addresriufc n'above. post paid. ie21 lm*rc MILITARY EQUIPMENTS. H. J. STORMS, :? FULTON SI REET. HAS constantly on hand, a full assortment of Military and Horse Equipments, according to the United Sl ates and State regulation. Also, a variety of Saddlea, Bridljs, Harness Trunks, Values, lie Itc. Horse Equipments of every sty!e. made to order. J?ll lm*m STR I K E R'S SOLUTION FOR THE 11 A! it. IV* HICH will change grey hair to its original color iu a lev vv minutes. This Milutiou is different Irom any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. These who doubt its virtues, are reqii-sted to have their hair changed before paying their in1 ney. If humbugs would tain thi< method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed II. Striker, in red ink. I l,c .-Solution can be forwarded by Harndeu's Express to an; pirt of the world. One trial wili prove the fn-t. Sold v> and retail and appli d at No.SChathani trect. opposite the Hall of Record .New York, up stairs, jni m* MA( 5N hTISM EXPOSED" JUST PUBLISHED, AT FRENCH'S PUHLISHIN'G HALL, 2 m I?K< >A1)\VAY, 'PIIE CONFESSION OF A MAON KTISKII? Being ai I Expose of A imnl Magnetism, by a Practical Magnetiser. This Kxpose should lie ri nd hy every one, aud especially bj tlie Ladies They will s,'e the <1 mger .. &o . fiey will be undei by submitting to the infli'e me of this d.-.>.gi roiis ?cience. h.-r sale ut all the Periodical Depot'. Price 12! a cents. je? l 1 ni * in ~ UALVAN1Z EIj IRON AND TIN p ALVANIZKD SHEF.T IRON AND TIN, a very in \ T periorarticle, warranled not lorust. Also, Tin f late, Sliee iron Husai* Sheet Iron, 8hei?t Cr.pper, Zinc. Scotch and Amet ncan Pig Iron, for sale bv CASS J, W "iKD, mvtl tm??e V , Tt ?rr??l TO DENTISTS. Ot.NTLEMAN ku iiiit ap business, will sell hit entire Rtf)ckol li stnimr ?if*. vit; nne m perior dnu hlf ,^rt ion Chair. Lal'erta's patent ; one Lathe; full and complete sets of Ope rat ins , ind Mechanical Imtruinentai together with 150 Mate and Pivot | I'ci th, Stc. Sic., for $10(1 cash, to close the concern. This ia s ireat sacrifice. They have not been twelve months in u?e. ind embrace every article required in the busine.?s; or tbej ?ill be sold in I 'la to suit purchase rs. Address " Dentist. Herald office. jy 12 lia'rli TO THE jPUBUO. ? NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE I No. 10 DUANE STREET, is my SON? waa not ABSA LOM, DAVID'S SON? Ur.(,K Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. j* 1 Im'ec No 57 tteade Street, New Vork. A (K)TlllC CHIJKC COLOHEI) CLASS, MOSAICS, Arc. 'pHE L' dersigued being the Agent of a Isrgi- Colored H|ass 1 Manufactory in France, will funiiih tlie best qualities ol colored (>1 i?s t much lower puces ih in ihev have been sold to this day. Church Wii ><li>wa ran be had ready mounted, with anv pattern of Mosaic mole aceoiding _ to models, or copied o>j tlie finest llo'hic Monuments in Europe. He will contract for the complete OI??s Kumiiure of any I hurch. Ai> plvio < . CAv' >RET, : ,i k; lmeod *ih No. 8 South Willi m stree'. G1 PjRCE'S Kirnt Piemiuin new P -t.-.u two ? ?v..i :l..i ? -r \ ? combining economy. Convenience ind biliM- Tt'*a. Rangei are warranted .nperu>rto any v-roffered. They are m cnnstnicfedthat it is almost imts>->sible for th?in to grt out of order, or foi the plates to rrirk, so eo simon to ,dl other Kangea They have been iti use for the last l? muiitl* s idiueeen in itaiice given the nt most satisfaction, and m no one in-tance hi ? the proprietor been calleilim to repair Oue. All Ranges put mi hy t?i. subscriber are w*rrv,te.i to giveer tire satisfaction; il fheydonot, they wiP be taken iwiy without the least -vpen a" to the pnrehsser. OEOROE PIRCE Proprietor, m .'0 lin'm W Broadway. ^ | \ IWWI ""0 LOAN, oif5*d audi iqrtg.iti . Vpi'ly ki E K. COLLI NTH 6c CO, J Ire ? So?th acreet AMUSEMENTS. fAHK 1'iUCATUK. FRENCH OPERA Moruln y Fvciilnff. July '/41st, Will lit perfumed LA FAVORITE. Leonora de Guaman Mil* Calve. lit**'*, Mine Stephen ? ecu riot I Vphnn*e, M Garry, remai.J. Amaud I Balthazar, , Douvry Don Gaapar Cccuriot. After wlii^h, I lie S < ond Act of </? i . i Ai ME TELL. Arnold \i a i rii, ' I ( hi 1 1 1 unit- Tulle, M Oifry Waiter, M 1)huvi> I Mathilde, Mire. C'ajiui To ino Hr with , M'LLE I'AN'GEVTlJLE, ll ?h;c? M m. Mtpkm Caul."! \lm. Montaasier, Inlesaud , Ottnoi will U'pev. " " Price of Admissiun? First Tier of no*e-i mi J Parijnette, *1' Second auid Third Tien. Sit cents 'i t 1 < ry 2i cents. Doors rnvti at 7 o'cl< ??*,.>. i: if. ?> m r ic p>"ci?elT hall-past 7 o'clock. " NliiLo'at t; \niiii:.?7 Monday Kvciiin^,' Jit y '41. The iierforniai.r e t" commence with rhei'i nrei Zatrpa. To ba followed hy (first time) aDnmt ?? nil le<l the BRIDE' OK L \MMERMOOR. I.ucy A# h ton, Min Mowatt 1 Edg-r, Mr Crisp LiOf Alhton, Mn( h ppem'alc I Sir Vrilli 'in, Mr Vmln:. .. Dune Lighfody, Mrs Wattt | ( raigeutelt, MrN ckinsou Grand Pa* de Dru? by Miff* ' eleste u.d Partington. Interim .iuo of Halfau Horn Tosoncludr with the Operatic Cumed", c 11. d HE'S NOT A- MISS. O-Aq rflw.eiU Police mil al\??.-s in atteAa*4ee to Bain taiu good order and hrrp all improper Person* out. ()CJ- Tickets fifty Cents AJimited number of Se^?ou TicKets will he di: p<?*ad ?f p Performance to Mmmcnce at 8 o'clock D-ajts o|?i at 7 o'clock. tASI'lLE UAKUEKi. (jr?~ AilmlHJiloii 25 The admission will be 00 rents on tlic Sights of SIGNORA PK O. Proprietor* . Mcisrs. French i?d lisiiar. Grand Entertainment ! Monday Kvrnlug, .Inly 'J I , The performance will commence with an Overture to the La Reiue de < 'hypre. B ill d by .Mr. Dennison Pas Grotesque de M u a rin Chi' ois, by C. T. Par?loe. La Cracovieune, by Mad'lle IV'jard i.s. Ov? rture to Zamp*. La 9ignora Pico will t hen appear in th<- Drinking Soug Oh Come e Vago, from Lucrezia Boigia. !I_/~Iutermis*on of Half au Hour Cor Promenade and Hrtresh nv nt? The range of splendid ( 'ninniramas will he open for inspection. Grand Overture, full Bond, to /miftU After which the d nice of El Zapateado, Di Cadix. 9 1* n or a Pico will sing a Cavitina from II Prighionere d'F.din burgh. fT?'" Doors oi*n at h?U-? a?t 6 o'clock. Perform. ab<? to coin tnence at lo'rlclt. VAIXUALL. (iAKDLX MLOUA, BOWERY. OPEN EVE11V EVENING. RAIN OR SHINE. Admission only One Shilling. THE COOLEST SALOON IS THE CITY. Monday Rvenlnif, .luly ill. For the Benefit of Mr W. Wi li inn and fcon ! Ou wmcli occasion Miss Louisa Mngneaa will at pear. Also, Mr. W. Do aldson. the Coinic Vocilist. The following Ladies rind (rentlemeii havi g been re-engaged for six nights, w ill appe r eveiy evening this w eek : YOUNG KKANClHCO, Sit- . MARHILTTO, MaDA.MOISELLK ROSIN A UAMOV BARN KV WILLIAMS, DAN GARDNER, BILLV WHITLOt K, CHAR I t-.S WHITE, Masters FOX andBRVANT. Also, the Ethiopian Brothers Mid Sister. Doors m en at 7 W ? I'erfiirtna ce to enminenee*t t;i. An efficient Police in attendance, undur officer* Martin and Bi'd. jy20 lw"rc THE Af.HA.MltA ()!?' Uli.MUCM IS THK ELi SI AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which i* visited every afternoon t>> liu dreds of ihe first finii lies of New Vork, and v hich >? on- of the most dililMll re sorts on l he "? ilk-* of ill ? mighty Hud?on. FREE EXHIBITIONS, OK THE K1RST ORDER, Every afternoon -i 3 o'clock, commencing on MONDAY. July 2Ut Continued and I remeudoiM and l'.icliement !_ Mr McCARTY is veiy happy to anno n ? ire the following popular artists . . . YOUNG KRANCtS' O, THK FAKIR OF ANGELINA, and the greatest Magician of the l'Jth Century, f.,d the only Professor of the art that can |K*rforni magic i.i the open day light, in addition to the above novelties arpnigeme. tt have eel, made with Mr. D. W. WRIGHT, th 'e t F l?etto Vo calist of the age. who will sing lever. I of the most f ishiouable songs of the times; alsowith Mr. BENJAMIN fV TES.the popular Comic Dancer, who will appear in a variety of coniic dances. In addition to the above, the AMERICAN Bit \SS BAND iseugiged. Leader, Mr. James Mielton. j, 31' In rc BATCH ELOit'b NEW INVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY re?etnbles the real heul <>f hair a:; to def> detection. All the old ditliculiies and vexatious anoyance* are completely done away with. \\ ig wearers can now enjoy is much rase and comfort a ever they did with their own hair Citizens and str ingers are inv i tt-d to inspect tins tasty nud deli cate work, as it tnnM be ^eell be appreciated, at WM BATCHELOR'S Wig and Sculp Manufactory, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway? Removed from lSS Broidway. jeI7 lm?m GENTLEM EN .S'TLEFT" OI F VVAK.DIJ.OJ1IJ IV A N TED. C~1 ENTI EM EN and Families can obtain the full value for all I *u,ieirKo??. effects they w isli to dispose of, (eitlierGEN TLE.MEN or LADIES,) by *ei'ding to the sulucriber, who doe* not | retend to give twenty per cent more than any other peraon, Mil will fcive a lair price lor nil articles offered Oen tlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other oeison. J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, (upstair*.) N. B ?Aline through the Post O flic e will be promptly at tended to. !vlll lin'rc PRINTING PArEK. I iAn BKAMbJfuO PillNTING PAPKR Ht uU ?0fi Jo 23\ll do. 700 J.) 26*37 do. 2GU do 2ix:w do. 400 do 22x? do. inn do v&x'iO do. 700 do Jlillt dr?,f irs?leb* ?nvf'h VmaSKfc P.I.O?'iC ? ('????'??? Vw.?l. FUh' dALE OR TO i.l.T, AT r'ue Nine Mile Stout KiiH"W?" ltmli 4 handiome Cotracos, two of which ronton II foinii, withkiichei ind i' II ?r W1/.7."-. front and rear, with Ire ?ud Coach h?*?es ttaehed. The other two contains .Nip- Rooms, with Maible '?lantles, Orates, Sir., complete. Alio. ? I j;t Stone u.. ml II mile Stone Fort, Washington, conuinii k '0 rooms, i ki:oh ens, with coarh luuir ind other ne^ esanry i *?)!??- "*?, nil finish ed in the bent m inner, with 5 acres of ground stt il.eJ. TI.I' view from each is varied and extensive. eml r icng ri' er and mountain scenery; and hi point of health, > ol ?i- with an) other situation in the vicinity of New Yoi It. Applv lo K V. CARMAN. 6<6 lir.. .1 vay. Or at the Store on 15Jth at., Ho.* bridge Road. jnlS 2w*ec _ BLOCK TIN WARE MANUKACTOH Y. AUKNERAI. ASSORTMENT of li? nulled Tin and ('ommnn Tin Ware, Cut'ery, Hard a-m H?ll >w Ware Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats. Shaker ; -ues an* Brooms ? in short, every variety ol house-keepi'.^ o lit. lei. N. B. ? A complete assortment of Coffee and 1 ?*.-i I tu*,T*bh Dishes and Covers, Stc., Stc., for hot* Is icd iteamboi ti, on bund ind manufactured it the shortest notice. J.VMK8 Y. \V VrklNS, | juS 1m* 15 f^sfharine stiver. w \..L j CIJMAX ST AH LE . COURTLAND ALLEY, between Walker V White Streets, I nrAR or 190 nnoAiiwav. EXCLUSIVELY for Gentlemen's Horses. The aLCornum I dation* are lirst-rate ? the Stalls extra width, and the Cm* I ri.?Ke Room excellent. A few Stalls are vacaut, and ire worthy j ihe attention of gentlemen who wish their Hordes to have su perior treatment. jel2lm*rrc . SMITH. Proprietor iTTThTHKR COIII'.N, who foimeriy I'ved with Airs ! a Hughes. Boaidiug-house keeper, Union strict, Liverpool? I 'eft Kiigland about nine years ago to live iu New Yoik? wi'J ! write to her father. No. H New B?.iley street, S ilford.Majches ; :er, iu England, she will hear something greatly toneradvi.ii ! age. my'O ?ni ilvStwv * rr . BEACON COURMv- TROTTING A: KACINf f. 'I1! F.8D AY, July 22, at 4 P. M., will rome off th" Mcoad i match for SI. 000, two mile heats, in harness, U I ween the l>aeii'K horses J ones K. Pulk mid John C. C Ihoiiu. S me day ? Pnr<pft/r Trotting horses, five mile* ut, in liar ness. Mr. Bridges enters Iioln n j (hn. Dunham enter* F uny Jcnk<. jyl9tfrc H AGING ON TIIE BEACON COl KME. u " At*. ?| ? 1 , aBfftr ? ii lSEshL ? ' h?fF?r?Bcr MATCH for $500 wilt roine off ovei rhi (\ tw?e on Mou* ihy the ?8th i?*tM or tiret fir day. bet ?.vee i the fiitiiir lfor*e llopv ami th- w?!l known K*cmg Unrif Living , t *<l 1*4 milehfatt an ) i hurdles 3 ft ? t C incite* Ii ? ifh r<? flu lieat. Same Day? \ rume of will be k'iveti for h F> ot II tee 1 of a mile, to lenp li? htirdl^ft ?*?rh 1 feet 6 ???*>?> to (f?-t ???er ;?? tli v Kntmnee $1, t?? h?* m tcle ? t H. Sm?tti % o, or before 1 htirsdiy eremtifc: n* it; $10<t ihc riiouty Coth?2tl if there i? more than fire starts. BARLOW AND OKO HGF. REWARD. The Match. (>ne M?le, for |000, l?etwf?*n r! "s;* t v l edc ?tn n will rom?? off on f 'lhf i ?*'. i? !fJ ff re NKW i !J1HV TO v'KLLOU HOOK. A FORT HAMILTON AM; ISLAND ?The steamboat IOLAS. t artar 1 Rieiitrd V in Mas t ken her pi oe ill tlie abort lerrv, u will run as follow s. every day : Lpavini Pi?i No l.K. R, 7 A. M ; 10 A. M.i I T. M . ; 4 P. M. Lea vie* Kn i II millon, f r Coney i^lard, at 1 0 A. M ; l^j P. M,; lf. VI. Ki r New York. l? A.M. 12 M.; 3 P. M-i 7 P. M. i e-iving I Island, for Fort Hamilton V Pf. York? 1 1 1 , A >i. ?:>, I'. M 6'^ P M. Sundays, the HOTIling Trip will In Wilted Kare I2'? ceots. jy21 l.'rc i tOPLfcS' LINK OK STKAMBOATs K~M~Tl57oT, ! P'4A D AILY- SiiiiiI ; i K\ce|ii,.d? Thrunirh !)i ?reot. at 7 o'clock P M., fion, fhe !? I^twtei ?( ourtlaudt out LiVrty st r>. : Steamboat ROCHI'HTKR, C o H (i. Crntu in . 1 i?ave on Month. v. Wrdiietnt anil Friday Kveti uiffs, it7o"t 'orh Steamboat KNI(/kRRRl)( KF.R, Captain A lloucht ? ?? " ?ave oo Tuesday, Thursday :uid Saturday evrii ings, at 7 o'ctocl. At So cloeh P M., landirx at intrrmediite pl.sees iVomihe foot >f Uarcl ty street Steamboat NKW JKRSKY, ("apt. R H. Furt-y, will leav .m Monday, Wednesday, Frnl tv and Sunday Alt. moons, ? Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain W. II. Tniestlell .vill leave on Tuesday, Thursday and natnrday Aftrrtioous. n 1 "> o'clock. Paasenger* taking either of the above Linn will arrive in Alan ly i?i ample time lor dw Morn ihr Tram ol Tir lor the east o *reat. .1 Tli* Bw.its ale new and suVistanfial, iu* luniiil.-d wt*o new an. state rooms, and for speed end secomn'odslv s are m -tvalled on the Hnnsoo. Fr?iirht take.i ai nunlerat* ral?a. . All |ienons are forbid tr'istiaa any ol the Bve Vi o i tfcis UW , vithout a wntteu ord. i I iptains or ten'' i r or passage or freight, spfriv ou board tl" miats n. tor I ? einnlK. bl tne o<Wc> on tw? Wharf. lyll re EXCURSION' TO THL FIS'ilNO RANKS. Hr.t?m?*r H. L.HTrVK:^", (' r .i i >. 11. L ? 1 Ylitber, will niak'? *v e*rn. -? ?n to the Kinliin .B.inl** every Tiaeed-?y, '1 l undnv and Kndav. . luring the nrwon, leerii.K n?mmftMl nr?v| ?t IIJ4 o'clock, A.V C'lnalitreet at IVIancv street, E?it River, 9; i?.d Ti? i No. j N. K . at o'clock? reta mi? f to the cuv in c < I >e ?O i A nne Bind of ^itttic ii f%tiK*Ke<r Unu ftiitii^lied i t?-, siid lines et a small charge Karettceuu jlgl lwit^ec ?- I mm ?? ? ? ?ra LATte l INTELJ.itii .\C?. BY LAST JCVIiiMNG'H NAIL. Wuihliigton. [Correspondence of the Hertdd.J Washington, July 19, 1845. The President, Mr* Polk, Mrs. Walker and Jem' my Miiher ? Ex-Govtmor Thomat and his Di vorce Case ? Wn thingt ,? Mi, i ument Fund ? Tem perance Movement? The War and (he Navy Seen-' tariff, $??. I^ast evening the President and ludy, and Mrs. Secretary Walker, visited in the Executive carriage lie demitmet, as Jemmy Maher calls them, of Uncle Sum, at the Capitol. All three of these distinguish ed jiersonages looked as calm und pleasant an a sum* tier's morning. Says Jemmy, "Not a blessed row in t!ie ground ? nuther red, white, nor blue? this purgatory we have had for two wakes has been ilenth, Mrs. Walker, to the roses and the poor Irish Li io re rs ? Mary, mother, bless their souls! Wi? shall have some fine dahlius soon, ladies ; and then you must come up, and Jemmy shall do you up a b.uquet, Mrs. Polk and Mrs. Waker, auuel to any time; that can be perrduced in the (iamanes ot Ouane Victoria." After seeing the Jadies and the Pie-idtm safely in their carriage, on their return, Jemmy turned to us, pausing at the gate, und said ? " is a nice man. Doctor ; an agraaible man, ''ir, and a rale republican." "To he sure he is, Jemmy; but, what do you think of the ladies?" ? "They are Christian ladies, Sir; they are nather vain nor proud, though they well might be? t ey uf the ' Jies that do honor to the nation, Doctor, and ye can't help but like 'em.'' We concurred in Jemmy's honest opinion, and left him, well satisfied that he had done his duty like a gallant Irishman, as he should do. The amiable Mrs. Polk is known as such all over the country; but Mrs. Walker also deserves a passing word of approbation. She is a regular attendant at the Foundry (Methodist) Church, and, we believe, a member Ir she arrives late, she quietly walks up stairs, and takes her seat among the ladies of the choir, that she may give no interruption to the ser vice. Modest, plain, communicative, unaffected and unobtrusive, without vanity and without parade; and, withal, one of the most agreeable ladies in con versation that you will meet with in a Sabbath day's lourney. Mrs. Secretary Walker is justly esteemed .is a pattern of her sex. There is a sacredness in our country of which we are proud, associated with our obligations to the sex, that forbids even a word "I commendation too publicly spoken. But as the tacts we h ive stated, cannot tail of imparting satis f'ction to the public at large, and of strengthening the administration in the hearts of the people, no turther apology, we know, will be required lor pre enttng them. Have we any personal animosity against Father Ritchie 1 Not at all. We like the old gentleman ; but he must not expect to tramp upon our toes with impunity. Sincerely, like Dean Swift, we have often wished that the venerable editor " Had clear About (lie hundred pounds a year," ; nd a comfortable homestead in the old common wealth. so that he might hang up his Hddle, rest tiom his labors ami entertain his friends in the old -tyle ot "}fc< and 9S>. A word of advice, by-the-way. h"e is lighting too much on the defensive. He is too much concerned in parrying wnh squibs and trifles, Hid too little in bi<eli important questions as the -ub-Treasury rerjiis the Pet Bank system. On t!?e whole, it would be, perhaps, a judicious move ment. it Father Ritchie were to return to the Rich mond Enquirer : and we shall be agreeably disap pointed if lie shall be able to stand at the helm of the Union atiei i lie next session of Congress. Ex Governor Thomas, of Maryland, in a long ad vertisement, setting forth his complaint against his wile, daughter of i General McDowell, of Virginia, ?nrl a niece of Col. Benton, summons her to appear before Court at Frederick, Md , in November next, to show cau.->e v. iiy a bill ot divorce shall not be granted. Mrs. Thoinus has, for several years, been living among her friends, near LeAingtou, Virginia. There is no hope of a compromise ; and the trial, unless foreclosed by the assent of both parties in the premises, will br interesting, und icculiurly so, from the nicii social and official standing of the dis putants and tiie witnesses ? from the character of the i tovernor's alleged grievances, and his testimony as published in his late inexcusable pamphlet Mrs. Thomas was known in Washington some years ago, as a brilliant and accomplished young lady ; but the Governor charges her as having, even then, been too prompt in these innocent flirtations, so invariably attendant upon a long session of Congress. We be lieve Mrs. T. is an injured woman, and that the Governor, like most jealous husbands, has magni fied the evils of '.vhicn lie complains very largely. Vou will recol'ect that some ten or twelve years ?go, agents were sent all over the country to col lect subscriptions from the iieople for a National Monument in Washington to the lather of his coun try, und the founder ot the city. Upwards of 30, (MHI dollars were raised. The money upon interest na- since accumulated to a sum ot about $50,000 ? .fudge Cr.tnch proposes that the money be continued ii compound interest for one hundred years, at ihe ? ml ot which time it will amount to five millions, ac cord'nt! to Ins estimate. This sum, lie thiuks, would put up a monument worthy of Washington, of the I nderal city, ol the nation, and of the age. But a i i und red years is a longtime to wait. We, there I i<re, think that the proposition will be laid upon the ' i ?ble, monument or no monument. I ?Ve are gratified to hear that in consequence of the recent deaths in this city from the combined ? fleets of the intense heat of the sun, and druughts I cold water, President Savage, of the F. V. T. A. A. S., nud the heads ot our other temperance societies, i'-'Vc resolved to revoke or suspend the temjierance t>|eog- during the dog days, whereby the members * til be uliowed to mix a little something with their cold water during the heat of the summer. We .vo'ild he afraid, however, to trust some ot our tee lotnllers with such a privilege, and we have very vi icus doubts as to the adoption of any rule for sus ,>"uuiiig tiie pledge for any length ot time whatever. A lot of beautiful yirls were in the library of Con rtss to-duy, pronounced so by the Belgian Minister, Air Serruys, who is au fait u(?on this question. ? Upon every question, indeed, from the Oregon nues ; ion ton beautiful woman, and a bottle of wine, lie is a competent arbitrator. Per last advices, Secretaries Bancroft and Marcy, together with Commodores Warrington and liallard, were St Annapolis, insjiecting the fortifications in i hat neighborhood. They are expected tound this evening or earl." next week, via Norfolk, Fortress Monroe, Arc. A man named Nailor, alow and degraded wretch, was killed in this city at a low and degraded house last night, by a man named Cook. They quarrelled, nd Cook, as he alleges, in self defence (for Nnilor was notorious aa a blood-thirsty fiend) seized a club ..nd beat Nailor about tiie heail with it until lie had killed him. Cook immediately surrendered, was taken to the watchhouse, and confined for the night, mil this morning transferred to the county jail. The reader of the "otlicial" appointments for the week, as published in the Union , will discern that Mr. Lluchanan is taking care ot Pennsylvania in the matter of Consuls. We are looking with great anxiety for the foreign news by the steamer due, and by an Extra Herald. Baltimore, July 19, 4 o'clock, P. M. J'hc If'e al/iti ? Evy Dittctird ? McnvfNtfit to C<ji. Jotkio Wo emtnt in h'aror of Hi'hop Onderdunk ? Runaway lfat< hei ? Market*, v Vv> are no longer suttering with the heat, a moot plen i t Id (tit having prevailed for the last two days, and ultliotigh tli* tun shines out a-, bright as ever, the ther lOmctei i anges hetw oen ft' and PO?, giving no cause lor tmplaint V promising rou o; Mr. ? liailes Porter, of the firm of I uramonJ & Porter, whs jestonlay accidental!} drowned ?ar the city, tlo wm about thirteen \ ears of age. ! am sorry to Irani (hat the effort to build a monument ? the memory ol Ilea, Jackson, is likely to tail, on a c* c mut of '.ho neglect of the momben of the < onvention .pointed to give the n otter a start to aMatid to their dti ?s The Hon. Ilfger H. Taney, < hief Justico of the nite'1 t>tate >, i* f'hnirman of the ' 'onvention, and takes mat iMeiest in Ike rori.j lotion of 'he undertaking, for > man In the country i; wore j into' 1 w the friendship 1. lie (ieneial for j ? ivonal benefits than 1:0 is. There ia quito ???- strong movement going on liero ion* the Kpisci pell "ie in favor of the reinstatement of i i?hop Ondeitloiik at the head of the l>i..ce*o ot Now nk. Hishop VVntinghO?, who you will remember ? the Mionge?'t frh>.d of the He v. delinquent dating is trial, ? t i 1 1 adl Jre* to hiJ fortunes most faithfully, an J potition from this I'iOCWO (or his le-inUutoment, will 1 e prepared an. I >ent on with scarcely an oppoiing voice. :?hop W. ik a shrewd mini, and ia moving in the matter intioualy and effectually. The countenance ami essb i.mro of the ladies has already been secured, who you Know aio always ready to forgive a man for admiring lieir charm* and being unable to control lil? passions, .vhilst in all such eases the female who ia the object of iiis amuMe, comes in for a double share of condemna on. "It w as all their lault," they evclaim? "they must ave given him encouragement, or he would not have one so" "it was only a fatherly caret's, which their vil passions constr'.cd iuto an amorous demonstration" and so they go on. I tup ng cliatges and abuse on the , oor women, who hfcft) "ridoubtealy been more sinned gainst than sinning. I'lie old maids, especially, thus ispose of the matte*, concluding with the general ex iarnntion, "No man ever done so to me," foigetting nil he time that they are barren ot those charms and lu ions developments, which draw the passion* of man ?vith as unerring a precision as the iteel la attracted to the magnet. Qnlte a spirited runaway match occurred in the "West nd" last !> ifbt The father of Mie lady OBpc e.i ti e .'ell I'o ! . I .lit )?? '? oU Ofrit* t'i.l to cownliio I' U i.ij gentleman in tho p'tbU^ stroet a i. w uvii.i.-.i^s ?J Me, whilst walking in eomptny with hie lady-love