Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Temmuz 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Temmuz 1845 Page 3
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SO OuiUk Biady, guK'.H Vondtrhotrdo Gross, tailors. O'J K. R. Nafey, blacksmith ; J. W. Westarvelt, State weigher. 6J J. I) llalstead, cabinet; Francis helley, grocer; dwel ling aUo. 01 Alexander B. McAlpin, merchant. M .Nemfeoisl *? Cruft, Commission merchant*) E. V. Price. <M Heflrip ffutt, grocer; Phillip Dutch, laborer. (T M. k W. Livingston, importer*; McCracken it Living ston, importer*. 6# Win. H. I reagh fc Heydecker, commiiaion merchant*; Motz k Pollltz, commi**ion merchant* ; Guatavu* prexel, accountant; Christian Heydecker, merchant. 70 Edward A. Joe, commission merchant, corner Bea rer; G. W Shield* Sc Co. iron mongers. 71 W. Ward, motali; Wilkin* St Rollini, auctioneer*; ' a* * V Ward, met. work. 79 lien. M. Karlan; iron man; H. I. Cotheal, iron man. 70 Augirre k Galway, imp. 74 Jac. Eckhoff, carpenter; Kreutier E. Buermeyer, por ter house; John Backer, tailor; Peter Mastick, ?hoe maker. 76 l.angdon k Bullui, hardware; Robert S. Butter*, hurdwure; Loui* A. Morin, wine*; John B. Timmeer- I man, ugent; A. J. Smith, imp . liquor*; Stoke* k An thony, com. 76 J. Swinborne, merchant ; Dolmonico'* Lodging House. 77 Peter Nay lor k co., roofer*. 70 Conrad Klingulhoefer, grocer, houie 74 Broad; Chrit'r Cochran, porter; Patrick Hibbotion, laborer; K. Vinceni, imp. and dwelling; Nich. Dalton, cotton ?ampler? was let out ill apartment* to lodger*, pro prietor, Mr. Mon*on. 70 Patcal Kerney, painter; P. Naylor St Co. metal roof ers iiad plumber*. 80 Martin Miner, shoemaker. ? I lo*. Blacklin, met. roofer;'John Dufau, cooper. 81 A*a Dow, dry goods broker; F.. L. William*, dry good*. n Junkihop and private lodging* ? thi* being the corner of Stone street, the fire was got under at thi* point The entire of the (treat from 1ft to 83 at thi* (id* i* in ru inn, and workmen are buiily employed clearing the ground. A military oordon of our invaluable oi tizen soldiery i* (till continued around the avenue* leading to the acene ef ruin. ?4 Asa Gardner, hotel. 85 John H. Brown k Brother*; MS nnd 87 J. C. Muller & Co.. importer*; ha and 87 partially damaged. 86 John O'Neil, saddler; H. O. Eilihemiui, merchant; Lowerre k Hawley. oarp.; Derby k Clark, painter*. 8b David Newman, grocer. Ui) J. k C. Tow mend, broker*; Wood k. Sheldon, gro cor*: J. E. Vo*e, c*m. ; Cha*. E. Towntend, grain? the fire (topped her*. f* *w#pt fro a Broadway to Ne* iO and 49. 1 W. O. Stewart, residence. ? Elizabeth Lyle, boarding ; Henriet C. BaUagh, board ing, corner Broadway. I Paul Nentzel, bootmaker. 7 Wm. ?eymour, boarding. 0 Vorris F.arle'a residence. 10 A. C. Rossire k Co, merohant ; H. k J. Rilliet, Impor ter*. II Mr*. Elizabeth Burr. IS lames Carughan, blacksmith; Wm. Forrester, car ]>ent r, corner New; Wm. Meyer, tavern ; T. Swee ney, laborer. 10 Adam Klein, bootmaker. 17 John Bosch, grocer. 18 John Brower, residence; Teunis Quick. 30 James Reyburn, commission merchant ; J. G. Btacey merchant. 91 K. Rogers, tailor ; Thomas Fix, porter ; John Malli gun, porter house. .2 Charles Bernard, merchant ; Charles H. De Luze, merchant ; Louis P. De Luze, Consul from Switzer land. ?JS Patrick Oounley, residence ; Daniel Murphy, la borer. 94 E. k T. Poppe, merchants ; Florian Strauss, importer of mineral waters. 96 P. A. Brethaupt St Son, importers ; Julius Chun, im porter. 96 T. T. Edgerton ; Jehn T. Parish, commission mer chant ; J. k U. Wolfe, importers. 98 James Stevenson, merchant ; Enoch Lewis, cabinet maker. 90 Lawience, Murray & Ingate, commission merchants; Stebbins & Brower, commission merchants. 59 J. W. Mulligan, Jr., commission merckact ; J. C. Ro billar, commission merchant. 00 Daniel Oakley k Sons, importer*. 04 Ouerber, Goaln 8t Co, importers; James J. A. Bruce, commission merchant; Strong k Co, commission merchants. 06 P. R Potter, dry goods; Cutler, Howell k Potter, dry goods; H. P. Howell, dry good*. 36 Joseph W. llalo, commission merchant ; P. R. Pome roy , liquorjimporter ; C. H. Todd k Co, oommission merchants. 37 W. A. Smetts, importer; Hennequin St Co, importers of French goods; Brinckerhon, Fox St Polnemu*, commission merchants. 58 Victer Durand, commission merchant; G. M. Hay wood Ik Co, importers. 40 E. C. Stanton, commission merchant; D. L. Suydam, merchant. 41 Hniace R. Hotchkiss, eommisaion merchant; Barber, Brother*, importer*. 4-2 Benj. Babcerk, dry goods; Suydam Brothers, mer chant; Israel D. Walter, dry goods. 41 Wilson Fuller, merchant; M. G. Hart, dry goods; W. li I'almer, dry good*; Wm. P. Dixon St Co, mer chant*. 4i> John H.Neilly, merchant; Thoma* Lowndes, impor ter; E. D Sayre, dry goeds. 46 H..1I, Brothers Sc Co, importers; Clifton Angrave, im porter. 48 John Robinson St Co. 60 John J. Ashman, silks (lightly burnt. 01 W i I merdinif, Priest Sc Mount. 60 Benkard k Mutton. .17 Diake, Dias St Warner. tiO C. Bridge. 74 II. Stell'enf, tailor. EXCHANGE rLACB. 4* Stone k Co., importer*. SO Hutchinson St Tiflany, comminion mcrchanti. /?I Ilichard* &. Blake, commission merchant*. o'i Keiss, Brother* & Co., importer*; book* and paper* saved; G. Aihton, Jr., importer; Bird, Gillilanlc Co., do -removed to h4 Pine street. 3 Buttcrtiold, Brother* k Co., importer*; Joieph Fisher, do; Post, Thomas StJ)nle, commission merchant*; L, W. Thanas, com. 34 I' Itichards, Jr., k Cronkhite, dry good*? lo** f 100, (100 -Insured. f, i Fearing & Hall, commission merchant <>tl Eli Godwin & Co.? This 1* the comer of Broad and F.xchaugn street*. #>9 Joseph lUiodes, importer. BO Charier. Krutger, do. <J1 K. S Thehaua, broker. 62 J. Wilbur, commission merchant; Thomas Scott, do. At J. 1*. lleaiiTille, importer? books destroyed; removed to No 44. Wm. Dovenor k Co., refiner*. ti* John Van st on, laborer; Leonard Auber, tailor; P. W Kurtz, shoemaker; Joseph Smith, merchant. Fitch & Co . merchants. ,rost sTnirT ? burnt from No*. S and 8 to Broad. J J K. A) re*, printer. ft Martin Doyle, porter; P. Mathews, millstone builder. John Burke, carman; David McLeod, re*. 8 Philip L)rago, waiter; Patrick Kane, porter houie; I'.aitiiolomew Keane, engineer; Robert Hill, rigger; Fred. Johnson'* residence; John Forddycas, por ter. (ij Jolin I. oewer, porter; Sarah Dullager. !> Jutnes C. Bitrnham, cotton storage; William Fielding, porter. 10 11. Spiker, grocer. 1 1 I. Richard, laborer; A. A. Garner, porter; Wm. Hiler, boatman; Cluik Joilin, cabman. H' Samuol Dugard, printer; J. Managhan, carman. I ! I Kennedy, porter. I ? Uiron Bickerman, porter; Robert Dunlap. do; C H l.iigc/, do; Jame* Merrick, car]>enter; John Merrick, house. i i John Ru h, seaman; Thomas Hawthorn, shoemaker; 1. McUeo, boatman. |:i John Coleinan, porter; T. Sullivnn; John Voorhis, i esidenco. 22 Law retire Delaney, porter; John Foley, laborer; Mi i-i uel Golden, Anthony Nagland, do; Michael Nea ry , liquor*. WITH WILLIAM - is burnt to No. 8, next door to Delmonicc's, which lat ter w as mved by the most immense exertion*. No* 36 nnd;t:> South William were partially burnt by the lire ?owing through from Broad. H KlU. l>althy, dry goods; North, Brothers, merchants. 'j Thos. Afhelif, importer. I'l .lolm Allen, cooper. 1 i A. Rolker & Metier, commission merchant*. 2 i < ?ira*t?nae k Gomez ? among their goods are des tioyed about l.r;0 eases ot essential oils; Poirier Ficio.s. ccmmission merchants; C. Burckmoyer k Von", rommimon. ?. J f !?;. Porier and G. Ginnett. '.,i Uutilli and Cousinery, considerably damaged. 21 Down. 24 and 27 Sheldou k Phelps. ?.ii B. A. Perrin, importer. I Irving k Potter, scale-maker*. aj A. i ampboll. earppnter; U. F. Miller, blacksmith. 'H i Andrews k King, merchant*; J. Nnylor & Co. do; A. St W bprsgne.dry good*. 37 Jo'ni P. I lark, commission; Samuel Floyd, do. T'.ie aho\e extend through to Stone stteet. MARKr.TPIRLD STRKFT wns partially burned from Whitehall street, on both ii -lei, tiirough'to Broad, where the atreet ii discontinued. 10 John Button, laborer; John Harden, do. I I \*i Woithiagton, Hope Mills. 5i! Daniel Winn, laborer. 2-i Phil. J. Dunnoy, U S. N.; Thou. Watson, shoemaker. WHITEHALL STkl'.tT. 1 Wr,'. lleitman, shoemaker, J. lliggins, eoaohman; J. i . .Mebisp, grocery and dwelling. i nr. i Aii Disbrow, boarding. naoAnWAT. Noj. ?, 7 and 0. constituting the block between Ben ver and Market/fold streets, were entirely gutted. '1 hoy were occupied as private dwellings. 10 Andplii House, Misses Constantino ; Laurent Allien, merchant. 13 Harriet Unrker, boarding. It Wm. U. Burdick. ? l'i I.rwis P. itcre ; elegant three-story marble dwelling nil destroyed but the walls. It was owned and oc cupied by Mr. Brovoort, and occupied by M. I.ebere, wl,o<c furniture was mostly burut and destroyed by boing thrown Irom the window*. 17 F.llcn C. TrnnhaKen, lodging house; the beautiful i'iitc granite house, with spacious porch defended by two i a-t Iron lions? and was built by Mr. Martin E. Tbonip-nn, owned by Mr. Ray. It 1* completely got , exi c|it the massive walls. 5<i Alex Hi- it rand. 31 U aI'Pi II. Jones, Jr , resident. ? \ '-.i. .-aver, steerage . N J Steam Nav. Co. , ;! an ' : . .\'lr<. J art b? and Fidelia Blanchard, board. 2>1 o.i.i < . i i". dwelling ; Geo. Douglnss had two en tiie curt, oi s of tea and part ul another, entirely lost, (i i lames Donaldson, rei. cornor Mortis, *oorchad. j i !i i,i, v oi A i?'i?lc. D. r." v\ as tho elegant residence of Mr. J. Scbermerhoin, who, with his family, la ont of town. Hi* furniture, X.. was all r?*ciied by a friend, with great exer tion, an 1 i Mu a 1 use bolow, where it wa* afterwards 34 Oiiver O. Burahant, u?ce? and silk* ifislJe over. At this establishment there were from '200 to 300 I mini s employed. Mr. Burnham lout hii whole establish ment once before, at the great Fulton and Ann street lire. J. H. Vanderbilt, agnnt for Nor. Wor. uteam boat Company. M Mri. U. B. Miller St Co., tobacconist ; nothing saved. i mured for $100,000. M Miller* , Riplev St Co., merchants; Ilsnbie St Nicol. do. 40 J. V A. Sandford, merchant ; -JO was the large wara house of P. Chouteau, Jr. it Co. American Fur >om puny. Loss not supposed to be very heavy. P. Chouteau, Jr. k Co. American Fur Co. 4 2 (Jay, Lutac it Co., French Plate Glass , said to hare been under the same patronage with the royal mo nopoly of the celebrated Gobelin Tapestry? Louis Philippe of France. The stock on hand was valued at $400,000? loss <J40,000. It was insured in France for fc-wo.ouo. 44 Edward B. h John Hayes chairmakers ; John Miller, do., residence same place. 4ti Owen Byrne, cider, vin. ; Sevin St Brother, furnituro and dwelling. 48 Was the residence of Lieut. Gerry, U. 8. N., valuable furniture, all lost. o 60 Sarah Simes, boarding. 62 VVm. L. Branch, furniture. 64 Frederick Burkelow, Dr. P. O. residence. 66 Siffkin St Ironside, merchant*; Stamford St Smith, fur niture. 68 Mrs. Eliza Viall, boarding. The Waverley House, on the corner of Broadway and Exchange Place, was completely destroyed, and but lit tle of the property saved. The front wall i* *tlll standing, but is in a tottering condition. This heuse has been built about ten years, and narrowly escaped burning in the Great Fire of 1835. It wa? owned by Mr. Fitch, and rented for $6000. New Jertey Railroad office. G. Douglass' warehouse. Mr. Alva's private dwelling, corner of Morris s "'??J* Broadway on the South-east aide from Marketneld *t. to Exchange, all down ; and No*. 1 and 3 Whitehall it. On the opposite sida of Broadway dwelling houses Kos. 13 to 23, as far as the corner of Morri* stroet, all burnod out The Atlantic Hotel, Broadway, opposite the Bowling Green, is not Injured by the fire. The Northern limit of the conflagration is Exchange Place on Broadway through New and Broad street*, and nearly up to the Southwest corner of the Exchange. Broad street i* burnt from No. 22 and 16 (opposite each other) down to Stone street, and is entirely gono, with the exception of the large double warehouso on the Northeast corner of Broad and Beaver, Nos. 87 and 89, ocoupied by J. C. Muller 8t Co. J. H. Brown St Brother, and F. Lawrence. This i* a tremendous sweep, as our list will show. About 6 o'clock in the morning tho fire orosied Broad way, and coniumed several of tnose large and elegant houses in tho vicinity of the Bowling Green, among which was the splendid blue granite4iouse, with the spa cious porch defended by two cast iron lions? remarked by every body who ever visited Now York. Thi* was owned by Mr. Ray, and was built with unnsual pains and skill by Mr. Martin E. Thompson. It is completely gono but tho massive walls, which are still standing. Mr. Ray is in Europe. The fire on the West side of Broadway was here checked, aftor a gigaktic struggle, and tho Atlantic Gar den, Atlantic Hotel. Mr. Prime'* beautiful residence, on the point of the angle of Broadway and Greenwich street, and several other building* in that row were saved. AMOUNT OF LOSSES. The following is about the estimate made of the whole number of buildings destroyed by the fire : ? Broad street, east side Si " west side, 34 New street, eait tide, 30 " west side, 37 Broadway, east side, 38 " west side ? Whitehall street 3 Beaver street 48 Marketfield street, 10 Stone street, north side, 7 Exchange Place, south side 13 " north side 13 South William street, west side IX " east side 3 Among the goods destroyed by the fire are 14,400 bales cotton, 20,000 chests tea, 3000a4000 hhds. and 1G00 boxes brown sugar, 8000a9000 bugs coffee, 1,200 pieces carpeting, 2000 bbls. and 500a600 hhds. mo lssses, 100,000 lbs. fleece and pulled wool, 300 bales Smyrna wool. The dry good jobbers esca|?ed almost entirely, but the domestic goods factories suffered severely, and several large stocks of foreign manufactures were destroyed- The whole loss of dry goods was perhaps two millions and a half of dollars. Thirty stores were destroyed, in which goods en titled to debenture, had been stored by the officers of the Customs. There were also 4 large stores belong ing to the Custom House, filled with liquors, de stroyed. It hasbeen calculated tnat some twelve firms have ost $2,220,000. 14,000 bales cotton at $30 ' ? 430,000 '20,000 packages tea at $36 600,000 Silks and other dry goods 280,000 3,600 hhds sugar at $60 '210,000 1 ,600 boxes do. $30 46,000 8,000 bags coftee at $10 80,000 Molasses 23,000 Wool 100,000 2,600 bales American hemp worth 22,600 600 do Manilla do do 8,600 16,000 boxes Malaga raisins do 33,000 1,200 bbls. Zanto Currants 26,000 10,000 baskets and cases salad oil 30,000 40 cases Genoa citron 2,600 100 casks nutmegs 40,000 300 cases Bordeaux prunes 4,500 300 packages cloves 7,500 200 bales almonds 8,000 Stock of Plate Glass 400,000 buildings at $7,600 $'3,231,000 , 2,010,000 Total 4,241,300 Value of other merchandise loit at least. . 1,500,000 Total estimate $5,741,300 Six millions will fully cover the loss. ? The whole quantity of poods whs but a small frac tion of the entire stocks of the city, and will not in terfere at all with the full supply of ull the demands ot trade. imURANCXB. Tho following isns near as can be ascertained the amount of insurance on the Burnt District In most cases the losses are total. Insurance to a con siderable extent has also been obtained abroad and in Boston. It is believed that all the offices will be able to pay their losses, but some of them will be ruined. Jlm't insured. Capital. Firemen's $160,000 800,000 North River 100,000 850,000 Equitable 242,380 300,000 Contribution 125,000 300,000 Truat Firo 30,000 150,000 National 28,000 150,000 Howard 176,000 800,000 New York 76,000 200,000 Williamsburg 16,000 106,000 Guardian 175,000* 800,000 United State* 150,000 260,000 Kent River 160,000 200,000 City 72,000 210,000 Jefferson 100, 00? 200,000 Merchants' 300,000 300,000 .Ktna, New York 110,000 200,000 Manhattan 160,000 260,000 North American 100,000 250,000 Bowery 60,000 300,000 Greenwich 40,000 200,000 Protection, Hartford 76,000 150,000 Hartford, '? (old) . . . 60,000 150,000 vlCtna, " 76,000 200,000 Columbus, Ohio, 10,000 140.000 Mutual Safety 600,000 607,000 Merchants' Mutual 100,000 ? Sun, " 200,000* _ American, " 200,000* 260,000 Croton, " 30,000 600,000 General, " 76,000 217,617 Alliance, " 75,000 ? Pelican, " 50,060 ? Mercantile, " 110,000 ? Island 60,000 ? Brooklyn lose turpi, ab't. 60,000 ? Spring Garden 160,000 ? ?Manufacturer!" Ins. Bost'n 45,000 ? Washington Ins. Trov. . . 16,000 ? Kagle 300,000 600,000 Total insured $4.647.3(*> ? Probably moro. The losses of the insurance companies we have estimated, with much accuracy as it can be done now, and from good sources of information, at #1,517,3.90 Among merchants, insurances are gene rally effected up to the full amount of their goods, but lot so on buildings, or among other classes of persons. If *ne half lost has been injured, the loss is #2,S20,650; it only one-third, the loss is about $2,000,000. Apart from the losses of th>* insurance companies here, we know in one store of an insu rance in Europe for $100,000. We {ear the whole loss will rfachsix millions, although some estimnte it at not over four or five millions. About 2/50 stores were burnt, two large hotels, mid some beau tiful private dwellings. It is fortunate that the fire did not happen a little later in the year, ns the stocks are now comparatively low, the fall importations not having taken place. The greHt question now is, and one about which there is the most anxiety," what insurance compa nies will pay1?" ? but we believe that there is but very little doubt that nearly, all the losses will be paid. See our table. The Merchant's Fire Insurance have insured about 2.V),000 to 300,000 dollars ? ahoutthe amount of their capital It is greatly to be feared that this most honorable company will only be able to pay their losses. The whole amount insured by the New York Equitable Insurance Company in the burnt district, is 0212,3ft). The President and Secretary esti mate the loss as not exceeding $160,000, being one half of their canital stock. It is requested by all the insurance OfVtce? that persons having met with losses will send in their statements immediately. TV Insnranee Companies have employed agents to take possession of unclaimed property for th?t | | benefit of nil concerned. Some of the Insurance Offices raised their rates on Saturday 100 per cent and others 60. A committee from the vacious Companies met yesterday to deoide | I upon the new rates. - ? ' ' ' . ? ?? l f ?? ' : " - ? ? Titeat rleti>i I'akk Tiikaikk? The French Company perform* eil loot night the wctiud act of Quillavme Tell, in which we were much pleased to observe, that M'me. Casini had lost a great deal of that timidity which had, untU then, prevented her from doing justice to her talent. She sang admirably th? duo of the third scene, ResUz, icc &c. The performance was con cluded by the third and fourth acts ol !?& favorite, as hud been previously announced This opera hu. ving already been represented several times lately, I will only say that it went on in the flame manner afl it always did, that is to say, widi great credit to the artists engaged therein, who, with the exception of M'me. Casini, were the same who acted in Guillaume Tell. M. Busher, who in the third act of Im Fa. vorit* had again acted the part ot M. Ccuuriot, want ed perhaps a little animation, but as we observed in our preceeding article, this artist had never fulfilled any part of great importance, and must consequently feel very diffident at seeing himself thus thrown be fore the public with ahnoBt no preparation at all; but were it not for this want of confidence, which visi bly impaired his powers, he acted and sung his par( quite well. Messrs. Arnaud, Douvry and Garry, sung in both these operas, and drew much upplause from the audience, as they always do. M'me. Casini in Guillaume Tell, and M'lle. Calve in Iji Favorite > were also much applauded. M'me. CcBuriot had lit tle to do in the third act ot La Favorite , and nothing at all in the other parts of that Opera, but in theVaude ville, which was represented between the 2d aot of Guillaume Tell and the thud of La Favorite ; she had a very long part, aud thanka to her witty and elegant acting, and that of Mr. Mathieu, the uudi ence were kept ia a roar during the whole time. M'lle. Lugenie acted alao iu that vaudeville, but her part was not, by far, auoh ua to display hor talent, but Mr. Jules, of whom we spoke the day after the per formance of Don Cesar de Dux an, acted also very well the part of the Abb6 Pelegrin, and we think him entitled to much praise. Wednesday, the company will gi/e La Juice, a. splendid opera, in which the first taJenta of the company appear. The magnificence of the scenery dresses, See., will also contribute to render this ope! ra very popular, and the manner in which it was re ceived by the public, on its first appearance, is a se curity of its success. Niblo's Garden.? Last night the very interesting drama of the Bride of Lammervxoor was produced to a crowded saloon, and it is our pleasing task to record the triumphant success of Mrs. Mowatt in Lucy Ashton,and assuredly success was never better merited. She has firmly established herself, not as a flickering luminary, but an absolutely " fixed star." She conceived and executed the character in a man. ner that was naturally expected from a lady of her high and varied accomplishments. She was called out at the end of the piece. Mr. Crisp did ample justice to Edgar of Kavenswood, and Chippendale, as the Scotchman, created much mirth. Mrs. Chip pendale added a grace and dignity to the character of Lady Ashton. Nickenson and Davenport looked and executed their parts with fidelity and effect. He's Nut A-miss, is a pleasant musical piece, in which Miss Matthews and John Sefton played, danced and sang, to the infiinite amusement of a very crowded saloon. Bride of iMmmermoor and Attic Story, to-night. Castl* Garden. ? This place of amusement as sumed its form proper, last evening, and wus pret ty well attended. Vauxhall Garden Saloon. ? Miss A. Homer has returned to this interesting place of amusement. ? There was a good attendance last evening. The Great Mastaoon? Is drawing a great num ber of visitor^, at 203 Broadway. City Intelligence.'s Orricc, July 31. ? Effects of th* Weather. ? Tho Coroner held an inquest os the body of Charles O'Connor, Iti Contiei atrcot.who fell down from exhaus tion near Delmonico'a. lie had a bras* plate, on which was engraved "public porter, 138."? verdict, came to liis death by disease of the heart, inflammation of the sto mach and bowels, and exposure to the heat. The Coroner was called to hold an inquest at the Park dead bouse, on a colored man, sun struck at Catharine Market. The name of the colored man exhumed from the ruins 42 Broad street, was Sampson? he was a waiter. Ohioans Captured ! ? Great: Excitement ! ? On the evening of the 9th instant, three men from Ohio, Mr. C. Loraine, Mr. liamer, and Mr. Thomas, all of Wash ington county, Ohis, were seized on the Ohio shore, by a body of men from Virginia, and lodged in jail at Par kersburgh, upon the charge that they had aided the es cape of (laves. The Boston Regatta. ? The sailing regatta winch took place in the vicinity of Nahant last Sa turday altornoon, was one of the most beautiful displays on a smalls cale,that tho eye could desire to contemplute. The little fleet which spread their canvass to the breeze to test their relative rates of sailing, was composed of the Nautilus, of 10 tons, Avon 10, Neptune 11, Haven l'J, Path finder 1-J, Naid Queen IS, (iipsey 30, 'Alert 31, Vision 33, Odd Fellow 39, and Cygnet 31. To place the small vessels on a par with the large ones.30 seconds per ton of excess was subtracted from the latter in favor of the former. The prizes were a silver pitcher or fifty dollars and a suit of colore. After sailing abo:U 30 miles from and to the point of departure, the Cygnet came in first, the Vision second, the Raven third, and won the first prize, having been allowed 9 minutes on time more than the Cygnet; the Vision also outsailed the Cygnet on time, and therefore took the second prize. The Odd Kellow had to heave to and pick one ot her crew up who had fallen overboard, or she would doubtless have been in among the first. The Haven, also, during the race, was crowded to leeward by the Avon, and had to drop in her wake to clear her, and she too kept away to pick up tho man who was overboard; but for these accidents the lU ven would have been in squara with the Cygnet. ? Hot tun Pott, June 31. Notice.?' The Alliance Mutual Insurance Company Office J8 Wall street, loses by the fire $100,004), out , of assets somewhat exceed, ng $300,000, or about one-third of] it* capital. The Company continues business as usual. JAS 1). f\ OUDEN, President. A. M. MERCHANT, Vice President. Lr.wis Br.*?*, Sec,y. 3t Several of Rich's Improved Patent Mala wi uider Safe* were ill the lite coiitlngration. Three large ones hive tie en found? the books ami papers all preserved from the fire. See the certificates from the owners of the Safes in out columns to-iljy. Some of the books may be seen at the store of the Agent, A 8 Marvin, 13H Water street. KahliientC* Hot, Cold, Hwlinmlng and Shower Salt Water Baths, foot of Desbrosses street.? Baths speak more decidedly lor the health of the city than any other human circumstance, during this incessant and intolerably boil ing season. The city, under all circumstances, was never more healthy in every class; and thousand have to acknowledge the fact that Habineau's Baths, wherever they are scaltere ., more especially the Hot Salt Water Baths at the foot of Dei brostes street, fuve contributed more to benefit mankind than si the medicines that could he employed. Thousands this season have been witness to the fact. Dr. Wood's Sarsaparllla and Wild Cherry Bitters are now acknowledged by all who have given them a trial, to be one of the best preparation* ill use As a Kamily Medicine it is iuvaluable. U is pUasant to the taste, which makes it au easy medicine to administer to children, anil is fast taking the place of those nauseating remedies which have l? en so long in use. The proprietor cannot too strongly re commend this preparation as a Kamily Medicine, as a lew doses , taken on feeling a little unwell, will save weeks and mouths of | sickness and suffering, and prevent i.i most iustauces attacks of | leveraud ague, bilious fever, and all the local fevers of the country. F'or dyspepsia, headache, i ndigejtion, humors, paii hi th* back and side, they have been used with great success. Be particular to ask for Dr. Wood's Sars.iparilla and Wild Cherry Bitter*, and receive no others. Only Agents? New Vork, Or. Win. H. Miluor, 192 Broadway; George ( '. Ouion 311 Bleecker street; E. M. Ouion, 127 Bowery. Brooklyn, J W. Smith, corner H niton and Cranberry streets United States Circuit Court.? The Clerk's Office of thi* Court ha* been removed this day from the rooms occupied by tire Clerk of the IJ. S. District Court, to a portion of the apartments of the United States Marshal, on the same floor, where the docket, record*, and file* of the Court, will be hereafter kept. IT >- Persons desiring searches for judgment*, instead ofgiv nig .i general notice for searches iu the United States Court will please send distinct notices. Tuesday, July I, 184V All Philadelphia Subscriptions to the IIkhai.u moat be paid to the oisi.v auTHORizrn AurwTi, Zie her & Co., J l.edger Building, Third street, near Chestnut.? Terms ? 7S cents a mouth, including the Sunday paper; or (Si cents without it; delivered free of charge iu any part of I*hila delphia. Single copies tor gale a* above, daily, at I o'clock Price JceuU. The Wkkklt Hr.itai.t* is alio for sale every Saturday morn ing? Price 6 ^ cent*, or $3 per annum, delivered in any part of Philadelphia, free of | u?tagv. l!*7" All thenew and cheap I'uhlical ior.s for sale at their es tat djriime nt, as *oon a* issued, wholesale nud retail. 1 5 /* With th* exception of one paper, the " Herald"' is r<aii as much, tierhaps. in Philadet4iia, as any paper published in thai city, affording a valuable medinm to advertiser*. Advertise 'ments handed to the agents at half r**t 4 o'clock, will appear ir the Herald next dav. Bled lea I Notice. ? 1 The Advertisement* of the .Vew York College of Medicine and Pharmary, established for the Suppression id t^uaek?ry,in tliecure of nil di*?aaes. will hereafter appear on the fourth page, and last column of this oaper. W. 8. RICnAHfUON, M.D., A?ent. Ofltee and f'nti*nli,iir Hnnini of iK. I'ntlw W N*?*n st. MONEY MAKKKT. Monday, July 31-9 P. M. Ths (took market has evidently been affected by the destructive firs. Nearly every atock in tho list fell off, asd very little disposition to operate wii manifested. Norwich and WorcsCor dccliued 1] per cent; llailem 1; Long Island ] ; Canton Ij; Erie Railroad I); Mending J; MorrU Canal 1} ; Farmer*' Lean lj ; Pennsylvania fl'? J; Vlcksburg 1 ; Mohawk 1 J ; l ulted State* Bank improv ed 4 . and it was the only (took in the list that advanced. Ths inwranoe companies of this oity will bs able t0 inset their losses uiuch Littei than at lirst anticipated Tlie Merchants' and th? Manhattan will be the only two uicd up. The Kut Hirer have policies amounting to $150,000, but than Ion will not reach that amount, us many of the insured have already given notice that their property wai saved by removal. The company hat a surplus of V*>,000, and in the event of being com pelled to pay every dollar on their policiei in the burnt district, it will have a capital of (70,000 The Mutual Companies will pay their losses eventually, but it will require some time to get their assets into an avail able shape. We annex a table giving the prices ottered and askad in Wall street to-day for the stock of the principal fire insurance companies ot the city, which have been seri ous sullerers by the recent fire. OJftrtd. *isked. Bower* 100 ? Ka?t Kiver 4 40 Long Island 60 90 Greenwich 46 ? North American 20 ? Hudson ? 40 Williamsburg 12)4 70 Guardian ? 25 Mutual Fire 30 ? Eagle 14 40 Merchants' 4 ? Manhattan 4 10 North River 44 ? Equ itable 84 ? Jefferson 44 80 United States 40 ? Contributionship ? ? -Etna 10 90 Howard 32 ? Kin-men's 10 40 City 64X 90 Tho asking prices give the most correct idea of the probablo value of these stocks. The valua of the export* from this port for Juno, wilj not be Tory large. Commerce or the Pear ok New Yohk tou thl IVtts Endiho SntiitiiT, JuLT 10th, 1843. Export i. Shipments in United States vessels $340,60* 3d Shipments in Foreign vessels 336,39 0 19 Shipment of specie til, 054 00 Total $633, 863 a 4 Total for the first five days of July $340,880 40 Total for the week ending July 13th 773,570 94 Total for IB days in July, 1945 $1,653,103 88 Seven British vessels clearod the last week, the total amount of exports in which did not exceed $30,000. Tliere was exported in throo Swedish vessels, merchan dise to tho amount of $68,779 37. In one Hamburg ves. uol, to the amount of $35,878 95. In one Sicilian vessel, to tin amount of $35,346. The revenue from oustonis received at this port from the 1st to the 30th of July, was as annexod. Revenue fuom Customs ? Pout or New Yohk. Amount received from July 1st to 6th .... $336,033 9G Amount received from July 7th to 13th. . . 406,073 64 Amount received from July 14th to 30th.. . 313,111 18 Total for twenty days in July, 1M5... . $1,053,318 68 Amount received in July, 1844 $3,181,950 00 Amount received in July, 1843 $1,345,180 00 The receipts from customs at this port for July, 1845, will not exceed the amount received in tho same month in 1843, when the merchandise imported for the month amounted to $4,416,686. The valuo of the imports for July, 1845, will be at least threo millions of dollars less than for the same month last year. The report of the directors of the Eastern Railroad for the year ending June 30th, 1844, presents a very favora. bio state of affairs. The receipts and expenses of the compsnykfor tho past six years have been as follows Eastehn Railboad, Mass. ? Receipts and Expenditures Milti Receipt s Receipts. Expenses. run. per mile. In 1840 $193,367 57 $115,433 10 112,047 84,616 In 1841 299,474 13 179,948 93 168,527 86,084 Iu 1842 269,168 72 141,039 71 181,127 64,442 In 1843 274,64 1 64 129,640 63 184,156 56,821 III 1844 343,8149 60 131,318 86 201,962 43,334 In 1845 351,328 61 113,014 48 ? ? The net receipts of the road for the year ending June 30, 1845, were $338,314 13, being equal to $9 34 per share. The net amount of items added to the construction ac count for the year, is $36,986 97, the greater part for new cars, engines, &c. The total amount of payments for the East ern Railroad in Massachusetts, to June 30, is $3, 400, 795 33 Propertyon hand, (wharves, depots, bridges, steamboats, lite.) 337,073 74 $2,173,721 58 The shares issued, and State scrip, (600,000) are 2,300, 000, which leaves invested in the above property( $126, 278 42, and they have besides, a floating debt of j $100,795 74, which united make the wholo amount of the collateral property. Four thousand eight hundred and twenty-five shares have been issued for the F.astern Railroad in New Hampshire, which, with some necessary estates, has cost $483,600 00 Massachusetts road and property 2,400,705 32 Total paid for account of both roads $2,883,293 32 The sinking fund of the company amount* to $57,391, the reserved fund to $8,297, and the balance of funds in hand on account, to $13,645, making an actual surplus of $79,333. The net earnings of the road have amounted to upwards of nine percent, independent of any income or profits from the other property of the company. The report says, " The sinking fund has been estab lished the past year by an appropriation out of the sur plus earnings, of $50,000, and of $5,000 semi-annually thereafter, as sdso of all the net advance that may be ob tained for the property of the company, over the valua tion as fixed in Jane, 1843. Aa all the interest on the State Loan it paid out of incomo account, and at this fund will soon yield an interest over and above that of the floating debt, which in fact it will absorb, there is but little doubt that it will suffice to pay the State Sorip at maturity, and leave a large portion of the present valua tion ot the property on hand for such improvements as may be deemed advisable. Assuming that this will be the case, the question whether the liquidation of the debt thus provided for shall euure to the enhancement of the value of the present, or be represented by new shares to be divided among the stockholders, or be sold for their benefit, may hereafter become one of expediency ; but the actual result will in either case be the same, to wit, the reduction < f the absolute cost of the road from $2,' 433,371 49, which is the wholo outlay, to $1,800,000.' which i* the actual amount of money paid by the fshuie holders, and this probably, without interfering with the regular dividends. "The Renewal Fuud has also been instituted this year, with the view of meeting any past, and providing for any future deterioration, and also of equalizing the annual expenditures, by providing for any extraordinary out lay, by regular appropriations from the regular income For these purposes the sum of $20,000, was taken from the surplus and placed to the credit of this account, and $12,000 has been directed to be added to it every year be fore closing the book* in December. This fuud is to be devoted to the renovation of such parts of the structure as may require it, and to such additions to, or re place meat of, the working apparatus of the road as will keep up its aggregate value. If all the ordinary repairs of the road continue to be paid, and its engines and cars be kept in good order from the income account, the renewal fund will prevent any depreciation in value, either by substi tuting new for old, or furnishing the means of doing it without auy extra charge upon the revenue of the com pany." The exports from Mobile this season have been unusu ally large. The receipts and exports of cotton have been much larger than ever before. We annex a table showingjthe quantity and value o( cotton shipped for fo. reign ports, from Mobile, for the month of Juno Commerce or Mobile. Exporti of Cotton to Foreign Ports for the Month of June. Unlet. Pounds. Value. To Ot. Britain in Am. vrssrls,. To Or. Britain in Br. vrssrls. . . to Great Britain To Franc* in Am. vrssrls. To France in French rrssrls, . . Totsl to Francr To other forrign port?, Am . . . To " " Sp Total to oilier foreign ports,. 3,343 1,647,024 102.SB7 35 Total month of June 10,708 10,176,864 f.27,612 18 The average value of the cotton, per pound, exported from Mobile for June, 1m45, was about six cents. The average value, per pound, of the cotton exported previ ous to June, was five cents. The foreign import trade of Mobile has decreased this year, compared with last. Valve of Foreign Merchandise Imported intb Mo bile, 2d Qi-arter, 1845. Value of merchandise, paying ad valorem duties * By Am. vessels $2,007 00 By For. equalized vessels 912 00 By For. discriminating vessels . 72 00 $2,991 00 Value of merchandise paying specific duties : ? By Am. vessel* $34,038 00 By For. equalized vessel* t,590 00 By For. diacriminating vessels . 387 00 $37,015 00 Total imports paying duty $40,006 00 Value of merchandise and specie imported free By Am. vessels? mdze $100 00 do do ? specie 5,920 00 By For. dis. vessel* ? mdre . . . 125 00 do dq specie. . . 51,861 00 $58,006 00 Total value of imports, 2d quarter 08,012 00 Total value of imports, 1st quatter .... 280,585 00 Total foreign imports for *ix month*, '45 $378,507 00 Amount of duties accruing l*t quarer, IMS $57,076 88 Amount of dutie* accruing ?<1 quarter, 1846 20.683 17 Revenue from Customs $77,400 04 i'aiut. litUits. )ttr ct. duiy ! 1B4.1, import 6 month*, f37?4,& ?? $77, WO ua 'JO per ceis^ The value of the imports for the second quarter of the year was only about one third that of the first quartet , The foreign import* into Mobile for the year do not reach a very large amount. Old Stock ICxohaiiitfr $1000 U 8 5's, '53 M Canton Co l>10 j 11100 Ohio 7 * 101% SO do b30 39^, , 9000 do 101 ISO do 39 i 10000 keutucky S'? 99>? 50 do bd 39 | 20000 Pean'a 5'< s30 72% ISO do 39)J I 5000 do ops 73 100 do >30 39 1 5000 Illinois .pel .30 37% 25 do 39 1VOO Reading mig bds 74 100 do 40 J8\ Mihul ilBk 100 E Boston Go 13 75 VicluburK Bk 7% 50 do 13!?t 50 Farmers' Tr I'D, 26 Mohawk RK 58 i loO do M 33% 50 do 47% 3t5 Morris Usual 29% 50 Nor and Wore i>#U j 650 do 29V 100 do 68 25 do s 30 29l? 40 do blO 68 50 do <.30 29 50 do slO 67% 75 do b30 29 125 do 67% 50 do blO 29- a 50 do *30 <7% M .. .d" 1,80 150 do ?tw 6?>, I 100 Harlem Hit bJO 67 275 L Island BK 63% i 100 Erie KR ?60 28 100 du alO 63 50 do SCO 27% 300 do 64% 100 do s30 28 50 do 63% 300 do 28 100 do 64 90 NJersey RK 9ti 25 Stonington KK 28% 150 Readme KR M 25 do 28V4 100 do 56?* 50 do 2g 100 do s60 56 Htcond Board. 30 shas Nor aad Wore 68% 50 shas I. Itland RK 61 J0 do s30 68 Si 200 do 64% 50 do ?30 ?t% 100 do slO C4l4 25 do 68'i 25 Cautou Co sl2m 37 I 50 Farmers' Trust 33H 10 Manhattan Fire Iu? 5 50 L Island RK 61 New Stock Kiehaitg*. $1500 Ohio S's. ?to blO 96 100 shas Canton Co e 39 50 shas U 8 Bk blw 5K 50 do sl? 38% 50 Vicksbura Bk s3 7% 400 K Bo?ton Co c 13*4 50 Farmers' Trust btw 33% 25 Erie RK 28 300 do 33 25 do slO 28 25 Morris Canal sS 29 50 do bfiO 29 75 do c 29 25 do s3 28 25 do >3 29% 25 do sOO 28 40 L, Island RR 160 61 25 Nor and Wore 68% 150 do .3 63% 50 "lo s3 68% , 50 do 63>s 75 do 68 ^ 25 do st w 63% ? tS do stw 68?s ' 50 do slO 63% 75 do c 68 50 do s3f 63% 25 do 67% Married, On Monday, 32d init. by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. Da tid A. Nre, of Falmouth, Mass., to Mis* Cassliu A. iCoNaacrE, of Kingston, Jamaica, (W. I.) daughter of Archibald Congreve, E?q. Died. On Sunday afternoon, 20th inst. after a lingering ill nesi, Capt. Joseph T. Williams, in the 81ft year Of his age. Hi* friendi and acquaintance*, and thoae of the family, are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, this after noon at o'clock, from his late reaidence, 'id Ludlow at. On Sunday, 20th inst. of consumption, Letitia Gass. Her friends, and those of her family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, "this morning at 0 o'clock, from the residence of her mother, 137 Wooster street. Weekly Report or Deaths. In the city and county of New York, from the 14th day of July to the 20th day of July. 1845. 95 Men ? 94 Women? 157 Boys? 128 Girls.? Total 474. DISEASE*. Apoplexy, 55; Burned or scalded 1; Cancer, 3; Casualties, 5; Cholera infantum, 80; Cholera morbus, 7; Consumption, 45; Convulsions, 52; Coup de soeil, 9; ' holers, I; Cyanosis, 1; De bility, 1; Delirfin tremens, 5; Diarrhcea, 8; Drinking cold water, ), Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in the head, 20; Dropsy in the chest, 1; Drowned, 9; Dysentery, 14; Erysipelas 1; Fever, 4; Fever bilious 1; >ever, peurperal, 5; Fever, remittent, 2; Fe- | ver, scarlet, 2; Fever typhoid 3; Fever typhus, 4; Heart, dis ease of, 6; Hooping cough, 2; Inflammation, 19; Inflamma tion of bowels, 20; Inflammation of chest, 2; Inflammation of lungs, 18; Inflammation of stomach 4; Inflammation of womb, 1; Inflammation of liver, 4; Insanity, 1; Intemperance, 1; Mal formation, 2; Marasmus, 16; Mortification, 2; Old age, 2: Pal sy 4; Premature birth, 2: Scrofula, 3; Small pox, 5; Teeth ing,!!; Tetanus, 1; Tumor, 1; Ulcers, 1; Unknown, 7. Ace ? One year and under 180; 1 to 2 years 60; 2 to5 21; 5 to 10 6; 10 to 20, 12; 20 to 30 , 40 ; 30to40 44; 40 to 50 44; 50to60, 21; 60 to 70, 5; 70 to 80, 8; 80 to 90, 9; 80 to 100, t3; 100 and upwards, 1; J unknown, 7. Colored persons 15 CORNELIUS B. ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspectors office, July 21, 1845. A CARD. THE MEMBERS OF EMPIRE ENGINE CO. No. 42, return their sincere thanks to the proprietors of the Astor House, Howards' Hotel, Messrs. Delmonicos, Messrs. Clark & Brown, Maiden lane, and Messrs. Hugh Auchincloss &c Sons, lor their liberal olfer of refreshments at the late disas trous fire. The Company also return their heartfelt tlianks to Mr. Lo renzo Delmonico for his kind attention to one of their members, [ laboring under sndden and severe iudispositiou. By order of the Company, jy22 lt*rrc PAUL V. MONDON, Secretary. THE SECRETARY OF THE HARTFORD | FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY HAS arrived in this city fur the pursue of adjusting and settling at once the losses sustained by that company in (lie recent tire. He will also attend for a few days at the Agency of the company, No. 67 WALL STREET, and take such approved risks at may offer r.t fair rates of premium. The unimpaired capital of this old and well known company affords abundant security to the owners of property ; and the mode of | transacting its business, which for 33 years has secured the public coiitidence, remain* unchanged. j j ;s!3tis*rrc FRENCH AND SPANISH HOTEL, KT BROADWAY, opposite Exchange Place, having es t* ' caped uninjured at the late fire, remains open for the re- | eeption of company. ju22 3t'rrc X/Wk(t DOLLARS WANTED, for two years, at 7 per ceu | UvW on good security. Address L. K , at this office. jy22 3t*rh pIneWoo'd. CEVEN HUNDRE D CORDS No. 1, for sale low, m Gin ^ gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va . by JOHN SAVAGE, 3.8 DENNIS. H. T. RUSSELL. Said Inlet is uavigable for vessels drawing seven feet. jy22 Im'rrc OLY, FRERES, late ol Beaver street, have removed to I |j William street, up stairs. j>22 lw*rli OTICE.-ISRAEL D. WALTER, Dry Goods Merchant, of ii Beaver street, burnt out by the late fire, has removed to No. 7'l Beaver street, corner of Hanover street. jy22 lt*rc NOTICE. MRS. G. B. MILLKR U CO. would respectfully inform their numerous customers, that notwithstanding the de struction of their factory l?y the late lire, they atill continue to supply all orders for their Suutf and Tobacco as usnil, at their old stand No. 110 Water street. jv22 4t*rh NOTICE. A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid for the recovery of TWO TRUNKS, ( one black ami marked "J. Owen, ') a Carpet Bag, and other articles, which were taken from the front roam of the second story of the tiranite Building, No. 17 Broadway, on the morning of Saturday, 19th inst Apply at 111 I'e.irl street, up stairs. j>a 3tis'rli A CARD. THE MEMBERS *OK THE ATLANTIC HOSE CO. No. 1 4, return their grateful cckuowiedgmcuts to Mr. K. B. Daly, ofNo. M Broad street, for his liberal supply of Re freshments at the late lire on Saturday uiorning last. H. A. BURR. Koremau. jy22 lt*rh J AMES M.RIBLET. Sec. PROPERTY LOST IN THE FIRE. A LARGE COLLECTION of Dried Botanical Specimens, , contained in about JO or CO folio volumes. Also, 2 cases of | Books, many in Latin, and on the subject of Natural History, having the name of the owner,' JOHN < AREV , written in some of them. Also, a snull Cabinet of Silver Coins, and a long Oak Box, containing Manusciipu of value to the owner only. These, with many other miscellaneous articles were contained in the Granite House, No. 17 Broadway, a . d some are known to have been saved. The rescuer of any of them rill confer a great favor by addressing a line to 10 Greenwich street, where all expenses will be thankfully repaid. jy22 2t*rrc __ ON Monday Evening, out of the baggage cart, between the City Hotel and Jersey City Kerry, a small VALISE, marked J. K. T. The finder shall be reasonably rewarded by leaving it ?t the Asior House. jyL'2 7t*je HP HE EAST ] RIVER- MUTUAL INSURANCE COM X PANY have, notwithstanding losses by the recent sad calamity, about one-half ef their capital unimpaired , and con tinue to iusurc as usual. jySS lt?rh GOLD 8. S1LLIMAN. Sec'y. THE "NEW YORK KIRK iNM'RANt E COMPANY" will not lose to exceed $30,000 of its capital by the late fire. All claims lor losses will be met promptly, and the busi ness of the company continued as heretofore, at the office ol the company No. 72 Wall street, adjoining the Courier and En quirer office. O. H. JONES, President. D. Usdkhhill, Secretary. jy22 3t rrc OFFICE CK THE CROTON INSURANCE CO. i 34 Wall Street, New York, July 1!(, IMS. S THE Capital of this Company remains unimpaired, their loss by the fire of this day not exceeding $11,000, and they are jueparetlto make prompt settlement of all claims .igaiust them They continue to msnre Fire and Marine Risks, at fair rates. jy21 Iwisec N. CARROLL, Sec'y THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital, 20l),000 Dollars. Office, 41 Fullof street, Brtoklyn. 'l^HIS COMPANY is prepared to take risks in the city ot A New York on favorable terms, having lost by the recent fire only about ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui dation. E. C.FTnN, Secretary. B. M. DELAMATER. Presideut. Brooklt*. July 21, IftlS. jy 20 1m is m INSURANCE. rHK. BROOKLYN KIRK INSURANCE CO. will insure buildings and merchandize against loss and damage bv fire in New York, at their office, upper corner of Fulton and r rout streets, near the Kulton Kerry, Brooklyn. The. capital (if this company is unimpaired by the recent "Reference is made to the following gentlemen .directors of the company, doing business in New* ork, for further infor mation viz E. D- Hurl but, firm of E. D. H. ft Co., at Sooth street : Padl Spofford, firm of Spofford, Tileston Si Co., 14# W'ter street ; Amos Will. tts, firm of A. It 8. Willetts. 303 Tearl street ; Joseph Ten it, firm J. I'ettit V Co., 134 Pearl st. can stret , W||,LIAM ELLSWORTH, President. Alfred O. Steves*, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, 1845. jySI 2wis?ec THE MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COM PANY, No. 61 Wall street, inform the public, that the> are prepared to meet all claims promptly, and their assets are so far unimpaired by the recent fire, they are enabled to take Marine and Fire Risks as heretofore, on the most favora ble terms. L. GREGORY. President. JOSEPH IIOXlE, Vice Pres't. Elwood Walter, Secretary. jy20 lw is ec New Youk, July 19, 1845. IN THE Commercial of Saturday, appeared a statement, that th? JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY had lost by the rerent fire 4200,000, I wish to say that this is gre itl> over-estimated. I'he losses of the Company, it is sup posed, will amount to shout $100,000. The company continue their business of insurance as usual at their office No 30 Wall street. T. W. THORNE. President. .ivJOec NOTICE. THE NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY No. 02 Wall street, (Jonee' Buildings) lias loat not ex ceeding Twenty-Eight Thousand Dollars, probably not mor? than Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars, by the receut fire in the First Ward. Applications for insurance reeeivedas usual. No risk taken for more than SV000. j*t<l lw*m WM. JAS. BOGOS, Secretary. T~~ HE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, have the 1 satisfaction to inform then customers and the public, that it will not require over 10 percent of their capital stock, to pa^ ill claims fur losses by the recent sad conflagration in this city. The office of the company. No. 61 Wall street, is open foi insurance as heretofore. K. H. READING, rreiid^nt. D. F. Cvmr, Secretary . jytl iw?ec AMUSEMENTS. f'AKK TUSATiU. FRENCH OPERA. Wcdiiciday Evening, July '43d, Will hi performed Fur the ??ootid time iu this city, a grand Opera in Be* mu entitled LA JUIVE, THE JEWESS! Eleaier. * Jew goldsmith M Aroaad K.ihel.the Jawea* ;. M'lle CaWe l ardiiul de Broguy, President of Council. ..11 Dou?ry Priucc Leopold Cquriut I'niicr.i Kudosia M me Canal 1 he Oram! Provost of the City of Couatajice. M. liariy l.mifliur Nagumoud Mouta?si?r Albert, a captain in the Emperor's Guard Julta A Noble man, attendant ol the Einperoi Chaflary IT/ ' Prire of Admission ? First Tier of Boira and I'anjueae, sr Second and Third Tien, JO cent*; Hallery, Si cenu. Doors oi -n at 7 o'clock, and the ' ortnin will ri*apr*?i*ely at half-put 7 o'clock. GAUTLIt (.AKUICK. (fif- AdmlMHlori *5 (Ji-nln.^J) The admission trill be 50 renlt <m the Xighti qf S1GNOKA PICO. Proprietor* .Vieasia. Freucti and HtiNT. Grand Entertainment t Tutwlay Evening, July !<4, The performance will commence with an Overtui to the La Keiuede Chypre. Ballad by .Mr. Deuuison. Paa Grotesque de Mandarin CliinoU, by C. T. Paraloe La Cracovirune, by Mad'lle De>j.trdm* Overture to Xamjia. La Signora Pico will then appear in the Drinking loa| Oh Come e Vago, from Lucrena Borgia. (C^ Inter misson of Half au Honr tor Promeuade and Hafraab ments The range of splendid Cosmoramas will be oyn for inspoetioa Grand Overture, foil Band, to Valletta. After which the dance of El Zapateado Di Cadia. Signora Pico will aing a Cavitina Irom II Prighioaara dXdla burgh. Doors at hall-past ? o'clock. Perfortiaaoe to meoce at lo'clock. NIBLO'8 QARDKBu Tutaday IS veiling, July M> The performance to commence with the Overture to Auber't , l**t Opera of "La Rirena. To be followed by (second tune) a Drama, entitled tho BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR. Lucy Aaliton, Mrs Mowatt I Edgar, Mr Cmp Lady Ashtouv Mrs Chippendale I Kir William, Mr Andertun Dame Light ''<*ly, Mra \\ attl | ('raigaofelt MrNickloaon La syli'liiilv, by Mttaea i ?.lesu* nn] I'artingtvn. H7" Inteiuiissiou of Halt an Hour-/ . To conclude ( 1st time) with tha Hurl, ita railed THE ATTIC STORY f/"An effluent 1'oiiee will always i.? in aiteatUaee to mam tain good order and keep i.l 1 imn .oper persoua nut fcjr- TicktU Fifty Cenli -&\ A limited numhar of 8wu.oa Ticket* will be disposed of [TIP" Performance to eommeuce at t o'clock Doora opou at 7 o'clock. V AI XHALL OAKDUflf MAUMM, BOWERY. OPEN EVERY EVENING, BAIN OR SHINE. Admiitinn only 0>u Shilling. THE COOLEST S.1LOOX IX THE CITY. The following Ladies and Gentlemen having beau re eugagetl for s>* nights, will appe>r every evening this week : Mi? A HOMh.H, the American F.llsler rOUNO FRANCISCO, Signer MARRIETTO, MAD AMOISELLE ROSINA GASCON. BARNEY WILLIAMS, P.AN GARDNER. BILLY WHITLOCK, CHARLES WHITE. Masters FOX and BRYANT. Also, the Ethiopian Brother* and Sister. Doors open at 7 W ? Performance to commence at IK. . An efficient Police iu attendance, under officer* Martin and Bird. jy20 Iw'rc THE ALHA1IIRA OF RESORTS IS THE ELYBIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which is visited every afternoon by hundreds of the first fanu lie* of New York, and which is one of the moat delightful ro sort-i on the batiks of the mighty Hudson. FREE EXHIBITIONS, OF THE FIRST ORDEH. Every afternoon at 3 o'clock, commencing on MONDAY. July Hat Continued and Tremendous and Eicitement '. Mr. McCARTY is very happy to announce the following popular artists YOUNG FRANCISCO, THE FAKIR OF ANGELINA, and the greatest Magician of the 19th century, and the only Professor of the art that can perform magic in the open day light. In addition to the above novelties, arrangements hava beeu made with Mr. D. W. WRIGHT, the best Falsetto Vo calist of the age, who will *ing several of the most fashionable souks of the times; also with Mr. BENJAMIN YaTeS, the popular Comic Dancer, who will appear in a variety of comic unnces. In addition to the above, the AMERICAN BRASS BAND ia engaged. Leader, Mr. James Sheltou. jy31* 1 w ec BEACON COURSE? TROTTING. / THE following Purses are offered to come off over the above Course ? ? No. 1.? Purse $200? Free for all Pacing and Trotting horses two mile heals iu harness. No. 2.? Pnrse $50? Free for horse* that never won a puree over $50 ? mile heats, best three in live under the saddle. En tries to be made Monday, July 2Hth, at Green it Losee's, by 0 P. M. To come off on Monday, August 11th. No. 3 ? Purse S200 ? Free for all Pacing and Trotting horses ? two mile heits in harness No. 1.? Pnrse $100, with an inside stake of $100, h. f. ? for horses that never won a purse over SlCO ? two mile he?ts under th Aaddle. Entries to be made August the lJth, by 9 P M , at Green & I.osee's. To come off August 25th, No 5. ? Purse S .OO ? Free for all Pacing add Trotting horse* ? three mile heats in harness. No. 6. ? Pnrse $.50 ? Mile heats, best three in five, under the saddle ? for horses that never won a purse over $30. Entries to be made August 25th, by 9 P. M .at Green & Lu.t e's. Tocome off September the 8th. Three or more iu all the above to make a race- jytJ 2trro HARLEM PARK TROTTING. FRIDAY, JULY 2J. A PURSE of $V) will bp given, mile heats, but three in fire under snddle. free for nil trotting horses that never won a rnrse over SM- Entries to be made at (ireen h. Losses', on or before Wednesday evening, by 9 o'clock 1 hree or more to malic a race. ju2t 2tis*rh BEACON COURSE-TROTTING & RACING. TUESDAY. July 22, at 4 P. M., will come off the second match for SI ,000, two mile beats, in harness, between the pacing horses Jatnes K. Polk and John C. Calhoun. Same day ? Pane for Trotting horses, fire miles out, in har ness. Mr. Bridges enters Robin; Gen. Dunham enters F?nny Jenks. jy!9 tfro RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE. ^1 A MATCH fortJOO will come off OTer this Course on Moo day the 28th iiist., or first fair day, between the Csjiada Horse, Hop*, and the well kuown Racing Horse Livingston , to jto 1*4 mile heats and leap 4 hurdles 3 feet 6 inches high to the Same Day? A Purse of SiO will be given for a Foot Race >4 of a mile, to leap 12 hurdles, each 3 feet S inches high, to get over ?s they please. Entrance SI, to be made at R. Smith's On or before Thnrsday evening next; $10 of the money to the Id, if there is more than five starts. BARLOW AND GEORGE SEWARD. The Match, One Mile, for $600, between these two Pedeetri aus will come off on the 31?t inst. jol9 tf re NEW FERRY TO YELLOW HOOK. FORT HAMILTON AND CONEV .ISLAND. ? The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard Yates, has taken her place in the above ferry, and will run as follows, every day -.?Leaving Pier No. I.E. K , at 7 A. M.; 10 A.M.; 1 P. M.:4 P. M. Leaving Fort Hamilton, for Coney Island, at 10X A. M ; IX P. M.; P. M. For New York. 8 A. M. ltM.; 3 P. M.s 7 P. M. l.eaving Coney island, for Fort Hamilton it N. York? 11>4 A. M.; 2** P. M.; 6% P. M. On Sundays, the Morning Trip will be omitted. J are 12K cents. jy2l lw'rc EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS. Steamer R. L. STEVENS, Captain R. L. * Mabey, will make an excursion to the Fishing n,.,lr. .very Tuesday. Thursday and Friday, during the season, leaving Hammond street at 8^ o'clock, A. M. Canal street at 8M; Delancv street. East Kiver, at #; and Pier No. I, N. R.,*t9>? o'clock? returning to the city in good sea son. A fine B.ind of Music is engaged. Bait famished gratis; [1 lines at a small charge. are 30 cents. _ Ju21 lwis*e<! FOR ANY PORT OR PORTS IN THE PA CIFIC OCEAN TO PANAMA.? The faat sailing _jC.>|ipereH and copper fastened clipper new schr. AC VWm. H. Kinch, master, will take a few tous heavy freight and some passengers, for which she has first rate ac commodations. Apply to J. F. RODRIGUEZ, 77 Wall st., jy22 .It ec corner Pearl st. imf- FOR NEW ORLEANS ? Louisiana and New aMRYVYork Line? Positively first Regular Packet, to sail JflpMfaThuraday, 24th instant ? The elegant fast sailing packet ship OSWEiJO. Capt. Johnston, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having hsndsome famished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to E. K. COLLINS It CO M South st. Positively no goods received on board after Wednesday eve ning, 23d instant. Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will prompt ly forw ?rd all roods to his adddres* jyttec XJKgv Foil LI VERPOUL? The New Line-Regular IwoMFV Tarki-t of 2'tt Aucunt.? The superior fast sailing MMNNwP^ei'et ship POOL, IIJ0 tons, Capt. John El dridge, will sail M above, her regular day. For freight or pass nr, having elegant and superior accom modations, apply 011 boird. west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL Sc MINTURN8, 87 South st. The packet ship Queen of the West, 13J0 tons, Capt. Thos. Woodhouse, will surer, d the Liverpool, ami ssil on ner regu Isr day. 21st September. j yz2 PACKET SHIP SID DONS, Irom Liverpool.?1 Consignees bv this ship will please U.ive their permits ou board at Or ients wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not permitted in live days must lie s?nt to public store. j?22 HORSE FOB SM.E.? A 'splendid <JREY HORSE, coming five years old, about sixteen hands high, very fast, kind in single or donble hsrnesi, of good style and action? warranted sound To be seen at the American Kat;le Establishment corner Christie si.d Deism y streets? together with cty made Sulky Hsrness. j t 22 It ? rrr TO LET? Tlieuew S orts and Ba<emrnt No 2 Mur ray street? separately or tof-tlier. Immediate posses ?sion. Apply 'o Jt-rrc THOMAS & Bl.\< KWELL. 88 Wat- r st. TO BE LET. Irom 1st Angu?t. a Furnished House, consisting of ni'ie reams, hesutifnlly situ-teil on the ^west bank of Rockl iicl Lake lie ?t? m-r Warren touches regularly st Slauglve '4 Lsndi"g, within hslf a mile of the Lake. Address Mr ATHERTON, Ilockland Lake Pest office. References required ? jrt! tt'rrc A PRIVATE FAMILY', having more room t!i n tSev wish to occupy, are desirous of letting, without board, two er three nestly Furnished Rooms, with Cloeets and Fireplaces. o Grates. Single geutlemen preferred. Enquire st 4U Brosd. way. Refefeaees exchanged i 7Jt*rc

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