Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 23, 1845 Page 1
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?i^ ? il?? mi ii i?? i i ? i THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. lOO-WboU No. 40?? ? THE NEW YOKK HERALD. JAUES (fORPMN BBN'VffTT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD ? Every 'lay. Trice a cent* per copy ? $7 -1.*> i>er annum ? payable ui advance. WEEKLY HERA lit) ? Every Saturduy? Price 8| cent! per copy? *3 IU- cents nor annum ? payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usiinl (trices ? alway* cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and den patch. (itj- All letter* or communication!!, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaopniKTnF OF THK NkW Y'oRK Hk'JAI n EsTaltt.lfHMKRT Vnr*niro?< f*nrn?*r nf W?iMnr? qnil u*roa(i 1 ? II I ? 1 SUMMER AURA N U EMU NT. BLOOM I NUD ALE, M AN H VTC'ANVILLE, AND FORT WASHINGTON STAGES, r? Will commence running in the following ?*" >rder, Ou Saturday, May 'In- I7tli. I84J, leaving vlauhiitlanville at 6 o'clock, A. M.. and con t> .ur *??.> n il hour until 7 o'clock, P. M. Leaving New York, Coi er nf Chatham and p Try on Row, at 6 A.M.. and fontinu- every half hour uutil 8 . M. Stages to Caxinansville Trinity Church Cemetery and Fort Washington, every hour the div, from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. Fare to Mmihaftanville 1SK cents; CarniMisville IB'-'.l; Fort Washington 24 cent*. B. MOOllE, j -o lm*rc Proprietor. Mail Lii\h Fuu. bus'iu v I O V KRI'IIK I.UNt f IM.AAU KAIL ROAD, VIA KF.IV LONDON, NORWICH f- WORCESTER. At B o'clock in ihe Mowing, from the Foot of Whitehall slri*ft, South Ferry? Sundays e?cepted. Way Crue* are in reauiiies* to receive baggage for New Loiidon, Norwich and Wtucester. Baggage for Boston goei through under lock. jnlC tf rc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. M On Mondays, Wed iesd>ys and Fridays, over the Long Island Rail Road to Greenport, th*nce to Newport and Provi dence in a splendid and commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock iu the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street. South Ferry. ju!6tfrc FA 11 K TO HALTIMURE #1. Through in Seven Hour n. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCH TOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled Steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, Captain J. M Douglass, will, on ami after Monday, June 16, leave Dock street wharf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive in Baltimore at about IU P. M. Fare only $1. This Line is composed of the following splendid and fast Steamboats:? _ Robert Morris Captain J. M Douglass. Ohio Captain L. Davis. Constitution. Captain J. Ch*ytor. George Washington Captain J. Trippe. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M.? Tickets for Wheeling and Pittsburg cnu le procured ou board the boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. h'nrr f'2 ? Th rtinnh in ,S'i> l/uurs rHlLADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINK. Via Chester, Wilmington, KIkton, Havre deGrac*, Ike. On aii'l alter Wednesday next, June 2Sth, the fare between rinlndelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced to 92 The Trains will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, | From Baltimore, Depot II til and M rket streets. De|ait ill Pratt street. D illy, except C A.M. I Dally. exc. Sunday, at 9 A M. And D-.ily.ut 4l'M | And Daily, at 8 P. M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Kleventh and Mark-t sts. O H. UUDDKLL, Agent. J or further information, apply to J. L, bLEMMER, at the office of Adams St Co. 17 Wall street. June 24 til. IS4S. je2!>ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. , 4H--1 REDUCED FARES. SUMM E R A R R A N GEMENT, TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Ou aud a?lt i 14th June, 1845. Prom Hranklyn ? Boston Train? 8, "-j A. M. daily, Sunday* excepted, stopping a' Farmingdale and St. George's Manor. Accommodation Tram?- 9>t A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming dale iud intermediate placet, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation T rain, 3 P. M for Greeii|iori, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping it Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and tlicks viil , sod all the stopping places between Hicksrille and Greenport. Pram tfrrrnjiort Dejtut ? Huston Train, daily. Sundays excepted, at 12^ o'clock M., ?ron the arrival of the steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At 5 \ M., daily, Suitdays excepted, for Brooklyn aud intermediate place*. Prom Partuingdalt Orjiot ? Accommodation Train. A. M. and 2.^ P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Broi kl> n ana intermediate place*. Prom Jamaica iifuol ? Extra Train, IK P. M. daily, Sunday* excepted, for Brook lyiiand intermediate pi tee*. The Boston Train* (top only at KariningdaJe and St. George's Manor. Tin* Accommodation Traiu* stop at (he following places on the road, going both way* to receive and deliver passeu Sers. viz : edlor*' 8 D^erPark... 69 hunt New Vork 'l'Hoinpsou C8 Race Course .... IB'-i Su ffolk Station. . 1 (HI Trotting Conrse I#X Lake Road Station 1 18I.J Jamaica. iii Medt'ord Station 1 18,'i Brushrille . . . 31*4 Milleville 1 :<fl H>de Park, 17 miles 37)% i4t. George's Manor. ... 1 62 Ctowsville, (during ses- Riverhvad I 6 1 siou Court,) 37^ J.unesport 1 62>s Hempstead 37 'i Mattetuck 1 t,i>, Iii inch 37>s Cutuhugue Itti's Carle Place 44 Southold ..I 62 )?? Vi'cstbury 44 tireenporr, Acc'u. train. I 7i>% 1 iickjville 44 Bo>t?ii Ti'aiu 2 00 Farmingdale. ; ... 6?'4 Stupes are in readiness on 1 !?? arrival of Trains at the several Station*, to tike passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Is' uid. Baggage (Urates will be in readiness at tbe foot of Whitehall *tn-ct, to recfiv? B 'ifgage lor the several 'I rains, 30 miuute* be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. I Rock iw y B-ggage taken iu sep ir ite ( 'rate*. julOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. r-iBfr i.4lUhBfi Aiiv I nJiM.r.u PACKKT LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail rn ids mid ( :anal? through in 3*4 day*. The above line ii now tu full operation and offer* great inducements to person* who with a pie isaut mode of trivtlling to the went. The car* are limit in the mo*t approved modern ityle, the boat* are titled up in a superior manner, and every effort i* made by the proprietor* to conduce to the comfort and convenience of travellers. The scurry on this route i* Unrivalled, and I'.ir great chain of I'euu*ylvauia internal improvements it well woi thy of bring *een. By tlii* route passengers avoid all the fatigue* and danger* at tend uu upou stage travelling, and nt the same time make an ex I' ditiou* trip. The ear* leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vi?ed to engage their place* at Philadelphia. Office m Philadel (.11. N. K. corner oi chnnnt and Fourth streets, and at No?. 13 ?i?i I;, South Third em, A. CUMMINUS, Agtn'. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. I'V* information, in the rity of New York, apply to II. H. KN18CLL. Agent lor 0. 1.KKCJ1 ti CO. '* Line. 7 West it, N. R ?' my IT *m*rre PfcOPLF.S' LINK OF STEAM BOATH FOR ALBANY, DAILY? Sundays|>ted? Through Di ? *-? rect. at 7 o'clock P. ,V1., from the Pier between ifi m., < ciurtlandt mid I, iberty street*. s*i- mlimt KtM HKSTl'.lt. Caiitain R U. Cruttendeu. will leave on Mot day. Wednesday and Friday Kvenmg*, at 7 o'clock. si. ,rr>Hiat K SI' 'K Kit BOCK Eli, Captain A Houghton, will It sve on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, at 7 o'clock. At S i,'rb>ek I" M.. I uidiug at intcrfiediate places, from the foot oi H relay *treet Steamboat fl F.W JF.KHEY, Cai>t. R. H. Furey, will leave no Wontlay, Wednesday, Fridiy and Sunday Alteruoona, at S o'clock. Hir.tuiboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain W. H, , 1 1 i-n- ,1,1 fii'sdiy, Thursday and Saturday Alteruooua, at 5 * 'cluck. P .??t.t:ers taking either of the above L,n??will arrive in Alba ny in waple time tor Morning Train ol Cur* for the east or The Bfata tie new and *ahstanti*l,air fnrnnhed with new r.tid ?'?want ?t.ite rooms, and for ?peed and accommodation* are un rivalled on the Hudson. Knight taken *i m<"lerate ratea. . All iviwMia an forbid trusting any of the Boat* orthis Line, without a written order friim the Captain* or Agent*. Hot p<asai.e or Ireight. apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. fc'fm.'v at tnr oilier on |l?e stVarl . v rc ( Tl LA P E XCThSi'lN! 8"Tb TH E VlSMN G HANKS OFF SANDY H OOK FARE ll^ CKNTH EACH WAY jgt\ Tllr. new and f**t Steamboat BUFFALO ft. , <!**? Cant. J. W. Ham-ox, will make Eic?r*ion* "" i: I lie se 1*1111 every Monday. Weilueiday, and au > lug ll.iinin.'iid street at 8 o clock; Canal, R , Del ?ite5 nd tt.? E. II , ?, Pier No. I. N. R.,9W o'clock. On tin return psas- 'tigers will belauded at Coney Island, and nii> hour allowed lor 0 thi-tg All k 'ltls of Refreshment* on board. Bait at coat. jnl7 2tt'ec Mfr STAT EN ISLAND * FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET ft TV .sribtMuHYU'li and VTATEN ISLANDER will ?\ew V?*rk e?ery hour eic?M P. M., commeiieing At i \ 'v., un'il 7 P.M. Leave Surni I laud evurv hour except 4 F %!., <???? mriieiiin at * A M., until 7 P. M. N. I? ? in him ii>? thi* Do.its will leare ererv hour from ft A VI. ti . 1 1 1 1 I*. M., and fiom 1 i . A1. until 7 P. M.? trery hall lionr. JyH N* I i K, U BANY VN1) TROY LUSE /JCH *OH ALBANY AND 1 HOY 01 KM T. lie - ~ 7 (iVIoeli, P. M ?i ll# tt#amkM>Ai EM 1 IKK, ('H|nau? Ii. IJ, \lary, will lra?r tlie frr?un? "?t |?i#?r l*?of of i .urtlaitli rrery Tuesday, J ami .Sariin! tv afif ruoou. at 7 o'clock. T?i? ?tHUpiN**t < OLl'MBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, ttciy M "loiav, ''fttOfifliy m d KriU,*" fi('i?*(iioon, at 7 o'clock. pot TUiifr or >n?mlit aj>p|y on bonrd, or at tiw office on ihn Vtwrf. jalt MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, J FOE ALBANY TROV -.>..1 interned I -tidings. from the Steamboat Pirr at tlie fool o( _ Barclay street. tlm kfisi ami Dinner on hoard the boat. 'io"1""* New York at 1 o'clock, A M., Tuesdaya, Thuradaya and Saturday , and Troy Ht 0 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A_ M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-oressnre steamboat THO Y , Captain A. Oorham, on Tuesdays. Tliursd ll ? and Saturday. at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NlAti \RA, Captiin A. Degroot, an Mon diy, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, attho office on the wharf. Notice ? All goods, freight, hai' bill*. specie,, o? any Other kind of property taken, shipj eil. or put on hoard this boat, must be at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight bag gage, Sic. jelitrc WILLIAMS BURGH ANLi PECK SUP FEIIR V ml The Trustee* of this Ferry, believing that raja there are many of the citixens of New York r i vicinity that are unacquainted with the f nliliea this Ferry affords an u pleasant communication with Willi imsburg and Lour Itlmd. would s'ate that there an- t wo koi d Ferry B. afs on lhi? Kerry, which leave I'eck Slip every fifteen or twenty minutes throuvh the dsv up to 5 o'clock. P. M., and then up to 8 o'clck, at each even hour mid halflioiir; after which ? boat leaves at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock The laat boat leavin# Williamsburg at half-paal 9 o'clock, P. p. a ?On the evening of July 4th, the boat will contiune to mil until 12 o'clock jv2 Im're l<OK HALIKAA AN it LI VMirilOi.. THE Roval Mail Steam Ships HIBKR N1A and BRITANNIA, will leave Boston fcf*' r the above ports, as follows'? Hibernia, Ales. Ryrie, Etq., Commander, Tuesday, July Ifiih. 1 Britannia, John Hewitt, " " Friday, Anaust 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120. Pasaave to Halifag 20. For freight or passage, apply to jy 12 D. BRIGHAM. Jr.. Agent. 6 Wall it. DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ? Persona wishing to remit mo ney to their friend* in any part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied 'with dr ifts payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following places, viz: In England ? The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned & Co., Exchange and Discount Ba.:k, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t tk Sou, London, and branches throughout England arid Wales In fitEt-ANn.? The National Bunk of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. I n S('oti.*ni>? ' The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. Thv st- unship Great Western sails on the 31st July, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT. j\*19rc 7S South tt. cor \1aid*n fane. FOR SALE KRr.ltill f OR CHAft'rER? The cry fast tailing N. York built packet ship Y AZOO, 070 tons, live oik and locust top live oak transom, apron ami forward and after cants, carries 2*200 hales New Or leans cotton, and has handsome furnished accommodations for 2ti passengers. Apply on board at Jones' whirf, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO., j y 20 ec M Sou' h street. FOR LONDON ? To suii in a lew iii\s ? i ne splendid new Packet Ship , BRUNSWICK, Capt j VI ?Man us, will positively sail for the above port, on hei regular d ly ; cm accommodate a few Cabin Passengers in a very superior manner, at less than the umtl rate?. Her Steerage accommodations || very lofty and any. For Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, all of which will be taken very low, by applying to JOHN HERDMAN, iy20 ec 61 South st, one door east of Wall st. LONDON LlNE"OF PACiTETSMRegular pac k ?et of the 1st of August. ? The splendid new packet iship PRINCE ALBERT, W. S. Seller, matter, will aiiove, her regular day. Having very sn|>erior accommodations for cabin. second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to secure berths by this vessel should make earlv application on board, foot of Maiden lone, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAV, 100 Pine stn et corner of South. The packet ship ST. JAMES, F. R .Meyer, master, w ill succeed the Prince Albert, and sail on the 1st of September. .jiilBrc FOR .VIA RSEILLES? Packet of 1st Auiiust.? ? The superior ship AGNES, Capt. Wetherea, will (take the place ol the new ship Nebratka, not ready, . sail on the 1st Augn>t. For freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN Si PHELPS. or to juPrc HOVD h HINCKhN. Agents, FOB SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER-The rTTTV. very fast sailing barijue HOME, Captain Watts, built atU^Hnin B altimore one ye ?r since of the best materials, carriei stiout 4, 000 b iriels, and has handsome accommodation ' (or twenty passeugers. Apply to Captain Watts, on hoard, at Pike street wharf or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. i!7 re V, South street. FOR SALE? FREIGHT OR CHARTEB-The .very last sailing packet ship, .M ISSISS1PPI, 6i0 t jns sliuilt in this city by Brown it Bell, salted on thi itock?, and resalted every year, live oak and and locust top. live o .k apron, semsou stern frame, and forward and aftei cant frames? newly coppered and in perfect order for a thret years voyage ? lias accommodations for 2(1 passengers. Appl) on board at Orleaus' wharl, li>ot of Wall stAvt, or to jiiSm F.. K, COLLINS ft Co.. M "<onth street OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, ?' South tl. ? Passage from England, Ire ^jHKbtlaiid, Scotland and Wales ? Those sending for thcii 'rieuds uould do well to avail themselves of the opiKirtuuity of making their arrangements with the subscribers on veiy mode rate terms, by first class packet thipt, tailing from Liverpool weekly. Drnfrscanaa usual be furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kiugdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sonth rt. The mail steamer Hibernia sails from Boston on the 16th inst, bv w nich letters can be forwarded ijt< icklv. m\ 23 rb ora i'OK tiL-VStjl) W Ri guiai Packet.? 'J ie well jMVyitnowa, fa?t sailing British Bariiue ,\NN H.VRLK V WsMNbaDiinctu Smith, master, 450 ions, will meet will ijuirk "I. spatch For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations apply oil board pier# N. R , or to WOODHULL & M1NTCRNS, jvl2rc 87 9 nith street PACKKTS FOR HAVRE? Secoud Lini ? Tie .packet ship BALTIMORE., Captain Edward Funk, iw-ll satl on the 1st of August. h or freight or passage apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, jy2 re No. # Tontine Buildings, coi. Wall and Waterstreettff ^ Foil SALE^FRTiOHTI O iTCHARTElT-Tbe .very fast tailing New York built packet ship YAZOO r? 070 tons ? Live Oak and Loc .st top, Live Oak trail Mim, iipion and forward and after cants ; carries 2200 bales N^w Orleans cot on.andh's haniLome furnished accouimoda ions for twenty-six passengers Apply on boit'd at Jones' wharf, oi to E K. COLLINS k CO, m M Sooth street. r- FOR LI VERl'OOL? 1'lie super. ur slop iNf-J TIJNE, Captain Peach, will sail ou her regul ir day _i For passage, having unsurpassed accommodation? Ibiu ouly, opi'l V to JOHN HERDMAN, ie/r rr til Smith ?f TO CITY AAD COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAM BOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, lie. EXTRA FINE TEAS! ItiJ Greenwich Street, NEAtl CorRTLAMOT St., AND OPPOSITE THE TACiriC Hotei.. New Yoke. XJkT K. BEG LEAVE to inform yon that we established oar vv , selves at the above pi iff, principally for the purpose of meeting our views of otir wholesale ami In rye family customer* on the North River Side. The upright manner in which w? have carried on our business for several years put in this city , together with the very high quality and moderate price of out goods, have earned lor us a degree of reputation and reuown far Beyond that of any similar house iu the United States, and wr consider these the hest reasons we can urge to obtain your pa tronage. We hnre, however, much pleasure in statins, that we have made, with great care and judgment, our selections from all the spring cargoes, and which comprise the finest specimens ol Young Hysou, Hysnu, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong Pekoe, Ningyong, Congou Souchong, kc., which have arrived here this season, which, with an immense variety of Fine and Good Qualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We have also tree Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted and ground daily. We continue onr operations at our other plsces as heretofore, particularly at 121 Chatham st. We are your obedixnt servants, CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York? 111 Chatham St.; 361 Grand st. and 311 Bleecke* scree. Philadelphia? 89 Chestnut street, and 45 l''ifth street. nsy9 Jm*m CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS have just opened the large and spacious 1 CARPET WARK ROOMS. No. 4S4 Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt 4i Co., and are now ready to utter the public an entire new stock of Carpeting, bought eiprxsslv for the spring trad?,some of which are exceedingly rich, of ne?v de signs snu colors. Among them mas he found ? J5 NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. 11 PS. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY. Rich Shading. 8UPERKINE KINK aNU COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, Druggets, Tsble and Piano Covers, Worsted. TnOed and Jute Alata; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide: together with all othir articles usually found in the trvle. The public are requested to call au'l examine ouratock before purchasing. PETERSON k HUMPHREY, m?01m*m PmiI street. RADIIROOK'H GOLDEN FISH 297 BROADWAY . No longer the Golden Fish shines in the sun? At the old place in Broadway? two, seventy-one S It has darted up stream to a far better haven, And is now seen to glitter at two ninety-seven. There Bradhrook's establishment, known as of yore, r or a well-storked and eicelleut outfitting store j On the instant still furnishes outfits complete, r roin Une shirts and silk drawers, down to towel and sheet. 2 he voyager bound on some long ocean trip Should call in at Bradbrook's, ere joining kis ship, And there officers, civil or naval, may find All they need, when to far distant stations assigned. The stranger or resident there may inspect lnnnost elegant goods he could wish to select. Of the very best fabrics and tastefully made, At prices as fair as are known in the trade. Suspenders gloves, collars, straps. purses and hoie? Stocks, handkerchiefs, bosoms anu fine under clothes, VVith dressing gowns night caps, and fifty things more, May he all had at Bradhrook sfained outfitting store i?19 Im're KrvTAbUMihlj \*22. PETER ROSE, CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OK SUROICJtl. .1NP UKM-.1l. INS TR UMRNTT, No 412 Bii<>?i>wat, hear Canai. Si eet, New York. PR. w nld res|?'Ctfully call the attention of Phi sicians, ? Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Merchants, to nis gene ral I'sortment .ifinstriiments.aiid Cutlery ol t he most approved 1 atterns, which lie will warrant not to be mrp seed in quality or workmanship liy any manufactured in this country or im ported. P. It. trusts that his long and practsral experience in the busi ness (h iving been engaged ill it since IR22,) will be a sufficient Kuaraiio e to purchasers th it all orders will be faithfully and promptly attended to. Surincal and Dental Instruments, Ru tors. Shears, Scissors, Penknives, he., ground, set.aud repair. ed with it rest care si.d despatch, jutt Im'rc ?ld,UUU I O ^A.N.oibondji^inort^^Appty jlre M Boath street. Yd? I TO LET ? OlRees and Lofts for Storage to let. iu tin building No. H2 Fultou ?i. Enquire of P. HENRY, ou J' i IL*1'" 2*i flo'T. jylO 3t*i? cc TO LET ? Offices nnil Loll* in the n-w fire-proof S'ore comer of Pine and South ?t?, ? to JjjJL h 20 JOSEPH McM!TBRAY. FOR SALE. tTHE Three Story Brick Home, 4 13 Houston street, built in the best manner; h iii in winter and c*?ol in summer; re;?lete with every ??? ?iVfiiience. Ha'f the ? *e inouey rn ty remain on I ?nii -nd mortifnue it 6 per cent For terms apply to E. K. 'JOLL1N8 & '"O., jut9 ec M Southjitwt. JWL TO LKT, until the first of May ie*t and immediate po? {???m session KivHn. of the 3 story hou e No. 104 F?rst Avenue JwJfiL !>' tween 6th anil 7th streets, The premises have lately been put iu cuiipjeate order. And all h*s beeu painted inside and out, last June, the Croton water introduced. marbl** mantle pieces, ridding doors, and it it well adapted to accommodate one or tn??re families ; rent ashed to one f?mily for the residue | of the year to ne?t M v it $32'?. Inquire at the office of John H. Power, Ks j , No. 70 Na ^an st. corner of John, up ttairt from the hours of 0 to 3 o'clock, or of Saml. R B. Norton the owner, at rl ? . itnc ofT?c? on i ue?day? ?u.J Weduetday. lmjy H~?li ' .t k )K at This i ! J JUST IM V KIVJ'D ? Another lot of French Boots, of the hes: '. in ! ;???(! W'll In- sold ?t the old price, $*?, and the heat of retif '? < ? .? ! t ll.M.ti made to order tor 96: City m?de Calf B??otn,S'<; and the urea test assortment of Oeuts Goit ers of all kit -'-i ! ? lie found at very low price*. Alto, the finest Calf Sh??es, ud ^ Mi. A Kteat variety of all otner kinds. Ladies iu th> > .-t .?? wi'l find a #re?t atsortmeut of Gaiters Buskins, S||| Ti l'mitells, Satin, Ate For an assortment of II ??:her kind* Misset and Children's Boots and Sin es we cannot l>e heat in thiscfty. Do uot inis take the number, 3G1 Brouti^ ay, corner of Franklin street. ju3 lin*rh _ __ M. C-AHILL. KINK. FRENCH BOOTS foi 'J)~ City Mida, and for style and durability tie ire equal to those sold for $5. at Youut?& Co's Imperial French Boot and Shoe . VI an u ftctiirinK De|>ot. ai No. 4 Ann .ir^et, one of the most Fash tollable Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French L)res> Boots, in >de to order, for $4 .00; equal to thone m<?de in other stores for SC and 87. Boots, Shoes, (iaiters, &. c., m?de to or der in the shortest notice. Mending, fccc., done in the store Wm. M. Vounjt & Co., Wholess-le and Hetail Manufacturvrb. No. 4 Ann street, New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, and je24 1m?rc H B JONKS INFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPKKIOR TO MANY. r? BKAUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, price $9,75, which for beauty of finish cannot be surpattetl. Also, Drab Beavers, Blue Bruth and White Castor Hats, all of the latest atyle. Also, Panama Hats, very low. C. KNOX, jel9 lm*rc 110 Fulton st, between William and Nassau. MILLS, HATTER, 178 HK.OADWAY, HOWARD HOTEL, HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to ??* which the attention of gentlemen is invited, at the fbl lowinv pricei. tit French Pearl (a new article) $<00 Pearl C?s?imere S 50 White Krench (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Caalor 3 SO Als?, an assortment of Pansma, Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, and other Hat*.suitaM?- for the seaaon. jel2 lm*rrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. MILLINER V AND DRESS MAKING^ MRS. ROSK, No. 175 Walker street. New York, re fKj)s|ieclfully solicits a call from Ladies wiahinn any thing '? the Millinery or Dress Making line. jel* lm*rh IMPORTATION ok wat< hkh. RKCK.IVED from Switzerland, by packet ship (Zurich 'in assortment of Watches and Movements ol every description uud wf lirst ijuality, leady lor the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DKLACHAU8K & MAIRK, ju7 lm'rc No 127 Kultnn street. New Vork. KOULSTONE'S KlDJN(i StJriOUL, i:{7 130 Mercer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONK has the honor to inform his Iriends tuid tile poblK' in ijeneral, that Im Scho-I for lustructiou in Horseiuai.ship is now open day nnd eveuniK, a* follows . ? Hours for Gentlemen from S to H A. M " " L idies *' 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. T. run of instructiou made knowu on application to Mi Roulstone. Mr. R lins just received from tlie country seveol liae and ityli.ih S -.ddie Horse*, which he is authorised to sell at a rea price mi-7rr KOR SALIC ? A Kirm ou the Banks of the Hudson, [Containing about sixty ai res II in a high st ite ofi uitiva i din with splendid Buildings, situatid one mile \V est oi New hunch. 1'he terms will he n. de easy. For iwr ticul >rs iixiuiie at 419BioauWay, corner ol'( n?l street, in the Shoe Store. jv92wei>d*rc TEETh ! TEETM ! ! TEhTH ! ! ! UNPRE CEUENTE D RFUUCTlON /.V DENTISTRY. AT the old establishment, 62 East Broad wr.y, where can be had fr m one to a whole set of Teeth iuse.ted ou the most reasonable terms. * Superior Te?th inserted f om 7S cents to $3 00 Teeth Killed from 5? ceuU to. 1 U0 Teeth Mounted for other Dentists, bv N. TAV LOR, jul7 lm*rc Surgical and Meclnuical Dentist. T 1. ET 11 ! I fc, h l'li '. 1>. i. I'n : W O N D K R V U L I M P R O V E KN T 8 J)R BROWN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, VTO. 2X0% BROADWAY*, three doorv above Chambers i- * street, neit t? Stewart's new hullding, continues to insert I'lrmium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole ?et. ou the *Kientitic Principles of Atmospneric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for lilliuz decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication l6ose teeth, ?rising from medical treatment, or other causes, etfectnallj Asteued by tlic highly reconiineuded Lotto Odon:a. TOOTHACHE ?ured in one minute, without pain. Teeth extracted Willi less rnui half toe usuiil pain PRICES LE*S itiau any other Dentist in this city, inferences will be given t numerous families and to the medical faculty iu this city, b) c tiling ,t No 280 ^ Broadway. inv? lm*ih \\[ ATCHt.8 WATCHES AND JEWELRY. ?Tiioi m who wish to [lurchnse Gold or Silver Watches, Ooh i ' hai ns, (sold Pencils, Keys, Otc., will liud it greatly to their ad vantage to call ou the subscriber, who is selling all description, of the above at retail much lower thau any other hou.e in tlx city. Gold Watches as low an $20 .md $21 each. Watches aim Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to kee| iood time or the mouey refunded. Watches and Jewely repair 'd tu the best manner and warranted, ut much less thau the usual price G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Wall street, n>2S !m*ee l.ale M, ror V V 1 1 1 , .m ?t? no?tsir? I 111'. (JijLl^blCAl't.lJ fAlli U'AMA.NUEO. ORGEAT PASTE di.isolved in water proves a very excel lent, pleasant and healthy summer diiek; it cau be Ind at the following p aces : ? J. Milliau, No. 1UJ Bro.dway; J. R. Chilton, 263 Broadway: A. B. Sand Co., 273 Broadway; Gass iier it Young, 132 Chatliuui street: W. R. Ballagh, cor. Cham liers and Chatham streets; P. Merkle, 383 Grand street: W. Kir iy, cor. Division and Clinton streets; Moore, Lent & Co., 193 i" rout street, and at the manufactory, 129 Attorney st; W. ror 'enbach, 14 Hudson at.; J fct J Coddiiigtou, 203 Hudson, cornel spring st.; J. W. Basset!, 611 Broadway; Collins ?c Co., 461 iir.iud street; Dr. Sargent corner Hth street ? id 3d aveuue; John L. Slielllin, 114 Canal street; A. G. Levy, 202 Delaucy street ; ilushton fdCo. Ill) Broadway ; Brooklyn, Jaj. W.Smilh, cor ner of Kulton and Cranberry streets. juS lin*rc IMPORTANT NOTICE DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. THE undersigned have made application to gel Ltllert Patent for their new process to color Daguerreotype Pictures Phi* process produces au effect uot known before, and change* he ap^iearauce of the Daguerreotype to that of the finest iianit iug. This coloring process is done by nature Itself, guided only py the baud of the operator, and machinery. It can be peformed ny every one not skilled iu the art ol painting, aud will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also can be com municated in writiug, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City oi County, can make pre-eusagements therefore, by addressing (post paid) to W. 4c F. LANGENHE1M, jy3 lm*TC Exchange, Philadelphia. DENTISTRY? VALUABLE DISCOVERY. PRESERVE YOUR TEETH. WHY will yon suffer with the toothache, when by calling on Dr. PAIOE, 139 Grand street, near Broadway, yon ran hare it effectually and entirely cured. He bas aii entire new preparation, that will cure it in a lew aiinutws willioui pain or incnuvcnience, iothat it may be Ailed, making it a valu able tooth for rife, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it extr*ote<l. It it certainly one of tne greateit ditcoveriss of the age.and never fails of thedesired effect. The mostten der teeth rilled without any unpleasant sensation. Artificia teeth inserted in the moat approved manner. je7 lm'ec LASTS. LEATHER AND FINDINGS. CONSTANTLY on hand an assortment of Baltimore and Philadelphia Light Oak Leather, Philadelphia Morocco, -nd Findings of all kinds. Lasts m ideto any pattern. N. B ? A first rate lot ofMr. O. Macheu't Philadelphia Rasps for sale at 29i Spring street, near Washington street, N York. jnl3 Im'rc WARREN S. WILKEY. CARVER St HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building an l Heal Estate Agents, 33 Wall street, New York: SI Noith Sixth street Philadelphia. Plans, Specifications and Esti nates for ltiiild iiik; Dr iwnigs and S|ieeilicatioiis for Patent Kighu. Real Es tate bought and sola; mouey loaned and iLvested; property <*nsed and rents collected. 1 . T) in,?rr Vul(iTLAfc.A>(JLJhK s DAGUERREl >TYP li A PPA RATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brotber-in l'iw 1 Mr. Voightlaender, Vienna, enable tlte subscribers to sell those Apparatus nt reduced ratrs, viz: ? Large. t sue Apparatus, with tluree inch lenses for full site plates, at $I4J. Medium size Apparatus, with two iuch lenses for half site plates, at $78. Small size Apparatus, with one nnd-a-half inch lease*, lot quarter size plates, at fin. Ovntlemeu sending remittances in accordance with the shove prices, may depend upou receiving the genuine Vmgt laender Apparatus, and not a worth ess imitated article, the) 'nving procured the stile agency for the United States. Plates.ind < hetnical of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art for sale at the lowest market imces. W. A. F. LANG&NHEIM. > hi) nivlphia Eichange. Helen in* to tlie above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Uagn man Artists 111, tli it the V <ve App.irirut and other materials can be rio< ureil at the si led prices, at llu.'ii 0 'guerrean Attelier, No.201 Broadway. fSi\? York jy'3 lm*rc_ LANOf.NHEIM k BECKERS. SOMETHING NEW AND USEFUL. AFTER long endeavors, the undersigned has succeeded in introducing to the people of the Unued State:, an article they li ive long needed. It is in the shape of a Pas'e, oiled PATES l)'A vtANDKS. (Orgeat Piute, ) while it conilimi 9 a healthy and pleasant drink lor the Summer. \\ lule it prorni ses these qualities it is at the same time useful in removing Heart Mini and Sour Stomach, and is acapital drink for ditoast s | of tli? chest. Its coiniionaut parts are very innocent and it can be recommended to fem iles 111 all stages of lile; good for , wet nurses, and can lie med at sea as a substitute for milk. Prepared wd sold for the Proprietor hv L. Jotchimstou, No. !??> <n,.r.,?v .lfi.1 i. 'l ll-.'re UiiU GOLD AM; SILVER. SILVER Oilt Epaulets, Book Binder's H l.s an. I Silver Smith's Stoning* bought, by A. B VRNAHI). >io. 2 Wall street, Melter and Assayer of Metals. | Jeweler's Sweepings purehas, d by assay. Fine Uold aud Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on baud, at office No J Will <tr?>er Works IR4 Laurens street. ie!9 lm*ec H'^NOaNESE? 1M rnsks first finality Maugaiiftf-jrecs iveil and for asle by PERt&E ft, BROOKS, JTl? " ?S and IT Nassau street LONG BRANCH. NEW JERSEY, " BATII BUILDINGS," (foKMKWLV IKmiiw'l ) 'I'llIS well-known ?. id delightful tea b thing establishment 1 will li? opened for the rec- ptiou efri?itors on and after the 2^th June in?t. Th? buililiiiKa h?ve undergone ?c >mplete and thn-ouwh rrpair, and no effort* wi'l lie spared to maintain the dnervrdlv high reputation which tin* e*ubli limeut has her? tol'o.v acquired. The price for hoarding will he from $7 to *S per we- k? chil dren and aert it* half-price. Young people, not requiring oinch renin, will find accommodating terms The steam-r 'lr|i, C*|*ain C. Price, IVom the Kulton i iarket, will make ? daily trip betweeu New York and Lontf Branch. Srazes will I ill readinexs upon the arrival ol the alioi ? lioat at th? Ocean House, to convey ni*.. igers immediately to Lout; Br inch. J \MES GREEN. Pros r r. June if, 1845. jeW l-n'm X\Vll !.A.\ A y/U/ AX, A I lliirlim Klver. GEOR'fK NOWUN resnec t fu 1 1 y returia his ? ?t siu cere thanks to Uia friends and tl e public foi ti>?* liberal support wliirli he h*s received for the la t 'en \ ear while Pro prietor of Pro.pect Hall, anil begs leave 10 inform t?- 'n that he li t* fitted up the large eaMhlUhtneiii at the term! t on of the Railioad.ou this l-l.uid, and oil tie' B mk of the Kiv.-r, where he is prepared to furnish visitois with Brc Ufut , Dinners, Teas Suppers, and other refreshments. at th< sho,rest netice. Good ground, end every accommodation lor Milit i ?. < ouiim uies. All tin Kailroad Car* land imaaeiiger* in front of the Hotel for 125J cent*, from the City Hall. N B - \,I ordinary at half put * o'clock on Hum) \i. j?2# " WARllliiN HALL.. No U Warren etreet. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted tl* above house ?s s Hotel, in a style of comfort end convenience, for the 'C commodation oi citizens generally and visitors to the city, would reapectfully solicit lor thei'i?elt < * u poition of their |ia troiiage. Their larder will lie at all time* well storked with the best I the market* can afford. The Wines, Liquors aiicPSegars are of the heat quality. The bedroom* neatly furnishe.^, spacious and airy. while from it* central local lou, being nenirthe City Hall, an J in the centre of busiuess, it will afford (treat inducement to tho-ie visiting the city. I. BHITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. B ? The mral re' is'iei served up .it all time-:. jeT lm*ee WIL^ON'JS Hotel AND DINLV i RUi -M, ft (awl?l Hired, near Mnltlrn I. otic. COUNTRY M EKCHANTS will lind this desirable House, bWng convenient to the buainess put of 'he city. This establishment is titled up with entirely new furniture. Good and subatautm! dinner, l*?i cent*, lodgings 26 cents. For con venience mid comfort tli is house i? equal to any hotel in the city, and at half the jirice. Permane :t bouriiers a' .11 be accommodated ou very reasonable teitns All the delicacies of the season served up, a* *oon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other iiouaea Elegant private ji .rlora, for the referee cases, or priva e dinners or su|> |ier partiea. The very lieat of linuors. ju5 Sin'rc SHARON S 1' R 1 N G S PAVILION, SCHOHARIE COUNTY. NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congress Hall, Albany, ha* associated In mac 1 1 with Mr. Oariliuer, and tliat this establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements in the ground* and bathiiiK-hnuse, and pledge themselves to use their heat eiertions to render this e*tabluli inent fully equal to any watering place iu this couutry. L. k G. Staves will be iu readiness on the arrival of the ears at Cana joharie, to take passcntcers tothe house. Mr. L. will, aa heretofore, eontinnethe Contre** Hall, which will, duriiiK the summer, be uuder the superintendence of Mr. Joalut. mv29lin"ec &EA BATHING LONG BRANCH* NEW JERSEY. THE PROPRIETOR of the New York House, hegs le?ve to inform rhe citizens of New York, and the public general ly. that his house is now oikmi for the accommodation of hoard ers duriur the summer season. The fare will he si* dollars pet week, and every attention will he paid to their comfort and pleisure. Good servants will he iu constant attendance The steamer Ori? will leave New York every day, from Eul tou Market Slip, and Stages will he in readiness at i he Ocean llonse, to convey passengers to Long Branch. 'one is, 1845. SAMUEL COOPER. jelS 6w*ee S-E A BATHING AT LONG BRANCH. Til K Subscriber begs leave to inform the public that he is uow prepared to receive, having maile alteia tions and airaugmeiits for the bi'tter accommodation of visiters, In addition to other ail ? ant ige* that his h< uae posses es, hi be lieves th l a more ilcsira' le iesid.*nce for the approaching sea aon cannot be found. The conveniences for sea harhiug are un Ui~|>assed. To those who are fond of fishing, no place can hr fouud when- more advantages are offered Mr J imes Oieeu having estshlixhed a line of stages from Red Bmk 10 Deal, pa&sengers can always rely on a quick con veyanrei JOHN ORfc.EN, Deal, N. j. jv 8 2w-?rr? NhJW J mop, V tlvH'hL? MottRLSToWiN. 'pHK SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and 1 tlie public geuer dly, that the new aud coinmiMlious house -rccted for a Hotel, at Morristowu, New Jersey, is open for tie Entertainment of .<11 those who will favorthein with their com psuv, when they hope to furuish thetu such accnmiuodatious as to entitle tiiem to public favor. D. W. NOE, mtl ttrw2m?rc DAVID < HOW H.L. LWERPOOL (ENGLAND) BOARDING HOUSE No. 711 Duke Street, ( Formerly the Residence of Sir William Barton.) THE VISSLS PERKINS respectfully s.,Uthe patrmiage of families and gentlemen visiting Liverpool, for their es tablishment, where they will meet With the comfort* and-lleu tion of ? private house. Reference ? H. Worrall 8i < o., No 2?> Elm *treet. N. ? ork jell tmeod* 1S?JA tit.. -tCH HOTEL. Lone Brunch, N. HEALTH, RECREATION AND COMFORT TO INVALIDS AND ALL OTHERS. HOWL AND It CO. Iuv? opened for the se-sini this well Known H< "*1 Ht J.nn,; ISruieh, N. J., ( k. j t last H. yeirby J. Barclay It Co.) ao weil w.trou./.ed by the c? ir.eiw .if New York and PhiU'h Iphia in j .St yean with great appro* natiou, and conaiAned <lr< .Jrdiy tlm moat comfortable Hotel 'iid Sea Bathing esubltsliuie: i within .1 hui Jred mi t ? of eilhat city. Visitor* and invalids n ill receii ? every attention from the proprietors, who are iioiv icady to enter intn arrangements with fiimiliea for the seas ? ; lor board. The advmit-i!.-! < of ?e\ lathing daring .(lis summer months ire apparent to all, ai.d L< . g Bra furnishes every injure inent to families md imiii idutl? frr health, recreation Hill comfort To tiw lovers of fiahiufc, the vicinity of tlie Sea Dans Banks ulTniiji great sport j r. nil the gunning 111 the neigh borhood is ver> fine. The Steamboat ORUS leave* F niton Market wharf every Jay. Kur hour* of leaving, ah*- adverti- emei.t of 8teunier Oru* in the Courier anil E' .|uner From the Ocean Home, posseu gers are conveyed to the hotel 0 uiile<. iugood carnages. II. HOWL AND It CO.. Proprietor* of the Sea Beach Hotel. Long Branch, June il . IM?>. irtt emllm m GUNTEli'S DIMJNG 5ALUU.N, 147 t'til ton St., New York. THE SUBSCRIBER having taken the above premise*, and lilted it up in a style *urpa*MHg that of any establ<*htneiit of the kind in New \ork. beg? to call the attention of his friends in town and country, to the conveniences which hit establishment affords. To men whose business and pmfes .ional pursuits require them to be supplied it any hour in the day, this Dining Saloon will be particularly convenient. Ever> luxury which may b? desired will be found, while the most uaidious attention will be shown to the wants and wishes ol customers. To those who visit the city from the country, peculiar fa cilities are afforded. Everything is daily served up at so eco nomical a price, that all can enjoy them. The subscriber feels persuaded that a call at his establishment will be satisfactory to every visitor. It Open on Sunday*. H. H GUNTER, HARWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 9!13 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. [!_/?" Baths jnst introduced ? Warm and Cold ? in fine apart menta ? for both ladies and gentlemen. jetg Im'ec COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chestnut Street, between 6th and Ttli streets, PHILADELPHIA. . , THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and the travelling public, they have taken the above house, (for merly known u the Marshall House,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements 111 its interior, having spartd no expense to render it one of the moat pleasant aud fashionable houses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large and well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is in the most central part of the city, neir to all the places of public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern rontrs. The tables will be supplied with all the delicacies of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by their personal attention aud experience in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. B AGLET. MACKENZIE It CO. James Bagley, (late of Jones' Hotel. ) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of tne Washington House.) Peter L. Ferguson Jnlv 1st, 114ft iy^ Jm*ee OFFICE OK JfcKl* fchftuN INcU ? oo.,t "No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ? 11HIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and also, tg a 1 ust loss by inland nana at ion on vessels and their cargoes. ? DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, K.lisha Ricga, Thomas T. WoodnifT, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D-, Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tncker, James E Holm**, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John II. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnia, Thomas Morrrll, Francis P. Mage, Eukfiie Bogart, John C. Meriitt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. (irneoK T. Horn, Secretary ail rf ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER A NEWLY INVENTED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER Warranted the most perfect article of the kind ever mveii* j red. It has been in u?e for Soma time, and approved of bv all medical men who have examined it, and pronounced by them the hest article of the kind ever offered 10 the public. "'"JLJ' dieted re requested to call and examine for themselves. The inventor has put tin m down to the low price ol D ie Dollar. I'o be had only of Madame Osscar, II Murray street. New York. This Article can be sent to any part of the United States, hv Mail. Pcrsous at a distance liave them sent, by addresring as'nhnee. iw?s? paid J r 2 1 Im're Mll.i l AH ? t. W VI I'M KM TS. H. J. STORMS, 34 FULTON SI IIEET. HAM constant y on hand, a full assortment of Military and Hone Equipment*, according to the United S ' tes and State regulation. Alan, a variety of Saddles, Bridl.'s, Harness, Tmiiks, Valises, lie See. llr"e Equipment* ofeverv style. miole to order, jail Ini'tn __ HOUSE, AkW TORK, t i Colloctor s Office, Jnlv 13, 1U.V > IN aceordmce with Treasury instructions, notice 1* hereby given that a pnMic sale of "unclaimed Goods." and gooils ?non which the i?i|iorter, consignee, or agent, has failed or ne glected to p*y duties ou completion of the entry, am which Sood- have now remained 111 public store sixty days, (or ninety ays if imported Irom beyoud tlie ("ape of Good Hope.) w.ll take place at the auctiou room ol HKNIIY L. VAN WYCK, 23 Kxchange PI ca.allO o'cloc* on Monday morning, tlie 4th I August, proximo. T.W. LAWRENCE, Collector. i jnli 5 tec J Charleston, July 18, 1845. The Pavilion ? Coltectnrxhip ? Health of the City ? Ihe Mailt ? Gen. Hamilton ? Jw kxon's Eulogy, | i ?5*< Since we left you at the capital of this chivalrous 1 little State, we have reached its commercial empo- i rium by paying the monopolist* of the railroad $6,50 ( lor travelling a distance of some 120 miles, or about i eight hours ride ; the cars leaving Columbn at 6, A. ' M., and rea hing here at 2, P. M ? Cheap ! So you perceive the Baltimore company is not alone in its aroistcratic charging. We are safely put up at the Pa vilion Hotel, kept by Col. John C. Ker, a worthy sci j on of auld Scotia, and one of the pleasantest old tel ! lows in the world. As ia usual at this reason, we ! luxuriated on tomitoes, okra, water-melons, and the I ' hundred and one different vegetables which decked the colonel's table, and after the fatigue ofourjaunt, obtained an early couch, with a good musquito net to keep off the varmints. The principal talk iu the world political, is con cerning the Custom House, which the Democrats aver to be in the hands of the Philistines, or Whigs. Grayson, whose term aw Collector, expires in Au'iu-t, was appointed by Tyler, and will probably walk the plank, and Henry L. Pinckney, who prece j iled bun, is likely to be reinstated, not, however, witli out strong opposition on the part of the merchants and others who would picler anybody else, as Pinck ney is an old Hunker, and tried to obtain the vote of the State for Van Buren, but couldn't come it. Klmore and his clique having put him down by re I fusing to promise the support oi the party to any one, | until a brighter light than Van Huren greeted their I s- it<ht. Mr. Carew, a member of the Legislature, is ; al-o s)token of, and Col. B. F. Perry, a State Sena j tor (rom Greenville District, is said to have visited ; Washington for the purpose of obtaining this, or ! some other office. Both the latter are sound and talented Democrats. There will be no removal in | tiie Post- office, the present incumbent, Mr. Huger, being tirinlv tixed in his seat, although it is said that Col. M. J. Keitte, a very worthy and popular Demo crat, has applied for the place. The other offices are not much sought after ; in tact, Carolina generally has uever been an office-seeking place, and would be the last to watch the crumbs which tall from the executive table. So mote it be ! To recur to Pinck ney, he and Grayson were both members of Con gre-s in Mr. Polk's time, and so I believe was Col. Elmore, the present President of the Bank ol this State. The lamented Legare beat 1'inckuey, after the latter had served out his two years, and he in his turn, was beat by Mr. Holmes, who is now in his third Congress*, a situation which he fill admirably, both as a gentleman and statesman. It is understood that Col. Elmore opposes Pinckney, and as he is the head manager of trie "ropes" here, should his efforts succeed, poor Henry L. will be left out sure ? much to the d^comfort of sundry humbug office-seekers, who are wi.tching the arrival of the " documents" with certainty, every mail. Some score or more have been promised situations, hut Mr. Pinckney will find it tough work to pick out many good samples Irom among them Nothing has yet been done towards ceremonyizing the death of General Jackson, except the appoint ment of Colonel Elmore us orator. It is a shame that such should be the case when the birth place ot tlie deceased patriot is but a short distance from the city. The mails are all in disorder. The southern and western mail, according to present arrangements, lies over here nearly twenty-four hours, owing to a change in the hour of its arrival, anil the Augusta papers complain wofully that the Post Master Gene ral does not ca-t his eye thi- way, as it keeps oui liiends in Mobile and New Oi leans a uay behind the t'ormer, All will be right alter a while, we hope. Gen. Hamilton has been ruralizing amonsrst us foi a week or two, and looks ten years younger since the consummation of annexation. He is a noble lellow, and deserves better luck than lie has had ni late years. You may expect himself and lamil) amonst you in a short time. Amusement is t-carce. 1 visited Temperance ' Hall the other night, and found a dozen, who were ' dismissed by the president with a hymn to the air ol ) Auld Lang Syne. Apropos, wasn't it! The Ex ' change Reading Room, conducted by Mr B Neu I I'rille, a very worthy and polite gentleman, furnishes in agreeable lounge, but as one can seldom get nea) die Herald file, owing to the crowd, we have to head them by calling on your agent at the comer lor our copy. In the evening, the Battery presents '.he ' most attraction, especially of a moonlight night, when the visitor-' names are legion. There is a fine I .'alt water bathing house in the middle of it, kept by Mr. Eraser, who seems to be well patronized. | Notwithstanding the prevalence ol .reports in the up ; couatry to the contrary, the city co ntinues perfectly . healthy, and .rom the cleanliness visible throughout the streets, I should say that Yellow Jack will find it dillicult to obtain a resting place. The thermo meter has generally ranged at two o'clock, (the warmest jmrtion of the da) ) from 90 to 9J, and has. | in no instance, I believe, reached 100; so that we I ire not worse oil than yourselves in regard to ! weather. Considerable improvement in this ciryis jiercepti ble since my lust visit, und I notice the erection ot a number ot large buildings; among them, a cotton urrgg, which it lsbfrutige whs never thought of before The proprietors, Meters. Tuit and Meggitt, u re from i New Orleans, and are likely to " make tlieir Jack" i by the speculation. Gilbeit's dry dock, or Union V\' liarves i? doing a good business, and has not been idle h day since it was built. 1 witnessed the " screw ing up" of a steamboat the other day, rnd it was done first rate. Teil Gilbert he can make more by selling to individuals, than wasting time on the re presentatives ut Washington, who have been tri fling with him and his competitor so long. The stock ot cotton on hand now is about 40, (NX) bales, at prices ranging from 6 toH, in round numbers. The number of square rigged vessels in port is about 20, only two or three of which are loading t or fo | reign ports. There will be no business done, except in a smuil way, before October, about which time we expect the northern birds to return to their south ern nests, to feaiher for next season. A strong unti-l'olk feeling prevails among a cer tain class here, and the " noli mi tangere principle seems to be pursued towards the " bob-tailed nag of Tennessee (as Stuart of the Mercury calls him) From the tone of the Mercury we should judge that much will depend ujwn the tone of the President's J message concerning the tariff. As for the Oregon question, it scarcely creates athousht, notwithstand- j ing a long twaddle olstufl in the July number of the j " Southern Quarterly." Th< author of the article is the sub-editor, but entirely too green to draw a ] bow over such a big fiddle. Louisville, Ky., July 18, 1H45. Population ? Nativeism ? Congressional Elections. ; There are but few traces to be found here of the i pure Iventuckian race, the population being chietly composed of Yankees, Germans, French, Irish and negroes, even so mu^|i so that some days ago an , aboriginal member of the city council opposed the | proposition of taking a new census, on the ground thut he did not like to know how many Dutch, Irish and free negroes were li ving within the limits j of this town. Some malicious people, however, say j his opposition arose from an apprehension that an i index of those lucky chaps migtit be added, who have become gentlemen by the benefit of the bunk runt law. Nativeism wants yet another crush to be prostrated j lorever. Here, too, its dark seeds have jome to j light, and the whigs of Louisville 6eem not yet to have profited by Hie recent dear lesson given; they 1 are secretly cajoling the young sprout without dating | openly to espouse tier, yet there are certain indica tions a complete amalgamation is not lai olf. '1 he campaign for the Congressional elections in ? August has opened with the begining ot this month An important internal question to be decided by this } contest, is that ot ih'1 appropriations ot the public , money to the improvement ot our western rivers Tue candidates ot both parties, Messrs. Thomason ; and Elijah Nutall, are almost daily appealing to the ' syinpatiues ot the dear people, by piving thrill from 1 the stands on our butcher's blocks, their relative j views on this and other pending questions. A RtTfSfAW COCNT, HtS Cor.-vTESS AND CHILDREN j ttt RNT Ai.ivk by rtiKiR Skkis. ? W e Jiave received i f, o :i Southern Russia the news of the tragical end of ( Count Apruxin, well known for hi* divorce from hi* first wife. Thin ^entleinan, vt ho treated is sell* with unheard of cruelty, has, together with his second wife and child- j ren, fallen a victim to their vengeance. The infuriated . people, at midnight, surioundori hi* caslle, and having gutted il of its content*, hound the inmates and set lire to 1 it. The count, who hnd fieed himself, attempted to an- | cape, hut wa* ovcrpoweied and heat en to death by his | savage horde. '1 he tii*t wile vl the < on lit Apiaxic lied | married a llungai ian nobleman, but the Pope would not give his content to this mauiage, which, besides, was 1 not recognized by law, her tiist husband being still alive The catastrophe which has taken place has now, how. ever, removed this obstacle, and the union having been sanctioned by the Holy See, the countess has been recei ved at the court of Vienna and by Plince Metternich. - Paris Paper Dr-MFBits, 18ih July, 1845. Emigration from New York ? The Banking Facilities to Farming ? Politics and Proscription, fyc tfC. A few New York farmers luve settled among uj and in the adjoining counties. They have found by this time that their superior mode of cultivation, and all their boasted northern management, way more ideal than real. They find now that the negro is the best laborer, and the most faithful ? that the way to benefit him is to hire him and treat him welt. The best kind of laboring farm hands may l>e hired annually at from $-10 to $65 per annum. The hiring takes place at New Year's day. It a northern farmer moves to Virginia, he had better rent land at first, and purchate, or not, after wards ; some gentleman have puichased, and if ; torced to sell, it would be at a great sacrifice. The anti-renters would do well to move down among us. They, like ourselves, are decendants of the revolu tionary stock, and our principles and theirs, would 1 soon unite us as one people. Newspaper editors j and travellers have for years past spoken disparag ingly of Virginia. They talk of delapidated houses, ; desolated fields, and the absence of old Virginia hospitality and eld Virginia gentlemen, as if we had neither houses, cultivated fields, nor gentlemen among us. 1 here is more poetry than truth in the. statement. We find in all countries the sume muta tion of men and things. In New Knglund and New York, the ancient families who hold their estates Ironi the crown, may be denominated old English gentlemen, none of whom, and few of their decend ants are to be found, and I doubt very much if there is hardly a vestige left of their ancient habitations, and their desolated fields have long since been divi | ded among their more humble successors. The great banking facilities of the north unsparingly h| plied ! to commerce and munufaetures enables that section i of the Union to excel in improvements and wealth : of til kinds. While the absence i f banks in Vir ginia, keeps the farmer delving away at his plough, thankful to make a support for his family, and when he dies, his farm is divided among his children, and in nine cases out of ten they are all made poor by the division. The New Englander to comment" business goes to his friend, who loans him large sums through the banks, and i{ he is successful, in a tew years he is immensely rich. Such a case as ihis is never known with us, except perhaps in Rich mond, where by the way all the commerce is in the hands of the Yankees. In Virginia we are exempt from the fanaticism of the North. We are free from trades' unions, from odd fellows, from the various phazes and divisions of abstinence, with its drolleries, fooleries and ab surdities. We have no missionary societies, and the tew Sunday schools are only used tor the tuition of the needy. We are not pestered with fines ard impositions for non-attendance, and not in the habit of setting our heads together to form companies, so cieties and other combinations and gull-traps to *g grandtze a lew at the expense of the many. We are , tree from all the trashy excresences of a bloated i community of hypocrites, ho for years past, through 1 t:ie medium of Air. Adams, have rendered the buM I ness of Congress a furious contest between the | North and Souili. Office hunting with us received a repulse at the outset of the administration, from the President, and ; particularly from Cave Johnson, which caused great ] dissatisfaction. Two applications were madr to Cave, for cleikships. He enquired, " what State 1" "Virginia," was responded. "That's fatal," says Cave, "an imperative rule of the Cabinet is, that iio apiKiuitmem be made from Virginia." "Thundir, was there ever a rule made before 1" said ihe poor Oevils, as they made their escape from the I .iresence of the ossified skeleton of the Post master General. It is said somtf foreigner in one of the public cffices, called frum the Blue Hook the places of buth of all the clerks, and it tell to the lot of Virginia, Maryland, and the poor utile District of Columbia, to father whole gangs of foreigners and We.- tern men. A list was first pub lished in the Times, a Catholic anti-native pa|>er, printed in i hiladelphia. The patronuge of Virginia fjro|>er will be found much less than repiesented,. and much below Massachusetts, New York, Pennsyl I Pallia, Maryland, Louisiana, Mississipi, Missouri, , md all the Western States, where the collection of the Customs, with its hundreds of clerks and em ployees, and the survey and sales of the public lancis, tnd the numerous agents and employees of the Iu Jian department, and the worthless liost who hav? been fattening on the public crib, to gratify Western members of Congress, and whose business (the im provement ot western navigation,) has been to build dams across the Ohio river, and cut down the trees on the banks of the Mississippi, saw them into lengths and roll them into the river. I say, Sir, the administration is incorrect in believing the state ment in the Philadelphia Times, and its friends in Virginia tcel very sore at such duplicity. Sharon Springs, July 19, 1815. View of these Springs cu a Watering Place. It is no longer a question whether this place will be a fashionable summer resort for those whose lives are bound up in the city during nine months of the year; th it doubt has already been solved; the only quest u a there can possibly be ij?, whether it in not very soon to become the most desirable retreat in the United States. Apart from the inducements which it presents to those who are sutfering under a variety of diseases, in the incomparable qualuies of its mineral waters, it affords the most picturesque views of natural scenery, and is situated in a cool, healthy, and delightful section of the country. It is well known that the Newark river flows through this portion of the State, on whose banks re;x>BC in sacred remembrance of the records of revolutionary valor and suffering, and whose woods and glens are the abode of the romance of earlier days. Wander ing leisurely over hill and dale, you may visit many spots of thrilling interest described in krone's life of Brant, and tread the same ground trod by the noble chiettain and his savage warriors. Leaving the cars at i'alatitie Bridge, the route to this place leads u distance of about eight miles to the southward, on a road gradual and easy in its ascent, from which the traveller may look down upon beau tiful villages here und there decking the landscape, or raising his eye, may rest it in pleasant contem plation upon the hills beyond, where the pretty cot tage peeps out coquettishly from behind its veil of trees and shrubbery, and smiles upon his visit; while on all sides the delightful fragrance of ripening fields of grass and grain, and the gentlest breeze watted fresh from the green leaves, impart a joyous exhileration to the whole system. Driving onward, the broad portico of the pavilion, with its extended wings, appearing ready to take its lli^ht from the eminence on which it stands, suddenly breaks upon the sight. Here the kindest host, mid the readiest attention is waiting for you. You meet with no scolding landlord, and stupid servants, who tear the baggage from your hands, and dash it into your lace, or mistake your toes for a pair of stairs, but eveiy thing works by the regular machinery which resides in the heads and hearts of Landon and Gardner, well known as the proprietors of other popular hoiels in the _ cities of Albany and .New York. The dining room and saloons ,ire large and airy, and the table furnishes n no un favorable'comparison withthose of the best hotels on Broadway. There is a large arrival of visitors from your city, among which I have observed several of the " upper ten thousand." Almost every city at the .North Ims n representative here. A variety of amusements are prepared, for those who denre to combine pleasure with the pursuing of their health, and a band discourses sweet music every evening in the east drawing room. I spent a moment on Thursday evening, in witnessing the graceful mo tions ot the dance, where " Gaiety on restless tip-toe hover*, (jigglnig with all the gallant* who beset her." And was charmed with the appearance ol some of those sweet angels, that sometimes visit the dreary habitations ot this earth, and restore to us half ot lost L'.tradise. I have no time, in this letter, to single out to them their just meed ot praise, nut that pleasure is still " in embryo." Of course, among so large and distinguished a company, there is, in all conscience, enough of fashionable and political scandal. My note book is alreudy overflowing with hints and whisperings, and confirmations, with which 1 shall soon delight you More Goods prom New York, by the Mtamt Canal. ? The boat Superior, Capt. G S. Smith, ar rived yesterday, bringing 10 ton* merchandise from New V ork lor several houses in thi* city, und one lot foi *1 Louis. Good* nay be shipped by this new route with certainty of despatch anil arrival, by the several trans portation lines now established. We understand th?? tiie Board of Public Works i* now in session at Colniltitis, and will adjust the tolls en this Canal so as to adapt them to the new featuro of trade w liich the opening ol the 'ca nal to tho Take lias produced.? Cincinnati Onttllt, July 17. Military Visiters ?The Hartford Light Guard, Capt. T. II Seymour, arrived in this city by the rail road train from Bo-ton at half-past six o'clock last ?'?fl ing They were received at the East Albany Ferry by the Burgesses Corps.? Mbany .Argus, July 3 1.

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