Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 23, 1845, Page 3

July 23, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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In lead! ii{j features of this bank for four periods com pare u* follows i? . tpril, July,'4i. JtprilSii. Julii.'ii .u His and ilucouuts,. .$1,113, 1 .fW.dTtf 1 601.863 1.M3.5M - ircul ition 9K!,!i70 5)18,186 968,074 005,971 '?poaite* 23?,85l 2'1? M.8 2)0.046 Hi 1.8" V'Cl'i* 310,977 J!0,>13 29:2. T78 289.751 ll villi be seen by thin statement that there has been u King ott' since -April in each of the principal depart knente. The aggregate movement in April, IS44, wat $2,408,021, an 1 in April, 1846, $3,408,317, and at each oi these periods previous to July 1, ltMu, the umouut hut be' n greater than it that time. It i* very gratifying to ?oe a restrictive movement in the provincial banks, as il insures a much longer period of prospeiity tlmn man) have anticipated. It is impossible to iret up an inllatiou in trado, so long as the hanks keep their operations with in proper limits, and the more frequent the reports from tlieso institutions the better able the public will be to Juiige of the condition of commercial ail'airs, and the per. maneuce of any existing prosperity. OUt IMevk Uli'liantie. 110 alias Har'cm RU b30 67 t?000 U 8 3\ U, cpa 104 1100 N > St u- 1-*, '18 toiifS 11000 Ohio 7'a 101 It IK) P. uu'a 'it 1 Ike 78'* HKI'U do LiiO 78 KHIII Ohio li'a, '60 * '<> 9'>>i jiinn do a4m 96*4 1000 Kentucky (i?s ? )0 nn?t iti (i< o do 39 sli is Am Exc Bk 1 0 Vickshu k Hk 10 Ohio L fe ti Tr Mi Mor. is I i n .il 10 (. ai.ti.ii Co 50 do 10 Farm'. Trust DO do 20 Syr and Utica do 2u0 L Island It It ill do 125 do 50 do 100 do IHO do 21 llou. atonic Kit 25 do 25 Nor and Wore 50 do 10 do 50 Heading itK 100 do 100 do 10 do $IK 00 I'eiii'u 5'a U00 Kc ituoky 6's lno O'rio 7'a 50 shaa L ialand 50 do 50 do Ml Nor and Wore 50 de 2> do s60 99?4 80 7? 91 30 all 39.1? 31X all :.8^4 aaO 38* 117?J Scrond Boitrtl. 90d 73 25 ahas Nor and Wor all) 61 67 a60 64 ?30 61 61 blO t.t atw 64 a6U 61 W 28 a 30 27 68 % a30 O10 68,' i 56 ii3r a30 11>2 55>% 100 101 blO 61 s:io 0 s30 Ol'i 68J-J blO 69 atw 69 25 do 50 do Kl Caiit >ii Co 71 do 25 do 50 Morrii Canal 21 do New Stuck Exchange. 23 sh*? Virkibure Bk 7*4 50 Furm's Trust 50 do 50 do 21 Mnr. ia Canal 10 Manhattan Fire 21 L lal .i.d ltlt 100 21 aio 21 75 10 21 c a 10 33% bi0 33j. c 30 5 blO 61 aim 6|>* aim 64>? c 6l* b3 bad 60j a3 61>5 a3 64 J* 200 aliaa F.nt Boaton 10 F.rie RR 171 do 75 do 21 Nor and Wore all) 64 atu 69 *60 10 sbu HI to 30 '4 30.-4 s3 13.V? c 28 c 28V a3 28 '4 btjO 68)4 b3 68>i a3 68H C 68,?h C 68.S ban S8jj b'MI 69 sill 68>u a 10 68 <a M Hi'ilrd, On Tuesday, 33d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Evens, Tho mas C. Waldo.*, to .Miss J. S. Spilkk, both of this city. Died, On Tuesday morning, 22d inst. after a long and pain- 1 ful illness, Elizabeth M., wile vt Church Miller, aged | 4b years. It months and 22 day s. '1 tie friends and acquaintances of the family are res- j pectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence ! of her >on in-law, Russell W. Westcott, 15 avenue A, I tins morning at 10 o'clock, without further invitation. 1 ? Xf ? Syracuse papeis will please copy. I At Walterb ro\ (8. C.) on the 24111 ult. Maria A. Glovek, wileot Dr. J. Edward Glover, formerly of this city At L'nity, (Ma ) Mrs. Hamnah, relict of Hon. Stephen Chase, 100 \ eara and 25 days. She was born in Swanzey, Mass May 2Tth, 1739. She left 10 children, Co grand children, 160 peat grond children and 12 of tiie tilth ge neiation. 1 here were about 150 of her descendants pre sent at her funeral, and 130 walked in the funeial train. ADAMS ic CO." NEW YORK, NEW HAVEN, HARTFORD AND SPRINGFIELD EXPRESS. H'HE aub.>Ciil era respectluliy Kive not ce that they have JI <>l.shed an Expiess b. tweeu tbe cities, anil will drapatch hoi.eatand capable measeii|fcr>, dally, to accompany the i>ackai(eg coulidt-d to ou< charu -. 'l'o atloid tlie greatest |>o?aiblr ?rcurity for t e aafe trai.apor tut hiii ofapecie, hank notraaiid er valuables, iioii>afea with Patent Locks have tieen place 1 ?,i the route ; and meichai.ta and utliera in iy rrly oil our rarut-at t-lforU lo diachaiite with promi'tnesa the huainesa t ntrnstcd to our c ire. Exi re-si le iven . Iliee evrry morniuK at ipurter-pasf 6. Atienl. Ill New H ivrii? Webb 81 1'l.uit 56 Statf strr. t. " Hartford? R, G. 11, Huutiugdou, 2 American Hotel Uiii!diiiKa. " SprinKtield? 1 bouipaou Sc Co. ADAMS Si CO. New Voik, 17 Wall at., July. Ifll.'>. jy23 It rti NOTICE TO BANKS. WILSON St llllOH N havi k luut tiieir Bill Book by the ' recent lire, will thu.k ail Bauka hav 111; tluir notes a .<1 I accept nres. t<> aeud new iiotices 01 tin* same to their present j oilier, No 7'j VVr?t trret, coruer of Carlisle. i j 23 lweoilrs*ec 1? na J2YEFJRE A YOUNG MOCKING BIRD, iu a large aplendid Cat;e. alaoa I ruary bud and Cu|(e, were lilt 1 11 the mor .iiiu of the !aie lire It t. H* Way's Houst- of Refreshment, No. 20.1 M uliuiKtoii St'e. t, op, osite the market. The o? er can pro Cur !? e < ife in ipplv i t; .1. nbove j ? 23 3. *1 1 r JiUlll i lH)l.t..iKS JiK ri'AKEN Irmii the side-Walk 111 .\iorria street, near llroa<! X ?.i) . on last Sati rd.i) mor . int; , a medium *i/eU 'J KL N'K. 1 \ e.eil v?uh black leatl ei, with si. oil sirups in front, attach' d ducal' ?> 0.1 the low er par, of the Trunk, a. id .i leatt er flap Ci veiiwi the -eynoe. T.iuTru k couiaiued weari k apparel, in us t of ? .ilcli ? aa marked 1'. BurUell. The Truiik h d 1 paper K.ini 0.1 it, 0.1 winch Has printed "from Jones' llotel, l'lula.," nli ch, lioHev* r, m ,y h -?e bie.i rui<beu oil. Any ( <1,011 reiumiuit it lo No. 48 Kx hange pi ice. will re cen iinrtidol imeairg iy23 2t*rrc ri.Ni^ WiiKll ^iULL.N. following described W tch wiu stolen from the wiu- j X dow ui No. >0ti ii*o..dway tins morn ng A suit ble re- i w id will be given lor it? itcovery. l'<*w i. broke is aud watch- | iiiakeisart ieqae?;edto be o* the look out lor it, indgive iul'or- j mutton as above. A *old c-sed 'i. dependent seconds watch -gold dial (witli au I exlra ii iid dial ui u moro co c.u?e)-? ??di Capped.e.t raved back, | a. id cliast d elites ? N->. -6007 ? 3 jew els? JVi. i. 'lobius ,N> W i ???k, 2Jd Jul)-. !?>?;! },2 l 3l?rrc A CAKD. JOLY f HEMES, l-te ol 4i Jie^ver stre-t, beg leave to return their th u.fcs to Adams a d ilamde. 's iL.xp*es?e? lor then* exo lions in removing iher goous i'ioiii their store, and keeping tin in iu * 1'ety till alt* i Hits lire. J. 1*. also iiiurn thanks to Messrs. Shep ?rd 5t Co 212 Water street, lor their valuable services in removing *ood? at the risk ol their live.**, aud having the in stored m satety at No tto >*ai? stieet, at the l'e ic n In uroice Cuii.pu.y office, who [ kindly ?h ?i us the ?ise of tneir room* j>2< 3**rn \\T E, the ULdersigned, occupants of stores No?. 35, 37 and 39 v v .-?ou?li VV il I i Jill hireei, would return our sincere thinks to , thai portion of the Fire Department satioi.ed in our neighbor- | hood, a.>d partu ulariy to the officers and u embers attached to Co. No. 4<>, toi thnr exeitious iu saving our property from destruction by liie ou Saturday morning last? bei i; per suuU - d that bill for i he exertions ? 1 Co. No. 4b ill entlie uiock ; must have been cousumed, together wiwli the store.* extending | thiwugh lioin Stone to l'earl streets. JOHN P CLARK, jy232t*?c JU^rPH Na i i Pit k CO. CO U iS Tl Mi-IIOl ftii, HUKlZUiVlAL. ANJ J LAWVER'SS DhSKtf.iOFK ICE TAbLES, CHAIRS, STOOLS, Arc , Jcc , \~c. I^HC snbturibrni, I .to ol SO Broad .tieet, would inform their | fiie..d* thai tlicy have taken the .tore corner 1 I ttroadway nml VV nil >tr. tb, *ht ie llwy tu ktr|i ou hai.d a general MWMM of the above HbOWL to|(elliei wi h >11 kinds Ol }'?(* liiturr, ' li 1 1 r~ . Sic. .11 ui vi loth ? nl be ill. posed of on IMIIW able terms. All order. tha. leceivid ami punctually .a tended to Jt tlie shortest uourc. Old work repaired. NAT 11 -iN CLARK. LDW. C. Ll'l TLfc. TO LET.? 1'leaiant Rooms, with liieakfast and 'lea if re quited, in a re.pecuule privet* family. Apply at 17 II. iw ril ? t. Kefeience* escoauged. j > 23 1 w'rh H. Mk.EON 0c LU., C< LOTUS, CASSIMLKI.S, ?cc. lUi l.NlSHKR, No. J4I * v> e t.i.eet, i>e? ?Oik. AI?o Uam.i.ed Woollen Ooi)d? d-'..e up. Oidei. may be iett at (Kl. 63 a d 61 1'iue >lieet. m i KKiMi.i : Wolcott k Sl.tile, CJ I'nie .1. ? VV.( . Langley Si Co., fil T ne ? I ? 3 I . J'lie* k Cu. 12 fine st. ? U. bilKliam it Co , tiO l'me St.? llalsti d, 11 .ines Sl Co , 31 N.tss li st ? te*ii Si K.uriBIl >, Liu ity ? v il oi., Unlit r kto , 37 U iliiam st Jt2:iln* rli j J. U aToCVENEL, MPORTER OK INKS, No M Jului .treet, i forms hi. Itiunds ai.d the lover, ol |ji.od Wiut-.-i Ketierally, tliat niordei | to i p, ly thr greut UemHiid, lie lus in-iile jrraiitft-uieiiU to have u!m?> hi ?l<ne, una ti. leceive ilnect fiom Uurd aui, W mes ol the lii st qu.ility, In m ihe pmprietors direct. 1 lie ?c I k.ionii ticu-e. I'oilowiug aic .ulfirient lecf.mmen ol the qualiue. of the W mes, * ithout further details I? JWer.u li rum U one, tux, j ,, , , .. j M()CI, ' f Proprietors of Vmiioblcs, Clip, (ve vait, ) at lio?le^u*. N. t>.? J. 15, u dcrlakei t > .sell Wine for family line, by the dozt-u or gallon. j J 2,\ Im'ec BOARDING. rV II RK?K or four sinuh Ke< tletnen, or gent! f men and their X w iv e?, can be ?'C. ri.m.Miut mi, * it It *uoU Board and \ le.t *.int r?? m? on Clinton A%ei ue, flasi iirooK I yn. T?.e plate i?cen bi ;i? td l-?r he r.f, heallhy ami u.t, ? ommai diiiK a line vie W ol the li#y auU ilartior of. New Voik Appl> to JAMKS V D k K, 7# Clinton Avenue _ . .... "*ir Church, i N D ? Omnibiues run until 10 o clock P. M., from hnltou| Fei.y. jyO 1 w*rh FOR SALE, " 1 H K New York and I'hil. tMphia Line of SIGNAL 1 ELK liji \PH, bei??K if complete ordtr for operation, ir w ould ufi /id n;rt at f.iciht i> h in couiinunicating new*, either for I owtpipei* or I'ritate expr^Mt, ti e time being only a few in nute- b ween the two Cities. It was erected at au clause of fl?a0 dollars, and will he * Jd lor a small sum, an the ow er inu t l? iVe lor KttiO;** i :? . ' vs. Enquire of D A V I D OlilFU N, Acri ? A-' -'t, No. It k,i: erry street N Y , or at Hi t'leton, Ci. J.f whei ? all ii*ceisAf| lnlormotioii Will bt given. j>2J 3t*r c " " ill LLl A K 1 )S? I i a L AT 1MPKOVE M hi N TS SOI I llhltN IIR8, StrmiKer. and Ciiu.ens aie invited to try t| ihiigsny lied with IU Piuk-Is, in de by ream m ichim r> . ho ii'Ucli woik could not he done liy hand without three tune* fru' usu I pni e. Likewise (^ii.hinns so eliutic thut eli vm can , b? Mil bj isinfll blow. Kor .ale or play iiik ;i' BASSKOH D'S j olu stand ? Knlr.iiiCi's jmninn the Mtiwuin li u i Id iiik , Auu street and 119 Kultou st. < iiis h i. Id. with a number of these improved Tables, invites his trie ids to c-tll ?> t the Giiiii-d States Mote', LlilmiCs thr <ii?h the hvr-io >iii or 198 W iter strei t. jyJ3lm*rrr THE !3Ef>RKTARV OF THE HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY II AH arrived in llin city for the purpose of adjusting and -X ? ?etniiiK ut once the losses mutaine I by that company in ti e in ent lire He will n|?o attend for a few day* at the ol the Company, No 67 WAL L STIIKET, and t iki men i| proved risks at ni iv offer t fm rs?te? ol' premium. Th 11 Minpitied tapiUl <?l this old and well known company aft'or^ anu mat t seeurity to llir owner* ol pr"i?erty ; and the mode of hi o.tii w H H business, which for years has v- cured the public coundence, remains nuchiuKed. j> 22 3tmf,re Fli l .XCII A.N li H'AMHI 1IOTKL, 'X/ UIMIAIIVX \\ t opi>o?ite h.nchoigf Place, having ** e ?pe?i uninjured at the late lire, remains open for the re I T ptlOU ol IV lllp , II V . j nil It ? rrc %Vt^?h"" *""d " 0 i,y AUd"-M K'Vat'i'lii , nr.e.1 \ rl(l\ A I' K f A\1II,V hiving more room thsn the, with ?la. to oc< uij, are de- irnus of mif , witlinat board, two or t:. . n. a ly r uMlllltd Rooms, With C I , et! Uid KirepLi ,. o ' ?i itis. Single Iteutlrmen anferrwl. Kn.,nWu at 412 Broad way. Hel'-renea. eiuhumed j TH*re , fihi: insuuaNck. THE MUTUAL SECURITY' INSURANCE COMPANY of New H?ven, with * C ASH C 4 PITA L OK Sll? .<(*), 'living been in business about on* year and entirely escaped l^i by >hr hie firt, will t<kv riiki iu this citv ou theino-.t I'jvoral le terms. A- the r? If ? of ilia Company prohibit the liking ever $> ?<? ? in any one ri*k , they arc nut s? liable to have tile i Capital impaired by sweeping fire* .i? ihey would other %v i*i'* In*. All claims tor losses will be promptly Adjusted. JOSEPH N. CLAllK, President. Piici.LirS (Sauon, Sec etary. Applications for insurai ce ill the abo\e company may be in lue to tbe subscriber*, wlio no uuthoiis <1 'o i.?ue po ieiet. .v itAI.D 'A IN, J. 11 ARR'SON, j>23 linii ric \_enti, 65 Wall str et. Office or thi New York Eijr itabi.i Hi < 'o., > SSidJuly, UI5 ? M Wall tt. s | 'IMI1S Company have "s-ertaiueU that upwi rtls of60,UU0 Jol I I .rs nf the sum list e?tim ited ti tli* l>ur>it di.irict in not destroyed or dam aged, and fr. in tbe beat c Icnlition, it it bi heved ihtt lb .s company w ill p v nil its losses at in iturity, and j li ve a c pilal of iM to 170,' 00 dollar* left. Tins company continues to insure ou as favorable teriiu i ? other sound institutions. LAMBERT SUVDAM. Prest. Jimuii Strong, Sec. j) tJ 6tis*rrc Pelican Ml'Tt'AL Insi ranck Company, ( New Yo.k. 19th July, l?? i THIl losses of this Compto y by tbe 1 ile tire will not proba bly exceed 150,600, and Im i>,g an ample subscription to si cure the payment of its l?t<ei, tbe Comoa y will continue to take liotli r ire and Marine risk mli-rotoF re. j 23 '?! w i <*rrc W. W. DiBBL'1*. Secretary. 1'fc.LlCAN MUTUAL INSUKANOL CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. T^HIS Ccuipuiy ia prepaied tn pay in rash '?' dtmand, .'ill A los>*s it lins sustained by tbe late fire, so soou as the claims are adjusted. Fire and Manue riaks will l?e taken as usu 'l. SIMEON BALDWIN, President. W. w. Uihbi E, Secretary. , New Yorn , ad July. 1845. j\23 lm isrrc rpHE "iifcw yOrk hire insurance company ? i will not I. se to exceed $ i(l 000 of its capital by tbe lite fire. All claims lor losses will be met promptly, and the bur liest of the com pan v roi.ti ued as heretofore, at th' offii e of the company No. 72 Wall street, adjoiniliK tbe t ourieraud fc.n o^rer office O. H. JONES, President. D. UnnmHiLi., Secretary. jyvixtrrc OFFICE cF THE CRO I ON INSi RANCECO i 35 Wall Street, New York, July 19, I84S. S THE ol this Company rem >iit - unimpaired, their lo?s by the fire of lliisday no' excee ?bug $ i5 000. and iliey are prepared to make prompt settlement of .11 cl urns against tliein Tliev c nit i ii lie 1 1 insuie Eire and Marine Risks, at fair rrlts. jySl twisec N. C AltROLL, Sec'y THE LONG ISLAND INSUKANCE COMPANY. Capital, 200,000 Dollars. Office, 41 Fallot utnrt, Kruoklyn. 'I'HIS COMPANY is prepared to tale risks in the city of I- Ne? Y'oik on far rabie terms havinn lost by the r, cent [ fbe only about ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this c inpauy will he paid ou liqui d-.lion. E C. FINN Secretary B.M. DElAMATER. President. Brooklyn . JuV ?1. 1815. jy 20 I in is m INSUKANCK. 'PIIE BROOKLYN EIRE INSURANCE CO. will insure A buildiniti and meichaudize gainst loss and d image by tire in New Yoik, it their office, upper eiuver of Fulto.i and Front streets, near the (?ulton Kerry Brooklyn. The capital of this co/n/io/iy ia unimpaired by the recent calamity. Iteference is made to the following gentlemen, director* of the eoinpnny, doinu hiisine-s in New > ork, for further infor m ition , v i. E. U. Hu'lbut, firm of E. D. H & Co , 81 South sireet ; Paul Spofford, lirin of Spotfoid, Tileston (i t o , 149 W ter street; Amos Willetti, firm of A Si S. Willetts, 303 Peail street ; Joseph Pettit, firm J. Pettit St Co , 131 Pearl st. WILI.IAM ELLSWORTH, President. Alfred G.Stevens, Secretary. Dated Brrx klyn, July 21, IIHS. jy21 2wis*ee ri^HE MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSUUANCE COM P *N Y, No. 6 1 Wall street, inform the public, that they are prep red to meet all claims promptly, and their assets .ire :.o fai uuimp'ired by the recent they are e 'aided to t >ke Marine and Fire Risks as heretofore, on the most favora lile terms. L. ORKOORY", President, JOSEPtl HOXIE, Vice Pres't. Elwood Walter, Secretary. jj20 Iw is ec Nr.w Y'ohk. July 19, 1815. IN THE Commercial of Saturday, appeared a stat',nieiii, tint the JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY had losi by the recent fire S200.00H, I wish to sty; that this is Kre 'tly over-estim ,ti*d. i'lie losses of the Company, it is su|> posed, will amount to about $100,000. Tne company continue their busiui ss of iusuranre as ii-nal, at their office No. 50 Wall street. T. W. THORNE, President. jy*20 ec NOTICE. THE NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. No. 62 Wall street. (Jones' Bii'ldings) has lost not ex ceeding Twenty-Ei|(ht Thousand Dollar'., probably not m 're t'i in Twenty-Five Thousand Doll .rs, by the recent fire in the birs-t Ward. Applications for insurance reeved as usual. No risk taken for more than Si.oiin. j??i 11 lw*m WM JAS. BOGOS. Secretary. HE. CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, have i lie A satisfaction to iiifonn their cust"ir:ers and the public, th >t it will not reiiuire over 10 percent of their capiial stock, t4i |>ay all cl lims for losses by the recent sad conllagrat on in this < ity. The office of the company, No 61 Wall street, it open lor insurance as heretofore. R. II. READING, President. D. F. < t'RRv, He.-retary. jyJI Iw'er It1 GALVANIC KINGS. DR. CREIGIITON'S GALVANIC KINGS KQUIBL no fluid to increase thrir Galvanic power. They possess all the advantage* of a Galvanic Hat-try, without itsshock, and are successlul i, curing ?U nervous diseases. For sale only by his Agent ?149. 143 ami 92 Fulton; C7 V\ alii er, at Drugstore* corner of Bowery r.ud Grand, 17 A wane I) 176 Spring, 3ti Catherine. cor er of < liuKui and Division Mr* Hays, Bio ilclyn l'riee 8s? gold $1. julOIiu'ec Tutc h I : Loirs NEW INVENTED WIG, SO FERFECTLV resembles the ren! head of hair as to def> detect ion. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances an Completely done away with. Wig wearers em now enjo) >.f much es*e and comfort as ever they di 1 will* their own l?tir Citizen* and *trau|ters are invited to iu*pec tin* Usty anil deli note work, ;i? it must be seen t? be appreciated, at WM r. AT( ilKLOR'S Wig and Scalp Manufactory, No. 2 Wal. strvei, near Broad way? Removed from 16.'> Brn :away. jel7 lm*m ~ HORDEAUX WINES & BRAND V. NF. KICHIT. St ? ??., Importer, 201 Broadway offer for ? sale in lots to suit purcli'sers, (lie following goods, viz Bordeaux rl<ret wine. Chateau Margeaut, St. Julian, !*t. Et- | tenhe, Hds. B irsnc Sauteriie See &c. in Casks, bbls, casse? all of superior quality 0'd Cognac Brandy. Noeyean ai d Anisette in rtises of the well known liome of Mario, Brizird it Rogei it. ,ux. French tnut.rd and sardi.ies. Bordeaux olive oil, anil in penal Prunes in ghiss j irs and fnicy boies, *ealiug wax for bottle* and corks. All orders w ill lie thankfully re ci ived aud promptly executed, free of c.ut.?ge. jyl2 2w*rh ALEXANDER'S TKICORAPHu,. ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a li quid Dye, which instantaneously change! the color ofth* Hair to a beautiful brown or Mack without injury to the hai or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application and instantaneous effect ? all other dye? reiiuiring from ten to twelve hour* to produce any change. Its superior excellence w ill be appareut to every one upon a singlt application. Extiact from the" Philadelphia Daily Sun." ? Alexander's Tkicohaphk. ? The effect of the above on the hair is truly as tonishing. It, w,i* tried yesterday in our office, and the change from grav to black wis l*san tarn oua. For sale by Rushton k Co, druggists, III) Broadway! 10 As tor House aud 836 Broadway; corner of Will street: Asjiiit wall, 86 William street ^ Johnson, Moore V Taylor, 81 Maiden line; J. W. Wright M. Co. 2 < edar street; and of the principal druggiata throughout the United States, or of sole agents. K. St G. A. WRIGHT, Si South Fourth ?tieet, jy8 lm*m. Philadelphia. PIANO-FORTES FOR H1RK , AT 411 UKOADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WAI.KER has constantly on h i, d an extensive assort ? ment of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes of every description, including Grands and Cabinets, which are loaned ou hire at the above establishment, or at his roanu factory, No 40 West Mth street, tie ir the 6th avenue. Also, New Pianos for sale,, with all the modem improve went*, warranted equal to any in the Uuited State*. je!3 I m * rrr MUSIC. REMOVED to No. 6S Franklin street, one door Ea*t of Bioadway, M. DUMSDaV, Professor of the Ouitar, Ping ing. Accordeon, and Violin, continue* to teach Ladie* and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable iu*trumeiit*,hc.,in a comparative short time, by his new Aualyiing and Inductive system. Terms reasonable. M. D. will go, as usual, to the residence* of his pupils to any part of the city, by the sr^fes. Satisfactory city and other re ferences wven on application at No. 63 Franklin street. jy9 Itii'm AOUAN HARPS. VUNNS k CLARK having purchased the patent right lot is "Coleman'* .lEolian AttacTimeutto the Pianoforte," for tin entire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce t' he public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability of this invention, N. (k. C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judicial mind, their own critical examination aud experieuct warrant them in the aasertion, that the"AColian" will reinait in time hi any climate, and it will not he affected by transition* of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given witl earh instrument. The public are invited to evamine the"JKollan Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 210 Broadway, opposite the Park where also may he found an assortment of 6, 6S and T Octav? Pianoforte*, both in ro*ewood and mahogany cases. m26?m*rr NEW MUSIC. n KILEY StCO., 297 Broadway, |iuhli?l? and keep on ham* I. ? r.n extensive assortment of New and husliionanle Musi'., which they offer for sale at wholesale aud retail at the I'Ossihh prices. They tnai'iifacture Instruments ol su|ieiiori aa ity? warrant every article tliey sell, being practically acqu .tut Id with the different branches ol" llieir busim a*. Military ..and* | *npplied at the most reasonable rate*. mvl22in*rrc NK XV f?MB ROWER IES PETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his friends and the public to some splendid good* of the above description, received by recent arrival*, which, being imported direct from the Europ>an manufactories, will be sold at a trifling advanre on the original coat He would alio call atten tion toseveral lot* purchased at auctiou, at aii immense sacrifice, wmcit will be found well deterring an early inspection. The | following are very desirable, being 2} per cent under the usual ft tail price*? High-neck C)iemi*etU, richly embroidered, from 14s to S3, Ml worth ?2,23 t<i $5.40. Wi Embroidered Collar*, finished edges, for I*., u*o*l priri 10s ?d. 150 Embroidered Ca|ie*,nt $3. usual price Si. 30 do do very rirli, from S6 to $10. 200 prs Embroidered I" tide r Hle? ves, from Is to $3,36. I ca*e Embroidered Dresses, Iroin $3 npwaids. VM1 doz Linen Lawn HaiidWerrlnels, from ?d SO do do extra large size, for K^ntleuien'* n?e. 43 do do lietnstich do. from 3? >id. 30 do do Rivieid borders. A clioice assortment of rich embroideied Handkerchief*, which are onered uiiusually cheat ? 5 cases of various styles of Swisa aud Freuch Muslin*, in stripes, plaids, figures| ftc. t*r. A lot new Mnsliul rimming*, Laces, Veils, Hosiery, Glove*, itc.. tec., all of which will be sold decided hai gains mv3l lm*rc No. 373 BKOADWAY. COMIC ALMANACS FOR l?l?, FOUR KINDS. NEWS ngegta, cheap iiublicatiou depot*, bookseller*, and the public geae rally, are hereby uotiried of the annual ippearance of our Comic Almanacs, rejdete with fun aud fine engraving* extracted with care Iroin toe laughing voliiineof 1 1 1 ii re. Kisher1* I oBlic, Turners i irtnc, < roc Rett's Go a Comie, and De Datkr s Comic, those on the s|>ot will ?' ill. look, laugh, and buy ; those at a ,. -tance will order, oi lead for saniides. Alway* on sale he greatest variety and ?III nit it y of Cnildrens' Books, colored and plain. Song Biaiks. colored prints, .Vi Uc in tlie couutry; catalogue* on applies tion. Show Bills ,( ill kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very lew, t'i ? c.,<|>. mil do fall justice to all uders, in time, kinds, ij i 'i M ? < 'I | " ''' , sil , tl je 14 Im'rc rfl|W FIELD reapeetluilf i t no, y" that he ha* arrived in the city aud t .hea quarters ' 'ie I in fed Slates Hotel, his entraiiee through the iiar, or l!C< Water street ; where he hai a number of B;iasf ird's improved Dillt ltd Tallies, on sale or for play nig. and will be happy to have tbem ?red. lit* bar i* well stocked with inaierislstor making Skerry Cobbler*, White Liona, tu>. he j?8 lm*rre DOGS FOR SALE. A (e.w choice pur* white Knt;h?h Tirrtcr a iii Bull I truer Pup*, of warran ed pure L oo t and imported f l?!V da?. ""Xientlrrueii *upplitd with nay kind of Sporting or Fancy Do.*, OH J'pl iCiitiOii at the lur & Fullou tUeet, N. I. jy23 Jt*fic ^ FOR SALE ? Siguor Valir'iii m< i g to lea*e the JL^F^citv lo< Kutcp*. ? Nrr? f .r t ?!? a n i* bay If- it? and ? r L ^ with Hame>a and Suddl*? d? v lr lr i :o*? pic . order. I he I tor** comi- k * * yearaol ?, a? d warranted u?ii? d and good f^r fain iy u c. Foi fur' her partu ul.os enqu re i P lino ? N. V. OjH-ra Hon e.C'b ruber* at. j)23 3t*rc FOR BALK? A black MAKE, ?~ye r? 7, Id .'iu a d vi rv last. She goe* t- ii?r wukkoii ~ - r??te H?d?lle beast. Piitv SI50 with blan ket, ? ?rt halter, fie. Ki attire at HaTHOKN'S Livery Sta ble, M ?*)<??* r *t. , for"* ofM?*eck?r. jyg:< :it*rrc ~**V~T IIORBK for ?aLK ? A >ple..did <iHKY -Lgir^HORfiiK, coming five >v;?r? old, about sixteen hand* very f?i?t, kiml in single or double h-irnes*, of ^ od7i>ib and action? warranted sound. To lie ?*-en at the Americuu Kagle Fs'ablihlinieiit, corner Chriitie and Delam y ?treeu?t? get iter with city inadtt Sulky Hir e r i v 22 3t ? rrc <\ - FOR 8 A JLaB^liaudii lii|{ . T I ' Jiiaiii>ti TO LET? Tlw iirw Ston s and Ba ement ,\o i Mur ray sire- t? separately or togelher. Immedi te posset j73Til"-"r'rc Al>lrrtOMA8 Si BLACK WELL, 09 Wuterst. TO BE LET, fr?m lot Auguit, a Furnished House, consisting of nine r nuns, Iieauufnlly situ ted on (lie _we?i bank of Rockland Lake 'I lie stewner Warren . toucHes regularly ai Slauglrei's Landi >B, within half a mile of | (he Lak*. Address Mr ATHERTON, Rockland Lake Post office. KeliTfiici-i required j \ 2> 'ft* rrc TO TIN ROOF hKS. WANTKD? Five or mi good workmen, to whom good j wages will be given Applv at WILLIAMSON k SWAIM'8, j>-23 lt?irc No. 23 Atlantic st., Souih Brooklyn. Apply i Jel2 lm M U S I C . AL ADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Music, being taught uy 'he first ui liters in Europe, and feeling herself fully coiniieteiit to instruct iuthatarcomplt^liini'iit, would wisli to devote iu-r tilti' to t'ie iuttruction of young ludie^ ou mode rate term?>. A note a.ldre??ud to A. B C., at the office of this PM'er. "I'all !?. pn i'f u lly .ittended to. jeiia lin'rc WANTliU ?A lew active, intelligent men, to act "icufeuts for the ' i!'* of new and impular Publications, in diflereut parU of the country. SJ"<i )>vr year ?ver their hoard will he insured them m writing, with in opportunity of cleariuii $IOOU per vrar, and more if tliey are active Home men, now in our employ, will o doubt make over S1000 |a*r year, clear of all e? pencea, and there is \bout half a d izeii places open, which must he filled ; e ic'n m oi will have his district, and it will he necea ?ary for them to have at le ts: IU <>r $A0. to obtain a good tittiuif <iut. None need apply onless he ha* thai amount, for it iiour| object t? (,'et them started in such a manner as will be benefi cial to them, as well as to iu. Iy at 96 Onane street. Letters must be post paid. lni*rh ________ SEVEN HUNDRf D CORDS No. 1, for sale low. iu Gin. | S tlu Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN 8AVAUE, H 8 DKNNI8, ...... H T. RUSSK.LL. Said Inlet is navigable for vessels drawing seven feet. jj22 lm*rrc JOLV, FRERh.S, Ute of 41 Btaver street, have rem"ved to | 15 \\ illiain s'reet. up stairs. j y?i lw"rh NOl'ICE. MRS. O. B. MILLKK li CO would respectfully inform the ruuinernui customers, that notwithstandinii the de struction of their factory by the late fire, they ^ still continue to sti| p'y all oiders for their suuH'aud Tobacco as ntuil, at th-ir old .tand I Ifl \Va*er afreet j'2^ tt*rh iSU'l'iCfa. , A LIBERAL REWARD will be paid for the recovery of TWO TRUNKS, (one black and marked 'J. Own,' ) a | Carpet Ba.1. and oth r articles, which wete taken from the front ro?m of the second story of the (iranite Budding N^'. i7 . Broadway, on the luoruiiig of Saturday, 19th inst Apply <1,13} | l'e-rl ?tree(, up stairs. j>22 Siia'rh PKOPEKTY LOST IN THK FIKE. A LARGE COLDCCTION of Uri^d Botanic"! Specimens, contained hi about SO or Ml folio volutin s. Also, * cases of | Books, many in Latin, and on the subject of Natural History, liavinu the name of the owner. JOHN ' ARE V, written in tome of them. Also, a small Cabinet of Silver Coi>is,audM long Oak Bnx, containing Manu-Ci ipts of value to 'he ownei only. These, with mauv other miscell me< us article* were contained in the Granite Houne, N". 17 Broadwa) , a d some are known to have been saved The re?curr of ^ny of them will couler a great fwor byaddres>|ig a line to 10 Uieenwich street, where all expeuies will be thankfully repaid. jy*t2t*.rc LOST, ' BK 1 ON Monday Evening, out of the baggage cart, between the City Hotel and Jersey City Keny, a small VALISE, ?narked J. R. T. The finder shall be reasonably rewrded hj le ivi. g it at the A?ior Hou-e. jv22 'V*je ~ GENTL Li M KNS " LEFT OFF WAKOKUbL IV A N T E D . CI ENT1 EM EN and Kainiliesc in obtain the full value forall Jf sn,?" <t>. i 'in effects they w ish to dispose of. (either OEN TLEMEN or LADIES,) by se* ding ti> the subscriber, who doea uot pretend to give twenty per cent more than Miy oth-r person, hul will give a fair price for all article* offered Uen tleinen leaving the city will find it totheir alvant me to send for j tliu subscriber previous to selling to any other I eison j. leve'nstyn, 4'fi Broad\va> , ( up stair*. ) N. B.? A liue through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. jvld I in ? re SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE W ANTED. AND the highest price given for all kind* of cast off clothiuv nud kdihI second hand furniture. Persons wishing to dis po>e of the ?ume, will do well to call on tlie Mihacriber. or ad tlivss a line through the Post Office, wliirh will b. iiunclunll) ??. tended to. B LEVY, 49f>i Chatiiam street, New York. N. B. ? Constantly on hand, a seasonabl* aiuortuiml of gen tless en's <Mdn, tlmp far cash mv29 u?i#rc STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR. THE HAIR, W' H1C II will rli nge arey hair to its original color in a lew minute*. This solution is diff< rent from any yet offered uid Cat mot fail of superceding all others Tie sc who doubt Us virtues, are rei|u- sted to have their hair changed before |myiug their m-'n-v. If humbugs would take this method there would he no reason ta complain. Noui genuine u.iless signed 11. Striker, in red ink. The Solution can be forwarded by Harndeu's Express to any l>.<rt of the world. One trial will prove tlie fact. Sold wholesale and retail ?nd applied at No. J Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Record .New Vork, up stairs, jut m" MAO N ETISM EX PC >SED. JUST PUBLISHED , AT FRENCH'S PUBLISHING HALL, 29:! miOADVVAY, THE CONFESSION OF A M AON ETISER? Being an Expose of A nnal Magnetism, by a Practical M ignttisrr. This Kx|io?e should be read by every one, and especially by lie Ladies They will *ee the dangers, fee , they will be utider | hy suiimitting t>ithe infliteace of this daijcrrou* science. F. r sale at all the Periodical Depots. Price 12H cents. je24 lm*m LIGHT, ELASTIC EVEK FITTING WIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT MKT ALIO SriUNOSOK CLASPS. TO BK HAD ONLY OF CHARLES RIDGWAY, HAIR CUT'IER AND I VI(J MAKER, NO. 25 WALL STREET, Oppositk T1IK Cl'Srn.M Ilot'SK. N. B.? Formerly of Howard't Hotel. je261m*rc MA OAMN JAfAAAid, 00 Uuane Street. \ H. PARKER, Agent, from Am- terdnm, moil retpect /*.? fully inform* hi? friends md the public m general, that hehit received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings uid Antiquities, consisting of J.ipanete,Porcelaiii Jart anil Va set, Mower Bottles, Plates, Di?lies, Cup* nd Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Uroups and Figures; Cuptaud Saucers; an cient Kaus of the 16th century; mid two Ebony Wooden Carved Vrm Chairs, from the years 1518 and 1577, formerly belonged to the Cardinal Ximenics, Great Inquisitor of Spain, sue* u iever his been seeu iu this country: of which ne can dispose it moderate mice*. Ladies and (Jeu lenien, if you wish to treat yourself call and examine tliia splendid collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Catb olic Churches: to be seen from 10 A. M. till 6 P. M. je27 2m*rh VALE'S GLOBE, and Transparent Celestial Sphere adapted to common schools, colleges, and private fami lies? now in use in the Normid Schools at Boston and Albany, at the High School and Naval As\ linn. Philadelphia, in Yale other Colleges, at Mrs. Willard's.Troy, and iu numerous Common Schools in New York and other cities and Slatet, and recommended by Dr. Lardner, Professor Olmstead and others. Manufactured and for sale by O. VALE, at his Nauti and Mathematical Establishment, 3 F rankiin square, New York. j>-3 e<,dltn*rli

NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. 'rMIE SI.' BSCRIBER would respectfully inform them, that 1. he has bi*n in the employ of tlie late Sam.iel Dun lit ovet twenty years, and the late Samuel Demilt haying bequeathed in him the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, aud the use of the Obse vatory, it is his intention to continue ( in connec i on with bis son ) the buaineat of manul icturing, repairing and riling Chronometers, nud dealing in Nautical Instruments, Charu, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Ike., at the old ?land. No. 2J9 Pearl street. D. EOGERT. jnfi lmeod*re TlHi WONDER te BLESSING OK THE AGli THIi ONLY CURE FOR CONSUMPTION. LET EVERY MAN, WOMAN Sr CHILI), WHO it troubled with Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, I Liver Complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis. Whooi mis j Cough, Pain in the aide and Breast, Sore Throat, Kitimf or Tickling hi the Throat, Nervous Debility, Palpitation of the lie irt, Broken Constitution, from the abuse of calomel ami ?ther causes, try the genuine, and only genuine, Compound "ij'riip of Wild Cherry, |>re|?ired by the celebrated Dr. Swiijne I Philadelphia ? all others are spurioM, aud mere imitation! Therefore, he cautious to ask for the original and only genuine p reparation from this valualJetree? Dr. Swayue's Compound run of Wild ( herry. Principal olfice, north-wett corner 8lli i id ILice streets, Philadelphia. Agent* ? Win. Milnor, 5I.D. comer of Broadway and John ?treet; K. B. Warner, J05 Bleecker, corner of Milielta street, id K. A. Sauda, < hurch Dispensary, 188 Bowery, corner ol spring street, ,Sew- York, W.G Wood, M.D.. Harlem; Havi I oid. Keese aud < -o., 80 .Maiden Liiue, New Yoikj Ke*. J ._ P i 'ook, 76 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Andrew Oliver and Co., New Orleans; L. B. Swan, and J. M. W'iualoW , Rochester. N i Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn; E. Kleiiie, St. Louit; W m. Thorn , I'ittaburit; E. B. ilnnnan, Cincinnati; Pierson and Harrison. 7ifl Broun street, Newark, N. J.; Benjamin Olds, Z78 Broad street, Newark, N. J ; John S. Harrison, Halem, Mass.; J. H Pierce, 4 St uiw it Hall, Maiden Lane, Albany, New tori,. Backus and Hull, Troy, New York; Spalding and Harrington, iVorcester, M ?? ; Jam** Oreen end Co., Worcester, Mats.; i'.. Hollulue. BufTilo, New lork; Oram and Bockee. I'ough keeps ie. New York; O. O. Woodman. Vicksburu, Mitt.) II md J. Brewer. Springfield, Matt.; J. P. Hall and Co., Boston Mm,) E. 9. Holdeu, Last Boston, Masa.; P. M. Colwn and ? i l -hsrlesion. S. C. jel9 3meod* rh KNAPFS INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. rllfc-SI. PL ASTEHH prepared lor paint and weakness in tie back, lire mt, tule or limbs, bruise*, sprains, lie., and for sthmuic affection*, and croup in children, will minottcases j ive immediate and soothingreliiif. They will* alto be I' mud highly beneficial for complaint* ol the Liver, Lungs and Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, whose business require* them to ? it or stand much, who may lie troubled with weakliest in the hest, or pain hi tlie side or breaet, will liud great relit I by wear nig one of these Plasters. . . I With regard to the elficacy of these Plaslers, nothing need be lid, as they carry with them their Own recommendation. an" he price being so remarkably low, it a aufficient inducement loi hose alflicteoto give tl^m a trial. , Till proprietor is confident that by the great and increating <le nand for theae Plaatert, the |N>pnlartty which tliev have obt -'n <1 solely by their own merits, and tlie univeraal latislaet ion arlucli they have given, that they are decidedly superior to auy ?then in us<-. No pains is spared in making them as adhesive and pliable a* xwaible, aud in rendering them free from all those objection* vhich is a source of ciHnplaint to the ordinary plaatert isl the j 'llieee Plasters need hot one trial to give every satisfaction de irvd. Be sniv and ask for Knapp'a Indian St lengthening Plaster, and ee that Ilia tiivnarure is on the back of each. None othert are ,'iimiite. Made only by P. B. KNAPP.and sold wholesale and retail at us Mtiliciue Wan house, No. 36Z llndsoii street, one door below \i.ig street, New York. Also for sale by the Druggists *?o? sllv. Prie> II 1-taad U VI cauu aacb mSanMod're A I 1 1 iOJN .N*U LC&S. TTTTNOO HA N.~> u~tioiiS7!" Household fi i nth re-His aay at i? o'clock, at IZJ h ultou street, he Kkrui'ure of a family s<v<dliom ; ell. fire, consist Htf ..I I e'egnt 1 irge U <k < ?-? ml Iv-cr ? ' 'r>i 4 srl 1 T' |t Wo-h -I nd? <o.d Centre Table-, Ho Us , Ore sing Bure is. Fie cli B"li.l? nls, Mall ra-ti< He'1. Sic M .link I .y , ,\1 I le ..nd Fate) Chairs R.cker-;] I rtfe tie eh Piate Looking Glass, Lumps iK.ches, Crocker) , Glass. Cut. ; Irry , kc r i.iiio rone? Alii, t excel'e' I Pciw-ww-d Pimio Forte. Winn ? AUu ? quautity g| O <1 Wine, len-g tli?- private ?''ifU of t-i lit in ii It* ill W.M W. SHIHI." V, A'i'tioueer. By H.E. WILLARD? T? i? Day. Wednesday, July M. Hi III ? 'clock, at the ator ifitli li .ml** ?v ? II nd*< me ieail, II I vv ? store ii*tur, ?, i n m $ann;couuters,*ho ? cases ami drawer-. desk?, I mac , shides kc. Tho.e fit* iiik u|> stores willdowrllto at I tend. | '1 HI RKDAY, Silili, -it 10 o'clock, at the three atory ? dwelling No. 116 Broadway ? 'atalngae aale of a handsome ami ;:eiteial as.ortrnent of House Furniture, emhraf n.K 3 parlors, li bedroom*, kitchen, kc i u oJ order. S?l? without reaeive ? | Al-o, 6 valuable oil paintil it t. The House to Id till Ut May next, with possession on the jyt3 li*rk ONE OF RICH'S IMPROVED PATENT SAL AMAN Dk.R SAFES of ihe Slid size which I puicha?ed the second ol' Jane last of A. S. Marvin , l!tU^4 Water atrvtt, Agent fur the in MB facta 'er w?? exposed t ' the moat intense heat dur ing the late dreadful Conflagration. The store which 1 occu I ied, No 40 iirmdnti, waa kntimklv consumed ; the tale fell from the second Mow, about fifteen feel, into the cellar, anil remained there fourteen houra ? ti d when found, I am told, and from ita appearance a'terwuds, sh.uld judge that it hud heated to a red ll- ?t. On opening it, the books ana pupurs Were lound not to have Ivcn touched by lire. I deem this ord'd sufficient t > ro ifirm fully the reputation thai Kich'a S IV haaalrvady obtained for pres?r>iug iu contents against all hazard*. (8 gned.) WM, BLOODOOOD. New York, 21st July, '45. 8iLAMMDII Saf?:s ? The undersigned purchased of A 8. Marvin, No W. t-r street, one of Rich's Improved Patent SVamai dei Safes if the 5200 iiz*, which w ? * in our atore, No. S4 Exchange I'lace. The store was entnely consumed iu the f ?? t conflagration on ihe Dior: i> g of the 19th ins aut. The Hale was taken from the ruins fl ty-two houra after, and on opening it ihe book* nnd pipers we e found entirely unin jured by fire, and only tlightly wet? the letther m some of thu booka waa lurched by thv extreme heat (Signed,) lilt llAltl'S k CRONKHITE, 9 I ine a'reet. New Y. rk. 2laf July '4A j\ K St'rh FTttE INftUH ANCL. I rT^HK TRUST FIRK INSURANCE COMPANY, No r,o I Wall street, offer ii demuity agaiii.-t lo?a and damage by fire ou reasonable terms. DiRf.croKs ? Eliaa O Drake, Valentine G. Ha'l, William Whitewriiilit, K. J. Hutchinson, William II. Johnson, Iraucis Butler, Martin Huffman. Win. F. Leggelt. Jamea B. Town send, Clnrles Williams, Edmund PeuMd, Robert M. Stratton, Jehu Rankiu, Jr., John H. llurrin, John Cleaveland. ELI AS U. DRAKE, President. L CHATMAts, Secretarv. jj21 Iw'ec PA 1NTING8 FOK SALK A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comiirisint; Scriptural nnd Historical subjects, Landscni es kr . atii'ini^t fem s genuine Interior bv Teuiers; a I lepatrc by Sutcrmaiis, Mid a Magdalen by Guercuio, kc., kc. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty street. jys Im*rc TO TKANlifcKK STRANGERS visiting New York will find an agreeable re li^froin the oppressive I eat of the c>ty. by passing an hour or two iu the morning or evening, ?t the fLHAMRA, (SS9 Bro id way , ) tweuly degree* difference in the tein|ierature of the atmoapherp being; ohservalile between the interior and extrilor of the eitiblishmeit. The bean iftil Fountain alone is worth a viaii to the plare, aside from ttie acknowledged superiority of tbe quality of the* Ice Creams and other refre >hmwti fiiiui hed tlier-. A d in is- ion free. jy 12 iiwei"! ni~*'-o SUMMElt GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WK hive still on hand a large assortment of seasouabh good*, comprising cloths of particularly light fabrics fo Dress and Frock Coats; Urilliucs, Nankin, and iingle mill ed Cassimers for Pantaloons: < bally and Marxeilhs Vesting hi gieut varietv, which will be made up to order at a deiluclis from our usual moderate prices, iu view of the advanced stat of the seaiou. WM. T. JENNINGSk CO., Drapers aud Tail..ra, jut lmi?rc Brfisdw IV, American Hotel vVaTKIM UKK biSTAHLfsiiMLN I , AT BRATTLEBORO', Vt.?BY DR. II. WE8SEL HOKFT, J Gei man, late of Boston.) Patients w oiling to try tbe Water-Cure Treatment, on the plan of Vincent Priess, Oriefeuberg, tiermany, will please addreaa, post paid, as iliove, giving a lucid statement of their disease*, when they will receive a prompt and decisive answer a* te the probability of their C? Rk. by ^VATKR, with the time when, and the terms on which received at the eat&bl i.linieut, it they desire to couie. Hatiafactory references giTeu. jeli Ime<idk2in \V*re G A LVANIZEI) I RON~ A.ND T LN_. rjALVANI ZED SHEET IRON AND TIN. a ver. an ! t ."iorartirle, warranted uot to rust. Also. Tiu Plate. Mliee Iron, Russia Sheet Irou, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and Amet '?can Pig Irou, for sale iie CASS k WAKIJ V . *1 Broid ?wt TO DENTISTS. A GENTLEMAN giving up business, will sell his entire stockot lustiumeiits vir: onesu|>eriordoubleactiou Chair, Luferta's patent; one Lnthe; full and complete *e'? ol Oi eraling oid Mechanical Instruments; together with h(l Plate and Pivot I eeth, kc. kc. for SI00 ca?li, to close the concern. Thia is a ere it s icrifice. They have uot been twelv>- mouths iu u-e, ?ml embrace every article required iu the busiuess; or thev will lie ?o!u iu lots to ?uit purch isers. Address " Dentist,' Herald olfite. jyl2 1ia*rh Wl LD K R'S PATENT 8 VLAM ANDER SAFE Auai? 'I n I'MTHANT. ? Severxl h^vc been t iken fr. m the burn ing ruins of t le I .te gre 't fire, and ..II having proved fiithful to their tiint, as can be si eu at my store of tin- Great bign, 139 | Waier, coiner of Dejieyster street, where moie of th'- same kind can be had SlLA$ C . HERRING. j . i" I in I)\ \\". il HUAHU ? A few Gentlemen and Ladies can be well aud pie s intly accommodated, by a|iplymg at 6(j Varick street, ar St liih'i s I'. nk. in c II of ihe st ge It. e jy2l .lt*ec r|^ ?V INr.. ? A complete amiori ineut of Bndport Seine, Her X ring id Gill Net Twines, from V> lo mi lbsn mauufac- i tared w illi the greatest care Irrm the beit materials, expressly lor this market, and lor sale iti lots to ant purchasers, by jy'^l cc E K COLLINS k CO. 56 South st. rrMIF. MANSION HOlrSE,39 Broadway, is uuinjnred by X the I tte lire, aud coutiuues open for company iv2l hv'ec W. J. BUNKER. fpo ECONOMISTS.? Every description of fancy silts' JL shawls, sun shades, vests .uid embroidery, clean d by h French process, known oniy to the idvirtiser ; table and p ano Cover* cleaned; c rpets cleaned whole at 6\j ce is per yard; | ?> < I k > dyed ro any shade ai d Watered on an improved principle. Geiitleme V coats reuot ..ted in a rate it\le ar M Cenn, pmt-> do. 25 cent*. jv2n lw";ii T SMITH 70 APe i ?tr-e>. m-r Grand. PVK I1CLLAR ltt.ut' AM) NOTICfc..- w |LbON 4c SHOWN, recently occupa it* of the Store 32 broad .tieet, now removed to the corner of Carlisle and West streets, li ivmg suffered in common with others in the loss < f book* mil pipers of account, earnestly solicit those to whom the> li ?ve .-old goods which have not been psid for, to render a full Mafment of their indeliteness. with copies of bills and ac cnuut? re dtred ; and where such bills and accounts have nut been rendered, to furnish a statement of the goods delivered, in order that they may come to a ?i ttl~ment. WILSON & BROWN will alio thr k parties holding their acceptances and notes, to render a statement of the saine. tnaf due provision in iy be made for them at maturity. Banks hold ing their uame running t? maturity, will confer a favor by no tifying them in a similar manner. WILSON & BROWN hav been so fortunate as to recover from the ruins of their late srore, their tin bos. containing all tneir notes of hand collect' d, with but a very lew eiceptious, uid other valuable papers; but in so chaired and damaged a state, tli it though treble, they will have to trouble parti's con nected therewitn, with substituting new papers of similar tenor in their stead. )ytl Iw is eod?je THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AM) MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY hai received the universal approbation of the Medical Profession of Oreat Britain, and has been sufficiently long before the Ameiican pub lic to give a fair trial of its pow> r and cfficacy. The Patent Galvanic Riusi have been found to answer all thepnr|>oses for which the ordinary Oilvanic Battery or Electric and Mag netic Machines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks, which accompany the applications by those instru ments, and in many other respects are more sah: and cektain in accomplishing tne desired object. The Oalvanic Iiings have been used with perfect success in all cases of Rheumatism, acute or chrouic, applv ing to the head, face or limbs: Gout ; Tic Doloresux ; 'ioothache, ; Bronchitis : Vertigo ; {Nervous or Sick Heidache ; Iiidiges tion ; Paralysis ; l'alsy ; Epilepsy ; Kits ; Cramp ; Palpitation of the heart ; Apoplexy. Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago ; Neu r ilgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; and ill Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed Dyspepsia they have been equally successful. Their exlraordin .ry effects upon the system must be witnessed to lie believed ; and as a certain preventive for the alxive cowplaii.U they are equ illy to be recommended. The Galvanic Ri gs are in every way perfect ly harmless, and are sold at prices to be w ithin the reach of all, i ihstii;'* JHAnNETlo Ku'ti) is used in connection with thr Kings to re tiler their efficient action certain, and to direct th? Oalvanic influence tothu particular poitions ? Inch areaffi cred For numerous certificates ol the highest character reg.oduii. the elficac> of the Oal van e Rings and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is m ide to former advert iaeineuts. or they may ue seei it the office. Only Agency in New Y'ork, 131 Kulton street. (Sun Buildi g ) In Brooklyn, at the store of James W.Smith, Pruggist, corner Kulton and Cranberry streets, j > 20 Iw'ec \ (v. ROSSjlRE & CO. have removed to inn W ill street, up stair*. jj2l lw*ec (1 ASS & WARD having been bnrnt ont, have removed to s St re No. 89 Broad street, on the comer of Stone st"et. jy20 ec HEMP.? M tons of very superior Dew and Snow Rot Hemp, E. K. COLLINS 6i CO. ttSomhst. jv2l ec PACKET SHIP SIDDONS. from Liver ool. ? Cons (pee by thia ship will idease have heir p rmits on boaid at Or* inr.s ?hirf. foot ? I Wall <tre<t, iinmedi itely. All goods not permitted in live days must lie s nt to public tore. jv22 NEW FERRY TO YELLOW HOOK -FORT HAMILTON \ND CONE\ ? ISLAND ?The steamboat lOLAS, Captaii lildlirU tale.-, has t ken her place in the above ferry, and wrill run i- follows, every day L-iving Pier No. I.E. R Jat 7 \. M ; 10 A. M.: I P. \i.;4 P. M. Leaving Hurt II iimltou. l' r Coney Ma d, at lOji A. M ; IK P. M.; P. vl. Kot Now lioik. 8 A. M. II .VI. ; I P. M.; 7 P M. i eavingConei Island, for t""ort Hamilton V N. York? 1IX A M ; 2^ P- \I ; 6 S P. M. On Sundays, the Morning Trip will be < milted (fare I2H centa. jy2l IW rc EXCURSION TO THE FISHING HANKS. Stumer K L.STEVENS. Cantata R. L ' Mali?y, will tnake an excursion to the Fishing _ .Banks every Tuesdry, Thursday and Friday, mrliw the season. bavin* Hammond sire, t it 8>t o'clock, AM ' n <l street at 8'i; D. Iincy s.reet, East Rive , at 9. and Piei No. 1 _N R , at9H ??'clock? leturmcg to the city in good sea ?on A fine Band of Music is engaged^ Bait furnished gratis, i. tl linen at a small charge. Kire M cent*. jn2l tw?'e' KOU ANY POUT OR POtiTS IN I IlK PA ?Sj?yCIH? OCEAN TO PANAMA.? The f,st stilinji O^Uttm ?P|>- red ami copper fastened < lipper new schr. AC i t V vV'm. H. Kinch, m ster, will take a few tons heavy fieiKht and some passer gers, for which she haa first rate ac i omtnodations. Apply to . _ ... .. J r. RODRIOUEZ, V Wall at., J\22 3tec corner Tearl s?, KOR LlVERPOOL?'i'he New Line-Regular .Packet of 2'st Aiuu t ? The superior last sailing ____ipiicketship LIVERPOOL, llJO tons, Capt. John Kf ilrnlge. w II sail ss above, her regular day. For freight ? r passage, hiving elegvit and superior accom modations, app.y on Iminl west sn'e Biir'ing slip, orto WOODHCLL k MIN II K NS. 87 S nth ?t. The packet ship Clueen of the Wear, I2J0 tons. I apt. Thos. Woo.ihouse. will succeid the Liver|>ool, and sail on her regu I ir d iy. 2'-t Septi mber. jy2? rl)l( Nh.W ORLK.ANH Lwnanui. aud .>? w Vorh I. on Positively lirst Regular Packet, to sail _,J?fi,Thursdsy, 2ltli instant? Tlie elegant last sailing packet ship DHWK >0, C.a|K. Johnston, will positively shi' < ihove her regular day. K ir freight or p iss ige, having handsome famished accom nodations, apply on hoard at Orleans wharf , foot of H all at, ?r to E K COLLINS k CO '* H.,uth at Positively no goods received on board after this( Wednesday ) evenint , 23d instant. Passengers will pleas* be on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street, to-morrow (Thursdiv) morning, Wth instsnt, at tvliieh lime the ship will sail. Agetu in New Orleans James E.Wnodrnff, who will prompt I v forward all goods to hi* *<Uidr?s lyWw AMUSEMiiVlS. rAHK I'lUCATIUCi F ft E N C 11 OPERA Wttlix atlay Kvt-tilng, July a3?l, Will performed Fur the lecoi <1 time in dm nty, a grand Opera in five act tied I A JUIVE, Tilt. JEWtfS! Klnirr, i Jew gol smith M Amend itwlic^lhr .IfMras Mill" ( a've * ardiiwl lie Brog yt President uJ CoU-icil....AJ Douvry Pnno* L* ?>;?? ilci (. u>un<it Priucea* r u-ltMt * M m< C ami '1 lie tir mil I'rovoat of (lie City ol Constance. M. Gariy Enperor bagi.tnoud MOktX' ?i?r Albeit. a c.., t.i,u I I the Emperi.r'a Gmrd . . , . . . Julr* A Noblemui, intend Uul ilr Kinpria ( lutijry ? i a u( ?Wanwiuu? Ki(it'l i?r of Bummid I'u^neiu, I ' econd anu i lnril l iera, SO cents; Gallery. 24 cent*. Umwa mm at 7 o cior.k ... d ti?>- i.grui'i will rur precisely *? balf-pnat" o'clock MULO'S \Ve<lii<-?t)ity Kv?iiIiiK, July Id3. LAST NIGHT UK MRS. MOWATT. The perforuia.o e Jo noMBMune with il.c Overture to "LePn-augClerca" To b* followed by llie i l > in ?eU, .milled ihe LADY ulT L\ ON 8. SSfT'uVJ. M"- Muwatt I Uaude Mel nolle Mr Heiuteaut Dni rnport D?-*chaj>|H*lles Ntcfti*ft<?ii Col. D j m as . . . . . . . . Chippendale Between tin- second a id third acta, an [L/"lutermi-.siou of H.-lf an Hom? i j] At the end of the |>lay, ~ Miiui Celeste and Partiii.lon will dsine the l'-u de Deut, fiotn th*- drama of the Seven Castles of t;, >- Passions. ! Q't AO elkimiit fMwt Mill tlv??/? be ill ^ main- ! tun good order and keep all mii>r< per persons out. ( !\rkrts rtfy C'eti tt -<3fj A limited number of Season Ticket* will le disposed of. Q ~7 Performance tc e"tnme nc? at > o'clock, boon open at 7 o'clock. CAs'1'L.K UiltUK!), h|>Adinl*)ilon 50 Cciite._?ij} Signora Pico engaged ftrr Wednesday, Thursday ami Friday Nigh'.*. Ft jpriatora. . . ... .He.aiv Kr.-uch ud litis*! Grand Entertainment ! Wediieciay >Cvnilii?(. July 23. The performance will commence with an Overture to Le Domino Noir, h> a full t )? rhe.fra. L i I'olL > des onions, full Baud Mad'lle Deajardma in a Gia d P?? de B >1, en Grande Coatuine. My Eriei d , (food Night? lull B nH A Spanish So g by Signora Pico, entitled El Tagtie. U~ lutermuaou of Half an Hour for Promenade and Mefresh ments The range of aptendid C osmorumas will he open for inspection. After wkich, Oveituret > La Fille du Regiment. El Jaleo de X< xea. by Mad'selle De>j?rdins: Ovetture to Fra Duvolo, full Orche?tra. Signora Pico will ting the Italimi air of Dotuia C aritea ' Ah Se Estinto." Doora open a' hall-past 6 o'tl iek. Performance %?:> ? m mence at (o'clock. VAl/AUAJUJ. UAltUUM 1ALU??, BOWERY. OPEN EVERY EVENING, RAIN OR SHINE. Admission only On* Slullivg. THE cnoi.nsr S.-H.OO.W IN THE CITY. j The following Ladies >:id Gentlemen havi' gbeen re-engeged for s n nighu, willaplie r eveiy evening hi> week: Mi?> A IIOMi R, the American E Isler VOL'N(? KRANCI8( O. 8igUi .MARli I El TO, M4DA.MOISKLLE HOsrS \ iin BARN KV WILLI A. Si 8. DAN GARDNER, BILLY WH1TLO* KrCHARLKS \\ HITE, Meters FOX and BRYANT. Alto, I he Ethiopiaii B. others oid Si?ltr. Doori- npeu at 7% ? ferforinauce to "inire .ee at HV An efficient Police in itteudiuire, under otfiee'a \firtin and Bird j 20 Iw r. THhATKlOAL NO I iTTh THE un.lenogn^d lining ea ed he I HKATRE ROYAL, Kinostos, JiMAn a, h u arrived i tin. cuuutry for th pur|iose of etig iging a auitable company Ladies and gentle "en i f t e i" f?s ion. of ark'iowledncd talenl, wishing engagement- , will t lease addresa tl>e aubscii er j post paid. jy23 6teod'rrc S. DV. fORDOVA, ,V. w Vork THE ALUA.UtA OF RESOHTti IS TIIK ELY SI AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which ii visited every afternoon b> l>u dreds of rhe fn *t funi lies of Nt w York, and v hirh s one of the most delightful re sort* on the Oankiof ill- mighty Hud-on. FREE EXHIBITIONS, OF THE FIRST ORDER, Every afternoon 3 o'clock, c mituticnig on MONDAY, Jul) 21 -t Continued and 1 rem-ndou. ud r'.tc tem, ill '. Mr McCARTY ta veiy happy to auuouiiCi' tlie following popular artisls : ? YOUNG FRANCIS' O, THE FAKIR OF ANGELINA. and the g> eatest Magician of th? I9th Crntuij". m. d the only Professor of the art ilmt can perform magic in the oj.eiil .v light. In addition t > the above novelties, arrang- me tsli te ! eeu m ule Willi .Mr. D. W. V\ KM >11 1 , rlie I e?t F Iselto Y'o calist of the age. who will sing several of the most faslooiialil. songs of tiietunes; al>o with Ylr. BENJAMIN Y ?Tr.S, tlie popular Comic Dancer, who will appear in a variety of comic dances In addition to the above, the AMERICAN BRASS B \ND fa Wmw Leader, Mr. Jame< ^helton. j?2l*l<*^ee^ T H E A I. H A M H A . ICE ( REAM SALOON AND CONFECTIONARY, 530 lirondway. IN addition to it* being ihe in ist magnificent ai d excellent es tablishment of the kird in thi.? city, itis also the only one where the Ice Cre in. a are made entirely if J'Uie cream; any one sceptical on this j oint, may easily satisfy themselves by ,-omparisou. Parties nud fatniliea suplilieJ a* usual ; also, with rich Phin ( ream, received twice a (!?y 1 OB Orunge county. jy 12 2? eod iii?* r r col. vi a a 'o LITERARY SALOON, A Nil KXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL /' A I ,V Tl AT G S , K<i. 403 Dronilwiiy, Ntw York. Vf AXIMILI \N'S GreM id Splendid work, beini- h's torn 1" tkrooL-h the United States. ill"stra*ed with Eighty En gravings, sfier the ? aimer ol drawings ill large lo'iu ? with * rjjarto volume >:f letter press. both volume* elegautly J>"t up for the I) awing Ho' m. A few copies ly printed m English No stranger s'.oulil visit the City without calling in to see (he Great C olle tio " of HOOKS, POINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, w^ich are offe-ed "at e estly rednc-d price*." Th- Public Sale Room is filled with book* of every kind, in various langu ige?. to nee which, aud the Print noon, no ch rge i> made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment is fitted up for the KXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, hv ancient and modem Masters? to new which, asm ill charg of ll>4 cent* is required. ! HERALDRY. The Arms of Individual* whose families originated in am country in Europe, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel ?iini, equal in execution, one third 'he ehirgeof the Lon don Hera'd* Colleges, Grenealogie* or Pedigree* arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, with h>s arms and crest, as worn upon hi* carriage. Price only t' V ? in colors. A Curionity jetjeodtfm SCOTT'S BAZAAR, No. 37 DEY STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GREENWICH STREET. SANDS SCOTT returns his most aincere thanks to his friends and the public at lance, fur th* liberal sup|iort re ceived since he has been iu business, and hopes by the same strict attention to merit a coutinuaucc thereof. The Qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Began, are too well known to need comment. A large assortment of Refreshment* to be had at all times, till twelve at night? such as Beef Steaks, Mut rou Chop*, !? ried Kidney*. Ham and Eggs, Sardines, Poached U>, Pickled Tongues, Welch Rarebits, Coffee, Tea, lie A <ood dinner of Roast or Boiled Meat for One Shilling, ever) Jay, from 12 to I o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always or, Jraught. Good Lodgings for tt cents and J7)j cent*. Cold Cuts at a moment's notice. This House ha* been proved, bj comparison, for years put, to be the coolest and most comfort ible in the city No Honse better supplied with English Irish, Scotch and city papers. Always tne latest news by the Steamer*. Good Rooms for Private Parties always ready at ? | liniment's warning ? free? rrafis ? for nothing. jel Im'ee NOTICE VTR- CLARKE is desirous of supplying the public in town lvX and country with the best of help, f'?? of eipense, with servants of good character, both protest&ut* and other*, white vid colored. He flatten himself that by doing so. he is bene fitting all those in want of employment, and is in hopes of thai patronage, which snch an undertaking merit*. His office Is Duane street, and fitted up for the ecccmaiodaliou of all ii want of employment. Call at 95X Duane street. jeW Im'ro ARTIFICIAL EYLS Vf ADE and In.e.-ed by Dr J. GR AY. No. 119 Bowery N iVI York, tlv onjy maker of the HUMAN AR PIFICIA1 EYE in the United States, niited should always apply to \ ri Forty V eirs Any persun that wishes to be well to the Maker, who ha* bee i in th? jul6 Im'rc BEACON COURSE? TROTTING. ' l"* HE following Purses are offered to c- me off over the above I C? urse ? No I. ? Purse MOO ? Free for all Pacing and Tn tting horses ? two mile heat* i lia'iess. No 2? Purse $30? Free for horses that never won a ptirsi ?ivei $J(i? mile beats, best time in file ?'ider the *addle. M. tries til be made Mondai, July 2tth, at Gre. n it s, by H P. M. To r .mt'oll on Monday, August 1 1th. No* 3 ? Pur*p $200? Free for -ill PacitiK and Trotting horses? two mil** he ts ??? htrnets 1 No 4. ? S 00, * it It sin in?ide *talie of $!00, h ? f.? I ho ?e? th t u?-ver won ? punr Si' c? rw?? nu ? i ? t* u dr i ? *?e s ddlf. Kntrie* t?> he in de An n r ?? ? I th, I > 9 I* M . wf Own & Lnsee's. To com ?? oft A u tmf&tli, No 5.? Tttr?f $ OO-1-..e for *11 Ptocwit ai d Tr. tint* Hon**? th ee mile heit* in harne** . , Nn.0.? Pume ?Mile he*t?. I e-t rhne i ? ve audi r tin middle ? for horfe* thaf ev? r won a ,,vj'r $.V>. fc.nt.irt t? be m df Auyu^t ?fh, by 9 V. M ,?t Green At Lo t e ?. l oCouir i?(f 8 ptember the 8fh. Three o n . rt in -I1 the *bo* e f.? m -K- ? ' .'t i rc HARLpy>Tl'AKK TROTTING. FRIDAY, JULY 25. A PURSE of $.*) will be given, mile heats, lirst three in five under saddle, free for ? II trotting horses that never ?ou a nurse over H0. Entries to be made at <ireen k Losee*', on or before Wednesday evening, by 9 o'clock 'I hree or more to make a r ice. jii22 2ti?*rh RACING ON THE BEACON COl'KSfc. JM <TCH for $.WXl will come off over this Course O" Mon ii diy the 2gth iust., or first fair day. hetweci the Canada Horse Ho|? and the well known Racing Horse LiviuKitoa to <o INi mile heau and leap 4 hurdles J feet 6 inchea liigli tolhl heat. Same Day? A Pnrse of $.W will be givm for a F'>ot R ce V of a mile, to leap It hurdles, each S feet 8 i iches big , to cet over as th y pleise Entrance $1, to be made it R. Sm th'? On or before Thursday evening nut; Sl(l of the moaev to the U if there is more than five *wu. ' .. B iR,V0,5 AND <>EORGF. SF.WARD. I he Match, t)ne Mile, for |6?0, between thas* two Pe.l aas will coma on on the 31st in*t. ,?l#ii l'*ila*m i# \f sa b LATKSi LNTKLLitiKNCE. I BY LAST KVKMXG'S AIA1JL.. Wnahliitfton. [Corraipomience of the Herald.] Washington, July 20. 1845. Mr. Cave Johnum'i .Ve?< Carriage, and Mr Rit - chu't EcUaciesabnit It-Tom Marshal and Abolx ti'tnism in Kmlucky ? Tue lVhi/t Houte-Th* Old .Uman and lhr Eje Water- Neu * of the (i, eat J- It c by the Hn al<l- Secretary Marty, frr. Have you heard of Cave Johnson a carriage 1 He bus i ust be?-n at the instigation ot nia bett.-r half, i>erha|??, a most magnificent affair. ??? iht-r K iichie is in rapturea with it? never was a baby more " i.ieasccJ with a rattle, or tickled with a straw," than is the venerable editor with Mr. Cave Johnson's new curriege. He say f, it "is equal, it not superior to any thing of the kind of ^eign or domestic manufacture, ever before exhibi ed in this citv Its t>ty 1?* is modest, (and so is rather Ruchie? style) vet elegant (ditto Father Ritchie's ?t\le) and graceful. "And what could be more graceful than Father K.tch'e'a ???? vertoti* " But he pays farther The body is polished to mirror btilliancy ; (only think of iliat,) the metal shows almost the P"C^on of machine turning ; (not quite so precifce however ) from the wheel tnes uP to the lamp mountings, (nuite a loekev in his examination,) I he glass is ot the finect pliite and levelled work.. (I>.d you ever hear ot tile like !) The interior trimmings ol heavy 1> silk (that's coming the r.r b over us gunmen on foot a little too strong,) are evidently unaiiged by a i coach trimmer of excellent taste, (very likel\,) ana the curtain knobs and glass rollers are of caivea 1 ivory. (Fine, very fine ; but we ask Father Kiicnio if he never siiw gUss rollers made <f carved ivory before^) The beautiful, substantial, nnd stvltsh harness, is in keeping with the coach," i Vc. Now, did you ever 1 Was any body ever in such ectt-cies over a beautiful coach before. We wish Father Ritchie had such an aristocratic coach? he would then be lixed according to the standard of '98 and h)q what a pity Father Ritchie hasn't such a coach; and these glass rollers made out of carved ivoiv. Oh1 dear me; wont somebody send on such a coach to the enraptured editor of the ''organ. We nuiv further state, as connected with thiscoach, that ! the P M. G. last week was seen bargaining with Col Pilier ol Philad* Iphia for a pair of I (.lacks, or a pair of bays, each pair valued at 8800. ? The I'. M. <t. didn't know which was the pr> t test, but between the two we think he .inclined to t! i? bavs Doubtless h ack reminds him ol the blwik 'cockades of the Old Federalists, a batch of iren 1 whom lie hates as he hates the 1Vv'1,i'n^ Da^1 Web-trr. The carnage, too, vas made byailr. Knowles of Philadelphia. Arouse, ye men of I en neb ^ee and enter your protest against this sacrilege. Ate there no car r i . . pre makers in Tennessee-no horses irooderio-igh for the P. M.G. that he has logo all the w?v to Philadelphia for thenif And what sort of an ex rrnple of Democracy is this from Mr Cave Johnson; paying, as h-does, a round thousand lor a CHrr'H*?? Hid suiiare live hundred lor a pair of horses to draw it and perhaps another thousand for a drive it What sort of an example is that to the sub terraneans! How does that tally wiih Mr. Johnson ? savinu of ninepences in privu'e claims before the House T Now we do say, and we say it with a .*orl. "art. th^t the P. M. G. had better have nothing to do with su. han aristocratic concern. He had Ket ter Iii .ke It over by consignment to Father R"cll'e ii wou'd -"U't // m-.he ML concern? for heisused to ill- old aristocratic notions of the defunct but ever bl? sed era < f '93 and 99, you know. \W send vou a copy ?.t { om Marshall ? A'>ti-Aho l tiot. circular to the people of Mr. O i?>- hi Di-tnct hi Kentucky, in which lorn is S.^tVhe Hnt"clay. anti-Abolition candidate l?r Coii 'ivss His arguments against emancipation ?ie as strong a? the brand upon the br?.w if Cain, ?iiifl us h-ird t< ? untwist as the kinks in tie wi y '"te nf a Cong" An . can The agitation of the !tb<>lition qiiesiii n ?..? brotwht it imt';' dmteK be lore the consideration of the people of Ihe . tale, upon tin- i-sue rests the main chance ot Mr. VlnrfchaUV election. . ? But we C'liuiot r^ist extracting here one ot Mar -hali's brilliant tcintelLtions ot Ins brilliant nnnd. ^ffideaof citU.nship and equality, 'ooajUndpo. litical eouality. a Demociouc fociety in kentuck> or Virxiuia con, pounded ol l.t.erated African neKrue.and ih(, ilesreiidenU of tlie European cluvalrj, the race? Leiit too lore ver?li?tiiict. rs an absurdity too mon.trou. for abolitionism it-elf Kternal war. war to ex ?rn una lion slavery or amalgamation of the races, ate the tliree iltei natives. Shield me and mine from that philanthro ^w^ch would Mend the crystal ^ tun. the ambrosial and wav'n* cut Is the roay si > m ti.B kt.ikinir and tflorious attnhutes that marK ine lavoi ite- of nature, exhaling tiuifianre, and ied?lent of ^ >ea - tv and ol bloom, with the disgnsting peciniantie- the u oolaud itiease and foetor ol the blackened savage of Southern deserts. The Saxon an;\\beH'cnU:he Turk and i i)al,e even the Tarinr ami the Hun, the luik ana Cwcen-thS' 'wee. of Japhet and of Shem may com pound and melt and mingle into one peop'jj, upon the same soil-but the race of Ham mu?t ?erve or separate" Fverv thing quiet about the Departments, ihe President receiving his friends at the White House !s usual. Poor Unahan the faithful jjmjjj. yn distress about his sick family. Among the !ady visitors to-day, was a fat, rather plain man, who said that she had h-?rd that there was a woman in town who had a michty good kind of eye A iter and that, as the President, he Know , (i everv thing, she thought as howsomever, he uiight tell her where the woman could be foui d I , . .1,1 besides, as he had all the Treasury under him, he would mve her a Utile money, you ^ of the old woman s tye water , tor el,e' mnlicant did want some dreadful bad, and no >"'?" t ike What w.,9 the result of the old woman s mission we know not ; but some persons are un charitable enough to think that the ]'^p|dent hiin self mieht be benefitted with a little eye water .^met.mes. to enable htm to see his wavclearlyinto the fog of the future. It would certainly be agrM iielpto the mental optics of Father Hitcln . " et that old woman live who lias that good kind of " Then'ews of the great and disastrous hre in New York of last week, reached us here in .an extra of ihe Herald reprinted in an extra Irom the othce ot th Philadelphia Ledger, yesterday moving the 20th) by the eleven o'clock train. ? >n account ,f this news, and of the news from F;uro^,the He raid and its Extra, were in universal demand here This morning T* ?I?.??I a-head. like >Tew \ork city? fire or 119 lire. Mr Secretary Marcy is again at his seat in the War Department. Mr. Bancroft we be frustrated from further inklings for the present. Baltimore, July 92, 1846. The Heat? Death nf Robert S'tilton, Eiq. ? Siek Emigrant ? Second Death of Nalititm ? Politic ? and Politiciam ? Market s, f-r. The thermometer, yesterday, ranged from 90 to 93 de grees during the whole of the day, and, although not to warm by several degree! hi it wan last week, wai uni ? versally declared to be the warmeit day of the seaxon.? fhe nun i? shining out very bright this morning, but ? inoit delightful breeze if preventing it* ray* from being very oppressive. Robert NeiUon, Esq., the founder of the order of the Son* of Temperance, in Baltimore, and one of our most ivoithy citizens, died yesterday morning at 4 o'clock. ? He is to buried this morning with great civic honor*. The ship Herild, Captain I'aulen, arrived yesterday from Rotterdam, with 1.4 pastenger*. Ten deaths had jcciirred on hoar I, and *hu is now detained at quarantine, jii account of fickite**. The hot weather -ernes to keep down the ardor of the ? ??iitieiuiis, and though the democrats have made their ongre**ional nominations, the note of preparation lor the ampaigu is not j et heard. The w hig nominations are no t e ' mane, though :t i? presumed as a matter of court* , it Kenned j and Weti.ered will he again placed in no i (nation. < ollectoi A aniott is now cousiJered as ?eat - I firmly in his official rliair until after the election, ? lien it is itiidemood that lie is to make way for either r. Prick or Brale 11. R chardson The unpopularity of ? r. Maniott d?i.y incroases, and so soon as the election - over and he is shorn of his power of diatractiug the ;uty, he must lolluw in the footsteps of Oov. Van ,Ne<', tml either lesign or feceive notice to quit. Thi* will be t ie ?ignal foranottiei general removal of the deputies, nd the oiiice-seeker* are bristling up at the prospect al> ready. Theie lire still a few hangers on to the skills if the i ollector for two or three situation* occupied by men who have attended to their hiiMiie** and taken oo pirt in politics, and ma consequently called W liigs. I he ( ollector'* w ill is good to remove them but they are s ich good officers he cannot do without them well, n .id shudder* nt the idea of giving two such anti I' i sines* men, ns the piomiuont applicant* lor them are. The Market* The supply of Beet < attle at market ) e*> tonlay was unusually large, and the demand lair, but s.ile* were made at a decline. The ottering* at the scale* ? >mpri?ed 077 head, of which 34<i were driven to Philadel phia, 160 remain unsold, and the bnlunce, amounting to ti head, were taken by city butcher* at price* tanging i -cording to quality, from $1,50 to $2,7 A per 100 lb*, on t e hoof, equal to $2, 50 a $5,35. Hale* about $2,2 6. We hear of no transaction* in Howard street Plour be < >n.l retail sale* at $4 37 J, which is the prevailing rate. ? otne holders ask $9,(1] for choice brand* of fre*ii ground, mall parcel* of new have been taken at $4,00. The re ceipt price from car* i* $4,2.1. We are not advised of any *ale* of City Mill* Flou . Dller* are made to fmnith it at f4 OJj. The market lesterday was well supplied with Wheat, 1 it many of the samples we e damp and in had condl on It was very difficult to effect sale*, and prices of :.e lower qualities decl. ned ? sh ide We ?|Uote good to imp reds at H.I to iOcts. and ordinary to good at 70 a ?l '*. Hales to-day of superior lamily flour, white, at 95 a ' 4 cts Oroinary white will bring 85 a 90 eta !*ale* of corn at 42J ? 43J cent* for white, and 44iW !<>r yellow. Whiskey? There i* an active demand, end the stock I* i ;>rly or qnlte e*h?tisted "ales were made to !?\ o | ; ? N at 21 ct*. and ol hblaat '10 c.ta.

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