Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAL Vol, xi., no. i "i ? Ho. *wj:i. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 24, 1845. ph-twc-T" HE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Irculation? Forty Thousand. ?AILY HERALD ? Every day. Price S cent* per y? $7 3A per unnum ? payable in advance. vEEKLY HERALD? Every Saturday? I'rice Of cent* copy? 12* cents per annum ? payable in advance iDVERTISEMENTS at tho usual price* ? always li in advance. 'MINTING of ali kind* executed with beauty and i patch. tij- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed the establishment, must be post pui4 or the pontage '1 be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMBS GORDON BENNETT, imiKTOK or thk Nkw Yorh Hkvalii Establishment ror n?r of ktilton and *?.' n ?<:mi SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. IBLOOMlNaDALE, MANHAtTAltVlLLR, AND KURT WASHINGTON STAGES, Will commence running iti the following ?rder.on 8?tnrday,Mty 'he 17th, IH45, leaving jManliatftinville *t G o'clock, A. M.. nnd con lull' hour until 7 o'clock, P. M. Leaving New ?rk, corner of Chatham and j?T ryon llow,at6 A. M., and fntinue every half hour until fi . M. Stages to ( arinansYille imtv C t.arcii Cemetery and Kort Washington, every hour J jrotfKfi li?r Q'lV, IfOlil / A.M. to 7 P. M. J 1 Pare co lviunnptinnvijle Vtft cent*; Cwmansville IfV; Fort ' atuiimi on rj oeiics. B. MOOKE, i.'ii'f/ Proprietor. MA 1 1 FOK liOSTON. OVER Till: rJiNO ISLAND KAIL KOAD. VIA new i.nwnnw, nor wich 4- worckster. \t K o'clock iii the Moraim, from the Foot of Whitehall i"H, South Kerry? Sund tys excepted. Way < rites are in retuiness to receive baggage for Ntw iiidon, Norwich and WoMMtcii Basgige for Boetoa goes I rouuli under lock. jn16 tfrc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. On Mondays, Wednesdays^ and Friday*, over the Long land It-iil Koad to Greenport, thence to Newport and Provi e in a splendid and commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot Whitehall street, Soittli Kerry. juTC tf rc FAK K TO HALTIMOKIi #1. Through in Seven Hours. HEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. MORRIS, ( aptsin J. Jane ui, leave Uneu I. Tlu< l.i UMinli Ro Ohi < "oi wcept Sunt) iys,) I ; o'clook* 1*. M. f Baltimore at about 10 1'. M. e is comj ?rt Mori is,. .i itutton. . . Washili d of thi Fare ouly following splendid nnd fast ap'.ain J. M Douglass. . . . Captain L. Davis. ||j This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P, M ickets f..r Wheeling and Pittsburg i boat NIT I i STATES .MAM Captain J. Chaytor. .Captain J. Trippe. Biltiinore at 3 r, Ciui be procured on board LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. Fare $2 ? Through in Six Hours. VDELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. lei, U'ilmiugt Ilavredi* Grace, 8cc. iiy neit, June 2Sth, the fare between uuilnnorc, by tile Mail Liuoa, will be reduced On i'liiladt j .. $1. The Trains will leave as follows: ? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, IV|!Ot lltli and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. I1 illy, elcept Sunday, at R A M. I Daily, e*c, Sunday, at 9 A M. And Daily, at 4P M.J And Daily, at 8 P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh ? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh cm be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market ?ts. O. It. HUDDELL, Agent. >or furlhei information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, at the oflire of Adams it Co. 17 Wall street. Juno 24th, 1845. je29ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. REDUCED FARES. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after 14th June, 1845. From Brooklyn Depot ? Boston Train? A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, (topping :?l Kariningdale and Ht. Georte'f Manor. 1 Accuuimoditinn Train ? 9% A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming . dale tud intermediate plic??,dailv| Sundays eicepted. ' Accommodation Trim ,3 P. M for (Jreenport, duly, Sundays . excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hicks ? v 1 1 1 , and all (lit- (topping places between Hicksville and Ureenport. ; Fram Oremporl Depot ? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12J< o'clock M.t | or oil the arrival of thesteamer? from Norwich. Accommodation Train ? At 5 A.M., d > ily , Sundays except?d, for Brooklyn anil interniedi ite places. From Farmintdale Depot ? , Accommodation Train, ti'i A- M. ami P. M., daily, Suu I days except eil. for Brooklyu and intermediate places. From Jamaica Driiot Eitra Train, ISjj r. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn and intermediate places. The Boston Trains stop only at Karmingdale and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at. the following places [.on the road, going both ways to receiye and delirer passen ' gers, vit: 1 Bedford 8 Deer Park.. 69 | K-cJt New Vork 12S? Thompson ## I,1 Race Coarse 18iJ Suffolk Station 100 Trotting Course If 'i Lake Hoad Station 1 JamiiCH 25 Medford Station 1 18/t Brushville . ? . . Jl'.j .Milleville 150 Hyde Park, 17 miles 37 J, St. George's Manor. . . . 1 fi2 CIowsTille, (during ses- Riverhead 1 62 siou Court,)., 37 Jamesport Hempstead 37l, Mattetuck 1 t>2>? Branch.. .. 37 1 a Cutcli>>Kue ! 1,2 1 t Carle Place 44 Southola 1 0 2l? I] West bury 44 CJreenport, Acc'n. train.) 75>4 I! Hicksville 41 Boston Train 2 00 Karmingdale ... . 62.^ i; Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the severnl I St iti us, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyu side. >, Koek iway Baggage taken in separate rates. julOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. .JIIIKSS I'lliNhKU PACKET LINK, ; From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail- ! rondsand Canal ? through in d iy?. Tlie above line is now in full operation and offer* gr at inducement* to persons who wish | a pleasant mode nl travelling ; o the we*i. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the boats are lifted up in a su|irrior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience ol travellers. The seenery on this route is nnrivalled, aud toe Sreit chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements Is well win ly ol being seen. By this mute passengers aveid all the fatigues and dangers at teuilant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex- I pcilitiou- trip. The ri'rs leave every moruingat 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their jilaees at Philadelphia. Office in Iliiladel- . phia N. K. corner of ? hesnut tad Fourth streets, and at Nos. | 13 mil 15 Soutii Third su. A. CUA1 Nil NOS, Agent. ! Phil idel phia, May 17, 1815. Kor information, in the city of New York, apply to B. K. KNISKLL. Agent for D. LEECH h CO.'s Line. 7 West st, N. R. my 17 Gm*rrc ThO! i,KS LINK OK 8TKAM BOATS KOH ALBANY', SHU*" DAILY? Sundays Kicepted*? Through Di u-- rroi . .it 7 o'clock P. M., Irwin the Pier between k mn m Jr * ourtlandt and Liberty struts., ( iptam R. (i. Cruttendeu, will leave on Monday. Wednesday ami Friday Kvenings, at 7 o'clock. Hteamboat KNIUKhH BOCK Kit, Clptain A Houghton, will l*-ivi* oti Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. At '? o'clock P. M.t landing: at intermediate places, from the foot i of Barclay street ; ? Steamboat N KW JKR8KY, Capt. II. 11. Furey, will lmve mi Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Huuday Afternoons, at i 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMKRVCA, Captain W. H Truesdell, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 u clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample time for the MorriinK Traiu ol Cars for the east or w?st. Th? Boats aie new ami substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for s|n*ed nud accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson Freight takeu at moderate rates. All | arsons ?re forbid trusting any of the Boats ofthis Line, withmit a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to r. C. Hchtnt*. at t.1*" office on the wharf. Jytl rc CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE PISHING HANKS OFF SANDY lH)Olv FAIIK IH\ I KNTS KAMI WAV TH i*. new aud fast Steamboat BUFFALO y- J* t apt. J. VV. Hancoi, will make Kvciirsimis / during the season every Monday. Wednesday, nufl .->ihhIi y , le .viug I laiiunoiid street at 8 o'clock; Canal, 8*4; Del uirey and Pike sts., E. 11., 0; Pier No. 1, N. II. ,9S? o'clock. On the return passengers will be landed at Coney Island, and one hour allowed for Bathing. All kinds of Refreshment* on board. Bait at cost, jn 17 2w#ec (S2TZL>ZL notice. Bag- ^ ^ STATION ISLAND FKRRY, FOOT OF WHITEUAIjIj STKEET. HTIn ' ' imboafs M V LI'M and STATKN IHLANDKK will lea* e New \ ork every hour eicei?t '? P. M,, cofnuieiicing at 8 \ . 1U., until 7 P.M. Leave rttaten Island every hour evcept A P. M., comtneneing at fi A. M , uutil 7 P. M. N. B.? Oil Sundays the BoaU will leave every hour from 0 A M , until 1 P. M., and from 1 I . M. until 7 P. M., nrorv hall hour. . j y 12 NI'.W YORK, ALBANY AND TllOY LINK, -'.jri KOR ALBANY AND TllOY DIRKCT. J^LSLFiRK M ? Tl? steamboat KM i nJ? MORNING LIN E AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY, TROY mid intermediate bindings, from the .Steamboat Titrr at tile foot of BveliyitreM. Brvakf tit and Dinner ou board the boat. Lea\i s New York at 7 o'clock, A >1 . Tuesdays, Thnrsdaya and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clorlt. A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat THOY, Captain A. Oorham, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat nlAOARA, Capt <iti A. Degroot, ou Mon div, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. 3. Hall, at the office on the wharf Notice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, spucie, or any other kind of property taken, shipjH'd. or put o,i hoard this boat, must lie at the risk of the owner* of such goods, freight, bag gage, &r. jel8rc WILLI AMSB UROH AND PECK SLIP FF.ltR Y. The Trustee! of thia Kerry, believing that there are many of the citizens of New York and lieinity that are unacquainted with the facilities thia ferry affords a* a pleasant communication witl Williamsburg and Long Island, would state that there an' I wo good Ferry Boats on this Ferry, which leave feck Slip every fifteen or twenty minutes through the day up to 5 O'clock, P. M? and then u|> to 8 o'clck, at each even hour and half hour; alter which a boat leaves al 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Tin lust boat leaving Williamsburg at hall-post 9 o'clock, I*. M p. S ?On the evening of July 4th, the boat will continue to run until 12 o'clock JV-' linVc FOH HALIFAX AND LI VERPOOl.. TUB Royal Mail Hteam Ship* 11IDF.R NIA and BRITANNIA will leave Boston for the above ports, as follow* ?? \ Hiliemia, Ales. Ryrie, Esq., Commander, Tuesday, July 10th. Britannia, John Hewitt, Friday, Auwust 1st. Passage to Liverpool $U9. Passat ? to Halifax m. For freiuht or passage, apply to jy 72 1). BKIiill.AM, Jr., Acent.6 Wall at. T?rt Vfts ON '(ink \T BRIT AIN AND IRELAND ? Persons wishing to remit mo no to their friends in . tuy. part of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be stt p|>l ieil with drafts payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from JLI upwards, at the following places, viz: 1> EifOLAin>? The National mnl Provincial II ink of Knit laud; Messrs. J. Barned & Co., Exchange and Discount B ink, Liverpool; Messrs. James ISul t U. fjon, Loudon, and branches throughout England and Wales. In iHrunD.-The National Bank of Ireland, and Proviu cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. In Scoti.avu ? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotl ind, Greenock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Great Western aails on the 3!*tJuly,by which all drafts can be forw irded free. Apply to \V. U J. T. TAPSCOTT. j v 1** re 7ft South st, cor. Maiden lane. FOR WALK, FHMGIIT OK ( II XRl'EK-Thv very fast sailing N. York built packet ship YAZOO, j 570 tons, live oak and locust, tup, hie oak transom, apron giid forward and after cants, carries 2?Mi bales New Or le ins cotton, and has handsome furnished accommodations for 2t> passengers. Apt ly on botirdat Jones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS & TO., jy20ec 36 Soulh street. ~ FOK LON DON? To sail in n few d.ivs? The splendid new Packet Ship BKUNS WICK, ('apt itfcManus, will positively sail for the abqve port, on her regular day; can accommodate a few Cabin I'aasengers in a very superior manner, at less than the usual rates. Her Steerage accommodations is very lofty and any. For Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, all of which will be taken very low, by applying to JOHN HKRDMAN. "jy20 ec 61 South st, one door east of Wail st. LONDON LINK OF PACKETS? Regular pack ?et of the 1st of August. ? The splendid new packet (Ship PRINCE ALBERT, W. S. Seber, master, will sail as aliove, her regular day. Having very sii|ierior accommodations forcahin,second cabiu and steerage passengers, persons wishing to securv berths by this vessel should m <ke early .application on board, foot of Maiden l ine, or to JOSEPH M'MUKRAY, 100 Pine street eornt r of South. The packet ship ST. JAMES, F. R. Meyer, master, will succeed the Prince Albert, and sail on the 1st of September. ju IB re fok Marseilles ? Packet of ist August. ? .The superior ship AQNES, Capt. Wethered, will i' ike the place ol the new ship Nebraska, not ready, uid sail on the 1st August. For freighi or passage, apply to j CHAMBERLAIN it PHELPS, orto _ j n 1 7 re iiOYD in HINCKEN. AgenU, FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER? The ! very fast sailing barque HOME, Captain Watts, built | liu Baltimore one year since of the best materials, carries about 4,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations ; for twenty passengers. Apply to Captain Watts, on board, at I Pike street wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO. i W re Sfi South ltTeet. ' OLD KST ABLISHED EM I OR A N'T PASSAGE jff*\jVOKKlCK,61 South St. ? Passage from Kngland, Ire Scotland and ffalei ? ' Those sending for their friends would do well tin mselv es of the opportunity of inakiugtheir arrangements with the subscribers on very mode rate terra*, by first clats packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts ran its usual he furnished lor any amount, payable '.hroughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HER OMAN, 61 South st. The inail steamer tlilieruia sails from Boston on the 16th inst, r>V w nicli letters ran be forwarded quickly. tnv23 rh KOK ULASliOW -RTgular racket.? '1 lie well known, last sailing British Barque ANN il^RLKt . iDuncan Smith, master, 4.00 tons, will meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, hiring excellent accommodations apply on board pierS N R., or so WOODHULL k M1NTURNS, jvl2re 87 S inth street PACKETS FOR HAVRE? Second Line? The jRjHFV.pacliel ship BALTIMORE, Captain Edward Kunk, ijUbflpB" ill sail on the 1st of August. For freight or passage apply to DOYD U HINCKEN, jy2 rc No.9 Tontine Buildings, cm. Wall and Waterstreets ? FOR SALE? FREIGHT OR CHARTER? The very fast sailing New i ork built packetsliip V AZOO i ? 670 tons? Live Oak and Locast top, Live Oak tran som, apron and forward and after cants ; carries S'AIO bales Nr w Orleans cot' on, audit's handsome furnished nccommoda'ions for twenty-six passengers Apply on boardst Jones' wharf, or t? E K. COLLINS it CO, jy9 m 56 South street, KOK LIVERPOOL? The superior ship NEP ,TUNE, Captain Peach, will sail on her regular day. ? Kor passage, having unsurpassed accommodations n the t.'ahiii only, npplyto JOHN HERDMAN, je27 re 61 South Street TO CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. HOTEL AND STEAMBOAT PROPRIETORS, CITY AND COUNTRY FAMILIES, Sic. E X T HA FINE TE A S ! 103 Greenwich St,rcct, Near Courtlaitot St. .and opposite the Pacific Hotel. New York. llr E BEO LEAVE to inform you that we established our m selves at the above place, principally for the purpose ol meeting our views of our wholesale and large family customers on the North River Si<le. The upright manner in which we have carried on our business for several years past in this city, together with the very high quality anil moderate price of om goods, have earned lor us a degree ol reputation ana renown far beyond thai of any similar house in the United States, and we consider these the best reasons we can urge to obtain your pa tronage. We have, however, much pleasure in stating, that we have made, with great care and judgment, our selectious from all the spiing cargoes, and which comprise the finest specimens of Young Hyson, Hyson, Gunpowder, Imperial Oolong Pekoe, Niugyong, Congou Souchong, lie., which havei arrived here this season, which, with an immeuse variety of Fine and Good Hualities, we offer at wholesale and retail. We hare also true overument Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted nnd ground daily. We continue our operations at our other places as heretofore, particularly at 121 Chatham st. We are your obedient servants, CANTON TEA COMPANY, New York? 121 Chatham St.; 361 Grand st. and 318 Bleeeket stree. Philadelphia ? 89 Chert nut street, and 45 Fifth street. myH 2in*in CARPETING. 4T>4 PEARL STKEET. THE SUBSCRIBERS have just oiieued the large and spacious CARPET WARE ROOMS, No. Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt & Co., and are now ready to offer tfie public an entire new stockof Carpeting, bought expressly for the spring trade, some of which are exceedingly rich, of new de sigUJ and colors. Among them max he found? ? NEW SETTS KIDMINSTKR BRUSSELS. Entirely New. 18 PS. K1DM1NSTER THREE PLY. Rich Shading. SUPERFINE FINE aND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Pi.~no Covers, Worsted, Tufted and Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy ami iu great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trnrle The public are requested to call and examine oursUick before purchasing. P*TERSON Si HUMPHREY, rn2fl2m*m Pearl street. RADBROOK S GOLDEN FISH ,197 BROADWAY. No longer the Golden Fish shines ill the sun? At the old place in Broadway ? two, seventy-one ! Ii has darted up stream to a far better haven, And is now seen to glitter at two ninety-seven. There Bradbrook's establishment, known as of yore, For a well-stocked and excellent outfitting store ; On the mat ant still furnishes outfits complete. From line shirts and silk drawers, down to towel and sheet. 'Plie voyager hound on some long ocean trip Should call iu at Bndhrook's, ere joining his ship, And there officers, civil or naval, may find All they need, when to ftr distant stations assigned. eet to select, Ol the very hest fabrics and tastefully made, At prides as lair as are known iu the trade. Suspenders, gloves, collars, straps purses and hose? ^':"'ks. handkerchiefs, bosoms anil fine under clothes, V\ ith dressing gowus. night ca|w, and fifty things more, May he all had at Bradbrook's famed outfitting store jell Ini'rc KSTAHUSIIKIJ I *'22. PETER ROSE, CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OF 8VROICJIL ?1\D DENTAL INSTR UMENTT, No. 412 Bbosdwav, hear Cakai. Sti'KET, New Yon*. PR. would respectfully call the attention of Physicians, ? Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Merchants, to hi* gene ntl Assortment of instruments, and Cutlery of the most approved patterns, which he will warrant : not to l?%- surpnsscd hi quality or workmanship by any manufactured iu this country or im ported. P. It. trusts that his long and practical experience inthehusi' uess (having hern engaged in it snire I Bt2 , ) will he n sufficient guarantee to purchasers that "I' orders will be faithfully and promptly attended to. Surgical and Dental Instruments, It.. 7. ors. Shears, Scissors, Penknives, flic. , ground, set, and repair ed with great care and despatch. jti!7 lm*rc j (\ I' IIU K/8 Kiut Pre in i urn new Patent two Oven Ranges J Jl ? combining economy, convenience ami durability. These Ranges are warranted superior to any [ever offered. I hey are no constructed t.hst it is almost impossible lor them to get out of i order, or for the plates to crack, so cowimon to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last 18 months, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and in no Otte instance hrm the nrojirietor been called on to repair one. All liuigesputnn by the subscriber are warranted to give en tire satisfaction; il they do not, th??y will b* takeu away without the least eipenae to the purchaser. OKOR OK PIRCK, Proprietor, mW lm'in M Broadway. Phe stranger or resident there may inspi J lie most elegant goods he could wish t TO LKT? Offirn and Lofts for Storage to lei in the building No. 112 Fulton lit. Enquire of "? HENRY , ou .III.-, 2d tlivr. jy? 3t*is ec TO I.K.T? Office* ami Lofts in the n w lire-pri til S',,re comer ol 1 1 me and Houtli its, Applv to conier o. loSFPH Mc.MURRAY. FOR SALE. THE Three Story Bric k Mouse, 413 He uiton street, built in tlie best manner; warm in winter and cool in ?summer; replete with every convenience. Ilulf the purchase money liny rtmaiu on I. .ml oid mortgage t 6 jar cent For terms appl y to E. K. COLLINS & CO., jtilflec SO South street. TO LET, until t lie lirst of May ueM :-ud immediate pos session given. of the 3 story house No. 101 First A vetiue be tween 8th and 7th streets, The premises li ve lately leen put in coinpleate order. And all h;is been painted inside anil out, last June, the Crotpn water introduced, marble mantle pieres, folding doors, and it is w ell adapted to accommodate one or more families; rent asked to one family for the residue of the >ear to next May is #326. Inquire at the olfice of John li. Power, Esq., No. 70 Nassau st. corner of John, up stairs from the hours of 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Sainl. It. B. Norton the owner, at the same office ou Tuesdays and Wednesday. I in jy I2*rli LOOK AT THIS ! ! ^ JUST RECKIVF.D? Another lot of French Boot*, of lathe best kiftd and will be sold at the old price, $*>, and the J? best of Freuch ('all Boots made to order for 85; City made < -all' Boots, S3; and the greatest assortment of Gents Gait ers of all kinds to be fouud at very low prices. Also, the finest Calf Shoes, $2 and SO. A great variety of all other kinds. Ladies in tills Store w ill Imil a ureat assortment ol Oaitfrs, isuskins, Slips I n 1. Prunells, Satin, &c. For an assortment of ill oilier kinds Misses and Children's Boots and Shofs we cannot be beat in thiscity._ Do uot mis take the number, 3t>l Broadway, corner ofFranklin street. jpl ltn'rh M. CAHILL. J FINK FRENCH BOOTS for S3 SO: City Made, and for style and durability tin v are equal to those sold lor $5, at Young Si Co's Imperial Freneh Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, at No. 4 Ann street, one of the most Fash ionable Boot Manufactories in this city. Kiue French Dress Boots, made to order, for S I SO; equal to those made in other stores for 86 and $7. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Sic., made to or der in tile shortest notice. Mending, Sic., done iu the store Win. M. Young St Co., Wholesale and Hetail Manufacturers. No. 4 Ann street, New .York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, aud je24 lm'rc H. B IONKS. I N h'EHJOH TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY. BF. YUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, price S2.7S, which for beauty of finish cannot be surpassed. Also, Drab Beavers, Blue Brush and White Cusior Hats, all oftlie latest style. Also, Panama Hat*, vftrylow. C.KNOX, jel9 lm'rc HO Fulton si, between William and Nas?au._ MILLS, HATfER, 178 HltOADWAY, HOWARD HOTEL, HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to JF*5- which the attention of gentlemen i< iHvited, at the fol lowing prices, viz : ? French Pearl (a new article) $4 00 Pearl Csssimere . 3 SO White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor" 3S0 Also, an assortment of Panama, Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, and other Hats. suitable for the season. jel2 Im'rrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. MILLINERY AND DRESS J MAKING. MRS. ROSE, No. 17S Walker street. New York, re t^Jspectfully solicits a call from Ladies wishing any thing (f' in tie* Millinery or Dress Making line. jeM I m*rh I MPORTATION OK WATI IIES. ~ RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship i/nrich. an assortment of Watches and Movements ol "every description and ?f first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DELACHAUSE Sc MAIRE, ju7 ltn*rc No. 127 Fulton street, New York. KOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 137 and 1311 lllereer Street. Mil. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor to ^LiCC^'ilorm his friends aud the public in general, that hia ^ Sfbni.1 for Instruction 111 Horsemanship 11 now Open day and evening, as follows . ? Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. ? " Ladies " 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. T< rms of instruction made known ou application to Mr RooUmm. Mr. It. lias just received from the country several fine find ?tyiish Raddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at 11 rea lisable price. iny7rc FOR SALK? A Farm on the Banks of the Hudson, jpCqtcontaining about sixty acres all in a high state of culliva -X- . r inn with splendid Buildings, situated one mile West ol Newborgh. The terms will be made easy. For par ticul irs inquire at 419 Broadway, corner of Canal street, in the Shoe Store. jy9 2w?od"rc TEETil ! TEETH ! ! TEETH ! ! ! UNPRECE DENTED RFDUCTION IN DENTISTIi Y. \T the old establishment, t>2 Fast Broadway, where can be had from one to a whole set of Tet th inserted 011 the most reasonable terms. Superior Teeth inserted from 7S cents to S3 00 Teeth Filled from 50 cents to.. I 00 Teeth Mounted for other Dentists, liv N. TAYLOR, jul7 lm'rc Surgical aud Mechanical Dentist. "TEETH! TlifcTH! TKLTlii WONl) E R >' U I. I M P R O V E m EN T S DR. BROWN, DENTIST , AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 280 BROADWAY, three doors above Chambers street, next to Stewart's uew building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to a whole set. on the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH, arising from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually fastened by the highly recom mended Lotio Odonta. TOOTHACHE cured in one ininme, without pain. Teeth extracted with less than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. References will be given to uurnerous families and to the medical faculty iu this city, by calling at No. 2II0U Broadway. inv27 lin'rli WATCHES WATCHES AND JEWELRV.? Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Ciold Chains, Gold Pencils, Keys, Ate., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call ou the subscriber, who is selling all desciiptious of the above at retail much lower than any other house hi the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and S2S each. Watches aud Jewel ry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewell repair ed 111 the best manner aud warranted, at much less than the usit il price G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail. St Wall street, tnSS lm'ec I .ate 30. cor. William St., up stain liJb CULUHRATtiJJ 1JATU U'AiYLAjN Ufc)6. ORGEAT PASTK dissolved in water proves a very eic el If ut, pleasant and healthy summer drink; it can be had at the following places ; ? J. milhati, No. 183 Brondway; J. H. Chilton, 263 Broadway: A. B. Sand & Co., 273 Broadway: Gass uer U Young, 132 Chatham street: W. R. Ballagh, cor. Cham bers and Chatham streets; P. Merkle, 383 Grand street; W. Kir >y, cor. Division and ( hntou streets: Moore, Lent & Co.. 103 H rout street, and at the manufactory, 129 Attorney st; W. For fen bach, 14 Hudson st.; J & J. Coddiiiffton, 203 Hudson, comer Spring at.; J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway; Collins at Co., 401 Grand street; Dr. Sargent corner 8tli street and 3d avenue; John L. ^ledlm, 114 Canal street; A. G. Levy, 202 Delancy street ; KusTiton &Co. 110 Broadway ; Brooklyn, Jas. W. Smilh, cor ner of Fill ton and Cranberry streets. ju3 lm*rc Lvli'OHTANT NOTICE TO DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. 'l^HK undersigned have made application to get Letlm Patent X for their new proce.. to color Daguerrcotyjie Picture.. Thii proce.. produce. an effect not known before, and changes the appearauce of the Daguerreotyi* to that of the fiue.t naint iii|{. Tin. coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It can be peformed by every one not .killed in the art ol panning, and will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also can be com municated in writing, without difficulty. Arti.t. wi.htng to procure the Patent right for a City or County, can make pre-engagement. therefore, by addressing (postpaid) to W.St K. LANtiENHEIM, jy3 Im "re Eichange, Philadelphia. DENT1STK Y? VALUABLE IJISCOVKRY. PRESERVE YOUR TEETH. WHY will you suffer with the toothache, when by calling on Dr. I'AIOE. 139 Grand street, near Broadway, you can have it effectually and entirely cured. He has an entire new preparation, that will cure it in a few minutes without paiu or inceuvenieuce, so that it may be filled, making it a valu able tooth for life, thereby obviating the pain and danger of ha ving it 'Oted. It is certainly one of the greatest discoveries of the age. and never fails of the desired effect. The most ten der teeth tilled without any unpleasant sensation. Artilicia teeth inserted in the must approved manner. ji 7 Im'ec LASTS? LKATHKR AND FINDINGS. CONSTANTLY ?n huid an assortment of Baltimore and Philadelphia Light Oak Leather. Philadelphia Morocco, and Finding* of all kinds. Lasts made to any pattern. N. 11 ? A first rate lot of. Mr. G. Maclieu*. ('hiladelphi. Hasps for sale at ?>5 Spring street, near Washington street, N York. ju 13 Im'rc WAKREN 8. WILKEY. UAKVEKAc HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Ileal Estate ** Agents, 33 Wall street, New York. 51 Noith Suth street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specifications mid Estimates fur Ilinlll ing; Drawings and Specification, for Patent Uights. Keal Es tate bought and .old; money loaned and invested; pmpertv >i ased mid rents collected. je!!2 !m*rc V OIGTLAENDER'8 DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. \RRANOEM ENT8 recently made with their brother-in law, Mr. Yoightlaender, Vienna, enable the subscriber, to sell those Apparatus at reduced rates, rill Largest sire Apparatus, with three inch len.e. for full tir.e plates, at $145. Medium si/.e Apparatus, with two inch leuse. for half.ize plate., at $78. Small sue Ap|iaratu?. with one and-a-half inch lense., lor quarter size plates, at Oentlemeji sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend u|n>ii receiving the genuine Voigt. I sender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated article, th?y having procured tin sole agency for the United States.

I'latesaiid t hcinical of their own importation, a. well as all other articles connected with their art. for sah. it the lowest market once.. W. A. K. LANOf.NHElM. Philadelphia *. .change. Helen ing to the abo> e advertisement, the subscribers inform the Uaginrrian Artists in general, that the above Appararus and other material, can be nrocuied at the stated prices, at their I) Igm rrean Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New York Jyl Im'rc LANOENHEIM k BECKERS. SOMETHING NEW AND USEFUL. AFTER long endeavor., the undersigned has succerded in introducing to the |?eople of the I'ntted States an article they h ive long needed. It is ill the shape of a Paste, called I'A PES D'AVlANDl.S. (Orgeat Paste, ) while it combine, a healthy and pleasant drink tor the Summer While it promi ses these qualities it is at the same nine useful in removing lie irtburn and Sour Stomach, and is a capital drink for di.eates of the chest. It. component parts ire very innocent, and it can be recommended to fem iles m all stages of life; good for wet nurse., and can be used at.ea a? a substitute for milk Prepared and sold for the Proprietor by L. Joachim. sen. No. m A ttorney .f reel je'l Im'rc OLD (idLI) AM) MLVUi. 1 StLVKH Gilt Epaulets, Book Binder's Rags ami Silver | Smith's Stoning*! bought, by A. BARN A III). I No. 2 Wall street. Melter and Aasayor of '{Vletaja. n nWj !f?'s Sweepings purchased by assay. Flue Gold snd ' Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on hand, at office No 2 Wall street. Works 184 Laurens street. je2t lm*cc | MANGANKRK? 100 cssks first quality Manganese . received and lor sale by I KRHMK fc BROOKS, Jy 10 m aft and 67 Nassau street I G1 C LONG BRANCH. NEW JERSEY, " BATH BUILDINGS," (ri)RMKHLY lENSHAWV ) THIS well-known and delightful tea bnthinif ei'tablishment will be opened for the reception ofvisitors on and after the 25th June inst. The buildings nave undergone a complete aud thorough repair, aud no efforts will be spared to taaiutaiu the deservedly limit reputation which this estaMuliint ut h.u here tofore acquired. The price for boarding will be from $7 to $8 per week ? chil dren and servants half-price. Youuk people, not requiring much room, will find accommodating terms. The steamer Orus, Captain C. Trice, from the Kulton market, j will make a daily trip between New York and Lome Branch, i Stages will he in readiness upon the arrival of the above boat at the Ocean House, to convey pissengers immediately to Long Branch. JAA1KS (ilt??N, Proprietor. June 12, 1815. jelO lm*m | yoiVi.AM'S HOTEL, 1 At llArlcm Klver. EOltGK NOWLAN respectfully returns his most sin cere thanks to his frieiius and the public for tbe liberal support which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro- j imetor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to iuforin tneiii that he h is fitted up the large establishment at the termination of the ! Railroad, on this Island, aud on the Bank of the Jtiver, where he is pre|?ared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, I Teas, Slippers, and other refreshments, at the shortest natice. | Good ground, ami every accommodation for Military Compa ' nies. Ail the Railroad Tars land passengers in front of 'the Hotel for 12>* cents, from the City (fall. N. B ? An ordinary at half past 2 o'clock on Sundays. j?28 War RhiN HAI Aj. IVo 3 Warren street. THE SUBSCRIBERS having fitted the above house as a Hotel, in a style of comfort and convenience, lor the ac commodation of citizens generally ajid visitors to the city, would respectftll) solicit tor themselves a portion of their ja tronage. Their larder will he at all times well stocked with the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors and Begars are of the best quality. The bedrooms neatly furnished , spacious and airv. While Irom its central location, being near the City Hall, and in the centre of business, it will afford great inducement to , those visiting the city. I. BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. P.? The usual relishes served up at all times. je7 lm*ec ' WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, !i (<ul(l fitrrct, iirar illalilcn Lnne. OUNTRV MKIU'HANTS will llncl this a desirable Home, I J being convenient to the business part vf the city. This est?l>li&l> mrut i? fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good i and substantial dinner, cents, lodgings 26 cents. For con- j rwianee m donfi rt this doom iiaqual cdmt bottl in the city, and at half the price. Permanent hoarders can be accommodated ou very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other nouses Elegant private ji triors, for the referee cases, or private diuners or su|? |>er parties. The very l>e>t of liquors. ju.'i Sin'rc SHARON S I' R I N G S PAVILION, SCHOHARIE COUNTY, NEW YORK. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that Mr. LAN DON, of Congress Hall, Albany, h as associated hiinsell willi Mr. Gardiner, aud that litis establishment will be con ducted by them. The Pavilion will be opened for the reception of visitors on the first day of June nest. Tliti subscribers liave made many improvements in the gronuds aud bathing-house, and pledge themselves to use their oest exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to any wateriiig place in this country. L. 6t <J. Stages will be in readiness 011 the arrival of the cars at Cana joharie, to take passengers to the house. .Mr. L. will, as heretofore, poulinuethe Congress Hall, which will, during the summer, be under the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. iny29lin*ec SEA BATHING LONG BRANCH, T NEW JERSEY. THE PROPRIETOR of the New York House, begs leave to inform the citizens of New Y ork, and the public general ly. that, his house is now open for the accommodation 01 board ers during the summer season. The fare will be six dollars per week, auu every attention will be paid to their comfort aud pleasure. Good servants will be in constant attendance. The steamer Oris will leave New York every day, from Kul ton Market Slip, and Stages will be in readiness at the Ocean House, to convey passengers to Long Branch. June 19, 1815, SAMUEL COOPER. jelg Gw*ec SEA BATHING AT LONG BRANCH. THE Subscriber begs leave to inform the public that he is now prepared to receive company, having made altem tious and airaugments for the better accommodation ol visiters, In addition to other adtantages that his hi. use posses?es, he be lieves th it a more desirable residence for the approacbpig sea son cannot be found. The conveniences for sea bathing are un surpassed. To those who are fond of fishing, no place can be found where more advantages are .offered. Mr James Green having established a line of stages from Red Bmk to Deal, passengers can always rely ou a ipuck con veyance. JOHN GREEN, Deal, N.J. jy 8 2w-*rrc Pill LAD-HI* I'll! A HUTKIjS. R' A HART WEILL'S W A S II IN G T OX HOUSE , '4 43 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHIL A I) E L P H I A . IT r~ Baihs inst introduced ? Warm and Cold? in fine ap-irt ments-^-for both Indie s hhiI geutleiiieu. je28 lm*ee CO LUMBIA HOUSE. Chestnut Street. iK-iwccn fltli imtl 7th streets, PHILADELPHIA. TH E SUBSCRIBERS reipeclfully iuform their friends ami the travelling public, they hare taken the above house. ( lor merly known a* the Marshall 1 louse, ) ami have made. extensive literal iom ami improvement* in iu iute. ior, having spared no expense to render if one of the most pie . iiita'iil fashionable house* in tlte city. The parlor* ire numerous, the chamber! Iart;e and ? ell arranged, the furniture entirely new . lis loca tion is ill the most central part of the city, near to all the placet of public amusement^ and convenient to the depot* ofilie Southern, Western and Northern rou'e*. 'I he table* will be supplied wilh all tin- delicacies of the sea son. The Wines an i f the choicest brands, and har? been c.iref ully selected. The proprietor* ho|ie by their personal attrution aud experience in the business, to give sati* taction to those who may favor them with their patron j e. I! \GLEY, .MACKENZIE &. CO. James Barley. ('-Tr of Jones' Hotel. ) Henry C. Mackenzie, (form rly of die Washington House.) Peter I., frergu ;oa. July 1st. 13H ivl 3m?ec OFFICE OF .; EFFERSON INSURANCE CO..T" No. SO Wall street, opposite the Exchange. > '?'HIS COMPANY coutinae to it^ure against loss and da .1 mage by fire OBKOOils, wares and merchandise, and also, against loss 1 y inland limitation on vessels and their rargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Eltsha lti|.-g*, Thomas T. Woodruff. Anson Baker, 11. 11. Bobson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holme*, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. I<ee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Euk"ne Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. Gkobof. T. Hofk. Secretary. aire G ALVA XIV KINGS. 1)R. CREIGHTON'S GALVANIC KINGS F.QLIHE no fluid to increase their Galvanic power. They possess all the advantages of a Galvanic Battery, without its shock, and are successful in curing all nervous diseases, For sale only by his Agent" ? 14!), 143 and 92 Fulton; 67 Walk er, at Drug Stores corner of Bowery and Grand, 17 Avenue D. 176 Spring. M Catherine, corner of Clinlon aud Division, Mrs Hays, Brooklyn. Price 2s? gold SI. ju191in*ec Alii II )MINAL SUPPORTER. NEWLY INVENTED ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER Warr,uited the mo*t perfect article of the kind ever inven ted. It has been in use for some time, and approved of by all medical men who have examined it, and pronounced by tfiem the best article of the kind ever offered to the public. The af tlicted are requested to call and examine for themselves. The inventor has put them down to the low price of One Dollar. To be had only of Madame Osscar, 21 Murray street, New York. This Article can be sent to any part of the United States, by Mail. Persons at a distance can have them sent, by addresring Hs'above, post paid. jc2! I in* re MILITARY EQUIP ME NT8. H. J. STORMS, 34 FULTON S'l KEET. HAS constantly on hand, a full assortment of Military anu Horse Equipments, according to the United Sates and State regulation. Also, a variety of Saddle*, BridL'S, Harness, Trunk*, Valises, Sic lie. llor?e Equipments of every style, made to order. jelS lm'm GENTLEMENS* LEFT OFF WARDROBE WANTED. CI ENTI EM EN and Fnmiliescan obtain the full value fi rail M superrlvonft effects tliey wish to dispose of, (either GEN TLEMEN or LADIES,) by seeding to the subscriber, who does not pretend to give twenty per cent more than any olh-r person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered Gen tlemen leaving the city will find it totheir advantage to send for the subscriber previous to helling to lay other person J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, (up stairs. ) N. B ? A line through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. j y 10 lin'rc SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hand funiiture. Persons wishing to dis pose of the same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a Ime through the Post Office, which will lie punctually attended to. ? B. LEVY. 4$H Chatham street, New York. N. B. ? Constantly on hand, a seasonabl* assortment of gen tleinen's clothing, cheap for cash mvOT lm*rc STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR. Yt J HH II will change grey hair to its original color in a few VV minute*. This solution is different from any yet offered 1 and cannot fill of superceding all others Those who doubt its virtues, are re.|U?*ted to hav? their hsir changed before paying their money, If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. I lie Solution cau be forwarded by H trudeu's Expres* to any part of the world. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. J Chatham street , opposite the Hall of Record , New York, up ?tairi. ju4 m* MAGN ET ISM EX POSE'Dr JUST PUBLISHED , AT FRENCH'S I'l HUSHING HALL, 2J? BROADWAY, rpilK. CONFESSION OF A M AG N ETfSER? Being an J Kipose of Animal Magnetism, by a Practicsl Msgnetissr. This Expo le should lie by every one, and especially by the I idit - The j will see the (UiigeM kc , ihey w ill !>e under by ?nbmitting to the influence of thi* dangerous science. For sale at all tlw Periodical Depots. I rice 12', cents. jr24 1m*m LIGHT, ELASTIC EVER FITTING tVIGS AM) SCALPS, WITHOUT MET A LIC 8PHINOSOR CLASPS. TO lit: Mil oM.V ok CHAKLES RIDGWAY, HAIR CUT! EH A Nh IVIG MAKER, NO. 25 WALL STREET, Opposite THI Custom Hoiisk N B.? Formerly of Howard's Hotel. je2H Im'rc gl5t(X)0 TO LOAN, on, co!"1* Jlrc to South atreet. Washington, June 20, 1H15. A I try Suitable Letter for thr Sabbath . An April day in midsummer-clouds, sunshine, and 'lying showers. Comparatively pleasant in church. J lie funeral Harmon of Rev. Charles K. Brown, (their local missionary here, a younr man of twen ty-nine years,) wan preached in all the Methodist churches in the city, to-day. Attended the sermon at the Wesley Chapel, the church of which Cook man, lost ia the steamship President, was, for seve ral years, the pastor. In this church, too, brother Mafliitt was instrumental in stirring up a great revi val, when he was Chaplain of the I loupe of Repre sentatives. The sermon to-day, by brother Wilson, was from Job ? " 1 know that my Redeemer liveth," (tec. A solemn and impressive discourse. Alter the sermon, among the notices lie read, was one of rather a novel excursion, to wit : That on Tuesday evening next, the full, the numerous, and as fir as the l.ulies are concerned, the beautiful choir of the Wesley Chapel, would take an excursion in the bis steamer Columbia down the river, pissing Alex andria, Fort Washington, .Mount Vernon, (tec., and returning by the moonlight ? giving to the company a concert ot some of their most beautiful hymns, going and returning. Tickets one dojltr. The idea is a good one, and our Methodist friends will no doubt turn out strong in its support, except such us may think it u sin to sing hymns on board a steamboat. Returning from the Chapel we passed 'he Second Presbyterian church, below the City J I, ill, just as the congregation was being dismissed. The Presi dent and family were among the lirst who came out, stepped into their carriage and rode oil*. Then came Judge Meek of Alabama, who ap peared, in the absence of the company of a lady or two, to be lost, or as the lads say, " like a limn who was sent for and couldn't come." The way, Judge, to secure the company of a lassie from the church, is to take one or two to the church. Bear that in mind. There among the crowd, tall and thin as John Tyler, (old John) came forth Father Ritchie, with an easy lookingjgentleman of perhaps fifty-five years at his side. The imperfect glance we had of his led us to the impression that it was General Eaton, but it could not have been the General, for the General, in his late City Ilall speech, scored too severely certain men now claiming to be the ex clusive .lacksonian Democrats, who once, upon a time said the election of Jackson would be a curse to the country. Item , severe as was our recent re primand of Father Ritchie, we find we nw amply sustained in it by the letter of General Jackson to Major Lewis, dated Apwl 8, showing how natural it is for great minds to have the same views ot busi ness concerns, in the abstract. As Father Ritchie passed along before us, with a quick, active gait, and cheerfulness of conversa tion becoming a man of thirty, we could scarcely realize the assurance that he and the ancient editor of the Richmond Enquirer were identical and the same, lie walked without his cane, and v/e are sure that he had forgotten that he was getting far into the Indian summer ot life's decline. And then our ho nest sympathies were with the eld gentleman, as we thought of his laborious life, and of the conspiracy at work to wrest from liim his meagre prospective reward, in the printing of tile House. It would be hard ? it would be cruel? it would be untnagnani mous, to do so; but there is a conspiracy at work to this very end; and we forewarn Father Ritchie in time, to call the muster-roll of the next House, and have every thing under discipline, without the ne cessity of more than a single caucus. Rut more than all, we were irrieved at the perfidious revenge of Major Lewis, and that cruel letter of ( ien. Jackson. To leave on the records of history, in one of his last letters, the declaration that the man who had done so much for Old Hickory's and his own pro motion, is a " political renegade," was very hard, although Mr. Ritchie cannot refute the indictment. Better? far better ? U, how much better, jmor, dear old father, had it been, hadst thou remained at Richmond, steadfast to the old Commonwealth and the principles of '.'Hand O, bow much better! There, our good old pappaw, the vengeance of Ma jor Lewis could not have reached thee, nor the cru el recollections of < Ien. Jackson. This afternoon, that amiable and good man, Rev. Septimus Tustin, chaplain to the Senate, who, though a Presbyterian, is not a sectarian, but a Christian in principle, and in his associations with ill men of every denomination, or no denomination at all, preached at the new Lutheran Church, a ser mon on the death of the lamented Methodist local missionary, Mr. IJrown. Doubtless the house will be full, for every body likes the chaplain of the Se nate, because he is never ubove the humility, and never below the dignity ofa Christian. And thus having, as we conceive, devoted the Sabbath according to the commandment, we close by conferring upon the readers of the Hrrald the apostolic benediction: ? "The grace of our Lord !lcsus Christ be with you all, amen ! " Heroic Saii.or. ? The following account of the rescue of Mrs. Ford und her child from their perilous situation on board the Oraioo, is copied from the Port ? land ,1rgm of Saturday last. It is a rorrcct illustration of the generosity and intrepidity for ?/hich the sailor is noted, the world over : ? , " After the schooner had been knocked down, and the vessels attending her taken ofl- as the) supposed? all who w ere aiiva, the ( aptain and a sailor by the name ot Abraham llcatli, were consulting how they should man age lor the night, which was then upon them, when lleath says, he thought lie heard a faint knocking. He said to the captain, " There is some one alive on board | that vessel, and here goes ?o save her, or go with her !" The boat put back ami put him again on board the O ? His only instrument was an axe. lie descended through | the hole previously cut, about sixteen inches square, into the cabin, and forced himself into the beithi. These he u a* compelled to clear. The cabin w as full of water, except when she rolled, when a small triangular space of about sixteen inches along the upper edge would be cleared, for a moment, and give him time to take breath. In this situation, he cut through the partition at the head of the berth, but found no one. He then found his way through to the foot of the berths, cut through another partition, and still found no one. Finding him self cramped tor want of room, in the second tier of berths, and laboring to extricate himself, he lost hold of his axe, and it immediately sank to the bottom of the vessel, lie dove for it once, found it, and immediately commenced working at the partition at the loot of the berth, which separated it from the cook's dish room, a small placc four leet and a half one way, by three feet and a half the, and four and a hall high. Into this room .Mrs. Ford hail gone, to aid the cook in keeping his dishes upon the shelves, before he was called to assist on deck. When the vessel capsized, the door was shut \ upon her by the rushing water, and held last; and but little water could have entered the room at first, for when the partition was knocked open the room was not more than two thirds tilled \> th water. As soon as the lirst opening was made, the rst sound which salut ed the generous sailor's ears wa^ the viocc of the little hoy, saying, " Mother, I see daylight.'' The next time Ihc vessel rolled, the whole room filled with water ? Thegrnerotis lleath sei/ed hold of them both, and after dragging them through three small openings? sometimes : under water, and sometimes above it ? finally, at the j imminent peril of his own life, succeeded in saving the I mother and child, and saw them sale on hoard the accom- | panying vessel : ?An act of heroism and generosity, worthy to be wiitten in letters of gold, and handed ilow n lor the admiration and imitation of mankind. The | act was more commeiulablc. from the lact that the , generous tar was not a hand, but a passenger, on board ' i>ne of the other vesiels, and volunteered to do what all | others shrunk from attempting." Important from St. Dominoo. ? We learn from the Merchants' hxchange, by the Almatta, from St. 1 Doming* City, July 7th. that 011 the 16th of June, the Do minican army staited from L:\s.Matas, and stopped at < ommendador, a Dominican post; from thence on the 17th at ti o'clock \.M , they marched 111 three strong co- I liimm. the first under the command ol (ion. K. Alfaii, to cut off' tho enemy'* retreat; the ??cond under Lieut. K. Pimenter, and tho third, being .Artillery with two lield piece*, to attack on the right, under Heneral Du verge. At eight o'clock 011 the same morning, the third co- ! lumn halted in front of th? enemy, forming in order of battle, and gi\ nig time lor the fir?t column to an ivo and cut off the retreat of the onemy. At ten o'clock the riff nal All given, and tho general attack commenced. The firing commenced at three different points at the same time. .Alter a battle ol about two hour*, and a well sujtsincil lire from the enemy, the Dominican army mtde a furioqa charge, completely routing their opponents, who abandoned four different points which they had previously occupied. I'p to the -2id, the num- 1 ber asceitaincd to he killed amounted to 1(H), amongst I whom wore two officers. Fourteen prisoners were taken, 7 offlcors, a surgeon and tl non-commissioned offi cer* and privates. Some munitions of war were also seized. On tho Dominican side, 9 were killod anil H wounded ; and on the lMh they were on the inarch with order* to at tack a \ illage about half a day'* journey to tho 'Vest ward; but t tie enemy had fied, ami the place waa t^iken possession of. Vn official report of treneral Muverge, from I. is 1 < aobas, under date ot June \!>th, also states that the ran guard had taken that place, and were in nndi" ) iiuted possession j and that there was news that Lieut. K. Kaberas, cominiimler of Oodohalle, had attacked and completely routed the enomy there.? Bolton Traveller , July 'ti. Hr. Ilurko, the hither of Master l?urkc, died at Chippewa, ( . IV., on the 1 tth instant. It will be gratifying to the numerous friende of the Kev Dr. H. I'otter, of Albany, to learn that he reached Liverpool on the 38th Bit, after a pleasant pas sane of 21 <hi j s. ? ith his health greatly improved by hi* voyage. Arrest or Auolitio\i?ts. ? The Parkersburg (Yd ) Gazette, of the 12th inst., gives the following: , - Information was reremly received that the slaves of John II. Harw ood, living at Washington, about twelve miles below this place, would attempt an escape on the night of Wednesday, six persons of that neighborhood crossed the river after dark, ami concealed themselves on the Ohio side. About two o'clock on the morning of Thursday, six of Mr. Harwood's negroes came acroaa, ami were reooived by a party of whites, at least seven in ? umber; and while the latter were engaged in assist ing the former and their baggage from the canoe, th? concealed Virginians made a descent upon them, and, after a severe struggle, succeeded in capturing and se curing five of the Mucks and three of the whites. The latter were brought to this place and committed to pri son. As the oflencc of which these men are accused it a felony under our la ws, a n examining Court has beea summoned for Friday next, lHlh inst. The Cincinnati Gazette, in allusion to this affair, says: The excitement is very great on both sides. In Virgi nia. hall the inhabitants of I'arkersburgh are armed, and pros ared to repel any attempt to release the prisoners. In U aldington county, in this Mtate, meetings have been Weld in four townships, (and several others are to meet), with the object mainly to ensuro a fair trial to the Ohio ans, though in two of them threats havo been made to I cuie lawlessness by a violation of law ? in other words, | to tear down I'arkersburgh jail, and so give freedom to I their townsmen ' '1 he cause of this excitement all will understand. We have nothing to say in defence of any man, or set of | men, who will entice slaves away. If caught, let the law have its course. But we have something to say against our citizens being seized on their own soil, and without process ol law, by people of another btate, to be trie I beiore the tribunals of that State. They may be wroug every way; bad at heart and bail in conduct; but they should not be troubled, if Ohio has the means or the power to protect them. I We wish our friends in Ohio to be firm, but cool. . Malum was sei/.edon the same grounds, and in the same way nearly; but a Kentucky I ourt and Jury acquitted him without a moment's hesitation. The appeal in this case is to the law. Let it be fairly met, and we do not believe the result doutful. White Children a mono the Inpians. ? A corres pondent of the Arkamaa lnttlliguicer , makes the following statement in reference to the while children among the Camanche Indians: In passing the Cberokeo agency a few days ago. I saw, at tlie agent's premises, a white boy ol peculiar appearance, particularly when conversing, or rather when attempting to converse. On inquiry, I learned that he had been purchased by a Dela ware Indian, Dill Connor, from the Camanche Indians, last winter, and left with Gov. Butler about six weeks ago? perhaps purchased by him. lie is about twelve years old, dreadfully sunburnt, and speaks English but indifferently, lie is hard featured, ana, it is inferred, was captured whilst very joung. His account of himself is, that his name is Gillis, that his father's name was called Mr. Doyle, that he was taken on the Colorado, at Hous ton, (doubtless Austin) that his father, with four other white men, were out quarrying rock (he liers made a circular motiou. by which was meant stone to grind corn), that two or three of the men were killed, and that he saw his lather escape on a fast horse, out of sight. ? He further states, that w ith thu same band are fourteen white boys, "Mericans," and four girls. The boy was, I am told, much cowed, but by kind treatment he now breathes freely, and tries hard to talk "Merican."' The poor fellow is uot an Adonis in person, nor a Chester field in manners)- he walks like a foreigner. His passion is for fishing, eating, and playing on the Jewsharp ? will, it is said sometimes stop catching to play a tune. He speaks the Camanche language well, and can out-yell tne Indians. Sttueme Cor-RT, July 10. ? Present ? Bronson, Chief Justice ; Beardsley and Jewett, Justices. The examiners of attorneys made their final report this morning, rejecting sixteen of the candidates, and admit ting the remainder? whole number Ao. No. Ml. Argument closed. Decision postponed. No. 10. (A reserved cause.) Bigelow vs. Henton. New trial granted. Adjourned. List of attorneys admitted at the present July term ? ! Oliver J. 1 tiller, Stephen A. Carr, George Murphy, Wm. ' Kuger, James K. Beers, Seth Burton, H. L. Brundage, J. M. Greenwood, Henry M. Whittlesey, D. T. Walden, | Jr., Martin Voting, John De Witt Kexford, James L. Woods, Robert Benner, Norton H. Iteming, George W. Sumner, Dean S. Manley, Abram S. Hewitt, S. Weid Hoosevelt William Marsh, William A. Holmes, John H. ! Voorhees, William Van Master, James L. Angle, Wil ! liam O. Merrill, John T. Emmett, Albert Thompson, Benjamin M. Stihvell, J. M. Dudley. Albert Gilbert, i harles Buckingham, I'elatiah Jakway, John B. Klwood, I Theodore W. D wight, John I*. McGregor, Abijah C. 1 Cook, Joseph Willing, Anthony Ten Eyck, and Charles I Billinghurst- 3f. 1 Momuv, July 21. ? Present? Bronson, Chief Justice, and Beardsley and Jewett, Justices. 1 No. 54. (A reserved cause.) Vanderheyden and al. vs. J i raudall. Argued for plaintiff, and in part for defendant ' Adjourned. No causes ware decided to-day. The last cause reached ou the calendar is No. HI. ? Uli ] ra Gazelle. Singular SnciDE. ? Un Wednesday last a man was found dead in the woods, u few rods east ot Blodgett's Tavern, in Pembroke. He unquestionably killed himself. as a case knife, ground nearly as sharp as : a razor, was found stuck about six inches into his throat. He was entirely naked, having taken oil" his clothes and placed tliem together in in a pilo nbout six feet distant. ? in I. is pantaloon* pocket was lound a small tlask which had contained liquor, and in bis hat was a small si/e<l I rope, or bed cord, together with his suspenders. In hi* pocket book, which contained one ccnt, was a small piece of thick, reddish colored paper, on which was written, in luitch, "John Smith, July 4th" It was supposed he killed himself on that day, as the body had undergone considerable decomposition. He was a stranger in Pem broke, never having been seen there prior to his being found. Ills clothes consisted of a twilled jean rounda bout, striped vdlcntia vest, dark colored satinet panta loons, ncaih neu, cowhide boots, hall worn, made in Mount Mori'K. The first and second lingers of his right hand were only about half the usual length. ? Balavia Timet, July '2$. Tallmadge Coal Mine ? Ohio. ? The coal mines at Tallrnad?f, to which 1 alluded in my last, einbraGe an area of about ."i00 acres. The coal lies in a bed, near horizontal, about five feet thick, and from thirty to sev enty-five feet below the surface, according to the level jf the land. It is estimated that there are 300,000 bush els .to tiie acre. The Tallmudge mines are worked at three different places; but by far the greatest quantity of coal comes from the openings of fir. I'pson, who em ploys twenty-five men, and bung* out about !KXH) bushels jier w eek. I'he inen aro all Welshmen, and receive $1 per day for their labor. Delia Webster ? We learn from the Vergenne* Vermonter that this young woman, whose imprison ment in Kentucky last winter, for aiding in the escape of slaves, will be remembered by all our readers, has pub lished a full statement of all 'the circumstances which led to her arrest, and all the incidents which transpired during the pendency of her trial. A glance at her book, says the f'ermonltr, is sufficient to exculpate this unfor tunate lady from any shade of guilt, in any candid mind; yet she has surtered greatly from the calamity, both in reputation, in health, and in purse? having been put to an expense of some $9000. I". S. Dragoons? Expedition to the Rocky Mountains. ? We learn by Mr. J. V. Humilton, who reached the city yesterday, direct from Fort I.aramie, that the U. S. troops under the command of Col. Kearney reached that fort on the 14th of June The officers anil men were all well and in fine spirits. Mr. H. reports tnat several of the emigrants to Oregon had reached Fort I.aramie. In his way in he met fivo hundred and seventy-three wagons, ami the attending companies of emigrants. They were all progressing well. No deaths or accide-nts had happened to them Fire in Rutland, Yt. ? On Friday evening, 11th instant, about 12 o'clock, a fire was discovered in tho tavern barns belonging to Klisha Warner, which, with his house, are entirely consumed. Furniture most ly saved. Insured in the Vermont Mutual The store adjoining, belonging to James Porter, was also consum ed, together v ith a |>ortioii of his goods. Store insured iu the .Ktna goods in the Vermont Mutual. Also, a store situated south of the tavern bouse is bui had ? not insured. There aro two dwelling bouses destroyed, sup posed not insured. ? f'ermont Patriot. Mississippi Nominations. ? The T^oco Fooos met in Convention at Jackson, ond nominated the fol lowing State ami Congressional ticket Governor, Al bert (?. Iltown: Secretary of State, W. Hcmmingway; Vuditor, J. K. Matthews; Treasurer, Win. Clark; Attor ney (iener, il. John H. Freeman; < ougress, Jacob Thomp son, re-nominated; Robert W. Roberts, re-nominated; Stephen II. Adams, ol Lowndes Co.; Jetf'crson Davis, of Warien ( o. Horrid Affray in East Kingston, N. H. ? We |e:irn from Mr. Odlin,of the Exeter Erpren, that on Saturday night lust, a number of persons proceeded to the house of Mr. Seavy, in Kast kimgston, M H , ami made an assault upon it with stones. I Miring the affray, astoncfiom one of the party struck the head of tho wifo of Seavy, which fractured her skull in three places and from the effects of which she almost immediately died. ? lioiton Timet. Attempt to commit rtuiciim 'in IIoxiwry. ? On Sunday night lust au attempt was made by Vr. llazel tme, of the firm of Morse St llazeltine, soap manufactu rers. while in a state of partial derangement, to put an end to his life by cutting his throat with a razor; his windpipe was nearly severed; we understand there is but slight hopes of his recovery.? Hcttnn Sun. Growth of what was the West. ? The nopu lation ol Springfield, Ohio, is twenty-six hundred and fifty-five. The lie public anticipates that this will be in creased to three thousand within tho next twelve months, as the prospect of the speedy completion of the two rail roads to that pluce has given a decided impetus to busi ness aud improvements. Mkrder in Fairhavkn.? Parker, accused of the murder of Ills brother in Fairhaven, a short time since, was examined belore the Police court at New lledford on Friday last, and committed for trial at tho next term of tho Supremo Court. Emigration at Boston.? The ship Constantine, Capt. Sampson arrived this morning with 113 steerage passengers, and the ship Bombay, ( apt. Read, with I S.I, mostly Irish emigrants.? Boiton Trantcript, July 33