Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1845 Page 3
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-Ctim Inauraiire Company of Hartford.? Directors of ihia Company have always acted upon the :iple of scattering their risks, so that in ca?e of a sweepi u' their ability to |?y would not be impaired ; hence, by ao >K to this priuciile iu a business of over i'i years, while j; other Companies have lieeu unable to pay their losses mil tid up, this C'in|>uny has icoue uu prosperously. Iu limies le great (ire iu 1834. in this city, were paid iu lull ana l>? t'ley were due, anil the Cotnp my huve aaain the pleaaure tatmu to those who have honored it with their patronage ? that it it now in-epuml to pay all tin tones in unit continue butintii at heretofore. JW York, July 2Jd, 1815. A. (J HAZARD. A*?ut, Office 8a Wall st., comer ol VV ater. Aloe of the Eaat Klver Mutual Iiinii NCK CO., No. 61 Wall street, New York, 21d July, ' ?At a special meeting of the Board of Directors, after ta* I into view the resources ol' th? Company, in couuection { recent losses by the hire of the 19th insHnt, (about one | of the capital rem lining unimpaired) it was unanimously ! 'Ived, That the company Proceed i i their business a* ll. JNO. BROUW?K, President. old S. Sim.iman, Secretary. otlei? Tlic Alliance Mutual Insurance ip<my Office, 53 Wall street, by the fire SIOri.tHlO, out Issets somewhat exceediuK S3U0.IKI0, or about oue-third of tj>ital. The Company continues business as usual. J AS. D. P. OtiDKN, President. A M. MERCHANT, Vice President, wis Bkxton, Secretary. 3t 'lilted Htntea Circuit Court^-The Clerk's ce of this Court has been removed this Vay from the room* ipied by the Clerk of the U 8. District Court, to a portion ie apartments of the United Statei Marshal, ou the same r, where the docket, record*, and (ilea of the Court, will laraanar kept. 7*" Person* desiring searches for judgments, instead ofgiv ? notice for searches iu the united States Court please send distinct notices. nesday, July (I. 1844 MONEY MARKET. Wediteaday, July '43? - <1 P. M. Iiore was a slight improvement to-day in stocks. ? j| j sales were not large, but prices throughout were idedly bettor. Norwich and Worcester went up | || cent; Reading Railroad, Long Island, 1; Canton j Morris Caual, i; Farmors' Loan, j; Kentucky ti's, J; 0 Railroad, 4; Ohio ti's, }. tie prices offered for Kire Insurance stock were much her than yesterday. We now quote as follows : ? rrhants' 4 Jefferson 40 Howard 20 ihittan 4 United States... 30 Firemen's,. .. 3t l? rth River.... 81 Coutributiouship 22 Brooklyn... 24 ntahle 30 .'Ktn.i lf^C'ity 80 .very Ill Long Island.... 44 lludson 10 lliatnsburg . .. 20 Guirdian 5,4&ast River.. <4 i 'lie Stockholders of the Pawtuxot Bank, R. I., have ed to remove their institution to Providence. ? ?y have also voted to increase the capital stock (i 100.000, and will very probably further increase it to <0,000. The present capital is $78,000, it having been luced from the original amount. The bank is under j of the old charters. The York, Methuen, and Dedham Manufacturing Com. tries have each declared a semi-annual dividend of 10 ? cent.; and the Norfolk Manufacturing Company a ridcnd of 12 per cent. iince the passage of the law of the last session of the ' gislature of this State, providing for the redemption ol 1 outstanding notes of insolvent Safety Fund Banks ' I. following sums have been redeemed by the Comp. > ?ller 8trr.Tr Fi'nd Notks Skdkkmkd. Commercial Bank of Buffalo $18,791 . Bank of Lyons 11,168 ' ! Commercial Bank of Oswego 10,662 I , Clinton County Bank 4,320 I | Wotervliet Bank 3,230 ' Bank of Buffalo 692 ( i Commercial Bank of New York 447 Wayne County Bank 76 City Bank of Buffalo 36 ] 1 $49,301 I ('t is not known how large an amount the Comptroller ' j)l be called upon to redeem, as the assets of some of i i J insolvent Safety Fund Banks have not been sold. The Union Bank ol tho State of Tennessee has decla- j 1 a dividend of two dollars per share. The Boston and Fitchburg Railroad Company have de. irod a dividend of four per cent, payable on the first 7 of August next. This is a semi-annual dividend, as 1e interest on the stock ceated last February, and tho VningK of the road have since been applied to the de miration of this dividend. It is stated that the company 1 vn a surplus left after paying this dividend. This stock ?<now selling at twenty-four per cent advance. The jpital is $1,321,500 since its recent land purchases. Its lighting business is rapidly increasing, and it must sot 's down into a rogular eight per cent stock. Good divi" ?ad paying railroad stocks are much sought after fo'1 'vestment, and most of the oastern stocks comman rgc .advances on the par value. The Maine sells cely at 15 per cent, and tho Providence at 13] per cent. <lvanre. Worcester is held at 18; I.owell, at 19; West "nat3; Kastctn, at Oj, and Concord at 30pcrcentad mce. It is stated that the Western will declare a divl ;nd of three per cent in September, and have a surplus j fifty thousand dollars frow nett earnings. The Iriends of the Northern Railroad in New York "We taken hold of tho work with a determination to l?rry it through. Tho Western trade seems to be the xeat prize the Boston capitalists are anxious to secure jlie citizens of Boston have by means of tho ex dnsion of railroads into every corner of New Kugland' scureJ the trade of those States, and their object now '' to push out thoir arms and obtain the trade of the [Vest. They are seeking for more markets for their anufactures, and are striving to make up for their city rtificial advantages to olivet those which nature has tvished upon this city, the only rival Boston fears. j The construction of tho Ogdensburg and Lake Cham ,)lain Railroad will open tho markets of the North and Veht to our Eastern neighbors much more effectually 4ian their Western road has. They are anxious toob' ?tin a direct communication with the Lakes atid the port it ley have fixed upon? Ogdensburg? gives them a depot '>r the commerce of the principal Western Lakes. The tpmpletion of the Wetland Canal has changed the chan jjcls of commerce on the Lakes. Buffalo is no longer at ho foot of Lake navigation ? tho Wolland ''ana lias ex ? feuded tho navigation of tho Lakes more than two liun. red miles nearer the waters of the Atlantic. Lake ves - Jels and steam propellers of the largest class now pass Tom Ogdenshurg to Chicago, through Lakes Ontario, j?rie, Huron, and Michigan, a distance of nearly two thousand miles. It is estimated that flour can be trnns' (lorted from Cleveland, Ohio, to Boston, by tho way of bgilenshurg, after the construction of a railroad from ?tat place to Boston, for thirty-two cents per barrel less han by way of Buffalo, and 18J cents less than by way AfOswego. We annex a calculation made by an expe rienced engineer, of the cost of transporting Hour from Cleveland to Boston by three different routes: ? rnA*iroRT*Tio!<r of Flour kiiom Cleveland to Boston pBr Buffalo ? Freight, Cleveland to Buffalo ... .10 cts. Do Buffalo to Albany -2U cts. Tolls " " Stj cts. Railroad to Boston 30 cts. i Per barrel 97 >Bv Oswkoo? Lake freight and Welland Canal tolls, (tolls being lately reduced) -20 cts. Freight, Oswego to Albany 121 cts. Canal tolls, " ? -jlJ cts. Railroad to Boston .'..".30 cts. 1 Fer barrel 83} Bv OaDENSBunnii ?Lake freight and Welland ( anal tolls, from < Cleveland to Ogdensburgh, *22 cts. Railroad, Ogdensburgh to Boston, 43 cts. Per barrel 65 ^ It is estimated that the wholo tract of country border* ijing on Lake Champlain could be supplied with flour by "the way of Ogdensburgh, much cheaper than by the New PYorkt anals. The people of Vermont consume large quan tities of flour, nearly the whole of which comes from the t Western States. Vermont being principally a wool Krowing State, and not adapted t^tho cultivation o' ' wheat, immense quantities of flour would be transported over the Ogdensburgh road for consumption along it, 1 line and through Vermont. ? The navigation of the lakes is open at least one month || longer, in each season, than tho New York canals. ^Tiiis would give a railroad tapping either lake? if allow ed to carry freight independent of any restrictions, such as tolls, Ike.? a very great advantage, and give an im. mcnie quantity of freight at soasons when produce usu ally presses towards the earliest markets. A railroad so situated would securo a vast nmount of freight, besides giving tho market at its eastern terminus almost a com. plete monopoly of the trade for a time. When the lino of roads from Boston to Burlington,! via Fitchburg, is i completed, there will bo a direct railroad and ?!enmboat communication between Boston and Montreal, sufficient fer all the purposes of trade. But as regards the great western trado, everything seems to point out Ogdena. burgh, on Lake Ontario, as being tho moi natural and advantageous place to tap the ,'ua vigation of the lakes. The navigation of the St. Law' rcncc, below Ogdensburgh, is represented to be danger, ous, which would be avoided by a railroad to Lake Champlain. The construction of a line of road from Ogdensburgh to Boston, would open nearly the whole of the Canada trade to the east. The estimates made in relation to the construction of this road arc of such a fa fvorable and satisfactory nature, that its stock will not ritinaln in tho market for any length of time after Its ap. I pearance. I he movomont is perhaps rather premature, < a" tho construction of the Ogdensburgh and Lake Cham I plain roa 1 must be made simultaneously with the Beston (nil Burlington road. The completion of the latter I liq uid require tho completion of tho foimer, ni topother they form the tuie from tbo heaboard to tho lake. ' The only offset the citizens of thi* city hare to the el fort* of the Boitonians, in regard to the western trade, ii the construction of the Erie Railroad. When that road ii completed, it secures the western trade to this city so strongly as to be beyond the power of any other city to remove; but from present appearances, we believe that our eastern friends will complete all their works before we hardly commence on ours, and will have secured the trade of that section, before we get fuirly under way. Old .stock fCxuhauge. *JSS NY *."??? ?'?. 3? aw sl.44 Krie UK SCO 20011 55 ion ,'tll ,lo * 20Wm OhioS's. 'GO 96 100 Ii" 2""" do (tfi'4 M U(i on, I in"' IMIuO Keutucky #'s 25 Nor and Wore RR 69>j' *>000 do 30d I Oil 26 a" fu'4 26100 do sGO 100 23 d0 69i 1000 Iudnni bonds 33 70 Reading RR 50 10 slits Mercli ? 1- ire Ins 4 ?00 du *60 M1' 1# Guard an J ire las sCO 5 100 do 1,10 66 200 Farmers' Tr 31 50 J? ['in t 130 Morris '"anul '.id 1 , 1(X) do t i;0 M 23 Canton Co s?) s?M 50 L Island RR ,10 Gi 60 do bGO 10)f 176 do , - ? i 20 N Jersey RR >*i 200 do 63)2 25 Stouington RR 2BX, 53 60 do 1.60 29>? ?Second Doard, jjura WjMO Illinois spcl bds 60 shas Nor and Wore 69'? 50 ?has L Island RR slO 65V 26 do 60 J? <J? slO 66 C 26 do 69 J" ? do 60 Reading RR 56V 60 Farmers' Trust 31 50 do 6634 3? <j?i 34 60 Morris ( anal M'* 60 do ,10 31 50 do s60 30 Mew Stock Exchange. $1000 Texas Tr notes 20i^ 60 shas L Island RR s3 65!? 2) shas Vickslmrg b13 II 100 do .sty 65 100 Farmers' Tr blO 31 100 do s3 65li | 100 do s3 31 26 do c 6 '?? ' 53 do b90 3t>a 60 do s30 65l4 50 do b5 31 50 do b3 65>? i 25 Morris Canal s3 30ij 60 do ?90 65 ! 25 do snw 30j? 60 do s30 65>? i 75 do s3 30?4 60 do b30 A6 I 25 Canton Co s30 40 200 do 65 V ?5 Harlem RR 67 10f do slO 65 'i 75 Krie RR s!)0 28 50 Nor and Wore ?3 6*1 1 26 do s90 28(? 75 do c 69 j L>i<'<l, At Spotswood, New Jersey, cn Thursday, 18th inst. in the Slat year of his age, Da. mil Skowhill, Eaq. 1 LOST-JULY 19th, 1846 ON S.iturd.y morning, between thr. e and four o'clock, two Memorandum Books? soni>-whei e between No. 299 rious to" street and F niton Market The finder will I* liberally re w -rdrd by leaving them at Stall No 38, Fulton Market, as they are ot no use to any |ier?o . eicept the owner . THOMAS M JKNK1NS, Butcher, jy24 3t?ric Stall No^38. Fulton Market. FOR SALE? T^n? SECOND-HAND COUNTERS, one Counting Koom Desk, and one frire-Prcol (Drltm>Y) Apply at 64 tte.ver street. jy24 3t?rrc NOTICE. A LL Persons having claims against Castle Garden for fur ?M. lushing Provisions during the late fire, on Saturday and Biiuuay, are requested to hand in llieir bills immediately. jy2t Itrrc JOHN I) KLEUDGEN has removed to 78 Water street. I jy24 st*m MOLLMANN have removed to No. 1 ? south Will lain street. jy24 3t?rli I TO TRAVELLERS AND TOURISTS. P * ' Allowing works, designed expressly for Travellers, are 1 X lor sale at the Map Store No. 237 Broadway :? I aimer s American Traveler-Traveller's Hand-Book for ip North?Central Traveller ? Western Tourist? N. American 1 ouriit? iNew \ ork City Guide? Pocket Maps, fitc.. Ate. jy21 lt*rrc LOOKJ Nli (iLASS PLATES AND OTIIER GERMAN OOOJ)S. N? ? . HANLINK St OSTHEIMER, O. 3 BANK STREET, PHILADELPHIA, have received . . , . by lat* arrivals from Europe, a large assortment of ,7 "!!e ?? re, Looking Glass Plates fruin 30-18 to 52-28 Unsilvered White I olished Window Plates. . . '? !7-12to57-3l .A Iso all siz*s of Green Looking Glass Plates. . " 9-7 to 40-20 ? ith a I irge assortment of Toys, Slates, Leather Dolls, Slate Pencils and Marbles, Spectacles, Toilet Glasses, Pipes, and a varety or othei French and German Goods, which they offer ni the lowest in irket prices. jv24 2meod ghat RAN AWAY f^1,?M.!1'r-,*ub"cr'^r\0" ,lie "'Kht of the 22d, CHARLK8 I A MAGL'I'r iN, ?u indented Apprentice to the Cedar Coop- I eruig business. Maid boy is twenty year* of age, dark com plexion. brown curly hair. 1 All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy, as I sit ill pay no debts of his contracting. ?? , _ CHRISTIAN DREBY, 1 1 -f gb/. No. 21 1 North Secon ' street, Philadelphia. PV( KET &III1' USWKtiO, FOR NEW ORLC.ANS. Paaseiiger* bv this ship will plea&e lie on board at Orleans whirl, foot of Wall street, -this morning, 21th instant, at 12 ! o clock, at which time the ship will sai'. jy?4 It PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL. FROM LIVERPOOL.? ! Consigness per this vessel will please take notice that she \ is discharging under general order, at west side Burling slip All goods not permitted must be se it to public store. j\2l i LA TK FIRE. A YOUNG MOCKING BIRD, i.i a large splendid Cage, | /X also a Cannry Bud and Cage, were left < n the moruing of i tbe late lire at h. 11. Way's House of Refreshment, No. 203 ] Washington street, opposite the inirket. '1 he owi er can pro cure tl.e same bv applying as above jy23 3i*rp THIRTY HOLLARS REIVARL). '|*AKEN l'roin the side-walk in Morris street, near Broad- | JL wajr, on U*t Saturday morning, a medium sized TRUNK, c. vcrcd with Mack leat. t r, Willi short straps in front, attached to buckles ou the lower pan of the Trunk and a leather flap c vering tin1 keyhole. Thi? Tiunk contained wearing apparel, moit of winch was marked P. The Trunk had a paper label 0:1 it, ou wliirh was printed "From .tones' Hotel, Phili.," w inch, however, may have been ruiil>e<l olf. Any Person returning it to No. <2 Exchange place, will re ceiv - thirty dolnra reward. iyZ3 2t*rrc FINE WAXCJ1 STOLEN. 1MIE following described Watch was stolen from the win dow of No. Kit) Broadway this morning. A suit-hie re w >i d will be given for its recovery Pawnbrokers aud watch makers are mj .tested to be on the look-out for it, and give iufor M itiuii as above. A gold csseil independent seconds watch ? gold dial (with an extra hard dial in a uioroi Co case) ? gold capped. engraved back, a;;d chased edges? No. Mill ? 23 jewels ? M. I. Totnas. .New ^ oik. Zid July. 1813. jy23 3t*rrc A CAKD. JOLY KRERE8, late oft* Beaver street, beg leave to return their thauks to Adams a .d Haruden's Expresses for their exertion* in removing their good* from their store, and keeping tlirni in s;.fety till alWr the tire. J. K. also return thanks to Messrs. Shepsrd & Co.. 212 Water street, lor their valuable services in removing good* at the ri k of their lives, and having tliein stored in safety at No. 6i \\ all street. st the Pejicau Insurance Company office, who kindly lent lis the use of tlieir rooms. j)2l 3l*rh .NOTICE. WE, the undersigned, occupants of stores Nos. 35, 37 and 31) ] South William street, would ret'jru our sincere thanks to | that portion of the Kire Department stationed in our neighbor hood, and particularly to the officers and ii embers attached to Kugine Co. No. 46, for their exertions in saving our property from destruction by lire on Saturday morning last? beiiig per suaded that but for the exertions of Co. No. 4b the entile block must have been consumed, together with the stores extending through from Stone to Pearl stievts. JOHN I' CLARK, JyCtt+rc JOShPH Nai LOR k CO. COUNTING-HOUSE, HORIZONTAL AND LAWYER'S DKSKS,|OFFlCK TAbLLri, CHAIRS, STOOLS, Asc., &c., &c. ^pilE subscribers, late of 50 Broad street, would inform tlieir | A fiie uds that they have taken the store corner ol Broadway anil Wall streets, where they intend to keep ou hand a general assortment of the above articles, together with .11 kinds oi Fur niture, (.hairs, tic.? all of w Inch w ill be disposed of ou reason able terms. Ail orders received and punctually at teuded to at the shortest notice. Old work repaired. JOTHAM CLARK. KDW. C. LITTLE. TO LET. ? Pleasant Rooms, with Breakfast and Tea if re quired, ill a respectable private family. Apply at 17 How :rd st. References exchanged. j>23lw*rh H. AllGLoN 5 CO., C? LOTUS, CA8SIMERE8, ?tc. REKINISHER. No. 341 * VVeit sticet, jfrew Y ork. Alio, Damaged Woollen Good# | BPi (Man inay be m at 60, f>3 and ?> t 1'iue street. RF.FK.RKNt'KS I i Wolcott 8c Slade, 63 Pine st. ? W. (J. Lan^ley St Co., 64 T nc st.? S T. Jones &. Co., 12 Puir St.? 1>. Britain 8c Co , 60 Pine sr. ? II. thud, ilitines ( o., HI Nassau st ? Lewis &c Fainnan, Lib rty St.? VV ihon, Butler flc (Jo , V William st. jy231 w?rh | J. K STOUVENEL, IMPORTER OK WINKS, No. 39 John street, informs his friends and the lovers of good Wines generally, that in order ' to supply the great demand, lie has made arrangement* to have always in stoR-, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines ol the lirst quality, from the proprietors direct. The well known following aie sufficient recommen dation ol the qualities of the Wines, without further details : ? | Messrs Barton k Oucstrix, 1 proprietorf ?fV ignoble., J. h re j che, > ? Bordeaux. ( apt. (Jeivais, ) N. It.? J. B. S. undertakus to sell Wine for family use, by the dozen or gallon. j>23 lm*ec BOA K DING. FTMIREE or four single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their X wives, can be accommodation with good Board and pleasant | rooms on ( ' I in ton Avenue, East Brooklyn. The place is cele brated lor being healthy and pleasant, commanding a line view I of the Bay aud Harbor of New York Apply to JAMES V<lN DVK, 78 Clinton Avenue. near the Church. N. B.? Omnibuses nm until 10 o'clock P. M., from Kulton Keny. j)23 lw*rh FOR SALE , rpiIK New York aud Philadelphia Line of SIGNAL TELE JL OKAPH, being in complete order for operation, it would .iirord great facilities iu communicating new*, either for | ! uewipipen or private express#*, tt'.e time being only a few in. mites between the two cities. It was erected at an expense of etKKI d ,|l ,11, ai d Will be sold for a small sum, as tli" ow ei mi. i I e ? v e for Kuiope in a few days. Knqntre of L) A V I D WKIKKIN, Vcnug Agent, No. 23 Muiherry street, N V., oral Stapletou, S. I., where all nece.sary information will lie given J>2:i :if nc 1ULLIAH DS ? GREAT IMPROVEMENTS. SOU rilEUNEHS, Strainers and Citizen! are invited to try Mnnoitany Bed- with lb,'? Panels, in de by s'eam machinery. So much work could not be done by hand without three times the usu d puce. Likew ise Cu-bious so elastic t h it eleven c*n i be fin by a siiiKle blow. For sale or phi>iiii< at BASS FORD'S old stand? r.utrauce* joining the Museum Building, Ann street and 140 !? niton *t. Otis Field, with a number of these improved Tables, invites , his menus to call at the Onto d States Hotel, b.utranrr thr- uvh | thi ? u loom i 1% \V r. i kI rr# r. jj g| "PK KNCli AN D SPANISH HOTJ5L, BROADWAY. opi?osite Ktchsnge Place, having es 9J I caped uninjured at the late lire, remains open for the r? ception of company. ju22 3t?rrc IN ' 1 1 lvlj . MRS. O. B. MILLER * CO. would resn,ctfully inform their numerous customers, that notwithstanding the de struction ol their factory by the late fire, they still continue to supply all orders for their Snuff and Tobacco as usual, at theii old stand No. 110 Water street. jvZt ?t?rh NOTICIV AI.IBKR AI. REWARD will be paid for the recovery of TWO TRUNKS, (one black and marked "J. Owen,'*) a Carpet Batr, ind oth>r articles, which were taken Irom tin. front roem of the second story of the Oranite HnildiiiK, No. 17 Broadway, on the morning of Saturday, 19th inst Apply at IS} I'e ?rl stri et, up stairs. jy'"Q 3tis*rh NOTICE MR. CLARKE is desirous of supplying the p?hlie in town and country with the to -t ol lie;,', ? ol r , ? .1 . wit?> servants of good charaet r > ? n,i. il . '? f, whit, and colored. He flatten htm - If that ny d >. 1, ; o, lie 11 bene litting all those 111 want of employ uient, aud 11 iu nopi s of that patronage, which such an nndeiiaking merits. His office is ?MX l)uane street, and fitted np for the necommodatiou of all in want of employment. Call at 94H Duane street. j?80 Im'm T 1 1| w | DOLL \ R S VV \N TKU, for two years, it 7 pe cent | t/l/Uv on good security Address L. K .stilus office, , jyW 3t*rh LIFE INSURANCE. CAPITAL $2,500,000. THruiiiirKlfiititl. il to participation of profits ou both Eu ropean 4iid American policies. ufl NATIONAL LOAN~~FUND LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY , LONDON UNITED STAT- S BOA HI) OF LOCAL DIRECTORS, Niitt V OBK BlIANt ll? OKKICK 74 WaI.1. ST*l?tT? JACOB HARVEY, Esq, CUirman. John J, P; liner. E*q. Jonathan ( ?nodfiii' , Esq. JoiMt; Uoorinaii, Esq. George Barclay, t *?l- . S muel S llowUl?l' Esq. Goriiam A. Worth, Esq. S;>t:uel M Kox, K*a J. LEANDER blARR, Manager. The following are among tlie advantage* held out by thin in stitution, winch are of Kreat importance to the assured, anil ucli a? are seldom offered by Life Insurance Companies, viz:? , The peculiai advantages secured to the assured by >hr princi ple* of the Low Department, thus blet ding the utility of a | Syrians I tank with Life Insurance! Avery Urge sum to be i>ermanentt'' invested iu the United Suiesin tlie name* of three of the Local I)iivcior*Ja< Trustees) ? ivasieble always to the assured ?s a Guaiantte Kund. The pij meat of premiums, anuually , half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. No chartte for atamp duly. Thirty day* allowed after each payment of premium become* due, without forfeiture o f policy ? Travelling leave extensive auu liberal; and extra premium* on the m<i*t moderate scale. Coudit ion* in the policy !**? onerous to the ;issurtd than usual in cases of Lite Assurance (Seep mphlrt.) The actual and declared profits ' published in successive He ports) affording sure data for calculation* of the Value of the 'bonus" iu tin* institution These proofs will at each division be paid m cash ifdesned Being unconnected with Marine or Fire Insurance. Tlie rales 'for life with profits" are lourer i ban those of sm other foreign Company effecting Life Insurance in New York. The pub ir are resrectfully requested to ex mine the distin guishing principles of this institution ? their tablet of rates? their distr.l>tt;inii of profits ? and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department? before deciding to ins ure elsewhere. A Medic I Ex miner is in attinidance at the office daily, at 12 o'clock noon, and 3 o'clock. I*. M Fee paid by the So ciety. 1J. LEANDER STARR. General Ageui. j y 2 1 3taw is3m rrc MKRCA N TILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 03 WALL STREET. IN consequence of the recent calamitous lire, a Special Meel i UK of the Trustees was held this day, and after a c ireful elimination of the aff ir* of the Company, it w is in inimously resolved to continue its business of Alarine and Fire Insurauce as heretofore New York, 23d July, 18(3. TRUSTEES: Stewart C. Marsh, Joseph Walker. Jaine. Freelauu. Charles W. A. Hodden, Thomas Hunt, Wm Bums, Chas G. Carle ton, Charles Carville, Leonaid Kirby, George H stings, Wm. C. Langiey, Henry A Stone, George W Taylor, Alexis S. B tker, Robert S Barnes, Lucius Hopkins James C opkius, llallock, Kiehd Patrick, W illiam A. Keleltss, Cliirles 1'ayen; Peter Poirier, M. Caffe, A. Legoux, Levi Cook, Dav d L Havre, Peter Van Ne t, William O. Atwater, Silvanus K. Jenkins, Dan'l G. Haviland, Henry Jeainp. :aie Wa Moutaguie Ward, , John I" Seamen. LEWItJ GREGORY. President. JOSKPH HOXIE, Vice President Ei.i.wood Walter, Secretary. j > 2t 3ti* rrc FIRE INSURANCE. THE MUTUAL SECURITY INSURANCE COMPANY of New Haven, with a CASH CAPITAL OF $10(1, 000, hiving been in business about one year ami entirely escaped l<?* In the late fire, will take risks iu THl? city on the most favorable terms. As the rule* of the Company prohibit the taking over $.1000 oil any one ri*k, they are not a* liable to have their Capital impaired by sweeping fire* as they would other wise lie. All claims for loise* will be promptly adjusted. JOSEPH N. CLARK, Pre?ident. Phillip S. Galpin, Secietary. Application* for insurance in the above company may be made to the subscribers, who are authorised to issue policies. B. BALDWIN, J. HARRISON, j y 23 lw'is rrc Agents, 65 Wall street. Co., > I ?t. S 10,000 dol Orr.cE or thk New Vobk Kq,-,TAHL,: In. Co.. i TV,1?, St jt-Vt dtilravrdnr " s"l''[vu[,td,hi)hetbl,rl''1 " not ?eved thu thr. romi'tn^will," Cl|cu.Utlon- ." ? l>*" luve a capital of J50 to I7fl/oo dollars i'ft maturity, and other round nVtUutloni" '",l,re oa as favorable terms us | Joskih Strong, Sec. LAMBKKT SUVD*M, Pres't. ? p J> *3 6tt**rrc KMC AN Mt'Tl'Al. . IMCKANCR COMPANY, 7 vccune tnepavnient of its lni?ii tl? nln,,,e 8 ? Ascription to I ? v." W W- DIBBLE'. Secretary. No4TivaiL. INSURANCE CO., Tuna/- No~ti WALL 8TRKKT M.J/nr^.iu'med^by ?? claims are adjusted. late fire, so soon as the 1-ire and Marine risks will be taken as usu?l W. W. Dibhik Sfcretar^KON BaLDWIN, President. -- f* Y"?. 23d July, 184J. ' . THK "SKW YORK KIRK INsi'R \N Ft Y'mvpav v ? I "All oi'ii n i'foHo,"0, "J c;?i.i?al by the late "ess of the company ?mt,u ed n.T l'ro,!n,,lly ' '"l*1 1,11 the company No. 72 srre i ?.i; \re' Rt office of | ?iuirer offce " ^^" ""'8 the Couner and K?- ' D. Uwdkrh.ll. 8ecr,t,.? ? "? JONtS! ; ? J >22 It rrc OFi!(w.VFqTHK PROTON INSi RANCE CO ) rPHK( Vm'i I ,^l il r "' Yoiik, July 19, lftlV \ A by the fire f , ,i, d Iv"1'^'5' r":ail."s tWir I.h. I ' long island insurance company ?? A ? ^>000 Dollars. rri HIS CfnlPa'vv ultot street, Urooklyn. I 1 NVw Vo,k o^f v'?''! 'T'' t0 ?k' ri*,ks in ,he cit>' of fi- on,, about teu|per cMt of the^'capita'l"^ I J "??' ,U"a,,,ed by^:ciWKy?? trid ou liq,,i July.., ,WB M ^^AMATKR: Preside INSUH A VCF 'PHK BROOKLYN KIRK IN8URANCK en ?;ii : in New VoX ? theirrCffi"",iM "*ail,!,t ,osl d '>n?Ke by'il" calamity "J ' * Com"a"V ?'? unimpaired by the recent 1 eail Street ; Joseph Pettit firm J. Prtlit k Co lai rj.^l^r^ 1 Af ?? o.8mZ,feELL!iWOIlf?' t"p kx7^?$hip^ 'r'S- 1 ?r~3*5Ete by the recent fire $200,00(1, I wish to i?v thVr ,i ; over-estimated. The losses n f nvi "*? " .Breatly I'osed. will amount to >S>oat SIM o!if ? .? sup i T*nFo, ra^vln'Vrht^'j?I^raANCE COMPANY. f5r insurance received n? usual Nonsk taken for more than $5,000. W.V1 JA8. DOfi(?S. Secretary. "Tll:7?j5r^S^nTN'i"V'??^ r- Chapman. Secrefarv EL,A8 O.. DRAKE, President. ? __________ J >21 lw*ec SW JB5SS&@?^'Av Mle ,ow' iB ?'n- 1 re"*e'" ^rawhi|{^M?Ten fiotV ?y(?i'\VilllamMr;er\Vn.'t'ii,4JB,''T" ? . _ the patent GALVANIC RINGS MAGNET I C FT TT i n llronchitis: Vertiao : Ner,??. ^ J)"l'"r.,:"lV l ootl.ache, ; Hon; P.u-alysi^ ; htl?y ; KimIimmv ? bit*- (,?m V of the Heart ; AlHjpleiy/s ff..^. Vf 1^;L rTP ?lp*,P"^?ion K'S./ote.ilSs;;. ?3 have been e(|u.llv Micx.-ssfuL'Tbrii' 'he> he system must L witnessed to be bVliered snH,... U|'?" ^^aasSa^sSaSS.!? ? or numerous rrrtifioAtea ol rh*. hi^i.LVJ .1 V "'?"fferteil. the etricary of the U.\lvninc Rinir. ,,f, v{ ' ir.*c K A. ?p shSs * ' ? ,l,Tr rrrnoved to 100 W'a|| street, | 55535^^" ,o j H^^P, i I riliif and li i 11?^;' jIL M?ort me* t of Bridport Seine, Her- ; nred with the greatest care from thlTl .. 36 ''"i" mn^ inr tWnsrk", and for ?,e I?W* 1 ?Vp.7ctt ST*""' -I'll,: MANSION Hwi& n ^ 1 jWn w'i? rt"' W. J. BUNKER, j AUCTION NOTICES. iFi^C aaron. ? ? ? THIS DAY, Thuisday,24'h July, at 10 o'clock, at the ^uC' tioii Room No 91 Maiden Unc ? Package Sale of Hardware, Cutlery and Fancy Goods ? con a, sting in part i, f tine pen and pocket kmv es; tsblr i!.-s?rrt aaiJ carving kuives and foil*; an assort in. 1 1 of fine razors, fancy work boiPi. fancy soaps, Brtanma coffee iiots, tea and table spoons, Wilson's corcrni coffee mills, he Icc Catalo gues are now read)". hale |io?uive. j' 21 It'rh WM W. SHIRLEY. A*rtioneer. BY H. K WILLARD-H u*? Furniture Salt? Thi. Day, Thursday, J ul i 2lth, at 19 o'clock, at the three-story dwell i K house No 116 Broadwuy ? without reserve, for cauHi ? cata logue sale of a general asao. linen: of good icier .in carjsts, ru<s, in hogauy aofaa, chairs: dining, tea, card aufTcentr.- t ,ble~, pier glasses, mantel clucka, lamps, aolar and Spirit lamps, cut glass, French china. Also, the Furniture of fire bedrooms and kitchen, coal, stoves, & c. Also. 12 valuable Oil Paintings aud Print*. The lb uae to let till 1st May next. Rent 700 dollar* per an num. jy2l lt*rh " A PART OF A HOUSE WANTED, unfurnished, in or near the upper part ofBrcadway, in a private f .ini I y , from the 1st of August. Apply to A. B. C., J. W. etts, Chemist, I'll Bruauway, near Bleecker street. No hoarding house need apply. j)24 2t*rrc ROOMS TO LET.? Two rooms to let, well calcu. lated for business purposes, one fronting Broadway. En quire at 4 111 Broadway. Entrance iu Canal street, j > 2 i lt.*ric TO LET ? Au Office, with three Lofts, in the fire" ' proof store No. 94 Broad street. Immediate possession * ill "e given. Apply on the premises, to K. B. DALY. jy'M 3tis*rh TO LET? The new Stor'S and Basement No 3 Mur ray street? separately or together. Immediate posses m % touches 'ion. Ap^t Jyast'rrc THOMAS U BLACK WELL, 89 Water st. TO BE LET, Irom 1st August, a Furnish* d House, consisting of nine rooms, beautifully situ ted on the weat bank of Rocklmid Like The steamer Warren touches regularly at Slaughter's Landing, within half a mile of tbe l.ake. Address Mr ATHERTON, Rockland Lake Post office. References required. j)2ii3t*rrc DOGS FOR SALE. A few choice pure white Euglish Terrier and Bull Terrier Pups, of warraned pure blood and imported lire ds. Gentlemen suppliid with any kind of Sporting or Fancy Do s, on application at the bar 55 Fultou street, N. Y. jy23 3t*rrc FOR SALE ? Signor Valielin i goiug to leave the city for Europe. offers for a ile a fi i?- bay Hirse and Waggon, witn Harness and Saddle ? th- whole in coinplett order. The horse coming m years o| l(a d warrauted ?on i d and good fur family ire. For further particulars enquire atPalmo'sN Y. Opera House, Ch inbers it. jyl3 3t*r>c ?ft - FOR SAL E-A black MARE, 8 years old, 15 i hig'i, a d very fast. She goes t ? the waggon .' 'ii"*1 '?? li,*t r-'" Price SIM) with blan ket, "tieet. baker, Sic. Ei quire at HaTIIORN'8 Livery Sta ble, Mei cer st , come, of Bleeckr r. ' j v2:t :<t*rrc HORSE FOR SALE? A splendid GREY ^XaiMIOKSK, comiug five years old, about sixteen hand* ' ' f '?'??b ""T fast, kind in single or double harness, of g iid style and action? warrauted sound I'o be seen at the American Eagle Establishment corner Christie and Delancy streets? together with city made Sulky Harness. jy22 3t#rrc MUSIC. A LADY, who ha? a thorough knowledge of Music, being taught by the first masters iu Europe, nnd feeling herself fully competent to instruct iuthataccomplishmeut, would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, 01 mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B. C., at the office of this paper, shall be punctually attended to. je?8 ltn*r?! W ANTED.? A few active, intelligent meu, to act a* agents i for the ti-.le of new and popular Publications, in different |mts of the country. $300 per year ever their board will be insured them iu writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, and more if they are active Some men, now in our employ, will no doubt make over $1000 per year, clear of all ex neuc-s, and there ii about half a dozen places open, whirl) must be filled : each man will have his district, and it will he neces sary for them to have at least $35 or $50, to obtain a good fitting uut. None need apply unless he has that amount, for it is our object to get them started iu such a manner as will be benefi cial to them, as well as to us. Apply at 95 Dunn* street. Letter! roust be post paid. jeli lm*rh THE SECRETARY OF THE HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY HAS arrived in this city for the purjiose of adjusting and settling at once the losses sustained by that company in tbe recent fire. He will also attend for a few days at tha Agency of the company, No. 67 WAl L STREET, and take surh approved risks at may ofTer at fair rates of premium. The unimpaired capital of this old and well known company affords abundant security to the owners of property ; and the mode of | tran-actiiig its business, which for :i5 years has s-cured the public confidence, remains unchanged. j\22 3tis*rrc 0'~NE OF WlcBTi-! MPROV ED PATENT SALAMAN DER SAFES of the $110 size, which I purchased the second of June last of A. 8. .Marvin, 138J* Water street. Agent for the manufacturer, was exposed t? the most intense heat dur ing the late dreadful conflagration. The store which 1 occu pied, No 46 Broad St., was CKTIIIU consumed; the safe fell from the second story, about fifteen feet, into the cellar, and remained there fourteen hours ? and when found, I am told, and from its ap|iearauce afterwards, should judge that it had heated to a red beat. On opening it, the books and papers were found not to have been touched by fire. I ileem this ordeal sufficient to confirm fully the reputation that Rich's Safe liasalready obtained for presurving its content* against all hazards. (Signed,) WM. BLOODOOOD. New York, 21st July, '45. 8*i.*M*sjt)(:n Safes. ? The undersigned purchased of A. 8. Marvin, No 138', Water street, one of Rich's Improved Patent Salamander Safes of the $2110 size, which was in our store. No. 54 Exchange Place. The store, was entirely consumed in the gre t conflagration on the mornii g of the 19th ins'ant. The SilV was taken from the ruins fi'ty two hours after, and on opening it the book* and papers weie found entirely unin jured by fire, and only slightly wet? the leather on some of the books was parched by the extreme heat (Signed,) RICHARDS & CRONKH1TE, 9 Pine street. New York, 21st Jnlv. '45. jy22 3t*rh Wii.DER'S PATENT SALAMANDER SAFE Again Th i mfhant. ? Several have been taken from the burn i ig niins of the I ite great fire, and all hiving proved faithful to their tru t, as cm be seen at my store of the Great Sign, 131) I Water, corner of Depeyster street, where more of the same kind can h e had SILAS C. HERRING. j\2l lmD&Wed A1AGASLN JAPANA1S, 00 Ouane Stracft Ah. p iRKicfi, Agent, from Amsterdam, most respct ? fully informs his friend* and the public mineral, that lieh (i received a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of Japanese, Porcelain J\n and Va sea, Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, C'ujis *ud Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; Curs and Saucers; an Ctent Fans of the lfHh century; andtwo Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from tlie years I .'>18 ami Ii77, formerly Ixlouged to the Cardinal Ximeuies, Great Inquisitor of Spain, such as neTer has been aeeu ill this country; which he can dispose it moderate price*. Ladies and Uenleinen, if you wish to treat youraelf call and examine this splei.did collection. Also, two carved Chairs, for Catholic Churches; lobe seen from 10 A. M. till 6 P. M. je27 2m*rh HLOCK TIN WAKE MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT Of Planished Tin and Commoi. Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hanjfl^ Holl w Ware. Wood Ware, Basket!, Brushes, Door Mat^Wnakir Seives itnu Uro' ms? in short, every variety ol h use-kecpiug articles. N !!.? A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea Urns, Table Dishes and Uow.i, Sic., kc., for hotels and ste .mboets, on hard nid m nufactiin d at the shortest notice. JAMES Y. W ATKINS. jn5 lui* 16 Catharine srr?*t. New York. A'A' W EMH H Oil) EMEU |>ET KR ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his I friends and the public to some splendid (roods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, which, being imported direct from the Euro|iean manufactories, will be aold nt a i trilling advance on the original cost Hi' would also call alien- J lion to several lots purchased .it auction, at en immense sacrifice which will be found well deserving an early inspection. The following arc very desirable, being 25 per cent under the urns! retail prices? High-neck Chemisrt'a, richly embroidered, from 14s to S3, SO worth $2,25 tn Si .50. 500 Kmbroidered Colin rs, finished rd(;es, for (s , usual price 10a Bd. 150 Embroidered Cnj>es,Ht S3, usual price $5. 50 do do very rich, from $6 to SlO. ?00 prs Kmbroidered Under Sleeve*, froin 4s to S3.3S. I r ise Kmbroidered Dresses, froin S3 upwards. 500 do i Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. 50 do do eitra large sixe, for gentlemen's nse 45 do do hemstich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do do Rivierd borders. A choice assortment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. 5 cases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslins, in stripes, plaids, figures. kc.. tic. A lot new Muslin Trimmings, Laces. Veils, Hosiery, Glovea, See.. kc., all of which will be sold decided bargains. my3! lm*rc No. 373 BROADWAY. COMIC ALMANACS FOR IW4?, FOUtl KINDS. agents, cheap publication depots, bool^sellers, and is the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun ;.nd fine eugraviugs extracted with care from the laughing volume of nature. Fisher's Comic, Turner's Comic, Crockett's Go a Head Comic, and De Darkies Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; those at a distance will order, or lend for samiiles. Always on sale the greatest variety and quantity of ('hihlretis' Books, colored and plain; Song Books, cilorea prints, kc. kc. in the country: catalogue* on applica tion. Show Uills of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very low, for cash, and do full justice to all orders, in time, kinds, quantity, anil price. turner fc fisher, jcMlrn'rc 74 Chatham street OTIS FIELD respectfully informs his friends and th? public that he has arrived is the city and taken quarters at the Uni ted States Hotel, his entraiu/h through tlie bar, or 196 Water street ; where he ha* a number ol Bass ford's improved Billiard Tables, on sale or for playing, nnd will be happy tn have them tried. His b; r is well Mocked with materials Tor making Sherry Cobblers, White Lions, fcc ?? je* lm*rre MUSIC. REMOVED to N?. 65 Franklin street, one door East ol Broadway, M. DUMSDAY, Professor of the Guitar, Sing ing, Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teach l.adies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruinents,kc.,in a comparative short time, by his new Analysing and Inductive System. Terms reasonable. M. I), will go, as usual, to the residences of hit pupils to any n irt of 'the city, by the stages. Satisfactory city and other re fer. nces i?ren on application at No. 65 Krankliu street. jyfl Im'in ifiOUAN UAH PS. NUNNH k CLARK having purchased the patent right foi "Coleman's .Kidiati Attaehineutto the Pianoforte," lor the entire I nited States, (excepting Maiisehssstti, ) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes With 'his improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made, horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability , f this ? ventirn, N. k C. re prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced inn id, their own critical examination and experience warrant throi in the isaertiou, that the "JKolian" will remain in tune in any climate, and it w ill not he affected by transition. a | of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each inrtmnie'if. Tli- public are invited to examine the "iColisn Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway,, opposite the Park, where ?l?o may be found an assortment of 6. 6^? and 7 Octave Pianofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany cases. m26 6tn*rc NEW MUSIC. P RILEY kCO., 297 Broadway, publish and keep on hand ? in extensive assortment of New and Fashionable Bdusie, whit h tliey offer for sale at wholesale and retail at thelowst possible prices. They manufacture Instruments of superior qua ity? warrant every article they sell, heiug practically acq i .mi ld with the diffeirut branches of their business. Military >inds supplied it the tnoif reasonable rates. myH2m*rrc GALVAN1ZKI) IKON AND TIN. GtALVANIZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a verv an f prriorarticle, warranted not to rust. Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch and Amet riran Pi? Irou, for sale be CASS It WARD, nult rm'ee No T1 street TO DKNT1STS. \ GENTLEMAN giving up business, will sell his entire /V stock ol Instruments, vis: one superior double action ('hair, Lafi'rt a's patent ; one Lathe ; full nnd complete seta of Operating nd Mechanical Instruments; together with 150 Plate and Pivot I'eeth, kc. kc . for $100 cash, to close the concern. This is a .?its ii'iee. They hive not been twelve months In nse, .i.l ombri.'e every article required in the business: or they .ill he ?? Id in luts to ?uit purchasers. Address "Dentist,'* | Herald office. jy 12 lm*rh AMUSEMENTS. f AUK. 'lUKATHKi FRENCH OPERA. Friday Kvenliifj, July 45th, Will be performed ror the third time iu this city, a grai.d Opera in fire ac' entitled I. A JUIVK, THE JEWESS! r.lesier, n "Jew ^oliitoiitli .M. Irnaud Rai , el, the J..*r? Mil' < alve Cardinal dr Brugi y, rrrs ident tTCoucil.. J1. Douvry Prince Leo|.old ' (t'uri"t Pfincew Ku; Jr.* M'?e Cssini l lie "rjiid I n,vu?t ul tlw City til Uonat u.ce. .VI. Garry Emperot S-?um<,i.d Mont.-sier a v.1! 14 c?l't?m iu the Emperor's Guard Inles A Nobleman, attend?ul of the Kmpero' < l.,ft?ry . i . 1'ier of Boxes and Parijuette, Ji Second sndl turd Tiers, SO cents; Gallery, ? cents. KlBLO't I >??. \ . Thursday kveiiTnif^Jnly 24, BENEFIT OF MRS. MOW ATT. The perluruiaut e to cninineuc* with the Overture to Le Dotnino Noir." To be followed by the < ,o;nedy i? 5 acts, entitled ihe HONEY MOO.N. Jul HIM Mr*. Mowatt Mi?s Taylor Duke Araiiza Mr Crisp Jacques T. Hacide Lampedo Johu Scftou Loixt Ch'i?peudale Iu the fourth act a Pa* de Deux, by .Muin Celeste aud Par tiii^tOu ? and a Couutry Dane** by the ch racter*. Bttweeu th?? third a ?d fourth acts, an K/'luUjrmuiioo of Half au Hour _Ju TT" An "iilt.cul I'OiiCe *??il Y, 'i fS ur 111 ill .taun-cr tO SPh\ L tain good oftfaff uud km? all iinpropei wnoui out. CQr Tukctt ("iffy ten A limited number of Season Ticket* will be disi o?ej 01'. j > ?" Perfuruiauco tu enmiMnen ut 8 o'clock Door* op-.u at 7 o'clock. CASILK {ff??AdntlM?loli SO ('entif/9) . Ijint Night but one uf Hignoru Pico. frapriKuH.. ? .V)e*w?. Kmncn >ed liei?? Grand Entertainment! Tliuti'liiy Kvenliii, -July 24 The performance will commence with ?n Overture of the Sovereign nf Cyprus. Recited Aria ? 'Do mt fly me. gentle m liden'' ? Mr. Denuison P.i? Grote i|u-, by I.'. 1 . I'.n-loe Hibernian I ut I'niirri, by the full < Irchestra. Grind Saloon P .l.icca. by Ma's lie Desjardins. Overtur- to the Marble Bride? :u I Orrh ?*ra. A Spanish So: g by Siguora Pico, entitled El Taguc. lnteri aissoii 0; H tll au Hour for Promenade and Refresh mellts The range of splendid Cosmonmas will he open for inspection. Overture to Fn I)i volo, lull Orchestra. El Holero E-pigmil, by Ma'selle Desjanlins. La S'gnora Pico w ill siny the celebrited Drmkiuic Souk of "Oh Come e Vago," l'roin the banquet scene of Lucre/la Borgia. "~f Doom open ?t tali-post R o'clock Porfbrm-ec- iaiti? mi nce at i o'clock. V A UXIlAi.:, GAllBK'i S*I.OUN, DOWERV. OPEN EVERY fVENING, RAIN OR SHINE. Admission only One ?Shilling. TUB CQOl.EST SALOON IN THE CITY. The following Ladies ?nd Gentlemen having been re-engsged for *ix nights, w ill appe r every evening ' li ? ? week : Mis* A HOMkB, the American Kllsler YOUNG FRANCIS! O, Siguvi MAURI ETTO, AIADAMOI8EI.I.E ROSIN A OASCON. BARNEY WILLIAMS, DAN GARDNER, BILLY WHITLCCK, CHARLES WHITE, Masters FOX and BR I'ANT. Also, the Ethiopian Brothers and Sitter. Doors o|>eu at7i?? I'erl'ormaice to commence at fc>?. An efficient Police in attendance, uuder officers Nlartin and Bird. jy20 lw*rc TliKA TivH.'AL ,\n I'lCK. THE unrlersiuned hm ing leased the THKATRE ROYAL, KlNfiiTON, Jamaica, ha* arrived iu tills country for tli purpose of engagiuc a suitable comp iny. _ Ladies and gentlemen of tnc pmfcasion. of at kiiou'ledgrd talent, wishing, ? ill 1 lease address the subsciiuer 1 lost paid. jy23 titeod'rrc S. Dh^ CORDOVA. New York. THE ALHAMRA OF RESORTS IS THE ELV8IAN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which is visited every afternoon by huudreilsof the first fami lies of New York, anil which is one of the most delightful re sorts on tin- liauks of tli.- michtv Huilmin. FREE EXHIBITIONS. OK THE FIRST ORDER, Every afternoon at :i o'clock, commencing 011 MONDAY. July list Continued and Tremendous Excitement ! Mr McCARTV is very happy to announce the following popular artists YOUNO FRANCIS: O, THE FAKIR OF ANGELINA, and the if rent est Magician of the Wtli century, and the only Professor of the art that cm i?*rf< rm mapc in the open day light. In addition tu the above novelties, p.rraiiBemei.ts h>ve been ninde with Mr. D. W. WRIOllT, ihe be*t F Isetto Vo calist of t lie age, who will s;ng several of the most fashion llile sougs of the times ; nlsowitli Mr. BKN.l \MlN YATES.the popular Comic Dancer, who will appear iu a variety of comic dances. Iu addition to the above, th? AMERICAN BR \SS BAND is engaged. Leader, Mr. James fehelton. jy21*l wee aCOTT'.S I'.AZAAii., N'o. 37 DEY 8TR EK.T. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GREENWICH STREET. SANI'a SCOTT returns Ins most since r- thai.ks to his friend* stid the public at large, for the lilnTil kuppmt re crired since, he has been iu bnsiuess, Rad lionet JJy the ?" ime strict attention tnmeiit a eontiunance thereof. i'ti- qualities ofbis Ales, Wines, Lirinors .iiid Segars, are too well known to need comment. .1 lan e assortment of Refrenlnnents to be had at all times, till twelve at night ? ?ucli as Beef Steaks, Mut ton Chop*, Fried Kidneys, Ham and Eggs, Sardines, I'oached Kggs, Pickled Tongue*. M'elch Rureliit*, Colfee.Tea, Stc A j ^ood dinner ofRoast or Boiled Meat for One Shilling, every uay, from 12to 4 o'clock. Du'iliti Brown Stout always on )r aught. Good Lodgi tg* for Zi r?ntk and S1}% cunts Cold < 'uts at a momeut's notice. 'Ill is Hotut hu tic<u proved, by compariaon, for yean p ust, to be the eooli st and most coinfr rt ?hie in the city No House tetter supplied with English Irish, Scotch and city paper* Always the latest nrws by the teimets. Good Rooms for Private Parties always ready at a moment's warning - fri-< ? .t r,is ? for nothist '.eft Ihi'-pc rpo Et'ONO.%IlSTS. ? Every description of la: icy siiks' X shawls, sun shades, vests and embroidery, cleau-d by a French process, known only to the advertiser ; table and p ano covers cleaned; carpets de nied whole at 6\i cents per yard; ilka dyed to any alnde atid watered 011 an improved principle. Geutleine' 'a coats reuovr.ted tti a first rate s:\le at 60 cents; pints do, 2i cents. jy'jfl I w*in T. SMITH. 70 Allen street, ncr (iranil ARTlKICiAL KYKS MADE and Im-erted by Dr J. GR ^ , No. 119 Bowery, N York, the only maker of the HUMAN .VR I IFK IAL KVE in the United Slates. Any person that wishes to be well suited should always apply to the -Maker, who has been in the Art Forty Vein jnl6 lm'rc Racing ox the beacon cou k se . A?M ATCI1 lor SjOO will come off ore r this Course on Mou *day the 2Hth inst., or first lair Jay, between, the Canada Gif^*r?r\ r%. day 111' ZStli lust., or llrst lair Jay, hetweei the l niacin Horse. Hop* and th~ w ell known Racing Horse Livingston, to L-n 1*4 mile heats and leap 4 hurdles 3 fret 6 inches high to the Vieat. Same Day? A Purse of $Vl will he given for a Foot Race ^4 of a mile, to leap 12 hurdles, each 3 feet 6 inches high, to get over as th-'V pie ne. Kntrance SI, to be made at K. Smith'* on or before '1 hursd ly evening neit; $10 of the money to the 2d, if ther.: is more than five starts. BARLOW AND GEORGE 8EWAKD. Tha Match, One Mile, for fWO, between lb se two Peds?tr: an* wi'I come off on the 3!*t inst Jo 19 tf ro Dt-.LIGHTKUL KXCtJKSH i.N sxa DOWN THE LOWER BAV-Theuew CL, ? ,.i?and commodious steamer DELAWARE, W m 'g-Capt. P. II. Smith, Oil 'J'HUKSDaV A K i ' KNOON, JULY 24th, will leave Warren street, N. R , at 2 o'clock; Hammond street, N. R. at half past 2 o'clock; Canal street, at quarter before 4; Market street, E. R. iju .rter past 3, and pier No.. I, N. It. at half past 3 o'clock; making the above eicursion? returning to tli* city by half past 7 o'clock SANDY HOOK LIGHT? Affording the passengers a fine view of the Ocean, the Highlands of Neversink, anu the bean r 1 111 1 Scenery and Fortilicatnnis of the Harbor, as well a* an excellent opportunity ol'enjoying the healthy sjd refreshing sea | breeze after the business of the day. Fare for the whule Eirursion. 2.*> rents. j > 24 lt*rh NEW KERRY TO VELI.OW HOOK, FORT HAMILTON AND CONEY ? ISLAND. ? The steamboat IOL AS. Captain Kiclmrd * *te?. has t'ken her place iu the above ferry, and will run as follows, every day leaving Pier No. I.E. R , at 7 A. >1.: 10 A.M.; 1 P. \1.;4 P. M. Leaving For t Hamilton, f r Coney Mand, at 10?^ A. M ; 1\ P. M ; P. \1. F01 New liork, II A. M. IS .VI.; S P. M.; 7 P. M. Leaving Coney island, for Kort Hamilton it N. York? 11X A. M.; 2la P. M ; fiSj P. M. On Sundays, the Morning Trip will be omitted Fare 12}, cent*. rySI IW're EXCURSION TO THE FISHING HANKS. St-im-r R. L. STEVENS, Cai taiu R. L Mat.ey, will make an excursion to the Fishing ___ Banks every Tuesday, Thursday a d Friday. iluring the Season, Iraviug Hammond sfri ? t at B,'s o'clock, A. M. Canal street at 8'*; Delancv street. East Rivei, at 9; and Piei No. I, N R.,at9Vjj o'clock? returning to the city in good sea son. A fine Band of Music is engaged. Bait furnished gratis: and lines at a small charge. Fare .W cents. j?2I lwi.'ec LIVEKPOOL LINE 'OF PACKETS OK THE Kill OF AUGUST.? The new and elegant packet shi| ? \ S1I HI RTON, Henry lluttleson. aiaster, lldO ton burthen. will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin , second calm >nd steerage passengers, |>ersons wishing to secure berths should make early application on board, font of Maiden Lane, or t< JOSEPH Mc.MURRAV, 100 Pine street corner of South street. r. The splendid new ship Henry ( lay, K.yra Nye. m ister, will succeed the Ashbnrton. and sail on the ti'h Septeinlier, her le gular day. jySl rrc BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVe.R. _POuL PACKETS ?FOR LIVERPOOL? Oul) ^^jjallrpil ir P M'Uet ofthe 1st of tugust The mngnificeii' ..nil ce.i tirated fa<t saili g packet hip EUROPE, Kdw.,rd (I Fnrber, commander, will sail positively on Friday the 1st o! Angiist. Ilaving unequalled accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, those reluming to the Old Country, 01 sending for their friends, will find it to their interest nnd cornfori to select this unequalled Line of Packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early . plication should be made on board, foot of Ileekinan street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS Ik CO.. 35 Fulton st , jVMrrc neit door to the Kuton Batik, N.York. kor a"nyT'okt~or' 'pouts in the r.\ C1KIC OCEAN TO PANAMA.? The fast siiliug __ (Coppered and copper fastened < lipper new sclir. AC n V A, VV'm. H. Kinch, master, will take a few tons heavy freight and some passengers, for which she has first rate ac ? ommodationa. Apply to J F. RODRIGUEZ, 77 Wall st? jy22 3t ec corner Pearl sr. FOR LI VERPOOL? ' The New Line ? Regular mKYYW Packet of 2<st Augu?t.? The superior fast sailing JHHiMweket ship LIVERPOOL, II.W tons, Capt. John Ef drnlge, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hiving elegant and superior accom modationa, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL & MINTUHNS, ?7 Southft. The packet rhip Queen of the West, 12 jfl tons, 1 apt. I bos Woodhouse, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail on her " Ku' I ir day. Slst September, J)'** .*4- KOR NEW "ORLEANS- Louisiana , and New ^ -3?^ Vork Lin*? ? Potior el y firtt Regular Packet, to mi! 'ultllfc Thursday, 24th instant? Tb. elegant fast Milint l>acket ship OSWF.liO, ("apt. Johnston, will positively S.ahove, her regular day ?a ai?o*r, ner regular ui?> . eor freight or passage, having hand*oma 'urmaheil accnm ovulations, apply on hoard, at Orleans wl>-r' foot of V\ all si, nrtri E K. COLLINS tk CO., 36 South rt Positively no goods received on board after this( Wednesday) ' evening, S3d instant. Pnasengers will pleast be on board I Orleans wharf, foot <>< V M Sirert. ro rrorro" (Thmsday) moriiiiig 34(h in"?:it, 1 . Inch lime tile ship will sail. Agent iu New Urleans Jamas E. Woodruff, who Vill 1 ... . If forward all good* to his adddraM jyS2rr f LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY Ull' EVKM5G'! MAUL.. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Washington, JuJy 22, 1846. Hot Wtailur and Father Ritchie ? Mr. Secretary YValhcr and the JJejtvsitories of the Public Money ? ? The Orgun and the Sub- Tn usury ? tVhat'e to be dot te? ? 'If tr. I I'athingtrm and Baltimore Railroad Company und lite Washington Corporation at log ! gerheads ? A good Example ? Affecting case of Maj. Dude, the Mari/uis of Tomntend. A little cooler ? a littlf more endut^ble ? bat pre cious little. Stiff breeze, notwithstanding, from the norfh west. Atmosphere full of white clouds ? dug on the avenue on the rise again ? green spectacles also. Clothes now worn by fat people one day can be washed in their own grease. Fat people melt away ? middling fat ones stew away ? but lean ones naturally fry right up, like a thin slice of middling in a hot oven. Upon each of these counts, we re | fer you to Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Gave Johnson, and | Mr. Ritchie res|>ectively. And yet we think your lean men are the toughest. They undoubtedly are in hot weather. For instance, in addition to the I heat, it takes two bottles of pop and a julap to bring the sweat out of the jacket of Father Ritchie, with the thermometer up to the standard of 98 ana 99.? ! lie is a ra'e salamander, and says he could stand it > so all the year round, provided they did not put him i to work "upon the streets of Washington," where he so generously desires the "scribblers" for the I New York papers to go, and earn their honest bread. Poor, dear old pap, was he angry wid us 1 Never mind, we won't do so no more, for Old Hickory has | lixed it all rijjht. He says that "when the money is | wunted it will not be forthcoming." Cruel, cruel j old man. No wonder our dear old pap thought the i General's election would be a curse to the country. ! Cabinet Council to-day, but whether they are de | bating Mexican, Texan, Sub-Treasury, or Fet Bank impositions, or Deputy Postmasters, Consuls, j Charges, or Collectors, cannot say. The lHte re gulations, or preliminary movements of Mr. Secre I tary Walker, for a strict accountability of the depo I sitories of the public moneys are very creditable, and cannot fail of meeting the approbation of the country. But do they not have "an awful squinting" to the revival of the Pet Bank system ! Can it be that there is an understanding between the banks ! tnd the Organ, that Father Ritchie is to lie low, and keep exceedingly dark upon this great question of the plan to be adopted for the safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of the public monevs! Can it be that the administration is afraid to falf bock upon the Sub-Treasury! Is it possible that the abandonment i o' this measure is to decide the abandonment of the old hunkers by the powers that be, and that are to be! If not, why is it that the organ, so prompt and unequivocal in announcing a reduction of the tariff, has such a " still small voice" upon the Sub-Trea sury. Is Father Ritchie afraid of the hue and cry that will follow his announcement of any position upon this important measure! He will have to meet the responsibility. Why not meet it now! He will have to swallow these iron boxes, why not then make up his mind to the dreadful task! Some say that Father Ritchie has a strong predilection for the Exchequer, next after the Pet Bank system. Why does not the editor come out and let us know what the country is to have for the safeguard of the pub lic moneys! The present system is liable to corruptions on I the grandest Male. We have the fullest confidence I in Mr Walker, but still the evil is in the system, ind only needs evil agents nnd an occasion for its development and exercise. The present depositories of the public moneys, corporations and individuals, are getting rich from the use of the heavy sums be longing to the public committed to the temporary custody of th. ^e agencies. Are the public funds to continue thus to be used for the benefit of corpora tions, end private brok rsand money changers ! Is this system to continue to be the great object of the collcctor of taxes from the people ? the aggrandize ment of mere shavers, whether cor)>oraie or individ ual! We are afraid that Father Ritchie dare not say even "JVoua verroni" to these inquiries, how ever great the satisfaction he might thereby give to the country at large. We mentioned the other day an incident leading to the appointment, as supposed, of John B. Macy, now of Cincinnati, to the examination of the deposi tories of the public monevs. Some further facts con tested with Mr. Macy'slute movements, have been since furnished us. It appears that in 1837? *38, Macy was president of the City Bank of Buffalo. ? ile was then connected with Lewis Katon. who has been since a mail agent of John Tyler. The Bank crippled? was entirely knocked off its legs, and it blew up in the generul explosion. Alter this, Macy removed to Toledo, Ohio. In 1840, we find him -inging with the boys at Dayton, that immortal song, "Of Tippecanoe and Tyler too." In 1S4o, we find hirn in the lobby, urging, through the Legislature of Ohio, resolutions recommending > th President e!-cr, tile a|i|K)intrnent ot Hon R. T. Walker to the Treasury. We also find liini otficia ung at Louisville, very adroitly t as chairman of the Cincinnati Democratic Committee ot Invitation, and waiting upon Capt. Polk in that capacity. Still liter, it is said, he used successful exertions among :he members of the House of Representatives, in this city, in g-'ttin.: their signatures to a paper re commending Mr. Walker as keeper of the public moneys. And, last of all, we hear that Mr. Macy has got a small spoonful of Treasury gravy himself in the |iaJ.> appointment he has received, as sup l'ised, of examiner of the condition of the deposito ries^! the public funds. There is nothing so be coming a politician as the motto so successfully practised by Mr. Macy, '"the end justifies the eans." We learn to-day, that if old Major Noah will ac knowledge the Christian religion, his friend, the Sec retary of war, will treat him like a Christian ; and, that it the Major will only consent to make a single meal u|>on pig's feet, pork steaks, spare-ribs, or ham and eggs, he shall have an office. The Secretary of War otherwise, we presume, maintains the justifia ble opinion that a Christian is under no obligations to in " Israelite in whom there is no guile," except in teh matter of the stoning of the prophets, and the murder of.Christ. An act for the better regulation of the Baltimore and Washington Railroad Company passed the Hoard of Common Couucil of this city last night I unanimously. It imposes a tine of $40 in every case in which said cqinpany shall bring a car or cars within the limits of trie Corpnration by steam. The net has yet to pass the Board of Aldermen. It is de signed to coerce the railroad company into a reason able reduction of their fare? .$2 being considered as rather exorbitant for forty miles travel. If the act is parsed, and the company persist in their $2 a pas senger. they will be subjected to an expense of nt least #10,000 [>er annum in teams, drivers, Arc., for the transfer of imssengers and freight from the depot without the Corporation to the present depot on Penn sylvania avenue, and v ice versa. We trust, for the ?ake of the public interest and convenience, and for the interest of the railroad company itself, that some reasonable reduction of the fare between Washing ton and Baltimore will be extorted nnd secured by tills movement of the local authorities of Washing ton. Otherwise, the safety ot the road, and of the l> iseengers over it, from accident Rnd the hazards of life, may ultimately be endangered, for a reduc tion in that odd half dollar has by no means appeased the public indignation. We should have noticed some days since, a case of most honorable independence, worthy of the \ oung Yankee of whom it is recorded. It is known 'hat most office-seekers who get out of funds in Washington, fall back upon their friends, their wits, or upon those slight ot hand tricks so peculiarly confined to light-fingered gentlemen. But a Mr. 1'iker, of Connecticut, we believe, who came on here for an office anil found none, alter he had found himself out ot funds, scorned to fall back upon nnv tiiingelse than his own resources, and went to work ;.t a dollar a day with the men who were paving the Avenue. Mr" Abert. discovering him to be a t rnn of worth and intelligence, made Raker a sor: i I overseer, so that he has comparatively an easy k-rth of it. We recommend tills man to the catc of the administration. In this very act he has y,vt' t ic beat recommendation that could he produced. Our old friend, Major Dade, a jolly old covey ot t'ie old Virginia fcbool, ha*, we are informed, to-day ?en made to walk the plank from his guardianship ( f the District Penitentiary. He called upon the i 'resident about tiie matter this morning, and said that il he were to leave his quarters at the prison ? Ith his family, m all likelihood a sick daughter of I is would die in her removal. " Never fear, Ma jor," replied the President. " I have been pestered cat'ofmv life tor your little office? I have had no ?act? I have been compelled, for the sake of peace, ? i re io ve y r>ti ? I could not help it ? the democrats i f this city would have burnt me in effigv had I kept \ ou in office ; but. never tnind, you shall remain in our quarters while your daughter is so d anger ous 1 ' sick." The Major is in a better huinor this niorn "ig, and a wag wishes that the daughter would con ;.ntie sick for six months, so as to hold in abeyance, <r that tune, the |ioor devil who is so eager to put ? n the Major's cast oil clothes. The old Major was reported some years ago as ! ing heir to the immeise estates and title of the .Marquis of Townsend, in England. He built mag nificent castles upon tins imagined hereditary wind I ill : hut we mnv s V Ot the Maiot t.'-J ? ? .ire ilimol* oil Alt ? il^o the lubric of 3 viviuii Left not ? rack behiud "

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