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July 25, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? > ^ ? ? ? ? ? THE NEW YORK NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 25, HERAT. PiiM Two Cantli THE NEW YORK HERALD. JA!WES flounn* BBXXETf. Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Bvery day. Price '1 centa pet c0Py ? f J, 36 per annunr.?pr^able in advance. VvK.KKLV HERALD ? ^vary Haturday ? Price f'i cent* ^ a per annum ? payable in advance AD .? KR 1 ISEMBN'^3 at the usual prices? alway? c&'h in advance. PRINTING of executed with benuty fcnri despatch. Y VY."* .era oi communication*, hy mail, addressed ?"lf a\,ft jaUment, must be post pai(V or the postage " ducted from the subscription money remitted JAM EH GORDON BENNETT, N'"" iv. to? or 1'hk Nk vr Yoax Hk'ai.ii Estsbimh **ir? r-t.r no' ?>( V'olfon mifl r\.<???an .>???*??? NU MM EH A tl H A NO A," M K N 7 *. BLOOMINGDALE, MANHATTAN VIU.E, AND FORT WASHINGTON STAGES, Will commence rii'ining in die following r4er. on Saturd ?v. May 'he I7tfi. 'P45. 1*^-. viuic .lai<ti?tr?'irille ?t 6 ?> clock, A.M. *i?d r n . hour utiCil 7 o'clo- k, P. M. Leaving New Y irk, c ?? er i f ChiuhitVYi and pTryou Row, at 6 A. .\l..nud ; continue everv half hour until 8 M. Sr if** to CarntauaTille ? 'I'rit'iiv unaxcM ts?m?cerv aud Kort Wnaniuftoa, every hour vu/outfn tiir a* v. irom 7 /%. M. to 7 P. M. rue iu i*uiiu?auai.viJltt UH cents; CarmnnnrUle l*K: Fort | \v ntniiufiou xj B- MOOHK, }?? Proprietor. ( x LiiNCi M>ii bu^Tu > OVER l'tlL LuNt; ISLAND KAIL BO AD, VIA XEir i.nvnnw, Nonwicn #? ivorcfhtf.r. At M o'clock in the Morning, from ilie Foot of Whitehall str*-t-t, South Ferry ? Sund ivs e>.ceptt:d. Way Ones are in reauiues* to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Bagg <g* for Boston goes through under lock julfi tfrc FOR NEWPORT AND HROVWENcE. On Mo. id iyai Wed ie?d ys uud Fridays! over the Long Island Rail Road to Greenport. tlvnce to Newport and Prov i de'i cp in 1 splendid and commodious Sou id Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock in the Morning, from tin* Font of W irdi ill -ticef. You'll Kerry. I'lbi >f re FAR E TO BALTIMORE tfl. 'lliraueh in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLPJ AN D FR ENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The uiiriv died Steamboat R08F.R'_ ... - M Douglass, will, on and after Moudiy, Ju:ie 16, leave Dock street wharf, daily, (eicept Sundays,) nt 3 o'clock, P. M. Pm sengers will airive iu Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only 91. Thin Line is composed of the following splendid and fast 8t?:;uii boats: ? Robert Morris Captain J. M Douglass. Ohio,..., (Captain L. Davis. <<}ou?tituliou ("apt <m J. < h iytor. l?roi?e VVaihiiiBton Captain J.Trippe. This Lini* leaves Bowly's vthirf, Baltimore at 3 P. M. ? Tickets for Wheeling and Pittsburg cm be procured ou board llie boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. ! Fai r $2 ? Through in Six Iloitri. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elktou, Havre ue Grace , fce. | On ynil Titer W^dn-sday n. it, June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Linea, will be reduced to $2. The Trains will leive as follows: ? From Philadelphia, | From Baltimore, Depot 1 Ith and M rket streets. Depot in Pratt street. L'ail> , except Sunday, at 0 A.M. I Daily, e?e, Sunday, at 9 A M. And D-i|y,,.t 4 P M I And Daily, at 8 P.M. I Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Mark' t sts. O H. HUDDELL, Agent. I For further information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, at the office of Adams It Co. 17 Wall street. June 24th, 1845. je29ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY reduce it Tares. SUMMER AKRANUEMENT. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and tftut Mth juiw, IMS. From Brooklyn Depot? Bo*ton Train ? A. M. diiily, Sunday* excepted, (topping ?t l>armiiigilal> nud St. Oeorge'* Minor. .\ccumm.a],tioi. Tr.iin-? A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming i*]>? hi J intermediate daily, Sundays excepted. Acc. 'inmodation Train, 3 P. M for (ireeuport, only, Sund lyi ' xctrplet.' stopping at .1 tn jjcn, branch, Hempstead. md ilicl.j- j ill , mit ill the *toppi?K placet bet www Hicksville and IJreenport. *Ve/w Girrnpt,rt Drpol ? Boston Train, njily, Sunday* excepted, at L2X o'clock M., <r on the arrival of titrate* 'ne> ' from Norwich. Accommodation Train?At 5 A.M., duly, Sundays excepted, I or Brooklyn and intermediate pWtcea. I "re hi Far mint dale Ur/iot? Accommodation Train 6;t< A- A.'* nn<' W P. M.. daily, Snn iy? excepted, for Brooklyn and int?Tiediate place*. | "Vow Jamaica ? Extra Train, IK P M daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook J' < and intermediate pi .ce*. The Boston Traina stop only at FeiTOingdale and 8t. George's 'fauor The Accommodation Train* atop at Che following placea u the road, going both way* to receive and deliver paaaeo ers. viz: edtor* S Deer Park H Lui >e? kork 12V} Tliom.vaon 88 **ce t ourse 18>, Sullolk Station. _ 1 00 rotting Course I H>a Lake K v<d Station 1 I8J? voce 2i Medford Station 1 ll!? ishville . 31*4 Milleville- I SI lie Park. 17 mile* 37K St. Oeorg ?'* Manor. ... 1 62 -lovirilte, (during aea- Riverhead 1(2 Ision Court, ) 37S Jainesport I fc2S li'ini'sieud 37 Mattetuck I 62S .ranch 37)4 Catch* igue 1 62>4 srle I'lace 44 Soct'iold I 62>4 Ve?(liuiy. 44 < ere-nporr, Acc'n. train. 1 Tfr, Mcksville 44 Bo. two Train. 3 00 'aruiiigd ale . . . .. WX . Slaves are in readiness on the atria al of Trains at the several ; | tati'aa, to take pasaengers at very low Fare*, to all parts of the slant). Baggage ('rate* will be in readin e*a at the foot of Whitehall I Tit-cl, io rt-ct irr B xgage tor the i tveral Trains, 30 minutus be ? tlx h.'ui of starling from the B.'ooklyu side. H' l k'W V 11 ?gg Ig- take' in <epar Qe I rates. jnlQrc To WhSThKN TRAVELLERS. ur.*? PACK.KT LINK, From Philadelphia to Pitlsliurgh via the Penn?ylvania Rail kind* and Caual? through in 3V| days. The .luve line it uow in bll operation and offeis great inducement* to persons who wish pleasaut mode of travelling to the weal. The cars are built in the most approved modem style, the pits are titled up in a aii|ierioT manner, and every effort is made y the proprietors to conduce to the Comlort umI convenience I travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and tiie re it chain of Pennsylvania internal iraproverarat* is well wot iv ol beio| ?eeu. Uv this rsifte passengers avoid all the fatigue* and dangers at ludant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex . pu9engera are -li* D. OTvlT?">*rre Phil.ileTphia, May 17, 1816 Kor iuformati - ? 1 " I myl^<m*rrc KOPLE9' LINK OF STEAM BC ATS F01? ALBANY, ! DAILY? Sundays Etee|ited ? Through Di I i? ? _ vy,.1 met. at 7 o'clock P. M. , 'tain ihe Pier between I BE, Mfc CcHllttawll and Liberty street*. at?nil' o ROCHESTER. Captain *1. IJ. Cmttenden. will t*veou Moiiday, ^Vedlle?day? Friday l'.ve4imgs, at 7 o'clock. Steat, 1 1 oat KNICKKRBOCKF.R, Captain A Houghtou, iviil .ave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. I Ai 5 o'clock P M., lauding at intermediate places, from the fool I >f Barclay street _ Steamboat NKW JKU8KY, Capt. R. H Fnrey, will l?av< n \1onday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at ; o'clock f. , mi noat SOUTH AMKRICA. Captain W. H Truesdell, | .ill i' >i ju i'u<*dsy, Thursday and Saturday Alteruuous, at ?Vlocl. r>u*ciigcrs taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba jr in ample time lor #ie Morning Train ol Cars for tlie east or | ?est. l"he Buatsaje new and substantial, ?r* furnished Iwith new and . legant state rooms, and for speed and) accommodation* are nn iviillcd on tlte liuilisou Fieixht takeii al moderate rates. ..... ? I All r i?on* are forbid trusting any of the Boat* of thi* Line, I LiUioiit a written order from tlie Captain* ?r Agent* < ; | horpn*a?ije or freight, apply on board the boat*, #r to P C. pttWitt "i tl?- olfice on the v harf i v2l rc CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO THE FISHING i HANKS OFF SANDY HOOK FAKJl IH34 CKNT8 KACH WAY LW&y ?j?l THr. new and fait Steamboat BUFFALO B-- ^ _y T-jjeCatit. J. W. tlancox, wfll innke Kxcursion* y -i. i ,i..rj j. theseison every Monday. Wednesday, id i mg Hammond street *t I o clock ; Canal, 8'.,, i, I ncey and I'ike ?u., K. R., 9; Pier No. I. N. K.,9k o'clock, (jii the return pisvnger* will belauded at Caney Island, and lf hour allowed lor Bathing. All kinds of Refretlimeuta on board. Bait it coat, ju 17 2>**ec ^?rl -"Ja jVU JIU A.'. """ STATE N ISLAND FEK RY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET arhe^CMih iit* SVI.PH and sTATKN ISLAND RR will ire Ni'* noar iiceptft P. M., co?in?i*iicing nt A, !U.? until ? r.M. L????r UlnuH every honr eicept 4 ,\t.. fnrtHTf*m*.ing nt ft A. M., until 7 P. M. , N. B.? I/'. Huutlny? th?* Bo^uwill !???? ^itry hour from 8 A* M.. until 1 1. M.? ??'? nom 1 1 . M. 7 P. M., every fjioui. . jy ^ "m.W YORK, A Lit AN Y AM) TROY LINE. rd* fOH ALBANY" AND TROY DIRtCT. ' o'clock, P. M -The steamboat KM J^^JMKLmBLpIRK, Capmiii K. B. Alacy, will leave the m.iin o?t i it r ???'-? '?? GiNirllaMl UJUt, ?-?ery Tuetdav, ilmrtiiay and Sainrdnv afternoon, at 7 o'clock Tin st? in boat (.OLl .NiBI A, t^apuin Wm. H. Feck, eveiy Vi'Hiday , Wednesday a d r rida-? afternoon, al 7 o'clock. r m 1 usage or > might apply on bowd, or u the office on tb? (eharf. MP MORN IN' i LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY. TRPY and intermediate ? landings from the Steamboat Pier at tlie toot o' . Barcla-, '.?tre*t. Brt/Jtfi ta d Dinner ou board the boat. Lfiirt Nm Vork it ' o'clock. A M , Tuesdays. T^tirsdav and Saturday, <nid Troy nt 6 o'clock, A. M.. Albany ot 7 o'clock A_ \f. Monday, Wednesday and Frid ay. Tlie low-i ressure He. in boat TROY. Captain A. Oorhim, o. Tuesdays, Thnrsd ?s a a"d Saturday!. .1 7 o'clock. The sieaniboit NIAGARA, Capt <iu A. Degroot, oo Mou div, Wednesday mid Friday, at 7 o'clock. For i>H??iii? or freight, apply ot board, or to K. B. Hall, at th office on i he wharf. N?' ice? All '400ds, freight, havginre.bafik bills, specie. or ain other k ii d of pro)* rty taken, fthipjed. or put on board thin boat must he at the risk of the owikh of such good*. freuht bae Sic jeHre IV1LLIAMSBURUH ASD PECK SUP FF.iill Y The Trusiees of ihi? Parry, helo-ving thy T* there are "i*i>V of the citir.-us ol New York jy ...J riViaity that are unacquainted with th> ficilities this Kerry affords ?a a pleaaunt enmtiinuicariou wit' Willi tns'iurr 'lid Lflnir Isltnd would s'ate that ther are iwo good F<-rT B- ats o-i this Kerry, which leave Peel Slip evt-rv I'lf em or rwentv minute* throuwli the d >y up to : o'clock P V. -I'd then up to Co'clck at each evr hour au> half hour; alter w hich a hart le;'Ve- at 9 o'clock aud 10 o'clock Th- laat boat leaving Willi-jnahurif ut half-pot 9 o'clm-k I M p S ? On the evening of July 4th. the boat will cnntome t< ,, UnVliiek |v8 i.n*? HAL I FA A AiNtJ LI VEHI'woL. THK Roval Mail Ht'<m Ship. fllBER NIA and BRIT ANN I \. will leave Bost. r *'r thr above porta, na follows* ? Hihernia, Ale* Ryrie, Esq., Commander, TVeaday, July lC'h liritaiinia. John Hewitt, " Friday, A u.-ust 1st Passage to Liverpool S1J0. P-.ssit'e to I l.'lii'll , ?0. For freight or passage, apply to jy 12 D B HIGH AM. Jr.. Walt st T DRAFTSON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ? 1'eraous wishing to remit mi 'ley to their friends in any part of England .. Ireland. Scotland or W<i'i '. can be sutiuliei' nrniMMafumii "' drills payable at nisrlit. without di* count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the follow ink places, vi*: In I'.n<ii.and? The National and Provincial Bank of K.nk land; Messrs. J. Barued fk Co.. Exchange and Discount P> ih Liverpool; Messrs. James Bill t it Son, LouJuu, and brnnche throughout England and Vi'nles. In Iuki.sni). ? The .\ .tioral Bai.k of Upland, atJ I'rovio cirl Bm:k and branches throuchout Ireland. In Scotland ? Th* iCastern Bank of Scotland. Natioirv Bank of Scotland, (ireeuock li.aikini; Company, ami brauciie> throughout Scotland. 'I'hv *C' iiti?hip Oreat Western suils on the 31st July, which all drafts can be forwarded tree. Apply to W. & J T. TAPSOOTT, je!9rc 7CXonth*f e>ir Maiden lane FDK SAI.!'1. Kit OK CHAR i'Kll-'J'h.. j?8wPK.very fast s'iliinr N. Vorl; built packet ship YAZOO WO tons, live Oik and locmt top live oak tran?oin apiU'i a a forward and ifter cants, carries t?(i0 bale* New Oi le tas cottou and has h uidsome furnUhed accommodations foi Wi pauenireTs. Apply ou board at Jones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS &. CO.. jySOec 5fi Soul h street. FOR LONDON? To s.iil o , the SKIth July? Thr ? sole .did new Packet Ship *lll'NS\VICI{, Capt ?*1 Minus, will poiit i Vr 1 1 si'l for tlie ahovo port oi lju! ir diy; cm accommodate a few Cabin PaasetiKers ii ? very sunerio 'naniier, at less trail the usu d rate* llei Steeian- accommo'1 atioiis ts rerv lofty and any. Fo- Sec i d Cabin .nd Steer iije I'atseufiers, all of which will lie taken ver\ low, bv applying ti> JOHN HKHDMAN, Jv25 er South *,T . one ilonr e ?r W 11 nr LONUON MNl'-Uh t' AOM'.l 3 Ke.uUi | <ch ?t of th- lit of Auilust. ? The splendid new picke' hip PRINCE ALBERT, W. S. Seller, Bi^uter, will ? us above, her regular ill y. il -.vim; very su|ierior accommodations forcabin. second cabin and ?Uvrane p is<e!ii<crs, persons wisliini; to secure berths b> this vessel shonld make early application on board, foot i f Maideu lane, or to JOSEPH Vl'MUURAY, 100 Pine street corner of Sonth. The packet chip ST. JAMES, F. R. Meyer, master, will succeed the Prince Albert, and sail on the 1st of September. jnlSrc ' fox Marseilles? Pafckct of ist .\uuuit The supeiior ship AONES, Capt. AVeihercd. will jtake the place ol the new ship Nebraska, not ready , and sail on the 1st Auku^i. For freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN In PHKLPb, or to jn 17 re BUY!) he HINC.KXN. Atfent? FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHAilTER-The ven- fait aailim barque HOME, Captain Watts, built _.r-__ri>n B iltnnore fine year since of the best materials, irries about 4,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations for twenty passeuvers. Apply to Captain W-ots. on hoard, at Pike street wharf or to E. K. COLLINS Si ff) i 17 re V, South street. "a L fT EST AB LI SHED- EM I OR A N T PASSAGE a^F " tV.OFFICE,6l South st.? P.issajre from England, lr? .^stMCala .d. Scotland and Wales? Those nendinK lor theii I ' riend-i would do well to avail themselves ?f the opimrtunity ol -nikiiigthcir arraiiKements with the subscritiera ou very modi, by first clus packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Ur.tRscanas usual he furnished tor any amouut, payable J throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to , JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. The mail steamer Hiberuia sails fr?m Button ou the 16th inst, t>v w?ich letters can heforwarded iiuicklv. inv23 rh Kt)H <>L-v6t?UW ?lleKUlat Packet.? 'lhe Well known, last sailing British Barque ANN H.ARLKV ^^.^ilJjnc .ii Smith, master, 4i0 tons, will meet wit! quick l??p\tch. For frenrht or passage, having excellent accommodations ipply 0-- board pier# N R , or so WOODHULL it MINTURNS, jrl2rc *7 S nith itreet ~ PACKETS FOR H WRE? Second Li".? Th packet ship BALTIMORE, Captain Edward Funs, will sail on the 1st of August. or freight or passage apply to BOYD St HINCKEN, jy2 rc No 9 Tontine Buildings. coi. tv all ami VVaters' reeta ] SALBPfREIGHT OR CHARTER? The ' sailing N*w York huilt picket ?Uip VAZOO ) -?Live Oak and Loc st toii, Livr Oak tran som, ajiron and forward and after rants ; carries 2?00 bales N >% j OrUaus cot ou, and h a handsome furnished accgmtnoda ion* J fortweuty-si* passtiigns Apply* ?>?? ho ? d if .rf m to E K. COLLINS fc CO^ jvO m South street. FOR SAI A/v*' Kl)rt LIVtKfUOL ? The super.oi *1. ip N El ? vf (WpVTVNK, C?l'taill Peach, will sail on ht-r regular ?lrii jMKMMfia Forpusage, lotting nnsurp ,?sed accommodation* i ntlii^abin only, apply to JOHN H KH DM W je27 re *" *?* " ' ?? j M TU Lr.T? Urtne *???! L,4u l?.i Oio. ?. i. building No. II? Kii'tou it. Euquir- of I . HKNUV, 01. [lie premi -is, 2.1 1 1 iw ir. j),20 3t*is ec MTO LET? Offices mid Lofis in the n w lire-proofS or corner of Pine ami Souili sts, Applt to _jy*> JOSEPH McMUBRAY. FOR SALE. ! JM T H E Three Story Brick House, 413 H -uston street ? pv? tiailt HI the lieit manner; warm ill winter and cool i. i I'.'tM j.inmi.r- rei>l?te with eTery convenience. llit'f th> , pu i-h i-e money in ,y remain on bond and mortgage at 6 pel J cent. For terms apply to E. K. COLLI MS St < O., I ju|9 ec 16 South street. | MTO LET, until tlie first of May next and immediate pos session givn of the 3 story liou?e No. 10 ? h'.rst Aveinr (>? tween t>(h and 71 ti streets, The premises have latelv 1 Keen put in compleate order And all has lieen painted imnlt ( mid out. last June, the Croton w><ter introduced. marbl>- mantl j pieces, folding doors, ai.d it is well adapted to accommodate ' one or more f.inilies: rent asked to one family for the rssidut of the year to nest May is $325. Inquire at the offii^ of John ; H. Power, Esq , No. 70 Nassau st. corner of John, op atmr? ' from the hours of 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Saml. R B. Norton i he 1 owner, at the same office on Tuesdajs and Wednesday. lm jy 12*rh LOOK AT THIS ! ! ers of all kinds to be found at ?ery low prices. Also, the finest Calf Shoes, S2 ind t"? .'>0. A gTeat rarieiy of all oth?r kinds Ladies in una ntore will Mid a wrest assortment ol (Miters Cuslini, Mips l ies. I'runells. Hatin, k.r f or an assortment of all other kinds Missei and Children's ! Boots and hnoes we cannot be beat in thiicity Do notinis i age the namt>er,:?il Broadway, corner of Franklin street. jb3 Im'rh M. CAHILL. j Jn n'E FRENCH BOOTS for *1 50:~City^M?de, ami i fo' style and durability they are equal to those sold for Si. , at \ oung Ik Co's imperial French Boot and Shoe Mann factoring No.4 Ann street, one of the most Fash ionable Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress . Bonti. m de to order, for S4 50; equal to thoie made ill other ! stores for $6 and $7. Bouts, Shoes, Outers, fee., m .de to or J dei' in the shortest notice. Mending, fcc , done in the store | Wm. M. Young fc Co. , Wholes, le and Retail Manufacturers N'o. 4 Ann street, New York, near Rrosdwnv WM M. YOUNO. and je34 lm*rc H B JONES ? ? INFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY, j PS BEAUTIFUL li*ht White plain Summer Hats, pnee ^ $^,75, which for beauty ol finish cannot be sur|>nssed. *' Also, Drah Rearers, Blue Brush and White Castor Hats, all ? olthe latest style. Also, Panama Hats, very low. C.KNOX, jel9 Im'rc 110 Milton st, between William and Nassau .MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROADWAY, HOWARD HOTEL, \m HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hat*, to wh ich the attention of gentlemeu it invited, at the fol lowing prices, vix French Prarl (a new article) $4 00 Pearl Cassimere 3 SO White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth Whit* Castor 3 50 Alse, m *ft*nrtmr!it of Piinnma. Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemias, and other HhLs. suitahl'* forth? season. jell Im'rrc MILL8, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. MILLINERY AND DRESS MAKING. MRS ROSE, No. 175 Walker street. New York, re spectfully solicits n call trom Ladies wishing any tiling in the Millinery or Dress Making line. jel4 Im'rh IMPORTATION OF WATCHES 1 J RECEIVED from Switzerland, by parket ship Zurich, an assortment of Matches and Movements of every description and ef fint ualitv* ready lor the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DKLACH AU8K fc MAIRR, jq7 1m?rc No 127 Fnltnn *tre*?t, N??w York. \ rtOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL,, j 137 nnil 130 Merccr Htrret. .MR, JOHN S. ROUL8TONE has the honor to inform his friends and the public in general, that his ' _8cho?l for Instruction in Horsenntnihip ii now open day an<Teveiiiiig. isfillowi.? Hours for? . m*u Irom v,r.t0 ??? " ? I. " ?A. M.toSP. M. Ternn of initru a made known on application to Mr. 1 Roulatone. Mr. R. has just ret iTrd from the country seTernl fine and j My'ish Saddle Horrei, which he i? tnthoriied to irll nt n rra n,ualile price my7rc , OLU GOLD AND SILVER. SILVER (Jilt Epaulets, Book Binder's Rags and Silycr Smith's Htoiiiiijca bought, by A. BARNARD. No. 1 Wall street. Melter and Assayer of Metals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Fine Hold and Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on hnnd, at office N' J i Wall street. Works 104 Lsnrens street. ie9^ lnt*?e MA.SOAN E8E? -ion casks first nnsliti >isiiKinfse, received and fw iai? by PEKfWE ?t BROOKS. Jy 10 m U ud CT Nassau strati Tl )N OKKTAIN IMPORTANT MALADIES. IaflE At'TllOR of the " Priv ite Treatise," Dr Ralph, bee* to lUtr that he m <y be consulted upon my of the peculiar 'isorden referred to in this liatt** volume, personally or by post, .1 hi* residenre. 18 Greenwich street. New Vork: *110 asiv ?ially. to observe that the subjeri of his consultations 1* not onftned to these complaintsnlone ? l ot *mbraces tne w'lo'e ol 'hose which in an> way rel ite to the urinary oruans, as gravel, difficulty in |>a?iiig water pvrulinr to vlvanrimr ate. Sir He !eem? it proper alsn here to present to tlie public the following nost mterc.t 11%' rem'i lis 011 . STRICTURE AND ITS CUTtE. This being very little understnod, although the most fiocjuent no important consequence of diseeseR? in a former advertise wit inuch pains was taken to explain its nature ? the diseases .vhich were mistak en for it? its consequences and its cure? also lie fact th.'iMtrinture frequently exists in those who ire not in he le.iat iw*re of it. Those. however, ocrupy lug too much ?pace, the following remarks will he co lined 10 certain circum stances which will enable one to iudire whether he has this com *aim or not, and its proper means nf cure. Among other tilings it wa* remarked that it waa by no me&ua ?ecessary that tlie sti* am of urine should be obstnicted oreven nuch diminished, in a rase of stricture; this, indeed, occurs 111 isd uid long est ibliahi d cases, hut stricture in y elist for mouths md even years without producing any striking chance iu this ?espect. Neither is it necessary there should be paiui or any 'hlng directing the attention to tlie sent of this disease. Pain, ?ertaiuly is now and theu complained of, but it is only when inflammation ha|rpena to lie su|ieradded: and, with rerara o other efferta, esp.^ciiiliy of early cases, these are oliservtd to ill upon the raiud and nervous system, rather than tlie p.rtit ?elf riwwaie, however, three circumstance* which most (ie 'uliarly beln> 4 to stricture, uid, eniecially when they meet 10 ""tbcr.iliould never be lost sight of, I >ut load to immediate means "f cure Many other symptoms might lie mentioned, hut moat of these belong to other maj nlies a? well, or relate to Stricture u I L- more ndv tnced and settled form, while the following three leloug to stricture in i:s e> rly stage, and wlien it ia so easily and ?ertanily rerrf?v?'d The first of ihese relate* to THE MANNER OF URINATING.- It has been already aid the stream need not be muchdiirtinished or impeded ;what is to Ke observed is the peculiar way in which it finishes, if it mould b ippen, after the clothes are readjusted, that a drop or two ? liould steal away, so as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may -eem, would afford a jtrong suspicion. Not that this drop or '.wo cjui proceed from 110 other cause whatever; but, certainly, | I" stricture can exist without it. The next is THE TIME A FORMER GONORISIKEA MAYHAVE j REMAINED UNCURED ? A (ionorrlireA. thotign not the '"ly, is by f r the most frequent of Stricture. It ia not its | ?-verity so much a* the lengili of time it* rleety stage may have remained that is to be considered. Neither is it possible in every case to nt.ite how long this miv continue without producing 1 Stricture, for one person is naturally more disused I 'j Stric ure th in another. If, however, it should ha?e continued from ix to eight weeks, this length of time at least would strengthen i iuv other suspicious circumstance. The third is TliE EFFECT A 8TRICTUKE M AS UPON THE MINI).? Nothing is more certain than tlie effect of 8tnc- j ture is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy. Not '.hat this is complained of iu the same degree hy every individu I, but 11 is so con' moil, in one degree or other, that the writer rare ly ?eea 11 caae of Stricture in which the patient does not observe hr.t he is not so active, or capable of business as formerly. This Iso is a si . ic>us effect; though little understood, but it is unques tionably true. Indeed, whoever considers the natural connection | if m ind and fextial organs, will easily imagine that, as there is a ?tedium by which the mind so powerfully acts uiion these or urns so, through the same medium the sexual organs re-act U|h>ii he mind. This, however, is better explained in "The Private rrefttise"of the author, a little volume which is sent to many 'alts of tlie world. As the cure ofStiicture proceeds, the acti ? itv of miud invariably seturna. With rrsi>ect to the cure of Stricture ? this, it is gratifying to ?tate, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without > ?iu or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed tlie improvement ol late yean in the treatment of this complaint. Indeed, in the '??ii<U of proper and experienced persons, the cure of Stricture is now accomplished iu as many days as formerly it demanded us.iths. Many persons consult the writer who come 011 busi less to this city lor a short tune only, but return perfectly cured, though it has been a source of trouble and a ixiety for years. To (hose who cannot leave tiieir homes, the writer furnishes his own ?eeuliar menus of cuiv, together with his "Private Treatise." vhich has an interesting chapter, giviintevery information on the ubject, and written i 11 the plaiuejst manner ; and which, being ncloseil iu a little mahogany chest, can be safely sent to any ?listauce. Iu consequence of the number ol pretenders and books of luackery which inlestthis city, he deems it proper to make the following statement, as a satisfactory ground of confidence o strangers. Decides his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh. &c. flc., he has been engaged ill the cure ol these diseases, both 111 tfjspital .md city practice, for more than thirty years, and has i>uhlish?d three eoitions ol a work expressly 011 them. Also, that lie has letter* from the most eminent physicians in Euro|>e from 'lie most eminent in America? as Sir Aatlry Cooper, ol London, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. Physic, of Pliiladel >hia, and others, and that he is .permitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this city. Dr. Ralph, SS tiwnwich street. mv?3 lm*rh KNAPFS INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. T1 tltlSE PLASTERS prepared for pains and weakness iu the bnck, breast, side or limbs, bruises, sprains. Sic., and for asthmatic affections, and croup 111 children, will in most cases ,'ive immediate and soothing relief. They will also lie found highly bencficial for complaints ol the Liver, Luugs and Kidney. Persons of neueutary habits, whose businefa rtvjuires them to it or stand much, wno may lie troubled with weakness in the best, or Pnin iu the side or breiwl, will find great telief by wrar ig oua Of these PI isters. With n'uaril to 'he efficacy of these rUsurs, nothing lined b> laid, as they carry with them their own recommendation, an< lie price bei.'.g so r.-iri*rU.'lily low, is a sufficient inducement lb those aiflicled to give them a trial. The propii -tor is confident that by the greRt and increasing cie (MUid (or these Plasters, the popularity which they have obtain ?d solely by tiieir owu menu, and the universal satisfactioi vhich they have given, that they are decidedly superior to any I'neii in use. ? No pains is spared in making them as adhesive and pliable at iwtsihle, and in rendering them free from all those objection* vhich is a source of complaint to the ordinary plasters ef the "fh Ptacters need but out trial to give every satisfaction <Je lied. Be .aire a;id asb for Knappfs Indian Strengthen lug Plaster, and ?? that his signature is on tlie back of each. None others ait genuine. Made ouly by P. XI. KNAPP, and sold wholesale and retail ai his Medicine Warehouse, No. 362 Hudson street, one door helow <iiiE straeti New York. Also lor sale by the L>ruirgi*t? gene illv. Priee 1? 1-? -rd VALK'S OLOBE, and Trausiiareiit Celestial Sphere? adapted to common schools, colleges, and private f.tnii 'ies ? now oi use in the Normal Schools ?: Boston .md Albany, it the High School and Nnval As>luin, Philadelphia, iu Vale md other Colleges, at Mrs. Willard'?,Troy, and in numerous* Common Schools in New York a. d other cities and State* uid recommended by L)r. Lardner, Professor Olmstead and others. Manufactured and for sale by (?. VALE, at his Nauti ?%r\) aud MathenmtiC'd Establishment, 3 Frank i iu square, Nev VnrW jv3 e"dln.*ih TO MERCHANT^ HP MASTERS AND OTHERS. THE SUBSCRIBER would re"l?ectfully inform them, that he ha* tieeu in the emidoy of trie I ale bainuvl Demilt ovei '?reoty y?jurt? and die Idte Samuel Demilt hayiuc beamsathed i? urn the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical CIocks, and tb? use of the Ohse vatory, it is nis intention to continue ( in conuec lion with his son) the business ol manufacturing, repairing auc rating Chronometers, and dealniK in Nautical instrument* Charts. Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Sic at the old .tand, No. 21*0 Pearl street. D. riliUKRT. iu6 lm???>fj*re l'HE WONDER v\c BLESSING OF THE AGE THE ONLY CURE FUR CONSUMPTION. LET EVERY MAN, WOMAN fy C1ULD, WHO is troubled with Coughs, Colds. Spitting Blood. Liver Complaints, Asthma, Bronchitis. Whooping Cough, Pain in the nide and Breast, Sore Throat, Kisinjt 01 rickling in the Tin-nut, Nervous Deuility, Palpitation of iht Heart, Broken Constitution, from the abu.;e of calomel and nher causes, try the genuine, and only genuine, Compound -tyrup of Wild Cherry, prepared by the celebrated Dr. Swayne >f Phil idelphia? till others are spurious, and mere imitations Therefore, t-e cannons to a?k for the original and only genuine i repar.ition from this vnluabJe tree? Dr. Swayue's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. Principal office, north-west comer 8th md Race streets, Philadelphia. Agents? Wm. Milnor, M.D. corner of Broadway and John street; K. B. Warner, 205 Bleecker, comer of Miuetta street; ind R. A. Sands, Church Dispensary, 188 Bowery, comer ol Spring street, New Yorkj W. O Wood, M.D. . Harlem; Havi laud . Keese and Co., 80 Maiden Lain*, New York; Rev. J. P. Uook,76 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Andrew Oliver and Co., New Orleans; L. B. Swan, and J. M. Window, Rochester, N. V'.; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn; E. Kleine, St. Lonis; Wm. Thorn, Pittsburg; E. B. Hiumau, Cincinnati; Pierson and Harrison, 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.j Benjamin Olds. 271 Broad street, Newark, N. J.: John S. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H Pierce, 4 Stniiwi* Hall, Maiden Line, Albany, New York; Backn* and Bull, Troy, New V ork; Scalding and Harrington, Worcester, M iss.; James Green and Co.. Worcester, Mass.; E. Hullidce, Buffalo, New York; Grant and Bockee, Pouyh

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Admission free. jy!82weod in?*rc | SUMMER GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAK. WE have still on hsnd a large assortment of seasonable goods, comprising cloths of particularly light fabrics fo Dress uid rrock Coats; Drillings, Nankin, and single mill ed ( ass i rn era for Pantaloous: < hally and Marseilles Vesting in great variety, which will be made up to order *t a daduetie from our usual moderate prices, in view of the advanced stat of the season. WM. T. JENNINGS It ( O., Drapers and Tailors, ju3 Imisra Broadway, American Hotal Annual Kr port of the Croton Aqueduct 1 Board for 1845. This Report gives a comprehensive review of the , present state, revenup, and prospect of the great in- : terest to which it relates. It sets out with saying that the general condition of the works and their appurtenances within their control, is as favorable as c in be expected from the uses to which they are subject. The receipt* for the year ending 30th April, 1815, ; are $118,582 74, and the expenditure for the same period, $73,411 73. Vouchers for both sums having j bfen duly tiled with the Comptroller. Since the la?t I annual report, there have been laid three miles of ' | pipe, very little more being required within the pre- j 1 6enf water district. The results beginning to flow from resistance to ! I the attempts which have been made to chance the present system of collecting a re/enu?* fiom th? wa ter, are spoken of as propitious. From the 1st May to the 21st of Julv, 52 days, there has been received for water $1(16,964 04. In a corresponding period last year, the amount was $79,294 15, showing an increase in favor of the present year of $27,6fI9 89. in fifty-two days. At this rate, It is calculated that the whole revenue for the year will not be short of $160, 000, and the annual increase will be equal to 35 percent, or $41,417 26. The Board anticipate* that beneficial results will flow from a cessation of the present apportion to the system of collecting revenue; also, that the funds will be augmented with the increase of the city. ? The u<e of tree hydrants, which were originally in- t troduced for tin* benefit of the poor alone, is regard- i ed as an impediment to an increase of revenue, and ! I those who, being able to pay, even rich, who have i petitioned for fn-e hydrants, are censured as 1 seeking to partake in a manifest injustice Numerous applications have been made of this kind, proof of which are in the possession of th* Bo ird, to grunt which would be wholly inconsistent with the preservation of the public faith. Any de'e eraiou of power to the Aldermen and Assistant Al l dermen to order or locate lire hydrants or pumps, is characterized as injurious to the public interests. Numerous abuses of the fire hydrands and street washers are pointed out; among the rest, p'rsonsf allowing them to run incessantly, the washing o hor?e8 and ctrriages in those inviting streams, sets ting garbage and dirt afloat in the street before it i> removed, thereby causing double expense in clear ing out slips and sewers ; but above all, the nuisance caused by a waste of water in front of the omni bus and livery stHbles. The practice of filling up the puhlh pumps as they get out of repair, is termed impolitic, as the aque duct ulw.iys will be subject to accidents, and the pre&ent reservoirs being inadequate to more than three weeks supply of water, at the present wasteful rate of consumption. Hence it is recommended not to till up the pumps ; or if it be necessary todis pense with the use of pumps, that the wells be covered over with a flat stone, and the spot care fully designated. Another cause of complaint by the Board is the cupidity of landlords, who refuse to put fixtures up for the use of the Croton water, thus causing their tenants to apply for free hydrants. It is, says the report, a fact that every person paying tax on real or personal estate, actually pay less money now than he did previous to the introduction of the wa t-r, and this arises from a reduction in the rates of insurance. "The tax to defray the interest of the Croton Water Debt is 20 cents on the 100 dollars, and the average re duction on the rates of insurance i* at least 40 cents on the 100 dollars; and it is lair to presume, that with the number of fires that take place, even with so copiou and abundant supply of water to quench them, with small loss and injur) , the old rates without this supply, would of necessity have largely increased In illustra tion of the above, the Board mention the following:? One of our most intelligent merchants and largest tax payers, who pars at this office water rent for lie ir fort) nouses, relate* the result of a calculation he made, viz : I tie placed in one column the rate of insurance he paic | on this property previous to the introduction of Croton i Water; in another, the rate of insurance he pays at pre sent. and added to it the Croton water tax, and subtract ing the two last frwn tlie first, the result is a clear saving (| j > per cent. Another merchant stales, that he latum on his stock 30,000 dollars; pre vious to the introduction of the water he paid 86 cents on the 100 dollars; he now pa; ? for the san.o amount of property 36 cents on the ttuudied dollars, a saving of 160 dollars. If he paid the Croton water tax on the above amount it would be fit* dollars, leaving a nettgain of 90 dollars. The successful progress of the system will further appear fiom the fact, that the whole number of permiu issued, to the first .lav of May, H46, is 9,110, represent ing 9,083 water takers; being an increase of -2, Mo since the first of May, 1844. The discrepancy between the number of permits *od the number of water takers, arises from a nuin tier of houses, steamboats. &.C., being included in one permit. The revenue o be derived from the above named num ber ol wator takers, l'or tho full year, may bo staled ai *131 784 66, divided as follows : ? 7.171 private dwellings 72,123 88 2,4 1 1 miscellaneous, comprising manufactu ring, mechanical and other purposes, 69.660 67 9,682 $131,7*4 66 i ue number of pel mits issued to the date of the present report, Juuu 30. is 10,248; being an increase of 1,13s nuc? '.tie firstof May." We have no room for remarks on this document at present, but may take it up agiin. The Lnle Kxpio*lon. There appears a great solicitude apimrent in a cer uin quarter I/) create an idea that the late explosion was euueed by saltpetre. A number of articles have ippeared simultaneously in some of our city paper. in which a number of ingenious, but most transpa rently ridiculom theories are brought forward, smothered tip along with chemical words, which the writers of them are appirently ignorant, to show that the explosion was only from saltpetre, burnt bigs, See. The properties of saltpetre are not new, and no case can be cited by which an explosion has been made by it. The case of the brig in Boston does not apply at all. That explosion could have been nude by foul air ; but even in that case, we find, then, that it was attributed to gunpowder, and chiefly to that cause only. The writer of this article was a witness of a flre which occurred in Philadel phia about fifteen years ago, on South Wharves, in which a cargo of saltpetre was burned up, and recol lects that there was no explosion then. Doubtless some of your Philadelphia correspondents can give you some information about it. The store was oc cupied, I believe, by John F. Ohl. Esa. A thorough ly minute investigation should be mane in this case, I or firemen will not risk their lives to save ware houses and grocers' stores hereafter. J Fires and Impinvt ment. Among the various suggestions afloat on the subject of prevention fires, elicited by the late conflagration, there is one deserving of notice, thut would probably be most effi cacious In case of a chimney's taking flre, theoc : cupant of the house is fined on the score of careless ' net s. Let the same rule be extended to all fires, which, unquestionably, in the majority of instances, originate Irom negligence or want of care, and own ers and tenants would have a direct, specific motive | for using watchfulness and precaution, more influ ential than any general uncertain liability to loi-s. One of the improvements to which the late fire j has opened the way, and which is most needed, is I the widening of Exchange street from Broad street | to Broadway, and extending it thence to the North River. Several plans for obtaining a thoroughfare from the most busy part of the city to Greenwich, West, and Washington streets, have of late been broached, such as the widening of Thames and con necting it with Pine street, und the continuing of Moms street through to Broad. A glance at the map will show that an avenue in the line of Exchange street would be far preferable. as more central, and as miming through two blocks on Broadway and Greenwich streets that are mconveniently lanre,and without a proper passage way. The fire has levelled both sides of Exchange, between Broad street and | Broadwsy, and thus prepared it for being widened and graded down to Broad street. Beyond Broad way there is a narrow, crooked, filthy alley, leading to Lumber and ihence to Greenwich street, which is a disgrace to the city. Exchunge stieet, carried through this alley in a straight line to the wharves on North River, would relieve Wall street of its crowded condition, and become all along an excel lent passage and site for business purposes. Excklsior. Com. BaRURY- ? The Piltsktirn Jnurnat says : ? "It fs well know that this gallant officer's rem nns were interred in the yard of the Kint Presbyterian Church. We saw lii? grave the other day, and could not help thinking tin t too little attention lias been paid to hi* me moiy. A comparatively small Mim would be nutHcient to erect a ?uital>le monument over the apot. Thi? mi^ht eiisilv be obtained aither by subscription or approprin. tion of the Councils? with the more propriety, at onr city i* each year becoming of mora importance to the service of which Com. Barney was an ornament." Naval ?The French brig of war Griffon, Com mander Uaiquet, arrived at Pen.acoJa on the 3th instant in tan day* from Vera Crua. ' Literature, dee. Tire ^ History op the Roman Pontiffs ? Dag gers, New York ? This is the first number of a new j WP. , Juv' issued hv this enterprising; publisher, which pmmiii-s to fill up a yreit vacuum in the lite rary world on this portion of the l.tory of the Cath olic Church, and cannot but be very acceptable to the admirer* of historic literature generally Its use fulness might b? still farther incre^ed, Were there more pains taken with the style than this number presents. It smacks nfong of bigotry arid intole rance, which ouyht to be partic'iUrlyr avoi l?-d in works of reference and general utility, which this promises to be. Dowling's Illustrated Hhtohy or Romanism: l Walker, N'-w York ?Works written in a spirit of bigotry and intolerance, no matter how a!?!y produ ced or well got 'in, will never command any influ ence or support from n well thinking community: particularly in a land whose institutions are based u^on i he broad principle of every one having a right to worship hi '. Maker as he deetri^ fir, without l"t or hindrance This vvoik appears to give only the black ide of the picture of Romanism; therefore, for gen eral reference, cannot be depended u.ion, and us to utilitv, it is of a still more doubtful character. The Churchman's Keasons f<>r his Faith aw Practice? Spalks, New York ?This work may be very satisfactory to the writer, but we doubt whether there are many others to whom it will be so. The writer should nave borne in mind that two blacks can never make u white; nor is it christian-like to sav to his neighbors ? "Go, I cm holier thtui thou." Journal of Charles Carroll, of Carroll ton ? Tavlor, New York ? A very able pamphlet, by Brantz Mayer, Corresponding Secretary of Mary land Historical Society, in which there is given the full particulars of this celebrat-d patriot's visit to Canada in 1776, as one of the Commissioners from | Congresa ; together with memoir and notes, formim: a great'addition to the history of his stirring times The Southern Quarterly Review, for July Burgees, Stringer & Co., New York ? A very able uuiiiber, cont lining some valuable papers. Littell's Living Age, No*. 62 and f?3 ? Taylor, New York ? Two very interesting numbers. Praise and Principlk, by the Author of Con quest and Self-Conquest ? Harper and Brothers, New York ? This is a neatly printed little volume ; it consists of a pleasing narrative, with many inci ients to enliven it, at the close of which points an excellent moral. We remembered it as one of inte rest and value. The Wandering Jew, No 75 ? Harper and Bro thers, New York, have issued their tiew number with punctuality, aod at the extremely low price of three cents ! It seems next to giving away. Natural History of Animals, Birds, Fishes, \cc ? History of Persia a\d the Persians ? Tay lor, New York ? The former two volumes are by Fohti Bigland, the latter on?\ bv Fred. Shoberl They are beautifully illustrated with twelve colored engravings each, and well printed, for 50 cents, Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures ? Winchester. New York ? Twenty-two domestic lessons for 124 j cents. Slavery in Maryland ? Taylor, New York ? ! A small pamphlet by J. L. Carey. The Godolphin Arabian ? Winchester, New York ? A sporting romance, by Eugene Sue. Price 12? cents. Breach of Promise, by the author of the "Jilt " ? Harper and Brothers, New York, have just issued among their series of popular fictions, this list ema nation of the British press. It is very entertaining m its narrative, and humorous and spirited in ltV- ' -tyle. It will be read by all who admired the author's former work, and we suppose the title will, of itself, excite the curiosity ol making to it; pages. iJncyclopfdia of Domestic Economy, Part vii? Harper, Brother", New York ? This useful work, comprehending every imaginable topic in the econo ?ny of household affaire, is now published Every lousekeeper should subset ibe for the work ? 12 num >ers at 25 cents each complete the volume, which ?vill include 1000 engravings! Louisa Mildmay ? Har|?er, Brothers, New York ? mis work is by the author of the " Two Old Men's Tales," issued in cheap firm, price 12J cents. This ?veil known, and once popular tale, first ap >eared in the "Tales of the Woods and Fields." It will be new to many, and will strike by its pow erful interest. Harpers' Illustrated Bible, and Illustrated ^hakspeare ? Harper, Brothers, New York ? New issues of each of these magnificent publications lave also just appeared, richly illuminated. Works so exceedingly beautiful and so cheap, commend themselves to every person of taste. The Penny Magazine? Redfield, New York? Contains some information, together with a great j number of wood cuts, fjr 25 cents. New Music ? Twelve popular quick steps for the i?iano forte, by Ferrett, <Sc Co., New York, for 25 cents. Prints and ENrjR*viNGS.? a fine large lithograph ?f Kipp A: Brown's omnibus, as it appeared on th< I6ih of June last, drawn by 22 horses, has been is sued by Mr Hoyt, of Amity ctreet. A very excel lent map of Quebec has been issued by Mr. Haw uus, of that city ; it points out the site of the two ?jreat lires with which that cily has been subject to I ttely, and avast deal of other necessary informa tion valuable to parties visiting that city. A good ; tthogrnph of St John's Coll' ge, Fordham, ha- just | been ismtd ly C. Kuchel, Jolin street. Varieties. On Monday morning list, the stable of Mr. Mc- ! 'Olvy, in Elm street, Pittsburgh. was <lestro\ ed, an<1 | five nor?e? burned to death; tour other small frame | houses weie destroyed by the flames. It in supposed to i have been the work of an incendiary. On Wednesday last was celt Vratpd at Brunswick, < Maine, the ceremony of laying the corDer stone of a new Chapel for Dowdoin College. President U'oods read a , letter from Hon \vm. King, of Bath, in whioh, after re marking that he hail been informed that there was a scan tiness ol means to finish the College, he enclosed $6,000 ' tor completing the work. The chapel ii to be named after the liberal donor. The Nashville Union says that Mr. Bronson, the ! lecturer on elocution, lie., was knocked down in the ! market house in iliat city, on the night of the 14th inst., ! and robbed of about $2,800 He was not dangerously hurt The perpetrator of the deed ha . not been disco vered. Ex-Minister bhnnnon was met opposite Wheeling ' by the citizens of St. Clairville, his place of residence, and escorted to his home, where he was addressed by I Mr. Kennon, tic. A few day* bince an intelligent and beautiful ' child, about eight years old, daughter ot President Tot ten, of Trinity College. Hartfor was passing from one car to another, at I iiufieid, wli n the train started, and the shork threw her backward o,l' the car and across the rati. Her head was pushed off by the brake, and her life was thus saved, but her right arm was run over by both wheels of the car, and so cruthed as to rentier ampu- j tation necessary. The little sufferer is said to have borne the painful operation with gieat fortitude, and it is thought she will recover. The indisposition which affected Mr. Clay was temporary, ami of very short duration, and that he en tirely recovered in a lew day*, aad is perfectly restored 1 to health.? LouitcilU L'ountr. A man by the name of Jackson, the supposed mur- j derer ol a Mrs. Scruggs. in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, was arrested a day or two since at Burlington, Iowa. An Irishman, after looking a few minutes at Tri nity Church, New York, turned to a man that stood near mm, ami said, " B) the living saints! and if you don't nave to look twice to see the top of that." Three miles above Westport, Ky., on Sunday night, a man by tne name of Motes Tristler, was shot and died soon alter. He declared several times while dyin?,tliat he was shot by a woman called .Martha Oreen. she had some time previously tnreatened to take his life. Tristler received in his abdomen a bullet and twenty *Mr J. H. Green, the reformed gambler, is lec tin iug in Cleveland, on the evils ot gambling, with great success. Gov. Wneht, says the Atlat, is going to his resi dence in St. Lawrence county, to spend a few weeks. Mhj. Gen. Scott, U. S. A., and f.imily came down from Kichmond on Saturday, in the steamer Jewesa, and were landed at Old Point. The customary salute was fired soon after his landing.? Sarfulk HnaU The President has recognized Johann Wilhelm Schmidt as consul-general of Prussia for the United States. The Hon. Ephraim H. Foster is likely to be elect- i edto Congress from Tennessee. Hon. Bene S. S. Pignan died at Cumberland on 8uuday night. Mr. Samuel C. Tucker, of North Haven, has a child over a year old, and perfectly healthy, which weighs only *4 pounds. Thk Woot, Market ? The IVajihinqtnn RrpiMi ran of the 19th, published in one of the large.-t and , finest wool-growing sections of the country, says : ? " There is at present no activity in the wool business in 1 this section of I'ennsy I vnnia. Kvery thing looks dull and torpid. Perhaps full MK),000 lbs., half the crop, have ! been taken up by the dealers at prices vary ing from M to 33 rents. Hew clips, if any. have been sold at h high er rate than 33 cents. Much the largest proportion brought 30 cents- fine clips only have commanded S> cents One half the crop is yet to come into ma kat. The holders are large growers generally, and are able to hold over in hopes of better prices. We hope they may be gratified, but we very much doubt it Nk-v Oklpans, July 14, 1845. State of the Texat Monty Maiket?h Uu Public Debt worth Half Ug Fare f I am truly sorry to see that your New Orleans cor re^iKmdent of the I6ih of June, has committed soma errors in his communication, which arc likely to mislead the community with regard toTexna money and bonds. It is true Texas lands are in demand, particularly those held by Mexican titles ? but Texas Treasury notes and bonds have not advanced, nor is there uny thing doing in them at any price ? they Hie quoted thus in New Orleans : Red Bick 13 a 14 cents on the dollar; Interest Note?, 15 a 16; Bonds, 8 per cent, 19 a 20; Bonds, 10 |*r cent, 20 a 21. The Red Bicks are notes first issued by the government, and they bear no interest; they began to depreciate, ;.iid notes bearing interest of 10 percent were next issued to prevent depreciation, ana a !aw was enact ?d allowing holders of the first issue to fund their notes and tul\e bonds drawing ten percent interest. Tue next year the law w?* changed, and only ei^ht p-r cent was allowed The vaiious issues of the government may be snfely estimated ?t ten millions ol dollars. Nor is it true thut this debt will be paid <?y 'IVxas immediately oil its annexation to the Uni led States. These promi. sory notes and bonds aro the last thine that will he paid Tuere are very many individual claims which will be promptly p-.idby government. town : supplies for the auny, money advanced, personal services, tec. These' stand as deb:s against the government, nor have they been liquidated by bills or bonds. The government will in ad probability never pay more than fen cents on the dollar on these bonds and bill.", und thut too for the reason ihat the government and i*-ople never re ceived ev?n that amount for them. They are chiefly he d by brokers and peculators in New Orleans, who wiung them from the oppressed government ? rid iis poor j?ople lor the amount 1 1 from three to eight cents per dollar, and the ? overnment will iioubtless pay what they justly owe, and no more. Is it right or just they should 1 The brokers have tried many ways to secure their Texas claims to the full amount on the face of them. Out they wilt never succeed. It is now a conceded point that some persons were bribed by certain per sons by an oiler of thirty per cent on the amount of the deht it they would cause it to be stipulated in the article* of' annexation that the Unittd States should pay the Texas debt. One treaty was drawn up for this purpose but it was not ratified .Persons then commenced negoiiations elsewhere, and thought they could lull the people of Texas by offering them another boon, but it would not do; the people ditco veied their schemes. In Texas a national debt is truly and practically a national blessing, and I will demonstrate it. About nine-tenths of ttie people have not as yet recei\ed from the General Land Office the titles to their lands. The land office ex|>enses will amount to an average of about fifty dollars each. Thess old notes and bonds are received ut par value ? filty dollars of them cun be bought with seven dol lars par money ? so that the person while he is only paying seven dollars in par money i? really paying fifty dollars of the Government debt, but if any other naiion was to assume the debt it would raise the money to par value, and the citizen would have to pay filty dollars in par money, and instead of the Government getting any benefit from the remaining forty-three dollars, it would go to brokers and bond holders, and the government would get no more than if it was only ten cents per dollar. It is not true that each dollar is good for one acre of land ? it is true that you can enter land at two dollars per acre, but then you must pay for location, surveying. JCC , in good money; it is not here as iu the United States: here the government pays for no surveying or any other e, pense; all is paid by the locator. It is true that a bill whs introduced in Congress, (and passed,) by that talented, patiiotic fctaietniin, i J. S Kaufman, appropriating a portion of land to ,?y the public debt, but it is oi ly to p-iy it as it was issued, say ten cents (>er dollar. Major Kaufman Has ever been foremost in the cuU6e of infegiity and patriotism, and Texas is more indt b>ed to him for innexa'ion than to all her oilier politicians together, vlajor Kaufman is m Congress, and ihe people of Texas are thereby deprived of his great talents in the Convention. But there are some few men of line talents in the Convention. Gen Busk, Col. Love, Col. Mayfield, Vjlney Howard, Esq , Gov. H. G. Bunnell'*, Gen. Darnell, Col. Hogg, Chailes Taylor, Esq , these are the only nien of talent in the Convention, but the small frv are numerous, 4uch as County Court lawyers, Justices of the Peace, and Quondam Judge*, Augusta, Geo., July 19, 1S15. The Cotton Market ? City Improvements ? Theatri cals ? Love and Elopement. Very little business is doing here at present. The cotton matket is firm, square bales are telling at 7^ j cpnts; inferior qualities bring from 6 to 6 cents ? lleceipts are light, stock on hand small, and tut lit tle doing. The Canal here now occupies the attention of the public mind. Two or three hundred Iiishmen and negroes are employed upon it, and it will be com pleted this f?U. It is agreed to extend the canal along ihe whole length of the city, running parallel with the Savannah river, to empty below the city, thereby conferring the advantages equ illy (if any are to be deiived) by the erection ol mills u(>on it, to all the real estate owners. The City Council have since regaled their former act. believing it to be in exi>edient to run the Canal ro far, and incur an addi tional expense of $20,000, when ihe same benefits may be derived and conferred to the whole city at so great a reduction of the ex(ienses. The dr . maiic association or^nized here some time ago, bid f.iir to do much good innn intellectual and benevolent way, as well as catering for public amusement. The association is composed of j>er haps thirty talented voung gentlemen of this city ? The company played "Ion," A K. i^miih represenfr ing the character bv that name, and it is said by all who saw it done, that they were happily astonished at the performance of thf whole company. A flying match wedding came off here last week, creating onsiderable excitement Mr. A Adams, a wealthy young gentleman,, from the up country, be came enamored with a beautiful young heiress, ag< d about fifteen, the only d.iughierof Major , the poet and gentleman, residing at Sand Hills The voung gentleman, not succeeding to win the affec tions and throwing dust into the old man's eyes, as successfully us throwing his affections at the bloom ing young maid, an elopement became necessary. ? The delighted couple stepped over the river to Hani burg, where business whs despatched, the silken knot of hoiy matrimony, for binding true willing heaits, bright eyes, and the fortunes of the two for bitter or for worse, was tied in spire of all opposi> tion. They Jnve since returned to this city, a re conciliation taken place, and they are enjoying the lull splendor of a briahtand glorious honey -moon. Nkwport, July 2, 1845. Spirit of Society at Net/port. We are indebted to the exertions of young F , of the army, and B , of the navy, for a moat delightfnl "little hop' that came off last evening at the Ocean House. Got up, as it was, in an impromptu manner, and without that ceremony that unavoidably gives more or less stiffness to such occasions. It passed off with more eclat , and being better attended, is morn worthy of mention than any of the balls heretofore given this season. The beauty now assembled at this delightful summer resort generally attended, and much is due to our accommodating hosts for the trouble it titi'ords them a pleasure to take to give sa tisfaction and to contribute to the enjoyment of their guests. Among the fair ones present was] the rfistfngw# Mrs. J. D of Philadelphia, attended by Miss A. E. H one of the monumental city's bellea; the accom plished and fascinating daughters of a late distin guished Senator from Delaware, for whom (being betrothed) the voung men are all au uitetpoir ; the stylish Misses A , of Baltimore'; the "captivating and favorite widow B., of New York, of whose buoyancy of spirits and sparkling wit administers to the enjoyment of all who are so happy as to be in cluded within the halo of her acquaintance; the *pi rituellr Miss M , of North Carolina ; the wayward Miss C., of Maryland, who boasts descent f rom one of the fathers of her country; the retired Miss A., of Philadelphia, whose loveliness of person _t? only equalled by inestimable virtue and the supenoiity of her mind; and the irresistible and bewitching little divinity, Miss W , also of the (Quaker Cttv. who ha* fascinated all eyes by the grace with which she glides through the ? Polka waltz," exhibiting firry ?-1, f,.pt ? hardly perceptible on account ol the modesty ol' her costume. .. ... - I We wish many a return of such delightful eve I nings, and as the bend attached to thf ? We am verl to-day, we may anticipate many such another, ot which 1 will give you a fuller description.

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