Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1845 Page 1
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rjn I I i J. J I tu W Y ORK HERAL1) Vol. XI., No. !<>;< ? VVHol* No. 4005. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 26, 1845. I'rlct Two Cents* THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BBMKTT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price a cent* per copy? $7 if> per annum ? payable iu advance. WEEKLY HEItAI.D ? Every Satuntav ? Price cent* per coi'V - f.'l 124 cent# per annum ? payable in udvaiice. ADVERTISEMENTS at the ununl pricea ? alwayt ca>b in advance. PRINTING oi nil kind* oxocuted with beauty tuid despatch. (i,y~ All kit:er* 01 communication*, i>y mail, adtlrt>g?ed to the cntablJihment, must be post pai<V or tliu poxtuftf Vr?ll bo deducted from th? auhacriptiou money remitted JAME8 UOitUON BENNETT, pRornrKTOR or thk N?:w Yokk Hkrai n EsTan.iiHMK.'** rntn^r /?? W'niton uir*"** SI ! MM Hit A RU A X< i hi ME V 7 \ BLOOMING!) ALE, M AMI ATT AN' VII. (.K, AM) FORT WASHINGTON STAOES, Will rrtfti in c n r t- runuing ill the following >rler, on Saturday, May the 17th. IH 15. leaving .11- C. ..Cl.w.1, A \: 1...I .lanlmtt t-iville it 6 n clock, A. .\i and < n liour until 7 o'clock, 1'. j\i. Leaving New York, corner > I Cliatluun aud pT ryon How, at (i A. M.. and continue evrr\ half hoar until X . M. Stage, to Carman*ville Trinity < omi.Ii i rmiifiv nnd Kurt Wellington, every hour tnrougn inr u iv. I rOBi I A V. ro 7 I'. M. rare in ivini>rtaii?avitl? 1?S eeuta; Oarinamville l?V; Fort ?v lanmatnu rj miu. JJ . MOORE, im i Proprietor. jvi a i ij i . i \ k kc irmmuzr DAILY t > VTTlC rill. I A >M ; IcjLa.nU KAIL ItOAD, VIA NJB1tr LONDON, NQUIVICJI 4' WORCESTER. At H o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry? Sund ?vs excepted. Way Crites are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Vnrwich aud Worcester. Baggage 1W Boston goes through under lock julfl tf rc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. 0?i Momhy.i, Wcdae.?d\ys. and Fridays, over the Long I ?! .uiil Kail Road to Greenport, thence to Newport and Provi dence in i splendid aud commodious Sound Steamer. This Lit.i- leaves at fi o'clock in the Morning, front the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry* jul6 tf rc FA IiK TO BALTIMORE #1. Through in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AND FK ENCHTOWN RAIL ilOAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. W&Z'X The unriv lied Steamboat 11 OB KRTM Oil JUS. Captain J. M. Douglass, will, on and after Monday, June 16, leave Dork street wharf, daily, (except Sundays, ) at 3 o'clock, I*. M. Pas sengers will arrive iu Baltimore at about 10 I'. M. Fare only *'? This Line is composed of the following splendid aud last Steamboats: ? Robert Morris*, Captain J. M Douglass. Ohio. . . Captain L. Davis. Constitution. Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington .Captain J.Trippe. This Line leaves Bowlv's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M.? - Tickets for Wheeling ana Pittsburg can be procured on board the boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. Fhre $9? Through in Six Hbun PH1LADKLTHI A, WILMINGTON AM) BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elkton, Havre de Grace ,&C. On and after Wed iiesday iieU, June 25:li, the fare between riiil ideli'liia and Haiti more, bv tne M '.i I Lines, will l>e reduced to $2. The Train* will leave as follow*: ? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, Depot 1 1 tli and Market streets. | Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except Sunday, at I! A.M. | Daily, exc, Sunday, ?i 9 A M. And Daily, at 4 P. M.J And Daily, at H P. M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market su, G. II. HUDDELL, Agent. For furl her information, apply to J. L, SL EMM Kit, at the office of Adaiiu 4t Co. 17 Wall street. June 2lt!i, 1815. LONG ISLAND 11AILROAU COiViPAN Y . REDUCED FAKES. S U M M K \i A U K ANG E M E N T , TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after Uth .June, 18 id. Front Hroitklyn Dejtnt. ? Boston Train ? r?' A. A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Karaiingdale and St. George's Manor. AcconimtHlitiou Tram ? 9)* A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming dale and iutermediaifpl sc^s. daily. Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 r. M. for Greeu)>ort, daily, Sundays ncfpted, stoppingat Jamaica, Branch, Hetnpstead, and Hieks vill , and all the stopping places betwt**n Uteks\il!e and Greenport. Fram Grrrnport /hpol ? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12,^ o'clock M., or ou the arrival of tin- steamers from Norwich. Accommodation l*rain~At 'i A M., daily, Sundays excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate pi ties. From Far min^ dale Depot ? Accommodation Train 6 % A- M. and P. M., d^ilv, Sun days fxcrpted, for Brooklyu and intermediate placet. From Jamaica Urvot ? Kxtr. (Train, 1^ P.M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn aud intermediate places. The Boston Trains stop only at Farmiugdale and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at rtie following places on the road, goiug both ways to receive aud deliver passen gers, viz: .1 (Ml . .1 1?J4 . 1 18^ . 1 SO Deer Park Thompson Suffolk Station. . . . Lake Road Station Medford Station . . MilUville St. George's Manor Riverhead 1 62 Jainesport 1 62,1? Mattetuct I 62H Cutehogue 1 fi?,J u Sou t hold .... 1 Green port, Acc'n. train. I 75^6 Boston Train J? GO ilor4 , >*a.;ti\fW Vork 12l-? Race (bourse . . . IB v? Trotting Course 18^4 Jamaica 26 Bruslix ille 31 V{ Hyde Park, !7 miles 37S Clowsville, (during ses sion Court,) 37li Hempstead 37 ^ Br men 37)4 Carle Place 44 West bury 44 Hicksville 44 Fanningdale ... . t?2S Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Farer, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in rrr.diuess at t!ie foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several 'J rait,:., 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from t lie Brooklyu side. ?j Rock away BsKKage taken in separate Crates. julOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. AiNu I'lUNr.hll PACKKT LINK, Krom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail roads aud (.'anal ? through in 3)a days. The above line is now in full operation and offers great inducements to persons who wish a pleasant m??de of travelling to the went. The cars art* built in the most approved modem style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner, anij every effort in made by the proprietors to conduce to the e'oiufort and convenience oi travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, aud ti?e great chain of Pennsylvania internal improvement* is w?ll woi thy of being seen. fiv this rsute passengers avoid all tl?e fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex peditious trip. The ears leave every inoruinu at 7 o'clock. Passenger" are ad vis< ?l to engage their j'l.ces at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. K. corner of Chestiut aiid Fourth streets, and at Nos. i > i w?l I .# South Third nt?n A. CUM MINUS., A? i*t. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. Kor information, in the city of New York, apply to ii. H. KNIHKLL. Agent for 1). LKKl'H U I/O. 'a Line. 7 West st, N. K. my 17 6m*rrc TKOPLKS' LINE OF HTK AM BOATS FOIl ALBANY, S DAILY-? Sundays Kscepft d? Through Di c- ? reet, at 7 o'clock P. M., the Pier between ?!?>???. glrmnidr. ''onrtlandt unl Liberty streets. Si'Minbeur KO< 'HKSTKK, Capiain R. (i. Cruttendeu, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday F.venings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNH.'KKHBOt'KKR. <' iptaiu A Houghton. will leave on Tut sd\y, Thursday aud ftatuialuy hviiui^j, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., latidmg at intt rmediate places, from the foot of Barclay street : ? Steamboat WKW JKKSICY, Capt. 1(. II Fu rey, will laave on Monday | Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Strain boat SOUTH \ V1KJIICA, (Captain W. H. Truesdell, will l?* \e on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 6 o'clock. Passengers taking either ol the above Linrswill arrive iu Alba ny in ample time lor liie Morn ink Train of Cars for the east or West . Tin ttwats ate new aud substantial, are farms lied with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un rivalled ou the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All i*ersoua are forbid trusting any of trie boats ot this Line, without, a written order from the Captains or Au^uts. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or t?; I . tv. Pchuitfc. at tin* office mi r.!?? v harl ____ '>) 21 rc < JHHAl' K.V I >.\S T< > Till '. FISHIN? ? I'.AN'KS OFF SANIJV HOOK. K ARK 18:' t CKNTH EACH WAV tif.'l THh new and fast Steamboat BLre AhO u-j>( 'apt. J. W. ilancox, wfll make Kxcursions . , ..?i^BM^cL'iui'inu: the season every Monday. Wednesday, and Htinday , le* ving Hammond street at 8 o'clock; ( anal, 8)4; Dehmcoy and Pike sts., K. It., 1); Pier No. 1, N. H., 9^4 o'clock. On the return passengers will belauded at Coney Island, aud one hour allowed for Batbmg. Ml kiiuh of Refreshments on board. Bait at cost. Jul? 2w*ec IB ? STAT EN ISLAND FKK It Y, HH)T OF WHITEHALL STREET irrii.' imd hTATKN I8I.AN Df'.K will leave tVrw \ irk every horn excii't A I' M commeiiciim at I'. \ M., until 7 I'.M. Leave Stnlcti lil.iiil < vety lionr evcept 4 1'. V" HieneiiiR nl 8 A. M., until 7 P. Nl. N. Ii.? On Sundays tli.' Bu ils will leave rvery hour frnni 8 A. M-. until I 1'. M., mill fr..m I I . Si. until 7 T. M., every lull hour. j y ]? NEW JfOHK, ALBANY ANI) TROY LINE ,.<* M>H ALBANY AND TJIOY JilKKCT. fir:: /'AaMjp? M 7 o'ejoek, I'. M.? 'Lh? ?t.ninlxmt KM ?jl? III !?., ? -uitMii IE II. Mm y, will l"nvt" the RM<'>nilM>it pier tool nl Coiirtjindt ?irt'et, nvt-ry Tueidny, *ml Snturd.y itlicrnooii nt 7 o'clock. Tl'tf .I.- .ir.ii"?i < (?l.l Mill i ? j tii in \Vin. U. IVi'k, evety M I.I ilny, Weduen- ?y :<iiU Krnlav hIu riiinm, lit 7 o'clu'k. cor I'.L.aur nr >tBiflit*jrl/ on board, or al Hie offie.onth# r'tarl- (alt MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, /SSf., A.LBANY, TROY and : nl e i mediate i ;in u iuk* from th?* Steamboat I'ier at the foot of ? Barclay itrent. Brwnkl-iKt and Dinner on board the boat Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A.M. Tuesdays, Thursdays *?ndK.l',u,r,t"! 1 ""A? roy ?t# o'clock, \. M., Albauy at 7 o'clock A M. .lntiday, Wednesday nud Kriday. 1 In* low-pr ? in,, steamboat TROY, Captain A. Uo.-ham, on i ue*dnys, Tliurid ivh and Saturdays, a! 7 o'clock. I he steamboat NIAOAUA, Capt i-i \. De^riKH, ou M un do , Wednesday Mid Kriday, at 7 o'clock. roriwstage or freight, uppl} onboard, or to K. B. 1 1. ill, atths office on the w Iml Noiict - \ 11 goods, freight, ba^u < u k bill*, specie, or any other kind of Jiniw rly taken, sbippel, or j ut on board thin boat, must he at the risk ol the owner* of such gundi, fnlit'it bag etc. j*mrc i VILLJaMB UHGH AN1J PECK SJJP ferr y. I The Trustees of tin' Kerry, iieli iviiig Out ~r. ej^there are many of the. citizen* ol New York ?2W- . y u...| vicinity that are uuacquaiuted with toe facilities tins Kerry afford* a* a pleasant communication with Wiili;-.ui*burif old Long Island, Wiinld *'at? that there hiv two food Kerry Boats on tliis Kerry . whi :h leave Peck Slip every fifteen or twenty minute* through the da* up to 5 o'clock, P. M. aud then up to 8 o'clck, at each ever hour and I' tlf hour; after which a boat leave* at 9 o'clock and I(< o'clock. The lan boat leaving Willi*m*burg at half-pa*t 9 o'clock, P. M. P. S ? Ou the evening of July 4th, the boat will continue to ran until I2n'rbiek. jy'i lin'rc KOK HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. TMK. Royal Mail Steam Ships IIIBKR J^NIA and BRIT A NN I A, will I eave Boston for the above ports, us follows' ? Hibernia, Ale*. Ryrie, Esq., Commander, Tuesday, July 10th. Urtluuiia. John Hew itt, " Kriuay, August 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120. Parage to Halifax ?0. Kor freight or passage, apply to jy 12 I) BRUJHAM. Jr.. Agent.6 Wallst. Ojjt'jV tfcr 'K DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND 1HMv\ IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in any part of Snglaud, , .. , "with draft* payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from ill upwards, at the following place*, viz: _ Is Ks(;i.aM) ? The and Provincial Bank of Eng land; M ! * ~ Liverpool; throughout 1 Is Ihki.anu. ? The N aion . I Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Uank and branches throughout Ireland. Is' ScuTl.ano ? The Eastern liank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, (ir.jc. ick P .ikiug Company, hui! branches throughout Scotland. The :H ini'hip (treat Western sails on tlu> 31stJuly,by which all draft* can be forwarded free. Apply to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. jvlflrc 7U South ?t, cor. Maiden lane. ;t.AM) ? The National and Provincial Bank of Eng srs. J. B.'i.n J & ' 'a., Kxch luge and Discount Bant, 1; Messrs. Jauie* Bui t St Sot), Loudon, and branches ;it England and Wnles. JtA'tV- KOR SAI.K I' ll !?'. UrHT OR (/HA The MWWfWvei'y fast * iliug N. Vnrk built packet ship YAZOO, #170 tons, live oik and loeuMt top, live oak transom, apron anil forward and after canta, carries 2200 bales New Or leans cotton, and has handsome furuiihed accommodation* for Ut> ?a*se tiger*. \pidy ou board at Jones' wharf, or to K. K. COLLINS St CO , jygQ ec !iC Houtli street. KOK LONDON? To sail on th7*2flth Jnly-fhe jSWW-tidendi.l new Packet Ship BUT NS WICK, ( apt "I'WllMiiii'l *1 n n ii will po*itively sail for the above port, on her le^ul ir d ly; can accommodate a fewt'.ibii: Passengers in ' a very superior manner, at less than the usual rates. Her Steerage accommodations is very lofty and airy. Kor Second Cabin Hiid Steerage Passengers, all of which will be taken very low, by applying to JOHN HKRDMAN. jygj ec fit South r.t, 0'ie dnor ea?l of W ill st. LON DON I, INK OK PACKKTS? Keuuiar park X'^SVet of the 1st of Aueust. ? The splendid new packet MfcjLe?hip PRINCK ALBKRT, W. S. Seber, winter, will saii a* above, her regular day. Having very *u|ierior accommodations for cabin. tccond cabin a^il st-eragn paiea>iiK' rs, |ier?ons wishing to secure berths by lit i ^ v ? >-e1 siioobl make early application on board, foot of Muden, or to JOSKl'H M'Ml'RRAy, 100 Pine street corner ofSonth. i The packet xhip ST. JAMK8, K. R. Meyer, master, will succeed tiic Prince Albert, and sail on the 1st of September. jn IB re KOR AUR8K1LLKS? Packet of 1st Augmt.? ftTTffVThe superior ship AGNES, Opt. Wethereo, will X ike the place ol the new ship Nebr <ka, not ready, and sail on the 1st August. Kor freight or pauage, apply to CHAMBKKLAIN ^ I'll KLI'S, or to jn 17 rc BOVD k HINCKKN, Agent*, I KOK SALK, KKKIOHT OK CHARTER? The very fast sailing barque HOME, Captain Watt*, built Wiii*ifiif*iiin Baltimore one year since of the best materials, curries about 4,00(1 burrels, and lias haudsoin- accommodations for twenty passenger*. Apply to Captain W itts, on board, at Pike street wharf, or to K. K. COLLINS Si CO. . i'7 rc MS South street. ?9.feP ABLliil EFEMKmANT PAS8AOE If vVf H 1" l( !?., 61 South si.? Passage from England, Ire .jawwal mil, Scotland aud Wale*? -Those sending for their friends would do well to avail themselves ef tin opportunity of in ikiugtlieir arraugt ments with the subscribers on very mode ate terms, by tirst class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekh . Drafts can as usual he furui:,h?d for p.ny amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom Apply r ? JOHN IIKR OM AN, til South it. The mail steamer Hibernit sails from Boston ou the llith iir-t, by w aich letters can lie forw artled qmekly. mv2^ rh -j joA- KOll (jliASUOW ? Kegalar Packet ? The well known, fa.t sailing British Bir.pic ANN IliKLKl , JUMb -Diincan Smith, master, 45(1 tons, will meet wnh quirk despatch. Kor freight or pass.ige, having excellent accommodations upph ou board pierfi N- R., or so WOODHULL St Ml NT URNS, jvl2ic *78 >nth street PACKETS KOR H AVRE? Second Liu?-' Tlw pacbetship BALTIMORE, Cspt?.iu Edward Kui-k, will sail ou the 1st of August. ght or passage apply to BOVD St HINCKKN, jy2 rc No. 9 Tontine Buildings, coi. Wall and Waterslre'ts pou SALE-KREIOHT OR CHARTER? The lprt,>jyf^.ver\ fasts ailing New \ <-rk built packetship YAZOO ? 670 tons ? Live Oak and Locast top, Live Oik tran som, apron uid forw ard aud after cants ; carries 'J'iOO bales N' w Orleans cot on, and has handsome furnished accommodations for twenty-si* passeniiers Apidy "u board at Jones' wharf, or to E K. COLLINS Si CO., . jy9 in 56 Sonth street, LIVERPOOL ? The superior ship NK.P fcflHs#V.TL NH, Captain Peach, will aail on her regular day. jmmUHm Kor passage, having unsurp M*ed arcommoilatiou* nth- Cabin only, apply to JOHN I1KKDMAN, )*'21 re fil Koa'b Qtreef >-HL TO LET? Offices and Lolt* iu the II" w lire-proof Store pS!?T corner of Pine oid South sts, Apply to JUUL jy20 JOSEPH McMHRRAY. FOR SALE. THE Three Story Brick House, 413 Houston street, built in the best manner; warm in winter nnd cool in (Stimnvr; replete with every convenience. Half the pttrchme money may remain on bond and mortgage at 6 per ceiit. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS U CO., j 11 19 ec 56 South street. TO LET, until the first of May next and immediate i>os? sessiou K'iven, of the 3 story house No. 104 First Avenue between 6th and 7th streets, The premises have lately iieni put in coinpleate order. Ami all has been painted inside and out, last June, the f'roton water introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, and it is well adapted to accommodate one or more families asked to one family for the residue >1 the year to next May i? $325. Inquire at the office of John 11. Power, Ksq., No. 70 Nassau st. corner of John, up ituira from the hours of 'J to 3 o'clock, or of $ami. R. B. Norton the owner, at the same office on Tuesdays and Wednesday. lm rh LOOK AT THIS ! ! J JUST RECEIVED ? Another lot of French Boots, of the best kind, and will be sold at the old price, $>, and the best of F reneh Calf Boots made to order for $5: City made Calf Boots, $3; and the jrreatest assortment of Gents (? ?it er? of all kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the finest C.ilf Shoes, $2 aid $1 50. A great variety of all other kinds. Indies iu mis Miore will find a assortment of Gaiters, ttttskius, Slipu Ties. 1'iuuells, Satin. &c. of all other kinds Misses and Children's Hoots and Shoes we cannot be heat in thiscity. Do notmis ink. e the uumiier, :Jt?l Uroadway, corner of Franklin street. }?S lm*rh M. C AH ILL. FT NE FRENCH BOOTS for *3 58: City Mate, tad for style and durability they^ are equal to those sold for $6, 'at V uniffc Co's Imperial French Boot and Shoe Slann f.ut? ins: UejK>t, at No. 4 Ann street, one of the most Fash ionable Loot Ala nu factories iu this city. Fine French Dress Boots, in de to order, for $4 f>0; equal to those made in other stores for $G and $7. Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, m ide to or der in tin* shortest notice. Mending:, inc., done iu the store. Wm, M. Young Co., Wholesale and Retail Mannf tcturers, No. 1 Ann street, New V rk, near Broadway. WM. M. rOUNO, and H B. JONF.8. INFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY. BEAUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, price . ? $2,75, which for beauty of thiish raunof he surpass cl. Also, Drill Beavers, Blue Brush and White Castor Hats, all olt lie latest stv I e. Also, Panama Hats, very low. C. KNOX, je 10 lm*rc 110 Hilton st, between William nuil Nassau. ^ MILLS, HATTER, 178 BROAD WAV, HOWARD HOTEL, fjt HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hats, to J/*** which the attention of gentlemen is invited, at the fol lowing price*, viz Fi ench Pearl (a new article) $4 00 Pearl Cassimere . 3 50 White French (also a new article) 4 00 Smooth White Castor 3 50 Alse, an assortment of Panama, Fine Palm Leaf, Bohemian, and other Hats. suitable for the season. jelt lm*rrc MILLS, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. HLLINKRY AND DHESS MA KINO. MRS. ROSE, No. 175 Walker street, New York, re ?I'V?nAltly solicits a ea || fiotn Ladies wishing any thill* in the Millii ~ - SL & ? hi Drm Making line. jeU Irn'rh i MPOKTATION OK WATMIKH. WRKCKIVED from ftwitterland, by packtt ship /liricn, nn assortment i>i Wiitehu and Movements of *rery description and ?f first lity. rendy for the wholesale fi.ulu, at moderate prices. OKLAf HAUSK b MAIRE, j u7 lni'rr. No 127 Fulton .tin t, New York. ii Ol I LSTONE'S j; 1 01 NG SCHOOL, I'.il hii?I i;ill Jltircrr Stmt. _ MB. JOHN s UOULSTONK has the honor to i 1 1 form his friends m il the public iu Miieral, that Ins ?J?j,8cIhwI fur ItjitrnctiM in Hortemiui.lnp i. now open dny hiiiI evening, ?? (ollowi Hour, for Oeiftlemeu liom H to 8 A. M. " " Ladies ' 9 A. M.toSP. M Terms of instruction initm known on application to Mr. RonUtone. , _ i r II. hasjast ed from th? country nevenl tine and ?tylinh Saddle Hi winch h<i nt a rra aonable prico. rny7rc oQBTt iOLD AND SILVER. klll.VKR Citlt Ep mli k, Book Bind*r?* Itoja and ?ilrer H ' mitli's Stoning < tmnght, liv A. BARNARD. No. I Wall strret. Mclfrand Asiayerol Vieuls. .Ii'welcr't HwwpinfTi pnrcivncd '.>v . ' Fine Greldand Holt. .1 Stiver, for plHtins, eonitnntly 0B l .iud, at office No 2 Wall street. Works 1W4 Laurens ?trei '? JfW lm*oc AN(J ANN'.HK? 100 cask" first qimlity Mang iiie?e. received nnd for sale liy rKUSSK ^ BROOKS, Ivin i BKK8WAX? 1 cask fiiMWrfi, of ver> superior quality, for sal* bv K. K. COLLINS ii CO. Kl iouth stmot. jy? ON CERTAIN IMPORTANT MALADIES. | * P H E AUTHOR <>f the 44 Private Treatise," Dr. ft dph, begs I to state that he may be consulted upon any of the Peculiar diiorders referred to in this lifcle volume, persona I ly or by post, at his residence, M Greenwich street, New York; and espe cially, to observe that the snbjectofhis consultation* is not confined to these complaiuts done ? bur embraces the wholeof those which in any way relate to tin urinary organs, a* grav?*l, m difficulty in passing water peculiar to advancing age.&ic. lie deems it proper also here to present to the public the following moat interesting remarks o?i STICK TURE AND ITS CURE. This being very little uud?r*tood, although the inost frequent and important cousequeuce of diHei*,> ? iu a former advertine inent mueh paiu* was taken to explain its natur**ytlie diseases which wi re mistaken for it ? its consequences and its cure ? also the fact that striotuie frequently exists m those who are not in the least aware of it. Tlu?i?e. however, occupying too much space, the following r? marks will lie confined to certain circum stances which will enable one to judge whether he has this com plaint Or not, and its proper means of cure. Among other things it was remarked, that it was by no means necessary that the stream of urine should be obstructed or even much diminished, in aeaseof stricture; this, indeed, occurs in i had and long ,t tblulu d cases, but stricture may exist for months and even v-; >r* without producing any striking: change iu this respect. Neither is it necessary there should be pain, or any th misdirecting the attention to tile seat of this disease. Pain, certainly' is now and then complained of, but it is only When inflammation happens to be superadded; and, with regard ' to other effeets.esp, < i dly of e arly c:?*es, tin rse are observed to t Ull "P<m the mind and nervous system, rather than the part it- j self. 1 here are, however, three circumstances which most i?e culiarly l>eh , to stricture, and, estiecially when they meet to gether, should ..ever he lost sight of, but 1*- id to immediate means of care. .Many other sympio ns might he mentioned, but most of these belong to other in I idi?- . ;is well, or (elate to Stricture ii its more advanced and tiled form, while the following three l?? long to stricture iu its e;>rly stage, and when it is so easily and certainly removed The first of tie e relates to THE MANNEK OK UR1N \TI N<?. ? it lias been already said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded ;what is to be observed is the lieculiar w .y in which it finishes, if it .should hap)ieii, after the clothes are resiljusted, that a drop or two should steal away, so as to wet a liltl.*, tli is, trilling as it may seem, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that this drop or two can proceed from no other cause whatever; but, certainly, no stricture can exist without it. The u< xt in t Til E TIME A FORMER GONORRHOEA MAYHAVE REMAINED UNCITRED ? A Gonorrhoea* though not: the only, i;, by far the most frequent cause of Stricture. It is not its severity, so much as the length of time its sleety state may have remained that is to be considered. Neither is it possible in every case to state how long this may continue without producing Stricture, for one person is naturally more disposed to Stric ture than another. If, however. it should have continued from i six to eight weeks, this length of time at least would strengthen j any other suspicious circumstance. The third i* THE EFFECT A STRICTURE HAS UPON THE MIND. ? Nothing is more certain than the effect of Stric- j tore is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental energy*. Not that tins is complained of in the same decree by every individu- | ? !, but it L* socommou, in one degree or other, that thewriter rare- ) ly s >?s a case of Stricture, in which the p -tieut does not observe j t.iat he is not - O active, or capable of business ns formerly. This | also is a serious effect *, though little understood, but it is unques- , tioiiably true, ludec d, whoever considers the natural connection of mind and sexual organs, will easily imagine that, as there is a medium by which the mind so powerfully acts upon these or t ins so. through the same medium the sexual organs re-act upon the mind. This, however, is better explained in "The Private Treatise" of the author, a little volume which is cent to many part-, of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, the acti vity of mind invariably returns. With reflect to the cure of Stricture ? this, it is gratifyingto state, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without , | iin or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement of ! late years iu the treatment of this complaint. Indeed, iu tho \ hands of proper aud experienced persons, the cure of Stricture | is now accomplished in as many days as formerly it demanded i months. Many persons consult the writer who come on busi ness to this city for a short time only, but return perfectly cured, though it has been a source of trouble and anxiety for years. To those who cannot leave their homes, the writer furnishes his own peculiar ineanN of cure, together with his "Private Treatise," which has an interesting chapter, giving every information on the ubiect, and written in tho plainest manner ; and which, being enclosed in a little mahogany chest, can be safely sent toauy distance. In consequence of the number ot pretenders and books of oiiacki ry which inlest this city, he deems it proper t<> make the following statement, aa a satisfactory ground ol confidence ro strangers. Besides lus rank as Graduate of Ediuburgh. See. kc., he bus been engaged in the cure of these diseases, both in hospitul and city Practice, for more than thirty years, ana has iublished three editions of t work expressly on them. Also, that le has letteni from the most eminent physicians in Europe from the most eminent iu America ? as Sir Astley Cooper, of London, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Or. Physic, of Philadel phia, and others, and that lie is permitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence iu this city. Address Dr. Ralph, 8ft Greenwich street. mv23 hn * rb BATCHELOH'S NEW INVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY resembles the real head of hair as to defy detection. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances ire completely done away with. Wig wearers can now enjoy us much ease and comfort a* ever they did with their own hair. Citizens aud strangers are invited to mapect this tasty aud deli cate work, as it must be seen ts be appreciated, at WM BATCH KLOK S Wig and Scalp Matmfacto.y, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway ? Uemoved from 165 Broadway. jelV lm*tn lioi; 1) KAUX WINES KKAMDY. | K. RICH IT, Si Co., Importer, 204 ii roadway offer for : ? fc.tle in lots to suit purchast rs. the following }goods, viz. Bordeaux claret wine, Chateau Margeaux, St. Juliau, St. Es tejihe, lids. Barbae Sauterne &c. fccC. in Casks, bbls, c isses ? all of sui?er ior quality. Old Cognac Uraiwly. Noeye.m and Anisette, in cases of the well known house ol Mario, firizard it Roger j i i Bordeaux. French .must ?rd and sardines. Bordetux olive oil, and imperial Prunes iu glass jars and fancy boxes, sealing j w ix for bottles aud corks. All orders will be thaul.fully re- ' ceived aud promptly executed, free of cartage. jyl2 2vr*rh ALEXANDER'S TiiiC? )BAPHL. A NEW' AND IN VALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a li i. jL quid Dye, which iustantaneousiy changes the color of the hair to a be . utiful brown or black without injury to the hai or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists iu its easy mode .of application and instantaneous effect? nil other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to everyone upon a single application. Extract from the" Philadelphia Daily Sun.'* ? Ai kxandkr's TfitroBAPHK- ? The effect of the above on the hair is truly as fouihiiiug. If was tried yesterday in our office, and the change from gr 'v to black v. is issantaneous. For sale by Rushton k < ;o, druggists, 110 Broadway ! 10 As- ! tor Hon se and ?.'/? Broadway; corner of 14th street; Aspin- ; wall, fJfi W illiam . tre? t ; Johnson, Moore Taylor, 81 Maiden lane ; J. W. Wright 6t Co. 2 i edar street j and of the jiriucipal druggists throughout the United States, or of sole agents. It. ^ (i. A. WRIGHT, 2a South Fourth street, jyft lm*m. Philadelphia. i TO TliANGERS. STRANGERS visiting New York will find an agreeable re lief from the oppressive heat of the city, by passing an hour or two in the morning or evening, at the VLllAMKA, ( '*59 Broadway,) twenty degrees ditference in the torn perature of the atmosphere being observable bet ween the in ter ior and exterior of the est iblishment. The beautiful Fountain alone is worth a visit to the place, : ide from the acknowledged superiority of the quality of the Ice ("reams and other refreshments farnished then-, jr/"' Admission free. jy!2 2\\ eod insure SUMMER GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WEAR. WE have still on hand a large assortment, of seasonable goods, comprising cloths of particularly light fabrics fo Dress and Frock Coats; Drillings, Nankin, and single mill ed Cassimers for Pantaloons: Chally and Marseilles Vesting iu great variety, which will be m -de up to erder ?t a deductie from our usual moderate prices, in \'iew of the advance d stat of the season. WM. T. JENNINGS ii CO., Drapers and TaiJors, jut Imisre Ki-tiadw;'V. \ineriror llotel I KA'l'S, MICE, COCKROACHES. FLIES, 151. D BUGS, Arc. 1 IIK following: certificates, out of thousands, may give the I public an idea of the usefulness of the va'iou* prepn a* | tions, vis I Tin* room ia the building 70 Wall street, was badly infested I with Cockroaches, and one application, four weeks ago, hasen tirely dispersed them. (Signwd) cm. MOUNT. 1 I have n o d Dr. F.'s preparation to exterminate rats and mice, i and have wonderfully succeeded in clearing them from house ! and yard, alter the first trial. (Signed) , JOSEPH GUTENAN. 1 Dr. Feuchtwanger's Fly Paper has been used l y me with great stir- cess; nearly one quart of slain llies have been collect ed in fouid^ys (Hit of curiosity* (Signed) C. VAN SCHOSAHOON. 1 TI.e 1m 'ubngs hive been cleared from my house, 211 Hudson I street, effectually. (Signed,) JOHN SOLOMONS I The yard in the rear of the Courier and Enquirer office has i been for years infested by ratfl, and one single application has I effectually destroyed them I caution against the variousjealous imitations, and my genu ine preparations are for tale by Dr. Milnor, correr Broun way ; and .John street: Joh?son, Vroom k Fowler, SCourtlandt St., I and ( 'has. Ford, corner of Fourth and Wooster street, Oo- J rnrd'a Fancy Store. 178 Grand street, and of the manufacturer, f>r. LEWIS FEUCHTWANwER, 23 Liberty. | j>7 Imcod'ec near Willi .m street. VICTIMS OF IXniSCRKTloa. VBEHNETIIV'B BOTANICAL PILLS are themostsn ? r< ful remedy ever discovered for the cure of gonorrh<ea trlyets, seminal weakness, or any .similar disordt r ol the organs ! of generation. TI.e hign, low, rich and |M)or, married and ni j gle, may cure tnemselve* without the least exposure, in the I shortest possible time. They are free from mercury, and mvi j Korate the system general ly, especially the genera i ve organ*. They ai e suitable for male or female. These Pills were, for years, prescribed by the celebrated Dr. Ahernethy in '11 >?f ?g?'S of the above complaints. Reader, remember that thous-vais I'al I victims, and ifet their constitutions ruined, when one box ? of t he*** 1'ills would have saved them. For ??le, wholesale and retai Iby Win. Watson, Apothecaries' Hallj 36 Catharine street, and at W Maiden L >ne. I *r ' Si 1 ? r 1 ox. with directions. jnO lj R . M A R S li A L L il ALL ' 8 C<Mi I HAL RKNOVATOR.

DR. M MiSIlALL II ?! L, one of the m???t celebrated pby siciansiti Kitrore, is the discoverer of this \ It* ible medi cine. It is liuxs ufieu in his practice among the nobility of u ng- I laud aud through the < ontiiient of Europe, and in every in- | nta nee, when used according to directions, has produced the | most happy results. It is exclusively directed to the cure ol such complaints as arise from a disorganization of the gener ? live organs. Its quick and wonderful ictiou is such that ? old* j ness or imbecility cannot remain in the system that is under i for h ilf an hour. It w ill afford decided relief totin^e who by early indulgence in solitary habits have fallen into a \ state of chronic debility. ( 'oust it ntion ? I weakness, brought on by a secret habrt in dulged in by young men. '1 his is, when too frequently in* dnlged in, the greatest evil that can befall man. DyspepM j woknessof the limbs and small of the b ck, confusn n ol i?? - , tellect, forgetfulness, palpitation of the heart, aversion to Soci ety, consumption, em .nation, are the symptoms ofthis disease, j Gleets, whites, obstruction oi certsiu evacuations, total impo I tency and barrenness, are removed by this medicine. Phillips &. Woyne, Agents. Forward* d to all parts of the Lul led State*. Trice, $2 per bottle? ft bottles for $(l. Hold '-t M Duane street Je30 1m os*rr f 1 EN K HAL BUILDING KKPAtllB. Nassau St., cort -f Vs of Maiden Line.? Ail orders immediately attended i i??r I Mason. Slatting, (Mastering, Flagging, tin r? ofs repaired I ; painted, and all other repairs and alteration - dour in t1 ? 1 t j manner. Also, furnaces,, kettles, ?Pm ' . i ovens, and every Kind of fire works put up. Nine I ut J workmen employ- \. Expeditions and moderate /di* ? s. f i Chimney tops Tor curing smoke. Up town orders left nith J QuHn, rlumher, ft44 Bro ,dws^ >>?0 F. 11 OH ?? 9FCOND HANI ) ChOTHltfQ ASD FUR NITVRK nrANTEl> A 0 tl>f lni;hi'it price uivi n lor ill kind* of ? t off "" t'l'iiK ?1*. nm! cnorf scennd li >i,tl ftirniture. I'o i.ns wi?liing to oi? uour oi l hf F.-mo, ?ill do will to cnll mi th<? tabicriber, Of nd ' arm > line thronith thi* Piyt Oflicr. which w ill b* puiictnMly McwM lo. B. LKVVj w N-w\ I 1 PI. U.-H<iwiliMl| 011 hmiil, ? (i Lioimtil- '?sortn eut ol *'?? ? cliHIiuig, cheap for c?*h. iiiv'j# ini ' rr LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY, "BATli llUILDINGS," (fobnkrlt kknshaw'i.) 1MIIS well-known mid delightful iea bathing establishment will be opened for the reception ofvisitors on and after the 25th lane in&t. The building! have BndfrKont a complete and thoroueh repair, mid no efforts will be * pared to maintain thv deservedly limit rvputitiou which this establishment lias here tofore acquired. The price for boarding will be from $7 to $8 per week? chil dren and aenrnnt* half-price. Voting people, not requiring much room, will lind tccointnodatiojr terms. The sft' iim c Orus, Captain C. Price, from the Fulton market, w ill make i dtily trip between New York and L(H<g Branch. Htagm will I in re-'diiiega upon tile arrival of the ?hove boat ;it the Ocean II. ?use, t* . GtMwy |?uM*uirtr? iiuutvtiiiftely in Long Branch. J W1KS CiREE.V, l'r??cri < t < -r. June It, 181V je19 lui'ut i\OWi.AM'ti HOTEL, At llai'lciii Itlvci*. CiEOIlGE NOWLAN respectfully returns his tn->?C si? T cere thanks to his friends and the public for the libera! support which hr ha* received fur the ls?t ten years, while Pro prietor of Prosi*?ct Hill, and lieu* leave to inform tri m that he Ins fitted up the lame establishment at the termination of the K.iilronil, on this I.Wud, aud ou the Bank of the lliver, where lie is prepared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas. Supper*, nod other refreshments, at the shortest n?tice. Good ground, ^nd etery accommodation lor Military f ' u i n 1 ? \ nit*. All the Railroad Cars land passengers 111 front of the Hotel for !2'j cents, from the City Hall. N . B ? An ordinary at half |utst 2 o'clock on Sund ys. je2 8 WAKilESi 11 ALL. So II VVnrren street. T^HK Sl'BSCRI lib US having Hired the above house as a Hotel, in a style of cotntort and convenience, tor the ac coramodali. ii of citizens (teuerally and ye nor* to the city, would resi?-ctfully solicit lor ihciiivlve* a portion of tl'.ir pa trouaue. Their larder will Ik' Mall times well stocked with the best the markets can afford. The Wines, Liquors aJitflSe^ars are of the best quality. The bedrooms io ally furnished^, spaejoui ami airy. U bile from i's central location, being ile?i/thv City llill, and in the centre of business, it will afford (treat inducement to those visiliuy the city. I. BRITTON, C. McCORKLE. N. B ? The usual relishes servd lip at all times. jc7 lm*ec WILSON'S I i i ' lTj L AND DINING ROOM, riOoldslrrct, near Illaldrii Litne. /COUNTRY MKRCH A NTS will lind this a desirable House, being convenient to the business part of the City. This establishment i? I . i d up w ith entirely uew furniture, (food and substantial dim., r, IH'.? cents, lodgi.'gs 25 cents For eon veuiruce .aid comfort tin house i e unl toany hotel in the city, ai.d nt half the price. I". '"1; n. nt bo uders can be uccommodi-Led on very reasonable term*. All the delicacies of the stolon aerved tip, an soon as they crrive in market, at half the price of other houses Klegaut private jurlors. for the referee ca-es, or private dinners or sup l? r parties. The very best of lii|uors, jn5 3in*rc a li A R O N S 1' 111 N G S PAVILION, K( H0HAR1K COUNT V. NKW YORK. fPHK PUBLIC ire respectfully informed that .Mr. LAN A DON, of Congress Hall, Albany, has associated himsell with Mr. tjardiiuT, and that this establishment will be con ducted bythm. The Pavilion will he opened for the reception of visitoraor. the first day of June next. The subscribers have made many improvements in the grounds and bathing-house, and pi. dice themselves to use their 1>e?t exertions to render this establish ment fully equal to any w stering place in this country. L. fic ti. Stages will be in rendineM on the arrival of the Cara at Cana j oha rie , to taki p . UMtgen to the bouse. Mr. L. will, as heretofore, continuethe Confiess Hall, which will, dioinK trie summer, he under the superintendence of Mr. Joslin. in v29 Im'ec SEA BATHING LONG BRANCH, *NEW JERSEY. T^HE PROIifilllTOtt of the New York House, begs leave ? to inform tliPfitizeus of New York, aud the public general ly, that his house now open for the accommodation or board ers duiiiig the summer season. Every attention will be paid io their comfort and pleasure. Hood servants will be in con stant attendance. The steamer Orii w ill leave New York every day, from Ful ton Market Slip, and Stages will he in TeadincMat the Ocean House, to convey passengers to Long Branch. June 19, 1IU5. SAMUEL COOPER, i c 18 6w*ec SEA BATHING AT LONG BRANCH. 1MIE Subscrilier belts leave to inform the public that he is ? uow prepared to receive company, having made ajteta tions and arr ugmcuts for the better accommodation of visiters. In addition to otlu r advantages that his house possefea, he be lieves that a more desirable residence for the approachm? sea son cmuot i>e found. I'lie conveniences for sea bathing are un surpassed. To those who are fond of fishing, no place can be found where more advantage* are olfered. ?Vlr James (ireeu havins established a line of ?ta?es from Red 11 nk to Deal, pise Hirers can always rely ou a quick con veyance. JOHN CiRh.fcN, Deal, N.J. jy 8 2w-*rrc N UW JERSKY HOTEL? MOttRISTC )Wn . rpHE SUBSCRIBKI18 respectfully inform tlieir friend-. :uid 1. i he public i^eiier illy, that the new and commodious house erected lor a Hot. I. at Morristowu, New Jersey, is op. n for the entertainment of all those who w:ll favor them with t ' i r com pauv, wiien they ho|ie to furuiah theinsuch aceonunod itiom an to entitle them to public favor. I). AV. NOE. m'i'i 3taw2in ? rc UA V I U i ROW l-l^. LIVERPOOL (ENtiLAND) BOARDING HOUSL No. 70 Dulic Street, (Formerly the Residence of Sir William Bartou.) tpHK MISSES PERKINS re . i . fully a-.k the patron iy,e of 1 families and geulleineti vis, ting I. lverpool, for their es tablishment, where they will ir.ect with the comforts and atten tion of a private house . Refereiict ? II. VV oi. -all Si Co., No. >im street. N. 1 ork. jell lmcod*rc SEA BEACH HOVEL. I<oiig Blanch, N. .1. HEALTH, RECREATION AND COMFORT TO INVALIDS AND ALL OTHERS. HHOWLANl) St CO. luve opened for the i.easou this ? well known Hotel at I. one Branch, N. J., (kept l ist year by J. Barclay (k. ' 'o .) so well patronized by the citizens of New York and Philadelphia in past years with great appro bation, and considered decidedly the most comfortable Hotel and Sea Bathiug establishment '.vithiua hundred ini es of either city. , , i Visitors and invalids w ill p ceive every attention from the pro|irietors, who are now ready to enter into orrausementi: with families fort hi . f, , board. The advant e;i of sea bathing during the summer months are apparent 1 1 *11, -i d Loa^ Branch fun. ishes every induce inent to families >nd indnidual" lor health, recreation and comfort. T. tl?i lovers of fishing, the vicinity of the Sea Bass Banks affoiil j.'reat sport; and the gunning in the neigh borhood is very line. ... , The Steamboat OKI'S leuvts I oltou Market wharf every day. For hours of le.ivii.4, see advert > einent of Steamer Orus iu the Courier and E-quircr. From the Oc an House, passen ,-cr.i are conveyed t i the hotel. C, mile., iu good carriages. 11. liOVVLAND Si I (ia Proprietors of the Sea Beach Hotel. Long Hi. uicli. Tunc 21, 1IMV eodlm w MMrrs at i< nw um m PHIL ADKI/PII1 A HOTELS. HARTWKLL'S w a s h in a t o js a o use , Chestnut (Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THK MABOXIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. |v y Baths Jwst in troduccd ? W arm and Cold? in fine apart mc . fa? tor both ladies and Keiitlemeu. j?*2>! lrn * <-c hcjUSE. Chcutnul Street, between (>tlt antl 7th?treeta, PHILADELPHIA. ri^HE SUBSCIUBER8 respectfully inform their friends aud X (lie travel I iuR public, they haye taken the aborw house. (for merly known as ihr Marshall House.) aud hare made extensive alterations and improvements i:i its interior, having sp ired no i'xpru(e to render it one of the mott pleasautand fashionable honses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers Inrue and wi ll arranged, the furniture entirely new. Ita loca tion is in tlie moat central part of the city, neur to all the placet of public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. Hie tables will be supplied \? l:h all till" delicacies ofthe sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, aud have been carefully selected. The proprietors hojieby theirpersnnal attention aud ex|**rieuce in the business, to Kive satistaction to those who inay favor them with their dRtronnge. BXOLEY. MACKENZIE & CO. Jnmes Bailey, (late of Jones' Hotel. ) Henry C. Mtickcnxie, (formerly of the Washington House.) 1'eter L. Kernnson. July 1st, IW.'j iy3 3m?ec OFFICE OF J EFFEK SON IN SI - RANGE CO., t No. W ill street, opposite the Exchange. ) rpHIS ('OMPANY co i-imie !. iv -'ire against loss and da JL msge by lire on good", wares and mefCDaJMllM, and also, w loss by inlan Innvir . t ion >>u vessels nud their cargoes ufllECTOHS. i'homa* W. Thorne, Eliaha Hints, Thom ,- T. WiKxhaiff, Anson B iker, I) K. Kobson, M.D., Joseph Dike, i'homsoit i'rire, Joseph Allen, Mows Tucker, Jam< s E. Holmes, John H. Davicon, John P .Moore, 'ohti II 1, e, VV'm. ((. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morfell, Francis P. Sage, Kukvii* Rngart, John C. Merrill, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNK. President. t'KOfQt T. Hnn, Deci'twy. ai rc G A I. V A N 1 C It I N U S . UK CKKIGHTON'S GALVANIC U1NGS 1 > h QUIRK no fluid to increase their (Sbilvanie power. T h?-y IV possess nil the advantages .of * l? alvauic Battery, without its shock, and are successful in curing II nervous diseases, Korsi.le only by his Asrent ? ? 149, 143 and 92 Knlton; 67 Walk er. at Drux Stores corner of Bowery and Grand, 17 Avenue I). 17H Spring, 36 Catherine. corner of < liulou and Division. Mrs H;.ys, Brooklyn. I'rire 2s? gold SI. jul9 lm*ec A BIX )M I N A L M JPP( > RTEH . 4 Nk.WLY INVKNTKD \ BpnitflN A L SUPPORT! H 1 V Warranted the most perfect article ofthe kind ever inven ted. It has been in u. e for some time, and approved of by ill m 'die >1 men who have ex amir.ed it, aud pronounced hy thein thf1 best article of the kind ever offered to the public, rhenl* ilicted are re?jufr.-t? d to call and vx mine for themselves. The invectou has put them down to the low price of One Dollar. To be Ind only (if Madame Osscar, 21 Murray street. New Vnrk. This Article can be sent to any part of the Vniteu State*. Hy Mail. Persons at a distance can have them sent, by addrearing . . above, post paid. jc2! Im?rc r HIKER'S ao LUTION FOR TI IK HAIR. Wf HK H will rhiMige jirev Ivor to its original eob r in a few ? ? minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. Th hh who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take tlii** method there would be no reason to eoinplnin. .None Kenuine unless siffned H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution can bo forwarded by Harnden's Esj ress to any p.iri i)f the world. One trial will prove the Ikct. , __ , llt , S?M wholesale and retail - ud applied at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Kecord ,New York, up stairf. jul in* MACrNKTISM EX IH )SKD. Ji sr PV HUSH El )% AT FHK.VCll'^ l'l HLlSHJNCr HALL, 2!? nTtoADWAY, rpilK CONKKSHION OK A M AONETISKR-Beinr nn J Kt | ( f Ai im i 'i if n< i m bj i I 'i el it I VI rn ttsi r. This Kxpost should he read by every one, and especially by the Ladies. The} will see the uanffers. fcte , they will be under b' siibmiMing h> the inliueaee of litis dauKcmus ou nce. Kt i ^ >1 v at all the Periodical Depots. Pi ioe 12H ceuts. je2I I in* in The hate Kxplvxlaih Explosionof saltpetre, or l> explosion," as applied to a change in matter, is differently understood by dillerent tnen. lexicographers give variolic defini tions without conveying any cI'-.t or concise idea ol tile word. Liu- writers on ch'itiie.d science are not more explicit, when, m is often the case, "ex plosion or " instantaneous combustion" are sv nonyinouely used. A lame majority of men suppose thi.t detonation, such hh is catwed t.'y combtntion of gunix.wdcr in a cannon, is es.senti ,1 u. constitute an explosion. II we can arrive at a general understand ing ot the word "explosion," and if we admit that Crocker&Warren's store was destroyed by an expio sion.then we have facta enough U)sh?*'w that tin: exp|? ston wan earned by saltpetre and not by gunpowder and that mrh an explosion t ould no i he cuiucd hy gunpowder unless in a greatly damaged state. Detonation is not always the result of an explosion as is shown in firing gunpowder in open space. A suitable explanation of "explosion" may h" an instan taneous change of matter from a solid to gaseous -tate,as in firing irunpowder ? or from a gaseous to a solid state, as la the formation of water. The farce of an explosion is the. sudden increase of built of matter in assuming the gn. eous form, which in gun powder amounts to several hundred times, ana in water to nearly two thousand times. The former disengaging nitrogen, and the latter hydrogen and oxygen ; the hydrogen alone forming 1325 times the bulk of die water. Saltpetre forms ;il?out7(> per cent of best gun|>owder and 50 per cent of the most powerful fulminating powder. In one caiie, sub-carbonate of potash ana sulphur, and in ill* other, sulphur and carbon in small quantities are added to assist combustion. Now it is easy to show that enough of these last named substances to cause explosion, were with the seve ral hundred bat's of saltpetre in the store. The hempen sacks and doors, floors, and other wood work, would tnrnish carbon, and then there would !>? sufficient heat to decompose the water and . et free the hydrogen, which i- a good substitute for the sulphur, and the three together would form tolerable gunpowder. Bat without the sacks, the wood, or the water, there was ample matter to fo<m a powerful explo sive powder. It is conceded that a quantity of enel- i lac was stored with the saltpetre. Shellac is a gum I from the coccus lacca, ana contains ninety-one j>er cent of a highly iniiammable resin, and at a high temperature is equal Jo sulphur as an aid in combus tion. Lac resin g.vesin on^ hundred parts hydro- i gen, eight, oxygen twenty-two, and carbon sixty-five, lie re then we have together tiie nitre, the carbon, and (in the resinous properties of the lac) a substi tute for the sulphur, the three items whic h consti iiite gunpowder. True, they are not .-so intimately mixed, or in the exact proportion required for mo dem warfare, and therefore the combustion could not be us perfect or as instantaneous, and hence, less force and less detonation, but a longer continu ance, and the flame rising to a. greater height on ac count of the imperlect combustion. Gunpowder in a perfect state would have exploded more instanta neously, or quicker, and have broken more glass, have thrown down more buildings, given greater detonation, but less flaine, and instead of increasing would, probably, have extinguished the lire by the quick and perfect combustion. In confirmation of the explosive nature of saltpetre, we may examine the d'-tails of the burning and blowing ui> of three American vessels ? one asclioo ner loaded with saltpetre, lying at the a liurf in Bos ton ? and more recently the ship Virginia, of New buryport, loaded with linseed and saltpetre, which blew up near Calcutta, 5th May last. The ship Harold, of and for Boston, from Calcutta, Oct. 2t>, 1*3!), 86 days out, in lat. 430 S , long. 26 25 VV., was found to be on tire in the forward part, (where a large quantity of linseed was stowed,) and most probably by spont'incou s ignition. The boats were launched and provi-ioned, and all hands em barked ; but before tnc jolly-boat was cast loose the tire reached the saltpetre in the main hold, and the ship blew up ? the llame rising to a great height ; and from the description given of the scene, it was pre cisety rimiiar to the explosion of Crocker it WarrenV store. Those in the jolly-boat jumped overboard, iiid Mr. Hell of N. II , Henry Parkman, Henry Er ving, S. P. Nash, 1st m ite, and one seaman, all of fiostou, were iltowned. Cupt. Howes, Mr. Austin, 1 upercargo, Blunt, 2d matte, and I I seamen, aft^r -even days in the long-boat, landed thirty miles nonli of Pernambuco. The cargo consisted of 3711 bags saltpetre. 48 chests indigo, 177 bales cow, goat and bull'alo hides. 441 bags ginwr, IF2 bales cot ion goods, 1715 l>ai?s linseed. 2H6 l>ales and 4^?> bun dles funny bags, 3?> bales gunny cloth, 450 bales hemp, and 200 boxes teel oil. Among the passengers lost, was the writer's high ly essteemed friend. The details are, therefore, vividly in mind ? and sur"ly the cargo, like the .?tore referred to, comprised all the elements of the best formed gunpowder. C. Ex FRAOFOTNAKY STORY IMPORTANT INFORMA TION Wanted ? In 1K24, there came to the United States, trom Polaii'l. a gentleman who was known by tho name of Rudolph, bringing with him an infant (laughter and amuse. Me came ?? far as Albany, where the nurse died v. thin a few weeks after her arrival in this country, and Mr. Hudolph placed his daughter (then about eight in out lis old,) in oliiirge ol a Daniel Megea, who lived in Whauy at that time, and was a merchant tailor by trade. \bout the vesr IHJi, Mr. Rudolph died, aftor a lingering illne.-s, and hi.< daughter was adopted by the said Megee, who gave her the name of -Kliza Megee. Megee died, it ii believed, in 1826, when his family removed to Utica, where they resided until the death of Mrs. Megee, (which took place in 1830 or ':W) when tho adopted daughter ro moved to Saliua, to ?a brother of Mts. M.'s, by whom she was reared. It is supposed, from circumstances which have eome to the knowledge ol the lady, lately, that she has friends in this country, and in the old country, who arc ignorant other existence. The suspicions of the lady were aroused by meeting a few weeks sirco a gentleman who was in seareh of her, and who called himself John Cleveland? but who state ! that such wu<: not his name. He stated that he Knew of her family, and that the name by which she now passed was not her true one, out that her father was from I'olanc, and his real name was Count Telisco Vemtsi Hudolph ? that his death was occasioned by poison administered by the said Megee, and that ho, the said Cleveland, was privy to the minder ? that his conscience would not 'et liim rest until he had made her all the reparation in his power by restoring to her the property of her father which was in his possession? -he having, at the time the deed was committed, compelled the said Megee to deliver it all to him upon pain of ex posure?that as soon as he could do so without attracting notice, he would convey to het all she wa> entitled to. lie was on his way to Albany af'the time he called upon i her. but hi real name ami residence he would not dis close. The suspicions of the lady having thus been aroused, she searched some papers in her possession, and in an old bible? left berby Mrs. Megee, with tho instruc tion never to part with it? she found n paper, a pait of a leaf of the same hook. upon which was written, (apparently by a jieison in bodily ill-health,) what appears to havo been an attempted confession which the writer was Btiablo to finish. It is written vith a pencil, and was sealed between the cover and the lly-luafof the book, , where it had remrincd for tlie ' i it eighteen or nineteen years. As near a? it can bo deciphered, it reads: ? ? " Kli/.a was born in Poland, May 18, tsi3; her name is Elizabeth Teresa, named alter her mother; her father was Count T. Vennii Rudolph, and I dest O forgive 1 cant write D. MK.tiKK" The wife of the said Rudolph died just before he car- o to this country; and, according to information obtai ned from Mr. Cleveland, was an English lady of rank. It - |oi the purpose of obtaining, it possible, some knowl edge of the circumstances attending the arrival of the said Rudolph, and his doath, in this country, and of his connection with taid Megee,- and also to find if any of | her friends ire in this country, that these circumstance* :irc mn.le public. Direct to Elizabeth T. Rudolph, Syra cuse, Onondaga county, N. > f Pertern Stair Jitumel. I Tht- amount of stock owned by the State ol Ohio in tli t* different railroad companies is ?499,733. Tlie ! amount invested in the dilterent turnpike companies if $2. Hi9,.W, urd the c oft of canals owned '? >" tlie state, : <|!i 3-J0.-W, nuking an aggregate of *l9.i97,l99, the in- : terest of which will lie $],J73.*31 per Hiinum. The amount of Salt inspected in the town of! Salina during the I list nineteen weeks, i? 1.431 1 Duties received <>n tho same, $86,911,09, about 'itm.OOO j hu-d .|i loss than last yooi luring tlie same poiiod. Si,r. 1 Jo?n,at. letter from the United States sloop of war 1 Bos ton, dated \iontevi leo. May II, atatea thut Lieut. H. Poin sett Lovell, of I harle^ton, South Carolina, died of dys entnrv on tlie 7th, on I w as buried with military honors on the 9th, attended to the ^rave by the officers of the Kng li'.h, French, Portuguese, Sardinian and Brazilian ship* on that station, anil a vast coneourse of the citizens of 1 Montevideo. Kotir of the crew had died since the ship left Boston. From returns recently issued, it appears the total number of letters delivered In tho United Ringtom, injis-l I was 944,000,000, which is an increase ol 'isl.OOU.OOO on the previous year. Tho number before tho reduction of the late w as "6,000,000. In the London, or old " tw o' penny post" district, the letters have more than doubled since the penny rate was established. Dame! Mwjiennt*, l?sq , well and favorably known in vaiious sections of tho Union, as an old and experi enced teacher and professor ol elocution, departed t'ds life at his lesidenee in Thirteenth street, Philadelphia, on Wednesday evening last. Havana Sru.ut. ? Letters from Havana of the 27di June, state that the crops this yenr will probably recompense tho beautiful island of f'uba for lier past sufferings. The rnin had been veiy abundant, having commence I six weeks earlier than usual, l or fcvuii ) c 1 the prospect of a splendid crop hns not bfou Mattering. Varieties. A correspondent of the Mimphis Enquirer says : ? .Ah the Florence stupe left Bolivar on Thursday night lust, it was robbed of sons trunks about ton miles oast of Uolivar The robbers wert pursued in this couuty. Mr. Jsmes M. Sunders aud three other gentlemen, attempt in;; to take them on Friday ni?ht, the roblwrs liro<l on tin- <'?tn|>any. and badly woundeu Mr. Sanders, the ball having entered his left breast, passing under three ribs, ?nd coming out near the sttine. A sV.ot gun and piatel weie fired at the robbers, but in consul uence of the d.irkncssof tlx- night they made their escape. There are a number of pur* on* iu pursuit of them, and tliey will be taken beyond doubt, as it is thought one of them ii very badly uounded. A gentleman of Syracuw pro|H>c?*s that a ?et of mile dials be placed on each railro ad line, with the miles -ay from one to the required number, us the road may be long or short, n.arked on eucli dial face. All these dial* ?|* to be connected by wires. A gtilvnnic battery is to lie carrie I on the locomotive and discharged at each dial station as it passes along. The index pointing to the figures w ,11 indicate the number of miles passed. It will then be known at each end of the load where the train it The storm on Tuesday in Esjci, says the Salem. ; lir fitter, was accompanied with hail, which destroyed a great quantity of glass. One gentleman states that some of the hail stones measured seven inches in circumfer | once an hour after tliey fell, and they would average about the si/.e of pullet's -eggs. Glass was in demand here on I uesday. One man states that ho counted a thousand panes broken, within half a mile, as lie came along the roe* The hail tell in a very narrow vein^ and with such force as to break through tho blinds on the meeting house . and lame very considerably the arms which were thrust out ot windows to close the blinds. A horrid murder wan perpetrated recently on the Dei Moines river. A man, his wife and two children were killed by three men who are said to have followed j their victims from Pennsylvania. Two ot the murderers I were arrested by some woodchoppers, who were attract I od to the spot by the cries of distress. The third offered resistance, and was killed. An attempt was in itl<*, sayi the Pitt*field Gazette, to kidnap a colored woman, u lio lives near the post of j tlce, early yesterday morning, by three or lour persons, who rode up ?b a carriage. The cries f the woman, and ! the alann i.prca i by her husband, soon attracted a crowd to tho spi't, and the would be woman stealers sloped in a hurry, without accomplishing their nefarious object. At New Orleans, on the 17th instant, Charles P. i and < harles N. Pond, were put on their t rial in I the criminal court for tho murder of Robert J. C'reswell, iu Pbillppa stieet, in that city on the night of the 14th of tune lust. The trial was likely to last several days. By a recent decision of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, 000 slaves, formerly the property of the late Stephen Henderson, will be emancipated and sent to Li beria, according to the will of their former master. The thunder storm experienced here last Monday evening, was felt very severely at Toronto. Two men, one on Stanton's dock, the other on Vonge street, were struck by the lightning and killed instantly. Several other accidents occuired irom the eil'ects of the lightning, but no further loss of life. A gentleman from Ohio, Mr. lliMebrand, has lately been on a vi?it to Lowell, bringing with him 6000 ; pounds ofOhio wool, said to be equal to a ry raised in : this country Hon. Mills Olcutt, Ti wealthy and distinguished ? citizen of Hanover, N". H., died in that town on the 17th ! inst. aged 71. He was a member of the famous Hartford Convention. | Elworth, tin- Pedestrian, who, a few weeks since | achieved at i arroliton the a*tonish!ng feat of walking a ! thousand miles in a thousand hours, walked, at St. Louis, about a week ago, fifty-six consecutive hours without rest, and when done, said he was willing to walk still longer if tho audience desired it. The Alabama arrived at this port last evening j from I'etisacola, but no later intelligence whatever from the port of her departure. Off the N. E. Pass the Alaba j ma camo up with the brig Ilayne, bound hither from | Charleston, with 1'iuted States troops on board, who will probably arrive here in the course of tho day. ? O. Pic., July 17. There died recently atUnitv, in Maine, a lady na , med Mrs. Hunnah Chase, at tire advanced age of 106 years and -Ji days. She left 10 children, t>6 grand chil j drcn, 160 great grand children, and 12 of the fifth gene ration. There were about 150 of her descendants pre sent at her funeral, and 130 walked in the funeral train. The Southern Tribune, from Aberdeen^ Miss., ap peared recently oil a half sheet, and with this notice : ? "A request ha - t een made by the whole effective force of this office, front the foreman down to the d? 1, that we issue nut a half a sheet this week. The editor being absent, of course all present unanimously agreed toit.'> On Wednesday morning, n youth 16 years of age, named Lloyd, was killed oil tlie Mine Hill and Schuylkill Haven railroad. He was a driver and was sitting in tront ot the car, upon the bumper, asleep, and falling upon the railroad, ;the cms Jpaosed over him, killing him in stantly. The Hon. Isaac Johnson, of the Parish of West ' Feliciana, has been nominated as a candidate for Gover nor, and T. Landry, of the Parish of Ascension, for Lieut. Governor of Louisiana, by the democratic Convention assembled at Baton Uogue on the 14th init. Col. Jonah II. Voae, commanding olficer of the Fourth Regiment of U. S. Infantry at the barracks below Now Orleans.died of an affection of tho heart on the l&th instant. He was interred on the morning of the 17th, in I the grounds attached to, and iu the rear of the U. S. bar I racks, below New Oilcans. On the 15th inst , the execution of the Hodges was to have taken place at Burlington, I. T.' Large num i ')ers of persons were collecting from all quarters to wit ie?s the awlul scene. Mc Kinney, who was to have been hung at Rock Island on the 17th, was respited by the Governor until the 31st mst. Flour m?i'" from new wheat in Ohio has appeared in Buffalo, .t came by the Miami Extension Canal. Su ?nr from New Orleans has arrived at Buffalo by the same route. ! A el-rk in n hat store at Havana, recently robhed I his employer of ?1,000. Tho money was subsequently recovered", aud the young man thrown into prison. The election of a grand chief of the Huron tribe, settled at l.erette. took place on Thursday last. Dele gates from distant tribes attended. Simon Romain was, on that occasion, raised to the head chieftainship. It is stated in the Reflector thru the Kev Dr. Jud son, wliese missionary laborR during a long course of years, in the East Indies, arc familiar to our readers, is now on his return to his native country, by the way of England. Tic Philadelphia Gazette says that two seal* have been seen in tlio water el the Schuylkill, near the mouth of that liver. One ot" these amphibious animals, of con siderable size, was taken in the Delaware a few Jays ago. The South Carolinians propose to erect a monu ment on the ground wliero Bufonl's defeat occurred during the revolution. Maliy brave men were killed on that fatal occasion. Th" number of deaths in the city of Hayani during the inciith of .Mine last, n mounted to 3S0, of which In I were w hite, anil 33 "> wero colored persons The population in M,?ston in 1791, was lS.lKis ; New \ 01 33,131; Philadelphia, 43,.'>30 ; Baltimore, 15,503 ; liichmond, 8,7sl; Alexandria, 3, 748 : Lexington, Ky., 334. (rf-neral Taylor, who is to take command of the United State* troops destined for the Rio Grande, arrived at New Orleans with his staff, on tho 17th instant, at the bnrrncks below tho city, in the steamer Yazoo, from Kort Jessup. We l?' 'am by the Augusta Banner, that in some of the Northern lakes o! Maine, the real silmon spotted trout, arc caught, weighing from 19 to 33 pounds. The Selectmen of the town of Oxford have oiler" ed a rewaid t <>00 dollars for the apprehension of tho persons who attempted the lile of Mr. Henry M. I'aine, of that town, on the Oth, and llred a gun into his window on tho Itith. One hundred tliott.?nnd dollars has been subscribed by citircns of f wrastor, Pa.. for tho erection of a cot ton f v.'twj in this r ily. Robert Xeilson, Es<| , the founder of the order of the Sons of T'-mperance, in Baltimore, <lioJ on Monday morning. A Mr*. Kvoland and her little irand daughter, were instantly killed by being thrown from a wagon, in which they were riding, in Warren county, N. J., on Monday Inst. The I'cnvn ola Gazette Mates that the farmers in Walton and Washington have tu rand their attention this season, to the culture of tobacco. Entire fields of corn were pulled up by wild pigeons, and tho crop totally eradicated in Shiwassie county, Michigan. The Hi >*t<m Attn', states that at Roxbury on Sun day night, nil attempt was made by Mr. Ilazeltine, of the flim ol Morse Ik Ha/oltinc, soap manufacturers, whilo ill a state ot par tial derangement, to put an end to his life by cutting his throat with a razor; hi* windpipe was near ly sovered. There is but slight hope of his recovery. Mr. John F. Wall, one of the members elect of the Virginia Legislature from Frederick county, whs very near being killed last Friday, whilst travel ling in a railroad car, hv what Is technically called a snnicthrari ?>no of the bars of iron havil g become loosened lit>m the rails, it shot up through the car at tho seat where Mr. H all was silting, severely lacerating tho back part of his l and, cutting his breast, and pinning him up to the top of the car. Fortunately a physician was present, who attended to Mr. W.'a wounds, and he is doing well. Mr. John 3. tiallaher, the State Senator from the same district, was sitting beside Mr. Wall at the tune of the accident. The Trenton State Gazette of Wednesday says: ? On Monday afternoon, Attorney General Browning made his argument before the ( ourt of Krrors and Apiieals. He was followed by Mr. Vroom, who occupied the re mainder of that day and the whole of yesterday. This morning the court delivered its opinion, refusing to al low a vertivrari to the Warron Circuit and Oyer and Terminer; but expressing a willingness to grant a to tho supreme <ouit. The counsel for tho pi isonort then prayed a ctrtiormri to the Supreme < ourt, directing that court, among other things, to return the proceedings of the Oircutt which tried the indictments XI, is was ?b.ieet?d to by the Stnte, and is now under argument

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