Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1845 Page 3
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duction of toll* hu been miide, and a new tariff of toll* made, to go iuto effect in 1046. The amount of tolls received on all the canals of thi* State, from the opening of navigation to the 14th instant, in each o( the past seven years, ha* been a* follow* : ? Canal Toll*? State or Nkw York. Total rtc'd to July 14, Ytart. id wrek Total rtc'd ?.'/< HiUt'alo At in July, to July 14. 4- B Rock. Otwrgo. 1831 $32,782 $681,179 ?116,529 $22,795 181 0 39.512 627.807 151.372 11,400 181 1 45,813 795.631 197,790 20,558 181 2 35,789 666,216 166.143 22,537 181 3 53,038 719,570 208,921 20,656 IHll 57,999 992,917 271,1193 53,389 1845 54,569 971,391 213,842 44,216 The aggregate decrease amount* to only about two and a half per cent. ? The decrease at Buffalo and Black Rock amounts to full twenty per cent, and at Oswego to about seventeen percent. It will be seen, therefore, that the decrease ut Buffalo ha* not been so much larger than at Oswego, as some parties would have the public believe. The Wellaud Canal has not yet ruined Buffalo and pio bably will not, notwithatanding the alarm tho citizens of that place experienced on the opening of that work, and we have no doubt that for many year* to come Buffalo wil' command a very large portion of the commercial move, menta of the.lakes. There are places, however, as fa vorably situated on tho lakes for commerce as Buffulo, ?nd the rapid improvement* making in internal improve ments, must soon develope the resources and position of these places and raise up rivals to our western commer cial emporium, more powerful than Oswego or any other port, now looked upon with such jealous eyes. The contest, a few years hence, for the commorce of the lakes, will be between Oswego and Ogdensburgh, the former the depot for the western trade of this city , and the latter for the western trade of Boston. We trust that the finances of thisState will be so economically managed, and the debt sufficiently reduced, to enable u* to reduce the tariff of toll* on our public works, to such rates as will secure the transportation of a large portion of the pro. duct* of the west, seeking market* on the seaboard. The London Timet says that "a notion, often entertained before, has again been brought forward, of convening a meeting ol the creditors of the insolvent State*. Whether ?ny 'impression could be made on Mississippi, by the ?trongest series of resolutions, is exceeding doubtful, but perhaps on Indiana and soma States that do not formally profess the doctrine of repudiation, but merely aet forth inability, a wholeiome effect might be produced. It ia, at all event*, worth while to make the attempt, but lengthened disappointment seems at last to have produced apathy." We have no doubt but that some pro", position will be made by the European bondholders o the delinquent States, for a speedy settlement of their demand* in some way, but the*e States arc at present unable to carry out any proposal that might be made We do not believe that tho State of Indiana can pay one per cent of the interest on tho debt at present. The finances of the State are no much reduced, and the debt ao large, that the annual receipts into the Treasury would not pay the smallest fractional portion of the annual interest. Although several of the delinquent States cannot pay even a part of the interest on their debts at present, they will eventually pay every cent principal and interest. It will require time to develope the resources of each, but they have within their limits ?ources of immense wealth, which will in time be appro' priated towards liquidating the public indebtedness. Con' aiJeruble progress has already been made in some of the delinquent States in recovering tho payment of in terest on their debts. Illinois has perfected a system by which it is expected the full interest on tho debt of the State will be eventually paid. The Government of Mi chigan are making great efforts to resume the payment of the inteiest ou the debt of the State, and it is supposed that, with the aid of certain capitalists in Wall street, the object will be effected. A proposition has been made to Bell the railroads of the State, but no action upon the subject has taken place. The amount necessary to pay the semi-annual interest on the funded debt of Pennsylvania, is at tho command of the Stato Treasurer, and the payment will be made punctually on the 1st of August. The receipts into the Treasury in June, 1846, were $48. 0M 6j more than for the corresponding month in 1844, and the expenditures for June, this year, $133,1)30 28 less than last. This makes a gain forihe month, this year, of $171,7*23 80. Among the items of expenditure in June, last year, there was one of $60,000 for the cancellation of relief issues. The amount received from the public stock* for June, 1846, was $146,711 (3 against $07,673 26 for tho same month iBst year, being an increase of $49,037 80. Several countie* have paid the whole of the tax in advance, und some a portion. Sufficient has been paid, and in the course ol collection, to ensure the payment of the interest' amounting to a little less thsn $860,000 when due. The payment of this dividend places the State ofPennsylva mama permanently among tho solvent States. We hare not the slightest doubt but that hereafter the interest on the debt of Pennsylvania will bo paid promptly in full, in cash. 01(1 Slock Kxchnngt, 62100 Ohio C's '60 % 50 thas Stoniugton s60 29 10000 rriin'a 5 ? s30 73, la 7.5 ReadiiiK Kit 56 2H00 Reading Ml lids 74 50 I, 1. 1 tid RK ?15 6l\i 10181 do 7I>4 100 do >60 M!i 2H00 do l>60 75 100 do b60 65 10 Kins Am K*c Bk 85% 50 do bfiO 64% 50 V ckshurc Bk 7% 100 do s90 64*4 10 Gu<rdi?n In* lo 100 do 64-? 50 Farmers' Tr 3l'? 50 do *10 I t '4 25 Morris Canal 30 50 do blO 64.' ? 200 do 29% ll 0 Nor and Wore 69 10 Canton Co 40 25 do C9'? 50 do *15 39% Second Board. (5000 Ky 6's M'day 100.% 50 ?has Canton Co >60 40 New Stock Kxcltnnge. 50 ih*s Farm's Tr b30 34'a 25 thas Morris Canal c 30 'J 25 do c 34% 60 do f 30 75 Canton Co 1>G0 40'? 25 do t>3 30 25 do b3 40 25 do stm 29\ 25 Erie RR J3fl 28% 25 do 1.3 29% 25 dp l>3 29 25 L Island RR b3 61% 25 Nor ? Wore 69 25 do ?3 61% .',0 do b3 69 50 do s3 61% 25 do c 69 60 do slO 61 -a 50 do stm 68% 50 do c 64% 26 do ?3 6H% 125 do s3 l>4% 26 do s3 69'a 160 do c 65 Married, On Thuriday, 24tli inst. by the Hev. Mr. Hutton, An drew ( Tutti.f, to Miiis Emma ?., daughter of Charles Hvvan, Esq. all of this city. Died, On Wednosday, 2nd inst. at his residence, Hamilton square. Woodside, Cheshire, Lrwis Fhankli*, Esq. in the 6Uth year of his age. NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS. rpHK Exhibition of the Pictures nnd Engravings of this in J. stitution is now open to the public, a: !he Rotu .d i in the I'ark, (lately oc upied by the Post Ollice.) EutrauCe from the LIEE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR ; to non-members, sinxle admission 21 rents. The Rooms will be open daily, from U A.M. until sun down. Those holding Scrip Certificates cau obtsin Certificates of Membership at ttie door, a* heretofore. j> 2t> Iwis-rrc HOTEL DES DEUX FRERES, m S J. fc A. P. SEIGNETTE THIS quiet slid lie ilthy location, opposite^ Donne Pnrk. re tired f "in i be none, buitle and confusion of the great thoroughfare, ) et adjacent thereto and ill the steamboat land ings. presents I ie mo>t desirable sojourn in the city loraceiitlc nien Irani' ng, or resident ? where the) can be iccommud .ted with h nid-omi l? furnish- d bedr oms, w ith or Without b mrd. ICH I *11 ? e street. JyW IW* rh TU 01 1 KMlSI'ti A N I ) I\S. ONE MOUI.I) lor ( ' isting Lttnsr Caustic ? One Tible Blow Pipe ? One Galvanic Battery?- and Che Pneumatic Trough fir sile. And the secoud Hour of the buildiug No. llti John street to let. Enqn r? oil the premises. j \ 26 Irur i'l AN O KO UTITT I INING. 111. FINLAV SDN. (lite it Messrs. Mr 'Midwood Sc Sons, ? i ? ndon, I respectfully informs the mimical public <>( New York, ihit III will devote his time to the Tuninu of Piauo Fortes, iimi fro in the tcstlinoni'ils of the following enii leutar tisfs, Aiessrs.Th'dberg, Listi, Ileig, Mosltelie, auu Cramer, he Hat ers himself tn give the greatest satisfaction .? All ordeis lefi at Messrs. (chambers <g Jolies' Music Wnrehou>e, No. 3BJ Broadway, will meet with prompt ntt.en ti in. Ji26 IwVe \( Kt.r SHIP Itosi ILS, KOK LIV e.Kl'OUU ? lVsseigersb> this ship will please In- on hoard 1 1 Oilcans wharf, fool of VV'.II street, this (Saturday) morning, anth lust. nit, at 12 o'clock, at ? Inch time the ship will (ail. Letter bugs will closest the usual places at ll>i o'clock. iy'p Sil l' ( ARltOLL OK CARKOLLT.iN, KKOM LIVMt I'OOL ? Consignees ol g mus b> this ship wih please send tueir permits on bo ird, foot of Oliver street, or io the otlice of lliu lubscubers. without dely. All aoods not iieriiiiued in live ds}s iiiust Unavoidably be ?entto lie public store. W. kJ. T. TAPNCOTT, 7J South street, corner of Maiden Lane, New Vork, Inly VfOBji j \ 2 ft rrc i u a a hp oR't'ATi oy or govkhjs yttrSTr MATERIALS SCALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Tran'portation," will he received at this office until Thurtdiy next, the 31st inst nit, Ht 3 o'clock. P. M., for carryint the bulk ef about 1600 barrels, more or less, and about fifieen tons ol Iro. mill Copper from tills Port to the Navy Yard, at I'ansa Cula, Kla. Seinrate proposals, endorsed in the same manner, will he re ceived during the same i eriod, for carrying a quantity of Lime, i'i C ska, to the sain* destination. Ten fair-weather working days to b? allowed at *ach port for taking iu and disehargmg cargo. No primage to lie allowed. The vessels will be subject to the usuil inspection, and must he ready to load whenever requin d. PHOSPf.R M. WETMORE, Navy Agent's Office. New York, ) Navy Ag July 21, mil j jyM St r c A I ii'. Nt'Y AT NEW URLliANfs, Hit THE HllBSt. RIBER offers I is services in the Settlement J "lis city cir its vicinity, and in the Collet" lection ol accounts. INutes, Drafts, Dividends, or any obliga tions whatever. iufers tu Messrs. II. <k D. Psrish, j L. M. Wiley V Co., SNew Vork Joseph Kernochan, kso ) ,\ ? w ( July l*th, W..V ^TER ''ONREVJ tTO LET? Th* neat two ?n>ry and attic Brick House No. 309 Hudson street. The home ia modern built, with fin* yard, Ice? healthy In. Htioii. Possesion ki\.-u M >1 of August. Apply on the premises, or sddrsss V., ai this ottice. N. B.? A gentleman, with wife and two children, may be in duced to remain a* boarders with a genteel family j y? 3t*Je TO LET? The commodious front Offiie in the low ?i part of store No. 9 Gold street Euquua upstairs. jylii 3t'rh TO LET? A good Store and two large Loft?,No. Ik William at., three door* above Joliu at., N. V. e.iiquire iii the ?t ore . jy2'i 3t*rh TO LET ? An Office, with three Lol'u, iu the fire proof store No. 91 Broad street. Immediate posessiox will !>? given. Apply on the premises, to K. B. DALY. Jlia'rh DOGS ] FOR .SALE. _ A few choice pure white English Terrier and Bull Terrier 1'upa, of warranted pure blood and imported bre-ds. Gentlemen supplud with any kind of Sporting or Fancy Dogs, on Application at the bar 35 Fulton street, N. If. jy2J 3t*rrc *yi FOR SALE? Siguor Vahelitia going to leave the UL^ET^city lor Europe, oners for sale a liue bay Horse and Waggou. with Harness aud Saddle? the whole in cotnpiuit order. The horse coming six years old, and warranted sound and good for family u-e. For further particulars euquire at Palmo's N. Y. Opera House, Clumber* st. jy23 3t?rr? FOR SALE? Abiack MARE, 8 years old. li L^hands high, and very fast. She goes t ? the waggon ? f J.i " '* isa tint rate saddle beiut. Price $130, with bl ui KW, sheet, halter, ice. E quire at HATHOKN'S Livery Sta ble, Meicer st. , corner of Bleeckt r. jvM 3t*rrc WANTED AT ''LARKE'S 8t STEVAN'S Temperance Intalligeuce Office 9J)? Du me street, subscribe a tor soinc good I'ro testatSevantsand others, "nth while ami colored, of good mor 1 charact r. The aubscriber pledges himself to p ecu e help i OI tlie public at the sbo.teit i-otice. Mr. Claike's odice is l a'iouised by some of the tirst fimilies hi the country. Reineinber-93}a Duaue street, two doors west of Broadway, Wsi>"n Teiii|>erance Intelligence Office. jy"6 I iii*i h M US1U. \ LADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Music. being Im. taught by the first masters in Europe, and feeling nerseli fully competent to instruct in thataccoiiiplishineiit. would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B. C., at the office of this paper, shall he punctually attended to. Je2fl lm*rc ? 4 ANTED. ? A few active, intelligent men, to act as agents vf for the sale of uew and popular Publication*, iu ditlereul parts of the Country . $300 per year over their board will be insured them iu writing, with ai. opportunity of clearing $1000 per year, uud more if iliey are active Some men, uow in our employ, will no doubt make over $1000 per year, char of all ex peuces, and there is about half a dozen places open, which must be filled ; each man will hav? his district, and it will be neces sary for them to have at leasl $23 or $30. to obtain a good flttiug > ut. None need apply mile** he has that amount, for it u our object t? get them started in such a manner as will be beueli r.ial to thein, as well as to us. Apply at 93 Duaue street. Letters must be post paid. jell Im'rh PAPERS LOST LOST, on Wednesday, the 16th July? supposed iu the neighbothood of Aim, Nassau or rulton streets? two PAPER PARCELS, uuaddressed ; one containing deeds, and the oiher a few French newspapers '1 lie articles are onl) of consequence to the owner, and if the fiudei will leave tlieni at the oince of the Herald he will be suitably rewarded. j)2fi 3l'hv LOS T OR STOLEN. ON Saturday last, a PROMISSORY NOTE, drawn by Chcrles F. Rice? payable at llie Chemical Bank iu thecity ol N. Vork, to the order of Henry 8. Durimes 4 inonths after date ? dated June 16 1813 ? for $3(i0. Said note was enclosed in al?ttei directed to rl Hi pper. 117 Sullivan street. All persons are hereby warned against puichasing or receiv ing sa d note, as payment h is been "topi ed. A liberal reward will t>~ p'id for its return to the subscribers, or to * ai rcn Jenkins, office 63 Wall ?t. jyt5 3t*rh HENRY T. DORIMFRS. LUST? JULY 19th, 1845? i O.N Saturdiv morning, between three and four o'clock, two Memorandum Books ? somewheie between No. 299 Hous ton street and I" ultou Market The finder will la- liberally re warded by leaviug them at Stall No. 38, Fulton Market, as they are of uo use to any p?r>o i except the owner. THOMAS M JENKINS, Buicher, jy 21 3t*rrc Stall No. 38, Ful'ou Maiket. R (TINS OF THE BURNT DISTRICT. 'piiE DAGUERREOTYPE Vlr.W of these Ruins, taken A from Exchaugn Place, opposite the spot where stood Crocker & Warren's store, may be seen at LOUIS L BISHOP'S, Daguerrian Artist. No. 2Uj Bro dway. Thu view, embracing all the ruins in Broad stieer, New strert aud Broadway, iu their actual state, and such as It will soon be impos -iCle to olitaiu, forms a picture most iuteiestiug to preserve in commemoration of the sad calamity of the lust. It will lie di*|Hjbed of at a reasonable price. Apply as above, at LOUIS L. BISHOP'S Daguerreotype Rooms, jy2.'?3t*rrc 2H3 Bro. dway. 'Fo MERCHANTS A XI) CONTRACTORS, MORE ^.SPECIALLY to those who have suffered by the late fire, w ill please call upou JNO. G. TiBBETS, 201 Grand streel . who having made an ilil|iortant iinproveinent hi IKON SHUTTERS AND DOORS, which will i.ot cast off 111 the lean from a wall when the hottest flames are pouring against them. Tlieie are .some to these, but not the same as my present improvement j>23 2w*rrc JNO. O. TIBBETS. TO NAVY OFFICERS AVERY handsome suit of UNIFORM, suitable for a Passed .Midshipman, can be pi&cluseil at less than the prime cost. The reason for advertising the above is, that the gentleman by whom tbey were ordered has lecently deceased, and they will be sold et a gn at sacrifice. The articles are made of the best quality and workmanship, aud can be seeu for a few days at the store of the subscribers. RYDER, BROTHERS, jy23 3t*rh I3S Broadway, K)ll SALE ? TWO SECOND-HAND COUNTKRS, one Counting A Room Desk, and one Fire- Proof ( Delano's. ) Apply at 61 Heaver Street. jy24 3t?rrc JOHN D KLEUDOEN has removed to 78 Water stieet. j y 2 1 :.t ? in A ROLKER 6t MOLLMANN have removed to No. 1 -Is South William street. jy24:t*rh PACKET SHIP LI VERPOOlT. FROM LIVERPOOL.? Cousigness per this vessel will please take notice that she is disch irghig under general order, at west side Burliug slip ? '.II good, not la i in it' ed must he set t to public store, j y24 rrc COUNTINU-llOUsSi;, ilUKlZOMTAL A.NU LAWYER'S DESKS, .OFFICE TABLES, CHAIRS, STOOLS, ice., Arc., &c. TH E subscribers, late of 30 Broad street, would inform their -I. friends that they have taken the store corner of Broadway and Wail streets, where they intend to keep ou baud a general assortment of the above articles, together with all kinds of Fur niture, Chairs, Ike. ? all of which will be disposed of ou reason able terms. All orders th mkfuily received and punctually at (? uded to at the shorUit notice. Old work repaired. JOTHAM CLARK. KDW. C. LITTLE. TO LKT.?Pleasaut Rooms, with Bieakfast and Tea if re qui ed, in a respectable private family. Apply at 17 Howard it. References exchanged. j V 23 Iw'rh H. MlGEOiN it CO., CLOTHS, CASSIMERKS, ?tc ltEFINISHER. No. 341 West streel, INew York. Also, Damaged Woollen Goods d^ne up. Orders may be lelt at 60, 63 and 61 Pine street. REFERRNCEI : Wolcott 8c Slsde, 63 Pine st. ? W. C. Langley 8t Co., 64 Taie st ? S 1'. Jones 8c Co. 12 Pine st. ? D. Brigham 8c Co . 60 Pine sr. ? Halsti d, Haines 8c Co , 31 N tssnu st ? Lewis 8c Fair. nan, Lib. rty Wi|?on, Butler 8c Co , 37 William st jv23lw*rh J. R STOUVENEL, IMPORTER OF WINKS, No. 39 John .treet, inform* his frieiids and the lover* ol' good Wines generally, that in order to supply tile demand, he hiu maile arrangements to hare nl ?K)? 111 store, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wine? ol llie first quality, Irom ihe proprietor* direct. '1 he well known houses following are sufficient recommen dation ol the qualities of ihe Wines, without further details y'llw -n rl?" * Uue,lrix' ( Proprietors of Voohies, Capt&v'ai., > at Bordeaux. N. B. ? J. li. S ui.dt-rtakes to sell Wine for family use, by the dozen orgallon. j>231m*ec ~ BOAKDiiNG. ~ 'IM1REE or four single geutlemeu, or gentlemen and their .1. wives, can be acconiinodaiiou with voou Board and pleas nit ro. ms oil Clinton Avenue, Kast Brooklyn. I'lie place is cele brated for being healthy anil pleasant, commanding a line view of the Bay and Harbor of New York Apply to JAMES VAN D YK, 78 Clinton Avenue. near the Church. N. B.? Oinuibuiei run until 10 o'clock P. M., from Kulton Fairy. j >'23 lw?rh NOTICE. R. CLARKE is de3irous of supplying thepublic in town and country with the best of help, free ol expense, with servants of good character, both protectants and others, white and colored. He Hatters himself that by doing so. he is bene fitting all those in want of employment, and is iu hopes of that I itronage, which such an merits. His office is 1 Inane street, and fitted up for tlie rccum Jiodation of all it. want of employment. Call at 3SX Duane Mrert. jeM In M1 MILLIARDS ? GREAT IMPKOVEMKNTS. SOU PHERNERS. Strangers and Citizens are invited to try Mahogany Bed* with Inj Panels, m ide byateam machinery no much work could not be done by hand without iliree time* the k-ni il p ice. Likewise Cushions so elastic lliat eleven c in lie mi by a single blow. For sale or playing at BAHIFORD'M old stand ? Kntraices joining the Museum Building. Ann street and 1 19 Kulton st. Otia Field, with ? number of these improved Tables, invite* Ins friends to call at the Onited States Hotel, i.utrance thr >ugh the bar-room or I9U Water atreet. jytO Im'rrc I tI7 ATCHk.S WATcHtSt AN D J t, WfcJLft V .?Those ! vv who wiah to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Hold ; Chains, Oold Pencils, Keys, Sic., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city, (iojd Watches as low as >20 and 82J each. Watches ami ' Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to kee| good time or the money refunded. Watches and Jewell repair ed in the beat manner nud warrnutcd, ul much leas than the usual price O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, 11 Wall street, tr.M Jm#?r Late W. mr Willi?m ?t., up 'fairs Tilt, UfciLKHLtATfcU i'AlL LJ'AMA ORGKAT PASTE dissolved in water nroves a very eicel lent, pleasant and healthy summer drink; it can be had at Ithn following places J. Milium, No. 183 Broidway; J. R. < hi I ton, 263 Broadway: A. B. Sam! Si </?>., 273 Broadway: (?.?*?? iter Ul Young, 132 Chitham street: W. R. Ballanh. cor. Cham bers and Chatham streets; P. .Vlrrkle, 383 Grand street; W. Kir* Bj ' ' ? '? ? - lOii by, cor. Division and Clinton street*; Moore, Lent l Oo.. Front street, and at the tnanufiCtory. 129 Att??ri?? y *t; VV. F ten bach, 14 llndnon it.; J 4c J < 'odainiftoii, 2f? i Hudson, con Spring st.; J. W. fill Broadway; Collins k t o., wn (trnnd <treet; !)r. Sargent corner titli street and !M avenue \ John | L. Sheflflin 114 Canal ?*t ; \ <i. L?vy, 202 Delaucy street ; Husnton 8iCo. 110 Broadway ; Brooklyn, J as. W. Sinilli, c??r I ner of Kulton and Cranberry streets. ju3 lnt*rc PAlNTINOS KUR SALfc. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINUS, comprising Scriptural and Historical subjects, Landscapes, &r amongst them h l genuine Interior by Teniers; a Clepatre by Sutermana, and a Magdalen by Ouercino, he., he. May be seen dally from 1 till 3 o'clock, at ?l Liberty street. jy4 Im'rc 'P W I N K.? A complete assortment of Bridport Seine, Her X ring and (Jill Net Twines, from 5Ss to 36 lbs., manufac tured with th? greatest care frem tha best materials, expressly f?, th,; market, aad for ??. in lyU^o s^pn^h^ by h ^ CEVEN HlfNDRKD CORDS No. l, for sale low, in Oin ? > gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN RAVAGE. S S DKNNli, _ . , , H T. RUSSELL. Sun Inlet is navigable for vessels drawing seven feet. > T! Im'rrc I ^!'},l Jl Ml?vS, I : I ?? ot 41 B i'Vt r ?t m r. *ve inn ?ved to - ' V* illtnm street, lip *r tir* J\ ' - lw*rh KOHttlKK Ic (\). iii ve u. toted t>* tun VV at I street, VI lw*ec a. :,r ^ ,Kn'N and tin. ri ALVANI/ED SHEET IRON AND TIN, . very w? . fenor artiel e , warranted not torost. Also, Tin Plate, Shee | |n?n, Hn.sia Sheet Iron Sheet fopner. AnWh in I Amet rtcan f it, Iron, for eale bv CAM |t \V 1RU myll tm*M No. T1 Broad straat J T THE UNITED STATES FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY CONTINUK to irm*act their busine's i r Insurance against , loss or d >m 'ge by Fire ss usual, at their office No. C7 Wall | ilitet. J. L. BOWNE, Pres'i James Wilkil, Secretary. New York, July 25, 1815. _ jvM 3t*rh HAKTFOIiD FIKL INSURANCE COMPANY. Agriicy Office No CT Wall street The board or directors invite o??mi <>r proierty to call at their New York Agency, No 67 Wall and obtain insurance on reasonable lermst i he ample resources of this company . anil their caution M scattering risks, ire well understood in thi? comoiuuity ; and they are not only ?rep-ireil promptly to pay their losses liy tile i>cent lire, but to >ffcr .iliunii nit security to the'r customers for the future. j>2? Iflti* rrc JOHN NEILSON, Jr , Agent 1st Company of Montgomery Guartlt, I Company's Armory, 'IX i/iJaly, 1845. $ VT A SPECIAL MEETING of ih? af ove corps, held ut tlieir Armory on the 24th loat., it wa* unanimously Resolved, That the thank* of the corji* be tendered to CON 11 YD ABELM AN, proprietor of Pru*i ? ct Hall, Vurk villi-, for :he very ebigant entertainment provid. d for tliein on their I ste uiiiimI J'arget Kicui?iou? aud lake the liberty to recommend Hi* excellently conducted eslablishuitntto the favorable notice jf their military brethren i i general. By order, and friends. GRKEN. ) JOHN N1CKINSON, ^Committee. P. COOKE, ) j y 28 lt*rrc LIFE INSURANCE. CAPITAL $2,500,000. He imured entitled to p-rticipation of profit* on both Eu ropean and American policies. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY, LONDON UNITED STAT 8 BOARD OF LOC AL DIRECTORS, Ntw \ollK BRANCH? OkFICC74 Wall Street? JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairman John I. Palmer, E?q. Jouithau Goodhue, Esq. Jaines Boorman, Esq. George Barclay, Esq. S inuei S Howlaild. E?q. Gorham A. Worth, Eaq. Sioiuol M Fog, Esq J. LEANDER STARR, Manager. The following are among the advantage* held out by this in stitution, which are of great importance to the assured, and such a* are seldom offered by Life Insurance Companies, viz: ? The peculiar advantages secured to the assured by the princi ples of the Loan Department, thus bleudiug the utility of a S-icingt Batik with Life Insurance! A very Urge sum to be permanently invested in the United States iu the name* of three of the Local Directors.! a-. T rustees ) ? vailable always to the assured *s a Guarantee r und. Tin- payment of premiums, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or moiilhl)-. No charge for stamp duty. Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium becomes due, without forfeiture of policy. Travelling leave extensive aud liberal; and extra premiums on the most moderate scale. Condition* in the policy less onerous to the assured than usual iu cases of Lite Assurance ( See p -inphlet. ) The actual and 1 I- dared prnlits < published in successive Re lvrirts ) affording sure data for calculations of the value of the bonus" in this institution These proofs wilt at vich division be V AID IK i ASH ifdesned lieing unconnected with Marine or Fire Insurance. The rates "for life with piolits" are lower than those of any other foreigu Company effecting Life Inrurance in New York. The public are respectfully requested to examine the distin guish ig principles of this institution ? their tables of rates ? the'r distr l-iiioti of profits? and ill* facilities afforded by their Loan Department ? before deciding to insure elsewhere. A Medical Ex miner is in attendance at the office daily, at 12 o'clock noon, and 3 o'clock. P M Fee paid by tha So ciety. J. LEANDER STARR. General Agent. jyitl 3tsw is 3m rrc Off-ice ok tiie Jefferson Insurance t o , < New York, July 24 1B15. i 'PHK Stockholders of this Comp iny ?re requested to calf nt A ihe office of the Company a?d signify w hether it he their wish to fill up their respective shares, or to receive ? number of sha:es i qua! to the present value of tl.eir r lock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall st. T. W. THORN E, Pre.'t. Geo. T. Hope. Sec'y. jy25 ire MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 63 WALL STREET. IN consequence of the recent calamitous fire, a Special Meet ing of the Trustees was held (Ins day, and after a c refill ex mi aation ot the aff irs of the Coinpai.y n wai unanimously resolved to continue its business of Marine aud Fire Insurance as lieret"foie New York, 23d July, 1845. TRUSTEES : Btewart_C. Marsh, Joseph Walker, James Freel -nd, Charles W A. Rodger*, Thomas Huut, Wm Bums, Ctns G.Cirleton, Charles Carville, Leonard Kirby, George H stings, AVm. C. Langiey, Henry A Stone, George W Taylor, Alexis 8. B iker, Robert N Barnes, Lucius Hoi-l-.ins, James C. llallock, K ii lid Patrick, William A. Keteltas, Ch rles Pay en; Peter Poirier, M. Caffe, A Legoux, Levi C ook, Dirid L Sayre, Peter Van Net, Willi.'mC. Atw -ter, Silvaiiiis F. Jenkins, Dau'l G. Ilavihuid, Henry lesson. Montagu le Ward, hn !? Seamen. GREGORY, Presid-nt. JOSEPH HOX1E, Vice President. Ellwood Walter, Secretary. jy24 3tis rrc FTke insurance. The mutual security insurance company of New Haven, w ith a CASH CAPITAL OF $100,000, h iving been in business about one year and entirely escaped loss by the late fire, will take risks iu this citv on the most favorable terms. As the rules of the Company piohibit the taking over $5000 on any one risk, they are not as liable to have th? i > Capital impaired by sweeping fires as they would other wise he. AD claims for losses will be promptly adjusted. JOSEPH N. CLARK. President. Pim.i.ieS OAi.ri.-r, Secietary. Applications for insurance ill the above company may be m ade to the subscribers, who are authorised to issue policies. S. BALDWIN. J. HARRISON, j y 23 Iw'.s rrc Agents, 65 Wall street. Office ok the New York Equitable Ins Co.,# 22d July, 18-13.? 58 Wall st. J HIS Company have ascertained that upwards of 60,000 uol -1 I irs of the sum lirst estimated >n the burnt district it not destroyed or damaged, and from the best calculation, it is be lieved that this company will piy all its losses at maturity, aud hive a capital of 150 to 170,' 00 dollars left. This company continues *to insure on as favorable terms ss other sound institutions. LAMBERT SUYDAM, Prest. Josksii Strono, Sec. j>23 6tis*rrc Pelican Mutual Insurance Companv, ) New York, 19th July, 1845. J THE losses of this Company by the late fire will not proba bly exceed S50.000, and having ail ample subscription to secure the payment of its losses, the Company will continue to take both Fire aud Marine risk* as heretofore. jv23 2wis*iTC W. W. DIBBL**, Secretary. PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. THIS Company is prepared to pay iu cashion demand, all losses it has sustained by the late fire, so soon as the claims are adjusted. Fire and Marine risks wilt he taken as usual. SIMEON BALDWIN, President. W. W. Dirrle, Secretary. New Vom, 23d July. 1815. jy23 Im is rrc OFFICE OF THECHOTON INSURANCE CO. < 35 Wall Street, New Yorr, July 19, 1845. S THE Capital of this Company remains unimpaired, their ^oss by the lire of this day not exceeding $:V> 000, and I lie v are j'repired to make |>r?mpt settli-meiit of nil claims against tneui Pliev continue 1 1 insure Fire and Marine Kisks, at fair rates. jy2l IwisVc N.CARROLL. Sec'y. THE LONG 1SLANDINSUHANCE COMPANY. Capital, 200,000 Doixars. Office, 41 Full of street, Hrooklyn. THIS COMPANY i? prepared to take risks in the city of New York on favorable terms. having lost by the recent lire only ahoat ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui dation. E. C. KINN. Secretary. B.M. DELAMATER President. Bfoom.yiv. July 21, 1845. jy 20 I m is in INSURANCE. THE BROOKLYN FIRE INSURANCE CO. will insure buildings ?old merchandize igainst loss an<1 damage b\ fire in New Yoik, at their office, upper corner of Fultou and Front streets, near the Kulton Ferry, Brooklyn. The capital oj thit company i$ unimpaired by the recent calamity. _ ' Keference is made to the following gentlemen . directors of ] the company, doing business in New V ork, for further infor matiou, vii : ? E. D. Hurlbut, firm of E. D. !l. & Co., 84 South ?treet ; Paul Spofford, firm of Spofford, Tileiton Si Co., HO Water street ; Amos Willetta, firm of A. h S. Willetts, 303 I'eail street ; Joseph Pettit, firm J. Pettit St Co., 131 Pearl st. Wll.1,1 AM ELLSWORTH, President. \i pM:d O.Stkvi.ns, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, 1845. jy21 2wis*ec f,PHE MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COM- i ?I. PANY, No. 6' Wall street, inform the public, that the) are prep red to meet all claims promptly, and their assets are so fnr unimpaired by the recent lire.tbit they are e cabled to tike Marine and Kire Risks ss heretofore, oil the most favora ble terms. L. ORKGORY. President, JOSEPH HOXlE, Vice Pre.'t. Ei.woon Waiter, Secretary. .i\2ni? is , c Nrw Yomt, juIfl"?7T?i.V IN THE Commercial of Saturday, appeared a statement, tint the JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY had lo* Ijf the recent fire 4100, OOfl, I wish to siy that this is greatl> over-estimated. The losses of the Company, it is sup posed. will amount to about S 100, (WW. The company continue their business of iusuram e as usual, at their office No. 5<> Wall street^. T. W. THORNE, President. jy20ec_ NOTICE. THE NATIONAL KIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. No. 62 Wall street, (Jones' Buildings) has lost not el reeding Twenty-Eight Tnousoid Dollars, probably not more ti'Hu Twi uty-Kive 'i housand Dollars, by the recent tire in the hirst Ward. Applications for insurance received as usual. No risk taken for more than $V(KXi. jyltlw'm WM J AS. BOOOS. Secretary. ^pH E CITY FIRE INSURANCE COM PAN \ , have 'he J. satisfaction to inform their customers and the public, tint it will not reouire over 10 percent of their capital stock, to |'ay all claims for losses by the recent sad contUjiration in this rity The office ol the company, No. 61 W ill street, i.i open I'oi insurance <is heretofore. R. H R FADING, President l> K I'rssr, Secre' irv jyi>l Iw'it ~ F1K.PJ LNSUKANC h . The trust kire insurance < ompany, n? ?< Wall street, offer indemnity nfen inat lo?s and d im.ige h) lire on reasonable term*. DimcroH*.? Elias <> Drake, VilentineO. Halt, William Whiten right, K. J. Hutchinson, William H Johnson, Francis Butler, Martin tlofTnrun. Wm. F. Lecgett. James B, Town send, Charles Williams, Edmund PeuMd, Robert M. Stratton, Jehu Rankin, Jr., John H. Hurtin, John Cleavelaud. ELI AS O.. DRAKE, President. 1.. Chapma?s, Secretary. jy 21 Iw'ec SCOTT'S BAZAAR, No. V DEY STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND GREENWICH STREET. UAND8 SCOTT returns his most sincere thanks .to hia IJ friends and the public at larye, for tlie liberal support re ceived since he has been in business, and hones by the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Segars, are too well known to need comment. A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all times, till twelve at night? such as Beef Steaks, Mut ton Chops, h'ried Kidneys, Ham mil Eggs, Sardines, Poached Eggs, Pickled Tougues, Welch Rarebits, Coffee. Tea, lie. A <ood dinner ofRoast or Boiled Meat for One Shilling, e?er> day, from It to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught. Hood Lodgings for 25 cents mid 17H cents Cold ? 411* at a moment's notice. This House lias been proved, by

comparison, for years past, to be the coolest and most comfort atrte in the city No House better supplied with KngUsh Irish, Heotcb and City papers. Always the latest news by the steamer*. < food Rooms for Private Parties always ready at a moment s warning ? free? gratis? for nothing. jet liw'ee /"l ASS k W Ahp having keen burnt out, hare removed to' v Store Wo. DO Broad street, on the corner of Stone street. ? TyWye | HE Ml 2il tons of very superior Dew and Snow Rot Hemp, for Ml* by t. K. COLLINS k CO. * South st. Jytl ec j MAGASIN JAPAN A1S, Uuanc Street. AH. PARKER, Aleut, from Am" Lerdun , most res|?ect ? fully luforms his friends and the public in general, that lie has received a m ignificent collection of ancient Oil Paiutinn < and Antiquities, cou*i?'iug of Japane*e. Porcelain Jars and Vt- ! *es, Flower Bottle*, Plate*, Di*lies, Cups -nd Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Orou|x and Figures: Cup* and Saucers; an cient Kau* of the Uth century; ana two Ebony Woodan Carved Arm Chair*, froin the years IMS and 1577, formerly belonged t? \ the Cardinal Ximenie., Great Inquisitor of Simiii, sue* a* : t.evei ha* been *een In this country : ol which he cau dispose at moderate price*. Ladies aud GeiHemeu, if you wnh to '< treat yourself call and exam iue tin* splendid collection. Alio, two carvd Chair*, for C alt oil c Churches: to be *een from It) A. M. till 0 P. M. _ je27 2in*rli " KUu KTIN WAKK MANUFACTORY. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planulied Tin and Common Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow War*. W ood Wire, Baskets, Bru*hes, Door Mat*, Shaker Seives and Broom*? in *hort, every variety ol home-keeping article*. N B ? A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea Urns, Table Dishes 'lid Cover*, Sic., fee., for hotel* und steamboats, ou hand and matmf ictun d ut the *horte*t notice. JAMES Y. W ATKINS, in ^ tin* IS ('atharine street. N--w Vork. NEIV EMBUUlIiERIES ROBERTS respectfully call* the altentiou of hit frieud* and the public to *ome splendid good* of the above description, received by recent arrivals, whiclij heme imported direct from the Euro|ieau manufactories, will be sold at a tritium advance on the original cost. He would also call Uteu tiou to several lots purchased at auctiou, at an immense sacrifice, which will lie found well deserving au early luspectiou. The following are very desirable, being 25 per cent uuder the usual retail price* ? High-neck Chemiaettt, richly embroidered, from 14s to $3, SO worth J.2.25 to SS.M). 500 Embroidered Collar*, liuislird edges, for Is., usual price 10* 6d. 150 Kmbroidered Capes, at $3, usual price %!>. 50 do do very rich, from $6 to $11. 300 prs Kmbroidered UndcrSleeves, from 4s to ?J.M. 1 case Kmbroidered Dresses, from S3 upwards. 400 doz Linen Lawu Handkerchief*, from 6d. 50 do do extra large size, for gentlemen1* BM> 44 do do hemstich do. from 3s 6d. 30 do do Ilivierd borders. A choice assortment nf rich embroidered Handkerchiefs, which are offered unusually cheap. S cases of various styles of Swiss and French Muslins, in stri|>e*, plaid*, figure*. Sir. tic. A lot uew Muslin Trimmings, Laces, Wis Hosiery, < Moves, Sic.. Sir., all of which will he sold decided l?-g*ius. inv3l lm?re No OJ RHO A 11 W A V COMIC ALMANACS FOR IW?i. FoUR KINDS NEWS agents, cheap itublication del ot?, booksellers, and the public geiierally, are hereby notified of the auuual appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fuu and tine engravings eitracted with care from the laughing volume of nature. Visher's Comic, Turner's Coinic, Crockett's Go a Head Comic, and De Darkies Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; those at a distance will order, or ?end for samples. Always on sale the greatest variety and quantity of Children*' Book*, colored ana plain: Song Books, colored prints, Sic. Sic. in the country: catalogues on applica tion. Show Bills' of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low, very- low, for cosh, and do ftill justice to all orders, in time, kiuas, quantity, ana price. TURNER Si FISHER, je 14 lm*rc T4 t 'hnthnm street PIANO-FORTES FOR HIRE, AT 411 -BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) D WALKER has constantly on hand an eitemive assort ? ment of elegant ltosewood anil Mahogany Pianoforte* of every description, including Grands and Cabinets, which are loaned on hire at the above establishment, or at his manu factory, No 40 West 14th street, near the 6th avenue. Also, New Pianos for sale, with all the modern improve meuts, warranted equal to any in the United States je 1 3 lm*rrc MUSIC. UK MOV ED to No. 65 Franklin street, one door Kast ol Broadway, M. DU.MSDA V , Professor of the Guitar, Sing ing. Accordcoii, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruments, iic., in a comparative short time, by his new Analysing and Inductive Syttein. Term* rea*onahle. M. D. will go, a* usual, to the residence* of hi* pupils to any part of the city, by the stages. Satisfactory city anil other re ferences ? veil on application at No. 63 Franklin street. jy9 lin'in AUUAN HAKPS. NU N N S It CLARK having purchased the patent right foi "Coleman's ASoli.ui Attachment to the Pianoforte," Tor the eutire United States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to ?he public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes, lu regard tothe durability of this invention, N. Si C. are prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced mind, their examination and experience warrant tliein in the assertion, that the " jEolian" will remain in tune in any climate, and it will uot be affected by transitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is giveu with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the".?olian Pianofortes" at their ware-room. No. 240 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be lound an assortment of 6, 6)? and 7 Octave rimio'nrtes both iii rneew I tnd mahofftiuv case*. vnSlftMi*vr OTIS FIELD rejpectfully inform* hi* friends and the public that he hat arrived iu the cit v and taken quarters at the Uui 'ed State < Hotel, his entrance through the bar, or 196 Water ?itreet ; where he has a number of liassford's improved Billiard Tillies, on sale or for playing, and will be hspjpy to have them tried. Hi* bar in f rll stocked with mRloriaisioimaicinttSlierry i nhbter*. White I, ion. fc?. fte. j*S Iro'ire TO DENTISTS. A GENTLEMAN giving up business, will sell his entire stock ol Instruments, viz: one superior double action Chair, Laferta's patent; one Lathe;full and complete sets of Operating and Mechanical Instrument*; together with 150 Plate and Pivot Teeth, Sic. Sic., for $100 ca*h, to close the coucem. This is a great sacrifice. They have not been twelve mouths in use, and embrace every article required iu the business; or they will be sold iu lot* to suit purchasers. Address "Dentist," Hersld office. jvl2 1m*rh VUlUiLAfc.ND.fc.K S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in law, Mr. Voightlaeuder, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sell those Apparatus at reduced rales, viz*. ? Largest size Apparatus, with three mch lenses for full size platesj at $145. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch leuses for half size plates, at $78. Small size Apparatus, with one and-a-liall inch lenses, lor quarter ?ize plates, at #Mi. Oentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the geuaiue Voigt laeiider Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated article, tlie> hiving procured the sole agency for the United States. Platesand I hemical of tlieir own importation, as well as all other article* connected with their art, for sale at the lowest market Prices. W. A. F. LANOkNHKIM. rhiladelphia Kxchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Dagurrrian Artists ill general, that the above Apparams anil other materials can be nrocu.ed at the atated prices, at theil D giifrrean Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New ? ork j y 3 im'rc LANGKNHklM Si BECKERS. CARVER & HALL, ARCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate Agents, 33 Wall street, New York;61 Noith Sixth street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specification* and Estimates for Build ing; Drawings and S|>ecilications for Patent Rights. Real Es tate bought and told; money loaned and invested; propert> tnsed and rent* rollerted. i*V!> lm*re PELT? English Patent Sheathing Felt, suitable lor roof* ol houses and ship bottoms, a very superior article, and of great behelit not only to the bottom of vessels, but also to the Copper. For tale by E. K COLLINS & CO., !?ti South st. je27 ec HAH LEM EXCU RSION SUNDAY, 27th innt. ? The favorite steam boat B I' IIMOND, Caotain Dougherty, will leave the Pier foot of Montgomery street, E. It., at qu irt r past 1 o'clock? Rosevelt street, half-past 1' ? Tike street, 2? Delnncv St.. half-pist 2 o'clock, P.M. Returning, leave Harlem, half-pasti o'clock. Fare 12% cents etch way. The above trip will afford passengers a fine view of the East Hirer, llurknte, Bl ickwell's Island, Long Island Farms, &c. j !t*ih DELIGHTFUL EXCUKSIOJS >aZI DOWN THE LOWER BAV ?The new el. ? .fand commodious steamer DELAWARE. J? Jw T Cunt. .P. H. Smith, on SA'I'URDA i A FT K R NO ON. JUL V SCth, will leave Warren street, N. R., at 2 o clock; Hammond street, N. R. at hall past 2 o'clock; Canal street, et quarter before 4; Market street. E. R quarter past 3, and pier No. 1, N. R. at half past 3 o'clock; making the above excursion ? returning to the ritv by half past 7 o'clock. SANDY HOOK LIGHT ? Affording the passengers ? fine view of the Ocean, the Highland* of Neversink, and the beau riful Scenery and Fortifications of the Harbor, as well as an excellent opportunity olenji ying the healthy aud refreshing sea breeze after the business of the aav. Fare lor the whole Excursion, 25 cents. jy25 2t*rh OPPOSITION T fc K ET~OF F I C E . ? Fo r J Albany, 75 cents? Lftica, $2? Syracuse, -_____$2..'>0? Rochester, S3? Buffalo, $3 jO ? Also, through in ttie last line, with board. $10,50 ? Also, Oswego, $3? Kingston. ( U. C.,) $1 ? 1 Toronto, Si? ( leveland, (O.) $<?? De troit. SB 50? Chic ,go, ( III. ) $10, 50? North to Troy aud White hall, S2.5II? Montreal, $4,50. OUice No. 10? Barclay st. jylS lm*ih M. L. R AY, Agent. I-.XCUKSION TO TI1K FISHING KANKrt. Steamer II L. STEVENS, Captain R. L Mahey, will tnaki an excursion to the Fishing Banks every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday . luring the .hi axon, leaving Hammond street st 8>a o'clock, A.M. I anal street at 8Ji ; Del nicy street, East Rivei , at 9; and Piei No. I, N R.,at9VJ o'clock ? leturningto the city in good sen ion A fine Bund of Mnsic is engaged. Bait furnished gratis, n il lines al a small charge. F?re SO cent.' ju2l Iwia'ee FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships BRITANNI \ 'nil CAMBRIA will If 'Ve Boston forth* ????**?? ? above ports, ss follows, vi*: ? Britannia? J Hewitt, Esq., commander ? Friday, August I Cambria? C. H. E. Hewitt. Esq , do. Saturday, August 16. Passage to Liverpool, $120 ; uo. to Halifax, $20. For fieight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, jv25 rrr 6 W.ll street. LIVERPOOL LINE 'OF PACKETS OF THF fith l?F AUOI'ST.? Tlie new and elegant packet ship .ASHRt'RTON. Henry Hiitllason master 1104 tons hurtle will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations lor eahui. second cabin iim I steerage pissengera, persons w ishlng to secure berths should make early application on board, foot of aiden l.ane, or to I JOSEPH McMl'RHAY, 1 100 Pine street corner of South street The splendid new ship Henry Clay, F.yra Nye, ma?ter, will succeed the Ashburton, and sail on the 6 h September, her le gular d ly jv2i rrc ~ BUCK BALL OH OLD LIN*' OI> LIVe.R. PO. -L P.\< KLTS? FOR LI V h RPOOL ?Only _iRegul r P cket ofihe 1st of \ugust. ? 'I he in ignific ut hi ee i liratrd fa-ts i li g parket .hip El'RQPE. Edward O. Furbe coinmamlei, will sail positively on Friday the 1st of August. II ii ii k u i ie< i ii illeil accommodations f t cabin, second cabin, vd ste rage i a^s> ngirs thoae returning to the Old Country, or se iloig for then frit mis, will find it to t' eir interest and comfort to select this uneoiialled Line of Packets. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should be made ou board, foot of Beekmau street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS Si CO., 35 Fultonst.. j y 24 rrc next door to the Nt?n Bank, N.iorm. FOR LIVERPOOL? The New Line? Regular Packet of 21st August.? The superior fast aailing packet ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons, t apt. John El ridge, Will sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accoH m illations, apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL k M INTCRNS, *7 South st. The packet ship Queen of the West, 1250 tons, Capt. 1 hoa. Wooilhouse, will succeid the Liverpool, and sail on her regu lar ilay. 2'?t September. jy^ K()R LIVERPOOL? New Line? Regular ?*ac?et ijilxvor the will August? The elegant faat aailing racket ?Klkl?ship SIDDONS, Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or pissage, having accemmodatioi s unequalled for splendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ,if Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS It CO., M South street. Trier ?f passage $100 Parket Ship Sheridan, Capt- Cornish will succeed the Sid ?lom. mil sail JSth September, her regular day, jya> A BOSTON FREIGHT WANTED.? Bark ? SALI DA, Present!, master? Pier No. 5, East River. | ?For particulars enquire oil board, or to DRAPER k DEVLIN, jy? tfrre 102 k rout st AMUSEMENTS. PAKK TUKATHJC. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Evenln(, July !iWh, Will be performed FOR THE LAST TIME , A grand Opera in five acta entitled LA JU1VE, THE JEWESS! Klrnter, n Jhw goldsmith M. Arnaud Rai hel, the Jtwru -Mile ( alve ' ardmal dc Hrogny, Prt sident of Couricil....M. Douvry Priuce Ltupold Cuturiot niMMi Eudoxia M'me < asini Tlie Or >od Provost of i lie City of Constance, M. Hurry Ermieror SagisoKmd Montasaicr * !irrti " llu ill the Emperor's Guard Jules attendant of the ICmptvc * halfary ~C Price of Admisaiou? Kirat Tier of Boxea and Paryuette, ?r Second and Tlurd Tiera, M cents; Gallery, 25 centa. l>oor* open jit 7 o'clock, ic.ii th' Curtain will rue precisely ft mil-past / o'clock. ?Viuurs BtmwiS: mk. crisp's ih:ni;fTt~ahd last APPEARANCE. MRS. MO WATT'S LAST NIGHT. Saturday Kvenlng, July !*(i. The performance to commence with the Overture to Zampa. To be followed by the piece, entitled FAINT HEART NEVfcR WON FAIR LADY Ducheas second time Mrs Mowatt Ruy Gomer... Mr. Crisp King Charles II ........ . . . Miaa Taylor \Cjr' Intermission of Hall an Hour. ? To conclude with the l.'nmedy called KATHERINE AND Pr.TRUCHlo. Raterine tirat time Mm. Mowatt P-truchio Mr. Crisp Grumio T. Placide Tailor John Sefton CrA^ emc.eut fouce will always be 10 attenua^cc 10 tun a tain good order and ke< p all improper peraona out. {jQ-Tirkett Fifty Cents. -?Q A limited number of Seaaou Ticaeta will be diaposed of. TT" Performance to continence at I o'clock Door* open at 7 o'clock. bAUllEA. 0(f- Admlaulon '45 Centa.HDD Great Mtuical Attraction t Proprietors Messrs. H reach aid Heini . Grand Entertainment ! Saturday K vc-nlii^, July MO, The performance will commence with the Overture to La Vivaudiere, by the full Orchestra. Mr. Dennisou will sing Coumbia, tb? Gem of the Sea-" Gallop <de h uhner. Paa de Dance Come Zip '/.an by Mr. C. T. l'ar?loe. Pot Pourri ol all Nations by the full Band. Recited Aria of '"Fly not, by Mr. Deuniaon. Soldier'* Waltz, by the Orchestra. (E^Intermissou of Half au Hour for Promenade and Refresh meuta. The range of splendid Cosmoramaswill he open for inspection. The second part will commence with Good Night, by a full Orcheatra. Overture to Zampa. Pas Comique? Comme Jocrisse? C. T. Parsloe. f'ollia des Salons ? full Baid. Soug ? 'My Sister Dear' ? \1 r. Denniaon. Grand Overture? Fra Diavolo. I~?~ Doors open at half-past 6 o'clock. Perfonaeste toe?nj mence at lo'clock VAIjXHAIiL GAltmOK SAL.OO ? , BOWERY. OPEN EVFRY EVENING, RAIN OR SHINE. Admission only One Shilling. THE COOl. EST S.U.OOX fiX THE CITY. The following Lulies and Gentlemen having liven re-engiged for > 1 nights, will appe r every evening ihia week : Mi?? A HOMf.R, the American F.IUIer YOUNG FRANCISCO, Signv. MARK I h J TO, MADAMOISKLLE ROSINA GASCON. BARNEY WILLIAMS, DAN GARDNER, BILLY WHITLOi K, CHARLES WHITE. Masters FOX and BRYANT. Also, the Ethiopian Bi others and Sinter. Doors open at 7 W ? Performance to commence at 8>? An efficient Police in attendance, under officers Martin *nd Bird. Ji'-H Iw'rr TllEATltlcAL NUJ'ICl,. THE undersigned having eased the THEATRE ROYAL, Kingston, Jamaica, has arrived in thia country for th purpose of engaging a auitable company Ladies and gentleineii of trie profealion, of acknowledged talent, wiahing engagemeuta, will 1 lease address the subscnuer nott vaid. jy23 Cleoil*rrc S. DE CORDOVA. N-? \ ?rk. 1HE A L. 11 A. >111 A OK ItKSUiti at IS THK ELYS I AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which i> visited ever> aflenioou b> hundreds of rhe first fnmi liea of New \ ork. and v liicli 9 one of [he Uloa: Oeligiitful re aorta on the of th- in ijlil) Hudson. FREK EXHIBITIONS. OK THE FIRST ORDER, Every alteruuon at 3 o'clock, ei miiienciiig on MONDAY, July 2Nt Continued and Tremi ndou* uiil Eicitement! Mr McCARTY la very happy to aunouuee the followini popular artists : ? YOUNG FRANCISCO, THE FAKIR OF ANGELINA. and the greatest Magician of the 19th century, and the only Professor of the nri that can p*rf< rm magic In the open day light. In addition to the above novelties, arrangements have been made with Mr. D- W. WRIGHT, the best F laeUO Vo calist of the age, who will sing several of the most fashionable aouga of the times ; also with Mr. BENJAMIN YATES, the popular Comic Dancer, who will appear in a variety of comic dances. In addition to the above, the AMERICAN BRASS BAND isengtged. Leader, Mr. Jamca Shelton. jytt*lw ec GRAND FKKE KM'KIM'AIN JIE.VTS OF GYMNASTICS ? MUSIC? DANCING? SONG? PORTR AYMENTS OF ETHIOPIAN LIFE ! AT THK OTTO COTTAGE, HOBOKEN, U*VERY FAIR AFTERNOON ? comim nciugat half-past Hj 'i P. M., and terminating at half-poat 7 P M. Thus alford uig those families who vuit Hoboken after dining, an opiHirtu nity to witness ihis most EXPENSIVE novelty. 1> or full particulars ai d iirogramine of prrl'ormatio?, ??? and small dills. jy* SlHat.M, T,W,Th*rrc WASHINGTON THEATRE, BOSTON. THIS Theatre will open for the regular season early in Sept> rnbci next, continuing through the Hall and Wii ter. Ladies and gentlemen of the profession, of ackuowledg-d talent and respectable standing, wishing engagements for tin season, will meet with early attention by making application by letter, rosT paii>, to W. B. CHAPMAN or WM. B. ENGLISH, jy26 Iweodis'rrc Washington Theatre, Boston. TEETH ! TEETH ! ! TEETH ! ! ! UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTISTR Y. AT the old establishment, 62 Eaat Broadway, where can be had from one to a whole aet of Teeth inserted 011 the most reasonable terms. Superior Teeth inaerted from 75 centa to. ...... .$3 00 Teeth Filled fromM centa to 1 00 Teeth Mounted for other Dentiata, by N. TAYLOR, ju!7 Im'rc Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. TEETH! TEETH! TEETH: WONDKllfUL IMPROVKmENTS DR. BROIVN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. BROADWAY, three doori above Chambers street, neit t? ."itewart's new building, continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to n whole net, 011 the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. AUo, hii cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, and warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH. arming from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually fattened bj the highly recommended l-otio Odouta. TOOTHACHE cn red in one minute, without pniu. Teeth extracted with less than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. References will be (riven to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, b) calling at No. 2#n.S Broadway. mv>7 lm'rh PORTER. ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2 ANN STREET, ueit door to the American Museum, returns his sincere thanks to hii friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hope* by strictattention to busiueas to meritacou tinuance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, Croion Ale, Loudon Brown Stoat, and Scotch Ale. Order* for shipping attended to with despatch. nihil ee IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. THE underaignedhave made application to get Jstter* Pattmi for their new proceaa to coilir Daguerreotype Pictures This process produces an effect not kuown before, and change the apl?-?raiice of the Daguerreotype to that of the tiuest paint ing. This coloring proeeaa it done by nature itscif, guided ouly liy the hand of the operator, and machinery. It can be peformei' by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, and will be (>er fectly understood at one glance. It also caji be cola muuicated in writing, without difficulty Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for .1 City 01 County, can make pre-eugagemeiita therefore, by Idres?in? (postpaid) to W.Ik F. LANGENHEIM, jy] Ita'tf F.ichang',. Philadelphia. LASTS. LEATHhR ANU FIMH.Ni I.-v CONSTANTLY an hand an assortment of Billimore and Philadelphia Light O ik Leather, Philadelphia Morocco, ?nd Kindings of all kinds. Lasts made to any pattern. V U.? A first rate lot ofMr. G. Macheu's Philadelphia Rasi > for sale at 291 Spriiiu strict, ucar Washington street, N Vork Jul* Im'rr WARREN S.Wjl KEY TO K? < >NO. MISTS.? Every description of lai.cj ?" ?hauls, >un shades, Testa and embroidery, clean* d b-, a French process, known ouly to the advertiser ; table and piano covers cleaned; c irpets cleaned whole at 6'? cents per yard; lilks dyed to any shade ai d watered on an inipro? ed principle. Oeutlemei 's eoata reuotated in a fust rate sty le at SO ceuth, pants do, H cenis. jvW lw*m T SMITH "0 tHei street. n> r Wra-d 'PHE MANSION HOI SE, ? Broadway, ? uniiuuieii by A the l ite fire, and continues open for company irJI Iw'er W J. BCNKF.R HARL t M i'A K K? TROTTIN 1 TUESDAY, JULY 29 A PURSE of $!? will be given lor Trotting Hortes th f never trotted for money ? Nlile heata, best 3 in J, under th' saddle. FRIDAY, AUGUST let. A Purse of $10 will be given for all Pacing Horaea ? milr heats, beat 3 in 5, under the aaildle. Entriea for theae purses will be made at Green It Loaee'a, on Saturday evening, by 9 o'clock. Three or more to make a race. jvtt Jt'rre RACING ON THE BEACON COURSE. A^MATCH for $600 will come off over this Courae on M01 - day the 28th inat., or first fair Jay, between the Canail Horse. Hoi>a. and the well krown Racing Morse Livingston. to go ll4 mile heats and leap 4 hurdles 3 feet ft inches high to tl neat. Same Day? A Purse of $10 will be given for a Foot Race 1 of a mile, to leap 12 hurdlea, each 3 feet 6 inches hiah, to gi ? over at they please. Entrance $1, to be tr .Je at R. Smith's o? or before Thnraday evening neit; $10 of .ne money totlwfci, if there is more than five starta. B \RLOW AND GEORGE SEWARD The Match, One Mile, for ^600, between thtae two l'ede tf. aas will come off oa the Slat met. jultti r? LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST EVKNING'8 MAIL. Baltimore, July JS, 1046. Potting J or Cowardice ? Gen. Cameron and Mr. Riuhie't Seven Start, $'C. Tirt> two young bloods wha 1 mentioned a few days since as preparing for a duel, Lave made a second move in the matter towards rendering themselves ridic ulous. One of them having, as is said, insulted a lady, the other watche-l his opportunity and gave him a most satisfactory cowhiuing. The former therein called on the latter, in company with a large friend, for the pur. pose of returning the c?whiding compliment, but h* would not to be seen. He th?n challenged him to mortal combat, but the challenge was written in such a rudo ungentlemanly style that the castigitor refused to accept it. Consequently, yesterday morning, a handbill of great length was found posted on various corner*, sign ed by the first, calling his antagonist a variety 0f ugly names, such as coward, paltroon, liar, Sic., whicli result ed in the arrest and binding over of the poster of th? handbill to answer before the Baltimore countyCourt on the charge of having ^ent a challenge. So we go. I learn to-day from the very beat authority, that Gen. Simon Cameron is the person alluded to by (Jen. Jack son in his letter to Major Lewis, as a "political rene gade.'' ( Jen. Cameron was at Washington at the time the Gloht was understood to be for sale and being him sell a practical printer, fully calculated the vbIuc of the establishment, unit made an offer for its purchase, which was at first partially accepted. The price he offered was larger than ttiat for which it was subsequently sold; but a tew days alter the letter from Gen. Jackson was re j ceived, and he was given to understand that he could not have the establishment, as Gen. Jackson did not ap prove of it. He insisted 011 teeing the letter? it was shown to him, and he started for home in high dudgeon. Ketenge was brooding in his heart, and he determined at any and every kacrifice to obtain the vote of the Legis lature for t . S. Senator. Hating secured the pledge of a sufficient number of democrtiiir votes to throw the party j in the minority, he contrived to have a letter addressed to him by the whig members, the reply to which it is well-known secured their votes and sately lodged him in 1 the possession of his desired object. Had it not been lor that letter of Gen. Jackson, he would now have been in Father Ritchie's place, and Mr. Woodward, the caucus nominee for the Senate, would have been elected be yond all peradventure. As to the Major alluded to in tlie letter, it is Major Harris of Nashville, w ho Mr. Polk brought to Washington with him lor the avowed object of taking charge of the Globe. It was Gen. Jack son's letter that also prevented him from having any thing to do with the executive organ. In the letter, ai originally published in the A'athville Banner, there are six stars substituted for the Major's name, and not five, which makes it correspond exactly with the number of letters in the mime Harris. Tbeie is neither local news, markets, nor ship news, of sufficient importance to notice to-day 1 learn, how evsr, that seveial large parties of Western merchants arrived last night in quest of their fall supplies, taking our merchants quite by surprise, many of' whom have not yet received their full supply of goods. The fail busi ness tliis season in Bailimoie is confidently expected to lie unusually large, and great preparations have been made loran extensive supply, to meet every demand. Philadelphia, Jnly 25, 1644. The things which now seem to interest our people most, are the best means for ruralizing the balance of the summer. Although tbe weather is pleasant, yet they anticipate a return of the heat, aud are making prepara tions to escape it, or to enjoy themselves by relaxation from business, even should it not re-appear. Steamboat excursions are now all the go, the most important of which is one proposed to be taken by sea to Boston, in an iron steamship, the Bangor, just built, touchiug at New \ ork 011 the passage. The excursions on our river to New ioik Bay, by the Camden and Amboy Hail road Company, and to tbe Chesapeake Bay by the Baltimore Kail load Company, aie likely to bo crowded and profita ble. In addition to this, there are minor excursions to Lielaware, got up by private parties and by several of our militaiy corps, all of which promise to occupy our people throughout the month of August, and afford them a dealol amui-einent. There is but little of importance to communicate, be yond the political movements touched upon in my letter ol yesterday. '1 lie Natives of Dock Ward held their nm-s meeting la?!iuxht, to set tho Native ball in motion, whn li meeting was attended by deputations from all the wards of the ci'y . Tho theatres are still moving on in their career. The old play of Cherry and Fair Mar is reproduced nightly at the Arch, under a new name. At the Walnut Mr. and Mrs. Wallack are playing a round of characters. The National and the Chesuui continue closed. The transactions on 'change to-day were light and the market exhibited considerable depression. Wilmington ltailroad fell off j ; Texas Treaiury Notes 1 ; and U. 9. Bank and Girard Bank fr. The only improvement was in State .Vs, which advanced J on yesterday's prices. Sale* of Stock* at Philadelphia. First Board, July 25 ? SI 000 Texas notes, 22; U50 Girard Bk 8>,; 100 Wilmington KB, 15V iO&piii'K Garden Ins, 10. Second Board? S25C00 State 5'?, 73f* ; 500 do. cStp, 73H ; 100 C S Bank, 5 V 2M Giraid Bk, bo5u, U.V ^ Peuu a Bit, 259 , 100 Wilmington KK, 15 V Boston, July 25, 1845. : The Satices ? Cainy Meeting 1 ? Brother linnet ? Theatri cal! | Regattas, 4-c. 4 'C. Our Native city government have been trying their hanjs at the chivalrous exercise of cutting off heads.? They have recently introduced a now article into their creed, which, like the late bankrupt law, goes back to the flood. Any individual who has been known to drink any thing foreign in the liquor line, (including New England rum, distilled from molasses) cannot hold office under the present regime. Agreeably to this new arti cle of Native faith several constables, (all of them na tives by biith, but Whigs in politics) have been quietly decapitated and other heads planted in their stead. This movement, of course, has created quite a stir among tlie " lower ten thousand," and i would not be surprised if a public meeting of these headless beings and their friends made some noise on the subject. Time will develope their doings. All of the constables removed, however, are members of the temperance society, and as no charges were preferred against them, the Natives, by way ol justifying their acts, gave out that men who had been in the habit of drinkitfg ardent spirits would not be retained in office. This temperance clap trap is designed to efl'ect a double purpose. First to provide for some lazy psalm-singers who are full of Piety and patriotism and entertain a holy horror of the rope, and that other celebrated dark gentleman the father of mischief ; and second to make the temperance folks believe that the Native party is temperance all over from the toe-nails to the wigs. But this latter purpose is too apparent to blind even a drunken man. They will gain nothing by the movement as a party. Next election, they will be disbanded, and the coons, of course, will again revel in the city clover. Our evangelical friends are brushing up their armor preparatory to the holy assemblage, expected to take place amid the forest groves during tbe ensuing month. I'he Methodists, first among the faithful, will open the grand campaign against the kingdom of darkness, 011 the 14th of August, and continue the war during a whole week. The point of rendezvous is a beautilul encamp ment on Cape Cod, named "Mellinial Grove," where in former years many a glorious tnuinph has been achiev ed, and many a sin-bound sinner has found joy and peace in believing, and where, above all, many a thousand dol lars (not to spe?k of watches; rings, anil other gaudy sublunary appendages)have been collected for the bene - fit of those who look af'er the good things of tlie king dom. Brother Himes's folks, of the Second Advent sys tem, I fear are too well bled to take the field again. Be sides, the worthy Brother has no doubt made hay enough during tbe recent hot weather to last him through life, without again having recourse to the tent ed field. All he has now got to do is to ease the mam mootlt humbug oft' softly, close its eyes, and put it under the turf. Another regatta will come off in our bay soon ; several vessels are expectcd from New Vork and other places along the coast to participate in it. The Washington Theatre and Boston Museum, not withstanding the oppressive heat of the weather, con tinue to be crowded every evening. Tho introduction of a sufficient supply of puro water into the city, and the best way of doing it, are the only topics of local interest which are agitated at present. The new ship Santiago sailed yesterday afternoon on her first voyage, for Valparaiso. Sho was gaily dressed in flags as she spread her canvas to the breeze and waft ed her way to sea. Suit'* of Storks at Boston. F.n hawse Board, July 21.? 1 share Tremmit Manufacturing Co, 1250; 5 Hamilton M mufacturiiig Co, 1057W; .Ml Boston and Worcester RH, 117',; 150 Kaslern RK, 109 V 2ti Western BR, 102 V 50 Norwich and Worcestei KK, 6MJt; 75 Loiif Isl uid H It, 65; 25 d ?. s 'd, to; 25 F. is t Boston Co, 133i;.':0 Ke <ding RR, ?TV, lufl do, b in, US; 1)23 Wilinn gton KK. 14 ; 250 do US; Itifl do, slOd, U.Y ; 300 do, li5, 14 V 'J0o do, s?m, 14 '4. 77/ a: pa text GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC FLUID. I MIIS RF.MARKABLK DI8COVKRV hu received the unn-iinl approhaliuu of the Medical Proleuiun of Great Britain, and In* brm sufficiently long before the American pub lic in ?i?f ii fair tri.l of iu i>ow> r and efficacy. The Pariwr hit t il' I'll ND0i.i1 to answer all the ptirj>oae? fur which the ordinary (Jilv.inic Bittery or Electric and Vlag letic M ichinr* an* usi?d, but ire without any ol' the injunoui shock*. which accompany the application* by those imtru inentl, and in iniriv oilier respect* are more *AF?: and CEKTair. .. ii coini'lulii.ia far deaiitfl oiject. Tlie ti.ilvauic King* have been u?ed with perfect tncce** in ill ca.-e? of Rheum iti?m, acute or chronic, applying to the Ite id, face or limb*: lioiit ; Tic Ooloreaux; Toothache,; Hroiichiti* : Vertigo ; > erToni or Sick Headache ; Indiges tion ; Paralyu* ; !'al?y ; Epi I epay ; Kit* ; Cramp ; Palpitation of the Meirt ; Apoplety, jfciffne** of Joints; Lumbago; Neu rilgii ; Oeneral Debility ; IVficiency of Nervous Energy ; and ill , Nervous Disorders. In caie* of confirmed Dy*pep*ia they Ii ive been equally successful, Their extraordinary effeit* upon the ?y?tem mint lie witne**ed to lie believed; and a* a certain mrvniTiv* for the above complaint* they are equally to be lecommended. The Ualvanic King* are in every way perfect ly harmless. and are ?old at price* to be within the reach of all, (.Biirii.'i M\iiMr.Tic Ft.rii> is aied in connection with the Hints to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the I initiate influeuce tothe particular portion* which areaffectad. Kor numerous certificate* of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the tJ-alvamc lling* and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is marie to former advertisements, or they may be *een nt the office. Only Agency in New York, 134 Fulton *treet, (Sun Building.) In Brooklyn, *t 'he *tore of James W. Smith, Druggist, comer Fulton and Cranberry *treeti. Jytt I w*ec GENTLEMENS' left off wardrobe 11' A X T E I) . (1 F.NTI KMKNand F-imilie* obtain the fall value lor nil i an i?ith i n rflic!* the) wish to di*|K)*r of, (either OKN TL.F.VIEN oi LADIES,) by sei.ding to the *uh*criber, who lloe* not r_eteiid to give twenty per cent more than any other person, but will give a fair price for all article* offered 1W tlemen leaving the city will find it to their advantage to aemt for , he *nb*criber previous to telling to an y o t herj* raon. tM Bnu'dviay, (ups'tair* I \ B 1 Ii'ie thiinigh the P.,. r Office Will be promptly at 'vitd#d to. jyHlm'rr