Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1845 Page 3
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?lock, and (bowing the total amount of the estimates, oapital and money to be borrowed for each claia ol work*, glvlag the following result* Coif TMtfLATEP FuBLie 1 ttf KOVKMINT* llf UBEAT BaiTAIlt, JktukUiss Cost, Icc. Monty pro piled to Ac aulKorit d to tit tor rot vd ?Ht.VCMS 7C,(KX MB7 , it'.' l,ieo,ii? SViOO'.i) 7,333 ElUnatt of Dtici iptian. Riilw ?>?? ?i?,'i2i,7:w N iTlnatio > anil canal*. . . I7?, I K) Waterworks Kcri?*and (lurk*,., P ?r* and H rrt.uu . . . Budge* Koad* 1,633.00* 33l,ntt ?13, 30(1 3,'j.iS Capital >tock. 94,812,813 739, AM 1,000,000 Xt 4,740,329 9#, 360,893 ?tf.108.182 ltedueed to our currency, the estimate ol' expontu lor these works would amount to ?47d,74J,(}4A, and the c*p. tal stock to $4Jj,g:)4,4<i&. A speculation involving this immense amount of money, must have produced a .com plete derangement in commercial matters, had it not been checkcd by the|refu?al of parliament to grant maay of the bills presented. The principal part ef the estima. ted expense waa for railway*, but the mania haa in a great meaxure aubsided, and maay of the contemplated roadi have been abandoned. Old Stock fioro Penn'a 5'* bOm ? tOvu do Kioto do gOOM) do 4000 Ohio G's, '30 lino do 2000 lllitioi spel bds 1# shas Uk of Ameiica 10 Hk of Com. full 11 do SO do 23 Farmer*' Tru*t It 0 Manhattan lure 1(0 H.rlem UK. :i0 L Ul.iiid lilt 273 do ma do loo do 1U0 Can tun Co *30 *ha* L Island RR 30 do Kil do 100 Fannars' Tr 30 do 30 do 30 Meni* Canal New $9000 Ohio O'a, '60 30 *has L' S Bank 30 Firmer*' Tr 30 do 30 do 30 de 23 L Island RR 23 do 30 do * do 130 do 23 Nor and Wore tim 74 6m 74 "Pit 74,, shX J7H 98 W3K 93* 03 UK Kicluuigr. 23 ahu Morris Canal boo 23 30 lie 23 do an "? 23 de b30 130 de 60<1 30 do boo 23 do tfcO 123 do 23 Stoninfton fill s30 23 do 30 do b30 130 do 50 Nor and Wore 23 de 223 Heading RR SO do bSO 30 do b60 Board. tl ?ha* Merria Canal 30 Nor aud Wore 30 do 23 do H StotungMa RR 23 do 30K 30'i 30 'i JO.'i :m 30 \ 29Jj 29V 30 30 te 69 ?Z ?9M ?>? 36S 3 6.H SOU 7?^ 12 UK Ixehanga. 23shas Morris Cnl e SO 23 do 7th Aug. 30 >3 69*2 30 Canton Co 23 Stonington KR do do de do do do do a 5 40*i e blO 30 c 30 sIO 30 c. 30^ *13 3(1 *30 30'i 30)4 L>l?d, On Saturday morning, 26th in*t. S*n*n, wife of Mar quis D. Sharkey. The relative* and friends of the family, also the mem ber* of the Covenant Lodge, No. 3j, I O. ol O. F., and the order iu general, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at A o'clock, I rum her late re aidence, 40 Cherry street. At i'uughkeepaie, on the 18th taut. Mis* I, oris* Bri sk, daughter ol Gen. John Brush, in the 26th year of her WILLIAM, CUIINKM', alias Jan. as Perr>, left Eugland nb' Ut nine years ago, and is al..ut 42 years of iige ? fckould this mee, hit e>e oi the eve of iuiy of his friends, that wouid ?? kr.d enough to let him L'.ow that l)j' his making ai> plic?ti?u to Thomas Coles Hopi -iii, Esq.,of Provilruce Rhode lslai d, with w horn is left by his brother, Joseph Coles Cnrue by, Ins certificate of b.iptisin, will hear something to his advan tage. j27 3l*in Pi L . ?T BOAT FOR SALE THE Pilot Boat NETTLE, of Boston, is offi'r?d for sale. She i? one year old, Ufi tons builhen, a last sailer, and an eXi-elieut sea boat, copp>r fastened, ai d built in the m>>H the ri.u.h loa^ner, ol wh:le oak and kiickiiietsk, by S. .Hall, ol Lot Boston. Hus 2' ions iron bullast, and well found in sails, r'ggmg. &c Sold to close the concern. Price SlOW) Address 1 1 l..t limn Nettle, care of Merchant's Exchange, B stou. ju/7 Iwisrc HOBOKEN TURTLE CLUB. A FINE URkEN TURTLE will be served up at Burn lism's Mai'siou House. Bloomtnailxle, under the mnrnge Bismol i lie old Hoboken Juitle Club, on Tuesday, the 2'Jth July, lust. S|woii Exercise to commence at S o'clock, P. M. Should the *e ??' ?r be unfavorable on the inormn?i of llie d ty above men tioned, tie Di lie. will lake place the lirst f-ti r diy nl'ter. lilooininiidule Stages leave cor er Try on How oid < li itlum tt eet eveiy half I ou. through the day. Kuickerb i k.-r Line from Wline 11-11, do jn?Mi*cc iNEW YORK GALLERY UF THE FINE ARTS. THE Exhibition of I lie Pictures and Engravings of this in stitution is uow opeu to the public, at the Kotund t in the l'aik. (lattly oc.up.ed by the Post Ollice.), nice from the Park LIFE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR ; to non-memberi, single admission 'Jj cents. The Rooms will be open daily, from 9 A.M. until sun* down. __ Those holding Scrip Certificates can obtain Certificate* of Membership at tne door, a* heretofore. jy2t> Iw is*rrc HOTEL DES DEUX ~FREK.ES, B ? S. J. It A. P. SEIONETTE 'pHIS qniei aim he tlthy location, opposite Duane Park, re A tiieii I . in i he noise, bustle and confusion of the sr. at thoroughfare, 5 et adjacent thereto and i ll the steamboat ings, presents t e most (!e<ir?hle sojourn 111 the city for gentle n?'. 1 trr.w It uk, or resideut- ? vti ere they can Le accommodated "?villi h . id. on, 1 1> furnish' d bednoms. with or without board. 161 IJu ne street. jy261w*ili I'iANO FORTE TUNING. IB. FINLA* SON. (late of Messrs. Broadsvnod It Hons, ' ? l.ondou, 1 respeuiully i ifomis tl.e musical public of New ! 1 oik, that he vsi 1 d v. ie his time to the Toning of Piano rnrie., anu Iro n the testimonials of thu lollowitiK eminent nt tisfs, .Messrs Thalnerg, Lisri, Herx, Moxhtlle, and Cramer, h< flatter* loin-ell' 10 give the greatest satisfaction. y All orders left at Messrs. Chambers St Joliei' Music \V arehou.e, No. Broadway, will lucet with prompt aften t' "? jyM Iw'cc Cu.P' AidfULl. Ur CAKluLlTt'N, 1- UVtH I'OUL? Consignees 01 gu,(d? b> this shtpwill send their permits ou bouitl, foot of Oliver street, or to the office of the suluC. ibers, without dely. All kOod* not p rm.Ho.l in live daya must unavoidably be sent to tne public store. W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 75 Sooth street, corner of Maiden Lane. _N?W Wk, July X, 1815. jyflirrc TRANSPORTATION OF GOVERNMENT | MA IE RIALS. SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Transportation," will be received at this office until Thursday next, the 31st u.staut, at 3 o'clock. P. M., for cairying the bulk of nliout 1600 barrels, more or less, and about fifteen tons of | Iro. and Copper lr.nn this Port to the Navy lard, at Ptnsa e^la, Kla. Sep. rate proposals, endorsed in the same manner, will be re ceived durnu in? same 1 eriod, for carrying a quantity of Lime, in c sks, lotbe s?m* desltnatiou. Ten lair-weather working days to be allowed at each port fur takiug ju and dischaigiug cargo. No primage to be allowed. 'i he vessels will be subject to t(ie usual inspection, and must be ready 10 load whenever reouir d. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Agent. Navy Agent's Office. New York, ) Jul) M, IHii. 5 jy2i 6t rrc AGENCY AT NEW uRCEAiN^, L.a THE |3LBSi.<HIBER offers Ins services in the Settlement of CI .ins i.i this city, or its vicinity, and in theColiec Uction of Accouuts, Notes, Dratts, Dividends, or any obliga tions whatever. haf?s te Messrs. H. h D. Parish, > L. M. Wiley It Co., /New Tork. Joseph Kernocliau, Esq. , ) 1E1ER CONREY, Jr. New Orleans, July 12th . 184J. jyj.'i lm*rc FAl'EitS LObi' IOET, on Wednesday, the lClh July? supposed in the J neighborhood of Ann, Nassau or r'ullou streets? two I Al i.K PARCELS, UM.dilr.ssud ; one coutaming !?eds, and Aie other a lew French newspap< rs J b. aiticlrs are onlj of < oustquence to the owner, and if the flniter w,ll leave tiieni at the olfice of the Herald lie will bo suitably rewarded. jy3$ 3i*rrc Rin.XS OF THE RURNTD/sfRICT. rptlK DAliUERREoTVPE Vlr.W of these Ruins, taken A Iriam Lxehangsi Place, opposite the spot wiie.r Mo..d C.ocker (k Warren's stoie, may be ?eeu at LOUIS L B. SHOP'S, IJ iguerrian artist, .No J..j Bro d?ay. lhi. view, embracing all the ruins in Uroad street, New slre.tanU Brojdwaj , 111 tneir actual state, and such as it will aoou be unpoa 11. le to obtain, fmrns a picture most interesting to preseite 111 Coinmeini, ration of the cal. unity of the l'i ti lusi. It will be d sposed of til a reasonable price. Apply Its above, it LOl IS L. BISHOP'S Daguerreoty pe H 001ns, J)r25 3t*rrc 13i?adwiv '1 ? > M L H Lit A A rs .1 Alt C'I.K\ I R/i l. Ti HiS, MUU*. r.St'l.l iALLY lo iIh ?* who have su Hired by ilu laXe lire, will ple-ie call upon JNO. O. TlBBETS, 21M Or .nil street who having made ?u uuiiorlant improvement in li'ON Sill' 1 I bi s AND DOOU8, .vhie.h willi ot c^st oil . in the le.vst ftom t wall ivi.en tne hottest flames are pouring 1 them. 1 tie c Hie some similar to llie.e, Inn not tin s^iiir hh iii > prtac iit 1 11. |>r ? ? v erneitt. j >'?'> 2iv 'nc JNO. O. TIB BETS. lo NAVY OFFICERS AVERY bttidsone suit of I N'HIKii, suitable for n Pissed Midsl.iptnaii, Can be pi*chasid at less tlitnthr pi line cost. i he le uon foredieitisii.g the above is, that the gentleman by whom they Were ortleied has lace.-tly dn eased, ,md they will lie >..|d .it ? n eat sacrifice. The aiticle. ,ne mad- of the best quality anil wni kmanship, ami tun be teen for a few d.ays at the store of th- -utisci ibers. lli Lllr.K, BROTrlERS, jy2S 3t*rh tjl Broulwsy. COUiNTlM^-HUU^E. iiUKlZOiN i AL A ! LAVVYIlII'kS [JESK6. OFFICE TABLES, Ci J A1 H ?^TUOL8, &c., vVi! , wVc. mil*' rituM, htc of M Broul ?trcet, would inform their 1 A 10 ui in*i iliey h iff taken thi *litr? corner t?l iiru .dw ?y ami W ail ?ti eU, ^ li ie ilit y ? teua to ke?*|? on hind a general M?o,tiiieiit of the abotji rt.cle?, fo^ttiier wi h II kmdc o: Ktlt nitniv, ' riiiM, ate. nil ol w hich will he di*|>o<ed of on re.inoii* ?ol'" tern*. All OWleri thi klu lv received and punctually at 1 reudvd to atthr short ?At notice. Old work repaired JOT Ham ( LARK. Mm. C. LITTLE. I TO LF.T.?PleMint Ho? ms, with Bieaikfaat and Tea if re- I oni.M in a respectable private f.mily Apply at 17 Hnward St. Iv !? lences e?c miged j\ 2U l?*rh H. MkvEuM Ac CU., i LOTUS, CAtMIMERES, Itc. RKKIMSHER, No. Ml i 'n',W| x*>* Vork. Also Damaued Woollen (ionds I II up. Orders may be left at 60, 63 and 01 I'me street. _, , . , ?iriPtrncis; Wo'cotl k Slade ;. #3r?iest.-W.C. Langln It Co., #4 Tme " ti V*ff s J' ''in'' ? D. Brighsm It Co ,C0 Pine i ?t ? II ilsti d, II ones (k (,,1., 3| N iss.ii si? i.ewis <k Kurman, I..', it. ? >v'l on. Butler It I n , 37 WilliMin si jyZllw'rh J. 1{ sTuUV'EsXEL. ' *MPOR rER Oli UINE8, No :i9Johu str-et, informs Ins 1 friends a id the lovers ol |g.a>d Wines genenlly, tliat in o !er t.. s p. I) th- great demand, he b s mule arrauieiiu nts to Ii ive :I-SM.I? slo.e Mid to rec.IT, d.rm from Bordvsux, Wines of tbe li'sl i|??lity, liom i lie proprietors direct. I be we I known li"ii??? following are suflicieut recommeu d.l.wti -.1 the onaliuee uj llie W met, w.i|,?ut further iletaila I kle>.?is B irlou k Oueilrii, ; - J. Frevche. J "ropnetors of Vigiioblea, W'siK Oe vail, > ?* Bordeaux. N B.? J B . H ? ndertskes to sell Wine fer family nee, by I di i?u or lis Hon. jyiglm'ee w ? TO RENT. Ma GENTEEL COTTAGE, directly on the bvnk* of the Eaat Hirer, re-.noilelled with wings, lie., last year, situ .led on "Premium Point," about o..e milt- fron ?Not ilochelle. Westchester county, New York, aud 16 m. lei f om the City . f New York, iu |>r> unity to all the puoli. conveyances, luring ? water front and beach of about t miles (wliigli th* 1 ??ee oould have the privilege of) The house I c ipable of accotniii. diti.ig a genteel family, or wouli <e rented for a am <11 gentrel house if desired It i vary airy. The romintic scenery, and for health a d salubrity Of elirn il*, bathing, fishing, fcc > Ciiiiiot tie excelled. It Wit e rented at a verv low rate lor the | resent season, or till tin * isuing Spring, if desired, and iKjaaeuio.i immediately. A |>i>l > through tlie Post 04ire, dircte.I to New Kocliell., Westches ter county, New Yo k, or personally to Henry Paitnd^e Kel lo;<, ..ear the premises. ju27 In - nc FOR SALE. Tilt stock, fixtures and furniture of a ru?pect ibl ? Tavern, couo . ted on the Engli .'i style, don * a good businc SjSiid of old standing. W ill be sold cheap foi ?ly. Satlsfact* \ reasons for disposing of it will i.e g ren on application, 149 rulton street, between the houi of I and 2o'clork, P. M jii27 3tiM*er tTO LET-The neat two .lory and attic bit k lious. ""?'o. 609 Hudson street. Tin house is modem built, with _Sii^ y ard. 6iC.? healthy lo atlou. Possesion gireu o. the tint ol August. Apply ou the pr. mines, or address K., ai this office. N. B.? A gentlemau, with wife and two children, may be In duced iu re main as boudeis With a geutet I family jy86jtt*jc M'i'O LblT ? The com'uodn us front Ofll< e in the lower part of ?toi e No. 9 Gold street. Enuiie upstairs. jy2S if rh M'l'O LET? A goed Store and two large Lofts, No. 11* William *t., three doois aboTe John St., N. ? t-nquire in the store jy?i 3t*rh WANTED AT CLARKK'S k 8TK VAN'S Temperance Intelligence Oifu.e, 'Jj.'a Du me street, subscribe s lor soma good Pro testant Serr tuts and others, l oth wl.i.e auu colored, ol fr o. I moral character. The subscriber pledges himsell to ineciue help lor the public at the sho test notice. .Mr. Clarke s otiice is Patronised by some of the lirst families in the cou..iry Reiiinnber? 96K Dume siroet. two doon Heat ol Broadway, Washington Tein|>eraiice lutelli|?nce Utfice. jy26 im'rh MUSIC. A LADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Mnsic. being taught by the first masters in Europe, and feeling herself lullv competent to instruct in that accomplishment, would wish to devoie her tune to the instruction of young ladies, ou mode rale terms. A note addressed to A. B C., at the office of this p. per. shall be punctually attended to. Jc2H lm'rr ANTED.? A few active, intelligent meu, to act .is agents for the sale of new and popular Publications, iu dittereu parts of the country;. $300 per year ever then board will b? insured them iu writing, with an opportunity of cleariug $10o>. per year, and more if they are actire Some men, now in OBI employ, will no doubt make over 81000 per year, clear of all ex pence*, and there is about half a dozeu places open, which mus' be tilled ; each man will have his district, and It will be neces sary lor ttiei.i to have at lrasl S2i or *60. to ohtaiu a good fitting ?ut. Noue need apply unlets he has thai amount, for it itou. object te get them started in such a manner as will be benefi cial to thein, as well as to as. Apply at 96 Dunne street. Letters must be post paid. jelJ lm"rh " GEVILEMENS* lefi off wardrobe WANTED. (1 ENTI KMI .Naud Kamilieec.iu obtain the full value fnrall * iws effects they wish to ol, (either Gt.N TLEME> or LaUIKS,) I. > sending to the subscriber, who Joes uot | retei.d lo give twenty per cent no. re than any other person, t-ui will give a fair pi ice for all articles offered Urn tlemen leeviug the city will find it to their advantage to send foi the subscribor previous to selluig to any olher person J. Lh-VLNSTYN, 48t> Broadway, (upstairs.) N. B ? A line through will be promptly ai tended to. jylOlm're JOLY. KRKRK8, late ol 44 Beaver street, have remove. !|u <!> W ilium s'reet. up stairs jyEMw'rh AC. HUSSlRlC It CO. have removed to 100 Wall street. ? upstairs j >21 lw*ec tS a?o It WAHD having been burut out, have removed to ' Utore No. 89 Broad street, ou the corner of Stoue at.eet. jyJOeC BOARDING. 'r^HRUE or four single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their X ? ires, can be accommodation ? ith good Board and pleasant ro- dm on Clinton Avenue, East Brooklyn. Ti.e place is cele brated for being healthy aud pleas o.t, commanding a line view of the Bay audliarbor of New York Alipl v t? JAMK8 V vN l)\ K, 78 Cliuton Avenue near the Church. N. B.? Omuibuses run until 10 o'clock P. M.. from Kulto. Fer.y. j yzs lw#rh NOTICE. MR. CLARKE is desirous of supplying the j.ublic iu towi and country with the best ai' help, free ol expense, witl servants of good character, both protectants and others, whiti and colored. He Hatters himself that by doing so. he is bene fitting all those iu want of employment, and is in hopes of tha patronage, which such an uudeiuking merits. His othce is 'i5S Ou.ine street, and fitted up for the accom nod atiou of all i want of employui<iiit. Cull at 96 >4 Duaue ?tre<-l. j??fl lm*m BILLIAR DS ? OREAT liMPROVEMENTS. SOUTHERNKR8, Strangers and Citizens are invited to try Mahogany Beds with Ib.'i P.iik-Is, m de by s eam in .chi.iery So much work could not he done uy hand h ithoul three time the usu .1 p. ice. L.kewise Cii?hio is so e'ai tic i It it eleven c in lie hit by a single blow. Korsale or playing at BASSFORiJ'f old stand? Kutra ces joining the Museum Building, Aim street and 149 Kill ton st. Otis Ki> Id. with a number of these improved Tables, iuvite> his friends to Call at the Lni'ed Slates Hole . Kutrance thr uwl. ihe liar-rooin or 196 Water street. jyga lin'rrc WA'lVHr,(i WAl'tHhS U W f.LM Y i ho. who wish to purchase Oold or Silver Watches, Ool. (;hains, Uold Pencils, Keys, k c., will find it greatly to their ad r- iitage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all description of the ahore at retail much lower than any oilier house m thi city. Oold Watches as low us (20 and $26 each. Watches am' Jewelry exchanged or bought All Watches warranted to keei good time or the mouey relunded. Watches and Jewely repan ed in the beat manner and warranted, at much lest than tin ?isual price O. C. .4LLEN, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, Wholesale aud Retail, 61 Wall street, m29 l*n*ec W, ror W'illism-ii.. no ttsin o I HE CEJ-hhKA I bo I'Alt U A.vlA.N OE&. RUEAT PASTE dissolved in water proves a very excel lantt pleasant aud healthy sammer drink; it can he h .d at th. follow'iic places J. .Nlilluu, No. 183 Broadway; J. R Chilton, 2K3 Broadway: A B Sand U < o., 273 Broadway: 0*?* in r Ik Young, 132 Cl.athain street: W. R tialla^h, cor. Cham bers and Chatham streets; P. Merkle, 383 (iraud street; \V. Kir b^*, cor. Dirition and Cliututi streets; Moore, Lent It Co., Its J ront street, nd at the manuf :ctory, 129 Attorney st; W. Kor tenbuch, 14 Hiidsou >t ; J Ik J Coduiugtou. 2.13 Hudson, corue; Spring st.; J J3 i.?set', fill Broadway; Collins I 'o., 161 Onum street; i). S<>rgeiil corner bill street ind 3d arenue; Joh. L. afcefllin. lit t anal street; A. (J. Levy, 202 Delancy ?treet : Rtsnt^n ikt'o. 11" Br *. 1 ,1 ay ; Brooklyu, Jaa. W. Smilh, cor ner of KultOi, and Cranberry streets. ju3 lm?rc pAijSITfNOS FOR SALE. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural aud Historical subjects, Landscapes, tic., amongst them a genuine Interior by Teuier^; a ( lepalre by Sutermans, and . >1 zdalen by Ouercmo, Sic., Itc. May be seen daily from 9 tilt 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty stieet. jy4 I in*rc WINE. ? A complete assortment of Bridport Seine, Her ring and Oil! Net Twiues, from 6\ to 35 lbs., manufac mred with th-i greatest care frnm th* best materials, expressly for this mirket, and for sale iu lots to suit purchasers, by jyJI ec ft. K COLLINS at CO V, Senth st. PIAE WOOD. SEVEN HUNDR^ D CORDS No. l, for sale low, in Gin. gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN SAVAGE, 8 8 DENNIS. . , . , H T. RUSSKl-L. Said Inlet is navigable for vessels drawing seven feet. jySS lin'rrc GALVANIZED 1K.UN AND TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, ? very ?o periorarticlc, warranted not to run. Abo, Tin Plate. Shee Iron, Russia Sheet Irou, Sheet Copper, Zinc. Scotch and Amet pcan Pi* Iron, for s*le bv CASH li WARD, mvll jni*ee Nn 71 Rfniif) itriwit VOlGTLAi^NDtK 6 DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in law, Mr. Voightlaeuder, Vienna, enable the subscribers to *?11 tho?e Apparatus at reduced ra?es, vis:? Largest tire Apparatus, with lliree inch leniM for fall site p| Ilea, at (146. Medium Hire Apparntm, with two inch lenaea for halfsitr plates, at $78. Small tire Apparatus, with one and-a-half inch lenses, for <iuarter tut platen at $60. Gentlemen tending remittances in accordance with th< above price% may depend u|?>n receiving the genuine Voigt laeiider Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated article, thej ii ring prneun-d the aole aawey for the United States. !'lsie?aiul ( heiiucal of tneir own importation, a< well as all ?ither articles connected with their ?rt, f. ir talc at the lowest market Prices. W. A. K. LANGfcNHEIM. i hilvlelphia t.tchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Dagtr man Artists in geueral, that the above Appararus and other materials can he nroruieu at the stated prices, at then L? gurrrean Atteliar, No. 201 Broadway. New York. jy l im'rc LANGENHKIM li BECKERS. CARVER & HALL, A RCHITECT8, Engineers, Building and Real Estate A?euts, 33 Wall street, Nt-w York. 51 Noith Suth street Philadelphia. I'liuia. Specifications anil Estiuites for Build ing; Drawings and Specifications for Patent Rights. Real Es t ite bought and told. nouey loaned and invested; prupertv wssed ami rent* collected. 1 rV) 'm'rc Fjl F.LT ? English Patent Sheathing Felt, satiable lor roofs ol houses and ship bottoms a very superior article, and of great benefit not ft Illy to the bottom of vcsels, hut al?o to the Copper. For sale by E. K COLLINS it CO., 'jO South st. je27 ec PORTER. ALE AND CIDKR. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. I ANN STREET, neit door to the Amencan Mnsenm. p lum* his sincere tliauks to his friends and the pnhlit generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already r? chived, and ho|>e? by strictaitention to hnsiness to merit a con tiuuance FIR8T QUALITY? Philadelphf Porter Newark Cider, Croton Ale, Loudon Browu Stoat, and Scotch Ale Onlftes for shipping attewM t? with desnatch ?rh|1 ee IMPORT AM NOTICE TO HA a UERREOTVPE A R TISTS. TH E uudersignrd have made application to gel l.rllrrti Patent for their new process to coil i Dufcuerreot Picture* Thn process produces an effect not known before, and changa the appearance of the D itfiierreotyiie to that of tin finest oaiut ing. This coloring process is done by nalure itself inndiiJ mil) liy the hand of the operator, ami machinery It can he peformei. h\ every one not skilled in the irt ul painting, and will be |>ei I'ectlv understood at one glance. It alto can he com inuiiicaU-i' in writing, without difficulty Artisu wishing to procure the Pnt.-ot ritchi for a City oi ( ounly, can inaka pre-eug. <.-i-m* ma therefore, by ddressitit (post paid) to W. It K. LANUENHEIM, jy3 i in * rr Etclianca. PhiUdelphia LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. CONHTANTLY an hind an assortment ofBiltnnore and Philadelphia Light Oak Leather. Philadelphia Morocco, and Findings of nil kinds. Last* made to any pattern. N B ? A firtt rate lotofMr. G. Macheu's Philadelphia Rasps for sale at 296 Spring street, near Washington street. N York junim*re WARREN H W>t KKV CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. HE SU B8( ' 11 1 B E K* have iiist umaid the large and snaeions ? CARPET WAllE ROOMS. N" 444 IVarl street. form.r ly ..ccuin.-rl by Smith, Hewitt li Co., and are now ready to?Kei t n<- tmblir aii entire u>-w stoi k of Carpeting, bought eiprmslv for the spring trade, soma of which at* eicerdugly rich, of ueM de irut snd color* Among them mai be found? V6 NEW SETTS KIDMINSTER BHUSHEL8, Entirely New ISPS. KIDM1 MsTV R THREE PLY. II icli Shading K IPERFINB riNE ?? JIM'OMMON INGRAIN ' ? '? n v Of avert ? , u ;? .... Rng?, Druggets, Tabla and I'm,. , Uovei WorsU.1 TalWd idJute Mat* , Oil Clofl s iery heavy and n gp it ssrwtiea, from 1 to 14 faet wiaai tonvther with all other article* usually found in the trade. Tha public are re^nasted to call Mil stamina onritoell beror* parbhaaiua. PETERSON k HUMPH! KT, ?* tat** 444 FWarl mm*. THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. 1 Oilier No. 61 Wall Mr-- 1 THE Capital Stock of th's Company waa all pud in, in c >h, prior to cninmeucm^ business, nil is u >w loaned and lu ? a .1- (1 in uodoubted security in the city ol New York. Tit* Company Lad accumul itt-d a large surplus ?t the tint- ? f lie recent co tlagr lion . wich will cable them to meet all .hair liiiua promptly. They now offer aiuide security to all who may insure with them _ . DIRECTORS. . Richard A. 1< tilling, Hi'ciicow, Corneliit ? W. Ltwiaica, Peter S. Titus. uacy. D ">?' Trimble, Ro'ert 1. Walker. Thouiaa ? arpei.ter, V\ illiam H. Fallt, Thet. C. thardoveyne, Jotepli W Corliet, Hemy A. Nelson, Jo i D. Wr.ght, H' Pli Mead. Abr li III Bell, Richard Field. D vidL.on, 1 homes J. rowntend, IraJ lla*ley, 4 Elia? Hickt, Jr. Aaron M Yen-haul. R. A. READING, Preaident. I) F CI'BUV, Sffrdtiv. j27 lwi?eo fTlE U^llED MAILS KlKli INsL'KA ACE CI IMPANY CONTINUE to tranaaet their busiue't ?r lnturanre against I o?i or iliin lie by Kir* at uaual, at tbeir office No. 67 Wall ?treat. J. L. BOWNE, Praat James WiLgig, Secretary. New Vork, July ?5, 1846. j > 26 St*rh HARTFORD FIRE IN SlJTfAVCE ~COMP AN Y . Agency Office No OT Wall street . THE BOARD Oh DIRECTORS iiiTita owner, of proiertv to call at their New Y ork Agency, No 67 Wall t'reeC. mid obtain insurance oil reasonable lei in? The amide resources of tliia company, ai d th ir c. lit ion i.i sc it' suing risks, ire well understood in this com. nuuity ; ami they are not only prep- red promptly t" pty thai. 1 .s tea by tlie recent fira, but to offer auundniit si cuiily to tha r customer* lor the future. J I a-i intia rrc JOHN NK1LSON, Jr , Agent. Offick of the Jtt H kiu.\ Imuhance Naw York, July 24 J HE Stockholders of this Comp -uy are requested to cal New York, July 24 1845. S p -uy are requested tu call Ht the of tbi: Co mpany and siguif) whether it Ire their ,vi>h to li' I up the r respective shares, or to receive a uumbar ol hares i qu I (o the present, value ol H air -lock. The Stockholders rt siding out of tha city are requested to convey their iuteutiou by po.i, to tha olfice No. 50 Wall at. T. W. THORN E, Prea't. Geo. T. Hon, tec*y. jytl rra FIRE 1NSU K A.NCE. The mutual securitv insurance comfany Of New Haven, with a CASH CAPITAL OF $1W.COO, h iving been in business abt ut one year nud entirely etcaped loa* by the lata lire, will take risks in this citv on the most (kmnble terma. Ah the rule* of the Company prohibit tha taking near t.YK'O in auv one risk, they are not aa liable to liave their Capital impaired by sweeping lire* aa tkey weuld other wist'; be. AH claim* for lottet will be promptly adjusted. JOSEPH N. CLARK, President. Phillip 8, Secretary. Applications for insurance in tha above company may be made to the subscribe**, who are authorited to issue pnlicia*. b. BALDWIN. J. HARRISON, jyCT Iw'ia rrc Agenu, *S Wall a>v<et. Ofuck or Tin: Nrw t oh a Miuiuii.i: Na < o., I Wd July, IU4i -J8 Wall at. ) 'I^HIS Company have aarertnineO that upwarda of60,(UH) Jul 1 I ir? of the au>n firat estimated iu the burnt district it not destroyed ur damaged, and from the beat c Iculition, it la be lieved th t' this company will p v nil ita lonsea at m iturity, and li ve a c < p i ? a I of 110 to I70,im ilollar* left. This company continues to iuture oil as favorable terma ita other sound institutions. LAMBERT 8UYD*M. Preit. Josksh Stroxo, Sec. j>238tis*rre Pelican Mutual Imckance Comfakt, } N. w \ o k. i9th July, IMS. S THE losses of this Company by the Ute lire will not proba bly eiceed S5A.U0II and having an ample subscription t ecu re the iiaymtut of its losses, the Comjia ly will continue ti take hotii r'lreand Marine risk ash?retol re. j mwj.Vrc W W. D.BBI.', Secret ry. PbLlCAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. 'PHIS Company is prep.ned to pa) in cash on demand, all I losses it has sustained by the late fire, so auou as the claims are adjusted. Fire and Marine risks will he taken as usu'l. SIMEON BALDWIN, Preaident. W. W. Dibble, Secretary. New VorK, 23d July, 1845. jy2!l lm is rrc OFFICE OF THECRO rON INSi RANCECO ( 35 Wall Strket, New Yohk, July 19, 184V } THE Capital of this Company reinaiiii unimpaired, their lost by the fire of this day nor exceeding S 15 000, and they art 'repared to make prompt ?e'tleincut of all claims against thein I'liey continue to iiuure Fire and Marine Kisks, at fair rates. jy2l 1 wu'ec N.CARROI.L, Sec'y. THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY Capital, 200,000 Dollabs. Office, 41 Fultoi street, Hruoklyn. rpHIS CONiPANY is prepared to tale risks in the city ol I New York on favorable terms having lost by the recent lire only about ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this c mpany will be paid on liqui laliou. E- C. FINN Secretary B. M. DELAMATER President. H?m?ivi ln'y?l. 181^ jv 20 lm it m INSU RANCE. fHE BROOKLYN FIRE INSURANCE CO. will insur 1. buildings and nierchandize 'gainst loss and d linage by lir> in New Vmlc, at theirolfice, upper romerof Fulton and From streets, near the Fulton Ferry. Brooklyn. The capital of this company it unimpaired by the recent calamity Kefereuce is made to the following gentlemen , director" ol 'he eoinpany, doing business in New Vork, for further iufoi hi ition, viz E. D. Hurl but, firm of E. D. H. & Co., 81 Soutli -treet ; Paul Spofford, firm of Spofford, Tileston fc Co., I4S W ter street ; Amos Willetta, firm of A. & S. Willetts, 303 Peail street ; Joseph Pettit, firm J. Prttit Ik Co.. 13-1 Pearl st. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, President. Alfrk.d O.Stevens, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, 1845. jy21 2wis*ec 'PHE MERCANTILE .MUTUAL INSURANCE COM M. PANY. No. 6 1 Wall street, inform the public, that the) ire prepared to meet all claims promptly, a id their assets art so far unimpaired by the recent fire, th it they are e ialiled t< tike Marine and Fire Risks as heretofore, i n the must favora ble terras. L. OREOOftY, President. JOSEPH HOXIE, Vice l^res't. F.Lwoon Walter, Secretary. j>2li Iw it ec " | Nkw" Wm k , J JiyTSTl W5 ~ IN THE Commercial of Saturday, appeared a statement, th"i the JEFFERSON INSUH A NCE COMPANY had lot by the recent fire (300,000, I wish to tay that this it great h over-ettim ited. I lie lotses of the Company, it is sup imted. will amount to about $100,000. The company continu* their busiuras of insurance as u-ual. at their nfiii- No. 50 Wal >treet. T. W. THOHNE, President. jv?0 ec NOTICE. 'PHE NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY & No. 62 Wall street. (Jones' Buildings) hat lott not ex ceediiig Twenty-Eight Thounud Dollars, probably not m rr than Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars, by the recent lire in the First Ward. Applicttions for insurance rceived at ntual. No risk taken for more than S'i.000. jy Ji I w*m WM. JAS. BOOOS. Secretary. HE. CITV FIRE INSURANCE CO.Ml'A.W, have the sitisfaction to inform their customers and the public, thai it will uot reouire over 10 percent of their capital stock, to pay ill claims for lasses by the recent sad conflagration in thit city The otfice of the company, No. 61 Wall street, is ojren lor insurance at heretofore. R. H. READING, President. I). F. CmRv, Secretary. jytllw*ec F1KE I N >1 ' l< A.NCK. 'PHE TRUST FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 60 I Wall tlreet. offer indemnity against lutt and damage by lire on reasonable terms. Directors. ? EliatO. Drake, Valentine G. Hall, William Whitew right, II. J Hutchinson, William H. Johnson, Franc i> ButUr, Martin lloffm n. Wis. F. Leggett. Jamet B. Town send, Charles Williams, Kidmund Penf-dd, Robert M. Strattou, lobn Rankin, Jr., John H. Hurtin, John Cleaveland. ELI AS O. .DRAKE, President. L. Chapman, Secretarv. jy2l Iw'ec SC OTT'S BAZAAR. No. 17 DEY STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY AND CJREENWICH STREET. CANDS SCOTT return* hi? most sincere thanks to hia frirnda and the public at large , far the liberal support re ceived since he ha* bern in business, and hope! hy the same itrict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities if his Ale*. Wine*, Liquor* and Segars, are too well known to nerd comment. A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all tiines.till twelve at night ? luch a* Beefsteak*, Mot ton Chops, tried Kidneys, Ham and Kggs, Sardines, Toachetl -.gga, I'ickled Tongues, Welch Rarebits, Coffee. Tea, he. A .food dinner ofRoait or Boiled Meat for One Shilling, even ?lay, from 12 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stoat always ou lraught. Good Lodging* for 2} cents and J7 H cents. Cold i uta at a moment's notice. This House ha* been proved, b> 1'oinpnritou, for years past, to be the cool rat and mod comfort tlilr iu the city. No House better siapplit-d with English

Irish, Scotch aud city papers. Always the latest news hy the Steamers. ( Jood Rooms for Private Parties always raady at a noment's warning ? free ? gratis ? for nothing. je* ten *ec ESTABLISHED 1822. PETER. ROSE, CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OF SURGICAL ANf) DENTAL IXSTR VMEJfTT, No 4 12 Brosdwat, "trail Canal SrhggT, Niw YoRa. PH. w tild rrs|?crfully call the attention of Physician*. ? Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Mermanls, to ni* gent il assortment of inatrii 'nenls.and Cutlery of the moat approv.-ri i nterns, which lie will warrant not to be surp sa>d in >iualn ?.r wurkinaiiahip by any manufactuied iu thia country or im ported. P. It. trusts that 'along ?nd practaral riperience ill I he huai lets (li iving -ieei :i,ged Ml it siirr 1821 ) will he i stillicirnt guaranree to purri- ?>?. t all orders will lie faithfully ai <1 iir mi tly atte .drui Surtical and Dental Instruments, R i? ">rs. Shears, Scissors , Penknives, lee. , ground, set, and repai ? H with lire .t rare and ile*p ,ti h. jn 17 Irn'rc FOK SALE OR TO L.ET, 1 T 'lie Nine Mile Stone Kingsbrulge Roid, 4 liandsi me Cottages, two of which contain ll ro ms, with hurl. en slide liar piagxas, front and rear, with Ice and Coach houses ittached. The other two rontaina Nine Rooms, with Starb t Mantle*, (Urates, lie., complete. Also, a large Stune House at II mile Stone Fort, Washington, containn.g IU rooms, 2 kitch ens, ? ith roach house and other ne< essary, all finish ed in the best manner, w ith 3 acres of ground attached. 'I In i iew from eai li is varied and ritendve, embracing river and mountain scenery; and iu point of health, will vie with an) o.her situation in the vicinity of New York. Apply to K F CARMAN, # 5 Bro.,dwav, Or at the Stor* on IJith *t., Kingsbridge Road. jnIS 2w*ec NEW MUSIC. 0 RILEY kCO., 297 Broadway, publiah and keep on hand 1 ? an eiteiisite assortment of New and Fashionable Music, which they o fir r for sale at wholesale and retail at the low si awsiblt price*. They manufartn re losUBMsata of superior aa Ity ? w?rraut every article they sell, beiug practically acqn .int Id with the difTereut hrauches of their bti?ineas. Military .ands supplied at the most reasonable rates. mrl22m*rre MILITARY EQUIPMENTS. II. J. STORMS, 34 FULTON SI REET HAS cousIhiu y on hand, a full assortment nl Military and Horse Kquipments, acrnrduig to the United Slates and State regulation. Also, a variety of Saddle*, Bndloe, Harness. Pranks, kc. Horse ICgaii'menM of every style, made ronrder. )#>11 Im'm SOMKTHINC. NEW AND USEFUL.. AFTER long endeavors, the anderaigned ha* succeeded in introducing to the people of the IJuited States an article iliey have long needed. It is in the shape of a Paste, called PATH D'AvIANDKS. (Orgeat Paste,) while it combines a healthy aud pleasant drink lor the Summer While it promi sea the*e i|ualinea it it at the lame time uaeful in removing Heartburn and Sour Stomach, and is a capital drink for disease* if the chest. Its component parts sre very innocent and il can be recommended to femalea in all stages of life; good foi wet nurses, aud ran be nsed atsea m a snhstitnte lor milk. Prepared and sold for the Proprietor hv L. Joachimsaen, No I2a \ifnnt-r *tr ei je?4 lm*re I'ME INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and coiiiioiaseur* have priwioanred it the nioet perfect and fftra ?rdinary iiivention of the dhy The gre?t idvant itfes of thia no .1 1 aud unique wig ia its b.-iug nmde without sewing or weaving vhich rauses it? sppearances so closely to resemble the nature isir, both in lightness and natural appeariuu e, as to defy debar ion, its tegture being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in .11 oases of |>?rspiration evaporation is unimpeded and the great vils of other wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and ronnoie ?eur are alike invited to inspect thia novel ana beautiful Wig, tnd the peculiar method of Attiug tlie heed. at tip msnnhctursr a, A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, corner ?f Liberty strert, ap taira lal MAGASIN J APANA1S, I 60 Duui* Street. AH. P1RKKH, Aient, from Amsterdam, moat respect ! ? fully inforns hi* friends and the public in ge . ersl , tint i he lias received a magnificent colUctiouol ancient Oil Paintings ; aid Antiquities, cou??>iug of Japanese. Porcelain Jars md V a *es, Klower Bottloe, Plates, Dishes, Cups -nd Saucers: old ' Dresdeu Porcelain Group* mid Figures: Cui* aod Saucers; an | iMWt Kansuf llic Ittli century; aiiutww Ebony Wooden Carved I \rm < hair*, from Clir years 15*8 and 1677 , formerly belonged to liie Cardinal Xjaieules, Ureal Inquisitor ol Siiain, suc? as t eve hi. barn >eeu ill this counli y, ol which fit cu >.t moderate pi ices, Ladies and ?ien lemen, it you wis'i Ui ' ireal > outsell* cull and examine this splendid collection. AI?H, two carved Chuirs, for c?U olic Churches, lobe seen i iroui 10 A M. till ti P. M. _ je27 3w*rh BLOCK TIN WARE MANUFACTORY. \ GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planislied Tin and Coinm .n Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard aud Hollow Ware. ' Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Keives and ' Brooms ? in short, every variety <?? tinum -keeping articles. N B ? A compleleassortmeiitof Coffee aud Tea Urns, TabU Dialies sunt Covers, Ike., fee . for hotels and ateamhoata, ou hane | and manufactured at lh- ahortest notice. JAMES V. WATKIN8. I j?5 Im* Id ("srhnrine srr*ei N~w \ ork. NEW EMBROIDERIES. DETER ROBERTS respectfully calls the attention of his I fri-nds and the public to some splendid goods of the above description, received by recent arrivals, wlucTi, beiug imimrted direct from the European manufactories, will be sold at i trilling advance on the original cost He would alao call atten tion to several lots purch>tsed at auction, atan immense sacrifice, which will be fouud wll deserving an early ina|iectii>ii. Tin following are very desirable, berig 25 per cent under the asnr retail Unces ? High-neck Chemisette, nehly ambroidered, from Its to $3,5< worth S3. 21 to 45 50 jOtl Embroidered Collars, (luiahtd edges, for (a. , luual pricf IDs 6d. I.Vl Kmbroidered Capes, at $3. usual priced. JO do do very rich, from $6 to (10. 300 prs Kmbroidered L'uder Sleeves, from la to S3,)# 1 raae Kmbroidered Dresses, from $3 upwards. 400 dox Linen Lawn Handkerchiefs, from 6d. 50 do do extra large size, for geutlemen'i OM. 45 do do hemsticfi do, from 3a Od. 30 do do Hivierd borders. A choice asaorrment of rich embroidered Handkerchiefs which are offered unusually clteep. 5 cue* of various styles of Swias aud French Muslins, h strii?*, plaids, figures, fee. Ike. A lot new Muslin Trimmings, Laces, Veil*. Hosiery, Gloves fee. . fee., all of which will be sold deeded hiinaa. mv31 lm*re \\. TT1 BROADWAY COMIC ALMANACS FOR 1*#>, FOUR KINDS* Nf. H'S agents, cheap laiUication deists, bool^selleu, am. the public generally, are hereby uotiued of the annua! appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with f?i> said tine engravings extracted with care from the laughing volume ot nature, Visiter's Comic, Turner's Comic, Crockett 'a (in e Heed Comic, and De Darkies Comic, rikose on the apot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; thoae at a distance will order, ot send lor samples. Alwsys ou sale the greatest variet) aud quantity of Children!' Books, colored ana plain: Song Books colored prints, fee. fee. iu the country ; catalogues on applica lion. Snow Billa of all kinda giveu to dealera. We sell low, very low, for cash, and do full justice to all orders, iu time, kinds, qeautity, ana price. TURNER fe FISHER, JeHIrn*rc 7< Chatham street PIANO-FORTES FOR HIRE , AT 411 B li O A D WAY, (UP STAIRS.) DWA1.KKR has constantly ou hand an extensive assort s meat of elegant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianoforte' of every description, including Grands and Cabiueta, which are lomed on hire at the abote establishment, or at his man u l\ctory, No 40 West 14th street, uear theOtli avenue. Also, New Pnnos for sale, with all the modern impruT ments, warranted equal to any iu tile United States je 11 1 in ? rrc MUSIC. RE.MOVKD to No. 65 Krankliu street, one door Kast ot Broadway, M. DU.MSDAt, Professor of the Guitar, Cing ing. Ai'cordeon, aad Violin, coutiuues to teach Ladies aud Uen Irmen of New Vork the above fashionable instruments. fee , in a comparative (hort time, by his new Analysing and Inductivt System. Terins reasonable. M. 1). will go, as usual, to the residences of his pupils to am part ol the city, by the stages. Satisfactory city and other re ferences * veu on application at No. 05 Knuiklni atreet. jyO tui'm jtOiJAN HARFS. NUNN8 fe (JL.<RK having purelnued the patent right loi "Coleman's iEolian Attaclimeiitto the Pianoforte," for tin entire Uuited Stites, (excepting Massachusetts,) auuounce ti lie public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the aame to au> modern made hori/.outal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability if this iuveutioii, N. fe C. are prepared to s.itisfy the most pre udiced uiind, their own critical examination and experienct warrant them iu the assertion, that the"<Koiiau" will remaii. ii tune iu any climite, and it will not be affected by transition ?f atmosphere. The moat ssusfuetory warrantee i* given witl -arti iiistrunieut. The puhlie are invited to examine the"^Eollaji Pianofortes >i their ware-room. No. 210 Broadway, opposite tiir Park vhere also may he fouud an assort ment of (i, and 7 Octav< 1 'lanofune i both in rosewood ^iidmahoranv e*?ee nai0Hin*r? o Tls KIKLD respectfully informs his friends slid the publn that he has arrived iu the citv aud takeu quarters at the I 'ui ed Slates Hotel, hia entrance through the bar, or 190 Watei treet ; where h< has a number of Bass ford's improved Billiari fables, on sale or fcr playing, and will be happy to hnve then riH.I. His b>r is vr|] stocked with material j lor makiisg8herr) ohhlers. White Lio-.s Jfce. fcr. js4 lra*ire TO dentists! ; 4 GKNTLEMAN giving up business, will sell hia entire stock ot Instruments, viv: onesuiierioi doubleactiou Chan Laferta's patent ; one Lathe; full and complete seu ol Operating mil Mechanical Instruments; together with 150 Plate and Pivot I eeth, fee. fee. for SlOfl cash, to close the concern. This is s .treat sacrifice. They have uot beeu twelve months iu use. nd embrace every article reqnired iu the business; or the} a ill hesoldin lots to suit purehisers. Address "Dentist, Herald office. Jvlt lm*rH (iRANL) bXOUltalUN It) KOCKLANO LAtt-C., *Z\ COl ILLION PARTY by Mr. Brooks of ^n* J1* ? Dod worth's Celebrated Cotillion and r WT T Brass Band is, by ptrtieuHr desire, engaged lor Hie ocemo.i. Fireworks and Iiliitnin itio ? manuf ictured liv Mr. U<e. The new aud commodious steamboat DK1.A WAHK, 1 apt P. H Smith, will m ikena excuision oil Thurs iliv. July Jl, 1815, to Hocxl aid L ike, and wi'l stay thn-e hours ,'ivirig ill the opportunity to view the sple. did scenery at thi. '?eantifnl sp<it. l'lie boat will leave Warren street at half-p^t 7 A. M.j Del iucy street, East River, ?t 8; Pike stree' quirter put 8; North River, I'ler Nil. 1,9; < .'anal quarter l ast 9; H im nond h ilfp.iat 9; aud Pttli street auaiter to 10. Returning to the city at 9 o'clock. No pains will be spared to keep the com pany select lor the mutuil enjoy ment of nil tiy the committee of ge itlemeii. Hefreshmeuts will be furnished by Mr. Down lug at are tsonal le ch irge. Tickets for tlie < xcur^iou 50 cents which can I e Is nl at the Astor, Franklin aud Howard Hotels mil ou board the boat. jyif7 1t*m < ; HA N U EV ENyNG~ FLOTILLA liA LH One ot'ihe most extensive aud hrillant Balls ev. r attempted oa the w ters of the Hudson ill take place on Monday evening, August Mr- Parker, the celebrated dancing master, and Mr Isaac ?v'g' , Jr , having completed theirsrr ugemeiits with one of th lirst class steamlioaU and s| 1 udid barge for the ociaaiou, which wi'l be h-autifully decorated and illuminated The steamboat DKLAWARE, with her lan e and spacious Barge, capable of accommodating 1500 persons comfortably, will'ea* e the foot of Warren street at 7 o'clock P. M., Canal -treet 1%, Hammond street 8, aud Je-sey C ity at Tickets $1; admitting a gentleman aud lady; extra ladies tickets 50 cents. Particulars iu future advertisements. j27 ltm DEutHifFUL EXCURSION .MM 0M DOWN THK LOWER BAT.-Afford |??engers a fine view nf Sandv Hook wht, the Ocean, and the Fortifications ami oc'uery if our H rbor, and enjoying the refr hiug seahr?ete The new aud commodious steamer DELA W ARK, Capt. P. II. Smith, on 8UNDAV Afternoon, July 27th. will leave pier fool of Delaney atreet, E. R. . at I o'cloi k; Pike st ili; Hammond street l?g; Canal street 2; Warren street 2'-t; Pier No. 1 N. R. 2>?, m iking the above excursion and retnmiug to the citv bv half-past 7 o'clock. Fare lor the whole Excursion, 25 cents. jt7 lt*ee NEW FERRY TU YELLOW HOOK, FORT HAMILTON, AND CONEY ISLAND. >0L steamboat WAVE, Captain Henry tXrnr-cn, ? . Mallan. will ran on Sunday, 27th July, a* fol V lows:? Leaving Pier font of Pike street, E. R , it !iJ4 A. M. 2-4 audi P. M.; ai 4 Pi?r foot of Canal kt, E. R., it 10 1 1 A. M., i^t and !t\ P. VI., and Pier I E. R at II A.M. .1 and ?; I* M. Returning? will leave Coney Inland at 12>; and IK P. M. O" rare 12, ^ centi. Kit the hour* of running week days, nee bills and advertise menti. The lolae. Captain Yates, will ran on Sundays the same as week davs, fr< m her regular dock, Pier No. 1, E. R. j >'27 lt?ec OPPOSITION Til KET~ OFFIC E.-For | Albany, 75 cents? Utica, $2? Syracuse, >2,50? Rochester, S3? Buffalo, t3 JO ? Aho, hr.nuli in tne last line, with board, $10.50? Alto, Oswego, $3? Kingston, (U. $4? Toronto, S5 ? Cleveland, (O.) v> ? De troit, $l> 34>? Chic ko, (Ml ) #10.50 ? North to Troy and White lisll . $2. 50? Montreal, $4 iO. Office No. 10' B irrlay ?t. jv25 lui*h M. L. U AY, A sen t KXUUUSION TO THE FISHING BANKS. Stoaaef H L. STEVENS, Cartain R. L 1 Mat'ty, will make an excursion to the Fishing ? Banks every Tuesd iy, Thursday and Friday. n in* tlie nuiM.kniDii Hammond street at o'clock, A M ? in il street hi 8V; Di l.uicy ? rret, Em Kivei , at and Pier No. 1 N R ,?HX n cli?i ? eturiiiig to the city in gix>d sea on A fine Band of Mnaic is engngeu. Bait furnished gratis. ?I line* M a *rr, all charge. F tie 50 re' I* ; . jn?l Ih ii'i FuK HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. Tlie Roynl Mail Steam. hip. BRITANNIA ind CAMBRIA will le?Te Boston for the ibove porta. ai follow ?, fit:? Liritan " ia ? I Hewitt. Kaq., commander? Hriday, Angnat 1 Cambria? C. H.fc Hewitt, Esq , do Saturday, August 16. I', n?ig' to Liverpool, Si JO , do. to Halifax, $20. Kor Height oi p issage apply to D BRIOHAM, Jr Atint, jy?5 rre 6 Wall street ???? LIVERPOOL LINE 'OF PACKETS OF THK JettV*''1 OK AI OI ST. ? The new and elegant packet ?hi| ^UfeASHBI KTON. He. ry Huttleaon master 1100 ton? ? iirt e wil1 positively anil aa above, her regular day H , vimic very superior tcco m modatloiis tor eitilu. aeeoud cabin r| ateerure |?aaei.gers, persona w tilling to secure berths ahoii III nake early application on board, foot of vanlen Laos, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, 100 Pine itreet corner of South street The sr lendid new ship Henry t lay, K.yra Nye. master, will succeed the Ashbarton, and sail on the 8 h beptem! er, her Is xnlar.l v jv2< rre BLA< K II VI. I, OI! OLD LIN I- OI- LIVe.R. | POuL PA* KET8? FOR> __jR-Kul >r P ckn (.1 1 lie 1st of August ?'I he iiiaguirtciit ml Ce i nrat'd fa?tsa li k packet >hip EL'ROPE. Edward (J. urlie'. conimaiider, will sail positively on Friday the lit ot | i i' nint. II i a- 1 1 1 k unequalled acronim, d iti ns for cabin, second cabin, n, d are- 1 ai?e I a* senders those returning io the Old Country, oi ae dinft for tin ir I'm nils, will find it to I leir interest and comfoit J to ?t left this uneoualled Li .e of Packets For terms of passage, aud to secure the beat berths, early > _ pli alio,, alt, ulu be made on board, foot of Beekman street, or to th' subscribers. UO( HE BROTHERS It CO., 35 Fnlton st , jyjt rro next door to the F? ton Bank. N.Vork. FOR LIVERPOOL? The New Line-Regulsr I JMH^Psekt-t of 2'st Align t.? The su|terinr fsat tilling q)j{j?E?|iacket ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons, Capt. John Ef IrnTge. w II asil at above, her regular day. For freight or passage, h iving elegant and superior accom modations, app y on hoird, weat side Hur'mg alip, orto WOODHULL It MIN I URNS, ?7 Soithst. The packet >hip Queen of the West, 1170 rona Capt. T nos. Wnotlhnnae, will aiicce, d the Liverpool, and sail on her fefn lar il ir. 2'*t September. jv2* "Ti^- "Tor LlVERPO(7l.? New l.nie- K'liulai I achel ?#*^of tlie ?fli An*nat? The eleg .nt faat lallllif Packet i|?j2*><liip SI II DONS, Capt E. B Cobb, of 1100 tons, will ,ail u ilmve. her regular day For frvight or p isaagv, having aceemmodatioi ? nneqoalled for iplendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans whturf, foot .f Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS k CO., M Ronth street. Pnee ef pasasire Jino Packet Ship Rht r, dsn, I apt Cornish will succeed the Bid ileni. and sail 20th SepteBBer, her regular day. iv? ia|; a BOSTON FRCIOHT WANTl D-fcark JSSWKALl DA, Preaeett, aaater? Pier No.), Eaet River. i?rtic?lare engnlre en board, or to DRAPER k DEVLIN, JyM If ir* 1M Froat st, AMUSEMENTS. KAItH 1'iiKATUK. FRENCH OPERA. Monday Kvenltijj. July DMtk, Will be performed FOR THE LAST TIME, A Krvutl Ofia in #ve aets entitled I. A JUl VK, THE Ji.Wt.8s: Eleeier. n Jew goldsmith M Arnaud Auhel.the JeweM.??# M'lle < ardiuM de Brogny, of Couucil M OitUTry Prince Leopold < ujuriut Princess t uriotia Mm** Cisini Tlit Or iud Provost of the City of Constance, >1. Osrry r.rii|K-ror ttaginmimd MouU.- ?i?r Albert, a g<,.t mi in the Emperor's Ouard. ..... Jules A Nulilem in, utteud iut of the Km|iero> IJhalldry . I'nce i>l f Admission? First Tier of Boxes and Pu?quette, ? Secoud Had 1 hird Tiers, !Mj cents; Oallery, 26 cents. i)oor? oi?-ii jtt 7 o'clock, cud the Curiam will ns>- precisely *1 lalf-past 7 o'clock. MIHLU'S OAKUKIN. First Appeuruice of the I III u'ar 'Y medial. MR HI. Mi it f Lai ILL, Who is eumited for four nighis oi ly. First iiijjlit 1.1 the re-engagement 01 the ackobat family. Monday KvciiIiik, July !4H. Will lie |ire*eiited ih- highly interest!* Drams of GRANDFATHER <V H1TU1EAD. Louisa Drsyton Miss Hubert* 1 Suu?*u, Mrs Wstts Grandfather Wnitrhesd Henry Placid* Dob Lincoln l.hippend ?!? Drayton Anderlou Driver Nickmsou [?ya*iulerinii?i?ioii ol H .It *n Hour^_^ To lie followed by HE'S NOT A-MIS8. Mrs Prettyman Mitt Matlirws Mrs Algite Mr> Waits S.phy Mis> Bell F reU Fitzallen Mr D*veni>ort Mr Preitvman John Helton 'J o conclude w ith i Orm.d Performance by the ACROBAT FAMILY. (L^ An efficient tu .<ce * ul ?!??/? o? iu atteaoaaee to mei ? ?am good order and kei p all improper persons out (IO- Ticket !a Fifty C'enU -?jft A limited number of Season Tickets will be disposed of. '"^Performance to immmuw at 8 o'clock Doors open it T o'clock. CASTLE UAKUU.V. SACRED MUSIC an 1 SUNDAY CONCERT Consisting of x selection from the best works of the nuti Distinguished Performers, aud dividtd into two parti. By the Excellent B^nd. u ider the direction of .\ir. Lothian, will be gi>*n o > Suud?y^2veiilii?, July '4}lli. The most magnil'ne t and extensive II II in the world? chastely yet beautilully decorated, and cooled by a central (?'ouutaii, will be thrown open lor th-se Sicred Performances. Dunne the interv?Ua, the public may ,from 21 sp-toousemr inces, bhoidthe sal. ships, and wid- spreading landsca|ie around? th- lingular beauties <>l mori ing, noon and nulit, may be her. enjoyed iu the utmost perfection by 20 000 visitors, a- there ia pace sulhcieiit in the unequalled edifice to accommodate inn! tundra, without inie'f.rmg with their comfurt. PROGRAMME. fart I. Aria, from the Creation.. Handel Pra\ *r of the Italian Multitude Auber Vit < I Spaik of Heavenly Flam* Her. Or. Hiwe Die Crucifixion Haydn German Hymn Kuffner An Intermission of Half an Hour. part II. Orand Adagio Hand?l S c eil Churn*. "Hosauuali in the Highest" Ilai dei UwM libel The Deaer ed Abbey B sho| At Dawn of Day Rev. Dr. Clarke Admittance, 12% ce ita. The Caatle G'rilen is o en *ver\ da* Ir m unriae, atfo'd n. superior opportunities for readini , m-dtati >n or uidisturbei promenade, within tint raa' huilding, or on the upi ar r 'ow ?t i| ll-rie* command nit he ?e i j27rc 1 ASTL.K t'.VHUC:.\. (%f- Adiiilealort '4 5 Cuitn.VJO Great Musical Attraction ! Proprietor! .. . Messra. trench and He a r Grand Entertainment ' !*Ion<U> Kvenliif, .Italy Tlie performance will commeuce with the Ortmn u La V ivandieie. I?y the full Orche?tra. Sotig Mr DennUon. Overture hull B* id. Pi* Orote*au??, by C. I . Pav'loe La Rrine de Chyprt . Full Orchestra. B' 11 ?d Mr De*? i*ou The Nattoual D i ce of tol d. Min Pray. !/" lutennusou ofHnlf >n Hour lor Protnen-til*- a.iU Refresh meiits. The a*#*-of splendid Coamorutnas will be open for inspection The -* con-1 parr * i J coiunewo * ith Urdi d Overture? Fra Diavui ? P is S* ul Miss Pra> . To conclude with Splendid l-^s on the Ti^ht Rope by Herr Cli* e. '~"7,r' Doors oi*?n at half-pait 6 n>|ock. PerfV*rr,?'Ht to con I ?awes at I o'clock Ol'KltA W? cliK's lny Kveiilng, .lu ly 30th, CHAMPLIN'8 COM PL1 M K N T AR V BEFEFIT. Mr. Champlin r spect tally r forms his friends a .d the public that hia benefit will take place at the above named house. o which occasion he intend* to prod ice an attraction uot to be urpassed A great number of lad es and gentlemen of ar knowiedged talent, have in the kiudest manner given their \ ? In able aid. MISS \i AR V WALTON will make her first appearance on any stage in the char ..rter of "Pi uliue"in LADY Or LYONS, supported by a powerful ca>t. Several other entertainment* ol hi attractive nature, which will be expressed ia. the bills of the day. Boies and Parnuette 50 cents; Second Tier 2b cents. Private Boies $\. Bot Book "i'W op? ? Se <fs secured. jy27 lt*m | THE AL.HAMHA OF RESORTS IS THE . ELY 81 AN FIELDS, HOBOKEN, Which is visited every afternoou by hundreds of the first fami lies of Nt-w Vork, and *hich ?s one of the most delightful re sorts on the banks of the mighty Hudson. FREE EXHIBITIONS. OF THE FIRST ORDER, ! Every afternoon at 3 o'clock. c< mmeuciug ou ? MONDAY, Jul> 21st Continued and Tremendous -tnd Excitement Mr. McCARTY is very happy to aunounce the following i opular artists ^ OUNO FRANCISCO, THE FAKUl OF ANGELINA and the greatest Magician of the 19th century, and the onl> Professor of the art t nut can perform maKic lu the open da) - light. In addition to the abovf noveltiea, arran|t*'m?'i ta have I ecu made with Mr. D. W. WRIOHT, the beat F .?>?etto V'i caliat of the age, who will a':ig <ev>-ril of the moat faaliionabl ?oii|ti of the timea ; al.o with \1r. BKNJAM1N V ATr.S, tin Spular Comic Dancer, who will appear in a variety of coinit ncea. In addition to the above, the AMERICAN BRASS BAM) iaengiged. Leader, Mr. Jamea Helton. j\2l"lwec THE ALHAMRA7 ICECREAM SALOON ANI) CONFECTIONARY, 550 Bruadway. IN addition to ita being the moat magnificent ai d excellent ei tabliahmmt of the kind in thia city, it ia alao the only ont where the Ice Creama are made entirely of rare cream ; any one sceptical on thia point, may eaaily aatiafy themaelvea b> t'omp.iriaon. Parties and familiea aupnlied as usual ; also, with rich Plain Cream, received twice a day Iron Orange county. jyl2 2weod ina're UULiVlAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND KXH1BITION OP BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. 203 Broadway, New York. |\<f AXIMILIAN'S Great and Splendid work, being hi, tout ivj. through the United States, illnstrated with Eighty En Kravinfa, after tlie n-anner of drawintta in large folio? with a ijuarto volume of letter preas. both volume, elegantly pnt up for the Drawing Rm.m. A few copiea only printed iu English No stranger sTionld visit the City without calling in to ,ee J the Great Colle'tio" of ROOKS, PAINTING8, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offe'ed "at greatly reduced prices." The Public Sale Room ia filled with book, of every kind, in various languagea, to see which, and the Print Room, no | charge is made. Above the Bookatoie or Sale Room, an apartment ia fitteu J up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by ancient and modern Maaten? to new which, a small charf of 11H cents ia required. I HERALDRY. The Arms of Individual whose families originated in anv country in Europe, traced and splendidly emblazoned on vel lum, equal in execution, audat one third the charge of the Lon don Herald's Collegea. Genealogies or Pedigree* arranged and illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, | with his arms anil crtit, aa worn upou hi* carriage. Price only $ Jn ? in eolors A Curioaity- je23 eodtf m r NOTICE TO BANKS WILSON k SHOWN having lost their Bill Book by the recent fire, will think all Banks hav ng their notes aui iccept<nce?. t<> send nfw notices of the \,ime to their pie.eut ntflre, So 7H West treet, corner of C.llule j . iJ Iweodis't c I w o? PARTICULAR REOUEST AND NOTICE- WILSON Ik BROWN, reeently occupants ol th.- Store 12 Broa' .treet, now i e moved to the corner of Carlisle and Went street* hiving nitfered iu roinm<>? with others in the loa? of book - and |?peni nl' account, earnestly auli' it thjwe to whom the; li iVr ?i-lil f oniK ? t icli liave not been paid for, to render a lul iiab ment of Hieir inde^Muen*. witii copiea of bills and ac count* re dtrvd; anH where such bills and aecoants have not been rendered, to furnish a statement of the gouw delivered, i order that thry may come to a (ettletnent. WILSON Ik Bl'ldW N will also th t k parties holding the" acceptances and notes, to rei der a stat. nient of the ?aine, tti > due nrovision mav b? m?d- for them at mjtuiitv- Bulks hold nig ttieir name ru.'iniiiK to maturity . will coul.r aftvorby in> tiiying thein i i i similar manner. WILSON .V BROWN h.iv Ueen so fortunate as to record. I from the ruin, ol their late s'ore, their Unbox, containing ?l' toeir uotea of ho, d collect) 0, w ith hut .i very tew exception and other v ilu ible p<|? ra; hut iu so clu red a d damaged ?ute. ih't though leg lile, they will hate :o<h?uii|. i rn see. uecti d theri ? itli, w th subatitu ting tleW | |?i ? of similar teiio. III their stt' ll. '>21 lw " e"'1 Je liUTHIC ClIUKl ii-> COLON KL? n I MOtfAlt S, \ c. THE Underaifned Im iua the Auenl of i I rg.- t "I rPi| Olas Manufactory ia Krante, willfurnish thei.esl 'iu^||t,e. < colored Ul us t much lower puces ihan the) Wave been wild t. this day i hurrh Windows can he had ready mounted, with any pattern of Mosaic m.ide according to models, ? I copied on tiie finest Gothic Mm ument. in Enrope. He will coutr.ict for the complete Olaas Furniture of any t liurch. A| - ply to C. CAVORET, juI6 Imeod'rh No. I South William stree'. T^HE MANSION HOUSE, 38 Broadway, i? uninjured by X the l ite fire, and continue, open for cowimuv jv2I Iw'ec W J BUNKER RACLNG UN THE BEACON COURSE. A.M *THI for$Jfl?l will come off over thi. Course on Mon day the 2Sth iiist., or first fair day, between thet'auad* Horse, Mops aud the well known Racing Horse Livingston, to *o I *% mile heals and leap 4 hurdles S f. et 6 inches hign to the heat. Thi, race to come eff at 4 o'clock Same Hay? A Purse of t-X> will be giv?n for a Foot Race of a mile, to leap 12 hnrdlea, each 3 leat 6 inches high, to get nvr as they please. Entrance Si, to be ir Je at R. Smith's On or before Thnrsday evening next; $19 of .ae money to t|n> 1 1 if there is more than Ave starts. For this rac* the follow' <r ei tr ? s have b? en made Nor h Berger, V elch B.?riam, Ri rsm tlorton, I eter Williams, and Jamea Wilson To come off atSo'eluck. BARLOW AND GEORGE REWARD. TheMatch, One Mile, for fm, between th setwo Pad -sir i n* ? ill com* off on the ,1st inst. The great Trotting Match between Lady T- mpkins. the Jer sey < ily Mare, and Jamea D. MeMann's Reality, and ^leorte Spier's horse Zip, aomas off on Monday werk, th* 4th ? i Aagtut. The hovaaa are at pteeent all doing well JnUtf ,? LATEST INTELLIGENCE. By LA1T BVKKUiO'D MAli* Wuhliigton. [Ccrraipondano* of the Herald.] WaShi.noto:*, July 23, 1M6 Double, double, toil and trouble? Fire 6*r? ojU cauldron bubble. The fruits of the great victory are likely to turn into ashes upon our lips. Another such victory ail we are undone. Little did we think last summer, while stumping it tor Polk, Dallas, Texas and Ore gon, and a reduction of the Tariff, that our greatest trouble* were to be reserved until alter the victory. We told the people of Virginia that if they gave us Polk and Dallas, we would give them a revenue tariff, the territory of Texas, anil the whole of th? Oregon ; and that we would show to the country that we had other and greater measures to attend to than this pitiful, contemptible, loafing, beggarly, stinking, barbarian squabbling for the " spoils"? But we were deceived. The whole issue ot the victory turns upon the loaves and fishes. The tariff is forgotten? Oregon is neglected?' Texas is secured, but is only considered valuable from the few paltry letWiil offices there to be created. We are in a worse condition than Hannibal, after the battle of Cannae; for we seem to have fewer chances of ea* cape from our own internal distentions. A mer chant's crate filled with half-starved Kilkenny oet?. caterwHuling over a single slice of raw beef, will give you a better idea than anything else of the pre sent harmony ot the great democratic family. A gentleman communicates to us this morning the -ubstance of a re|*>rt which will establish our prog nos-tics.heretofore recorded upon the *ame subjt ct It discloses a movement upon which depends the poli cy nay perhaps the very existence of the present cabinet It is a movement which will teat in the onset of th? next session of Congress, the unts-or, or 1 discord of Congress with the tone of the adnunima 1 tion. It resolves upon one single issue the fate of the Old Hunkers of the North, the Calhoun free traders of the South, aud of free-trade and incidental ..rotection. And these great issue?, upon which the future policy of the government is to turn in respeet to our revenue system? whether the manufacturing interests of the North or the agricultural interests ot ilie South are to tie prostrated or protected, rest upon a question which has heretofore been exclusively a matter of local concern or ot party reward. And this i-aue, which is th- hinge supporting the future policy ?f this administration, will be tound in the election ,,f the printer to the next House ?f Representatives. That flection will virtually decide the fate of the iaritf of '42, whether it shall be reduced to a hori zontal standard ot 8) per cent., or modified slightly onlv in its most obnoxious impositions. It Mr Ritchie is elected, the southern wing ot the democracy may expect to hold the balance ot ,>ower wilh the election ot the ?' LonstUutum tor tV Senate. But Mr. Ritchie may be deleated i with the assent of the South, from his uncertain attitude ui>on the Sub-Treasury question. And now we come to the report upon which these specula . ions are based. We have given you several well authenticated hints regarding an own for the es;>e I ?!?! Mipport ot the Van Bu re n- Wright men, to be ' stablnhed here at head-quarters. We are Borry to ? iv that Father Ritchie has been lnghiened out ot ...ur vara* growth by these prophetic declarations , , i me old h ^ Rumor. But he has i cause ot alarm. 1 Itlair \ Hivet, back ot Jackson Hall, are rapidly i milling a printmg-oliice, and it is to be done before -he meeting of Congress. Why 1 I" the matter of ! hi-ir excommunication by uie President, they are I ..ineui in u'-rtl from his decision to the Houseot I- iite?enUlives. bat llenry E. Riell is the person .r,. most dieaded and most to be teared Not only >7r Ritchie, but several of the Cabinet are so ap reheiiMve ot danger trom the formidable prepara tions which Hi ell ha- let t behind hi m tor an indepen dent \ an Bureu-Wright paper in Washington, that t appears they have' not only been inquiring anx iously into the business, but have been actively at .voik to frustrate the enterprise ot Riell by all avail ,ble counter- move nients, We aie Jold. but can -carcely accredit the statement, that a high tunc tionary of the government, uuder this determination to the frustration of Riell, went down to Alexan dria a day or two since, and attempted, by a higher bid than that otfered by and accepted trom Riell, to Minercede that gentleman in the house he has hired upon Capitol Hill as his future residence. It is said ihat this high functionary declared he did not want ihe house at present, but would pay the relit to keep " wTexpect Reill back in a few days, and then we -hall try and get him an introduction to Father Ritchie. Meantime, Mr. Hives would confer a ta vor by telling us the purport of his late visit to Al tumv and the result of Ins various confabulations with tJov Wright, and whether lie (Rives) is to throw his triends ot the House into the scale ot Reill. or vice versa If Reill gets his paner going here, aa our informant remarked to us to-day, it will dissolve the "Luton," break up the "ConsUtuium, blow up i he "United States (Journal) and scatter to the winds the fragments ot the "LHobe" remaining bnt *-e have no such serious apprehensions, the ?' Union, "however, cannot touch nottom without the printing . . , . Here we have a most interesting subject for con ?emii'.atH'n. Virginia will scarcely get the Speaker, lohn W. Davis, of Indiana, will be tne man. And the old Jackson Van Buren men of the North and West, or a suiiicient minority of them united with the Whigs, may plav the mischief with the calcula tions of die oru'an li the organ is defeated by such a combination: then ihe tariff of 1*M2 for t wo vears to come, is invulnerable. On the other hand, the tree trade democracy oi the South and boutnwest, are not yet strong enough to etl'ect, by any combina tion, the complete destruction ot the tariff, but by a wise and watchful supervtMon ot all the odds and ends of the partv, they may do much to mitigate ihe heavy penalties of _ imposition of the Unit ot 1^42 The Cabinet have resolved uton introducing the new brooni of rotation into the several bureaus ot the Navy Department; and to do this, it has been lound necessarv to send certain indignant old com modores out to sea, to get rid of them, and their pro testations. , , We have not been up town this morning, and have no newaas to the doings of the Cabinet to-day, ex cept that the President and Mr. Buchanan, and Mr. Walker, had a little executive session of their own today, in matters and things in general, and Texas ' MWeUihafl furnish an interesting chapter to-mor row on the subject of the grand mineral region oi Lake Suj>enor. from a couple ot gentlemen just in. Philadelphia, July M, 1849. The weather continued pleasant, though a trifle warm, er than yesterday. About half pait 11 o'clock last night, two of the lower ten milliona in the district of Moyamenaing, got into b quarrel, which ended by one striking the other over the forehead with a mallet or hammer, and cruihing in hii skull. The injured man died immediately. Ilia name i* John Wesley llobart, and hit connexions are respectable, though he has been a loafer, from the excessive use of rum, fur some years past. His murderer, whose name ia Shaw, keeps a cellar lor the lodging of such wretches, for which he charges a tip a night, and it was about a bar t tin for a night's lo Iging that the quarrel originated.? The Coroner ha* Hel l an inquest over the bodv , and ? -4|iavr has been arrested and committed to prison by Al de'rman Hoffner, to answer. The morn talked of arrangement between the Wil mington Railroad Company unci the Delaware and f.hoia. ?ak? ? at nl hiuentirelj tnllen through, in con<oquence j: which the sti'ck of t.o former is down at 1 U to-day, i decline of 1 on yeaterday's quotations. Stt e ntesaro ? tea iily improving, exhibiting an advance of j on yes re rday. There is aire a !y sufficient in the public treasury to * t!ic August interest, and afford n surplus for oiher npo'p.s. ami ali without the aid ol the count) of ''hila l.hia. And. indeed, we occupy a moit ridiculous po tion before the Mate and the Union We made the ii"id?st noise about pa\ inn the Htats interest, and in vor of each county ? Wanting their quota for (hat par ?,n??e, and yet were* the last to come up to the rescue. ? he Philadelphia bat tile has e?) lamed the cause of this tti he, the l?m prohibiting the co'inty froai borrowing i oney .but the moneyed men, or moneyed institutions of ?I e city, ought not to have regarded tni.s, as there waa ? nrcely a ooubt that the county board would have pro? led for any advance they would have made As, how. ? er, the preseot whig in I native majority in the County llo-tnl, and aUo in the Board of Conmty i ommissioneia, ?ve shown their edroilnesa in putting aside morat obli n itions on the score id legnl tecnnicalitiea, perhaps the oneyed interests of the city had no confidence, and were p.raiil of burning their finirers by making the re<| >ired ii ivancement. Be that as it may. Philadelphia is in an awk ward position, and must no longer reproach old Berks, Westmoreland, and oilier radical democratic counties, v. ith a disregard of the puhlie faith. They have come up bravely to the rescue, while the stands delinquent. Malee of * tor It a at Philadelphia. Fiasr Bosun, July W ? 500 shves Girard Bunk, 8}%:3##de I! '4; Kill do 8^, KWfclXi WO Wilmington, 13*; do UK| ildo H1,: t F u inert' ana Mecleuiics' Bk, 45; $7000 flt.ite 4s, 7" '.i ; 'IHM Terns ?? tes, 20. Hrconn Board? S'Olxi State 3V 'S%. JWO Reading Rlt#y V, 700 shares ( lirud Bk. bo5d, 8><; V wiwlsiw* RR,bo4, Bo. tow, July M. I?43 - 6 A. M. "minting the Oun$ on the Fort$ ? Our line* f J.ueerpttl Packet* ? /few Hhipt. I saw it itated in one ot the Maine papera. a day or two a ;o that several companies of United States troopa, sta ined on the frontier, had received erdera te rendezvous nt Boston. This order, taken in connection with the re cent visit of Col Bumford, of the Ordnance Department, has led to the belief that these troops will be employ# 1 in mounting the guua on the forte wMeh are situated at th