Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 28, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 28, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. lOJ.WhoU no. *007. Price Two Uut*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BKNNKTT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price a cent* per C?j)y? $7 28 por annum? payable in advance WEEKLY HERALD ? Kvery Saturday ? Trice cents per copy? fs l-jt cents per annum ? payable in advance ADVKRTI8EMENT8 at the usual prices ? always cash in advance. PRINTING ul all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. dy- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the eitublishinent, must be post paid, or the postage Will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, faoPHIK.TUH or THfc N ? * Villi U HfcU A Lll EST A HL.ISH M ? V#rth?Mt rnrti<?r of li'rrtton and Vasaatl ?!><?.*?? SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. BLOOM I NU DAL E, M A N 1 1 ATT A N V ILLE, AND FORT WASHINGTON 8TAOES, Will commence running in tin- following rder, on Saturday, May tin* 17tli, ISIS, leaving ; M whattanville at 6 o'clock, A. M., and r.iu <? i y half hour until 7 o'clock, P. M. Leaving New York, tprner of < liailmm mid pTryon Row, at 6 A.M., and continue every half hour until H M. Stages to Carmausville Tramy Chana Cemetery anil Fort Washington, every hour tnioiiirn me uav. Iroin I A. M. to 7 P. M. rare to Aiuiinaiiaiiville liitf cuts; CannansviHe 1*^<; Fort \VH<niiuiioux-j oents. U.MOORE, Proprietor. MAlij UNli FOR, BOSTOfV ovkr ~rm-; loni; isla.nij hail ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH 4" WORCESTER. At 8 o'clock in the Morniuf , from the Foot of Whitehall ?treet, South Ferry ? Sundays excepted. Way Crates are in readiness to receive baggaKe for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage fur Boston toes through under look. jul6 tl'rc FOlCNElVPOUT AND PROVIDENCE. ? - ? W -gT , ?sr T ' On Mondays, VV eiluesdays, and Kriduys, over the Loup Island Rail Koudto lireeii|iort, thciier to Newport and Provi dence in a splendid ;<nd commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Kerry. ju 16 tf rc f AJvCi IU ?AL.nMOIlJS #'I. Through in Seven Honrs. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled Steamboat ROBKRT MOltRIS, < h plain J. M. Douglass, will, on and after Monday, June IS, leave Dock *treet wharf, daily, (except Sundays, ) at 3 o'clock, 1'. M. Pas sengers will arrive iu Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only $1. This Line is composed of the following splendid and fast Steamboats: ? Hubert Morris Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio... Captain L. Davis. ('oimtituuwi Captain J. Chaytor. Cieorge Washington Captain J.Trippe. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M. ? Tickets for Wheeling aud Pittsburg cau be procured ou board the boat. UNITKD STATKS MAIL LINKS FOR BALT1MORK. Fare $4 ? Through in Six Hours. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINK. Via Chester, Wiliniugtou, Klkton, Havre de Grace, fcc. On and after Wednesday nest. June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the MailLiues, will be reduced to S2. The Trains will leave as follows: ? From Philadelphia, | From Baltimore, Depot 11th iuid Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except Sunday, at II A.M. I Daily, exc, Sunday, at !l A.M. Aud Daily, at 4 P. M. I And Daily, at 8 P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets throuuh to Wheeling and Pittsburgh cau be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts. </. H. HUDDELL, Agent. Forfurtlicr information, apply to J. L, SL.EMMER, at the office of Adams k Co. 17 Wall street. June 21th, 1815. jeiWec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. 1 REDUCED FARES. SUMMK R A R R A N O E M EN T , TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Ou and after 14th June, 18-15. From Brooklyn Dejutl ? Boat* ?n Train? 2 A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at KarmiitKilalr and St. George's Manor. Accommodation Train? 9>? A. M and rj P. M. for Farming dale nid intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodaiion Train, 3 P. M. for (lreen|>ort, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at J '.m^ica. Branch, Hempstead, and Hicks vill , and all the stoppiug places belwecu Hicksville aud Or?en|Hirt. From Ontmporl Depot ? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12X o'clock M., or ou the arrival of thestcamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepted, forBrooklyn and intermediate placet. front Farminzdale Drjiot ? Accommodation Train, 6 % A- M. and 2>? P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyu and intermediate places. From Jammra Depot ? Extra Train, IU P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn and intermediate places. The Boston Trains stop only at Karmingdale aud St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places ou the road, going both ways to receive aud deliver passen gers. viz: illor.' 8 Deer Park. East New Vorli I'iyi Thompson.. 88 Race Course .... la1* tiufiolg Station ?.l Oil Trotting Course I8.V1 Lake Ro.ul Station 1 18)i Jamaica 26 Medford Station 1 18 '4 Brushville 31 Milleville 1 M Hyde Park, 17 miles 37 >4 St. George's Manor. ... 1 02 Clowtville, (during ses- Riverheaa ....162 siou Court,) 3? 1 g James)Hirt 1 Hempstead J7i, Mattetuck 1 62}? Branch 37,'i Cutchogue I 02 'j Carle Place. 44 Southold 1 62', Westhury 44 Greenport, Acc'n. train. 1 7V*t Hicksvilu- 44 Boston Traiu 3 00 Knriningdale 62!* Stages are in readiness ou the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Uitggage Crates will be in rrmliness at the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore ttir hour of starling from the Brooklyn side. 1^/" Rockawny Baggage taken in separate Crates. ju lOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. sirsis PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Hail roads and Canal ? through in 3>* ilay3. The above line is now in full operation and often treat inducement* to persons who wish n pleasant mode of travelling to the west. 1' he cars hi-v limit in the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up iu a superior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenient* of travellers. The scenery ou this route is unrivalled, and t'nr mat fihain of Peiinsyl vania internal improvements is well woi thy ol being seen. By this r?ute passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, aud at the same time make an ex peditious trip. * The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to eugage their places at Philadelphia. Office iu Philadel phia N. K. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. l'J and lit Snutii Third sts. A. CUMM)Nu$i Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1816. For information, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNISKLL, Agent lor I). LEJCCllfcOO.'s Lii uine. 7 West at, N. K. my 17 6m*rrc GRAND EXCURSION TO ROCKLAND LAKE, < OULLION PARTY by Mr. Brooks of NihloV ? l)od worth's Celebrated ( otillion and JELM^tiirasH Band is, by particular desire, engaged lor ftie oceasinn. Fireworks aud Illuminatinns manufactured by Mr. Kd^e. The new and commodious steamboat DKLA WAKK, t apt. P. H Smith, will make an excursion on Thurs day, .Inly 31, IHI.'?, to Rockland Lake, and w ill stay three hours, giving all the opportunity to view the splendid scenery at this beau tit ul spot. Phe boat will leave Warren street at half-past 7 A. M.; Delancy street, Kast River, at 8; Pike street quarter past B; North River, Pier No. 1,9; < anal quarter oast ft; Ham mond half past 9; and 19th street quarter to 10. Returning to the city at 9 o'clock. No pains will be spared to keep the com pany M'lect for the mutual enjoyment of all hy the committee ??f gentle men. Refreshments will be furnished by Mr. Down i ut4 .?t a reasonable charge. Tickets for the excursion .'><) cents, which can be had at the Aitor, Franklin and Howard Hotels, and on board the boat. JyI7 It+m CHLAP EXCURSIONS TO TUB FISHING HAW MLS OFF SANDY HOOK FAftMi \nii CKNTS KACH WAY rHK new and fast Steamboat BUFFALO Cim. ant. J. W. Han cox, w HI make Kicnrsions rum the mm son every Monday. Wednesday, and Sunday, leaving Hammond street at B o'clock; ('anal. 8l.i; Delancey and Pike sts., K. 11., 9: Pier No. I, N. H.,9K o'clock. Ou the return paniiengers will belauded at Coney Island, and one hour allowed for BnthiiiK. All kmds of Refreshment* on board. Bait at cost. j n 17 2w*ec STATION ISLAND * <eOF"M' FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. 'I'lie Btentnhona SYLPH and STATEN I8LANDF.K will lea*e New Vnrk erery hoar except t P. M., commencing at " ? until 7 P.M. Leave Staten island every hour except < P.M., commencing ni I A. M.. ontil 7 P. M. ,V I< ? (in Sundays the Moats will leave every hour from t ,\- M , until I P. M., and from 1 ( . M. until 7 P. M., every h ill hour. jy 12 NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. At* M>R ALBANY AND THOV DIUM T. Jlr "Of* ?at 7 oVIock, P. M ? The steamboat KM I I HK, Captain H B. Macy, will leave tlie stp-ainbnat pier loot of ('Oiirtlaudt street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday attemooti, ?t 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLOMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Perk, every Mcfbaay, Wednesday and b ridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock Hor 1 1 . ssane or rreiubt apply on hnnnl, or at the office on th? W ,?oo n'1'' 'N Til KKT ot-KM H..? t-r . cents? Utic ?, tt? Syracuse, 7?T 811 Jr Si.aO-Korhfster. $3? Buffalo, $3,.'iO? Also, through in tlie last Ime, With board. SIA..V0? Also, ()s>% ego, fS? KimkMou,(I'. < .,) ?<7'1 oropio, Uveland, (O ) Jfr-I>e* troit, $t) 50? Chicago, ( 111. ) $10, North to Troy and White, hall, $2,.' *>? Montreal, $1,60. Office No. liU Barclay it. vto lm*rh M. L. IIAY, Ageut. MORNING LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK, iM*) pa FOR ALBANY. TROY mil intermediate fe?v 1-nitl iiiK" ? from the Steamboat Pier at the foot o JLmJuL Barclay street. Breakfast ami Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock. A.M., Tuesdaya, Thursday* MdSaturdav , and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wedneaday ami Friday. The low-pressure Steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, on Tueadaya, 1 hursdavs and Saturdays. at7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, ( Upuin A. Degroot,* on Mon day. W eduesday and Friday, at 7 o clock. For |>.is**ge or IreiKht, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. Nuiici ? All goods. freight, baggage, bank bills, spucie, or any other kind of projiert) taken, shipped, or put on bo ird this boat, must be at the ri?k of the owner* of such goods, freight, bag gage, Itc jelKi'c WILUAMSB URGH AND PECK SiJJP FERRY. The Trustees of thixFerry, l.?-l i.-v uiu that there are many of the citizens ol New York Old vicinity that are unacquainted with the facilities this Ferry affords as a pleasant communication with Williamsburg and Long Island, would state that there ire two good Ferry B'ats on this perry .which leave Peck Slip every fifteen or twenty minutes through the day up to 5 o'clock, P. M., and then up to I o'clck, at each even hour and half hour; after which a boat leaves at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. The last boat leaving Williamsburg at half-past 9 o'clock, P. M. P. S ?On the evening of July 4th, the boat will continue to run nntil 12 o'clock. jv2 linVc FOR HALIFAX VND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamships BRITANNIA old CA M Bit I V ii ill leave Boston for the ibova ports, as follow s, viz:? Britannia ? I Hewitt, Esq , commander ? Friday, August 1. Cambria? 0. H. E Hewitt, Esq., do. Saturday, August 16. Pasaagc to Liverpool, S 12(1 ; do. t<> Halifax, 820. For freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, jy23 rrc 6 Wall street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVKRPOOL THE Royal Mail Steam Ship. HIBER NIA ind BRITANNIA, will leave Boston Mor the above porta, tu follows-? Hibemia, Alex, llyrie, Eaq., Commander, Tuesday, July 16th. Britauuia, John Hewitt, " Friday, August 1st. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. For freight or passage, apply to for Irriglit or passage, apply to jy 12 I). BRIOHAM. Jr., Agent, 6 Wall st. [, DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in any part of England. Ireland, Scot l inil or Wales, can be supplied with drafts payable at sight, without (lis- . count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following places, vix? In R.NOJ.AHD ? The National and Provincial Bank of Eng- ! laud; Messrs. J. Barned St Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank, ? Liverpool; \lessra. James Bui t St Sol, London, and branches i throughout England and \Vale-.. I\ Im i.AMi.? The National Bank of Ireland, tuid Provin- j cial Bunk and branches throughout Ireland. In Scotland ? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, drieuork Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. Tint steamship (ireat Western sails on the 31stJuly,by i which all drafu tan be forwarded free. Apply to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. jvl9 re 76 South st. cor. Maiden lane. ? KOK SALE, FRKKrllT OR CHARTER- The I very fast sailing N. York built packet ship YAZOO, ! 670 tons, live oak and locust top, live oak transom, i forward and after cauta, carries 2200 bales New Or )ttou, and has handsome furnished accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply oil board at Jones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO , jy20ec 5<i South street. FOR LONDON-To sail on the 29th July? The splendid new Packet Ship BRUNSWICK, Capt McManus, will positively sail f(?i' the above port, on regular day; can accommodate a few Cabin Passengers, iu a very superior manner, at less than the usual rates. Her Steerage accommodations is verv lofty and aiiy. For Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers, all of which will l.e taken very ' low, bv applying to JOHN HER DM AN, jv2.'i ec 61 South st, one door east of Wall st. LONDON LINK OF PACK ETS- Regular pack et 01 the 1st of August. ? The splendid new packet iship PRINCE ALBERT, W. S. Seber, master, will sail as above, her regular day. Having very su|>erior accommodations forcabiu, second cabin and steerage passengers, |<ersous wishing to secure bertha by i this vessel should mike early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, KKI Pine street oemer of South The packet ship ST. JAMES, F. R. Meyer, master, will succeed the Prince Albert, and sail on the 1st of September, ju in rc "ISsF FOR MARSEILLES? Packet of 1st August.? MTT*yThe superior ship AGNES,, Capt. Wethered, will AhMHi1 the place id the new skip Nebraska, not ready, and sail on the 1st August. Fur freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN St PH ELf'S, or to _juI7rc BOYD St HIN'KKN. Agents, A -5 At FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CH ARTER? The ve ry fast sailing barque HOME, Captain Watts, built JttMllfiain B ihin on e one year since of the best materials, parries aliout 4,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations for twenty paaieDMn. Apply to Captain Watts, on board, at Pike street wharl, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO. $27 rc . '16 South street. O LiTeST A BL1SHE D~EMIGRAN T PA BSAO E ? OFFICE, 61 South at. ? Passage from England, Ire ( ilsnil, Scotland and Wales ? Those sending for their friends would do well to avail tin tnsehes ?f the opportunity of ?taking their arrangements with the subscribers on very mode rate terms, by lirst class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Dr ifts can as nsual be furnished lor any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HER DM AN, 61 South st. The mail steamer Hibemia sails frem Boston on the I6lh inat, bvwnich letterscan be forwarded quickly. mv23 rh FOR GLASGOW ? Regular Packet. ? IV well known, fast sailing British Barque ANN HARLEY, iDuncau Smith, master, 430 tuna, will meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations apply on board pier 8 N. R, or so WOODHULL ?t MINTURNS, jvl2rc 87 S ,nth street PACKETS FOR HAVRE? Second Line? The packetship BALTIMORE, Captaiii Edward Funk, T iwil! sail on the lstof August. ?or freight or passage apply to BOYD St H1NCKEN, jy2 rc No. 9 Tontine Buildings, coi. Wall and Wnterstrecta FOR LIVERPOOL ? The superior ship NEP TUNE, Captain Peach, will sail on her regular day. _ i For passage, having unsurpassed accommodations n the Cabin only, apply to JOHN HERDMAN, je27 rc 61 South street friends \> o TO LKT ? Offices and Lofu in flit- new lire-|?roof btore :omer of Piue and South sts, Apply to jy20 JOSEPH McMfTflRAV. FOR SALE. THE Three Story Brick House, 113 Houston street, built in the best manner; warm in winter and cool in isuminer; replete with every convenience. Half the pure hue money may ritniin on bond and mortgage at 6 |ier cent. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., ju!9ec 56 South street. TO LET, until the lirst of May next and immediate pos session given, of the 3 story house No. 104 First Ai enue 1? tween 6th and 7th streets, The premises have lately been put in compleate order. And all has been painted inside and out, last June, the Croton water introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, and it is well adapted to accommodate one or more families; rent asked to one family for the residue of the year to next May is $325. Inquire at the office of John II. I'ower, Esq., No. 70 Nassau st. corner of John, up atairs from the hours of 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Saml. R. B. Norton the owner, at the aame office on Tuesdaya and Wednesday. lin jy 12*rh LOOK AT THIS ! ! ^ JUST RECEIVKD ? Another lot of French Boot*, of Jwthe best kind, ami will he sold at the old nrice, $5, and the j* best of French Cull Boots made to order for $5; City made | JRt Calf Boou, $3; and the greatest assortment of Oents Oait i its of ill kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the lines! Calf Shoes, $2 and $2 40. A ureal variety of all other kn.ds. Ladies in Uin ftore will tind a great assortment ol trailers, BusKins, Slipa Ties. Prunella. Satin, &c For an assortment of all other kinds Misses and Children's Bools and Shoes we cannot he heat in thiicity. Do not mis lake the nn inner, Ml Broudw ay, corner of Franklin street. joJ lm*rh M. CAHILL. KI V ^FRENCH BOOTS for t3 SO: City Made, and for style and durability they are ei|ual to those sold fur $S, at Young tt Co's Imperial French Boot and Shoe Manu factoring l)e|xit, nt No. 4 Ann street, one of the most Fash i ionable Boot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for SI 50; filial to those made in other I stores for tfi and $7. Boats, Shoes, Gaiters, Sic., made to or der in the shortest notice. Mending, fcic., done in the store. Win. M. Young SiCo. , Wholesale and Retail Mannfactorvrs, No. 4 Ami street, New Vork, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNO, and je24 lm*rc H. B.JONK8. I N FhltlOR TO NONF. AND SI I'KRIOR to manv. ("? BK.VUTIFUL light White plain Summer Hats, price I $2,75, which for heautyof finish cannot be sarpaased. j Alto, Drub Beaver*, Blue Brush autl White Castor Hati,aJI of the latest style. , I Also, t'auaina H its, very low. (.KNOX, jel9 Itn'rc IIP I* is It on nt, between Willi, un and Nassau. MILLS, HATTER. 178 BROADWAY, HOWARD HOTKL, HAS now ready, an assortment of Summer Hat*, to which the attention of gentlemen ii invited, at the fol I lowing prices, vir. r'rench Pearl (a new article) $4 (Ml Pearl Csssiinere ' SO White French ( also a new article ) 4 00 ?Smooth White Caator ... in \ls?, an assortment of I'anama, Fine I* ilm Leaf, Bohemian, J and other Hats.suitahl" for the season. ! jel? lm*rre MIC1.S. I7B Bmadway, Howard Hotel. MILLINERY AND DKESS MAKING. MRS. ROSK.No. 17.', Walker street, New York, re spectfully solicits a call from Ladies wishing any thing in the Millinery or Dress Making line. jel4 Im'rh i VI in RTATION OK W \T( II KS ~ KK( K1VF.D from Switzerland, by packet ship j/iirich. an assortment of Watches and Movements of 'every description and ?f first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. DF.LACHAU8R (k MAIRF., ju7 Im'rc No. 127 hultou street, New Vork. tU)ULSTONE'S? K.IU1NU SCHOOL, " i:i7 and 130 Mercer Street. MB. JOHN S. ROUL8TONK has the honor to .iiform his friends .'1111 the nuhlic in general, that his .School for Instruction in Horsemanship ia now open fP d.iy bikI evnniiK. as follow? Honrs for Oentlwnen from ...... ... 6 to 8 A. M. " " lull's ?' 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of iust. ?.t nwd* known on application to Mr. Roulstoue. Mr R. has just rt r ived from the country several fine and Stylish Saddle Hon. which he is authorised to sell at a rev soimhle pri<f. my7rc OLD (rOti) AND SILvfeR. SILVF.H (Jilt Kpsulets, Book Binder's Riga and Silver Smith's Stoning* iiought, by A. B \RNA H I) . No. 2 Wall street. Melter and Assaycr of Metals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay Fine Oold and Helled Silver, for plating, coastaiitly on liajiil, at office No 3 Wallstreet. Works lit Laurens street. je2!l lin'ee MAN(4ANRBFe-?lS casks first quality Manganese, received and for sal. hy I F.RS8F. Ik IJHOOK8, i-trtm s'. ,nil at Na...n street BkF.s'wA.% ? i cask Seeawam 7~7> f very MUMnM SSfi lor mitt bv K. K. COLLINS H ( 6. !4 South strtet. ir? I'll 1 1* A 1>K l-IMI I A HOTKl.S. HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE , '44.1 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET. NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILAD E I. P II 1 A Bllhl jmt introducd ? Wairnund Cold ? in fihr npajT nei.ts ? for both ladies md gentlemen j?28 lui'ec T C COLUMBIA HOUSE, Cheat nut Street, between Otli and 7th streets, PHILADELPHIA. 'T^Hh HI HK( K I II Kits respectfully inform t ln? i r friends and 1. the travelling public. they have taken lite above house, t lur merit known a* the Marshall ) and hive made extensive alterations aud improvements in its interior, having ? pared no expense to render it one of the moat pleasant and fashionable bosses in the city . The parlors are aumeroua, the chamber* largt; aud well arranged, tile luriuiurr entirely new. lu loca tion ik in the moat ceutr >1 part of the city, near to all the places til public amusement, and convenient to the depot* of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. I het^lile* W ill lie supplied with nil t lie deli cac ic* of the sea vm. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have bccu uarefulb selected The proprietors hope by theirjiersoual attention and ex|>erience in the buiiuess, to uive s.itisf iction to ihoae who may favor them with their patron ire. BAGLEY. MACKENZIK Si CO. James Baeley, (latent' lones' Hotel.) Henry C. ..l.ickenzie, (formerly of the Washington House.) Peter L. rrrgasou July Int., 184-s. jv3 3m* ee LONG BRANCH, N'KW JERSEY, " BATH BUILDINGS," (koHMI'.HI.Y NKMsHAW'f.) pHIS well-known and delightful m a bathing establishment L will be opened for the rect ption of visitors on and after the 85th June iust. The buildings liave undergone a complete and thorough repair, and no efforts will be spared to maintain the deservedly high reputation which this esiablishnieut has here tofore acquired. The price for boarding will be from ?7 to $8 per week? chil dren and servant* half-price. Voting people, not requiring much room, will find accommodating terms. The St earner Orus, Captain C. I'rice, from the Kultou market, willmak.- a daily trip between New York and Long Branch. Stages will lie in readiness upou the. arrival of the above boat at the Ocean House, to convey passengers immediately to Long branch. JAMES GREEN, Proprietor. June 12, 1845. je 19 lm*m JSOW LAN'S HOTEL, At Ilnrlem Klvcr. CI EORGK NOWLAN respectfully return* his most sin ' cere thanks to his friends and the public for the liberal support which he ha* received for the last ten year*, while Pro prietor of Prosjiect Hall, and begs leave to inform tin in that he li is fitted up the large establishment at the termination of the Railroad, on this Island, and ou the Bank of the River, where lie is prepared to furnish visitors with Ure kfists, Dinners, Tea*. Suppers, and other refreshments, at the shortest netice. (food ground, and every accommodation lor Military Couipa nice. All the Railroad Cars land passengers ill frout of the Hotel for cent*, from the City (I ill. N. B ?An ordinary at half pant 2 o'clock on Sundays. je28 WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING R.OOM, "i (?old street, near Maiden l.urit. ^ OUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable House, ?> being convenient to the business part of the city. Tins establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good and substantial dinner, 18K cents, lodging* 25 cent*. For con venience and comfort this bouse is equal to any hotel in the city, aud at half the price. Permancut boarder* can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other nouses Elegant private ji triors, for the referee cases, or priva'e dinners or sup per partita. The very be*t of liquor*. ju5 3m*rc SEA BATHING Ut LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY. 'I^HK PROPRIETOR of the New York House, bens leave ' to inform the citizens of New York, and the public general ly, that his house is now o|ien for the accommodation of hoard ers during the summer season. Every attention will be paid to their comfort and pleasure. Good servants will be in con stant attendance. The steamer Oris will leave New York every day, from Kal ; nil Market Slip, and Stages will be in readiness at the Ocean House, to convey passenger* to Loug Branch. June 19, 1845. SAMUEL COOPER. jelH Gw?ec PINE WOOD. SEVEN HUNDRKD CORDS No. 1, for sale low, in Gin gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN SAVAGE, 8.8 DENNIS. ? H. T. RUSSKLl. Said Inlet is navigable for vessels drawing seven feet. jy22 lm'rrc GALVANIZED IKON AND TIN. p ALVANIZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a very su * T perior article, warranted not to rust. Also, Tin Plate, Shce Irou, lCus.iit Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc Scotch and Amet ncau Pie Iron, for sale hv CA8S' Si W ARD, i,ir'l tm?? v? 71 ttr md slreot FoTiter, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING EST A BLISHMENT, NO 2 ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, returns 111* siucere thank* to his frieuds aud the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hoi** by strictattention to bunnies* to merit a con tinuance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, ? - and Scotch Ale. Orders for shipping attended to with despatch. tnl.l 1 ec IMPORTANT NOTICE DA G UERREO TYPE ARTISTS. H B undersignedhave made application to get Lrtteri Pah vt X for their new process to coitir Daguerreoty|ie Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and changes the appearance of the Daguerreotyi* to that of the finest paint ing. Tin* coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It cau be pefortned by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, and will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also can be com muuic ated in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Puteut right for a City or County, cau n: .kc pre-engagemeuts therefore, by addressing (post paid) to W. fc I. LANGENHEIM, jy'l Im *rc Exchange. Philadelphia. OFFICE uF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO.,t N o. 50 W all ?trff t, opposite the .Exchanges ' COMPANY continue to insure against Inns ami da A mage by fire on cooda, wares ujid toprcnaiMiise, and also, against loss by inland navitation on vessela and thfir cargoes. OIKKCTOHS. Thomas W. Thorn** Klisha Kuu*. Thomas T. Anaou Baker, B. K. Robsou, M. U., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jainra E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm, K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tnnis, Thomas MorTell, Francis P. So^e, Knsene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. Groruk T. Hopf., Secretary. a6 rc GALVANIC RINGS. DR. CREIGHTOiN'S GALVANIC RINGS REQUIRE nnllaiiltoincmM their Galvanic power. They possess all the advantages of a Ualvanic Battery, without ita shock, and are successful in curing all nervous diseases, Kor sale only by hia Agents? 149, 143 ami 9S Fulton; 67 Walk er, at Drug Stores corner of Bowery and Grand, 17 Avenue D. , 176 Spring, 36 Catherine, corner of Clinlon and Division, Mrs Hays, Brooklyn. Price 2a ? gold Si. jul9lm*ec I STU IKEK'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to ita original color in a few minutes. Thia solution ii different from any yet offered 1 and cannot fill of superceding all othera. Thoae who doubt ita virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take j r liia method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed II. Striker, in red ink. The Si dution cau be forwarded by Hartiden's Kxpreu to any l>art of the world. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. 5 Chatham 1 street, opposite the Hall of Record ,New York, upatairi. Ju4 m* M A( i N ET1 SM KX POSED. JUST 1> UnUSHF.D , AT FRENCH'S PUBLISHING HALL, 293 BROADWAY, THE CONFESSION OF a MAUN ETI8KR? Bern* an Expo** of Animal Majfnrfi*m, by a Practical M*Kii**tiMT. Thin rlipn?e should be r**ad by every one, ami especially by the Lailit's. They will the danger*. ike , they will be undt r by atthmittinR to the influence ??f thia tlao^'rou* science. For Hal ? at all th? Periodical Depots, nice 12St cent*. jef^l lm*m TEETH ! TEETH ! ! TEETH !J! UNPn E VE DENTE I) REDUCTION IS DENTISTR Y. t T the old establishment, 63 East Broadway, where csu be 1 V had from one to a whole act of Teeth inseiltd ou tiie most reasonable terms. Superior Teeth inserted from 75 cents to S3 00 Teeth Killed from SO cents to I 00 Teeth Mo"nt?d for other Dentists, bv N. TAYLOR, j it 1 7 lin'rc Surgical and Mechanic al Dentiat. I TEIItH TEK'fH ! TEETH i WON D K 11 FU L IMPROVEMENTS. /)/{ BROlVN, DEIST [ST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. BROADWAY, three doora above Chambers street, nest t* Stewart's new building. Continues to insert Premium Artificial Teeth, from one to ? whole aet on the Scientific Principles of Atmospheric Pressure. Also, his cele brated WHITE CEMENT, for filling decayed teeth, ami warranted useful for mastication LOOSE TEETH, arising from medical treatment, or otlrr ennsea, effectually fastened by the highly recommended Lotio Odonta. TOOTHACHE cn red in one minatf, without pain. Teeth extracted with leu than half the uaual>pain. PRICKS LESS than any other Jfckitiat m tliia city. Reference* will be given to numerous funjfli and to the medical faculty in this city, by ! calling at No. Wu>? Broadway. m\ 77 1m rh 1 1 ENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS, M Nassau at., corner of Maiden Lane.? All orders iinineoiately attended to lor i Mason. Slateing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs re|>aired md painteil, and all other repaira anil alterations dune in the best manner. Also, furnaces, ranges, kettles, steam boilers, ovena. and every kind of lire works put up. None but good workmen employed. Ki|iedili?iia and moderate chaiges. Chimney tops for curing ainoke. Up tow n orders left witn J. Quinn, Plumber, 54 ( Broadway ? fm*rh E H QUINN To THE PUBLIC. I NOTICE THE PUBLIC that Doctor JOSEPH HEINE, No. n DUANE STREET, is my HON-wai not ABSA LOM. DAVID'S SON f Sc. B< ox Samuel. SOLOMON HEINE, M D. |e t Sm'ee No. 57 HenHe street. New V nrk I ) M KET SHIP SIDDONH, from Liver oo|. -Consignees ? by this ahip will pie. ise have their i? rmits on bn rd at Or le. ma wharf, loot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not permitted in five days must lie sent to public More. jv22 t i *' !'\NO-? ' The cargo of the ship Shakaiieare, direct liom * \ I' i '? J Unit i-aks. and nnsnrpu' seJ in - in lit) b\ any ; ill llie ii?arket. iHifsaliMu iota to suit i urch .era M V.. K. COLLINS tk ( O., Jnlt M M South street, Cincinnati, July 22, IKI5. Mississippi Valley ? Steamer s employtd ? ? Strife for triu/e between Cincinnati, St . I Amis and Ijouisville Advantages of the Cities ? Illinois and its pros pi <ti~ Indiana and her Uank .Votes? Denton? Me dary Shannon ? Itutler ? 1Jit next Presidency. I his mighty Valley , r In- great neck of North America, seems to have been, rather neglected in your 'National Record." I propose, therefore, to touch it all up in one chapter. The general prosperity of the Valley was never better than at this moment, the crops bid lair to equal any previous year, and the mining and manu. factoring are augmenting with rapid strides. These give to trade and commerce the vitality that is de- | sired and essential. About four hundred steamers now lloat upon the bosom of our waters. The strife ! lor trade seems to confine itself pretty generally be tween St. Louis and Cincinnati; in this pie, how- ! ever efforts are made to put Louisville, but late seems to frown upon tliem. The number of steam ers laying at the quays of the different cities, stand about thus ; St. Louis, 40; Cincinnati, 18; Louis ville, ft. At St. Louis all the commerce is confined to the boats, whilst Cincinnati has the assistance of two canals and a railroad ; in fact, this railroad bids '*lr '? become an important feature to the prosperity oi ( i no i n ii h 1 1 , It is supposed that within one vear a continuous chain will reach from Cincinnati to' ?New York, thus creating a conveyance for passaire from city to city in three and a half days, at a price not exceeding .>12. Cincinnati is destined to be the largest manufacturing city in the Union. Her facilities and location put the question beyond a doubt, but in this does not lay all fier merit * she justly claims the title of the "Athens" of America In the School of "the tine arts," she has immortal wed herself, whilst he' Powers and Baker upon the marble, and her Powell upon the canvass, are win ning golden encomiums in the schools of the old world. She has a rich school at home, headed by Jones with the chisel, and Baird with the brush, all ready ?nd anxious to contend for the palm. I he geographical position of St. Louis, has mark ed it for the largest commercial cit" in America! Start not, New \ orkers, one century will see her, (ns the sportsman says; pass you under a strong pull. W ereyou to witness young Ireland, and little tier manv landing at her shore every day in the year, you would not doubt my calculation; and these hardy pioneers possess not only the "mint drops," but the best natural implements of husbandry. At the pre sent day, the population of St. Louis is but 10,000 but the transient visitors are immense. Look for a' moment at'the cause of her growth: the whole of the Santa l'e and Oregon trade, the three thousand navigable miles of the Missouri river trade, two thirds of the lead trade of America, a boundless soil that is now producing tobacco commanding Slfttwr cwt., whilst the old States are content with S I, and a never failing river to lloat the whole down into the great eternity of waters. With these advan tages, m addition to her being located hall-way be tween the Alle<rhany and Uockv Mountains, "what mind can become pent ! The style of St. Louis is much like New York, whilst Cincinnati follows the fashion ol l hiladelphia, and Louisville patterns to her own taste, and in this she has eminently sur passed either of the other cities. Her public edifices are truly grand, and her private mansions, particu larly that of Mr. Graves, (of the Cilley duel notorie ty,) surpass any thin" in the Valley. Illinois? 1 should be doing violence to the valley we re 1 not to record her as the " lilly of the valley '? she is destined for the garden of America? washed on every side by navigable water? almost an island in the very core of tlie Union, covering an area lar ger than all New England, and possessing a fertility of soil and climate unsurpassed on the lace of the globe, she has scarce an acre of bone in her. Tis true wretched legislation has involved her in a debt of about $17,000,000, and withholding from her all assistance for water protection, and her crops l?ein? for four vears cut oil, she has been compelled to re^ pudiate, but like that bird whieh knows no death in nmliers, she will rise ; she now looks forward to the day (as does every other repudiating State,) when the last farthing will be blotted out against her. She has rich mineral weight enough this moment in her bowels to make her the ballast of America. In a lew years she will furnish tin- world with lead. Her wool and pork growers will soon surpass any other two States in the Union Just consider? her wild t prairie hog, called the ? Irish Hog," weight, at one year old, without graining, upwards of :HM> lbs. Indiana? aye, every State must have its peculiari ties, and this has a prominent one, and aside from tills she IS just what Paddy shot at, nothing at all e is the money State of the valley ; I think I have seen, within the last few months, " Indiana bank notes enough to plaster over the whole State com fortably. . Iin furnishe.s almost the universal cur rency from Pittsburgh t? New Orleans, and from Cairo to the head Waters ol the Missouri, Missis sippi, and Illinois rivers. An awful responsibility rests withjthe officers of this Institution, for were ii to fail, a devastation would spread in the wake as disastrous as me nlague of Ugypt. The Benton stock in Missouri has been severely jiored. ( >1(1 Shad Penn, of the Reporter , trains the earthquake" without mercy. Shad declares that Henion borrowed or s from J. C. Calhoun every idea ami nuvsure that has given linn Ins popularity in the Senate, and his statistical reasoning is so powerful that it has set the Bentonians looking for rebutting arguments. " I p to the latest dates they had not found any. Benton surely owes his present seat in the Senate to the absence of a concert of ac tion on the part of the "softs"? (ramember these solts entertain the same views uiton banking and general wlicy that Mr. Van Buren does ) A ureat fault of Mr. Benton is, that he but seldom visits the Mate he represents? Missouri. For many year* pecuniary embarrassments, it was said, kept him out, and Ins only opnortunity was his official privi lege. I o obviate this, the Legislature, two years ago. passed a non-imprisonment act, yet he still con tinues to remain on his wife's farm near Lexington Ky., or at Washington. In Ohio, there is at the present time a considera ble under-current movement. Sam Medary having disposed of the Statesman , some anxiety is mani fested to learn his next move. It is rumored he is to settle in Cincinnati, and take charge of the En quirer. In this he has his advocates and his oppo nents. , ome think him too dogmatical, a bad lead er, and argue that, were this not so, the State would have, for years past, been firm with the democracy. )o inconsiderable feeling is manifested throughout the whole State, in relation to Wilson Shannon, and you need not be surprised to see him taken up as a persecuted man, and placed in the gubernatorial chair, by an overwhelming vote. Should this be the case, he will pay certain men who deserted him in his hour of need. Now, to a prophecy for the next President. The whole yeomanry of the valley are |>ointing to that man who now resides in retirement upon the benn tilril banks of the Ohio, at the mouth of the Ken tucky river, in the time-honored village of Carroll and hu (name is William O. Butler. Mark this prophecy in 1845: his whistle, like Hhoderiek I)hu's, will call lip all the clans, and the hills and valleys of the land will bristle with warriors to his cause. He showed Ins popularity last year when he ran for Ijovernor, and had virtually to contend against I lenry i lay. It was supposed he would be offered tli- highest honor in AT r Polk's gift, and some now think there is an understanding between them ; hut as Ik* has as yet received nothing, his friends de maud it as their right, to know how matters stand rhev now hope he will decline all official honors, until they themselves confer uj>on him the noblest in the world. Kentucky has long wanted a President, but she has never heretofore put forth a candidate of the " right stripe." She may now succc?d. Mi UTAH* Movements. ? Com. Morris and Col. Totten camp down the Luke in the U. S. steamer MiclijKiin, anil have taken lodging* at the American Ho tel. Thai* distinguished offices* ?re engaged in making a reeonnnisance of the Lakes, with Kftnnre to the de fence of the Lake country, and the establishment of suitable naval stations. They embarked at < hicago on the I Utli hut , and have viiitcd, an we understand, the following place* : ? 8t. Joseph*, Grand River, and the Man it OU Mauds, on Lake Michigan; the Strait* of Macki naw ; Port Gratiot, at the outlet of Lake Huron ; De troit, and Monroe, Toledo, F'ut-mBay, Sandusky, < leve land, Erie, on Lake Erie. The distinguished ability and high character of these officers will give great weight to any recommendation* they may make, and their re poit will be looked for with much interest. The result of recent examinations made at Mackinaw by i om. Morris and Col. Totten. shows, as we iearn by , a writer in the Cltvrltmd Herntd, that the narrowest point t of flie strait*, vi/ : from Point St. Ignace to old Macki naw, i* but a fraction le** than eight mile* across, and i that, theiefoio tho " Gibraltar of the Lakes," a* Macki naw lias been called, could not prevent the passage ol a hostile fleet into Lako Michigan. Hnjfuln jJHverllter, July 96. I'NirKu Status Troois F<>ti Tkxas.? The troo|>a now stationed ut thr Imrrackn in garrison, below ; the city, will leave fbr Galveston on Monday or Tneidav evening, under command ol General Tay lot The lot lowing vessels have been chartered to transport them ; ship Wviah, ship ijuecn \ Ictoria, and th? steam ship ! Mabama. We have no doubt their rppenram e on the island will be bailed with joy. and toon we shall hear of I tin stilt' *i aiulod hmher being hoi* tad on tho public plaoetWl oui sister Texas, with the acclamatiou of the i whole poople.? Ntw Orltani Rtp. July !#? Plattshukoh, July 22, 1*45. Northern Nrw I ork ? O^h imbur^h ittuJ lAike Chant jilaiii Railroad ? Clinton Pris m ? Iron Minn. Occurrences, past and prospective, have recently drawn the attention of people to the wealth and pros pects of northern New York. The Burton und Bur lington Railroad soon to be prosecuted? the imme diate completion of the railroad from Troy and Alba ny to Whitehall? the Ogdensburgh and L*ke Chain plain road, now under a fair prospect of construction, and the Clinton State Prison, situated in the heart of the iron mines hi Clinton county, have tended to direct the attention of the country to the condition and resources of this remote and too Ion:' neglected portion of the State. " Northern New York," as it i* generally under stood, comprises the three northern counties, Clin ton, Franklin and St. Lawrence, that border on Ca nada, with Essex on Lake Champlain, and the north ern portions of Hamilton. Herkimer, Lewis and Jef ferson. The eastern portion (the iron district) is mountainous ; but there are portions in Clinton, Franklin and St. Lawrence covered with a rich nl luvial soil, equal to any in the State. The settled portions lie immediately on Lake Champlain and the river St. Lawrence, and in the northern part of Franklin; but Lon g Lake, the source of the Racket, is near the centre of a wilderness as unbroken as the forests that bounded the Hudson, when its disco verer Henry Hudson first explored it in 161)3. While people are leavingNewYork in search of lands at the west, there are thousands of acres of native soil in almost the heart of our own State, waiting the magi cal operations of wealth and enterprize to transform them into villagesjand cultivated farms. It is thought that the contemplated railroads will bring this sec tion of the State into market, and induce capitalists to make investments in the iron business, for which this country is celebrated. The Bostonians, ever awake to their commercial interests, have become sensible of the advantages of a direct communication with the upper lakes, und with Montreal, the capital of Canada. A road to Burlington on Lake Champlain will complete the latter, by the wav of St. Johns, at the head of Lake Champlain ; nna the Ogdensburgh and < 'hainplain road will do the former. It is easy to see that this road will furnish Boston with many advantages in the western trade which New York does not,, and cannot, possess. Western nroductt can be shipped to Ogdensburgh, over three hundred mile ), 'hroiigh Lake Ontario and the river St. Lawrence, at a very small additional expense to that at Buffalo. The ex pense from Ogdensburgh to Boston will be so much [ess than from Buffalo to >iew York, as t<> induce much trade by the former way ; while the whole northern New York, Vermont and Canada would be one n for the trade with Boston. Gentlemen of this place whojhave recently returned from Boston, have encouragement that all stock in the ( igdensburgh and Champlain road not taken ui> along the route will be taken up in Boston, so that there is 110 doubt that thu work will certainly be prosecuted. The Clinton prison is about seventeen miles from this place. Its location in this county was for the pur|>osc of employing the convicts at the manufac ture of iron, so as not to bring their labor and skill in competition with the mechanical trades, and at the same time enable convict labor to support the institution, and not become a burden upon the State. A superior ore bed was found in this county 111 a forest, which furnishes a cheap supply of coal, of which large quantities are used, and the present lo cation was recommended to the Legislature by Mr. Cook, the agent employed to find a location. The main question then whs, what should be the motive (tower iu conducting ilie forges. The mine is seve ral miles from the river, and it was necessary to have the convicts both dig the ore and convert it in to iron. An experiment whs made, to test whether in the Catalan forge the heat wss sufficient to pro|iel the machinery through the agency of steam. The experiment was deemed successful, and main it are based the appropriations and enactments of the Clin ton prison. This country furnishes many important facilities for the iron manufacture. Superior quality of ore. cheap fuel for the manufacture of it into iron, and an easy transportation to market, are important con siderations 111 this business; and Northern New York has. these beyond very many other iron dis tricts. Wood, from which the coal is made, can be iiad at a little above the b.ire expense of cutting down the timber ; and the rivers Ausable and Sara nac furnish ample water power for profiling rolling mills, forges, \*c. Let men of wealth and enter prise look to the advantages of this section in mak ing their investments. Had I space 1 would communicate to your exten sively circulated paper other facts relating to this country ? of the beautiful scenery of Like Cham plain, the excellent steamboats, of the barracks at at this place, and the Fort near Rouse's Point, about the historical reminiscences of the " bloody Sara nac,''Arc. 1 i*\ Si'HE.NECTADY, July 24, 1*45. Prntptct * Union College ? The Recent Celebration ? Pickpocket* and Philofophy. It will, I believe, he admitted by all, and trulysaid, that tins summer lias been of the most favorable character. I attended the meeting of the Alumni on Tuesday, and the commencement on Wednesday. They were thp most animated assemblies I have wit nessed tor many years. A larger number of visitors were present than on any prior occasion. Union College begins to assume the rank among similar institutions, to which it has mst claim. Some of the more distinguished men of the present and past ages ? men, em ut for intellectual and moral attain ments, as lor tation which they have occupied i j nlilic retfard, and the |>art which they have per formed in public life ? have honored theee days, by engaging even in the humblest labors and details of the occasion. The semi-centennial gathering on Tuesday, was a proud day for this city ? graduates of the old schoo| of 17*17, and later ones up to the present|year, adorn ed the walls of the church in which the exercises for the day took place, and felt that, in the calm pursuits of this anniversary, they have found an inexhaustible source of interest and recreation, and more gratelul pleasure, than the most brilliant scenes of public life nave afforded. A large number ol citizens, from distant counties, congregated with the general mass of collegians, among whom were the Governor of this State, the Coporations of almost every city, the State Oflicers ! ind Kegents of the University, and last though not least of all, the venerable l)r Cooke of Albany, long S and favorably known as the Chancellor of one of our | colleges, and the patron ol education, who was no tied walking in the procession nearly the whole route with his hat oil ? " the observed of all obser vers " The hiied patriarch, who has recently r turn ed from England, added much to the dignity of "the gathering." Over half a century ago ne was com paratively an infant ? to-day he is the honored friend of honored thousands. Occasions like the.-e are replete with interest, to both thp young and the old, it they are wise enough to improve similar opportunities? prudence, inte rest, and a wise economy all combine to produce such a resiiit. Tiie Im lit fingered gentry did not forget the day it was a harvest to the pickpockets. 1 am informed | that many large hauls were etleuted ; among which was n valuable gold watch from a son of one of the Professors, and also from many of the under ^radu- 1 ates. I should think that at least ten thousand strancers were in the vicinity of this place during the holiday; and that not many short of a thousand dined toge ther in the admirable urove selected for the tents; i the greater part of whom adjourned to Saratoga ! Springs, as soon as the commencement closed. As j soon as a successor to Bishop Potters' Bishoprick is I appointed, I will give you the earliest, and perhaps I the first intelligence. Execution ok the Hodges. ? The execution of the I lodges took place at Burlington, Iowa, last T ues day, in conformity with their sentence. Wo learn from the officer* of the steamer Fortune, that from eight to ten . thousand person i had collected to see them sutler the po million of the law. and hoar their confessioj, which was expected to be made from the scaffold ; but in this they were disappointed, as they made no disclosure*. The oldest one made a ?iolent and indignant harangue, in which he charged the witnesses who testified Hgainst them with perjury, and In hi?mndno?* ?aid many other hard things. The younger brother appoarwl willing to make a clean breast of it, but ?a< dis abled from it hy his older brother, who said if he did so, the remainder of the family would not be permitted to live '"Hither we?k. They we're executed about twelve o clock. eldest brother is said to have manifested great firmness to the last. ? St. Louis Hi-fi- July 1 s Aiik<;iifny "Burn i Distkmt."? A cabinet ami chair' factory, Mr ./no Mngrcw, a blacksmith-shop, Mr. S shatter, and two turning establishments, Mr. .1. llaj s, anil Mr VVhltemans, have been re-built upon the site of the Mlcirheii* fire. From the preparations, we should presume that several new buildings me in contompla lion. Many house* are also undergoing repairs. Varieties. Nothing lian vet been discovered to fead to the apprehension of the murderers of Col. < ioorge Da ven port. Iln son, (re*. 1., Davenport, lias offered a re ward of $1,100 for the murderers, or Jf>o0 for cither of them. The advertisement offering this reward, gives the follow ing description ot the murdeiers : ? "One of the robbers Was a small, cloie set man; had on a blue coat, whit* pantaloons, a 'loth cap, and it ii thought is the person uhoshothim. Another was a tall, spare man; another was a shoit, thick, square built man; and there were two or three others in company. They have been traced to the river or slough, and suspicious persons were seen on the main shore soon after. Mrs Flint, wile of Mr. John Flint, rending in the village of Brighton. Cuyahoga county, Ohio, committed suicide last Wednesday morning, by cutting throat from eir to eat with a ra/.or. She was about ftO years of "ge In 1829 she attempted to drown herself, and had xinee suffered much from depressed spirits, being at timaa monomaniacal. The railroad project across the Suez Desert haf? been abandoned. The French Minister had influence enough with Mehemet Ali to provent the consummation ot any such bargain. Hon. Is-;>ae Johnson and Trasemond Landry have been nominated by the Democratic State Convention of I. ouixiana as their candidates for the office of Governor mid Lieut. Governor, at the next election. The Commencement at A inherit College occurs on 'I hursday, \uguit 1 Itli On Wednesday afternoon an oration is e*i>ected before the Literary Society, from lion. Oeorge Lunt; and in the evening, an Address be fore the .Society of Inquiry, from Reverend Thatcher Thayer. A man in Lotiisville on Saturday last called on a lady for his rent, when 'he whipped him unmercifully, it is said, i'erhaps he called at the wrong time '. Bishop Kendrick, of Missouri, who came irotn St. Louis via the Lake, lott for NciW York in the steam boat Niagara. Stephen Salisbury, Eaq., has been chosen Presi dent of the Worcester Bunk, in place of .Hon. Daniel Waldo, deceased. Theatrical* ? On Saturday evening, OleJBuU, the great Master of Melody , enraptured the people of Portland with hia wizard strains. The report that the Odeon, Boston, is to be re converted into a Theatre as soon as the present lease ex pires, is incorrect. At least, the directors have passed no vote on the subject. Stickney's equestrian company are in Cincinnati. The celebrated Scotch Ginnt and Giantess, and the Dwarf General Tom Thumb, left Toronto on Wed nesday last, having been visited during their stay there by great numbers of citizens, including the most respec table families in the place. They are about te go through the whole of Canada. Late from the Indirs. ? The Olive Branch, Oapt. llagedorn, arrived yesterday Iretn Kingston, Ja., having left on the 9th inst. The Olive II ranch was expected to sail from this port, but received orders to proceed to Boston. She touchud in to piocure provisions, and will proceed for her port of destination to-day. The barque Backus, Captain Maloney, from this port, arrived at Kingston the day previous to the sailing of the i )live Branch. Left barque Hermitage, for Baltimore in two dayr, and barque John Welch, for 1'hiladelphia in about a week. Captain If. infoi ins us that both white pine and pitch nine lumber were in good demand, and sales were ma king at rcmuneiating price*. No other business doing with the United states. The Royal Niail Company's steamer Tay, arrived at Kingstou on thu 1 th instant from St. Thomas, Bermuda, Nassau and Havana. She had nine passengers, besides some eighteen Kmancipados from the Havana. We niul no local news of interest in the Jamaica papers. - The Morning Journal of the 8th instant, has the fol lowing It is slated in the llarladinn, that up to the 11th ult.,the sugar crop was -Jl ,.'i00 hogsheads, considerably more than was shipped last year at the same period ; then, how ever, the crop was not finished, as it nearly was at the date first mentioned. Weaie in the receipt of but a single number of the Hmnwia Royal Gaxrttt, dated the 17th ult. It contains hut little local intelligence. The iron light house being erected has attained one halt (60 feet) of its intended alU tudc. and it is stated was seen by a vessel running for the land, before land was discovered. By the Barbadoe* papers we learn that ''the Burnt District Bill" had passed the House of Assembly. The object ol the bill is to purchase and vest in the Crown the lands, buildings, and hereditaments, composing the burnt district in the city of Bridgetown. with the view to re-build the same. The first grant of public monev is to lie limited to one hundred thousand dollars, and ail sub sequent appropriation* to be subjected to the control of the legislature. Three Commissioners are to be appoint ed to carry out the provision* of the act, aud in cases where it shall be requisite the services of a jury are to be obtained to fix a value upon the property. 'I'ht Barbadian of the l ?th ult. says : ? "Much anxiety is feffe throughout the Island lor the agricultural pros peritw A w cek ago we really thought, and we believe the impression was general, that the rainy season had commenced ; we have been painfully mistaken, however, for this week has been awfully dry and hot. Want of water in thu ponds, and a lame uta I de scarcity of fodder for the cattle, present a dismal prospect. The loss ef >heep, especially on the sea coast, we understand, is con siderable. and the working] cattle are generally in a wretched state," There had, however, been some partial rains at a sub sequent period. ? Savannah Geo., July 22. Opit.ousas Prairies. ? Those who keep cattle on the prairies of Attakupas and Opelout-as commence gathering in lime. They herd all the wild cattle toge ther on a spot selected, culled the herding ground ; four or five horsemen will drive up 50,000 head, and when once collected together, fifty horsemen could not drive them oil". Some kind of instinct keeps them together. They are kept together two or three days before driving, to brand. The cows and their cakes sorted, time is al lowed that the cows may find their calves. In driving, horses fall, run over cows ? cows hook ? bulls fight, kc. Twenty owners sometimes get together; each mas Irives oil' his own to brand, they take calves by the tail, whirl them over, jump on them and brand them. Any bull over a year old is tied, head to one post and heels to another, wickoff, of Opelousas, brands several thou sand calves every year. He pays a man called a vacher, stork keeper, *t>00 per annum. It is his duty to break wild horses, to run cattle, to brand and alter calve*. He collects them only during the branding season : the general rule, in keeping an ordinary stock of cattie, it to give the vacher the sixth calf and fifth colt. Where the stock is very large, they give the seventh or eighth calf. A quart is a whip all raw hide, three feet long, with two prongs, to whip horses alone ? the whip for cat tle is called a foit, with a wooden handle 18 inches, and a thong of raw hide, 8 feet long. A man with it will cut a corn-cob in two. A pricking stick is used mostly in gathering, it is a piece of ash, seven feet long, with ? point ol a three square tile made sharp ; it is called a " pointe," they drive it into a beef at full speed, behind the rump bone, near the brand. The animal immediate ly rolls over, it tears the flesh and hurts badly. It ia only used when the cattle are hard to manage, as they are when heated from running. When a drove is start ed, one of the beeves gets ahead, and keeps the lead all the way, generally ; the one that starts ahead in the morning, generally keeps his position as leader all day. At times, when starting with a drove, they get a stam pede, it requires four hands to drive 100 head, five to drive, 180 which, is the greatest number driven to mar ket, on account of the difficulty in getting pens. When a beef will not drive, they throw them by the tail, Jump on them, cut a hole through the nose with a sharp knife, pass a cabms (hair rope) through, anil tie them to the horse's tail ; u Creole none will pull as much by the tail as the ihouli'ers ?Concordia Intelligencer. Mtrper at Bkadt.ev. ? We learn that on Friday las-t, in the town ol Hrudley, in f h it* county, a man by the name of rp'eg n Otis was so horribly beaten and mangled by one ol diehard Varney that he died yester day ni'irning. Varney was arrested, and brought belore the Justice o'' the Peace in Bradley, for an assault on Sa turday. plead guilty, and was bound over fortrial before a higher tribunal, ami was ordered to recogni/e in tho sum of *'.'00, but lor want thereof was committed to jail iu this city. Hince his commitment and the death of Otis, lie has been charged with premeditated murder and will be brought belore Judge < ushman for examina tion touching gaid charge, on Saturday next. Otis was terribly mangled, having been knocked down with a stone, jumped and stamped upon. It is said that the dif - Acuity in some way grew out of an utf'uM' in which a woman was concerned, and that Varney appeared quite indilferent as to the result, and stoically "ro'maiks that no thing worse than hanging can be done to him.? Bangor (Mo.) H'hig, ,/ii/y J4. . - -i COM1C ALMANACS FOR lfM?, FOUR KINDS. NEWS agents, cheap publication depots, hookselless, and the public generally, are hereby notified of the annual appearance of our Comic Almanacs, replete with fun and flue engravings extracted with care from tn?? laughing volume ol nature, rishers Comic, Turner ? Comic, Crockett ? do a Head Comic, ind Pe D?rkie? Comic, those on the spot will call, look, laugh, and buy ; those at a distance will order, or semi for samiles. Alwsyf ?>? sale the greatest variety and nuautity of ? lii Id reus Books, colored and plain; BOflf Books, colored prints, kc. Ike. in the country: catalogues on applica tion. Show Hills of all kinds given to dealers. We sell low. very low. for cash, and do fnll justice to "WKfea . KI8HKK, jrl< Im're 74 I hatham street PJANO-FOHTES FOR HIRE , AT 4?1 BROADWAY, (U I' STAIRS ) nWALKK.K has constantly on hand an estensi re assort ? meat of eleKant Rosewood and Mahogany Pianoforte* of every description, iucludinK Grands and Cabinets, which are loam d ou hire at the above establishment, or at his mana faetory, So. 40 W'est 14th street, near the 6th avenne. Also, New Pianos for sale, with all the modern improve ments, warranted eqnal to any iu the United 8tatea. jelJ lin'rre all R MUSIC. KMOVKD t? No. B-. Franklin stnet, one door Fast of am, 1) , , i;id way , M. I" M Si) A V, Professor of the Oaitar, Sin* inc. \ccordeon, and Violin, eootlnne. to teach ladies and Oen tlemenal' New York the abof a faM-llIll instruments, lie., in a (? 'migrative short time, by his new Analysing and Indnctir. STr? wtersa, to the residences of his pnrili i to any P,M orihe eity. hv fh. st <?es. Satlsfietofy ritr ""'J, ?<h" ??* f,r, ic?s K-,?n on aj.p!u Uloti 1 N .?.?'? <?(>'. kl'i< <??? jy9lin*m

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