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July 31, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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? ...m.l I Novrmrnli of Trmv?llera. I The pressurs itill continues upon the Hotels in undi minished numerical force. They were even more crow ded >enteiday, than any prsvious period during the travelling season. The following are gleaned froui the respectite registries. American. ? S. Suydam, Mas*.: J. J. I.ewis, Phlla j J. B. Hammer, Fort Arkansas; J. Ellison Adgar, Charles ton; Itoliinson and Bingham, Ark.; A. P. Cleveland, N. O ; J. Hlgham, S. C.; Basil Muke, Ky.; W. II Stanley, Columbus; H. Giinnaw, N O. ; J. W. Lippett, Prov. Astok.--J. Huntington. Conn ; J E H. Cray, N. O : two VVheleya, B.C.; D. G. Curtis, Boston; Forsyth and Hnynes, Kingston, Canada; J. Hopkins, N. O.; VV. 8. Williams. Baltimore; Greene, Geo.; C. Waldo. Bos ton; I). G. Gordon, Va.; T. Aken, Ht. Louis; J. P. Stew - art, Savannah; Capt. Burly, ship Yorkshire; \V. J. Reese, Phila.; Mr. Macauley, Canada; Dr. llolbrook, S. C.; Dr. Fuller, Baltimore; I'. Furluig, Halifax. City.? James Lewis, Philadelphia; Js. Stone, do.; A. J B. Canovcr, do; Mr. Fornac.hon, Neufchatel; W. Itoylau, North Carolina; M. Frederick. Georgia; Chas. Brush, Fort Wilkius, l.ake Superior; (Jeu. Simon Cameron, Pa; Ditvis Looney, do; B. Todd, Memphis; Mr. Mossell, Washington City} Chas. H. Oakes, Lake Superior; Benj. Keudrick, Boston; J. P. Montgomery, Philadelphia; W. K. Jordan, Louisiana; J. C. Walker, Chicago; Tiios. Bra dy, Mobile. ? J. Luther, Albany ; P. llutledge, Charles ton; M. S. Scovell, Wuterbury ; E S. Winnens, Coborgh, Canada; W. King and Meele, Albany ; J. D. Trott, Iowa; Kiiiner, Taylcr and Hollingworth, Georgia; J. Nelson, Albany; Geo. Wallace, Pittsburg; W. Morrison, Florida; O. A. ttoorback, Chailestou, S. C; W. W. White, New Orleans. Gi.obE.-T. Moasley, New Orleans; 11. II. Kimball, Columbus; Com. ltenehaw, U. S. N.; Hy. McCall, New Orleans; P. Mitchell, Philadelphia; L. L>. Tomasa and J. Merliue. Lima; Jos. Bagley, Boston; B. B. Murdoch, NorthQeld, Mass. Howard.? J. 8. Dumphy, Chatham; J C. Huntingdon, I Cincinnati; D. Bingham, Boston; H. I)unn, Mobile; J. C. | Laughlin, Ky;J.Beven. Baltimore; Mr. Sachell, Ohio; J. j G. Hovey, Boston; W. E. llawkes, Va; W. Wymant, Vn ! 7.oo City ; W. C. Anderson, Boston; J. F Coylo, Wash ' ington; P. B. Tyler, New Orleans; C. 1). Pearce, Ohio; J. I P. Williams, \ azoo City. Take Notice. ? A cargo of ice recently exported to Lisbon, was declared at the Custom House to bo sub ject to the duties of non-enumerated articles, in the I'or tuguoie Tariff, and rather than pay the import amounting to $'2, 000 in the whole? the owners threw their precious cargo overboaid. I Amusements. Pauk. Theatre.? This evening the great success / of tlie " Jewess" is interrupted by the turn of the [ drama and vaudeville. The French company will per : form the celebrated drama of I.a Uamr dt St. Tropez, i which is the history of Mine Lalarge, written into drama ' and settled for the stago iu the time of Louis XV., by order of the dramatic direction of Paris; however nothing haft been changed in the plot. It is as dramatic as it was before La cour d'attitea in France, and all these emotions will be rerived for us by Mmes Maria, llicher, Eugenie. Messrs. Montassier, Mathieu, Bernard and all the cast of tho company. The performance will begin with Lt Cha let, " The Swiss Cottage," which will be sung by Mme Stephen Cuiuriot, the favorite of the lark, and by Mr. Cwuriot and Douvry. AVe are certain the Park will be well attended this evening. La Muettr. dr Portici, known in this country under the title of " Masaniello," is to be performed shortly, and will bo followed by the "Hu guenots." A Card? Wc, lite undersigned )in?At' tiger w on bo*rd the packet ship Sterling, running between Savaim .li and New Yuri., tender to Capt. (i. A Knudsoii our warmest thanks | and admiration for Ills unceasing kindliest and unequalled skill manifested and displayed during the voyage Iroin Savannah.. We trust his mi rit on future occasions will yield to lum th* patronage nf a generous public, and the good ling Sterling and Jier bold Captain receivi their share of just consideration Mis* Maria Josephine Williams, Kev. Oeorge Dunham, . Jo ?eph B. Green, Silas Head, Samuel S. Virgin, L K F. Fatio, ' apt U. S. R. M., Jean Jos (tiers, John L. Butt*, Edward K Bressel, I'. W. Tenney, 1*. Kraser, Win. Snow, James Cain|i bell, M. Lewis Si Co., A. Skinner, F. VV. Williams. Cholera of InfantH, or Hummer Complaint. ?This disease, like the Cholera Morbus of grown persons, is more or lesa frequent and dangemus in proportion to the heat of the w eather. Wright', Indian Vegetable Syrup, (being composed of the same materials as the Indian Vegetable Pills(> is peculiarly adapted to tlie cure of Mimmer complaints of children ; because it clea. tes the alimentary canal of those pououous humors which are the can .e ot all the disorders of the bowels. A sin gle dose will iuTariahh give relief, not only in summer com plaints, but in all disorders incident to children. It will also be found to impart strength and vigor to the whole sv stem ; and if repeated a few tunes, nccordn.g to directions, will ansu reilh re-toie the child to sound health For salr, wholesale and retail, at the principal office, 288 Oreenwich street, New York. Ail I'ltlladclphia Subscriptions to the llV.HALp most be paid to tho ONLY At'TllolllZKD Aof.STS, '/.IV ber & Co., 3 Ledger L'uilding, Third street, near Chestnut.? Txrius? 75 cents > month, including the Sunday paper; or 6! cents without it; delivered free of charge in any part of Phila delphia. Single copies for ?>le as above, daily, at 1 o'clock Trice Scents. The VVkkkly Hkrald i i ;-lso for sale every Saturday tnor ing? Price t>'4 centr., or $J |>er annum, delivered in any part o l'htladelphia, tree Of postage. All the uetv and cheap Publications for sale at their e tabl iahment, as soon as issued, wholesale ;<ud retail. With the exception of one paper, the " Herald" is ru rv, |>erhaps, in r!n! adelltlH, as any paper published ill tha city, aSwrdi.ig i valuable medium to advertisers. Advertise ments handed to the agents ut half past 4 o'clock, will appear i' tti? Herald next duv. .Etna limiirn lire Company of Hartford? j The Directors of this Company luve always acted upon the p.i'-ciph of scattering their r'?k*. ?o that in case of a sweepi g me, their ability to pay would not be impaired ; heuce, b> ad to this principle in a business nfovi r 25 years, while nmu> other Companies hive been unable to paytheii losses and wound up, this ( onipaoj has gone on prosperously. Its losses I by the great lire ill 1835, in this city, were paid in full nud be- j fore they w ere due, and the < oinpany have agaiu the pleasure of stating to those who have honored it with their patronage mid con'idencf. that it it now prepared to pay all its losies in full anil continue business as heretofore. New York, July 23d, 1815. A.O HAZARD, Agent, Iw Office 89 Wall sr., corner of Water. iTnitcd States Circuit Court? The Clerlt's Office of this Court has been removed tl is d<y from the rooms occupicd by the Clerk of the U. S. District Court, to a portion of the apartments of the United States Marshal, on the same Iloor, where the docket, records, and files of the Conrt, will be hereafter kept. Persons desiring searches for judgments, instead ofgiv ine a geueral notice lor searches in the united States Court mil please send distinct notices. Tuesday, July 8, 1(45. .11edlcal Notlre? The Advertisements of th? New York College of Medicine and I'harmncy, established foi the Suppression ol Quackery, in the cure of all diseases, will :ier?altei appear on the fourth page, and last column of this t. .per. W. S K.ICHAKDSON, M D., Agent. Of fan -*r<! I ?l?# 0?? Vn*?*n ?t MOJMK V ttARKBT, Wednesday, July 30? 6 P. 91. There wa? a moderate improvement to-day in prices, but a very great decline in the extent of transactions. It is very fortunate, under existing circumstances, that the largest holders of stocks are able to keep them out of the market, as any quantity thrown upon the market now, would depress prices several per cent. The sales to-day wero extremely small. Norwich and Worcester ivcnt up j per cent ; Morris ('anal and Long Island j ; T'enns) lvania 5's, and Illinois, closed firm at yesterday's pricoH. The Money Market is quite easy, and the rato of inter est rules low. Any amount of capital can be obtained for guod secmitv, at 6 per cent. We annex the current quotations in this market for | Domestic Lxchango : Domestic ExCHAffQE, July 30, 181* Unstor... para '4 dis. Apalachicola. . . . 2 a 2>s dis | >'l,il adelphia. . . par a '4 do Mobile, specie... '4 a ? do Baltimore f? a ,'4 do Mobile, St Bk uts/i^t a 7 ^ Ho Virginia I a I'a do Montgomery.. . . 6M a 7}? do North Carolina. . I 't a l'? do Tuscaloosa t>% a 7 1 a do I'hulesto* Js a I do New Orleans... l'4dis. Savannah Hal do Nashville 2 a 2 '4 dis .Augusta 4 a I do Louisville 1*4 a 1 )jj <1 < , Columbus I '.j a I', do St Louis 2 a 2'4 do Macon.. I'a a IJj do Cinciuuaiti I a l', do Union, Florida. . .70 a7.'i do Safety Fd notes. . % a >'4 do South L Si T Co. 75 al!0 do Kastern notes, , . '4 a \ do Quotations ron UMurrrnt Mowrv. Unrum nf Won 1/. Uncurrent Money. K.vst'n, hnk'ble in Bos'u '4a ?i Ohio a2' j Albany, Troy, Sch Sic. . a '4 Indiana a2', Jersey a \ Michigan n3 Philadelphia a North Carolina ali.1 Baltimore a South Carolina H 1 1 ? Safety Fd 81 Red Back, Jjia Mobile ai.'? Vnginii il New Orleans a|)j The currency of diSerent sections of the conntry has bccomo so equalized, that exchanges cannot vary but a fraction from the present rates. A very large percent of tho remittances ore niado in the issues ol banks, in the vicinity ol tho plnces of remittance. Merchants ol | the South anil Wnt, having payments to make in this city, generally bring tho bills of tho banka of the sec. tions they come from, and pay them out here si par. In so doing, they run very little risk, and are sure of not being raddled with bad bills of exchange. As the cur rency of the country improves and becomes moro equal ized, there will bo much less demand for exchange on any point than at present. The operation of tho new postage law facilitates the transmission of bank issues from one part of the country to another, and therefore seduces the demand for domestic bills of oxchango. The demand for foreign exchange has opened quite active, and the rates continue firm and pretty well ad vanced. Sterling bills wo quote at (1J a 10 per cent pre mium. The demand is confined principally to bills on London. There is very little doing on other points. We Hniiex a comparative table, showing the quotations for | every month '.luring the past ycBr. Quotations of Fosf.kin Kumscr ix this Markt.t / .<1 11 tfttit . I'.iris. Jlmnter'm Uam'i Br em. July J1..0Ha9X 5,JJ Ii5,*l'< :w\atn 35',' 78% Aug. IJ. . Ok 1 10 5,23l(a5,25 40 a-IO1* 35M 78} ?HI.. ?,VI0 5 .22(4 ai ,23V 40 a- 35IJ 7gS Sept. 13. . ?Kal0 5.22,'i 6*3% ? a40 15', 78'4 30.. 9^" 10 5.22'iaJ, 23 10 a- 35'! 78M <)*t. 15. .11, alll'i 5^1'4n5,?W ? nIO Nov. la. . Ill 'a a? 5,L1I a5,3IX ? alO " . 9*a " Dec. 13. . tt'.a 5,30 a5,2l', 5,IIUa5,8t>2 ?? 78) 1 5,20 a.,.2l'j 40 a? 35W 7J| > 3.V, 78'i ? alfl 35'* 7RC ? ? Bin 35'^ 7H?2 :io. .Ill a 10'^ 5,2V 'ii.5,21'4 ? n-10 3")', 78',, Jin. i'O . >l',alll 5,2:1 'ia5,22'4 40,?*I0%' l'?\ 78, V 2?..!i',al0 5,2.1 n5,23!Z 40 a4n'a 35H 79 .Mar. IB.. <i!?.?IO .1,25 a5,23? ? "10'i 35M 79 " 2l?. . ll'.a 5,25 a '.,23* 3*l,.',al(l 35? ? April, -n. . 9'4.i 9', aA, 25 39V ?? 79 >l;.y li . ?>'?a OjJ .1,2fi'1a5 25 39j.ta40 35'a 79 ? lay Ml.. ?'i'l? 5,2.1 a5,:>l;'< 39;'<a- 79 Jnne II.. 9'.,al0 5,21 ai - a3?X 3.V< 78V " 2II . 9^x 9M 5,27)4^5,25 39j6a? 34's 7?S July 14. . 9'inlO 5,3 1 '4*5, 30 3?H?39H 11't 78 " 30. . 9'., aid 5iWH"5^7H ?>?al0H 35H 78 Tho premium on London inngea a little higher than at tho cnmn time last year. This is a curious fact in the face of the reduced value of our import*, and the in creased ??!?? ef oar exports We annex u comparative table, giving the quotation*, for the principal State Stocks and other securities u ed in this market for investment. Fillers or Stocks in thk New York Market. Rtdttm- 1845 1815. 1815 Hate. ablt. June 11. July It. July JO United State. 6 18b2 Il2%s - ? ?1I3 ? ali5 ?' i 1853 102 al02y ? a? ? all5 New York, 7 1818-49 IMi *106% ? a ? 105%al?% ti 1850-5I-G0 100 a ? ? a ? 107 a ? " 6 13Bl-?2-?7 107 al07% 106%al07% ? al(l8 " 5 % I8f>0 CI -65 I02%al03% ? a ? 102%al02 " 5 1815 ? alOO ? a ? ? altl0% " 5 1810-7-8-9 ? ?100 ? a ? ? a ? " 5 1850-1-3 ? a? ? a? ? A|U>% '? 5 1855-58 ? alOO ? a? ? a ? " 5 lilW-60-61 101 al01% 101 al0l%10l a ? " 4% I849-5M 90 a 95 93 a 95 ? a ? Ohio, 6 law ? a 98% ? a ? ? a ? " 6 1856-60 99>4a 99% 96 a 96'4 96 a 9fi'4 " 5 1850-56 ? a ? ? ? 8?i a 89 ?' 7 1856 I0ltytl0l% 101 al0l% 101%a ? Kentucky, 6 ? ? 10l%a ? 99%a 99% IOO a 1011% '? 5 a'> a 88 ? a ? ? a ? Illinois, C 1870 38lia ? 38 a 38% 37%a 37% lmliann, 5 25 yeara 33%a ? 33 a 33% 33 a ? Arkansas, 6 ? ? a? ? a ? ? a ? Alabama , 6 80 a 90 85 a 88 ? a ? " 5 85a? ? a? 70 a 80 Pennsylvania, 5 75 a 75% 72%a 72% 75 a ? Tennessee, 6 ? - ? alOl ? a ? ? a ? N York City, 7 1857 UI%all3 112 all3 ? a ? " 7 1852 109 alio ? tt ? ? a ? " 5 1850 99 ?100 ? alOO ? a ? 1 18M-71 99 alOO ? a ? 99 a 99k Bk Com'e N. Y-, full 98%a 99% 98%a 99 95 a ? V ir'i ri K ^.Cri|* W?a 99 96 a - 95 a 96 N. 1. Life Ins. ik. 1 runt Co. ? all4 ? a ? ? a ? Farmers' Loan St Trust Co. 35 a ? 35%a ? 31 %a 35 Ohio Life Ins. 81 Trust Co. 99a ? ? a ? 95 a ? Bank of U. S. in Peun'a, 5%a 6 5%a 6 5%a 6 Boston St Providence Rail'd.tlZ a 1 13 113 a 114 114 all5 N.Jersey It R. StTrai.s. Co 9l%a 95 95 a 95% 93 a 95 .Mohawk St llud'u Railroad, 6 a? ? a ? 57,'ja 5!I Utica St Schenectady llail'd, 130 al30%IJt a!32 130V ? Syracuse St Utica Railroad,, 115 ?U5% 114 all6 116 a ? Auburn StSyracuse ltailr'd 117 all8 ? a 1 18 117 al!8 Auburu Si Rochester R. It. 10S al08% 209 alia 110 a ? There has been very little dono in good State Stocks for some time past, ami our quotations are merely nomi nal, not being based upon actual transactions. Pennsyl vania .Vs havo improved within tho past few days, and are now selling higher than they have been for the last eighteen months. The quotations now given are with dividends oU'.and are equal to 77J per cent. The whole of the semi-annual interest on the funded debt, due on the 1st proximo, will be paid in cash. This payment settles the position of Pennsylvania, and places it permanently among tho solvent States. Although the payment of a large amount of taxes has been anticipated, no fears need bo entertained that the February dividend will not be promptly paid at maturity. The Treasurer of Pennsyl vania is equal to a?ny financial emergency, and tho credit ors of the State can depend upon receiving their dividends punctually, if the finances or resources of the State can in any way, be made available, so long as the present Treasurer remains in office. Han it not been for his ex ertions, seconded so well by the several Country Trea. sitters, but a small portion of the two and a half per cent due 011 the first of August would have been paid in cash. Tho arrangements have all been completed for the resumption ol the work on tho Illinois and Michigan (anal. The estimates were to have been finished by the 10th, after which tho old contractors wore to have been set to wotk as fast as they could get ready. Tho Government Commissioners have been along the Jine ol the work and maJe a personal lecogui ?/.ance of tho country. They were not authorized to make any survey or estimates for a ship canal, or for the improvement of the Illinois river. Com. Morris ami Col Totten, the Commissioners, will, without doubt, upon the lequest of the Governor, recommend an appropriation by < ongress, for a survey of the river, to ascertain the cha racter of the bars that obstruct its navigation, and col lect information necessary to determine the best means of removing them, and securing the greatest depth of water which the river can furnish. It is estimated tha1 the expense of the survey will be about fifteen hundred dollars. It is probable that tho mouey will l)e advanced and a survey anu estimate made in time to be laid before the next Congress. It is highly necessary that any movement Congress may make in relation to this matter, should be made before the work on the canal progresses too far, as it is of great importance that the work should be made large enough at the commencement to answer all the purposes of trade and of the government. The bonds required by the late law of Maryland, from the Chesapeake and Ohio (.'anal Company, guaranteeing the transjiortation of 196,000 tons of tonnage per annum, lor five years, have been furnished for the full amount. They will be submitted to the Governor and Agents of tho State for approval, of which no doubt is entertained. At a late meeting of the Company it was stated that the prospect of letting the unfinished portion of the Canal, between dam No. 6 and Cumberland, to able and ener getic contractors, for the bonds of tho Company, was en couraging. It is a gratifying fact, that nearly all the great works of internal improvement in the country are steadily pro gressing to completion, and must, before many years elipse, be in active operation. The condition of all classes is so prosperous, that we may expect tho most fa vorable results from everyenterprise now in a state of for wardness. While individual prosperity is so very great in all parts of the country, we regret that the fixancialcon dition of some of our delinquent States does not improve in the least. During the recess of the various Legisla tures, very little is usually heard of the receipts and ex penditures of the State Treasuries, or the operations of laws providing revenue. The reports are reserved for the meeting of the Legislatures. We are therefore igno rant of any change that may, in the meantime, take place in the financial condition of any delinquent State, and, in the absence of any information, cannot, at least, report any improvement. Old Stock Exchange. $5000 Kentucky 6's 100% 25 thai Morris Canal 30!? 9000 Penu'a 5 s opg 75 75 do s60 30 4000 Illinois spcl bds 37% 50 do b60 30% 25 shas Vicksburg Bk 8 25 do 30% 50 L Island RK 65% 25 do s45 30 151 do l>6fl 66 15 Aub and Roch RR 105 50 do bJO 66 25 Nor and Wore 70% 100 do 66 50 do b60 71 (Second IJoard. 150 shas Morris Canal 30 100 shas Reading RR 56% Nor and Wore 70% 50 do 56'.i 100 do 70% 100 L Island RR s3 65% 100 Reading RR 56% New Stock Exchange. $5000 Kentucky 6's b3 100S 50 shas L Island RR slO 65% 100 shas U S Bank ?10 5% 25 do c 65% 100 do 1)30 5% 50 do s30 65% 75 Farmers' Tr I16O 35 50 do styr 65% 50 do slO 34% 150 do h3 66 50 do sl5 34% 50 do C 66 100 do s20 34 % 50 do s3 66% 50 do s30 34% 100 do b30 66'* 200 Morris Canal s3 30'.? 100 do 66*4 25 do 30% 50 do slO 66 25 do s30 3;i 50 do S3 66'-? 25 Canton Co s30 40% 50 trie RR s30 30 M do. ... '3 40 '* 21 d" I"?1 100 Nor and Wore c 70% Sales of Stocks at Boston. EtCHAltnK Board, July 29.? 3 shares Hamilton Manufactur ing Co, 1055; 10 New Kngland Worsted Co. 102>4 a 102%; 3 Sa co Water Power Co, 320; 13 Old Colony Rlt, 105%; .'>0 Long Island RR, 65%; 56 Norwich and Worcester RR, 69% a 70; 10U Redding HR, 28% a 28%; 125 Kast Boston Co, 13% a I I ',; 100 do, sin, 13%; 200 Wilmington RR, I3'4 a 13%; 100 do, s2m, 13'f; 100 do, s2m, 13 Shi'ONi) Board? 50 shares Wilmington RR, I33?; 50 do We-tern UR scrip, 101%. Married. On Wednesday, 30th inst. by the llev. Mr. William K. Harris, Mr. John P. lit' lit, of West Brooklyn, toMiss .VUr.DAi.KN M. Hi', youngest daughter of Anthony ilulst, Ksij. of Newtown. Died, On Wednesday, .10th inst. in the 80<1 year of her age, Skinnkr, widow of Thomas Skinner. Iter friends and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at A o'clock, from her late resilience, H3 Murray street. On Wednesday evening, 30th inst. Thkodom: Bjnh, infant son of Alvah B. and Caroline R. Deuel, aged 3 yeurs, 1 month and II days. The friends of the family are requested to nttend the funeral, this nfternoon at o'clock, without further invi tation. from 3ti!l Broadway. /* nut ware '1MJK SUBSt RIBKRS have constantly ou I X soHment of every quality and V rie-y of Nre V am Need ?, ft>dk MS Pi,,,; Glove, I n r, heallle, Worsted, RUI, lU-^dinis, Netting TO THOSE WllO ARE LOSERS BY THE I. ATE KIRK. ON tlir day after the fir-, a boi containing eight nieces ol gentlemen'* neck handkert hief?. and msrked Andresu.No. (17 Heaver si reel. was left by ? iuipi(ino< I eking person at the ?to e of Messrs J. A. Si .1 Oilmore, 20S O eeuwich street, and when ca ling a second time, was questioned as tohiarishtto the goods. when he immediately left the store A few days after another person called on the above, representing hnni'll as an M. P., who urdereil thai the hoi might lie given to hilk, that lie would have it taken to the Station Hou>e until the own er slum d call for them. Tiie purport of this is to iiilorm the owner that information can he ohtained by callnm as above, a d a lull and ac.ura'e account ofihe cnuteiits while it remained in their store will be given him. 8t*rc HARDWARE on hand a full is Needl-?, includ'iiK ve, Harness, Milli n rs, I lien II |i*, worsted, Hug, Heiding, Netting. S.t.l mil P.icli Needles WARRtN'8 DRILLED KVKD NEEDLES, a e warnuted sultrier to any kind offered lor s .|e in theUnited St ites, and from their w. II known reimtstion. men haut. will find tliem more saleable than any otherihey ran offer. They have always ou hand a good assorune t of Warriu's relelirateil Fish Hocks, put np >n every style. Also, a hrge assortment of Silk, Hemp. Hair and f'hina Urass Lines, Cork Floats, sod every variety of Paaey Fishing Tack e. Also, a large issortment of VVade'* k Buteh-r's K r.ori, Pocket and T ilile Knives. Scissors. Iron and Orrmm Silver S|i .ons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, lie., fcc All which is of fered to the trade on the best term., k t WARRIN, jyffl Im'r 72 Maiden Lane. Al'CHt-.S '.?WATCH KM AND JKWELRV. ?Those who wish to purchase tbild or Silver Watches, Oold Chains, Oold Pencils, Keys, Sr., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the sul>>rm>er. who ii selling al! d rripttous of the shove at retail much lutvet : -i I"."1 " m 'he city, tlold Watches as low < t 1 ?' o '?> ? uid Jewelry eichaiiged or bought \ll * in >i. ' ?' ' > keep good time or the money refunded. O. C. ALLlON.Imiiurier of Wstches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, J* Wall street, jyM Im'ee tip stairs H 'is! lir." ~i*V"?oLtiSs itsr? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AK'RST RATE Journeyman Baiber, of steady i whom constant employment will be given, Li quire at J ini-? Grant's. Nu 1 Aniistrret. jJI lt*re | 'liEK" ? A rci|? ru'.lf young mm of good rnldim, ohu ' ' Iiu been iu 1 1 .w office, may hear of a situation at ' in?> deraie salary, by apt I) i g at ilieoffire of the l egal Observer II Ann -'rtet, between the lioun uf 9 ?uii J2 o'clock. J 'J I 3 ?n WANTtU ? A h uncli W'l man, in the capacity of Lmly? Maid. Vhe must give good refer?uces iu the rit y Apil) al the ilr-k "f |)ii? ntt'Cf jyMI Iw+irr WAM'KU \ T ''LMtKK.'S k STEVAN'S Toinperaure lulalligeiice . * Office. 95>? Dunne street, subscribe s lor some good Pro testant be1 vimts und others, bolli wbiie and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himsell lo piecurr liel|i lor tlie public at the shoitest notice.. Mr Clarke s office it pa'ionised by noma of the tirat families in the coui. try Remember? 95)4 Du ?treet. 'wo door* west of Broadway, Washington Temperance Intelligence Office. jy26 I in'ih STOKES K ANTHON V , (l ite of 17 Broad street,) hive removed to l(J!l Broad street. J3l 3t*rc PET DOGS. A NUMBER OK BEAUTIFUL KINO CHARLES' SPANIELS ? lust imported from Loudon ? lor tale at 40 OikMlMt j3l 8t*in the" united states form book. /CONTAINING all the necessary Forms iu every depart - s. v nieutol business, with advice as to t lie inuiner ef executing the same. Custom House tram a> lions, and ihe interest of Landlords and Tenants Irtve teceived li.eir lull share of ttemiou. C WE' JUS) l'uhliaher, jy3l 1 wit* in 55 Go'd street, New York. DISSOLUTION. HP HE Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of X Eagle??ii Si Tlinr|?, Mar le Cutters, 1.11 Diviti in street, ? as t!i ia day dissolved by mutual content. The unfinished bu siness will be closed by ether of the underlined, who will use the name of the lirm in liquidation only THOS. K. EAGLESON, / THORP. IW The business will st ; 11 be conducted by Thoi. R. Eaglcs^u. j3l 3'?rh C CHEAP LIBER \l;~B'/OKS? !N*w edition* of Voluey's > Rtiiui, Stionss' Life of f hrist, Mary Wnllstoncraft's Rights of Woman, Vale's Life of Thos. Paine, The Savage, Sic., at the Beacon Office, 3Krankliu Square, New Yoik. jy3l 3teod*rc SHOE T1IKKADS ? The subscribers hiving the agency of one of the t est factories in this country, are now prepared to deliver tliein iu packiges, at factory prices and t-rins. CEBllA a c CUV1INO. j3l If in 106 Pearl street. LE ECHES? LE ECHES. JUST RECEIVED, a fresh supply of Sweedish Leeches, per barque Washington, from M.mhurg? for sale by (3. J FERDINAND It CO, j31 3t*m Imroriers ? I Leeches No. 119 Nassnu st BRONZE POWDERS AND METAL LEAF, (DUTCH METAL.) THE SUBSCRIBERS have j st received and kvep constant ly on hand large stocks of these articles, which they im port din ct from their manufacturer in Germuiy, to the full sa tisfaction of the.r old and new customers. LEOPOLD KUH U CO . No. 15, formerly C>a Wall street, next door to Adams It Co. j y 31 Im'in TO physicians; L^ OR SALE ? A Two Wheel Doctor's CAB, in very good " order, c st S5(KI Will lie sold cheap if applied for imme diately, at the American E ig e Stah'es, c ruer of Delancy a> d (.'liri-tie streets I <' not disposed of lief >re 'l'liur day, will be sold at public auction, ut 11 o'clock, al the above place. j3? 2t*rc TEN DOLLARS REWARD. LOST, Oil Tuesday ni. lit last, e itlit r in Albany, or on hoard the sleamer Knickerbocker, a common < lasp W diet, con taining from Thirty-five to Fifty I >? 1 1 1 r? in Pittsburg money, and tr n or twelve Promissory No es, pai able to the older of J. K. Mansfield, aud Kirtlwid, Main lit Id and Ha I. '1 lie tbove lew rd * ill be P'ld upon leaving the hook rud content* at No. 157 Pearl street, in the basement, and no questions asked. jv29 3t*rc FUR SALE. THE Stock, Fixtures, and Furniture of a reipectab V Tavern, conducted on lite Knglith st vie. doing a good ,liuiiness, and of old standing. Will be sold cheap for nly. Satisfactory r leinu for disposing of it will ' e given on appl caiiou at ibis office, by le-ter, udiirested to A. H., on or before 2 o'cl > ck. jy.T 1lis*ec TO LET ? A s mn 1 1 House anil Store, suitable for Millinery, or MJ othar light fancy business Any per son w ishing to engage in tliis business will do well to an early application, as the situation is a good one, and will lie rented low to a small family. The Stock and Fixtures will be sold, as the present occu|>aiit intend* leaving the city. Apply at IO'j or II Division street. jyS9 3t*m TU HE NT. Jh>i A GENTEEL COTTAOK. directly on theb.nks of the East Rivwr, re-uiodelled with wings, 4tc., last year, situated ou"Preinium Point, "about one mile from lochelle. Westchester county. New York, and 16 miles from the City i f New York, in proximity to all the puulic conveyances, h iving a water front and beach of about < miles, (which the I 'ssee could have :he privilege of.) The lious- is capable of accommodati gageiitt-el priv ite lainily, or would he rented fur a small genteel boarding house if desired. It it very airy. The mm nitio scenery, and for health a d salubrity of climate, bathing, lishing, 4tc , cannot be excelled. It will >? rented at a verv low rata lor the present se isou, or till the ensuing Spring, if desired, and possession immediately. 'Apply throu.ti the Post O lire, dir- cteu to New Rochalle. Westclies ter county, New York, or personally to Henry Partridge Kel logg, near t'?e piernises. ju27 Iw'rrc LAURENT BROTHER, IMPORTEKS OF FKENCH GOODS, HAVE just received by til- 1 (test J'ack' U, a large assort nieuiofe irely new styles of Fancy Goods, cousiiring of i ashtn?*re-de-crss? Mutliu de Laiues, Alnpacct Ate. Also, a V-ry large assortment: of Broche and Printetl Snawls. &c N'> 4 William street Jy29lin*r EAGLE BATtlS, 5'4S Pearl Street. BETWEEN Centre and Elm strrets ? Warm, Cold and Shower Bstl s equal to any iu thecitv, 12, 'i cents each. Good clean single bed?. 12)i cents e tch. Meals 12% ct?. each. Board aud lodging, ?2,50 per week. Newspa|iers from Loudon. Liverpool, Canada and all the principal cities iu the Uuited States, on file. j\29 lin'rc N ( )TICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. " ST. NICOLL has this day tikeu into co-partnership Mr. ? JAMES CLINCH, and the biiiiitess in luture, will be i oeducted under the firm of S. T. NICOLL k CO. New Vork, t>7 and 69 Front stre'et. July 28. 1845. jv28 Iwis'ec PIL >T BOAT FOR SALE. THE Pilot Boat NETTLE, of Boston, is offered for sale. She is one year old, 66 tons burthen, a fast sailer, and ail excellent sea boat, copp-r fastened, anil built in the most tho rough manlier, ol white oak and kackmetak, by S. Hall, of East Boston, lias 27 tons iron ballast, and well found iu sails, rigging, Itc. Sold to close the concern. Price $10(10 Address Pilot Moat Nettle, care of Merchant's Exchange, Biston. jn27 Iwisrc NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS. 'PHE Exhibition of the Pictures and Engravings of this in X stitution is now open to the public, at the Rotunda in the Park, (lately occupied by the Post Office.) Entrance from the Park. LIFE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR ; to non-member*, single admission 25 cents. The Rooms will be opeu daily, from 9 A.M. uutil sun down. Those holding Scrip Certificates can obtain Certificates of Membership at the door, as heretofore. j>26 Iwis'rrc POSTOFFICE, P New York, July 30th, 1815. S STEAMER Great Western from New York? Letters will be received at this office, for the Steamer Or?at Western, until 2)i P. M. on Thursday, the 31st instant. The freight on all letters for the Great Western, by an arrangement with her consignees, will be 25 cents for letters weighing half an onnce or less, ana 25 emits for each additional hall ounce. ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. M. STEAMER BRITANNIA from Boston? The mail for the Steamer Britannia will be closed at this office on the 31st inst., at 534 P.M. Postage on all letters must be prepaid to Boston. Letters of half an ounce or under, 5 cents; each additional half ounce 5 cents. ROBERT H. MORRIS, P. M. j'JO 2trc I'HANSP OR VA TION OF UOVKtiNMENT \ MATERIALS. SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Transportation." will be received at this office until Thursday next, the 31st instant, at 3 o'clock. P. M., for carrying the bulk of "bout 1600 barrels, more or less, mid about fifteen tons of Iron and Copper from this Port to the Navy Yard, at Pmisa cola, Kla. Separate proposals, endorsed iu the same mauner, will be re ceived (luring the same period, for carrying a quantity of Lime, in Cisks. to the same destination. Ten fair-weather working days to be allowed at each port for taking in and discharging cargo. No primage to be allowed. The vessels will be subject to the usual inspection, and mint lie ready to load whenever required. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Agent. Navy Agent's Office, New Vork, ) July 24, 1845. ) jy25 6t rrt ULTILDER'S PATENT SALAMANDER SAKfc a<ui " TR i'MritANT. ? Several have been taken from the burn nig rnins of the lite fire, and all having proved fiithlul to their trust, as can be seen at my store of the Oreat Sign, 118 Water, corner of Dopevster street, wherr more of the same kind can be had SILAS C. HERRING j V 2 1 ImD&Wed SUMMEtt GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN'S WliAlt. WE have still oil hand a large assortment of seasouabit goods, comprising cloths ot particularly light fabrics fo Dress and p'rock Coats; Drillings, Nankin, and single mill i d ( ossiiners lor Pantaloons; Chally and Marseilles Vesting in great varietv, which will be made up to order at a deduct!* from our usual moderate prices, iu view of the advanced atat of the season. W.M. T. JENNINGS fk CO., Drapers and Taijors, jnl Imisre Broadway American Hotel TO DUNTISTt?. . V GENTLEMAN living ip twlw, will sell his entire | stockol Instruments. vi7: oueiiiperiordoiibleactinn ("hair. Lit'erta's patent; one Lathe; full and complete set* of Operating mil Mechanical Instruments; together with l.W Plate and Pivot I'eeth, (kr. lie., for $100 cash, to close the concern. This is a great sacrifice. They have not been twelve months in use. mil embrace every article required in the business; or they >vill he sold in lota to suit purchasers. Address " Dentist, Hi raid office . Jyll Im'rh NbW MUSIC L"* HILKY kl/O., 297 Broadway, publish and keep mi hand " ? an evtensive assortment of New and Fashionable Musi':, which they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at the lowest possible prices. They manufacture Instruments of superior! ua ity? wsrrsut every article they sell, being practically acqii . nit Id with the differeut branches of their business. Military -and" -upplied it Che most reasonable rates. mrl22m*rrr ^ ^ ^ ^ VLADY. who has a thorough knowledge of Music. beini; taught oy the first masters in Europe, and feeling heraell fully coin|>eteiit to instruct in that accomplishment, would wish to devote her time to the instruction of young ladies, on mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B C., at the office ol this paper, shall lit- pn. ctn.'ll) attended to. jsOll'rc OLD GOLD AND SILVER.

WJILVEH Oilt Epaulets. Book Binder's Rigs and Silver O Smith's 8toiiincs bought, by A. BARNARD. No. 2 Wall street, Meltei and Assayer of Metals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Klue Mold and . Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly ou build, at office No I Wall at reel Work" 1*4 Lanren? ?i ' f i??9 Itn'c lilA'CIK I'lN W/Vhh .WANLKAOTwh V. \ GENERAL ASSORTMENT ol Planished Tiu ai. . IV Common Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Wat* Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mat*, Shaker Selves an* Urooiiii? in short, every variety ol house- keeping articles.^ N II ?A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea Ums,Tabl? Dislies and Covers, lie., Ike., for hotels uud steamboats, on Wind wd manufactured at the shortest uotice. JAMES Y. W ATKINS, I "5 tin* Ifi Catharine street. N-w \ nrk PACKET SHIP UTICA from Havre ? Coi signers by this J ship will please sei.d their permits on board, at Pier No 4 North River. All goods not permitted by the 2d Angust, will 1* sent to Hi ? public store. jv2!>rc f .IIJANO.? The cargo of the ship Shakspeare, direct trom u I" tight cash*, and uiistiriwaseu in quality by auy in the lAarket. porsalein lots to suit purchasers bv E. K. COLLINS It CO., JnllM M Soath street 1 AUCTION NOTK AKJ'w h,-u8,.?, ??* wji jr.css-Atefsv-r-" taSr&sr "'"? "-' ?' ?"?" "iv'sta s IffiRiJlw ?&?"&; w, . 1?0 do Rutsna do do T.?,|, ,,d ,\1 chit,H {^u, d.TV.'T.v-"1'-^'1 ""1"'1 ?V* r S1C0 ? J31 I *fC D U N ASli, Auctioneer ORTOAOE SALE OK A . At 10 o ock, it IM Kultxn street, by virtue of a inort' ff&AS'firk ","L Urr,1 * Krf-ctory, comnri.ES* r.l - V m Hn"ur,'?' ( "r', ?"d Drapery, Ma>i.~?lly Z ? <1 J \V "7 ?' Arm Cliur . i i? ti ij ? Cuiloiy. Crockery. P milium, Lookout i.?y'ufkt^n'Kul;,'l,V;:ck' 111 ? toc,u"" AN", under mi enacuti ,n. a quantity of valu ible Book. aud j31 lt,m [JACKET Hill I* SOUTHERNER FROM LIVERPOOL went sid??" Hnrul** ?i * aIT '^e,r permits on board, at ^ iV. >U t, ^ i4" *""<'? "Ot permit ed in five day. are liable to b? sent to public store iv r? WoODHULL It MINTURN -J> inr:c Iff South street INSURANCE ' ~ Th^ NORTH AM^H1(: an EIRE INSURANUE COM ?C o^JTa ihu c^' ? "" " ???"' " ??>- "til ? , ... .. DIRECTORS Thi m! Am T' Divid B Keeler. ThomM r.h.ton, Caleb Swan, HurIi Auchiiiclnas, Jon?than Thome, Jam? wXLV " Charles Williams, Jame* \1cBrair, Thoa. H. U,le, J?..h i e*""tl1' J>anifl B Fearing, A'l '? ' I. Tavemt Putnam, Cor IS;? AuKu,tu. Whitloek, PhfliJ^-u1 i-002' Aq?ila Q. Stout. BIa"ehVord, J """ 8" D'"k<""U' John McBrair, fccr.*?"""' A,NSLII?- f II1E CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. XHE Capital Stock of this Com, 2,' ? w.^ftaid "in'clh prior to commencing busiue?s, and is now lo.uiell atnti in' TMw '' u,l^ou^1le<{ s?**iirit'e in the city of New York 1 lit- Company lud ?(?cumulate J a larue surplus at the time of I K'e.ce'" ''ouflajr itiou. wich will euabl | "m 'me? a ' ? i * . D , DIRECTOH8. Kicluril A. Reading, Cyrna Mirrlimutli Corueliu* W. Lawreneo, Peter S. Titus ' R?nh ri') u/'iL Jg'mel, w ii ? ii ??"??'? Thomw Carpenter, Iradllawfey, teiifc.T Aaron M. Merchant. D. F. (-URRV, Secretar^" A' iiKADI'N0. ^^^'..c HAK'I l<\)KD KIK.I-J IN.suka.NCPJ CUMl'ANY n,,,. . <?7 IVall xtrert I proiyu- to rail at their N^w V ,^k Agency No^OT* W?if r^ou . , vt7,: r *o. : , , .T.'.Vk ^ JL'i' are well understood hi this community ; ?ndihey arc uotoulv prepared promptly to p .y ih?.ir |??e/by the ricent fire but to offer .bundaut aecunty to thejr cu.tomen for the future rrc JOHN NEILSON, Jr ; Aient OrriCK OK THK JKFKKHaON Imi haick I o. T"? ^'ockholderoof thia Comply a^^uen.d to ca. wTah olill'h1 "rerCo""';."i" "I"1 ?'K"lfV whether it be their wun to hii up their rcxpecti?e ?hare?,or to rrccive a uumber of TI- 'AU9i k S'r v'l?e Of their Mock. Uto. T. Hor,:. Sec'y. T. W.TMUK.N^Y Pelican Mutual Insurance Company, > T "bi/ 0e"c^%dftMMK??,nS,,hy **** ^ secure t^e o?i*tn?.?? 1^?' f" *" "">lde auhscnptiou to iake bott, ^and M^^""-i,tr;?X..V CO"t,"U'' J' 2.1 ^wi<*rrc w \V. 1)1 BBL1-^ Secretary. PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., m?,o ? No. 66 WALL STREET. 1 Iomm ?/*!,??"* , ?,r",',"rd '".P1*) on demand, all cUima are adfutted "y tl"' Ut" ,,re''? b ire and Marine ritki will be taken aa uiual. VV. W. DlBRLe Secret8^EON BAU,W,N. Pr'?<?,nt. ?. ^,f,w Yon' MJu jy?3 Im rrc I HE LONG IJSLANU INSURANCE COMPANY Capital, 2(NI,(NKI Dollars. ,a.,,,u Fi'ltoi xtrert , Hmoktyn. 1 New Vo L f "1'fepared to tale risk, in the city of i , ' '* "" favi rable termn havinii lost by the recent hieonly about ten per cent of their capital dal'ou "r" ,U>ta,"ed b> i-hi* C'-nipaiiy wi" be paid on I, qui t-.V- Secretary Brooih vi* Jute ?i J'M' OELAMATER Preaident. Ju!> jv 20 Im ta m insurance] ~ Tlhu,M,ROOK|LYN fIK,K 'N8URANCE CO.willinaure * buildiuei aud merchandite .Kain,t lota ami damage by lire I I New V oiS, at their office, upper ,-orner of Fulton ^d From t?I n<!a.r f-ultou Ferry. Brooklyu. cntumftT" "f""' C"mp""V " "?"?P<?' 'd by /Ac recent ih?^nCei,in?*d\,?^he director, of the eomiwuy, dotuff buaineai in New \ ork. for further infor in ition, viz E. j). Hurlbut, firm of E. 1). }| tk Co 84 South treet ; Paui Spofford, firm of Spotford, Tileaton & ( o , H9 VV Iter .treet; Amoa Willetta, firm of A. It S. Wilietta. 303 I BArl atreet ; Joseph fettit firm J. Pettit Ik Co., 134 Pearl st. AtrKKuUSr. rWl^-,AM ELLSWORTH, President. ai.khkd i#. Stevens, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, 184V jy?l 2wis?ec IM Til v n ? , New Vo??. July 19, lttf. ?the th;t oy the recent fire ?S?0.00p, I wish to say that this is Sreatlv tbeTr'fc """f"'1 TheTompa^ contmu^ LIGHT, ELASTIC EVER FITTING WIGS AND SCALPS WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR* CLASPS. TO BK HAD OWL* or CHAKLES RIlXiWAY HAIR CUTTER ANIi VVIQ MAKER NO. 25 WALL STREET, N R .,0l,p(>f,T? ,THE ClTSTOM Housb. N. B.? formerly of Howard's Hotel. jrM ,m?rc 400,000 (j}n.nAfv,irA,^k;</^7HtS'vi.mport*d bJr M AN~ ^m wi?,befoandC.bMi., do I m*>eriales, jC-^ah^^Panetehu* fete SS ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, from the above well RalTd JUIt ""Ported by the cfiristoph tJolon and the a-1 Im ? rc A II at PINE WOOD. SEVEN HUNDRED CORDS No. l, for uli low, in Oin gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va. , by JOHN SAVAGE, 8.8 DENNIS. H. T. RUSSELL. Said Inlet is navigable for Teasels drawing seven feet. jy22 lm*rrc ARTIFICIAL EYES MADE and lnwrted by Dr. J. GRAY.No. 119 Bowery, N York, the only maker of the HUJAaN ARTIFICIAL E\ E in the United State*. An v peraon that wiahe* to be well anited ahould alwaya apply to tne Maker, who haa been iu the Art Forty Years. jn!6 1m*re HOTEL DES DEUX FRERES, BY 8. J. k A. P. 8EIONETTE. 'PHIS ouiet and healthy location, opposite Dnane Park, re I- tired from the noise, bustle and confusion of the great thoroughfare, yet adjacent thereto and all the ateamboat land ings, present* the moat deairable aojonrn in the city for gentle men travelling, or reaidenta? where they can be accommodated with handsomely furnished bedrooma, with or without board. 168 Duaue street. jy26 lw*rh PIANO FORTE TUNING. I B. FINLAY80N. (late of Messrs. Broadwood 1c Bona, JL ? London,) respectfully informs the musical public of New York. that he will devote his time to the Toning of Piano Fortes, .and fro<n the testimonial* of the following eminent ar Uses, Messrs. Thalberg. Liszt, Hrrji, Moihelle, and Cramer, he llatters himaelfto give the greatest satisfaction. i /" All orders left at Mesara. Chambers & Jolies' Music Warehouse, No. 386 Broadway, will meet with prompt atten ti"n. jy2S Iw'ec music. REMOVED to No. 66 Franklin street, one door Eaat ol Broadway, M. DUM8DAY, Professor of the Guitar, Sing- i lug. Accordemi, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New Vork the above fashionable instrument*, lie., in a ] comparative short time, by his new Analyaiug and Inductive System. Terms reasonable. M. I), will go, aa usual. to the residences of his pupil* to any ji.irt Ot the city, liy the stages. Satisfactory city and other re ferences ven on application at No. Si Franklin street. jy9 lin*m MILLIARDS ? GREAT IMPROVEMENTS. SOUTHERNERS, Strangers and Citizens are invited to try ?5 Mahogany Beds with 166 Panels, m ide by s'eam machinery So much work could not lie done by hau<l without three times the usual price. Likewise Cushions so elastic thai eleven can be hit by a single blow. For sale or pla> ing ai BASSFOR l)*S old stand? Eii tra ices joining the Museum Building, Ann street and 149 Fulton st. Otis Field, with a number of these improved Tables, invites Ins friends to call at the Oniteil States Hotel. Entrance thr uuh the bar-loom or 196 Water street. jyM Im'rrc THE CELEBRATED FATE D* AM ANDES ORGEAT PASTE dissolved in water proves a very etcel lent, pleaaant and heallliy summer drink; it Can he had at the following places ; ? J. Milh in, No. IK) Broadway; J. R. Chilton, 26.1 Broadway : A. B. Sand ft Co., 273 Broadway; Gaas ner 4i Young, 132 street: W. R. Ballagh, cor. I ham liers and Chatham streeta;P. Merkle, 3S3 tirand street; W. Kir by, cor. Divisiou aud Clinton streets: Moore, Lent It Co.. I!>3 K rout street, aud at the manufactory, 129 Attorney at; W. For tenbacli, U Hudson St.; J (k J. Coddington, 203 Hudson, cornel Spring at.; J. W. Biasett, 644 Broadway, Collins fc Co., 461 Grand street; Dr. Sargent corner Xth street and 3d avenue; John L. SUieffl.n 114 ('anal street; A. G. Levy, 202 Delaucy street ; Hush ton 8i('o. Illl Broadway ; Brooklyn, Jaa. W. Smith, cor ner <>f KultOn and Cranberry streets. ju3 lm'rc J. B STOUVENEL, | .VjrORTER OF WINKS, No 39 John street, i. forms ho 1 friends and the lover* of good Wines generally, that in order to s> pply the great demand, he haa made arrangements to have always in store and to receive direct from Bordranl, W iues of r firnt quality, from the proprietors direct. The well known houxes following are sufficient recommen dation ol fhe qualities of the Wines, without further details l' ehe rt?" * I Proprietor, of Vignoblea, j. rreycne, > at Bordeaux j. r rr> riif , > Capl (retfaii, ) N. H. ? J B. S undertakes to sell Wine for fam'lv use, by fhe dotm or gallon. jy|jlm*ec TO MERCHANTS AND CONTRACTORS, MORE ESPECIALLY to those who have suffered l>y the late fire, will pl-sse call upon JNO. G. TlBBF.Ts, 2111 Grind street who having made an im|K>rtant improvement in 1 14 ( > N SHUTTERS AND DOGRS, which will not caal off in tin- least from a wall when the hottest flames are pouring igainst them. There are some similar to theie, but not the ? imeai my present improvement j >25 2w?rrc JNO O. TIBBETB. HATCH ELOK'S NEW INVENTED WIG, SO PERFECTLY resemble* the real head of hair aa to defy detection. All the old difficulties and veiatious annoyancea are completely done away with. Wig wearer* can now enjoy is much ea*e and comfort a* ever they did with their own hair Citizens and strangers are invited to tnapcct thi* tasty and deli .-ate work, M it injwl be seen tt be appreciated, at WM BATCHELOR8 Wig aud Scalp Mann factory, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway? Removed from 1*J Broadway, j ? 17 lM*gi AM t ? EM i&NTS. CA UK > 1 1 Hi t'il'UK. F H E .V ( H OPERA Thurtday Kva-nlim. July .'Mat. Will hr performed, for th* first 'ime in this city, LA DAMi! DE ST TROPEZ. Georges Maurice Mo- tas.ier LaugHls. * notary ? ? ? ? 'Maihit u < uunt d'Aubc. ive. . Bernard Anion e I. us? ?le ?Jlll'l Domini Ocl ve Clitilni V ? l? I Busher Jerome, a, h tel keeper l/ki ?^t Or fault ( haffary Hortensia d'Auberive M'ile Mam Pauline Alme Hiclier Charlotte Ciu Moiuette M'lle Fanny Yernoique Mme Jul.s n , .. La CHALET. Daniel, M Loan riot | Mil, Douvry ? Betn M'lue Stephen Cu-uriot Second if ibmi the Comic Opera in 1 act of ./" ? rice < iissioh? h irst Tier of ll?iri md Parqutttr, ?v. '? ,u' '''id Tie/a, 40 cent.-; Gallery. IS cents. Door ;*u at clwrl- <ud tin > 'irtai. wall rite precisely it hali-pm : 7 o elo< !: > -VSTLK UAltDEH. Otj Admu*i(?i as Ureal Mutual Attraction p oprie ii (leasts. French aa4 ll'tw. Urn nil EuterUiinrnent Thuratilii) Kvtiiiri|, Julylii, The pel ormance will commence with the Overture to La l! ine ile < liypre. h ull ' Irchestrn. The Brothcm, O ista- e mil Louis, m ihe Korce et Jouglerie. Overture Full Bai-d. L i Smolt u>ki Miss I'ray. Gallop ? Orchestra. Klssler Brothers I) riug Keats uu 1. i < olonne Fuy uite. Pot 1'iiuri i de Vase- Orch-stra. Pas Grotesque, by C. T. Parsloe. ( )vei lure ? 11 uiil. English !'<? Villegois, Miaa Pray. r/c" Inter:;' :sson of Half an Hour for Promenade and Refresh ment*. Theraiijc of splendid Costnin-auias will be open for inspection. Trie ?? ? >nd part will commence with t 'vertnre to Fra Diavolo. After which the G eat Struggle ofthe Amphitheatre, by Le? Freres Flssler Pas dc Jocriue CT Parsloe. (Jrai.J Overture? Bronze Horse Tocoiicluie with a Series of Coma' Tableaux, by the Eluler Broth rs. entitled Lh.S MALHEURS DE AOL AU VENT. v'Di? i -)|>u at h).ll-paat 6 otlotk. Perform sat* to ?? r.ieuce pi S.i clock. ftlBI.O'S UAHUU1S. BENEFIT OF MISS TA YLOR! Thin a<lny Kveiilnif, July 31. Wiil be performed the lirst mil second acts of KHA OlAVOLO. Lady Allcash Mrs Trmm /erlina Mis# Mary Taylor Fra Diavolo >lr S Pearson Lord A'lcash Roberts Lorenzo Deunison Beppo Ni? kinson Giacomo i Everard ~r Intermission of Half an Hour Mr Roheita ami Miss T >ylor w.11 dance the celebrated Polka New Tain bou rice Pas de I'cux ? y Celeste Si Paitiugtou To conclude With THE RENCONTRE. Justin, Miss Taylor I >im DeMerral, MissMnthews Col de Courcey, Devenport I St Leon, Mr Gallafher llni de Boncteur, Chippendale I Pierre, John 8ef on M?j Moustache, Nickiusou I Landlord, Peering A*. i'lt?.icilt liMies mil sllisjls (M lultttsutiitf lu ilwi ^ tain good order oid keep all improper Is rsous out XJ-Ti'ketx FiTty C A limited number ol Season Ticket* <v;ll lie aispijaed of ft r~ I'erl'orii re to eftmrosiMT at 8 o'clock Doors op^n m o'clock. V 41 XII ^ I.I. UAJtUibN ssl.twi BARNEY WILLIAMS MANAGER. D. GARDNER STAGE MANAGER. Every Evening 7Vii.i H'etk, Ct ininenciiiK Toe <1 y, July 19th, lBI'i. The M'-naser i? happ) in being able to a nounceau engage in. ut with the follow iiik ladies and gentlemen, who will liave the honor ol ap|ien n K every evening : ? M 'lie Hosiua Gascon, Miss Kininit, Barney Willi <ms, Dan Giraner, Billy Whitiock Charles White, Moils Maillaid, the celebratid Pianist. Toge her w ith the Ethiop an Operatic Brothers ami Sisters Doors open at ' ? Performance to loniuieuce at *,l4 o'clock |?7~Tickets 12)4 cent*. jyWjt'm ORAKB PURE BHTBUTAINDIBNT8 OF GYMNASTICS ? MUSIC ? DANCING ? sONG? PORTK A YMENTS C )F ETHIOPIAN LIFE ! OTTO CQTTj. HOB OK EN, EVEK\ FAIR AFTK1 ON ? commi ueingat halCjmsi 3 P. M , and lermiua'iiu - ialf-|nst 7 P M. Thus affciru tag those families who vint iloboken alter dining, an op|ioitu it y to witness his most ctreiilVK noikltv hor full inrticul h d piograinme of performance, see large nd small bills. j\36 5i .->at,M,T,W,T1i*rrc A V AY TO TH E ELYSIAX F1KLUS IiOBOKECV. The only .ashiouable resort on the bunks of the beautiful Hudson. Entire change of Nageltie* for t hi * week, comment ing ON MO N DA I , JULV 28th FREE EXHIB'TlONS EVf.RV AKTKRNOON, At 3 o'clock, on a S: ge erected lor the purpose, in front ofthe CtHonade. \'| R. McCARTV nas the p easuie to nnounce to tlie fann ivj lies of New York that lie hs? for this week m >de an ea Kagement with the celrbiated Ojieratic B otlie s and Sisters, euoii by tli- 1 justly celehr ted ind famous Dan Gardiner, known is one 01 ihe nm est NegiO perlurme sufihe , 'resent times. The f Itluw iug are the names ol this uuei|Ualled Baud ? t ? Old Dsn h mnnt a Violin 1 1 of great not*. 2? Bnly Wli tlock, he only red Uaugo pi ,er living. 3 ? Clia' les VV'h.te the can't be heat Acc.?rai in Ar St. 4? Master Jerry Bi yaut, master of u e Tumi o> ine. 5? Old Dan Gardiner, the tei roi of all Ne*ro Dancers. The visit rs of the Elysi n Fields ar-- most respectfully in formed th it this week the* will bee tertaiu.d with the beanti : ul music of this popular B oid. They will appear in all their Origi al Sings, Glees. Chorusses miQ Dai.ces, in which they I id defiance to all competition. j29 St* rh GENTLEMEN F- LEFT OFF WARDROBE I. ANTED. G1 ENT1 V'.MKN and l amilies can obtain the full value for all f luperrKosK effects the) wish to dispose of, (eitherGEN TLE.V1E> i ADlES,) by sending to the subscriber, who does not r"e o give twe ty per cent more than auy other person. I'm ive a fair |>, ice for all articles offered Gen tlemt 'eavi e city will liud it totheir advantage to seud for the >i. criber previous to selling to any other person. J. LEVENSTYN, 466 Broadway, (upstairs.) N. B.? A line through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. jylO lm*rc _ CASS St W ARD having been burnt out, have removed to Store No t Broad street, on the corner of Stone street. j >-90 ec PACKET SHIP SIDDONS, from Liver, .ool, is discharging under general order, it O, leans wharf, loot ofWall street Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods im mediately. j!9m PAINTINGS FOR SALE. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural and Historical subjects, Landscapes, Ur... amongst them a genuine Interior by Teniers; a Clepatre by Sutermans, and a Magdalen by Guercinn, Stc., kc. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty street jy4 Im'rc MAGASIN JAPANAIS, 69 Dunne Street. AH. PARKER, Agent, from AmstenUin, most respect s fully informs hisTriends and the public in general, that he has received a rr. gnificent collection ofancient Oil Paintings and Antiquities, consisting of Japauese.Porcelaiu Jars and Va ses, Flower Bottles. Plates, Dishes, Cups and Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; Cups and Saucers; an cient Fans of the 16th ci ntury; and two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from the years 1448 and 1577, formerly belonged to | theCar i..,il Ximenies, Great Inquisitor of Spain, such as never h.u een seen in this country; of which ne can dispose at modrr-.:e prices. Ladies and Geirlemen, if you wish to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Alto, two carved Chairs, for Cath olic Churches: to be teen from 10 A. M. till ? P. M. je?7 2in*rh ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHJi. A NEW AND IN VALUABLE DISCOVERY, being all quid Dye, which instantaneousif changes the color ofthe hair to a beautiful brown or black without injury to the hai or skin. The great superiority of this dye consists in its easy mode of application and instantaneous effect ? all other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to everyone upon a single application. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Sun."? Alexander's TmcoBarHB.? ' The effect of the above on the hair is truly ss tooishiug. It was trie'i yesterday in our office, and the change from grav to black was issantaneous. For sale by Rushtou It Co, druggisu, 110 Broadway! 10 As tor House ar.' 856 Broadway; corner of 14th street; Aspin wall, 86 Wil.i-.m street ; Johnson, Moore V Taylor, SI Maiden lane ; J. W. ?? right k Co. S Cedar street; and of the principal ilruggists tlv ugliout the United States, or of sole agents. R. St G. A. WRIGHT, t3 South Fourth street, Jv? lm*m. Philadelphia. SOMETHING NEW AND USEFUL AFTER long endeavors, the undersigned has succeeded in introducing to the people of the United States au artieli they have long needed. It is in the shape nf a Paste, calleil PATES U'A \NDKH, (Orgeat Piste.) while it combines healthy and pl< isant drink lor the Summer While it proin ses these qualities it is at the same time usefal in removing Heart bent and HourStorn vh, and is acapital drink fordisease if the chest. Its component parts are very innocent, and i ? an be recommended to females in all stages of life; good fo wet nurses, and can be used atsea aa a substitute for milk. Prepared d sold for the Proprietor by L Joacbimssen, No IIS Attorney street je>? lin'rr EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS. ^ Steamer It L.8TEVENB, Captain R- L ^e \lahey, will make an excursion to the Fishins Banks ever> Tuesday, Thursday and Hrulat ? lu hiii, I tie s> as leaving Hammond sir. ? t at l}% o clock, A. M I anal street at Delancv street, East Rivei, at 9. and I lei No. 1 N K.,at9}i o'clock ? letnrniug to the city iii good sea sou. Bait furnished gratis, and lines at a saall charge. Fare M ^euts. jy28 Iwis'm FOlt LIVERPOOL? Kirst Packet, to sail on the 1st of August? The splendid fast sailing picket ship lEUROPE. ? ill positively sail as above, her regular " (for passage, having superior accomm<*Jati?ms in _ cabin am steeraae, a| ply to - ?- HN HERDMAN k CO., j1jrc 61 Soulh street. FORTIVERPC " I- ? New Line? Regular Pack, ot tlieSitli August ? The elegant last sailing Packs t ???jShip SIDDONS, Capt. E. B. ( obb, of 1100 tuns, wil ..I i.s itiove, her r ., 'lar day For freight or r- " !?> having acoemmodatioi s unequalled foi splendor and con .. ?pply on board, at Orlenus wharf, foot >( Wall sf ?t. o. E K COLLINS Ii (.'O.. 56 South street Price ?f. asage (100 Packet Snip Hlvridan, ( ant. Cornish will ancceed the Sin dona, and sail ?th September, her regular day jiH FOR NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND.? The - ell known f -st sailing coppered and copper-f stei.ei M ship RA 9Lt.H. Buter, Masier" having all lie IK- .v lieikht engaged, will sail in a few davs. F. r light freight, or passage, having gviod accom'nodationa. Vpplyto WOODHULL It MINTl'KN, Jy'i* rrc South atnet. sfet FOR" OLAS(K)W -Regular Packet.-^ w.J' JsjCTV ^,,ovrn' lMt?niiing Brititli Barque ANN HAHLK 4BQyLsmith, master, 450 tons, will meet with quid ''^"freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board foot of I^veMtreeC, or ^MINTUHNS, ^ iV?0re * T**'' I'nH Ni. V f ) R L K A iNS?TIi e packet ship HI LAftCapt'aln Hammond, will positively sail oith? i?fcy. " | \"in>',ln eo u al led accommodations ipply to l-.r passage, having une<inaj.()HN HERDMAN ... 61 Month street. jlirr - ? JT fflnrSTTD \ ship to load for a Soiitliern Port Itfi aJpU w L K. COLLINS It CO j tt i ar Vi Soulh street. ft* LATKS i IN i'KLLIti r :\Cfc. BY LAST EVKNIKO'N ill * H? W unit In Ktoii. I Correspondence of tha Herald.l Washington, July 29, 1840. Hotation? Inequality of it* Kxrrci?e? The Secretary of the Treasury? The Public Fund* and the state Mucks An Interrogatory concerning John B. Mar y? Texas Tariff Speculator h under Blot hade ? The Post Master at Mi/a-aukie. As the rule of rotation is resolved upon, as it haa been decided that the Federal offices, saving the Ju diciary, are not bestowed on the life principle, we are anxious thut there shall be consistency in this business And we shall point out to the people from tune to nine, wherein the administration is deficient in this as in other matters. For example, let us re consider a moment the cares of Stephen Pleasan tly a"ldet7f Svy ,lave been ,n ??ce ha,< a cen lury, anil it they are not rich it is their '?wn fault, and a fault for which, of itself hey ought to be discharged. And yet, though ri'ilT* r" *?,a* taiK ?( their coming under the ruh. of rotat.on it i? not decide* that they can be dispensed with. They can be disuensed with, ihey must, and they will We cannot imagine either vlrTt i ''<th <?C,,on ot 14 n?nute, that Ulier Mr Buchanan or Mr. Marcy are t? be bam ccofl 'wi lhV tWo 8,al|-frd editors, with their ev? the'r rart*dl"n"r? their iotrA?, not :n ,rllnl--tl"? ' We know the and Mr^uU'r ,ll,nSs? we know that Mr. Marcy and then ,,anrHn rre, a good dinner now time- unci w" have" refined society all the l>ersonul how,? h" ,h"l-lhe fhiirn,K of t-ive, are Hipetu'r hypoCr,tlcal "r <^'1 political duty And w/S''""! '^ ^""f't'ons of of War and the amiable ?n ion "le lary of Sttte, not to be taken in?by the?" liu01*" set to catch noodles. Unless the? ,Z gull-traps aforesaid, are permitted to re,7re 1 ^a,'B .^eats in the country, the reform " is all moonshine. It is a poor ' mi0tatkin cowardly system of rotation, winch 'loi" Tir\h heads of the small subordinates, whose pitiful siT lanes debar thern from acting the part of^ courtiers at the social parties of the higher functionaries of the administration, while it spares, from considera tions of personal acquaintance, the Scribes and Pha risees of the higher grades. We can't stand that and we speak in the name, in the behalf, and bv au-' i horny, of the umerrified democracy, when we sav we shan't. If Mr. Marcy .? .ppre^ that^o .co f^o can be found equal to the place and the du ne.- of 1 IH-Ie 1 I ter, let him try your Corresnonrh-ni T r^1 ,l"lt we?a" fender him satisfaction.' | And what is more, we shall tuke care that the Gov ! ;i "?r|,N " ? ,rJend? %l?r shall have u place in the ark of safety. He is a jew, to be sure K will guarantee to make him a lover of bacon and a mod loco, it the Governor will only give ,I8 the i lower of bestowing a lot of "old do " 8 the Unce for all we tell the President, as the Supreme Executive authority, that Uncle Peter and Father Thevh?ve,nhUSi r >-rrantf'.d "" indefinite furlough. I h"> li.tve been for titty years good and f^nh u servants, and .. is ?me they were enter"ng into he jovs of retirement. We are satisfied th-.f they Z i ,ln TJl '' ."V 'h<>"-!lt tlK" administration heref, ? t,'em? a?d " w only necessary, therefore, to glVe them some such gentle under standing to that efiect, as follows 8i?-From and after this date, upon mature .lelilmr. lion in the premises, it is the opinion of the K*eruti>? ihHt the duties of your office, as faithfully as they have administered by your-elf, may be as correct lv ?nd noTlnVbe c^Tw^h^gto"1 ?M h,""lred lDd"^ (Signed by the Secretary.) ? ^Tetary ?f the Treasury, perhaps the most active and vigilant in his duties of all the Cabinet, as been making arrant men ts, of late, for the fur ier security ol the public moneys, with the exist ;ngor proactive J the GovernmS ' , Aa M>* understand it, it is by requiring of <raiH J^,)Oo't0ries ,the security of Government or r I " "cks' at th,? option of the head of the Trea rury, '? a ^t:;'" which, however s- cure in the hands ot Mr. Walker, is susceptible of the rankest '?nd most unlimited corruptions. For instance the ^tate .Nocks of Arkansas (we might |?i) are at a most unpromising depreciation The lCdeotn^L???8lre:di: invefcV fh" Smithsonian I and ot ?>,o(W,00(), in Arkansis bonds, and sold the fl ink fn ;ojl 1 o? of then, at 40 jn-r cent discount. A hank in .New \ ork, with u heavy parcel of this dead paper on ,/s hands, becomes a depository in | wo milJions of moneys of the federal Treasury accept rd Th 8f"Cun,y- a?d " is h8..nk, fM' e, the scrip is transferred to the Secretary of the 1 reasury, and he retains it in lieu of the money. If he sells it under the ham mer, it is at a ruinous sacrifice ; if he retains it the ? overnment, to th.s extent, is committed to the payment of the State debts, a. singl- glance at the wide held tor speculation and peculation opened to h11 sorts of brokers under this system, is sufficient to its rejection, as wholly and utterly unsafe and impracticable The Secretary of the Treasury must eventually, under such a system of depostt7 STSd ?' ">?' ,?S"e rr ,nercan,lle speculators in Texas ? ho are about being intercepted by the Secretary of he Treasury in a very profitable business. The du es upon foreign imports are much lower in Texas than in the United States. There are nien, accord in gly, who are taking advantage of this ditference by importing into Texas, with a design on the final of ?"?*tion, of transshipping said 4,ood8 to the n(?rthrrn |a.>rts of the United States un fmk j ta n1 such goods will be subject to no turther duty. But Mr. Walker is issuing a cirrula? which will pretty effectually cut off this cfemi-semi tidtU^ !ng' Tl l,ring ruch merchandise under the |ull < of the tariff of '42 The Secretary is ide awaxe, and he is not going to stand any such iiloyed by the government) has resolved notwith Sm'wter ?LreW"li!Ufier' l? re,ain the Milwaukie postmaster, after a full examination of the case ? le8ki Pub'tsher is in funds, therefore it is verv probable that he will falsify h18 mono back ouf knock under, and give up the chase, We' would ad ' Baltimore, July 30, IMA. Fine Weather ? Destructive Fire ? Great Demand for Bal timore Clipper i ? The Rape Case ? labors in the Onder donk Cause ? Stock Board, fc. We are now favored with a clear iky, and cool and re freshing air. The scorching rays of the sun by which we have recently been afflicted, has abated, and left ui in the enjoyment of glorious summer weather. The avenue* of travel are crowded with the votaries of pleasure and business, and although our city it now dull, the pros pect of activity and life is apparent in every counte nance. The large wool and store house of Messrs. Wethered \ Brother*, about seven miles from this city, was de stroyed bv fire on Tuesday morning before daylight. The loss is stated to bo from $20,000 to $30,000, on which there was an insurance of $10,000 in the Merchants', and $3,000 in the Knuitahle Insurance offices By the way, the Merchants' Insurance Company has been pat ticular ly unfortunate dtirihg the past year, scarcely afire oc curring in which they have not been insurers, whilst their policies are not half so numerous as some of our other companies. The new brig Arabian, built for ( 'apt. Wm, Mason, uill lie launched from the ship yard of Messrs. Brown &. < o., this afternoon at 4 o'clock. It has been many a year ? nice ship building was so active in Baltimore as at pre vent. The demand for our clipper built vessels has been i o ii t : the prospect of war is given as the reason, there fore, as they can be so easily turned into privateers. Tliumas i nt mii-hael, the fifth of the rascals that viola te I the person of the young German girl on Sunday night, was uriested yesterday. The victim of their in I unous passions on Sunday morning last, was a bright eyed and rosy shocked girl, fresh from the " Kaderland;" ii'iw she looks pale and dejected, with every appearanco of having undergone a severe sickness. Much treatment to a virtuous giil deserves the gallows. They gagged her with a handkscchief and then proceeded, three hold ing her whilst the fourth had his will of her, the fifth keeping guard. Four had succeeded in accomplishing tlieir designs, and as the fifth was commencing.the watch men approached and they fled. What unholy brutes they must have been. The eflbits ofthe friends of Bishop Onderdonk, in this city, to make a powerful demonstration in favor of his i s to i at ion, continue to increase daily, and the unanimity on the subject i? truly astonishing I learn that through i.ut the %hole diocese theie is hut three clergymen op I ised to the movement, and they will take no negative ? i-tion on the subject. The pow er .if Bishop Wittingham ver the clergy, particularly the younger portion of iliem i* great. They sustain him iti every thing, and aa i is opinion on the rn'ihject is well known, the extent of i ie demonstration i" Bishon Ondeidonk's behalf may be anticipated. Nothing will be left undone here to secure l >r him s complete unit unconditional restotation, and an ll'iiit "ill even be made to secure n vote of condemna tion on the Kcclexiastical < ouncil by which he was con victed. I'he enemies of the Bishop among the Laity, nnd they are quite numerous in Washington, George t iwn and llagerstown ? will do all they can to thwart liis movements, but the unanimity of Baltimore will thwart all their efforts. The pray ers and petitions on the ? object are already numerously signed. SrecK BoAan. - The sales at the Stock Board yeiter day were confined to Baltimore O's (IH90), at 1OT|, and > arious Bank stocks. Mary land O's close at 76J bid, at which price none was oflered. FHti.ADKi.PHtA, July 39, 1846. Dear Sir Aa you have had an incomplftn and only partially porrectli*t ofthr various r^mov*)* and u|i,a>ininicntM mi the Cuetoim at thin city; aud aa lh*>.

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