Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1845 Page 3
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OrririAL Kktukni or Uwiikd States Hjcrtni't: and E?. ricnuiTUBE. , Qiiartrr Quartrr Quarter Quarter ending truing ending ending June Sept. iJer. June Herenue. 30'A. 30 Ih. It, 1811. 30, 1816 Customs... 1, 47 1, 11X1 10,750,000 4,1(10, *0 6,2111 ,:Kil I. villi 500.5(10 430,000 610, 000 517,86* Treasury ii (?*, 23,000 ? ? ? L<>??.. ? ? ? ? Miscellaneous 50 000 25,5 00 43,000 42,004 Toti I 9,046,500 11,223,100 4,745,360 6,762, 183 firpmu*. Civil. miscellaneous, midfuremii 1 280.778 1,111.032 1.2*0,009 1.2)7, 601 Miliury 1,6'?,97? 3, 277, '196 1.806, nil 1,801,009 Navel 1,300 !8I 1,906, 2IW 1 .668, 'MM 1, 873.902 Interest of debt 537, C08 81,401 466,322 I70.0ii3 Paid loau 1UI ? 231,600 183, 87i 92,733 Treasury notes ami .lilt re. t 1,063,985 322,586 52,661 297,721 Total $5,876,032 7,2J3,846 5,657,595 4,973,066 Nearly the whole receipt* of revenue ii from customs the procooc's of the public lande at thin time being veryli. mited. The customs being tho sourcofrom which Govern, went derives nearly the whole of its ru venue, it is highly j important that the laws producing this reveuue should \ not bo changed, without tho most mature deliberation .and careful investigation. Customs Revenues United States. 1842. 1813 1814. 1845. 4th Quarter 4,936,063 2,579,389 n? < 4,100,360 1st do 6,060,401 2,910,801 S ' ? 6,175,576 2d do 4,670,144 4.IH6 0)9 8,171,000 6.201 391 3d do 3,305,606 6,132,272 10,750,000 '9,500,000 Total 18,981,114 15,758,501 30,727,176 26,277,327 Tot. ord. reveuue, 19, 613, 963 8,06'i.T25 28,501.518 >9,713,651 Loans 11,808,736 12,479,708 1,877,181 ? * Estimated. The amounts given for the first three quarters of 1345, under the old fiscal year, are oincial; the amonnt for the third quarter is estimated as we have marked. The revenue of tho United States for six month* of 1843, and tho years 1842 '41, and '45, has boon as fol lows: ? Rkvenuesof the United States. 1842. 1813. 1841. 1845. Herenue. 0 montkt. Customs 18,187,908 7,816,811 26,183,571 27,527,327 Lands. 1,335,797 R*?7,818 2,059.910 2,053.390 Miscellaneous 120,260 120,663 261,007 132,934 Total 34,452,700 20,545,033 30,381,700 29,713,651 The estimated receipts for the year ending June 30, 1843, were $34,306,874, and the actual receipts have been $29,713,651, being $4, 493, '193 less than the estimates. We annex the estimated and the actual receipts for the purpose of showing where the difference is:? Revenue Estimated victual for 1845. receiplt. receipt $, Difference. Customs $31,945,018 27,527.327 4,417,691 less Lands 2,139,866 2,063,390 86,466 less Miscellaneous 120,000 132,934 12,934 more Total $34,204,1174 29.713.W1 4,493,223 The difficulty of forming correct estimates of the re ceipts into the Treasury, particularly when so large a per cent of tho receipts are derived from duties on im. ports, must be very great, and we are not surprised at the difference between the estimated and actual receipts. Our importations fluctuate so much from season to sea son, and year to year, and are governed by so many causes, that it is almost impossible to form a correct es" timate of tho extent. There is no data upon which esti mates can be based. Old Stock Uxchangc. $5000 U 8 6's, '82 114% 100 shas Morris CM 30d 30^ 5000 N Y State 5's, '45 100% 50 rio sJO 30'4 97110 N Y City 5s, TO 98% 26 do 30% 1000 Kentucky ?'s 100% 60 Canton Co 40% 1000 do 100% 50 do kCO 41 25003 Penn'a6's 76% 50 do 40% 4' 90 do 76% 50 do b20 40% 3000 do bGO 77 60 do hCO 41 10000 do 76V 60 East Boston s2.i 13% 6000 111. spcl bds b89 38% 100 Harlem KK s60 67 2000 do 38% 25 Stouiugton I(K 31 39 shas Mechanics' Bk 108 125 Nor and Wore 70% 10 N Y lias Co 118% 75 do b60 70% 50 Farmers' Trust 34% 100 Reading RR 56% 160 do b30 35 200 Wilmington RK 1)30 30 New Stock Kxchangc. 25 shas Farm's Tr e 31% 50 shas East Boston slO 75 Morris Canal s3 30% 25 Harlem RR s30 66. 100 do c 30% 25 do s2o 67 25 do slO 30>g 25 L Island RR slO 66% 25 do blO 31% 50 do blO 66'.. 50 Cauton Co c 40% 175 do c 66% 160 do >60 40% 75 do s30 66 25 do bt 40% 25 do s30 65% 25 do s3 40% 3t Died, On Friday morning, 1st inst. after a lingering illness, Mary, wife of William Patterson, in the 66th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family are res pectfully invited to attend her funeral, Iroin Iter late re sidence, 313 Bleec.ker street, corner of Christopher, this afternoon at t> o'clock, without further invitation. T THIRD ANNUAL CELEBRATION INDEPENDENT ORDER1 OF RECHAB1TES, Auguat 4lh, is l"?. B,o. IV. Jay Haskett, Grand Marshal. I'HOOtt \ M.V1E. 'HE MEMBERS of the different Teuts in this city will ? meet at their respective halls nt 12K o'clock, P. M., a. d move at one o'clock precisely, in column, to the cor er of ick i d Be icli streets, under the order of the Committee, mid eachtent rest ou the ri?hl of the Dialrict, according' to seniori ty. The line of maich will move down Varick to Laiglit, thence to Hudson, thence to Cham bers, down Bioadw sy,dow n Fulton to Nassau, thrnuih Nassau to Chatham, up Chatham, through the Bowery down Fourth street, up Bioadw*), thence down Washington Place to tile Parade Ground. The aids will execute the ordrrs of theGraid Marshd in dis p?an g of the ditfe ent Tents on the uround The exercises on i lie Squere will be as follows: ? 1. Music by Dingle's Washington Temperance Brass Band ? Washington Grand March " 2. Praji r. 3. Music by Dodsworth's Cornel Band. 4. Oratijn? Subjtct "Rechabitism," by Brother Alex Ming, 5. Music by Willis' Band. 6. Benediction. An intermission of half nn hour. At the bugle call, the aids will form the Tents in line, and prec-ed to their reipective halls. .The officers nf the different Tents will set theirtime by the City Hall clock, and execute their movements accordingly. William McClelland, 1 Committee Mward A. Burr, I 0j* j Arrangements. Daniel McLcod, Secretary. N. B. The Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Btishwick, and Jer sey City Tents, will assemble at their tent rooms at an early hour, so as to reach their respective rendezvous in this rity at one o'clock, t{. proceed to St. John's Park. The Tents of Newark, l'aterson and llackensacU, are in structed to assemble with the Jersey City Tent, at hill-past elev en o'clock. The Tents of Portchester, Greenwich, Mamaroneck, and New Roehelle will, upon their arrival in the city, proceed to Military Hall, 191 Bowery. The Flushing Tent will assemble at Atlantic Hall, 28 Ca therine street, by half past tw elve o'clock. au22t*rc A CAKD To the Readers of GODEY'S LADY'S frOOK AFTER a number of experiments and at a great expense, the proprietor of Godey's L idy's Book has at length succeeded in peifeeting his Fashion Plates so as to rival those from the Tans a d London Punlic ttions. He calls atteution particularly to the Eugiaving and Coloring of the plate in the mVQUST NUMBER. It will be seen that this is no idle ho ist. It will also be seen that at the same lime that the various Fashions of the month are given, that the Plate itself, independent of its usefulness, also foiins AN EMBELLISHMENT. This will, in future, be the character of all the Fashion Plates in "The Book." In addition to tne above, the August miin ber contains a Steel Engraving, 'ltie Deliverance of St. Peter from Prison. And tn Engravii g, from an Original Painting, by Hamilton, of Scenery on the Schuylkill. Original Music and Contributions from Nineteen of our most Eminent Writers. Terms? $3 per annum? Single numbers 26 cents. For sale, wholesale and retail, by >VM. II. (iRAllAM, Tribune Building. Bl'RUKSS, STRINGER & CO., aii It rc 22 1 Broadway. TI1E NATIONAL MAGAZINE 1KB INDUSTRIAL record. EjlDlTKD BV REDWOOD FISHER. August, Illl5.-The J Third Number if tli s Magazine will appear on the first ol August, and be sent free of postage to subscribers. Its contents ar< iiuusudly valuable, and will recommend themselves to all thine who are iu favor of Ameri can luduntry uid true National Independence. Among the va viou.? articles ofin'erest are an Histosic <1 Sketch ol the \\ ool li ii Manufacture, the Delaware and Hudson Canal, the Tar II and Effects i/f Driiish Policy, an account if the village of So inemlle and its Water Power. Biography of Cliauceller Liv ingston, American Factories, (Jlances at the Old World, with a number (fonginsl tali s ol value. Priie $5 per annum. OUice lot Fultoustreet, N. Y. !<S Steollls'eC l .1 I I t? A Light Top W agon, nearly new, will be sold M very cheap. Enquire at Beruue's Stable, Anthony street, w IV'w dpiif wrest of Dr >adway ' a2 2i?rc* JjJIIII' ALABAM A from Havre? Consignees by this ship will ?? J pi ease send their permits to the office of the undersigned as all goods ?ot permitted by ihe 6!h instant will he scut to the public store. il(>> I) & HINCKEN, Asents Hjm No. 9 Tontine Rnitdings, cor Wa I and Waterst, SHIP BAlt I'KLLK. from New iltlr s, is discnarking t Thomas II. Smith's store. Brook, .i. Consignees will fie se atte d to the recipt oi their goods immediately. ?2m MK Ut,OIU)K V ANDtNHOFF, I te of the B. w, ry Theatre, is re<|iiested to call on the subscribers, they li iving leceived n communication for liim, from I'.ngl n il, and not been able to find Into. II ARNDEN fe Co., New \ ork, August I, WIS. n2tfr 6 Wall it. WW <VNAL STREET.? Cure of Corns, Bunions, Sic.? fO Mons. and Madame B rh ir'l, respecllully inform thepub lic th?t they h ire removed from No. 101 Canal stre-t, to No. H8 opposite. That they still continue to operate upon the leet with the greatest success. Having prictised their profession for many years in Europe and in ini.i country, they are able to produce numerous certificates from the most celebrated physi ei'ius of Euro|ie, as well as lYnm Boston, Philadelphia, snd New York. HB Canal st. HXRGA1N8 IN CUTLERY AND FANCY OOODS 0(0 dozen stag, cocoa, white snd black bone handle and il. ' , i , ami table k lives and forks at 24 cents, 37>a cents, M) rents, to 81 per d m ;IOil d >7. ivory tah'e, and dessert, with rou id and I1 Mich forks, at Si ,'i0 to $2, worth double the money, for sale m lots to suit. Alsii ? Fancy goods ? Fu per iwr Colog ie nt 7,'> cents per dozen: Cooking Glasses, Writing Desks, Plated Cake Baskets, and ( sndlesticks, fee. \lso? A lot of Hardware wiM be sold st great bargains, con sisting of Hammers, Candb sticks, Ike. 211 up stairs, Pesrl st. a'.!fc" tn. To whom Tp mayT :Tncern. 2 EN'I I -F I N or Families going to Europe or elsew li " ' i il isincumhi'r th?m.-l. -- -i" J GNU A IIS , Fll ._bscriber, ... e t cash prices. ' H. LEVF.TT, Office No 2, Wall street, New York. Families or gentlemen attemlrrl by apjiointmeitt, and all or den left 't the subscriber's olRce, or a line through the post uflice, will be punctually ntteuded to. ag lt*m i* wishing to dls?MU*ber i?Jfrn!3 .?r0|H! ",r ?'??'"here, ?neh as Wl' t It I \( i APi'APLrt'v.r ""?'.rpertuous effects mens J EWE I. II V, KIH I ; a ? vti, 'lil!" t ' .. '.'r *end for the sitbscriher from i ' ^ fee will do well to e it cash prices. whom they will obtain the high INFORMATION WANTED. OK JOHN SMITH, a native of Iirltnd, who left this city for New Orleans, in November lant, since which lime no intelligence has been heird of him. In person l.e i? abrnt the middle size, fair completion. and about twenty-#!* years ofa^e. Any information of him will be gratefully received by !.?? n?* u?r, at 105 Washington street. a3 3t*r il,f ANTKD ? A good second h ind Piauo. Any i>er4onn v ** ing the sa?ne to dispo*e. of, will find a purchaser by ad dreading a note to H. K., at this office. al 1t*rc WANTfciO ? One or two journeymen Pencil ('ate mulcera, who umlersf oid worko g in told, and ca<i come well re eoua mended, will fn d co sta t employment aiid liberal w Ap.'ly at 11.* (. he?tuut itreet, Philadelphia. ?1 Iw'r _ OKOHilK W. S1MON8. VVAN'l kU ? A Min-?ll HOUSE ill a quiet, respectable neighborhood in the lower parr of the cit) , rent not to eiceed four hundred dollars. Address Post Office Boi jm a til 31* m $100 REWARD. SOME Kit J'hKN OH SIXTEEN ADVfcNTUItE*B in various pai U of the couniry h ive attempud to introduce " Sugar Co ted 1'illa, Since Or. O. Benj. Smiths Imliau VegeiaMe Pill, have made so signal a triumph ; hut thev liuv r ill failed fiom their incompi, being every out <if them entirely un icquainted with the simplest medical compounds. But a prominent reason for their failure ia, tint it is generally known tint Dr. G. lit-rij -in in Smith is the tnlr im tutor and manufaenrer of the genuine I'llln, and $100 will t>e given tu prove the contrary. The following facta xi<- added. The following certificate is from tin-first Druggists and others in New York, given l!)". nuking it two yens ai(o. New York, June Hi. 1H44. We. the undersigned, never saw or heard of'' SUGAR COATED PILLlS." until D?. G. Bk-sjamin Smith manufac tured i'id exhibited them to u.i about a year since. RUSHTON & CO , 111) Broadway, and 10 Aator House. ISRAEL R i NDOLPH, M. D., 8?; Liberty street. HORACE EVERETT. Druggist, 98 Hudson street. JOHN CA8TKEE.97 Hudson street. Al>o, refer to Gen.C*. W. 8ANDFORD. 12 Warren street, N. Y. and Dr. T. W DY'OTT & SONS, of Philadelphia. | Also, hundreds of agents. OATH BEFORE THE MAYOR. IN 1844. State of New York City and County of New York, as. ? U Benjamin Smith, within named, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that lie ia a citizen of the United States, and resides in the city of New York ; and that he is the original inventor of "Su gar Coated Pills, anil that to his knowledge or belief, the said Pills had never bean manufactured or sold by any person except liy himself or his authority ; and that the statements contained in the within paper are true. G. BKNJ. SMITH Sworn before me, this Itthday of June, 1844. James Harper, Mayor of the city of New York. The above whs sent to Washington with our specification and application for a latent? the follow ink is the reply : ? Patent Orrici. Received this 17th day of June, MM, from Dr. G Benjamin Smith, the fee of $30, paid on his application for a Patent for a 'Tin Coated with Sugar " II L. ELLSWORTH, Commissioner of Patents. LETTER FROM DR. SHERMAN. Nf.w Yoke, June 28th, 1845. Dr. G. Benjamin Smith : ? Dear Sir I believe that you were tlie first, by about a year, to make and introduce to the public, "Suu*r Coated Pills, and are following your business with honorable and praiseworthy exertions. Youra, he. A. SHEHM.tN, M. D.. 10C Nassau street. It is evident that no man in the world ever made "Sugar Coated Pills" before Dr. Smith. Notwithstanding the above strong and incontrovertible facts there is a gang of desperadoes who go about trying their best to injure an iioTFeusi ve citizen, who has never done them the slightest injury. Now we are willing to leave th- matter with the candid judgment of our fellow men. Dr. Smith's Pills are everywhere a valuable medicine and apeak for theinaelves. (30,000. State of New Y'ork, City and County of New \ ork, ss. Dr. (>. Benjamin Smith, beii g duly sworn, deposcth and aaitli, that he has nut out over $30,000 worth of his "Sugar Coated Pills," or " Improved Indian Vegetable Pills," and that hi' employs 7 teams constantly, independent of the New Eng land St ites; and further, that h-* originated " Sugar Coated Pills," to the best of his knowledge. G BENJAMIN SMITH. Sworn before me, this 30th day ol June, 1815. J. D. Wheklkk, Commissioner of Deeds, &.c, $30,000 in the above oath .hould read (50,000, as it was writ ten 30 by mistake in the oath, c Many peraona have been led to suppose, from the astonishing I effects of these Pills, that they co .tain mercury, and ti is h is been seized by Dr. Smith's opponents to injure him, but the fallowing from the first chemist in New York seta the matter to rest, like all the calumnies against this valuable medicine. Nkw York, July 29th 1845. Dk. Smith's Sugar Coated Indian Vegetable Pills do not con tain meicury in any form. . J \Mi?S 11 CHILTON, M. D., Chemist, Sic. The Principal Office of the " Sugar Coated unproved Indian Vegetable Pills," is 179 Greenwich st, (new brick block,) New Y i.rk, four doors from Fulton st. Every bo*, iu order to be genuine, must have G Benj <inin Smith, .Vi. [)., on the side ? G. Benjamin Smith ou tiie bottom, written with a pen. Look out for imitations, as they are not good medicine, but are inadeol unything merely to sell. au2 2t*ec LONDON JOURNAL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, &c. Conducted by Mr. W. Ne*ton.< ? Vol. XVIII, (conjoined series, ) March 'o August, 1841. The indiv iduai who took tuis hook from the New York Society Library, is requested to re turn it. The person having iu his nossessiou the third volume of | Hallams' Introduction to the Literature of Euro|>e, Paris edi tion, 1H39. is also leqtiested t> return it Both these volu tes are marked with the library stamp, in printers' red ink, thus? "The property of the New Yoik Society Library." N.B.? Other missing books will be advertised, unless return ed soon. a2tfc TO MERCHANT TAIIv >RS. A MAN of Sober Industrious (labiti, wants a situation as Biislielmaii Those desirous ofobt 'iniug a steady man of good hobiti, Mill pic is? addiess H. H., office of this pal er, will l>c respectfully attended to. a2 3r*rc BRO W N S HKKT1 NGS AND i SHIRTINGS? Of Every style and width, all the known braids, both heavy ana line ? Stari Mill Indian Ut>d, Lawrence C, Cabot A, Merri mack, E?eters, Unknown, Brunswick, Sic. Also, VVic ing of every description; C.rpet Warps, 4 and 5 threaded, of superior quality, both w hite and colored, assort ed in bales and half b<ile? ? together with Southern Cotton Vnrii, Nos. 0 to U ?uid No. 7 to i; Wicks, Twine, Warp, and Wadding. The attention of Country Merchants is particularly solicited to this stock, which is got up with a direct view to ine>'t theii approb ition. T. N. UNDERH1LL, i2 It* in 1H and !!tl < Vdar stn-et. IXDhPhNDKNT OR UK It OF KLUHABITES. fi HAND MARSHAL'S NOTICE.?' The aids appointed by W the tents, end Brothers Joseph T. Sweet and 1'hos M Je ikins, special aids to the Orand Marshal, wijl report them selves totlie Graid at his office, 15 Centre street, o.i S.itiudaj evening nt 8 o'clock, to receive their order- for the 4th iust. WILLIAM JaV HA8KETT, au2 lt'rrc Grand Marshal. WE, the undersigned, deem it necessary for the benefit of ] life, as well hs recreation, not to be confined by the ret'il tr de to such a late hour at night, do hereby agree to close our stores at 'J o'clock eve y evening for two months, to commence from this the 1st day of August, IRI.'i. ( Signed.) B. Levin, .fno. Hutchler, M. Woolf, W. McKimley, W. Sturges, Juo. C. H islett. J no. Davis, S. P. Sturges, W. Bennett, P. Koopman, F. Marshall, Proprietors of the Shi"t Stores of Chatham street, New York. au2 lin*rrc BARQUE ALABAMA from Glasgow. ? Consignees per I this vessel will please send their prrmits on board at foot of Oliver street, E. R. All goods not permitted in five days] are liable to be sent to the public store. WOODHULL 8c MINTURN, au 2rc It7 South i tree SHIP SOUTHERNER from Liverpool.? Consignees will please take notice, that she is discharging under general order at west side of Burling slip. All goods not permitted must be sent to the public store. WOODHULL 8c MINTURN, au2rc 87 South street. CLERK? A respectable young man of good address, who has been in a 1 <w office, may hear of a situation at a mo derate salary, by applying at the office of th < Legal Observer, 41 Ann street, between Ine hours of 9 and 12 o'clock. j3l 3i?rc WANTED? A French Woman, in the capacity of Lady's Maid. She must give good references in the city. Apply at the desk of this office. jvJfl 1 w *rrc A WANTED T CLARKE'S it STEVAN'S Temperance Intelligence Office, 9i>? Duane street, subscribers lor some goou Pro testant Seivauts and others, noth white and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himself to precure help tor the public at the shoitest notice. Mr. Clarke s office is pa'rorisen by some of the first fnnilies ill the country. Hememb-r? Duane street two doors west of Broadway, Washington Temperance Intelligence Office. jy26 Im'rh PACKET SHIP SOUTHERNER FROM LIVERPOOL ? (Consignees will please send their permits on board, al west side Burling Slip. All goods not permit ed in five days are liable to be sent to public store. WOODHULL & MINTURN. jy28rrc 87 South street. THE UNITED f STATES FORM BOOK. C CONTAINING all the necessary Forms in every depart J mciit ot business, with advice as to the manner of executing the same. Custom House transactions, and the interest of Landlords and Tenants have received their lull share of. ttention. C WEl.LS, Publisher. jy3l lwis*in 'Si Oo'd street. New York. DISSOLUTION. THE Copartnership heretofore existing uuder the firm of Eagles-in 8c Thorp, Marl le Cutters, I.'i3 Divisi in street | was this day diss dvd by muitial consent. The unfinished bu siness will be closed by either of the undersigned, who will me the name of the firm in liquidation only. THOS. R. EAGLESON, / THORP. The business will still be conducted by Thos. R. Eaglcssn, j 3 1 3 *rh STOKEs 8c ANTIIONV, (l ite of 47 Broad street,) have re'noved to 106 Broad street. j3i 3t*rc LEKC11ES ? LELCIIKS. JUST RFCEIVED, a fresh supply of Sweedish Leeches, |ier barque Waihinglon, from Hamburg? for sale by C. J. FERDINAND ?i CO , J3) 3t*m Importers i f Leeches. No. 149 Nassau it. HRONZE POWDEKS AND METAL LEAF, (DUTCH METAL.) THE SUBSCRIBhRS hnvejist received and keen constant ly on haiid large stocks of these articles, whicn they im i ort direct from their manufacturer iu Germany, to the full sa tisfaction of their old and new custodiers. LEOPOLD KUH Ic CO. No. 15. formerly 6, Si Wall street, nett door to Adams 8c Co. jy31 lm*in HARDWARE rTHlE SUBSCRIBERS have constantly on hand a full as A s >rtrnei.t of every quality and variety of Needles, including V am Needles, Bodkins Knitting Pins; Glove, Harness, Milli ?>i, Chenille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting, Sailand Pack Needles WARRIN'8 DRILLED EYED NEEDLES, a e warrenteil sups ri?r to am kind offered lor sale in theUnited States, and from their w-lfknow i reputation, mrf. haut? wili lind them more sileatile than any other they can offer. They hive always on hand a good .issortme. t of Warrin * celebrated !? isb Hooks, put up in every style. Also, a large a<s>>rtrnent of Silk, Hemp. Hair and China Gras Lines, ( ^ork Floats, and every variety of pa icy Fishing T.ick e Also, a large assortment of Wade's 8i Butch-r's R 1 -rs. Pocket and T >ble Knives, Scissors, Iron and German Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, 8cc , lie All which is of fi red to the trade on the best term'. J. ?c T. WARRIN, j\1(l lm*r 72 Maiden Lane MAGNETISM EXPOSED. JUST PUBLISHED , AT FRENCH'S PUBLISHING HALL, 293 BROADWAY. 'pilE CONFESSION OF A MAGNETISER? Being an JL Expose of Ammal Magnetism, by a Practical M ignetiser. This KiiNiie should I)* read by every one, and especially by the Ladies. They will see the dingers. Itc , they will be under by submitting to the influence of this dangerous science. For salv at all the Periodical Depots. Price I2X cents. je21 lm*m __ NOTICE VfR. CLARKE is den, !'?.?, ,'U n., .M r in town i" a id country with thi s ? I ?? i , ?: " ' 'T servantsof good charaCt' i , leilii I ? ? ' ? < i'l white and colored. lie llatter>. ' . i i>i?i :'nat by ><> he is bene fitting all those in want of employment, and m iu hopes of that patronsge, which such an undertaking merits. His offire >? 95X Duane street, and fitted tip for the accommodation of all in want of employment. Call st #5J^ Duane street rilE EAST RIVE It MUTUAL IN'.- I'M A N< 'E COMPANY. I OFFICE No. Bt (lair 19). W ill stieet, ewitinn to injure ^ " in>i loss or dami-ne by F;re d? ellmgs, w re : ?? ? n ~?r*? , a.nd l!>< r building*. Also, mi Household Furnituie, >Uicl?n i.xe, Ike., heretofore. DIRECTORS. Joh'i Bri.uwer Wiktuiw Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, Join Moor! lead, Stanton Beet'*, Jo.eph Keni' cniui, 1) >ui?-l Ayrea, Henry W Hills, < Iwrles N 8. R.wland, H I ert J. Dillon, .N thauiel L Gri.woldjr. Thoiin* Nesmitli, Kuoell Stubbins, Roliert Boorrriau, George >11, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, ge Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. u Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD 8. 811. 1. IMA N, Secret ,ty. KohkrtJ. Dillo.i 0 iii'itcl md Attorney. u2 lm*m Davi Jl'FICE OF THE CROTON Ls\SURAXCVC0 No. 35 Wall Street, u n ? v of New York, 'pills < U.?u \NS lose by the recent tire Sti 000. Their X asse's over nidilove all rlaiiMng.inst them exceed S!iO too 1 hey continue to mturu vuriue and Fire Risks, at fair r*i?? TJiUhTfES James Harper, William B < ozzens. Edward Richa/dson, Herm it. D Gould, Jnmet rlnlen, Theodore A Meysr, ? . r?w, Cyrus Clienery, Edwin K 7 remain, Lawrence Mill. 8 M Crandall , W H Townaend, Jehi Biea-te, Roliert l.ane, J unes Cruik.haiik, John T Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J |{ Suvdam, Chtrles L Vine. John ? L?s?la, Zadock rratt Samuel Sherwood, Geoige C DeKsy, J ,me? C. ok, Loring Andrews, K 'I' Aid. ich, Joseph B Notufi, Oeorg Whiuker, Leonard Appleby, Thorn is Mouah <n, Asa S < I rosby, George John J Wiln iin Burgoyne, Abraham Van Nest. HAMUKL A. LAWRKNCK, President. , . J08KPH B. NONK8, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretirv. Cart Samuel Ca-.dler, Marine Imp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au?m NEW YORK EQUITABLE INSURANCE CO", Office 58 IV all street. . Capital Suiplmt ?46,004). T?I8 Company continues to lusurti on as favorable terma, at ? I"stltut'oll,; a,)0 believes it will hare a capi tal of $1.^0,000 to $l7U,0<i0^after all it? losses. Henry Yates, " Lambert Suy dam, Shepherd Knapp, Paul gpofford. John I. N<-smith, Christian H Sand, Jo eph Bouchand, Henry Rowland, Abrn G. Thompson, Joseph W. Duryee, H?'"y 1,**?^'. R.A.Robertson, Anthony P. Halsey, Jamea O. Ward, George Rapelye, Robert L. Smith, J*1" A- HawotM, Jnmet E. Cooley, Gardner A. feage, John RutWeu. LAMBERT SUYDAM, President. Joseph Strong, Secretary. a I Stisrc INSURANCE. THE^Ati?iT'iAH',vfi,f.:AN K,RE 1NSURANBECOM PAN \ , N?f. 52 W all street, directly opposite the Mer clwnts r. i c ha I'gc, contiuuf to iiuu e against lots by fire throughout the United States, on as favorable terms as any oth er office in this city. . DIRECTORS. ?.obert A*"*.1 '?? David B. Keeler. Thomas 1 iliston, Caleb Swan, lIuKh Auchincloss, Jonithan Thome. James Boirrrt, Jr., Charles Williams, J^mt*s McBrair, Thos. H. Uale, John P. Nesmith, Daniel B Fearing, . ? . Taveant Putnam, . William Whitewright, Augustus Whitlock, Cornelius VPCoon, Aquna (1. Stout, Philemon H. Frost, James 9. Dickerson, Richard M. Blatchiord, i u a? ? ? o ROBERT AINSLIE, President. John JYIcBrair, Secretary. jy30 2wis r THE CITY FIRE INSURANCE" COMPANY. TUP ri .. 1 O i ... Office No. 61 Wall Itreet. HE Capital Stock of this < onmany was all paid in, in cath, prior to commenciii|( business, nud is now loaned and in "rj.u "'"Joubted securit e in the city ol New York. i n? ' ompiny had accumulated a large surplus at the time of the recent coiitlaBr.tioii.wich will enable them to meet all their lottes promptly. They now offer ample aecarity to all who may insure with them. ' ? . . . ? DIRECTORS. Richard A. Reading, Cyru* Hitchcock. Lorneliua W. Lawrence, PeterS. Titus Joaiali Macy, Diniel Trimble, w-u* ti ?' ^?r' Thomas Carpenter, WilliamH. Falla, Tlios. C. Chardsveyna, Jotepli W Corliet, Henry A. Nelton, John I). Wright, Haipn Mend, Abraham Bell, Richard Field, David Lyon, Thomas J. Townaend. Irad Hawley, Eliaa Hicka, Jr. Aaron M. Merchant. D. V CURRY, Secretary!" A" tt^AU1Nq' HAR'IFORL) FIKE l.NrtUK ANCE COMi'AN Y. Agency Office No 67 Wall street. ? HE BO-tltD Oh DIRECTORS invite owners of I property to rail at then New Y..rk Aiteocy, No 67 Wall i reet, and obtain insurance on reasonable teimi Theamnle resource* ol this comjiuiy;. and th ir c .ution in tcUieiiuKritlts tie well understood in thi* com unify ; and they are not only prepared promptly to p ,y their loaves hy the recent fire, but to L ?ecu,lt>' t0 the>r ru-iotners fur the future. J)*, intis rrc JOHN NEILSQN, Jr, Agent OrFICK Or THE .1 KKK? H>o\ 1 >tLRA.\CE < O ( THE Stockholde. of thi. Co, ninny i^'re^ed to ,.t i^.l, ! fiN "I Coinpuiy and signify whether it be their wish to fill up their respective share*, or to r. ct ive ? number of -hares iqual to the present VHlue ol't- eir rtock. I be Stockholders residing out of the city are reiiue'ted to convey their lutention by post, to the office No. JO \V.ill st Quo T. Hopb. 8^c'y. T. W.THOItXj^lWt PkI.H A.N \llfTL'AI. Intl'RAKCK CoMPAIVV, ) l? r u- r. Nrw York, nth Julv, IMS * T u.. ? 0,^h'lS;oml'*:'V l>y <!?? late lire will not prol.a bl\ eiceed tJO.OOO. and having an ..mple subscription to ?,l *"f*' tl,,e '"omiia iy will continue to lake both rire and Marine ruk? at h^ j ,21 2wi<*rrc W W. DIBBLE SecreHry. PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., rNo. 6S WALL STREET. HIS Compiuiy it prepared to p.iy lit cash on ilrmand, all . losses it hat tiistained by the late lire, to toon aa the cNimt are adjusted. F'ire and Marine risks will be taken as ntu-il. wwn c SIMEON BALDWIN, Pretident. W. W. DmiiLr, Secretary. New Vork, 23d July, lg<5. j>-23 Ini^,i rrc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE UOA1PANY. Capital, 20(1,0110 Dollars. Dffict, 41 Kultot: ttrect, HrtoKlyn. 'PHIS COMPANY is prepared to tal<e risks in the city of - New 1 oik on favorable terms, having lost by the recent fire OB y about ten per cent of tlieir capital 1 he losset sustaiued by this company will be iiaid on liaui E. C. FINN, Secretary. q ?? . . B M. DELAMATER. President. BBQ^KLVft. July tl , IMS. jy 20 Im is m INSURANCE. " T*kK' BK?OK?'VN FIRE INSURANCE CO. will insure A buildings and merchandize ngainst Inst and damage by fire III New York, at their office, upper corner of Fulton mid Front ??? ' "e"r the f,,,ltou ?<e"y, Brooklyn. ^Ttecoptua of tKis company it unimpaired by Me recent Reference it made to the following gentlemen, directors of the company, doiiig business in New York, for further infor in Itmn, viz. j? E. D. Hurl but, firm of E. D. H. & Co., 84 8outh jtreet ; Paul Spofiord. fi. -in of Spofford. Tileston & Co., 149 H Uei Street; Amos Willetts, firm of A. b S. Willetts, 303 I 2arl street; Joseph Pettit, firm J. Pettit St Co., 131 Pearl st 4, ii ? WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, President. Alfrkd O. Stevepts, Secretary. Dated Brooklyn, July 21, IMS. jyZI 2wis*ec I N THE Commercial of Saturday! appeared a st"-iteineiit8<that 1 the JEFFERSON INSURANCE (!o>IPANY had' Ion by the recent fire ^200,000, I wish to say that this is greatly over-estimated. I he losses of the ( ompany, it is sup posed. will amount to about $100,000, The company continue their business of insurance as usual, at their office No. 50 Wall 'treet. T. W. THOILnK, President. jy20 ec OFFICE OF J EFFERSON INSURANCE CO., t /r,ms rn.N?.5fl Wallstreet, opposite the Eichaiige. > pHIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da V mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, aud also, igainstloss by tulaud naviotiou on vessels and their cargoes. Thomas W . Thorny K< ^EhihaRiggs, Tliomas T. WouAEff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robton, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joteph Allen, M<>""T"<-It?. James E. Holmes. ?{0[?n {V Davison, John P. Moore, H. Lee, . Wm. K. Thorn. Caleb C. Tunis. Thomas Morrell , K ranc.s P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. ,i , ,T ? THOMAS W. THORNE, Pre. ident. Okohhk T. Horn, Secretary. ^ rc LIFE INSURANCE. T CAPITAL #2,500,000. He insured entitled to ptrticiiwtion of profits on both En ropean snd American |>olicies. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY , LONDON UNITED 8TA1V S BOARD OFLOC AL DIRECTORS Nkw Yor* ;B??nch- Ofkick74 Wall Street? JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairman. John I. Palmer. Esq. Jonathan Ooodnue, Esq. James Boornian, Esq. George Barclay, Esq. S?muel S Howland, Esq. Gorham A. Worth, Esq. Samuel M Fo*, Esn J. LEANDER STARR, Hsasger. The following are among the ndvanUres held out by this in ifitution. which are of great importance to the assured, ^ ml ? :icn as are seldom offered by Lile Insurance Companies, viz:? I fie peculiar advantages secured to the assured by the princi ples ol the Loaiv Department, thus blending the utility of a AtW** "?wAf with Life Insurance! A very large sum to be permanently invested in the United states hi i the names of three of the Local Directors,( a* Trustees) - available always to the assured *s a Guarantee t> nnd. 1 he pavment of premiums, anuiully, Half-yearly, Quarterly, yt monthly. 99 * No charge for stamp duty. I hirtv days allowed after each payment of premium becomes I 'I ae, without forfeiture of policy. 1 ravelling leave extensive ana liberal; and extra premiu ma >n the moat moderate scale. Conditions in the policy less onerous to the assuredthan usual l,lrpIlAr* ?* Assurance (See ptmphht.) I he actual and declared profits ( published in successive Re I' ortsj HfTording sure dmtm for calculations of the vajucof the bonus in fnis institution These proofs will at each division 'eij All> ly CA9H " desired. neiug unconnected with Marine or Fire Insurance. I he r ites "lor life with prolits" are lower than those of any itlier foreign Company effecting I^ife Insurance m New Vork. I he public are respectfully requested to examine the distim /Ultniug principles of this iustif ur ion ? their talile* of rate*-? heir imtr.bution of profits? and ?hy facilities afforded by their a" arrW1 ? before deciding to insure eNewhere. . winer is in arteiidance at the office dailv t 12 o clock noon, a.,d J o'clock. P. M Fe* paid by the S<> ?'"li 3taw is 3m ^"^DER STARR. 4*e,,r.l Age,.,. E A G L E 15 A T H S , B. MS Penrl Street. fihn... n ,9*l,tfe aid Elm streets - Warm, Co<d and Jood ei^n i l l Jna,l,.t.? '"'y e<ch W whi! wtih :~w ATCH C.8 ANU jL vV t.LM ? - 1 ?o? hains Gohl pL^I Pireh"r. or Silver Walches, Gold antM* to call W^M ,",d " to their ad if the above at rK^ilS'i w*Jr '? selling all descnptious :ity. Clold Wafrb-. ? V l?wer than any other house in the ^?welry ?chan?d ^hloW^ **> -aoh Witches !00d time or the money rX'ide^ ,Ch" WarMU,r'1 10 k~'' AL,"EN^jm|ionef of Watches and Jewelr) , jy* 1u*m WhoUsale and Retail. M Wall street. up stairs AUCTION NOTICED. D D. NASH.'Auct oaecr Stom, IJ!i Kulion itrtd. LAW LIBRARY, fc.c-'Ihs Day, SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock, <1 >39 l1 blton, street , by virtue of a mortgage a Law L b. . ry, eoinpnsi .? b utlOOvls. Also, 3 De>k?, Hi ?? Tub ri, Carpel Chain, tec B n.Ih >ad Print* ? \lso, U 'iei - eaerutiou, ? quantity of valuable mi? ellain out Boi ka and a lot of P n ts Moid J ? L?>rut.r*' Mile Kuiiiu- bv order of Jainra llirker Esq,, .'I ?!> o'cl< ck, at 190 Chwreh street. a2 li'm BY SN KKKN i. < O Auction NOTicr? fuunituwe. show casks, 4cr ? '1' isd<.y,ai III o clock, at 32 Anu at- eel, a litge as sortment of Hous> hold (? ur mure, cwfOpruing, Bute u?, Ulali' - -hi > Tables, do Hocker*, mahogany chairs, mahogany Kreuch Bed tenl., Divii , VVe?i?l i.dv 'loilets. Secietiry and Book imi? VV'irdiobe, mahogany Sofa?, anu ire do, Girandoles, Cioc kery, glass nd I'Uted wtm, BrusaeU iiigriui ai d other Car tela, ftii^? Hi da. L.mpe Be) sic Superiortouei) Seraptum li morl-d a hew a .<1 counter Cue*. 4tc. Also, the Kurn tun li lt from ? le i i Lispenard street, aold on account of former I urch i?er> It'r V (/'. 'I t TILK AwtlO' ?er. I ACOtf S PL ATT will tell Thia Day, (Saturday, Aug. 2.) ' RiVeU and S|>ia*?t? At II o'clo U, at .No. 33Biidu** ?t.(i?enr Broad "I. ?uu of whom it miy c iioeru, a large quantity ol J^* >ifer Riven and Ship and Boat Sjtikes, saved fro in I lie Lite tire. Terms cash, cqrreut maney. It* PAINTINGS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will "ell mi Satu d.iy evening, at 8 o'clock, at ? .Nil IKM Broailw iy, a handsome collection ol Oil P Hnt int:<, anci*-ut and niudern, ihr property of a gentleman le-ivmjj this country- ?' To UENTlSTSf" : GENTLEMAN ffniug up business, will sell hia eulirt stickot lualrumeiita, viz: onexuperiordoubleactiou Chair, L ali-rta's patent ; one Lathe; full -iiid complete ?ets of Operating mid Mechanical Instruments; together with 130 Plate and Pivot Teeth, kc. Sic for $100 rash, to close the concern. This is a great sacrifice. They have not been twelve months in u<e. iml embrace every article required in the business; or tt,?y will be sold in lot* to suit purchase!!. Address " Dentist,' H-mld office. j v 1 3 li?*rh >t?.\V -ViCCslO. KILKV SiCO., 297 Broadway, publish and keep on hand * ? an exleuaive assortment of New and Kiuhiouable Musi':, whit h they offer for sale at wholesale and retail at llielowt?t possible prices. They manufacture Instruments ofsuia-riorc ja Uy ? warrant every article they sell, being practically ucq>i . mi ld with the different branches of tlieir business. Military ands ?applied Jt the most reasonable rates iiivl22m ?rre MUSIC. A LADY, who has a thorough knowledge of Music, being taught by the first masters m Europe, and feeling herself fully competent to instruct in thatnccomplishmeut, would wish to devote ner time to the instruction of young ladies, ou mode rate terms. A note addressed to A. B C-, at the office ol this paper, shall he punctually attended to. je? lm*rc MUSIC. REMOVED to No. 66 Franklin street, one door East ol Broadway, M. DUMSDAY, Professor of the Guitar, ring ing, Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruments, lie., in a comparative short time, by his new Analysing and luductive System. Terms reasonable. M. D. will go, as usual, to the residences ol his pnuils to any part of the city, by the stages. Satisfactory city and other re ferences giveu ou application at No. 6J Kianklin street. jy9 Irn'm A, j1?Ol,1AN HAltPS. NUNN8 k CLARK having purchased the patent right lot "Coleman's jfiolian Attacnmeutto the Pianoforte," lor the entire United Stat on, (excepting Mas<achu*et(a,) announce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianoforte* with this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any modern made horizoutul Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability of tin* invention, N. & C. are prepared to satisfy the moat pre judiced inind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the assertion, that the ".flColian" will remain in tuue in any climate, and it will not be affected by traniitioui of rUinosphere. The moat latiafactory warrantee is iriven with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the",1?olian Pi.uiofortes" at their ware-room. No. >40 Broadway, opposite the Park, where also may be found an assortment of 6, 6% and T Octave Pianofortes, both in roaewood and mahogany cases. m% firn'rc UL1) GOLD AND SILVER. SILVKR Gilt Epaulets, Book Binder's Rags and Silver Smith's Stoning* bought, by A. BARN ARD. No. 2 Wall street. Melter and Assay er of Metals. Jeweler's Sweepings purchased by assay. Flue Uold aud Rolled Silver, for plating, constantly on hand, at office No. 3 W?l| street Works 1*4 Lauren* street. jeM lm'ec BLOCK 1'liN WAtlfc MAAUKACTUR* . A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and Common Tin Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Ware. Wood Ware. Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Shaker Seives and Brooms ? in short, every variety ol house-keeping articles N. B.? A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea Uras,Tablr Dishes and Covers, Sic., he., for hotels and steamboats, on hand and manufactured at the shortest notice. JAME8 V. W ATKINS. ???? Ili C 'thtrtnr itTfrt V. vr Vnrfc PACK i" .T orilr U'l IC i from Hatre ? Coiisiguc s by thu slnii will please sei d iheir permits on board, at Pier No 4 North River. All goods not permitted by the 2d August, will lie sent t< ' jvWrc tuu? ol vei> superior Uew mid Snow Rot He n 1 f ?r ?-.?e V v V R ri .1 I I ? ? -j - r> V, . . V, , LA UREN T fy BROTHER, IMPORTERS OK FRENCH GOODS, HAVE just received bv th~ litest Pack tv a large assort ..fe i.irely new stylet ..f Fa. cy Uoods, co.isutii g ol ash <?ie-de-ens?< Mu -I in de Lai' es, A1 picca be Als a v-ry lar^e of Br. che and Printed Suawls See. No 4 William street jv29 lm*r NOTICE OF CO-PARTNERSHIP. ST NICOLL has this day t>ken into co-pir'nership .Mr. ? JAMES CLINCH, and the bu iocs-, in Juture. will be , .i duct d u der the firm of S. T. NICOLL jt CO. New V oik, -i7 and 69 Front street. July 2B I?t5. jv28 Iw iV: GJ. L* A N O T I ie c.-rgn ni* the ship Miaksiieaie, direct iruln f Irhaboe. in tight casks, and uns>ir|ia>sed in quality bv anv i.; tlie market. For sale in lots to suit purchaser* bv E K COLLINS 8< CO., inlt V ?!. ?.???. itrmt VultVl'LAENiJ^K S DAGU t'J R K E( >T V l> E A HP A K. ATUS \RRANGEMENT8 recently made with their brother-in law. .Mr. Voightjannler, Vieuna, enable the subscribers to sell those App o;ilui .'at reduced rates, vix:? ? Largest site Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full sui plates, at SMS. Medium sim \pparatu*, with two iuch lenses for half sixe plates, .it $78. Small sixe Apparatus, with one and-a-half inch lenses, for quarter sixe plate* ..t $/j0. Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the above price*, may depend upon receiving the genuine Voigt laender Apparatus, aud uot a worthless imitated article, the) h iving procured the sole agency for the United States. I'latesaud Chemical of their own importation, as well as all other articles connected with theii ait. for sale at the lowest market prices. W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Dai;uerrian Artists in general, that the above Apparatus and other materials can be procured at the stated prices, at their D-iguerrean Attelier, No. 201 Broadway. New York. jy3 lm*rc LANGENHEIM b BECKERS. CARPETING. 454 PEARL STREET. I^HE SUBSCRIBERS have just oivned the large nnd spacious CARPET WARE ROOMS, No. 4M Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, Hewitt fc Co., and are now ready to .'Her tne public an entire new stock of Car|ietiiiKj bought Wtpresslv for the spring trade, some of which are esceedingly rich, of uee. Je litnu and color*. Among tln-in max be found? ? NEW SETTS K1DMIN8TER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. 1( PS. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY, Rich Shadiug. SUPERFINE FINE aND COMMON INORAIN CARPETING, Of every variety and description. Rugs, Druggets. Table and Piano Covers, Worsted . Tufted and Jute Mat*; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trade. The public are requested to call aud examine ourstock before purchasing. PETERSON ?t HUMPHREY, m90 3in*m 4J4 Pearl street. CARVER & HALL, A RCHITECTS, Engineers, Building and Real Estate -Agents, 33 Wall street. New York; 41 Noith Sixth street, Philadelphia. Plans, Specification* and Estimates for Build ing; Drawings and Specifications for Patent Rights. Real Es tate bought and sold; money loaned and invested; property eased anil rents collected. j?SJ ! nt ? rr LASTS, LEATHER AND FINDINGS. CONSTANTLY en hand au assortment of Baltimore and Philadelphia Light Oak Leather, Philadelphia Morocco, and Findings of all kiuds. Last* made to any pattern. N. B.? A first rate lotofMr. G. Macheu'* Philadelphia Rasps for sale at 295 Spriug street, near Washington street. N.York. ju 13 ImVr WARREN 8. Wll.KKY LIGHT, ELASTIC EVER FITTING IVIUS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT METALIC SPRINGS OR CLA8P8. TO BR HAP 0*LV OF CHARLES RIDGWAY, HAIR CUTTER AND WIG MAKER, NO. 25 WALL STREET, Oppositk thk Custom Hoitsk. N. B.? Formerly of Howard's Hotel. je28 lwi*rc AiU | nilH Havana segars, tmi>-,ru-d i?y m. an WVjUyV GULO, for sale at 27 Liberty street. Among them will lie found Cabanas, do Iinperiales, Risgalias, PaneteUs, Cubrey Werner Segars; do small sixes; Napoleons, Normas, Urraca, San Reman, Delisics, Colonas, do Tanetelas, aud vari ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, froin the above well known house, just, imported by the Christoph Colon aud the Kapid iJ 3m ?? IMPORTANT notice DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. THK uiidersignrdh^vc made application to get Letter* Patent for their new process to eoltir Daguerreotyi* Pictures This process produces an effect not known before, nnd changes the appei.ranceof the Daguerreotype to that of the finest paint inf- Tills coloring process is done l-y nature luelf. guided only by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It cati hepeforined by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, end will be per fectly understood at one glance. It nl*o can be com inunicaled in writing, without difficulty. Artist* wishing to procure the Patent right for a City ot County, can make pre-engagement* therefore, by sildreuiag (post paid) to W. k F. LANGENHEIM, jy3 Ira re Exchange. Philadelphia. TEETH ! TEETH ! ! TEETH ? ! ! UNPRECEDENTED RFDUCTION IN DENTISTRY. AT the old establishment, 62 East Broadway, where can be had fr.'m one to a whole *et of Teeth inserted on the most reasonable term*. Superior Teeth inierted from 7J cents to S3 00 tcfth e tiled from cents to 1 oo Teeth Mounted for other Dentist*, by i , . ? . . N. TAYLOR, ju!7 lm rc Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. TEETH ! TEETH ! TEE Hi i WON DER L IMPROVE1' EN T 8 DR BROWN, DENTIST, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2A0H BROADWAY, tlirr*1 doora nbore Chamber* ttr#?*t, licit Ui Stewart's ni*w haildiug, continue* to insert Premium Aitificial Teeth, from one to n whole ?et, on the Scientific Principles of Vtmonnheric PniWfi. Alto, hit cele WHITK CKMKNT, I for fill iuj decayed teeth, aud warranted atefal for majtication L608K TEETH, artung from medical treatment, or other causes, effectually fastened by the highly recommended Lotio Odoota. TOOTHACHE cured in one minute, without paiu. Teeth extracted with less than half the usual pain. PRICES LESS than any other Dentist in this city. Reference* will be given to numerous families and to the medical faculty in this city, by calli'iK No. 2*0 ? Broadway. mv27 lmvrh . General build'iNg repairs, m Na**au*t. , cornv | of Maiden Lane.? All order* immediately attended to for Yfason. Slsteing, Plastering, Flagging, tin roofs repaired aud painted, and all other repairs *nn alterations done ill the best nsuner. Also, fumnees, ranges, kettles, steam boilers ovens, and every kind of fire works put up. None but good ?orkinen employed. Expeditions and moderate charge*. Chimney tops for curing smoke. Up town orders left with J. Uuinn, rlnmher, M4 Broa4w*v K. H MUINN. | AMUSEMENTS. i'Ai.K 1HK Mttli.. F H E X L H O t E R A Monday K veiling, Au^uat ttit, Will b? preaeu ted j gr>> d Oi ?'? in J aeti, by Auber of L V V.LET1 E DE POHTICI: OR V1A8ANIELLO Miaanirllo M Arnaud _ U' C(Euriui ?'?< ?> ?i.rrv Borell# B. ri. rd *?>*? < hattdiy "V,1* Buncher r i ice.- Klv r a Mine Oumi r an tU| hen I veuriot . ' ril'e of . t(Jinii?iuu? Kir?t Tier ol Uo?e? <u.o i'&rqcetlt i\ " I hird Tiers, 50 ceuta; Gallery, 25 reuta PjMntMilf o'cMk, i.i'i ' iiltiu will 'iip ?alj -1 I llf-jiail 7 o clock. BOWKRV THEA1 IK , OPk.NI NO NIOHT X Ins ip.siidid edifice, hei u now c?ir>ideted, will open to thr public <>ii MONDAY EVENING, A?eust?li. 1845. The ?uhierib?r make* known to his lellow citizens that, havii K lull licit )n? I'ladif made tome time sluCe, it i> for them now to judge whether be hua not ererteil a DRAMATIC TEMPLE the Kinjare Cltj may well be proud ?f. A W. JACKSON, Sol" Mauaifer and Proprietor. J. P. Waldrom. Trea?urer to the hstalili.hmeut. AN OPENING ADDRE 'H, Written for the or anon by Joaaa B. 1 'hillips, Esq , w ill be spo en bv Mi Jacluon. Jlomlay KvrnliiK, Annual 4th, Will be |ierl"'me<l H e SLEEPING BEAUTV. Sir Albert, Davenport I Sir Owen, Clarke Laaneelot, Hadawsy I Edward, Mrs Uherwood Ethelmde, Mia Pbillii a | r lieu. Madisoti l'rerioua t" w bi< o the < nmedy of CHARLES IL Ca(>t Corp. J U >cott I KiiiR Charles, Darenport I'ochestcr, Hei kini Lady Clara, Mm Isherwood Edward, Claike I Mafj- CoH>, _ Mr* Phillips /"*? Lower Boxes JO centa; Second and Third Tiera, 25 cts.j Pit and Gallery, 12>4 centa. Doors will open at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rue at hHlf-|ian7. CASTLK UAltU^. PQhAilmlKMlon #5 Cum .-tfy Great Musical Attrpstiun Propr etort. . Me??r*. freach isrt Granil Entertainment Saturday Kvi tilu^, Au^uhI iid, The performance will commence with the Overture to Overture to L? Heine De Chypre. The Brothers, Guatd> e and L?ui?, iu the Force et Jouh'Ierie Sons Mr IV nison. Eluler Brothers DoriuB FeaU on La Colonue Fuyante. Pot Tourri de Vaae? OrcheitM. Pa? Grote?q?e, by C. T. l'arnlue :7"Iiiterinm?on of Half an Hour for Promenade and Hefreth menu. The range of unleiidid Coamaramai will he o[ien for inspection. Tne necond part will commence with Grand Overture? Orcheitra. luiitclisU P<u Villegoia, Mini Pray. 8oiik Mr Denniion. Overture Full Band. Pai de Jocriua C T Pariloe. Gallop? Orche?tra. After which the Great S-rugjrle of the Amphitheatre, by Le? Frerei bluler. 1 ~r' Door* open at half put S o'clock Per!"'ttn*t.e? totem .-necee at (o'clock. NIULO'S UAKDHft. Fifth Appear nice of the Popular Comedian, MR. HENRi PLAC1DE, Fifth night of the re-engagement ol the ACROBAT FAMILY. 8?tur<lay Bv?nliig, August !i. Will be presented the laughable puece of THE BOLD DRAGOONS. Berguiu Mr Andertou Leon -"alir> tash Davunp rt Huniibal Fuzee Henry I'lacide Coco Cocklet 1' Plncide Rosina Miu Helen Matthews Niuette Mi?? Mary Tavl r New Tambourine Pas de Peax ty Misses Celeste ol Partington 1! ^'Intermission ol' Half an Hour After which a Grand Performance by the ACROBAT FAMILY. To conclude with 'he Farce of the DOUBLi. BEDDED ROOM. Nancy Spigot Miss Roberta Dulcimer Pipes Heury Placide C" ivti elboeui ruuce mil always ot lu aitcu-nuice to :natii t iio good order and keep all improper persous cut. flO-7 Hckets Fifty Cents .-ty A limited nuir.ber of Season Tickets will be disposed of. f T" Performance to commence at 4 o'clorh Doors open &' o'clock. .? *H lt-1. (..\UUR,> >. BARNEY WILLIAMS MANAGER. D. GARDNER STAGE MANAGER. Every Evening This ' I eek, Commencing Tue d y, July 29th, 1845. The Manner >? happy in Being able tut nounce an engage in ut wih the following ladies and g- ntlemeu, who will nave the honor ol appe*. n g every evening ? M ile Rosina Gascon, Mis* Kinmit, Barney William*. Dan Gardner, Billy Whitloik Chailes .White, Moiis Maillaid, the celebrated i ianist. Yoge.lier with the Ethio, an Operatic Brothers and Sisters L)onrn open 't 7 W ? Performance to ointneuee it o'clock C/"Tickets 12>4 cents jy29 it " m AWAY TO THE ELVS1AK KIKI.DS HUBOKEV. The only fashionable re?ort on the b..nk? of the beautiful H?d>on, Entire change of JVowltie* for this week, commencing ON M'?NDAV, JULY' 28th. FREE EXH'B'TIO.VS EVERY AFTERNOON, At 3 o'clock, on a Bc.ig>- erected lor the purpose in front of the Colonade. i| II M CARTY his the p.ea??re to announce to the I'ami *1 lies of New York that lie h*s for this week m.<de an vn g lament with the eel**baied Operatic B athe s *i.d 8i>tcr* i d on by that justly celebr.ted tud famous L)au Gardiner, >>iiown s one o( ihe gren'est Neg o performers of the rreseni times. The follow i'ig are the natnei of this un equalled Bund ? i? OH 1) ,n Einmit a Violimstof great not*. '{-Billy Whitlock, lie only leal bango p| er liTmg. 1? Cha'Ies White, the cau't be heat Accorilian Artist. 4? Master Jerrv Bryant, master of tt e T -mi oriue. 5? Old Dan Oa'd'ner. 'he terrorof all Negro DanCt rs. The vi-i r rs of ihe Elysisn Fields <ur. most respectfully in formed this week thev will be entertained with the beauti ful inusic of this papular Brad. Thev will appear in all then Or.ginal 8 >ngs, Glees Clwrusses anu Dances, In winch the) bid defiance to all competition. j29 5t*rh WASHINGTON THEATRE. BOSTON! rPHI8 Theatie will open for the regular season early in J. September next, continuing through ; lie hall anil Wii tei 1. adies and gentlemen of the profession, of acknowledged tn lent and respectable standing, wishing engagements for the season, will meet with early alteutiou by making application by letter, tost mid, to W. B. CHAPMAN or WM. B. ENGLISH, jy26 lweodis rrc Washington Theatre, Boston. PIL' >T BOAT FOR. SALE. rPHE Pilot Boat NETTLE, of Bos'on, is offered for sale. L She is one year old, S6 tons burthen, a fast sailer, aud an excellent sea boat, cooper fastened, and built in the most t ho r nth manner, of white oak anil kackmetak, b> S Hall,of East Boston, lias 27 tons iron ballast, and well found in sails, r ggitig, Jic. Sold to close the concern. Price $4000. Address | Pilot Boat Nettle, care of Merchant's Exchange, Boston. jn27 lwisrc S 15,000 T0 LOAN , on bond a^d_ mortgage. ..Apply | E K. COLLINS It CO, BEACON COURSE? TROTTING. MONDAY, August 4th, at 4 P M., a Sweepstakes for $750, two m.le l>eats under the saddle. James D. McMann names br. m. Reality. (Jeo. Spicer b. f. Tip. George Youugs " ... b in Lady Tompkins. .Immediately after ? A much for $300, between Geo Seward 1*1 the Canadirri horse Hops, to run a quarter of a mile, and ; |i hit ?!' s :l feet 4 inches high. a2 It'rc Tiarlem park course. rfUESD.\Y, August 5th, will be given a Purse of $10, mile X heats, hr\t three in live, under the saddle, free for norses ncvertrotied for money, not excepting the horses that trotted for the purse JulT 29th. Entries to close at Green 8t Losee's, Saturday evening, by 9,', o'elock. Three or more to make a race. *2 lt"rc ^ GRAND F.XCURISON TO NEW H A fll) EN. fare M rents e.irh way The new ind Z?iiI^ijBai^E-fa^ Steamer Buffalo, Capt. Hancm, oil Mon il ij morning. Vng. 4th, will leave Barclay street al 8 oclock. Peck Slip O'j o'clock ; returning, will leave New Haven at fl o'clock next morning This will be a delightful excursion for | those who may r ish lo \ isit their friends, and Miend the night at this charming place. Berths on board free of charge. a2 It* in. i SI ND.Vi E.Yl TltMilN 1 1? M KI ^ l- KER'S BAY St M AN H ATTAN V 1 1,1. E. . ?The steamboat CHIEF. Capl.un L, Hoi brook, on Sunday, August 3d, will run to and from Maiihatian I i lie as follows Leave the foot of Canal st Leave M i >i ? ttan v ill r at ;; P.M. V, ;; P. M. 3/% " " ^ 6 Landing at Hammond and Ninet' enth ?treets each way. Fare 12^ cents. *2 2t*rc DELIGHTFUL E.X'.'U R>ION DOWN THE LOWER RAY. MM Mi The new and commodious steamer DELA WARE, Capt P H Smith, on S \TURDAY MB lT <11 Angus' 2d, will leav.- Warren strret > II it 2 o'clock; Hammond street, N. R , at 2^: Canal st at a '.i before 3; Mtrk. t street. E. R. 3^?; and Pier No. 1 N R 3'?o cl- ck, lor the above excursion, reiuriiingto the city bv h ilf-past 7 o'cl'-ck SANDY HOOK LIGHT, Affoiding the pa seng rs a line view ofOeean, the Hig'.ilasds of .V,.> ersink, and the beautiful Scenery an I F"rt>ficat'oiis of '.e H rlior, as well a? an excellent opportunity of enjovinv ihe heslthy and refrc hing sea l>i>eie nfter the husii e.?s of the d y Fare for the whole Exrursion, 25 cents at lt*rc (tRANIJ EVENlNO flotilla ball. One of the most extensive ind brillant Ball >ev. r attempt- d on tlie w ters "f the lluilsoi ? will take place on Monday evening, Augu> lull Mr Parker, the celebrated dancing master, snd Mr Issar F. 'g-, Jr , having completed theirarr ngements with one of th first class steamboats ai d sp'endid arge fur the oc anion, which wi li eli antnullv decorated and lllumi ated The ste iinh iat DELAWARE, with her lar, e and spacions Ila'ge, capable of icci mmodatlng l.yio persons c mfortabli will ea> e the foot of W?r en street at 7 o'clock P. M., Cans i.lreet7>4, Hammond strettfl, and Je.sey City at '><. Tickets $1; admitting a gentleman and lady; extra ladier tickets 50 cents. Particulars in future advertisements. s2 2t*r " EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS~ Steamer R L. STEVENS, Captain R. L Mabey, will make an escursion to the Fisnini. Banks every Tuesday, Thursday and Frid \ ilnriug the season, leaving Hammond strc t at 9% o'clock, \ M m?l street at dV; Delancy street, Eust Hive., at 9; and Tie No. 1 N R., at#>< o'clock? retnnmiK to the city in gi.oiU^ i son. Bait furnished gratis; and lines at a small chart,. Faie 50 cents. lT?Jwi.Vn W A NTED IMMEDIATELY? A ship to k^df , southern port? Appl^ t?a^ COLLINS k CO., M South street. LATKS! INTELLIGENCE. BY liAST KVKMINO'* M All.. W'Mhlngtnn. [U?rie?pouJeuce of the Herald.) Washington, July SI, 1845. i am happy to inform you that the Secretary of he Treasury has countermanded the sales ordered -I certain goods in New York, by an extension of t :<? time allowed tor their storage, in consideration o! the tire-, sixty days further from th? lit of August. Mr, Peter H.ig*ur will have to go; and it is pre sumed that Colonel Charles Hunton, late Speaker ol the Virgin a .Sen-ite, will su|>ercede Uncle Peterk as third auditor. It is further surmised that the re cent visits to this city ol Judge Daniel, Richard K. Meade, Extra Billy Smith, John S. Harbour, and other distinguished gentlemen of the F. F. V. were incidentally connected with this appointment. Old Virginia has claims upon the Tieat>ury that cannot and must not he overlooked or set aside. There was a sale in Sixth street of the old furni ture from the President's house last nfternoon, the rutibir-h, including a dozen and a half of President Monroe's chairs, a couple of dozen of old Hickory's, with a list of Ogle's curtains, oil cloth, lounges, cur inn ornaments, ike. They brought about three : prices upon old furniture in general. A man by the name ofBose, his wife, and a child, were killed about two miles to the north of this city yesterday by lightning. They were found, after the storm, by one oT the boys returning from the field ; the husband prostrate upon the floor, and the wife sitting in a chair near by with the child in her arms, as il c sleep ; but they were asleep never to wake again till the day of eternity. We learn that two other children, young girls, were absent at school at the time of the storm ; and the feelings of these poor children on their return home, may well be conceived. Their father was an industnous Ger man. and promised to do well (or himself and his f.tmily. The jieal of thunder which followed this destructive stream of electricity, sounded in the dome ot the capitol three tniles off, like the explo sion of a mine in the dome of the Rotunda. The President and some of his Cabinet have gone down to the Navy Yard to-day, we understand, to examine the ship houses, the naval stores, several old hulks, and the Marin# Barracks adjoining. The day is very pleasant for such an excursion Eight or ten cleiks discharged to-day from the Departments; among them a Mr. Smith, from the Postotfice, an old Locofoco editor from Ohio, up wards of twelve years in office. Mr. Cambloss, who figured so extensively as one of the managers of the ten-dollar Inauguration Ball, has been per mitted to resign and remove to Philadelphia, as we learn to-day. We shall have a very rich chapter for the Herald to-morrow. Baltimore, Aug. 1, 1845. A Judicial Outrag'-Justice Winking at Crimt- Singular Death? Buiintu Proipecti. 4rc. The examination which I mentioned at about to take place before the city court of the five young men a? cused of committing the outrageous rape on the person of Margaret 8) lor, on Sunday night lait, turned out to be one of the most disgraceful proceedings ever recorded of i the judicial proceedings of Baltimore. They were brought before the court on a writ ol kabta, corpu, for the purpose of applying for their admission on bail, which had been refused by the committing magistrate The victim of their lu?t was present, but a motion being made by the prisoner's counsel that the judge decide on the bail without an examination, it was acceded to, and they were, forthwith, without enquiring into the fact*, admit each to bail in the paltry sum of *3000, by Judge ? Brvce, and the principal witness in the on her ovv n iccognizinces. VV af ever such trifling with justice before heard of ? *ive men combine together iUs tieze, and hold a virtuous female whil?t each of tnfm hv 1 ui us violate her person, and the offence l* deemei bailable with *a000-that i. to say , J*?*1? *"*?.? can be outraged in Baltimore lor this amount in the eatl motion of the city court. Suppose th.. J, cum ^had been the daughter of Judge Br)ce instead of a Inenaiess German girl, would family or friend" I ?ave been al >le to procure Irom Honor so light a bail? I here was es^m Vativeism in the proceedings ol the court )e?ieraay, which Is altogether contrary to the fe.hngsofourc.t,. i..a* and would have been moie appropriate^ *0 *h? ???ion of Philadelphia, especially lound about the Co missiotier's bell in Southwark. House a few day A colored woman died at our Aims-House a lew raj since and the physicians being unable to determine the ?? ?T b.r . ? ""TSS. ~ place. There were found in her intestines aooi ui ib hundred nails-lour-penny. six-penny, and eigM-penn^ together with a two-inch screw, and some crooaeu twelve-penny nails, about four inches long, some pins b-nt tip! and 'two pieces of anthracite coal, weighing in all about one pound and a quaiter. She was derange , audi lis pi esutned picked them up and swallowed them during her rambles about the yard of the institution. The business portions of our city are commencing to assume a lively' appearance, everything being busae ,n(i nrA titration lor an exteneive and wareasea iau tiade A number of our principal merchants have been tailing through the West and South this summer, and represent themselves to have been highly successful in '?una a largely increased list of customers. One tiling w ceitafn, they have met with great success in th?heC?KeTshlp Albert arrived at thi. port yester day wit)' upward of two hundred German om,?^t*: The number that have arrived here this year exceed fie thousand, and a number of ship-loads are now on the W Vvol k Boi'^-The sales at our Stock BoardRr?^^ lv worth reporting We have but five or six brokers ('what a blessing :)-aml they operate butUghtlyina few .Maryland stocks, none other being offe^red atth Hoard The sales vesterday amounted to sometning ?vor f.lPOO ! anil Maryland 0's closed at 77 for sale, and 7C hid ; Bnltimoio 6 s closed at 1<W 6-lb for sale, and 10 ) bid. Philadelphia, Aug. 1st, 184.V The weather continues delightful, though somewhat I warmer than yesterday. Our merchants are beginning to prepare for the fall business, though a large number of them are yet out of town. Our citizens have, however, commenced their return, and although numbers depart daily for Cape May and other watering places, yet the return current outnumbers them five to one. The Cape, have been crowd.-d all the summer, but now the crowd is thinning oft and several private boarding houses have closed altogether, not anticipating sufficient com pany for the balance of the season to make it profitable to keep open any longer. Political movements of primary character now begin to agitate the political hive, and on and after Monday next the results will begin to be manifested. In the course of this week the democrats have held their preli minary meetings to arrange lor the delegate elections oi Monday evening next The whig* and native* will com mence their moves afterwards, but no tickets will be f fmed nor can the campaign he said to have commenced 1 about the middle ol September. The idea which now presses upon the minds of the democratic party is that heir irreat antagonist will be the native faction. And ' {'!?. not from the fact that nativeism is anything but con temptible in itself, but from the lact that it will receive adventitious aid from whig votei I. The *?* sanguine of success, and have resolved to grapple the (action with the energy of a giant. ftria.n. The news from Mexico, which reached New Orleans on the 23d ult. by the brig Delfina, and thi* city by to day's mail, is regarded by our citizen* with considera ble interest By it we have advice* from the city of Mex ico to the 'Wth of June. The proclamation o Kesident I (errata calling the Congress together on the 3d of Ju lv to Considering other thing*, the re a jon. o th. United States and Texas; the arrival ol Bustamente at the capital, his reception by the people, and the offer of hi* sword *?P|**??? Jr?*y ol?'J0 <M men, have weight Hon to maintain a army effgct t0 counteract, in I with our P*?P' 'upwar,i tendency of public *ecuritie*. Wof Sur people not di.pleaseAt the aspect of S* in that quirter of the world, a* they regard U as the most speedy means of annexing California, and thus trscuing it from the grasp of our powerful rival, Great ^ Theforeign news has had a decidedly favorable effect u. on thing* in this city. State 6'* went up to 76*. a ri.e one on yesterday ; and but for the Mexican new*, it woald doubtless have reached 78. Such wa* the ten dency of the market, owing to the European advice*, ami the commencement of the payment of thc August intereit. Wilmington Railroad share* fluct?at? considerably. The freight on thi* road ha. been raised Irom 8 to 4.i cents per ton, wWch win drive it through the Delaware and Chesapeake ( .anal; ^and it is expected that the Canal Company will *o fix the trans port U passenge.s as to drive the trave lto .the railroad route to the >-outh and west. It was yesterday to commence the payment on the August Wilmington Railroad bonds. The stock of the compe nv rather improved to-day. Sale, of Stock. PhllaHcIplU*. 8 ' 20 Mai'Mech8^^ W'4; 385 Wilmington, * l.'k 5%; ? i> m yl*?i" Bk,2S!?; 50 Snsquehai.uah Canal, ?l 8 Sr ro*i:*B^*ao? 10000 State Vs. <oJd. 76* ; 10000 .In, id 76* ; ? ^ d WU. WOO do, c .Sh, 76V.2000 t.nne.s- ? :i 1 31K)?hirei Wilmington KR, soid, IS, 100 no 15/%, w II 10 I do, S?i5d, _ _ Bostoji, July 31, 194A. ,c'pi >ne. in the Uny ? Jirrivali ? Sieamrr Cambria? Nev York Htrald Expieii? Thunder, lightning, 4 '?? Yesterday morning our harbor presented a neantifui a .pearance. Over two hundred sail of vessel*, o van o i* rig. and *ixes, wer- winging their way up before t ie wind. One only drawback, a mizzling faT 1 of dog day rain, marred th. picture. The cloud* wens dark and broken and reflecting their deep .hade* o. , th. _ w.ur heightened, by contrast, the whitenes. of theoutsprea J A' th". vessels rounded to, lik. we.rled bW ulightingtin the earth, they folded their canvM wings while the jovial voice* of the ?ilora mingled with itb. nttling of the running chain, when the anchors w . ?? Ik.l~th.ul fcr I, J'

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