Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 5, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 5, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YOKK HERALD. Vol. XI., Ifo. 101 -Who la No. ?UTS NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 5, 1845. PrlM Two Cones. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNtiTT, Proprietor. | Circulation? Forty Thousand DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price 3 cents pel ouv ? $7 la per utinum ? po<;ttllle in at'vance WEEKLY H ERALD ? Every Saturday Price ctnU jwrcopy ? $3 l'iii cent* per cimtim ? payahiu in advance AD V E IITI8E.M ENT8 Rt tlio usual prices? t'lwayi cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* oxocuted with beauty nod i^po-tch. QSJ- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed I to the establishment, mast be post pahl, or the postage *''11 bo deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Psurmrroa or the Nkw Yohk Hekami Estiblishiskk* of Fivltnn mid KTntmili straAfr* HOCK A IV A Y STA GES , ON and after Aulmc 1 1st, I M 15. will h ave .lie City H<-tel, at 3>* o'clock P.M. daily, SaniMV excepted, for Far Rorkaw.iy. Re 1 Hi r .t,i* , U im? ilie Pavilion at A. M., for New York, cross lug hi tlie South Kerry. All orders to be left at 3V0 Pearl street aiil lm?re H. CONKLIN, SU MM ER AlUiA NGEMEN l B LOOM1.X ODA L E, MANH ATTANVILLE, AND FOllT W ASH I N ( JTON STAGES, Will commence running in the following irder, on Saturday, May the 17th, IS45 leaving *?*'* Man tinlrni. t fj o'clock, A. M., dccil tl'iup fveij li .if hour until 7 o'clock, P. M. I* ;n i ?N'ew York, coiner of Chatham ami p Try on Row, at 6 A. n'.snd continue every hall' hour uutil 8 . M. Hi <uc3 to Carrnansi ille rrinuy Cirarca Cemetery and Kort Washington, every how Uirougn ine oay, irom 7 A M. to 7 P. M. paru in niiuifiart.mville 12Ji cents; Carmamville 11V; Fort WasmnMiourjnents. B. MOORE, iv< i m t Proprietor. TAAli. LINE Foil BOSTON. DA1LV OVER Til K LUN< i ISLAND RAIL ROAD, VIA NEJr toy DO If, NORWICH J- WORCESTER. At II o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, (South KVnry? Sundays excepted. W.y Crates are in readiness tu leceive baggage for New liontlon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage f?r Boston goes through under lock. Jn!B tl'rc ~FOH NEWPORT AN It PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CEN'I S FOR T11E SEASON. On Mondiys, Wednesdays, and Fridays, over the Long Island Rsil Road to Greenport, thence to New|iort uud Provi dence in a splendid and cointnoifiou* Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock iu the Moruh.g, from the Foot of \V niteh ill street. Smith Ferry. julfi tf rc FARE TO BALTIMORE #1. Through in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AN L) FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. The unrivalled Steamboat ROlEItT M OK It I S , C.ptain J. M DougUbs, will, oil and after Mfjiday, June 1G, leave Dock street wharf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock , I*. M. Pas se isers v'il! arrive iu Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only ?1. Thin Line is composed of the following splendid and fast Stesmtm-u:? Robert Morris, Captain J. M Douglass. E?'-?et)liio. Captain L Davis. I'omrlfiirLiii. Captain J. Chaytor George Washington Captain J Trij pp. This Line leave# Bowlv'i wharf, Baltimore at 3 V. ickets for Whceliug anil Pittsburg cun he procured on T tlie hoat M. board UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE Fare $2 ? Throvxh in Six Hours PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE IlAILItOAD LINE. Via Cheater, ^Vilmi^ll^t<l^> , Flkto i, avre da Grace , Ike 8. On and alter Wednesday next, June 35th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be rednced (0 f-2. The Trains will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, Depot 1 1th and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Daily, eveept Sunday ,ot 8 -Y.M. | Dailv, exc, Sunday, at 9 A M. And Daily, at 4 I' M | And Daily, at I P .VI. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling u nd Pittsburgh can be had at tlie Depot, Eleventh and Market sts. O. H. HUDDF.LL, Agent For further iufurmatiou, apply to J. L, 8LEMMER, at the office of Adiuis & Co. 17 Wall str"et. _June 24th, 1345. jeiWee LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. REDUCED FARES SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN AH FOLLOWS, On and after 14th June, 1845. From Brooklyn Ihjtnl ? Boston Train ? 8,la A. M. daily, Sundays eicpted, stopping at Farmiugilale and St. George's Msnor. Accommodation Train ? 3}$ A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming d iie ind intermediate plu*i, daily, Sundays eicepted. Accommodation Train, 3 P. M. lor Greenport, daily, Sundays eitcri.ted, stoppiiigut Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hicks vill , and all the stopping places between Hickaville and Greenport. Fr-m Ortrnjiorl Depot ? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, ft o'clock M., or on the arrival ol'tht steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepted, forBrooklyu and intermediate places. Fr?m h'ar mined tile Depot ? Accommodation Train. 6X A. M. and 2,^ P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyn and mtermediale places. From Jamaica Depot ? Extra Train, Ik P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, forBrook lyu and intermediate places. The Bustor. Trams stop only nt Farmin*dale aud St.Georjri-'s Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop st tlie follow inu places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver passen gers, vir.: LVdlord 8 Deer Park, .......... . 69 East New York 12 X Thompson i'8 Race Conrse .... 18J-^ Suffolk Station. 1 Of Trotting Course l(i\ Lake Koad Station 1 lfiji Medford Station 1 18'i Milleville 1 50 Jamaica 26 (Irusiiville ... 31 llyde P'ljk, 17 miles S7)i Clowsvil'e, (during ses sion Court,) 37fJ Hempstead 37 'i Branch 37 % Carle Place 44 Westbnry 41 Hicksvilf^ 41 Farmmjdale .... t'i/i Stages are in readiness on the St. Georue's Manor. ... 1 62 Riverhead 1 t?2 Jamesport., 1 HDi Mattetuck 1 l.2>,'ue 1 62 ,l| Southold I l.'iti Greenport, Acc'n. train. 1 7,'iH Boston Train 2 00 arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to ail parts ?.f the Island , UaRgaire Crates will be iu readiness at the foot of Whitehall iticet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minntcs be fore the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. HOckawny BaKgage taken in sep-'r te Crates. jnlOrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ^ I . A l'itr,.~ L. r AC K ET L 1 N E , Krom I'liilooelphia to Fuuburgh via the rnniyiruia road* . hi J ( '.uul? through in 3 J j ?(1, The tborr line i* now in full ??i'erati?ii> and offer* prwit inducement* to peraoua who * iih 1 pleiwant mode of travelling m the wert. The cnri are built in the in nit approved modern ityle, (tie boat* ?re fitted u|> in a *uperiur manner, and every effort i* made bv the proprietor! to couduct- to tho ctimfoit nnd convenient1* oi traveller*. The ?cenery on thi* route it MnriTtlied, lUMtbr great chain of rgutiyivama iuterirtl improvements i> well woi tiiy ut bring seen. By thin rmte (Uniengert avoid nil ihe tatiuliea md danger* at tendant Bfoo Mage travelling, and at the Mine lime make la eg peditioua tri,>. The ci?ra|i-ave every inornng hi 7 o'clock. Pa**euKor* ire nd vuetl to engage llieii j'laceii at rhiiddjniiliM. Office in I'lulxlel l>hia N. E. corner ol Chesuut ami Fourth itreett, nnd at No*, t'i and li South Third su. A. CUMMINliS, .Ar-nt. riiilmlrljiliin, May 17, 1*4?). For infomttion, iu the eiry ol New York, apply to ff. H. KNJ8KLL, Ageutlor D. LKKIJH 4t CU. Tli ice. 7 Weat *t, N. R. my!7 ftm'ric NOTICE sTaten island fcSi'aC FJillRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET Thy HtmilitiOHtl SY lifh null sTA'I EN IM.ANIjKH will ve New Vork every hour e?ce|it 5 P. M? coinmeuoin* at fl A. A'.., until 7 I'.M. I*eave Milen 1*1 ind overy hour oxcept < P. ;|L, couimevoiuit at I A. M. until 7 T. VI. N. B.? tJi. Siunl iyi tin* will leave every hour from B A. At., until I !'. M., ?ud from I I . M. nntil 7 P. M., every hall hoar. __ JlH_ I VI LI J A MSB UR OH AND PECK HUP FERRY. .xM The Trumeei of thin Kerry, felieving thai ? g* there aremmiv of the emxeui ol New York 3fa? Jit Jfi ?tul vi.iinuy that are uu.)Ci|liaiiited with the taci'Hie* Una heiry milords ;n a pleasant communication with WilLiiiuburz - 11 <1 l.ung Ul nnl, would Mute that there an wo Rood Ferry Coati on thin Ktrry. winch leave Peck Blip gvery fifteen or twenty minute* through the day up to 5 o'rjoek, P. M., and then up to I o'clck, at each ru n hour and h 'If hour; after which a boat leave* at 9 o'clock anil ID o'clock The laat boat leaving Williamsburg at half-uait !) o'clock, P. M. P. S ?On the evening of July Ith, the boat will continue to run nutjl 12 o'clock. jyt lm*rc KOR NEW ORLEANS ? Loniaiiun and N?w tfjllV Vork Lluc-- Pmitively flr?t Regular Packet, to anil ?SMMKaMoiiday, 11th inatant ? Th# elegant Ibst **tluiK packet ihip V A/.(> O, f .apt . Wibray, will positively ?afl gl altovtt, her regular day. I or Irt ight or putaK*, having hnndaoine fnmiilied accom modation*, apply on board, at Orlean* wliarl', loot of Wall Kt, otto K. COLLINS & t'O,, ?.!) M, nth ?t. Positively im good* received oa board alter Saturday evening, till imt.iiit. ' * Ar"iit in New Orleans lamex K. Woodruff, who will promit h- 1... w ?r?l all go its to bli ad(l<lieM alee w'E&Sw. ^ ^ 'MMKIUATItY-A ?liip to load for JV^JV > southern port? App'y to Jmmmm f:. k. COLLI NH <it <:o., '*1'? if, South atreet. J. HJtUl>MAN'8 OI.L) ESTABLISHED EMIORAN'l' PASSAGE OKI ICK, (ii SOUTH STREET ii i&L JVom Orrat Britain and Ireland, via. Xi'ffy l-ivan ool, can alway. he arranged at the lo*. ?trate, Jlilfllir i "id lJrajr< furi'iihi'il for any ammint, myal.le at all the principal Bankg In England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, on applicatioa to J. HERDMAN, j*rc ?! South itrecti . Lib?rty .... . ... Steamboat KOCHESTEK. Captain R_ O. Crutteiideu, will I Irave on Moml iy Wedueaday ami Friday Evenings. at 7 "'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMi :HH A, Captain W. 11 Truesdell, will li-'ir? on Tuer'Uy, Thursday md Saturday Afternoons, at , 7 n'clock. At 5 o'clock P. M., landing at intermediate place*, from the foot ?f Barclay ?tr'Ct :? _ hninliou NKW JERSEY. Capt. R H. Furey, will leave 00 Monday, VVrduesilay, Kridi.j and Sunday Afternoon*, at S o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. C.tpt XV. Brainnrd, will leave 011 Tuesday, Thursday and fj.ttariUy evenings, nt S o'clock. Pasat-nger* taliiug either ol the above l.ines will an ivr in Alba ay in ample time fur the MorniuK Trniii ol Car* for the ea*t or West. The B-'atiaientw, are f'ivnii!>ed with new ana ile*ant state room", and for speed aud accommodation* are uu rivalled <>u the Hudson. Freight takeu at moderate rate*. _ ,, ,, All |>er?oiu are forbid truitiug any of the Boat* of tnii Line, without a written order from the Captain* or Agent* For passage or freight, apply on board the boata, or to r. 1 9ctmit*. at the office ou the wharf ?ui re NEW FERRY TO YELLOW HOOK, PORT HAMILTON, AND CONEY 1.SLAND. M r^""> s/gt The ateamboat IOLAS, (^iptaiu Richard cl. ? re^? T? ViUti, and tl it- ateamboat WAVtl, Captain "t Mallan, will run ou Uic above terry every day, a* follows: ? The IOLAS will leave Tier No. 1, E. R. I fort Hamilton. Fo* Coney Inland At 'J o'clock, A. M 12 noon. i " P. M. For Coueylslaiid la <j}X A. M. I'M P. M. Coney Ula id lor New Yoik. I Fort Hamilton for New York lOk A. M. f \9H A. M. Hi 1*. M. 1W 1'. M. C " I 0*4 '* And the WAVE will leave Tier I E. R. for Cooey Island. I Fort Hamilton for Coney I*'d. TX A M. 11 'J " 2' , P. M 6;'a 11 Fort Hamilton for New York. 8'.; A M. U'4 P. M. <1*7 8'., At 6'i o'clock, A.M. 10'./ " 2 " P. M. f) " " Coney Island for New York I A. M. II noo'i 3* P.M. 8 " . O i Snnd iy?, the inr.rui?af trip wiil be omitted. T7"F<re |ji^ cent*. jy30 Iw'rh MORN 1 NO LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY, TU'JY and intermediate landing*, from the Steamboat Pisr at the foot e .Barclay street. Iir?>nkf.-st and Dinner on board the boat Leave* New York it ? o'clock, A M., Tue*d?y*, Thursday* tnd Saturday, aud Troy at6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A.. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure ateamboat TROY, Captaiu A. Gorhaui, on Tuesday*, Thursday* and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Dcgroet, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. Notice? Af) goods, freight, baggage, bank bill*, specie, or any nther kind of property Mken, shipped , or put <01 board this boat, must l>e at tile risk of the owners of auch good*, freight bag gage, Jic. j? lire NEW YORK. ALHANY ANI? TKOY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DiRE< T. ? at 7 o'clock, P. M ? The ateamboat EM PIRK, Captain R B. M acy , will leave the ?te imhoat pier foot of Conrtlandt street, every Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 7 u 'clock. This steamboat COLUM IJ I A, Captain Win. II. Peck, every Vlo-tid iv, Wednesday a '<1 Frida* afternoon, at 7 o'clock for Passage ot r retght apply os board. or at Die office on th? Wh-irt to* Oi l OS1TION TICKET OFFICE.? For ? Albiny, 74 cent*? Utica, S2? Sv'mcuse, jtaoawinc.t3.|>ll-Iu'clii?ter. $3? Buffalo, S3 M? Alio, through in t'ie f st line, with board. $10.50? Also, 0<nvego, $:)? Kingston. ( IJ. C.,) SI? Toronto, $5? Cleveland, (O.) JG? De troit. SU 30 ? Chicago, ( 111 ) SiO, 50? North to Trov anil White hall. >2.40? Montreal, $4 iO. Office No. lfl'1 Barclay st. v2S Im'ih M L. nSV Airent. J-'UR HALIFAX AND LIVERT7h)L. The Royal Mail Strimships BRITANNIA ind CAMBRIA will le ive Boston for the 1 bovejiorts, a* follow*, viz: ? I Hewitt. Esij., commander ? ("riday, August 1. Caiflbria? ClH.E Hewitt, Esq., do. Saturday, Annual 10. Passage to Liverpool, $111; ?o. to Halifax, $20. For fieight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, jyc5 rrc 6 Wall street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. A, THE Royal Mail Stcnm Ships H1BF.R NIA and BRITANNIA, will leave Boston ^for tlie above ports, as follows-? Hiberuia, Ale*. Ryvie, H?q., Commander, Tuesday, July 16tb. Britannia. John Hewitt, " " Friday, August 1st. Passage to Liverpool ?!>A. Puis to Halifax 20. For freight or passage, spply to j> 12 D. BRIGIJ A.M. Jr., Agent, 6 Wall st. ra-/7. DR. A KTS ON ORKif BRITAIN AND 1HKLA.ND ? Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can he supplied 'with drifts payable at sight, without dis count, (or any amount, from A-l upwards, at the following places, viz: In I'.stii.ANu ? The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned Sc Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. J atnes Bnl t it Son, London, auu brandies throughout England and Wales. It Him-axi).? The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. In Srnn.ANO ? The Eastern Hank of Scntlaud, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, and branches ihroui(hout Sootiiuid. The steamship (freat Western sails on the 31st July, by which all drafts can be forwarded five. ^P^VsCOTT jy)9 re 7" South st , cor. Maid!* 1 fane 1 PACKK-S FOR IM VHE.? (Seco.-rl fl.ine.)? i Tin Packet ."hip UTIOA, bantam Fred rick Hew- I itt, will sail on the 1st September. T^7iKht ?r passage,., p., tOBoyo & HINCKRN a< < c No. ?> Tonline Buildji g. cor Wall and Wif??r Ms. LONDON LINE OK PACKETS? Facket of the _ lOtii Auiiuit-Tl-.- splendid and fast sailing Packet Ship &TORONTO, Captain Tucker, will positively saH as ...veTher regularity. . She ha* rxcullcu: accomi/iodat oils for cabin, second cabin and steerage pisienger*; tho.e wishing to secure berths, should make early application to \V. 81 J. T. TAPSCOI T, aire T5 North street. corner of Maiden Lane. KOR LIVERPOOL ? New Line? Regular Taak't of th-Sfith August? The elegant fast sailing Packet iSltip SlDDO"<rS, Capt. E. B. Cobb, of llOOtons, will s il as aliove , her regular day. For fr i<ht or passage, having accommodation* unequalled for splendor and comfort, j r 1 1 1 y on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Will stm t, or to E K. COLLINS k CO., .16 South str.~t. Price ?f passage $:"0. Picket Ship Sin-rid in, Cart. Cornish will succeed the Sid <1 on s , and sail iGt.h September, her regular day j\86 KOR NEWCASTLE, ENGL AN D.? The well known. fist sailing coppered and copper-f stened ship RAMBLER, li aster. Master' nsving all lie r lie .ry I re ik lit engaged, will sail in a few days. For light freight, or pnssage, hiving good accommodations, Apply to WOODHULL k M1NTURN, J j 21 rrc 87 South sir' et. FOR GLASGOW ?Regular Tucket.? Th< well .known, fast sailing British Barque ANN HARLEY, ,*5inuh, master, 460 tons, will meet with yuick desimtch For fr ight or paisjige, having excellent accommodations, apply on board fojt of Dover street, or to WOODHULL * M1NTURNS, iv'Orc g7 S >nth street WANTED ? A 8hip to load for a Southern Port Apply W L K. COLLINS & CO. }2i> ec Vi South street. LI VEHPUOL LINK OF PA FKET8 OF T rl E ,Cth OF" AUGUST.? The new and elegant packet ship lASHBIIRTON, Henry Huttleson, master, 1100 tons burthen, will positively sail na above , her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin mil steerage passengers, persons wishing to secure berths should make early application on board, I'ooi of Maiden Lane,orto JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of South street. The splendid new ship Jlenry Clay, Kyra Nye, master, will succeed the Ashburton, and sail 011 the li'h September, her le gnl .r day jy2< rrc OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE *T ?VOFFICE, 61 South st.-IWue from England, lie <*>i 1 NiVmI ? ' Scotland and Wales? l'hose sending for their Irmji would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of making ilieir arrangements w ith the subscribers on very n, ode rate terroa, by first class packet shipi, sailing from Liverpool Weekly. Drafts can as usual be furiiislied lor any amount, payable througho it the United Kingdom. Apply to John hkkdman.ii South it The mail steamer sail.-, Irwin Boston on the IGth inst, hv w uich letters can be forwarded iju ickh . m\ *3 rli FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CHARTER? The .very last sailing N. ^ ork built |?ckt 1 ship \ AZOO, _lCiO tons, live oak ind locust top. lite oak transom, id forward and after cants, carries 22(10 bales New Or le ins cotton, and has handsome furnished accommodations for 2G passenger*. Apply on board at Jones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO . J y!MI ec Mi South street. I'OR LIVERPOOL? The New Line ? Regular Paeltet of 2 ' ?t August. ? The superior fast sailing rocket ship Liverpool, usn tons, Capt. John tl wmg?, will >ail a? shove, her rt gul r day. rot freight or passage, hiving elegant and superior accom modations, Hppiy 011 hoard, west sideBurliug slip, or to ?. , WOODHULL fc MIN'l l RNS.r S.mthst. ii7 J,p et ship Queen of the West, I2i0 tons. Ca| t. Tlioa. house, will succei d the Liverpool, and sail on her regu jy& , LOOK AT THIS ! ! J Jl Si RECEIVED-- Another lotof French Boots, ol the beat kind, and wi II be sold ai the old price, ?4, and tlie V. "i, Boots made to order lor gs, City made Call Boots, f3; and the grestest assortment et Gents Olti^ ?rs of all kinds to ktfound aevery low prices. Also, the finest ( all Shoes, $2 and $2 M. A great variety of all other kinds. Ladies in this S'ore will find a great assortment ol Gaiters, Huskins, Slips Ties. I'ranells, Satin, kc. For an assortment of all other kinds Misses and Children's Boots and Shoes we cannot he beat in (lnacity. Do notinia laketne number, 3t>! Broadway, corner ofKrauklin street, jnl lin'rli _ _ _ CAHILL. ItOULSTONE'tj it! DING StHOOJU, i:i7 ni'.ii 13D Mereer streit. Mil, JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor to" itiriu Ins Iriends and tlie j uhlic 111 geio ral, that his ho?l for liistructir-n in Horsemanship ii now open May end ? veiling, as follows Hours lor Ueutletm n from f to ? A. M. " M Ladn s " 9 A. M. to II I*. M Tern>? of instruction taade known on application to Mr. Howe to He. Mr. R ties just receivid from the country several fine and stylish Saddle rfotsei, which he is authorised to sell at a rea '?"i 1 ime myTrc ' I , W INF..? A complete aaaorttneiit of Bridport Seine, Her M. ring and Gill Net Twines, froin})^ to 36 lbs., manufac tured with the greatest care lr?m the best materials, espressly for this market, and for s^e in loll to suit purchasers, by Jy? ee ? K. COLLINS k CO. M ?outh Its JML WANTKI) ? Fort sidiII re*pectafl* f mily of tlir/e pi rions, a ivi"%VI Hon*-, or part of a Hoas~; lo coimini , ?1 two or three -room*. and |?i iviltrife of Kiteheii. Lo ration? in any rr?p#?*tivle rdacu up town, Jersey ciry or l>i(M>kly'p. Address, 11. H., Letter Box 2iS(i at 2lis*r to LET ? Oilier i tiiU Lolls in Die urw lire-proof Store comer of Pint' and South sts, Apply to jyM JOSEPH McMURRAY. FOR SALE. TH E Three Stunt Brick Houae, <13 H- niton street, hailt in the best manner; #:irni in winter and cool in .summer; replete with every convenience. Hall the pnrctTi # money may remain on bond mil mortgage at 6 per ci-ut. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO., julfl ec >, South street. TO LET, until tin- lint of May next and immediate l>os setsion given, of the 3 story home No. IB< Kirat Avenue ?fw b" tWeeu ftliand7th Streets, The premisea have lately lweu i'ii t in cotripleate onler. And all has been painted inaide am! out, I. iat June, !!)fc Croton Water introduced, marble mantle piecea, folding doors, and it ia well adapted to accommodate 9ne or More families; tent naked to one family for the residue of the \'e<tr to uext Aloy ia $325. Inquire at the office of John H. Power, Esq., No. 70 Nassau at. coruer of John, up atairi from the hours of 9 lo 3 o'clock, or of Sainl. 11. II, Norton the owner, at the aame office ou Tuesday* and Wednesday. lui jy 12*rh PllIliADKLI'lUA IIOTKIjS. HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE , Si'43 Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHIL A 0 EL 1*111 A . (C^ BmIis just introduced? Warm and Cold?- iu fine apart ments? for both ladies and g< ntlrineu. jeSS lin'uc COLUMWA HOU8K, Cbtstnnt StreM, bet wmii Otis and 7tb x<r?rt?, PHILADELPHIA. THE SUBSCRIBER.Srripectfully inform their friends and the tYavelling public .they lime taken the above bonne, (lor inert} known as the Marshall House. ) and hare made extensive alterations am! improvements iu ita interior, having spared uo expense to render it _oue of the most pleasant aUil fashionable houses in the eity. The pailorsare uumerous, the chambers larue and well arranged, tht furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is in the moat central part ofthe city, near to all the places of public amusement, and convenient to the duputs of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. The tables will be supplied with all the delicacies ofthe sea sou. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and havu been carefully selected. ? The proprietors hope by theiriwrsonalatteutiou a d experience iu the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with iheir patronage. ? 11 AOLEY, MACKENZIE U CO. James Bajrley, (lateof Jouea' Hotel.) Henry C. M icltinzie, (formerly of the Washington House.) Feter L. Fergusou. Jnlv 1st. I84A. jy3 3m?ec NOW LAN'S HOTEL, At Hurleut Klver. G1 EOROE NOWLAN respectfully return* his most sin f ceie thanks to Uis friends an<l the pnhlic for the liberal support which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to inform tliein that he haa fitted up the I .rice establishment at the termination of the Railroad, on this Island, and oil the Bank of the River, where he i? prep >red to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, Suppers, and other refreshments, at the shortest netice. Good ground, and every accommodation lor Military Com pa nies. All the Railroad Cars land passengers in front of the llotel for IJ>i ceiits, from the City Hall. N. R ? An ordinary at half past 2 o'clock on Sundays. je28 WILSON'S I-IOTKL AND DINING ROOM, 5 (sold Hi rect. near Mnldcn Lane, COUNTRY MERCHANTS wiltfiud this a desirable House, being convenient to the business part ol til* city. This establishment ia fitted up w ith entirely utw furniture Uood and substantial dinner, I8M cents, lodgings 2.'> cents For con venience and comfort this house tse<iual roauy hotel in the city, and at half the price. Pr-man?iit boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terma. All tiie delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive iu ni.irket, at half the price of other houses Elegant private )i triors, tor the referee c.ues, or private dinners or sup per parties. Tile very best of liquors. , jufi 3in*rc TO CITY AND COUNTRV MU8IC DEALERS AND PROFESSORS OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. UNDERSIGNED would respetlully inlonn his friends JL and pat rims, that ke has just received, from Europe, a large assortment of Violin*, of various prices mid quality; Cello Double Bass; Oplulide, with 9 and 11 keys; Bass ana Tenor Trombones, with valve and plain: French Horn, with valve andplain; *1 rum|iers; Cornets; Bugles &c Avery superior quality of Violin Strings, and othnj in&tru incuts , wholesale and retail, by J. F. WOLTER, 116 West Broadway, up stairs Military B inds supplied at the most reasonable terms. jel9 lin?rc PINE WOOD SEVEN HUN DR !? D CORDS No. 1, for sale low, in Win gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va,by JOHN SAVAGE, S. S DENNIS. H. T. RUSSEtL. Said Inlet ia nayi|c*ble for vessels droving seven fret. jy22 l?n*rrc s ULL) GOLD AAJJ SILVER. JILVER Oilt Epaulets, Hook Binder'* K.i|H and Silver Smith's Stoning* bought, by A. BARNARD. No. 2 Wall street, Meltcr and Assay er of iVietni*. Jeweler'* Sweeping* purchased by as*ay. Flue Gold and Rolled Silver, for i l <titig, con*ioJitly ou hand, at office No 2 Wall street. Works 1W Uaersns s'rect. jeW lui*ec I ! i I , I , I A K I )S? GREAT ] ;v] PRO V EM ENTS. SOUTHEUNKRS, Strangers and Citizens aie invited to try Mahogany Bed* with '05 Panels, nude by ateam machinery. So much work could not lie done, by hand without three timet tlic usual price. Likewise Cushion* so elastic tli it eh ven can he hit by a single blow. For sale or playing at BASSFORD'S old staadr? Eatraacrsjoiniiiji tlie .Must urn J? ti i l<l >ni; , Ann street, and 149 Fulton st. Otis Field. with a number of these improved Tables, invites his friends to cull at the United State* Hotel. Kntrance through the bar-room or tBfi Water street. j v23 lin'rrc NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, .SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. Til*'. SUBSCRIBER would resnectMly inform them, that I he Ins been in the employ of the late Samuel Dsmilt over | twenty year*, and the late Samuel Demi It haying bequeathed to htm the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, and the use of the Obseivatory, it i?hi* intention to continue ( in connec tion with his sou ) the business ol m ujufacturing. repairing and rating Chronometers, and dealing in Nautical Instruments, Charis. Watclie*, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware. Ike., at the old stand, No. 219 Petri street. D. EGGEHT. j?6 lineod*rc LOOKING GLASS PLATES AND OTHER GERMAN GOODS. HANLINR & 08THF.IMER, NO. 3 BANK STllKET, PHILADELPHIA, have received by late arrivals from Europe, a large aasortment of White French Looking Gl.vs l'lntes from 30-18 to 62 28 Unillvered White Polished Window Plates.. . *' 17-12 to ,'i7-34 Also all siz?* of Green Loohing Glass Plates. . " !)-7to*l0-20 w i th ;? large assortment of Toys, Slates, Leather Polls, 31 ite Pencils and Marbles, Spectacles, Toilet Glasses, Pipes, and a va/ etv of other French and German (>oodsv which iliey offer at tli** lowest market prices. jv?l 2ineoil l-Iit VALE'S GLOBE, and Transparent Celestial Sphere ? adapted to common schools, colleges, and private fami lies? now in use in the Normal Schools at Boston and Albany, at the High School and Naval A?\lum, Philadelphia, in Vale and other College*, at Mr*. Willard"s,Troy, and in numerous Common Schools in New York and other cities and States, and recommended by Dr. Laidner, Professor OLnutead and others. Manufactured and for sale by O. VALE, at hi* Nauti cal and Mathematical Establishment, 'i Franklin square, N.-w i rk. jy3 eodlm'rh GOTHIC CHURCHES. COLORED GLASS, MOSAICS, 'V-c. rpHE Undersifc-ied being the Airentof a large Colored Cilass X Manufactory in FVnnee, wHI furnish the beat qualities of colored Glass at mucn lower pric<>* than tliey have been sold to this day. Church Windows cau be had re idy mounted, with any pattern of Mosaic made according to models, or copiect on the finest Gothic Monuments in Europe, lie will contract for the complete Glass Furniture of any ( liurcli. Ap ply to C. CAVORET, jul6 lmeod*rh No. 8South William street. NOTICE TO BANKS WILSON k BHOWN having lost their Bill Book by the recent fire, will thank all Bank* having their notes and acceptances, to send new notice* ol' the same to tli!-ir present office, No 79 West street, coruar of Carlisle. j 23 I weixlis'rC Iwoi STKiM-.R'ft SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbug* would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution can be forwarded by Harnden'a Express to any part of the world. One trial will prove the fact. SoN wholesale and retail and applied at No. S Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Record , New York, up stair*. ju4 7*(T capitalists. A RARE CHANCE ? To iuvrit a capital ofuhnntSlOOOO in a safe ana prftshle way, by erecting a building lor diviue worship for the Emanu-El Congregation of this city, and tup* Milling two lots, between Bowery and East River, and between Broome and Madisou streets, for that pur|Hi*e. For particulars enquire at Mr. J. Dittenhoefer, 23 Cedar at.; r at Vies* rs. Stettheimer It Brother*, fl Beaverstreet. Ja 10 Ini're GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN ~ CiALVANIZKD SI1EE1 IRON AND TIN a very su * t criorarticla, warranted not torust Abo, Tia Plate Shee Iron, Itnssia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zitc. Scotch ?ud Amet rican fig Iron, for sale bv i ASS Si WARD, ravlltmeee No. TI Broad street PORTER. ALE AND CIDER JOHNJ. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. J ANN STREET. ne*t door to the American Mnsenm, returns his sincere thanks to hi* frieudsand the public generally, for the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and ho|>e* by (trictattention to busines* to meritacon tinnauce. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter Newark Cider, , Croton Ale, London Brown Stout, and Scotch Ale. Order* for shippinr attended to with despatch. mhll_ee GENTLEMENS' LEFT OFF WARDROBE IV A N T K J) CI ENTl (".MEN and Fimiliescan obtain the full valne for all * snperrkosw effects tl?*y wish to dispose of, (either GEN TLEMEN o? LADIES,) by ? t iling to. the subscriber, who does uot f reteud to give twenty per cent more than any other person, Km will give i fair price for all articles offered. Gen tlemen leaving th* city will liuil it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other j erson J. LEV ENSTVN, ?lliti Broadway, (upstairs.) N. B.? A line through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. jyl01in#rc EAGI.i; BATHS, MN Pearl Hired. BETWEEN Centre and Elm street*.? Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, equal to any in the city, 12 * a cents each. < ?ood clean single hi da, II, cents each. Meals I2X CU. eaeli. and lodging, >2.50 per week. NeWitmpi r* from London, Liverpool, Canada and all th* principal citiea in the Uaited Bute*, on file. jy? lra *re Terrible Klic? In Newport, 11. I., ami Ht i .John's, IV. ti._Tlie Utrmi Houie at \cwpiirt Ltd rut.? IjOnm of Lit m. [From the Tribune.} Newport, II. I., Sunday, 4 o'clock, P. M., August, 3, ? We arrived liere on tUo Massachusetts this morning at 4 o'clock, and were very greatly chagrir.ed to find the Ocean House full and overflowing with people? more than a hundred being turned away. We tried with simi lar bad luck the Atlantic and Bellevue House, and then spent four or five hours in trying to gain adiuii.iou to a private house. At length we were lodged in tolerable comfort at Townsend's Hotel. Probably no watering place in the Union was ever so crowded as Newjiort is the present season. There were over threo hundred and fifty stranger*; in the Ocean House alone, and every place in the city full. Hut it turned out (hat our regiet at being excluded from the Ocean House was foolish and wicked. At about I o'clock to-day, while the fashionable throng | were dressing for dinner, the cook-house, a small build- j ing adjoining the eastern wing of the hotel, caught in tho ceiling from u dish of lard wnich took fire and blazed from the floor where it fell, to the roof. In nn instant the cry of firo was given, and such a scene of confusion and distress ensued a* no man could wish to see twice. The boarders were running from room to room screaming for their friei ds, brothers, hus bands, wives and children, and all inquiring with white lips the causo of the alarm. There was almost pitiless lack of water, and the tUinos seized with fury upon the extremely dry and combustible material of which the r ookhouso as well us the whole building was composed. The bells rang the alarm- the whole city hurried to the ?not, and the opinion alroady became general that not a timber ol the whole >( this graceful and airy but light and insubstantial edifice coulcrbo .saved. The work of carrying out baggage now begun in great earnest ; and fair aristocratic hands, albeit unused to tho working rnood, performed incredible tasks of portenge. The large and magnificent parlor of the hotel, occupying the whole of the north end, was now stiipped of its cost ly furniture , and tho field directly opposite and to the noithwnid of the hotel became speedily tilled with trunks, boxes, furniture, &.C., whilo the sticet was lined i with elegantly attired Indies lamenting the loss of their dinners or their dresses. ' Water! water! water!' was the unanswered cry of the Fireman and the citizcns who had rushed to tho spot to render their assistance; but none could be procured. The Kiie Department appeared to he elticient and well organized? ambitious and dating ? but what good were their half-dozen ft're engines without water ? It was now clearly seen that the building could not be saved, and in two hour* the whole pile was a smoking ruin. The Ocean House was built by the " Ocean House Comnany" winter before last, and finished last winter. It wus valued at fcUti 0U0 and insured in Providence and Boston for ?1H,000. It was rented by John G. Weaver of Newpoit, who paid s percent on the value. The build ing Mas in tho form of an L, running North and Kant ? the Northern wing being 228 feet long, and the Kastern wing 12A by So? four stories high. It contained 'JOR rooms. Its situation was beautiful and commanding, and iU loss is a heavy blow to Newport, as well as an inde scribable inconvenience to the boarders, a great many o( whom were from New York. But the saddest portion of this calamity, is the death of Sasiiki. Kumlku (J.uumnkii, Esq. one of the oldest, wealthiest, and most estimable citizens of Newport, lie owned a largo amount of property hore.and was the agent and part proprietor of the exteiisivo Newport < 'ot 'in Mills, tho t'oddington, Perry and Newport Steam Mills, and another of which ho was exclusive owner. He loaves a wife and ten children. The body of Mr. Gardiner was found in the ruins, more than half consumed? a key and poncil lying on his chest. I also fearShat Thomas H. Hazzark, Ksq. residing in the beautiful country seat ot Varcleuse, has perished. You will remember him as tho author of some puliticul tracts, published in ltf44. P. S. ? It is certain, 1 am told, that he is dead. George Burrows and ltobcrt I'oxall were on the lad der with Mr. Gardiner, when the eastorn wing came down, and tliey fell outward, while lie fel] inside the burning walls. * The two former were seriously injured, and it is doubtful whether Mr. Coxall will survive." Tho furniture of the house was worth $25, 000? two thirds saved; fiWOO insured. Mr. Weaver, the lessee of the Ocean House, has alreadv taken a house which will accommodute fifty, and which he will open to-morrow.? There's enterprise for you. It is said that there was a gentleman in the second sto ry of the east wing, who was lost? but of this nothing is certainly known. Rumor also gives three or four other victims to tho flames. An express was sent to Providence, for the Massachu setts to coine here and take off the passengers to-night We aro now waiting for her. Meantime, 1 despatch an express to you, who will come through if he is ulive P. 8.? 9 o'clock. ? The steamer Massachusetts has just arrived at the pier, and will furnish about 600 houseless sutl'ciem with lodging for the night, and nlso food. O. G. F. [From Boston Advertiser, Aug. 4 ] A great (ire took placo nt St. John (N. II.) on the eve ning of the 'iiJth'nIt., which destroyed [about forty-five buildings, mostly wooden, and property estimated at about jL" SO ,000. it broke out between the blacksmith's shop of a Mr. Nesbit, and chandlery of Mr. John Walk er, at the corner of Ward street and Peter's wharf. The fire was confined to this street and wharf. Water street and Prince William street, and Johnston's wharf. Our correspondent informs us that all the printing offices in town were thrown into confusion by this fire, being either burnt out or removed. It is supposed that there was insurance on much of the property destroyed, but no accurate estimate had been made. There is no insu ranee company at St. John, so this part of the loss will fall upon other communities. Battle Royal ln Rapides, La. ? The last IVei ttm ZJemorro/, published at Alexandria in this Stat**, jyives lengthy paiticnlnrs or a regular battle rocpntly lought in ttio parish of Uapidcs, in which several persons were killed. To make a long atory short, it seems that some time in November last a man named Janes Spur lock, together with William Norton, hit overseer, suc ceeded in running oil' to Texas about seventy negroes, property on whicn the bunk* of this city and private in dividuals had mortgnge* to a con'idorablo amount. Tempting rewards we're offered for the-recovery of the slaves, and n daring young man went on to Texas and succeeded in starting track with live of them, tie reached some point on this side the Sabine, but was overtaken and obliged to give up the (laves. This was the first attempt. Not daunted by this reverse, the young man is said to have gathered about fifteen armed men, and by circui tous routes again reached tho neighborhood of the run aways in Texas unsuspected. We now quot# from the Democrat : ? " About daylight on the morning of tho 16th, the party entered the premises, secured A6 negroes, a number of horses, mules, Stc., and marched directly lor the Sabine. Norton nnd Kirklaud, overseers, were, we are informed, taken prisoners. The cavalcade moved on slowly, and on Friday night last, reached Mr. Wler's, on 'Ten Mile Creek,' distant from this place about 4S miles. Severely fatigued hy travelling about 100 miles, the party sunk on the ground and fell into a profound slumner, which w:>s disturbed at daybreak by tho whistling of bullets through the tents. The leader was on guard at the time, ami immediately awoke his men, (wo me his own words) all of whom, with the excoption of two. immediately lied. The assailants, ho says, numbered about forty. The two that stood by him, named McDaniel and W'ilsoii, were shot dead. Our hero and a young man named Mc (ihee, who came up afterwards, succeeded in killing two of their opponents and wounding another, nnd then made good thoir retreat. Tho slaves were retakeii, and the victors started lor home." The Kditorof the Democrat does not justify these high handed proceedings at *11, and says that no citi/.en of Itapides was in any way connected with the disgraceful affair. Tho scheme, he'says, was concocted in this city, and the person selected to make the desperate effort to bring the property within the jurisdiction of the courts in Hapides. is a stranger to that community. The Demo crat thus close* its strange account : " The party that leized, and the party that followed and captured the slaves, were Texan*. We wash our hands of the whole business, but must insist that the laws of our State be rigidly enforced against those out casts who make our soil the theatre of their bloody deeds.'' Disti kiiamcki in Lincoln County, Mo.? A gen tleman from Lincoln county informs us that Mr. James Shelton, who was shot "a few days ago, is likely to recovcr, though it is probable that his arm will hav'a to be amputated. We lcaui from this source, that there is no evidence to identify the " regulators" with thi? act It is probable that the occurrence grow out of per sonal difficulties in which Mr. Shelton had been engag od. Considerable difficulty continues to exist between the regulators and the persons whom they have ordered oil* or attempted to drivo from the county. On Saturday list, as two young men were entering the yard of Mr. Ilailey, they were flred upon from a field of corn, their horses wonndeu, and one of the men received several buck shot in hit> clothes, hut both escaped without any serious injury. The public, we believe, do not under stand the real state of this difficulty, or the chaiacter of the persons com-eruc I in it. Tho regulators, or at least so many of them as we kn w, (and we have heard the names of a number ) embrace a majority of the most re spectablo class of the community ; they havo banded to gether to drive oft' a set of men who are charged, or sns- I jiected, of being engaged in liassing counterfeit money. I stealing, Sic., but who, it iR alleged, cannot be convicted or punished, because they can always swear each other off. The scene of the disturbances extends to settlements in the lower part of Pike, In Lincoln, and the upper end of St. Charles, nor are they yet suttled. The parlies aro deeply exasperated against each other, and it I) not like |\ that the difficulty will terminate without more blood shed. ? .Sr. Lout's July '}!>. Accwknts ? Loss of Lifk. ? Th<* Rev dun t Fret - man contains the reports of Coroner Suydam on the persons found drowned at that and adjoining places Put lick Waters, fell from the canal boat f.ackawana, at Kddy ville, and was drowned, lie was 30 years ot age, . and leaves a wife and child. A stranger, whoso body was found in the Hudson, at | K.lmer's wharf, Romloiit, on the 10th ti It. , appeared te bo i from -J- 1 to 30 years of age -had on dark woolen clc thing, l black figured vest? had a passage ticket on hoard the I People's Line to Albany, nnd a small memorandum, 'id j Wall stieet, "I want 50 fianc pieces." Supposedto have been drowned two months, John Bingham, aged II years, of Sullivan county, found floating in the lloudout creek on the 20th ult. PnorJiECViNCj.? It is rumored, says the tVarmw Signal, that Bill Smith prophecied that Irvine Dodges would not live another day, on the night before he was murdered In consequence ef this, it is said, that a writ has been threatened to take the Mormon Patriarch. Native Account of the Kreali Troubles In PhllnricJpliln. [From Philadelphia Sun, Aug. 4 ] For the last few days the District ol Southwark has been in a male of much excitement. It will he remem bered by our readers, that on Thursday eveningthat the Board oi ' ommWsioners of the District, at a Hated meet ing, cut olt the annual appropriation from the Weccacoe Ilose and t lauklin Kngiue Companies, and tliought it ex pedient to grant two Hundred dollars per annum to all the rest of the companies in the District provided they acceded to the"* Ordinance relating to the Fire Compa nies passed sometime ago at a meeting of the Board. The usual appropriation was three hundred dollars, and in consequence of th-* one hundred being deducted. loud threats were made and prevailed throughout the District, that in casa a fiie should break out, it might hum, and the Commissioner's might put it out if the could. Angry <!iscussions prevailed among many, and at the close of Friday, the alarm and excitement seemed to increase. " Look out for a lire to-night," was one of the rumors which prevailed, and under the alarm ing and threitening circumstances, it was deem ed expedient to call out the police force On Friday night there was a great deal of confusion among laige numbers of boys and a few men, who ran with several fire companies 'apparatus through the streets, shouting out, " threo hundred dollars or nothing." There was no fighting in the evening, for it really appeared as if rival companies? thota who had held the most bitter and malignant feelings towards each other? had made (to use a current expression) a com mon cause of it. and conjointly exhibited the evil feeling which they held towards the authorities of the District. The resilience of Mr. Grover, in Federal street, was groaned? and whilst sundryboys were running with the empty ho?e carriage, belonging to the hianklin Kngine Company? strange ami rough looking men were on the side-walks exclaiming, "goon boys, we'll help you !" Whilst all this was going on, the police force wcie con gregating and getting ready for prompt action, and by the time thev had becomo organized, everything became met. The Weccacoe Hose hell, which had been rung uring all day on Friday, and in the evening, ceased for a while ? when at last it commenced striking out afresh, whereupon the police proceeded to the house, and when near the comer of Front and Catharine streets, they re ceived a shower of brick bats and other missiles, one of which struck watchman McAllister on the leg, and in flicted a serious wound? haviug severed a large vein. The blood streamed from the wound in great profusion, and lie was carried or led from the ground, to a neigh boring house, where his wound was properly attended to. The police were stationed around the neighborhood, the bell ceased tolling, and those in the house, if any were in it, effected their e*ca|>e. At about two o'clock in the morning, a man named Thomas Byrnes, late Constable of First ward, made hi* appearance near Front and Catharine streets, exclaiming* , " he was a Democrat, and would'nt allow any of the Na tive police to take him." He defied " the powers of tlie District to infringe upon his rights as a Democrat and a citizen, and would walk just wherever he pleased." He was told to be quiet? to go home, but he still per sisted in his career as a genuine democrat,? when he was arrested and placed iy the watch house. In the morning he was taken before Alderman Donaldson, and after a hearing was held to fc'iOOO bail to answer at tho Quaitor Sessions. Robert Nolts, a distiller, at the corner of Se cond and t'rimo streets, very readily enterod hail for him in the required sum. Francis Hampton ~.vns also taken before the Alderman on the same morning (that is Saturday) on the charge of behaving disorderly in the streets, aud the bail asked for his appearance was $1000, which was immediately enter cd by the aforesaid Solts. David Chambers, n young man, was arrested during Friday night, and bail was asked for his appearance at Court in the sum of $2000. James Hall, the proprietor of a tavern in Water street, near Mead Alley, having sworn that ho was worth the amount asked, after all his debts and obligations were paid, was roceived by the Alderman is security. George < rooks, a young man, was charged with hav ing rung the bell of the Weccacoe Ilo?e, and after the hearing, was committed in default of $-2000 bail to uu swer at Court. John Cook was found asleep in the Franklin Engine House, and there being no serious charge against him, the Alderman reauired $>.'>00 bail, which was given by i I'eter Lyons, residing at tho north west corner of Third and German streets These were all the arrests during Friday night? from \i o'clock till a o'clock Suturda) I momiiur. On Saturday morning the Commissioner finding that the elements of a riot were at work, thought proper, a1 the hour of reven, to call a meeting, to advise togethei (in to the best method of procedure. After some little and necessary discusssion, a committee was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Taylor, I'aynter und Johnson, to wait upon the Sheriff and invoke his aid. The Board then adjourned, to meet again at half, past 4 o'clock in the afternoon, to roceivc the reuoit of the committee. At that hour the members of the Board rc-assombled, and Mr. Grover having taken the chair, called the body to nrdar, when the committee made the following re i.ort : ' That they proceeded to the Sheriff's Office, and ufler waiting a long time, were informed by tho Deputy that the Sheriff whs out of town, but that, "he, the Depu ty, would notify the Superintendents of the Police of the different Districts, to hold themselves in readiness incase of an outbreak." The report was accepted, and it was ordered thnt the committee be continued to provide refreshments for the police, for Saturday evening, and that the police of the district should be paid for the extra services. Mr. Grovor said that the Sheriff had arrived in town aftor the committee had made up their report, and be (the Sheriff) had told Mr. O., that ho would do every thing in his power to preserve the peace of the district. The Sheriff was very active in his movements, and in a short time, having made all necessary arrangements, arrived at the Southwark Hall at about G o'clock, where he wus receivod with that courtesy and rcspect due to one holding so high a station. He took a seat near the front door of the hall, and had been there but a few moments, when a young man named Ea ton Harwood, came up in front of the hall, and leaning against a lamp-post, beckoned to one of the po lice to come to him. This the latter did, when Harwood asked him if the police would be out during the night and receiving an affirmative answer, he said "well then, look out, for we shall botincc on you." The police re monstrated with him, and Harwood left. Shortly af, ter he ww arrested by police officer Scott, on tho com plaint of the Sheriff, and taken immediately before Al derman Hort/.. Alter a hearing, he was committed in de fault of bail to answer. This arrest was made at about sunset on Saturday. The district during the eve ning was quiet, comparatively speaking. The Wecca coo Hose bell was not rung. This company called a meeting tor Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, but we are informed by several members of said company, that the meeting was not held. The house, however, "was illumi nated, und the figures $300 painted upon a piece of mus lin, suck upon the front ofthe house Wo might state in this pliice, that many rumors have been circulated among persons not firemen, and opposed to the authorities of the district, politically speaking, who say the firemen are treoted shamefully. We are glad, however, to know the fact, that many of the active ircmon in the district, are every way disposed to do the thing that is right, and are opposed to entering rashly in a crusade against the authorities. Sundav Monifiiu. ? About half past coven o'clock this morning, smoke was seen issuing from the windows of tho Hay Press of Messrs. Clement and William Hughes, located on the north side of Christian street wharf, on the Delaware. The building was very old? large, and pretty well filled with hay. Tho alarm soon spread over the district, but the companies in that section seemed unwilling to repair to tho scene of conflagration. The Weccacoe Hose bell sounded the alarm, but the fire companies did not tako it to bo an alarm for a lire ? but in a few minutes tho Hall bell rung? then several other bells ? when the Southwark Hose and Hope Hose ar rived upon the spot, and passed the water upon the fire. Mr. Hughec, who is a member of the Southwark Engine Company, with a Mr. Kelley and several other members, took a plug with the hose from the tender of the said company, and had took a plug, and wlion about to pass tho water on the fire, other members arrived and de tached the hose from the plug, wound it on the tender, and then with the engine returned to their location at the Wharton Maiket. At the same time, the other com panies of tho district, excepting the Weccacoe Engine, arrived on the ground, and then returned. Notwithstanding all the niaicoworthy effort* of the members of the Southwark Hose and Hope Hose compa nies, yet the smoke coutinued to increase and roll la/.ily from the windows. In a few minutes a red flaine burst through the roof and the fire then increased rapidly. The citizens now became much alarmed for the safety of the suirour.ding property, nnd a number of them hast- | ened to the Navy l ard and asked for the hose belonging ) to the United States. The officer ef the yard, having received the name of a citizen, cheerfully and very promptly lent two cylinders, and it was soon brought into service at the scene of conflagration By this time, tho Northern Liberty Engine, Vigilant Engine, and Western Hose, got into active service. Most of the surrounding property was insured by the fire association, and most of it being in great danger from the flames of the hny press, the two engines played upon it, and having drenched it with wafer, turned their attention to the burning building, and played upon it. The fire was soou got under, so much that no danger could be apprehended from it. when all the rest of tho active companies, aftorbeing in setvice ? eveinl hours, tetuined to their locations. The South waik Hose Company left a few sections of hose behind, through which a continual stream of water was played on the fire during tho day. Wo learn that when the flames burst forth from the roof, a number of members ofthe Weccacoe Engine Com pany determined that the Engine should be brought into service. Mr. William Gibson, one ?f the Trustees of said company, with several other members, determined to take her out, and hastened to the house for that pur pose. Ho was opposed by other members, bat at last he got into the house and found several persons thore who wero not members. One of them g?vo him some im pudence, when he (Gibson) pushed him into the street. ; l pon inspecting tho engine it was found thnt some one. not known, hail some time during the night taken tho lover pins from it, and thwpins from tho plungers. They could be found no where, and ol course the engine was not fit for service. The authorities of the District of Southwark having communicate :! the state of affairs to the Mayor of the crty proper, he had u number of the citv companies sent down Some of them were met by hull grown rowdies, who caught hold of the head of their ropes and endeavored to lead the companies in a different direction from the fire. A number ol citizen* happened to discover this fact nnd forthwith communi cated it to tho Police officor. This gentleman stationed himself in a convenient place near Second and Khippen streets, ami ho snw quite a number of the rowdies tako hold ofthe head of the rope of tho Delaware Engine as she passed South street. This apparatus proceeded dowu Second street, and when it arrived at I'lumb, the one who had the head of the rope turned up Plumb street, when the police officer ran up and arrested the fallow, who had the head of the rope, atul forthwith took him to the Hall, and locked hiin up. Vnien the officer arrested him, the remainder of the rowdies let go of the rope and tied in all directions and escaped. Sr.iusv Aftkr*oo<i.? The Police are on duty, and there teem* to be but little excitement. They have beeu well tried and found faithful, though much fagged out in appeuranoc ? having now been on duty far nearly ninety six hours. The commissioners of the district, excepting the old party members, have been on dnty the greater part of the same time. We have just learned from several gentlemen that small boats containing a number of men nnd boys, were scon plying up and down the Delaware in front of the district, during last night. Upon several alarms, thi po lice and rolunteer citizens endeavored to arrest them, but all run? jumped in their boats and put oft', and thus effected their escape. There is but little doubt that the persons in tho boats wero selecting places for the pur poses of firing thorn. The shop of Mr. IIUl was set on lire, but it was soon put out. The oil ahed, near the Na vy Yard, was also set on lire in two different places, but the combustibles burnt out before the building caught. . This, indeed, was lucky? because the wind at the time was blowing from a southerly direction, and several ves sels on the stocks, extensive saw mill and pile* of lum ber to the northward of the shed, doubtless would have ; fallen a prey to the (lames. We understand that the j Hope's hose was cut in several places whilst in service at the fire. The members assure us that they intend run ning to all fires, and do their share in extinguishing them. Tin: Vfov awkmi *<i Korvi<;s Polics Posse. ? A posse for the protection of Moyamensiug, was organized at the Hall on Saturday nifjUt. Thirty persons were chosen tor the purpose, and in selecting tliem, a person remark ed, (pointing to a group of Americans who were con versing) " there are some !o take at that moment, a well known character, belonging to the Board of Com missioners, and who goes by the name of the "Judge's Index," cxclaimed, "they are not the right sort." The remainder of the list was then immdiately filled up with Irishmen. 1 From Sotth America. ? We have seen a letter j front Mr. Albert G. Jewett, Charge of the United States, dated at Panama, June Oth. He left Norfolk on i the Hth day of .May, with his family, in the On-ka-hy-e. under the command of l.ieutenant Sinclair, and arrived, in Chagres on the 1st of Juue, having had a passage of twenty-tive days. The evening of the same day, he took a boat for Cruses, a village at the head of boat na vigation on that river, expecting to take a passage from Cruses to Panama. Hut, on his way, he ascertained that ; it would be better t - stop at Oorgona, a small village about five miles below Cruses, and take passage from that place to Panama. The river was very high, and the i current strong. The largost boats only could be used. He employed one to carry his family, and one for his I baggage ; and they were lorty -eight houra on the river front Chagres to Uergona. It would have required one i more day to reach ( ruses, as that part of the river 1s f much the most rapid in the present state of the water. It was impossible lor him to ascertain precisely what the distance is from Chagres to < rorgona, nut he thinks it is about forty miles, aud about twenty-five miles from the ; latter place to Panama? making the whole distance by j water and land, as now-travilled across the isthmus, sixty-live miles. On a direct line, it is little more than forty-five, as appeals by the English chaits of the coast surveys. The next morning after his arrival at Oorgo na, he left at about eight o'clock, A. M., on the backs of small horses, about the size of jacks, and arrived in Pa nama about six o'clock on the eveuing of the came day. It required twelve hones to transport his family and trunks. Tne road is a mere track for a horse through the forest. A guide is lurnished for passengers, and a man to drive each package horse. Mr. Jewett describes tho fcrest as oue continued and most magnificent green-house -more beautiful than any he had ever seen cultivated by the hand of man in the United States. He 'regrets that he could not have been a ? eek, .instead of a day, in ma king the passage. Many of the' trees were bearing fruit, growing in the most luxuriant manner. The forest bor dering on Chagres river is very beautiful. He never had travelled a distance of sixty-five miles which afforded so much to interest aud excite a stranger as the route from CliagrQs to Panama. At Chagres it is very unhealthy, and no person should attempt to remain there, even for one nieht. although many do stop there for days. But at Gorgona it is high and healthy, and persons can remain therewith entire safety. Their accommodations will not equal those at the Tremont House. Boston, to be sure ; but persons, by taking mattresses with them, to use in the boats, and at ?topping places, and by exercising proper care, can eras'* the isthmus in three days, with perfect security to their persons and properity, and without endangering their health, or meeting with any very extraordinary fatigue or inconvenience, and may thereby save a sea voyage of at least eight thousand miles. At I'anania there is a very good public house, kept by Mr. Jobnson. Mr. Jewett bays il is very important that vessels should be in regular communication between the United States and the i'aciflc by this route, and that the vessels sent by the government to Chagres should com municate with Panama beiore leaving that place. There i? no obstaclo to prevent a vessel waiting at Chagres.? The anchorage is good, and there is very little danger of any ships dragging their anchors. The officers aad men arc not exposed to any danger from disease, unless they unnecessarily remain on shore. The On-ka-hy-e only remained about three hours. When Hr. J. arrived at Panama, he found Colonel Pickett, late charge to Peru, and three or four other officers and gentlemen, waiting there the arrival of the On-ka-hy-e, or some other American vessel, to take them to the United States, having despatches, he., for the government at Washington. These gentlemen must now wait till the JOth instant, certainly, and then proba bly take passage in an Knglish packet, via Carthagena and Santa Martha, to Jamaica, and from thence obtain a passage as they can. A messenger can go from Chagres to Panuuia and return in four days ; but a vessel should remain six days at Chagres, to give passengers on the Pacific fair notice and time to arrive thereaiter at Cha gres. .Mr. Jewett thinks It important for the government to a sist in establishing a line of communication between the Pacific and the United States, which may be availa ble, and answer the purposes intended.? Washington Union, t/lug. 2. Highway Robbery in West Roxbury. ? On Fri day evening, as Mr. George W. Hatch, connected with the Brook Farm Association, in West Koxbury, was proceoding homeward in a single wagon, a man sitting by the side of the road called upon him, saying, he was sick and wished to ride, Mr. Hatch assented, and as he proceeded, the man began to cough very badly, which raised Mr. H.'s suspicions, and he put his hand in his pocket, opened his knife, and prepared himself to resist, if attacked. Arriving at apiece of wood about half a mile from brook Farm, two other men appeared, and called on Mr. Hatch to give up his money. He replied, if they took his money they must take him with it. I leaching forward to seize a club he had in the wagon, the man he had taken in with him pushed him ont head foremost into the road. Still retaining his club, Mr. H. struck the fore most of the robbers, who exclaimed that his arm was broken. Another robber seized Mr. H. around the body and arms, but not so as to prevent his stab bing one of the robbers in the side with hia knife. The robbers procured a strap from the wagon, and plncing it around Mr. H.'s neck, choked him till he waa insensible, and inflicted several severe bruises upon his head, and another in his side. They then took trom his pocket book $>160 in money, but a purse in his pocket he threw into the bushes, which has since been found. They then threw him back into the wagon, together with his pocket-book and papers, minus the money. Partially reviving, as the robbers left, Mr. H. heard one of them say he was bleeding internally, and another said he must not consult a physician, if he died. Mr. H. be came insensible. The horse proceeded home, where Mr. H. was discovered about half-past 11, and his body taken out of the wagon and rubbed and bathed until he revived. He is very badly, but It is hoped not danger ously hurt. The Bodies in the Whirlpool.? The Whirl pool, neur Niagara Falls, has of late become a re ceptacle of dead bodies. In addition to the two human I bodies noticed on tho -J!Hh ult., (which still remain in tho grasp of its "agitated waters1') are added the bo i dies of two horses au<l a hog. These may be seen from I tho bank above, passing around a "funeral circuit" of a I mile o~more in circumference? each succeeding circuit. I drawing them nearer the vortex of the Whirlpool, untii ! each in their turn, become submerged beneath the boil ing element? again thrown with violence from its angry embrace, to repeat its former evolutions. The sight of human bodies in the Whirlpool is solemn and terrific? the blue waters seem to hold their prey, iu defiance of human effort to dispossess them? until satisfied in revel ling with the dead, it emits them through its narrow out let into the rapids below, to be entombed in Lake Ontario. Sentence of Flowery. ? The anniversary of LihitncipuUon in the West indies was celebrated in the United States Circuit Court on Saturday, sav? the Hoiton Courier, by pronouncing sentence on Peter Flow ery .heretofore convicted ot fitting out the schooner Spit fire, with intent to engage in the slavo trade The ex ceptions taken by his counsel having been argued at a former day, wore now overruled, and he was ordered to pay a fine of JU000, and to suffer imprisonment in the common jail five years The sentence was pronounced by Judge Spr ague. Col. Rogers suggested, that on ac count of the unhealthy nature ef Boston jail, the sen tence might be executed In some other jail, and he named the one at Salem. The district attorney acceded to the suggestion, and tho prisoner was accordingly ordered to lie committed to the Salem jail, and he was declared to be in the custody of tho United States Marshal. Operation ok the Nkw Post Office Law.? Up on application at the Post Office Department, we learn the impossibility of acquiring correct information, nt this time, concerning the general operation of the new postage law. Nor shall we be able to lay before our readers any general exposition of its effect, until af ter the end of the current quarter, which expires on the last day of the next month. From the city post office j wo learn that the number of letters, papers, and park i "lacs passing through their hands, unconnected with the business of the government, has increased 33 per cent, whon compared with the business of the month of June. The gross amount of proceeds from postage on these has f-Uloii off nearly 8? porcent, while the postage charged to the government for its letters, fee. receivod and sent, is enormous For the Post Office Department alone, it is said to ie?ch near >46,000 for the month just past.? iy a thing/on Union, Jing. H.

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