Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 8, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 8, 1845 Page 1
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Willi ?mum I Ml ,| IBIHI1I I 1 1 II ?? I M IIIBI1 I I I llll ?? II 1 II ? I Willi II THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., no. Km-WhoU No. 407* NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 8, 1845. FrlM Two THE NEWYORKHERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand DAILY HERALD ? Every Jay. Price 3 cent* per C0py-$7 35 per annum ? payable in advance. WEEKLY HKRALD ? Every Saturday ? Prica ti> cenU per copy? >3 12} cents per annum ? payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiual prices ? alws.y cash in udvance. PRINTING of all kinda executed with beauty ?n< despatch. (if- All letter* oi communications, by mail, addressee to tho establishment, must be post paid, or the postagt will be deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PlflPBIKTOR OF THJt Nkw YoKE HK14L.D EcTAKLIIHMKA *Jorthwo*t c.omnr nf C'lltnn And Vsknaii llOCK A llr A Y STAGES, ON and after AuL'U?t 1st. 1815. will Ifive tliM I ity II tfl, at 3(? o'clock P.M. daily, Sunday s excepted, for Kur Roekaway. Re i o , '>'1V'''0U "t A. M., for New Vork, cross inn at the South Ferry. All ordeis to be left at 3f0 Pearl street. H CONKUV MAIL. LINE Fl )K foUS'l'U.V ~ DAII.Y UVKH THE'LoNC ISsLAAIJKAIL HOAL), VIA r.nxnnN, nokwicii 4- Worcester. At 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Kerry? Sundays excepted. Way I rues are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage fur Boston goes through under lock jnl6tfrc FOR VA. W PORT AND PROVI UENCE . FARK FIFTY CENT S FOR THE SEASON. Ou Mondays, Wedue*d,ys and Fridays, over the Long Island Rail ltoad to Greenport, thence to Newport and Provi dence in h splendid .mil commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, Sourl, Kerry. julfi tf re FA llli TO BALTlMi >RE ?S Through in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN KAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. "'The unrivalled Steiinhoat ROBERT MORRIS, Ca|>taiu J". M. Douglass. will, on <nd ifter Monday, June 16, leave Dock street wnarf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive ill Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only This Line is composed of the following splendid aud fast Steamboats:? Robert Morris, Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio Captain L. Davis. Constitution Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J. Trippe. This Line leaves Bowly's whart, Baltimore at J P. M.? Tickets for Wheeling auu Pittsburg c m be procured on board the boat. UNITED STATES vlAIL LINKS FOR BALTIMORE. Fire <3 ? Through in Six Hours. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elktoo, nrede Grace, he. On and after Wednesday next, June 25th, the fare bet wi... Philadelphia aud Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced to $3. The Trains will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, Depot II th and Market streets. I Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except Sunday, at 8 A.M. I Daily, exc, Sunday, at 9 A M And Daily, at 4 P. M. | And Daily , at 8 PM. Wheeling aud Pittsburgh? Tick ets through to Wheeling anil Pittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts. G. H. HUDDELL, Agent. For further information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, at the office of Adams Hi Co. 17 Wall street. June 24th, 1845. je!19ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. 1 REDUCED FARES. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and afte/ 14th Jiute, 1845. Prom Brooklyn Depot ? Boston Tnin?8X A M daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Faimiugdale and St. George's Vlauor. Accommodation Tram ? A. M md 5 P. M. fur Farming dale aud intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 P. M fur Greeuport, duly, Suudajs excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and iliuks vill , end all the stopping places between Hicksville and Greenport. Flint Greenport Depot ? Boston Train, daily, Sunday.! excepted, at 12J4 o'clock M., or on the arrival of thesteainers from Norwich. Accommodation Train ? At 5 A M., daily, Sundays excepuil, for Brooklyn and intermediate places From Farmintdale Depot ? Accommodation Train, A- M. and 2% P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, fur Brooklyn and intermediate places. From Jamaica Depot ? Extra Train, 1M r. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn and intermediate places. The Bostou Trains stop ouly at Farmingdale and St. George s Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following places on the road, going both ways to receive aud deliver p.isseu Sers, viz: edfortl 8 Deer Park... 69 East New York 1 2>? Thompson 88 Race Course I8J4 Suffolk Station 100 Trotting Course 18* Lake Road Station 1 18% , 1 18M Jamaica 25 Medford Statiou Brushville . 3 1 Milleville 1 50 Hyde Park, 17 miles 37 St. George's Manor. ... 1 62 Clowsville, (during ses- Riverheau 1 62 sion Court,) 37^ Jamesport 1623k Hempstead 37)4 Matt. Luck I 62>? Branch 37 Cutchogue I 6 2>t Carle Place 44 Sonthold ..I 62,'* W est bury 44 Greenport, Acc'n. train. I 75^> Hicksville 44 Boston Train 2 or Farmingdale ? . . 62\ Stages are iu readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts ? f the Island Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street 10 receive Baggage l^r the several Trains, 30 minutes he fore tin- hour of starting from thr Brooklyn side. Rockaway Baggage take : iu .eparate Crates jnlOrc To WESTERN TRAVELLERS iSPfe a3.H1 tfy*- lit* *-f~ K?I'I(K~ AN,. I'lONh.f.K PACKET LIN b. Kroin l'iiil;i<iel|>liia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania KhiI ronds .uitl < m il? through in 3!^t days. The above hue is uow iu lull ope rat 1011 and /?tfers great induce menu to persons who wiah a pleasant mode of travefl iiik to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the boats are lilted up ins >U|>erior manner, and every elforl i? made by the proprietor* to conduce to the Comfort awl convenience of travellers. Thv scenery on thin route i? unrivalled, aud tiie (treat chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wol thy of being seen. By this r?ute passengers aveid all the Intignes and dangers at tenuaut upon stage travelling, and at the tame time make an ex peditious trip. The cars leave every morning at .7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Olfice iu Philadel phia N. K coiner ol Chesuut and Kourth streets, and at No?. 13 and 14 s.,utl. Third sin CUMMING8, Agent. Philadelphn May II. ItSli Kor in the city of New York, apply to 6 H KNISELL. Agent lor l> l> M'H U CO. 's Line. 7 West ?t, N. K. myl7 6m*rrc _ PEOPLES' LIM ilh ?TKAMBOAT* FOB ALBANY, DAILY ?Sundays Excepted? Through Di Si- ? *L^i -< jf rec< r 7 o clock P. M., frsm the Pier between Ja? ,4 V Courtlu.dt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER Captain R. CJ. CrutU'ndeii. will leave on Monday Wi dueula) mid Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock. Hteainbimi SOUTH V nf.ltu A, t ai'tain \V. H. Truesdell, will leave iiu Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 7 o'clock. A' 5 o'clock P.M., landiug at intermediate places, frotn the foot of Barclay street ; ? Slmmboat NEW JERSEY, Capt. R. H Kurey, wijl laave on lion day. W.dnesdav, kriday and Sunday Alu moons, at 5 o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. W. Braiuard, w ill leave on Tuesday, Thursdjv and Saturday evenings, at io'clock. Passengers taking eiine ol tue nhov-* Lin. s will arrive in Alba ny hi amide nine for tile Morning T.aiu ol ' 'ars for the east or west ... Tin- lUauaieuew and substantial, are furniiihed with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed anil accommodations are un riv lied on the Hudson Knight taken at moderate rates. All person i re I'orlnd trusting any of the Boats of this Line, without a tvritter, ord-r Irom the Captains or Ag'-nts, Kor passage or Ireight. apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Bctimtz. at tlie office on ttie wharf iul rc MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK. m KOR ALBANY TROY and inter mediate .'WfT lamiitmft. from the fSteAtftboat i it* at tl?- HM.t 0 ?JEmmmQ?m2eL? Barclay street. LI i ".ih lam anil lJinner on boon! the boat. I .eaveti NYw Vork at 7 o'clock* A- JVI., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, and Troy* at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at" o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. low-pressura steamboat T1V0V , Cnpfnin A. Uorliam, on T tic adaya, Thwrsdai t and .H.uurd ty?, at 7 o'clock. Tin* steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Den; root, on Volt* day, Wednesday and Kriday, at 7 o'clock. Kor |ia?s*ge or freight, apply on board, or to K. B. Hall, '.t lb# office on i he wharf. Notice ? All goods, freight, ba^Rat?#, bank bills, specie, or ai.y other kind of property taken, shipped, or put on noard tms bor.t, must b?? at the riafc of the owners of such fiooUa, freight bug gage, Our je!8rc sta ten Island SBSfcst FERRY, F(H/1 <?K WHITEHALL STREET The Steamboats MY LI'H and iTATEN ISLANDER will leave New York every hour eicrpt '? P. M.. commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 I M Leave ->tai?ii Island every hour eioept 4 P. M., commencing at 3 A \1 until 7 P. M. N, 15.? On Sundays the Hunts will leave every hour from* A. M., until I p. M-, and from I I . M. nut il 7 P. M., every hall hour. J)l? ~ YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE am KOR ALBANY AN1) TROY DIRECT. . ? it 7 o'clock, P. M ? Th. steamboat KM riRE, (jaioaiii II U Macy, will leave the ? steamboat pier foot of Cnnrtlandt street, every Tuesday, Thursday and MtnrdfT afternoon, at 7 o'clock The steamboat (JOLLJMB I A, ? aptain Wm. H. Per k, trrrj Monday, Wednesday and Kridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. ? or PaHa??OTFreichtkPplroD board, or at th* office on the Wh*>l- J?tt OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE.-For Albany, 75 cents? Utica. S3 ? Syracuse , St,50? Rochester. $3 ? Buffalo, $:J,50 ? A Iso, through in the ful line, with board. $10,50? Also, Oswego, (3 ? Kingston, ( U C.,) S<? Toronto, Si? Cleveland, (O.) $6? De troit, $ti 50? Chic igo, ( III. ) $10,50 ? North to Troy aud White hall. 8)1,5(1 ? Montreal. $4.60. Office No. 101 Barclay st. y25 lm*rh M. L. KAY, Agent WILLI A MSB URGH AND PECK SLIP FERRY. fiOk The Trustees of this Ferry, believing that there are many of the citizen* ,01 New York w fSw &fm hiiiI vicinity that are unacquainted with the facilities thu Ferry affords as a pleasant communication with Williamsburi! ?nd Louk Island, would state that there in two good Ferry Boats on this Kerry, which leave Peck Slil' every fifteen or twenty minute* through the day ii|i to 6 o'clock, P. M.. aud then up to So'clck, at each even hour aud half hour; after which a boat leave* at 9 o'clock aud 10 o'clock. Tin* last boat leaving Williamsburg at half-past 9 o clock, I'. M. P. 8 ?On the eveuiug of July 4th, the boat will continue to mn until II o'clock jyi ltn*rc DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ? Persons wish iug to remit mo ney to their friends iu au V part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, cau be supplied 'with drafts payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following p S^lmii-AitD ? The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned Si Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. J nines Bui t Si Hon. London, and branches throughout England and Wiles In Ikk land. ? The Natioual Bi.nli of Ireland, mid Provin cial Bank aud branches throughout Ireiai <1 In Scotland ? The Eastern Bunk >f Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greeuock Bmkini CoiB|>aiiv . and branches throughout Scotland. The steamship Great Western sails on ihr list July, by which all draft* can be forwarded free Apply to W. Si J T T VPSCOTT. jyl9 rc '6 South st cor. Maiden lane. FoITnTw OKI L..u.s,i.m 'liU New York Line- Positively first Itegular Packet, to sail Monday. Illli instant-? The elegant fast sailing packet ship YAZOO, Capt. Wibray, will positively sail is above, her regular day. For freight or paasagi having handsome furnished accom modation*, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. ,r to E K. COLLINS Si CO.. M South st Positively no good* received on board after Saturday evening, ?th instant. \getii in New Orleans Jaines E.Woodruff, who will prompt ly ?rd - !l uoodc to liis :iildcln*s* aG-c FOR LONDON? Packet of the 15th \ugu i ? .The splendid anil last sailing i acki t slop K ALA MA ,ZOO, Captain McCcrren, will positively sail ? s above liei legular day. This tir.e ship lias very superior accommodations f< r cabin, second cabin and steerage passengrrs. Persons about to em bark for <he old country, cannot select a liner ship aud th? price of pass Re is very lotv. To secure berths early application should be made on board, foot of Pine street, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, "fire 76 South street corner of Maiden Lane NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL, PACKETS ,only regular Packet of 21st of August.? The splendid ifdSt sailing favorite packet, ship LIVERPOOL, ?ipi John Ehlridge, ( 1200 tons) will sail punctually as above, her regular day. This elegaut packet ship lias accommodations for cabin se cond cabin and sieerage, unsurpassed by any ship nailing out of the port of New York. Those who siu proceeding to the old country shouln therefore make immediate application to secure berths, either on board foot of Burling Slip, or to W St J. T. TAPSCOTT, aniec 75 South street, comer of Maiden Lane. LONDON LINE O F PAC KETSTFacket of the .10th Auuust-The splendid and fast sailing Packet Ship jTORONTO, Captain Tucker, will positively sail as above, l er regu lar day She has excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin .111(1 Steerage passengers ; those wishing to secure berths, should mike early application to W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, aire 75 s?onfh slree'. comer of Maiden Lane. PACk'e S FOR HAVRE ? (Second Line.)? Tin- Packer -hip UTlCA. Captain Fred .rick Hcw iti, will sail On tlie 1st September. For fie mht or passage, apply to BOYD St HINCKF.II, Hi ec No. !1 To"tine Puildi g. cor Wall i ml Water sts. FOI< U VI' RI'OOl. New Line ? Regular I'ackci if llie Ktli \ u gust? The elegant fast te.ilii g Pack' I <hip SIDDONS, Capt. E. B Cobb, of 1100 tons will a* above, her regular day. For fivight or pejsaage having accommodations unequalled for splendor <ud comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ?>f Wall street, or to F. K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South street Price wf passage $10u. Packet Sliip Sh-ridan Capt Cornish, will succeed the Sid dons, and sail 2liih September, her regular day iv26 FOR N r',W CASTLE, ENGLAND.? The well ki,!iu n fast sailing coppered and cnpjvr-l stened ship RAMBLER, Baiter, Masier" uaviug all liei lie \ . Height engeged, will sail iu a few days. F'.r light freight, or pass.tge, having good accommodations. Apply to WOODHULL Si MINTCRN, j , 28 rrc 87 South str' et. W ANTED I M M ED LATELY? A ship to load fo ? southern port ? A->pl y to E. K. COLLINS U CO., 5H S''nth stret r I. HEIIUMAN'S OLD ESTABLISH ID EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, ?l SOUTH STREET. PASSAliE from Great Britain and Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest raw, ?!iid Drafts fn mi hid for any i,innuut, pay. .hie at all the ,irno', pal Banks in England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales, ! '>n application to J. HERDMAN, j6rr 61 Soulli street. ' AiSi" WANTED? A Ship to load for a Southern Tort I fdHKFV Apply to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. | AW tPw ee 56 South street : X*??- OLD ESTABLISHED EMIURANTPASSAGE i ,|\. OFFICE, fil Soutii st.? Passage from England, lre ^M^sUsbIoiiI. Scotl ind and Wales ? Those sending for their friends would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of ' inakuigtheir arrangements with the subscribers on very mode | rate terms, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Dr.ilts can as usual lie furnished for any amonnt, payaDle throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. The mail steamer Hibernia sails frnm Boston on the 16th lust, by w nich letters c*n be forwarded quickly. mv23 rh FOK SALE, FREIGHT OR ? y H A RT E R? The ?ery fast sailing N. York liuill packet ship YAZOO, 670 tons, live Oik and locust top, live oak transom, I a|>ro.i and forward and after cants, carries 2200 hales New Or leans cotton, aud has handsome furnished accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply on board at Jiones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO , jy20ec 56 South street, j, ew FOK LIVERPOOL ? The New Line? Regular trait Packet of 2 st Auuusit.? The superior fast sailing Jtfa^allfasi 'Cliet ship LIV ERPOOL, 1150 tons, Capt. John El ibrtdge.w II sail as above, her regular day. For freight "r passax' . Inving elegant and superior accom modations, apply on board, w esl side Bur'iiik slip, or to WOODHL'LL si MIN 1 1 IRNS, 87 S.?nth st. The p icket ship Queen if the West, 1250 tons, Capt. Thos. Woodhome, will sucee d the Liverpool, and sail on tier regu lar day, tin Septemhei jy22 wj/. KOK SAI-h FREIGHT OH CHaRTKH? -The Ky? jJV very Imt sailing barque HOME, Captain Watts, built MMpBfc'P Baltimore one year liiet of the best materials, c;:rrie* about 4,000 b trrels, and li:ia handsome accommodations lor twenty passengers. Apply to Captain \V;itts, on board, at fine street wharf; or to E. K. COLLINS ii CO. in re "16 South itreet. TO LET ? Offices and Lofts in the new lire-proof Store coruer of Pine and South ?t?, Ai pi. to , jyao JOSEPH McMTJURAY. FOR SALIi. THE Three Story Brick House, 413 Houston street built iu the best manner; waim in winter ami cool ii iiummer; replete with every convenience Hall the puuli^e money may remain on bond and mortgage at 6 |>er cent For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS Si CO., j'i 10 ec 56 South street. TO LET, until the first of May licit and immediate pos session given, of the 3 story how No. 104 First Avenue b* tween Cth and 7th streets, The premises have lately been pnt in compleatt order. And .'II has been painted inside anil out, last June, the Croton water introduced, inarbh mantle pieces, folding door*, and it is well adapted to accommodate one or more families; rent asked to one family for the residue of the year to ne?t May is $385. Inquire at the office of John H. Power, Esi|., No. 70 Nassau St. comer of John, up stalls from the hours ol 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Haml. R. B. Norton the owner, at the same office oil Tuesdays and Wtdncsdiy. I in jy 12*rh JjOOK AT" THIS ! ! _ JUST RKCE1VKD? Another lotof French Boots, ol Wtlie best kind, and will he sold at the old price, (5, and the j| best of French Call Boots made to order for $5: City made Call Boots, S3; and the greatest assortment of Gents Gait ers of all kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the linen Calf Shoes, $2 nid $2 J?i. A great variety of idl other kiuds. Ladies in tins Mm re will find a great assortment ol Gaiters, ttuiKins, Slips 1'ies. l'rum lls, SiiIiii, 8cc. >or an assortment of all other kinds M isses and Children's Boots and Shoes we cannot be beat in tliiscity. Do not mil lake the numoer,3til Broadway, coruer of Frank tin street. jai lni'rh M. CAHILL. KOULSTONE'S HIDING SCHOOL, i:i 1 anil 130 Mercer Street. ?n MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE has the honor to I? ill general, that his School for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open day and even my , .is follows .? Hours for Gentlemen lrom 6 to 8 A. M. " " Ladies " 9 A.M. to 3 I*. M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr Roulstone. k!r R liiisjtmt receivd from the coui try scver?l tine and s;yl nth Saddle Hone* which he is ?nrhon?ed to sell at a re< ?WW# trier mv7-, iSLUCK. Tl>~'vV A Kb MAN UJf AC'lUK V \ UENKP.AI ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and ?.r J "'imof.'i Iii w ,re. Cutlery Hard ind Hollow Wsis, \\ ii -ii W ire, Bushel t, Brushes, Maw, Shake r Skives and B'c"iii.?? I il ?rt, every variety ol honse-keepingarticlM. N " A complete asiurtinent of Toffee and Ten Urua, Table Dishes and < ov* i? 4<r., iic., for hotels and steamboats, on hand aud mnuul .cf.ired .it the shortest notice. JAM EH Y. WAT KINS i"f< "? Catharine strwr. New York. I'iSlK WOOD. CEVKN HUNDRED CORDS No. I, for sale low, in Gin ?J ffathit Inlet, Accomnc ( o., va., by JOHN SAVAGE, 8 8 DENNIS. H. T. RUSSELL. 8." id Inlet is navigable for vessels diawirii seven feet. )yti Im'rrc I-^TAI.LIMIKU 1*22 * PETER ROSE. CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OF SURQICJ1T, AND DENTAL INSTR VISF. NTT, No 4 It Uro.dwav, mm Camai-Stm-kt, Nkw Yo*k. Pit. w. ubl respectfully call the attention of Physicians, ? Surgeons, Dentists, mid I on til ry Merchants, lo his gene ral assortment of malm merits, and Cutlery of llie most approved pattern*. which he will warrant not to be surpassed in quality or workmanship by any man u far. lured iu tins country or im ported. P. II. trusts that is long *ml practical experience ill the busi ness (having beei iaged in it niivce I8JJ,) will be a sufficient guarantee to pare-i that all orders will lie fiithfnlly and l>r. .?n pt I y attend. iii Mnrgiral and Dental Instruments, lla r.ora. Shears, Scn.sors , Penknives, lie., K round, set, hii<1 repair ed with great care and ik-spatch. jul7 lm*rc WOOL.? 17,000 lbs. Blood Fleece, washed and unwashed just landing, and for fc CQ t4 tfi South ?uttt THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. ri^HIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY lias received tlie 1. universal approbation of the Medical Profession of Great Britain, and has been sufficiently long hefore the American pub lic to give * fa" ,r"?l "f iu power and efficacy. The Patknt Galvanic Rinos have been found to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary Galvanic Battery or Electric and Mag netic Machines are used, but are without any of ti e injurious stioc'Ks, which accompany the applications ' th .>e iustru meats, anil in many other res|>ects are more ?a k .-.i.d i kktai". in accomplishing the desired object. The Galvanic Rings have been used with perf Ttjsiicce3s iu all cases of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applying to the head, face or limbs; Gout; Tic Doloreaux ; Toothache, ; Bronchitis: Vertigo ; Nervous or Sick Headache; Indiges tion ; Paralysis ; Palsy ; Epilepsy ; Kits ; Cramp ; Palpitation of the Heart ; Apoiilexy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago; Neu ralgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; and all Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed Dysin-psia they : have heeu equally successful. Their extraordinary effects upon ' the system must lie witnessed to be believed ; and as a certain prkvkntivr for the above complaints they are equally to be rei ..Niniended. The Galvanic Rings are in every way iierfect ly harmless, and are sold at prices to he within the reach of all, Ciustik's Mai.nktii Kli iu is used iu connection with the Rings to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the Galvanic influence tothe particular portions which are affected. Kor numerous certificates of the lushest character regardinf the efficacy of the Galvanic Kings and Magnetic Kluid, refer ence is made to former advertisements, or they may be seen at the office. Only Agency in New York, 131 Kultoti street, (Sun Building. ) In Brooklyn, at the store of James W. Smith, j Druggist, corner Kulton and ('ranberry streets. jy28 lin*ec COLUMBIA HOUSEj Chestnut Street, between Oth and 7th iti'frU, PHILADELPHIA. THE HIJ BSC II I BKRS reipectlullv inform their friends and the travelling public, they have taken the above honse, (for merky known as the Marshall House, ) and have made extensive alterations and improvements iu its interior, haviug spared no expense to render it one of the most pleasant and fashionable houses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large and well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is iu the most central part ol'the city, near to all the places ol public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. The tables will he supplied with all the delicaciei of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by their personalattention a d experience in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with their taitron <ge. BAULKY, MACKENZIE & CO. James Bagley, (lateof Junes' Hotel.) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington Houie.) Peter L. Ferguson. July 1st, H4fi. jyl 3m*ec ISO IV LAWS HOTEL, At llarlem Klver. GEORGE NOW LAN respectfully returns his most sin cere thanks to his friends and the public for the liberal lupport which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of Pros|>ect Hall, and begs leave to inform them that he lias titled up the large establishment at the termination of the Railroad, <>n this Island, and on the Bank of the River, where he is prepared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Diuuers, Teas, Suppers, and other refreshments, at thesbortest ustice. Good ground, and every accommodation for Military Com pa ?lies. All the Railroad Cars land passengers in front of tiie Hotel for I2K cents, from the City Hall. N. B ? An ordiunryat half past 2 o'clock ou Sundays. je28 WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Gold street, near Mnlden Lane. COUNTRY MERCHANTS will find this a desirable Honse, being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is lilted up with entirely new furniture. Good and substantial dinner, cents, lodgings 2i cents. Kor con venience anil comfort this house is equal to any hotel iu the city, and at half the price. Permanent, boarderi can be accommodated ou very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soou as they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant private p triors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup per parties. Trie very best of liquors. jui 3tn*rc RATS. "MICE, COCKROACHES. KLlES, BED BUGS, A'C. 'f* HE following certificates, out of thousand*, may give the I publican Men. of the usefulness of the various prepa a t i ? i , ? ? , v i */. ; ? The room in the bui'ditig'O Wall street, was badly infested with Cockroti lies, ? nd one application, four weeks ago, has en tirely dispersed them. (Siguud) CHS. 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The present is a time of comparatively political calm, however, and an appropriate period for bur nishing our armor for the future conflicts with loco focoism ; and hence it is that we have deemed it our duty to expose the errors and follies of the Tribune ? to show its aim, and locofoco tendencies, so that that paper may be prepared to do battle on whig ground, with whig weapons, in the whig ranks, instead of merely holding out the whig banner, while all its weapons, with one exception, are tempered with the spirit of locofocoism. The charges which we bring ugaiiist the Tribune are, that it attempts incessantly, in the language and spirit of locofocoism, to excite the prejudice of the poor against the rich, and in the general, to ar ray one class of society against the other. We charge the Tribune, in imitation of the l-'unny Wright parly of this city and of the country, with representing constantly, that there is a large amount of suflering arising from want of employment, and that this employment the rich might give. We charge the Tribune with over-rating entirely the suf fering of the poor, and, in shaking of them, with publicly using the slang of locofocoism, by calling the poor "the unpaid million"? "God's poor" ? and "trodden down humanity" ? all of which tallies with, and is a portion of the very material which our opponents use to prejudice the poor against the whigs as a party. ****** It is not true that work, and a just reward for it, ?re wanting now to even a moderate extent, or that they have been generally, or that there is anv pros |>ect that such will be the case. Wages are "higher in the United Stales, and labor scarcer than in any part of the world. The slang of the above para graph is precisely of the kind uttered by the infidel ana agrarians of this city on the same day that that appeared in the Tribune. The agrarian and infidel paper, Young America, says: ? "In this city are sixty thousand public beggars; fifty thousand dependants upon the cold charity of their rela tions; forty thousand outlawed thieves; and ten thou sand prostitutes. To your avarice and inhumanity this pauperism and crimo must be attributed. Yet, with these frightful realities everywhere present, you can justify yourselves by saying, "wo have no more laud than we need for ourselves and children, and we will never relinquish a single foot of it without a rich com pensation in dollars and cents, except at the point of the bayonet and the mouth of the ennnon;" and you can even find time to praise the industry, honesty and content ment of the laboring clanscs. II not as "harmless as doves," neither are you as "wise as serpents." Hun dreds of acres and miles or laud arc wrongfully and cru elly withheld from your slaves, it ownership of them is necessary to the support of anybody. But laud cannot bo honestly owned. It cannot bo even common proper ty. It cannot belong to any man, or numberof men." There is not a word of truth in either of these statements, while they owe their paternity to the same destructive feeling of locofocoism. The doc trines in relation to the public lands are precisely the same as those we have quoted ftom the Tribune It is not by written nrguments or essays that the Tribune attempts to dittuse its poison ; but by slung, ? locofoco sUng repeated and re-repeated from day to day. It knows that argument would be met by argument, and it would stand no chance against the truth. Take the following: " Whatever is produced by human labor, and so is ca pable of indefinite iucrease, is the property of the pro ducer or whoever has employed and paid the labor which produced it ; but land is the product of the t'rea tor, ana can be increasod in quantity but to a very limi ted extent. If ono man own a whole State, there must be the less for all men beside ; but one m&u may own an immensity of grain, or wool, or cloth, without at all re stricting, save transiently, the amount to be shared by | others." Still further:? " Tlie world is beginning to hear much of the wrongs of the poor uml tho faults of the rich, and we rejoice that such is tho case. Let the truth he spoken plainly and without fear? it will otl'end and repel many, us important truth always doe?, hut great good will ultimately come of it It is alleged, however, that reformers and philan thropists ure too apt to overlook the errors of the poor, and the fact that their sorest sufferings may often tc traced back to soma disregard of the dictates of pru dence, of integrity, of duty. Let us do our part tort move tho reproach." This is the cant of the Tribune to convince the poor that they are unjustly reproached, and that their sulferings are not in consequence of some dis regard of the dictates of prudence. These extracts are lit for one of the letters of Tom Paine. The Tribune, 011 another subject, goes the whole doctrine ot repudiation, in addition to the slang of the agrarians and infidels of the party. It says : " The presont mode of selling the public lauds and consuming their proceeds from year to year, is a gross robbery of future generations? that though the lands should he sold, their proceeds should be preserved to our descendants."' This idea of " robbing pot-terily" is just the reason why we have repudiating States. It is just the cant of Sam. Young and the barnburners, when theypro pnse plans to get rid ot the State Debt in the Legisla ture. The absurdity of such a paragraph, which main tains that hosewho go to occupy the lands now should pay lor them, tor the benefit of those who are not yet born, does not seem to enter the brains of the Tribune. Why should not the occupants now have the lands'? And when will posterity begin 1 That poor posterity who are to have the money 1 It seems that the farmer who wants land now must pay a dol lar and a quarter an acre, and this money must be laid aside tor some future farmer. Hut it would puzzle the brains of the Tribune and all his agrarian brethren, to give any reason why the money should be given to one more than the other. Iiepudiators, infidels, and other locofocos, are always looking out for posterity. The good they expect to accomplish is to be done after they are dead, and they take very good care to do nothing but evil while they live. To show what correct and definite notions the Tribune lias of Scripture on agrarianism we quote again : " As to ' Agrarinnism,' we have not a syllable to re tract or apologi/.e for. We have never yet inculcated any doctrine so ' Agrarian' as tho Law given through Moses, or the practice of the early Christians." Moses would have made a funny agrarian ; or at least so the people of Canaan nnift have thought. Me made a curious agrarian division, too, when he cut up the land and took it all to himself. No doubt the Canaanites entered the plea to Joshua that the Tribune uses, that they were not intruders on the land of Abraham, but were entitled, as the agrarian paper of this city says, " to an equal right to all the elements and the soil besides." But the Maker of Moses thought dtllerently. and differently ordered. Having said what we have to say just now upon ?his branch of the subject, we proceed to notice the INFIJiKUTY OK THE TKIHUNK. The Tribune tells its readers that it never wrote a word in favor of infidelity. Neither did Voltaire, Hume, Bohnbroke, Pjine, Volney, nor a thousand minor lights, down to the infidels who met yesterday in Chatham street. This is not the way to succeed. Hut, it attacking the doctrines of Christianity, or de nying their binding force, or publishing what in tide Is say when they ridicule religion, and denounce the ministers of it as impostors, then the editor ot the Trilntne is an intidrl of the blackest dye. If to hold up and praise a man known and avowed to be the lend in !' inlidel of the site, to commend what he says when he ridicules religion, is infidelity, then the editor of the Tribune is an infidel. We mike die charge, and, that the editor of the Tribune has done all this, we offer to prove, it the Tribune will lend us it? columns for that purpose . The people of the interior are not all. perhaps, 11 ware of the extent of the evil o! which we epeiik The infidels of iliis city hold their meetin s weekly on the subject of the distribution ot public lands and the division of pro|>erty. On Sunday they meet, and utter these blasphemies in Chatham street. '1 hey ! have, in many of our elections, held the balance of power. Except for them, and their agrarian allies, Mr. I'olk would not now lie I 'resident of the I nited States. They are the men who help to swell up the j Empire Club. While the country editors, therefore, ; may feel disposed to treat the Kourierism and Agra rianism of the Tribune as a matter of no conse quence they must not forget the prodigious mass of corruption which it is calculated to support and i>ro p.igaie in the city. It is the first whig paper? whig, | nominally?that has ever given the slightest counte nance to their blasphemies, political or profane; and j as far as it lies in our power to prevent, it shall be I die last. Such a city as ours is full of all the worst elements | of mischief, foreign and domestic. One of the j journals of the Agrarians here, glories over the ha vock the great tire has just committed here, and wishes it had b?en larger! A whig journal in such a city as this should be conservative, not destructive, as the Tribuntw, Three columns of the Tribune of Tuesday were lilled with the letter ot what ? what the Tribune calls ? a Humanitarian, from Paris ? and what sort ot a being a "Humanitarian" is, we pro|>ose to show our readers by some extracts : ? *'In h wotd, we must look to the man anil not the ci tizen Reality, ami not religious and moral abstraction#, the earthly happiness ami improvement of each soul, in stead of referring the creator part of men to hopes of heavenly happiness, anu conferring a superfluity of what it in store at present on u lew privileged jierxons. The word Kquality , that signal word of the lirst French Re solution, lias a wide, earnest meaning. It means not merely that men ihould address one another as man. er I citizen, that rank, title, orders and liveries should be done away with, that ?U are the same before the laws : i i. e. that all are tried before the same.judges, punished in | the time prisons; such equality is merely negative. So long as there are cultivated and rude men, ricn and poor, old and young, liealty and sick, perfect, abstract equali ty is just as impossible as abstract freedom. What we wish and seek i it the nearest practicable approximation to the principle of freedom and equality, the emancipa tion of man from the formula ilesort of religious, moral j and political commands and prohibitions, the molt perfect { possible happiness and w elfare of all without excep- j tion." Now here are infidelity of an odious kind, and moral, social and political revolution combined. The whole extract avows a rascally and poisonous set of principles, fresh from the original mint of all snch principles, and their natural head quarters, the city of Paris. It is very true, the Tribune said, the day after we cave its editor a lashing for his infidelity in the Tribune , faintly whisi>ers his dislik? of some expressions, when the whole three columns are of the same odious character, as far as we understand the mysticisms in them? but why publish three co lumns of such stud? why lead it in the most showy manner ! why place it on the first page, conspicuous under the editorial head 1 why go to tic* trouble of translating it for the German Schnell Post ? why, but to inculcate with the one whig principle of the Tribune, the general spirit of the Tribune' i Fourier ism and Infidelity ? The Albany Evening Journal , we presume, will tell us, in behalf of its pupil here, "you need not read the Fourierism of the Tribune , (even if it pushes daily upon you, when you have paid for something else.) It is a first rate whig paper ? there is whiggery enough in it, without the Fourierism and Infidelity." Now this may be very good logic in Albany. The press that would turn Catholic there to-day, and Na tive American to-morrow ? Abolition this moment, and slaveholder the next, to catch a vote, or carry n vote, may justify its conscience with such logic, and then foolishly think it is serving the great whig par ty ? but if the Tribune can succeed in itsnlan of dai ly commingling whiggery, Fourierism and infidelity, Voltaire and Tom Paine will soon be published in America by the infidels of the world, in a whig sheet, in orderto obtain a hearing in the families, and amid the household gods, of that part of the community. Satan himself could not have nit on a better invention for sowing the seed of all evil than has the Tribune in this mode of disseminating l-'ouricrism and infi delity among the business anu religious classes of the community. The llev. Dr. Potts probably addresses a thousand people one day in a week; the Rev. Dr. Wain wright a thousand more one day in a week; but here, the Devil himself, through tne Tribune (ac cording to its own account) addresses !XXH) even day, and six days in the week ! This may be ali right, and no doubt is in the suddenly but doubtful ly Catholic converted Editor of the Albany Even ing Journal ; but it will not pass us good logic in this country. Attention, however, to tin- "Humanitarian" in the rl\ibune. He goes on to say : ? " I want what the new humanitarian school wants, a harmonious improvement of the liuman nice by means 01 a harmonious culture, material coml'ort and "satisfac tion of the common natural instincts for all, outgrowing the old formula restraints, named Church and State, and organization of a new society truly natural am) human In its principles and practice, whoti object shall be to let man live for himself and for others, as be comes a human being. A society must exist whose members in general committee shall have a care that there should no more be neglected, excluded Farias or Helots ; that through equality in education the gulf be filled up between the accomhlixhed and ignorant, through a just diviuon of labor, that between the industrious and the idle, through equal distribution of the products of art and nature, that between rich and poor, between men always satiated and men always hungry. A soci ety which admits all men to equal human, no less than equal political rights, which annihilates summarily the crimes and sorrows that spiing from vast disparities of condition, highest object is the earthly wvliure ol till men, leaving hereafter to the care of its own time. This i< my contession of faith." All this ts in the very words of the Tribune, al most. The editor, we presume, will delight in all thi'se " expressions" here. " Humanitarian" then goes on to describe the combatA Communism and Socialism are to have, and then exclaims : ? " But it is out of such combats that truth will arise? the hattle-tieM will be covered with the slain, but the survivors will be crowned with victory." Exactly so! (iive such madmen, mingled " phi losophers" and infidels, the rein, and the battle-field will, indeed, soon be covered with the slain ? but the survivors will not be crowned with victory. They will be scorned and scouted by all posterity, as were the lenders of just such principles in the try ing and bloody scenes of Paris, Lyons, and other cities of France. The writer then goes on to show uj>, alter the man ner ot the Tribune, the sull'erings of the laboring classes, which do not exist in tne country, and to show how capital is the antagonist of labor, that is, I how rich are the enemies of tne poor. It would lie , a waste ot paper to write oir the absurdities of the writer. His general remedy is that of the Tribune, Socialism, Communism, Fouriensm, or some spe cies of ism incomprehensible to all buttlie Anachar sis Clootz of the Tribune. Now the diffusion of such stufl as this, daily, in the bosom of the Whig party, all in the worst vein of Loco Focoism, ana all calculated to array the poor against the rich, labor against capital, and then to make man hate man, and the employed his em ployer,? may be useful, in the estimation of some, to the Whig party ? but we venture to say no |>arty can long stand up under it. The mere fact that any par ty has such an organ throws oyer it a general air of ridicule, as well as inflicts an injury, iiaillery and j argument combine to assail it. and tnrough it, to as sail the whole party. The Tribune has already ceased to be read to any extent, and to be liearcf, in fourteen States ol the I Tnion, juirf unless it ceases to mingle Whig principles up with Fourierism, it will be read much less before long in the thirteen other States. Notwithstanding the foul accusation made against us of having feelings of envy and ill will to the Tribune, we here solemnly aver, that we have the best and kindest feelings to all concerned in that paper, and nothing ever gives us greater plea sure than to transfer its sound articles to our columns, as our readers can almost daily see ; but its horrible mixture of profanity and Socialism, or Fouriensm, with Whi? principles, such as we siive to-day, we view with indignation and affright. Where one Whig is made by it, a dozen itilidels arc tlit* product. UNi on rr.VATE Apf-iiu at Louisville. ? The Jour nal gives the following version of a lamentable oc currence which took place in Louisville 011 Thursday last. A negro woman, owned or hired by a Mr. Tomp- ! kins, came to him and complained of having been badly ! treated by a certain negro man. Mr. S. D. Tompkins, j a brother of the owner ol the negro woman, took anoth- 1 er young gentleman with him and went to the house where tne negro man was, to chastise him. Some words ensued, and tne negro seemed about to stiike Mr. Tomp kins, when the other young gentleman attacked the ne gro with his list, and tlie Isitcr fought back with spirit. Mr. Tompkins, merely, us he saj ?. to frighten the negro, drew a pistol, which, in his excitement, he accidontally discharged, and the hall, bearing wide from the negro, perforated a partition of t!io house, and in the next room passed diiuctl) through the body of a negro boy seven or eight years of aga. The boy could not possibly sur vive. Mr. Tompkins was held in $4000 bail lor trial. An Italian Colony. ? We understand that a a h heme is on loot for bringing an association of Italians from their native country, to settle in the new born state of Texas They are men of lit eral political principles, who wish to breathe the air of a free country, to enjoy her blessings, anil to advance her inteiests.? Most"! them have capitals of from $1 000 to $10,0C0. ? They will bring their funilUst with them, and introduce into their new homes the aits of Italy, the cultivation of 1 the vine and the olive, the manufacture of wine and 01 i oil, and, if found sufficiently profitable, the raising of 1 tho silkworm and the manufacture of silk. The scheme is not yet matured, and the arrangements are not reduced I , to detail. Hut an American, of energetic character and of a liberal mind, is concerned in the plan, and we wish 1 him tho most ample success in its accomplishment.? 1 , ll'csAin^fon Uftiin. The U? votntloiinry IV a v jr. Sin ? In reading your paper this morning I find ! that I omitted or forgot the sloop of war Saratoga, Capt John Youtm, of 1 wrnty-two guns, Command- j er. Capt. John Van Dyck, his Captain of Marines was of this city. This ship was lost on her first I cruise, und all ou board perished, in the year 1780. I Jno. Ma^ly. I To the Editor of hie Herald? In your paj?er of yesterday, yon are pleased to mention my name in connexion with the establish ment of a new democratic jwper. Allow me to jtate that yo.i have been entirely misinformed. 1 have no intention of embarkinc in any st ch enter prise. Edward Samfor d. 1 Varieties. The new factory of Samuel Jamison, in this bo* rough, say* the Norriitowii Herald and ]-\te Preti, now being completed, is one of the largest and handsomest buildings ever erected for that purj>oie in this section of this State. It is a beautiful brick structure, having a front of 136 feet on De Kalb street, 103 feet of which has i depth of 56 feet. It is Ave stories high, (including a basement) four stories being designed for machinery. ? [t adjoins the large spinning mill of the same enterpri sing gentleman, which is 1/6 feet in length and 30 feet in breadth, the whole forming a building in the shape of in L. We have heard it stated that in three months from Lhe time the first brick was laid, machinery was placed in the upper story. The expedition and style of the workmanship reflects the highoft credit .on the projec tor and builders. The Baltimore Patriot states that a merchant on the wharf went into his store at an early hour on Thurs day morning, employed some colored men anil ordered them to extract the bungs of hi* liquor casks and let the contents run out. They at first refused, but he threat ened to commit violence upon them if they did not obey his orders. They accordingly went to work and emptied some ten or twelve casks of brandy and other liquors, besides breaking a number of wine bottles, icc. A gentleman now in Texas has written an account ol it, in which he says that few persons could forma conception of its capacities, who had not seen them ; that the sugar lands alone aie much greater in extent than all tho sugar land in the rest of the Union. It would seem as if Texas was destined to be a great sugar as well as cotton country. The cane has sometimes 2-J or joints; but in Louisiana, it is said on an average to be not more than It). On Tuesday evening last, between five and six o'clock, as the carriage of Stephen R. Crawford, F.sq., driven by a coachman, and containing Mr. C., his lady and a child, was passing across the railroad where it in tersects the turnpike, about four miles north of Philadel phia, tho horses became alarmed at the approach of a lo comotive and train of cars, and before they could be driven away from danger, the locomotive came in con tact with the carriage, which was immediately shattered to pieces. Mr.Cruwford wus seriously injured, as well a? the driver, but Mrs. Crawford and the child escaped as if by miracle. The horses also were much injured. Jabez Boyd has been found guilty of the cold blooded muruer of an inocent boy, Wesley Patton, at the trial which has been |>ending within a few days, at West Chester, Pa. After the arguments of c unsel, both for the prisoner and the Commonwealth, the jury were charged by the presiding Judge, on Tuesday after noon, in a clear and lucid manner, when they retired for deliberation, and being absent about twelve minutes, re turned into court with their verdict? which is guilty of murder in the first degree. Referring to the recent donation of $5,000 to the Cambridge Observatory by Mr. Sears of Boston, the Alexandria Uazettt sa) n one Mr. Smitlison, of England, gave a large sum a few years ago, for the " diffusion of knowledge among men," and left the United States to sec to the proper appropriation of his money. The Uni ted States deposited the funds in Arkansas? and left the ?' diffusion oi knowledge" to " whistle for it f" Dr. G. O. Jarvis, the inventor of a useful surgical apparatus for reducing dislocations, known as the "Ad juster,'' has received from the hands of Prince Albert, as President of the "Society of Arts," tho largest gold medal ever bestowed by, or in the gift of, the Society. ? The medal is of the value of Xlft sterling. He is the first American on whom such an honor has been con ferred Died, a few days since, Col. J. H. Longhorne, of Portsmouth, iuhis 41st year. The Earl and Countess ol Cathcart have arrived in Montreal from Kngland. He visits Kingston and other parts of Canada during this and the ensuing week. Governor Steele's new house at Peterboro', N.H., was blown down by a severe gale on Monday the 1st ult., and several other buildings injured in the same neighborhood. About one hundred and fifty houses have been erected during the past year in the flourishing village of Winnisemet, near Boston, which promises to be al most us populous and busy, in a few years, as the city itself. ? Pott An extensive woollen factory has just been erect ed in Butler, said to be the largest in Western Pennsyl vania. Bv a recent decision of the Court ol Exchequer, England, no copyright in that country is now valid for an American work. Political. Major Figg, of Kentucky, has arrived in this city, and taken lodgings at the Palladium Office. The widow Dringhart, of Hornby, is expected in a few days, and will accompany .Mr. Kigg to Duck River, on a visit to Mr. Roorback. ? Ntw Havrn Rtgisltr The locofocos of Windsor county have nominated as senators. John Noble, (Julcn Persons, John 1'. Skinner and llugh li. Henry. Governor Wright is having Ins portrait taken by Mr. Carlton, an Albany artist, for the council chamber of the corporation of that city. It is a ha. ( length, and is ?aid to he an excellent likeness, as well as a very fair painting Gen. Samuel Dunn, of Franklin county, has been named by several democratic papers as a candidate for canal commissioner. The Hon. Caleb Cushing arrived in Washington on Tuesday evening. He is* looking remarkably well after his late excursion to the south union. j | Affairs of the Sew York Episcopal Dlocric. New York, August 4, 1815. JEquum est I'ecatis venian poscentem reddere rursus.? Horace. Mr. Editor, ? A letter inimical to the Bishop of New York has just made its appearance in a low-church religious newspajter, and is supposed, by some, to be a pretty strong shot at him. It is an answer to a circular addressed several months ago by a number of the city clergy to their brethren of the dioceae, on church matters, which was entirely of a private character, requiring, by no means a public reply, nor, indeed, any, unless the individual to whom it was sent was disposed to give it to the writers themselves. His answering, then, through the columns of a public print, you will allow, subjects the author of the letter referred to, to the charge of a breach of confidence. Of the clergy to whom the circular was sent, this one only has happily acted in so unchurchman-like a manner. It naturally becomes a qufstion, there fore, why he should have proved an exception! The author of the letter is the same individual who made a long-winded s|>eech at our late Conven tion in favor of Bishop Onderdonk, which called forth the remark from a.lay delegate ? "the clergy had Letter give us the text," and their |>eople the sermon when they get home." Having foryears been known to entertain hostility towards his diocesan, this said speech made no impression. The speaker's sincerity was doubted, and he felt terribly chagrincd: then, becausc Bishop O. did not make him chair man of a certain committee, to which he looki d forward, he fancies the Bishop does not desire his friendship, and lesolves to treat him as an enemy. I ask, if it be true, that the said Rector and author of the letter in question, had for years spoken against Bishop O., and yet, when sick and needy, he went to Ins diocesan, in the most abject condition, and said he was seeking admission into the City Hospital to undergo a surgical operation, and keep from starring, und the Bishop replied n<?, it must not so be; get into respectable private lodgings, make yourself comfortable in every resjiect, 1 will see you have the best medical assistance, and be re sponsible for your obligations, and that he faithfully fulfilled his promise, to no small extent out of his own pocket ! If it be so, then, indeed, this grateful man has abundant cause to speak ill of, and write against, his kind benefactor, ".leshurun waxed fat and kirked," and the church, if not the world at large, will know how to appreciate his motive for api*arng in hostile array against Bishop Onderdonk and Ins friends, in the columns of a newspaper. 1 await u reply, and subscribe myself, meanwhile, A New, York Churchman. Painful. ? On Tuesday night, 29th ult , Mr. Ed ward Cornwell, merchant, of I'oughkeepsie, went to New VorU to mako purchases, was taken suddenly sick there on Thursday, died on Friday morning, and his remain* were brought to I'oughkeepsie on the evening of that day. On Sunday his funoral was attended fcy a large number of citizens, and by the members of the different Lodges of Odd Follows, ol one of which he was a member. Since his funoral, circumstances of a most painful nature, in relation to forgeries committed by him havo come to light. It is ascertained that money has been obtained at our bank ) and of individuals, on forged notes and other papers. On several ot tho notes there are one or two forged en;!or*ert, and one real endorser. The banks therefore will not lose; but the real endorser, w .10 supposed himself ?me when he gave his name, be cause there were other substantial endorsers before him, will bo the sult'erer. Tho forgeries aro said to amount lo >.1000 or kfiOOO Ho hail besides, borrowed several hundred dollars of different persons, which, probably, will lie entirely lost to the lenders, and some of the rasea tie hard ones. Mr. Cornwell was known to be in itrnilened circumstances, but never suspected, until ho?e sail development* havo been made. It is Jnow generally suppo-iid tUnt he committed saicide by taking audanum, or some active poison. A Man Killed in run Crkbk Nation ? It is sla ved that one day last week a white man, named r'.mory, who bus been pursuing the occupation of a stone mason, for some time in tho country, was killed by Wm. Spaniard, a resident in this nation It it represented that these men, some days previous to tho killing, ha I a difli culty. and perhaps a fight, at a Creek dance. Sometime after this Spaniard rode up to the store of Mr. Logan, in the I reek country ami asked for a drink of water, nut be ing informed there was none, dismounted, went into the store, got a pitcher and started t* the spring. Kmory, being in the store at the time, stepped out with a gun ami ordered Spaniard of)' the place. Kmory then snapped hia gun at Spaniard, who in return fired at him and inflicted a wound that soon terminated his life. Spaniard remain, ed about tho place until Emory was buried and then left,

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