Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 9, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 9, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW Vol. *U, Wo. 1V7? Whol* Wo. ?079 YORK HERALD. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 9, IS45. THE NEW YORK HERALD.! JAMES MBDOtt BENNETT, Proprietor, Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price 2 conti pel i copy ? J>7 35 per unnum ? payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD ? Evory' Saturday ? Pries fli centi per ropy ? $3 13} cents per annum ? payable in advance. 1 ADVERTISEMENTS at the nsu&l price*? alwayi eo?h in advance. PRINTING ol all kind* executed with beauty nnd despatch. (fty- All letter* or communications, by mail, addressed I to the establishment, must be po*t paid, or the postage will bo deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, 'hokhiktor or thk Nf.w Yobk IIkbalo K.juiiluhmhi "Jotthw?*t r.nrntr nf Vulton and N'njiaan str??t? i ? ? ? Jl OCKA J VA Y ST A OES, ON :uid after August Int. 1815. will le '?e the City Hotel, at 3X o'clock P.M. daily, ttandav* excepted, for Far Kockaway. Re ? ? ?' "? i * ?s ?%%#*.?%?? nn j , jit . ti?? Pavilion at 734 A. M., for New York, cross ing t the South Kerry, All .Tilers to he left at 110 Pear] strf et. ' ?"' r!- H. CONKL1N. MAIL. LINE FOR BOiSTOfs. DA I |7y OVER^I'iTe I .O N< H S I ., A ND K A IL l?)AL>, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH 4" WORCESTER. At 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall struct, South Kerry? Sundays excepted. Way Cr,te? are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage Ixr Boston goes through under lock. julfitlrc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CENT S FOR THE SEASON. On' Mondays, Wednesdays, iiiid Fridays, over- tie Lonp (stand Rail Road to Giwnport, thence to Newport aud Pro\ i de'ice in aspleudid and commodious Sound Steamer. 'I'tiis Line leaves at II o'clock in the Moruing, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Kerry. ju!6 tf rc FARE TO BALTIMORE #3 Through in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. Til unrivalled SteamlioaTkOB (TRT MO'KRYs!T^ -tain o. M. Douglass, will, on and after Monday, June 10, leave Dock street wharf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive m Baltimore at about 10 1*. M. Fare only This Line is composed of the following spl judid and fast Steamboats: ? Robert Morris, Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio. . . ._ Captain L. Davis. Constitution. Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J. Trippe. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 P. M. ? Tickets for Wheeling and Pittsburg can be procured on board the boat. UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. Fare ? Through in Six Hours. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, l .lkto i, a v rede Grace, tie. On and after Wednesday next. June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by tue Mail Lines, will be reduced to $3. The Trains will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, j From Baltimore, D.'pot lltli and Market streets. I Depot in Pratt street. Dully, except Sunday, alb A.M. | Daily, exc, Sunday, at 9 A M. And Daily, at. 4 P M. | And Daily, at 8 P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts, O. II. HUDDELL, Agent. For fuither information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, at the office or Ad tins t* Co. 17 Wall street. June 24th, IR15. je2*)ec LONG ISliAND RAILROAD COMPANY. A) ~ W w at .ZTtfJjeGZ REDUCED FARES. S U M M E It A R R A N <i E M E N T , TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after lUh June, IMS. Prom Brooklyn Depot ? Boston Train? 61* A. M. daily, Sun days excepted, stopping at Farmiugdale nml St. (jeoree'j Manor. Accommodation Tram ? 9Ja A. M and 5 I'. M . for F arming dale and intermediate places,* daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 P. M. for Oreenport, daily, Sunday! excepted, ?toppingat Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hitks viHr, and alt the (topping places betwfeu Hicksville aud Mreenport. From Qreenport Depot ? Boiton Train, daily, Sunday* excepted, at 1S>? o'clock M.? or on the arrival of the steamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepted, forBrooklyn and intermediate place*. From Farminqdate Depot ? Accomin<Klatiou Train, 6;'? A- M. and 2% P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate place*. From Jamaica Depot ? Extra Train, lk P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn and intermediate places. The Boston Tniiu* atop only at Fanningdale and St. Manor. The Accommodation Trains *tnp at die following place* on the road, going Loth way* to receive and deliver pa*aen gers, vix: Bedford 8 Deer Park 69 Kast New York 1 2% Thompson C8 Kace Course ]8;<J Suffolk Station. 1 00 Trotting Course 18^ Like Kood Station I 18;'^ Jamaica 25 Medford Station 1 18;!% Bruslivit!e 3I,'? Milleville 1 50 Hyde I'ark, 17 mil1* 37, i St. George's Manor. ... 1 62 Clovtsville, (during sc?- __ Hiverhead 162 Court,) . George'* 31011 . .. .. Jain- sport I 62.^4 Hempstead 'SJ^i Matteluck 1 62S Branch 37}* Cutchogue 1 62>4 Carle Place 44 Soethold 1 (>2% Wostbury 44 Oreenport, Acc'u. train. 1 75>? Hicksville 44 Boston Train 2 00 Farmiugdale t>2J? Stages are ii readiness ou the arrival of Train* at the several Stations, to take passenger* at very low Fare*, to all parts i.fthe Island. Baggage Crates will he in readings at the foot ofWhitehall *treet, to receive Baggage for the several Train*, 30 minutes be fore the hour nf starting from the Brooklyn side, ij r Uoekawny B*Kga;.'(* taken in separate Crate*. jolPrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. EAl'KKS* AN i. PIONEER PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Peun*ylvii::ia Hail* roads and Canal ? through in day*. The above line is uow iu full operation ami offers great inducement* to persons who wish a rjeasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modem style, the boat* are fitted up in a superior manner, nud every ellort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the ctiinfort and convenience ol travellers. Thw sccuery on this route is unrivalled, nndtiie great chain of r?un*ylvania internal improvement* ii well wot div of heitig *eeu. By this r.ute passenger* avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon *tage travelling, and at the *ame time makeau ex pedition* trip. The* lrn\e every morning at 7 o'clock. Pusengcrs are ad vised to engage their place* at Philadelphia. Office in I'hiladel- I phia N. K. corner of Cliesnut aud Fourth stieeis, Hnd at No*. 13 and 15 South Third *i*. A. CUMM1NGS, Agent. I Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. For iufoiiaation, in the city of New York, apply to B. II. KNlSKLL, A.jer.t for D. LEECH J* CO.'* Line. 7 West *t, N. K. I tnvl7 0in*rrc | FEO I L ES' LINE O F ! STEAMBOATS FOll ALBANY, 1 DAILY ? Sunday* Excepted ? Through Di- I flya ? nt 7 o'clock P. M.. frmn the Pier between ! wr t'.iurtl.indt and Lilierty street*. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at7 o'clock Strain boat SOUTH AMERICA, O plain W . H. Truesilell, ! will leave ?u Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P M.,1 niding at intermedin? place*, from the foot | of Barclay street Steamboat NEW JKKSKY, Capt. R. II. Furey, will Uav- ' or. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steimhoat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. W. Brainard, will leiv-oii Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening*, at 5 o'clock. P.i r>eiig'?r* taking eittier ol ttie aborv Lines will arrive iu Ali a- I ny in uinpl* time lor the Morning Traiu ol Car* for the east or West. Th< B> at* are new and *nbstautiHl, me furnished with new aud i elegant suite rooms, ami for speed mid accommodation* are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight takesi at moderate rate*. Al! persons are forbid trusting any of the Boat* of thi* Line, 1 without a written order from the Captain* or Agent*. | F >r p^j'jake or Ireight. apply oil board the boats, or to P. C. | Scmiitx. 'I t! k* otfiee on the wharf. ""I rc ! MORNlNfr LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, OA FOR ALBANY, TROY and inteimediate cly, | uidiuKa. from tlie bteamboHt i'itf ?t the luot o **? "iiT L* y . street. Broaktiist aud Dinner on boxrd the boat. Leaven New York at 7 o'clock, A. M., Tue'iby*, Thursday* andSaiurilay, nml 1'roy at 15 o'clock, A.M., Albany at 7 o'clock A- M. Mm. 'lay, Wednesday nud Friday. The jow-l>i> i. ure st< amboat TROY . Captain A. Uortam, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Jt7 o'clock. NIAGARA, < apiain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Weihu silay and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For |>as:.^ge or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. llall, at the office on the wharf. Notier? All goods, freight, baggage, bink hills, sr?cie, or any oihi r kind of proi? rty taken, ihipped, i r put on bonrd this boat, must be st the risk of the owners of *ur.h goods, freight, hag ? Ike je litre STATKN ISLAM.) W* FER H Y, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STI5HKT The Steamboat* SYL PI I and STATKN ISLANDKR will leave New York every hour cicept 5 P. M., commencing at R A . VI., until 7 I'M. Leave Staien Island every hour exccpt 4 P. M., eomnu ncing at 8 A. M., niit.ij 7 P. M. N. Ii.? On Sunday* the Doats will leave every hour from 8 A. M . until I I'. M., nud from I 1 . M. until 7 I'. M., every hall hour, J)'" NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. *1 I /"L *.?,H ,A,l'BtAP?,Y.AN,) TROY DIRECT. tr*r- 7 o clock, I . M.? 1 The aieainhoat KM 3K M I PI RE, < .aptam K. II. Macy, will leave the iU'<iiiiliont l?i??r loot ol ' oiirtlaixlt ttrppt, overy Tucidity Thiirfldny ntnl Hfir?rd?y afternoon, at 7 o'clock. Tli? lU'iiirilmiit COLlhNl H IA, ' "plain \Vin. H. Peck, fTfry M?m?lrty', WediH'iilay Kridav alVrnooo, at 7 o'clock, for railage or faiffht tppl? OB board, or t( the office oa the Wfaavf. jut OPPOSITION TICKET OFKICE.-For i Albany, 75 cents? Utic*. *2? Syracuse, , ? Rochester. $ J? Buffalo, $3,50? Also, through in the fust line, with lionri). $10.50? Also, Oswego, S3? Kingston, (U. C.,) $4? Toronto, 85? < leveland, (O.) $6? De- 1 trqft, J6 40? Cliicpgo, (III.) $10,50? North to Troy and White- ' hall. S-.50? Montreal, 30. Office No. Iff J Barclay st. y25 J m'rli M. L. RAY. Aicnt. WILLI A MSB URUH AMD 1'KCK SLIP FURRY. The Trustees of this Kerry, believing that i there lire many of the citizens of New York - . Mil vicinity that ale unacquainted with the facilities this Perry affords bs a pleasant communication with ! XV illiamsburtr and Long Island, would state that there aiv two good Ferry Boats on tins Kerry, which leave Peck Slip every fifteen or twenty ininutr-s through the day up to 5 o'clock, P. M? and then up to 8 o'clck, at each even hour and li If hour; after which a boat leaves at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock. The last boat leaving Williamsburg at half-past 9 o'clock, P. M. P. S ?On the eveuing of July 4th, the boat will continue to run until 12 o'clock jv2 lm*rc LIRAKTS ON OKKAT BRITAIN AND IRKLAND? Persons wishing to remit mo ney to their friends iu any part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied 'with dr ills payable at sight, without dis count, lor any amount, from ?1 upwards, at the following place#, v i7' ? , Ksvcii and- The National and Provincial Bank of Eua land; Messrs. J. Bamed St Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bnl t Ik Bon, Loudon, and brandies throughout Euglaiid and Wales. In Ihki.and.? The National Back of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout lieland. In Scotland? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Orecnock Banking Company, and branches throRghout Scotland. The steamship Great Western sails on the 31st July, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT. jy 19 re 76 South st, cor. Maiden lane. FOR LON DON ? Packet of ilie Uli August.? T lie splendid and i >st sailing ? acket ship KALAMA iZOO, Cai uin McCerren, willpoaitively sail xsabove her : ' u lar day. This tine ship has very superior accommodations f> r cabin, recond caliiu and steerage passengi rs. Persons about to em bark for ilie old country, cannot .'.elect a tiller ship and til* price of pass -ge is very low. To aeeuro berths early application should be made on board, foot of Pine street, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, i (Ire 7fi South street comer of Maiden Lane NEW l?ns of LIVERPOOL PACKET8 ? only regular Packet of 21st of August ? The splendid aHHSbli't sailing favorite packet, ship LIVERPOOL, C apt Joloi EWridge,( 1200 tons) will sail punctually as above, her regular day. This elegant packet ship has nccommod tions for cabin se cond cabin raid : teernge, unsurpassed by nuy ship sailkg out of the port of New York. Those who are P'oceedi'g to the old country should therefore make immediate application to secure berths, either on board foot of Burling Shp. >>r to W tit I. T. TAPSCOTT, auSec 75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane. LON DON L IN E O F PA< ; K KTS^YIckTt 10th A ugnst-The splendid and fast sailing Pack, t Ship [TORONTO, Captain Tucker, will positively sail as above, her regular day. She has excellent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers; those wishing to secure berths, should nuke early application to W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT. aire 75 Sonth street, corner of Maiden Lane. PACKEiS KOR HAVRE -(Second Line.)? The Packer Ship UT1CA. Captain Fred rick Hew i itt, will sail oil the 1st September. ?"or freight or passage, apply to BOYD St H1NCKEN, al ec No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall nid Water sts. FOR I.I VEHPOOL? New Line ? Regular Packet of the Stitli August? The elegant fast sailing Packi t jShip SIDDONS, Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1100 tons, will ?ail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequal led for splendor and comfort, apply on board, ut Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS St CO., 50 South street. Price if passage 3 >00. Packt-r Snip Sheridan, Capt Cornish, will succeed the Sid dons, and sail 26th Septtmoer, her regular day jv26 FOR NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND.? The well known. fast sailing coppered and copper-f stened ship RAMBLER, Baxter, Master' Having all her IreiKht engaged, will sail in a few days. Fur light freight, or passage, having good accommodation, Apply to WOODHULL St M1NTURN, jy20 rrc 87 South strtet. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A ship to ioad for a southern port ? Apply to E. If. COLLINS St CO., a2rc 5S South street. J. HERD MAN'S OL1) ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Great Britain and Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always he arranged at the low est rati-, And Draft* furnished for any amount, payable at all the principal Ban ks in EnKland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, <m application to J. HERDMAN, jGr< 61 Sonth street. WANTED ? A Ship to load for a Southern Port Apply to fc. K. COLLINS & CO. .UH er 56 South street. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE V('* ' OFFICE, St South st. ? P.issage from Enghmd, Ire flt^i~ifca!a!id, Scotland and Wales ? i'lmse sendiug for their Inen-Js would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of making theirarrangenieiits wuh the subacrihers on very mode rate terms, by first class packet slii|?, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafu can as usual he furnished lor any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN II Kit DM AN, 61 South st. The trail steamer Hiberuia tails frem Boston on the ltith inst, by w nich letters ran he forwarded quickly. my23 rli FOR SALE, FRKHiHT OR C H A RT E R? The very last sailing N. York built packet ship YAZOO, t?70 tons, live oak and locust top, live oak transom, apron and forward and after cants, carries 2200 bales New Or !e ois cotton, and ha* handsome furnished accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply ou board at Jones' wharf. or to E. K. COLLINS & CO , jy20ec 56 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL? The New Line? Regular Packet of 21st Angu<t.? The superior fast sailing jacket ship LIVERPOOL, 1 150 tons, Capt. John El dridge, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, h lviug elegant and superior accom mod ttions, apply on board, west side 13 n rl i hit slip, or to WOODHULL & MINTURNS, 87 Sooth ?t. The packet ship Queen of the West, I2i0 tons, Capt. Thos. Woodliouse, will succet d the Liverpool, and sail on her regu lar d.iv. 2UI September. .1 yVi *OR SALE, FREIGHT OH CHARTER? The very fast sailing unique HOME. Captain Watts, V> u ? ! t JHMittii'i U*lti more one year since of the best materials, carries about 4,000 b ureis, and lias handsome accommodations for twenty passengers. Apply to Captain Watts, on hoard, at Pike street uliurl, or to E. K. COLLINS 6 1 CO. i 17 rc 56 South street. TO LET? Offices and Lefts in the new fire-proof Btort :oruer of Pine and South sts, Apply to jy20 JOSEPH McMURRAY. FOR SALE. THE Three Story Brick House, 413 Hsu* ton street, built in the manner; Warm in wiuter and cool in isummer; replete with every convenience. llall the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage at 8 per cent. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS At CO., jn!9 ec 56 South street. M TO LET, until the first of May next and immediate pos session given, of the 3 sUiry house No. 104 First Avenue between 6th and 7th stTeets, Tho premises have Ian ly beeu put ill compleate order. And all has been painted inside and <>ut. last. June, the Croton water introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, ni.d it is well ad pted to accommodate one or more funilies; rent asked to one family for the residue of the year to next_ May is S325. Inquire at the office of John H.Power, Esq., No. 70 Nassau St. corner of John, up stalls from the hours of 'J to 3 o'clock, or of Sainl. R. B. Norton the owner, at the same office on Tuesdays and Wednesday. lrnjy 12*rh LOOK AT THIS ! ! ^ _ JUS J' RECEIVED? Another lot of French Boots, ol iTtlie best kind, and will be sold at the old price, and tlie 1* best of French Call Boots made to order for i.'i : City made Calf Boots, S'f; and the greatest assortment of Gents ( Ja it ers of 'II kinds to be found 't very low prices. Also, the tiuest Calf Shoes, $2 and $2 SO. A great variety of all othui kind*. Ladies iu tnis Store will find a great assortment ol Gaiters, fiitskius, Slips Ties. I'ruiiells, Satin, Vc. >'or an assortment of all other kinds Misses and Children's Coots and Shoes we cannot he beat in thiscity. Do not mis take the number, 361 Broadway, corncr of Franklin street. j?3 1m'ih M. CAiilLL. KOULSTONE'S hiding school, 137 and VIU Mcrtir Street. ?J? MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the ho.:i.r to JLfltiCV'iform his friends and the public in general, that his fl s\ Melioul fur Instruction in Horsemanship is uov? open li.iy and evening, as follows . ? Honrs for Gentlemen from 6 to t A. M. " " Ladies " 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of instruction made known ou application to Mt. Ron I stone. Mr. R. has just received from the country several fin? and liylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to nell at a rea sonable iTice niy7re iTu kjk tjn vvarl jvi ANUi'Tvcri i'iiv . A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of Planished Tin and - ? Comm. ill Till Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Ware. Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mats, Slutkrr Selves ai,u By* ms? in short, every variety ol bouse- keeping aiticles. N. 11.? A complete assortment of Coffee and Tea Urns, Table Dishes and Covers, ike., he., lor hotels aud steamboats, ou hand and manufactured it the shortest notice. JAMES Y. WATKIN2, jn5 IB* 16 C ltharme street, New York. iro(JJj GEVEN HUNDRED CORDS No. 1, for sale low, iu Giu gatlu Inlet, Accoinac Co., Va., by John savage, 8. S DENNIS. _ , H. T. RUSSELL. S iid Inlet n navigable for vessels drawing seveu feet. jy22 Im'rre i'>TAi;uyiibL) is&i. PETER ROSE, CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OF SVIi OrCJtl. J1NU DKNTJII. INHTR UMKNTT, No. 412 Buomiwav, ftRAR Canal Stkef.t, New York. PR. would respectfully call the attention of Physicians, ? Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Merchants, tohisgene ral assortment of nutriments, and Cutlery of the most approvi d patterns, which he Will warrant not to be, surpassed in quality or workmanship by auy manufactured iu this country or im ported. , P. II. trusts islons ?nd practical experience in the liusi. n? is (h iving beei laged in it since l!.22,( will be a sufficient gnaranti e to purct " that all orders will he faithfully and promptly atteudeiit Surgical and Dental Instruments, Ra zors. Nlir irs, Scissors , Penknives, Sic. , ground, set , and repair ed witli great care and despatch. Jul 7 lm*rc j M POKTANT NOTICE DAGUERREOTYPE J RTISTS. 'T'HE undersigm-dhave madeapplicationto get Lrittr* Patent JL for their new process to coflir Daguerreotype Pictures. This process produces an effect not known before, and changes the appearance of the Dtgnerreotyiw to that of the finest paint ing. TIlis coloring process is done by nature itself, guided only by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It can be Deformed by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, nnd will be per jjctly understood at one (lance. It also can he coin muuicated iu writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for a City of County, can make pre-engagements therefore, by addressing (post raid) to W. It W. LANGEN HE I M, jyl lm*M Exehange, Philadelphia. T\ THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. THIS REMARKABLE DI8COVERV has received the universal approbation of the Medical Profession of Great Britain, and hat been sufficiently Ioiik before th* American pub lic to give a fair trial of its power and efficacy. The PiTltWT Galvanic Rino* have been found to answer all the puri?>se* for which the ordinary Gtlvauic Battery or Klectric and Mag netic Machines are used, but are without any of the injurious SHOCK!, which accompany the application* by those instru ments, and in many other respects *re more sake and cektai?. iu accomplishing the desired object. The Galvanic Kings have been used with perfectisuccess iu all cases of Illieum ltistn, acute or chronic, applying to the head, face or limbs; Gout; Tic Doloreaux ; '1 oothaclie, ; Bronchitis; Vertigo; Nervous or Sick Headache; Indiges tion ; Paralysis ; Pal*y ; Epilepsy ; Kits ; Crainp ; Palpitation of the Heart ; Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago; Neu ralgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; and all Nervous Disorders. Iu cases ol confirmed Dyspe|>sia they have been equally successful. Their extraordinary effect* upon the system must lie witnessed to be believed ; and as a certain preventive for the above complaints they are equally to be recommended. The Galvanic Kings are iu every way perfect ly harmless, and are sold at prices to he within the reach of all, C histie's Magnetic Fluid is used in connection with the Rings to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the Gilvanic influence tothe particular portions which are affected. For numerous certificates of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the Galvanic Rings and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is made to former advertisements, or they may be seen at the office. Only Agency iu New Vork, I'M Fulton street, (Sun Building.) In Brooklyn, at the store of James W. Smith, Druggist, corner Fulton and Cranberry streets. jy28 lm*ec COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chestnut Struct, between Oth unil 7th fetreeta, PHILADELPHIA. HE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform tlieir friend* and the travelling public, tliev have fakeu the above house, (for merly known as the Marshall Huiite,) and have made extensive alterations aud improvement* in its interior, having spared no expense to render it one of the most pleasant and fashionable houses in the city. The parlor* are numerous, the chambers large aud well arranged, Ine furniture entirely new. Its loca tion i* in the most central part of the city, near to all the places of public amusement, and convenient to the depot* of the Southern, Western aud Northern routes. The tables will be supplied with all the d< lic&cie* of the *ea sou. The Wines are of the choicest brands, and have beeu carefully selected. The proprietors attention a d experience iu the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. BAGLEY, MACKENZIE & CO. James Bailey, (late of Jones' Hotel. ) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington House.) Peter L. Ferguson. July 1st, 1145. jyj 3m*ec NU IV LAN'S HOTEL, At Harlem liiver. EORGE NOWLAN respectfully return* hi* most sin cere thanks to his friend* aud ti e public for the liberal support which he has received for the l^3t ten years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to ihfortn them that he lias fitted up the large establishment at the termination of the Railroad, on this Island, aud on the Bank of the River, where he ii prepared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, Suppers, ai:d other refreshments, at theshorteit natice. Good ground, and entry accommod ation tor Military Coinpa ?lies. All the Railroad Cars laud passengers in front of the Hotel for 12>% cent*, from the City Hall. N.B ? An ordinary at half past 2 o'clock ou Sunday*. je28 WILSON 'a HOTEL AND U1NLNU KOOiVI, 5 Gold street, near Miildcn Lane, COUNTRY MERCHANTS will find t hit n desirable House, being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture. Good aud substantial dinner, 18% cents, lodgings 25 cents. For con venience and comfort this house is equal toany hotel in the city, and at half the price. Permanent bonders can be acconnnodatea on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, at toon at they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant private pirlors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup jier parties. The very best of liquors. ju5 Sin'rc RATS, MICE, COCKROACHES. bLlES, BED BUGS, &c. ' HE following certificate*, out of thousands, may give the X public an idea of the usefulness of the various prepa a tions, vii : ? . The room iu the building 70 Wall street, was badly infetted with Cockroaches, aud oue application, four weeks ago, has en tirely dispersed them. (Signed) CHS. MOUNT. I have used Dr. F.'s preparation to exterminate rat* aud mice, aud have wonderfully succeeded iu clearing them from house and yard, after the fust trial. (Signed) JOSEPH GUTENAN. Dr Feuchtwanger's Fly Paper has been used by me with great success; nearly one quart of slain tiies have been collect ed iu fourd ays out of curiosity. (Signed) C. VAN SCHOSAHOON. The beifbugs have been cleared from my house, 2fl Hudson street, effectually. (Signed,^ JOHN^ SOLOMONS The yard iu the rear of the Courier and Enquirer office has been for yeart infested by rata, and Oue single application ha* effectually destroyed them. I caution against the variousjealous imitations, and my genu ine pr? parnlioiu are lor sale by Dr. Milnor, corner Broadway G BJLLIAK US ? GR1SAT IMl'KUV IsMK.NTS. SOUTHERNERS, Str; ngers and Citizens art- invited to try Mahogany Beds w itl> IUj PukIi, m ide by steain machinery. So much work could not lit- done by hand without three times tin usual pi ice. Likewise Cushions so elastic that eleven can lie hit by a single blow. Kor sale or play ing at B ASSKORD'S old stand? Entrances joining the Museum Building, Ann i.trvet, and 149 Kulton at. Otis fit-Id. with a number of these improved Table*, invites hi* friends to en 1 1 at the Cuited States Hotel. Entrance through the bar-room or 196 Water street. jyi3 Im'rrr S>TI< IK Klt'ri SOLIJTIlJM Hill THE H Alt*., WI 1 1 (.* il will chaifc grey hair to its original color in i tew minutes. This solution is different from any yet otfeied and cannot fail of superceding nil others. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their lutir changed before paying tlieir money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution cou be forwarded by Harnden 's Express to any part of the win id. One trial will prove the fict. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. 6 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Record .New Yotk, up stairs. iU'l J. II STOUVENEL, I??irORTER OK WINKS, No. TO John street, informs his friends and the lovers of good Wines generally, that iu order to supply the great demand, lie lii-.s inmle arrangements to have always in st. ire, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines of the first quality, from the proprietors direct. The Well known houses following are hufficient recommen dation of the qualities of tlie Wines, w itliout further details .? Messrs Bortou U Uuestier, > Proprieto? of vignoble., Captftierv'ais, $ at Bordeaux. N. B.? J. B. y undertakes to sell V\ ine for family use, by the do/en or gallon. jy2J ! :n*ec ~~ TO CAPITALISTS. All AllK CHANCE ? To invest a capital ofaboutSID.AOO in n stfe and profitable waj-, by erecting a building for divine worship for the I .maiiu-El Congregation of this city, and fur nishing two lots, between Bowery aud Kast River, and between Broome and Madison streets, for that purpose. Kor particulars enquire at Mr. J. L'lttenhoefer, 25 Cedar str. r at Messrs. Suttheimer Si Brother*. 37 Beaver street. julO lni*rg PORTER, ALE AND CIDER. JOHN J. STAFF'S Ht )TTLI NG ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 2 ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, fot the very liberal share of patronage already re ceived, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a con tinuance. K1UST QUALITY? Philadelphia Forter Newark Cider, Crete n Ale, London Brown Stoat, p.nd Scotch Ale. Ord?r? for shipping attended to with de n itch. tnhll ec CAK PKTLVX 4.-4 PEARL STREET. HP HE SUBSCRIBE. 119 have just opened the large and sracious 1 CARPKT WAltE ROOMS, No. <A Pearl street, former ly occupied by Smith, llewitt St Co., and are now ready to offei the public in eutire new stockof Can* ting, bought exprasslv for the sprius trade, some of which nre exceedingly rich, of new de signs mid colors. Among them max be found ? Ji NEW SETTS K I D.MINSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. 18 PS. KIDMINSTER THREE PLY. Rich Slutting SUPERFINE FINE aND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING, . Of every variety and description. Rugs, Druggets, Table and Piano Covers, Worsted. Tufted and Jute Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from 2 to 24 feet wide; toge'Jier with all other articles usually found m the trade. '1 be public are requested to call and f samine ourstock before purchasing. PETERSON fc HUMPHB EY, 454 1'e* r! street hardware rpHE Sl'BSt HIBEKN ha*e consrantly on hand a full as J. of every quality and variety of Neeill??, includ"ig Yarn Needles, Bodkins Knitting I'ii.a; Olove, Harness, Millt nsrs, Cbeiiille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting, S.vl.?ud Pack Needles. WAKRIN'R DRILLED EYED NEEDLES,

a re warrented sn|ierior to any kind ollered lor sale in thel'iiited Stales, and from their w*ll known reputation, merchants will find them more salea! le than any other they can offer. They have always on band a good nsscrtme t of Warm's celebrated I" isli Ilooks, put up in every style. .Also, it hrge assort r ent of Silk , Hemp, Hair and I hina t trass Lines, ( orlt Floats, and every variety of e ancy Kishing Tackle. Also, a large assortment of Wade's >V Butch* r's 11 /. ?.*. Pocket and Tattle Knives, Scissors, Iron and Oermaii Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, &c , tic. All wl icli is of fered to the trade on the best term*. J. U T. WARN I N, jy30 lni"r 72 Maiden Lane. V UIGTLA E N D fclR'S DAGU El? K EOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their brother-in - ? law, Mr. Voiglitlaentler, Vienna, enable the subscribers to sell those Apparatus at reduced rates, Vi7.: ? Largest Mir Apparatus, with three inch lenses for full site j plates, at $14i. Medium sue Apparatus, with two inch lenses for halfsite i plates, at tit. Small si/e Apparatns, with one and-u-half inch lenses, lor \ quarter sixe plntesl at *.S0. Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance wilh the above prices, may depend main receiving (he genuine Voigt. laeuder Apparatus, ami not a worthless imitated article, they having procured the sole agency for the United States Platesawl Chemical oftheir own importation, a* well as all other articles connected with their art. for sale at the lowest market prices. W. A. F. LANOKNHEIM. Philadelphia t.srhnnge. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribe' n inform the I ) rrrin Ail ikts in general, that the iilmir \pp o.irua MM other materials can he 1'iociiied at the stated prices, at their l> .guerrerni Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New Yorlt jv't Im'rc LANOENHEIM Si BECKERS WATCHES !? WATCHER AND JEWELRY ? Those , who wish to purchase Uold or Silver Watches, Oolil Chains, ( told.l'encils, Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their ad V intage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city- Oold Watches as low as (30 and *2/i each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. O. C. ALLEN .Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Whoj seals and Retail, 10 Wall street, 1 jrtt a*M ap Main Saratoga Scringh, U. S. Hotel, ) | August fi, 1815. $ Beauty, Fashion' and Money ? Bachelor *, IVidoins, Sentimental Young Ixuiie s, and Gamblers ? Mo dern Civilization ? Our Journey ? Noah's Ark ? Our Fellow Travellers ? The Hotels ? Fashionable Season shortly expected ? The Aristocracy. Saratoga !? word of magic, embodying, in itself, a coruscation of beauty, wit, wealth, fashion and novelty, that men may prize and fallen angels envy. Sirens of beauty, seeking to exchange their wealth and smiles for faithful vows and constant hearts ? bachelors falling into the sear and yellow leaf of ('lipid's favors, half anxious, half afraid, to be wounded by his arrows ? Septuagenary million aires sorting the wealth and beauty of their house holds ? vulgar, important, and consequential as suc cessful trade und hard dollars' can make them ? I Chevaliers dy Industrie, great encouragers of the credit syttem, religiously persuaded that the liquid. i tion of accounts is the most absurd and needless of all mundane proceedings ? Widows, fat, fair and for ty, with purses heavy and charms marketable ? a vast and heterogeneous collection of sympathetic, sentimental Arabella Die-away beauties, who parade their charms on the piazza by moonlight, talking nonsense, of blighted hopes, friendship, poetry, mu sic. love, money, See. ? artificial and dangerous Calypses ? groups of highly fashionable, well-bred, intellectual individuals ? merchants, clerks, butchers, bakers, tallow-chandlers, oil-men, flour-men, old c!o'-rnen, animal magnetizers, phrenologists, meta shysicians, i>oets, authors, and all the vast collection of trades and professions, which the modern state of civilization has engendered. As our foot first pressed the deck of the gallant steamer, which, cutting its way through the noble Hudson, was fast hurrying us to our destination, we could not help reflecting on the vast changes of less than a century. We were carried back in thought to the years, when these shores were resonant only j with the red man's whoop, and the peaceful current of the river, only broken by the plash of his light 1 paddle. The thought was to us big with prophecy of the future destiny of the Anglo Saxon race. Old forest trees have fallen before its onward march ? savages have yielded to its superior inmd the hunt ing grounds ol their fathers ? cities have sprung up in ttie wilderness where it has breathed? and it shall cease not its progress, nor fulfil its high mis sion, until the whole world shall own its sway. In our wake lay a splendid city, teeming with rich products brought from far distant climes ? the centre of a vast commerce, of a struggling and am bitious refinement; of mighty projects and strange schemes, some destined like airy biftbles to burst as9?on as formed; others to grow into realities at once wonderful and brilliant Far before us lay the " magic waters" ? the cool bowers ? the glittering pavilions ? the substantial and elegant hotels of mo dern Saratoga, where, less than a century back, the solitary Indian, as he glided through trie peaceful forest, stooped to sip the refreshing spring. But hark! tinkle, tinkle, goes the bell, that sad remembrancer and drawback on all the pleasures of this life ? notice to disburse the quid pro quo for our transit. Well, we felt happy in complying, for all is comfortable around us. liad a steamboat ex isted in Noah's time, that sage old gentleman would undoubtedly have adopted it for the preservation of the human race. A modern steamboat, however, does somewhat resemble the ark of the great con servator, in the multitude of the different species congregated together. Here a belle ? there a washerwoman. On one side, an exquisite of the first water, pulling his segar with all the airy light ness of veritable bon ton ? on the other, a greasy soapboiler, fresh from the steanT of his own vat. There stands a wealthy merchant, or Wall 6treet broker, who shaves notes at forty per cent, and laughs at the devil ! There is an itinerant Jew pedlar without his pack, and a faro deal ing swindler, seeking whom he may devour. ? And there, too, is the red, jolly fare of Parson Stump and his fair daughter? a party of mustachiod dandies, and a bevy of lauding, bright-eyed i/r ninisellt*, with their gallant beaux. And here they are, nil at Saratoga, drinking tumblers of Congress water. The hotels are all well filled, and the fashionable season will probably commence about the 10th inst. A great many distinguished and celebrated mem bers of the aristocracy are expected next week, and no doubt the season will wind up with great Mat. That prince of good fellows and landlords, Marvin, of the " United States," is making extraordinary preparations for their reception. Let then come then, nssured of a brilliant reception. I will give you lull particulars in my next. The mail is closing, and I have only time to say adieu. Tiie Hi<? IIatctiee Explosion. ? The following is a list ol the names of the passengers, on hoard t e Big Hatchce, 011 the '22 d inst., when her boiler exploded, at Merman, Missouri Slightly Scalded.- -Mn. Harmela Sperr}-. Fort Leaven worth, .Niissouii; Mm. Carrico and black boy, Carrol county, Mo.; Mr. King, of St. Joseph ; Thomas Pierce, Uooue county, Missouri. A'ot Injured. ? George Carrico : Mi** Allen ; John Judy and wife ; Martin Chutz, Cincinnati; I apt. A. O. Bennett, Co to Sans Desiein; Danl. Lnfl'er, St. Louis; Wiuslow Turner, I'lattsburgh, Mo.; and five musicians. Badly Scalded. ? C. Greenwell, Uoonville, Mo.; E. Straingo Titus, Warren county, Mo.; II. R. Pullum, Rocheport, Mo.; C. McGinnis, Mason county, Ky.: John ilarboe. Hath county, Ky.; John Hammond, deck pat senior ; Robert Koster, working his passage. ? Mr. 1). Onines, Salino county, Mo.; L. Hoyle, St. Louis ; Arthur Nenl, Coto Sans Dessein ; llebert Carter, Osago county, Mo., W. 1). H. Ferguson, working his passage. Of the crew the following are Dead. ? Bernnrd Mahon, 1st Kngincer, of St Louis ; Solomon Carver, 3d Kngincor, Grave (.'reek, Va.; James Youngson, 1st Steward, Pittsburgh; Raymond Taylor, id cook, St. Louis ; one fireman, name unknown. JlaJhi Scolded. ? Noih Ludlow, St. Louis; John Magill, 1st cook ; Herman Spunnan, John Itogan, Patrick Gor rigan, K. VV. Richardson, fireman. Slightly Scalded. ? Richard Hutchison, watchman : Jas. Holier barkeeper, of Bolivor, Tenn. Not Iujured.? Captain, Clork, 1'ilot, Pilot's Mate, Car penter, three cabin boys, chambermaid, four dcck hands and one fireman. Ten dead? thirteen badly scalded ? seven slightly scaled? twenty-five not injured. ? SI. Louis Reporter, July 31. Tremendous Fire! ? Loss of Life! ? Horrihle Mirdkrs! ? This morning about two o'clock, the extensive store room of I'uterbaugh St Allison was dis covered on lire, says the Xenia (Ohio) Jefjertnn of tho 3d inst. Their eniire stock of good.";, probably to the amount of ten thousand dollars, were destroyed. The large brick building occupied by P. & A. stare keepers ; A. il. Deal, harness maker, and Samuel Crumbaugh, hat store, was consumed. The brick building occupied by U. D. Williamson, grocer, I) Burr, bookseller, and partly as a dwelling by two or three families, was also de stroyed. The loss of property cannot be less than from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars. One of the buildings was insured. The most deplo' nldo puit of the calamity , was the loss of two very estimable young men, James Kenny and William Steele, clerks of Puteibaugh At Alii son, who slept in tho store. When tho tlames w ere dis covered and the door burst open, Mr. Kenny was found lying against the fiont door, senseless, cut and bruised to i a considerable extent. He was conveyed to a dwelling j not far otl", where ho breathed his last, without being able to give any itif'oi ma*ion how tho lire commenced. Mr. Steele whs discovered lying in bed, probably senseless, but could not be rescued in consequence of the llames. His body was afterwards discovered in tho cellar where it hail fallen through. The back door of the store room was standing open, from which it is pretty conclusive that a most loul minder has been committed, and the store set on fire. One of the villains was arrested in this city yesterday evening : he was followed down the railroad by an ofli. cerfroin the scene of blood. ? Cin. Commercial, ting. 4. Wool. ? The market for this staple has main tained a very gratifying activity throughout the sea son. The quantity which has been marketed hero shows an increase over any former year? and the qiian titjr is destined to increase steadily Irom year to year, as the farmers more ami motn turn their intention to sheep husbandry. It is believed, nlso. that quantity will not only be augmented, but that quality will bo greatlj im proved ? for those who emhaik in the business will un derstand that the true policy is to stock their faynis with sheep for producing a lino quality of wool ? f?r the ex pense ol keeping is no gi eater, while the profits are much increased. Tho quantity of wool which has been purchased in this place the current season, is ascertained to be in round number*, 'WO 000 pounds, and it is still coining in, *1111 it is believed, before the sea ion closes, the quantity which will have found a market here will not fall short of Q AO, 000 pounds. In view of thil fact, we probably hazard nothing in saying, that the ; quantity of wool purchased in Akron tho present season j will exceed that of any other point in the state. At least, such i* the opinion of ninny well informed indi- | viduals upon the subject. Price* this season have innged j from -!?' to 35 cent* a pound? averaging about 'J? cent* a | pound -Jlkro n lltacnn. Coarse Wool. ? It costs just about ns much to : keep a sheep producing coarse wool, as it does to Keep one of the lineit \ ariety, viz: 2 4 cent*. Tho w ool < of tho former i* valueless, inasmuch a* it will cost for j fodder about a* much as its wool will bring. Hence, 1 there i* no wool of the quality imported to this country at the 5 cent* valuation, raised in tho country. A \ an kee sheep would be ashamed to carry it about with him. \ et the locofoco paper* have a great deal to say about the low duty upon coarse wool, a* if it came in competi tion with any wool produced in thil country. The gam mon of *uch logic in too palpable to deceive any one, and ouly render* those who re*ort to it ridiculou*.? Rochet tir Ptmtcrat, Varieties. An liomoepitthic anecdote, which proved very cletJr'y. the.efflcaoy of llonoepatnic globulus.: ? In Phil adelphia it is the practice fo r the physician'to leave a family chest containing a supply of globulus sufficient lor live years, with a book ol directions. It ao happened that some two or three little girls had what is called a children * tea party, and by some means used the con tents of this medicine chest, for sweetening their tea, mis- 1 taking it for sugar. The parents of the children, on as certaining the (act, became greatly alarmed, and de spatched la messenger lorthwith for the physician; he s*on arrived, but as not the least unpleasant symptoms were apparent in his patients, he solved the important question that alarmed the parents, by informing them that, "as tho children had taken the whole, being of dif ferent properties, that one kind had completely counter* I acted the dangerous effects of the other, thereby miracu lously saving them harmless." It is said that Mrs. Kirkland", the popular autho- ' rosn of Korest Life, is preparing a characteristic volume for the American Library of Wiley sc Putnam. Mr. Mat thews, Mr Simms, anil other American writers are enga- , god in the same way. More than five thousand copies of Wiley's elegant edition of Kothen have been sold du- 1 ring the few months since it has been issued. The other , works of the same series sell nearly as woll. We learu from the Newburyport Herald, that the aggregate valuation of that town, by the assessors, this year, is $3,747,400 Last year it was $3,484,100, showing an increase of nearly half a million since the last year. The rate of taxation is $7 80 on the $1,000 The Bartlett Steam Mills Company pay a ta\ the present year of $2,730; James Steam Mills, $1,660; Essex Mill, $610. The crop of fruit in New York and Ohio, it is said, will be very short. In the western part of New York there will be about half an average crop of apples, while in the eastern part of the State there will be much less than this. With the exception of a strip of land a lew miles wide, bordering the couth side of La Erie, there is said to be a total failure throughout Ohio. It is stated that there are now more than fifty pa tients at the Ilydropath or Water-cure establishment in Brattleboro', which has only been opened this season. Among those who arc trying to rid themselves of some of the "ills flesh is heir to," by this new and popular mode, are Professor Longfellow, the poet, and his w ife. it is estimated that in America, three hundred thousand drunkards have been reformed, and that more than five hundred thousand occasional and confirmed drinkers have forsaken their cups since the commence ment of the temperance reform. Welearn from a German journal that the Austrian province* contain 7.315 manufactories, amongst which there are 1,073 privileged ones. The other establish ments connected with trade amount to 674,(115 ; in Tra syl, there are 1!>,629 ; on the frontier called the military one, 18,472. Vienna alone contains 23,061, and the rest of Lower Austria 43,403. Bohemia possesses 126,693 ; Lombardy 118,722; Venice 87,011; and Dalm&tia only 6,700. They are building an ice boat in Boston to beem iloved during tho coming winter, in cutting out the ice >otli above and below East Boston ; and thus lessen the impediments which in cold weather are thrown in the way ol the Eastern Railway ferry boats, by lloating as well as stationary ice in that part of tho harbor. Iron, in some way or other, is now produced in twenty-four of the Uuited States and in one territory, Wisconsin. Mississippi, Arkansas, and Florida ire the only States, and Iowa and the District of Columbia the only other sections where there are no products of iron. Schools of Agriculture are established in C tyuga county, N. V., and in Cornwall, Counecticut. Young men are taught in the sciences as auxiliary to agricul ture, illustrated by practical farming. The terms are moderate, and heal'th and industry are made to go hand and hand together. A little daughter of Mr. Thomas Sargent, of Twelve Mile Prairie. Illinois, was killed by falling into a threshing machine, while driving the horses for her father ; one leg was torn oft' above tho knee, the other foot was torn entirely off, and she was otherwise horri bly mangled. J. A. Everett, Esq., of Houston county, Georgia, a few days since made a donation of $8,000 to the Geor gia Female College, at Macon, which sum was necessa ry to relieve the college from its debt. Jeffrey Jenkins, of New H^iven, has been arrested on suspicion of having murdered his wife. She was found dead in her lied, nnd owing to some suspicions | was disinterred the day after burial, and marks of vio lence found on her throat. Governor Sliunk has pardoned William Hurley* the lad who was convicted of manslaughter in killing Joseph G. Merrow. Hutleywas enlargeu on Weduesda) Three hogshends of tobacco, raised in Scott coun ty Iowa, (refused,) brought at the Planters' warehouse *?: .')5, f.2 70 and *3 30, respectively, per hundred. It is stated that Thomas Moore, the poet, has un dertaken the biography of the Rev. Sydney Smith. Ho has just completed a history of Ireland. Block making lor steamboats is now extensively carried on in St. Louis. Articles of a superior descaij tion are said to he turned out at the shops. A tremendous sensation has been created in Baltimore, by a person who walked into a tailor's shop and paid, with interest, lor a suit of clothes which he bought twelve years ago. The whole number of visitors at the Navy Yard, Charleston, during the month of June, was 2384 j in the month of July, A very large foundry building has been recently erected at Louisville, Ky. It is designed almost ex clusively for the manufacture of stoves, grates, hollow ware, &c. ? jSix hundred dollars areoffered for the apprehension and conviction of the three robbers of Mr. Hatch, in Roxbury. The Comanches have lett their station above Aus tin, TexaA. They had forty odd Mexican women as pri soners, aud many of them young and beautiful girls, who have been forced to the embraces of those savage mon sters. What an outrage upon humanity, and how much humanity revolts at such scenes ! The Cincinnati Commercial save, that a day or two since, two men while fighting on the deck of one of tlie canal boats. on the Miami canal, lying in that city, by some meant got down into the cabin among a number ot la lies: each ot the latter clinched a knife and soon cleared their room of the intruders Professor Lieber, of the College of South Carolina, we learn, has received another oiler from the King of Prussia to onter his service as superintendent of prisons, aud as the incumbent of a chair in the University of Berlin. The degree of L. L. D. has been conferred upon the Hon. Kufus Choate, of Boston, and Judge Kther Sliep ley, of Muinc, at Dartmouth College. Virginia and Tennessee contain over fifty-eight thousand persons, over twenty-one yoars of age, who can not read or write. The number of sporting gentlemen in iioston is said t? be nearly a thousand. An extensive white lead manufactory is about to go into operation in Allegheny city, Pa. ^ince the 1st instant. John Jacob Aator, of New York, has invested tifty thousand dollars in Pennsylvania State Vs. Many othor heavy capitalists are said to be fol lowing his example. With such heavy drafts on the lloating stock in the market, the prices cannot long re main below par. The Grand Jury of Camden County Court (August torm.) Thursday, lound a true bill against the proprietors of the Camden Race Course for sustaining a nuisance. The Si John Courier says that an unusual <|usinti ty of rain has fallen in the last month, which it is feared will be injurious to the growing crops. The river had risen to an extraordinary height for the season of the year. The Washington Plate. ? We learn that the Washington Plate was brought from Arlington House to this town on Satuiday, and lodged in the Dank of Potomac for sale keeping, the proprietor being about to revisit the scenes of his youth, in tho City of New York, after an interval of lifty-lour years, and thence to make a pilgrimage to the sites, hallowed by event" of re volutionary memory, in and around IJoston. Among the plate is a tea service, made in New York in 17W, and en graved with tho crest aud arms ot Washington. This was used during the whole of the first Presidency, and up to the death ol the I hiel at Mount Vernon, Decem ber, 1790. There is alio a massive waiter of pure silvor. Front this venerable relic of other days, was served the great men of the country, who survived tlio revolution; signers of the declaration of independence, members ot tlic old < 'ongress, and of the convention that formed the constitution ? patriots, statesmen, warriors. When Bla den, the celebrated burglar was about to rob Arlington House, he directed Ins subordinate, who made a recon naissance of the IniilJing ? '?Recollect, sir, on your life, do not touch a single piece of Uert. Washington's plate, for if you do, the whole country will be in arms against us, and we shall he ruined forever. ? jiltxandria, (/). C.) Gazette. Arrivals Extraordinary. ? Yesterday afternoon our hat ttor was honored by the arrival ot a Hret ot he.uitilul yachts. They came up the baj iu dashing ?t) lo, and after exhibiting a number of graceful manoeu vres, came to anchor under tho fortifications of the city. 1 he follow ing is a list of the cralt, together with the names ot their commanders -Siren, Mr. Wm. Miller; Cignet, Air. Kdgar ; Sj bil, Mr. C. Miller; Oimcrack, i oiii. J. C. Stevens; Spray, Mr. H Willis; Mist, Mr. Do Pan, Panthea, Mr. Cadwalader; Minna, Mr. VVaterhury; Newbnrg, Capt. Robinson; Lancet, Capt. O. Rollins; i oi|Uille, ( apt. J. ft. Haj ; Washington, ('apt. Major. "-Aft? Harm Courier, Thursday. The CorrEtt Mania.? Within n week or two past, two companies have been formed hi this place, tor the purpose ot making a venture in tho copper specu lation. The first is called the '? Jackson Mining compa ny." Ki.e members of this company have already pro ceeded to l.ako Superior in nuest of " locations." The other company, consisting of litteen ot our citi/.ens, is organ1 zed, hut we have not heard its tiuine, or the names ol its officers. ?.Am"**?" (Mich.) Gazette. Worcester. ? According to a census of the town of Worcester just taken, tho present population is 1 l,.V>rt The population in IS 1(1, was 7,497 ; increase in five years 1,009. The number of births In twelve months preceding May 1, was ifb, I'olltlcal. The Florida Legislature adjourned on Saturday, the -JHth ult. Hon. G. 8. Hawkins, of Apalachicola, was elected judge of the western circuit; Hon. Thomas Balt /?II, of Tallahassee, judge of the middle circuit, and Hon. J. H. B ronton, of the eastern; and Hon. W. Marvin, of the southern. James T. Archer, Esq., is elected se cretary of state, Cajit B. Byrd, treasurer, N. P. Bemis, Ksq., comptroller of public accounts, Hon. Joseph Branch, attorney general, M. D. Papy, Ksq , clerk of the Supreme Court. The following gentlemen are elected solicitors The Floridian states that they are all excel lent nppoiutments : western circuit, i. Caraway Smith ; middle circuit, Thos. Jefferson Heir -.eastern circuit, Felix G. Livingston; southern circuit, R. K. Brantley. .Some of" the Ohio papers are tickling Senator Al len with the notion of putting him up fortfis Presidency, and he enters into the project with great satisfaction. He thinks, as Mr. Polk is to be out of the way, and as the old homes of 1844 will be broken down, it would be quite well that " a young and vigorous horse," like himself, shoul l be put upon the turf. ? Richmond Whig. Major E. .J. W. Bu'.ler, who was mentioned as a probable candidate to succeed Gen. Dawson, deceased, as a representative for the third congressional district of Louisiana, declines being a candidate, and Mr. Wm. D. Boyle is now named : also, Col. Penn, Cel. Davidson, (ion. Dunlap, Col. Kluker, Judge Dunlap, Col. Dawson, Mr. Selby, Mr. Butler, Mr. llannason, and other distin guished gentlemen. The lion. Henry Shaw, the native American can didate for governor in Massachusetts, resides at Lanes boro' in Berkshire. The Hon. James M. Mason is spoken of in> Virgi nia as a prominent candidate for the I". S. Senate as suc cessor to Rives. The whigs of the fifth congressional district in Maryland have nominated Henry K. Wright of <<ueen'a Anne's county, as their next representative. Col. James Collins, ot Iowa county, has been no minated by the whig party as the delegate to represent the Territory of Wisconsin in the 29th Congress. There was an election in the Sixth ward of Pitts burg a few days since, which resulted in the complete triumph of the whig and anti-masonic ticket. In Florida, W. H. Brockenbrough is the democra tic candidate for Congress, in place of Mr. Levy, chosen Sonator. The locofocos of Talbot county have nominated the following ticket for the next House, of Delegates : ? Philip K. Thomas, Benjamin Bowdlo, and Spedden Owen, Esquires. Uol. James Collins, of Iowa county, has been no minated for Congress by tiio whigs of Wiskonsan. The Convention was lar^e. Col. Collins is an old settler, and is a practical miner. He will poll a large rote in the territory, especially up in the region of tne "Lead diggius," aud he may be elected. Ex-Governor Davis, of Worcester, has been ap lointed by the Governor and Council, as Counsel in de ending the constitutionality oftheMassachusetts License Law, which is to be tried before the U. S. Supreme Court at Washington, next winter. The Hon. Edward Cross, a representative in the last Congress, has been appointed one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Arkansas, in tho room of the Hon. T. J. Lacy, resigned. In the District composed of the counties of Bu chanan, Do Kalb, pnd Clinton, Robert M. Stewart, Jona than M Bassett, Wm. Curie and Theodore D. Wheaton, arc candidates for the convention, to be held in Missouri" New City ox the Merrimack. ? The question was asked the other day by the Haverhill Gazette, why the founders of the new manufacturing town which has been spoken of as in embryo nt Andover, had chang ed their location to Methuen, on the opposite side of the river. The fact appears to be that the company original ly intended to locate on the south side of the river, and a liberal and even generous spirit was manifested by the citizens of Andover, in selling their land at low prices. The company, however, entrusted n lawyer of the place with the business of obtaining and per'ecting the titles to the real estate which they desired, ana he, it was found, bad used his knowledge so as to get hold of an es tate, and demand n price so extortionate that the direc tors of the company would not submit to it, and accord ingly decided to resort to tho Methuen side of the river. The people of Andover are exceedingly indignant about the matter, as the estate in question was recently bought for less than >3000, and the price demanded of the com pany for it was $30,000. The Methuen tide of the river possesses us good facilities for the work as Andover. It is a level plain, and the water of the Merrimack is to be made follow in a grand canal 100 feet in width, through the place to he used to drive the machinery of the. factories and again find its place in the bed of the river Hundreds of laborers are now engaged in excavating this canal, and the dam across the Meirirnack is to be immedi ately commenced. Tho editor of tho Dancer# Courier, who has recently visited the spot, says the place is to be laid out in the most approved manner, with streets of ample width, and public squares adorned with trees and shrubbery . aud it is believed that this place is destined to be not only a beautiful but a larger city than its neigh bor, Lowell ; as it will have more water power and may avail itseif of the advantage of water as well as of rail road transportation. It is more eligibly situated for building purposes, and its plan is more regular and pleas ing to tlic eye. It requires some stretch of the imagina tion to look upon the now peaceful fields and wild wood lands of a sandy plain, and fancy that in a very few years tiiere will spring up a mighty city of brick and mortar, with its paved streets? its lolty manufactories? its forest of chimnies, aud the busy hum of an industrious popula tion. ? Newburypart Herald, -dug. 6. A Psychological Curiosity. ? The watchman in the cu|>ola of the City Mall is a good illustration of a singular effect produced by the mi'nd upon the body? an effect that philosophy has long observed without being able fully to explain- He either wakes regularly every hour, or he cries tho hour correctly while asleep! This has long been observed by some oi our citizens. For in stance. when the tire which consumed Knickerbocker Hall was discovered by the private watch of tho Banks ami Exchange Company, it was found impossible to wake him; the whole neighborhood was aroused- tho bells ot the several churches were clanging their dire lul choius ? t'ut no sound from tho City Hall. A friend of ours observed, on looking at his watch, that it wanted but a lew minutes of four, anil remarked, " See if he does not wake to cry the hour." Sure enough as the last stroke of tho clock sounded, forth came the stento rial tignal, heard above all the chaos of alarm that now iille.l tho city, issued directly towards the llames that Hashed in his face as be uttered it, " Past four o'clock, and a-a-all is well- 1-1." This effort seemed to wake him, for be directly afterwards gave his alarm. The same j singular phenomenon was observed on Tuesday morn. 1 ing at the lire in Park street. We make no complaint. Our citizens generally understand that they are depend ent on private watchmen for their safety , and seeming perfectly content to be so. Our object is solely to get at the solution of a philosophical problem. Does he wake every hour, or docs he cry the hour while asleep? ? ,'llhany Jlrgvs, Jlugnst 7. A New Patent. ? A very valuable improvement I on the " .Kolian attachment," and all instruments in which the tone is produced by a curront of air acting upon a thin metallic roed, has just been patented at Washington by the ingenious inventor, Mr. Charles Horst, of this city. Mr. Horst's inveution coniists in perfecting the reeds used in the above instruments, and securing them iu such a manner as to render them less liable to get out of repair, and enabling the performer to rnise or lower their pitch at pleasure. An instrument supplied with Mr. Horst's improved reeds can be tuned to chord with other instruments, or have its pitch raised or lowered with as much ease as that of a guitar or violin. In case a reed should give out, its place can bo supplied by a new one, and be perfectly tuned, without resorting to the usual injurious process of filing ai.i sciaping, and iu as short a time as a string can be placed in any stringed instrument.? A'. O. Pic. U. S. Circuit Court, Boston, Aug. G.? An irreg ular and singular attempt to influence the Judge in favor of a party.? This morning, his honor Judge story, handed to the Clerk a letter which he had received from a person in New York, relative to a caso pending in tho court, giving the writer's opiniou of the objects and de signs of the party whom he chose to condemn, and ex pressing his opinion as to the proper time for the court to hear the cause. His honor said that the letter was of an improper character to be addressed to a court, and di rected tho rlerk to place it upon the files, and to notify the counsel in the rnsc of the circumstance. The letter purports to be signed by "Joseph W. Taylor, 62 Pearl street, Now York," and is addressed to "Mr. Justice Story, Cambridge, Mass," Kemarkarle Sagacity op a IIorsk. ? In the stable burned in Albany, on Wednesday, were two horses, one of which (a mare belonging to Mr. Hurst,) was tied by a strong halter, farthest from the door, with her head near thespotwhere the fini originated. After, her head and eyes were considerably burned, she broko her halter, jumped over the partition bar, broke open the door and made her escape and by running to the bake house gave the first alarm of fire. This fact seems to reverse the rule of action in horses .similarly situated. Their in stincts not unlv fail them in such ruses, but it has been found almost "impossible to withdraw them from tbe flames which wore consuming them. Othniel Looker, senr., died on the 23d ultimo, at Palestine, Illinois. lie was horn in New Jersey, October6, I7J7, and served five years in thearmy during the war of the Revolution. Ho emigrated to Hamilton county, Ohio, in tho )ear ISO I, and was elected to repre sent the people of that county in tho Senate of Ohio in ISI.1. lie was afterwards elected Speaker of the Senate, and after the resignation of Governor Meigs in 1443, be came acting Governor of Ohit>. He served also in tho capacity of Associate Judge of Hamilton county Court of Common Pleas for tho term of seven years. Illinois Lands. ? Individuals owning lands in Il linois on which taxes arc not |>ai(l, had better be on the look out. All lands and lota forfeited to the State, and as w e understand tho law all lands and lots on which taxos are not paid, will he sold on the first Monday in September. The sale, it is declared, will be conclusive. We have not seen the law; but the Snngauin Journal de clares it to bo very severe, and thinks it ought to be con strued more liborally. Whitewater Canal. ? The Cincinnati Chronirle, of the 2d inst , has the following paragraph s? "The aijuediict Itelow this city gave way on Thursday night. The water was diawn off yesterday, but it is expected that navigation will be resumed on Monday next."