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August 10, 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW roe Vol. ?1., Mo. IBK-Whol* No. tC80 NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, K HERALD. AUGUST 10, 1845. PrlM Two Cai THE NEW YORK HERALD.1 J,? CORDON BENNETT. Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand DAILY HERALD? Krery duy. Pries 3 cent* p?l oojiy ? $7 15 per annum ? payable in advance. WEEKLV HERALD ? Every Saturday? Price ?!* cents per iiopy ? $8 1J) cents per annum ? payable in udvance ADVERTISEMENTS at the u.uul prices ? al*ayi Ct r>h iri advauco. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty eoit despatch. (&? AU lettors or communication!, by mail, addrecsud to tho establishment, must be post paid, or tha postage W'il be doducted from the subscription inouey remitted JAMEU GORDON BENNETT, FinmittOl 09 THX Nk* V.i iik I J y v ai.Ij H!?i ?oLH#i * ? i ? ROCK A JV A Y STAGES, ON and after A unli t 1st, 1845. will Jo ve the City II tel, nt o'clock P.M. dsily, Mtitday s txcepted , fnt Kar Kork^vny. lie, ni' 1'itv tiiou at 7?^ A. M., for New Vork, cross ing nt the South I'Vrrv. All orders to belrftat 3W IV il l atr; et aul lm?rc II. COVJCLTN LI :> L I i 'it i>v >ci'J't i n C'^vv DA iL? t'Vhli Tllli LoN<; L&jIanD TTaIL ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH .J- WOtlCKSTn R. At i* o'clock in the V 'uii ig, frnin dt? Pool of Whitehall str?->t, South Kerry? Sund in e?cepted W ,y Cri tea are in re alum to receive lMggr.ce for New Lo il"' i, Norwich sod V/iwcutir. B.ikk tte f?r Boston got* liiron . ]| under lock. julti lire FOIl NEWPORT AMI) I'UOVlhENcti. FARE FlFTV CI'.VI S FOR TIIE SEASON. li5? Oil tl'iy*. Wfl'iMil y% niitJ I'Viilttyi, over ilie Loup lniu .il Kail It. M.d to (iivrniHirt. thence lo N't w|K>rt ami Prov? dt"Hv in .? ati<l coiiuihid.oiiH Soiiid Stesmcr. This Lint* leaves at 8 o'clock in the Mnmiiig, from the Foot ct WHteh'iil street, S'?urh Kerrjr. |t? rf rc i\AKK TO i:A!/ri .\LUiii: ill Through in Scm a Hoars. NEW CA!=TLL AND FRENCHTOWN KAIL ROAD AND STEAMllOAT IJNIv. ^ Tiie 11 uri veiled Strain bo it 7. M. Uou^l isH, will, ou and after Monday, June l(i, leave Dock Street wnarf, daily, ^ except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive iu Baltimore nt about 10 P. M. Fare only *1. . . This Line is composed of the following spl endid and fast Steamboats: ? Jlobert Morris Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio.... Captain L. Davis. Constitution. Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J Trippe. This Lilie leaves Bowly'a whari, Baltimore at 3 r. M.? Tickets lor Wheeling and Pittsburg enu be procured on boajd the limit. UNITED STATES MAIL LINKS H OR BALTIMORE. F<> ! ?. Jit ? Through in Sit. Honrs PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MOUE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elkton, ay-rede Grace, 8tc. On and after Wi-dnesday Ui-xt, June 23th, the fare between Philadelphia ai d Baltimore, by the Mail Linus, will be reduced to >i. The Train* will leave as follows:? lrom Philadelphia, | Krom Baltimore, De;iot 11th end M irket streets. Depot in Pratt street. Dailj . except Sunday, at 8 A.M. I Daily, exc, Sunday, at 9 A M. An l Dsily, at 4 P. M j And Daily, at 8 P M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh ? Tickets through to Wheeliug and Pittsburgh cau be hud at the Depot, Eleventh nnd Market sts. <>? 11. HUDDELL, Agent, for further information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, attlie office of Adams it Co. 17 Wall street. June 24lh, 18-J5. jcrjec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. &6M& o&m EDUCED FARES. SUMMliR ARRANGEMENT, TRA1N8 RUN AS FOLLOWS, On aud after 14tli June, 1843. From Itroolilyn Depot ? Boston T rnin ? A. M. daily, Sunday* excepted, (topping it Farmingdale and St. George's Manor. Accommodation Train ? 9,* A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming dr.le and intermediate places. daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train,.! P. M. for Oreenjiort, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hicks vill , and all the stopping places betwoeu Hicksville and Orecnport. From Greenpori Drpol ? Boston Train, daily, Sunday* eiccf led. it 12>{ o'clock M., or on the am I'.ii of thesteamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train ? At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepttd, forBrooklyu and intermediate places. F>'?m Farmingdale Drpot ? Accommodation Train. 6*4 A - M. and i)i P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. From Jamaica l)i put ? Extra Train, l)f P.M. dr,ily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn aud intermediate places. The Boston Trams stop only at Kannmgdile and St. (ieoiges Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at the following plac<* on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver puseL gers, viz: 7>?dlord 8 Deer Park ?? East New York 12*4 Thompson 88 Knee Course I8^J Suffolk Station. 1 <KI Trotting Course IH^ Lake Koad Station 1 18^ Jamaica '?t Med ford Sluliou 1 I8,'4 Urushville ... 31 'a Millerille I JO Hyde Park, 17 miles 37>g St. Ueorge'a Manor. ... 1 6a Clowsville, (during ses- Riverhead 1 12 siou Court,) 37'-, .famesport I S2K Hempstead 27v? Mattetuch I 62.H Branch. 37 Cutchogne I 6 2>i Carle Place 44 Soutliold ? 1 62,'t Westbury 44 Oreenport, Acc'u. train. 1 7i>s Hicksville 44 Boston Train 2 00 Farmingdale 62H Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island Baggage (.'rates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receiv* Baggage lor the several Tr ims, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starring from the Brooklyn side. -?Mock" way Baggage taken in separate Crate*. julSre TO WESTERN TRAVELLINGS. JbAt-Hi.a& AN u PIONEER PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Rail roadsaiid ( 'anal ? through in 3>s days. The above line is now in fnil operation aud offers mat inducement" to persons who wish a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The tars are built in the most approved modern style, the ooats are fitted up in a superior manner, and eveiy effort is made by ttu proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience 01 traveller*. The scenery 011 this route ia unrivalled, and the Seat chain of PeuMjrhania internal improvements is well wot vol By I tends nt upon si fa travelling, aud at the same time make an ex hy of being seen. By n iiiie i>atsengers avoid all the fatigue* and danger* at _ Oil 1 peilinoua tup. The e ira leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passenger* are ad VlMd to engage their place* at lliiladf Iphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner ol ( htsnut and Fouriii streets, and at Nos. 13 and 15 South Third stt. A. CUMM1NGS, Ag-nt. Philadelphia^ May IV, 1845. For information. in the city of New York, apply to Xi. II. KN ISELL, Agent lor U. LEECH Si CO.'. Line. 7 West st, N. U. myI7 tni'rrc rtOi LE8' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOK ALBANY j ?-"'1 DAILY ? Snndaye Excepted ? Tiirough Di flci"", ?sud'reot, it 7 o'clock 1' .\l., Irani the Pier between i ? < ourtl indt tud Libert; street*. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain 11. ti. Crnttenden. will leav.- on Monday, Wednesday 1 ud Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock Hteainhoal SOUTH AMKKII, A, Captain W.H Truewiell, ttiII (eave on Tuesday, Thursday mid Saturday Afternoon*, at 7 o'clock. At J o clock P.M., landing at intermediate place*, from the foot of Barclay street ; ? Steamboat NEW JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Furey, will leave 0 1 Holiday, Wednesday, J riday and Sunday Att- ruooua, at 5 o'clock Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, ('apt W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Suurduy eV?uiilgs,st 5o clock.; either ot the auove l.iuet will arnvt iu Altin uy ii an I'll tune lor (he Moraing Train ol Car* lor the east or West. Tie' B oats are new .ind substantial, are furnished with jew and elegant suite rooms, aud for siiecd ami accommodations are on* rivalled on the Hudaon. Freight takt u at moderate rates. All iieiouis are loihid truutiug any of the Boats of this Line, Without a v ritten yrder from the Captains or Agent*. If'or |M?nin or freight, apply on bo ird the boats, Ot to I C. at tlie office on the whtrf. aul rc MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, /**L K()R ALBANY, TKUY and intermeddle ' "idings, irom the Steamboat Pier at the fool o Jfa? ??! Jr.,, Barclay street. lire ut si and Uiunei on board the boat. Leaves New Vofk at 1 o'clock, A.m., Tuesday*, Thnr*day? and Saturqav, and Tioy atfi o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A- M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat TKOV, Captain A. Oorham, on Tuesdays, Thursdays mid Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. 'I be steamboat NlAdARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. F<t pass >ire or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Ilall, at the office on the wharl. Notice? All goods, fre'ght, hies 'ge, bank bill*, spacie, or auy Other kind of prom riy taken, ?hipl*al, or nit oil board this boat, mnst be at the risk ol the owners of *uch good*, freight, bag. >*?e, >C. jel?rc STATKN^LANI) SlBiofc ' KKRRY, KOOT OK WHITEHALL STREKT The Steamboat* SV I, I'll anil STATEN 'SLANDC'R will |wne >ew Vttk every hour except 5 P. M., comineneing at |A. M ,?ntil7l'.M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4 T. M.. commencing at * A. M., until 7 P. M. N B.? ilk Sunday* the Boat* will leave every honr from 8 A M until 1 1'. M.? and fiom 1 P. M. until 7 P. M., every hall li?ur. j> 13 NI.W YORK, ALUANY AM) TROY LINE. 0t\ ALBANY ANI) TROY DIRECT. ? It 7 o'clock, P. M ? The steamboat EM 1 in JTn I'liii.' Captain K. U. Macy, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Courtiandt street, every Tuesday, Tbareday and Saturday alternoon, at 7 o'cloi k. The sieamboat I'OLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, every Monday, Wednesday a d Fridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock h or raiiagf or Freight apply ta board, or at the office on the Wharl. i?W OPPOSITION TICKET OKKICK.-Kor 1 Albany, 74 cents? I'tica, ii ? Syracuse, S2..)0? Rochester. S3 ? Buffalo, S3 5A? Also, through iu tlx- lint line, with board. $10.40 ? Also, Oswego, S3 Kingston, ( U. C.,) S4? Toronto, Si ? Cleveland, (O.) t6? De troit, $G 40? Chicago, ( III. ) SI0.40? North to Troy and White hall. S2.50? Montreal, $J. JO. Office No. 10'' Barclay it v24 It.i'rh M. I, R VY. Airent WILLIAMSBURG H AN1J FECK SLIP , FEriiY The Trustees of this Kerry, believing that there are nr ny of the citizeus of New York j ? and vicinity that are uunc<|UainU-d with the facilities this ferry affords as a plus-ini communication with Willtamsbure ??ud Long Isluid, would e that there j stv two good Kerry Boats ou this Kerry, which leave Peck SI in every fifteen or twenty minutes throuun the day up to 5 | o'clock, P. iM., and then up to 8 o'clck. at each even hour and h'df hour; after which a boat leaves at S o'clock and 10 o'clock The last boat leaving Willismsburg at half-past 9 o'clock. I'. P 5 ?On the evening of July 4th, the boat will cohuiid- to i 'till 13 o'clock lv2 lm*TC 1 iv- .+ . 7." URAKTS ON uUKATBRlTAI N AND o >W II' KLAND? Persons wishing to remit ino k 1. ? S.Tfc T,ai\ ney to their friends in any part of Knglnnd, Irc'xiid, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied **? iftfalrani?irtinli ? ,L|, dmlU payable at sight. without dis count, for any amount, from JU upwi>rrl?, at the following ' l.\ t'.Nui asd-' The Nationt'l and Provincial Bank of | land; Messis. J. B.viied Si. t"o , Exchange w?i?l Discount llanS, i Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t it Soi., London, and branches ! throughout Knglnnd and Wales. I \ It.M t vti ? ' Tl,e N ri<>< ? I Ca'ik <<r Ireland, mil Proviy cial Hank and branches throughout Ireland I* SfcoTl.AM; ? The Eastern Bank of Hcollaiid, Nationul Cark of Scotland, Oreeuock I# uikicg Company, and branches throughout Scotland The stcimshii C .mbri.i, sail. fmm Bo?to . ou th 1C li Au trust, l> wh'cli all draft* can ' * w irdcil ;ree Appiy to W. Sc J l TA Pi) Wit ??' Hootb iti, cor. Violet, fail' Koii LD.NUi'N- IV ktt of be 14Ji ugu t ? jwV 'I be splei di ! and '?'? ? s' ilo ir i :>ck t ship K A L V MA . ^StiJ5<Zi >0, < ' ii t -iu McCtrrcn, wi I ]>< snivel y sail s above I er lyulit day. Tina line L-lop lias very sttierior pccotnrni datio'is f r cabin, s ?*. i J cnMu v d steer: ge | assent; rs. Persons ulw lit to em bark for'lieodc un ry, c n not telect a fmersh.p ami ih pri. e of fast -ge is v ry low. 'lo a -< u re bertha early a| pi cation thotllJ e r.ied-ou board, of I'ii.e street, or to W. & J. T. TA P8COTT, fire 7ti Booth * r,ct corner i f. Maiden l.'ne H&i? .si.w- Link ok" i7i vkkpool, packets *e""fVo h' regular Packet of 21ft of August ? The spleidid rffeedWauil' i sailing favorire packtt slop LlVElii'UOL, ' api Jonu 1 - ! ! r i ge, ( 12U0 to:is) will sail punctually us above, her regular day. This elegant pu ket ship ha? Pcconiinod lions for cabin s? con ! cabin ? i d ?*r. ?e, U' surpa s.d by any ship saili. n out of the p r of New Vo k . Th"se w ho nre p oceedi K u the old ( i ii >t i y sli ul tie refore in ke immediate pi licatiou to secuie berths, either OU board fool of Burliuc SI p, it to W & i. T. TAPCOTT, atijcc 74 South street, corner of Ma deu Lane. i?a^~ LONDON LINK OK PACKKTS-rackefot the 10th Auiru?t-1 splendid and fast suiling Packet Ship iTORONTO, C.'uptain Tuckei, will |H>sitively sail as above, her regular day. She has excellent accommodations for cahin, second enhin and steerage passengers: those wishinc to secure berths, should m ke early application to W. is. J. T. TAPS( 'OTT, Hire 75 **onth street, corner of Maiden Lane. PACKKiS KOR 11 AV HK ?(Second Line.)? The Packet -hip UT1C A, Captain Kred rick Hew itt, will sail on the 1st September. fight or passage, apply to BOYD b HINCKKN, al ec No. # Tontine Buildii'g, cor Wall ?ud Water tts. KOR klVe-RPOOl..? New Line ? Regular Packet oflhe2Bth Augnst? The elegant but sailing Packet Ihip SI UDON S, Cajit. E. B. Cobb, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, tier regular day. Kor freight or passage, havinf accammodntiOM nne<]aalled for tpli ndor and comfort, ?pily on board, at Orleans wh irl", foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS h CO., 56 8outh street Price ?f SM'O. Packet Ship Sin rid in, Cnt.t. Cornish, will succeed the Sid dons. and sail 26th September, day jv?i KOR NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND.? The well known, fast sailing coppered ami c?|'Per-f stened ship RAMBLKR, B uter, Master' uaviug all bet lieav, lii-uhl tn<?Ked, will sail in a few days. Fur light freight, or passage, having good nccomtiodatior.s, Apply to WOODHULL Ik Ml.NTL'HN, jy2i rrc H7 South strret. ^ WANTED IMMKDIATELY? A ship to ioad for a southern port? Apply to i E. K. COLLINS & CO., a2*e 56 South street.. J. IIEKDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE IVom Ureal Britain and Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest rate. jiuil Drafts furnished Tor nny ainouut, Payable at all die principal B.tuks iu Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, on application to J- HERDM AN, jtirc 61 South street. ijfiyC1- WANTED ? A Ship to load for a Southern Port Apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO. isPwSs j2t eo ft. Hunth utreet. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE Wr;-. .^vOFFlCE, 61 South at. ? Passage from England, Irte ffY'?:JliL'"i I Scotland and Walea? Those seudiug for their (Vie id.-, would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of m ikiug their arrangements with the subscribers on very mode rate term;, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liyerjiool weekly. Drafts can as usual be furnished ior any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. The mail steamer Hibernia sails fr?rn Boston ou the 16th inst, bv w nich letter* ran be forwarded quickly. inv23 rh FOR SALE, F HEIGHT OR < HAU'l 'ERrThe very last sailing N. Vork built packet ship YAZOO, >.711 Num. live n.ik mill lormt top. live oik transom, apiun aid forward aud after cauts, carries 22(10 bales New Or leans cotton, aud has haudtome furnished accommodations lor 26 passeugers. Apply o.i board at Jones' wharf. or to E. d. COLLINS St CO , jy20ec 56 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL ? The New Line? Regular Packet of 2'st August.?' The superior fast sailing packet ship LIVERPOOL, 1156 tons, Capt. John El j dnii^e, will ssiil as above, her regular day. | For freiuht or passage, h iving elegant and su|ierior accom modations, appiy on bo ml. west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL St MIN l'URNS,?7 Soutli st The packetship Queen of the West, 1250 tons, Capt. Tims. Woodh use, will surcet d the Liverpool, and sail ou hor regu lar day, 2l?t September^ Jy2> 5*. * OR SA1.E, FREIGHT OH ( HAH I ?? V VWS' '**t barque HOME, C?pt..iu Watts, built C Baltimore one year since of the best materials, ari ies doout 4,00(1 barrels, aud h 3 hand ? une accommodations for twenty passengers. Apply to C aptain Watts, on board, at Pike street wharl, or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. . i 17 rc 56 South street TO LET ? O fliers ami Lolls in the new lire-proof Store ; corner of Pine aud South sts, Appl \ to L j>20 JOSEPH McMIIRRAY. FOR SALE. THE Three Story Brick Honse, 413 Hauston street, ' built ill the best manner; warm ill winter aud cool u. _Lsummer; replete with every convenience. Hall the hase money may nmaiu on bond and mortgage at 6 per cent. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS & ( ,'0., ju 19 ec 56 Sonth street. TO LET.until the first of May next and immediate pos session given, of the 3 story house No. 101 First Avenue _ between 6th aud 7th streets, The premises have lately put in coinplente order. And all has been painted inside and out, last June, the Croton water introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, and it is well adapted to accommodate one or more l >milies; rent asked to one family foi the residue of the year to next May is S3?'i. Inquire at tiie office ?f John 11. Power, Esq., No. 70 Nassau St. comer of John, up stairs from the hours of 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Saml. R. B. Norton the owner, at the same office on Tuesdays and Wednesday. 1 in jy 12* rh I jOOK AT THIS ! 7 JUST RECEIVED? Another lot of French Boots, ol |jthe best kind, and will b? sold at the "Id price, $5, and the best of French Call Boots made to order for S5: City made _ Calf Boots, and the greatest assortment ol Gents Gut ecs of all kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the linen Calf Shoes, S3 ud $2 50. A great variety of all other kinds. Lauies in tins Score will hud a i;reat assortment ol (jailers, ousiuni, Slips Tie*. Pruuells, Satin, fee. For an assortment of all orher kinds Mitnes and Children's Hoots and Shoes we cannot he beat in tluscity. Do nut mis uvfce the iiumuer, Mil Broadway, corner ol'Frankliu street, js] lin'rti M. CAH1LL. Ji KOULSTONE'S h iding school, 131 ami lll'.l Mi ner Sticel. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the hotcrto inform his friends and the public in general, that his j?jL<LjL.Srho?l for Instruction in Horsemanship is now open d .> .uut evening, as follows .? Hour* for (iei'tlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. Ladus " ? A. M. to J P. M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr llonl?to.!?. Mr. R has Just received from the country several 11, ic and stylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rra finable priri rnvTrr 1-iLOLIv il.N WAKh MA.NUhlUUK l. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT of PUnislied Tin ana it Comsnon 'I'm Ware, Cutlery, Hard and Hollow Wan*. Wood Ware, Baskets, Brushes, Door Mala, Shaker f-eives ami Brijpm* ? in short, r?er> variety ol bonse*lu,epiiij( articles N. B. ? A complete assortment of Cofft e and In Urns, Table Dishes ii. d Covers, 4.C., 4cp., for hotels Hud steamboats, ou hand aud manufactured at the shortest Uotice. JAMES V. W ATKINS, juS lin* 16 Catharine street. New York. ~~ 1'ITsE WO it It CEVKN IllJNDRl D CORDS No. 1, for sale low, in Uis kJ gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va.,by JOHN SAVAGE, 8. S DENNIS, ...... ? . , , H.T. RL'MELt. Said Inlet is navigable for vessels drawing seven let. JV22 Im'rre baTABLlSHhO I PETER ROSE, CUTLER. AND MANUPAC* TURER OF aURQtCJL JIND DBKTJIL IttZTRUMF.NTT, No. 412 Bnotowav, mean C&rai. ir-trr, Niw Vokk. PH. w aild respectfully call the atteutioa of Physicians, ? Surgeons, Dentist*, aud Country Merchants, tofnageue I ral assortment of instruments, and Cutlery ol the most approved | | atterns, which he will warrant not to be surpassed iu quslity I or woikiiuiiiship by any manufactured in this country or im ! ported. P. II trusts that is long -nd practical experience in the busi nes? (having heei :aged iu it siiwe 1822.) will he a sufficient , guarantee to pure-l tin tall orders will be failhlully aud promptly attended t Surgical and Dental Instruments, Ra ?on..H|ienr8, Scissors , Penknives, kc., ground, set, and repairs ed wilh gieat care and despatch. juO lm*rc ; "important notice TO DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS j 'l^H K. andersignedhave made application to get VtUtrt Put tut I A. for their new process to eolt.r Dagnerreot> |* Pietnres. I This process produces an elfecl not known before, and charges the appearance of the Daguerreotype to that ol the finest paint ing. This coloring process is done by nature Hsell guided only ! by the hand ol the operator. a d machinery. It cau be pelormed ! by every one not skilled in the art ol paiutina, and will be per lectly understood at cue glance. It also can be com inuuicaled iu writing, wilhout difficulty.

i Artisu wisbnik to procure tl?e Patent right for a City or County, cau make pic-engacem"Ut* therefore, by addressing | (post paid ) to W. k F. LANuEN HE1 M, jyl lm *ro Excliange, Philtdeli hi*. Grand Scene from the Opera of Les Huguenots. Lei Huguenot*. The magnificent oi>eraot' "Lea Huguenots" ia to be produced at the Park to-morrow evening. Above is an illustration of one of the most exciting scenes in the play. In order, however, to let every one un derstand the plot of the opera, we annex un extract from a book in French, with u translation by Mi', ilevoil: ? That religious and political butchery celebrated in history under the name of the " Massacre of St. Bartholomew," had been projected since the year in a council held at Bayoune, between Cathe rine de Medecia, the Duke d'Anjou and the Duke d'Albe. Postponed byditlerent obstacles, this bloody project was not put in execution th>* 21th of August, 1572. It was on the occasion ot the mar riage of Henry of Navarre with Margaret of Valois, a file which had brought to Paris all the chit ft of the IJugucnot party in France and Navarre. An attempt against the life of Admiral Cojigny, who was attack ed on the 22d by a paid assassin, named Maui evert, was a sort ot prelude to the great catastrophe. The Huguenots were excited, and Charles IX. went him self to inquire after the old soldier. Finally, on Sa turday, the 2.H, in a secret council held byCatherine de Medecis, the Duke of Anjou, the Counts de Ne Y?ra and Saint- tins, the Marshals de Tavunnea and de Ketz, and the Grand Prior of the Louvre, she mastacre was resolved upon, and they forced th>" indecision of Charles IX., who, to that very day, had been a stranger to the projects of the Queen Mother. There was a grand hall ut the Hotel de Sens, on the 2fth of August, where all the Huguenots were assembl-d; th.-n. at two o'clock, after midnight, the bell of St. Germam I'Auxerroia sounded, and the massacre commenced at tins d:smal signal. The historians of the tune assures us that the uutnber of vict. rns was above 10,000, amongst these they in clude UK) noblemen. The same orders were tiso accomplished ii the provinces, and moie than 70,(KM) persons of th" re formed religion perished for their faith. The King of Navarre and the Prince of Condi onlv saved their lives by becoming Catholics. As to the Admiral Coligny, he was one of the first murdered hv the Duke of Guise, and his corpse was hung at Mont faucon. Here is in a few lines the history of the massacre of St. Bartholomew; we have onlv to add som^ words upon the character of Charles IX, which lias been misunderstood by most of the authors ot his own and our lime. The son of the astute Cathe rine was feeble in body itnd soul. His brutal train ing had, perhaps, excit;d in him those cruel tastes which an unrestrained passion for h inting may ex cite in a man : but it is a very different tiling from th s to suppose that he found p'eat-uie i'l shootinghis unfortunate subjects in cold blood. I poshes: a let ter of Chute* IX, copied at the Royal Library at Paris, in which the King oilers the Marquis de'Vil leroy, his Ambassador at Madrid, hia thanks tor the documents which he has sent to be embodied in his book of bunting, (La chasse du Hoi Charles IX,) in winch, be says, he had "put ilie last words, this twenty-fourtli day of August, 1572." Is it possible tlint lie could have occupied himself about such-trifles if he had known of the terrible catasrophe which was to take pljce on t'.v.- same evening? Is it not more credible that his mother obtained his consent at the last moment 1 To this article should be added, that the famous window, tibove which the wretches of 179:? placed the follow ing inscription : " It was from this window that the inlamous Charles IX fired at his subjection St. Bar tholomew's day," did not erist at that time, but was built in tiie reign of lenry IV, twelve years after wards. Soiree at one of the Watering Places, Newport, (R. I.,) Ana 4, 1845. Our Watering Placet, their Comforts and Pleasures. I notice that all your correspondents from this place, write as though they were pott proprietor;! in the hotels and bathing-houses, or had desirable lots tor sale at $1000 per acre, (at which price some have been sold,) they are all so enthusiastic in their ad miration, and see every thing bo entirely rouitur dt rose, that there is no other way of accounting for it. Not one, whose letter I have seen, mukes any re ference to the many drawbacks upon the pleasures of the place, and none ever attempt to hold up to notice the very superior claims to patronage, of Kockaway, Long Branch, or Cap" May. Fashion, Mr. Editor, as you well know, will make us do any thing, put up with any thing, and go asy where. Comfort is never thought of. Now let us see. New port can accommodate, (or could before the Ocean House was destroyed,) comfortably about 2<NM) visi tors, now, with the Ocean Mouse away, we must have nt least 2">00, and " the cry is still they come,*, nil come are taken in somewhere, for few go away, but they have no comforts of any kind, are crowded in to rooms like sheep, and all to be able to boast ot having "spent the summer in New|M>rt " Now, I make these remarks not at all in tlie spirit ot gium tiling, for I am delightlully located in a small house, with a pleasant party ; but it is because I think some one should warn the travelling public, that as ".ill is not gold that glistens," so as respects this "Eden of America," there are two sides to the picture. You come here to bathe ? the beach is a mile from the principal hotels, and you must ride down and back ?lady, as the dust from the carriages renders it very disagreeable to pedestrians. This ride, aril the fee for the use of a bathing house, cost you 13 cents dally ? no small item at the end oi the season. Very tew stages are kept running, so that when ready to go to bailie, you are often kept over lialf un hour waiting for trie stage, and the same alter connng out of the water. True, there is a remedv for this, for those who furnish the stages for the different houses and charge but 124 cents, knowing very well that the boarders cannot all be accommodated with seats, very kindly have other carringes at the doors all the time, which will take you to the beach, and onl) charge you double price. Very nice arrangement, enl You ride to the beach; are covered with dust, wash it off, and riding back are again well dusted, the beach is a little (comparalive j ly,) horse-shoe looking place, and the eye looks in I vain for the magnificent view of the expanse of 1 ocean seen nt Cape M?y or Long Rrancli. No mat ier, 'tis the fashionable place. The hotels have one I servant to do what not less than three could do pro perly ; and although there is plenty on the tables it is it very difficult matter at times to tret any dinner I hear universal complaints of this from ihe boarders ; at the "Bellevue" and "Atlantic," and as tltey all j praise their houses in every other respect, the pro prietors owe it to themselves to reform this subject 1 ol complaint. Both houses are under very able mu nagement, and if tliey were not so ov r-crowded would be inferior to no p'iblic houses in tlie country. The loss of the Oc -an House (which by the w*y was one of the 1:10. -sett pieces of care! ssnt ss first and afterwards of mismanagement, for it could have been saver! very re idily, It id proper measBfles been adopted when the lire was first discovered,) h a very serious one, bo far as ilie comfort of the visit ers h concerned. Kvery place full lefoie, and tin' :}()!) visitors at thai house have been added to thos'1 already ai the others, an.! made them too crowded for any kind of cointort. The climate here it very line, but those who need or wish the tru 1 silt air, mis-4 it by coming here, as you never (jet that except when you go to bathe. Altc>g> ther 1 know no pi, .<-i' so mncli overrated us tin ?, and proj>h? cy that bcfjre maa/yeurs it will subside into the com^ara uve obscurity from which tashion has raised it. Marietta, Ohio, August 2d, 16 13. Education at the ll'tst ? Examinations at the Col lege ? A-hlrc* t of General Cau, fye. Allow me the Use o your vain ible paper, to give the pub'ic some idea of the doings in this modern Athens, situated on the right bank of the Ohio, at the mouth of the Muakin^im river, and famouj for line houses, for shady groves, for chaste and refined people. The pistweek has been one which will he long remembered by the ^ood people of this place. On Monday the examination in the female seminary took place, ih<* young roue-buds read their chaste compositions, p.nd a line valedictory address, read by the agreeable and accomplished Mi.-s V. On Tuesday night tiie people assembled (?> wit ness the prize speaking at the College students? nine champ ons in the field. Three prizes, $10, 6<>, and $-1. The judges took thpir seats with the ladies, and speaking commenced. The first s|ieaker stirt ed on, atidexnected to win the prixe by si>eed. The second was but a very common speech, nothing worthy of notice. The third made a fine effort, and it was supposed by some, that he would win 11 prize The fourth made his appearance with his hair in his eyes, and looked like miel ovi r a monument laboring for breath to tell Ins piteous t de. The filth, a tall younk man, spoke his ad dress like a parish clerk. The sixth, a young man of promise, tn. ide some impression on the audience. The seventh, a Comical geiuns, set the house in uloar with his puns The eighth speaker made quite a fin ? effort, and showed seme tigns of elo quence. The ninth, and l?? ->t speaker, looked scared; In- knees trembled, he raised one shoulder higher than the other, und looked lliohard. It was some nton^-ats before he broke the ice, then having raised his voice to 1 very hi (h pitch, it was thought by some tli it he wenld recover himself and win a prixe. Hut he became more confused, stopped, hesitated* mid scralched his head, and tin illv left ihe sta^e in the most win begone manner imaginable, with his piece nil tn(ter?d and torn. On Wednesday night an exhibition of the literary societies came oil? three champions on each side, who made strong pretentions to oratory. Ou Thursday morning the corner stone of i new coll:*:.'" building was laid !>y President Linslev,with appropriate ceremonies. An address by Gen Cass it he in:r commencement day.the citizens and young scions that witnessed die jayingofthe cornerstone, in irched in procession, with h tnners and music, to tli- Church, wh-re they told the people something aliout Greece, Rome, Cicero, Demosthenes, bright stars, blue skies, and the ocean wave. The young oracle that gave the salutatory address, was a far mer, who li is b'*en ploughing his way in Latin and Grr.-k, and bids lair to be a star in the West. ? Twelve other youn ; sprouts came forward and de li. red orations. The valedictory came to wind up the f-'c ne. 1 expecteil something rich from one who hid received the honors of his class. But such an insipid piece was an insult to the good sense of the a.tdience, an I no credit to the College. Some i>eo ple say he was the pel The exercises of the day were closed by Gen. Cass delivering a splendid address to the literary so cieties, and thus ended the glorious labors ot this proud commencement week. l)Kt,iit, August 7, 1845. Important, if True ? Murderous Assault upon the Sheriff? The Anti-Renters in Arms. Anot ier outbreak of the anti-renters has taken pluC'* in this county. At 12 o'clock to-day, a sale tor the rent of Moses l^arle, in Andes, was to take ftl ice at his house, about twelve miles from this vil ag ?. Slier ill' Moore and deputies J.N. Steele and Kdgerton, were about bringing out some cattle for sale. Mr. Wright attended as the agent for the landlord. ? hout 1<>0 persons disguised as Indians appeared to prevent the sale. When Steele and lidgetlon, with Wright between them, were about p osing into the field, tho Indians with their horri ble yells attempted to stop theni, and finally an order was given by the chief to fire Kdgerton's horse was killed under him. Steele's horse a remarkably noble animal, being wounded, ptunaed into the midst .of the Indians and fell? Steele himself, wounded by two balls in the ab domen, fell to the ground. The Indians tied. | How dangerous the vouada of Mr. Steele are, is yet unknown here. Two physicians were imme diately in attendance. A messenger arrived here some two hours since, and all is commotion ? Mrs. Steele, the wife of die wounded officer, with suitable attendants, and the village physicians and some of the civil officers, have gone to the scene of action. It is probable, however, that no other immediate act of hostility wih occur. The pro|>er authorities here, I presume, will be prompt and most energetic in i he performance ot their duty. What renders this occurrence peeu'iarly aggra vating, is, tint theofficeia did not summon a posse, in consequence ol the assurance of Gen. Root, Mr Gordon, M. C. and others, who have been mstru mental in fomenting these disturbances, that there would be no difficulties. Hartford, August 8, 1815. New York anil Hirtford. Railroad ? Commence ment of Trinity College, fyc , fyc On Monday last Mr E- H. Broadhead, Chief En gineer of the New York and Hartford Railroad, commenced the survpy from Hartford, and Mr. Smith at Danbury, wiih their assistants. We are in earnest about this matter, and in two years time, y 'U willeet: oi r C ;fa at ihe City H<tll, Laded with p.mfaengerfe. Th-- New Haveners and 'vjound route" folks may baeer at us just <ts much us they ;>leuse, but let those laugh who win, sxy I. The commencement of Tiinity College took place . :it this city i mJ y. Hu' procession from the j College C:.n at' Church* wh.-re the exercises were he : i , v. 1 .r-'-. The graduating class num only p. i h ilsi there were from 60 to 70 >tu ! nt: iii, ... ii iilni" i.iinually. TheS?>pho ii '?r?' .i i .1 . . r . uf - very large.but the bein r '?i -- vrry i il, lr< ru ? t lent . leaving to graduate .? t otl?; i' ?"! ? Thn.- mu.-t lie "n;tnetliing rot ten in Tri'.uiy .Some Pit.:. ; . y it all owing to the pi?- ideiit, he h.i> ih? control or iuflnriice over "ili In y nltlu n/h 1" i. i mod teueher, but lai > - i!i cii' A _i eut etiort bus beei. ttttPe i imt liitn, it is no go flirt | ? rt> III Il:(e. iu the cll<irch were r %? 1 , j ... ,ii.' ... . .:.i! W'-nt ? 1 1 well inirt rred:'.t!ir :o the i,! ; i i.' lucitt-r iii'. * iml f.y ?; ?!.. . I, ei t.iiMli.ii Why imt let btudeilt *p k III . own ho -nd teei'.i'.gs, nutr.immele'l, .i i i tlif p<iti|i" could bettrr jtu'ge ?i< their c dibre t II church :i!!"d, but nili -tenths ol the au. ? i Were bright eyed ladies, who ajv* <\* are i-i ii|N>n meh occasions. Tiie hp -'c whu .vin' the pi form inces by Mr Babcotk*. :tie o ilw.ty- * re, t >ii Wednesday the corner stone for a . i '?uilding wn? laid with impropriate <?< Jre?e by Piole.-soi ptew.^.t OltUKi: Of KXI.r I VOLUKTAltV 0\ Till. ? PR \ YKH I.utin Sii'utalvry C.u /V'/t Jul.n v i . iiu?liii< Conn. Knglith Theology ? A lex on #r i.'jij ..on, X. V . Ml'SIC. ClIORl'S 1) ? 11a - U'.L, Awake t*.e trumpet's loft} sound, The joyful sacieit fextival rurne* iound, Jehovah, King of all the earth is known. Henry Kirk e White? P. S < os-itt, La Grange, Tenn. Consecrated Talent? Frederick 1). Hurnnian, Windsor, Me. The Village and the City ? A Poem ? G. C. Chipmun, VVaddington, N. Y. Music. Solo ? (From the Oratorio of the Messiah)? By Handel. Itejoice greatly O daughter of Zion, Shout. O daughter of Jerusalem, Behold thy King cometh unto thee; lie is the righteous Saviour, And he shall (peak peace unto the heathen. McDonald Clarke? John J. Cleveland, Hampton, Conn. The Scholar? Noble Palmer, Butternuts, N. Y. Music. Chorus Br Mozart. Holy, Lord God ol Hosts, Heaven and earth are full of thy glory, ilosanna in the highest; Dlessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest Reference for Antiquity and ils influence upon Poetry Samuel 1- lower, New Orleans, La. Solitude ? Valedictory Oration ? Robert C. Rogers, Hud son, New York. Music. Chorus Br Mozart Let u? with ajoyful mind, Praise the Lord, for he is kind; For his mercies shall endure, Ever faithful, ever sure. Hallelujah. Amen. Gotdneii an Ftsential /Clement in Greatness ? Thoma* Gillaudot, a candidate for the degree of A M. Degrees Conferred ? Old Hundredth? Benediction. The closing orjiion was beautiful. It was by Thomas ( lallaudet, teacher in the New York Deaf and Dumb Asylum. The portions addressed to the trustees, faculty, the class of 1S24, and present stu dents, were touching. Ol the class of 1824, he said ^ix have become ministers of the gospel ; six were in preparation for the same sacred calling ; two have embarked in mercantile pursuits ; two have chosen the healing art, and four have embraced the legal prolession. And not one of that class had been summoned to the world above, although all of them were not there present. In the procession, I noticed Governor Baldwin <nd the other state olficers; Rev. Drs. Wainright, Farvis, Brown well, Chase, and other eminent di vines of the Episcopal Church. Political. The Lynchburg Republican contains a letter from a committee appointed by a democratic meeting at Am herst < 'ourt Hou-c. July diet, to tender to Mr. Leake, the reprwontative in < /oi.jress from tiiat District, h public 'tinner at Pedlar Mills, "as a testimonial of the high es teem and regard in which >011 are held, both politicaily ind personally, by your fellow citizens of this county " ilio tiio reply of Mr accepting tho invitation for the 16th August. The democrats of North Garden, Al bemarle, have also determined to tfivo -Ir. Leake a pub lic dinner, to take place about the 1st of Saptomber. The pre* in V"ii*inia ia discussing the propriety of calling a co ivention to amend ;; 0 Constitution of the state. 1 :m people in Western Vireinia favor, and those in ti'.e Eastern poititin ot the Statu oppose, the meaFi:re. It m-iy lea t to 8 n< w division of parties in the "Old Do minion." Th" loo < rl Mississippi have nominated lelertWDivi , Stephen H. Adams, II W. Robe its, and I >iobThom| an, a- t; ?*ir candidates for the next Con jjre s They are to be elected hv general tickot in con tempt of the act ot Congress 111 L<4^, requiring members o be chosen in districts. J?m?*t?G Biri-py hai- been nominated by the abo litionists for Governor of Michigan. At the Stut ? Convention h?-ld <>n the 9th, Freem in 11. Morse, of Bath, late member of Congress, was nomi nated. The whigs of Dauphin have re-nominated Messrs. Kunkle and Harper for the Assembly. The Southern Literary Met/rnger, published in Morgan county, Geoigia, bears aloft the tlag of the whig party, with the following inscription ? "For 1'iesident in Henry c lay " It. J. Bowie, Esq., has addressed a letter to the editor of the Rockville Journal, in which ho decline* be ing considered a competitor lorthe 1 ongre<,sional nomi nal ion to be made to-morrow lor the fiitt district ot In diana The whigs of Wisconsin have nominated J tmes Collins, of Iowa county . for Cong? ess. Varieties. \V. J L. Woodruff, oi Geneva, wh > was pub'tsh ed as having made one in a duelling part) a feu Ju) s ngo, writes a note to the Evening Journal, to suy, that the whole communication to a paper in tlii- city, is a fal?o and scandalous libel, and proceedings wilt be immediate ly instituted by the parties basely lepioented therein aa having been engaged in a duel, lorthe summary and pro per punishment ol tho circulators as well as the origina tors of tho publication. The Button Journal in a notice of the Naval Court, now in session heie on board of the North Carolina, adda tiiat it is rumored ttiat the < ourt found 1 aptain Voorheet guilty of the charges alleged against him -charges com I promising hit character as an officer and a gentleman? and the sentence pronounced by a majoii'.y of the mem bers. was, that he should lie merely lepiimanded !? a punishment by no means proportioned to the magnitude of the offence. Hence the necessity of a revision of the sentence The Kev. Mr Morril, Chaplain of the Slate Pri son at Auburn. New York, the Rorhrtirr liemovr a! sa ys, has been removed, but h>s successoi is not known. Two bales ol new cotton were brought down to New Orleans on the 1st inxt.? one from thu plantation of M. Vallery. Esq., parish of Itapides, and the other from that of Oav. McNutt, of Mississippi. Gen. John H Oslrom, o> utica, was taken dan gerously ill, a few days since, at Poughkeepsie, where lie languishes with "but a gleam of hope in his case." Milwaukie, in Wisconsin Territory, is but te years old, yet has a population of about HOOO. Il is said that there* are now eight millions of dol lars laid up in tho savings banks of Massachusetts. The Firk at West Trov. ? The tire in Wes t Troy last Wednesday night, consumed a brick stora owned by Judge Burroughs; a store and dwelling owned by Mr. Duffy; a store, barn, and hall alley, belongi ig to the estate of R. P. Hart; a dwelling and stable, owned by Mr. Scriliner, of New Yoik; a market and dwelling on Union street, occupied by Mr. Clisbv; and a store, dwelling, bakery and barn, owned by 9. V. R. Hweet.? The Troy Budget, from which wo gather the above par ticulars, estimates the tot*! loss at (I J, 000, but a small part of which was insured. The fire at Cohoes, simultaneous with the other two, destroyed a lew sheds and stables. The Budget speaks of "a most disgraceful fight, be tween a West Troy and an Albany company," at the first named fire. After the flames were prettv much under control, there was a trial between No 3 of West Troy and No 4 of Albany, to see which could throw the high est stream. The result was unfavorable to the West Troy company, and thereupon they turned their pipe upon the men and machine of No 4 The compliment was return ed, of course, ami from throwing water. No ?}'? men got to throwing stones This led to a fi^ht, and the West Troy company were driven oft' the ground The con due* of No 2 was warmly condemned by the cl'iaens and otter fire companies of West Troy. It was a strange return, iude?d, for the services rendeied by the Albany firemen.

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