Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 13, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 13, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Mm Tw? CMd. HE NEW YORK HERALD. l\m GORDON BKNNETT, Proprietor. 1 ?' irculat Ion? Forty Thousand. JpAltt HKRALD-l>ei7-55y? !*r|ce J cent* per fpy ? Uli per annum ? payable in advance. VV EEKLY HERALD ? Every Saturday? Price 8J centa >r copy $3 m rpjit* per annum payable in advance. ' A !)V E RTI 8 KM ENTB at the twaal (vilcea- aiwaya M*h in advance. (PRINTING of ail kind* executed with beauty and >iatch. .'^1/" All letter* or communications, by mail, addroMed - the establishment, most be post paid, or thu postage - ill be doducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON DENNETT, (*ormrroa or tm Nkw Yorm Hkrsi r> E#tabli?hmic<?? ^ Morthrat* of k'tilton and Vrmo" hF ROCK A IV A V STAGES, ON and ?tfter Aiiku t 1st, will leave trie City fictcl, at 3}? o'clock P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Kar Roekuway. Re tti?. leaves tf?e Pavilion at 7% A. M., for New York, cros* UK hi the South Kerry. I All orders to be left at 31*0 Pearl street raulim* rc H. CON KLIN. MAI U LINE FOR BOSTON. LY OVER THE LoNlj 1SLAaL? iUlL . . , BajaDL VI .l \KF.lf LOUDON, NORWICH * WORCESTER. , A; h o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall ''reft, Month Kerry ? Sundays excepted. >Way C rties are in readim* to receive baggage for New 'jondou, Norwich and Wurcester. Baggage fur Huston goes Jrongli tinder lock. , j u 16 tf re ' FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CENTS FOR THE SEASON. ???&&) gcggg?! jTITI iJOtl Monday,, Wednesdays, and Fridays, over the Loup l ind Itnil lload to Greenport, tlieuce to Newport aud Provi nce in a aplendid mid commodious Sound Steamer. ' This Line leaves Rt 8 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot ff VV'iiiii hall (treat, South Kerry. iulii tf rc KAHE TO BALTIMORE #3 Through, in Seven Hour*. IEW CASTLE AND b'RENCHTOWN RAIL I ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. j 'I'lie unrivalled Steamhoat ROBERT MORRIS, ( Captain ... 1. Douglass, will, on aud after Monday, June 16, leave Dock fleet wnarf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P M. Pas l&ngers will arrive in Baltimore atabout 10 P. M. Fare only T This Line is composed of the following spl indid aud fast fleam boats: ? II obert Morris Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio Captain L. Davis. Constitution Captain J. Cliaytor. Geortfti Washington. Captaiu J Trippe. This Tiiut leaves Powly's wharf, Baltimore Rt 3 P. M.? 'ickfcts for Wheeling antl Pittsburg can bfc procured on hoard lit boat. iNITED STATES MAIL, LINES FOR BALTIMORE. jh'nre $3? Through in Six Hours. IjPlllLADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via (.blester, Wilmington, Elktou, avrcde Grace, he. I On aud alter Wednesday next, June 25th, the fare between | iliiladelpliia aud Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will be reduced Trains will leave as follows:? ' From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, jjepot 1 1th mid Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Wsily, except Sunday.Rt 8 A.M. | Daily, exc, Sunday, al 9 A M. Mkud Daily, at 4 P. M . I And Daily , at 8 P.M. I f Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Wheeling and ittsburgh can be had at the Depotj Eleventh and Market sts, For further information^ npjdy t it. 'HUDDELL, Agent. :MMER, at the office of Adams & Co. 17 Wall street, j June 21th, 1815. je29ec LONG JSLANl) RAILROAD COMPANY. ?*_V_ jHHEL HF.DOCKD FARES. S IJ M M E II A H R A N Ct E M E N T , ? TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Ou and after 1 ttli June, IC45. pVbW Kionklyn l)r]<ot ? Boston Train? 8' * A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping U Fanniui'dale nml St. George's Manor. |l Accommodation Train? 9>i A. M and 4 1'. M. fur Farming Jale aud intermediate plaoes. daily, Sundays excepted. [i Accommodation Train, 3 1\ M. lor Oreenport, uaily, Snndayi I'tetpted, stopping at Jamiica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hlcks fllle, and all the stopping places betweeu Jlicksville aud Jreenport. rV??? Greenjiiirt Drpol ? t Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12>? o'clock M., pr mi the arrival of thesteamcrs from Norwich. I Accommodation Train? At 5 A.M., daily, Suudays excepted, Tor Brooklyn and intermediate places. Frtm Farming Halt brjiot ? ' Accommodation Train, 6?? A- M. and 2}J P. M., daily, Sun lays excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. From Jamaica Depot ? I Extra Train, 1>? P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn aud intermediate pUces. I 'Dip Boston Trains stop only at Farmitigdale and St. George's Manor. Tlie Accommodation Trains stop at the following places ?n the road, going both ways to receive aud deliver passen gers, viz: irdlnril 8 D?er Park M Mat New Vork 12 U Thompson 88 Itace Course I?)J Suffolk Station 1 PO I Trotting Course IH'ij Lake St.itiou I WX lamsica 26 Meilford Station I 1R\ drushville 31 '4 Millet ille I 50 *lyde Fsrk, 17 miles 37 St. Ueortt's Manor. ... I t>2 ,'lowsville, (during ses- Kiverhead I 62 ?ion Court,) 37VJ Jamcsport 1 62^* lempstcad 37', Mattetuck I t>2 1 ? Branch 37J? Citlchogue 1 62J-? arte Place 44 Southold ..I 02 Westbury 44 Oreenport, Acc'n. train.) 75>j I'.icksvilte 44 Boston Traiu 2 00 Fariningdale ... VIX Stages are in readiness 011 the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parti of the Island. Baggage Crates will be iu readiness at the loot of Whitehall street, to receive B?gg,ige for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. IT r llockaway Baggage taken in separate (/rate*. julOre TO WKy'JLKN iMfmSSrifciffli KAl'Rh.ns ANu PIONEER 'fACKt LINK, From I'hiladelplna to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Hail roadsaiid Canal? through in 3 >4 days. The sbove line is now iu full operation aud offers irreat inducements to persons who wish a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built iu the inost approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner, aud every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the Comfort aud convenience 01 travellers. The scenery ou this route is unrivalled, and the greet chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wot thv of being seen. Bv this r-nte passengers sveid all the farignes and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, aud at the same time inr.kean ex peditions trip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philsdelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. K. corner ol Chesunt ami Fourth streets, anil at Nos. 13 and 15 South Third sts. A. CUMMINOS, Agrnt. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. For information, 111 the city of New York.aprlyto B. H. KNISELL, Agent lor 1). LEECH Si C (J. 's Line. 7 West ?t, N. K. my!7 fim'rrc MORNING LIME AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY, THOY and intermediate landings, from the Steamboat 1'ier at the foot o Barclay street. liwiktit and Dinner 011 board the boat. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A- M., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A- M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-Pressure steamboat THOY , Captain A. Oorham,on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon diy, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o clock. For passage or freight, apply 011 board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. Notice ? All goods, freight, baggage, bank hills, specie, or any other kind of property taken, shipped, or put on board tins boat, must he at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight, bag gage, (k<:. je^rc NOTICE. STATE N ISLAND FE RR Y FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER wiU leave New York every honr except 5 P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P.M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4 r. M., commencing at 8 A. M.. until 7 P. M. N. B.? On Sundays the Boats will leave every hour from B A- M., until I i\ M., and from 1 t. M. until 7 P. M., every hall hour. jy 12 NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, ijf ? at 7 o'clock, r. M ? The steamboat KM 3?? "JKJK?I'IIIK, Captain 11. I). Macy, will leave the ?U imbott pier toot of Conrtlandt itreet, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, every Mmday, Wednesday sod Fridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. !<or I assagenr ? reiglit apply on hoard, or at the office on tha ??>?'' 1 11 2* "j&mTm i OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE.? For -S* Ja Albany, 75 cents ? Utic*. 82 ? Syracuse, ll< 11- heater, $3? Buffalo, $3, fa? Also, Ibrongh in tin 1 ?t line, with board, $10,. M) ? Also, Oswego, $3? Kiagalon, ( U. t4? Toronto, $5 ? t levelaml, (O.) ffr? l)e poit<4C 10? Cliie ?go, (III. ) $IO,.'Hi? North to Troy and White lull, f'Yil ? Montreal, $4,50. Office No. 102 Barclny ?t. v? lin'rlt M. U. HA V. Agent. W1LUAMUB URUli AND TEcK BiLW FKHUY. The TrusUes of this Ferry, believing that there arc many of tin* citizens ?>f* New York ? vicinity that arc iinnciiuaiiitfd with the nti?* this hrrrv affords a* a I'leaJiHnr coinrnanicatiou with \\ ,llianHliurg and Lour Manr!, would ntate tiu-t there ,pc iw<> Herry Boau o?i thii Kerry, which leave !fcck Shi1 eY'*T)' Iiltefu or twenty rninntfs throuuh the day uj> ti? b 0 clork, I . M., ana then iiji to 8 o'clck, at each rveh hour and half hour; after which a boat leave* fit ft o'clock and 10 o'clock. The last boat leaving Wilhafn?hnrK at halt-past 9 o'clock, P. i At P. S -On the evening of Jnly 4th, the boat will contmne to run nntil ? O 1 ' " jyj Im're PACK K. I 8 HIH II A V HE.? ( Second ? Line. ) Th- I ackftbhlB UT CA, Cwtaiu Fred rick Hew i itt, will ^ail on the 1st iVptermier. Foi ti eight or p?. ?age, apply ?o , BOYD k H1NCKEN, 1 $4tc No. ? Tontine Buildigg, cor Wall and Wstsr Ms. 1 chi:ai* and pleasant excursion TO FORT HAMILTON. CONKY ISLAND & SANDY HOOK BAY. /&\ The steamboat WAVE will nuke two ex CV . : EMs ^ Incursion* oil Tuesday, Wednc*day, l'huisday. tIT a?,| s.iIuiJjv , by leaving Pier No. 1 River, foot of Whitehall. at lOo > lock A. M. audlo'clock f. M.? stopping at TowpkinaVille mid Staple ton, Statin Hand, fen pasteugers, uid lauding them oil her return. Fate for th? eicnrtiou rent*. al2V*rh PJCOPJLIPI' LINK Of 9TKAMBOATII FOK ALBAffK. ? ?? ? *? DAIl Y? Sundays^ Eiceptrd? Through Di ' fHf*' ?' <> clock P. M., from ill* Pier iwlwrrn . ? ? .r" , , 1 Llbertj itMU. Mr unbolt ROCHESTER, Captain II. G. Crnttmden, will leave Oil Monday, W?4neaua y and Friday Evetii*g?. at 7 o'clock. Steamboat SOU 1 H AMERICA, Capta?u M H Truesdell, ?rill feHvts ou Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday Evening*, at 7 9 ClOCk. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermedial* nlacn, from the foot of Barclay street Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W Bninard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After noon*. at Jo clock. Steamboat NEW JERSEY, Capt. U. H. Furey, will leave on I (if?d iy, Thnr?d.iy and Saturday Afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. Passengers taking either of tile ahov*- Line* will arrive in Alba iy in ample Ume for the Morning Tr im ot Can for the rut or Welt. The Bunts are uew and substantial, are fnruishrd with new and decant mate room*, ;ind for sjieed and accommodations are un rivalled on tlie Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All )>ereous are forbid tmstiug r.nyol the BoaU of this Line, without a written order from the Captain* or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board tlie boat*, or to P. C. ^elwiii*. at the office no the wharf aul2 rc FOR CAMP MEETING AT SING SING. . Tlie Steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, km* Captain R. Ji. MabeV, will leave 011 Wertnes ?K>d ? >-, August 13th, from Delancey street, at 7 o'cio. k. A. M., Market ureet 71j, Cmal street Tji, Huniinoud street Si to fl o'clock, and return lite same ut cuing to tlie city. I< are enli way 2b oellti. a 1 1 31* m a iftk " DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND "" IRELAND? Periom wishing to remit mo ney to their friend* in any part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied 'with draft* payable at sight, without dis count, for any amount, from XI upwards, at the following place*, vis: In Kkuuiwi? Thf National and Provincial Bank of Kng luml; Messrs. J. Barned St Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Bui t k Son, Loudon, aud branches throughout England and Wales. In Ihki.anh.? The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. In Scotland? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, aud branches thronghout Scotland. The steamship Cambria, sails from Boston on the Kith Au gust, bv which alt drafts can be forwarded free. Apply to W. It J. T. TAPSCOl T. jvl9 re 7G South st. cor. Maiden lane. STKAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. 'J'HE Great Western Steam Ship Coinpa uy's Steam Ships The GREAT WESTERN. 1700 tons, ISO horse power, B. R. Matthews, Esq , Commander. The GREAT BRITAIN, 3.,'i00 tons, IWK1 horse power. Lieutenant James HoAen, R. N., Commander? are intended to run as follows: ? GREAT WESTERN. From Liverpool. I From New Yorkt Saturday August 23 Thursday Sept. 18. Saturday October II. | Thursday Nov. fi GREAT BRITAIN. From Liverpool. Saturday luly 26, 1015. Saturday. k Sept. t7. Saturday Nov. 22 From New York. Saturday. ..... .August 30. Saturday Oct. 2.ri. .Dec. 20. Wards' Fee*. per Gnat" Britain, from $80 to $12', (and $S Steward's fee,) according to the size aud position of the State Rooms. For freight or passage, or other information, tiphly to RICHARD IRVIN. au7 2avvlm*rc 98 Front street. iaturilay Nor. 22 I Saturday. Fare per Gri jit Western, $10.1. and $5 Ste Fare per Grt at Britain, from $80 to $12', ( FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THE Royal Mail Steam Ships CAM BRIAand HIBERN1A. will leave Benton ' for the above ports, ai foil own, viz-? Cambria, C. H. E.Judjius, Esq., Commander, August 1G, lfl'5. Hibemnt, Ales. Ryne, E*q., Commander, . .September I, 1815 Parage to Liverpool 8120. Passage to Halifax 20. For freight or pasagge, apply to aire P. BRIGHAM. Jr.. Agent, f. Wall st. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVER POOL PACKETS ? FOR LIVERPOOi Only ,r Packet of the 16th of Au vast. ? The n?w, inagnuieeiit, auil cel.-brated fast sailing packet ship NEW YORK. 1100 tons burthen, T. B. Croj per, commander. will ?ail positively on Saturday, 16th of August, her regular ?lay. lle\ i ntc unequalled accommodations for cabin, iecoud cabin and steerage passengers, those returning to the old country, or sending for their friends, will And it their interest and comfort to select this unequalled line ofpackits. For terms of passage, and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should be made on board, foot of Beekm.ui street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTI1K.RS it < O. ? l^i o H Knltim (t , nest door to tlie Fulton Bank, N.Y. REGI'LaITlINE (>.< I'A( KKTH FOR NKW .ORLEANS ? The new nml splendid p.icket shili jSULTAN A, Cspt. E. 3 Dennis, will positively sail ou Moudty, the Iflth Aiicnst. The accommodations of this favorite ship are very superior for cibin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Persons wishing to tecure berths should make early application lo W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT, a 1 2 rc 75 Soulh street, corner Maiden lane. FOR LIVERPOOL ? Packet ol the Kith inst.? .The splendid packet ship NKW YORK, < '.apt Crap iper, will positively sail as above, her regular d ij-. -.ho, the splendid packet ship SIDDONS, Captain Cobb, will positively sail on the 2(ith For passage, bjf either of th? above (hipt, having superior accommodations in cabin and st-er ge. apply to a7rc J. HERDM \N, 61 South st. FOR SALIC, FREIGHT OR C H ARTER? The .very last sailing N. V orli Lu i Ir packet ship V AZOO, >670 tons, live oak and locust top, li\e OKk transom, apron mid forward and liter cants, carries 22011 hales New Or leans cotton, aud has handsome furnished accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply uii board at Junes' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO , jy20 ec 56 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL? Tbe New Line-Regular Packet of 2l?t August.? The superior fast sailing iincket ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons, Cspt. Jolin El Iridge, will miiI as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accom modations, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURNS, 87 South st. The packet ship Queen of the West, 1250 tons, Cant. Tlios. Woodhouse, will succeed the Liverpool, and sail ou Iter regu lar day, 21st September. jy22 NKW LINE OF LIVERPOOL, PACKETS? .only regular Packet of 21st of August. ? The splendid ?fi*t sailing favorite packet slop LIVERPOOL, Capt John Eldridge, ( 1200 tons) will sail punctually as above, her regular day. This elegant packet ship has accommod itions for cabin se cond cabin and Meerage, unsurpassed by any ship sailing out ol the p >rt of New Yo k. Those who are proceeding to the old country alinul.i therefore make immediate application to secure lierths, either on board foot of Burling Slip, or to VV 4c J. T. TAP.-COTT, ?u5ee. 75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane. KIR SALE, FREH.HT OR CHARTER? The very fast sailing barque HOME. Captain Watts, hnilt in Baltimore one year since of the best materials, about 4,000 barrels, and iias handsome accommodations for twenty passengers. Apply to Captain Wafts, on board, at Pike street whari, or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. i'7 re 46 Hon th street. FOR LIVERPOOL ? New Line ? Regular Packet of the26th August ? The elegant fast sailing Packet iShip SIDDONS, Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1100 tons, will sail_ a* above', her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations nneqnalled for splendor and comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South street. Price ?f passage $100: Packet Ship Sheridan, Cant. Cornish, will succeed the Sid dons, and sail 26th September, her regular day Jv26 FOR NEWCASTLE, ENOLAN D.? The well- ' known, fast sailing coppered and copper-f stened 1 ship RAMBLER, Master, Master" having all her j heavy Ireight engaged, will sail iu a few days. For light freight, or passage, having good accommodations, Anplv to WOODHULL Ik MINTURN, jy2Srrc 87 South street. S WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A ship w It3 for a southern port? Apply to , E. K. COLLINS St CO., aZre 56 S"nth street. ? J. HERD MAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT | PASSAGE OFFICE, til SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Great Britain aud Irelaud, via. | Liverpool, can always he arranged at the lowest rate, pud Drafts furbished for any amount, payable at all the pi incipal Banks ill England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, ! on application to J. HERDMAN, j6re SI South street. | OLD ESTABLISHED EM I GRANT PASS AGE OFFICE, 61 South st. ? Passage Iroin England, Ire _ _ iland, Scotland and Wales ? Those sending for their : friends would do well to avail themselves of tlie opportunity of ' making rheir arrangements with the subscribers on very mode- I rate terms, by first class packet ihij>s, sailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts can as usual be furnished lor any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to JOHN I1KRDMAN,6I South St. The mail steamer Hibernia sails frein Boston on the 16th inst, ; by wnicli leii.rsean be forwarded iiuicklv. mv23 rh UU CANAL STREET.? Cure of Corns, Bunions, Ice. ? OO Mmis. and Madam" Berhard. respectfully inform the pub lic that they have removed from No. 101 Canal stre-l, to No. (18 opposite. 1 h .t the/ still continue to operate upon the feet with tin* gre- test success. Having practised ilieir profession i for many ye irs in Europe and in this country, the\ are able to produce numerous certificates Irom the most eelrbrated phj si eians ol Europe, as well as from Boston, Philadelphia, and ' New York. 8" I 'anal sr. ?2 im? f. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DAI! ( <r. n HEOTY P /?: A H TI9TS. F1MIE undersign. il lute mule applic it ion in get Vt < Palrni J. for their new process to coilir Daguerreotype Pictures. 'Phis process produces an effect not known before, Mid eba.iges the appearance of the Daguerreotype to that of the fluej [smit ing. This crtloring process n done by nature itself, gutg ikimly by the hand of the operator, and machinery. It can be prtiwmed by e\cry one not skilled hi the art ol painting, aud will be per fectly understood at one glance. It also cau be eom inumcated in writing, without difficulty. Artists wishing to procure the Patent rinht for n City or County, cau make Dfe-eugagemenU tbere! ''re. hy addressing (post paid) to W St F. LANMENIIKIM, iv< lm*rf Ktfihufln*. rhilnn#irni*i Gf.iNTLKMl%N?' LhK'l UFK WAKUROHb VV A N T E 1) . ("1 ENTI EM EN and Fsmiliesc.ui obtain the full value for all ? superfti. ?jo? effects they wish to dispose of, (either GEN TLEMEN or'L A DIES,) by sending to the subscriber, who din s got pretend to give twenty per cent more thin any other person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered Gen tlemen lea* mg the city will ftnd it totheir advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other person. J* LEVEN8TYN, % 4i<6 Broadway, (up siairs.) N. B ? A line ihrough the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. jyl* I in* re HEMP ? it tons ot very superior Daw and Snow Rot Hemp for sal* by E. K- COLLINS It CO. N South st. jy2l MA HOUSE WANTED? Wanted to purchase, a good pjW three story dwelling house, of modern apiioiuluients and ?*iurei - some \\ here in 'lie ii?ifil>borl>o<xf of Washing ton Place or Union Place Apply b* letter* .stating terms, lie., addressed tn 0. B. B., to be led at the Herald Office. a9 lw*jgb For salYor to let. or exchange for city PROPERTY. A neat Cottsge. beautifully situated ou High street, on Sine ^ i ?iir Heights, one of tin- the Inchest poult* ol' view Uie Hudson rivtr. 'Die grounds (about Liiree quar ters ul mi acre ) aie covin d with I lie c lion 1 i mirty of orna mental trees, vines and (lowers, peacli. war plum witchery trNi, (iiywi'itriwbtrrwi, nMbcrnri, *'? fcc. The Ik. use hi commodious, sub'Untial mid in good rep ir. recently I he resi dence ol Jud^'c Edmonds, and formerly of Mishit Morrill, Esq. Possession given immedialely. Apply to J. W. IlA.VlEKS LEY, (new number) Ji Wall street, New York, or to CHKS. Y OR, Esq.. at giim Sing. a9 IwVc THE BOND STREET HOUSE, <?t?3 Hronil wny, IS now open l'-r the reception of boarder*. The sittt atiou is one of the most desirable in (In- city. The house has been newly p.t|i. red mid paint >d til oughout ? containing between 60 aud7U rooms, bnujomely furnished. Parlors and hedroonis ami pantries attached? likews* rooms lor single gentlemen. Southerner* and others wishing to ivall the uoise and coufusio* of an Hotel, *>ilf have e^ery stliition paid to their comfort and convenience. (ia"> lrri'rc TO LET ? Offices and Lolls in the new lue-proof Store :?rner of Pmu and South ?ts, Apply to Jy20 JOSEPH McMUJIRAY. FOR SALE. THE Thrte Story Brick House, 413 H*n*tou street, in the best manner; warm in winter uud cool iu XJ&suimner; replete with every touveuieuce. Hall the purchase money may remain on bond ninl mortgage at # per cent. For terms apply to E. K. COLLINS It ( O., jit 10 ec S6 South street. TO LET, until the first of May iiettnud imntedidte |>os session given, ol t!ie 3 story house No. KM f"ir<t Areiiue JmHL between 6th :<nd 7th streets, The premises have lately been put in compleate order. And all h is beeu painted inside and out, last June, the Qlotou w ater introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, and it is well adapted to accommodate one or more families; rent nicked to one family for the r?sidue of the year to next .May is (3%, Inquire at the office of John H.Power, Esq., No. 70 Nassau rner of John, up stairs from the hours ol 9 to 3 o'clock, or of Saml. It. B. Notion the owner, at the same office on Tuesdays and Wednesday. lin jy irrii LOOK AT THIS ! ! JUST RECEIVED ? Another log of "French Boots, ol 'the best kind, mid will he sold at the old iirice, Si, and the best of French Call Boot:' made to order lor (5: C ity inuie C.ilf Boots, $3; and the greatest assortment ol (lent* lit ers of all kinds to be found at very low prices. Also, the finest Calf Shoes, $2 and (2 50. A great variety of ill oilier kinds. Ladies in tills Store will luicl a great assortment ol (miters, Buskins, Slips Ties. Prunella, Satin, Uc. For an assortment of all other kinds Misses and Children's Boots and Stioes we cannot he beat iu llnscity. Do notnus take ttie number, 361 Broadway, corner oi'Franklin street. jn31m*rh M. CAHILL. A C ARD-A DAM KLEIN, Boot M ktr. being bnrnt [W entirely out, ut 16 Beaver street, Ins taken t lie basement B store at III Broadway, corner of Thames street, where he would be happy to see his customers and all waul ing a fashionable pair of boots or shoe". All repairing neatly done. aG iiw'ec A. KLEIN, No. Ill Broadway. KOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL, 13T and 130 Mercer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the honor to inform his friends and the public in general, that his ?jL<_JuSc!io?I for Instrnctiou in Horsemanship is now open day and ereuiug, as follows . ? Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. " " Ladies " 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of instruction mode known ou application to Mr. Koulstoue, Mr. U. has just received from the country several fine and stylish Saddle Hones, which he is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. my7rc T THE ORIGINAL GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID, POSSESS all the advantages of a Galvanic Battery, with out its shock. mid are successful iu curing rheumatism, tic doloreux, headache and all chronic or nervous diseases. For sale ouly by Dr. Crombie's Agents ? A. B. ft D. Sand'* General Agents. A'so, 273 Broadway, 77 East B'oadway, 149, 143 and 92 !? ill ton, 67 Walker, at Drugstores corner of Bowery and Grand, 17 Avenue D.; 176 Spring, 36 Catherine, comer of Clinton and Division, Mrs Hays, Brooklyn. i'rice of ltin^s 2i ? gold plated $1 ? Fluid 75 cents per bottle. jul9 lm*ec CAK ROLL'S v7vi'()li HAT 1 IS, IN I Fill toll Street, oppoMlte St.Pnul'rt Chuixll. 'pHE excessive heat of the weather, alternating with sudden J. and severe chauKes, expose many to attacks of (he most dangerous character ? a suit* and agreeable preventive of painful consequences, in such cases, is to be found in the welf-eslab lished Medicatcd Vapor Baths of Mrs. Carroll, at 181 Fulton street. Sulphur Baths at one hour's notice au6 Imrc ICE ! ICE ! ! ICE ! ! fJMIE Subscriber has for sale at his Depot in Brooklyn, 2000 JL tons pure Rockland Lake Ice, of a size desirable forship ping, beintf from 12 to 15 inches thick iu sqnare block*. For terms apply on board Ice Barges loot Chambers si. JAMES L CHEESEMAN, a3 2w'rc Proprietor Union Rockland Lake Ice Co. LIKE INSURANCE. CAPITAL ?2, 500,0(10. MIe insured entitled to participation of profits ou both Kit ropoan and American policies. jftS NATIONAL LOA N~~FUND LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY , LONDON UNITED STAT K 8 BOARD OF LOCAL DIRECTORS, Nkw Vokk Branch ? Ofkke74 Wai.l Street ? JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairman. John I. Palmer, Esq. Jonathan Goodhue, Esq. James Boorman, Esq. George Barclay, Esq. S?muel S Howland, Esq. Gorham A. Worth, Esq. Samuel M. Fox, K?o J. LEANDER STARR, Manager. The following are among the advantages held out by ibis in stitution, which are of great importance to the assured, and such as are seldom offered by Life Insurance Companies, vii:? The pec u liar advantages Secured to the assured by the princi ples of the Loan Department, thus blending the utility of a >?"i'iir.? Hank with Life Insurance! ? very large sum to be permanently invested in the United Sti tisui the names of three of the Local Directors, (as Trustees) ? available always to the assured as a Guarantee F und. '1 he payment of premiums, annually, half -yearly, i/uarlerly, or monthly. No charge for stamp duty. Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium becomes due, without forfciturtof policy. Travelling leave extensive auu liberal; and extra premiums on the most moderate scale. Conditions in the policy less onerous to the assured than usual iu cases of Life Assurance (See pamphlet. ) The actual and iU clared profits I published in successive He ports) affording sure data for calculations of the value of the bonus" in this institution. These proofs will at each division be hmd it* cash if desired. Ileitis unconnected with Marine or Fire Insurance. The rates "for life with profits" are /mrertliaii those of any other foreign Company effecting Life Insurance in New \ork. The public are respectfully reqnested to examine the distin guishing principles of tliis institution** ?their tables of rates? their distribution of profits ? and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department ? before deciding to insure elsewhere. A Medical Eximiiier is in attendance at the office daily, at 12 o'clock uoon, and 3 o'clock. P. M. Fee paid by the So ciety. J. LEANDER STARR. General Agent. jySt Staw is 3m rrc NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. THE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully inform them, that lie has been in the employ of the late Sainnel Deniilt over twenty years, and the late Samuel Demilt haying beonenthed to lum the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, and the use of the is his intention to continue ( in connec tion with his sou) the business ol manufacturing, repairing and rating Chronometers, and dealing in Nautical Instruments. Charts, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Wan-, 4cc.. at the old stand, No. 239 Pearl street. D. EGGERT. jnfi lnieod*rc LOOKING GLASS PLATES AND OTHER GERMAN GOODS. HANL1NE ^ OSTHEIMER, NO. 3 BANK STREET, PHILADELPHIA, have received by late arrivals from Kurope, s large assortment of White French Looking Glass Plates from HO- 1 3 to 52-28 Unsilvered White Polished Window Plates. . . '? 17-12 to 57-31 Also all sii?s of Green Looking Glass Plates. . " 9-7to 40-20 with a I irge assortment of '1 oys, Slates, Leather Dolls, Slite Pencils and Marbles, Spectacles, Toilet Glasses, Pi|ies, and a of other French and German Goods, which they offer west market prices. jy2 l 2im*od ghz. var etv ( at the to* VALE'S GLOBE, and Transparent Celestial Sphere adapted to common schools, colleges, and private fami lies?now in use iu the Normal Schools at Boston and Albany, at the I ligh School anil Naval Asy Inm, Philadelphia, in Vale and other Colleges, at Mrs. Willard's, Troy, and in numerous Common Schools in New York and other cities and State*, and recommended by Dr. Larduer, Professor Olmstcad and others. Manufactured and for -tale by G. VALE, at his Nauti cal and Mathematical Establishment, 3 Franklin square, New Vork. jy3 eodlin'rh GOTHIC CHURCHES. COLORED GLASS, MOSAICS, vVc. THE Undersigned being the Agent of a large Colored Glass Manufactory m France, will furnish tin- best qualities of colored Glass at mncn lower prices than they have been sold to this day. Church Windows can be had ready mounted, with any pattern of Mosaic mule according to models, or copied on the finest Gothic Monuments in Europe. He will contract for the complete Glass Furniture of any ( liurrh. A|? ply to C. C AVORET, Jit16 Imeod*rh No. ISonth William street. RATS, MICE, COCKROACHES. FLIES, BED RUGS, fcc. 'fM IE following certificates, out of thonsuids, n.vy give the 1 publican idea of the usefulness of the \ i 'ious prepa a tnnis, \u.:- ... The room in til* building 78 Wall street, was badly infestnl with ( 'ockrortelies, and one application, four weeks ago, liastn tirely dispersed thein. (Sigw.d) CHS. MOUNT. I have used Dr. F.'s prepar -lion to cxtermi i ate rats and mice, and have wonderfully succeeded iu cleariug litem from house and yard, after the liist trial ( Signed ) JOSEPH GI'TENAN Dr Fcnchtw, miser's Kly Paper has been u ed by me Willi great success; nearly one quart of slain flies have been collect ed in fourday s, out of curiosity. (Signed) C. VAN SCHOSAHOON. The bedbugs have been cleared from my bouse, 211 Hudson street, effectually, (Signed.) JOHN SOLOMONS The yard in the rear of the Courier and Enquirer office has heen for years infested by rats, and one single application has effectually destroyed them. 1 csiit'nu agunst the various jealous imitations, and my genu ine preparations are for sale by Dr. Miluor, con er Broadway and John street: Johnson, V room U Fowler, 3 Cotirtlnnilt St., and Chas. Ford, corner of Fourth and Wooster street, Ot> rard's Fancy Store. 173 Grand street, and of the manufacturer, I IJr LEWIS FEUCHTWANUER, J3 Liberty. Jy7lincod*ec neir William street. L3 k LT.? 40011 Sheets Patent Adhesive Sheathing Felt, a very r desirable article, either for ships bottoms, or roofs of bouses, tor sale by K. K. COLLINS li CO. a4 ec V! South sireet. HANGING FA PER' ~ It) rUU) l<BU. Browu Hanciog Paper, wellsixed, for salo li,UUU by PERSSE k. BROOKS, ml tec No. M and 17 Nassau street. THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS MAGNETIC FLUID. rilHIH REMARKABLE DISCOVERY ha? received the 1 uuiwr?al approbation of the Medical Profession of Ureal Britain, and ha* beeu ?ulfn ienlly long before the American pub lic lu ni?i' ii fair trial of it* power aud efficacy. The Patkkt ( ?ai i ami I! i.m. . )?.i ? c liwi found to answer ill the piii|??es for which the ordinary Galvanic Battery or Eh -riric mid Mag uetic Machines are used, hut arc without any of the injurious ?HOCUS, which accompany the application* hy ihow instru ments, and in many other respects are inure sakk and CKBTAir ill accomplishing the deaired object. The Onlfanic Ring* have been used with perfectjiuccess in ? II cases of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applying to the head, face or j^uibs ; (lout ; Tic Doloreaux ; Tootliaclie, ; i Bronchitis: Wertigo; Nervous or Sick Headache; Indiges tion ; P.iralyals ; Palsy ; Epilepsy ; Kits ; Cramp ; Palpitation ; of the Heart ; Apopleiy, Ktiffress of Joints; Lumbago ; Neu- . ralgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; and all Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed Dyspepsia they have been eqtally sm cesjfnl. Hieir eitraordmary effects upon (lie system mn>t lie witnessed to he believed ; and as a certain p'bkvkntiw: for the above complaints they are equally to he recommended. Tlie Galvanic Rings are in every way perfect ly liar in less. and are (old at prices to be withiu the reach of all, Cr.HTlt'* MidJtrif Fi.rlu is used in connection with the Rinf ?? to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the Galvanic influence tothe particular portions which are affected. for numerous certificates of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the Galvanic Rings and Magnetic Fluiu, refer ence is made to former advertisements, or they may be seen at the office. Only Agency in New V > rk , 131 Fulton street, (Sun Building.) In Brooklyn, at the store of Jamks W. Ssiith, Drucgist. colder Fultou and Cranberry streets. jv28 lin'ec COLUMBIA HuUttfc, I'beituut Street, between (itti hikI Tthntreeta, PHILADELPHIA. r| 1 H K 8UBSC KIHK.RS rcs|iectlully inform theirfrieuds and 1 the travelling public, they have tut en llie above house, (for merly known as the Marshall House, ) and have made extensive alterations and improvements lu its interior, having spared no expeuse to render it one of the most pleasant aud fashionable houses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large aud well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is iu the mrmr central part of the city, near to all the place* of public amusement, and convenient to the depot* of the Southern, Western aud Northern routes. The tallies will be supplied with all the delicacies of I he sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, aud have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by their |>ersounl attention a d eiperieuce ill the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor them with their patronage. BAULEY, MACKENZIE fc CO. James Bncley, (late of Jones' Hotel.) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington House ) Peter L. Ferguson July 1st, 1846 jyl lin'ec NOW LAW 8 HOTEL, , At llnrleui Klvcr. GEORGE NOWLAN respectfully return* his most sin cere thank* to kis friends and the public for the liberal support w iiieh be has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of l'ros|>ect Hall, and begs leave to inform them that he has titled up the large establishment at the termiuatiou of the Railroad, "ii this I a land, and on the Bank of the River, where he is prepared to furnish visitors w ith Breakfasts, Dinners, Tea*. Suppers, and other refreshments, at the shortest notice. Good giound, and every accommodation for Military Compa uie*. All the Railroad Cars land passengers in front of the Hotel for 12>i cents, from the City Hall. N- B ? Au ordinary at half past 2 o'clock on Sundays. je28 WILSON'S HOTEL AND LINING KOOM, 5 Gold street, near Maiden Lane. p OUNTRV MERCHANTS will find thiaa desirable House, V V being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture, Good and substantial dinner, I8*? cents, lodgings 25 cents. For con venience and comfort this house is equal to any hotel in the city, and at half the price. Permanent boarder* can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season *erved up, a* *oon a* they arrive in market, at half the price of other house* Elegant private j> triors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup per parties. The very beat of liquor*. j'l^ 3m*rc HARDWARE. ff^HE SUBSCRIBERS have constantly on hand a fill I a* A sortment of every quality and variety of Needles, including Varu Needles, Bodkins, Knitting Pins; Glove, Harness, Milli n?rs, Chenille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting, Sail and Pack Needles. WARRIN'S DRILLED EYED NEEDLES, a-e warrented superior to any kind offered for sale in theUnited States, aud from their well known reputation, merchants will find them more saleable than any other they can offer. They have always ou hand a good assortment of Warriif* celebrated Kish Hooks, put up ill every style. Also, a large assortment of Silk, Hcuip.Hairaiid China Grass Lines, Cork Float*, and every variety of fancy Fishing Tackle. Also, a large assortment of Wade's U Butcher's Ri7.ors. Pocket aud Table Knives, Scissors, Iron and German Silver Spoon*, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, fctc., &c. All which is of fered to the trade on the best term*. J. & T. WARRIN, jy30 lm'r 72 Maiden Lane VUJGTLtAENJJJiR'S DAGUER REOTYPE APPARATUS. ARRANGEMENTS recently made with their lirolher-in law, Mr. Voighllae':iler, Vienna, enable the subscribers to ?ell those Apparatus at reduced rate*, viz: ? Largest sue Apparatus, with tiiree inch lenses for fnll size pi. tea. :;t $113. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half size pUtes,at $73. Small size Apparatus, with one und-a-half inch lenses, for quarter size plates, at $M). Gentlemen sending remittance* in accordance with the above prices, may depend upon receiving the ge nuine Voigt. laender Apparatus, and not a worthless imitated article, tliey having procured the sole agency for the United States. Platesand Chemical oftheir own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, for .-.ale at the lowest market price*. W. A. K. LANGEKHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inform the Daguerrian Artists in general, that the above Apparatus and other materials can be procured at the stated prices, at their D 'guerre an Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New York, jyj lm'rc LANGENHEIM St BECKERS. BILLIARDS? GREAT IMPROVEMENTS. SOUTHERNERS, Strtnger* and Citizens are iuvited to try Mahogany Beds with 165 Panels, made by steam machinery. So much work could not be done by hand without three times the usual price. Likewise Cushions so elastic rliat eleven can be hit bya single blow. Kor sale or playing at BASSKORD'S old stand? Entrance* joining the Museum Building, Ann street, and 119 Pulton st. Otis Field. w ith a number of these improved Tables, invite* his friends to call at the Guited States Hotel. Eutrauce through the bar-room or 106 Water street. j y 211 lm*rrc " STRIKER'S BULUTlUiN H >U lHh HAiR, Ilf HICH will change grey hair to its original color in a few tt minutes. This solution is different irufB auy yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all other*. Those who doubt its virtues, are requested to have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbugs would take this method there would be no reason to complain. None geuuine unless signed H. Striker, in red tuk. The Solution can be forwarded by Harnden'* Express to any part of the world. Oue trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Record , New York, up stair*. jiH J. R STOUVENEL, 1MPOHTER OK WINES, Ne. 31 John street, inform* hi* friends and the lovers of good Wines generally, that in order to supply the great demand, he has made arrangements to have always in store, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines ol the first quality, from the proprietors direct. The well known houses following are sufficient recommen dation of the qualities of the Wines, without further details M-?rf Borton 8c Gueatier, ) Proprietorl of yignoble*. Capt (iervai*. \ ?t Bordeaux. N. B.? ? J. B. S. undertake* to sell Wine for family use, by the dozen orgallon. jy2Jlra*ec PINE WOOD. EVEN HUNDRED CORDS No. 1, for sale low, in Gin kJ gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va.,by JOHN SAVAGE, 8. S DENNIS. H. T. RUSSELL. Raid Inlet i* navigable for vessel* drawing seven leet. jy22 Im'rre ESTABLISHED 1822. PISTE R ROSE, CUTLER, AND MANUFAC TURER OF SURGICAL AXD DENTAL IXSTR UMF.XTT, No 112 Buoapwav, ukar Cahal Sti-eet, Nt w York. PR. would respectfully call the attention of Physicians, ? Surgeons, Dentists, and Country Merchants, to his gene ral assortment of instruments, and Cutlery of the most approved pattern*, which lie will warraut not to he surpassed iu quality or workmanship by any manufactured in this country or i mi ported. P, R. trusts tlist is long *nd practical experience iu the busi ness ( having beei Jaged in it since 1822.) will be a sufficient guarantee to pure) ?*? that all orders will he faithfully and promptly atteudeiic Surgical and Dental Instruments, Ra zors. Shears, Scissors . Penknives, tic., ground, set, and repair ed with great care and despatch. jul7 lm*rc ST U ART, HAIR DRESSER. /1I1ARLE8 J. STUART, La ies' and Gentlemen's Hair Vy Dresser, would respectfully inform his old patrons, and th.' public generally, that he has returned to his former loca tion, No. J Murray street, up stairs, where they will find him reaily to do anything in his liue of buiiuess with prompt- ess and skill. an I lin*ec bronze powders and metal leaf, (DUTCH M ETAL.) 'TMIH SUBSCRIBERS liavej?st received and kcepconstaat J. Iv on hand large stocks of these articles, which they im port direct from their manufacturer in Germany, to the full sa tisfaction of their old and new customer*. LEOPOLD KUH It CO . No. 15, formerly 6}? Wall street, next iloor to Adams K Co. jy 31 Im'in TEETH ! TEETH ! ! TEETH ! ! ! UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTISTR Y. AT the old establishment, 62 East Broadway, where can be had from one to a whole s?- f Teeth inserted on the most reasonable terms. Superior Tev th inserted from 75 cent* to $3 00 Teeth Killed I rom 50 cent* to. 1 00 Teeth Mouuted for other Deutisfa, by N. TAYLOR, jn 17 Im'rc Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. THE INVISIBLE WIG SO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptic* and Connoisseurs have pronounced it the most |ierfect ami eslia ordinary invention of the d?y. The great advantage* of this no vel and unique wig is its being m tile without sewing or weaving which causes its ap|s- trances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both iu lightness and natural appeaiance, as to defy detec tion. its tt tturc lieitisi so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all east ? of iwsptratum evaporation is nuim|ieded and the evils of other wigs entirely avoided. The sceptic and connois seur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, and tiif peculiar method of lilting the head, at tie- manufacturer's, A. BAKKY, 116 Broadway, corner of Liberty *treet, up ?tairs. jn3 lm?ee V AT NKW i >K LEANS, La! N ri^HE SUBSCRIBER offers his service* in the Settlemen 1 of CI um* iu this city, or its vicinity, and in the I'ollec lection of Accounts, Notes, Draft*, Dividend*, or any oliliga ttoirf whatever. Refer* to Messrs H. Sc D. Parish, L. M. Wiley Si Co., JNew York. seph Keruochan, Esq..) I ETER CONREY, Jr. Josepl New Orleans, July 12th, UI5. ^ I'm'rr L"vAM^ k WAK I) having been burnt out, have removed to ' Store No. M Broad street, on the corner of Stone street. jy?ec Mr*. C mi (lie's Curtain Lectures. . LECTURE XXV. Mrt. L'tiwllt , IVtarietl of Margate, lint "a great detire to tee Fram e. Blew me, arn't you tired, Caudle 1 No Wed, was tliT** ever such a man ! But nothing ever tires you. < >t course, it's all very well tor you : yes, you can readyour newspapers and- What ! So can I? And I wonder what would become of the children il I diil ! No ; it's enough lor their lather to loss his preci?us time, talking about politics, and bishop-, and lordr, and a pack of people who wouldn't care a pin if we iiadu't a roof to cover us? it's well enough for ? no, Caudle, iio ; I'm not going to worry you : 1 never worried you yet, und it isn't likely I should begin now. But that'.- always the way with yeu ? always. I'm sure we should be the happiest couple alive, ?'i>ly you do ho like to have all tli?* talk to your self. We're out upon pleasure, and therefore let's be comfortable. Still, I must eay it ; whenyoulike, you're an aggravating man, Caudle, and you knowu ii ll'hnt have you < tone now f There, now; we won't tulk of it. No; let's go to sleep: otherwise, we shall quarrel ? 1 know we shall. What have you done, indeed 1 That I can't leave my hoinu for a few days, but I must be insulted ! Everybody upon the pier s iw it. Saw what ? IIow can you lie there hi the bed and ask me f .Saw what, indeed ! Of course, it was a planned thing ? regularly settled be fore you left London. Oh yes' I like your inno cence, Mu. Caudle ; not knowing what I'm talking about. It's a heartbreaking thing tor h womnn to ?ay ot her own husband ; but you've been a wicked man to m?. Yes; and all your tossing and tumbling about in ilie bed won't make it any better. , Oh, it's easy enouvh to call a woman "a dear soul" I must be very dear, indeed, to you, when j you bring down Miss Prettyman to ? there now; | you needn't shout like a wild savage! Do you know that you're not in your own house ? do you know that we're in lodgings '? What do you sup pose the p ople will think of us ! You needn't call out in that manner, for they can hear every word that's said. What do you say ! Why don'') I hold mi/ tmigue then? To be sure; anythinglor an excuse with you. Any thing io stop my mouth. Miss Pret n man's to follow you here, ana I'm to say nothing. 1 know she has followed you; and if you were to go before a magistrate, and take a shilling oath to the contrary, I wouldn't believe you. No, CAtrotJt ; I wouldn't. Very well then ? Ha! what a heart you nrist have, to say " very well and after the wife I've been to you. I'm to be brought from my own home ? dragged down here to the sea-side ? to be laughed at before the world ? don't tell me ! Do you think I didn't see how she looked at you ? how she puckered up her farthing mouth ? and ? What 1 IVhy did Ikiu her then T what's that to do with it ! Appearances are one thing, Mr. Caudle ; and feelings are another. As if women can't kiss one another without meaning anything by it! And you ? I could see you ? looked as col l and as formal at her as ? well, Caudle ! I wouldn't be the hypocrite you are for the world ! There, now ; I've heard all that story. 1 dare say she did coxie down to join her brother. How very lucky, though, that yoii should be here! 11a! ha! how very lucky that ? ugh! ugh! ugh ! and with the cough I've got upon me ? oh, you've a heart like a tea-side flint ! Yes, that's right. That's just like your humanity. I can't catch a cold, but it must be my own fault? it must be my thin shoes. I dare say you'd like to see me in ploughman's boots ; 't would be no matter to you how I disfigured my self. Miss Prettyman's foot, now, would be an other thing ? no doubt. I thought when you would make me leave home ? I thought we were coming here on pleasure; but it's always the way you embitter my life. Tiie sooner that I'm out of the world, the better. What do you say! Nothing J Hut 1 know what you mean, better than if you talked an hour. I only hope you'll (jet a better wife, that's all, Me. Caudle. What T 1 oii'd not try ! Wouldn't you ? I know you. In six months you'd fill up my place ; yes, and dreadfully my dear children would suffer for it. Caudle, if you roar in that way, the people will crive us warning to-morrow. Can't I be quiet tJien t Yes ? that's like your artfulness ; anything to make me hold my tongue. But we won't quarrel. I'm sure if it depended upon me, we might be as happy hs doves, j mean it ? and you needn't groan when 1 say it. Good night, Caudle. What do you say T Blent me ! Well, you are a dear soul, Caudi.e ; and if it wasn't for that Miss Pr RET yuan? no, I'm not torturing you. 1 know very v. ell what I'm doing, and I wouldn't torture you for the world ; but you don't know what the feelings of a wife are, Caudle; you don't. Caudle ? I say, Caudl*. Just a word, dear. Well ? Sow, why BhouJd you snap me up in that way. You want to po tor! ny ? So do I ; but that's no reason you should speak to me in that manner. ? You know, dear, you once promised to take me to France. Von dm 't recollect it ? Yes ? thnt's like you : you don't recollect many things you've pro tnissed me ; but I do. There's a boat goes on Wednesday tor Boulogne, and comes back day after wards. What of it .Why, for that time we could leave the children with the girls, and go nicely. Nonscnxc? Of course: if I want anything irs always nonsense. Other men can take their wives half over the world; but you think it quite enough to bring me down here to this hole of a nlace, where I know every pebble on the beach like tin old ac quaintance ? where there's nothing to be seen but the same machines ? the same jetty ? the same donkeys ? the same everything. But then, I'd for got; Murgnte has an attraction for you ? Mi Pretty man's here. No; I'm not censorious, and I wouldn't backbite an angel ; but the way in which that young woman walks the sands at all hours? there ! there! ? I've done : I cant't open my lips about that creature, birt you always storm. You knowthut I always wanted to go to France ; and you bring me down here only ou purpose that I should see the French dill's? just to tantalise me, and for nothing else. If I'd remained at home? and it. was against my will 1 ever came here ? I should never have thought of France ; but, ? to have it staring in one's face all day, and not to be allowed to go ; tts's worse than cruel, Mr. Caudi.e ? it's; Other people can take their wives to Paris : but you alwavs keep me moped up at home. Ana what for ! Why, that I may know nothing ? yes : Mist on purpose to make me look little, and for no thing else. Heaven bits* the woman ? Ha ! you've good reason to say that, Mr. Caudle ; for I'm sure she's little blessed bv yon. She's been kept a prisoner all her life? has never gone anywhere? oh yes! that's your old excuse, ? talking ot the children. I want to go to France, and I should like to know what the children have to do with it ! They're not babf s now ? are they ! Hut you've always thrown the children 111 my face. If Miss Pretttmak? there now , do you hear what you've done ? slioutim; in that manner! The other lodgers are knocking overhead: who do you think will have the luce to look at 'em to-morrow morning ? / shan't breaking people's rest in that way ! Well, Caudle-?. I declare it's getting dayli?lit. and what an obstinate man you are ! ? tell me, shall 1 go to France 1 ?? I forget," ?ays Caudle, "my precise answer; but I think I gave her a very wide permission to go somewhere ? whereupon, though not without re monstrance as to the place ? she went to sleep." The Presidency of Mexico ? The election held for tht- ('Inct Mn^isirncy of Mexico on the 1st of thin month, will ha of interest to our citizen* at the present crisis, as probably determining fMN or war. The tu o candidates are llerrera, the present provisional incum bent, and Gomez Karias. The former, according to the Art r Or/ran v hu lit tin, is attached to the principle* of Centralism, and to a party disposed to check the changes and ameliorations to necossary for the renovation of Mexico. Gomez Farias, on the contrary, belongs to the most liberal class of Mexican politicians, and has for a long period figuied as their head and leader. He has spent many years in the lJ. States, and {become thorough ly imbued 'with our republican notions. The principle* avowed by him, and on which he is running as a candidate, are decidedly federal in character. He ?dvocates the restoration oi the iederal Constitution of ISJ4. The pros pects ol his success are said to be much the most flat tering ol the two candidates. In the event of his elec tion, c\cry confidence is felt in the re-establishment of the iederal institutions. As to the nature of these, as in troduced under the new organization in I8'J4, perhaps some information may not, at the present crisis, be unin teresting. The Constitution of IflMwas formed after the pattern ol that ol the I nited States, and in most parts is a com plete transcript of it. The division of tnc functions of the Government into three departments of Legislative, Judicial and Uxacutivo, is the same; and so is the as signment to each oftheir respective duties, and the limi tation of their powers. The only material difference in the two instruments is, the omission in the Mexican ol the rijjht of trial by Jury, and the freedom of religions worship. The ignorance and moral degradation of the Mexicans disqualify them for the exercise ol the lirst of these franchises; and the political influence el the reign ing priesthood is an insuperable obstacle to the enjoy ment of the last. I 'crimps no form of Government more liberal than the < onstltution of IHJ4 would be compati ble with the existing tate of society. Tai.l Prick. ? The Picayune of (he 3rd i?ft. snys: "The first hale of new cotton, which we noticed n* having been received a day or two since by \Vm. Laugh In, si Co., was sold to Oakfoid k Thomas for fifteen cents a pound.' If all the new crop could be got rid of at that price, the planters might snap their fingers at the hard i times.'' j Varieties. The Nmburypart Herald states that the Essex Steam Mill, in that town, ha* made a dividend of forty two and a half per cent, the earning! of the mill the paat year. A correspondent of the same paper who aign* uat *elf " Au Original Stockholder," explain the matter in this way. He nays : " The origimil stockholder* in tbia mill expended about $100, 000, and after running the mill several years, and receiving but ten per cent in dividend* for the whole time, the company Tailed, paying about 60 cents on a dollar of the debts due by them, and making a total loss to stockho'ders. The present company pur chased for $'24,000, what had previously cost $100,000, and made considerable improvements by adding to the building and putting in more machinery; and thus they hare realized a large profit, growing out of the suffering and loss of previous stockholders." It is very common, in discussions on the tariff questions, to hear the whig journal* urging that England would never repeal her corn laws, as an argument to show that it was useless for the American farmer ever to expect to find a market there for hi* wheat and other grain. To show how much (trength the movement for a repeal of of those odious restriction* is gaining, look at the following table of votes in the British Parliament, given in the last four years in favor of Mr. Willier'* mo tion for a repeal of the corn laws : ? 1*42. 1*43. 1844. 1846. 9'J 140 1(33 . 8* Increase in 1843 48 ?' 1844 26 " 1h45 23 Total increase 96 Diminution of majority in 1843 45 1841 00 1845 171 The requirements of the new Post Office law, and the daily markets, have created a demand lor cents, be yond the present supply in this quarter ft may be well to mention for the benefit of bankers, brokers, and turn pike keepers, that the I nited States Mint at Philadelphia will deliver thein in Cincinnati at one dollar per bundled, the Mint paying all cxjienhes of freight, Sec., to thut city. A large amount has alio been placed on deposit at the Mint at New Orleans lor public convenience, which can be had at par there, purchasers paying the lreight up the river. The weather ?>n Saturday and yesterday was in sufferably hot, but has been agreeably cooledoy the rain and blow of yesterday afternoon and last evening. The | blow made a sad wreck of a number of awniugs in Broad way, Market and State btreets. A tign was blown down from Douw's building, a young lady, who was passing the corner, narrowly escaping from being struck by it. The promenade deck of the Belle steamer was alio some what injured. The shower was a most refreshing one, and grateful to the parched country around u*.? Albany . ltlas, Monday. A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette writing from Indianapolis, say*: The censu* just taken of the State of Indiana, shows a remarkable increase of poll* over last year, being now about one hundred and aixty thousand, the returns of last year only numbering one hundred and eighteen thousand. The taxable property will not be less than one hundred and twenty-tive mil lion* of dollars. And yet we are told that onr people are unable to pay any portion of the inteieit on our pub lic deot. An accident occurred during the storm of Friday afternoon, on the camp ground at Cockeyiville, which, it is feared will result in the death of one ef the most ex emplary citizens from Baltimore county. A horse be longing to Mr. Charles B. Gor*uch, becoming frightened at the thunder, broke loose trom the tree to which he was tied, and fell with great force upon the body of hi* master, injuring him so severely that it is feared he will not survive. Mr. Oorsuch was conveyed to hi* retidence about three miles from the camp ground, when every assistance in the power of medicine was rendered him. At Germantown, Tenn., on the 30th ult., an af fray rising out of politics, occurred between Dr. James R. Christian of Memphis, and F. P. Stanton, K?q? in which the latter received a ball from a pistol in the *ide of his lace. Dr. C. states that the explosion of hi* piitol was accidental, having merely intended to strike him with it. llefwas not considered to be in any danger. The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund of In diana have given notice thatcertata lot* of land in a num ber of counties in that State, heretofore bid in for tho the State, under mortgages to the Sinking Fund, will bo offered for sale on the 14th instant, at the Court Home, in Indianapolis, on a credit of five yean, with intereit at the rate ol seven percent annually, in advance. A Tennessee paper talks of a chap at Holly Springs, who was so astonished at seeing a lady bringing mutic from her piano, that, after listening for a minute or two, lie withdrew his head and hallooed after his companion, " I say, Jim just come back here. Darnation seize me, if here ain't a woman pulling music out of a chest !" About 100 Oneida Indians, now residing about t miles from Green Bay, have resolved to emigrate to Missouri. Permission has been obtained from the Presi dent of the United States. The Green Bay Retniblican wishes the whole tribe would go, because their Reserve embraces some of the fine*t lands in Wiscomin. I >ayton, Ohio, is improving rapidly since the com pletion of the Miami canal. The Transcript of that city gives an interesting account of the " Hydraulic canal," the erection of mills, fcc., and the comtruction of 400 new dwellings and stores. Dayton i* an old town, and about *ixty miles from Cincinnati. By an Act of Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed the 16th' of April, 1845, it is provided, that from and after the passage ol this act, the standard weight of rye and Indi an corn in this commonwealth, shall be fifty-six pound* for each and every bushel thereof. A i<eraon named Potter, from Berkshire county, Mass., hit almost discovered perpetual motion, it is said to have the power of working a* long ?? the material lasts of which it ii constructed. The moving power, however is not produced by the machine itself, nut is a constant and all-prevailing power, being nothing lens than the atmospheric pressure of the temperature. A project is on foot for the establishment of a ferry across the Niagara river, about a mile below the cataract. It is contemplated to construct a carriage-way down the banks, and to place, if practicable, a steam boat upon tho new ferry. The erection of a large hotel is part and parcel of the undertaking. It nppears from the abstract of tonnage, made up to the last day of Jnne, 1846, and published by authori ty of Congress, that the steamboat tonnage of Pittsburgh is 9/J3J 71 ; Louisville, 7,144 44 ; Nashville, 6,686 78 ; Cincinnati, 13,139 39 ; St. Louis, 16,844 66 ; New Or leans, 6,410 61. The Cincinnati Chronicle announces the arrival ol' a parcel of shingles from Canada, one of the effects of opening the Canal to the Lake. Heretofore the pine lumber of Cincinnati has been brought from the pine lands on the head waters of the Alleghany. Rev. O. W. Peabody is to be ordained as pastor of the Unitarian Society in Burlington, Vermont, on Thursday, the 14th inst His brother, the Rev. Wm. B. O. l'eabody, of Springfield, is to preach tho sermon. Miss Anne Royal, who for more than twenty year8 lias editorially conducted the ll'ashington Huntrtu, ha* received a proposal of marriage from the editor of the Mobile Herald. Anne is about 70 years old, and well proportioned. The amount of school fund apportioned in Ten nessee for 181 >, is $177,340 17, which gives to each child 16} c.onts ; the number of children returned is -J.*;, 358. Col. Wm. L. .Sublette, a celebrated trader over the Rocky Mountains, died at I'ittsburg on the 23d ult.? He was one of the pioneers in this trade. An honest Hutch farmer thus writes to the Secre tary ol the Massachusetts Agricultuial Society : ? "Gen tlemen, you will lia>e the goodness to enter me on your list of cattle lor a bull." The steamboat Troy, on her last trip up had on hoard one hundred and fifty tons of merchandize shipped from (in tlalo to Cincinnati, by the the way of the Miami Kxtension Canal. ? Cltv. Plain dealer. Mr. Francis V. Tenney, of Hoston. has been or dained as Tastor of the Congregational Society In South Braintree. Political. The whig Stale Convention of Massachusetts, to neloct candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, will be held on the 14th of September, in the Kaneuil Hall. Boston. The last NathrUle Union under the head of "skies bright," speak most flatteringly of the democratic spirit in the canvass then going on in that State, and pre dicts most confldently the election of the democratic candidate for Governor. It says that the letter* it has received within the last few days " almost induce ut to throw all our fean to the winds, and ^announce to our frtends, that ' all is safe.,n Col. S. C. Pavatt has declined the canvass as a candidate for Congress against Milton Brown. Dr. Nel son J. Hess has been nominated by the democrats in his place, and has consented to run tho race.? iV<i*Ar<7/? Union. It is said that Thomas W. Dorr is abont to visit Ohio and perhaps make that State his future lesidence. Virginia Springs and Saratoga. ? There are about live hundred visitors at the various Sulphur Springs in Virginia? about three hundred of these at the White Sulphur. This is the fashionable watering place of the south. At our own unrivalled Saratoga, the num 'berof visitors now is not less than four thousand. The rcmarknblo variety of its mineral fountains, combined with the means of easy access, must continue to make it the first watering place in America. The Virginia peo ple are discussing the propriety of building a railroad to their springs. If they can succeed in thia, they would be resorted to by thousands instead of hundreds. In this State we have two railways to Saratoga. The travel is, therefore, rapid and reasonable. Before the opening of these iron ways, not more than three or feur thousand persons, dnring a whole season, visited Saratoga. Now, there are more than that who come in one week, and dar ing the course of the year, the arrivals reach as high u 10 or ftO.uOO. The railway has made Saratoga in summer, a city rather than a village New Postaok Law. ? The receipts at the Balti more I'oat Office during the month ol July past, were ?(>3,3.10 42, a decrease, compared with the receipts of the corresponding month last year, of 46. The re ceipts iu the month of June, 1846, before the new law went into effect, amounted to ffl,483 74 ? greater then the receipts of last month, under the operation of the new law, by f 3,147 9-J. The numberof letters has increased but the falling off in receipts is nearly fifty per cent

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