Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1845 Page 3
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HOm MARKBT. Tknnday, Anfut 14?6 P. M. The tendency of price* is (till downward*. Molt of I the fancies fell oil' n fraction. Norwich and Worcester declined 1 percent; StoningtonJ; Erie Railroad 1 ; Mor. ri? Canal J; Farmer*' Loan J; Canton 1} , Long Island J; sale* of this stock were made at 61, seller 13 months; Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania ?>'*, U. S. Bank, and Ohio 6'*, closed firm at yesterday's price*. The receipts of the Western Railroad, for the week ending the 9th inst., this year, have been nearly four thousand dollars less titan for the corresponding week last year. Wkstkhn Raii.road. ?> etk ending .lug. 9th, 1844. 1845. Pusengers 15,186 11,077 dec. 4,108 Freight, Ike 7,376 7,690 Inc. 314 Total $22,561 $11,767 dec. 3,794 The week ending August 9, 1844, the large whig con vention was held at Springfield, Mass. This accounts (Or the large receipts from passengors that week. The receipts of the Reading Railroad Company for the week ending August 9th, this year, compared with cor responding weeks in 1840 and 1844, have increased very largely. Plfll.ADlXrtllA AND RKADINH KaII.HOAD. Week ending ?ti'K 12, '43. *Hug 10, '44. Aug 9, 45. Business $10,1117 16 $16,313 432 $9,319 17 Coal transported, tons,. . 6,638 11,835 24,298 This increase is about the usual average. Our foreign exchanges are in a very strange condition, and the high rates ruling for bill* on London, is the most extraordinary feature of the whole. With a balance in our favor on our foreign trade, and very limited ship ments of specie, the quotation* range juit below a specie point, and the smallest demand runs them up to a specie ?tandard. A comparison of quotations current now with those ruling last year at this time, cannot be considered a fair criterion, as our import* wero then larger, and our exports, from the country at large, had been compara. tiveiy limited. So far a* our foreign trade is concerned sterling exchange should range much lower than ruling rates, but when we take into consideration the fact that we have been iinportiug our own State stocks, and have qeen remitting dividends, amounting to more than a million of dollars within the last six months, it accounts at once for the high premiums. It wllj be seen, therefore, that the falling ott in the importation of merchandise has been made up in the exportation of American State stocks. There is it great abundance of money in London, and the difficulty daily experienced in inverting capital in Oreat Britain is so great, that capi talists would be little disposed to part with a security , having the most remote probability of being a good di vidend paying stock ; buttheie undoubtedly have been many holders of American securities, whoso resources were rather limited, who having been overtaken with the railway excitement, and anxious to go into that specula, tion, have disposed of their State stocks, and inverted every dollar in some railway company. Stocks forced into the market, on the other side, in this way, have been remitted to this couutry for sale and immediate returns. We have no doubt but that many of the parties making this change in their investments, will regret having done so, and will eventually find that oven the stocks of de* linquent States, are much better than fictitious tailway shares, and will pay a dividend much sooner than an imaginary ntock company. The demand for foreign exchange has opened quite active, and the continue firm and pretty well ad vanced. Sterling bills we quote at 10 a 10} per cent pro minm. The demand is confined principally to bills on London. There is very little doing on othei points. We annex a comparative table, showing the quotations for every month during the past year. Quotations or Foreign F.xniANiit: in this Market Ijmdun. I' iris. Jlmsttr'm Ham'" Brem Aug. 14. . 9HiM 5,23i?a.'i,2A 40 alO'i 35V 78}., " 30.. 9&al0 4.22'/i?5,23;}* 10 ii? 35M 78?-i Sfcpt. 13. . 9&ilO 5,22>i?.5,23*i ? alO 3M? 78'i ?' 30. . 9i*al0 5,22>ia.),23 40 35>. TB'.i Oct. 15. .10 alO.M 5,21 05,22',' - .,4 0 35}J 78S " 31. .Mtfn? 5 20 ?5,2Hi 40 a? 35,'? 78J; Nov. 15. .llllrt'i ? 5,20 "5,21)4 ? alO X> >i 78V, " 29. . #Kal0 5,21Jia5,22ii ? a4fl 34 U 70'.; Pec. 13. . 9X.110 5,22?? ? - alO 35'? 78', " 30. .10 u HI '4 5,22>Zs4,8l'i ? alfl 35.C 78% Jan. 30.. 9^110 5,2#J?5,22? 40'?alfl?,' SSS 78 'i Feb. 27. . 9':ial0 5,25 u5,23V 40 ulfiS.j 35*fc 79 Mar. 16, . 5,25 a5,?f7 ? 35 79 " 29. . 9>Ja 9'4 4,25 *5,23)5 39Va40 35', ? April. 23. . 9Ua ilii 5,26 '4 n5, 25 39 !.4.i4 0 35>J 79 VI ay 15 . 9>i* 9% 5,2C>??5 25 39>i?IO 35'4 79 .May 30. . 9&h10 5.25 a4 ,23ft 39>'ia- 35V 79 June 11.. 9741110 5,25 a4,23;g ? ?39JJ 35?, 7f!,^ " 28. . 9K* 9X 5,87^*4,24 39)ia? 35!* 7B'i ?" 9>2i10 *~ S - July 14.. 9>JitO 4JlVa5,30 39}ia39^ 35l? 7? " 30. . 9)4*10 sres 'la 5.27J4 39**39*' 35!* 78 Aug. 14.. 10 a 10 '4 5,23J4a'),25 39>4*3#?? 35% 78 Some drawers of prime bills on London demand 10} per cent premium, but the rates for good bills range frum 10 to 10] per cent. The rates are full as high an they hare been at any time within the past year, and arc- only held at a (motion below specie point, to provent the pre cious metals from going forward. The banks are com. pelled to move very cautiously, under this state of the exchanges, and do not extend their operations more than actually necessary. We annex a comparative table, giving the quotations for the principal State Stocks and other securities used in this market for investment - Piucrs of Stocks in the New 'Vokk Market. Iledecm- 1846 1145. IMS. Rale. ahle. June 11. July 30. Aug 14. United States 6 1862 112X? - ? kII5 ll^alll " 5 18 VI 102 at02l4 ? al05 104 a ? New York, 7 1818-49 106 all>6X 10.i'ial05X 105 al?>}? " 6 11)0-54 -60 106 a? 107 a? ? a ? " 6 1861-62-67 107 al07X ? a!08 107J*al08'i " 1H60-6I-65 l02Kal03.Sl02Kal02 102 al02>, " 5 1845 ? alOO ? alOOy M ? ? ?' 5 1846-7-8-9 ? alOO ? a ? 93 ? ? " 5 1850-1-3 ? a? ? ?100>* IlKl^s ? " 5 1855-511 ? alOO ? a ? 1003<alfil " 5 1859-60-61 101 alOI.StlOl a ? 1003<al01 " 1819-58 90 a 95 a ? 90 a ? Ohio, 6 1840 ? a 98\ ? a ? ? a ? " 6 1856-60 99'?a 99?. 96 a 96U 96 a ? " J 1850-56 ? a? 86 a 89 86 a ? 7 1856 101 VI?'Xl0ri(a ? 102 a ? Kentucky, 6 MlJaa - 100 alOOH 100>iil00*? it j a 88 ? a? ? a ? Illinois, 6 1870 38^a ? 37^a 37X 38 a ? Indiana, 5 25 years Wja ? 33 a ? 32 a ? Arkansas, ? ? ? a? ? a ? 40 a ? Alabama, 6 ? "0 a 90 ? a? ? a ? " 5 ? 85a? 70 a 80 ? a ? Pennsylvania, 5 ? 75 a 75 V4 75 a ? 76 a ? Tennessee. 8 ? alOl ? a ? 99 a ? N York City, 7 1*57 1 U 13 ? a? 109 a ? " 7 1852 109 alio ? a ? 109 a ? ?? J 1850 99 alOO ? a ? 98 a ? " 5 1858-70 99 a 100 99 a 99)* ? a ? BkCom'eN. Y-, full 98Ka 99X 95 a? 95 a ? " scrip 98>,a 99 95 a 96 95}?i 95 J* N. Y. Life Ins. It Trust Co. ? alH ? a? 109 a ? Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. 35 a ? 34j(ia 35 34.l?a ? Ohio Life Ins. It Trust Co. 99 a ? 95 a ? ? a 95 Bank of U. 8. in Penn'a, 5J?a 6 5}4a 6 5?4a 5/4 Boston lit Providence Rail'd,ll2 n 1 13 114 all5 115 all5*n N. Jersey H R. St Trans. Co 9434a 95 93 a 95 ? a ? Mnh.'wk St Hud'n Railroad, 6 a ? 57)<a 58 57^a 58 Utica St Schenectady Rail'd, 130 al30K IMfca ? 120 al26 Syracuse Si Utica Railroad,, 114 all5?4 116 a? ? a ? Auhurn StSyraouse Railr'd 117 all8 117 allt 117 a ? Auhuru St Rochester R. R. 108 al08H 110 a ? 105 a ? There has been no improvement of consequence in any stock bat Pennsylvania d'a. The quotations now current are equal to about 78} per cent dividend on. Within a few days past this stock has sold at 73 per cent, equal to at least to 80j per cent dividend on. This ia fall high enough for a stock of this kind, as it cannot be considered more than a four and three quarter per cent stock, the laws of Pennsylva nia requiring the payment ef a tax of one quarter per cent on all stock investments. Ohio State fives have lately sold at 86 a 89 per cent. Tl.ecicdit of Pennsylva. nia is undoubtedly permanently re-established, but so lon^ as there is any doubt about the payment of the in terest punctually and promptly, there must be a mate, ?ial difference in the market value of the stock, compared with the same per cent stocks of other States. Many holders of Pennsylvania stock have fears that the reve nue has been anticipated too largely to meet the Au gust payment, and anticipate a relapse in February next These fears are groundless. Several of the laws provi ding revenue for the State, which passed the Legisla ture last winter, did not go into operation until aftor the 1st of August, and in consequence of this, it became ne cessary to anticipate the collection of some of the taxe" levied by these new laws. It was well known thut the former system of taxation was not sufficient to provide u revenue large enough to meet the expenditures of the government, and the last session ol the Legislature of that State, was principally devoted to improving, equali sing, and perfecting the system of taxation. The de facts in the method of valuing property, and the many abuses practiced under the old system, have been re formed, and laws perfected Increasing the rate ol taxation' and doing away with many of the complaints and much at the dissatisfedtion caused by a different rate of taxa tion in almost every county, for State purposes. This was one of the greatest reuses of the non-payment of State taxes, and now tha cause has been removrl, we do not look for any arrears from one year to another, for any great amount. The revenue law* of Pennsylvania are sufficient now to provide funds to meet the State ex* panditures punctually. These laws placo the burden of taxation so equally upon all classes, that no objections can be made to paying them, and the returns thus far confirm the anticipations of the most sanguine friends of redemption of Stale credit. Under tha Improved state of things a return to hones ty must produce in every part of the commonwealth the resources of tha people muet ba rapidly developed. ? There is no State in the Union so rich at present as Penn* sylvania, and this wealth will soon reduce the rate of taxation to a vary reasonable point. A* tha public im provements become productive, and tha revenue from these works increases, it relieves property generally from heavy taxes, and as the amount of taxable proper tjr ia the itate increases, tha rate of taxation uan he re' ta?ad. Tha debt ef Pennsylvania la immense, but It larger and bean mora heavily upon the people of that State now, than^t ever will again. Tha resumption of payment on the part of tha government, calls fort correiponding movement on the part of tha people, and we hare the strongest evidence that they will not be found wanting in that Stata pride so necessary to pre. serve the State credit. The interest on the debt of Michigan, due next Janua ry, will be promptly paid. Arrangements have been made with several large capitalists of this city, to pro* vide funds, nnd they will be forthcoming when wanted. Very little change has taken place in the financial condi" tion of the other delinquent States. The government ol Maryland have been making strenuous efforts to resume the paymeut of the interest on the public debt, and it is stated much progress has been made in extricating the finances from the confusion they were in, but we have no official report giving any statement in relation to the leceipts and expenditures, or how favorably the collec tion of taxes goes en. Old Mtock Kichange. $2000 N Y State .Vs. '58 101 50 Mohawk RR *10 58 500 N y City 5's, '70 !)8 100 do ?ii0 5a OWiO OhioC's, 60 10000 do 7000 Arkansas 6 ? liooo Pennsylvania 5' 10000 do 00 ilias U S Bank 200 Farmers' Trust .'i0 do 235 Canton Co 100 Morris Canal 175 do 50 do 500 do 100 do 100 L Island R It 150 do 50 do 100 do 50 do 150 do 200 Wilmington 96 s60 95>? 40 i 76 WO 76 Wt 33? ?iVi 38 bliO 28>i 28,', 28'4 1)20 2ti'4 sl2m CI 63?* btiO 83V 1)30 63)2 63 s30 29,i Second Board 50 Reading 11 R 100 do s ICO do b 100 do b 100 do 125 Nor St Wore R R 75 do '0 do > 500 do 50 do 50 do s 50 do s 150 do 50 do s 50 Stonington R R 60 do 25 do 50 do b 25 Erie RR 50 do (5000 111 Spc'l Bds s30 250 ihas Wilm'u RR s30 100 do s30 25 Nor St Wore R R slO 150 do 50 do 50 do 25 Erie R R 25 M obiwk R It 50 Reading R R 25 Morris Canal 50 do 25 do 25 do 50 Loug Island R R 50 do 50 Canton Co 50 do 25 do 66>g s30 fiti <: mxi sOU L'6/2 58 53)? New Stock Exchangci 625 ?h? Far's' Trust ch Wi 50 Harlem RR 150 Morris Canal ch 28 ' j 50 ilo stw 28 J.K 9ft-1.. do ch t8/i do ch 28*4 do s3 28 '4 25 Canton Co Mon'y 75 do 25 do blO 25 do l>3 50 do s60 25 do ch 50 L, Island R R 50 do 100 do 156 do 50 Nor Si Wor R R 38?s 38 38*4 do do do do do blO 65 stm 63 ch 6J1* ch 63 '? S3 63.l.i 67 ?3 67 l>15 ?7>i cb 68 s3 bS 6?;^, Alarvled. In Brooklyn, on Thursday tho 14th instant, by the He Dr. Stone, Elisha K. Jenkins, of Rio Janeiro, to Miss Harriet Augusta, daughter of Thomas Jenkins, Esq., ol Brooklyn At Nunda, AUegnuy County, N. Y , on Monday the 11th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Clarke, II. E. Purdv, Ek(|., Kditor of the Orleans Republican, at Albion, N. Y., to Miss Emily Foote, eldest daughter of Colonel Lyman Gardiner, of the former place. Died, On Wednesday afternoon the 13th instant, Mary An*, only daughter of H. M. Forbes. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re quested to attend her funeral this afternoon, at half past three o'clock, from the residence of her mother, No. 13t> ( anil street, without further invitation. On the morning of the 14th instant, at West Heboken, the eldest daughter of Captain John Clay, aged three years and six months. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re quested to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at his residence. Eastern and Western paper* will please copy. Post Office, ij Nf.w Vork, Auk. H, 1*45 J CTKAMEW CAMBRIA. FOK LIVERPOOL, FROM BOSTON. ? ' The -Mill fo'the H: earner Cambria will be closed a' this office oo Friday, the 15th inst. at V. M. Post age ou nil letters wus be prepaid to Boston. Letter^ of half au ounce <n noder, 5 cents? eacn additio nal h If ouepe 5 rents. all 2trc ROBT. H. MORRIS, K_M. "INDEPENDENT POLICE OFFICE, ?18 Centre Street. ff^HK uudersiitiied most respectfully inform the inhabitants A of the City of New York and other cities in the Union, thai they Hive tstablished an Independent Police Office at No ?18 Centre street, for the purpose of trnns.irtin|[ either crimnal or civil business. They have at their office a Loss Boob,i>. which is recorded all robberies, forgeries, false pretence cases, counterlt iting, Ike See., and will at all times attend punctually to all complaints, either of a criminal or civd nature- Tliey ? ill also travel to any par' of the I 'uited Stales, if required. All cominunications directed to either ot the following na -let, will be punctually attended to. New York, August 14, 1815. GEORGE RELYEA, WILLIAM B. BARBER, RANSOM BEMAN, WILLIAM W FKEAM aI5 ll'rc JOHN M. HUE, Constable. ' a. MARTIN AT CO^ WILL PUBLISH TllIS DAY, PART ONE. PRICE SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS, OF FRANCE ILLUSTRATE I). C COMPRISING Views of the Scenery, Castles, Abbeys > Cathedrals, and various other ubjei-ts of interest in that beautiful country, from drawings made on ilie spot by T. Al low. Esi| , and engraved ill the first style of the art. ali 3ti?*rh R. MARTIN Ik. CO 28 John st. ""DIAMOND "GRAIN GUNPOWDER! WF. BROUG1I begs to inform nis f ieudi and the sport ? in* community, that during his Inn ted engagement al the Park Theatre, his business I i the sale < f h.n^lish Spoiling Gunpowder, Caps, Gun Wadding, Guns, Ike , will be carried on as usual at No. 117 Fulton street. A con- igument of a new Powder, known in Europe as "Col Hawker's Ducking Powder, has been lately consigned to hun W. F. B. is empowered to receive orders for Pnrdy's double barrels. Also those made b> Deans Brothers, London. Sam ples call be seen. ali lwrc INTENSE EXCITEMENT. OTHING H AS CHEATED so great an excitement, as . the arrival of the immense steamship Great Britain ex- | rept the wouderful cures effected by the Syrup of Health ? This p-eparatiou is unequalled in the treatment of Scrofula. . Kings Evil, Sale Rheum, all eruptions of the skin, and the in- \ nuui-rable diseases arising from impurity of the blond. Nu nitrous certificaies may be seen at the office. The fol'owii g is from one of the most respectable merchants of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, Oct. 9, Iftll. Dn Thompson? This is to certify, that I was completely cu red of an ulcer upiu my ankle, from which 1 had sutfered foi upwards of three years, by usiug four bottles of your valu <ble medicine. I h id tried a gieat number of other medicines with out any effect. J. JEANES, No. 6 Chesnut st. Principal Office. 5j Reade sr., near Broadway. ali Iw'rc EL' BEN BUNN will serve up a fine GREEN TURTLE in Soup and Steaks, This Day, at the Washington Lunch, i9*J Washington street, Aug. 15th. Ready at II o'clock, A. M K unities supplied alJ lt*rc 'PKACHEK OK THE I'RKNCM Ik GERMAN I. vN 1 OUAGES, t'-e Piano Forte (principally), a' d Drawing ? A You g Man rece tly arrived from France, wishes a situation as Teacher in the above branches, either hi a public uistitu tio 1 1 or a private family. Orde s attended immediately to. bv aildressing a letter to F. B at this office No objection to the c- unt y. 8|>e.iks a little English. a!5 2t*rc '1*0 FlOWkR MuNUeACTUREHS ? Wh te a..d Greei. * Cabby Velvets, suitable for Flowers, for s le at w 15 2t ** rh No. 2 William street, up stairs. FANCY BALL HbAD DRESSES, such as Pompad uis Louis AIV, Renaissance, antique and modern. Klower l-e, tilers, and Gairlandes a la Victime. MARl'ELLE St HOLDERMANN have received by |?r, arrivals, au iisso'tment ol the above articles; and inform tin Ladies that Anguste Martelle Will be at New|Kir oil Saturdat mo mng, for the Hancy Ball to be given oil the 19th mat all 3tis*rc MUSIC. V LA DV wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol you .K ladies on the Piano She teache* on the Logrrini ?\ * em, which his never been introduced s? yet into rh * c ui. try : it haa been ?n*atlv approved *f in Kurope, as being t? ? shortest a d easiest method . f brinsin^ on t}|f* pu il. A not addressed to A \ . at the office ol* this paper, shall l?e attend.-. N( Rl S 4 lm PUI'P I), supposed to tie s.olvu, I < ? i L? naltn, i SILVER do. A. J. J aCKSON, I I 3t*rh Pawnbroker, 58 Reade st. CIOLD ROLLKD COPPER? 1000 sheets cold rolled Cop J Per, from 20 to :ifl o l . of a very sujierior qutli y, f >rsal? b> nU E K.COLLINS k CO 41 South st. BUAT RACE. V REGATTA will t'ke place at Thatched Cottage, Jcrsei City, on the 25th of this mouth, lor a purse ol $30? I r ? II fe?t boats mg two piir of snills) the first boat ti receive ti e purse All boats wishing to enter ttiusl eut- r bt f>re the 22il ai Thatched Cottage, Jersey I. ity. '1 lie following bsats are entered already I he 'New k ork, ' ot F shkill, rowed hy the Tenycks. tw ii Inn Ii.ts; the "Uookiinsnivy/' rowed hy Henry Taylor ait) Steph?'i Roberts al3Itt*rh ,?> . Lr. Ub "ftl'cnlhS AT-! Hfci NAVY YAtt CT 'I 'II <? II k". w ill be sold stthe Navy Yard. Brooklyn, on WED I N ESD.tY, 20th instiiut, at 12 o'clock, Al., at public Ani. t ion, for e.ish ou delivety, a variety of miiidetntied articles, .iiao ig which are joiners' anil ship carpenters' tools, flags ol different rations, ship chandler) , water <ask?, cabin funutnie boats of various ?s/.<is. old Junk, cauva^s clipiuugs, ordnance stores, barrels and sliooks, some provisions. Al io one |utir ot oxen Navy Aiitm-'s Oku' i:, I Nkw YotIK, August mil. !BI>. 5 al:) re PROCTER. M. WKTMORE. Navy Age TUKTL UP AN U 3 1 KAKrt, WILL be sen i! up in supernir stjle at the BANK <'OK Ht.l'. UOCSE, No. 15 Nits. n -tieel, every duy thi w- e k, c. in ii? i cuiii ou Moi d ?) , the lltli not. Alderiileii. epi cures. and ill lovers ?>1 i;ood ihinws will reme'"ber tins ie un Also for ja!e, SI veral ehoicii 1 unles, juat arrived. Apply as .bove. a IS b * - LKUCU&S! LbL^libS! JUST RECEiV ED a fresh supph of Swedish Leeches, pel ship Brareus. Ir.nn llanibu.g. ami l',>r s le hy C.J. FERDINAND Ik CO., all! ?t'rc Importers ol Leeehes, No. 1 19 Naas in st. Bill ok fare, cafe tortoni, m ^.d mx La large Bnildn.s, Broil way? I ireenTunle Hanp lina da> at 12 o'clock. Coiiiioiss-urs are requested to he punctual at the Cafe Ton QUI, corner ol Re lie and Broadway. ?I3 IttiaVr LOOKING GLASS PLATES AND OTHhJK GERMAN (tOOI)S. HANL1NE Ik OSTHEIMER. NO.S BANK STREET, PHILADELPHIA, have received by late arrivals from Europe, a I. irge assortment of White French Looking Glass Plates from 30-18 to 52-2t Unsilvered White Polished Window Plates.. . " lT-l2to57-S* Also all siioa of Green Looking Glass Dates. . " 9-7 to 40-20 with a large asaortment of Toys, Slates, Leather Dolls, Hlate Pencils and Marbles, Spectacles. Toilet Glasses, Ti|ies, and ? variety of other French and German Ooodi. which they offei at the lowest market prices jv24 2meod ghv. ICfc. ! 1CK ! ! ICfc. ! ! THE Subscriber has for sale at his Depot in Brooklyn, S00? tons pure Rocklaud Lake Ice, of a sire desirable for ship ping, being IVom 12 to 15 inches thick in square blocks- Kot terms apply on board lee Barges foot Chambers it. COPPER MINERS WANTED. XJtT ANTED by the New York and Lake Superior Miniog TT Company, FIFTY Copper Miner*? to be employed at Ante Harbor, Lake Superior. Temperate sod experienced Miners will receive liberal wa ge* ? noue others need apply. Apply to the-aindersigoed at We?t Troy, N. Y. E. LEARNED, Jr., President N. Y. and L. 8. M. Co. New York, Aug. 14th, 18IJ. al5 Iwis*rc WANTED AT CLARKE'S It STE VAN'S Temperance Intalligeuc. Office, 9J>4 Duane street, subscribes lor some good Pro testant Servants and others, noth white and colored, of good character. The subscriber pledget himself to precure help lor the public at the shoitett notice. Mr. Clarke a office ia patiouiaed by some ol' the lirst l.milies iu the country. Remember? 'SiH Duaue street two door* west of Broadway, W-udiiugioM Tem|ierance Intelligence Office. jy26 Im'rh I \STOFF CLOTHING Is. KUltMTUKK WaNTKU. LADIES OK GENTLEMEN having any superfluous or cast oil' Clothing or' Furniture to dispose of, can obtain for the. same a liberal ca?h price, by, lending lor the subecriber (through Post or otherwur) at nil residence. No. V!) Duaue street, basement. M 8. C OH EN . N. ti. Mrs. Cohen will also attend ta Ladies at their resi dence, if requested. t>12 lm'rc MKllCHANTS^'HilLANCE~XSS6ciAT10N," ORGANIZED TO INVESTIGATE and expose abuses iu trade, to preveut frauds and punish tlie fraudulent. OrricBM. THOMAS TILKSTON, President, of linn Spolford.Tileston St Co. . T. C. DOBBMVI, Vice President, of firm Doreinus, Suydam & Nixon. David Wesson, Treasurer, of firm D K A. Wesson. Woodward 8t Disknucry, Secretaries. Directors. D. A. Cushman, oflirm Cnsh'ean St Co. Edward Anthony, <.f firm Cooke, Anthony Ht Mahouy. Alva Sjiear, of firm S|iears fct Vanderhool. Daniel S. Miller, of linn Otter. Miller It Co. Ferdiuaud Huydim, Jr., oflirm Suydam. Sage (c Co. llenry A. Ilurlbut, of urm Swift 4t 1 i u 1 1 but. A. J. Underbill, of firm Underhill St Co. Theodore McNamee, <>f firm Bowen it McNamee. Oliver E. Hosmer, of firm (losmer it Sli"rm n. Frederick B. Betts, of firm Smiih, Wright St Co. U. B. Brewster, of firm Lee St Brewster. Joshua P. Henry, ef firm Green way, Henry & Smith. Simeon Draper, Jr., oflirm Ilaggerty, Draper lit Jones. Isaac Townseud. of firm Townsend St Brothers. John Lowry, oflirm J. (it A Lowry. Ed war! Tompkins, of liim Benedict St Tompkins. George D. II. Gillespie, of firm WolfeSt Gillespie. David Hoadley, oflirm Hoadley, Phelps Si Co. William C. Liuigley, of lirin W. C. Lunuley III Co. Thomas Hunt, ol lirm Thomas HuutStCo. Extract from Sec. 5 of the Constitution " Auy Merchant of 1 good standing may become a member of this Association on being proposed to the Directors, and no objection beiug made thereto." Merchants who have not subscribed to the Constitution, may have, an opportunity to become members on applic iiiou to j any member ol the Board of Directors, who will ? xplaiu the j object of the Association. all twin ec MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, NO. 37 MAIDEN LANE. N. Y. MANUFACTURERS and Imiio ters of Ornamental Hair j Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bauds, Curls, Seams, Bandeau ; Hair, D.ti. guy's celebrated Curled Hair, 15 inches long, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, who'es lie and retail. N. B ? The trade supplied on reasonable terms. i>3 lm*ec WK| t tie undersigned, deein it uecessary for the benelit of life, us well as recreation, not to be confined by the retail trade to such a late hour at night. do hereby agree to close our i ? ?ores at 9 o'clock every evening (Saturday night exci ted) for I (wo mouths, to commence from Ibis, the 1st day of August, 1816. (Signed.) B. Lewin, Juo. Hutchler, M.Woolf, W. McKimley, W. Sturges, .Ino. C. H-slelt. Juo. Davis, S. 1'. Sturges, W. Bennett, P. Koopmau, K. Marshall, Proprietor! of the Shirt Stores of Chatham street, New York. <||2 I in* nc JUST PUBLISHED, price thirtv cents, the Fourth Edition, j (Translated from the Nineteenth French Edition,) CONSTIPATION DbSTROYED, Or, Exposition oft NATURAL, simple, agreeable and infalli ble MEAN8, not only of OVERCOMING, but also of com pletely destroying habitual Constipation, without using either iiurg it i ve?, or any artificial meaus whatever, (discovery recent ly made iu France by M. W-rton,) followed by numerous cer title ties from eminent physicians and other persona of distinc tion. Sold at tha National Depot of Wartou of Paris, No. 14 Maiden Lane. au6 Im'rt SHIP LIVERPOOL, Agry, master, from Liverpool. ? Cou-' siguees of goods by above ship, will coufer a favor by sending their permits, without delay, on board, at I'ier No 9 East River, or to the office of the sub>criber? !'OCHE, BROTHERS It CO., at ec fc'n Iron NOTICE? Consignees of goods i>er ship Clyde, roin Liver pool, will please send their permits on board the ship, pier No. 4 North River, or to the office of the subscribers. All goods not permitted iu five days, must be unavoidably sent to the public store. J. HEKDMAN St CO., afire 61 South stieef. Tu TaIlor.S rjMIOSE who desire to attain a correct knowledge of Fash -I. iouahle Cutting; in all its various branches, would do well to obtain Stiuemets' Complete Work on the sub ect, which can be obtained of the author only, at No. 113 Brnad w iv. Price ? from M to tl(l per Boolt. hd4 lm*r to the imoukrreian artists 17* A. ARTAULT, Importer of French Daguerreotype . ? Goods, offer for ??lc, >.t a che?p price 500 Large Daguerreotype Plates, No. 40 and 30. 600 Ounces Dry Iodine. 200 Ounces Hmmine. 2(10 Ounces Chloride of Iodine. 100 Pounds Hyposulphite of Soda. 200 drahms (blonde of Gold and Salt of Gold; new article, 3 uicksilver, Tripoli, Rouge, Rotten Stone, Instruments 1 the articles useful in Daguerreotype. 2 Gross Morocco Cases ? ? nargain Apply at the . LAFAY r TTE BAZAAR, 119 and 151 Broadway, corner ofLiberty St., upstairs, aul lm*rrc THE EAST RIVER MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE No. CI (late 49) Wa'l street, continue! to iniure against lom or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses.aud other buildings. Alto, on Household Furniture, Merchau dize, &.C., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. John Brouwer. Wakeman Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embiry, John Moorhead, Stanton Brebe, Joseph Krrnorhau. Daniel Avres, Henry W. Hills, l^harles N. 8. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, Nathaniel L. Griswold.jr. Thomas Nesmitn, Russell Stubbiiis, Robert Boorinaii, George Cofcgeshall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, George Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. Daviu Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD 8. 8ILUMAN, Secretary. RohkrtJ. Dillon. Cottnselaiid Attorney. ?2 lm*m OFFICE OF THE CROTONUNSURANCE CO No. 85 Wall Strict, Admitting Meehanics' Bank, in the City of New York TI1I8 COMPANY lose by the recent fire $36,000 Their assets over and above all claims agniust them exceed >150,000 They coutinue to insure Marine and Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUST*. KS. James Harper, William B Cozzens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James Phalen, Theodore A Meyer, 8 A Lawrence, Cvrus Chenery, Edwin R T remain, Lawrence Hill, S M Crandall, W H Townsend, John Breaate, Robert Lane, James Cruikshank, John T Gilchrist, J Leauder Starr, J H Snydam. Charles L Vose, John B Ltsala, Zadock Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeK*y, James Cook, Loring Andrews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, Georg? Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas MonahMi, Asa 8 Croshy, George Pileu, John J Herrick, William Burgoyue, Abraham V an Nest, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secret urv. Capt Samuel Candler, Marine Insp Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au2in OKriCE Or THE J EKFKRSON INSURANCE Co.. ) New Vork, July 24, 1S4S. S THE Stockholder* of this Company are requested to call at the office of the Company and siguify whether it be then A ish to till up their respective shares, or to receive a number ol Stares equal to the present value ol their stock. The Stockholders residing out of tlie city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. JO Wall st. T. W. THORNE, Pres't. Quo T. Hope, Sec*?. jyft rrc PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO , No. 65 WALL STREET. I ''HIS Comp.-.ny is prepared to pay in casA on demand, alt losses it has sustained by the late soon a? th? claims are adjusted. Fire and Marine risks wi!l he taken as usual. ? . . SIMEON BALDWIN, President. W. W. Dibble, Secretary. New York. 23d July. I?4S. jy23 I in is rrc IHELONi. ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANV Capital, 200,000 Dollars. Office, 41 Fulton itrert, llmoklyn. I 'HIS COMPANY is prepared to take risks in the city o' New York on favorable terms having lost by therecei. ire only about ten per cent of'their capital i'he losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui l<u?on. E. C. FINN, Secretary. B. M. DELAMATER. Preiident. Beoom .vie July *1 , 184'. jv 20 I m is m Ob'e ion. \Jt 1N3UKANCL Uu., < No. 50 W>ill street, opposite the Kxihanje > HIS* COMl'ANV continue to in*ure agamst low and d ? mage by tire on gootL, wares and merchandise, and ;Im. igainitlois by inlanifiiavi*?ti<;n oa vi**eU aud theircargie* DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thorn, Kluha Riygt, Tlioma* T. Woodruff, Anno; linker, B. R. Kobsou, si. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Pricc. Joseph Allen, Moaei Tucker, Jntnes E. Holmes, irtiiu R Davison, Johu 1'. Moore, Johu H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn. Caleb Til m?, Thomas Morrell, Kraucia Hue, Easeae Bogart, John C. MerriU, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNK, PrwiJent UtoK?K T. Hoe*, Peeretarr "'i re "COPARTNKRSHU' NOTICE. Ijl W CLARK St CO., Philadelphia, and J. W. CLARK fc J? f'O., Boston, h 've formed a connection in the Egch iiki nid ('nmmiiiiiiii bui'iets in Ne? York, nnder the Arm of r. W. CL VHK, DODOE U CO., at No. ?n Wall, md having co respondents in nil the principal cities aud towns i;. the lli. ion, they are enabled to make Collections of Notes and B'llt of Exchange at the lowest rate* and with the uimos' promptitude. They are also prepared to purchase all kind* ol B ink Notea and Exchange upon the principal cities Draft up >? all point* can always be hau In sum* tosuit. They re pectfully solicit a share of public patronage. Near York, Angiiil I ill, 1815. all Im'rc DRAFTS AND NOTKS COLLECTED. EW. CLARK, DODO E?i CO., No. 60 Wall street, are ? prepared to collect Notes and Draft* imyable at iBe fol lowing plaeea on the moat reasonable term*, vir.:? Boatou, Providence, Newport, Portland, Philadelphia, Har rishurK. Lancaster, Reading, Pittabury, Wilmington. Balti more, Annapolis, Washing!. hi ( iij . Richmond, Norfolk, Pe tersburg. Fredericksburg, Wheeling, Haleigh, Kavetteville, Wilmington, Newbern, ( harleaton, Columbia, Camden. Che raw, Savannah, Anunsta. Mobile, New Orleans, Cincinnati Columbus, Chlllicnthe, Indianapolia, Louisville, Lexington, | Nashville. Memphis, St. LnuU, and most other chief town* in the United State*. New York. Angnst llthi IM5. all Im'rc rjRAPES ? Muscadine, Madeira, Calalin and white Sweet V* Water Grapes, fresh from the Tinyardton York and Loiig I .land, eeery lawful day? for aale by ORANT THORBURN. a?T I W?? WB

AUCTION NOTICES. ??? FOR 8 ALE AT AUCTION ON MONDAY. Anc MlUih, ou the prrmi-es. at II o'clock. a FAHM of H aero, ifr .cur Welt Kunu, two mile* from Harlem, in Westches ter i.uuntv; on which *>e a new DMt Dwelling mid a Karin lloase, B <ru, and out house*, with fruit in abundance of ail kinds. The place would suit a merchant d.oiig busines s in t|l(. 1 ?"ily. To be sold without reserve to the highest bidder, as the owuer is going ?est. For particulars, inquire at H'J Urand street, or V9 Byard street, or to JOHN OAKLAN L), ou the place. Should the day prove stormy, the sale will tske place the neit lair day. ,f ilitw'ic A. C/Vi TTLK, An tioueer. , HARDWAHZ A .VI) CUTLKRY HALF. ?JACOB 8. PLATT'Ssmh Fall Sale will take place This Mou ing. at III oVIock. at 23 I'latt. corner of (Jold ?tr. et? Co Listing ol 3')0 casks, cases ai d lots of heavy and shell" Hardware" and fan cy goods Alio 10(1 lots (Jermau goods, guns and |>i stole, sis cases violins, elegant japanned tea trays, pateut platform scales and counter scales Also, id dozen coffee inil|?,>liovel* and spades, tracn chains vices, wrought nails cross-cut and teniut saws, pitt do, mill files, horse and shoe rasps, edge tools, &c. Also, 100 lots table and small curlery. comprising a great va riety carded and in dozens, among which are Tu'iier s, Wes teiholui*. aud Holers' manufacture. Also, shoe and butcher knives, Mottram it Hons' pen, pocket and two blade Ituii es; all of which is worthy the attention ol purchasers. (' I'alon lies at the auction room. a 13 lt*rc If XKI I .'TOMS' 8ALK-On Tuesday, Uie I9tli day of Au gust inst., at 11 o'clock. A M , the u .ders'gned will sell at public Auction, at No 170 Water street, in the city of New York, a lot of Trunks, Tools, aud other articles, composing the stock in trade of the late Wm. Shaw, trunk maker. The sale will be continued the same day at No. 18i Eighteenth street, at 3 o'clock, 1*. M. Also the unexpired lease ol the pie mises No. 179 Water street? 2 years and 9 months from 1st Au gust. OKOROK INGI.IS. JOSEPH HOLLlNteSWOKTH, , ANDREW MeLfcAN, Kxecutors of William Shaw, deceased . THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. al2 lw*rc r?e uoF i ; si trotting. I^RIDAY, August 15th, at 1 P. M., a match for $500 ? Two mil? heats, in harness, between II Jones bl. g. Newhiirgh. W. Wheelau b in Fashion. WEDNESDAY, August 20'li? Pmse 830, mile heats, best three in live, uii' e' the saddle, free for horses that never ?on money, not eicepting the h rses that trotted th 13th Entries to close Saturd<y evening, by 9 P. M., at lireeu & Losee's, Au gu?t 16th. Thiee or more to make a race. alA li'rc UNION COURSE, L. I PACING AND TROTTING. MONDA V, Auvust 18th. at 3 P M.? Pu se $2"0. mil* heats. lies' three in live, free f ir all ' rotting aud P .ciug horses, to go a* they ideas'. A b- rt Concklin enters ch g J mes K Polk. C. E lis " gr. m. Fan. y Kllsler. M. Dunn " b. m. Cayuga M?id. Imined ately after? Purse $J0. mile heats, best three in Ave, to waggn-'i ("liarl-s Carman enters gr. g. John Anderson. Col. Bertine " b. g. Trouble. Wm Wheelan " b. m. Faah'on. J. Web'er " b. m Lady Washington. N. B. Admission to all i>?rts of the Course aiid Standi, Ml cents, o- lv. ali *'rc EXCURSION AND OPPOSITION TO NEW | HAVEN. jMQ mM Fare up a id down $1, to New Haven 75 cts. & ? ? Tht- new ?ud fast steamer BUFFALO X_^^JK^K-''xpmiii Haucox, will leave the fuor of Barclay stirei lui me ?iiuv ? place every Mo.,day and Tuesday morning ?t 7 o'clock , and Peck Slip 7}. o'clock? Returning will leeve New Haven at 1(1 o'clock, P. M ou the i.iine days. This will he a delithllul Excursion; and an it i* commence n rut week, n favorable opportunity u offered (at one half the fare charged by the in'?noi>oly line) for those who may wuh to bepreent. The Buffalo will arr ve in time for the Hartford and Spriigfield train of car*. a>'i2ti>'r EXCURSION TO GLEN CUVE. The :i ie steamboat ROBERT L. 8TE ?VEN*, Optain R. L Mabie, will on Sunday, August ?9ib, muke an excurs on to (J'en Cove ? leavi ? * the foot of Hammond street at I o'clock; Canal street I1.,; p.ier No. I, N. R., l)i; Pike street IJi ; and Delaucey strvet at 2 o'clock, P. M. Returning to i he city at 7. This excursion wi'l affo'il a fine oppo'tumty to view the chainiiug sceery of tlit East River, and many of its most beautiful and iut" dting places. Mich as Black" ell's Island, Hallett]* Cove, Hell Gate, and Throg'i Point, with its cele brated lor'ificatious. Passage 25 cents each way. a 15 3tis*r new" kkrkv to FORT HAMILTON ANI) CONEY ISLAND The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard > Yates, on and after the 14th August, will run .as follows, every d;\y:? Lea? ing 1'ier No. 1, E. R. at 7 o'clock. A. M.; 10 do; 1 P. M. : and 4 do. Leaving Kort Hamil'on for Coney Island at 10% A M.; 1?4 P. M.;f'id i Leaving Coney Island f >r k'ort Hamil ton and New York at II), A.M.; 2)4 P. M ; 6}* do. Leaving Kort Hamilton for New V ork at 8 A. M.; 12 noon; 3 P. M. ; 7 do. And i He OCEAN, or some other boat, will iuii, till the 1st September, as follows : ? Leavi, g Tier No. 1, E. R at 11 o'clock, A. M.; 2f* P. M ; and 5 )i do. Leaving Kort Hamilton for Coney Island at 12 o'clock, noon; and P M. Leaving Coney Island for Kort Hamilton and New \ ork, at I P. M ; and I do. Leaving Kort Hamilton for New York at I)* P. M ; 4}-* do; and 7 do. On Smid iys, the morning tup will be omitted. [C7*"Kare 12% cents. a!4 lw'rh EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BAN Km. The steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, ? Captain R. L Mabey, will make an excursion ?to the Fishing Banks every Tuesday, Thurs day and Kridty, during the season. Leaving Hammond strevt at 8}? o'clock, A. M., Canal street at Pike and Delancey streets at 9, and Tier No. 1, N. R., at 9K o'clock? retnrning to the city in good season. Bait furnished gratis. Lilies at a small charge. Kara 50 cents. al2 fitis*m STEAMER "GREAT BRITAIN." ~ IT b-ii g in possible to open tl<e above ship to the whole comrnu uty on the pr- sei.t o< - c*"ion, or to make distinction ,n regard to admission without giving offence; and in view of the great expense i cu led by the owners in detaining her iu order to g atify public cuimsity, it has been determined to follow the plan adopted in Loudon, Liverpool, and other ports, and charge a a nail sum for admis sion. Notice is therefore licrety given, that the ship will be open for public inspection this day from 12 to 5 o clock, and on Mtc j ceeding days, (Sunday excepted,) till further notice, between I the hours o*" 10 and i o'clock Price of admission to the ship will be 25 cents, anil to the en giu- ooin, I2'a cents additional. Tickets to the aiiip to lie had 011 the wUarf alongside, and to th" engine room, ou hoaid. A portion of the proceeds of the collection, 'Iter paying e?- | penses, will be given to the Asylums for the Blind and Deal and Dumb, and the Fire Department. New York, August 11, 1815. al!2wi?rc TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, BETWEEN NEW ORK AND GALVESTON. " ' ' ' THE Subscril trs have established a regular Line of Packet* betv een New Yoik and ?ail from each port ou the fir*t day of each month, a* Ioihiw* : ? The Brig EMPIRE, Capti in Baxter, to sail fiom New York 1st September next, and from Galveston 1ft November next. The Ship STAR REPUBLIC, Captain Muss, to sail from New York l*t October next, and from Galveston 1st Decem ber next. The Briy G. B. LAMAR, Captaiu Richardson, to sail Iroin New York 1st November next, and from Galveston 1st Janu ary next. The Brig MARY, Captain Norriss, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, and thereafter in regular succession. These vessels sre all of superior class, having fine cabin accommodations, are ably commanded, will punctually i s dvert seJ, and take ireight and passeuge s at the lowest (ate*. William Heudley and Co. will be the established Agents at Galveston, and give efficient nt'eution to the ba*inesi of the line, and all other Inisiiicss diiected to them ; and also make liberal advances on consignment*. Goods directed to the care of the Subscribers, will be regu larly foi warded, free Irom commission. And Shippers may rely oil Lighters at Galveston to tranship cargo from thencr, uid upon its being regularly forwarded, according to uistruc tions, il consigned to the care of M illiarn Hendley and Co., Galveston. >or Ireight or passage, apple to DHOWKH * NEILSON, an! Iirin*er No <tl Front street. New York MIPS E. ELLIS. PROFESSOR AND TEACHER of DANCING, from Loudon, beK? to announce her intention of visitinK New tork.toicive instruction during the month ??f September in ill the Int. st fanhioii.iliie and eleK jnt B ill Huom novelties, now dancing in Paris a d at thr Kmclisti Court patr. ni?fd bv her v1?i**ty, Quecu Victoria. Also the newly improved Royal Poikaa. h nrther |?rticulars in future ndrerti?fm-nta. All communications at present addressed to Miss K at the He a H Office n!2 6t?'od s*re rtxr.Si H huh $3 M), UTY >1Al)K-Kor 1: ?t vie tod durability they are equal to those sold 111 other nore? lor Si: five French imperial dreas Boots m.-irfe to order for 94 60 equal to thtwi* mule in other stores iV.r S6 ami S7, and warranted to give ? tisfactiou, at YOUNG & JONES' French liopcri 1 Boot mill Shoe Manufacturing Depot, one of the moat tisitimiable Boot and Shoe catablia* merit- in thi* city. Gen tlemen JiHt are in ? uit of n pair of dress Boots, will find a sa ving of flity per cent liv setting them of m. Vlenditig al?o do,e iii th- ?tore. WM. M. YOUNG* H. B. JONES. all Imii* r No I Ann xt. near frudwav, New York, CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOT1UA, FOR CLEANING A.\'l> BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. pHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION will effectually n movH from th" <kin .ill offensive blotchea, pimplei, tan. sun burn and freckles, which detract from beauty ami a liir com plexion- Thi* valuable Cosmetic has been ill extensive use lor many year*, and it now considered an indispensable appendage to llw toilet. Sold in bottle*, at 75 cent* each, at 188 Bowery, coi ner of Spring utrret. al2 I in *111 CTKAM ENGINE FOR SALE.? Ilign pressure ? new? fif ii teen horae |mwer, with boilers, metallic packing. &c. Tim | -e I" wairauteil to saw four thousand levt ol lumber, or | Kind liObu-beU of corn Inline meal in ten hours, ?* >t h 7*>0 ?. of anthracite coal. Home of the ainall parts have been abstracted, which can be repl <ced in a week for a f 100. Sle absolute, in all this week, foi two hundred dollars, Necessity compels this. .4pj>ly at 111 weal aist street. a 18 TWIiFVh | THI BYRON, 15 7 Broadway, WM DINNF.FORD. WHO respectfully informs his Irienda and the public that hi h is leased the abo?- establishment and lilted it up in a 1 st> le inferior to none W D. will at all times keep on hand | ihe best description of wines, spirits, segars, lie., selected with taste iiecaliar to an experienced wine bibber. His bed rooms are fitted up with a due regard to neatm-ss and clcanli- 1 ness, and in each depnrtmert the prices will square with the times? namely, 25 ren.s per night for lodgings, or one dollar | and a half per week, or fire dol'ars per month. \V. D. ha? also introduced the Southern plan of providing a lunch from II till 1 o'clock, so that thecreatire comforts oftne | inward tnau will be attended to. A cold and shower bath free to customers. Committee rooms, Glob rooms, lie. lie. alO lm"m WATCH KB WATCHES AND JEWELRY.? Thoae who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Wnehea, Oold Chains, Oold Pencils, Keys, lie., will And it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all dtacriptions of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the city Gold Watches aa low as *90 and $?S each. Watchea and Jewelry exchanged or bought All Watchea warranted to keep good time or the mouey refunded. Q. C. A LLKN, Importer of Watchea and Jewelry, M oleaale and Retail. M Wall slreot, jvH I?*ee nr ?l*in 1 COPPER -WO cases English Sheathing Copper, comprising a complra iisMfUnow from 16 to 30 oi .of very sure ior qual- 1 Itrjfor Ml* Vr K. K. COLLlNi k CO., M South sueaE. AMUSEMENTS. FAiUL THKATHK. FRENCH OPERA. Friday Bvtnlnf, AnfMt 15th, Will be presented the tr rand Opera in a acta ol LES HUtAjtNOTS. Raoul M Arnaud Marcel Douvry Le Comte de Nevers Oarry Lc Comte dr 8'. Bru Bernard li?ii Rote Dessouville Maurevert Montassiar Cone Bundle r Thore Chaffary T?u?? Jules 1)- Ketz Octave Myru. Malum Valentine Ai J " Calve Queen Margaret de Valois, Mme 1 ?mi Urbaui, a page Mme Ricne. t? Mm Of Arfmiwioa ? First Tier of Boiei and Pargaette, S5 certs. riiep.-ecuMly it $|- Second and Third Tien, 59 cents; Oallery, 25 cert*. Doors open at 7 o'clock, aud the Curtain will ri ntif-paitT o'clock BOWERY TliKATaUb. Friday Evening, Annilt Will lie presented WILl.IA.vl 1 ELL. William Tell. . . Mr J R 3cott Albert, Sergeant I liesler, Hinkilis Melctal, V ache I hmum. Mrakladisou Alter ? hi- 1> , in one part, tlie OOLDEN KAR.wER Jemmy Twiteher MrHadaway The Uolden Farmer Mr I larke To conclude with SLEEMNO BEAUTY. Sir Owen, Clarke ' Sir Albert, Davenport Lauucelot, II.idiw*y Ethellnde, Mr* Phillips Sir ? helred, Miluor Edgar, Br joke Kmma ; Mrs Sergeant Edwaid, Mrs Uherwood t-lleu, Madison Ednck, Phillimore Elgtva, Mra llilsou Melziriua, Mias K Bell Ironzira. Mra N Lewis Hymen. Maat W V eotnau ! /"Lower Boies 50 rents; Second and Third Tiera,25cu.; Pit and Oallery, iJH cents. Doors will opeu at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rise at half-|iaal7. mlHL.O'8 UAKUUA. BENEFIT OK MR BROUGHAM. Friday Kveiilng, Auburn l!?lh. Will be presented thenigbly popular piece of THE NERVOUS MAN. Lady Leach Mrs Watt* Betty Miii M obert* Mr A?peu, ti>e Nervous Man ,'iir I'l ?cide M 'Shane. the Man of Nerve Mr Brougham Lord Lounge Mr Chippendale Intermission of Half an Himr_<_> Pas de Dent by Miss's Cek-ste and Partington To conclude with THE IRISH LION. Tom Moore Mr Brougham Mr Puffy Andertou Capt D ion .Oallaghei Miss Kcho ... Mlsstinbeit* MnFizgi Mrs Watts MraC ummy Mrs Deering <u r ill*.. out Ponce will always b? iu .nieuu^..r iu ,ae in tain good order and keep all improper persons oat. (SO-TickeU Fifty Cents. -&Q A limited uuinber of Benson Tickets will le disrotetl cf Performance to eomnciiee at 8 o'clock uwci opu >t 7 o'clock. CASTL.K trAlLDUA. Admlewloii !43 Centi. -CO Great Musical Attraction ! *rt>i<neu>n . ? Messrs. Kreucti \?-i M'ia? Grand Entertainment ! ?The proprietors respectfully announce 'hat tliey have en ga- j ged, for a limited number of 11 glits, tbr Burlesque ^thiopiai Operatic Troupe, so favorably known and received at Palmo'? i Italian Opera House. Kil.laj ICvenln^, AUKuat l.jtli. The performance will commence t?y <he Orchestra playing the Overture to Gustavus. After which the Murk Opera will he git en, entitled S ?M-AM-" ULL-Ol>. T?ken froin La kiomnambula, with all the original music. Pas de Deux Mm raqf , raiComique MrPaisl. e 1 12 r" luteriiiiaion of Hall an Hour for Promenade ? tiM Ketr*?ii ments. The range of snieudiil Cosmoramas will he open lor it??i>ect.ou Tne second part will commence with Grand Overture? Orchestra. [^T" Doors open ni half-past S ' '-lock. I'er'.j'v.'j t- tt> <Si r.inice at (o'clock. PALMO'9 OPERA HOL'SK GERM A A" T H E A T R E . The Sul ncribem, an J tlie public in general, are respectfully informed that the second Oeiman Pei forinance will take place at the above mi ntionnl Theatre, to day, Friday, August l.*?tli. When there will he iierlormed, ( '. H. Von Wel*>r's iplendid Operatic Me'o-Draina, in 4 act*, entitled PRECIOSA. Kirst Tier and I'ar.|uette, JOcenti; Second Tier, 25 cents. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock. ali lt'rli T. SCHWAN. PAHK THKATBH. RE-OPENED FOR THE S E.I SOX. fllonflny, Aug. IN, 1*45. THK rUBLIC is respecfully mlormed that 'his e?tahlis>> ment will be opened for the Seasou ou th- above day, with | a strong and efficient company. Engagements have been euti red into for limited periods with MilS. CHARLKf KEAN. late MISS ELLEN THEE, and MR. CHAKLE8 KEAN, MI?S D'AHCY. 81 G KOPHLNOLACY, MR. RKEVE. and Mli B HOUGH, MRS. MO WATT. . R. HACKETT. and other foreign and native Artuts of celebrity, whose names will hereafter be advertised. MRS. BL AND, late MISS FAUC1TT, MISS GO UDON, MR. BLaND. bnd MH BASS, , from the principal English Theatres, arc daily ei|iecteil and , will make thvir first appearance at the commencement of the | Season, together with MR ROBERTS, from the Tlieitre Coven t Garden. . N. B. TI.e Box Office will be opened ou Saturday , the 16th | in?taut. all re VAlIXIiALLUAKI>li>? >>ALUUA, ~~ 1 1' under fid Novelty .' , THIS EVENINli. the celebrated STEYERMARK KA- | M i L > , Miits Lovei.a Ne s, A1 darn E. Nets, Mr. Gabriel Nes.mid Mr. Jerome Neis, together with the original S. t h Bo n. the Kentucky ?? histler. Sbelton's Brass Ba d will lx in atreiiuame during the evening, and perform all the populu ?nusic of the day. Doors open at Performance to commence at 8 o'clock ?7" Tickets I2>j cents ..12 Jt*rc PARK THEATRE. 'I'' HE PUBLIC is respectfully informed that this establish -i. ment will be 0|>ened for the season, on Monday, the 18th oi August. '1 lie ladies and gentlemen of the Corps Drainatiijue will as semble in the Green Room, on Thursday next, the 14th instart, at II o'clock iu the forenoon. atec - theatrical" notice? VI R. J. M. SCOTT will, in the course ?f a few days, visit Ivl. New York, Philadelphia and Boston, and will oe pleased to treat with professional people respecting engagements foi the Phittshurgh and Cincinnati Thea.res. All arrangement* entered into by said J. M. Scott, will be strictly complied with. N. B ?AH letters to be post-paid and directed Win. Shirts to New Ifork Post Office. auTrc MUSIC. A Rare Opjiortunily of Acquiring a Thorough Mimical Education. G1 H. DERWORT, Professor of Singing, Guitar and Piano T ? Korte, has o|iened a class for Young Ladies, from 7 to 10 years of age, among wliom are three of his owu daughters, whom lie propose* to thoroughly instruct in the art of Singing, Mr. Derwort's system is the result of many years observation and experieuce, during which he has successfully tsuglit in Ger many, Loudon, and .New York. His method cannot fail to im part tohis pupils a clear jierceptiou.aml athorough knowledge of the grammatical principles of music, with the ability to har monize any simple given ine'ody. Parents and Onardiaut are invited to call at his Rooms, 427 Broauway, when every inquiry will be answered Terms $20 per annum, payable quarterly ill advan Les sons three times a week. Private instruction as heretofore. a 12 lin'rh COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OP BEAUTIFUL PAIN TIN O S , No. 'AO'J Broadway, New York:. VI AXIMILIAN'S <ireat and Splendid work, being h'stoui ivl tkrough the United States, illnstraied with Eighty Eu gravings, xfter the "'aimer of drawings in large folio ? with <? uuarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly jint U) lor the Drawing Kootn. A few copies ?u!y printed iu English No stranger should visit the City without calliug in to se> the Great Colic* tio" of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offe'ed 'at greatly reduced prices." The Public Sale Room is tilled with book* of every kind, it various languages, to see which, and the rriut Room, n< charge is made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, au apartment ii fittei op for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by ancieut and modern .Masters? to view which, aauiall charg, of I2H cents l* required. HERALDRY.. . The Arms of Individuals whose families originated in an) country in Karope, traced and splendidly einblazoued on vef llBiMlll hi nvc'ilimi, and at one third the charge of the MM doll Hemld's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged ant illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OK GEORGE WASHINGTON with his aims aud crest, as wuru uikiii his carriage. Price onlyS1 50? in eolors. A Curiosity je23eoHtfm GOTHIC OHURCHE*. COLOKED GLASS, MOSAICS, <5cc. riM!K 1,'ii'U hi. ?it'J be ink' the cent of a large l-olo'ed Glass A Manul.icl< ry tu France, will luruish ihe best qu&lities ol colored Glus ?t inurn lower pricts than they have been sold to this (lay. Church Windows can tic h id ready mounted, with any pattern of Moaaic made according to models, or copied on toe finest Gothic Monuments iu Kurope. He will contract for the complete Glass Furniture of any Church. Ap ply to C. CAVORKT, jul6 1meod*rh No^SSouth William street. LAURENT 4> BROTHER , IMPORTERS OP FRENCH GOODS, AVK just received by the latest rackets, a large asa on meat of entirely new styles of Kaucy liooda, cousisting of Cashinere-de-cosse Minim de Lames, AUpacca he Also, a very Urge aaaortment of Broche and Priuted Shawls. Sic. No. 4 William atreet jy]9 |m*r PAlNTiNGS FOR SALfc. A FEW KINK OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural and Hiatorical suhjecta, Landscapes, lu., amongst them ? genuine lutenor by Teniers; ? Clemtre by Sutermans. and a Magdalen by Guercmo, lu:., It c. May be seen daily from 9 till 3 o'clock, at 91 Liberty atreet jy4 Im'rc R. GEORGE VANDKNHOFF, l-te of the Bowery ivJ. Theatre, ia requested to call on the subscribers, they having received a communication for him, from Kugland, mid not been able to find him. HARNDKN * Co., New York, Auguat 1, 1I4A. alMr I Wall at. MAGAS1N JAPANAIK, OV Duan? Street. AH. PARKER, Afent. from AmaterjUui, most respect ? folly informs his Trieuda and the public in general , that hehaa received a magnificent collectionof ancient Oil raiutings and Antiquities, consisting of Japanese.Porcelaiu Jars ana Va ses, Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishea, Cups and 8aucera;old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; Cups and Saucers; an dent Fans of the ISth centery; and twoEbony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from the years 1441 and 1577, formerly belonged t. the Cardinal Ximeniea, Great Inquisitor of Soam, such as never has been seen in this countryj of which he can dispose at moderate prices. L?diesand()en;lemen, ifyon wish to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. '"*?*" '"?"T.v.y-r F'^XbT n"lfinKll,'C0*LLTN4'i,C0C,a,,Wi KM M fcatk Wirt. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST KVKHINO'S MAIL. Election Returns. These returns come 111 very slowly, and very inde finite. There are but few beyond what were given in our previous publications. The following is a sum mary of them : KENTUCKY. Elected. Defeated l>ist. Co(i?rr<?, 1845 Candidate!. No o|'po>itioii. Elected. Centrett, 1845 Huyd. J. H. Mr Henry. Hy. Gideon, (i. A. Caldwell . Huh. Ifo u iiu . G. R. McSte. 7. It' . P. Thompson. H. ( i. Danes. 9. R. French. 10. J. W. Tibbatts. W. D. Total, 6 1 Dcm. low, 1 McCrreny. 8. A. Atchison. J. F. Hell. J. Stone (i . ldums and J. P Martin. Mettall. N o o|> Luiaiiiou . Truinlm J. I'. Guinea. Confer e if, 1141. I. inn Boyd Willi* Green. My. Gideon. (J. A. Caldwell. J. Stone. J. mile. W. P. Thompson. G. Duties. R. French. J. W.Tibbattt. W. D. 5 5 Whig gain 1 " Dis. 1. 2. 3. i. Dilt. I. INDIANA* Deftalrd Candidates Roger Martin, J. C. Eggleston. Wm. J. Brown, Elected. Congress, 1813. R. I). Owen, T. J. Henley. Tho?. Simtli. C. B. Smith. Wm. W. W eek. J. W. Davi*, prob. E. W. .H'Gaughiy, J- A. Wright. No returua. Cuttic art. & C. Stmple A. Kennedy. NORTH CAHOLINA. Defeated Candidates. Congress, 1844. R L) Owen, T. J. Henley. Tho?. 8 in lili. C. B. Smith. Wm. J. Brown J. W. Davis. J. A. Wright. J. PettiH. 8. C. Srmn/c. A- Kennedy. Elected Congress, 18-15. T. I- ChngwMn No iriuriu. D. 8. R?U, No returns. J. C. Dobbin, J.J. McKay, J. K. J. L)antel, H 8. Clark, Asa BrigKi. Congress, 1844. T. L. Clingman. D. M. Barringer D. 8 Beid, E. Dtberry. J. H. 1 {aught on, R. M. Sa under* , T. D. Mean t, J J. McKay, J. R J. Daniel, A. H. Arriugton, Kennelth Rayffer R. C. Bond R. S. Ihinne 11, S. D. Outlaw Alabama ? Mobile For Governor. J. M. Martin, ( U.) 1311 Presidential. 1844 Clay. Polk. 1258 1103 1347 J. SewtU, (Detn.) 1310 Dargan, ( Deui.). . . 14f0 130*1 1197 N.Terry. (D ). State Senator. J. IV L Congress. Dunn, ( W.) ... Nioe Counties heard from give 457 democratic majority for Congress. Eighteen Counties heard from give Martin for Oover no r 3260 majority. Majority for M'Connell, (Dem.) in the "th district, i)0*i Four counties heard from out of lix. W uhlngton. [Correspondence of the Herald.l Washington, August 13, 184S. Mexico ? War ? "Drawing-Room" at the White House ? Temperancc Meetings, fyc fyc. fyc. A good cook is never at a loss for soup, though we can promise you but a thin dilution to-day. Our army and navy officers, our volunteer companies, aye, even our stalwart militia captains, are full of the prospective trophies, and diamond-hilted swords, and golden medals, and wooden legs, and scars, and scalps, and nil the pomp and circumstance of glo rious war. Mexico must fight ? there is no excuse ; and what is she to do 1 Grant letters of marque to pirates of all nations, in which event we shall have to hung up Spaniards, Mexicans, West Indians, Por tuguese, Danish, South Americans, English, Scotch, Irish, French, Neapolitans, Turks, Egyptians, Alge" rines, Canadians and Yankees, wherever we may catch thftn at their piratical work, or prove it upon them. Between privateering and piracy we confess that we cannot recognize a distinction greater than that between highway robbery and midnight burgla ry. Let 'em try it; and our word for it the admin istration will march a body of lO.CJO men straight ior Mexico, reducing it at once to a capitulation and a treaty. John Bull is not disposed to intermeddle, given us he is to have his finger in every pie of which war is the crust and the stuffing. He has had his fingers burnt by poking them into our pie, once or twice before ; ana as any undue collusions or im plications with Mexico against us, would lead to a suspension of the supplies of cotton to the mills of Manchester, the old chap will be apt to sweara little, stamp his gouty foot, scratch his head, ard look quietly on A brush appears to be inevitable ? there must, from present indications, be an explosion soon, of salt|ietre, or something even more com bustible. Mediation can alone si^ve the Mexicans; .md as Louis Philippe, in the matter of the twenty five millions of francs, apnraled to John Bull, and then paid the money at ilia recommendation, we think it would be the safest plan for Bustamente to to do the same, if [K)ssible. The war with Mexico is here all the talk ? messengers are looked for with news of hostilities commenced, and the operators at the Telegraph office are always on the spot. The subject has really t.nded in a great degree to add a little vitality to the monotory of Washington : and many of our little dealers in gloves, suspenders, ci gars, apples and root beer, are big with expectation of the President's otficial call ol an extra session, which, of course, is an absurdity now out of the question. At the "drawing room" (as the immortal John I ones felicitously styles it) of the President and Presidentess last evening, there was a very goodly ooinp.iny present. Secretary Wa'ker was there, md alongside of Gen. Scott, who was also there; tie cut a remarkably small figure upon the oilcloth ? the one being five feet, and delicate, the other half way between six and seven, and stout according. Mr. Bancroft with his intelligent phiz, short cropped hair, stiff whiskers, and angular cranium, was as sraceful as a counterleit French dancing master He paproached Mrs. Polk (the lady laughing in spite of herself at his labored approximation) with a bouquet of flowers in hiB hand (something with the look of a sun-flower in the centre of the bunch.) Ah! ma there , Madame, eomrne: vous, parte: vous T Al towez me, dt grande ronxolaciane, par la present* you de last rose of summare ? The ladv gracefully inclining her head, accepted with a smile the floral collection ot the Honorable Secretary, and as he slipped into the crowd, a voice might have been heard *otto voce, Mr. Bancroft is not a humbug, whatever Mr. Ritchie may say to the contrary. Tne voice was right. Mr. Bancroft is in real statesman-like substance, the ablet t man in the cabinet : his only imaginary drawback being the ab sence of a regular training as a politician. Judge Mason, acting Secretary of State, was present, (tne probable prospective succeseor ot Mr. Buchanan.) ? Mr. Cave Johnson, the active P. M. G., was there, but lie did not, from all that we can learn, sully th** hem of his democratic philactery by riding up in that 'ere Philadelphia thousand coach. The talented and elegant John Ross, chief of the [ Cherokee nation, and hjs pretty little Quaker wife, wre there ; Judge Shields, of the Land Office, Gen. M'Calla, successor to Major Lewis, as 2d Au ditor, Col. Reckless, of New Jersey, and other dis tinguished personages, did honor to themselves and the occasion. A leather winged bat, attracted by the light, came into the room, and flitted over the heads of the company during the evening. We re fer to Hon. Amos Kendall for a solution of this omen We believe a bat is considered a bird of evil forebodings, and if one gets among the compa ny at the White House on reception night, and makes himself at home among them, what is the signification ! what the solution of this uncalled for visitation 1 Its a bad sign, we are afraid, to say ihe lenst of it. The temperance people held n meeting on the Avenue opposite the market-house last evening. ? They had several seeches on the evils of rum, whiskey, and all alcholic stimuli, with a lot of songs ?iHupte i to the airs of "Meet me by moonlight lint" Tho*. tbou, ItipM in this bosom," " Long, long ago." "Aulti lang syne," and " Billy Barlow." In many of their choruses they sung with a loudness md a vigor which can only be surpassed at a Metho dist revival. Several old fetid bruisers, with the sick-headache, we are informed, signed the pledge to try the virtues of cold water internally, with a sa ponaceous admixture tor internal cleansing. We see that the Charleston Mercury is taking am ple care of Father Ritchie for the piesent. Washington, August 13, 1HI6. Summing up. -Mr. Buchanan, we hear, has returned. The bel ligerant a?t>ect of our afliurs with Mexico, doubtless, foreshortening his rusticities at Bedford Springs. VVe wonder if Father Ritchie is implicated in the Lake Superior copper and silver s|vculatious ! 'Tis id so, us a safeguard against the contingency, if it should oecur, of his defeat for the Houne printing ? The fact is, we are all going to make our fortunes in ?his copper business, particularly the Union com pany. We are apprised that a penny independent paper is to b?- started here next week, to be called the Dully Btt. under the control of Meagre. Slith, (late of the G lob* oflice) Gobright (late clerk of the Modi Monian office ) and Co. We have always thought that such an enterprise, with some capital (which these gentlemen have, besides very fair credit) ought to succeed in Washington. We believe they are capa ble ot giving the experiment a trial, which will set tle the question of tne capacity of the District to sup port a penny paper. Florida.? The Legislature of Florida, on the 22d ultimo, elected Wm Marvin a Circuit Judge of South Florida: J. H Bronton, of East Florida, Oee-ge 8. Hawkina, of weit Florida, and Thoi Baltic 11 of Middle Florida. The latter being the aenior judge in age, he is Chief Juitice of the Supreme Court. Jama* T. Archer hai been elected Secretary of state, O P. BemiM. Comptroller of Public Accounts, Jotepfc Braneh, Attorney General, and Benjamin Bint Btata Treasuaar.

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