Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1845 Page 3
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mium i Franco 6. 26$ a 8.27} , New York and Boston, 00 | day* ] per cant discount to par ; sight 1 per cent pre* inium ?, Philadelphia aud Baltimore 00 days sight J pel j ceut discount. The books for subscription la the stock of the Northern Railroad in New York, will be opened in Bonton on the 19th inst. The shares of this company are $50 each. The charter requires 5 perct. to be paid to tha commissioner* at time of subscribing. If the whole capital of $2,000,000 is not taken, the amount paid in to be returned in full This ra.lroad will connect Lake Champlain with Ogdens. burgh at the point of navigation on the great Western Lakes, and in connection with the Vermont railroads' will open on avenue for the trade of tho great west direct to Boston.. Nino-tenths of the land 'over which the road will bo constructed has been re-leasod to the company free of cost The land that has boen re leasod, would cost at the usual priccs, more than $-200,000. Five hundred thousand dol lars of the stock is gunrantied by Western and Northern Now York, and the balance $1,000,000, is to bo filled up by subscription. Tho quarterly returns of the banks of tho interior for August, do not show any important changes in the ag. greguto movements We annex the reports of the Tatchin Bai.k of Buffalo for May and August. Patciiin Bank Biffai.o. Ma j/. 184.'i. Jh'K.. 15. Inc. Dtc'c. Loans and discounts 220,7!i9 IHH.453 ? 22,346 Specie 7,111 !l,398 2,285 ? f'liculitiou 60,015 63,012 2,?97 ? Dei<o?its 41,520 46,21*2 4,772 ? Tut surotics deposited with the comptroller by thi* bank are valued at $63,002, of which $>>7,102 were in New York, State stocks. There lion beon a decrease in every cpartment except discount! ; the variation is, howover ver> trifling. The Munroe Railroad of Georgia has recently been fold at auction for $1.03,000, to a company of capitalist of Augusta. This road has been advertised for sometime past, aud has been sold on account of the many liabilitie* hanging ou the company. In the hands of tho iiew pro prietors and at the reduced cost, it may be made more profitable. The immediate uso of this road is anticipate 1 from this sale for at least eighty miles making a line Oj communication from Savannah to Macon, l'JO miles - from .Macon to Martliasville, 101 miles ; part of state road 80 miles? giving a total of 871 miles. The cost of the roud is given at $2,000,000, the stock paid in at $1,200,000, the debt of the company at $800,000, and the assets a' $165,100. The Socretary of tho Treasury has officially advised the Governor of Illinois that he has withheld u large por* tion of the usual fund due the Stale to puy interest on 11. linois State bonds held by government. The State of II. linois agreed not to tnx the lands of the United Stutos within her limits, on condition that fire per cent ou all moneys received lor lund sold in this State should be paid into the State Treasury. The government has repudiat' ?d its contract and the Stato of Illinois will without doubt retaliate by taxing government lands within tho limits aud selling them for taxes. This will be tho result oj of this movement of the Secretary of the Treasury, hut as ho acts in accordance with a resolution passed at the last session of Congress, there is no alternative. According to an account emanating l'rom Washington it appears that the revenue from customs in tho four prin. cipal ports of tho Union, for the first eleven days in August, this year, amounted to $1,372,000, against $1,691,000 for the same period last year, a deficiency of $219,000. About one half of this decrease was in tho re ceipts at this poit alone According to the receipts thus far at the principal ports of the country, we should judge that the revenue from ctisto s thh year would he at least six millions of dollars less than iast year. At this rato the surplus revenue will be reduced to a very small amount, with tho ordinary expendituri a of the government, but in the event of a brush with Mexico, the demands upon tho treasury will be much larger than can be immediately or easily supplied. The present surplus would bo but a drop In the bucket, should the country be compelled to repol any hostile in vasion from Mexico. The difficulties now anticl-' p&ted in relation to the safe keeping of tho public mo neys, would disappear, as we should in a short time here very littlu money to leave in any placc on deposit. The Socretary of tho Treasury would be relievcJ oi a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of the difficulties he in'ght otherwise experience, in perfecting a plan for the safnkuepitig and disbursement of the surplus lovenuo Otil SocK feixchniiAie* S500 N V City 5's, 70 97 60 Ohio T, k Trust 95 lMOOhio 7's 102 I2'i Cant u Co 37 1004 do 101% 50 d.) sl5 37 KIOTO III Special Bds 37% tt Mohawk R R 58 1500 Perm 5's 75% 25 Krie R R 26 10000 J> 75>a 500 do htm 26 Ohio li's, '56 65 225 do 500 do '60 96 HlO Long Islam! P. H 02 5000 do *10 95% 100 do s30 1,2 6000 Kentucky 0's, 102 50 i|<> ?15 02 5000 Indiana Mir Bds 32% lOo do bGO 63 10 rlns Am K? Bank 05 200 do 63 10 Bk of America 98 100 do s90 63 12 .N'. li'iu tl Bk 98 25 Stoiiington RR siiw 28 100 VickhliiiiK Bk l)4m 8 50 do ?j0 211 50 Morris C u?l 27% 10 New Jersrj- R R 95 250 do 27f, 175 Nor fk Wore R R 66 50 (1o s60 27% JO do *30 66 2>0 do sto 27 .'-4 125 do 66'. 175 do 27.-4 100 do slO 66'. IS' do f60 27 50 do bill 66 % >" do h30 27 % 50 do hlO Of,', 50 do 1.10 V7' j 25 do 66% 2'1 do l>15 17% 25 He,- id nig Railroad 53% I ''5 , do 27% 3.1? do J3.1-. 150 l<arniers Trust 33 Second Ilonrd. 25 Nor St Wore R R 67 100 Reading R R sill 53% 5il U i.nii. gtou Xtlt *15 29% 100 Mori is Canal 27'L 50 d> *15 29% 50 do 27^3 Vpw <iuvk Kfidiaii|(e. 156 shis Variners'Tr eh :n 150 L. Island R R ch 62', 50 J o bill 34 150 do cli 82 a, 75 do ?I0 33 75 do ch 63 >0 do <3 33 100 Stomngtou R R ch 28 50 do b 15 31% 25 do 28 110 do ch 31% 100 Nor Ik Wor ch 05 1 r 22} Morris Canal ch 27% 50 do hlO 66% a.i do stw 27% 150 do ch 66', 100 do ch 27% 25 do . t6, 50 do (60 27 ? J 50 do 1)3 66 S ?.'.1 Can tan Co l>3 37 % 25 do >3 66% 25 do 37*, 2.) dn si r6'a Ml Lrie It R ch 26% 125 do ch b6i, 110 do ch 26% 75 do s'30 66 'j '0 do S3 26 '4 25 do ch 66% 50 do si 26% :H u rrl<<l . On Thursdny evening llie 14tti instmit, by the (lev. H. riiusc, i apta it Mohkk i Hutchinson, Juii., to Miss Hk bi:cri, nil of this city. On Thursday evening the 14th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Nol'l?, ir. lu.nat Pktkiiki.n to Miss I viiubi.m: Gi?a id.ii, hotn til' this city illMi. Ou Thursday evening the 14tii instant, suddenly, Mary ?\*n Miixkr, aged 3D years, wile of John Lake Mil ler. Her friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at tend her funeral, Irom her late residence 97 Charlton street, on this (Saturday; alternoon, nt four o'clock, pie cicely I'ii the 1Mb instant, after a short illness, Kmma M., wife of Thomas B. VV heeler, in the i!0lti year >f her ngc. 1 he triends Bud relatives ol the family, and also those c> v I r. L. C. Heath, are respectively invited to attend the 'uncrnl, on Sunday alternoon. ?t ft o'clock, Irom the re sidence ol the latter, No. 277 10th street, without further invitation. On Friday, 15th init., from injuries received from .li'nll, W in iam C. Mbkckrkai', of New Btuntwick, N. J., in t,.e 1 vt ) ear of his age. Hn remains will be removed to Now Brunt wick, N.I., .,u uitc 1 m-nt, on Saturday, (today.) by the N. J. It. It train, */? 9 o'clock, from his late residence, 138 Sixth . . venue. tu i'liday morning, the loth inst., Win. iam Kit ami*. < ,1) child ol John I' and Anno Butiier, aged two months. 'I ii?' friends and ncqunintaiices of the family lire bete l<y invi ed to at. end the funeral, at hull past 4 o'c ock.on th;? (Saturday) alternoon, from his lather's residence, .*0^3 Pearl sheet, N. V. On h'riilay. l itli inst., at 41 minutes past I P. M , of a lingering illne?s, which he bore with exemplary patieui u uii 1 christian resignation. .Iami a K. Win< iikui , aged H!> j curs, t> mouths and A days, lornierly < apiain of Ud cu:;i iuny '.'7th regiment ol Marylan l Militia, and one of t e <iL'lendei ; of dultiinore when that city was nttacked by the Briti h during the hut war. 1'he above regiment, to M nich he was attached, was the last to leave the battle ground at North Point. Hi* Masonic biethren. end others of hi* friends, rela tives nnil aoqtibintances, and those ol his sons, T. J. Win cliell, and itiadlsou VV incite 11, niio those of Mrs. Ham mond, are requested to attend the funeral at her lesi dence, < hrj stio street, on Sunday afternoon, at halt past 4 o'clock, without Itirttaer invitation. [Thu Balii mure, Md., paper* will plenvo copy. V Nt T1CE. T A. O. D. UNITED B..OTJ1EHS LODO- . No 3 J ? 1 he men hers ol th.s Lodxt me requested to meet it then Lodg Itoom at 3 o'clock tins (Situ. day) altrriit.o.i, to | ntt i.d the finer I ol Mary Ann. wile of B. other Joh L. Uf | Mill. r. I he members ol the oilier i 1 are rspertfirly 1' e,d. B> order. JOHN MOWBKHV, . \- 1 JOHN LUCAS, Secretary. a!6 It'rc At KKT SHIP QVTmEn ; K THfc'. V EST, irom 1,1V r itPOOL? t'oimigneesVill ples?e lead their pennison boird, w- t ?iJe Burling slip, wuhout dslay All goods mil pe milted in fi?e days, ere liable to he sent to puldic srure. a 1(1 re. WO 'UHU L It Ml s'l UBN, ?7 Son'h ?t PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON.- Several su tes of s part* meati 111 this estnhliihineiit hiving lieeii vacated for the by s who had engagtd tliein for t he en I v p . rl nf the sensoin but who have gone on excursions to Newport, Saratoga, and other watering places, K. B.aiieird will he happy to ieid with fondles or single persons who may apply early for them. stAJtis r Bl N S W 1 ( K 8H Et'TI NO~ ThT ks are tin heaviest of all the l-t Sheetings hem.; sboui oue I mind to 2}? vardt, th ? price is hii* a shade ' v e the ordi nary cotton go.ds. Country merchant* are solicit d to esain 1 1. this ait c e, 111 connection with a gener I sasoitui nt ol me dium pnu d y.t d wide Sheeliogi. wortli cent* u??<i:ent* p^r yard Also, list Southern Cotton Yams? moiled i wist, No. S to ID sud 6 to 12. A'so, Bills, Wick, Warp anil 1 wii.e lit No III and 2(1 Cedar str et, up lairs. ,16 n'rh T N. UND'-'RII ILL. filf, ii;HKit OK THE KHr.Ni;u Ik Ur.HviA v 1, '.t\ I 1>U AOK9, l> e Pisno F.irte (prmrip.<ll> ), sad l)rnwni|( ? A Vim g Man rece tly arrived from Krsnce, wishes a sittnl ion is I'e-cher in thu shove branches, either in ? public mstitii tun or t private family. Or de-s attended imme?atelf to, hi siit! essiug a letter to h . B uf this offlcs No objection to thu SoluiUf Bimas ? Uul* ?aflish. *U w MILITARY NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. HERE AS, ii having appealed in public print anil being I generall) express* d, that tl? military were fully com pensated lor their irrvicw rendered at (he late great fire, in thf form ofrefieshuieiits provided for them, fur which I lit pub lic have to ; ay so exorbitantly ; (hat we deem it our duly both as soldier* tlmt partook of purl of tho.c rvfre.huieuu, mid as citizen* that have to p*y our portion of (ha eiptuae* incurred, to l.ty before tlii* I'uhlcc the fact* of the ease. It la to be pp su rued that the public ore awara of tin- fact, tl*t( the old police force were disbanded the day previous to the great fire, and the new system cain* into immediate force, ami were ?iauo i d through t h ? fire district durh.g the first day. nd iiihlit, aided by the military that wme called out by Hit Honor the Mayor'* Proclamation. lu the afternoon of the first day of tlie fire. Justice Mat>ell discov. red it would lie necessary to keep all the police force durii g the night to guard the fire uistricl; whereupon lie made a requisition upon (J; in nil Hall, anil oeaiied that In- would de tain such military force as would be iiecewary to. act us u-ulrl. men during that nix lit. In compliance wiili (lie aforeaaid re |iie.?t, (ieueial Hall detained Capt. Way's First Troop ol Washlngl-ii Olli'i, Paters hi a Troop, Capt. Brinckr lioft * .Vil tonal Guard 1 roop, and Capt. Hauigan s Kiut Troop ol Laucera, to act as watchmen during that uiglit. The above mentioned military were stationed in Wall sireet, commcuc nig on the E -.lit Kiver, extending up to Broadway, thence down through Hector street to North River, ext- tiding north as far as , Be ell street, crossing the city d-rectly in ? Itnu w ith Market In Id street down to the East Hirer, aud (hence down to Wall j street, stationed aa watchmen usually are, with a district lor each man to patrol. Therefore, Resolved, That we, the H ost Troop of Washington Greys, ] and all the other aforesaid Troop, who have always cheerfully responded to the c ill of authority, in protecting the citizeus and their property, lor which we have no pay, but teuds to a Very great individual exiiense. Resolved, That observing the citizens to be laboring uuder a very great error, in judgn g that the military were fully com peuiated lor their services, we deem it justice to ourselves to lay More the public, that the lir?t twentj-four hours we w ere Oil duty, we recei\#d no rel'reslimt nts earlier than 11 o'clock at night, and wlut did it consist off Nothing but lemonade, (packers and clieese, and about I o'clock a little coffee, for which the public have to pay so exorbit intly for. Resolved. That instating the foregoing bill of fare, we by Bo means wish to complain, or say it was not sufficient, nor speak iii the least derogatory manner of the proprietors of the h 'tel* where these retreshmei t* were supplied. But merely wish to correct an error that the public w ere under in suppo sing that we were paid, independent of the refreshment* pro vided at so great all expens?. Hesolved, That the public have been further led in error, by acclaiming what au immense tax the military have been to the city, in consequence of the late great fnx? ! All the reply that need be in 'de to this, is to refer the public to the fact, that Jus tice Mitsell's Police foice and the Fire meu. partook of the re freshments provided by the city authorities. The Military force on duty were the mitioritu. H1LA3 C. SMITH, 1 JAMES (i SN KuECKER, Committee of the CHARLES Bt.ONDKL, , First Tro. p of WILLIAM D. ATKIVS, I Washington Greys. RICHARD W. MOTT, J THOMAS P. WAY.Capt. First Troop Washington Greys. A B. BRINCKK.RHOFF, Capt First Tioop National Guards. WILLIAM HANIOAN.Cnpt. First Troop Laiicera. W ' LLIAM HALL. Cninmauda t of the I^rst alti 1.*:C Brigade New i ork ?t ite Artill ry. THETDEATH OF PAIN' ! BAR TINE'S LOTION. THE PROPRIETORS of the above wonder-working inedi ci e, take plets 're hi informing the publi. that they are now ready to supply the ori' -rs ? liich have been n cessari y de layed by the overwhelmi ,g demand of til last few weeks. Arraugeme U, however, h*v. bee i i, ade by recent additions to their work., which will enable thein hereifer, to promptly meet . Il the demands of their agent- i the sou h and west, and also to keep on hand a .sufficient stock to meet the continuallj increasing demand of the city. I host who have not as yette?t?d the wonderful efficacy of the above medicine in cases O' ex erual wounds, swellings oi sorts; of violent strains and injuries to the structure; audol verteoral complaints, whether chronic or casu il, are he eby adi ised 10 avail themselves, by its use, of au iiistintaueous re lief and a rapid and cert iiu cu-e. In evidence of the absolute i oufidence of the proprietors in the virtu-, of their "Lotion," they again renew their pledg (never vet claimed,) t" leturu the pri e of the arti le, in ever) c se, where the use ol a si"gle I ottledors not effect the per eel C" e of any spec fled complaint in the following category of a flections auu diseases - Gout, Rheumatism, Swellings of nil kinds, Dislocations. Fractured Bone', Bruises, Cuts, Sprains, Contusion*, and ten dinous injuries; Poisonous Bites and Stints, Burns, S<alds, Chilblains, Corns or Bunions; ghuidulor 'Illinois, Lumbago. Krysipel s, Tetter or Rn gworm, and a'l eruptions of tii Slii> ; Fever and Ague, Ague iii the breast and face, Cramp in thi Stomach m.d Head che. One of the most remarkable peculiarities of the "Lotion," consists in its ina'ant expulsion of pain the parts to hieli it is applied; and it is owi g tothis nuality, ?? d toilie penetra ting euergy of its ohiracter, tli - 1 it s already largely u^ed foi the injuri s, both external a d internal, of valuable animals. To lie In oi T. i '-. BAKTINE,92 V.sey street, at 75 c uts per bottle; J. Butler, No I Nassau str et; at the drug store, corner of Pixth avenue and Thirteenth street; and also of C. S. B RT N? & CO , Proprietors, I'rincii'al Dejmi 3-':i Broadway, one door from t..e City Hospital. Agents wanted N II The medxint' will be give gratis, to all who are too poor to buy. a!6 lineoifrc It MARTIN CO. 1VII.L PUKLlStl THIS D.1Y, PART O N !?' , PRICK SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS, OF FRANC E ILLUSTRA TE D . C COMPRISING Vi'ws of the Scenery, Castle*, Abbeys. ) Cathedral*, and v.u .o .3 o-her objects of interest in that beautiful coumry, from drawings nut*)' on the *|iot by T. Al lom. F . and engrave.) in the nrst st\ le of the tirt. alS3ti??rh II. MARTIN & CO H John st. DIAMOND GRAIN GUNPOWDKll! WF B ROUGH begs to inform bis friend* and the sport ? itu community, that during his l.mited eiHO-a mcut at the Park Theatre, his biuiuess in flie sale of Kngfuh SjiOitie^ (sunpowder, Caps, Guu Wadding, Gvus, itc , will be carried oa as usual it .%??. 117 Fulton slrett. A con igtiiueM of a new Powder, known in Europe as "Col Hawkers'* packing Powder, ha* beeu lately condgned to h in W. F. B. is empowered to receive orders for Pardt "s double barrels. Al o those made b, Deans Brothers, Loiidoo. Sam ples can be steu. aid 1 wrc INTENSE EXCITEMENT. Nothing h as created so great an excite 'rent, a ti e arrival of the immense teamship Great Britain, ex ceptthe wouderful cure* effected by the Syrup of Health ? This p-eparation i< unequalled in Ule treatment of Scrofula, Kings F.v il, Sale Rheum, all eruptions of the skin, and the in nntn rable diseases ariaing from impuritv of the blood. Nu ni-rous certificate* may be seen at the ollice. '1 lie followii g is from oue of the most respectable merchants of 1'liilaJelphia: _ , Philadf.lphia, Oct.9, IttM. Dr 1 tio^if toy ? This is to certify, that I was compl-tt ly cu red of an ulcer up^n my ankle, from whic h I had suffered fo upwards of three years, by u>nig f'ou- bottle* of your valu .hie medicine. 1 had tiied a gieat n in -er ol other medicines with out any effect. J J r- ANES. No. (i Cnesaut st. Principal Offic e. .I.i Reade St., ..ear Uni,dway al5 Iw'rc H) FLOW r R MhNU KACTl/REKS ? Wh'te and G.eei. Taliliv Velvets, :> n table for Flower*, for s le at l i at* rh No. 2 Willi im street, np stairs. I[(aNC V BALL HEAD 5RESSES, such as Pompad urs Louis XI V, Keuaissance, autiqM end modern, t lower , F.f tln rs, nd Oairlatide* a la Victiine. M AK'i'ELLE it. HOLDF.RM.VNN ha e received hy latt i liv ii?, au ihsu fluent of the chore ariic'es; and inform n. Lc. i s that Augiitte Marielle will be at New)"ir on Saturday mo mug, for the Fancy Ball to be given on the I9th inat. all 3tis#rc MUSIC A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol i*. young ladies on the Piano She teaches oil the Log- riai s -. s em, which his never been iuMidurcd as yet iuto rlos c cun try : it has been greatly approved wf in Kurojie, :ts being the shortest ai d ea.iest metnod c f bringing on the pupil. A not addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, shall be attended to. all lm*rc jjTOPP D, supposed to he s ol?n, 1 (iuLl) WATCH, I O SILVER do. A.J.JaCKSON, al I Jt'i h Pawnbroker, 18 Reade at. C^OLl) ROLLKD COPPER ? It'iOO sheets cold rolled Cop / per, from Sit) to 1)0 oz , of a very sujierior quali' y, fir sale b\ *H K K. COLLINS (g. CO. ili Smith st S f,T, OF STORES AT THK NAVY~YaRDT ' | ' 11 r RK w ill be sold at the Navy Yard. Brooklyn, on W ED 1. NKSD Vl , 20th i>:staut at 12 o clock, M . at public Au tioii.for cash on delivery, a variety of condemned articles aino g which are joiners" and ship carpenters' tool*, flag* ol different cation*, ship chandlery, water casks, cabin lurnitore busts of various sizes. Old j>nk, canvass clippings, ordnance stores, barrels and shooks, some provision*. Also one paired oxeu N*vv A<.k*t's Okkice, Ntw Yohk, " 1 \?R!triOiPict. > s, Almost |2ih. 1815 ) PROSPER M. WET) I ) "211 rr. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Ag-nt. 1CL. ! ICE ! ! ICE ! ! 'f' II E Subscriber has for sale at his De|ait in Brooklyn, 2Wi I. tons pure Kockl mil Lake Ice of a size desirable rorship ping be! g from l2to 16 inches thick m square blocks. Fot term* apply on bne.rd Ice Barges foot Chainlier* st. JAMES L CHEESEMAN, a.f 2w'rc Proprietor Union Rockland Lake Ice Co. N0TJCE (':> . ITSKCHANTS. SHIP MASTEliS AND OTHEllS. 'pHE SUBSCRIBER would resoectfully inform them, th . I he h is been in the employ of tne late Samuel Denult ove t .> eiits- y-ars, ind the late Samuel Demilt haying beque athed t ?i in the Trail' it lu ' rumi-ut. two Astronomical Clock*, and tin a > of the Olnce- victory, it i? his intention to continue (in t-onnei tio. ? with his son) the business id manufacturing, repairing rating Chronometers, and dealing in Nautical Instrument < hart s Watches. Clocks, J -welry, Silver Ware, tic., at the ol, set. D. EGUERT l'llll,A!>KliP(IIA HUTULS. ItAKTWblJj'fcj '?A bill Ar <i T O X II o u si: , 'J '43 4'brDtliat Stn-?t, . 8KVKNTH 8TRKKT, NEXT TO TUK MASONIC MAM., IM'll. AD KLPHI A Butlia lit lit intiodnced? Warm un<! Cold~ir sine v,.vf ? i> :U ? for hot n ladle* mid gentlemen a!6 l.n* rh " COLUMBIA ~*Hdl7?K", i i ? v i f Ktn<'t,belwfrN ftth xnil HhHrtcU Fll II.AIJKM'HIA. I- " : K .<1 I M'RI Bi .HS re?,>iTt.f?lly inform tlu-ii friemla wh t'.t u. tclliiiL' public ihrv I, vi' r iU.mi ilir i'jo% i- Ikius?, ( loi km w . Ii- .-Hhalfllmt ) mid hav.made eitPtniv. al" ? 'Hi ??' !>,, ,.!?? nviif. m iu interior, liivmg apired n< to v. Ji'i .me of th* most ple*??:it.vlld f:i?hiosiabl? In n in : , Tl,t* iirlonnre numcroua, the chamber .I1 m i .i iti|i4, ifif faruitmra mUnIit uw> ibImi turn ?? ill tin* H"'?i part ol tl.p e.ilj . m .ir to nil the pi i-i ol public % i mm* mint, .m l convenient to the depot! of th? Uouthfci ? Vrv ft 'mi| ,\i.rtht!rn route?. Oi? J '! - . ! I i.ii|'M|ipd wilhall tin del ie-Acim of tile aea ton. 'ili U' i?h ? of the choiceat hrnmli, and h*Te ben Citelu'ly elactod Tl p pni ,?'tr ?.i t-.-p. nytheirt*. mou.-.I attention * il ?*p- riencr in the bit 'tie* In .I'vp ? ? ?i irtion to thoar who mtyftvci tin in with <!.e>r plr-m iu? II V? I .i . >i V KK.NZU. fc < 0 .lame* B it'iM", I ' 1 Jon? ' I ot*;!. I Hi-bo C. M ? k u' 1 ' ?" *'v o' I. r uliiiiKioii 'i ? i'eter I.. *'! i 'u . . %ll V I r. ? ? *1 *e. J\UiVI.A.\ 'S HO I EL, A I ilar!? in Klvtr. 4 1 KOHUK NOW'l. \ N feajieetfnlly returi<? hi* meat tin oere thank* to .!? iripmU ami the public for the liberal *npport which lie ha? received for the I ? .1 teny 'r?. ? hile Pro prirfor of Proapect Hall, wd J>p*? leiv* to inform th>*in th. t in hn? lilted ii(i thp Urge c*rnblnhment at the termination of ihr Rttlroad. on thia Nfrtnil nod on ihp B'r.ik of the Hirer, whe^ In- i* |ire|vired to fnrmah viaiior* with Breikl i*t?, Dinnera fen. thippera, mid other refreshment*. "I the ?horte*t net ice '(tood ground, and every accommodation lor il i t? < v f umjia uie*. All ili" Him I road Cara Innd I'useniter* ill frmii ol th? Hotel for li!>^ tenu, from (hp I itv flnll. N B ? \n ordinary at Ii ilf |MUt J o'eloplt oil hiuid.iv*. J-'M " -vTusT uV'rt HOTEL AiND UhNiJSU ROOM IHlolil ?trpp|, ni'iir JIiiIiIpii Lant>> OUNTR V M KK< H A NTS w ill llnd thi* a i|p?irv.Mp Hotu. > bPUig conveoieiit to the Iniaoipaa part of tl>? City. Thl? e*taMi*l>meiit it fitted nn with emirely new lumltBre. Ooo< and auliatantial dinner, llii cfiita, ImlfinR* Hi cent? For ron vp'iipiii'P and comfort thia Route m erpinl to any hot>*l in the cit> rind lit half thi' price. Permanent honrdert ean l? aecommodatee ml i >-ry reaaonaiile terma VII the delicaciea of the leaaon aerred up, na aoon na the) arrive iu marker at half the price of uthpr hunae* Rletfant private pirlura for tht raftree caaai, or private diuuart or aup narjpwtita. ?Tk? tttj b?*t of liqaon. ) uA Im'ro w LOST, in or near the Trinity Cemetery. on the aftemoonof ? the 14th, a Lady'* WATCH, of Cooper's make, J*o. 06, Ml. | All jewellers and Pawnbroker! art rwjntsted to stop the is?r>e . if offered Any per on who delivers it at No. 171 Broadway, ] or at Mr. Augustus tilebbius' house, Carmaiut ille, will be soi taVy rewaid?d. _ ??? ,l*,c SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND llie I ighrst price mveu lor-llki.'dsof c_st on Clothing dii<l jfood ir- uiiii li' ud Furniture. Persous wshing to di?- | |Hiae of ihe same, w ill do well to c*ll 'D tb? subscriber, or ad dreaa a Inn- through tl.e Po t Olfie, which will be Punctually attended to. , "? CtV 1 49>, Chath m meet. ew York N. li Couatautly ou han.l, u seasonable assortment of ?e ? | llemen's Clot' jug, cheap fur caah. ?I6 lm*rc WlNTED^a Dress Maker to go South. None hut an ele." I gant fitter ne d i,.ply. A dress P. U. at tin. odici i , ?ti tiug where ?u iiitei view may t>r hwl. alO *t rc WHO WANTS RICH OllEKN TUHTLR SOUP ON SUNDAY' -Go to the Hotel De? Deux l"rere?, Duane P?rk, near Hud ou wheiea magnificent Turtle will be | served up in soup and steaka, on that day, Auguat 17lh. Families aupplied by the *uart ou reasonable teruia. ii 16 2t*rc COPPER MINERS WANTED. ANTED by the New York and Lake Superior Mining 1 .onpauv, r IFTY Copper Miners? to be employed at Agate Harbor, Lake Superior. Temperate and experienced Miners will receive liberal wa ges? noue others need apply. Apply to the uudera gued at West Troy, N. ? . L- LF.AltNKl), Jr., President N. V. and L. S. M. Co. New York, Aug. 14th, 1815. alfi Zwi^ro wanted At CLARKE'S fit STEVAN'8 Teinperauce Intelligence Office. 95J4 Duane street, subscribers lor some good I ro te??. nit Servants anil others, i>oth white and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himsejf to precure help for thepublic at the shorten notice. Mr Clarke's office is lia'roni.ied by some of the lirst families in the country. Remember? 95J4 Duane street two doors west of Broadway, Washington Teuii>erance Intelligence Office. jy26 firi'rH 7;isT~OW CLOTHING KUKNITUKE WANTED. LADIES OK GENTLEMEN having any superfluous or cast olf Clothing or Furniture to dispose of. can obtain for tne same a liberal cash price, by sending ior the subscriber (through Cost or olherwue) at Iiis residence. No. 69 Duane stivet, basement. M S.COHEN. N. B. Mrs. Cohen will also attend to Ladies at their resi dence, if requested. alJ Im'rc SHIP LIVERPOOL, Agry, master, from Liverimol.? Con signees of goods by above ship, will confer a favor by sending their permits, without delay, on board, at I'ier No- 9 | East River, or to ihe office of the sub criber* i OCHE, BKOTnERS & CO , m4 rr -rt E'clrpn iff NOTK I'.? 1 oiiniMites of goods |vr ship Clyde. 'rom LoVer- | pool, will please send the'r permits on board the ship, pier ] No. 4 North River, or to the office of the subscribers. All toods uot permitted in five days, must be unavoidaMy sent to the public store. J 11EKDMAN ? CO., ?6rc 61 South stre't. TO THE UAGUERREIAN ARTISTS II A. ART \L'LT. Importer of French Daguerreotype . (Jowl*, offer for s le, ?t a cheap price 500 Large I)a?u?-rreotype Plates, No. 40aiid30. ton Ounces Dry Iodine. ?00 Ounces Bromine. 200 Ounces Chloride of Iodine 100 Pounds Hyposulphite of Soda. 200 drahms l -blonde of Gold and Salt of Gold; uew article, . Quicksilver, Tripoli, Rouge, Rotten Stone, Instruments, and all the articles use ul ill Daguerreotype, 2 Gross Morocco Cases ? ' argaui Apply at the LAI4' A r r TTE BA^AAH, 149 <nd 151 Broadway, corner of Liberty st, upstairs. au4 lin*rrc tuITeast river mutual insurance COMPANY. OFFICE No. 61 (late 19) Wall street, continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses, and other buildings. Also, ou Household Furniture, Merchau dize, 8tc., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. John Brouwer. Wakemm Burritt, James Mc Bride, Philip Embury. John Moorhead, Stanton Brebe, Joseph Kernoclian, Danie' Ayres, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. S. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, Nathaniel L. Giiswold.jr. Thomas Nesinith, Russell Stubborn, Robert Boorinau, George Co*geshall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, George Pomeroy, Joseph Oaillard, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, Pivsideut. GOLD S. SILLIMAN, Secretary. Kobk.ktJ. Pillow. Couiiselmid Attorney. ..2 lin'tii ilFFTCE OF THE C ROTO N \INSU RAN C & CO. No. 33 Wftll Street, Adioinius Merhanics'Bank, intheCityof New York THIS COMPANY lose by the recent fire 000 Their assets over and above all claims against them exceed SliO.WIO rhey continue to insuru Marine .uid Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUSTEES. James Hariier, William B Cogxena, Edward Ric'iardsou, Herman D Gould, James Phaleii, Theodore A Meyer, SA Lawrence, Cyrus Clienery, Edwin R Tremain, Lawrence Hill, SMCrandall, W H Townsend, John Breaste, Robert Lane,, James Cruikshank, John T Gilchrist, . J Leander Starr, J II Suydam. * Charles L Vose John BL-iala, /adork Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, Junes ('ook, Loring Andrews, K T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, Georg" Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Monali n, Asa S Crosby, G.oige Paten, John J Herrick, William Burgoyne, Abraham V an Ne?t, _ _ SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE. President. JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll. Secretary. Capt Snriuel Candler, Marine Imp. Also, lusp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au2m OrricKor the Jmtkhsos Insi hsm-k Co , \ New York, July 24, 1845. > ['HE Stockholders of this Coinpiny an- requested to call at tlie olfice of the Company and signify whether it be their wish to fill uptheir respective shares, or to receive a numbei of diares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of ttie city are requested to eouvey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall st. T. W. THORN E.Pres't. Gko T. HorK. Sec'y. j?25 rrc PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. THIS Company is prepared to pay iucatA on Jrmnml, all | losses it has sustained by the late fire, so soou as the claims are adjusted. Fire and Mariue risks will he taken as usual. SIMEON BALDWIN, President. W. W. Dihbi.k, Secretary. New York, rid J n I v , 1845. Jy83 lm is rrc riiE LONO ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY Capital, 200,000 Doli^ars. Otftcr, 41 strtel, huoktyn. . rHIS COMi'AN V u prepared to take risUs in the city of] New Yoik on favorable terms, having lost by the recent i ire only about ten per cent of their capital . . The losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui lat<on. 1',. C. Fl NN. Secretary. 11. M. DELAMATER. President. July 11, 18(5. jy 110 lm is tn I< I?1GK ( J PERSON INSURANCE CO., i , No. M Wall street, opposite the Lxcluogr. i I^HiS COMPANY continue to nun re against lots and da- , mage hy fire on food*, ware* and merchandise, ui.d 4*0, j .gninst It ss by inlaoauajnjghOT^ii ve^iel* and their cargoes. Thomu W. Thorne, KliahaRipga, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anion tinker, B. H. Robson, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Mote* Tucker, James E. Holm?4. John R. Davisou, John P. Moore Johu H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn. Caleb C.Tann, Thomas Morre! I. Francis P. Saye, Eugene Bogarl. John (J. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORN K, Preiident. pKOHHK T. tier*.. Sfftarv -it rr LIFE INSURANCE. CAPITAL ^2,500,000. T He insured entitled to participation of profit* 011 both En ? ropean and American policies. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY , LONDON UNITED STAT K 8 BOARD OF LOCAL DIRECTORS, Nt:w V'obk Branch ? Of>i?f.7i WallStrkkt ? JACOB HARVEY, Esq., Chairing. John I. Palmer. Esq. Jonathan Goodhue, K.ti ; James Boorman, Esq. George Barclay, Esq. N?mnel 8 Howlnid, Esq. Gorham A. Worth, Esq. Samuel M Fox, Esq J. LEANDER STARR, Manager. The foljowiug are among the advantages held ont by this iu ititutinn, which are of great importance to the assured, and 'uch as are seldom offered by Lite Insurance Companies, nr.:? The advantages secured to the assured by the princi et of the Loa* Department, thus hleuiling the utility of a a 'tigs Hank with Life Insurance! A vet y large stun to be permanently invested in the United t. tesio the names of three of the Local Directors.! as Trustees) -tva lable always to the assuied 1 a Guarantee rund. 1 h ? payment of premiums, annually, half-yearly, Quarterly, tr monthly No cWge for stamp duty. Thirty days allowed . ftor each payment of premium becomes ltie, without forfeiture 0/ policy. Travelling leave extensive iuiu liberal; and extra premiums ?11 the moat moderate scale. I Conditions 111 the policy less onerousto the assured than usual in easeMil' Lite Assuranee (See pamphlet.) The u< tual and declared profits < published in successive He- j ports) affording suve dulu for calculations of the value of the 'bonus1' in this institution These proofs will at eachdivision lie paid im cash if desired. Heirig unconnected with Murine or Fin Irniirimt. The ratfs "for life with profits" are lower than those of any tiller foreign Company effecting Life liKiuance 111 New \ ork. The public are respectfully requested to examine the disti.s <nishing principles of this institution? their tables of rates? heir distribution of profits ? and ih* facilities afforded k) their j Loan Department ? before deciding to insure elsewhere. A Medical Ex miner is in attendance at the office dail>, j t 12 o'clock noon and 3 o'clock, P. V Fee paid by the 80 eietv. J. LEANDER STARR. General Ageut. .i y 2 ' Jt.iw is 3m rrc GALVANIZED IRON AND TIN. I 1 ALVANJZED SHEET IRON AND TIN, a ver> su- , ' * penotHrticle, warranted not to mat. Alio, Tin Plate, Shee- ' I rou, H us-r.a Sheet Irttn, Sliest Copper, /avc , Scotch and Vmet - can 1' 4 Iron, for ? V hv CAS* fc W Mil). melt tin ??<? No 71 Broed ?t?? MUSIC. " 1 KEMOV ED to No. K.'i Franklin iuM, oue door K*st ot BroaJw M. D(JM8DA\ Professor of the <g in;, Accord-on, , mil Violin, ro.itiuil'S to teach Ladies anil (K'u leinen of New York tin- above fashionable instruments, lie., in a | comparative short rime, by his new Analysing tuid Inductivc ayi'eni. T?rmsrei\? t aid' . M. D. will go, as tiiiiiil, to the residences o( Ins puoils to any ? pnr! of the c;ty. by the stages. Satisfactory city ?? >1 other r?- j Ufiices nive'i on ipplicntion at No. 6S Franklin street j r *> Im'm I /EOLIAN HARPS NUNNS it CLARK hav in.; pnrchssed the patent right lot "Cole man's .Kol iaa Atlaelinieiit to the Piauoforte," for the j . utire Uuiied States, (egceptnu Massachusetts,) annonnce to ! the public, that thev are uo?t prepared to supply Pianofortea ; wnh this improveineut attached, or to attach the same to any 1 modern inadn horizontal Piauofortes. |j regard to the durability j ? it this invention, N. Ik C. art pre 1 tared to satisfy the most pre jttdiced mind, their own critical examination and exneriencs warrant them iu the assertion, that the .Kolian" will remain in tune in any climate, and it will not he sffected hy transitions ' I unosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with ? n'h instrument. The pnhlicare invited to examine the " <1Colliiii PtMiofortes" it their ware-room. No, 140 Broadway, opposite the Park, aheie also may be Am ml an asaortmeut of and 7 Octave Pianofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany ra<es in2**ti*'C i'.MNTlNUa Kuit ;SAI-T Ah'I'.W FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising ?(eriptnral anil llistio-icsl subjects, Landscapes, lie., amongst them ? gpuunie Interior hy Teninn, a Cleiiatre by MmeriMin. and a Mag Jalsu by Gutrciao, kc., lu. May b? ?s?u daily front 9 till! ? '#look, m fi Liberty ?t?*t J ji ln*r? AUCTION NOTICES. jpf FOR SALE AT AUCTION ON MONDAY, Aug. I h, 1)11 the I 're in i ??. a* I' o'clock a h A KM uf & acres, ' .ear West Farms, two miies Iroin Harlem, in Wetiches Itr County; on which *?e a utw neat Dvtellug and a Farm B rn.anduut house*, with t'ruit in a?undnice of nil kinds. The- pi ce would su't a merchant d ing business iu the clt> . To be told Without reserve in 'lie highest Uidde-, a* the ownrr ia gnp'g For partico'ars. inquire at (H ijrand ?'reet, 0/ <9 B yard street, or t ' JOHN UARLASD, on the pi w e ?h old the d_y prove stormy , tlie Sale will lake pl<>co the next fur day. aljjjw'ic Ii'AWU l UKb1 SALE ? Ou Tuesday, the 19th day i f Au * K'lat i ?t , ut II o'cl ck A. M , the u..der? gi.ed will sell at puoli Auction, a: No 171 Water alrcet, in the city of New York, a lot of Trunks, Tool*, aud . . t h-- articles, composing ? he stock m trade of the late Win. Shaw, truuk maker. The sale will be continued the same day at No. lHi Eighteenth street, ut 3 o'clock. P. M. Also the unexpired ies?e ol the pi e No. 17'J Water street? 2 years and 'J months from lat Au gust. UEORliE INOLIS, JOSKPH HOLL1NOS WORTH, ANDREW MeLfcAN, Kxecutora of William Shaw, deceased. THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. a!2 IwVc HARLEM FARK^COURSE? TROTTING. " WEDNESDAY, Augu t28'h? Purse $30, mile heat?, best 3 iu 5, under the saddle, free for horses ti nt never ?oi money, not excepting the h r?es that trotted th 13th Entries to clone Saturd <y evenii ic, by 9 P. M., at Oreen St Lusee's, Au gust Itith. '1 hree or more to make a race. a!6 li'rc UNION COURSE, l71 PACING AND TROTTING. MONDAY, August IBth. at 3 P M.? Pu ?e- $2t'0, mil* heats, hex' three in live, free f jr all I rotting and I'.ciug horaex, to go a > tln-y pleas-. A b-rt Concklin enters eh. g< J imes K. Polk. C. E lix " (jr. m. Faiii y Ellxler. M. Dunn " b. m. Cayuga Maid. Imuicd atrh after? rurse$iO, mile heats, best three in fi\e,to WaggO"S Chart- s Carman enters gr. if. John Indersou. ? ol. Bertine " b. g. Trouble. W m. W he elan " b. m. Fa?h>on. J. Weti' er " b. m Latly Washington. N. li. Admission to all parts of the Course aud Stands, JO cents, o lv. a IS Itrc SUNDAY AFTEROuN EXCURSION DOWN THE BAY. LANDING AT CL1F10N STATEN ISLAND. Tile new and favorite Steamboat RICHM ON I). Captain T. M. Dougherty, w II anak- an ex ursiou down the Bay un FMiud >y afternoon, Aug. 17. aud round to at the Narr -ws utfo'diug a fine view of the forti on Lon^ and Statt-n Island, as w II s the open -ei, by whi h passengers will en oy invigorating breezes, landing at Clifton, btat n Island. Leavi gthe Pier at the loot of Montgomery street, E 11., at I o'clock; Seventh street, E. It., at li minute* past I; Delancey street at half past 1. rike street at 2j and Pier No. I E K, at hnlf-paxt 2. Returning, leave < I'lton at hall pmt 5 o'clock. Fa>e 12>^ cents each way. alG 2t*rc EXCURSION AND OPPOSITION To NEW HAVEN. fltA Fare up a id dow n SI, to New Haven 7J cts. & new 1,IU' steamer BUFFALO. ?E__dBE>>aaK>CHp<aiu Hancox, will leave the foot of Barclay street on the above place every Mo. .day and Tuesday motnini: at 7 o'clock, and Peck blip 7W o'clock? Returning will leave New Haven at If o'clock, P M on the same days. This will be a delightful Excursion; mid us it is commence ment week, a favorable opportunity i? olfered (at one hall the far" charged l'\ the monopoly line) for those who nay wish to be pre-eut. 'i lie Buffalo will xrr ve iu tune for the 'Hartford anil Spri. gtield train of cirs. al52tis',r EXCURSION TO GLEN COVE. The fine sieambo-t ROBERT L. STE VKNJ,( ptain R. L Mshie, will on Sunday (-.August make an excurs on to (ilen Cove? leavi ? the foot of ilammo d s reer at I o'clock: Cum street l1^; pier No 1, N. R.. !}??; Pike street 134; aud Delancey street at 2 o'rlo k, P. M. Rmut ling to ' he city it 7. This excur., ion wi'l affo d i fine oppo tuniry to view tlx chaiminif see er, of the East River, and many of it? most he.'Util'nl and into eating places, i-nch as Blackwell's Isl mil Hal 'ett's Cove, Hell Oite, and Throg's Point, with its cele br?ted for>ilicatiou>. Pi-ssa^-e ce 's each way. a!3 3tis*r EAOUK.SJUN i'O i'HE FISHING HAiNKjs. The steapboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, 'Captain R. 1. >lr,boy, will make an ricuiinm ito the Fishiug Bajika every Tuesday, Thurs fijiy and t? risl-ty during the season. Leavinw Hammond siret.'t at 8,'s o'clock, A.M., ('anal street at 8X, Pike and Delancey streets at. 9, and Pier No. I, N. It., at ?>t o'clock? returning to the city in good season. Bnit furnished gratis. Lines ?l a small charge. _FiiieJO cent*. - al2 6tis*m " STEAMER "GREAT BRITAIN." ? IT beit g impossible to open the above sliii fluv to the whole community on the pr-sent o. ? ica?ion% or to m ike dintiucti?a in regard to admission without irn ing offence; and in i view of the great expense i eti red by the owners iu detaining her in order to gratify public curiosity, i? has been determined to fc low the adopted iu London, Liverpool, and i ilier porti , and charge a s n ill sum for adinis si?". Notice is therefore herel y given, t'.iat the ship will be open fur public ii spei tinn this l-y from ;<? to i o'clock, ami on ? uc ceeding days, (Bund iy etespt d,) till further notice, between the hours o' III and > o'clot W Price of admission to th" ship will he 25 c-*nrs, and to t lie ei gin- oom. t2,S, cents additional. Ticket* to the sJnp ;o he liat on the w h irl lougsidc , ?nd to th* engine room, on boatd. A ixirtiou of the proceeds of the collection, -Iter payinz es penses, will be givea to the Asylums for tlie Blind and Deal and Dumb, and the Kne D-P 'rtmeiit. New York, August II. 1145. al!2wisrc PACKET FOrt .MAWS- ILLKS-l lit . ..:kel ? ship GASTON, Captain S.epheu Coulter, will sail _ bou the 1st of September. For or pass ive, apn v to CHANiBLnLAlN k PHKLI'S. 103 '?'rout at., or t?> . BOYD 5c HINCKKN, Atfenta, aI6 rh No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water sts. o TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, BETWEEN NEW 0 UK .'IN I) G.ILCESTON ' IllF. Htibscril ?rs have es'abl lit d a regular Lii e of Packets betv een New Ymk and Galveston, to s>il from racli | ort 011 the first day of each month, foMitwi : ? The Brig EMIMRE, Capri in Batter. to sail fiom New V-rk 1st September next, am! roiii Galvest n l?t November > ext The Ship ST Alt HfcPUBLIC, I attain Muu. to sul fri.m New York lit Octoncr next, and from Galve?tuu lot Deceni lirr next. Thr Brig O B. LAMAR, Captain Richardson. to tail from New York 1st November ucxt, and from GalreatO'i 1st ianu ary next. The Brig MARY, Captain Norriss, to nail from N< w York lot December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, and thereafter 111 reiful&r succession. These vessels sre all of superior class, havirg fine cahin accommodations, are nlily commanded, will s?il punctually as advert s. J, and take might and passenge: s at the lowest rates. William Hrndley and Co. will be the established Agents at Galveston, and give efticieut attention to the business of the line, and .ul other busiuess directed to them ; and also make liberal advancts on consignment*. Goods directed to the care of the Subscribers, will be regu larly fotwarded, free from commission. And Shippers may rely on Lighters at Galveston to tranship cargo from thence, anil upon its being reguhrly forwarded according to instruc tions, il cousigni-N to the care of Vs illiam Hendlcy and Co., Galveston. i?or lieiglil or pc.13.1ie, apply u> BROWEK at NF.1LSON ant lini?*ec No at Front street. N *<* York. MERCHANTS V lO IL (JIT A SSOC I AT IO N , x KGANIZED TO INVESTIGATE and expose abuses in trade, to prevent frauds and nuuish the fraudulent. OrFICF.HS. THOMAS TILESTON, President, of linn Spolford, Tilesfou k Co. T. C. DonF.sirs, Vice Presnltut, of firm Dor?mus, Suydun k Nixon. David Wemon, Treasurer, of firm D. k A. Wesson. Wool)* Ann & Ui'scnrcrt, Secretaries. DtRKt Tons. I). A < iishmau, of firm Cnsh'nan St Co Ed?ard Anthony, ? I firm Cooke, Anthony k Mahonr. Alva Spear. of linn S|>ears Si Vanderhoof. D.ui ill $ Miller, of firm Dater. Miller k Co. Ferdiuand ""uyd itn, Jr. , of firm Suyilam. Sage k Co. Henry A. Ilurlbut, of firm Swift & llurlbut. A. J. Underbill, of firm Underhill St Co. Theodore McNarnee, of tirin Bowen k McN'amee. (?liver E. Hosnier, of firm Ho-mer k Sh?rm n Kreifi rick U. Betts, of firm t>mi>h, Wright & Co. U. B. Br?wster, of fiun Le> k Biewsfer. Joshua I' Henry, ?f firm Greenw ty, Henry k Smith. Simeon Drs|>er, Jr., of firm Haggerty, Draper k^Jones. Isaac Townsend, of firm Townsend k Brothers." John Lowry. of firm J kA Lowry. F.dwar I '!'? inpkins, of tiim Brned rt k Tompkins. G-orge D. 11. Gillespie, of firm Wolfe k ( Jille-pie. David Hoad'ey.of firm lloafllrv. I'helps & Co. William C. l.iiugiey , of firm W. C. Lamtley k Co. Thoin i? 11 11 ut . ol lirin Thomps Hunt II Co. , Kt'ract from Sec. 5 of t'ie Constitution " Any Merchant of ^ood ?t tndtiig may hn'orre t lumber of this Association 011 1 eing proposed to thr Directors, and no objection being made thereto." Merchants who have not subscribed to the Constitution, in .1 hiv. in ( pihirtniiity tn l ee .me meinbi-.s on ai'plic lion to any ni> mher of the Board of Directors, nlio will 1 the | object of the Association. all lwis ec 1.1 1 NE FRENCH BOOTS FOR $J40, CITY MADE? For JL style and durability they are equal to those sold in other ?t net for $5 ; lite French imperial dress Boots made to order lor Si >ll ei|n t| to tlio?e mule in other stores ft.r $<) and $7, antk w irrantedio give s tisf.ietn . irYOl'NO k JONES' French Imperi .I Boot mil Shoe vlauufacturing Depot, one of the nnut fnsliio table Boot and Shoe establis' menl? in this city. Gen tlemen .hat are in waiit of a pur of dress Boots, will lind a sa v mi/ of fifty l er ceni bv getting th?-m of m. Mending also i do ,e in tie-tore. WM. VI. YOVNG k H. B. JONES. | at!} Imis* c No 4 Ann St.. near Broadway, New York. T1j,r UYHON, 15 7 II mail iv n y, HT WM. DIN NI . FORD. WHO respectfully infoims hit iriends and the public that h> has luased the ab'H'- establishment and fi.ted it up in a stvle i< ferior to none W. D. will at all times keepo haid the be-t desc iption of wines spirits, segnrs, Jtc , ?? lecteil with iha1 1 ante pre liar to an ex|ierienced wi .e bibber. His bed ruoins aie lift d np w itli a due regard to nratn s? and cleanli ness, and in each departiuen the prices will square with the times? u.-mt'ly, 2i c-11 s per night for kitlgings, or one dollar and a half per week, or fl?e dol ars per month. W. D ha -, also introduced the Southern plan f.f providing a lunch from 11 'ill I o'clock, so that ihece tu'e co nforts of tin misar 1 man will be attei.drd 10. A c< Id and shower bnth free to ciatomers. Committee roi-ms, Clnb rooms, fce. kc. " Im'm Uf ATCHI H '-WATCHES AND JF.WFI.H V -Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watcnes, Gold (.hruus, Gold Pencils, Keys, kc., will iiud it goratly totlieirad V tillage to call on the sulncrihrr, who ts selling all dt script ions of the above at ret ill much lower than any other house in thr city- Gold Watchrs is low as %30 and S25 each. Watches and Jewel nf exchnnged or bonghl All Watchea wat 'anted to keep eooil ,ime or the money rrfunded. <). C AH.h'N,J?>porte' of Watches and Jew?!ry, VI ''Oi-ssle and Retail, if) Wall street, SALAMANDER SAFES. riMlE first and only kind of Safe that lias in every instance J. preserved their contents from accidental fires are Edwards It Ho man's Improved Salamander, They are for sale by A. C. II?bbs 26 Plat t st., N. Y., where cemficatea and test 'fafes insy br seen, one of which saved the books and pa tiers of Mrssrs f oe, Anderson k Co., No. 28 Broad ?treet, at the great fire on the 19th nit. A so, of Mr. J.Mel, at the corner of Bro dstT-et snd Ktch* ge Place on the night of the 1>Th of I in r . 3 si I ee FJ fcATIil-.RS.? m lbs first onality FeathTn jtut received ? K COLLINS fc CO., mk te Stuth itnet AMUSEMENTS. HANK THKATHfc. FIRST NIGHT OK THE SEASON. Monday K veiling, Au*u?i l?ih. The ps.formtuice will commence wrh the play el (he LADY OK LYONS. w w Fiuline Mrs. Mowatt CI mde Melnotte, Mr. ' ruP Col. Damu - v r B ??? Besuses.u .Mr Elemiiiif Desthapi riles , Mi McDouall After * hich, Fancy Duice by Miss VsIIee's To fo elude w th A ROLAND Kuft AN OLIVER Sir Mark Chsie Mr Bass Hi*. Alfred Highflyer Mr Roberts Maria Darlington Miss Moss Price of Admission? Boxes, 75 cents; Pit, 50 cents; Gallery, I 25 cents. Uoors open atT o'clock, and the Curtain will rise precisely at halfoast 7 o'clock. 3 /*" A limited number of Season Tickets may be obtained j at the Box Office. BOWERY THEATila.. Saturday Kvenlng, August 10th, Will be presented W ILLIAM '1KLL. William Tell Mr J R Scott 1 Albert, Sergeant I Gesler, Henkilis MelcUl, Vache | Emuia, Mrs kl.'discn Au?r will' h. II" oil part, the GOLDEN KAR ?iEK. Jemmy Twit- her ?' MrlUdiwxy The Uoldeu Kaiiner Mr Clarke To conclude with SLEEPING BEAUTT. Sir Albert, Davenport Launcelot, H?d.iway Etheliude, Mrs Phillip* Sir E helied, vliluor Edgar, Br >oke Kinmu; Mrs 8ergeaut Hymen, Mast W Yeoman Sir Owen, Clarke Mward, Mrs Isherwuod * lien, Midikou Kdr'ck, Phillimore Mgiva, .Mr? Hilson Melzinna, Miss E B> 1 1 Ironzira. Mis N Lewis 'j~ Lower Boxes 50 rents; Second and Third Tiers, 25 cts.; Pit Hud Gallery, i2>> rents. Doors will open at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rise at haH-t'asi7. CASTLE bARUEA. Jy-Ailml??lon !45 Cents.^g Great Musical Attraction ! Plipr.efri . . ri ..r.ii .ad H^ter Grand Entertainmnit ! The proprietors respectfully announce 'hat they have enga ged, for a limited uumlier of nghti, ill - Burlesque >? thiopiiu Operat c Troupe, ?o lavorably known di.d rreeivcd at Palmo's Italian Opera ll< uw. Positiirly tin- la>< performance of Sum- m-liull-Ole. Sutursla} Kvenlim, August lGth, The perfoimance will commence by the Orchestra playing the Overture to Gustavus. After which the Mock Opera will he given, entitled S< iM-AM.BULL-OLK. T?keti from La Somnambula, with all the original music. Pas de De' x Miss Pray Pa nComique .Mr PaisI e U. /-lutennusou of Half an llour for Promerj.nle mid Krlre?h Mill. The range of splendid Cosmorainn will be open inspection The second part will commence with Grand Overture? Orchestra. " DooiS open lit hpJ!-piut 6 o'clocli. i'erf^rii.;!.-. too raenc??t I o'clock. 7 o'cl KIBLO'S (iAllUK\. Saturday Evening, August 10th. Will be presented th* highly popular piece of THE VILLAGE DOCTOR. Louise Miss Mary Taylor Baroi .....Miss ws Marchione s Mrs Watts Mrtioucceur Henry Flacnie Ferdinand Gallagher Coco Ble cker Baron . Chippe>.d ile 'O" Intel mission of Half an Hour - Pas de Deux by Missrg Celeste and Partington To conclude with BORN TO <iOOD LUCK. Nina . Miss Taylor Lady Julie. Miss Roberts | Couuters, .Mrs Deering Paddy O'RjlIVrt) Mr Brougham '> Aw ;Itic,clil t once l? 111 aiss ays Oe la xllcuuu I0IOI t"..n uood order and keep *11 improper )>?rsous out. 9gh7YiK?ta CentsMJ, Ah mi ted number ofSauon Tickets will l>? >!i.f "/"Performance '< rotrm?ncf at I o'cloc.. . </??; .. at 'flock. PALillOW OPERA IIOL'SK. LAST CONCERT. THE ANULK*>KA S1NGKRS respectfully announce that they will <ive their last CONCEK I' at tins iwij ular place of emu.ement, on Saturday. August I6th. when they will sing a selection of their choice music, in costume. PROGRAMME. PART I. Rose of the Vale, with echo 5 Voices Blow on, the Pinte's Glee '? Voices Life on the Ocean Wave 5 Voices Solo, echo and double bass Galsiano 8?me Love to Ride 5 Voices The invitation 5 Voices In Berlins 5 Voices part n. Grand Gipsey Chorus, from the Opera of the Bo'n* in i an Girl . 5 Voices Land of Washington 5 Voices Solo, characteristic Galsiano Grave of Buonaparte 5 Voices liutzr, for Columbia J Voii es The Mountain High 5 Voices i icket* 25 rents ? to be had at the principal Music Stores, and nt thf II x Ofli. e on the d.iy and evening o' each Concert. The Diess Circle will be reserved for Ladies, and those ac companying them. ! 'f No postponement. al6 lt*r PARK THEATRE, RE-OPENED FOR THE SEASON. Monday, Aug. IS, 1845. THE PUBLIC is i-eiipec fully unoimed that this establish ment will be opened for the Season on th < above day, nith a strong a>.d cScient coui|any. Engagements have been entered into for limited periods with MRS. CIlARLEs KEAN. late MISS ELLEN TREE, and MR. CHAItLES KEAN, MlnS D'ARCY. SIG ROPHINO LACY, MR. REEVE and MR BKOUGH. MRS. MOWATT. R. HACKETT, and other foreign and native Artists of celeurtty, whose names will hereafter be advertised. MRS BLAND. late MISS KAUCITT, MI85> GOHDON, MR. BL sND,- nd MR B a S3, from 'lie principal English The ittes, are daily expected and will m ike thuir first appearance at the commeucemmt of the Season, together with MR ROBERTS, froti the I lie tre Covent Garden. N. B. The Box Olfice w ill be ipeutd on Saturday, the IGtli in. taut. all rc * A (>AKt>N? Wonderful Novelty! THIS EVENING, the celebrated STEYERMARK FA MlLi , Lovena Ne s, M-dain E. Neis, Mr. Gabne Nea.and Mr. J< rome Neis, together with the original Srtl Bo n, the Kentucky whistler. Shrlton's Brass Ba d will In in atteintonre during the evening, and perform all the populai music of the day. Doors open at 7^? Performance to commence at S o'clock (C^Tickets I2H cents al25t*rc Park theatre. THE PUBLIC is respectfully infjrmed that this establish meut will be opened lor the season, on Monday, the 18th ol August. Tne ladies and geutlemen of the Corps Dramatique will as semblein the Greeu Room, on Thursday next, the 14th instant at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. alec THEATRICAL NOTICE. \il R. J. M. SCOTT will, in the course ??f a few days, visit L'1 New York, Philadelphia and Boston, and w II ne pleased to treat with professional people' respecting engagement! foi the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Tbeaires. All arrangement entered into by said J. M. Scott, will be strictly complied wtli. N B ?All letters to he post-paid and directed Wm. Shires to NeW Vork Post Office nti'rc MUSIC. A Rare Opportunity of Acquiring a Thorough Musical Education. C'i H. DICK WORT, Professor of Singing, Guitar sn<l Piano JT ? Fortl, AM opened a class for y?a| Emm, from 7 to III v e?x? of age , among whom are three of Ills owu daughters, whom lit* proixisea to thoroughly instruct iu the art of Singiu'.;, Mr. Derwort's sy?tem in the result of many years observation anil experience, during which lie has successfully t nig lit in Ger many, London, and New York. His method cannot fail to im part to his pupils a clear Jierception, and atliorough knowledge of the grammatical principles of music, with th- ability to har monize any simple given me'ody. Parents and Uuardi.uis are invited to call at his Rooms, 427 Broa way, when every inquiry will be answered Terms $20 per aniiiim, payable quarterly iu advau Les sons thiee times a week. Private instruction as heretofore. alt lm*fh LAURENT fy BROTHER , IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, AVE just received by the htrst Packets, a large asi orr tneut of em irely new styles of Fancy ttoods, consisting of ''ashniere-de-cosse Mu?liu de Lames, Alapacca tic Also, a very large assoitmeut of Broche and Printed Shawls, kc. N ? I William street Jy29 lm*r MAOAS1N JAFAJNAIS, IIU Dunne Street. VII. P AUK KR, Agent, from Amsterdam, most respect ? fully informs hisTrieud.t :iud the public iu general, that heh?* received a magnificent collection 'lit Oil Paul tings and Antiquities, cosiutint of lipw le Porcelain Jars and Vi ses, Flower Mottles, Plates, Dulies, Cups *o?! Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain (iroups "lid Figure*; < ups mid .Saucers; an ciein l-ausof the 16th century: and two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, from the years IMS and Ii77, formerly belonged to the Ximeuies, ( luquiMtor of Spain, such as never ha* been seen iu this country; ol which he cau djspoae tit moderate prices. Ladies and Gen'lernen, if you wish to tr at yours. If call snd examine this splendid collection. Also, two c ir?>',i ' liairs, for Call' o.'ic C hurehes: to be seeu from 10 A. M. till ti P. >1 Je27 2m*rh Hard iv are THE SI 'IISCHI BEHS have Constantly on hand a lull as sortment of every quality and variety of Needles, including V am Needli s, B nlkins. Knitting Pins, !,'l ,vr, (until, Milli i,?rs, Chenille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting, Hailand Pack Needles. WARRIN 8 DRILLED EYED NEEDLES, aTe warrented superior to any kind offered lor j I- in theUuited States, and from their well known reputation, u.ercliuuts will find them more s JeaUle than any other they can offer. They have always on hand a good a?surtme>.t of Warrin's celebrated Fish Hooks, put up.'" every style. Also, a large assortment of Silk, Hemp, Hairand China Grass Lines, Cork Floats, and every variety ol Fancy Fishing Tack.e. Also, a large assortmeut of W ade's bi Butcher's R /. ori, Pocket and [ T?ble Knives, Scissors, Iron and German Silvet Spoons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, ate., lie. All which is of fered to the trade nn the best term'. J. k T. WARRIN, jy30 lin't 72 Maiden Lane. J. B STOUVENEL, IMPORTER OF WINES, Na. 39 John .met, informs his friends and the lovers of good W ines generally, that ? oider to snpply the great demand. he has made ar uigeineuts to tiave always id store, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines ol the first quality, from the proprietor ill ect. The we'l known houses following are sufficient recommen dation of the qualities of the Wines, without further octails . Messrs Borton It Gneaticr, i proprietors of V iguubh s, J. Freyche, > at Bordeaux. n' b'.'Ij 'b.'s1 undertakss to sell Wine for family use, by the dozen or gal Ion. jyffllm ec S?2M3SK? ?i?, Gl? ""jUl1".'" for vessel. d?w&,!LU*?f )v? Im'rrc "rnwing seven ft*. (H)l'i'' R*M0 cases English Sheathing Copper, computing J complete assortment Trom 16 to jn ox ., of very supe ior qual ity, for sat* by K K COLLINS k CO , alro M South street. LATEST INTELLIGENCE is y L.A8T KVKBING'S 1*1 AlJLw The Elections. The following are the only returns that have come to hand. They are as imperfect and cniButisfactory as ever. There is scarce getting at anything like po sitive fact, bo many different statement# ure made by both parties. The names ot the whig candidates are in italic. KENTUCKY. Pre tide' I Election, Elected. 1814. Dltt. Congresi, 1843 Cirngrrst, 1841. Clay. Polk 1. Xi. Jtoyd. Linn Boyd 4,779 7,311 2. J. H. iitcHenry. Willit Oreen. 6.7U 4,911 3. lly. Gider. Hy. Under. (i, 15 4,fi.'i9 4. (J. A. Caldwell. O.A.Caldwell. J, 771 4.298 5. Hob. Young. J. Stone. t.,01J 5,570 0. Geo. Jidams. J. While. ti,079 2,909 7. W. P. Thomatton. IV. P. Thomas ton. 8,751 fi.inh 8. G. Unt ies. G. Daviet. ti.373 4,796 9. 11. Krench. R. French. 5.:t8l 4.999 IB. J. W. Tibbatta. J. W. Tibbatta. O.J44 W. D. 8 4? Whiff Klin 1. Total, 61.255 51,988 Majority. 9,267 KDUM' Prerid'l Election. Elected. - 1844. I) i?. C'ovxmt, 1845. Congrest, 1844. Clay. Polk. 1. 11. i). Owen, R D Owen, 5.7?7 7,769 2. T.J. H.uler. T J. Henley. 7,i 87 7.643 J. Tiio . Sir th. Thos. Smith. R.Olo 8,089 4. C.Ji. - mith . C. H. Smith. 5 5M 4,021 5. Wm. W.Wick. Win. J. Brown 6,960 7,981 6. J. W. Davis, prob. J. W I)avia. 6.90J 8.4B0 7. E. \V >f Gaughtyi. A. Wright. 6.6*0 5.8*9 8. John Ptiit, J Pettit . 7.028 7,848 9. C. W. Catncart. S. C Srm pit. 6.7H9 6,446 10. A. Keuuedy. A. Kennedy. 3.843 6,199 Total 67,867 70,181 Majority 2,314 The deleg ttion thus stands? 8 democrats and two whigs ? the same as last year. For the Legislature the democrats have gained four members. The whigs give up the Legislature and the U. S. Senate. NORTH CAROLINA. Pretid^l Election, Elected. 1841. Dist. Congrett, 1815. Congress, 1844. 1. T I.. Clin# man, T. L. Cling man. 2. D, M. Ha ' ringer, D. M. Baningcr 3. D. S ltrid, D. S Henl, 4. ?'i. Dockery, *.1. Uockery, 5. J.C.Dobbin, R. M. Sauudera, 6. J.J. McKay, J. J. McKay, 7. J. R. J. Daniel, J. R J. Daniel, 8. H.S.Clark, A H. Arriuitton 9. Asa Briggv KennelthRayner Tot tl 43 232 39,287 Majority 3,945 Six democrats and three whigs form the delega tion of the present year, being a gain of one demo crat over the last year. The whig vote in several counties heard from has been considerably dimin ished compared with the Presidential election of 1844. ALABAMA, For Oov. S. Sen- tor. Cong'eaa. Ind. D. IV. D. IV. D. 12.07 2501 " 4 ma j. " 215 maj. Ten counties heard from give the above result, | but the returna appear to be far from perfect or full. { Another account, without going into particulars, j-tates that in the Second District, Hilliard, whig, is elected. In the other six Districts locos have been elected. W. L. Yancey and R. Chapman were elected without opposition, but in the 4th, 5th and 7th districts, the locos were arrayed against each other W. W. Payne is chosen in the 4th : G. S. Houston in the 5th," and Felix G. McConneJl in the 7th district. Of the two locofoco candidates for the office of Governor, Terry is certain to he elected. To keep up the consistency of things, the Legisla ture is locofoco also. TENNESSEE. The following are the only returns received from this seat of action. First day, August 7 : ? Sullivan County ? Brown, the democratic candi dal* for Governor, has 1135 majority over Foster (W). Johnson (1 )), for State Senate, has 1146 maj. over Brownlow (W). Greenville? Brown's majority is 257. Johnson's 383. NatbvilU ? Foster has a majority of 269. Washington? Johnson leads Brownlow 840. ? Brown's majority in this county is 37 greiiter than Mr. Polk received in 1844, being 381 over Foster. It was thought on the spot, according to the returns received, tint Foster would be elected by ainijority of 2.)00 to 3000. VVanliliigtvu. [Correspondence of the Herald.l Washington, Aug, 14, 1845. Incidents and Accidents of the Day. The President continues reconnoitring of the De partments. Goodman, Captain, pity he has fallen in to such difficulties, from promises to, and demunds of the cliques. Secretary Marcy sporting a new pair of panta loons. Collector of the port of Washington in a quandary as to the duty on imported skylarks. The Marquis of Townshend, Major Dade, War den of the i>enitentiary, held in abeyance till Octo ber. The Major thinks he ought to be continued in definitely. Ex-Governor Thomas, of Maryland, issuing sub poenas to Gov. McDowell, of Virginia, Col. Benton, rnd a host of distinguished witnesses, to attend the trial for the divorce of said Thomas from his unfor lunate wife, the daughter of Gov. McDowell. Trial to t?ke place in Frederick, Md , next October, we believe. Explosion of fulminating powder at the arsenal of this citv to-day. Building blown to fragments ? one man killed. W.?r with Mexico the subject of discussion with Secretary Marcy to day and everybody in tpwn ? Secretary Marcy seems to have some misgivings as the U. S. regulars. Volunteers would be the. men for the Mexicans and the Comanches. David Leavitt, President of American Exchange Rank in town, supp sed to be alter government tunds. Hope he won't get 'em. Washington, August 12, 1846. Among the many foolish rumors that are rife in this place against R. J. Walker, Secretary of the Treasury, is that he is " Native American** in feel ing, and " a bigot in religious matters." It is im possible to account for the way in which so many absurdities /ind their way into circulation, nine tenths of which the persons charged with them* never see or know of, and it is with a view to bring these accusations under the Secretary's notice, that 1 have taken the trouble, through your columns, to advert to them. The position of Mr. Walker, at this peculiar time? is one of great difficulty and responsibility, which any one may learn by only a week's acquaintance with the modus operandi of the Treasury Depart ment. Beset on all sides by |>ersons from every part of the I nion, with petitions for plates, which it is not in his power to bestow, it is to be supposed that many have to be disap|>ointed, whose claims are con sidered, by themselves, in the light of A No. 1; but which, when compared with those of others, are found not to be according to gunter, and conse quently disappointment ana chagrin occurs, from which How avast volume of fiction, such as that which I placed between inverted commas, in the first part of this letter. Those who know the Secretary of the Treasury, will tell you that a more generous or noble hearted man does not exist, and i? he be compelled to dis appoint many of those whom he would wish to serve, the cause is not to be sought for in any want of din position on his part to comply with the wishes of iiis numerous friends, but in the multiplicity of the applications for favors that dai v crowd in upon him, all of which are, or supposed to be, until ex amined, equally meritorious. It would be very ab surd in Mr. Walker, or any other public man of hi standing in the political world, to ally himself with the rm?<'rabl<* faction of whose principles he is said to partake, because it is so self-evident to even the most superficial observer, that such a course of ac tion, would sound his political death-knell the mo ment it was known. The Whiijs of New York and Philadelphia essay ed the thin;,' not Ions since, and soon found out to their sorrow, that it was a losing gHme. in the battle for power, even Daniel Webster, liun self, Constitutional Dan, had to back out from his " Native American" speech at Fanned 11 ill. If Mr. Walker be an aspirant for the Presidency, as some say he is, and I don't see why he should not be one, as well as any other man, he could not ex pect the support of the sensible portion of cither party, but more particularly of his own, were he to adopt sentiments like those which are imputed to him. Away, then, with such silly rumors. They ure aot worth the wind expended in blowing them about. f regret that you should have given currency to the idle and mischievous article of vour " regular correspondent," resecting the Bull of the Pope, re quiring the .Jesuits of Georgetown College to refrain from associating with their fellow citizens of other religious persuasions. The tale was false in every rirticalar, and your reporter, though not intending, am sure, to do the college a wilful injury, deserves a severe rebuke for allowing himself tt be hoaxed by such a humbug. Were they to do what your cor respondent says tney have been instructed to do by his Holiness, tney might as well at once shut up their establishment, because nfiuly all their boarders are ions of the wealthier l'rofestant f.imtliet in th?

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