Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ????. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 17, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Price i cent* pet cony? $7 -ib per annum? payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD ? Every Saturday? Price 6 J centi per c?i>v? $3 Vu cents per annum ? payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pficeo? alway? ".auk in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch. 0&- All letter* or communication*, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be pott paiiW or the poataffr will bo deducted from the *ub*cription ruonnv romittei' JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Psoe?irTon or th>' Ntw Yoh* HlVii.u KiTilLimmir' ROCK A YVA Y STAGES, ON and after August 1st, IftIV willletve the < "it y M trl , at 3)? o'clock P.M. daily, Hunday* excepted, for Ear Rorkaway. He luri.iug, IniM me Pavilion at 1\ \. M., for New i ork, cross ing at the South Kerry. All order* to be left at 3t0 I'e irl strf ct aul Im're H. COVKL1N. XVlAlLi LJN'E FOR BOSTON. street, South Ferry? Sundays excepted. Way Crates are 111 readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich aud Worcester. Baggage fer Boston goes through under lock. jii 16 tfrc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CENTS FOR THE SEASON. ? , UK 1TI WW w w WW ? Oa Monday*, Wednesdays, mid Fridays, over tin- Long Island Rail Koad to Greenport, thejice to Newport aud Provi deuce in a splendul and commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 3 o'clock iu the Moruiiig, from the Foot of Whitehall street. South Ferry. julOtfrc UJB FARE TO BALTIMORE #3 Through in Seven Hours. NEW CASTLE AND FKENCHTOWN KAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINE. IT \f The unrivalled Steamboat ROB^TilT MOIIKIS, Captaiu J. M. Douglass, will, 011 and after Monday, June IC, leave Dock street wnarf, daily, (except Sundays,) at 3 o'clock, P. M. Pas sengers will arrive iu Baltimore at about 10 P. .VI. Fare only 91. This Laie is composed of the following splendid and fast Steamboats: ? Robert Morris, Captain J. M Douglass. Ohio... Captain L. Davis. Constitution Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J. Trippe This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 r Tickets for Wheeling and Pittsburg can be procured ou the boat. Mr board UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. Fare *3 ? Through in Sit Hours PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE Railroad line. Via Chester, Wilmington, Ejktrni, arrede Grace ,ke. Ou and after Wednesday next. June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by tne Mail Liues, will be reduced to $2. The Train* will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, I From Baltimore, Depot I Itli and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. Daily, except Sunday. at 8 A.M. | Daily, exc, Suuday, at 9 A M Ami Peily, at 4 IM. I And Daily, at 8P.M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through to Whet-ling nud Pit'shuwh cau be had ut the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts, G. H. HUDDELL, Agent. tot further information, apply to J. L, SLEMMER, at the office of Adams h 1 Co. 17 Wall street. June 24th, 1315. je29ec_ LjONU island railroad company. " REDUCED FARES. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TBA1NS RUN AS FOLLOWS, On and after 14th J une, 18 15. /"row Brooklyn Utyot ? Boston Train? 8>i A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Fanniugdale and St. George's Manor. Acco'iunodat ion Tram? 9J-S A. M and 5 P. M. for Fanning dale aud intermediate pl.u*>, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 P. M. for Green port, daily, Sundays excepted, stooping at J imaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Hicks vill , and ail the sttrping places between Hicksville ani' Giceuport. FYs in Orrenporl Dfjiot ? Boston Train, daily, Sundays excepted, at 12X o'clock M., or on the arrival of thesteamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train? At. 5 A.M., daily, Sundays eicspted. fur Brooklyn and intermediate places. From Farmini'daU Dejiat ? Accommodation Train, 6% A- M. and 2% P. M., daily, 8uu days excepted, for Brooklyu and intermediate places. Ftvin Jamaica l)rpot ? Extra Tram, 1W P. M. daily, Sunday* excepted, for Brook lyu and intermediate pi. tees. The Boston Traiu* stop ouly at Farmingdale and St. George 1 Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at flie following places on the road, going both ways to receive and deliver pasaem gers, viz: Bed lord I East New York 12>< Race Course 18!4 Trotting Course 18* Jamaica 25 Briuhville 31 'a H rde I* 1 A, 17 miles ..... 37* Clowifille, (during ses Deer Park. ..... ...... 69 Thompson 88 Snllolk Station 1 00 Lake Road Station 1 IBiJ Medlord Station 1 Hii, Milleville 1 50 St. George's Maner. ... 1 62 Riverhead 1 62 sion Court,). 37^ Jametport. . . . I t>'!S Hempetend 37>j Mattetuck 1 62>, Braucl). , ... 37 >, Cutchogue 1 62H Csrle Pit 44 Southold 1 b'J>j Weitbury 44 Greeuport, Acc'n. traiu . I 7.'>}% Htaksvilto 44 Bosten Train 2 00 Farni.ugtitle t2% St.ige? are iii re.'.dinrss on tne arrival of Trains at the teven.l Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all part* ?.f the Island Baggage Crates will !>?- in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 uunntei be fere Ihe hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. It?ck >Wny BaKg.iv taken in separate Crate*. julhre l'U wfcrjihKN 1 KAVl^I#L,h,ivO. hTVIli-'sh AN i hoNKr.K PACKKT LINK, K'l-ni Pliil ulelphia to Pittiburcli via th? Pennsylvania Hail roidt mhI Canal ? through in 3Jtf days. The above line i* uow iu lull alteration mid otter* giwit induccint uta to persons who wish a id" i.nui in' de of tmvelliug to the went. Hie earn are built iu the moil approved modern style, the boat* are lilted up in n tuperior manner, aud every effort It in idf by the proprieton to ci><iJuce to the Onnfort ana ol traveller*. The aceaery ou this route ii unrivalled, and the Steal jli i'ii <?f Pern sylvaun mterual improvement! i> well woi iv otueiug teen. v tin* r?ule intaengers avoid nil the fatiKues and danger* at teixLut upon ttage travelling, and at the tame time make au ei puliimui trip. Th? earth iveevi-ry morning at 7 o'clock. Tamenfrenarr ad vi*ed tu cuage their places at rhil.ul<'lphi.i. Office iu Philadel t.iii* N. I. corner ol ituinut and CMrth llTNta, aud at Nos. 11 and 11 Honth Third ?ta. A. CUMM1N08, Agent. I'hiladr ?Iphii, May 17. IH'i. Kor i..l. main n, in the citv of New York, apply to U. H. KNISKLL. Agent for D. LKKCH k< O.s lmt.7 Weattt.N. H. mv|7 6m*rrr __ ____ _ FOa LlVKHHHlIy? The New Line? K??nlar Pack ft of flat Au?u r.? The superior fait sailt m jH^-cket ship 1.1 V^OL. 1131 tout, C.ipt. John Kl Or. tlk'r, a ill tall at a:mve. her regular day. K'.r or i'a?u<r, having clsgant aud tnperior accum m.'djtiiiti*, apply ou bord, wetl >i<^e Burling >Iip, >>r to WOODHULL k MIN I'l'RNS, 87 South at. The picket ship itm-en of the West, Ilia tons, Utpt. Thot. Woodhoute, *!ll tuecet-d the Liverpool, aud tail on iwr icku l?r da>\?l?t 8y*rWher. jy'^ VANTCDUUIUIATKLV-A Ship t.. load tbi dtk a southern pilt Apply ?< COLLINS k CO, ?A Month utrcet. Mill NKW OH LKAN ? A *|- e.nhd p cfce ?lnp ,will lie de*4?trtird I r the abgivr poit on S.;uidav j h< Ifi'll I A'ihii- he- ie^ul r >1 ? , ween d. ck? tie Im i oid ?iry, mil cm in a mot! c m tollable manner accooiiiiid te a few lecoml nliln at leas than ?( ernge r ilea, I y iinin dial- *M>li cation On <> .ra loot ol' Wall ?tfe> in to JOHN HERUMANkl O, jill rC 6 Sooth tlieet, ueir v\ all U4 FORHbA LETTkkI OUT OH < ll.ARTfcR? Th< |2xz^ver> taut n.illiug N. * ork built picket thip V A/I >0 JHMIh*'"" ton*, lire oik and loenat lop live i ik transom arson a?d forward oid after cinu, e^rrim u^ien .Nr* Oi le .ii- cotton, and liat handtome foruiahed accomnodattobt foi 99 P*< ii 1 i'ii. Apply ou board ttionet' vtharf. or to K- l(. ( OLMNS U CO, jyWec S# South ?treef. k()K BALK, KtLKIUHT OK i'ht > V. rj- 1 ?nt milinir iiari|iie HOMl., <"apt*in V* iUi. huilt aw Baltimore oua ye tf since of the he?t ai ui n ilt c.irr.fnalumt 4,000 harrela, sud hat haudtoine accoinmo<lniiou< fir twenty pnou-iiBeit. Apply to r utam Walla, on hoard, at f lee (treat wkartTor to K. K. t;i>LLINH k I 'O. 117 'f Hnnilnfreet FOR LI VKHPOOL ? New Lmi? Kegular fncH t l^^^^of the Jiith Au.'iitt? The eli (tut I'ttt tailinf Packet flH^ip 8IDUONH, ( apt. K. I). Cobli, of 1100 tont, will tail it til.ove, her o-K'ilar day. Kor fiviuht or |<*ataite, Ii ivinf accainmodatinnt une<| nailed foi splendor and comfort, apply ou board, at Orleent wharf, foot ct Wall ttnvt, or to F. K. f OI.LINH k ' (>., M South ?tr-et Pru >' af patt-K' $l'?i f'^cher Wnp Hhendan, fniit ( ornith will tucceed the Sid ?nn, aud tail Mth feeptembar, Iit n nular daf .IvW AAAt N- \V MNK OK 1,1 VKHI'??o!u P.M K K'lS? tDTy I) ') ul'tr ftickiat of lUt ol \IUU>; file tplandid JMMMb -?t aaiuii* favoiiia i n'kct ti.ip i.l v i ;n I i it ii,. I .j?i John f I'll i' ue, ( 1200 toil* ) h ill itil punctually as above, htrretuin liy Tbit elenant packet ?liip hat acmmniad tiona for cabin te coud cabin and ila ' ige, Jt nuip kh il i>) an > jlup nailiiig out ol the p irt ol N'l w V o k Thoia who are proceed! K to the old aMiuOf sh,'ul > thfwfci* makcimmadiaie sndicaUoa to tecuie liertht, aitlier on board foot of llurliiig hi p. or i? W k i. T. TAr-'COTT, onVr 75 ?nnth cornrr of Minlrn Lnnr. ? OH N/.WCAVrLK. KNtiLANU.-ThTwan known, fast ssilina coppered anil eopMrf ttened _ thip HAM, 1) inter, Millar' Having all her May; Ireikht anttfed, will nail iu a lew days. Fur light fn itflit, orpattage, having gmni acmmmodations. Apply to WOODHULL Ii MINT! HN, jyMrro V7 South sutat. NEW FERRY TO FORT HAMILTON A ND CONEY ISLAND. The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard Yates, on aud after the ]4ili August, will run as follows, every day:? Leav iu g Her No. I, E. R. at 7 o'clock. A. M ; 1(1 do; 1 P. M ; Ji'd 4 do. Leaving Fort Hamil'M for Coney Island at 10K A. M.; 1?.{ P. M.S4L d i. Leaviuv Coney Island for Sirt Hamil ton a id New York at 11^ A.M.; tU P. M : Gi* do. Lairing Kor Hamilton for New Vorkat8A M.; 12 noon; 3 P. M ; 7 d >. A'td 'lie 0<-K \N, or some oilier bojt, will ium, till tha lat September, as follow* :? l.eavi.g Pier No. 1, E. R at II o'clock, A. M.:2>-a P. M ;and 5>i do. Leaving Fort Hunilton for Coney Island -it 12 o'cl >ck, noon; aud 3'a P M. Leaving ' <oney Island for Fort H mil uu and New \oik,at 1 P. M.; uud I do. Le>ving Fort Hamiltou for New York at l>s P M ; 4^ do; and 7 do. On Hunn-iys, the morning trip will be omitted. [iTT^Fare 12^ ceuti. _ i>14 lw?rh FOR LONG BHANCH, OCEAN HOU8K, FORT HAMILTON, RUMSON, EA TON town, .Shrewsbury & manabquan. jSZl I'll.- nrw and elegant low pressure steamer fcb~ i I**'!* EDWIN LEWIS, Cupt. Corliei, will leave ^ arj tJ Catharine Market aa follows:? Leaves Nrw V ark. Leaves Eaton Town, Aug.lJ? Wednesday, 10)ta * M. Aug .13? Wednesday, :i r M. 1 1? Thursday, II " It? Thursday, 3 '' 11? Hrii'ay, 12 u. 15? Friday, 4 ' 16? Saturday, I r M. 16? Saturday, 5 " 17? Sunday, 6%*.M. 17? Sunday, 4 " IB ? Moudty, 7 " 18 ? Monday, '.j '* 19?' Tuesdiy. 7^ " 111 ? 'l uetday. 4 " 211? Wedue-uay, 6,1* 11 2ii? H'edne^uay, lU^a A 21? Thursday, 7 " 21? Thursday, II *' 22? Friday, 7>j " 21 ? Friday. 1 " 23? Saturday, 8 " 23? S turday, 12 M. 21 ? Sunday, 7 " 24? Sunday, lJa r 25 ? M uday, 8)? " 25? Monday, 1 " 26 ? Tuesday, 9 " 26? Tuesday, 2 " 27 ? Wednesday, IU " 27 ? \V<du<sday, 2 " 2B ? Thu-sdny, 11 " 2' ? Thursday, 3 " 29?Krd.y, ill, ?' 29 Friday, 4 " 30? Saturday, 12 M. 30 ? Saturday, 4 " 31? Sundiy, 6 a. it. 31? SuipJay, 4 " Stage* will be iu readiness to convey passengers to all parts of the coiwtry. a!3 re xViORjNINLr Lli\h AT 7 O'CLOCK, ,W> an FOR ALBANY. TROY and intermediate BrrT7,fl'"'*'"''1' from the steamboat Pier at the foot o XaZBES. B u rc lay s treet. Biv.Jil ist and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. M., Tuesday!, Thursdays tud Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock M. Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. The low-tMvssure steamboat TROY , Captain A. Uorhum, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to F. B. Hall, at the jffice on the wharf. Notice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, spucie, or any other kind of property taken, slupi ed, or put on hoard this boat, must be at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight, bag gage, fkc. jelHrc NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET The Steamboats SYLPH uud STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York every hoar except 5 P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P.M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4 P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., untiJ 7 P. M. N. B. ? On Sundays the Boats will leave every honr from 8 A- M., uutil 1 1*. M., and from 1 P. M. until 7 P. M., every halt aour. jy!2 NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. ' ? at 7 o'clock, P. M ?The steamboat EM ,PIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, will leave the iteamhoat pier foot of Courtlaudt street, every Tuesday, Plmrsday and Saturday afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, every VI 'Hi day, Wednesday and Kridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. h or P-.ssage or Freight apply on hoard, or at the office on the OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE.-For Albany, 75 cents? Utica, S2? Syracuse, "fr ? lBt3K C] !J* ? l j " s:t ? tiufl'aio, S3. 50? Also, 'lir iu <li iu ttie Itat line, with board. S in 50 ? Also, Oswego, S3 ? Kincaion, (L'. C.,) $4? Toronto, S5 ? Cleveland, (O.) i6? De troit, $6 51 ? Chieago, ( III. ) $10,;?0 ? North to Troy and White hall , &?'.5<w-Moutreal , $4,50. Office No. 107 Barclay st. v25 ImTh M. la. RAY, Aeent PEOi'LES' LLNt OK STEAMBOATS KOR ALBANY DAI1 Y? Snndays Excepted? Throngh Di reo?, at o'clock P. M., from the Pier between Courtla ?'t and Liberty strei is. Su-ainboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. (i. Crnttenden. will leave on Monday, Wedaeaday and Friday Even, at 7 o'clock Steamboat SOU'Dl AM H.RICA, cap' 'in M ii Truesdell, arill leave on TiMday, Thursday and 8-tnrdny Evenings, at 7 ? clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at lutermediate places, from the loot ?f Barclay street ? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave ju Monday, WediieMlay, Kriday aud Sauday Al'ter aoiias. st 5 o'clock. St-amho&t NEW JERSEY, Capt. R. H. Fnrey, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Passengers takiujj either of the above Lines will arrive m Aiba ly iu ample time for die Morning Train ol Cars for the east or srest. The Buata are new aud substantial, are furnished with new and legant state rooms, and for si<ecd and accommodations are uu ->valled oil the Hudson. Freight takeu u moderate rates. All persous are forbid irustmg any of thf Boats of this Liue, eitt'.out a writteu order from the Captains or Agents. Kor pas saw or freight, apply on board tiie boats, or to P. C. ^ehu,t7 st rlw- on the wliarf aul2rr tVlLlAAiWSB UllUH AND PECK SLIP FERRY. The Trustees of this Ferry, believing that 'there are many of the citizens of New York L.nnd vicinity that are unacquainted with the iciiities this f-erry affords u a pleasant communication with Williamsburg sod Long Inland, would state that there ? se two go. d Ferry Bouts on this herry, which leave 1'eck 41ip every fifteen or twenty minutes through the day up to 5 ? 'clock, r. M., and then up to 8 o'clck, at each even hour aud i.Ufhour; alter which a boat leaves at 9 o'clock and 10 o'clock The last boat leaving Williamsburg at half-past 9o'clock. P VI. P. S ? Ou the eveniug of July 4th, the boat will continue to rnn nutil 12 o'clock. Jy2 lm*rc FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. *\ THE Royal Mail Steam Ships CAM BRIAand tllUERNIA, will leave Boston far the above porls, as follows, viz*? Cambria, C. H. E. Judjins, F.sq., Commander, August 16, Ift 5. Hibernm, Ale*. Ryrie, CommanUer, . .Seiitember 1, 1845 Passage to Liverpool $14). Passage to Ilalifai Kor freikht or p usage, apply to n7rc I). BKIOHAM. Jr_ Aunt. I Wall at KOR LI VERPOOL? New Line? Regular imcket of the 2(ith .Au.nsi ? The splendid mid fast sailini; ,i>Rcket ship SI UI IONS, ( apuin E. B. Cobb, of llun tons burthen, will sail as above, Iter regular day. Having very sui>erior accommodations lor ; plendnr aud com foit, for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, per: mis about to embark should make ?nri y- implication to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. The packet ship SHERIDAN, Capt. Cornish, will succeed the Siddons, and sail ihe 26lh September, her regular day alt rc FOR LIVERPOOL ? Packet of the* h September 'J'lie splendid new packet ship IIENRV ( LAV, jE. Nye, master, 1280 tuus burlhou, will sail ,u above, 111 r regular day. Having unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin uid steerage passengers, persons wishing to Secrre nerthssliuiild nuke earlv application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMUURAY, 100 Pine street, comer of South street. The splendid packet ship Patrick lletiry, J. C Delano, mas ter, 1IKI0 tons burthen, will succeed the Henry Clay, mid sail the 6 h October. nil re h UK N r, vv Ult-Lf.ANb- Louisiana ...m .V? York Line ? Regular Packet of Monday, Ui Septcm .Iter?' The fast sailing coppered packet ship DA.vIAS rS, Blisi. master, will aail as above, her regular day. Hor freight or passage, liavnit: handsome lurmthed accom modations, apply on board. at Orleans wharf, foot of Well at, irto E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., S8 South* Agent, in New Orlearn JamosK. VVood.ulf, who will prompt ly 'nrwaed ell unotlt to hit mldreu. The ?hn S irt- lie, < rpt. Taylor, will sitccecd the Damascus, ind a ? 1 1 the 2!llh Sente mher, her reculnr d iy. nl4 rc BLACK BALL OK OL& LINK OK LJVJCft POOL PACKETS?FOR L I V ER POO L? -On I y BaastRitnLr Packet of the 16th i of Au iist. ? The new, magiiilicent, and celebrated faat sailing packet ship NEW YollKtnoo ton* liurtlien, T. B. Cropper, commander, will sail positively on Saturday, 16th ? f August, herrrgnlar day. Ha\ ing unequalled accommodations for cahin, tecond cabin and g|cer?ge iwsiengers, those returning to the old country or sending for their friend* will tiud it their interest and coni fort io select this unequalled line of packet*. Kor terms ol' passage, and to seen re the best beKhs, oarly ap plication shon Id be made on hoard, foot of Beekman street, or to tli^* subscribers, EOCHE, BROTHERS h CO. tiljie 14 Kulton ?t , neat door to ti e Fulton R?nk, N Y. f H Mil LAH LINK Oh PA< KK1S KOR NEW .ORLEANS-?' The new mid splendid packer ship I -TA N A. Capt. E. S Dennis, will positively sail on .?i.iuday, the IIHli The ac< oir.modai ions of this favorite ship are very superior for cabin, second Cabin and steerage passengers. Peraoi.s *ishiiig to >ecnre berths should make early applic itiou to vv u i j'. 'um ott, a'? re is Snnih street, conn ' Maiden lane. Mill I.U KHIUUl.-l'.i'k.t ol 'lie ll'.tli mat.? The spl'-ud il packet ship NEW YORK, C?pt Crop ii> r. will positively -ail as above, her r glllar day. Hie splendid pirk.t ship SIDDONS, Captain Cobb, Will positively sail mi the 2t>th [list. roi passage, b either of tin above ship*, having superior ?cc<nimodations in cabin andit-er ge, apply to "7re J. MERDMAN. f.l South at. KOR LONDON ? packet o I the JOth \iignst? The splendid fist siiling paclo-t ship wKaTMINSCKR, II. R. Ilote/, masti r, will positively sail as above, ?T day. For pa >.i, e in tl." c-ihin, second cabin, and Unerase, apply Blltc to JOHN HEUDMAN It CO.. II Snath street. pack msster, espatch. KOR CII.ASOOW-Tlie substantial r-vular . , nhip laARACEN, Nathaniel J. Hawkins, m daily ei|icted, and will have immediate deal -TTfTTigl, ^"""VGo'uhull at mintuen., 117 S inib street The favorite packet barque ADAM CARE, Ecolt, master, w,|l succeed the S ir re... ?? For freil PACKE i S FOK H A V RE ?(Second Line.)? The racket ?*hip ITTIC A. Captain Kredtrick ilew _ itt, will sail on the 1st September. eight or passage, apply to BOYD It HINCKEPf, il ec Vo ?> Tontine Building, c>r Wall and Wntrr ?rs. J. HERD MAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT I'ABSAOE OKHCE, ?l SOUTH STREET. PASSAOK from (Ireat Britain and Ireland, via. MjSaX. Liverpool, can wlwai's be arranged at the lowest rate, JMWKeaml Drafts furnished for any amount, payable at all tile priucii *| It.tuks iu Kugland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application to J. HKRDMAN, ?6te 61 South alreet. OLIlKSTABLISHEDl^MlORANTPASSAOE KTj.1 HCK.,61 South st.? Passage from Kugland, Ire JMaMwand, HeotUnd and Wales? Those sending for their tneiidi von Id do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of making .lieir arrangements with the subscribe* on very mode rale terms, by first clsaa packet ship*, tailing from Liverpool weekly. Drafts can aa ntnal be furnished lor any amoant, payable throughout the United Kingdom Arply tr _ ., ? . JOHN HEEDMAN, II South at. The mail steamer Nihernia sails frem Boston on the 16th iaat, by wuch letten can be forwarded quickly m>2Jrh ifji WANTED? A small HOUSE, with four roomi aud 1 a kitchen; rent SIM), or four rooim aud a kitchen, in a house where hue two families reside. Address at the office of til if paper. al2*m TO hotel keepers. FOR SALE ? Ait old established HOUSE, now doing a good and increasiug business, to which a BAllisat _ tached It coMtins bedroom* to accommodate thiity per?ou?. aud ia locttvd in the centre of the husiuesa pit of the eitv. The rant is lex th <la six huudr d dollars One thouond dollars cash will be required. Those not having the needful, n??d not in ke application, This sate will remain open to 'lie l?t of September. AJdie?s, Inter* postpaid, W. T E. at thia office . with re I name and re.idence. aul? tw*chl THE BOND STREET HOUSE, (103 Broadway, IS now open f-r the reception of hoarders. Tha situ ation i* one of the most desirable in the city. The houifhu been newly pip rrd and painted th ouphout ? eoutaiuli g between SO an J 7n rooms, handsomely furnished. Parlor* and bedrooms and pai trie* attached? likew ** rooms for single Kent emeu, Southerners and other* wishing to avoid the not* and confusion of an Hotel, will have every atl-ntiou paid to their comfort aud convenience. au"> lin*rc TO LET ? Offices and Lofts in the new lire-proof Store oroer of Fine tuid.South sts. Apply to Jy2ti JOSEPH McMURRAY. FOR SALE. AA THE Three Story Brick Home. 413 Heaston street, j fjjjB btnlt in the best manner; warm in w inter aud cool in J^AaLsummrr; repiete with every couvemence. Hall the puichase money may remain on bond and mortgage at 6 per cent. For terms apply to K. K. COLLINS it CO., ju 19 ec M South *treet. JteL TO LET, until the first of May nest aud immediate pos fJT^W session given, of the 3 atory house No. 104 Firat Aveune JmJ& h* tween 6th aud 7th streets, The premises have lately been |>ut iu compleate order. 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Temper a no: Caup Mekting on New Von* Island ? Understanding that the tem|>erance people were to hold a camp meeting up town, this last weekt we yesterday went up the Tenth avenue, as far as Fifty-seventh street, wiiere it was said the camp was being held, to endeavor to pick up something that would interest the readers of the Herald On the ground were some live or six tents occupied with stands for the sale of root beer, and not a solitary son of temperance was there ; indeed, had we not been assured that such an affair was going on, we never would have supposed, from the ap|>earance of the place, that any thing more than ordinary was occur ring Notwithstanding "the committee had engaged the best and most talented singers," as their pro gramme set forth, their strains have not succeeded yet in drawing an audience. In th?* rear of the speaker's stand is a large tent, in which was laid out, in the most tempting manner,! cold ham and sausages, with crackers and cheese and other like delic.icies, and in front was the skele ton of a horse nibbling the scanty grass. "The hour is come but not the man." " The wittles is up," but there was nobody t"> eat them. Oh ! ye Washiugtonians, Jetiersonians, and other disciples of F.itlier Matthew, is this the result ot your five year's war 1 lias it come to this, that when your committee have proposed a camp meeting, for which " they have engaged the best and most talant ed singers,' all the audience you could raise were threw or four kegs of root beer and a couple of dozen of " highly carbonated" mead 1 Alac-and-a day ! Nbw Bkiohton, Aug. 16, LSI"). Camp-meeting at litissrille ? Schooner Greyhound ; Ashore ? Rusticating Pofittn'ans, fyc. Q-c. Staten Island never wore a more interesting ap" j pearance, and the ladies never looked more charni- ] ing than tor a lew days past ? which circumstance | may be attributed to the extraordinary exertions to I gather the lost sheep of Israel into the fold of Jeho- . vah, which has been fenced in )>ro tempore at lloss ville. On Monday the soul-saving and soul-exciting j work commenced, and, up to the present time, has I been continued with christian iierseverance and or der. Never did expounders of the gospel more worthily acquit themselves than ou this occasion. ? And oh ! to see the fair cheek of beauty bedewed with rei>entant tears, and the beauteous damsels leaving lovers, Baal, and all unholy things behind tor the blessings and glory of God, was enough to tear a hole in the buck-skin breeches of a Sai"t The fine copper-fastened fast sailing schooner Greyhound, commanded by the gallant Capt. ll.ig gerty, lelt Port Richmond with a highly resectable party of ladies anil gentlemen for the campground, hut was unfortunately run ashore on Shooter's Island, and, had it not been for the extraordinary and strenuous exertions of Capt. 11., seriouF conse quences would undoubtedly have ensued. It is not a little surprising that people, who desire a few weeks residence in the country, will crowd themselves into places like Saratoga, when Staten Island, possessing more advantages, without the de privations, is so near at hand. .Mine of the disaf i'ected office-seekers have readily seen into the af fair, and have chosen the Islaud to weep over the past and lay plans tor the future. Although they are deprived of the purse of uncle Sam to play the in ug nijique at Blaucard's, they can while away a month at Port Richmond for a moderate sum, have plenty ot oysters and clam^chowder, and be as well provided lor as any "outsiders" could expect. A pic-nic is about to come oil", the particulars of which shail be corr?ctly reported. Sinu Sing, Aug. 14, 1845. As usual I went to the camp meeting this morn ing, but the sense of sickness and disgust which 1 ex perienced immediately after my lirst visit, and which had been increasing from day to day, came to a head and I was actually forced to leave the ground. My stomach was not strong enough to stand a repetition of yesterday's exhibition of humbug, mock zeal and fanaticism ? however, while I was there, I paid the Green street brethren a visit, and in their tent I saw a darkey on the straw praying aloud and uttering Ror rible blasphemy, encouraged by the old stereotyped cries of Glory ! Glory ! Halleluiah ! Arc. Thence I >vent to the Poughkeepsie tent, and whom should 1 see on his marrowbones, going it heavy, but one of the immortal inventors of hoarhound candy, and taith, before he finished, I should think he was in need of some of his own candy, t uage the hoarse ness his screeching occasioned; thence I took a stroll to the Sullivan street tent, which was filled to overflowing by the faithful One of the handmaid ens of the Lord, as she chose to designate herself, was crying aloud on the God of mercy to have hei tilled chuck lull with love before she left the camp ground, and autre nous, if she follow the example ot many of h*r sisters, she will get satisfied. Auothei ot the sisters was lying on the straw full length, with her hair dishevelled, imploring the Holy Ghost to convert some of her frail sisters, who she heard were on the ground, (alluding to a bevy ot them from Duane street, who c*me up in yesterday's boat, m a tent opposite the Hag, were some 80 or 1(X), ano among iliein a little man who I understood was a decent carpenter; he kept singing, and when th< verse ended and the chorus was commenced, up h* would jump in the air, sometimes three feet at least, in pureecstacy: now tie would join in the singing, thei. ump again crving,halelulah, glory ,tec; he would calm down for a minute, and then jump higher than tie fore; 1 concluded that tie whs trying to jump to Ilea ven, but as I thought he could not do that very welj. 1 left him. In the afternoon, brother John Wood preached, but as the report of one will answer for a thousand, 1 did not interfere with him. Seeing se veral white-necked gentlemen, withjvalises in their hands, moving tvwards the steamboat landing, 1 concluded that the meeting was about to finish. On enquiry 1 found I was correct, and to-morrow morn ing all of the aforementioned cots, beds, and mat trasses, pots, kettles, saucepans and pans will be on their way to New York, and, like many of the owners, very little improved by thetr trip. I cannot close my letters about, the camp meet ing without tendering to Mr. James Mills, the gen tlemanly proprietor of the Mansion House, the best regulated hotel in Sing Sing, tny best thanks; as soon as he was informed that I attended camp meet ing as reporter tor the Herald , lie took pleasure in atlording me every facility in his power. Among the visitors at the camp, I observed the beautiful Miss S , of Broome street, to whom i lawyer J. T. M. was paying great attention ; also the Misses Louisa and KlizaM , of Mott street, ac companied by the Messrs. A , who were board in# in a private house in the village, and but seldom seen out of doors. Have you ever oecato see Lake Muhopuc ? is a beautiful place, and although not i noted as a fashionable resort, is frequented by a great many of the ban ton of New York ; there )ou will seethe ladies playing their own games often- j pins and tturling on their own account ? therethe mi- i mortal Stephen Monks keeps his tamed hotel, and a > more agreeable landlord it is difficult to meet with There was a grand bull there last Saturday evening, and every thing, it was thought, passed with the greatest satisfaction to all ; not so, however, for af ter the super, there was a tlare tip between two gen tlemen. It appears that one of the B's had tor, Ins partner a lady of Staten Island, acquainted with the other B., at which the other B. took otlence and made some rernaik not very complimentary to Bee's in general. A challenge was the consequence? the nistols were charged and the ground marked off; nut Judge S , ot New York, hearing of the sffair, posted off alter the Sheriff, and lie and his pssse pur sued and overtook the two Bee's, and arrested their intention of stinging each other. I have not heard what conclusion the brethern ar rived at as to holding camp meetings at Sing Sing for the future, but it is probable they will continue to have them at that place, and? " When Tom Oilpin docs liae again. May I (not) be thero to ?oe." I'KNI'KKA TK Row AT A NkRKO C'AMr MEETING ? One Man Kiujcd, and Several others Severely Woundup ? A row of tho mo-t deaperate ami deadly character occurred about 13 o'clock on Ttieaday night lust, at the colored Bethel < amp Meeting, held on the land of Yir. Freeman, in Baltimore county, about aix miles liom thia city, and near the village of !?' lanklin ? The on?inof thr hlftiir, at thi* time, ia difficult 10 arrive ut. We learn that one of tho partio*, (a colored man of course,) w .is n nested by the authontieH of the Camp on 'onduy night, lor rioteni and disorderly conduct, and kept in confinement until a proper dlapoaltion could be nmdo ol him. Mis confinement created conaidetahle ex citement and Ill-feeling upon the part ol hia aa?o< late?, \Uio determined, at all hazard*, to procure hi* lelease (In the following night, (Ttieaday,) a party of about one hundred, camo to the meeting, aimed with all manner of deadly weapona, among which were piatola, knitci, and fence raila. About 12 o clock ther made an attack upon the meeting, and a de ape rate fight euaued. A man name<l Ho lders, whowa< in the employment of a gen tleman living near Franklin, received a pistol ball in hi* mouth, pro ducmg a wound which has since caused his doath Another, named Ilenrjr Holliday, was severely and dangerously cut over the eye by a blow from a club. A third had his ear entirely cut on, and several others were more or lest injured. The following negroes, charged with being participators in the riot, w ere yes terday arrested by otticer Stockett? Geo. 11 Gross, To bias William*. James 1'olly, George Commodore, Frank lin Evans, James Liirkins, and Jacob Wright. They were taken belore Justice Hchcfler, whocommited Gross and l.arkins to jail lor trial, and released the others on bail for a tuither examination, to take place on Wednes day next The officers are still on the look out for others, an I it is expected that many arrests will be made to-day. Clipptv, Jlug 16 Mexico. ? The New Orleans Bet of the Hth insrt., say* : ? "In regard to the question of war, it should be distinct ly understood, that although Mexico will in all human probability resolve upon hostilities with the United States, the very latest and most authentic advices state that no decimation of w?r or of non intercourse had been made. The intelligence of the ratification of annexation by the Texiaa Convention bad not reached Mexico, and it is highly probable tint no definite action will be had, until it is formally made kno'.vn to the Government. Mexico i't doubtless preparing for war, but will not de clare war, until fully apprized of the action of the Con vention. The Diario d*l Utbirrno, of the 17th ult . contains an exceedingly prolix statement ad tressed by Senor Louis Cue vas to the t .vo chambers on the Irt'h ult., review ing the entire subject of annexation, and the con luct of the American and Mexican Governments at elaborate length. Wo shall endeavor to give our reader* a sum nury of this document. Senor Cuevas begins by stating that the resolution adopted by the department of Texas and the violent mea sures taken by the I'nited States Government to annex that territory, render it imperative upon the Supreme Government to explain the conduct it ha* observed in favor ofihe preservation of peace, its honor and national rights. After a rhetorical flourish about the frankness, in 'i unanimity and honor of the Mexican administration, he ;oes on to defend at considerable length the policy attempted by Mexico, of recognizing the Independence of Texas, on condition of a refusal of annexation, and to justify it .? an honorable and worthy effort to avoid hos tilities with the I'nited States. He declaies that the go vernment had little hope of the success of its ne gotiations, but nevertheless undertook them as a matter of duty, and with "> view to prevent every possible alternative to an open rupture with this country, uml that the preliminary propositions made by Texas, "were so carefully and respectfully worded, as to excite no otlance among the patriotic people of Mexico. He then analyzes these propositions and contends that they embraced every thing which the Mexican Govern ment could possibly require. He aftii ms. moreover, that Mexico, in view of the possible rejection by Texas of the proffered negotiations, declared in the most positive and precise terms that in such an event, her answer should be considered null and ot no effect. The Mexican Government, therefore, continues Senor Cuevas, has not swerved one iota from the constitutional path, uorcompromiscd in any manner her riRht to pro test against the injustice or violence with which the United Statos have conducted the entile question - that therefore, the dignity ot the nation is fully preserved ; her righ a unimpeachable. Sic. &tc. But, remarks tho Minister for Foreign A flairs, Texas, degrading herself, and losing all consideration for those nations who by a happy policy, hastened to recognize her as an independent people, has at length succumbed with shame ana opprobrium to the usurping and perfidi ous policy of the Americau Cabinet. Such couduct de prives her of the rights upon which she might claim her Independence, and the Republic will now lie enabled to commence her struggle with a justice which will excite the sympathies of the whole world, and will merit a re sult the more glorious, as its aspirations have always been in favor of peace, and o! the triumph of the princi ples of civilization and humanity. As time rushes on, the United States will discover in this usurpation a fatal error; the good t.iiih and honesty of every nation will condemn her, and she alone will bo responsible for the evils of a war which the will have provoked. The report conclude* with another flourish about the loyalty and good faith of Mexico, and the perfidy of the Unitea State*. As we have given u sample of its lan guage in the preceding paragraph, it i* unnecessary to quote it further. Annexed to this statement wo find a copy of the preli minary propositions to which it alludes ; the resolution adopted by thq Texan Cougresi, accepting annexation, and other documents bearing upon the subject. A communication from (ien Arista, dated Monterey. July -2d, and addressed to the Minister of War, states that the departments of Coahuila, Nuevo-Leon and Tamauli pas are entirely tranquil. Another lronv'Francis co.Duque dated Ma/.atlan, the ">th July , declares that the depart ment of Sonora, is perfectly quiet. The Mexican government, in the anticipation'of a de claration of war or non-intercourse with the United Elates, have no doubt issued orders to llieir Consular \gent* in the different States, to bring their official busi ness to a close as speedy as practicable. This will ac count for the course pursued by Mr. Arnngoiz, the Mex ican Consul for this city, who, we understand, content plates returning to Mexico to-morrow, by the Mexican schooner Relampago. We hardly think it probable, nad war been declared ugainst the United States, that a Mex ican vessel would have been despatched to this port to convey intelligence tint would ensure her falling into the hand* of the enemy. | From the Albany Argus of F'ridar.] From Delaware County. ? The SheriH has offer ed a reward of for the. apprehension out of the county, of Warren W. Hcudder, of Roxbury, who is charged to have beeu concerned in the murder, ami who is supposed to have absconded. He is described as being to years of age; A feet " orrt inches high; light. prominent tdue eyes; dark hair; wide gait, aud swings his arms in walking. The name* of tho prisoners brought into Delhi on Sun day, are Henry D. Wickhnm, Gera Trenton, u?d l -nac nurhans, of Roxbury; anil on Monday, Richard Davis, of Colchester A posse return id to Delhi on Tuesday night, from .An les, having in custody .Moses Karle and \V'm. Brisbane, is accessory to the murder. Richard Morse, a justice of the peace, was committeJ on Wednesday morning aj .n accessory, and c'.iaiged with endeavoring to prevent tho service of piocess. Nicholas < iardmer was brought in on the same morn ng, charged with being ::n accessory. He had fled, and ?vas making his way into Pennsylvania; was arrested in Sandford, Uroome county, breugbt back to Masonville, xamiued, aud the proof being overwhelming against iim, he was I til ly committed Correspondence of the Albany F.vening Journal. Di.uu, Aiik I'i 1M). A posse has just roturned, after two day* absence in the towns of Bovina. Andes, Miifdletown and Roxbnry. uuder the command ol Timothy Corbin, the person who was tarred and fc.ithered in Hoxbury last hummer lor assisting the Sheriff He brings live prisoners. all of whom were arretted on warrants for murder Daniel W. Squires, the person who was arested last winter by Steele, in the mi^lit . and brought over to Delhi on a honch warrant, is one ol the prisoners. .Alter m Jay promises on the part of his friends, of good behavior for the future, he wns admitted to hail, an l his trial was to come oil' in September Since he was admitted to bail, he has done more than any other man to keep np the excitement. He has led and clothed the Indians, run bullets, attended meetings, and done every thing in his power to subvert the laws and throw us into anarchy. The oppression in his in stance consists in the fact that ho, and his father beiure him, have been allowed to occupy a lease farm iu Hox bury, fora series of years, without paying any rent. ?orbin found ten Indian dresses in his house, and the identical pistol which was taken from ( orbin when he was feathered ond taned in Hoxbury. Two other posses of citizens ate now out on similar expeditions. Last night, a posse returned from Andes, bringing w ith them, as a prisoner, that prince ofbrute?, Moses Karl, who "'would not pay liis tent to savo fifty lives !" V Mi. Brisbane was aiso arrested. He is a mnn of de cided talent, and has frequently lectured to the " na tives." lie was present at Andes, and saw Steele mur dered ; and, as fur as actions and encouragement could go, was accossory to the murder. ftichard Morse, Rsq., a justice of the peace, of Anees, (better known as ' Dick Morse" the pettifogger.) followed tho pos-e, \\ ith his law books, abused them all the way, and said he would show the lawyers here that Karl could be bailed, and that he would bail him. On the arrival of the posse, a warrant, which had been in waiting for Uieliard, was promptly put into the liai.ds of the pi oper officer, and he was unceremoniously "jug ged." Morse ? as present at the murder and miner such ireumstuuees that he hud better spend his time in dili gently studying those books, if he expects to escape the nalter He is now very meek, begins to think the min der uf Steele a horri.l affair, aud so on. All of them are much humbled aud liighloned, after they are in custody, and begin to toiled upon the inevitable consequences of their conduct. S nee this murder was committed it has been clearly ascoitaiued tnnt it was premeditated. It was known among the down-retiteis throughout the county that Steele was to be murdered that day it he appeared. If not, blood was to be shed at all hazards. It was publicly told in every part of the county by them as early , at least an the morning of the sale, and hundreds went there not disguised, on purpose to " ?ee the fun"? or in other words, to see and exult over the murder of a public officer. A few ?tout fellows are following one mnn who has fled the country, and who was seen to take deliberate ; aim at Steele. Tho last minor fiotn them was, that they i were on his trail but three hours behind. He has Ire- j quently threatened Steele, was identified on the ground, ; and traced all the way there ai d back, (over 40 miles ) He took a load of Indians with him, two of whom arc now in custody, and on his return immediately fled One Mr. Henwic.k w-ns pursued by another company into Pennsylvania, was hi ought back to the town of dasonvillu, where he had an examination, and was duly committed for muruei and brought heu-Ia^t night, t vi dencelsveiy stiong against linn. Vou can gain 1mm this some notion ol the spirit w ith which our citizens take hold of this affair. , , . The Attorney (Jeneial has gene to Delhi, for the pur- ( pose of a'sisting in the examination ol 'lie person* ar rested for tho murder of sheiifT Steele.? Ert. Jour. A detachment from Baton Rouge, of 20 men from Companies " F." ?nd "I* of the Regiment under the command of Lieut. Butten, arrived hare yesterday on the Luda, hound for Kort lacksou. A |detachmcat from two Companies Irom Jefferson Barracks are ex- ; pected on the Missouri from St. Louis. ? Tropic, dug . 8 Sti-nmtr Kent Sun It? Several IJv?? Vott. [Correspondence of the Detroit Advertiser. | \t hall-past 3 A. M., on the IJth inat., below Point mi Pellee, on Lake Erie, the "London" steamer from But falo and the " Kent" steamer on her downward passage, oh ne in contact with a dreadful crash, nad the result of Kon" usmjo was the losa ot the latter boat, and, we <rri?ve to add, several lives. , . I have uo heart to dwell upon the scene we witnessed. K or some minutes we supposed we had broken the ma chinery of the Lomlon. and were eoing to the bo'tom , andwere onlv relieved from the apprehension of a wa t?rv trrnvo by the M<ht of the keut, rnpullj -unking. at our bows. Every effort wa* made to s iv* >.er pu^en Kv: weri "oaYVe'ing unable to gain the upper deck in time. Among the*" wo reckon ? ,, , , . * Rev. James F. Quaw, Bedford, Michigan. Mr. Chauncy Osborn, Genesee, N. *. Mr Seth Deming, Berlin, Conn. Master Bruce Deming. Galena, \v. 1. James Do vdeu, Ypsilanti. Michigan. Two young ladies and a boy from near \ pailantl, ntO* not known. , All tlie officer* and hands of the boat, and 79 passenger*, including 10 children, were saved Without tiny formal proceedings on the subject our passengers have endeavored to ascertain the cause of thia dreadful accident, and we have no doubt it occurred in cons-'l'ience of the error in the pilot of the Kent attempt ing to P?ss on the wrong side of the London, which brought her directly across the bow.and at this the engi neer of the London, as soon as he saw the courie of the Kent shut off' his steam, yet his boat had too much head war and the Kent whs cut down in lront af her wheel hou.'? We remained five nours with the wreck, gath erin"' floating parcels of baggage, fee , and attem-UngU. tow the hull ashore, hut she gradually auukbv the heal and we were compelled to perform the sad ortt -e of hout we mast and leaving her to her late. '"ThVLondon is not at all Injured. Our pajsengM. , 1 nV comething to relieve the necessities of the suf ferers-the ladies dividing their wardrobes, and tho gen tlemen opening their pur?e?. I send you a list of the ,ttg?7E?D-John Honeywell, Mr.. Moore. Miaa ^k'rta. .rr?.. Mich; Willet Stead, .lackson cj, Mich, Daniel rroy, Mic ' h Mirh; D. D. Winchester, Ro?hes Trev i'vork Wm V < irirtln, Redford. vlich; William w'lSfn Marv Watson Nancy Watson, Sainnel Watson, Wntson, Mar> VVaUon. Bloomtleld, Mirh;Jamea wilkor Scotland; Oliver ItoSih. Flint. Mich: Benjamin w?Ld Southfield, Mich; Geo Anderson. M. I aston. Can ton Michigan; i'atliarine Corbee, Ireland; Barnard m (Travel Bay, Canada West; losiah Easton, ' Henry Niehol-on. wife and child, < om Yl'ic iiran Sarah Shear, Mary Wage and two mouth, Mich. , VVm. lline, Chatham, C. W " David Tut l le , MUs' 11 C. Rollins. Miss R J Tuttle. \\. , l?' a l Hooper, N. Y. ; Jnmes Eddiugton and . '? v-ssfs rsa 1 V-, W...E. ?yy"v2?T^.lcUfa VhclM 1m'. a T. Reynolds, Penn. ; Thoi. Bunel, Sl?a engineer-, Isaac pavia. H > j. l. Hall, Robert Mc I Khf wTfciS% CTve. Samuel Scott Da ? lane Ililv chambermaid ? 14, and 10 other?. ! V Itfa fe^ad more names will hereafter be added to the i- ! ir mUsinir Such is the impression after visiting the ! ^on to-daj, ^/.^.'[^l^'f'^TenT1 and" late. *\Jhen OwTlTent sud^n^y^be'ared distance of each ^ 'Loniloni a?d although the ongine across the bo etrurk with immense lore? of the KidePa little forward of the wheel houae. ?" th h, fe v she began to settle down and finally sunk Immediately sue negaii ,hore. So snd in ten &th.0,n,h^ th'at gCarrelv any ol those on board the 'si ?%5si small vv. Ebbertis, of that j.lace, and " hckfaio August 14.? Before this reaches you, vmi wi? have received mtelliaence of the collision swSSfSrii iiSsDSlstsi London and the Kent ^c.e owned in i Canada, aifi w ere running in l'D1\n?':V?"^ty t?ns burthen, and was owned ?J T Mp Iri Fbhefu o f " hatha m , C. W. She wa. ? n ?* are ^'rthoutchange l^lo^fr Horn lie'w ^^r4^#S?Si?S fents. There arc none at present in dred dry tiimmad hide., in prime older, sold at ^ cenU. ? Cor. of /.Kingston and ? Va>lell?a The lanuers in the counties on the Reserve in Ohio, are telling oft their cattle at very ? "at a? low a. V2 <>0 to $3. per head The grass crop in in*i ' reeion is an entire failure, and the farmers are selling off ! their ?tock?for the reason tliat the sui.ply of food u far i sho t ol what would be ncoessaiy to winter them. sews ? xrasft bv some workmen, mine cnmi v* under th<; coipse was all consumed except the bottom. The New York boatmen, who have l>een imported for the roval barge at Neuilly. have won the cup at ?cve T V .i? , ; or reeattaa Who can say that American "lent ?? not beginnmg to be appreciated abroad '-Pan. Corrtsrondenl of the bo, Ion sitlai. ,, Mr Samuel Pike, Ue editor of the Ohio ? about to commence the publication of ^ paper at I'ike-ton. in i ? '0f"t|,e f,rkt settlers of Pike-toman. ,%lr- ' . . _ 1Iscj ^is pike-ataft', as suc ce.s%?ly a.UhThas since u.? d his pen. lie is a son of the celebrated AU'C. t Pike, un-l as a writer is p. quant and ' forcible. The St. Jo*ti>h Gazette, published in Missouri, has news from the Oregon emigrants. Another compa ny Is lost, wnieh contain* fifteen men, ami thirty-five women. They wore about 800 miles abo*e Council Mulls, on the Missouri river ; they hail liespanei ot fret ting on this season, ami are plantiug buckwheat with the expectation of obtaining provision* 0:1 which they may resume their journey next spring. The Arkansas fntelligtnerr st >tes that a hunting party will rendezvous at Fort < otf'eo on the 3tth of .Au gust. for the purpose of limiting buffalo nnrl exploring the country as lar welt Slid south as the Rio Urandh. Mr Pruneis Rrnch, a^cd 106 years, r! lerl on the. 9th ult. ut the residence of his -on. ten mile* northeast of iCdwardsville, Illinois. lie w as a native ol Faiitai coun ty, Virginia. The Annual meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions will be opened in the city of Btooklyn, N. V., on Tuesday, Kept. 9th, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Sir Allan Macnah has left Canada, cn route for ICngland, as Commissioner on behalf ot the Great Wes tern lluilioad < ompuuy. ( ien. Ournside, mya the Ar%us of Otsego county, has tendered his services and that of hi* regiment, lor the enforcement of the law* in Delaware county. The Rev. T. R, Chipman, of Oxford, Chenango co.,N V., has accepted a call to become the Rector of St Mark's Church, l.e Hoy. The Rev. Thomas L. Ran dolph having taken charge of St. Paul's Church, Otis , anil St. Mmk's Church, Ulandford, requests that letters and papers for him may be directed to Otis. The Rev. George Allen, Professor of L intjuagea in Delaware College, resigned his ( luce to accrpt of a similar ofllce in the Cniverslfy of Pennsj Ivania, Pro fessor Washington Macartney, ol Lafayette College, has been elected to till his'plaoe. Political. John McLean, of Ohio, was nominated by the Native \mencnn ( onventiOB of Massachusetts, which met in Kanueil Hall, for the office of President ol the I'nited States, and his name now appear* at the head of the organ ol that party The Motion Journal has also manifested it* preference (or Mr. McLean. The Hon. Edmund Varney, a Senator from Her kimer county, in attendance upon the Court of Errors, is seriously ill at the Blossom Hotel in Rochester. J)r. L- < ?' Thompson, the Whig candidate for Con grcs* in the Tenth District, Indiana, at the recent elec tion, died on the morning Of the Kth ioat. , after aa ill ncsi of ten day*. Cr.EmcAT, Chanoh* ? The Rev. Thomas L. Kan dolph 1ms been received into the Pioceee of Mas s*cliu*otts, with letter* dimUsory from the Bishop of Rhode Island. The Rev. Frederick Fieenun ha* been received into the Dioce-e of Massachusetts, with letler dismissory from the acting Hi?hop of Maine. The Ri v. O. B. Eastman having>l the rectorship of Grace' church, Wateiford, N Y., and accepted a cull to the r?>c tor?hip of st. Peter's church, Oxford, and Christ church, Quaker's Farm*, Conn., request* that hi* letter, and pa pers may he directed to Oxlord, Connecticut. The Ree Thomas L Randolph hnving taken chaige of It. Paul's church, Otis, end at Mark'* church, Blanlord, requests that letters and paper* for him, may be directed to Otia Massachusetts. The Rev. Wm. Granville has accepted a call to the rectorship of St. Jama*', Boardman. embra cing also the church at CanAeld, and requests nil letterf and nnpers to be addressed to ( anfleld, Trumbull cotui ty, Ohio.