Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1845 Page 3
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iJlsTURBAMrs of thk Dead? There has been I 40U18 excitement in the city during the last few d ?ys, caused by a false report industriously circula ted, that the remains of some of the persous buried in the Hudson Street Cemetery, are to be removed tor the extension of Le Roy and Burton street*. The (nets can be easily ascertained by applying to the officers of ihe religious corporation that owns the ground. No interference with any grave or vault i? necessary or intended. The proposed im provement, long desired by the inhabitants of the ninth ward, is very liberally facilitates by Trinity Church. B. B. Mr. Editor i ? 1 see an article in to-day's Herald , complaining of the great number of oninibusses in Broadway. 1 can inform that gentleman, if yet he has to lettrn.that it is not from the number that danger is to he appre hended, but from the reckless manner in which they are driven. The speed of vehicles of every descrip tion is restricted in every city in the Union but this Here the drivers are allowed to cut and slash, neck or-nothing, no concern, but who shall keep fore most. If they were restricted by law to a certain speed, and officers appointed and located at suitable places, to put the law in force, all danger would be avoided. Try it. A. 35 Wtu. IT1F.KT, Nkw Vork, Aug. 16, 1815. To thk Editor o?- thk Hkrai u : ? The Erpren of this evening states (in reference to the tiro in Hammond street) that Mr. Morgan's loss is "$70 000. about ono third of whl>:h was insured at the Uro'oii Office " The Commercial, same Jate, states Mr Morgan's loss to "he about $35,000, of which about $10,ou0 is covered by insurance at the Croton Office."? Mr. Morgan was insured by tho Crotou for <<7000, and $'J<il'0 ol that amount had been reinsured, leaving a risk o( $5000. and Mr. Morgan's loss will probably not exceed $3,500 altogether. N. Carroll, Sec'ry. Mr. Dimit-furd serves up a Mplt-iitlltl Luiish fit ly d y 1.1 II o'clock M his establishment, 167 Broad ? ' TlieB>rou" A Fish Chowder w II be found upon hi* tible at II 11 clock, this d?y, Sinid .y, under the imperil) cu ll nice of Mr. Browu, foiineily of the Eichante and Saratoga Slni' IV. "??"we >* a * "o moimc.M Bk nt8,6?4 a 7?i do ??,.????,, a I'4 do Montgomery GM a 7^ do irtli Carol int. .lli a 1 Jj do Tuscaloosa 6X a 7>2 do larlestoa Jisl '1? New Orleans . . . ?a ll^dis vnnnah gal do Nashville 2 a 2, '< din MONK V MARKKT. ?Saturday, August 10? f? P. 91. The stock market continues in a very depressed state, arid prices continue to decline. Long Island fell oft' \ per cent ; Farmer*' Loan, J ; Pennsylvania 6's, J ; Uu! noia rt's, j ; Mohawk, 1 ; Reading Railroad, i ; United States 6's, 1 ; Norwich and Worcester, Stonington, Can ton, and Kentucky, closed at yesterduy'g prices. United States tf's were ottered at 1] a ^ per cent less than tho cm rent quotations yesterday. The Bank of Louisiana has declared a scmi-aninia| dividend of threo and a hall per cont, payable to the New York stockholders, less exchange, on and after the 1st proximo. The value of the imports into Boston, for the month ol July, 1844 and 1843, with the amount of duties, received for the same months, we anne* COMMEROK OP THE PoRT OK BOSTON. Import! for July, 1814. IBi5 Dutiable $2,06 1 ,067 $2,493,808 Free 428, 739 300, 572 Specie ?. 32,216 17,478 Total $2,526,(22 $2,801,948 inc. $276,926 IJutiei received July, 1114. 1815. American $521,207 $600,320 inc. 76,113 foreign 187,869 171,121 dec. 16,748 Total $712,077 $771,442 inc. $59,365 The duties received at the Boston Custom House in July, 1844, averaged thirty-five per cent on the dutiable goods, and twenty-eight per cent on the total importa. tion ; the rate ol duties on the dutiable imports for July, 1844, averaged thir*y-onc per cent, and on the total in. ?pection averaged about twenty -seven per cent. Domestic exchanges aro very quiet, the demand boing hardly sufficient to establish quotations. The limited bu sines* of this city last spuing, did not create abidance of trade in our favor large enough to cause much demand for exchangeo n this port. Tho ourreucy of the country it daily improving, and the bank issues of the in terior will in a short time bo so near par in this city, that a very large portion of the remittances will be made in this paper. The facilities for transmitting packages of bank bills to every part of the country are now so great, that balances are liquidated in this way to a very gieat extent. The receipt of large amounts of the issues of country banks, and the redemption, gives the brokers of Wall stieet an increased business, while it is much more profitable to the mercantile classes. We annex the cut rent rates for domestic exchange in this market : Domkstic Exchange, Aug 16, 134A f};"10!';-; ? I,ar 8 }? <!'?? Apalachicola. . . . 2 a 2>i dig Philadelphia para 34 do Mobile, specie.. . a ? do Baltimore Wa Mo Mobile, St Bk nts,6% a 7>i do Virgiuia 1 a 1!, do Mont* -? North Caro Charleston . Kavn Auguita a 1 do Loitinville.. .\\.!u a do* Columbus l.U a do St Louis 2 a 2'j do IKcori ... ...... .1 .j a I,1 ? do Ciiiciiiiii.iti 1 a IK do Union, Honda. ..70 ?75 do Safety Kd note* K a V South L tc T Co. 75 a80 do Eastern note*. . . % a & do Quotations for Uncukrknt Money iff"' ,, r? Uncurrtnt Money. Kastu, bilk bleuiBos'n >^a X Oluo " Aloauy, Troy, Sch lie. . a L4 Indiana v i a?; Michigan ....V. aJ* n il- a ^ North Carolina ?|V B .1 tin.nre .... ...... a g South Carolina i Safety >d4i Red Back, fa }1 Mobile "Ji? V'WUa al)i New Orleans . . ajjjj Quotations for Spfcie. Amer. gold, eld. . 106 'a I0f" i Carolu* dollws.$l 06 I* i f j n? I,e ,,Si ? a 1<I(V > Kiv? francs ... . 93,^* im'.i P |J| ! Doubloons .... 16 00 al6 111 Portnyie?eKold. .100 a 00>J do patriot. 15 60 al5 70 Spanish dollars. .. 104 a 105 Sovereigns .... 4 85 a 4 87 do quarters.. 99 a 100 do litlit 4 ??' a J a-. Mexican dollars. .100 a 101 Heavy guineas. 5 00 a do quarters.. 99 a 100 Napoleons 3 83 a!'.! There is very little doing in foreign bills. On Lon ilon we quote at 109;j a 110, with some sales at 110$ ; on Paris, 5 55 a 6.-J3] ; Amsterdam, 39} a 39J ; Hamburgh, a 35| ; Bremen, 78 a 78}. The citizens of Georgia are congratulating themselves upon the result of the lecent sale of the Monroe Rail road. In the hands of the old proprietors, the road has been of no actual benefit 9 the section of country through which itpassos, and it is anticipated that the new management will extend and perlect the line, so that it will unite with the ccntral road, and give an uninter rupted and continuous chain of communication with ieimessee in the Nortk West, and with Alabama in the West. The purchasers paid $155,100 for tho work which, with the redemption of leius on the road to the amount of $50,000, will make tho sum re alized by the creditors, $406,000 The creditors of the rjad should be perfectly satisfied with the sale. Tlieii claims were daily accumulating, and the road with all its properties rapidly doteri> rating. The present proprie tors are gentlemen of acknowledgeJ wealth and credit They have a road 101 miles in length, uniting with the central road at one terminus, and the State road at the otner, atul traversing the mo?t populous and health) portion of tho State They have paid one hundred and fill) .five thousand dollars lor,what cost two millions, and tliey have a uoik that will yield, with judicious manage* ment, a teveuue of irom $150,000 to $176,000 per annum. One half ol the stock is owned by New York capitalists, an I the other hall by citizens of Georgia, most of whom were old 1 tockholdei s. Old >?<?<? U hitrhan^e. a y*cou>'On 112 X 200 1, Island R It 6J 2000 U S a s poa lu3 III N w Jersey R It 95 <lo 1MU 50 StuuiiiHtoii R R i9 ll'iO Kentucky 8's 100)* 150 do 1, 3(1 29 I jOM III spci ttds 1.60 ?7 *a l.'iO do 2flJi <>? :>'!? 100 Harlem R R 63 " 'lo slO 37 10 Krie I. R 2'. 'fS2 !iu 37. U I0<l Heading It R ,C0 53 ^ v rio 37 50 ti" s3ll 53 Hi' ?? aimer* Tr 32 U Kin do 53 .5 Ckiitou L o 37 !, 100 Nor tk Were R H &i\ * ?00 37 >s Km <jo lifiO 67 ^ .. 'lo.. , ,3u S7*a WH) do bio litiJt 2.0 Morn. Caual 27 2?5 do fia.v 27*4 200 do s6fl fflL W >60 27 S, 5* do *30 W'l 100 do h30 27 50 do ji30 (j7 II' I itimrtl. syoo IVuu 5 s * to 74 50 Canton ( o *t!ii '17 """0 I S Gov 4'? 103 50 Mon is Canal ri 50i?l I'eiiu 5's *5?? 150 do 27 2000 do snw 74H HKI do 1,30 ??!< 51 "0 do 74X I0i> Erie KR ' 26 * '"00 (lo sl5 74 ^ 200 Vickfburi; "js. Mi .lia? Nnr Sc Wor h90 66'j 25 Ston iuctoii R |{ 211' J? do (16 25 do ?I5 M, ''O do slO 65*4 Ml Reading R R ,W 52 v 100 do lij V 100 Kainiem' Loan s30 32 do 6i'? Ion Loiiii Island 62!; <!') snw 6.'i>i 1(10 do 112', M<.aiiloii Co *60 37 100 Karineis' Trust :i2'? do ,30 37 New Muck Kxrl*nii?(c:. SO sins U S Bank 5'j ML Island RR* 02?, 50 (? jrmers I run oh 33 50 do 1,30 63 V ??'' 't\, 25 Nor k Wore 1 00 67 ,l".. . Uk 25 do 1.3 1.1, ao Motrif Canal h30 27 50 do *7 1,1 !? " 111 do 1.3 i,6\, IfO t, Ul ndR R Ch 61 25 do ?nw I ft ? I*' do a 30 mi 25 do ",W1 \t' do "3 sun A UHANU MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL Ml ILL I., given sr the * N< AMPMKNT, FOhT LEE, on TUESDAY, the itPh. Dsnrmit ill the elegant Mtu|Ure. Deinratiou- by Messrs Dejonae .. i.'l Caliiu. Music by the I onitt Tickets, $l, to be ohtaiurd at the Mill t.r Imtituie, 1 1 3 Ijroadw *) , cor, 7* Several Military Cump?iii<s are especud to be pre sent. Thy Loai FRANK leaves the foot of Canal Mreet at 0 A.M., 2 P.M., 6 I' M , 8 r.M., and retuinsat. 12 at ii'Kbi. '17 ll*m BOAP.D IN TH COUNTRY? A_Tew~i.erson* mar "l> l "" bond for the rrmaiudar ol ih? (eason n. a private faint I y at I'Malla d?, L. Residence secluded heslttilul, pleasant i nd of ? tsy Hceess. hi inf on the staKe route to Coney Island, six and a iisll m les from Brooklyn Address or inquire ol ivus K C. Taj lor, on the premise', opposite Bergen'* I Intel, M.tlandj; or inquire nt Mr. Win. Wise, Jr., 7U Fulton st eet, tlronSlVi. a 1 7 '.'t * 111 \ al.>ULlL Ur.N i Ll. >IaN can lie nccoiiinn'd ted witna /V | le.s<nt loom and bed room, furnished, in Green st.eet bitween Amity aid BUecker Hcnt very modeiate to a good teua .t A la-rsou who speaks Krencl. i rnterifd lui|uire at 21:1 Green street. al7 3t*m TO DRUGGISTS, "See. AN elegant Soda Www Apparatus, Counter, with marble JX. tap, fixtures, tuu, complete, lor win low, the owner ha v i> g iio present air for the same. Address, box No. KM Lower Post uBirg, stating wherenn iitt?r?isw ran l? h?d. nulT 3ti?*m TO CAK.vlb'N. IK the carman who removed ihe furniture fcf Mr. Charles Co*, carpenter. from ti e liou.e N<> .11 Chris ie street, nbout thrie il?y? before the first ol I at May, will give inform ? tio " where the go td i wuie rmiovil to, or whei* .Mr. Cox ca.. be found, will > e compensated by leaving such iulormntioa at the ?huve iiinicl house. "ul? II'jkd LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, AND JAPANNED WARE. THE Subscriber h?i ju?t received from bis manufactory. a Inr^e splendid assortment of Girandoles, in Gilt, lit onze >ml 8i Ter, trin laed with fine Cut Drops Also, a very superior ?luilily of Solai aud Laid Lamp., ot viri ons patterns, Willi I ut and Plain Shades, Chandelier*, CO' tain ing v, 3, 4 aud li lights, suitable lor Parlors, Churches ai d I lo reli Also, a large assortment oi Gothic l.anthorus, for ll.tll?, with Cut and Stained Glass, he will sell at wholesale and retail, at reduced puces. JOHN W. MORGAN, 111 Kill tun street, one door hast of Broadway. V I! ?On hau l, "M dozen of the Doric Lamp, lor Camphiue, r.f 'interior make ami finish, ut a very low price huI7 Im* c TONS SIZING lor sale by a!7m r,:H88K h B HOOK 8 1 TONS TKUNK BOARDS, lor sale by iy alTut PEHSHE It BROOKS. >)( } TUN'S STRAW AGAR D8, of iiood ajudity, for salt by PER8SE St BROOKS, C.i and (if Nassau street. 6 tons 21 <37 li tons 22',i35 # tons 21,' ..<30 al7m 20 PACKET Sl'lTp QUEEN T.k THE WEST. Irom LIV r MPOOL ? Consignees will please send llieir permi s oil board, west (id# Burling slir, wi'hout delay All goods uot pe milted in fl a d iys, Hre liable to be sent ro public store. ill. WO1 iDHL' I, k Ml VTUHN, i7 Sou'h n PAVILIO.N, NEW BRIGHTON. Several suiies of apart ment! in this establishment having t een vacated lor the p esent by families who had engagtd them for theeirlvpir of the aeusou, but who have gone oil excursions to Newport Saratoga, and other wat.-rn.g pi ices, K. B'auc rd will be happy to neat with fiutiilies or single persotuwho may apply e*.rl> lor them. aliijtis*ic THE DEATH OF PAIN! II A R T I N Ef S I , OT I ON. *|aHE PROPRIETORS of the above wonder-working medi X ci e, take pleas ire m informing the publi. that they an now ready to supply the orders which have been in cessari v de layed by the overwhelming demand of til last few week* Arrangements, however, h.v- been n ade by recent additions totheir work-, which will enable tlietn hereafter, to prompt! > meet all the demands of their agent, i the (OUth and West, ami alio to keep on hand a sufficient stock to meet the coutiuuall) iucreiuing demand of the city. 'Those who have not as yette-t?d tlie wonderful efficacy ol the above medicine in case* o' ex emal wounds, swellings ot sores; of violent attains and injuries to the structure; audol vertenral complaints, whether chronic or casual, aie he eb> ad .ij.ed o avail themselves, by its me, ol an iu?tantuneous re lief and a rap d aud fert-iiu cure. In evident e ot the absolute toufidence of the proprietors in the virtu- of their "Lotion," they aj;aiu renew their pleilg' (never yet claimed,) t" leturn the prii e of tlie arti. le, in every C'se, where the u^e o' a single bottle does uoteffect llie perlet' cute of any specified complaint in the following categoiy of afft'Ctions atid diseases Oout, Rheumatism, Swellings of all kinds, Dislocations. Fractured Bones, Bruises, (Juts, Sprains, Coutusions, and ten dinoui injurie.; Poisonous Bites and Stiugs, Burns, K, aid.-. Chilblains, Corns or Bunions; glandulor 'i uinors, Lumbago, Krysipel s, Tetter or Rn.gworm, aud all eruptions of ill Ski. ; Kever aud Ague, Ague in the breast and face. Cramp iu til. Siimacha d Hevl>che. One of the most remarkable peculiarities of the "Lotion, consists in its instant expulsion of pain f.otn the parts to v hich i' is applied; and it is owi g to this tiuality, and to the penetra ting enerpy of its eh jracter, that it is already largely u^ed foi tlie iiijun s, both external a d internal, ol vulnableauimsls. To be ha ot T. C. BARTINE,'J2 V sey sir et, at 75 CvOts per bottle; J. Butler, No. 1 Nassau sir et; at the drug store corner of Sixth aveuue aud Thirteenth street; and also of C. 8. B ;RT NK Si CO., Proprietors, Priucip&l Dej?t 323 Broadway, oue door from the City Hospital. Agents wanted N. B. The medicine will be give.) gratis, to all who are too poor to buy. a 16 lmeod*rc R. MAW TIN dc (JO. JVII.L PUBLISH THIS DAY, PART O.N K. PRICE SEVENTY-FIVE CENT8, op FRANCE ILLUSTRATED. COMPRISING Views of the Scenery, Castles, Abbeys Cathedrals, and various other objects of interest in th? beautiful country, from drawings made on the spot by T. Al io hi, Es<|., and engraved in the first style of the art. al5 Jtis'rh R. MARTIN k CO 26 John sr. DIAMOND GRAIN GUNPOWDER! WK. B ROUGH begs to inform his fiieud* and the sport ? in* community, that during his itmited engagement at the Park Theatre, his business iu tlie sale of English Spotting Gunpowder, Caps, Gun Wadding, Guns, &c., will be carrien on as usual at No. 117 Kultou street. A eon-ignuient of a new Powder, known in Europe as "Col. Hawker's" Ducking Powder, has beeu lately consigned to him W. F. B. is empowerei' to receive orders for Purdy's double barrels. Also those made by Deans Brothers, Loudon. Sam ples can be seen. al5 lwrc INTENSE EXCITEMENT. NOTHING HAS CREATED so great an excitement, at the arrival of the immense steamship Great Britain, ex cept the wouderful cures effected by the Syrup of Health.? This preparation is unequalled in tlie treatment of Scrofula. Kings Evil, Salt Rheum, all rruptious of the skin, and the iu uutit- rable diseases arising from impurity of the blood. Nu merous certificates may be seen at the c.ttice. The following is from one uf the mot t respectable merchauts of Philadelphia: _ Philadelphia, Oct. 9, 1W4. Dr i HOMFIOI* ? This is to certify, that 1 ivas completely cu red of an ulcer up >11 my ankle, from whifli I had suffered foi upwards of three years, by using four bottles of yeur valuable medicine. I had tried a great of other medicines with out auy effect. J. JEANES. No. 6 Chesnut st. Principal Uflice, 55 Reade St., near Broadway. alS lw'rc ALy* MUSIC. LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol ung ladies an the Piaun .She teacher on the Logeriai ?leui, ? liicli has never been inwflduced as yet iuto this noun try: it has beeu greatly approved >f in Europe, as being the shonett a. d en<iem nie Jiod ? f bringing ou the put'il. A not addressed to X. V. at the olfire of thin paper, shall be attended nU lm*ic c MtLU ROLLED COPPER ? IGOO tliteU cold rolled tu| ? per, from i<0 to UO OZ-, of a Very "Ulterior quali y, f rsalebv 1 E. K. COLL INS St CO. 66 South at. SALE OF STOKES AT THE NAVY YARD ' I^Hf RE will be sold at the Navy Yard. Brooklyn, on WED JL NESD \Y, 10th instant. a> lit o clock, M., at public An tion, for cash on delivery, a variety of condemned article* amo' g which are Joiners' and ship carpenters' tools, flags o d liferent rations, snip chandlery, water ruka, cabin furniture boats of various oid junk, canvass clippings, ordnance stores, barrels and shooks, soir.e provisions. Alio one pairoi oxen Navv Ac;e*t's OrricK, ) New York, Anrnit laih. IBIS i all mitll re PROSPER M. WKTMUllh;, Nary Agent. AlhROHAiVi'S VIGILANCE ASSOCIATION, ORGANIZED TO INVESTIGATE and expo* abuses in trade, to prevent frauds aud punish the fraudulent. Officers. THOMAS TILESTON. IWde. t, of lirin SpofFord.Tilestou k Co. T. C. DoKEMTS, Vice President, of firm Ooremus, Suydam k Nixon. David Wesson, T reasurer, of firm D St A. Wesson. WoonwAHD & Di'skhwRy, Secretaries. Dirk* Torts. U. A. Cuthman, of firm C-ish'eau Si Co. Edward Anthony, ? f firm Cooke, Anthony St Mahony. Alva S|ie?r, of linn S|< St Vauderhool. Daniel S Miller, of lirm I> iter. Miller St Co. Ferdinand *<u> <1 in, Jr , of firm Siiyoam, Sage St Co. llenry A. Iluilbul, of firm Swift St 1 1 u ? I but. .A. J. Underbill, ol firm Undcilnll Si Co. The' dore McNamee, of firm Boweu Si McNamee. Oliver E. Hosnier, ol firm Ho?mer St Sli-rni n. Frederick B. Betts. of lirm fcmith, Wright Si Co. U. B. Brews'er, of fiim Le- SlBieWsier. Joshua P Hem y. of lirin Green way, Henry It Smith. him eon Draper, Jr., of Arm Haggerty. Diaper &t Jones. Isaac Townsend, of linn 'Pnwnsend St Brothers. John Lowry. of lirm J St A Lowry. Edward T< mpkius.ol inm Benedict St Tompkins. 0> orne D. H Gillespie of firm WolfeSt Gilleipie. David Hoadtey, ol firui lioadie) , Phelps i Co. W 1 1 1 1 im C. Laugley, of lirm W. C- Lamtley Si Co. Thomas Hnnt oi firm Thomas liu .t St Co Extiact from So.5 of toe Constitution " Aiiv Merchant of | good standing ma) heron. e a meiniiei of this Association o> ' eing proposed to the Directors, and uo objection being inadi thereto." Merchants who have not subscribed to the Constitution may htVe an opportunity to became members on application t any no inber of the Board of Directors, who will explain the object of the Association. al 1 Iwis ec ICI:, ! ICE ! ! ICE ll 'P UK Subscriber has for sale at his Depot in Brooklyn, aw 1. tons pure Rockland Lake Ice, of a >i/e desirable tnrship ping, being from 12to 15 inches thi< k in square blocks. Foi terms apply on board Ice Baru'es foot Chamners st. JAMES L CHEESE VI AN, a3 2w*rc Proprietor Union Kockland Lake Ice C.o. E VP HI- KS. ? 600 I is. first qualify Feathers, jn*t received i^a .d for sale, hv E. A. COLLINS St CO., ,rr.- '< x. ?tf. ..V. PHllaAUICIiPHIA HUTK1.H, hartweliTs W ASH! N G T O N ti O U > ? , iit'l Chestnut Street. \rtOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO TUB MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. , ' Bulbs jnst introduced? Wiirm and Cold? in fine apar irenfs? for botn ladies and Reatlemen. a 16 lm*rh ' ~ COLUMBIA HOUSE, Cli<"tluut 'freel,belwieii Otis ntnl ;th?lre?t? PHILADELPHIA. rf^HE SUBSCRIBERS respectlully inform their friends inn' 1 the tiavelliiiK publir.they linve Uken the above home, (lot B'r|| known as the Marsh-ill House, ) ?ud have made extent, v< alterations and improvements in its inferior, having s|uued n< expense to render it oneol the most pleasantaiid laahiouabl h >nse< in the city. The parlors are uumeroas, the ch.nitbcr Urge and nrd arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca lion in in I lie most eeutr >1 pari of the city, uesr to all llie place ol public amusement, and convenient to tlie depots of th> Sonihern, Western and Northern routes. ? he tallies will be supplied with all the delicacies of the Se.i son. The Wines are of the choicest bra:iJs. and have ben c lriTuMy selected. ? P^'I'Hetori ho|? by their personal attention a d experience in the bus megs, to give satisfaction to those who may favoi them with their (*tronage. ? BAOLEY, MACKENZIE k CO. James Bagley, (late of Jones' Ilotel. ) Henry ( vUrkenxie, (formerly of ihe Wuhingtou House. Peter L. eerxnsou. Inly 1st! It4:. |v1 MOWLAM'S HOTEL* At Harlem Klver. C1EOROE NOWLAN respectfully returns his most sin < eeroUiankl lo his friends ami the pnblic for the liberal support which he lias received for the last fen years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, and begs leave to inform tnem that lie has lilted up The l-irge establishment at the termination of the Railroad, on this Islaad, ami on the Bank of the River, when he is prepi.tea to furnish visitoM with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, Suppers, and other refreshments, at the shortest netice Oood ground, mil every nMommodation lor Military Comim nies. All the Railroad Cars Innd nasscngera in front of the Hotel for I2l| cents, from the City Hall. N. It ?An ordinary at half past 2 o'clock on Sundays. jeW WILSON'S HOTEL AND U1MLNO Kuoivi, fl ttoltl street, ru-ar Maiden Kaiie. ("^ Ot TNTRY M KUCHA NTS will find this a desirable Hotise s being convenient to the business part of the city. lhi? establishment is lined no with entirely n< w furniture. Uood and substantial dinner, lli?i cents, lodi.iugs i'icenls. P or COB venienee anil comfort this house it equal to any hotel in the rity. and at half the price. Permanent boarders can he accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up. at toon as they trnve hi market, at half the price of other lionses Elegant private pirlors. for the referee cases, or private diuiiers or snp |iet^iarlies._The very beat of liqnort. jui Jm*rc f GIT. in 01 near th* Triui'v Camrtrry, on th? */Vrn?>n of L the 14th, a Lady's WATCH, I ffcooper's man, No. ?6,H0?. All jewallen and Pawnbrokers ira requested to stop the Mm* if offered. Any |>?r on who del. van it at No. 171 Broadway, . or a'. Mr. Augustus Stebbins' house, C ?i mans vi lie, will be aui- | labiy rewa.drd. al6 Jt'rc A 8 SALESMAN.? The advertiser, having a thorough kuewledge of busmen, and * tirst-rat* Salesman, ia Wll 1 ? uic to devote liia time and attenliou to any Houae requiring ?utn services. He posirssis * good kuowltdge of the Drug business, ia conversiut with ihe French language, and has iiij , ohiectk n to go South or West. Address, O. P. . Herald | "?n'- au!7 2w*m ti SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR X ITU RE WANTED- . AND tlia high-st price given lor all kind* ofc tat off t lothing and good seroinl fir i.d Furniture. 1'eraoua wishing to du- | l?ose of the an me, will do well to call nu the subscriber, or sd dress a hue through the Po?t Olfie, which will be punctually attended to. . B. LEVY, 49,'? Chathim street, >ew York N. B Constantly oil hand, a seasonable assortment ol gen tl emeu's Clothing, cheap for cash. a!8 Im+rc WANTED, a Dress Maker In fc o >.ourh. .\,.m bill .ill e!e" I guilt filter ne d a|)|ily. A dress 1*. D. at tint ntfire, sta" | ting where iui inteiview may be had. al6 2t*rc WHO WANTS BICH GREEN TURTLE 8UUP ON SUNDAY? Oo to the Hotel l)ea Deni Frerrs, in Duane P rk, near Hud-on atn-et where a magnificent Turtle will be >ei ved up m soui> and steaks, on that day, August 11th. Families supplied by the quirt on reasonable terms alC Zt're COPPER MINERS WANTED. 1IT ANTED by the New York and Lake Superior Miniug Yv Compauv, FIFTY Copper Miners? to be employed al Agate HartiiT, Lake Superior. . Temperate and experienced Miuers will receive liberal wa- | get ? none ethers ueed apply. Apply to the under* Kned al West Troy, N. Y. E. LEARNED. Jr., Pi evident N. Y. aud L. S. M. Co. New Yoik, Aug. Htli, 1BIJ. ali 2wis'rc WANTED at CLARKE'S k STEVAN'S Temperance Iutalligence Office . 95>* Dame street, subscribe s lor some good Pro testant Servants and others, roth while and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himself to preeure help lor lliejiublic at the shofte?t notice. Mr Darke a oifice , is iM'ronised by some of the first families in the country. Remember? ?5|b Duane street two doors west of Broadway, Washington Temperance Intelligence Office. jy&i I m*i h C AST OKF CLOTHING It FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN any superfluous or cast off Clothiug or Furniture to dispose of. call obtain foi me same a liberal cash price, by sending lor tlie subscriber i through Post or otherwise) at liia residence. No. (i9 Duane street, oasement. M. 8. COHEN. N. B. Mrs. Coheu will also attend to Ladies at their resi lience, if requested. all lin*ic SHIP LI VERPOOL,' Agry, master, from Liverpool. ? Con- I siguees of goods by above ship, will confer a favor by .ending their permits, w ithout delay, on board, at Pier No. 9 | Kast River, or to the office of the subscriber* HOCHE, BROTHERS U CO., al ec 'rt V niton st^ef. NOTICE ? Consignees of goods |ier ship Clyde, trom Liver pool, will please send their permits on board the ship, pier J No. 4 North River, or to the office of the subscribers. All .oods not permitted iu live days, must be unavoidably seut to ilie public store. J. HERDMAN k CO., a6rc 61 South street. TO THE DAi ilJERREIAN ARTISTS Ll A. ART AULT, Importer of French Daguerreoty|>e ] r ? Goods, offer for s le, at a cheap price 500 Large Daguerreotype Plates, No. 40 and 30. J00 Ounces Dry Iodine. 200 Ouuces bromine. 200 Ouuces Chloride of Iodine. 100 Pounds Hyposulphire of Soda. 200 drahins t hloride of Gold aud Salt of Gold j new article, Ouicksilver, Tripoli, Rouge. Rotten Stoue, Instruments, ind all the articles useful in Daguerreotype. 2 Grots Morocco Cases? < bargain Apply at Uie LAFAY -.TTK BAZAAR, 149 aud 151 Broadway, corner of Liberty st , upstairs. au4 Im'rrc THE EAST lllVER MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPAJNY. OFFICE No. 61 (late 49) Wall street, continues to insure! agains! loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses, audi ither buihlings. Also, on Household Furniture, Merchau diie, 8tc., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. Johu Brouwer. Wakeman Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embnry, John Moorliead, - Stanton Beebe, Joseph Keruochan, Daniel Ayres, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. 8. Rowland, ]<obertJ. Dillon. Nathaniel L. Griswoldjr. Thomas Nesmith, Russell Stnbbma. Robert Boorman, (ieorge Co*geshall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, Geoige Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD S. SILLIMAN, Secretary. R(ihv:rtJ. Dillon, Counseland Attorney. a2 lm*m OFFICE oFTHE C ROTO N ilNSU RAN CE CO. No, 39 Wall Street, Adjoining Merhauics' Bank, iu the City of New York. , TIllS COMPANY lose by the recent fire $35,000 Their | asse:s over aud above all claims against them exceed $150, 000 I'hev continue to insure Marine and Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUSTEES. James Harper, William B Cozzeus, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James Phalen, Theodore A Meyer, 8 A Lawrence, Cyrus Chenery, Edwin R Tremain, Lawrence Hill, 8 M Crandall, W H Towuseud, John Breaste, Robert Lane, James Cruikshank, John T Gilchrist, .1 Leouler Starr, J H Suydam. Lh<rles L Vose, John B L isal.l, Zadnck Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, Junes Cook, Lorinc Andrews, ET Aldrich, Josepli B Nones, Georg- Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahan, Asa S ("rosby, George Paleu, John J Herrick, Wihum Burgoyne, Abraham Vau Nest, _ SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, Presideut. JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary. Capt Sunoel Candler, Marine Insp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au2m Ot'riCE 0? THE JfcFFF.RSON lrrsvitAiscE Co., ) New York, July 21, 1815. S r"'HK Stockhplde? of this Compauy aiv requested to call at the office of the Company and signify whether it be their * ish to fill up their respective shares, or to n-ceive a number ol .hares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are requested to | '?.onvey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall st. T. W. THORNK, Pres't. Geo T. Hope, SecY. rrc PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. THIS Company is prepared to pay in caih on drmand, all losses it has susUined by the late tire, so soou as the e| aims are adjusted. Fire aud Marine risks will be taken as usual. SIMEON BALDWIN, PresideuL W. W. Dihri k, Secretary. New York, 2:?d July, l?45. jy23 lm is rrc THE LONG l&LAND INSURANCE COMPANY Capital, 200,000 Dollaks Fulton afreet, tirioklyn. 1^HI8 COMPANY is prepared to lake risks in the city of New York on favorable terms, having lost by the recent ire only about ten per cent of their capital . . The louts sustained by this company will be paid ou liqui- | latiou. E. C. FINN, Secretary. B. M. DELAMATER. President. Bnoom.Tt*. Jnlytl, 1845. jy 30 1m ism 'HHUfc. UJ? JEKhEKSOW UNSURANUh UO.,i No. 50 WalUtreet, oppoaite the Exchange. ' I 'HIS COMPANY continue to insure against loxacd da mage by fire on goods, ware* an J merchandise, and alio, gainst loss by inlanu uavirition on vesaels and their cargoes. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Tliorue, Eliiha Iligga, Thomas T. Wqpdrdff, Anion Baker, B K. Rohaon, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thornton Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jame* E. Holmes John R. Davin. 'i John P. Moore John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thoin.u Moireli, Fraucis P. Sage, Enceue Bogan, lohn C. Memtt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, Preatdut <?kohi4k T. Hopr. iS ri LMNK kRK.NCH BOOTS FOR S3 5<i, CITY MADE? Koi F style and durability they are equal to those ?old in othe. lores for $5; live French imperial dress Boon nude to order fir $1 50. equ <1 to those made in other store* for $fi and $7, and warranted t.> give a tisl'nction, at YOUNG Ml JONES' Frencl Imperi .1 Boot and 8hoe Manufacturing Depot, one of the moat fashionable Boot and Shoe establishment- in th ih city. Oen lemen that are in want of a pair of dress Boots, will lind a sa ? 1 1 K of fifty per cent by- getting tlx-m of in. Mending also lone in the store. WM. M. YOUNG *. H. B. JONES, nli Imi?*'r No. 4 Ann at. near Broadway, New Vork. THE BYRON, 157 Broadway, BY WM. DINNEFORD. HO respectfully informa hia Irieuds and the public tha' ? ? he has leased the aboe ? establishment and lilted it up in it le inferior to noue W. D. will nt all times keep o ham he heat description of wines apirita. a?g ira, lie , a> lectrd with hit ta?te peculiar to an experienced wi e nibber. Hiabeit ? ioma are htted up with a due regard to neatn si ai>d cleanli ess, and in each departmei l the prices will square witliiln tmiea ? ti-mely, 25 cen a per night for lodgings, or one dolls tnil a lulf |<er week, or five dol ara per mouth. W. D ha ; also iutrodur ed the Southern plan of providing t. 'nuch from II ill I o'ol ck, so that iliece me co n forts of tin tilffard man will he attended io. A cold and shower bith fiei o customer*. to mm ttee ro ma, Clnb rooms, Ike.. &i<". aid lin'm A A'I't -WATt.HW AM) liiWMiKl ?ThoM '? who wuh to purchase Hold or Silver Watches, Golt' ' iidius, (Jold Pencils, Keys, Sic., will liud it greatly to their nl i am ge to call on the anhaeriher, who is selling all deacription if the above at refill much lower than any other house in th* ity Gold Watches as low as $211 and SZ.1) Jnch. Watches .hm Jewelry exchanged or bought All Watches warranted to keel :ood tune or the money refunded G. A LLJfN .Importer of Watchei and Jewelry, M 'dieaalr and Retail JO Wall atrc.-t, iv 111 ???' no- ? SALAMANDER SAFES. THE first anil only kind of Sife that has in every inatat. . . preaei ved their coi tenia from accidental tires are Edward> 31 Ho man's Improved Salamander, They are for sale by \ C. Hotiba. 26 Piatt at.. N Y., whe'e certificates and teat Sale inay heaeen, one of whicli saved the books and paper* ol Mcaars < oe, Anderson 8i ( o., No. IS Broad -treel, at the greal 'ire on the I9tli nit. A io, of Mr. J.Mel, at the corajjr ot Uro'.d street and Place on the night oftheljTnnl lan-? r 'M3 a.1 I *?e /EOljIAN HARPS JVTUNNS k. CL ARK having purchased the patent right for i ? "Coleman '? iKolian Attachment to the Pianoforte, " for the entire United Status, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce ti the public, that they ftra now prepared to supply Pianoforte! ?villi this improvement attached, or to attach the a, me to an) on den: made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability if this invention, N. Ii C. are prepared to satisfy the moat pre judiced miud, their own critical examination and experienct warrant them in the asaertion, that the "j?olian" will remaii in tune in any Climate, and it will not be affected by transition ,if atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the"JEollM Pianofortes' at then ware-rooui. No. 240 Broadway, opposite th* Park where alio may he niuud an assortment of fi, 6>{ and 7 Octavi Pianofortes, both in rosewood and mahogany eves. m2ti fim'n Paintings For sall. A FEW FINE OLD PAINTINOS, cirmprising Scrititnral and Historical subjects, Landaeapea, Sic., nmoiigat them genuine Interior by Teniera; a Clepetre by Sutermans, and a Magtl ileii by Gnereuin, Ike., Ike. May be seen daily from !? till 3 o'clock, at *tl Liberty street jy4 lm*rc Yfjfgr- yyooD. SEVF.N IIUNDRKD CORDS No. I, for sale low, in Om gatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN SAVAGE, 8. S DENNIS. . , , . . H T RUSSELL. Waul Inlet is navigable for venal* drawing seven feet. Jv22 lin'rrc /^OPPI-.R4M ctaea Kugliah rsheailiing Copper, com|iri?iiig * J complete aaiortment from 1(1 to 30 o?.,of very aupe ior qual ity, for sale by K. K. COLLINS h < 0., . it Soath iireet. I AUCTION NOTICES. FOR SALE AUCTION ON MONDAY, Aug. XH^ih, ou the at It o'clock. ? FARM of *6 acres, <Mk.uc>r Wot I- arms, two miles from Harlem, in We?tches t?r C ouutv; on wlucti am a new ntu Dwelling and a Farm House, B ro, aud out houses, with fruit iu abundance of all kind*. The pi re would suit a merchant d ing business m the city. To be told without reserve (o the highest bidder, u the owner is going west. For particulars, inquire at 4J9 lirand street, or *9 B -yard street, or to JOHN OAKLAND, ou the place. Should ilia day prove stormy, the sale will t?kr place the neit fair day. ali'<iw*ic EXECUTORS' SALE ? Ou Tuesday, the 19th day i f Au gust mat., at II o'clock. A M, the ui.d.-r?gi ed ? ill sell at public Auction, at No 179 Water ? tract, in tlie city of New , York, a lot of Trunki, Tool*, and <>ther articles. cotnposiug I the stock iu trade of the lite Win. Shaw, truuk maker. '1 he sale will be continued the mine day at No. 18j Eighteenth street, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Also the unexpired lew ol tli-pie muei No. 179 Water street? I years and 9 mouths l'rom 1st Au gust. UEORtiE INOLIS, JOSEPH IIOLLINOS WORTH, ANDREW MaLEAN, Executors of William Shaw, deceased. THQ8. BELL, Auctioneer. ?12 lw'rc UNION COURSE, L. J PACING AND TKOTTI N G MONDA V, August 18th. at 3 P M.-*-Pu ne $2< 0, mile hea'., best three iu live, free for all 1 rotting .nut Pacing horses, | to go a* they please. Alb- rt Coucklin enters ch g J imcs K folk. C. E lis " gr. in Fan y Kllsler. M. Dunn " b. m. Cayuga Maid I I in rm*d st^ly alter? Purse iW, mile heats, best three iu live, to \ WHggo s ('liiil s Carman enters gr. g. Joliu Anderson. < ol. Bertine " b. g. Trouble. Wm.Wh-elan " b. to. Fa?hi?u. J. Web'er " b. m Lady Washington. I N. U. Admission to all parts of the Course aud Stands, JO | CMtti only, *15 4ttc Sf (. UN D GRAND EXCURSION C O T / L L I ON P A It T Y , TO WEST POINT, Un Monday, Auguitt '.4.1, 1H43. The Manager* o' the Thistle Benevolent As- . |* mii in ion, at ihe urgent renin ?' of a number of | their friends, ha vn been luiluced to beeoud i ii mi i ncursion an l Cotillion Party, to taka place i Mniiilay, the 25th instant. The splendid steamer ROBERT L STEVENSand the barge PR VJ'T hare been engaged t ? pro ceed up the 1 1 ii >!*<>ii to West Point. From two to three hours will be allowed to vist the iuti ri .lluu aud beautiful scenery of this celebrated spot. On the return passage ?ud when approaching the city, a bril liant display of Fire work, wi I tie exhibited. An excellent Cotil'iou Baud has been engaged for the occa- , sion, and the il uicii.g department w ill lie un;fr the di action of | Mr. George Robertson. Mr. McKerracher will enliven the scene with the soul-stirring piproch. The boat will leave Catherine street Kerry, E It., at 8%; Li berty street. N. R.,9; Canal Hreet 9'i; State Prison Dock et 10 ? and foot of 19th stre t at I0)j TLe landings 011 returning to be made on the Nor h River only. Tickets for a gentleman and lady SI; extra ladies 50 cents; children half pilce? to be hid of Mr. Robert Marshall, 651 1J. oid way; Messrs Stodard 4t Dunham. 361 Broa 'way ; the C> mmercial and Northern 1 lot-Is, Courtlsml street, a d of eith-r of the Managers, or at tlie landings on the morning of the excursion. " ?'?"lie re?lnnents on board. w 17 lwimn CJilJAl' AND H LA L'l 11 V hXCl'K.-H >N T( ? SANDY HOOK, Passing around the Lignt Boat, outside of the It ? r, giving pas seu^eri a fine oppoituuity of viewing the Ocean ai.d Tavern lloiiies. cros>i g over to R01 kiway Beach. "1 Tilt. fait and substantial teamliOJt WAVE, |* will make the above eic iisiou ou Suiulav, ?? ?? ir August 17th ? leaving II ns uond itreet atone !>'? lock; Canal stieet at hull-past oue ; and I'ler No. 1, East River, at two o'clock P.M. Fare, for the whole excursion, only 25 cents. an 17 It* in SUNDAY AFTEROON EXCURSION DuWN THE BAY, LANDING AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND. jgM THK new and favorite Steamboat m*"y?j0RlCHMQND, Captain T. M. l)ougherty,Will jEMBoflUbitiake au excursion down the Bay on r>undsy afternuou, Aug. 17, and rouud to at the Narrows , atfordiug a fine view of the forts on Long and Staten Island, as well , s the open sea, by which passengers will en.ioy invigorating bre?7.e?, binding at Clifton, Stat -11 Inland. Leaving the Pier at the foot of Montgomery street, E R., at 1 o'clock; Seventh street, E H., at 15 minute* past 1; Delancey street at half lust t; Pike street at 2; and Pier No. I, E R , at half-past 2. Returuing, leave CI. (ton at half past 5 o'clock. Fare 12>? cents each way. alG 2t*rc EXCUHSION TO GLLN COVIi. aa The fine steamboat ROBERT L. STE Cf . it\.vrj)?VENS. Captaiu R. L. Mabie, will ou Sanday, IB 1" August 17th, make au excurs.on to Olen Cove? leaving the foot of Hammond street at 1 o'clock; Canal street 1 '4 ; pier No. 1, N. H., 1*?; Pike street 1%; and Delancey mreet at 2 o'clock, P. M. Returning to the city at 7. This excursion will afford a fine opportunity to view the chaimiuit scenery of the East River, and many of it.< most | lie lUtiful and int? e?ting places, such as Blackwcll's Island Hallett'a Cove, Hell Oate, and Throg's Point, with its cele brated lor'ificatious. Passage 25 ce'Hs each way. a!5 3tis*r EXCURSION TO THE FISHING KANKv .WJ ml The steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS. " l*?V'i^lrf*Caiitain R. L Mabey, will make au excuuiou dBLto the Fishing Banks every Tuesday, Thurs day aud Friday, during the season. LeaviiiH I lain inoud street at o'clock, A. M., CuiihI street at 8M, Pike aud Delancey streets at 9, and Tier No. 1, N. R., at | 9>S o'clock? retu ruing to the city in good season. Bait furnished gratis. Liues at a small charge. Fare 50 ceuts. al2 6tis"i STEAMER "GREAT BRITAIN." IT being impossible to open the above ship to the whole community on the present oc casion, or to make distinction in reuard to I admission without giving offeuce; and in ivieiv of the great expense i cu red by tbe owners in detaiuiug her in order to gratify public has been determined to fellow the plau adopted iu London, Liverpool, aud ether ports, aud charge a small sum for ad mi s siou. Notice is therefore herel y given, that the ship will be open for public inspection this Jay from 12 to 5 o'clocjt. and ou mc ceedimr days, (Sunday excepted, ) till further notice, between the hours ot 10 and 5 o'clock Price ofadiniuion to the ilup will be 25 ceuts, aud to the en gine 00111, 12,'a cents additional. Tickets to the 4ii|i to be had 011 the wharf lougside, and to th> engine room, ou board. A portion of the proceeds of the collection, after paying ex penses, will be given to the Asylums for the Blind and Deal and Dumb, and the Fire Department. New York, August 11, 1145. all 2vvis rc PACK KT FOR MAKSMLLES? l he i.acket ? ship GASTON, Captain S.epheu Coulter, will sail ?on the 1st of September. h'or freigft: or i>assage. ?ppy to CHAIVlBEMLAIN Si PHELPS. 103 h'ront st., or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, *16 rh No. 9 Touliue Building, cor Wall and Water its. TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, BETWEEN NEW . OVLK AND GALVESTON. i Hr. Siilmcril pri liave established a regulnr Line of Packets between New Yoik and Galveston, to s.iil from each | ort on the lirst day of each month, ?? The Brit; EMPIRE, Cap'i ;n Baxter, to sail from New York Ut September next, and irom Galveston 1st November next Hie Ship STAR REPUBLIC, Captain Mosi, to sail from New York 1st October ucxt, and from Galveston lit Decem ber next. The Biijf G. B. LAMAR, Captain Richardson, t:< sail Irom New V ork 1st November next, and from Galveston 1st Janu ary next. The Brig MARY, Captain Norms, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, mid thereafter in regular succession. These \ easels tre nil of superior class, having line cabin accommodations, are ably commanded, will sail punctually as dvert seJ, and lake ireight anil passeiige.*s at the lowest rates. William Ilendley and Co. will be the established Agents at Gahcstou, and give < fficient nttentiou to the business of tht line, nud all other business directed to them; and also make 'ilieral advanct s ou cons gumeurs. Goods directed to the i are of the Subscribers, will be regu Inrly foi warded, free Irom commission. And Shippers ma\ relv on Lighters at Galveston to tranship cargo from thence, iiia upon its being regularly forwarded, according to instruc [ions, if consigned to the care of William Hendley and Co., (Jalvestou. For Ire igut or pass-^e, apply to BROWER ?* NEILSON, >U< linis*ec No 91 Front street. New York. NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS. SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. 1M1E SUBSCRIBER would resiiectftilly inform them, that lie has been in the employ of the late Samuel Demiltover years, anil the late Samuel Penult haying bequeathed t? ?mil the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, and the tide of the Obseiratory, it is Ilis iutentiou to continue ( in corniec iion with his son) the business ol manufacturing, repairing and rating Chronometeri, and dealing in Nautical Instruments Charts, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, fcc., ?t the old srind, No. 2'JO Pearl street D. EOGERT. jn6 lmeiMl*rc r.AL,V ANl/ibO IKUA A.ND UN 1 t ALVANIZED SHKET IKON AND TIN, a veiv ?u W perior article, warranted not to rust Also, Tin Plate, fihee Iron. Russia Sheet lion, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch ir.I Ainel icon Ph: Iron for sale h* CA8H St W AH D writ No 7? Broml LAURENT BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, AVE just received bv the latest Packets, a large ass oit mem of e'liirely new styles of Fancy Goods, consisting if < aihinere-de-cosse Muslin de Lai lies, AUpacca. tic Also, t v-ry large assortment of Broche and Printed Shawls, kc. No. 4 William street jy29 lm*r iV1A(tA81N JAPAN Alb, OU Dunlin Htrcet \H. PAKKK.ll, Agent, from Amsterdam, most respect ? fully informs his friends and tlie public in (federal, that lehu leceived a magnificent collection of ancient Oil Paintings aid Antiquities, consisting of Japanese. Porcelain Jars and \ a ?es, Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, Cups and Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Groups and Figures; < u|>s and Saucers; an ieig Fans of the 18th eentnry; anil two Ebony Wooden Carved \rm Chairs, from the years IJ48 and 1577, formerly Inlonged to ?he Cardinal Ximenies, (ireat Inquisitor of Spain, such as .ever has been teen in this country} of which he can distnise it moderate prices. Ladies and (ien'lemen, If you wish to real yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved Chain, for rati- olic Churches; >o be seen 'torn 10 A. M. till 6 P. M je27 2m * rh HARDWARE 1'HE SUBSCRIBERS have constantly 011 hand a full as sort incut of every quality and variety of Needles, iuclud'ng I aru Needles, Bxdkuis. Knitting Pins; Glove, Harness, Mill 1 nsrs, ( henille, Worsted. Kug, Beading, Netting, Sail and Pack Need It s. WAKRIN'S DRILLED EYED NEEDLES, ire warrented superior to any kind offered lor sale in tliel, lilted States, and from their well known reputation, merchants will linil tin 111 more saleable than any otlier they can offer. They have always on hand a good auortmeut of Warrin's celebrated Fish Hooks, put up 111 every stjie. Also, a Urge assortment of Silk, Hemp, 11 nr and China Grass Lines, Cork Floats, and every variety of Fancy I" ishing Tackle. Also, a large assortment of Wade's U. Butcher's R /on, I'ocket md Table Knives, Scissors, Iron and German Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, Ice., lie. All which is of lered to the trade on the best term*. J. m T. WARRIN, jy3fl Itn'r 72 Maiden Lane. J. R STOUVENEL, IMPORTER OF WINF.S, No. 39 John street, informs his I friends and the lovers of good Wines generally, that in order fo snpply the great demand, he has made arrangements to have ilways in store, and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines ol lie lirst quality, from the proprietors direct. The well known houses following are sufficient recommen dation of the qualities of the Wines, without further details )' Fr"ycl,erl?n k OUMti"? I Proprietors of V.gnobles, Cape Geiv'aU, $ at Bordeaux. N. B.? J. B. 8 undertake* to sell Wine for family use, by the doten or gallon. j > 2! I m*e c AMUSEMENTS. HAH K THRATRt. FIRST NIGHT OF THE SEASON. Monday JCtenlng, iu^iui Mh. The performance will MOimeMe with the pWy of the LAD* oFl.YONs. Pauline, Mri. MuwiU Claude Meluotl*, Mr. Crisp Col. Duiu VrBai Beauseaut Mr Fleming Dnclitpnllai Mr McDousll After which, Fancy Dance by Miss Vsllee's To conclude wtb A ROLAND FoR AN OLIVER. Sir Mark Cli ase Mr Bass Hon Alfred Highilyar Mr Roberts Maria Darlington MiaaMou Price of Admission? Boxes, 75 cents; Pit, 30 cents; Gallery, 26 ceuta. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rite precisely at 7 o'clock. iA ''JSI* uuulbei of Season Tickets may be obtained out Office. o at the I MOWKKV THKATa? MniKlity Kvrnlng, August IHtli, Will lie presented Pl/AHRn. Rolls, J 11 Scott | Aiulibs, Milner Orozemhu, Davenport High Print, McKeon Pizarro, Henkina I Almsr.o, Sutli-r land Alonzo. CUrk I Las Cuu, Vache Sentinel, Hadaw.iy | Union, John ton Cora, Mrs Phillips 1 Elvira, Mr* Madison Alter which A New Overture by th ? Powerful Orchestra. To conclude with THE SHOEMAKER OF TOULOl 8E. Jacob OJ' t, J K Scott I Duke of Fronsac, Dxvnport Mulner, Henkina Andrew Kemon, McKeon Pajot , Vache I Henry P.tjot, Claras Minis Sartige, Milner < hignard, Hidaway Adelaide, Mrs Phillip* J Margaret, Mr* Serjeant I Lower Boies ill cents; Second and Third Tier*, iSJ tts.; Pit and Oallery, 12)* rent*. Doors will open at a tjuirler before 7, the curUin will rite at half-|wst7. fAVl'LK UAUUE&. The Castle (Hrden is open every day from sunrise, att'or luir superior opportunities lor reading, meditation or undisturbed promenade? within this vast building or on the upper or lower galleries commanding the sea. SACREI) MUSIC and~SU\l)A Y CONCERT. Admittance, 12), cent*. Sunday K veiling. Annual 1? lit. The following ?election*, comprising 1 1 . composition* of the Kit ai est and best masters, will COt?stitu:e Hie Masn .il Arrangements PROGRAMME. KART I. 1. Aria, from the Creation Handel. 2. Prayer of Mo*e* in Egypt Haydeu 3. "Rest,*pint rest" Rooke 4. Chorus, Hosaniiah lu the Highest" Handel Itvl'U Clnuiit Auher 0. Vital Spark of Heave.. Ij Flame Rev. Dr. Hawes An Intermission of Half an Hour. FART 11. 7. Grand Adagio Handel K. Ari i with Chorus Kulfuer 9. "Repose in Peace" Blooratield 0. The Deaerted Abbey Bishop II. Kve's Lamentation Bloomfield The Concert to begin at 8 o'clock During the \\ hole day , the splendid and esteusive Saloon will be thowu open to v sttors, who may enjoy themselves b) viewing the romantic scenery of laud and water spreading in every direction, as 21 door-ways lead to the upper cvered plat forms, and an extensive entrance to ihe promenade on a level with liie sea. will enable ihe lover of usture to ex th> most beautiful prospect in New Nork. Setts and convenien ces aie every wlie.e to be found for those h ho are inclined to meditate or read a.'one. al7 CASTLE GAKlJKlt. (H/- AilnilSHlon it5 Ceiiti.^f! Great Miutii'al Attraction ! Piopiietor* Messrs. French sad lltuv Grand Entertainment ! The proprietor* respectfully announce 'hat they have enga ged, for a limited number of nights, the Burlesque Ethiopian Operatic Troupe, so favorably know u and received at Palme's Italian Opera llouae. First night of BLACK DIABOLO Monday livening, Auguit lNth. The performance will commence with the Mock Operaof BLACK DIABOLO. Q7*Intermuson ofHalf an Hourfor Promenade and Refresh menu. The range of stilendid Cosmorama* will be open for inspection The aecond part will commence with Grand Overture? Orcheitra. Pas Coinique Mr Parsloe Oallo|>? Orche*tra. CA*Doori open at hall-past 6 o'clock. Perform**?* to ?ot? raence at So'clock. niBLU'S GARDKA. Monday Evening, Au^uat 18th. Will be presented the highly popular piece of THE IRISH LION. Tom Moore Mr Brougham Mr Puffy Andertou Capt Dixon Gallagher Mis* F.cho Mis* Roberts Mrs Fizgig Mrs Watts Mrs Ciummy Mrs Deering IT/3" Intermission of Half an Hour J j Pag de Deux by iVliss** Celeste and Partington To conclude with OTKLLO. Otello Mr T D Rice Desdemona, Miss Matthews I Duke of Venice, Chippendale Brab intio, John Sefton I lago, T Placide Roderigo, Audeiton | Ludovico, Gallagher .?Au efficient Police frill always oe m atteafiiace to tain good order and keep all improper persons out. {JO- Ticket* Fifty Cents. -fij} A limited number of Season Tickets will be disposed of. irTTerfrcniance to coramer.ce at So'clock. Doors open .it 7 o'clock. i?AUIt THKATKfc. RE-OPENED FOR THE SEASON. illonday, Aug. 18, 1*45. THE PUBLIC is reapec'fully inloimed that this establish' ment will be opened lot the Season ou the above day, with a stroiu and efficient company. Engagements have been entered iuto for limited periods with MRS. CHARLES KEAN. l.-.te MISS ELLEN TREE, and MR. CHARLE8 KEAN, MISS D'ARCY. 8IO ROPHINO LACY, MR. REEVE and MR. B ROUGH. MRS. MOW' ATT, ? R. HACKETT, and other foreign and native Artists of celeority, whose names will hereafter be advertised. MRS BLAND. late MISS FAUCITT. MISS GORDON, MR. BLaND. and MR BASS, from the principal English Theatres, are daily eipected and will make their first appearance at the commeuceirwnt of the Season, together with MR ROBERTS, front the Theatre Covent Gnrden. N. B. The Boi Office will be opened on Saturday, the 16th instant. aU rc SPARRING EXHIBITION. TBELCHEK KAY.of Bostou, assisted by Robert I'erry, ? of Baltimore, Win. Harrington and Country McLlusk of this city, will give a Sparring Exhibition, at the Minervtt Rooms, on Monday eeeuing, and us most of the Scientific Sparters ofti'U city hive promised to set-too on this occaiou ? Brand treat to the id mi ers of this manly art Is anticipated. j Doors will ope. i at li?lf-pa?t 7 o'clock? Sinrriiu will com meuce at 8 o'clock- Tickets SO cents, to be lindat the door. a!7 at*m __ OOLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OP BEAUTIFUL PAIN TI N Q S , So. :403 Broadway, New York. MAXIMILIAN'S Ore itaud Sulendid work, brum his tour through the United State*, illnstra'ed with Eighty En cravings, eller the manner of drawinas in large folio ? with. ? uarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly pat ui tor the Draw mg hooui. A few Mpies only primed iu EuglisK No stranger should visit the City without calling in lose* the Great Colle1 tioe of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, ?? toll ars ottered "at greatly reduced prices." The Puhl.c Sale H orn is filled with hooks ofrvery kind, in various Ituimr.Kes, to see which, and the Print Room, no charge is mad Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment ie fitted up for the EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED C HOICK PICTURES, by ancieut aud modern Masters ? to view which, a small charge .if US cents is required. HERALDRY. The Arms of Individuals whose families originated in any country in Europe, traced and splendidly emblaxoned ou vel Iiiui, equal iu eiecution, and at one third the charge of the Lon don Meraid's Colleges. Oenealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated. JugT PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GKOAGE WASHINGTON, with his arms and crest, as woru upon his carriage. Price only Si 50? in colors A f uriosity jet3eodtfm MUSIC. A Rare Opportunity of Acquiring a Thorough Mtutiral 'Education. G1 H. DERWORT. Professor of Siigiiig, Guitar and Piain I ? Forte, has opened a c ass Cor V ou ,g Ladies, from 7 to II' ve .rs of age, ..inoug whom are three of his own daughters, whom he proposes to thoroughly instiuctin the art of Singing. Mr Derwort's system is tile result of many years observation and e*|>erietiee, ilnring which he ha* successfully taught in Iter many, London, and New \ork. His method cannot lail to im part to Ins pupils a clear perception, and alhorough knowledge of the grammatical principles of music, with th. ability to har monize any simple given melody. Parents and Ituatdians are invited to call at his Rooms, <27 Broa.iway . when every iaqeiry will be answered Terms per annum, payable quarterly in advan Les | sons tin ee times a week. Private instruction as heretofore, al2 Im rh MUSIC. REMOVED to No. RS Franklin street, one door East ol Broadway, M. DUM8DA * , Professorof the Ouitar, Sing ing, Accordeon, and Violin, continues to teach Ladies and Gen tlemen of New York the above fashionable instruments, he., ill a comparative short tine, by his new Minlysing and luductivr System. Terms reasonable. M. D. will go. as usual, to the residences ol Ins pupils to an) part ol the city, hy the stages. Satisfactory city .11111 other re ferences given ou application at No. 65 Franklin street. jyjl I m * m STUART, HAIR DRESSER. C1II AKI.ES J. STUART. La ies' and Gentlemen's Hair J Dresser, woald respectfully inform ins old patrons, and th.- public generally, that he has leiumed to his former loca lion. No. !t Murray street, up stairs, where they will find him ready to do r.ny thing in his line of business with prompt ess and skill. au l Im'ec BRONZE POWDERS AND METAL LEAF, (DUTCH METAL.) I^HE SUBSCRIBERS have jnst received and keep constant . lyoii hand large stocks of thesu articles, whirh they im port direct tiom their manufacturer in Germany, to the full sa tisfaction of their old and new customers. LEOPOLD KUH h CO.. No. 15, formerly 6)i Wall stveet, nest door to Adams it < 0. jy31 Im'm AGENCY AT NliVV ORLEANS, La. ?' rpiIE SUBSCRIBER offers his services 111 the Settlemen JL of CUim* in this city, or its vicinity. 0i,ijk , I lection of Accounts, Notes, Drafts, Dividends, or any tion swhatever. Refers to Messrs. ft. fc D. Parish, / ? y u L. M. Wiley ?t 1-o.l >New yor*. JokpIi Kemociiau, CONREY, Jr. Orleans. July 13th. IMS J..,,. WAkO having been burnt out, have removed t C A^reNo. ? Broa^l/Uon the corner of Stone strjt^ Fin T _<7iflu Sheets Patent Adh-sn e Sheathing Felt, a very I desirable article, either for ships b at^s. or roofs of houses, lor sal* by *. K. COLLIHifcCO^ j houses at ec LAiiJitS i iiN i kLLiGLlsOii.. BY LAST BVKRUO'I HAIU The Elections. The returns come slowly in. but what there is of them show an evident increase in the democratic vote. In the districts where the elections are taking place considerable apathy or inditlerence prevails in the matter; this, in some measure, will account for the loose and impertect manner in which the returns ore made. The only returns that are now looked for with any interest are those from Tennessee and Ala. bama, and ihey, like the majority of the previous, are democratic so tar. The following is a summary of the latest returns: ? TENNESSEE. The election was held on the 7th inst. It was for Governor, eleven members of Congress, and mem bers of the Legislature, which is chosen biennially. The last Legislature contained a whig majority in both houses. Ephraim K. Foster, late of the U. 8. Senate, is the whig candidate lor Governor, and Aaron V. Brown, late ol the U. S. House of Repre sentatives, the democratic candidate. The news thus lar received is highly favorable to the democratic party. Mr. Brown is undoubtedly elected governor by about 2, 00() votes, and the pros |iect of a democratic majority in the legislature is flattering. The only counties where th&.democrats expected to gain members, which have yet been heard from, (( iiles and Bedford each one member,) have realized their expectations. Far Congress, in the 1st district, Andrew John son (deni ) beats the notorious Brownlow about 2, (KM), notwithstanding his long epistles and violent tirades. In the district represented in the last Con gress by L>. W. Dickinson, Gentry (whig) beats Neilson (wing), (Gov. Jones's prott^i,) by a very large majority. In the Maury district, B Martin, Esq., (dem.) is elected. The lollowing are the majorities lor Governor, as far as heard Irom, contrasted with the vote for Pre sident last full : ? 1844. 1845. Polk. Cluy. Hrown. Jam i. Majority. Majority. Hawkins 21*. ? 240 ? Hiillivau 1.N8 ? 1,13ft ? Washington 344 ? 381 ? Bedford. 71 ? 116 ? Vilwn ? 1,56., ? 1,269 Davidson ? 182 ? ft83 Kutlierl'ord ? 2!I0 ? 134 ltoberUon ? 32? ? 322 Sumner 1,13(> ? 1,080 ? Lawrence i8 ? 62 ? Maury 696 ? 609 ? 3.703 2.6S9 3,622 2,328 Democratic gain since last fall, 290. The Nashville lVhi% of the 9th, (thu leading whig paper in the State,) gives this cold comfort to its friends, in commenting upon the returns received. "From Williamson county we hear ol a falling off of between 200 and 300 votes from the whig vote ol lust year, though we have received no returns. "Thus far the .news is decidedly unfavorable to the whigs. Mr. Clay's majority over Mr Polk in the whole State was only 113 votes. Mr. Foster has already fallen behind Mr. Clay's majoritv five or six hundred votes; and should the returns from a few more counties continue to exhibit a correspond ing loss on the part of the whigs, the general result will prove unfavorable lor them, beyond a doubt." In Davidson connty, Tennessee, in which Nash ville is situated, Mi. Folk was beaten in the guberna torial election of 1843, 583 votes. In 18*4, (the presidential election) he was again beaten 682. ? In the late election (1845) Mr. Brown was beaten by Mr. Foster in this (his own) county, 583. Close running for three years. ALABAMA. Din. Confrrs J, 1645. Congress, 1844. 1 Dargan, (D.) James Belle tt, (IV.) 9 Hillimrd, (W.) J. E. Belter, (D.) a W S Yancy, (D.) Wm L. Yancey, (D.) 4 W W. Payne, (D.) W. W. Payne, (D.) 5 G. S. Houston, (D.) U. 3. Houston, (D ) t> H. Chapman, (D.) Reuben Chapman, (D.) 7 Kelix(i.McConneIl(D) Felix G. McConnell,(D.) Parties stand as they were. The election of the last on the list, Felix G. M'Connell, should it prove true, will certainly astonish all, not even excepting himself. The returns for Governor from the Southern part of the State, are strongly in favor of Martin, inde pendent democrat, m the counties heard trom, he is something like 4000 ahead of Terry, the regular democratic candidate. It is, however, by no means certain that he is elected, as Terry resides in the Northern part of the State, where ihey can shell out ?m immense number of votes, neatly all democratic. Chancellor Martin resides in Tuscaloosa, which county gives him a rnajo rity of 298. His msjority in Pickens county is over 800, and in Marengo 862. It is now certain that there will be aj democratic majority in the Senate as well as in the House. Of course a democratic U. S. Senator will be elected. INDIANA. Dis. Congress. Moj. 1. K. Dale Owen, D., 1000 ?J. T.J. Henley, D., 900 8. Thos Smith, 1) 691 4. Caleb tt. Smith, W. 1600 6. William W. Wick, D 1600 6. John W. Davii, D., 1600 7. E. W. McUauKhey, W, 178 8. John Pettit, D., 666 0. Charles W. Cathcart, D., 200 10. Andrew Kennedy, D., Sea ate. Whigs. Dem. Hold over 15 IT Elected now, Henry Co 1 ? " Jennings and Barthulemew. . . 1 " Hendricks 1 - " Harrison ? 1 gain " Putnam 1 gain. ? Shelby ? 1 Johnson ? 1 Vermillion 1 ? Hamilton, Bodhe and Tipton ? 1 M Joseph, Marshall and Kulton, (vacancy). . 1 ? Jackson and Scott ? 1 Knox I ? Uibson, Pike and Dubois, (vacancy) ? 1 Warren, Benton, White, Pulaski and Jasper. 1 ? Brown and Monroe ? 1 gain. Elkhart, Kosciusco and Whitley 1 22 26 Two districts to be heard from, both represented in the last Senate by whigs. One of them will pro nably elect a Democrat, having given a democratic majority of at the last presidential election. House of Representatives. Whigs. Democrat!. Before reported 33 46 Lagrange and Noble ..? 1 gain. Elkhart ? I Kosciusco ;uio Whitl?y ? 1 gain. Srenbeu and De Kalb ? 1 Allen , 1 _ M SO The democratic majority in the House will be about twenty. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Washington, Aug. 15, 18-15 ? 10 P. M. The Hnal Insanity of Mexico ? Movement ? ? Speculations and Results. As we intimated to-day, the southern mail of this evening brings news from Mexico decisive of war. Poor, poor, poor Mexico. What is she to do 1 She is preparing, or has written the warrant of her own execution. Poor, weak, infatuated and miserable nation 1 She is doomed to the fate of Carthage, without either her justice or heroism{of defence. We cannot, however, much to the advantage of her people, look upon the extinction of her name from the nations, but with the same melancholy feelings that we look upon a dying man, whose crimes of ignorance, imbecility, and ten'^rity, have doomed him to the penalty of the law. Poor, poor, misera ble Mexico ? the richest, the poorest, the freest, the most enslaved and weakest of nations, what in ihe name of <Jod is to be done with her deluded, priest-ridden, heterogeneous, piebald population T Shall they be swept Irom the face of the earth like the ancient Canaanites^ No! We expect to show them justice, tempered with mercy. To end the war at once ? to stop all her piratical calculations on the sea ? let a strong force, sufficient to capture all her opposing forces, be inarched upon her palace, and with our army in her central citadel, let us dic tate a treaty of peace that shall tend to her better be haviour in the future, and that shall stand as an ex ample of magnanimity to the nations of the earth. Our forces already concentrated in Texas on her southern frontiers, a i ount to 1500 regulars, in fantry, and dragoons, under Taylor and Twiggs. Harney has been ordered down fiom Arkansas with his dragoons ? Major Ringgold with his flying artil lery from Port McHenry? 50? men from Fortress Monroe in the Chesapeake?a detachment from Fort Hamilton? so that alto ether we shall. have by the first of September an effective lorce, indepen dent of volunteers, ol 8,000 regulars on the Mexican ^/n the Gulf we have a squadron of eight vessels of war with an aggregate of two hundred gnus and up wards ? three more hliips are ordered down? while, on the Pacific side, we have a fleet of ten phips in process of concentration to the blockade, at the sig nal, off the coast of California. With such a force as this, thus concentrated against her, Mexico is bound hand and foot. War with her on such terms is a mere farce ? a sham light ? a fen de joie. The Secretary of State is keeping late hours over his official papers to-night. We shall have a unani mous spirit of co-operation in the cabinet to-inor row. And we are assured, that if the exigency re quire it, if the necessity for incidental expenditures should demand incidental appropriations. Congress will be convened, in anticipation of its regular meet ing, for the purpose of seconding by its authority, and sustaining the staunch gooa spirit of the Ad ministration. And now we will tell you why so many Catholics

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