Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1845 Page 3
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tha tilini WdM??n?Mf wwld pn&m ? tartar tin* I provemant in conUMreiftl affair*. Our currency it not ' yet valuable enough, it do?* not yat coma naar enough to the standard of tha currency of otkar countnaa. Wo want greater restriction* placed upon our banking imti tutiona, before we can compete with all nation* in price*, or before we can bring the coit of production* in thi* country down to a point low enough to enable u* to as. port more largely to foreign countrioa, and ahut out | more effectually the production* of other nation*. We annex a table, giving the condition of every bank, in operation, in tha State. The leading item* only are given, a* they are eufficient to show the movement of | each imtitution. Bank* or the State of New Tore on the First Day ok Avu., 1(45. ?i t Q 3 ^ o u 5 ? 1*1 J" . a K Hmikt. a 'J Specie, .ji"? i J"S 1 til ill ?t 2S a 4 ? Agricultural Bk. (7,911 1,(66 ? 22,(03 Albany City Bk.. (13,540 41,618 5,331 118,476 ?Alb. ExcBk... 357,549 1,136 ? 51.630 ?Am. Exc. Bk. ..2,003,993 347,903 ? 184,828 ?Amenia Bk 2,392 500 ? 49,322 Atlantic Baiik. . . 892,309 27,279 3,966 233,419 ?BlIUtonSpBk.. 92,282 3,626 ? 64,054 Bk of Albany .. . 341,177 11,042 32,310 79,776 ?Bk of Albion... 20,404 1,981 ? 44,680 Bk of America... 3, 634,4*9 1,019,426 26,673 207,430 ?Bk of Attica... 106,413 3,619 ? 42,180 Bkof Auburi 234.979 11,086 14,873 146,183 ?Buik of Central New York 120,446 4,38*1 ? 67,410 Bk of Chenango. . 212,946 *1.221 11,141 110, 1*1 ? Bk of Comuierce.3, 168,478 737,214 ? 297,404 ? Bk ofCormuii... 81,143 3.290 ? 61,371 ?Bkof Daiuville. 41, SM 4,018 ? 79,369 Bkul Genesee... 139,191 8,326 6,779 133,016 Bk of Geneva 612,809 17,783 17,817 261,779 Bkof Ithaca 219,888 6,73(1 4,000 188,041 ?Bk of Kinderh'k. 70. U > 3,481 ? 44,174 Bit of Lausiiigbii'h. 216,176 6,410 7,242 117,604 ?Bk of Lowville. . 76,160 1,681 - 41,921 Bit of Monroe 414,734 7,89-) 8,241 181,122 Bk of Newburgh. . 244,011 13,789 19,488 82,401 ? B uik of New Ro cbelle 7,400 80 ? Bkof N.York... 1,926,698 648,213 86,812 Bk of Orange Co. . 213,004 7,628 33,670 Bk of Oi leans . , . 248,936 6,910 3,139 139,142 Bk of Owego 230,168 11,420 1,741 139,648 Bk of Poughkeep'e. 224.834 16,440 4,671 119,132 Bk of Rocheater. . 227,949 4,374 ? 128,914 Uk of Rome 197,681 8.631 3,313 119,384 BkofSalina 196,473 7,103 1,864 114,849 ?Bkof S. Creek. . 101,113 4,130 ? 77,77 2 Bk of the State of New York. ... 2,978,441 664,486 8,308 ?Bk of Syracuse. . 192,702 4,646 ? Bkof Troy 822,931 13,736 23.424 98,017 Bk of Utica 491,234 18,868 12,444 124,400 Branch of do at Ca nandaigua 107,718 8,313 ? 89,646 ?Bkof Vernon... 48,810 2,771 ? 47,947 ?BkofWatertw'n 31,081 4,713 ? 36,791 ?Bk of Waterville 42,868 4,884 ? 69, IW Bk of Whitehall. . 174,007 8,446 5,644 119,910 ?Bank of Whites town 71,818 2,192 ? 57,715 ?Blk River Bk. . 40,998 3,805 ? 24,463 Brooklyn Bank... 97,790 7,367 2,067 35,420 Broome Co. Bk.. . 181,651 8,889 4.268 126,096 Butchers' Ik Dro ve?' Bank 1,131,927 119,174 8,253 244,443 Canal Bk Albany. 591,030 18,275 4,201 65,236 ?Canal Bank oi Lockport 290,362 10,001 ? 135,780 Catskill Bank. . . . 131,251 4,119 14,780 57,167 Cayuga Co. Bk. . 372,452 11,420 6 733 203,255 Ceutral Bank... 222,003 6,044 7,243 135,991 Chautauuue Comi ty Bank 162,998 7,547 5.689 114,871 ?Chemical Bk. . . 831,537 71,990 ? 241,499 Chem'g Canal Bk 311,679 6.624 3,389 186,594 City B uik 1,457,341 168,546 16.010 197,488 Commercial Bk of Albany 487,186 16,671 8,301 111,229 ?Commerc'l Bk of Rocheater 234,138 7,837 ? 161,623 ?Commercial Bk of Troy 190,349 1,774 ? 44,420 'Delaware Bk... 124,796 1,901 ? 81,668 ?Drovers' Bk of Cattaraugus Co. 58,713 2,127 ? 99,998 Essex Co. Bank. . 218,494 4,444 8,126 136,452 ?Exchange Bk of Buffalo 3,033 10.299 ? 14,000 ?Do. of Genesee. . 29.382 3,151 ? 42,181 ?Do. of Lockport. . 60,826 3,346 ? 52,870 ?Fanners' Bank of Amsterdam 62,642 2,206 ? 43.751 ?Do. Bkof Hudson. 115,345 6,028 ? 78.102 ?Do. Bk of Troy. . bl4,941 15,102 25,387 152,974 ?Farmers' (t Dro vers' Bank of Erie County... 10,014 ? ? 10,971 ?Do at Sotners. . . 75.880 6,374 ? 33,196 Farmers' Si Manu uufacturers' Bk. 4(5,150 22,549 5,676 186,516 ?Farm's' h Mech's Bk of Geuesee. ? 12,766 3,124 ? 30.870 ?Do Ogdeuburgh. . ? 392 ? 214,849 ?Do. Rochester.. . 999 1,636 ? 63,900 ?Fort Plain Bk .. . 48,531 2,016 ? 46,128 ?Fulton Bk 1,087,984 141,355 ? 220,455 ?Ganesee Co. Bk. . 40.880 4,906 ? 43,375 Greenwich Bk... 3*2,673 41, ill 5,081 104,403 Herkimer Co Bk. . 279,186 9.171 4,820 120,578 Highland Bk 331,539 11,806 5,478 175,121 Hudson River Bk. .' 275^5 7,345 7,412 126,029 ?Junes Bank.. . .mm ? ? 48.439 Jefferson Co. Bk.. #0,544 13,588 9,829 143,092 Kingston Bank. . . 312,87 1 8,444 1,670 138,432 Leather Manf Bk. .1,314.667 139.211 13,121 248,794 Lewis Co. Buk.. . 83,447 2,264 2,448 63,915 Livingston Co. Bk. 216, 4&4 4,669 7,864 130,611 "Lockport Bauk St Trust Company. . ' 131,240 1,470 ? 93,262 Lone Island Bk .. . 495,437 20,793 ? 34,400 'Lui r Wright's Bk 111,817 4,817 ? 49,040 Madison Co. Bk. . 186.263 4,095 4,182 126 844 Manhattan Com'y. .1,616,093 436,429 52.1 6 Mechanics' Bk... 2, 421, 199 660.241 48,874 ?.vlrrh Banking As sociation 444,344 124,307 ? 318,481 Mech* Ik Farm's Bk 493,100 31,244 24,333 116.984 Mechs liTradV Bk 470,444 46.B34 12,721 124,947 Merchants' Bk... 3, 4 14, 447 1,022, 166 46,694 318,780 '.Merchants' Bk of ( anandaigua, ... ? ? ? 24,000 Do. of Erie Co.. . 14,784 1,746 ? 24,999 ?.VleicbauU' Bk iu Poughkeepsie .. . 74.181 8,712 ? 49,438 Merch nits' Ex. Bk. 1,482, 143 113,430 6,969 204,481 Merchants' & Far'* Bk of Ithaca... 7,044 ? ? 37,200 ?.vler's k Far's Bk of Putnam Co.. 55,194 1,731 ? 58.436 Merch's 4c Mech Bk 479,122 II, 190 1,451 91,174 'vliddletown Bk. . 48,339 1,5)3 ? 57,465 Mohawk Bank... 220,570 6.1176 375 53,' 04 'Mohawk Vnl'y Bk 46,295 4,!M2 ? 49,038 Montgom'y Co. Bk 148,464 6,311 4,943 90.848 Natiounl Bank ... 1,260,340 331,988 12,481 199,712 New Vork Dry Dock Cnmpa'y. . 383. RW 11,746 4,226 48.832 N. Y. State Bank. . 490,179 22,449 30,422 73,704 ?N. Y. Stock Bk. . 14,143 1,374 ? 71,946 ?North River Bk. .1,117,962 144,298 ? 310,362 Ogslensbargh Bk. . 116,204 7,444 4,366 104,981 Oliver Lee IkCo's Bank 363.636 13,618 ? 102,324 Oneida Bank 467,174 14,743 4,091 182.124 Onoudaga Co Bk. 287.851 14 349 7,440 140,782 Ontariw Bank. . . . 274,431 4,664 4,804 91,047 Ontario Bill Bk.. 325, 624 4.246 ? 61,693 Ouego Co. Bank. 229,844 10,102 4,989 130,753 ?Palmyra Bank. .. 9,747 627 ? 13,446 ?Patchin Bank. . . 198,443 9,398 ? 63,012 I'llenix Bank. ... 1,613,459 216,743 7,810 389.260 ?i'ine Plains Bk. . 64,231 3,390 ? 77,062 'Powell Buik. . . 104,822 5.061 ? 68.946 ? Pratti rille Bk... . 134.741 2,644 ? 90,621 Roches r City Ilk 430 74 9 11,204 1,868 213.470 Sarkett's HarV Bk 262,418 7,749 3,911 13' ,731 Saratoga Co. Bk. . 161,988 4,2111 5,873 49,421 Scheneclad) Ilk . 244,518 7.221 ? 63,511 Seurca Co. Bk . . . 276,131 5.647 1/61 167 691 Seventh Ward Bk 87J.60I 81,374 7,098 227,643 Sdiebeii Co. Bk. . 301,143 4,1161 5,263 154,147 'Suffolk Co. Bk. . 9.561 2,281 ? i7,5?0 Tamers' Bank. .. 1(4,418 8.098 4,076 103,650 Tompkin'i Co Bk 3X4,191 8,281 3,491 181,624 Tradesmen's Bk. . 8,4,144 99.921 13,938 148,007 Troy City B o, k . 442,429 8,033 4,960 96,699 I'later Co. Bank. . 186,46 1 5,154 3,594 72,418 'L'intdilla Bank,. . 19,998 I.Oi'O ? 49,998 Union B uik 2,020,419 496,479 31,801 'WarienCo Bk. . 48.318 291 ? Wash I u'ii Co Bk 16,402 3,269 ? 47,247 Westchcs'r Co Bk 264,048 9,816 5,253 127,842 'While's Bank of Buffalo 114,146 4,020 ? 26,839 ?White H-iins Bk 16,640 3,300 ? 48,742 ?Wooster Sherin's 21,4(5 3,913 ? KO.OOl V ate* Co. Bank.. 217,493 4,444 6,358 138,061 (61,011.748 8.909,527 929, MS 17,534,11s 27.63fi.S20 Krer Banks, Tho Ogdensburgh Railroad Commissioners have met with n very favorable reception from the Bostonians? ami it is confidently anticipated that the remaining itock will lie taken by the Eastern capitalists. An assessment of ten dollars has been made by the I'.i ittleboro' Railroad Company, as they have determined t j complete tho work ai soon ui possible. There has been a decline in stocks in Boston, correa' ponding with the depression in this market and in Phila. dulphia. Kastem Railroad was lirni at (4 > *nd 7] for N H. ; Concord at 33 to 36, Kitchburg hold firmly, with small sales ;it 11 a i.'J; Cliarlostown Branch dull, at (HA, and I.owell at 17 a Id advance ; Worcester IHj, and Old Colony ,> per cent advance ; for Cheshire 9Hj) asked ; East Bostons have receded to 13], and Wilmington* to 1 1 ) ; Western Railroad dull at 4 per cent discount, with aoine anxiety to realize before the 400,000 dollars new atuck comes into market. State fives Arm at 4 per cent advance lor steiling. I'he receipts of the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad Company for the tirs: week iu Augnit this year and last were as follow* : Mohawk asp IlcnsoM Raii.hoap. riupongeis , , (2, 467 74 Freight 93 74 (i,S51 48 SHmo week last year 1,999 00 Excess in 1845 $ bii 48 Tho leceipts from Saratoga passengers were (491 50, against (304 So last year. Old Stock Exchange. ? 10080 C S5's, '13 coup 101 300 Canton Co 37 5<KKil 86'n, Kt 12m 110 SO do lilO 37 2ik>?i0 PciM S'j >30 71 12S d'l lil'i 37 2 '00 do 7t'i 100 do 1)10 37 4000 ItrsdliiK Bonds 67 25 rio 3*!;, 70(1 Oil in ?'?, '60 95 3511 Harlrm R R 62 2l (HM) I lid lilts sflO 33 (1.0 do ICO G."s Stl hIi i? Vnmlnirii IUhU 7 ^ M Lone Island R R 62K 5U Illinois Bk IS do 75 riifiut Bk Mi Morris Canal 225 do luo do .50 do Ml do Kill do WO dn inn do .'.o do I'lll ,l",~ ?ill Farmers 1 r 4 in Erie It R ill N?-? Jeriey 1 250 do 13 lno do l>30 04', 14 175 do b(ni 6ll, , 80 275 do 68% 3rd 27 no do ?30 #! 27 200 Stoiiiniitoii R R ?I5 28j, '30 27U 25 do s60 2*', l'*0 2MJ 150 Nor k Wore slw 66 li 225 do 88 ' , 1,3(1 66 At 27J4 200 do 07 M do .10 67 ??? ? do ,10 6>i'? ... J7-** 8 de s 10 88>? Ii60 33 24 do s20 86S W' JM) do hJO till1? .i;fi 2Ju 125 Re*din* R K i tt shas Morris Caul SO Ret dlutf KK UK I ? p i?u 100 Jo Mid il>i so Erie RR >w as 10 do iuw SI* Sew Htock Bzehange. bJ0 ** 1? Long Island R R ch 62* *.? " ^?r?*ri, Tr 3J>, JO du bJ 62 Si IS Morru Canal ch 27* SO do ch 6 iy, *J <j? 2? MO do ch 62* *1 da btw r it do .3 I it* " Jo 1.10 27 li Nor li Wore R R ch 67 2 J" 27* SO do s) 66Ji ?j? "ft 24 do slS 66* ? do s30 27 25 do ,3 67 SO do .10 27* SO do .30 66* ,?/. du/. r* a do ?3 MJH ISO Cautou Co ch 17 ? da i U 66K ?j# do JfiX 25 do ( w 66* 2S do tw 36 h 2S Harlem R R 62 Married. Kq Thursday evening, August 14th, 1846, by the Kev. vin K. Hatfield, Mr. William B. Little to MiaaC*a Oline Wabu, both of thia city. P. 8. Newburgh paper* please copy. Died. On the 19th inst., Bmdciet Walsh, aged 19 years, of (Queens County, Ireland. Her relatives and frienda, also those of her brother-in law, Francis Maver, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her brother-in-law, No. l'J Chambers street, on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. ? ? ? ? ? ? LAUNCH. NEW STEAM E R FOR TEXAS. MR. CHARLES MORGAN, to whose (individual enter prise the Texnris at least are deeply indebted, as the hrst person who established a steam communication between New Orleans and Texaa, is building a new steam snip 'to be called theGALVfcSTON, and to run in line with the NEW YORK, between New Orleans and Otlveiton, Tein. She will be launched from the yard of William H Brown, foot ol 12th St., Knit ttiver, at 12 o'clock, M., on Thursday, the 21st lust. She is 203 feet long, 27 feel, beam, ll>i feet hold, aud of about 60U tons burthen, built in the most substantial maimer for a sea going ship; no expense or pains hiving been spared in timber log ami fastening. Her engine, 44 inches cylinder and 10 feet stoke of piston, is being built at the well known establishment of T. (? . Secor at Co., which is saving all that is necessary to be said in it< favor. Her joiner work, done be Charles M. Simon son, will be of a very sujierior order of workmanship and ma terials. Her cabius, staterooms, See., are to be finished with hard wood. She is to he completed and leave for New Orleans aboot the lOihofO tober next, under the command of Captain John T. Wright, so lony and favorably known to the travelling public as a skilful navigator, and for the last seven or eivht years as the popular captain of the steam packet New Voik The New York having been thoroughly overhauled aud re paired, with new copper and new boiler, will leave for New Orle ins, via Charleston and Key West, on or about the 10th of September. a20 lt*mc TO NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN TRAVELLERS. RE-OPENING OK THE EAGLE AND 1'HENIX HOTEL, AUOUSTA, GEO. THE UNDERSIGNED, for the last four years proprietor of the United States Hotel of this city, respectfully an nounces to his city and country patrons, and the travelling public, that he has. by the numerous solicitations of his friends been induced to take charge of the above namad Hotel, so well kuown by all who have stopped at it, as the best arranged and most commodious house for comfort and pleasure in tne city. Its location in every respect is too well known to require de scription. In leaving his old stand he ia well aware that he is leaving a fair business; but he is also assured th<it he will be adding to the real comfort of those who call upon him at his new house, by such important advantages as he could not present at his late stand, and therefore publicly serks n continuance of past and future patrouage from the travelling world passing to and fro from north to south, and vice versa. WM. M. FRAZER. au30rc Augusta, Geo. TO BILLIARD TABLE MAKERS. CONSTANT employment will be given to a good hand, iu Philadelphia. Any person desirous of emnloymeut will pleaxe addiess, by mail, S. G., care of Zeiber ?Co., Ledger Building, Philadelphia a20 3tgb/. NEW YORK BRASS BAND. 1'HE Members of the New York Brass Band are requested to meet at their Practide-rooin, Military Hall, Bower)-, this day, (Wednesday,) at half-past 1 o'clock, for rehearsal. a20 lt"mc RICHARD WILLIS, Leader. VOLTAIRE'S PHILOSOPHICAL DICTIONARY BOSTON EDITION, two volume* iu one, price $S, for sale at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, N. V. New editions of Volney's Huius, Strnuss' Life of Christ. Mary Wollstoncraft's'Right* of Woman. Vale's Life of Paine, Palmer's Principles, Shelley's Queen Mab H7*A variety ofcheap Liberal Works. au20 lm*r FRENCH ARTIFICIAL- BLOWERS, FEATHERS & MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BKUN LAROSIKRE U COURT, 116 Willi?m street, have just received by the last Hivre packets, an entirely new assortment of fall Flowers. Dealers are invited to call and examine the goods, which lliey will find of the best quality, and at verv reasonable prices. au20 lm*inr NEW FRENCH GOODS. JAMES BECK & CO., OFFER to buyers, on reasonable terms, tlic richest assort ment ol? Fancy Goods that has ever beeu shown in this city, having been selected for tliem in Paris. Cases Paris Embroidered Ombre Cashmere d'Ecosse. " " " Plain do do " " " Mousselen de Laine. " " Printed Cashmere d'Ecosse. " " Ombre Shaded " " " " " " Mousselen de Laine. " " Printed Plaid Cashmere d'Eeosse very rich. French Chit. ties of Oros Odier, Hart man and Keoklius print ins and new designs. French Ginghams. pi 'in and twilled. White, Ul'ie. Pink, Cherry, Lilac and Scarlet Merino and ] Mousselinde Laine 81 LKS ^illcs, Pyramides a Volants Silks, Damas, blanc Madona " Crescendo rayes satin " Damas Zepherine " Marocaine deux chaines " Arm lire bazine '? Corsage lace passemeu- " Pyramides, guirland d terie Ileum " Camayeux and hroderie " Pekin Ombre, ailes dr " Horizontal* stripes munches " Rainbow, stripes and " Reps royal armure flowers " Pekin natte " Perspective rubanne " Passementeries Pekin " Dentelle a perspective " Persane, Corbeille di " Africaine, tout cuit Hoses " Ombre, cadrille, glace " Pekin filer, and natte ?' Pekin Camayeu* " Pekin a carreauc '? Royal Moire Pekin " Pekin fluvial " hekiu Chinois " Blark watered yd wide " Satin Cachemere " 40 in taffetas high luslrt " Marocaine " 36 in Pari?ienne " Africaine a bandes " Mourning silks " Pointille. tout cuit ALEXANDER'S PARIS MADE GLOVKS. Of the most recherche colon, Print?ms Clairs, Demi ('lairs. Boiifii Brevete. WEDDING AND SOIREE DRESSE8 Embroidered Muslins Dresses do Tulles, do do Silks, do do Satiui , do Aeriau Snow Orgamli, do Thread Lace do Imitation B'ussels do Poiut de Brussels do Imitation Point d'Angle'erre Thread Lice Flounce*, every width. do do Scarfs and Veils. PARIS EMBROIDERIES. Rich embroidered Dresses Rich emb. Pelerines. Sully Collar*! Batilda do do CaHovilli do Zarah do do Abigail do Marie do do Fiavella do Uelicia do do Marguise do Marielly do Canezeris Georgette do Johannina do Guimpes Josephine eo Mary Stuart do do Revers Cols doubles and Valeiicieune Pelerines rubamiies L. C. Handkerchiefs, Soutache do Anglaise do Zauina do a Lettres do n Ecu- sons Man tele s Nouvelles Formes Mantelets Lermerie I'e isses d'ete Armonville. t R1CHLV EMBHOIDKRKI) BAGS, PURSES, Sic. . The above, wilh a large stock of other goods, is w< rthy of | the attention of buyers visiting this city, as they will find good uot to be found elsewhere. JAMES BECK tic CO., a I'J Iwrc 3J9 Broadway. CAMP MEETING, NEAR Bound Brook, N.J, on the line of the Elizabeth town and Soinervllle Hail Rond ? to commence August 21-', and continue for one week. Passaugers to or for the Camp can leave New York by N. J II., foot Courtlandt street, at ft A. M , 13% and 44? P. >1. By steamboat, pier No. 1 North river, at 9 o'clock A. M.,llld at I and i P. M. Excursion tickets, by either route, will be sold during the meeting at 7i cents, passengers to go to and return fiom the ('amp Ground. al96tis*rrc I I'KTLK .sulJI' AND stkaks this day ONE of the finest TURTLES of the season will be served this <Uy, in Soup and Steaks, at 'he Hotel dtt Deux Freret, HvS Ihutne Park , near Hiuhnn Street. Those who are fond of thi* Aldermmic luxury are assured they will find ?oupat the ..foreentii' d pi 'Ce. a!9 3l*inc ?JACKET SHIP ^Hf.H I DaN from Liverpool? (consignees I per this ship will please send their permits on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, immediately. All goods not permitted in live days, inuit he sent to public | store. alftrc NEEDLES AND FISH HOOKS. , '1^ it J. BATE tave removed their establishment to No 102 | A ? Maiden Line, where they have on sale a laige and well assotted stock of \ eiy superior Drilled Ey ed Needles; Limer ick Salmon T rout, H iss, Hock and Black Fish Hooks: Fishing Rods, Reels, Gross Silk and Flax Lines, Silk Worm GutFlies. Shells, and every description of Fishing Tackle, which they sre | able to s> II on tiie most liberal term*. (17-102 Maiden Lane, up stalls, near Pearl street. an 19 Im'mc SKCON'l) HAND PIANO FO H T ES. " I^OR BALK CHEAP, seveial superior Second Hand Piano ?I? Fortes, manufactured by mm" of our very best city ma kers, ami ?illlie warranttd in perfect order. Can he seen at I. Rockelt's Piano Forte IVnrero m.4ft2 Broadway, 3 doors shove Broome st. Also a good toned , Octave Piano for S 15. a Ift 3t*rrc LAMI'b, (.UKANDuLKN, AND J A CANNED WARE. fTMlE Bubicriher has just received from his manufactory, a i lar<e and splendid assortment of Girandoles, io Gilt, Bronze and Hi ver, tri'i med with fine Engli.h Cut Drops Also, a very superior quality of Solar and Lard Lampi, ot vari ous p ittems, Willi Cut and Plain Shades, Chandelier*, Contain ing 9, 3, 4 and t! lights, snitahle for Parlors, Churches ai d Ho tels Also, I lar*e a sortmeut of Gothic Lantmrin, for Hills, with Cut and St lined Glass, which he will sell at wholesale and retail, at reduccd prices. . JOHN W. MORGAN, If I Fulton street, one door East of Broadway. \ B ? On hsn I. *1 dozen of the Doric Lamp, for Camphine, (.f superior make ? ii?> finish, at i ^crv lew t>rice an 17 I m* re "jWINh FRENCH BOO 1'* FOR $3 40, I iTY MADE? For ?F style and durability they are equal to those sold in other stores for Si; five H'reueh imperial dress Boots made to ordei for $4 JO, eon .1 to those made hi other stores for $f. and $7, and warranted to give sitisfactioii, ?? YOUNG (i JONES' rreneli Imperil Boot Mid Shoe Manufacturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe establishments in this city. Gen tlemen that are iu want of a pair of dress Boots, will find a sa ving of fifty per cent hv getting th;m of Mendipj *!*o done in i lie store. WM. M. YOUNG Si H. B.JONES. nil Imis* e No. 4 Anil ?t.. near Broadway , New York. X TONS SIZING for sale by O ai7m P HSSE Ik BROO?S on TONS K1RAVV HOARDS, of a good Iiualni. for sale by PKRSSEk BKOOKS, fi'i and B7 Nassau street. S tons 24*T7 II tons 22% ? 1"i 1 tou* 24',i l0 f RT ill wtojw ?mmk of ? ttmttei pm?4ihlHmmw w JU Caftkitl. Tb?r? is i purity tod truMMnuCy t> ?>? tlmnt phere? a soothing influence m the holy silence ol nature, that prepares the soul fur the eujoy meat of all that is (rami ana im posing. The Monnuiu House and its liberal proprietor are not to be surpassed ? the table ia covered with every delicacy of ?he season, the wiues the very be it, and last not leaat an eicel lent baud of mm re to enliven the youthful dancers. a? M* r w ANTED? A situation hf a respectable youoj fir! is - . chambermaid or childsmaid, iu a private Protestant family. Enquire at 79 Bavard street- *2? ttr mc Practical mINKR WaNTeL>. ~ who undtfutaixia his business and cm come well r^ o _ commended, may hear of good employment by addressing Copper, at thn office. _ >** *mc INFORMATION WANTED WEN ROGERS ? Wherraa, the reUtives of this lyrson, ( who was of the Pariah of Coolevin, iu the < ounty of Bligo and who left Ireland some 35 or i? year, ago.) hare been m formeil tliat >be aaid Owen Roger" wishes to have some infor matioii as to his relatious? -this is to actjuaiut him that he can obt in intelligence of hia sitter, hy addretsiug a letter to M. C. at tile New York Herald Office, N. Y. Southern paper* pleaae copy. au!9 lm rc 8 rlALKSM AN.? The advertiser, liajing a thorough knowledge of' business, and a first-rate Salesman, la wil liuir to deeote nia time and attention to any llouae reqairiug such services. He poaseaaea a good knowledge of the Drug buaiueai, ia conversant with the Freurh language, and his no objectii n ?o go South or West. Address, ?. r. Q-, Herald office. aul72w#m "CAST OFF CLOTHING It FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES OK GENTLEMEN haviug any superfluous or cast off Clothing or Furniture to dispose of, cau obtain for the same a liberal cash price, by seuding lor the subscriber (through Post or otherwise) at his resideuce, No. 69 Duane strvet basement. M S. COHEN. . N. fi. Mrs. Cohen will also attend to Ladies at their resi dence, if requeued. a 12 lm*rc SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AN D the highest price given for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second h-nd Furniture. Persons wishing to di? |H>se of (Tie same, will do well to call on th* subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Post Offie, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY. 49^? Chatham street, f>e* York N. B Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's ClotniiiK, cheap for cash. a IU lm*rc coppeITmTneks wanteIJ WANTED by the New York and Lake Superior Miniug Company, FIFTY Copper Miuers ? to be employed at Agate Harbor, Lake Superior. Temperate and experienced Miuers will receive liberal wa ges? uoue others need apply. Apply to the undersigued at West Troy, N. Y. E. LEARNED. Jr.. President N. Y. aud L. S. M. Co. New York, Aug. 14th, 1845. al5 2wis*rc_ WANTED AT CLARKE'S St STEVAN'S Temperance Intalligence Office, 95X Duane street, subscribers tor some good Pro testaut Servants aud others, both white and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himself to precure help for the public at the shortest notice. Mr. Clarke s office is patronised by some of the first families in the country. Remember? 95>4 Dnane street, two doors west of Broadway, Washington Temperance lutelligeuce Office. jy26 Im'rh _____ TO CARMEN. |Fthe carman who removed the furniture of Mr. Charles JL Cox, carpenter, from the house No. 31 Christie street, about three days before the first of last May, will give inform ation where the goods were removed to, or where Mr. Cox can be found, will be compensated by leaving such information al the above-named house. au!7 4t*jgb THE EAST R1VLR MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE No. 61 (late 49) Wall street, continues to insure against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses, and other buildings. Also, on Household Furniture, Meicnaa' dize, See., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. John Brouwer. Wakemau Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, John Moorhead, Stanton Beebe, Joseph Kernochan, Daniel Ayres, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. S. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon. Nathaniel L. Gnswoldjr. Thomas Nesmith, Russell Stubbins, Robert Boormau, George Coggethall, Abel A. Low, 8tephen Holt, George Pomeroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. David Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD S. SILLIMAN, Secretary. . RohkrtJ. Dillon, Counseland Attorney. n2 !m*m OFFICE OF THE CROTONIINSURANCE CO. No. 35 Wall Street, Adjoining Mechanics' Bank, in the City of New York THIS COMPANY lose by the recent fire $35,000. Theii assets over and above all claims against thein exceed (150,000 They continue to insure Marine aud Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUSTi.ES. James Harper, William B Cozzens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James Phalen, Theodore A Meyer, S A f^twrence, Cyrus Cheuery, Edwin R T remain, Lawrence Hill, S M Crandall, W H Towuseud, John Breaste, Robert Lane, J unes Cruikshauk, JohnT Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J H Suydam. Charles L Vose, John B Lasala, Zadock Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, James Cook, Loriug Andiews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, * Georg-" Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahau, Asa S Crosby, Geoipe Pnleu, John J Herrick, William Burgoyue, Abraham Van Nest, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President. JOSEPH B. NONE8, Vice President. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary. Capt Samuel Candler, Marine Insp. Also, lusp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. au2m _ Office or the Jefferson Insurance Co., New York, July 24, 1845. I1 HE Stockholders of this Company are requested to cal_ the office of the Company antl signify whether it be then wish to fill up their respective share*, or to receive a number ol shares equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are requested to convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall st. T. W.THORNE, Pres't. Geo T. Hope, 8ec'y. jy25 rrc PELICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., No. 65 WALL STREET. THIS Company is prepared to pay in catkson demand, all losses it has sustained by the late fire, so soon as the claims are adjusted. Fire aud Marine risks will be taken as usual. SIMEON BALDWIN, President. W. W. Dibble, Secretary. New Vorlt. 23d July. 1845. jy23 lm is rrc THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY Capital, 200,000 Dollars. Office, 41 Fultou f trrrt, Brooklyn. rHIS COMPANY is prepared to take risks in the city ol New York on favorable lenns. having lost by the recent lire ouly about ten per cent of their capital The losses sustained by this company will be paid on liqui latum. E. C. FINN, Secretary. B. M. DKLAMATKR. President. Bropblvn July 21. 1845. jy 20 lm is m OFFICE OF J KFFERSON INSURANCE CO.,* No. 50 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ' "I^HIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and da L mage by fire on goods, wares and merchandise, and also, igaiustloss by inland vessels aud their cargoes. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Rigga, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robsou, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, Johu R. Davison, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Wm. K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, Francis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, John C. Memtt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. Gkorhe T. Hors. Secretary. ?5 re L LIFE INSURANCE. CAPITAL #2,500,000. 1"* He in*ured entitled to participation of profit* on bath Kn ? . ropean and American policies. NATIONAL LOAN~~FUNl) LIFE ASSUR ANCE SOCIETY, LONDON UNITED STAT" 8 BOARD OK LOCAL DIRECTORS, Nf.wYohk Branch? Omci. 74 Wall STnr.r.T? JACOB HARVEY, E*q., Chairman. John I. Palmer. E*q. Jonathan (Joodnue, E*q. James Boorman, E*q. Oeorge Barclay , E?q. Samuel S. Howland, Esq. Oorham A. Worth, E*q. Samuel M Fox, Esq J.LEANDER STARR, Manager. The following are among the advantage* held out by thii in ititution, which are of great importance to the assured, and luch as are seldom offered by Lile Insurance Companies, viz:? The peculiar advantages secured to theassurvd by the priuci ple? of the Loan Department, thus hleuding the utility of a Sm''ing$ Hank with Life Insurance! A very large sum to be permanently invested in the United 9ti.te* in the names of three of the Local DirectorsJa* Trustees) ?available always to the assured as a Guarantee r und. 'i he payment of premiums, annually, half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. No charge for sump duty. Thirty days allowed after each payment of premium becomes due, without forftihir ? of policy . Travelling iMVe extensive ana liberal; and extra premiums (Ml the most moderate scale. Conditions in the policy lets onerous to the assured than usual in cases of Lile Assurance (See pamphlet.) The actual and <1. clartd profits ( published in successive Ke ports ) affording sun- data for calculations of the v?lue of the 'bonus" in tins institution These proofs will at eachdivtsion be paid io cash if desired. Being unconnected with Marine or Fire Inturnnce. The rates "for life with profits" are lower than those of any other foreign Company effecting Life Insurance in New York. Th| public are respectfully requested to examine the distin guishing principles of this institution ? their tables of rates? tneir distribution of profits ? and the facilities afforded by their Loan Department ? before deciding to insure elsewhere. A Medical Kx iminer is in attendance at the olfice daily, at 12 o'clock noon, and 3 o'clock, P. M. Fee paid by the So ciety. J. LEANDKH 8TARR. (Jeneral Agent. jy24 3taw is 3m rrc HARDIVARE THE SUBSCRIBERS have constantly on hand a full as surtmeiit of every quality and variety of Needles, including Y arn Needles, Bodkins. Knitting Pins; Olove, llarneM, Mill i n?r*, Chenille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting. Sailand Pack Needles. WARRIN'S DRILLED KYED NEEDLKS, *-e warreuted superior to any kind offered lor sale in theUaited States, and from their well known reputation, merchants will

fmd them more saleable than any other they can offer. They have always on hand a good assortment of Warriu's celebrated Fish Hooks, put up in every style. Also, a large assortment of Silk, Hemp, Hairnnd China Orass l.ines, Cork Floats, and every variety of Fancy Fishing Tackie. Also, a large assortment of \\ aile's li Butcher'* R zors, Pocket and T ilile Knives, Srissors, Iron and Silver Spoons, Thimbles, Pearl Buttons, kc., Sic. All which i* of fered to the trade on the best terms. J. It T. WARRIN, jv30 Im'r 72 Maiden Lane. J. K STOUVENKI,, IMPORTER OF WINES, No 39 John street, inform* hi* I. friends and the lovers of good Wine* generally, that in order to supply the great demand, he has made arrangemeut* to have alway* in *tore. and to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wine* ol the first quality, from the proprietors direct The well known house* following are sufficient recommen dation of the qualities of the Wines, without further detail* J1 Fre'vche'"0" * ( Proprietor, of Vignobl-*, i*. \ ? Bordeaux. N. B.? J. B. S undertake* to sell Wiue for family use, by the doren or irallon Ivlllm'ec DIAMOND GRAIN GUNPOWDER ! WF BKOUGII liegs to inform his fiiemU and the sport ? nix community, tint during his limited engagement at the l'.irk Theatre, his business in the sale of iMigliih Spoiling Oanpowder, Caps, Oub Wadding, (inns, 4tc., will be carried on as usual at No. 117 Fulton street. A cou- ignment of a new Powder, known in Kurope as "Col. Hawker's" Ducking Powder, h*s beeu lately consigned to him. W. F. B. is empowered to receive order* for Tnrdy'* double barrel*. Also thote mad* by Dean* Brother*, London. Sam ple* cau be wen. *14 lwrc AUCTION NOTICES* mm FOR SALE AT AUCTION ON MONDAY, AU(. 9H^25ih, ou the premises. at It o'clock, a FARM of 25 acres, Wcat Kunn, two mil** from Harlen, in Westches ter Co?ntv; on which are a new neat Dwelling and a Farm House, B ru, and out house*. with Iruit in abundance of all kinds. The place would suit a merchant doing buaineaa in the city. To be aold witliout reserve to the highrat bidder, aa the owner ia going wnt. For particulars inquire at 439 Grand atreet, or 29 B ay aid atreet, or to JOHN GARLAND, ou the 1 place. Should the day prove atormy, the sale will take place I the neit fair day. al52w*rcfl| | toitixee: ? ? 1 I MThe stock, fixtures and good will of the wholesale and reuil Grocery and Liquor Store, No. 117 Mouth atreet, ^loppoaite the Hartford and New Haven ateainboat laud ing? now doing a good caah buaineaa in the ahip and cabin atorea, and city aud country trade. The different articlea com priaing the atock are all ol the beat quality, and purchased at the loweat caah pricea. Taajiersoii who uiideralauda the buai ueaa, auch an opportunity of making a profitable iuveatmeut seldom offers. For further particulara, apply on the premises. Also for aale, the Houae aud Lot No. 175 Fourth atreet, near theBixth avenue. Apply a? above. a!9 iw'mc CARRIAGE HORSES FOR SALE. _ A P \IR OF CARRIAGE HORSES. aeven yean J-JETVild, well trained to double and single harneaa, and the ?LA^^JapSaddle, aouud and iu fine condition, the property of a gi'iitu man about the city, are ottered at private aale, at Hyatt's 8tablea, Triuity Place, Greenwich atreet near Hector alB Itu'dh ?"UNITl-D ANCIENT ORDER OF 0RVID8. GRAND EXCURSION ANL) COTILLIOM PAR TY TO ROCKLAND LAKE. JgM On board the apleudid new aud cominodiooa ateainboat DEL AW ARK, P. H. Smith, com 3KnMBCi^&.iiiauder, for the benefit of tne Reliel Fund of Columbia Lodge, No. 16 U. A. O. D., on Monday, Augual^'ith, 1145- Should the weather prove unlavorable, due notice will be given ill the Sun and Herald paper*, when it will take place. Ticketa One Dollar ? No extra charge for ladies. No romantic api.t upon the margin oT the picturesque Hudaon prea>uta mme attrac ions in scen?r>, or sublimity, than the Rucklaml Lake? muated on an eminence f.-.r above the river yet within a quarter of a inile of the landing. Tina ia the ap propriate unit that the Dmids have aelectrd for combiniiiK char ity and pleasure in the same coidial and social union. To tlioae who ? ujoy the sport of liahing, this Lake preaenta an ample field ofamuaement. with the necessary boata, fiahiug tackle, lic.kc. always at baud. Oppoaite ia Si< g Sing, with regular convey ance^ ready to convey thoae who, iu the interval ol the party visiting the Lake, cau visit the Penitentiary, Stc No excur sion presents more advantages, from scenery, variety and per sonal comfoit. A Cold CelUtion will be provided at 25 cents each. A apleu did Band ia engaged lor the oc a-ion, and the whole under the mmagcmeiit of a Professional tie t > man and Assistant The steamboat will leave the following places precisely as stated:? Delancy itreet at 7 o'clock, A. M.; Catharine street at 7>i o'cleck; Pier No 1 North River at 8 o'clock. Warren st at 8)4 o'clock; Canal street at o'clock; Hammond street at 8J?; 19th atreet 9 o'clock. Returning will leave the part lea at t><e above placea. The memhes of tTie Order and their friends are reapectfully invited. Tickets cau be h <d of any of the un dermentioned Committee, or on hoard? Geo. Ward, 48 Catha rine at; Edward Loader, 254 Uioadway; Joseph George Maaon, "Old Countryman Office," 142 Naaaau at.; Thoa. W. Rowdeu, 86 Eaat Broadw.y; John B. Le Bert, 133 Fultou at.; Henry Hawkes, 22 Catharine at.; Thomai Barker, 199^* Chatham <t. a20 2teodia*rc PEOPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAU V? Sundayi Excepted?' Through Di ?reot, at " o'clock P. M.,frem the Pier between .Courtla idt and Liberty atreet*. ivOCHES'.l'ER, Captain R. G. Cruttenden, will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evening!, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cantaiu A Houghton, will leave ou Tueiday, Thursday and Sitnrday Eveniugs, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landiug at intermediate placea, from the foot of Barclay itreet t Steam boat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell.will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afteraooni, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock Paaseugen taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ay in ample time lor die Morning Train ol Can for the east or weit. Thr Euati are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for (peed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rate*. All persona are forbid truatiug any of the Boata of thu Line, without a written order from the Captains or Agenta. For passage or freight, apply on board the boati, or tn P. C. Schnitr , at the office on the wharf au20 rc EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BAN Kb. The iteamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, Captain R. L. Mabey, will make an excursion to the Fishing Banks every Tneaday, Thura day aud Friday, during the aeaaon Leaving Hammond street at 8)4 o'clock, A.M., Canal itreet at 9\, Pike and Delancey itreeta at 9, and Pier No. 1, N. R., at 9)? o'clock ? returning to the city in good leaion. Bait furuiahed gratis. Lines at a small charge. Fare 50 cents. aI9 lwii*mc "EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS f-\ The iteamboat WAVE will make an excur t*lj-B,,;.^?aiou to the Fishing Bauki, oil Wednesday 3E^sHUE.Auguit 20ih ? leaving Hammond street at th o'clock; Caiial street at 8'4?; Delancy itreet at 9; Pike streel 9 'a: Pier No. 1 N. R. at 9)i o'clock. r are for the excursion 37;i ceuta. N B.? The Wa\e will stop at Tompkimville. L. I., going and returning. al9 2tis*mc PICK-NIC EXCURSION. THE BENEVOLENT ORDER OF BEREANS f*A Intend having a social Pick-Nic Party on fll ilV-JT* I'^'dav. the 22d of August, at West Point. The SL_BMriL_Committee of Arrangements have chartered the steambant COLUMBUS, for the occasion, and pledgt themielvea that nothing shall be wanting ontheir part to rendei this one of the most delightful excursions of the season. The boat will leave Chambers atreet at 7 o'clock; Pike street, E. R half-past 7; Pier No. t N. R quarter to 8; Canal s'reet quartei paat 8; Hairmond half-past 8? thus leaving sufficient time to view the apleudid scenery of the Hudson and visit the Encamp ment of the Cadets at Weat Point, aa the boat will leave Weat Point at 4 o'clock, on her return tiip. Tickets for the Excursion '>0 cents ? which may be had from the following member! of the Commitree:? Mr Nathan White ly, 106 Hudson street; Mr. J G. Williams, 47 Catharine street; Doctor H ill, 113 Greene atreet, or on board the boat. N. B ?There will be an extra meeting of the Auembly on Thursday evening next. A general attendance of all the mem bers is requeued, as buaineaa of importance will be brought before the assembly. JOHN MASON, Secretary. a!8 3tmc SECOND GRAND EXCURSION AND COTILLION PARTY , TO WEST POINT, On Monday, August !45, 1*4.1. ^?.1 The Managers of the Thistle Benevolent As -nJ*sociaii'ui. at the urgent r< quest of a number ol i their friends, have been induced to give a Second Grand Kxcursion and Coti lion Party, to takeplace on Mooday. the 2ith instant. Thr splendid iteainer ROBERT L STEVENS aud the barge PR A4T have been engaged to pro ceed up the Hudson to West ntint. From two to three hours will be allowed to viat the iutereiting aud beautiful iceuery of this celebrated spot. Ou the return passage and when approaching the city, a bril liant display of Fire works wi >1 be exhibited. An excellent Cotil ion Band has been engaged for the occa sion, aud the diucnig department will be uujer the direction of Mr. George Robertson. Mr. .VlcKerracher will culivrn the scene with the loul-stirring piproch. The boat will leave Catharine street Ferry, E R., at 8>a; Li berty atreet. N. R., 9; Canal atreet 9>i; State Priaon Dock at 10 ? and foot of I9tli street at 10}s- The landings on returning to be made on the Norh River only. Ticketa for a genlleman and lady $1; extra ladiea 50 centa; children half piice? to be had of Mr. Robert Marshall, 651 Broadway; Messrs Stodard tk Dunham, 361 Broadway; the Commercial and Northern Hotels, Courtland street, aud of either of the Managers, or at the landings ou the morning of theexcnriiou (TT^Re'reahmenti on hoard. a!7 Iwiam OPPOSITION BETWEEN NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN. Fan* UP a'>*l down on the name day Si, to CL , Unveu 75 cents. The new steamboat 3E^^JE2E-L)i'l-KA1.0. Captain J. W. Hancox.will leave ttiel<?? ol Uaiclav street during the Commencement Week.on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7. anil Peck Slip 7)i o'clock? Returning will leare the Belle Dock, New Haven, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Siturdayeveuitigs, at 10 o'clock, and an Friday morning at 8 o'clock. These excursions are made at the solicitation of the citizens of New Haven, and the patronage of those visiting this place is respectfully solicited. alt) 5tls mc STEAMER "GREAT BRITAIN." IT being impossible to open the above ship to the whole community ou the present oc casion, or to make distinction iu regard to admissiou without giving offence; and in iview of the great expense incurred by the owners in di-tainiiiR her in order to gratify public curiosity, it lias been determined to follow the plan adopted in London, Liverpool, and other poru , and charge a small sum for admis sion. Notice is therefore herel y given, that the ship will be open for public inspection this lay from 12 to 5 o'clock, and on sue ceeilniK days, ( Sunday excepted,) till further notice, between the hours of 10 anil 5 o'clock Price of admission to the ship will he 25ceut*, and to the en gine ooin, iZ'i cents additional. Tickets to the 4iip to he had on the wharf 'longstde, and to the engine room, on board. A portion of the proceeds of the collection, after paying ex penses, will be given to the Asylums for the Blind and Deal and Dumb, and the Fire Deaartment. New York, August II, 1445. a I I 2 wis rr TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, BETWEEN NEW 'ORK .'INT) GALVESTON I HK. hntiscril ?rs have established a regular Line of Packets betvetn New York and Galveston, to sail from each | ort on the first day of each month, as follows The Brig EMPIRE, Captr in Baxter, to sail from New York 1st September uext, and l'rom Galveston 1st November next The Ship STAR REPUBLIC, Captain Moss, to sail from , New York 1st October next, and from Galveston 1st Decem ber next. The Bny G B. LAMAR. Captain Richardson, to sail from New York 1st November next, and from Galveston 1st Janu ary next. The Brig MARY, Captain Norriss, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, and (hereafter in regular succession. These vessels are all of superior class, havii.'g Rue cabin accommodations, are ably commanded, will snil punctually as advert seJ, and take freight and passeugeis at the lowest rafes. William Hendley and Co. will be the established Agents at Galveston, and give efficient Mention to the basines* of the line, and all other business directed to them ; and also make liberal advances on consignments. Goods directed to the care of the Subscribers, will be regu larly forwarded, free from commission. And Shippers may rely on Lighters at Galveston to tranship cargo from tlieuce, and upon its being regularly forwarded, according to instruc tions, il cousi^ned to the carc of William Hendley and Co., (HI v estou. h or freight or passage, y to BROWF.K k NKIL8CN, an* Imis'ee No *1 Front street, N?w York. FOR NEW ORLEANS? Only Regular Line- I jMtJfW To succeed the Sulfna? Th? splendid new and I s! (GAME* sailing picket ship INDIAN A, C plain Bennett, will *sil pomtively o i Monday, August 2.1th. ner regular Hay. The ships of this line are admirably adapted for passengers, their accommodations being of thclmost superior de-cription, and calculated to afford comfort For passage, which wii I be l vtiv re 'amiable, application should lie made on board, foot of Wall Street, or to W. at J. T. TAr?COTi\ 76 Sou'h street corner Maiden Lane. T he packet ship Damascus will succeed the ludtann. ai.d sail I the 1st September. n2flic IMpORTANT MOTlCk. TO DAGUERREOTYPE ARTISTS. THE nndersignedhave made application to get Lettrrs Vulrul for their new process to coilir t)ag?erreol>|ie Pictures This process produces an effect not known before, Mid changes the appra ranee of the Daguerreotype to that of the fiucit naiut ing. This coloring process is done by nature itself, guiuej only by the hand of the operator, ami machinery. It can he pelormed by every one not skilled in the art ol painting, and will be per trctly understood at one glance. It also can be com municated j in writing, without difficulty Artists wishing to procure the Patent right for ? City of County, can make pre-engaeemenu therefore, by addressing (post paid) to W. fc F. LANQENHKIM, ivllm're Kvehnne* Philadelphia (a ( M'I'e H Jl'O Cases Kuglish Sheathing Copper, comprising - / complete assortment from IU to JO ox., of very stipe ior nual uy. for sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO , ?Ire M South ?treat. AMUSEMENTS. fAHK THKATtLK. Wednesday Evening, August -4Uth, The performance will cubiii?iC? with ib. Play of THK WIFE. Julian St Pierre W H Crisp Autouio Bland Leona do (Jo nxafo MFoU bt.rt4.lo, r ut*r Miria^. . Met Mowau Florib.l Mi?i Flyuu _ After which. Fancy Dane. by the two Mtn Vallee's 1 To couclade with A ROLAND Fun AN OLIVER. ? Sir Mark Chase Mr Bass Hon Alfred Hightlyer Mr Maria Darlington Miai Mo*a Price of Admission? lioiei, 7S cents; Pit, 50 cents; Gallery, H cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rise precisely *t ' half-put 7 o'clock. A limited number of Season Tickets may be obtained at the Box Office. BOWKKY TMJCATdlb. Wednesday Evening, August 40th, Will be preseuted THE ROBBERS OK BOHEMIA. ... tJhYie' de M(??r ?.?????/. JB Scott francis de Moor, Hrnkins I Count i|? Moor, Vac he Rolls, Davenport Herman, Clarke Sartzen, Mi nor I Grimin, Sutherland Srhufterle, McKeon Miasmas. Brooke Speigleberg. Had4W<y Korn.sWi, Lewis Commissary. Phillimore | Ltauiel, Johnson Amelia ...... ... Mrs Phillips After which A New Overture by the Powerful Orchestra. To conclude with THE COMEDY OK ERRORS. Duke of Ephesus, Henkiii* Angelo, Dromin of Syracuse, Hadaway Dromio of Ephesos, Vache Egeon, Miluor A' tiiliolus i>f Syr. CUrke do of K|ihesus, Davenport Cleon, Lewis .... Mrs Phillies Q7* Lower Boxes 10 cents; Second and Third l'iers, 26 cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12K cents. Doors will opeu at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rise at half-iM>sl7. VAti'l'LE UAKDElt. ((/-Admission !t0 Centii.-?$ Great Musical Attraction ! Proprietors Messrs. French sad H.iser Grand Entertainment ! The proprietors respectfully announce 'hat they have enga ged, for a limited number of nights, th-- Burlesque Ktliiopian Operatic Troupe, so lavorably known and received at Palmo's Italian Opera House. Wedncsilay Brenlng, August ?Oth, The performance will commence with A Musical Introduction. After which the Mock Opera will lie given, entitled SOM-AM-BULL-OLE. Taken from La Somnambula, with all the original music. lL/~ Intermisson of Half an Hour for Promenade and Relresh ments. The range of splendid Cosmoramas will be open for inspection The second part will comm.nce with Graud Overture ? Orchestra. Mr Parsloe and Miss Pray in Le Pas du Tyrol. O" Doors open at hall-past 6 o'clock. Perforcaaae. to iob mence at lo'clock. aiMLO'g UAftUKH. Benefit of Mr. John St ft on. Wrdncidty Evening, Au^uit iiOth. Will be presented the highly popular piece of MARRIED LIFE. Mr Samuel Csudle Mr Henry Placide Mrs Samuel Candle Miss Tavlor Mr Frederick Young limb ind Mr Brougham Mrs Frederick Younghusbind Miss Nelson Mr Lionel Lyi.X Mr Gallsgher Mrs Lionel Lynx Miss Kate Ludlow Mr Henry Dove Mr John Seftan Mrs Henry Dove Miss Helen Metthews Mr George Dismal Mr Chippendale Mrs George Dismal Miss Roberts Dancing by Misses Celeste and Partington O1* Intermission of Half an Hour?^u . ?.(T7- Fireworks!^, The Anglesea Singers will appear in three popular airs. To conclude with THE VIRGINIA MUMMY. Louisa, Miss Roberts | Susan, Mrs Watts Ginger Blue.... Mr Rice Iu the course of the evening Mr Rice will sing his celebrated Kxtravagai>7.a of Jim ( row. Dr Galen, Anderton I Charles, Lev re Capt Ritle, Uallager | O'Leary, Nickinsou U_7" An efficient Police will always be in atteaduce to mats tain good order and keep all improper persons out. {tt-Tickett Fifty Cmfc.-CQ A limited number of Season Tickets will be disposed of. O" Performance to commence at ? o'clock. Doors opes it 7 o'clock. HARLEM PARK COURSE? TROTTING. WEDNESDAY, August 20th, at 4 P. M.-Purse S30-Mile heats best three in live under the saddle. Col Bertine enters blk g Title Page C. Woolly " grg Major Velxer J W Vaiidenhurg .gr m New York Girl Geo Gordon rg Belcher Kay a!9 8trc Thursday, An {(tint :41st, at 3 P.M. POSTPONED FROM MONDAY. UNION COURSE. L. J. PACING AND TROTTING. PURSE $200, mile heats, best three in five, free for all Trot ting and Tacuis horses to go as they please. A'oert Concklin enters cli. g. J <mes K. folk. C. Ellis " gr. m. Fanny Ellsler. M. Dunn " b. m. Cayuga Maid. Immed ately alter ? Purse $60, mile heats, best three in fire, to waggons Charles Carman enters gr. g. John Anderson. Col. Bertine " D. g. Trouble. Wm. Wheelan " b. m. Fashion. J. Webber " b. m Lady Washington. N. B. Admission to all parts of the Course and Stands, 60 cents, only. a!9 3trc FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD. LOST ? On Saturday, a roll of bauk bills amounting to about $500, principally ot the Hartford Bank, of Hartford, Con necticut, and a check drawn for $1000 on the Fultou B<uik of the city of New York, by Peter Baleu. in f,ivor of the sulncri ber, payable to his order Supposed to have been dropped on the f 'amp-ground at Sing Sing, or on board of the steamboat Columbus in returning to the city of New York. Said boai left Sing Sing at half-past 2 P M., on the 16th instant. The public are hereby cautioned agrinst negotiating said check, ax payment has been stopped. 1'lie missing notes are one $100 bill, two $60, and five $20 bills oil the Hartford Bauk. JOHN PEARSALL, 266 Delsncy street. The Sing Sing papers will please copy the above and send their bill lo the subscriber. al8 6t*r INTENSE EXCITEMENT NOTHING HAS CREATED so great au excitement, as the arrival of the immense steamship Great Britain, ex cept the wonderful cures effected by the Syrup of Health.? This preparation is unequalled in the treatment of Scrofula, Kings Evil, Salt Rheuin. all eruptions of the skin, and the in numerable diseases arising from impurity of the blood. Nu merous certificates may be seen at the office. The following is from one of the most respectable merchants of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, Oct. 9, 1844. Dr. Thompson?' This is to certify, that I was completely cu red of an ulcer upon my ankle, from which I had suffered for upwards of three years, by usiug four bottles of your valuable medicine. I had tried a great number of other medicines with out any effect. J. JEANES. No. 6 Cnesnut st. Principal Office, 66 Reade St., near Broadway. al6 lw'rc A V MUSIC. ADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol . oung ladies on the Piano. She teaches OLthe Logerian system, whicti has never been introduced a_s yet Into tins coun try : it has been greatly approved of in Ku40|<e, as being tbe shortest ai d easiest method of bringing on the pupil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, shall be attended to. all lm'rc COLD ROLLED COPPER? ISM sheets cold rolled Co|> per, from 20 to 30 ox., of a very su'vrior ouality, for sale by al4 E. K. COLLi NS k CO. 66 South st SALE OF STORES AT THK NAVY YARD INHERE will be sold at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, on WED . NESDAY, 20th instant, at 12 o'clock, M., at public Auc tion.for cash on delivery, a variety of condemned articles ?moog which are joiners' and ship carpenters' tools, ll.igt oi different nations, ship chandlery, water < asks, cabin furniture, boats of various sizes, old junk, canvass clippings, ordnance stores, barrels aud shooks, some provisions. Also one pair ot oxen Navv Aokst's Office. ) New Yowk, August 12th, 1C45 i a!3 ro20 re PROSPEli M. WET> KTMORE, Navy Agent. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. EW- CLARK k CO., Philadelphia, and J. VV. CLARK & ? CO., Boston, have formed a connection in the Exchange and Commission business iu New York, under the firm of K. W. CLARK, DODGE k CO., at No 60 Wall street, and having correspondents iu all the principal cities and towns in the Unioiij they are enabled to miike Collections of Notes and Bills of Exchange at the lowest rates and with the utmosi Sromptitude. They are also prepared to purchase all kinds ot auk Notes and Exchange upon the principal cities. Drafts upon all prominent points can always be had in sums to suit. They respectfully solicit a share of public patronage. New York, August 1 1th, IM6. all Im'rc COLMAN'S LITERAR Y SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PA IN Try OS, No. !403 Broadway, New York. MAXIMILIAN'S G'eat and Splendid work, being his tout through the United States, illustrated with Eighty Ku grsviugs, after the wanner of drawtuirs iu large folio? with a ouarto volume of letter press, both volumes elegantly jmt U) lor the Drawing Room. A lew only printed in English No Stranger should visit the City without calling in to see the Great Collection of BOOKS. PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offered "at greatly reduced prices.'' The Public Sale Room is filled with books of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Priut Room, no charge is made. Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, an apartment is fitted "P EXHIBITION AND SALE OF OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by ancient and modern Masters? to view which, asnvdl charge of I3H cents it required. HERALDRY., The Arms of Individuals whose families originated in any country in Europe, traced and splendidly emnTazom d on vef Inm, equal in execution, and at one third the charge of the Lou don Herald's Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrves arranged aud illuminated. JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OF GKORfiK WASHINGTON, with his arms and crest, as woni upon his carriage. Price only $' 60? in colors. A i ll r iomi t\ jc23 eod'l m STUAKT7TIAIK DRESSEK . (CHARLES J. STUART, La ies' and Gentlemen's Hair J DreMer. would rrs|iertlnlly inform his old patrons, and tlie public g neially, that hehasreinmed to his lonner I oca tion, No 3 Murray street, up stairs, where they will tuid Inm ready to do anything in his line of busmeas with prompt ess snd skill. AGENCY AT NEW ORLEANS, Lu THE SUBSCRIBER offers his services in the Settlemen oF Claims in this city, or its vicinity, and in the Codec lection of Accounts, Notes, Drafts, Dividends, or any obligs tion swhatever. Refers to Messrs. . H k D. Parish, ) L. M. Wiley k Co., >New York. Joseph Keruochsn, Esq., > PETER CONREY. Jr. New Orleans, July 12th, 1146. jy$S lm*rc LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST BVKKIHO'I MAIL. The Selections. The returas are at ill as scattering aa ever, and quite as unsatisfactory aa to final results. The only returns we have received, are aa followa : Alabama. 0?v. Congrtu. Senate. Rtfrettn lad. WD. W. D. W. D W. D. 16 ?i 5 28 30 6190 majority There are several counties yet to be heard from, which will doubtless increase the democratic ma jority in every branch. The independent democratic candidate for liovernor, (Martin,) ia so far ahead of the regular nominee, as to render hia election certain. This is the beginning of the division in the democratic ranks. Martin is the nominee of the Calhoun jmrty, and Terry the choice of the Van Buren clique. Already have the CaMioun party been successful, and doubtless this will be imitated throughout the Southern States in all ensuing elec tions. Felix M'Connell run upon his own hook, and his success has astonished all, not excepting himself. He will certainly be drunk for a month afterwards. It is said he told his late constituents, that ^he was " a plain, Hat-footed, venison-backed, unsophistica ted locoioco, Uy G? d,"? and that " if they did not choose to re-elect him, because he took his glass of grog like an independent citizen, they might go to h ? 11, and he would go to making harness ; and that lie didn't care a d ? n, only that he didn't like to be cork-screwed out of Congress by the intrigueing of your moccasin-footed nominating convention.' This sounds so much like the majority of Felix's ! speeches in Congress, last winter, that we have lit . tie doubt of its genuine character. Kentucky. ? The whigs have elected eight of the ten delegates to Congress ? last Congress they were equally divided. Trumbo, whig, is elected over French, dem., in the Ninth District, by a majority of 46. Tennessee.? I annex you, in a correct form, the vote for Governor in all the counties of Tennessee but sixteen. Brown is elected by a majority of near ly 2000 The Legislature is undecided? it will be very close. Blackwell, dem., is elected to Congress over Crozier, whig, in the Ninth District. IMS. lilt. Brown, D. Foster, W. Polk Clay. Washington 1.213 832 1,225 8(1 Sullivan 1,463 328 1,533 340 Oairidmoii 1,670 2,177 1,6(3 2,2(6 KoberUou 007 J, 129 (71 1,193 Sumuer 1,808 823 2.017 Ml Wllaon 1 ,0CS 2,34 1 1,042 2,607 Rutherford ? 200m 1,500 l,73( Bedford IIS ? 1,336 1,455 Willumnom 908 1,756 359 1,M6 Cocke 195 816 187 (44 Greene 1,598 992 1,701 1,031 Carter 174 710 177 739 Maury 1,852 1,243 1,988 1.292 Smith 794 2,212 788 ? 128 White 555 949 468 1157 Warren 793m ? 1,190 135 Hick man (19m ? 1,034 255 Montgomery ? 205m 1,029 1271 4 *i Its 137m ? 1.3(7 1301 Claiborne 318m ? 8fi 57( Hhea 94m ? 368 231 Roane ? 175m 735 90(1 Blount ? 21o "35 1,046 Knot ? 1,346 507 2,015 Hawkma 240m ? 1,383 1,173 Lawrence 62m ? 547 489 Kentreaa 433 78 156 60 Stewart 679 479 704 519 Humphrey! ..... 217 ? 523 305 Carroll 518 1,282 524 1,356 Weakley 324m ? 1.0(1 560 Mariou I... 339 I9( 38 1 503 Hamilton 516 580 6 2-1 644 Lincoln 2,316 651 2,494 651 Anderson ? 268m 325 620 Braoley 331m ? 958 572 Mc.Miun 93m ? 1,061 873 Monroe 176m ? 1,0(6 (59 Sevier ? 690 m 7( 73? Meigs 500 ? 620 120 Campbell 436 335 31S 337 Henry 1,176 ? 710 1,312 (35 Benton 177 ? ',81 292 Gibson ? 5(9 611 1,320 Madiaou ? 509 768 1,257 Grainger ? 325 548 99S Jefferaon ? (39 247 1,563 Hardeman 438m ? 1,077 617 De Kalh ? 3in 491 4(9 Carnuin 464 in ? 761 317 Coffee 726m ? 1,000 280 Diekion 405 ? 703 339 Shelling ? 8m 1,352 1,625 27,015 26,191 4(,(3S 41,160 Ocj-The President has recognised the appoint ment of Abraham Zipcy-Ogier, (residing in Boafon) as Consul General of the Sublime Porte, for the U. States. This is the first consul from Turkey that has been sent to the United States. Washington, [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Washington, Aug. 18, 1846. ) 11 P. M. I Dreadful Affair? A Son of Amos Kendall Killed on Pennsylvania Avenue in broad daylight ? JJr rest and committment of the Prisoner. A most melancholy affair has occurred in our usually quiet and orderly city. The whole of our population are deeply affected. The fracasj and its sad and bloody termination are the subject of gene ral discussion. In the streets, in public and in pri vate houses, the untimely end of young KendaJl is the all absorbing topic. A gloom, aikin to that which prevailed on the recept of the disastrous ex plosion on the Princeton, prevails among all grades and classes of our jieople. Grief for the dead? a mingled indignation and pity for the guilty? a strong and unaffected sympathy for the distressed family of Mr. Kendall, are predominant. It apiiears that the parties in this case, William Kendall, (son 'of Amos Kendall,) Rufus Elliott, (a brother-in-law of Mr. John C. Rives, late of the Globt lirm,) and .Tosiah Bailey, (a printer of this city,) intimates and fh*nds lor some time past, met at a ten-pin alley yesterday, .ind after playing some time, young Elliott left some what displeased at having been cavalierly superced ed on the board. The three young men (for neither we believe, is over twenty-two years of age) met again at the same alley this afternoon, prior to which, however, an altercation occurred between Flliottand Bailey, in an apothecary's store, opposite Fuller's Hotel, on the avenue, in which altercation liailev struck Elliott and discolored his eye. At the ten pin alley, in the immediate neighborhood, the quarrel was re-agitated and further aggravated be tween Bailey and Kendall, on the one part, and El liott on the other ; but without coming to hostilities, Elliott retired, went to his lodgings, and procured a six-barreled revolving pistol, with which, fully charged, he came down upon the avenue, and, en countering Bailey and Kendall, near Fuller's Ho tel, some angry words were interchanged, when Kendall, with a stick, advanced up?n Elliott, who immediately drew forth his pistol, fired, and shot his antagonist through the breast, killing him al most immediately. Bailey then advanced upon El liott, when the latter discharged two barrels at his second adversary, the second discharge shattering his ri?ht arm at the elbow to such a degree, as it is leared will render amputation unavoidable. Elliott, with his pistol held in terronim before him, then ad vanced to the hotel, clearing the hackmen and others in his way in his desperation. Enter ing the hotel, ne passed through the back yard, mak ing his way across into F street, where, entering a hack, he temporarily made his escape. The police were immediately on the alert, but no trace of him, for a time, could be obtained. The body of young Kendall was taken to a neighboring house, as ita presence before the family was properly deemed in ludicious, without preparing them in some degree for their sudden affliction. At about ten o'clock this evening, young Elliott was apprehended at the house of Mr. Parker, on D. street, a square distant from Coleman's hotel. A couple of Justices of the Peace were called in, and after an examination before them, the prisoner was committed till the morning, when ne will be re-exa mined as to his admissibility to bail. Mr. Kendall is absent from home, supposed to be in New York on business connected with the exten sion of the electric telegraph T'?* family are in the deepest distress, ftev ral friends, who were with them this evening, testily that their grief was such as to move the hardest heart to sympathy. The young man thus untimely slain, was esteemed as a youth of many good qualities ? of a generally pacific disposition ? a ml of much promise. He was a clerk in the City Post Office. As to the origin of the fracas, there are ao many conflicting reports, that we are left entirely in doubt Voting Kendall was, we believe, engaged in mar riage to a beautiful and accomplished young ladv of this city. From the different versions of this unhappy cas ualty that are afloat, we have thus attempted to com pile the facts in the case. The fracas occurred at ibout six o'clock P M , in one of the most crowd ed Quarters of one of the most public thoroughfares of the city. It is a melancholy story- such as we hope we may not have to chronicle again. Washington, August 18, 1846. The Cabinet are an unit upon the war question They are ca'mly awaiting the final resolve expected every hour from Mexico; and it is pretty generally anticipated, that in the event of a formal declaration of hostilities, which appears to be inevitable, the Pre