Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Wo. !409~Whol? No. 44J01. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 21, 1845. Prlc? Two C?iie?. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMEft CORPUS BLUETT, Proprietor, Circulation? Forty Thousand DAILY HERALD ? Every day. J'nco 3 cent# pot copy ? J7 'A5 per annum ? payoble in aUvanco. WEEKLY HERALD ? E?ery Saturday ? rrice tij canti percooy? $8 1J1 cents per annum ? payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS ot the u?ual price*? always cash in advanca. PRINTING c-f all kinds executed with Oouu;y und deipMtch. QT<- All letter! ot communications, by mail, uddreised to tlio ostablishmont, must be pout paid, or the postage will bo deducted lrom th<3 subscription money remittee* JAM KB GORDON BENN ETT, ^toroiKToa or the Nrv York lit: u sun Estihlishmcn ? ??r^rw r.f IVHnti qyv' *^ '?>?#?* n? ROCK A IV AY S'l'AUES, ~ ON and after August 1st, 1845. will leave Ithe City H< trl, at 3>? o'clock P. M. dajjy, Sundays excepted, for Par Rorkaway. Re turning, 1*h? ?j? ( n*? Pavilion r,t 7J? A. M., for New York, cross ing >>t n< South Kerry. All orders to be It ft at 3t0 Pearl street snl lm*ic H. CONKLIN. MALU LINE FOK HOSTUl>. flBB ABB flffl&frffl DAILY OVER THE LONG ISLAND KAIL ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON NORWICH <f- WORCESTER. At U o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall itreet, South Ferry? Sundays excepted. Way Crates are in re?uiue*s to receive baggage for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggii*e for Boston K<)es through under lock. julfi tfrc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CENTS FOR THE SEASON. WW mi'Sitr -WW -Arw O11 Monday*, Wednesdays, and Fridays, over the Long Island Rail Road to (ireenport, thence to Newport atid Provi dence in aspleudid and commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock ill the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry. jultitfrc FARE TO BALTIMORE $3 Through in Seven Hmtrs. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCH TOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT LINK. M. Douglass, will, on and after Monday, June 10, leave Doclt street wharf, daily, (except Sundays,) nt 3 o'clock, P. M. Pc.? sengers will arrive iu Baltimore at about 10 P. M. Fare only This Line is compoied of the following splendid and last Steamboats : ? Robert Morris, Captaiu J. M. Douglas*. Ohio Captaiu L. Dhvis. Constitution. ._ Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J. Tnppe. This Line leaves Bowly's wharf, Baltimore at 3 r. M.? Tickets for Wliceliug and Pittsburg cjui be procured on board the boat. UNITED 8TATKB MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. Fart S3 ? Through tn Six Hours. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Chester, Wilmington, Elkton, avre de Grace, Sic. On and after Wednesday nest, June 25th, the fare between Philadelphia and Baltimore, by the Mail Lines, will he reduced to $2. The Trains will leave as follows:? From Philadelphia, | From Baltimore. Depot 11th and Market streets. I Depot in Pratt street Daily', except Sunday, at 8 A.M. I Daily.exc, Sunday, at 9 A M. And Dully, at 4 1'. M I And Daily, 8 P M. Wheeling and Pittsburgh? Tickets through ik, hi J Pittsburgh can be had at the Dei>ot, Eleventh an ?! - sts, G. H. HUDDKI ,eut. For further information , apply to _ J. L, SLEMNfER, at tin . of Adams U Co. 17 I street. Jane 24th, 1845. je29ei: LONGTsLAND RA 1 LRO AlTcOiVi l\\ N V. WVfL HflWSU' REDUCED FARES. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN As FOLLOWS, Ou and after ltth June, 18:5; Frim Brooklyn Veyot ? Boston Train? 8}? A. M. daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Farmmgdule and St. George's Manor. Accommodation Traiu ? 9ii A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming dale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted. Accommodation Train, 3 P. M. for Greenport, daily, Sundays excepted, stopping at Jamaica, Branch, Hempstead, and Ricks rill , and all the sta|>piug places between Htcksville and Greenport. Fr?m Greenport Depot ? B.'ston Train, daily, Sundays cxc?tf-d, at 12,'? o'clock M.f or on thi arrival of thesteamers from Norwich. Accommodation Train ? At 5 A.M., daily, Sundays excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. Fr?m Farmtn^dale Urjiot ? Accommodation Train, 6H A. M. and 2>? P. M., daily, Sun days excepted, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. from Jamaica Depot ? Extra Train, 1W P. M. daily, Sundays excepted, for Brook lyn and intermediate places. The Boston Trains stop ouly at Farming-dale and St. George's Manor. The Accommodation Trains stop at Che following place* on the road, going both ways to receive aud deliver passen ger*. vix : Bedford ? Deer Park ?? East New York Thompson UQ RaceCourse 18Ji Su If oik Station 1 (Hi Trotting Course lt? Lsk? Ro;-il Station 1 in V Jtmiica 25 Meuford Sutiou 1 18^4 Rrushville 3 IV Mill?ville 1 50 Hyde Park, 17 miles 37)2 St. Georgt's Manor. ... 1 G? Clowsville, (during tcs- Riverliead 1 62 sion Couit,) 31% Jamesport I S2)J Hempstead... 37'. Mattetuck 1 62\ Branch 37 ?? Cutchogue 1 62>* ( arle Place 44 Southold 1 WH Wcstbury. 44 Greenport, Acc'u. train. 1 75H llicltsville 44 BostuU Train 2 00 Farmingdnle ... . 62>i Stages are in re-olinesx on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take p.isaengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Bugguge for the several 'Ira ins, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from I he Brooklyn side. - Rmknv.t Baggage taken in ?epar. te Crates. julOre JO WESTERN TRAVbLL^AS. r.Ai a,m, t'iU.'M-.i'.tt rAUKfcl From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Peuusylvaniu llnil roadsand Canal? through in days. The above line if now in fall operation mid offers great inducement* to persous wiio wiah a ple.uant mode ol' travelling to 'he we't. The cars are built iu the mo?t approved modern style, the boaU are titled up iu a superior manner, and every effort i> made by the proprietor* to conduce to :he cvimfortand convenience ot travellers. The scenery on thia route i? unrivalled, and the great chain of Penusytvauia lutemal improvements is Wf II wot thy of being seen. By this r? uce passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon sLige travelling, undaUhe sauie time make an ex peditious tiip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passenger* are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner or Chesnut and Konrth stre-t?, and at No?. IS and 14 South Third its. A. CUMM1NOS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 1/, 1944. For iuformati"u. in the <uy of New York apply to rl. H. KNlHl-'.LL, Aceetfor 1). LEECH U CO. s Line. 7 West it, N. H. myl7 Sm?rrr FOll NEW OH LEANS? Only Regular Line? ? To auccced the Sultana? The splendid new and f-st ?sailing!' cktt ship INDIANA, C plain Bennett, will sail positive'v >><? Mond iy, August 2,'ith, hor regular day. The ilii|?? of this line are admirably adapted for passengers, their accommodations being of theiinost superior description, and calculated to aflord comfort. Kor passage, which will he vrry re sonalile. application should be made on hoard, foot of Wall street, or to * W. & J. T. TAPS* OTP, 76 Smith street comer Maiden Lane The packet ship Damascus will succeed the Indiana, ai. 4 sail the 1st ^ptertiber. _ a20ic PACKET FOU MAH8HLLKS? Ihe rackrt ship OAS PON ,? 'aptain S ephen Coulter, will sail Kill the 1st of September. IrrigV or passage. ?pp y to CHA\i BEttLAIN PHELPS, im Kront st., or to BQYD.ll HINCKEN, Agents, li No. 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water sis. KOH LIVERPOOL? The New Line? Kegnlar .Ticket of Jlst August.? The superior fast sailing ?oacket aliip LI V Elll'OOL, IliO tous, Capt. John El .. rill sail as abuve, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and snpertor accom modations, apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to WOOD HULL k M I N T I! R N S , S7 Sou th at. The packet ship tjueen of the W vat, 1310 tous, Capt. Thus. Wo'xihonse. will succetdlhe Liverpool, and sail 011 her regu lar day, 2l?t September. j' ' 1 KOH MALE, FREIGHT OH CHARTEH? Tiie ? very last sailing N. York built packet ship V A/OO, ? ti'H tons, live o ik and locust top. live o,?k transom, apron a., u lorw. od and after cants, carries 2200 bales New Or leans cotton, and has handsome furnished accommodations for 26 passengers. Apply on board at Jones' wharf, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO , _Jy^?C M; South street. FOR BALE, KHEIOHT OR CHARTER-The very fast sailing barque HOME. Cnptain Waits, built in Baltimore one year since of the best materials, earnes shout 1,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations for twenty p. asengers. Apply to Captain Wntu, on board, at fljke street wharf or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. <17 ^?Sonth street. .S. VV.Vi? L? N' W Line? Remilar Packet iw* " jf'!1'- August? 1 he elegant fast .tailing Packet fl^kMa^iiip SI I) DONS, Capt. E. II. Cobb, of 1 100 tons, will is <oove, her regular day. r freight or pas .age, having accommodations nneqnalled for ?or ami comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol vraii iirpft, or to Jriee uf PASSige't 100 COLL1N* CO., M South itroet. Jnn?^l<''iid^'ra'!l^'"'t|r|'He|.'tem&r^ her'^inilnr''tay CC'e^ ** "* ftv LhOR N,.K^( AiTLlC ENOLAND.? The well shin RA?1BLKk"i '"?''''"m1 1 slim It aai i?i. I n n Master1 tiaviiiu .1 1 h.r lie ik lit engaged will sail a few d .ys. . ^ 'i'Jjf ''l ?f '''f J iwiVi'i'i^V" accommodations, kwfto WOODHUI.L ?t MiNTUHN rrr m Month street. PAW ' ? , KOH H AV HE ?t Second Line h I he I acket -hip II 1 l( A, Captain Fr..,l ri( L u?_ ? ill, will sail on the 1st b< piemner. PorTreighl or passage, apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, at tc No. ? Toctwn Building, cor Wall and Water its. PEOPLES' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAU V? Sundays E?c?|*?l? Through Di rect, at" o'clock P, M., frem tlie Pier between ''on it I ? idt and Liberty stre*tj St miboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttenden. will leave on Mond tv Wednesday ami Friday Kivuinns, a' 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, C*f<taiu A Houghton, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and 8 nurd iy Evenings at 7 t? clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate places, from the foot ?f Barclay street 'Strain boat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueidell.will leave un Monday, Wednesday, Friuay aud Sunday /Vitcruooua, -t ?> o clock. Steamboat NORTH AMEKICA, Cart L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, ut 5 o'clock P'sseuger* taking either ofthe above Lines will arrive in Alba ay iu ample time for tile Morn HI* Tram ol Cars for the eaat or went. The B?<ats are new and substantial, are furnished witl. new and elegant stale rooms , and for speed and accommodation* are un rivalled on tlie Hudson, Freight taken at moderate rate*. All persons ire forbid trusting; any of the Boit* oftht* Lite, j without a writtei. order from the Captains or Aneut*. For iMXsaye or treiitht, apply on board the bonU, or to P. C. ?itiie nffire "n lit" wharf au2U re FUR LO.\(r Hit ANCH, OCEAN HOUKK, FORT HAMILTON, RUMSON, EA TON TOWN, SHRKWSOURY k MANAHitUAN. .CWt AtH The new and elegant low prt-Mure steamer A. ? -T.E, ? J? EDWIN LEWIS. Capt. Corlies, will leave ' af ~~T"~ ' ? ' Catharine Market as follows :? Leaves New York, Leaven Eaton Town, Aag.n ? Vi', A M. Auk 13 ? Wednesday, 3 r M. 14? Thursday, II " 14 ? Tlu-sdny, 3 " 15? lri:ay, 12 M. J.'i ? Friday, 4 " Hi? Situiiiar, I p M. Iti? Saturday, 5 " 17? Suudty, fijjA.M. 17? Sunday, I " IB? Mond iy, 7 " la ? Monday, 3 " 19? Tuesday, 7H " 19 ? Tuesday, 4 " 20? Wedne>day, 6'? " 2i. ? Wednesday, 10,^ A M. 21? Thursday, 7 " 21? Thursday, 11 " 2?? Friday, t'a " 22? Friday. llj* " 23? Saturday, 8 " 21? S turaay, 12 M. ? I? Sunday, 7 " 21? Sunday, ' 1 'j P.M. 25? Monday, 8)? " 25? Mond y, 1 " 2*j? Tuesday, 9 " 21! ? Tuesday, 2 " !t7? W ednesday, 111 " 27 ? Wtdnesday, 2 " 28 ? Thu sday, II " 2n? ' Thursday, 3 " 2"J ? Friday, llJa " 29- Friday, 4 " 30? Saturday, 12 M. 30? Saturday, 4 " 31? Sunday,, C a.m. 31? Sunday, 4 " Stages v ill be iu readiness to convey paSseugers to all parts ofthe country. a!3 rc MORNING LINK AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALU \NY. TROY and intermediate Jfc?ai *r - 1 landings. from the steamboat Pier at the foot o ^Barclay street. Breakfast aud Dinner ou board the boat. Leave* New York at 7 o'clock, A. M., Tuesday*, Thursdays *nd Saturday, and Troy at C o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tlie low-iuvssure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorhatn, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday*, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Dtgrooi, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. Notice? All goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, siwcie, or any Other kind ol property taken, slupi>eu, or put on board this boat, must be at tnc risk of the ovvuers of such goods, freight, bug {age, fctc. jeUrr NOTICE. STATEN ISLAM) FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STltEET. The Steamboat* SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will lenve New Y'ork every hour except 5 P. M., commencing at B A. V., until 7 P.M. Leave Suten Island every hour except 4 P. M.. commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. N. B.?Oi. Sunday* tlie Boau will leave every hour from 8 A. M., until 1 P. M., and from 1 1?. M. until 7 P. M., every halt hour. ]y!2 ""NEW YORK., ALHANY AND TROV LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. 7 o'clock, P. M.? The steamboat EM ^ L' Captain R. B. Macy, will leave the steamboat pier foot of ? ..urtlandt street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat COLl 'MB I A, Captain Wm. H. Peck, every \ - , Wednesday uud Fridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock. f I'auaireor freight apply on board, or ?t the office on the j OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE.? For Albany, 75 cents? Utica, Si? Syracuse, ?2,50? Rochester. S3 ? Buffalo, S3, 541 ? Also, through iu fait hue, with board, $10.50 ? Alfo, Oswego, $3 ? Kingston, (I . C.t) $4? Toronto, $5? Cleveland, (O.) $6? De troit, S5 50 ? Chicago, ( 111. ) $10,50? North to Troy aud White ball , $2,50? Montreal, $4 .50. Office No. I0'v Barclay *?. v25 lm*rh M L. U \Y. Airent. IVILLIAMSB URGH AND PECK SLIP FERRY. The Truatees of this Ferry, believing that there are many of the citizen* of New York and vicinity that are unacquainted with the facilities this Verry aiford* n* a plea*.uit communication with WilliamsburK and Long Islaud, would state tliat there tre tw? good Ferry Boats ou this Ferry, which leave I'eck Slip every fifteen er twenty minute* through the day up to 5 o'clock, P. M., and then up to 8 o'clck, at each even hour aud half hour; after which a boat leave* at 9 o'clock aud 10 o'clock The last boat leavinc Williamsburg at half- past 9 o'clock, P. M. P. S ?On the evening of July 4th, tlie boat will continue to run until 12 o'clock jy2 ltn*re STEAM ? BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. THE Great Western Steam Ship Compa ny's Steam Ships i The GREAT WESTERN, 1700 tons, 450 horse power, B. R. Mattliew*, Esq., ? Command? r. The UKh IT BRITAIN, 3,500 ton*, 1000 hone power. Lieutenant Jame* Hoskeu, R. N., Commander? are intended to ruu us follow*: ? GREAT WESTERN. .From l.iverjioAt. I From New York. Hat unlay. August 23. Thursday Sept. 18 Saturday October 11. I Thursday Nov. 6 GREAT BRITAIN. From Liverpool Saturday )uly2S, 1815. S itu. day Sept. 27, Saturday Nov. 22 From New York. Saturday August 30. Saturday Oct. 25. Saturday Dec 20 Farv perOn at Western, 810 V and $'j Me wards' F'ees. Fare per Or- at Hrirain, froin $80 to $12 , (at d $5 Steward's fee.) according o the si/.e and position ol thr St att? Rooms For fieight or passage, or oilier information, *i p.y to RICHARD IRVIN, au7 2aw4m*rc 98 Front street. DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND? Persons wishing to remit m?v ney to their friends in miv part of England. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can be supplied 'wiili drafts payable at sight, without dis rount, for any amount, from XI upward*, at the following places, *i?: In ijiauND ? Tlit* National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Birni'd 81 Co , Eichauge and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. James Unl t it Skin, Loudon, and branches throughout England and Wales. In Ihki.and. ? The National Bank of Ireland, and Provin cial Bank and branches throughout Ireland. In Scotland ? The Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Scotland, Greeuock Banking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. Tlx- Steamship Cambria, tail* from Boston on the 16th Au gust, by winch all drafts can h > forwarded free. Apply to W. & J. T. TAPSCuri. j\-19 re W South st. e or. Maiden lane. itALlCAA AMI LlVEHPUOl< THE Royal Mail Steam Ship* CAM BRIAand H1BEKNIA, will ieive Boston (for the above porta, at follows, viz'? Cambria, C. H. E. Judjins, Esq., Commander, August 16. 18 '5. Hltiemn, Alex. ltyrie, E*<|., Commander, . .September 1, 1845 Passage to Liverpool Jii'O. Passage to Halifax 20. Kor freight or passage, apply to a7rc D. RKIGHAM. Jr.. Ag*.it 8 Wallst. KOR LIVERPOOL ? Now Line? Regular packet of the 2(ith August? The splendid wiol fast sailing jpacketship HIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, of liun tO!i?l>urtnrn, will sail as above, lier regular day. Having very superior accommodations lor splendor and com fort, for caliin. second cabin and ste.rnge passengers, |<ersoiis about to embark should make rnrlv application to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, 10(1 Pine street, corner of South. The packet ship 8HERIDA N, ('apt. Cornish, will succeed the Siddons, and sail the 26th September, her regular day. a M rc KnK LIVERPOOL? Packrt of ihe 6<h sept* mber . ? 'i lie splendid new picket shin HENRY CLAY, jE. Nye, master, 1280 tons burthen, will sail as above, He 1 tegular day. 11. wng unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, secoud cabin u; if steerage pwaeiigers, persons wishing to secure berths should ?nake early application ou board, foot of V, uden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMyRl'AY, 100 Pine street, comer of South street. The splendid packet ship Patrick Henry, J. C. Delano, mas ter. IOOH tons burthen, w ill succeed the Henry ('lay, and sail the 6'h October. a U rc hUH .NC.W OltLf.A.NS- Luuisiaua ,uU .V* Vork Line ? Regular Packet of Monday, 1st Seiitem her?' Tl'? fast sailing coppered packet ship DAMAS n, bliss, master, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or puss>.go, haviug handsome lurmshed accom modations, apply ou hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at, or to E. K. COLLINS it CO., 5# South st Agent in New Orleans James E. Woodiulf, who will prompt ly 'or ward nl| (roods lo hit ?<tdress. The ship Sart'lle, Capt. Taylor, will succeed the Damascus, and s il ihe ffitli September, her regular d*y. al4 rc KOR GLASGOW? The subf.'antial resular pack t ship SAKA( KN, .Nath iuiel J. Hawkins, master, , ' d'ily eipected, and will have immediate despatch. r or Ireight or passage, apply to WOODHULL k MINTLRN8, ? 87 8 inth street The f vorite parkef b.'fjne A1>AM CARR, Scott, matter, rill succeed ihe Saracen. aO '. HEHD.ViAVS OLD ESTABLISHED EM I UU ANT PASSAGE OFFICE, (il SOUTH STREET. PASSAGE from Great Britain and Ireland, via. Liverpool, can always be arranged at the lowest rate, *ml Draft# furnishiM Tor anv amount, payable at nil , principal U inks in England, In-land, Sroiland nud Wales, on application to J. HKKDMAN, jfirc til South street. 1 ~ W A NT ED IMMEDIATELY?A ship to load for ?a southern port? Apply lo . E. K. COLLI.N3 & CO., a2rc 56 South street. TO THE DAUUERREIAN ARTISTS. | A. ARTAULT. Importer of French Daguerreotype ? Goods, offer for snle, at a cheap pricc :? MO Large Daiiierreotypc Plates, No. 40 and 30. MM Ounces Dry Iodine. 200 Ounces ttiomiue. fK) Ounces Chloride of Iodine Kin l oui da Hyposulphite of Soda. WO drehms ( hloride of Gold and Salt of(Jold;new article, auicksilver, Tripoli, Rouge, liotteii Stoue, lustruments. 1 the articles iise'ul ill Daguerreotype. 2 Gross Mori.cco Cases ? a liargaui Apply at the LAFAV > TTE BAZAAR, ; 149 and 151 Broadway , corner of Liberty st-, up stairs. an4 Im'rrc bKOiNZE l'UWlJEKrt AM) METAL LEAK, (DUTCH METAL.) TH E SUBSCRIBE RS have just received and keep constant ly on hand large stocks of these articles, which they im port dirt ct from their manufacturer in Germany, to the full sa tisfaction of their old and new customers. LEOPOLD KUH It CO.. No. 15, formerly 6,4 Wall street, next door to Adams It Co. jyJl InTm M WANTED ? A small HOUSE, with four rooms and ffw a kitchen; rant $li?; or four room-, aud a kitchen, in a ''^ySLhouiie where but two families reside. AiUires* "C." at tli?* office of this paper. aH'in to hotel keepers. a FOR HALE ? Au old established IiOUSK. now doing a K'?<d and increasing bu.iuess, to which a BAR in at tached It coiitiins bedrooms to accommodate thiity persons. and is Incited in tlie centre of the business p<rt of the eitv. The rent u less than six hundred dollars. One thoua old dollars cash will be required. Those uot haviug tlie needful, lived uot m ke application, This sale will remain open to lie 1st of September. A -Mi ess, letters postpaid, W.T K. at this office, with re -I name anil residence. aul2tw*chl THE Boy I) STREET HOUSE, OIM Broadway, MIS now o|ieu f?r the reception .of hoarders. The situ ation is one of the tnojt desir.sble in the city. The house h is been newly pspr red ana painted thiouphout I ?coutaiou g between Ml and 70 rooms, I an J?omely furnished. Parlors ami bedrooms and pautries attached? liki-w ??> rooms fur single gent emeo. Southerner* and others wishing to aioid I the i, ois and Confusion of an Hotel, ? ilf have every attention paid tfl thtir comfort and convenience. au*i lin*rc TO LET? Offices and Lofts in the new lire-proof Store corner of Pine aud South sts, Apply to jy20 JOSEPH McMURRAY. T FOit SALE. THE Thr.-e Story Brick House, 413 Houston street, built in the best maimer; warm in winter and cool in summer; replete with eveiy convenience. Hall the i purchase money may remain ou bond and mortgage at 6 jwr I cent. Kor terms apply to E. K. COLLINS It TO., julOec i6 South street_ TO LET.uutil the lirct of May next uid immediate pos s ess ion given, of the 3 Story house No. 10 1 Kirst Avenue li. tween nth ami 7ili -treet .. The premises have lately been cut in complete order. And all has been painted iiuide and out, last June, the Crotoii water introduced, marble mantle pieces, folding doors, and it is well adopted to accommodate one or more families; rent askt d to one family for the rssidue of the year to net' May is $321. Inquire nt tlie office t?f John H. Power, Esq., No. 71/ Nissan st. comer of John, np stairs from the hours of 9 to 3 o'elock, or of Sam). R. B. Norton the owner, at the nme office ou Tuesdays aud Wednesday. lm jy I2*rh J/)(JK AT THla , j JUST RECEIVED? Another lot of French Boots, of 'the bent kind, and will be sold at the old price, t J, and ti e i beat of F rench Call Boots made to order for 8i; < ity made _ _ Call Knots, S3; aud the greatest assortment of Gents (i Alt era of all kinds to be fonud at very low prices. Also, the linest ' Calf Shoes, $2 and $3 .Ml. A great variety of all otlier kinds. Ladies in tins More w ill had a wren assortment ol Gaiters, ilusKitis, Slips Ties. Prunella, Sarin, Uc. For an assortment ol all other ki'ids Misses an'l Children's Bootj and Shoes we cnuuot be best iu thiscity. Do not mis uutethe number, 361 Broadway, corner ofFrauhlin srreet. j?3 lm*rh M. UAlllLL. j A~CA R L> ? A D A \1KLK I n7 Boot M ker. being burnt entirely out, xt IU Beaver street, li 'S taken the basement store at 111 Broadway, corner of '' In mt'J street, wli? re ; _ he would be happy t > see hit cu (footer* and all *? anting a Is.shiouablepairof boots orstioer. All r-i-ainnu neatly doue. aS 2wVc A. KLKIN. No 111 Urnniway. tlOULSTONE'S RIDING SUHOU.L, 137 and 13B Slcrcer Street. MR. JOHN S. ROULSTONE has the houit to inform his friends and the public in general, that his i .School for Instruction iu Horsemanship is now open ley end evening, as follows ; ? Hours for Gentlemen from ( to I A. M. " " Ladies " 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. Terms of initnteiiou made known ou application to Mr. Roulstonr. Mr. R. has just received from the coantry several fine and stylish Saddle Horses, which lie is authorised to sell at a rea sonable price. my7rc THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND ClUSTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. HIS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY has received the universal approbation of the Medical Profession of Great Britain, und ha* been sufficiently long before the American pub lic to give a fair trial of its power mid efficacy. The Patknt Galvanic Rimis have been found to answer all thepur|>oses for which the ordinary Galvanic Battery or Electric and Viag uetic Machines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks, which accompany the applications by those instru ments, and in inanv other respects are more sa>'>: and ckiitaiP iu accompl ishing the desired object. The Galvanic Rings have been used with perfect success in all cases of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applyiug to the ! head, face or lambs ; Gout ; Tic Doloreaux ; Toothache, ; Bronchitis : Vertigo ; Nervous or Sick Headache; ludiges- I tion ; Paralysis ; Palsy; Epilepsy; Fits; Cramp; Palpitation of the Heart ; Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago ; Neu ralgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Euergy ; and all Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed Dys|>epsia they have been equally successful. Their extraordinary effects upon the system must tie witnessed to be believed; aud as a certain prkvkntivk for the above complait.Ls they are equally to be recommended. The Galvajic Ri.igs are in every way perfect ly harmless, and are sold at prices to he within the reach of all, Cimstik'i Maowf.tic Fli'id is used in connection with the Kings to render their efficient action certain, and to direct the Gislvanic influence tothe particular portions which are affected. For numerous certificates of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the Galvanic Kings and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is made to former advertisements, or tliey may be seeu at the office. Only Agency in New York, 134 Fulton street. (Sun Building.) Iu Brooklyn, at the store of Jamks VV . Smith, Druggist, corner Fulton and Cranberry street*. jy2E lmVc THE ORIGINAL GENUINE GALVANIC KINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID, POSSESS all the advantages of a Galvanic Battery, with out its shock, and are successful in curing rhtamatisin, tic doloreux, headache and all chronic or nervous diseases. For sale only by Dr. Cromloe's Agents ?A. B. Ik 1). Sand's General Agent.?, Also, 27 J Broadway, 77 East Broad w:.y, 149 143 and 92 FuUon, 67 Walker, at Drug Store* corner of Bowery aud Grand, 17 Avuuue D.; 176 Spring, 36 Catherine, comer of Clinton and Division, Mrs Hays, Brooklyn. Price of H lugs 2s? gold pi <ted SI? Fluid 75 cents per bottle. JuI9 lm*ec TH hi UY ROM, 10 7 Broadway, WM. D1NNEFORD. WHO respectfully mfoims his Irieuds aud the public thai lie has leased th?abos establishment and filled it up in a st> le iuferior to none W. D. will at all times keep Oi' hard the best desciiption of wiues spirits. s> gars, kc , selected with hat ta?te pec i liar to au ei|ierienced wi .e nibber. His bed rooms are fitted up with a due regaid to ueatn ss acd clean li nes*, and iu each departmei t the prices will square with the times? u-mely, 2J ceii s per night for lodgings, or one dollai and a hall per week, or five dol ars per month. W. D has also introduced the Southern plan of providing a lunch from 11 f ill 1 o'ch ck, *o that thecre tu-e comfort* of the inward man will be attended to. A c Id and shower bath free to customers. Committee rojms. Club rooms, &c. &c. alO lin'm DRAfr l'? AM) NOTES (/OLLEOTED. E W.CLARK. DODGKIkCO.. No. 60 Wall, are ? prepared to collect Notes and Drafts payable at i tie fol lowing pla. es on the most reasonabh terms, viz:? Boston, Providence, Newport, Portland, Philadelphia, Hsr risburg, Lancaster, Heading, Pittsburg, Wilmington, It.ilti more, Annapolis, \Vashiiign?i City, llirhmoiid, Norfolk, Pe tersburg. Fiedericksburg \\ heeling. Kaleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington, Newbern, Charleston, Colu nlna, Camden, Cli - raw, S.iv inu^h. Anvutfa, Mobile, v ew Orleans, fJi ciunati 4 "< >1 ii m I ' us , Chillicoihe, Indiann|io|is, Louisville, Ltxitgtou. Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, and most other chief towns iu the United States. New York. August Uth, 1815. all lm"TC MAKTELLE llOLUERMANN, NO. :T7 MAIDEN LANE. N. Y. \T ANUFACTURER8 and Itnpo ter* of Hair [v I Work, Wig*, Toupee*, B inds, Curls, Seams, Bandeau Hair, Danguy's celebrated Curhd llnir, 15 inches long, and a new style of Kverlasting Curls, and all kind* of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. I) ? The trade supplied on reasonabls- term*. i>3 1m*ec JL/tsT PUBLISHED, price thirty eeuu, the PtiafOl kdltim (Trauslated from the Nineteenth French Edition,) CONSTI I'ATION DhSTKUV K U, Or, Exposition ofa NATURAL, simple, agreeable nnd infalli l.le M KANS, not only i f OVERCOMING, lint also of com pletely destroying habitual Constitution, without using either purgatives, or any artificial means whatever, (discovery recent ly made in H ranee by M. W. iton, ) followed by numerous eer tific ites from eminent physicians and other |*'isoua of dlstiuc tion. - Sold nt the National Depot oT Wart on of Pari*, No. 74 Maiden Lane. au6lm*rc TO TAILORS TIIOSK who desire to attsiu a correct kiiowledtce of Fash ionable Cutting; in all its various branches, w aid do wi ll to obtain Sliuemets' Complete Work on the *ub ect, wiucli cnn be obtained of the author only, at No. 113 Broad way. Price ? from ?* to SIO per Hook. nntliii*r CHURCH'S VIv^l.TAItLI'; LOTION, FOR CLEARING AND BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION will effectually n innve from the ikin .ill offensive blotches, pimples, tan, situ hum and freckle*, which detract from beniity and a fair com pletion. This v iluahle Cosmetic ha? been in estensive nie for many years, and is now considered an iiidis|Kinaahle apiieudaue to the toilet. Sold in bottle*, at 75 cent* each, at 183 Bowery, cor ner o!' Spring at fee;. *13 Im'm voiO'l'LAhiN ur. it a DAGUTJR UEOTYI'E APPARATUS. ARKANUKMKNTS recently made with tlieir brother-in law, Mr. Voiithtliwuder, Vienna, enable Uie subscribers to sell those Appnr >tns at reduced rates, viz:? Largest size Apparatus, witti three inch lenses for full size plates, at $145. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch leases for hall size S*C. Small size Apparatus, with oue and-a-half inch lenses, lor quarter size plates, a; (ientleinen sending remittances in accordance with the above prices, inay depend upon receit intt the '.?enuiiie Voigt. !aeuder Apparatus, and not ? worthies.* imitated article, they twin* procured the sole nzeucy lor the United States. Tlatesaiid Chemical of tlieir own importation, as well as all other articles connected with their art, lot sale at the lowest market prices. _ W. A. f. LANOKXHKlM. I hiladelphia K.ichunge. Referring to the above advertisement, the suhscribeia inform the l? iKU- rriHJi Artists iu Keueral, that th- above App irarus and other materials can be procured at the suied prices, at their I I) ikuertean Attelier, No. 201 Broadway, New Yoik. iv"J lm*rc LANOKNHKIM * BKCKKRS. ] JWLLIAK t)S? URL AT IMPS OVEMENTS. SOUTHKRNKR8. St r- inters and Citizens are invited to try | Mahogany Beds with lli Panels, m ide by s'nm machinery. So much work could not br done by hand without three times 1 the usual price. Likewise Cu?hious so elastic that eleven Can ! be hit by a single blow, h ar snle or pla> inn at IIASSrOHU'S old stand ? Kill ranees j?iliilt|( the Museum Building, Ai.n street, and 149 Kulton at. Otis Field, with a nuinbe of tl?ese improved Tables, invites t

his friends to call at the Cuited States Hotel, hutrauce through the har-room or 19* Water street jv?1 lm*frc AlUIMLlAL L\t.S MADK and lus.-rted by I)r J. ORAY, No. 119 Bowery, N Vork, the only maker of the HU^AN ARTIFICIAL Kt K in the United States. Any persou that wishes to be well *U>t?d should always apply to the Maker, who ha* been in the Ari Forty Vein inlfi Im* e AOTICK. | TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTERS AND OTHERS. 'PHIC SUBSCRIBER would respectfiilly inform them, that 1 he has been iu the employ of the lute Samuel Deuiiltover twenty years, and the late Samuel Demilt haying bequeathed to him the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, and the use of the Ohseivatory, it isnisiutention to continue (in eosmec- i tion With his son) the business ol msuti lecturing, repair i n k and rttiHK Chronometers, and dealing in Nautical Instruments, Charts. Watches, ? locks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, lie., at the old I (land, No. 319 Pearl street. D. EUUEHT. jn? lswod*rc 1 PH1LAOKI.PHIA HOTELS. HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, ?4'Z'J ClicatJiut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STKEET,. NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PlflLAD EL PHI A. CL r* B.tths just introduced? Warm and Cold ? in fine a p-. ft ucut>? for both Indie* and gentlemen. affi lm'rh COLUMBIA HOUSE. Chestnut t* tree t, bet ween fttli Mini 7tbttr?cU, PHILADELPHIA. T'HE W.'Bflf'RIBK.KB mivctfiilly inform their friends md the tr -veiling public, they have taken the abort' home, (lor merly known as the Marshall House, ) and hare made extensive blteratioi.* and improvements in its interior, having i|< ired no expense to r?i tier it our of the most pleasant n'ld fashionable houses ui ths city. The parlors are uuinerou*. the chambers large and well arranged, the furniture entirely new. Its loca tion i* in the most central part of the city, neir to all the places of public amusement, and Convenient to the depot* of the Southern, Western and Northern route*. The table* \v ill be supplied w ith all the delicacies of the sea sou. '1 he Wine* ore of the choicest brautl*. mid have been csrefu'ly selected. The proprietors hope by their la-rsonalartention 11 ^ ?*!'' r" ure in ihe btisii:e*s. to (jive satisfaction to these who may favr theui with their Iwtrouage. B \ULEY, MACKENZIE U CO James Bugley, (late of Joues' Hotel. I Henry C. .Mickeuxie, (formerly of the Washington House ) Peter L. Ferguson ?vl 3>n?er W1 LET all who are in search of aterie^tial paradise, hasten to Catskill There is a purity and trausptreacy in the atmo* ptiere ? lsoo'hing influence in i he holy ailenc- ol niture, tint pr. pire. the soul fir the enjoyment of all that is Baud aid im posing 1 lie Mountain House and it* liberal p oprietorare not to he surp ssetl ? the t-ble is covered with every delicacy ol' the season, the \v i e* ill ? ? ery best, nil I i?t not least an excel lent baud of musrc to enliven the youthful d t.icers. ,i:>0 _tV SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. MAN\ persons having 1>i en drterred from visiting this place in aoiueiiuence of the house being ver> full, the public i* i that w r have i ow a number of good rooms unoccupied LANDON ii GARDNER. SImi-q i >|.r tigs, \n<-nit l.'iih ifliV a!8 2w?r HOlfJU At Harlem lilver. (1EOROK NOWLAN respectfully returns his inoitsir * oere thanks to Ins friends and tf>? public for the liberal support which he has received for the la*t ten years, w hile Pro prietor ot Prospect Hall, and begs leave to iuform tliriu th:.t he ha* fitted up the large establishment at the termitrition of the Kailro id, on tin? Inland, and o:i the Bank of the River. where he i* prepared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, Supper*, li d oth.-r refreshments, at tile shortest ..nice. Good ground, Slid every accommodation lor Military Cnmpti niej. All the Railroad Cars I uid iK?senger? in front of the lloiel for I cents, from the < ity Hall. N. B ? An ordinary at h 1 1f past 2 o'clock on Sundays, jt'28 WILSON'S HOTEL AN1> DINING ROOM, 5 Gold street, near llltildeii Laiii. OUN'i'H V MER< HANTS will liu J this a desire Me liouie, S being convenient to the holiness part of the city. Tins establishment is fitted up with entirely new furniture. Oood and substantial dinner, 1U\ cents, lodgings 25 cents. For con venience and comfort this house is equal to any hotel in the city, and at half the price Permanent boarders can be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other houses Elegant pri* ate p triors, for the referee rases, or private dinners or sup per parties. The vr.rv best of lienors. jr..'? Srn*re E, the nndersigued, deem it necessary for the benefit of life, as well as recreation, not to he confined by the retail tr.ide to sulIi a late hour at night, du hereby agree to cluse our store* at 9 o'clock every eveniug (Satnidty night excepted) for two mouths, to commence from this, the Ut day of Actgust, 1845. (Signed.) B. Lewin. Juo. Hutchler, M.Woolf, W. McKimley, W. Sturges, ./no. C. H &lett. Juo. Davis, S. P. Sturges, W. Bennett, T. Koopmau, Proprietors of the Shirt Stores of Chatham street, New York. an2 lm*rrc WILOf.R S PATENT SALAMANDER SAKE Aoais Triumphant.? Several have been taken from the bum ng ruins of the late great tire, and all having proved f'.-ithful to their trust, as can be seen at my store of the Sign, 139 Water, corner of Depeyster street, w here more of t lie same kind can be had SILAS C. HEHK1NO. iv2l ImPbWed PACKET SHIP fctUKEN i h' THE W EST, from I. IV i> nl'OOL ? Consignees will please .send their periui'son hoard, we*t side Burling slip, without dulny. All goods not lie milled iu five days, are liable to lie sent to public stoie. a Iti re WOODHUt.L St Ml 'TUH N,l>7 Sotrli >t SHIP LIVERPOOL, Agry, master, from Liverpool.? Cou siguees of goud* by above ship, will confer a favor by sending their permits, without delay, on board, at Pier No. 9 East River, ot to the office of the sub briber* XiOCIiE, BUOTilEH? & CO., at er Ti '?nltor sfe?f NOTICE? Consignees of goods jier ship Clyde, irom Liiver pool, will please send the.i permits on bo.trd the ship, pier No. 4 North River, or to the officeof the subscribers. All uoods not permitted iu fi\e days, must be unavoidably seul to the public store. J. HEADMAN St CO., aCrc 61 South street. GALVANIZED UtUJM AND TIN. Galvanized sheet iron and tin, a very su periorartirle, warranted not to rust. Also, Tin Plate, Shee Iron, Rtusia Sheet Iron, Sheet Copper, Zinc, Scotch aud Amet rican Pig Iron, for sale Ut CASS Si WARD, mvll >m*ee Mo. 7f Br. -.d street LAURENT 8r BROTHER , IMPORTERS OP FRENCH GOODS, AVE just received by the latest Packets, a large ass oi! ment ofeniirely new styles of Fancy ( muds, consisting of Cashmeie-de-n sse Muslin de Laines. Alspacrn Sic Also, a very large assortment of Broche and PnntediShawls, ike. No. 4 William street jy23 lm*r MAGASLN JAl'AJNAlS, 69 Duant Street. \ H. P AKK KH. Agent, from Ainslt rdani, most respect ? fully informs his Triend* tud tlie public in Le^eral, that lie lias received a magnificent collection ohoici. nt Oil Paintings uid Aiinguities, consisting of Japanese. Force lain Jars aud Vn ies, Flower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, Cups md Saucers; old Jreideu Porcelain Groups and Figures: Cups a'id Saucers; an cieul Kaus of the lbili CSnlury ; and two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm ( liairt, from tli? years 1M8 and 1577, formerly belonged to the Cardinal Xuuenies, Ureal lii'iumtor oi Spmu, ..uci a* nevei has been _ seen iu this country; ut which lie can dispose at moderate prices, l.adies and Gen'lemeu, it you wish to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two cirved Chairs, for Catl1 oiic Churches; i-tbewe' from 10 A. M. till S P. M. jeif7 2m?rh ATCHf.S .?WATCHES AND JEWELKV 1 1'how who wish to purciiase Uold or Silver Watclies, OoPl Chains, Gold Pencils, Kt ys, Sic., will liud it greatly to their ad vantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling ill description* ol the above at retail much low er than any tuner house in the city. Oold Watches as low ns $20 and each. Wstche* .uid Jewelry exchanged or l ouulit. All Watches warranted to keep ?-ood time ot the money refunded. U. C. ALLh'N, importer of Watches and Jewelry, v\ ?<oiesNle and llet-.ii 30 Waii street, j?M m*?>- inmin SALAMANDER SAFES. THE first and only kind of Safe t lint has in every instaa . j preserved their contents from accident al lire* air Edwards tL Hoi mail's Improved Salamander, They are for sale by V. C. llobbs 20 I'latt st., N V'.. where certificates and teat ?afes may be seen, one of which saved the bunks mid p ipers of Messrs Coe, Anderson Hi. Co., No. 28 Uroai^ti e?t, at the ureal lire on the I9ili u It. A so, ol' Mr. J. Met, ut the cor iej of Bro dstrce. aud lucbage Place on the night of the UjTh ol I an ? r ' 3 nl I ? _____ A Rare Opportunity of Acquiring a Thorough. Musical Education. Gil. DKHWOIIT, 1'iofessor of Sn giujf, < Jnitar and Piano ? Korte, has opened a c;a? for V oij., ? Ladies, from 7 to 10 yetrs ofage, among whom are three of hi* own daughter*, whom he propose. to thorough! V instinct in the art of hinging, .Mr. Dtrwort 's system is the result of many years observation and experience, dui iig which he has successo'iilly t tuht in (ier many, London, and New k ork. ills method cannot tail to un pen to his pupils a clear j?rceptiou,ana a t borough knowledge of the gramin atical principles ol mime, with the ability to har monize any simple mveii melody. Parents mid tiuardiaus are invited to call at his H ms,427 Uroauway , when every ini|iiiry will be answered Term* J>-'U per auniiui, payable quarterly iu advau Lei tons three tunes a week. Private instruction as heretofore, al2 lm*rh MUfcltl RKMOVKD to No. Ci Franklin street, ore door Kast ol llroadway, M. DL'MSDA Y , I'roftssorol the Guitar, rang ing, Accordeou, nnd Violin, coi unite* to teacti Ladies and Gen tlemen ot Now York tlie abort laahiouable i instruments. Sic., in a comparative short tune, by his new Analysing aud Inductive System. Terms reasonable. >1. D. will co, as usual, to the residences of his pupils to any part ol the city, by th- stage*. Satisfactory city aits other r? lelHiCes gireu on application at No. 65 K rank! in street. jyt lm*ro /EOiaLVN HAlLP^y NUNNh 9t CLAKK h iviiik purrlia,.(d the patent riftht lot "Coleman's AColiau Attachment to the Piaiiolone," lor the entire t utted State*, (excepting Massachusetts,) nntiouuce to the public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes Willi this improvement attached, or to attach the same to auy mndotti nude horizontal Pianofortes. In regard tothe durability til this invention, N. it C. are prepared to satisfy the aaojt pre judiced mind, their own critical examination and experience warrant them in the aaser; ion, that the ".Kolian" w ill remain in tune in my climate, and it will not be affected by li millions of .tmosphe. e. The most satislactory warrantee is xiveu with each instrument. The public are invited to examine the"Ajili.ui Piaui. fortes" at their ware-room. No. 310 Htondw.iy, opposite the Park, where also may he mnnd an assortm-nt of 6, and 7 Octave Pi niol'orte*. both in rosewood andmahocany cues. m2S#ni*rc WAR UN DOMESTIC ANIMALS. LITTLE inventMtns are often as Meritorious a? great one? - this retlection, so eminently philosophical, h is bee'i ex cited in our minds, by the sight oi detd bodies 1> lag ou the (loor of oof office, w heretne i ori ses of some of our customers, for that it the title which we cannot refuse to a legion of rat?. which have m id* a frightful niiinii nipt ion of 'X ourriers" and 'Surnames Litteraires.'1 Well, so it is, thitthis . avenous race, againn which all kinds of American powders have proved ineffectual, i.ote tough iu one little dose of ti e txce lent poison which i.i advertised in our pi|*r, bv Dr. rcuch'waiiger. We are, if not more proud, at least tnorr h*|ipy at this vietorv than the illn?tituiis Wel lington could have lie.'u at tliat of Waterloo; ami should our friend* Compare Uk massacre which has been made in out of fice, with that of I le I). liar. i. we could not t*fuM.' to record O important an event, from which all our re ider* may derive ntl vaiita?r?. who coni' into ronllict with those enemies, against which Dr. reuchtwanger ha* declared exterminating war. ? Colli ro r li s K: its Urns, of Aug. 9. DKSTKl C'i'lON OK VKH.MIN ? W* do positively easert that the prepamtjoiis advertised by I>r. Keiicht winger, No. -J Liberty streel lor the desMictlon of vermin, will ponora all | lie says. W e have tiied them and found ih?m to he trnly e lli caeious.? N. Vork Merrery, ol \ng 17. Ti e subscriber will warrant in e<ery instance all his prepa rations lor lied :.iu> rats, cockroaches, mice, moths, ants, tiles, j fleas, Uiw on hone* mid c 'ttie, waaiejs, wood cliucn, and all , inltcts attacking the lieliLi, veg. I ibles, the trees, i articnl n|y tho e of tropic 'I clun ite -. All orders must be vet y specific as to w hat oi'ject. Apply lor imrtieiil ns to the m mnrartnier. 1)11 LEWIS KKUCHTWANUkI, ' anlQlm'eodmc U Libeity street, ue?i Willinuk rro PIUNTKH8 !? The wbscrtbers hive for sale it tow X prictt the following secoud-li inn Presses, fcr , all of which ?re in good oilier:? 2 Su|?'r-rov^l Washington Presses I No I I Imperial Smith Press, I Supnr-roysl Wells' Press, I Ram age Press, I superior Steam r.ugiue, of 3 to 4 horse |iower, which has been u?ed only a few months and is as good ?s new. H. HOE k CO., aul Iwdy SwWrc 2S and 31 Gold street j From the Antl-Kcnt K?-j<Io?. Dm mi, August ltf, IWk Fresh Captures ? Purtuil of Fugitives ? Its Difficulty and I'rivalions ? Afore Trait* oj Puhlic Feeling ? The i'rtto ners , their Position and I'rovyects? Confession? Coming Trial, 4-c. Five more prisoners were brought in last night from Middleton, on suspicion oi being implicated in the anti rent doings, one or two of whom were liberated this morning, nothing tangible appearing against them. Thorn who go out on this duty into tlic country are in structed to arrest all persons who are known either to 1 be directly concerned in this agitation, or who aie even i so slightly favorable to it us to be likely to be useful as witnesses against the chief actors. In a shoit time there will le a difficulty in dis nosinc of tlie prisoners, who amount already to over for tv. Another po-^e or l?? v' lU ?? out lt'U ljUt in what ditectiou is only known to a few, that being I kei.t quite f ecret until the return. I have been convert I i,J with men who have been out on three several excur sioiif, nnd they say it is 'J??y u"rk f0.?? 0 " ,'Vk. been two or Uiree daj ? out at a stretch, . to get a mouthful for man or horse for a day and m?ht together, which, with plenty of hard riding, and the anx iety as well fortheir penonal salely ar. to airust prison I ers makes it an onerous duty. All who have been so en saced represent the inhabitant* in the infected distii.-t I as highly excited, and resolutely bent on resistance to I the claims of the landlords, wherever they can eflect it 1 he women are infuiiated and always abusiv e often usin? language intended to provoke and taunt the strangers to commit themselves in tome wa) As an instance of the infuriate spirit by which these people are olten guided, an occurience which happened a day or two ago is ap uo.itc. An old woman rushed out ol her house near Amies, the scene cl Steele's murder, who ? as by this time in his grave, or.d confronted the passing troop of hoi seme u with violent gesticulations, and tue whole resources of her billingsgate. Finding that they weie disposed to pass on regardless ot her abuse, she gave tlicm a parting volley in exclaiming-" Hallow, spies ; have you Buck Steele with you ; il you have 1 d like to ! tec him. that's all " !t was with the greatest difficulty i that the men could keep their temper at this last loul iu?ultto the dead, and the person wlio related it to me gwoie that had a man been the oftender, instead of an i old woman, he would have been roughly handled. I ! think thi? is worth mentioning, as it shows thai thecoun i try people arc iaibued with a leeling cf intense hatred i to.vaids the authorities and nil onguged in the present undertaking of coercing them into submission. Another instance of this moibid feeling was exhibited ? when the lamented .Steele fell mortally wounded in three i places. Otiicer Kdgerton, whose horse was shot under him, tan to the wouuded man and called for assistance ! unou alas ge number of spectators. Not a mail stirred ; i there they stood, looking with indifference, and it was ! wi ll ui'ii neut leluctance that threo or four could be pre vailed upon to remove the victim to the nearest house ' whose owner-shame upon him hesitated to admit him until he knew wh J was to pay him. I have been round to see the prisoners. Nearly all ol them ore cheerful and ar.y thing but desponding. 1 er haus a good deal of this is simulated, for there i* some o them unquestionably in a bad fix. It is considered that there aro half a dozen ol the ringleaders among them. These are Daniel Norton, l>. W. Squires, Moses Karle, John Van ISLeiiburgh, and one or two others. saw Big Thunder in the lludsou jail. I was struck wuli the total absence, in his appeaiunce.ol all that betokens a I man tit to direct and contiol a fierce mob; in tue present case the same remarks npply. Not one oi theso men has any thing daring or icsolute about him. Squires is a keen active person, of middle size and decent exteuoi. Northop is a torpid, sluggish looking person, about forty five vears of age, and much more like one who could be driven, than who would thiuk of dry ing any bold move ment. Karle is perhaps lilt) ; his demeanor bespeaks a irrave and discreet individual. ^ et it is notorious that he is deeply implicated in the business. It was his property the sheriff was about to sell when shot; lie swore he would not pay rent, come what would; he mixed among the bands of Indians that morning, and entertained them at his house, alter the bloody deed was done, lie has, since put iu custody, paid up the rent, so that the ad journed sale will not take place, which may prevent another catastrophe taking place, as the Indians would, it is likelv, still resist. The contraiy, neverthe less is the impression among the up-rcnters, who are fully satisfied that the down-renters (1 use the terms iu common u?e heie, and they aie most expressive,) are awed and defeated at this very moment; tlut they will not daro to show their noses in opposition to the law ill future. 1'eopio attach a vast deal ol impoitance to the simultaneous and prompt turnout ol the citizens in the various towns, as soon as they heard of the necessity that existed lor it. Doubtless it will have the eflect of deterring the Indians a good deal, but when these volun teer 1'orccB are disbtinded, it is at least a matter ol uncer tainty whether the ludiaus will not scue it as an oppor tune chance to renew their frolics. Whatever be the decision taken by tlie State govern ment, in relation to tlie disturbance that prevails in this county, there is but one opinion among the well allecteil poi tion of the citizens, and that is, that summary ven geance must be inflicted oil every man who is legally convk ted ol a direct or indirect participation in the mur der of deput) s tie rill Steel; that every available means are to be used to scatter to the winds the anti-rent con ledeiacy. There is nothing unreal in these strong de clarations, for, as far as I can learn, those who make tlicm are fully prepared to act up to them; indeed, they aie doing all that can be done from day to da) , to fish out the guilty. When put in mind of the famous anti rent trials in Hudson, and the probability ol those to lie instituted here ending the same way, they reply that the pecde of Delaware comity have acted more decidedly and 'promptly; they have protected themselves without the aid ol an externi.1 military lorce, or the precaution ol barricading their town Having so far doue better, the) vow that they will continue to do so until lull justice is meted out. The greater part of the people who are as sembled here from different directions, incline to regard some half dozen of the prisoueis as sure to swing on the gallows. Koi my part 1 do not think a jury will be got to convict, and I attribute a good deal ol this unanimity ' against the prisoners to the pie-ent exasperated state ol ! the popular mind. One of the accused-1 meau vlosea I K.aiie-is eminently the object of antipathy. 1 have I made it my business to procure admission to the van , ou- apai tn.ents ol these unfortunate men, and listened to I the remarks of visitors in their presence, and which were madeaudihly enough to give tneprisoneis the lull benefit of hearing them. More than three or lour times I have heaid persons swear fiercely that that damn u old villain (pointing to K.arle) was sure ol the rope, and would Imvo got it soonei only lor respect to law and or der. All this, and ten times as much iu the same spirit, the old f llow listens to with thorough lang froid. lie is a tough subject, otherwise lie could not stand it one day. , ? i *i The examination* of the accused are goingjon daily, but I am unable to state what developments novo been made, as tney are stnctly private. One important tact I have leal r.eil, and that is-, that live or six ot thtm have pleaded guilty to the clmige of being in disguise ol the Indian party, and on the ground when Steele was shot. This is a gi iovous admission io make, and leaves no alter i native but to inflict punishment of a serious kind. Ah | the pnsuncis. v* ho plead guilty, will likely b6 disposed I of ui the approaching session of Oyer and 1 ermiiicr, to 1 take place here on tlie i'id ol September; but I hardly I think those who plead not guilty to all the charges that will be prefened, can be brought to trial so soon. I lie ?Utorney General was down heie a few days ago, but what the pin port of his visit was, has not transpired. N o news yet lien Albauy. Two or tluee possees aie outjin pursuit of fugitives. Should they continue to make ar tests, the jailer wi l be completely nonp u-^ed ; at pre sent. I.e admits his family is as laigc as ha can provide tor, aud veiy undeserving, as tney will do nothing lor their support. In this emergency, he thinks ho will be constrained to implore the aidol Jack Kctih. Tub Dklawabe Oltracw ? Fubthkr Arrests ? We have veibal information of an intertstinc ond gratifying character from 11 gentleman who left Delhi on Sunduy. At the time our informant left, more than forty per sons had h^n tiruught in by tlio several posies, from different quarters? tome of th m arrested as wittiesse?, but the gieater portion of them (between 30 and 10) proved to have been concerne 1 as principals or subordi nate abettors, in tiie outrages that resulted in Steele's death. Our last account gave information of tho arrest of 18 or 9) only. Of the red, six were brought ill by Timothy t'orbin, jr., on Sunday ? lour ol whom admitted that they were present at Kuril's, armed and disguised, when iteele was shot. Among tho six wero the two Sanfonls, lather ami sen, at whose house Scudder staid tho night before the sale. Mr. Lnnn was another? at whose house Scudder stoppec'. tho day of the sale, and whore lie and others disguised themselves before going on to the ground. Mr. ( orbin also sent in cn Saturday Dirid Scott ofBovi na, who, it is in proof, ftirniihod a wagon to transport arms and Indians to the gronnd. Vr. liurhau? brought in two persons suspected of being concerned in the outrage at Kuril's. Of the residue, our informant does not racollect the n?me? ; but he furnishes us with some of the farts that have been brought out in prool before the corouer's jury that show the very strong and conclusive uaturo of the testimony against somo of those now in Custody. It is in proof, froth the wife of K?t II and a woman em ploj i-d at his house, that !;arll furnished the Indians with provisions on the mornint( of the sale? and among other things, mutton, potatoes, bread and butter, ju consider able quantities. A Mr. Iteeside, one of the prisoners, after some equivo cation, finally confessed that he was on the ground at the timo of Steele s death, in disguise and armoii, and that he acted as n chief on tho occasion, under Scuddcr, the head chief or sachem. It is also in proof that Squires, at whose house were found the pistol taken from t'orbin in September, and tho ten Indian disguise*, told Scudder on the day of tho sale, "now is j our time to strike the latni blow now or ne ver.-' One of the ten disguises found at Squire's house, has beon identified by young Noitluop, (the son ot the man who confessed to his having acted as chief on tho day of sale.) as the dress which ho (Northrop) wore ou tluit day. He stak t> Imther tnst this dress was furnished liini by Scuddor, and was after the murder, returned by him to Scuddcr. Hut we forbear to pursue the details of the testimony, much of u hich is ol * > haracter that cannot perhaps be niado public ut piesant wiihout emhariasnug the un a suies now on loot to feiiet out the oflenneis. It is enough to say, that every thing i? being done that can be done, to finish up tho business which has beon so in- | trepidly'nnd successfully accomplished by the law and order loving people of Delaware. Nothing, we learn, can exceed the alacrity and spirit with which the farmers have come up to the work of lustaining the majesty of j the law, and bringing the offenders to justice. From the remote parti of the county? from Tompkins, Masonvil.e, Sidney, Walton, KianUiu, Meredith, llaiperstield, Da venport, Hancock, as well as Delhi, the farmers have left their fields unharvested. and at great sacrifices to then - sclvus, have volunteered to do duty under the sheriff? coming in, armed and equipped, ready for service. These tow n , are all tliat are eitliur entirely or mainly free Irom the Anti-ient feeling. The infected district embiaces nearly half the county ?pervading the greater portion of teiritoiy lyis g be tween the two branches of the Delaw a< e. and ium? ou either side of them. The infected town* ale Kortriglit, Stamford, Roxhury, Middletown. Bovina, Andes. Col chester. Hampden', and part of Delhi Theise towns cover what is known a* the old Hajdetsl'ui gh Patent. The distiict bordet h on Sullivan, Greene, Schoharie and L'lstt r, the westr-tn and noitii western part of the county only being tree from Anii-ientikin Nothing hod been heard on Sunday from the pos-e under Mr. U heeler, that went to Blenheim, in Schoharie | county.- *i/buTiij Jirg us, -0. Anothrr Anti-Rent Outrage ? We learn that on Saturday nmhi ol la^t wet k, that about four a.-res of corn, belonging to <'o:nelitis WhJtbeck, intha town oi Taghkanic, wag cut down close to the ground. Mr W. lives on a farm toimeilv occupied by an anti ! renter, who wan dispusce?<ed tor the non-payment of rent; and ever sir ce Mr W hitberk has been in posses ) lion oftlie farm, the aiiti-renieis hti^e, by various means, I endeavored to dri\c him off? Hi dtmt Gazette. Saratoga Spui.xcs, } U. S Hotkl, Aug. 19, IRIS. ) The Court of Fathian ? The. True *1riitocrat ? Spltndid Equipage t ? .1 Mother and Daughter ? Mahomet's I'pta diie - Jlldeme n Drinking the Magic Wateri?Fath ionahle Jtrrirah - The Scourge ? Jin *1nti- Lottery Pa pt-r? Great Excitement ? Tke Fickle Giddcsi?Jl Hop. | The ( ourt of Fashion i? really improving as the s?a I son wanes. The aristocracy have bean wai'ng for the part-emu to leave, and are now tilling up the hotels to tho I infinite satisfaction of tho residents of this village. Our circle has just received an additional sparkle to its ani mation, by the arrival of several Southern families ol i distinction. ^ our Southern man is the tnu-st aristocrat i that shines among us? ho is the great landed propiietor. , His fields are spread with the richest tiihute. of ugncul l ture? sugar, cotton, rice, and tobacco. He can tpeak 1 with a royal affectation of benignity of " nis j people"? for they, of a verity, are his, body and Isouf. There is. too. about him a perfect quietude ? a bell repoie ? a couscionsnes*?that his possessions are a family heir loom, and no new requisition, gained by ! dealing in bacon and rum All tui.s is in glorious con ' trast with the vulgai display, anxiety and noi*y lffectn tion of the parvenu. The equipages (ported by our I .Southern "lignts"aro of the most recherche description, ' and display a taste and elegance which would honor tho i possessor of a German piincipali'y. The splendid pran i cing " bays" are harnessed to a carriage of expensive 1 and substantial structure, whose interior is replete with i elegance and cor, ?fort. Coachmen, footmen and outri deis, ol Airic's sable hue, iu liveries costly with gold lace. An eye directed to one of these sumptuous crea j tious oi luxuiy, may discover its smiling mistress, whose i languishing beauties time has not dimmed, but softened ? while lier lovely and voluptuous daughter, tit compan ion of the parent stem, shoots around glances, sucti as peels alone imagine, when they sing oi the dark-eyed ' houris of Mahomet's Paradise. "Oh, child of beauty rare ; Oh mother, chaste and fair, How happy are they both, so far beyond compare." There are, at least, half a dozen, wine-bibbling, un wieldy, rich, gout-stricken old gentlemen, who also flourish here, and afford infinite amusement Theso woithies, who look upon their enormons si/c as a cruel misfortune, of which they accuse Providence, instead of their own guz/.iing, remorseless Aldermamc habits, ear ly and late resort to the Spring -reminding one of the benevolent Mr. Pickwick, when he went out a gunning. Gallon upon gallon, of Congress water, disappears down each capacious maw, resembling, in its aridness and capa bility ol consumption, the crater of some hot Vesuvius. ? Industriously, ilay by day, they critically measure the solid " paunch," to note its decrease, and press the "weighing machine'' till it groans again, in hopes of be in^ able to mark a deduction Irom the solid carcass, but all in vain, u hat they lose by the " water cure" is more tnun compensated for oy the soup, the fowl and the pas try they devour iu hecatombs, till the astonished waiters groan in wonder. Like unseemly porpoises the blubber ? daily becomes more redundant. 1 A'nong the arrivals on the boo?<s we notice tho names ' of (jov. Van .Ness, Miss Van Ness, and t. Van Ness, | Washington; Dr. J. Rhea Barton and lady, the daughter ' of the celebrated Jacob RiHgwav. of Philadelphia; Dr. Ueulord and lady, and Dr. Haskell, New York; C. Van lleiisellaer. (ireonbush; Dr. Willird, Boston; Mr. Ham mersley, of H. B M.*a 14th regiment, Montreal; Gov. 1' iancis, Miss Francis, llhode Island. The beautiful and accomplished Mis* B., of Bridgeport, Conn., and many other distinguished characters. A number of the new puper, called the Scourge, pub lished in Albany, and devoted to the suppression of lot teries. gambling. Sic., has been freely circulated in this place, and we understand throughout the State. It is j supported, we are informed, by several distinguished di ? vines, its appearance hero created a great sensation \ among tho gamblers and lottery dealers? old gentlemen ; and old maids ? black waiters- hack drivers? tavern Keepers? boot blacks, and waiting maids? dry goodi: I clerks, and defaulting cashiers, fond of a quiet rubber of j whist, a can so of poker, and tempting the fickle goddess, ! who holds in her hand the '? horn of plenty," to shower < hor favors upon them. We have a grand hop this even j ing at the Uiuted States Hotel Yo.nkkks, August 18, 1845. Irtfli Invasion of Vonktrs ? Arrest of an offender ? Resrut ? Attack cf the Irish upon a Constable and Citizen. Our village has to-day be^n made t!ie scne of ua excitement to which it is.happil} .altogether uiiacciw loined About neon a steamboat, with a barge in tow, from your city, lauded upon our dock a large multitude of men, women and children, professing 1 to be connected' with the Sunday schools of some oi l the Catholic churches in New Vork? r eir number was variously estimated from l.VKI to 2-YX) persons, and, with scarcely an exception, they were Irish. ? They immediately took possession of a larue held near the landing, and shortly commenced their ra vages up'.n the apple trees near by The owner ot these trees entreated them to spare his fruit, which is not as yet fit to be eaten, but he was answered only by abuse. One of the number told him that he would as nuny apples as he pleased, to which : tiie owner answered that he would have recour-e to I the law for the protection ol "hi* property. "Very vvell," said the Irishman, "go and do your d st." ; Provoked at this tiie owner took the necessary proceedings for his arrest. The constable made the arrest upon the dock, but : scarcely h;id lie taken the prisoner when a mostfu 1 riotis and outrageous nrtack was made upon him by thr Iri.-hinen around him. Finding himself over 1 powered, he commanded the assistance ot the citi ' /.ens, and two or three of our people ran up to aid him, but they were separated and beaten hack by the crowd of Irish, and the prisoner was thus torci | bly rescued. Intent up; n doing his duty, the con-tt i ble, with his valiant little posse, ran down upon the dock and succeeded in retaking his man after some considerable fighting; but no sooner had lie him in i charge again, than a shout was aised on the boat at the end of the w harf ? "And oat the hellish legion sallied." Hushing down upon the otlicer and Ins few asso ciates, they beat the faithful fellow, and the good ci tizens who were laudably endeavoring to aid him in the execution of Ins duty, with their lifts and clubs, and dragged the prisoner awav. I migm cive lurilier particulars of the manner m which these men acted, but the above are promi nent facts about which there can be no dispute, and they are all-sufficient to show how little regard these "adopted citizens" have for the laws ot the country which has adopted them Is it not too bad, Mr. Editor, that a peaceable lit i lie American village like ours should be subject to J invasions as this ! Varieties. The committee of the Association of Engineers, in tiie St. Louit Republican, stato that tha. Asi-oiiation lioen organized linre 1842; that no engineer ia granted it diploma who has not undergone a thorough examina tion, D>ul who has not served as engineer for iivo years; that Mr. Mohan, engineer of the Dig Ilatchee. had never applied lor membership, and could not have been admit ted even a* a third engineer. They al?o stated that no I accident ol'nny kind has tappened on any boat on which any one of tiie member* have been engaged since llie fot , ination of the Association. Dr. Houghton, well known by the appellation of " 11 ig Thunder,"' is addressing anti-rent meetings In this ?ounty, and uigiug upon the tenants not to pay any mora rent, and that reflations have been passed at several meetings in the south part of this county to pay no pro cess in any way connected with rents.? Hudson Gaz. The St. Augustine Herald states that the real f iiano can be procured in Florida, on the Pelican Is inds, of which ilieie are a number in the Tomoc.o river. It niys it h the renl grit, and that there are large de posits of it. This is " important if true." The Kllicotts' Mills Free Presi says that con tracts have been concluded tor the erection forthwith of two cotto i factoiiet ? one for the Oranite Manufacturing Company, and tho other for the Ely Manufacturing Company. The ll igs of lhe various steamboats and other ves>els oil the Delaware, were hoisted at half-mast on Tuesday, in respect to the memory of ()en. .McDonald, ot UaJtimore, a merchant, old steamboat owner, and sol dier oi the Revolution ? who died uu Monday last. It is said that a number of the officers of the Ilri gade commanded by lien A. I. Itoumfort.of Philadelphia, nave volunteered their services, and that Gen 11 has tendered his own and their services to the General Gov ernment, in case of war with Mexico. Cape Cod was visited on Monday, the llth, at I P. M., with tho most severe thunder storm that has taken place in that vicinity for a great many years. Tho light ning struck in some twenty or thirty different place*.