Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1845 Page 3
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Vkrmoxt Statu Elkction.? The annual election in Vermont will take place on Tuesday, September 'J. The democratic ticket in, fur Governor, Daniel Kel logg; Lieut. Governor, Wyllys Lyman; Treasurer, Dani el Baldwin, the ?ame as fast year. The whig* run the present Governor, William Slade. The liberty party alio lws its candidates; William II Shafter, for Governor, Horatio Needham for Lieutenant Governor, and /.eat* Wood for Treasurer. Ukamii of Hamburg.? Notwithstanding the pro tracted drought, the very low stage of the river, und ! the indication of sickness in this neighborhood, our city | remains very healthy thus far. Causes, not iscident to the locality of the place, did, a few weeks ago, produce a fatality among some two or more persons here, but since these have passed away, we have the pleasure of knowing that our city is healthy, especially in a time when disease visits town anil country alike. ? Hamburg Journal, 9tflA init. ??yw? ; I The Plumbe National Duff lit- rrl an Gallery, i 251 Broadway, N. W. comer of Murray and Broadway. ? The testimony ol multitudes who have proved the fidelity and ac curacy of this artist admits of no contradiction. Thr system IS uurivalli'd for correctness, and travellers and visitors are in vited to tiewthe specimens, and judge of the unrivalled skill he exhibits. Portable Shaving Canes? The Subscriber* ' liaviuK perfected and finished a variety of the above, off r the same as the most complete yet invented, suitable to the wai ts ol the travelling public, containing all that is necessary for the toilet, with the audition of the Metallic Tablet Strop, for sharpening and keeping Razors in the most perfect order. G. SAUNDERS St SON. 177 Broadway, opposite Howards' Hotel, j Indigestion, Weak Nerves, Lownets of Spi rits, Ike.? Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills area natural, and therefore a certain Cure for all kinds of nervous diseases, be cause they completely cleanse the stomach and bowels of those bilious and corrupt humors which not only paralyze and weak en the digestive organs, but are the cause of weak nerves, low | spirits, (ic. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are also a direct purifier of the blood, and therefore not only impart health and cheerfulness to the miud, but also give new life and vigor to the whole frame. Caution.? As many unprincipled persons are industriously ; engaged in sejling counterfeit I ills, the public should be ex tremely careful to purchase from none but advertised agents, < j lemons of kuowu integrity, or at the office and general de pot, 2H8 Greenwich ttreet, N. Y. N. B ? Ij t *11 cases be particular t9 ask for genuine I Wrulp's Indian Vegetable Pills. MONEY MARKET* Tuesday, August '4 <1?0 P. M. There was a slight decline in quotations for stocks to | day. Norwich and Worcester fell off ] per cent ; Long Island, j; Canton, j; Reading Railroad, J; Morris Canal, 4; Farmers' Loan, J; Pennsylvania S'g, j ; Harlem im proved, 4; and Mohawk closed firm at yesterday's prices. The improvement in the stock market experienced within the past few days, has beon produced, principal ly, by the change which has taken place in the minds of ! stock operators, in relation to our affairs with Mexico. ? j It matters very little with these speculators, what the { actual position of the U. States and Mexico may be in re- ' lation to war; it is the impression upon the public mind ! that affects the interests of those engaged in depressing ' or Inflating prices of fancy stocks. The advices received i from Mexico, by the Relampago, at New Orleans, from Vera Cruz, had a very unfavorable effect upon the stock market, and prices steadily declined, until advices ten days later, by the Water Witch, came to hand. The advices per the Water Witch produced a wonderful improvement in the stock market, and prices have since been steadily advancing. The latest accounts from Mexi co are considered by many, to be even more belligerent than those received by the Relampago ; but so far us the j stock market is concerned, the effect of the two accounts ' has been widely different. The influence of the various j reports from the South, in relation to hostilities, upon movements in Wall street, is a very good index of the feeling among those deeply interested in the result of the existing difliiulties between this country and Mexi co. The fortunes of most of them are at stake, and eve ry rumor and report is carefully weighed and consider ed. It may appear to a casual observer, that the specu lators of Wall street are a reckless, desperate set of men; but every man among them makes use of every circum stance, favorable or unfavorable, to advance his interest! aud nothing is done, no movement of any importance made, without first carefully calculating chances, and operating accordingly. The prospects and probabilities of a war with Mexico are closely watched by these shrewd speculators, and the complexion of the stock mar' ket shows the impression upon the minds of the ope rators. The imports and exports of the United States for the year ending June 30th, 184-5, have been as annexed. Commerce of tiie United States. Year ending June 30, 1845. Import s. Value of merchandise imported, free of duty, $23,025,770 iValue merchandise imported, paying duty, 96,48(1,816 Total vnlueof imports for the year. . . .$119,012, 680 Export). Foreign merchandise $14,977,157 Domestic produce 92,914,165 1 07,891 ,6*22 Kxceiis of import* $11, 620 ,964 I The import* of specie for tho year ending June 30, | I84o, ainauuted to $3,9.52,233; mid the exports, for the ! same period, to $8,477,681, giving an e\c?ss of oxports ] of speciu, over imports, for the year, ot $4,516,418. These loturiis ni e not wholly official, but are, perhaps near enough to Rive some idea of the amount of foreign trade of the United States during tho past year. The value of the import* of the first three quarters, was 880,770, and for the fourth quarter, $28, 031, SI 6. Tho va. luo of the export! for the first three quarters, was $77, 301,061 ; and for the last quarter, $30, -586, 661. The Keceirer of the Commercial Bank of New York is prepared to settle with the creditors in full, for the ba lances due to them respectively, with interest. Alloc ditors whose balances now duo amount, with interest up to the l.'lth inst. to one thousand dollars and under w ill receive the cash at once, on application at the He. ceiver's office. Those creditors whose balances amount to imtre than one thousand dollars, will receive, respec tively , on application at the Receiver's olfice, on and af ter the 23d instant, a certificate of stock issued by the Comptroller of the State, under and in pursuance of the act of 28th April last, carrying interest nt six percent. ' payable semi-annually from the 13th inst., the principu' payable February 1, 1849. We annex an official statement, giving comparative re turns o( the commerce of France, with her colonies and with foreign countries, during tho years 1842, 1843 and 1844. (iCPf ER&L CoMMF.Rl.-K OF FbaJICI:, imports ^eiseis entered inwards. 1R)2 1843. 1814. French vessels 5,712 6 Ifl6 6,392 Foreign 10,372 10,306 10,070 Total 16,004 16,11 1 10,462 Tonnage. French 610,265 619,6)7 679,066 Foreign 1,353,261 1.376.260 1,357,789 Total 1,963,526 2,015,897 2,036,055 Francs. Francs. Francs. Value of impo s in French veoel"; ... . 356,000.000 379,000,000 378,000,000 Value of imports in Forewi vessels. 191,000,000 481.000,000 453,000,000 Value ol imports by land. 293, 000, 000 323,000,000 360,000.0)0 Total 1,142,00)1,000 1,186,000,000 1.192,000.000 Exports Ventlt entered outwards. 18)2. 1043. 1814. French vessels 5.025 5,326 5,369 Foreign vessels 6.515 6,260 6.396 Total 11,510 11,585 11,765 Tonnage. French 528,101 565,21)2 577,032 Foreign 647,711 665.454 674,101 Total 1,175,815 1,230,736 2,251,133 , . ? Francs. Francs. Francs. V.ilue of export? inrrench vr?i.els 305,000,000 340,000.000 394,000,000 V nine of exports in rorei'n vessels ...371,000.000 361.000, 000 439, (Wl, 000 Value ol exports by land. .26), 000, 00)1 287,00(1,000 319,00)1,000 Total 910,00)1,000 992,000,000 1,153,00)1,000 Special Commerce. Francs Francs. Francs. Imports 816.00)1,(100 Rl5.000.000 ?67.00".000 I . sports 641,000,000 687.000,0)10 797,1*10,0)10 These relurnj show an increased import and export each year? an increase so modeiate as to ensure a healthy condition of the foreign trade of the country. The trade of France with all nations appears to be rapid ly improving. With her trade is large. In 1843 the direct trade of France with Brazil amounted to 40,886,0001. In 1843 it was 38,44 J, OOOf. The imports into France, consisting of coffee, hide*, cotton, sugirs, cocoa, wood, Km;., are estimated at 12, 685,000f , and the exports to at 28, 181, OOOf, The productions of the French soil and manufactures, which in 1842 figured only 18,200,000f , amounted in 1843 to I8,tft9,000f , showing an increase of 2, 9ft9,000f. The principal articles of export were cotton and silk stuffs, skins, wines, paper, salt, woollen cloths, butter, jewelry, mercury, perfumury, linen, lie., tic. The navigation between the two coun tries employed, in 1843, 193 vessels, measuring 4,092 tons, 107 of which wore French. In 1842 the number n asonly I ftft, being an increase, in 1843, of 38 vessels. The duties on the importations show an increase each ear fori the past three. The variation from ycai to .car is very trifling, and considering tho extent of th? ,:nportBtions, the uniformity in the value is astonishing PUTtr.s r roi turners into Fkaso: roH man Yfaks. I<>42 Amount ol duties paid npon imports, .f. 187, 434. ft!) It<43 Amount ol duties paid upon imports, .f.l I3,0.'>4 703 lull- -Amount of duties paid upon imports. .f.l.'>2,ll7.3(lp The average customs duty upon the whole import into France, amounts to about seven per cent The trade between France ?nd the United State* leave* annually a balance in our favor. For nine month* ending Juno *?. export* from tho United ftWItito Kmic# w?r? taUtJ At $19,094,141, tuJ tbt tot ports into tUe U. States from Franca at $7, 889, #16, leav- 1 ing a balance in aur favor of $4,438,408. In 1843, the ba. lance in our favor wai still greater. According to the reports issued from the Treasury Department, the value of the imports into the United States from France, for 1813, was $10, H74, 06b, but the official reports from France value their exports to tho United States for 1842 at $18,440,714. We annex a comparative table showing the importa tions of some leading articles into France lor the past two years, and the quantity of each article consumed each year: ? Principal Imported into France, 1S13 and 1811, WITH THE UCAMTirv <'o'\St MED EaCH VeaR. .flrr'rf. C?iuV. ,Qrr'd. Cont'd. ! Metric at quintals. Metrical quintals. Mahogany, 92,591 w,m :ir,,i2.i 4i.89i Cocoa, to, m 16,906 22,872 18,507 1 iUilfee, 231,711 114,879 672,301 185,10# Cochineal, 1,370 1,218 2.292 1,066 ] Cottonwool, 710,135 599,955 514,271 5118.18:1 Copper, 83,081 78,1.18 58.786 66, MS | Tiu, 26, Jfi5 19,323 16,803 1 8. 'H7 [ Hemp, 78,253 76.2!I9 82,353 8#, 801 Cast iron, 180,177 121.31(0 504,713 531,985 Coal, 15, (>95,051 15,092,635 16,354,161 18,016,695 Oli\e oil, 391,84# 385,458 909,839 2i::(,68J | Indigo, 17,132 8,980 18,037 11,611 Linen, 206,067 197.1, 87 228,125 213,288 Potash, 26,100 22,612 31,099 19.613 Soda, 38,369 21,332 28,697 27,266 Lead, 206,125 192,729 255,718 193,909 Pepper. 31 781 18,81-. 27.1:17 32,248 Khw silk, 13,370 6,101 10,506 8,897 Spun silk, 6,602 4,131 7,211 4,815 Flout silk, 1,925 975 1,573 726 Huaar, Fch eels, (131,120 793,528 892,115 872,476 Do Foreigu, 199,161 98,917 118,438 102 300 Linen cloth, 32,321 *7,7(10 34,943 28,781 Zinc, 103,639 1 01!, 590 124,957 123,819 The trade between France and the United States fop several years past has been as annexed: ? Commerc e Between France and the United States. 1 1140. 1841. 1814. Import into United States, $17 .908 127 21.187,444 17,982,412 Kvport to France, 22,349,154 22,235,575 16,133,4146 Balance in favor U. States, $1,441,027 Balance against U. States, 1,951,869 1,818,976 In 1820, 1842, und '43, the balance in our trade with France was in our favor, and in 1841 and '44, the balance was against us. The balauce in our favor in the trade of the five years, according to the home official va. I?? of our exports and imports, amounted to $10,10t>,617 Tho aggregate foreign trade of France for the pasj eight years, has Beeu as annexed: ? Value or Imports into France, Bis'riNouisHiNft the Flao. French Foreign Total by Initio's by General vessels. vessels. Sea. land. Total. 1837 , 281.300,000 259,70(1,000 511,000 000 263 1100,000 807,800,000 1838, 317,400,000 311, 800. C00 629,000.000 307,900,000 937 100,000 1839, 372,700,000 283,400,000 086, 100.0(1(1 290,900,000 907,000,000 1810 , 369,000,000 38.1,500,000 7.14 .100.000 297.0011,000 1,052,300,000 1811, 340,500,000 .135 000,000 775, .'>00, 000 315,900,000 1.121,100,000 1842, 356,000.000 491,000,000 847,00 ',000 293,000,000 1,1 42,000,000 1813 , 379,000,000 183,000,000 862,000 000 323,000,000 1,186.000.000 1811,378,000,000 453,000,000 831,000,000 360,000,000 1,192,000,00(1 Value ok Kxports from France. French Foreign Total by Ea/io's hy General vessels. vessels Sea. la?d. Total. 1837 , 282.100,000 209,900.000 .102,300,000 235.800,000 758 I0?,0fl0 1838, 275 000,000 418,800,000 691,800,000 261,100.000 955 900 0(10 18:19 , 312,300,000 441,600.0110 756,900,000 246,400.000 1,003,000,000 1840, 331,900 000 390,700,000 720.600,000 281,30(1 000 1,010,300,000 1811,312,300,000 468,000,000 780,300,000 285,100,000 1,065,400,000 1812 , 305 000,000 371,000,(100 676,000,0(:fl 263,000,000 910,000,00(1 11113, 340 000.000 364,000,000 704.000,000 287,000,000 992,1100,00(1 1811,391,0(10,000 139,000,000 833,000,000 319,000,000 1,153, 000, 00n The aggregate imports for the eight years included in this table, amounted to f.8, 386, 600,000, and the exports for tho same period to f.7,87R,300,000,leavirig a balance against France on her foreign trade of f.477, 300,000. The exports from France in foreign vessels since 1841, havo increased about fifty per cent, and in French vessels about thirty per cont. The imports in foreign vessels have within the last three years decreased, while in French vessels there has beon a very slight increase. The amonnt of French tonnage arriving in tho United States in 1830, was 11,986 tons, in 1841, 17,030 tons, and in 1844, 17,367 tons. This is a very moderate increase. Old Stock Kxclinngc. S.1000 U s 6'?, *62 s6ms I08!? 50 shas Harlem R R s60 60 1000 Indiana Bouds 33;., 50 do 60^ 8000 Penn 5's 74 V 50 Moharwk R R 57 15 shas Bk State N Y 9o? 50 Long Island R R slO CI1,,' 50 Farmers' Trust slo 32'4 100 do s30 til'a 378 do 22 ^ 200 do 6I& 50 do s60 32 10 IIottMtonic R R 26 50 do sio 32'^ 10(1 Noi ft Wore RR 67? 75 Morris Canal 27?f 75 do ?15 67>, 50 do b30 28 100 do 67'? 150 Canton Co 36? 150 Reading R R 49'? 100 do 3U?? 50 do ,00 48 80 do s30 3I> '4 150 do 49V 125 do s60 36 '4 Second Board. 50 Canton Co s30 5 up 36Vi 50 Mohawk RR s6m 55 50 do s30 5 up 36)i 50 Vicksburgh 7 New Stock Exchange. 28 shas Farmers' Tr stw 32 100 Long Island R 11 s30 61 50 do 31% 100 do ?3 6l!? 200 do 32 25 do s3 61^? 50 do stW 32 50 do ?30 61l4 21 Morris ('anal cli 27*? 300 do cli 6l>i 25 Nor St Wore si 67 59 do s?0 61' , 50 do cli 67& 50 (Id |,j q\> 25 do stw 673k 50 do b3 61'i 150 L Island RR ch 61'." ' Married. On Monday the J.Hh instant, by the Itcv. O. M. Slack, Hkmrv Momtkort to Jank 11. Lockwooo, both of this city. At Schonectady, on the -ilst instant, by the Rev. Dr. J. Austin Yates. ol' Union College, the lion. Davio Scra kkk, of Canajoharie. to Harriet Frances, youngest daughter of the late Kev. Dr. Rowan, of this city. Died. On the morning of the -Jlith instant, after a short unil severe illness, James Veitch, in the 49th year ol his age His friends and acquaintances are respectful ly in* ited to attend his tuneral from his late residence, -'1 f)ej street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. On Monday, 'Jftth instant, batwuen 11 and l'J o'clock, 1*. Mm at his residence No. Pearl street, Mr. Amdhe Matiiiei', in the 63d year ol his age. Deceased was a native of France, and since a number of years a resident of this city. He was an industrious, upright, generous, good-hearted man, and has left a large lainiiy to mourn his loss. Ilia tuneral took place yester day afternoon, 'ititli inst , when his numerous friends paid hiin the last tribute by accompanying his mortal remains to the church, thence to their last abode. At Knst Chester, on the itith inst., after a lingering ill ness, iti chard Hohiis. aged 59 years and 10 months. All his friends and acquaintances are respectfully in vited to attend his funeral on Thursday afternoon, the 98th inst., from his residence at East Chester. On Tuesday, at noon , the v!(ith instant. Mario* (>ib scin, daughter of William and Janet Gibson, aged 11 months and days. The funeral will take place this (Wednesday) after noon, at 3 o'clock, P. M., Irom S4rt Peail street, to which the frieuds of the family are respectfully invited. Weekly Keport of Deaths. In the city and county of New York, from the 18th day of | Auk- to the 24th day of August, 1845. DISEASES. Apoplexy, 7; Asphyxia, 1; Bleeding from lungs, 1; Blseding from stomach, 1; Cancer, 1; Cholera infantum. 32; Colic. I; Consumption, 2(1; Convulsions, 13; Croup, 3; Cyanosis, I; (/ho lers, I; Debility , 3; Delirium Tremens, i ; Diarrhiea, 8; Dro| ijf, c Drops* in iin- head, T; Dmmd, 5; Dysentery, 10; | Epilepsy, 3; Fever inflammatory, I, Fever puerperal,!, revei remittent, 1; Fever scarlet, I ; Fever typhus, 7; Vlrart, (hreasi of, 4; Inflammation of brain, 5; Inflammation of bowels 13; In flaimnatimi of chest, 1; Inflammation of lungs, 3; Inflamma tion of throat, I Inflammation of liver, 5; Marasmus, 14; Old age, 1; Premature birth, 3' Small pox, 8; Sprue, I; Suffocation, 1; Teething, ti; Tftanus, 1; Ulcers, I ; Unknown, 3; Worms, 1? Total, 205. Ag e ? One year and under 59; I to 2 years 50; 7 ,o5 21; 5to 10 j 5; III to 20, 10; 20 to 30. 20; 30 to40, 10; 40 to 50.16 ; 50 to 60, i;60 to 70, 4 ; 70 to ?>, 1; unknown, 4. 4.!olored persons 8. COHNKLIUS B. ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspector'* ofTice, Aug. 2.5, 1845. EMPIKE ENGINE CO. No. 42. 'pilE UNDERSIGNED (by request) returns his sincere A thanks to .Mr. Johnson, proprietor of the Unites States Ho tel, corner Water and Fulton sneets for his kindness and at trillion shown to one ofonr members, s everely hurt at t lit- fire on Moudxy night, August 2.'>tli, 184 a 27 It' re PAUL V. MONDON, Secretniy. MARTIN'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY BIBLE. PART EIGHT Of this truly magnificent Work, will lie published on the 1st of September Price Twenty-Five Ct-lilw. I HAVE ex .mined, with con iderable care, the 'Devotional | Family Bible, "now in conrae of publication by It. Martin Hi Co , 2t> John street, and regard it, in point of inerli micat excj | eution, among tne mosr beautiful specimen* of book making that I have everseen It posienei, at the same time, other ano lii? her merits? a concise and instructive arguinen' pr*flxed to the -ev-ral hooks, a lucid table of contents ;.t til head of r icli chapter, a chronological i del, a column of various readings, ? opiom marginial references, and at the bottom ol every puce, compreheu ive, judiciciK, and | ions pracic I obs> uy the Rev. Alexander Fletcher. In tli- midst of all, the test it left uiiMnbnrinssed and clear. Ii will be one of the mo<r beau tiftil, instructive, and valuable Family Bibles, any sibere to be found in the Euglish language. "2* 2tis*rc JOHN KNOX, D. D. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. FASHION FOR ATUMN, IS IS. LEAKY CO. WILL (at the solicitation of their niiiner 'Us out of tow < friends about leaving the city) introduce the Allium Style for Gentlemen s Hats, oil Saturday, 30 h instant. a27 6tre fjMVE DOLLARS REW ADD will be paid for the detec f tion of each person concerned i i a brutal outrage i in initted upon Thomas Walter Murdock hi i tivern at B ool< yn on Saturday the 23d inst. *lr. Murdock would here take occa sion to state that the attack was unprovoked, and totally un called for, and that he was assisted bj no |ierson whatever. au27 It* re NOTK ' FT BKEBE k COSTAR. I5A Broolwny, will intioduce on S?T HDAV, 30ih August , l?liV "THE FALL FASHION FOrtJOKN I 1 MEN .4 II ? S N? , York, August Wtli 1815. fls're DR. SLLIOTT , " OCULIST , Hmndway, rorner of Minify Mfn-el, | N FORMS his patirnts tlial he h. s ic n < d ft' nth* Son igs. * He will attend it i. is i. (Bre, from n I I . clock . on I net diys, Thursdays and Siiiirda) ? W Jtis' c IT IS* SPOKEN OK OU T LOUD VS BEING the very best Shaving Cream in exigence? there never wnt an article that . ,ive such ce ieral s itisfjct ion. KINO'S VI*. R BEN A I ? R K. A M st mils p- ?? ,-nii nentlv the Mi v lug Soap of the whole world; the united presses ol Europe and this country have pronounced jt unrivalled and the immense sales fully testify that it is dnlv appreciated. It is put up er. sold cheaper, ihan anv oilier soap now before the public. All are requested to call and see the rtirte is now pr> i-Med, For tale by the orltinfl iuventoi* CHARLES H, R!N(.. Ml Urvuui* itreet, uraH MaMen Lm?. ???? lm'r 70 THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. AMKMBKR af th? Roy si College of Surceous, London, who has lull eiteusive hospital practice in England and J? mtitli it williug (o act aa assistant, or take chaffs of a practice iu tlna city. Address X. X., Post Office, Mew York. a27 3t*rc ___ WANTED ? A situatioa by a rMPMttw young wmiun a Protestant. A situation u chambermaid or to do the general housework of a private family. The best of city re ferences can be given. Apply ot No. 78 Hammersly st'eet, up stairs. ?27 It'rc DRUG CLERK WANTED. A YOUNG .VJAN thoroughly acquainted witli ihe retail drug business. Apply at 188 Bowery. a27 It* rc INFORMATION wautedof Edward Kewly, a uative of the city of Dublin, who left New York some 4 years ago, with the snpposrd intention of going to New Orleans. Since hi* de parture something very much to his advantage has been found out, and any information of him will be gratefully received by Iiih friend, James Robertson, also a native of Dublin. Picayune ple.iv copy ?. *u27 Jt'r WANTKI) ? By a respectable young Woman, just arrived from Paris, a Situation >u Cook, in a Fr-nch or American family of respectability. Apply at 109 Cedar street. &2U3t m WANTED ? iJ y a resectable and healthy Woman, who has lust lier infant, a child to nurse ? best references given. A)iply at 2i2 Seventeenth street, between 9th and Kith avenu ?I'fiat'm At Ol'NO MAN from the country witli-s to get into some useful I u ijness or employment to the city. A book store or printing offic- preferred. Address, Thomas G rduer, 2W Hudson st. au2l Im'rc INFORMATION WANTED OWF.N ROGERS ? Whereas, the relative* of this person, ( w ho w >s of the Parish ol'Coolevin, in the County of Sligo and who left Ireland some X'i or 38 years ago, ) h ive bei u in formed 'lie said Uwen Rogers w talus to have some infor mation as to his rel.tioni-Hllis is to acquaint him that he csn 0'>t in intelligence ol his sister, t>v addressing a letter to M. C. at the New York Herald Office, N. V. Southern papers please copy. aul9 lm'ic A S SALESMAN. ? The, having a thorough '?? kn iwledge of business, and u first-rate Salesman, is wil ling to devote liis time and utteution to any House requiring ..uili services, lie possesses n good know ledge of the Drui; business, is conversant with the French language, and lias no olyectir n to go South or West. Address, O. 1\ (J., Herald oliice. aul7 2w*m C 1ST OFF CLOTHING k FURNITURE WANTED. 1 AD1F.8 OR GENTLEMEN having any superfluous or M-J cast off ( ,'lotluug or H urniture to dispose of, can obtain for the same a liberal cash price, by sending lor the subscriber (through Post or otherwise) at liis residence. No. (>9 Duane str-et, basement. M S. COHEN. N.B. Mrs. Cohen will also attend to Ladies at their resi dence, if requested. al2 lm*rc WANTED A T CLARKfc?8 8TE VAN'S Temperance lutalligeuce /X Office, 9i>4 Duane street, subacribeis lor some good Pro testant Servants nud others, both white and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himself to precure help lor the Public at the shortest notice. Mr. Clarke s office is Patronised by some of the first families in the couutry. Remember ? 95>i Duane street two doors west of Broadway! Washington Trin|ieiauce Intelligence Office. jy26 lm*rh SECOND HAND CI.OTHINd AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AN D the highest price k'iven lor all kinds of cast off Clothing and good second h 'ud Furniture, Perrons wishing to dis pose of trie same, will do well to call on thv subscriber, or ad dress a hue through the Po^t Offie, which will be punctually | atteuded to. 11. L F. V Y, 49)i Chatham street, *?ew York N.B Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's Clothing, cheap for cash. al6 lm*rc COPPE R M I M : R 8 \v A NTE I ). WANTED by the New Y'ork and Lake Superior Mining ComiMiiv, FIFTY Copper Miuers? to be employed at Agate Harbor, Lake Superior. Temperate and eiperienced Miners will receive liberal wa ges ? none others need apply. Apply to the undersigned at West Troy, N. Y. E. LEARNED. Jr., Tiesideut N. Y. and L. S. M. Co. New Y'ork, Aug. Ilth, 1816. alS 2wis'rc. TRUNK LOST. LOST oil the eve of the 22d . a small Mark Tiunk, bound with brass, marked on a caul J. A. Kendall, Cam bridge, Mass. Ten Dollars reward will be paid on returning the Trunk to the office of Franklin House. au27 lt*r AN IVORV BKKASTPliN, iu tli ? shape of a rose, was lost on the 25th of August, ou the way from Catharine street to Grand street, probably in one of the stiges The tinder wil I be liberally rewarded by delivering it at No. 21 Old Slip. a27 2t*rc ( FRENCH LANGUAGE. Ci OUNT DK LOPARTE'8 new set of Books for the Study ^ of the French Language. 1st ? A F'reuch Grammar, 1 vol. 8vo. 2d ? 8|ieaking Exercises, I vol. Ira, 3d? Self-Tenchiug Reader, 1 vol. 8vo. To be had at Mr. Berteau's Book Store, 315 Broadway; Messrs. Ber?rd &. Moudou, 30 Courtlandt street; Mr. LocUwood, 411 Broadway. a27 Cteod*rc GERMAN- GOODS. 4C ASKS German Oil Cloth, of one, two and three colors. 10 Cases Toilet Glasses, well assorted. 2 Cases Bead-work Laces. 2 Cas-? Amber Beads. 1 Case Retined Nickel. Forsale by GROSHEIM & CLAPHAM, a27 3tis*rc _ 79 Pearl street. HEMP? Ten tons American Water Rot Hemp, of n quality 'unequalled by any in market. Also, 5tons tlackled, for sale ny E. K. COLLINS 8i CO., a2??c 56 South itreet. WOOL? 23,0(10 lbi Americau Blood Kleece, wiuhed and un washed, juit received, part a very extra article. Kor ??le by E. K. COLLI NS it CO., a 2* re .')6 South atreet. WH iO.OOCi bushels Illinois Wheat? tor sale by E. K. COLLINS Sc CO., aLTrc 46 Sonth street. LARD? iO kegs Ture Leal Lard, while nod hard? lor sale by E. K. COLLINS (it CO., ?27rc i,ti South street. CU? 1'TON ? 100 Bales New Orleans Cotton, just lauded and > for sale by t. K. COLLINS ?t CO., a^rc 46 South street. HEM1' SEED? 17 Barrels Illinois Hemp seed. lor sale by E. K. COLLINS St CO., a27rc 46 South street. CHOPPER ? 100 c.ues English SheathiiiK Copper. comprisiDK J a complete assortment from 16 to 30 oz , manufactured from ore carefulh selected, and with the greatest care. Also, I 600 sheets Cold Kolled Copper, from 20 to % oz., th most beautiful article ever manufactured. Kor s?le by a 7rc E K. COLLL>S 3t CO., 46 South st '1^ WINE? 200 bale* Bridport Seine, Herring and (till Net X Twines, manufactured expressly for this market, with the grente.t possible care, for sale by ?27rc E. K COLLINS fc CO., 4ti South st. TO STRANGERS. <<'|'HE ALHAMHA," Broadway, between Spring and J Prince, is now one of the lirst pi ices of resort, sough' by utrnugera coining ro th" city, and justly, too. as no establish ineut of the k.nd in this coui try can compare with it in point of novelty, and the elegance anil magnificence if its interior? not to s|ieak of the excellence of the Ire Creams and other He freihmentf to be found there a26 Iwis'in STU DY OF MODERN LANGUAGE. AOENTLEM VN who has been engaged for several years past, in the tuition of Modem Laagvamt, withe* to And a few scholars, either iu the Krench, Spanish, Italian or Portu guese language. Kor further information, apply, by letter, to R L , at this ottice. mi2< lm*rc WATER CASKS. ? A quantity of Irou- bound Wa'e (Ja.k., for sale by W. it J. T. TAPSCOl T, *2<i Jt rc 75 South street, comer Maiden Lane. PITCH ? 100 barrels, bi'.st ouality, Southern. Kor sale by VVOODHULL k MINTl'KN, ?26 87 South street. AC-KET SHIP miEKN OK THE WEST, KIMM LI VKRPOOL ? Consignees per th i.n ship, will pIcMt tike notice, that she is discharging under general order, at west ni?l * Burling Slip. All goods not permitted must be sent, to Public | Store. VVOODHULL At MINTURN, a26 87 South street. PACKKT SHIP SIDDONS, FOIl LIVKRPOOL.? Pas , seuiters by thia ?hip will please be on hoard, at Orleanii | Wharf, foot ol Wall street, ou Tuesday morning, 26th instant at 12 o'clock, at which tune the ship will sail. Letter bags will close at the usual places at Ills o'clock. W STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, ""Hit H will change grey hair to its orig nal color in a lew minutes. This solution is different from any yet offered and cannot fail of superceding all others. Those who doubt; its virtues, are requested t? have their hair changed before paying their money. If humbug* would take this method there would be no reason to coinidain. None gennine, unless signed li. Striker, iu red ink. Tne Solution can be forwarded by Harnden's Kipres s to any n art of the world. One trial will prove the fact. Sold, wholesale. $7 'j0 per dozen ? Mid retail, SI ; and applied at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hal- of Records, New York, upstairs. an2ti I in1 re DS a. <\ castle; ?fi BROA I ) w A Y , HAS a Composition for filling hollow sore Teeth. It is put into the most tender teeth, without any pain, with which , it co< bines into a hard, sound tooth, thus restoring hitherto | useless and painful teeth. Ladies, the most distinguished iii^ society, bear testimony to its efficacy? the several editors ol the Press eulogise, from their own experience, its application The most * minent of the medical facility have personally ri-d it recommend their patients to Dr. ( . Dr. C. refer* to thi Spanish, French and knvrlish Ambassadors ? the Kuglish and Spanish Consuls, N V.. fkr. fee. Sir. a2ti gtis rod* DKS. POWELL AND DIOSS Y I OC U MSTSnndOI'HTHA LMH* SURQKONS. VTTKND exclusively to DISKASKSOF THKKVK, and to operations upon that, organ. Their method of treat- , iug^ AMAii ROSIShas been highly successful. This affection ! is frequently far advanced before the suspicions ? ?f the patient are aroused, the disease often arising without any apparent | canse, nd the eye exhibiting vei little morbid eha up 1 in re prominent symptoms are gradual obscurity anil impair ment of vision, objects at first looking misty or confuse u?iu reading, the letters are not distinctly d? fined, fiui run into each other ? vision becomes more ami more indistinct; sometime , only portions of objects being visible, dirk moving spots or motes teem to float in the air, flashes of light are evolved, ac compauied by pain, giddiness, and a sense of heaviness iu the brow or temple, too frequently by neglect or maltreatment, terminating in total loss of vision. Cataiiac ts a*i> Opacities or H|>ecks on the Kve, are effee- ? tualiy removed. The most inveterate cases of SQUINTING enred in a few mnutes. ARTIFICIAL KY US inserted with- | out an operation or pain, so closely corresponding with the na tural in movement and appeartnee, as to de'y detection. Ad vice given as to the kind ol" 8PJ&CTAC LKS adapted to parti cular defects. Residence and offices 261 BROADWAY (cor ner of Warren street ) au20 lmVo BLfcACHINO POWDERS.? 100 Casks Boyd's now Ian ing, per ship Pauthea, acd for sale by PhRS-K k BROOKS, h2* m r>5 67 Nassau street. LAiVi PS, GIRANDOLES, ANlJ JAPANNEI ) " WARE. rl^HK Subscriber has just received from hia manufactory, a J- large ai d splendid assortment of Girandoles, in (tilt, Bronze and Si ver, tri*. med with fine Kuglnh Cut Drops Also, a very superior quality of Solar and Lard Lamps, of vari ous patterns, with (^utaud Plain Shades, Chandeliers, contain ing 2, 3. 4 a d 6 lights, suitable for Parlors, Churches ami Ho 'eli. vlso, a large n^strtment of Gothic Lanttiorns, for Ilal's, with ( ut and Stained G!hss, he will sell at wholesale ?nd retail, at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, 1M Fultou street, one door East of Broadway. N.B.? On hand, 20 do/.eu of the Doric Lamp, for Camplune, ? f sapi i m uid finish, ' . i | , Mil* it-.* c (^11 IP ST. NICOLAS if"rom Havre? Consigned by this ship ^ will please send their permit* on board, at Pier No 4 North River. Ail ^ mis not permitted by theC6th instant, will be sent to , the public store. a2lrc ! Salamander safes. ~ HE first mi<l only kind ofSilV (hat h?? t<i every instan*9 ,, pfe^efveil their contents from acci<!?ut^l fires are Kd wards Jc Holmans Improved Salamander, They are for sale by V . I loons I latt st., V V .. where certificates and test Sales may be recti, one of which saved tlie books and papers of Messrs I or, Aiider?ou Ik Co., No. 28 Broad ?treet, at the great lir. on lh. 131 h ult. AI?o, ..f M,. J.Mel tfie roniAi . " I''" r'" ' n "n night of the iSlhc of of :i I ,^HAR?N S?eKlNO? PAVinm. al | l"'"""' be from viaitlu thi< *? I'l'ff in coti.eonence of the home being ,erv f * th. ? i" H'forn i il Hut w? h?? now ? ,#wk?*o5 Vmi4 immu Hoccmnql. . I AiM'OM k U^Jil)S)<K ?Mimoii ?pnii|?. A of tut 13th, AUCTION NOTICES. G1O0DS AT AUCTION PHK ' KS ? 100 down Knives and I Forks ami MM "id I'eu Knives, at 3s aud IpVIW; 100 doMQ MMIWjl IWIMii 6? "'"<1 upwsids; Scissors on cards 4s per do/eu : liue letter Paper Is aud Ui |Htr ream; rosemary, 1 h l.i ro.e and military Shaving Soaps, Fancy )Sose?, Writing l Desk*. Sautf BoiMi Steel Pens, 300 groce Pencil Points, 20 do steel watch Key Pipes, with a variety of I- auvy Articles, ver-. ,

cheap. Also, Kilt ami ic?ld Finger Kiugs, Breast Pint arid 1< roaches. At 52) * Maiden lane, up stairs. tW?t?r C. VAN BEUREN. I OR SALE AT AUCTION ON MONDAY, AuS. i2ith, on the premises, at 12 o'clock, a J1 AHM of 23 acres, near Wi ?t F iruis, two miles from Harlem, in W. itches trr County; on which are a new neat Dwelling and a Farm lluiiu*, U - in, and out houses, with fruit in ahuudince j.-l nil kiuds. Tlit place would suit a nit reliant doing business in the city. To be sold without reaerve to the high* st bidden, as the owner is going west. For particular*! inquire at 439 Grand street, or 29 Bayard street, or to JOHN OAKLAND, on the place. Should the day prove stormy, the sale will take place the ne?t fair day. al52w*ic MTO LKT. ? Pleasantly situated at South Brooklyn, witliiu about 1? minute* walk from the terry, a iieat Cottage, cont nuiug 8 rooms and good calKr? Reut $: 20. Also, a gentleman and his wile, without children, ? .mt to Knit 2 <>r 3 room* of a s.nall ami genteel family, in t'e low er part of the city. The west side of Broadway would In* |>re feried. Address. O. T., at this office. a253t*r? FINE KREN<1TboOTS KOR $3 50. C1TV MADE ? (?'or style and durability they are equal to those sold ill other stores for $5 , five French imperial dress Boots made to order for Si '>0, equal to those made in other si. es for Sti and $7, pud warranted to give satisfaction, at \ ' ' I .NO it JONES' Kreuch imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one of the ir.ost fashionable Boot and Shoe establishments in this city. Orutleinen that are in want of a pair of Hress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per cent by Retting them of us. Mending also done in the store. WM. M. YOUNG fc H. B. JONES, w!2 lini<*rc No 1 -Viiii st.. near Broadway, New York. HARLEM FAR K? TROTTING. 1 THURSDAY", August "?8tb, at 4 o'clock P. M? Purse of 830, mile heats three iu live in harness. lie. i Gordon enters ch g Bill Harrington. W. Wheeleu hrh Gilbert. J. Webber " b m Lady Washington. J. Cliurchhill " lir h Crowder. a27 8t*rc UNION COURSE, L. I.? TROTTING. rpHK FOLLOWING PUR?E8aod Sweepstakes am offered J. to come off over the above course during the month of September: ? No. 1 ? I'urse $!00, mile heats, best three in five under the saddle, free for all horses never won a purse over $200. No. 2? Purse h-iiii- as No. I, in harness. No. 3 ? Purse $2'|0, two mile heats ill harness, free for all trot tiuK horsex, $25 lo go to the second best horse. No. I ? 1'ursi S300, three mile heats in harness, free for nil trotting and pacing horses. No 5? Purse SiO. mile heats, best three in five, under the sad dle, free for horses never won a purse over $75. No. 6 ? I'urse $50. same as No. 5, in harness. No. 7 ? Sw;-epsti\ke nub. $200, h f., two mile heats under the saddlt , fre* for liorsr s never won a purse over $100, $100 to be given by the propri-tors to the seooud best horse. No. 8 ? Sweepstake sub. $100, h. f., two mile heats under the saddle, free for horses never wou a puise or match over $25, $25 added liy the proprietors to the second best horse No 9 ? Sweepstake same as No. 8, in harness. Entries for the above purses and stakes to close this evening, August 27th, by 9 o'clock, at Grceu St Losee's, Chatham Sou ire. Three m1 more in all to make * race. n27 lt*rc GKANI) EXCURSION WITH "'I'! IK GREAT BRITAIN TO SKA.? The faro _ J?L nte and commodious steamboat WAVE, will this alternoon and every day this week make an excursion down the Lower Bny, landing at Kort Hamilton and Staten Island, both going uml returning. The following are the hoars selected, with the exception of Saturday, ? lien she will accompany the Great Britain: ? The Wave will start from ('anal street it l)i o'clock; Market street at 2; Pier No. 1, East Kiver, at 2'^. The fare oil all the above occasions will be hut 25 cents, forming the most delightful ex cmsioos of the season. ?27 3t*m DAILY EXCURSION TO YONKEKS The steamboat UNION will leave Franklin street Pier daily (Sundays encepted) at 10 1 a M. touching at Hammond street and 155tli street (Trinity Church Cemetery) each way. Keturuing, will leave Yonkers at 1 P. M. affording passengers two hours to view the beautiful grounds at Washington Heights, aud ample time to visit the High Bridge at McComb's dam? about one hour at Yonkers ? and arrive iu the city at 2'a P. M. N. B.? A more desirable excursion for schools cannot be found than a visit to the < emetery. Fare to Yonkers Is till, to the CemeUHT Is. :i27 lt*r EXCURSION TO THE FISHING RAN KS. The steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, >Captaiu R. L. Mabey, will make an excursion .to the Fishing Banks every Tuesday, Thurs day aud Friday, during the season. Leaving Hammond stre?t at 8)? o'clock, A.M., Canal street at fl'^, Pike and Delaucey streets at 9, and Pier No. 1, N. R., at 9>i o'clock? returning to the city iu good season. Bait furnished grain. Lines at a small charge. Fare 50 cents. &2G Iwis'mc CAMP MEETING AT RYE, WILL COMMENCE ON MONDAY. AUGUST 25 T11E Steamers DELAWAKE and TRO JAN w ill leave the f oot of Hammond street 1' Mt tT ntVi. Dnuie street 7'|j, Market street at 0, and Delaucey at 8'.t o'clock, A.M. on Monday, Toesday, Wed nesday, Thursday and Friday mornings ? Returning, will leave Kye on the alternoon of each day Passage, 37)4 cents N b.? Tents can he procured by applying to Mr. S HaUted, 66 Cedar street. a25 4iis"m f j?Lmmarnm$l?mmJ3Lm isteamer (Treat Britain. VISITORS to the above ship are respect 5SW full y informed, that, to-day aud on the two succeeding days, ?he will be open from 1(1 In 'J o'clocK milv. finally cIosiiik at tne lit ter hour on Friday next. a27 3ttn KOK NKW ORLKAN8? Louisiana ai.u iVw nCjMfW 1 "ork Ln.e ? Positively first Regular Packet? To sail t&KMHha Monday. 1st September? The eleirant, last sailing coppered packet snip DAM ASCU8, Bliss, master, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having ! andsoire furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st, orto E. K. COLLINS & CO . 56 South st Positively no goods received on board after Saturday rven mir. 30ih August. Agent in New Orleans James E.Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward nil good* to his address. The packet Sartelle, Taylor mister, will succeed the Dam.x> u?, and sail on the 22u proximo, her regular day. h2 1 PLEASURE BOAT FOR SALE. THE "Odd Fellow," a Yacht, measuring thirty Ions, ( Bostou built) is now offered for sal-. Said vessel may be seeu off the Battery for a few day*. Kor terms, 8c;., apply on board. a2S 2i*je TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF" PACKETS, HETWEEN NEW YORK AND GALVESTON . THK. bubscril ers have established a regular Line of Packets betu een New York and Galveston, to s^il from each | ort on the first day of each mouth, as follows : ? The Brig KMI'IRE, Cnptsin Baxter, to sail from New York 1st September nest, and irom (Jaiveston 1st November The Ship Sl'.Alt REPUBLIC, Captain .Moss, to sail from New York 1st October next, and from Galveston 1st Decem ber next. The Brig G. B. LAMAK, Captain Richardson, ti? sail Irom New \ ork 1st Noveinlier next, and from Galveston 1st J*nu ary next. The Brig MARY, Captain Norriss, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, and thereafter in regular succession. These vessels Me all of superior class, having line cabin accommodations, an- ably commanded, w ill mil punctually es advert seJ, and take freight mid passengers at the lowest rates. William Hendley and Co. will be the established Agents t Galveston, and give efficient intention to the business of the line, and all other business directed to them; and also make liber il advances on consignments. Goods directed to the Care of the Subscribers, ivill be regu larly forwarded, free Irom commission. And Shippers ma, rely on Lighters at Galveston to tranship cargo from thenci , and upon its being regularly forwarded, according to iiistrue- , tioos, if consigned to the care of William Hendley and Co., | Oilv?slou. Kor freight or passage, apply ; > BUOWk!r * NEILSON, nu4 tmis?ec No 91 Frout street. .'<*? Yoib. AN EXPOSURE? LOOK OUT. * I KRTAIN HOI'SK tloirg business in Old Slip, are il hereby notified tlifct unlet* tney pay over to a certain per son the proceeds of the i r >perty which he placed in their hands for shipment to one ol' Her Majesty 's North American Colo nies, and which they have fraudulently retained possession i f for a long lime, a full exposition of the swindling transaction will lie made public. aSil Iw 're HI LLIAH I IS? < i R E AT IMPRoVEM E N T.V SOUTHERNERS, Strr.ngerf.aud Citizens are invited to try M ihogany B< ds with Hi Panels, m ule by steam machinery So muckwork could not lit done by hand without three limes the usual price. Likewise Cushions so elastic that eleven can be hit by a single blow. Kor sale or playing it B A88FORD'S old stuiHl?Eutrances jmiiinn the Museum Building, Ann street, and 149 Fulton st. Otii Field, with a number of these improved Tables, invites Ins friends to call at the United States Hotel. Entrance thr nigh the bar-room or 19ft Water street. jyS3 lm'rrr COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. W.CLARK it CO., Philadelphia, ami J W.CLARK I* i ? CO., Boston, have formed a connection in tlie Exchange and < oinnii'sioii hnsiness in New York, under the linn of E. W. CLARK, DODGE M CO., st No. Wall street, and having coi respondents in all the principal cities and towns in the Lnion, they are enabled to make Collections of Notes and Bills of Exchange at the lowest rates and with the utmost promptitude. 'I'll ey are also prepared to purchase all kinds of Bank Notes and Exchange upon the principal cities Drafts upon all prominent points can al ways be hail in sums to suit. They respectfully solicit n share of public p itronage. New Y<>rk, August 1 1th, I84.V all lm*rc ST IT ART, HAIR DRESSER. /1HARLES J STUART, La ies' and Oentlemen's Hair Vv Dresser, would respectfully inform Ins old natrons, nnd tli<- public generally, that he has returned to his former loca tion, No. 3 Murray street, up stairs, where they will lind liini ready to do anything in his line of business with prompt ess and skill. nut lm?#e gent le m k n sv left OFF WARDROBE WANTED. t1 KNTI. V'.M KN and Kanulietcan obtain the full value for all U ?uperTh;om effects they wish to dispone of, (either (iKN TLEVfEN or C.ADIK8,) by sending to the subscriber, who does not pretend to give twenty per cent more than any other person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered Gen tletiien leaving the city will find it to their advantage to send for the subscriber previous to selling to any other pt rsoii. J. LEVENSTYN, -166 Broadway, (up stairs.) X. B.? A line through the Post Office will be promptly at tended to. j?H lm?re FOR THE PILES. DR. UPHAM'S ELECTITAKY, \N interernal remedy, is a certain cure for the Piles, either internal or external, bleeding < 'r blind S-?!d at the olhceol tne original proprietor, A. Ifpliam, M l)., n regu lar educated phjrsiciau or twcitv years experience. confined to an office practice, where Piles and other chronic diseases are successfully tri lled. Medical office, 1% Uowerv, four doors above Spring street. Office hours from7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Advise gratis J y 3H lin dhw*m RACKET SHIP SARACEN fro HI Ml isgow? Consignees I will please semi their jermits on board, without delay. VII goods not permitted i five days are liable to be sent to public atore. WOODHULL fc MINTIKN a'iirc B* South street. PAI KI T SHIP QUEEN OF Thk: WRIT. <Vom Liver pod? Consignees will ?letie tsk nine that she ii dip cliirgiug iiuder general order, stun-. 4* Burl it g Slip. All foods not ptmitted must uuavoidihlv We seut to publie store, mm AMUSEMENTS. HARK TI1UATUK. WedntKdar Kvenln*, Auauit :mik. The perlormance will commence with thr Comedy of MERRY WIVES OK WINDSOR. Sir Juhn FalstafT . Mr Hackett . Sir Hugh Evans, Kisher I Ford, Dyott | Page, Crocker Shallow, Fleming Sender, Fuller I Host, Barry Kenton, S Pearson I Bardolph, Gallot Mr? Kord, Mia Knight I Auu Paije, Miss Won Mrs Page, Abbott I .M? Quirkley, Mrs Vernon After which. K.I Jaleo De X>-res, by the two Miss V allee a. To conclude with THE. SECRET. _ ? Mnui Pupuis, Dyott I Thomas, p oiler Mont Valare, Crocker I Cecile, Mrs Abbott Porter, Gallot | Angelina, Miss lio? Price of Admission ? Boxes, 71 cents: Pit, 50 cents; Gallery, 26 cents. I Doors o|fn it' o'clock, \nd';lie Curtain will rise precisely at half-past7 <?V) -ck. l: '/~ A limited number of Season Tickets may b? obtained r A* the Box < lili, e MOW KUY TUUATAlk. Wi'<liiCH(lay Kveulng, Auguil :47tli, Will be presented THE MYSTERIES OK PARIS. The Chourmeur, J R Scott j Prim e Rudolph, Daveupoit I Maitre D Eclole, Milner Tom Seytou, Heukius Buret, _ Lewis I | Murphy, Suriherlind ' Jacques Kerrard, Sutherland Tortillaid, Had iway j Red Arm, Johnson i Fleur de Marie. MrsThilLps I Countess Sarah, Mrs Madison I?i Chouette. Stickney | Ogresse, Sutherland To conclude with THK PLAINS OK CHIPPEWA. Hon Cipt PeiidragBoa, Clar'e I Leu'iux, Davenport La Role, Vnche Indian Chief, lien tins I Jerry, Hadaway I Jasper, Milner Christine, Mrs Phillips | Adela, Mrs lsherwood ' Lower Buses lb cents; Second and Third Tiers, 21 cts.; Pit and Gallery, 12% cents. Doors will open at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rise at half-past7. CASTLE OAHIJKl*. ^Adinlwlen '-45 CenlM.~?lp ? ? Messrs. Frener- ' snar \V?tlii?'*<Iny K veiling, August !i7th. Just arrived from England. the great S. ientific Wonder ! "BEN FRANKLIN" MAMMOTH STEAM ELECTRICAL MACHINE The only iustrui' ent of the s*m? capacity in the World, made to order for the United States T7" Kor Particulars of the above, see Pamphlets. THE BENJAMIN KRAMKLIN Is cipabl.' of charging two thousand five huudred feet of sur fltCe In a minute. 1 he Spark from the prime conductor, is more than two feet in length. THE AURORA OR NORTHERN LIGHTS! Are exhibited in the most brilliant muiner? iu fine, the like has not be<u seeu by |>ersons who have not visited the Polar Regions. All the ordinary experiments jerformed in Electricity, are shown by aid of the Hydro-Electric Machine, on a scale of Unprecedented Grandeur The only Hydro-Electric Apparatus, of any size, is possesed by tlie Royal Polytechnic lnstituto iu Loudon. Do >r? open HI/ pist C 'cio;>. Jfe'fo.- ; ? : r. to ecaa t li o'clock. SIBLO'8 UARDKAl, Wt'tlnrstlny t? veiling, Auuust KIRST FRENCH GRAND OPERA AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT. Second appearance ol M'selle Calve. First appearance of Mr. Aniaud, Mr. ? tarry and Mr. Doovry. Second appearance of M'rne Stephen Co'uriot. The performances will commence at 8 o'clock, with the Over ture to La Knvorite t'nnizetti. 1 To be followed by lirst time here the celebrated Grand Opera | iu 4 acts of LA FAVORITE. By Donizetti. Leonora de Gusman M'lle Calve. Inez, M'me Stephen Cmuriot I Aliihonse, M Garry, Kernand, Arnaud I Balthazar, Douvry Don Gaspar Buscher Act 2 ? Incidental to the Opera, a Tambourine Moorish Pas de Deux by Misses Partington and Celtste. IT7"lutertnission of Half an Hoar - Will take olace lielren the third and fourth acts of the Oj>era. The following named artists constitute the Grand anil Comic French Ol>era < ompana: MrKiot, ? Mr Prevost, Leader of Orch. Bernard, J ' 1 onagers. Baptiste, 2d Leader. Mr Arnaud, M'meCasim, First appearance here. Fir> t appearance kere. Gmy, M'me Stephen Coeuriot. Douvry, M'lle Maria, Montassier, M'mes Richer aud Dessonville, Mathieu, Mathieti, M'lle Eugenie, Bernard, M'me Robillon, Mordaunt, Jules, aud Dairie. Buscher. Fauiiv, Caroline, Oteruot, Chan-try. Pelleve, Jules, Dourry and Adele, Octave, M'me Narcisse, Marionneau, Anne, Francois. . It /-"Psfformnnce to commence at I o'clock. Doors open ?t 7 oVlock. The Books of the French Opera, with a literal Knglish taans latiou. for sale at the ticket office. . Nights of the French Company ? Monday, Wednesday, | Thursday, and Friday. v-kett Fifty Centt.-CjQ To all par's of the Saloon except the Parquet and Prosccnium Boxes, for which seats can be taken during the day, and secured for the evening, at ONE DOLLAR EACH, cn application at ] the Box Office, from to to 4. it /"Private Boxes $7 eich. If r~Ar eftie.e nt Ponce will always be in atteadaaee to main tarn good oriler and keep all improper |>ersons ont. \ limited nnmber of Season Pickets will be disposed nt. PARK THEATRE. THE PUBLIC is respectfully informed that MB. &. MRS. C. KEAN have arrived, aua will make their lirst apnenr auce on MONDAY N EX l", September 1st, in the Tragedy of TUl, (iAMESTEli . MRS BEVERLY MRS. C. KEAN. MR. B EVEH L \ MR. < KEAN Mr. and Mrs. Kein w ill perform every evening during the en mi in k week .^"The Box Book is now o|vu ? every day 'till Monday. a27 4trc PAL.MO'8. JC7-KOR ONE NIOHT ONLY.??Z ASM ION ABLE ami elegant Performances of the littli 1 Missel KIL.M ISTE, known as the INFANT SISTERS W EDNESDAY EVENING, August 27lk, Will be iierforme'l the laughable Farce called the STRATAGEM. Principal characters by the INFANT SISTERS. Mr; H YDK. of London, will tierform Overture!, Operatic Airs, nrnl Brilliant Variations, upon a PENNY WHISTLE The whole concluding With the admired Burletta. called PAPA JEROME, or Les I atates Amaute*. Admission, 23 cent? each. Doors open at 7'^ ? Performance to commence at 3 a27 lt*r TIIK ( HFMTMT STREET 1'IIEATRK. PHILADKLPHI \. 1 1 1 ' pen for the Si isuu. under the Management of W. E. Bl'RTON, On Snt urtlny nrit, Aimnxt SOth, The Ladies and Oentlemen enitaifed ly Mr. Burton for his Theatres in Philadelphia and Baltimore, are requested to as. fin tile on the Arch Str?et Stage on Thursday, August Zflth. at 12 o'clock punctually, as no excuses w ill be received for non attendance on that day. a27 3trc TO AMERICAN DRAMATISTS. "fh, O iV E T H O V SAND DOLLARS Will he paid for au ORIGINAL AMERICAN COMEDY, IN FIVE ACTS, Calculated to dispUy the talent of a first-rate Company. W. E. BURTON, LESSEE ol'tlie Philadelphia and Baltimore Theatre*. makes this offer to the Dramatic Authors of A me' ica. guarantee nut rlie above sum for a successful Kive Act Comedy, of every day life, pledging Dimsell to produce it in the lirst style, with appropriate Scenery, 'ostumes. huruiture and Pro|iertiea, ami ihe aid ol one of the beatCompaniee of Comedian* iu the United State*. Tw o Hundred and frifiy Dollars to b? paid on the ac ceptance nf the Comedy by the Manager ? Two Hundred acd hif.ty Uollnrs on its fourth performance ? '1 wo Hundred aiid I1 1 It y on the tenth- and the remaining Two Huudred aud Fift? on the si iter u til. The .Manager guarantee* the performance of the piece so long as the receipts of two consecutive nights do not run helow the expense* of the Theatre, a? proved by the Book* >f the Establish ent The Comedy to be considered the sole property of W. E Burton alter the second payment, ubj. ct only to f li- author's claims on the tenth and sixteenth nts. writers inns' send their productions with or without their rf .il names, but with an address to W. E. Burton. Philadelphia, before the 1st of December, 18li. The uusiiccesstul candidates will receive their pi?ces back again without delay Or ex pense. r" Bos'on Post. New York Courier, Mirror, and the Balti more Patriot will please copy for one week aud send bills to Philadelphia. a27 lwrc M( 'NTH I.AL ROYAL OLYMPIC THEATRE. r | "* 1 1 1 Establishment will b? reuly for Theatrical Perform 1. uia-* from the l>e^inuini( of September, under the man agement ofthe Subscriber, who will recoive proposals lor en gagements from I ulies and gentlemen of acknowledged talent. The oomiug of the said The itre with th? two celebrated ar tist*, Sirttora PICO and Signor DE B EON IS, who will per I' nn hi 1 ostame for a few e\ rmngs. The eveemgs entertain* ments will bo with Vaudevilles, Dancing, Over turea, b>- a uuin roni Orchestra of nil eminent Professors, and other nmnaetnent*. a 26 3tav. M T ?c W m V. MAZZOCCHI. SOIREES M V SIC ALES, AT P1NTEIX, t AKK 1)1. s MILLE < OLONNES SA LOON. 307 BROADWAY. NEW < uiiat'einen* of :wo superb Comic Singers, Mr. and i Mrr. Colin*. Ice' .v in* aud Kefreshments of the best] kind r hi ul ways be h id at the bar. with the attendance of care ful waiter*. A Well Vciitiliteil Billiard Room, containing eight tables, ccminu'iicates with the Stloon on the same floor. Entrance Free ? l on cert will commence at 7 o'clock. s2Slwis'm ___ BALl CONEY ISLAND I'AVILLION. TH ^ Proprietors ot t !i? 1'ivillion will give i Urand Ball at the I'aril ion. on Wednesday evening, August 17th, if fair w eather The steamboat IOI.AS will leave Pier No. I, East River, at I o'clock Retnm ng? will leave the Island at 1 2 < o'clock lor the city. Ticket* SI , for a Gentleman and hi* La- | dies ? including steamboat. Tickets to be had at the following places:? John Mnrphy, comer ??'sat Broadway ml Rutgers street, at the bar of the Astor House; Aloaro Heed, Fort, Hamilton House; aud on Imird the lolas and Oce in. N B.?Bi^hii's B ind u engaged for the occasion Persons wishing tickets, will apply as early as Possible, a* the number I is limited. T. BEILBY. s2t> 2tis*rc ALONZO REED. P'REE LXHIBITIONS. KL.YM1AM KIKL.DM, HOBOKKN, EVERY FAIR DAY. Tf R- McCARTY begs leave to announce that, by the unan 1"I iinniis re, juest ofhis numerous visiters, he has been in- | duced to c ntinue his drawl and Unn/willeil Performance ? ! > or One Week oi |y ! He has also, at great expense, re engaged Monaienr GnJr'.RBO, The great and wonderful gymnastic performer, who will an pearf .r tins week only , a:oI go through some offtm Extraordi nary and Wonderful heats of Streunth and Agility, as per formed at the Royal Opera Hone, Piris, before the Royal I* a mily and Nobles < f France. Also, the ETHIOPIAN OPERATIC BROTHERS and SISTKRS : who give a variety of new and splendid performance* every fair day? thai affording tli is* ladms and gentlemen who s lait Ilohoken after dinner, a moat aplenilid promenade and novel amusement. The following we I known and celebrated |>erform era com prise the Band of Ethiopian Operatic Brother* and Sister*:? MR D. OAR ONER, 'he only i>er*ou living who peraouatet the iu gro wench in character. BlIJ.i YVIIITLOCIf, the great Locomotive Nigger and accomplished Banjo Player. OLD H AN EMMET, the celebrated Violinist and old Vir rinny N i?k r.who is alw iy* on hand when there is music pen ding. I'HARLKS WHITE, the unrivalled Accordioniit and cele brated Negro performer. A*m>, foi; tli o first tune, SAM JOHNSON, the ireit un nailed Ni gio Siuger, kc., on the T n ingle 'Vformauo# tn commence at 3H o'clock aM LATEST INTELLIGENCE. ?I LAST IS VIC MHO'S MA.i Wublngton. [Correspondence of the V ierii<ji Washington f August 25, 18-45 We thall give you the near' 8t a^ogy of a lctler to-day, with a promise of tv ogood ones to-morrow. We have taken a little exr ursjon Gj reconnoissance in Maryland, and an w e generally travel with one eye open, we challep ge Nnt Willis to produce as readable a letter att'_.rajourneyof 3 ^00 mlie8) agWe can dress U|? tor t\je readers of the Herald, from a morning ride of twenty-five miles in the cars. We confess, Gener al, that it is the matter-of-fact, com prehensive, ur iiversally observant style of the Herald , from which. in our service, we can be use ful by and Y ,y, even as an auditor in Hagner's place if called tf > go high a station. But enough of that. Young Elliott will, most probably, remain in jail till the \jecember term. We yield to the judgment of the court, and the decision of the counsel of the itriso ner, to waive an appeal to Judge Cranch, at leas', for the present. We maintain, however, our gro'jud, that the crime of Elliott is as much the re su' t of public opinion and public morals, aa of hasty 1* ifsion, and reiterated ana persevering provocation. And that in refusing him bail, the Court has boldly led off a step in public morals, at the unexpected ex panse of the prisoner. As the example has been starred, we ho|>e it will be followed up hereafter, though the offending party may be a great man, in stead of a wild and reckless boy. The Cabinet had a council last evening (Sunday) upon Mexican alf'airs. It would be a profitable lea son if our forces on the Texan frontiers should be cut up by the Mexicans in detail, as were our few parcels of troops by the Florida Indians. If the Mexicans are worth the powder that would blow them up, they will be able to do it. But they are of no account in a surprise ; and they will, probably, " march up the hill and then march down again,', like the King of France. The Cabinet session was of course on the question of an immediate addition, to our Texian land forces; und there is some talk of a messenger having been sent down with instruc tions of co-operation and combination with the fleet in the Gulf; but of this we are not officially advised. What we wrote you about the change of Govern ment in the Georgetown College was true ? it is ap prehended that this change will be prejudicial to the Institution ? it is feared that it was injudicious. Certain it is, the College could have no better ad ministration than the old one; we only hope the new one may be as popular and as good. Dh.timore, Aug. 26, 1845 The news from Texas of the approach of a Mexican army, and the requisition on the Governor of Louisiana for troops, caused some stir among our citizens yester day morning, but it all seemed to be forgotten before evening, so little is the estimate placed on Mexican abil ity to harm our little army now stationed in Texas. The hot weather of July is down ou us again, without its accompanying breezes, the thermometer yesterday for the greater part of the day, ranging from 87 to 9? de grees, The election to take place in this State on the 1st 0^ October, for members of Congress, Legislature, See , ex cites but little attention, and from present appearance*, will be rather an inanimate atl'air. Neither whigs or dem ocrats can raise any enthusiasm among their friends ou the subject, consequently, 110 public meetings have yet been held. The Native American Convention, which has been try ing to get a quorum for the past six months, is advertised to meet to-night, for the purpose of nominating candi dates. But three or four wards will be represented, but I learn an effort will be made to raise funds to start a new Native American paper. The State Reform Convention meets to-morrow, and should the slarery questi n bo broached, we will have a storm. A special session of the City Court is, I learn, to be called on Tuesday next, for the trial of the proprietor* of the .Sun newspaper, for an alleged contempt of Court, in telling their honors that impartiality, purity and hon or, are the requisites for juuicial station. This Court has been so long accustomed to do as it pleased, regard less of public opinion, that it has become odious in the sight of all classes and conditions of the people; and if they would only resign their stations, a general jubilee would take place on the strength of it. Let a man like Pooler commit 1111 offence, and the community are at once satisfied that there is no punishment to be awarded him. The contemj>t trial will cause a great commotion throughout the city, though it is thought by some that the Couit will endeavor to dismiss the case as toon a* possible, being, it is said, anxious to escape from the dif ficulty which their hasty action in the case has brought upon them. The Maiikeh.? There was a larger supply of Beeve* at market, yesterday, than usual, and a slight decline in prices has taken place, in consequence of which butch ers purchased more freely. The offeiings at the scales amounted to 750 head, of which 1K9 were driven to Phil adelphia, 43 remain unsold, and the balance, 618 head, were sold at prices ranging from $.1 dO a $2 50 per 100 lbs. on the hoof, equal to $2 50 a $4 75 net. The ave rage rate is about $2 181. The market for Howard street Klour is without change. I note sale* of 400 barrels at $4 50, which is the prevailing rate. Alio, of 100 barrels fine, at $4 25. The receipt price of *u per is $4 374. Old is in very limited request at $4 37J. City Mills Hour is generally held at $4 50, but I hear of no transactions. The stock is very light. The supply of Wheat at market to-day is quite small. The demand, however, is limited, and prices remain much a* last week. I quote good to prime reds at bOa 86 cents, and ordinary to good 75 a 80 cents. Ordinary to good white wheats i>eli at 85 a 90 cents, and family flour parcels at 93 a 98 cents. Corn has advanced. Sales to-day at 50 a 51| cents for white, and 64 a 56 cents for yellow. The de mand for Whiskey has improved and, prices are firmer. Sales to-day of hhds. at 22 a 22 J cents, and of bbls. at 23J Philadelphia, Aug. 30, 1844. The nominations of the democratic county convention were concluded yesterday, and a ticket waa formed, which I fear will not be succeuful. In the city and county conference, Andrew Miller ? well known as the author of a letter denouncing native ism, has been nominated as the democratic candidate for Recorder of Deeds. When the nominationa are eomple* ted, which will not be before Thuraday next, I will send yeu a list of them. The democratic city delegates mat last evening, and nominated Col. James Page, as the can. didate of the party for Mayor. The Colonel is well known as the best postmaster Philadelphia has had for twenty years. He is a sound democrat, a polished gen tleman. and mu active soldier. The democrats have in him a capital and highly popular candidate, and if they make their other nominations for the city with equal in telligence and discrimination, they will give the whigs and natives a severe shaving, if not a thrashing. The whigs of the county, and also of the city and county, met last evening, but have not made their nomi nations. Wesley Flavel, who was convicted some time ago of the murder of his nieoe, and wai pardoned by Qovernor I'orter on condition that he would leave the State for life, was arrested to-day by Recorder Vaux, on informa tion laid before by the deputies of the Attorney General. The charge preferred again t him is, of course, a violation of the condition referred to, which it is alleged vitiates the pardon granted to him, and renders him liable to the punishment to which ho was sentenced by the Court.? Vou may remember that a question was raised on hit pardon belore one of the Judges of the Supreme Court, shortly after it was granted, and that it was decided the Governor, as the fountain of legal mercy, might annas such a condition to his pardons. The question will now be, "docs a violation 01 the condition, annul the pardon?" As this is probably the first case ever occurring in thia State, its decision will be looked for with much mtereit. The hearing before the Recorder will take place on next Thursday morning. Snl?? of litm'ki at Philadelphia. Kik?t Board, Aug. 36.? 100 Wilmington H. R., 14j; 30 Schuylkill Nav., no; 99 Commercial Bank, 53}; taooo Mate V ?. 741; <lo 74); $300 Harr. R. R., 60; 3ft Gi rard, 8}; 2iH) U. S. Bank, ft); 1 Pennsylvania Bank. 358. Second Board ?700 Penu'a ti's, 1S46, 84; 180 State S'a, 74} so shares U. S Bank, ft}} ftO do do, 6j; 1 do N. A. Bank. 408. Boston, Aug. 36, 184ft. Theatricals ? Shipt Mouth and Bamttabh ? Mayor Da vit, ij-c., <}-c. The National Theatre, the only regular theatre in Boston, was opened last evening, with the comely of " Time Works Wonders.'' The house was well filled, but not crowded; and the play passed off in tolerable style. Several new members have been added to the company; but most of the actors possossod of any (prink ling of talent, are all old stagers. Messrs. Thorne, Gil_ bert, Cartlich. and Hamilton, stage manager, all favor ites. though rather threadbare, still have to do the heavy work. The interior of the house has been tastefully fitted up, and looks remarkably well, even including those gas lights, which used to dicker to dimly, that re" course to the old fashioned tallow, seemed at one time inevitable. Mr. Pelby, the proprietor of the Theatre, i? known by nil players as one of the most gentlemanly, generous, even tempered Christians on this side of Jeru salem There is a rumor in circulation, that he attend* the Methodist prayer and class meetings very regularly. This will, perhaps, account for the fact that the Theatre has been greatly improved in its liquor department within the past year. The Washington Theatre, a kind ol cock-loft, which was once a candy saloon, is also open, and is doing n fair business for a small place. ? Kendall's Boston Museum, though small, is the only place of theatrical amusement, in the upper end of the city? which the self-styled highly intelligent and respec table portion of the community patronise. It has always done a first rate business, simply because it is not named a Theatre; and also because it is very neat and clean, and the pieces represented are generally unexceptiona ble, in a moral point of view. The ships Moselle, from Havre, and the Barnstable, from Liverpool, which arrived hereon Sundav, brought full cargoes of merchandise. French goods, before the arrival ol the Moselle, were in mnch demand here, being lighter, and better adapted for warm weather, than Bri tish fibrios. Our ladies, for the remainder of the leaioa, *111, thereiore, appear In V'rvuoh plumage. The deaf*