Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 1, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 1, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW Vol. XI., No. :iaO-Wbo!? No. 4H??. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 1, 1845. PrlM Two Cone*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation? Forty Thousand hAILY HERALD?Every Jay. Price 3 cent* per copy?$7 35 per annum?payable ia advance. 'vEEKLY H Eft ALD?Every Saturday?Price cent* per copy?$3 131 cents per annum?puyaMo in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at tho usual prices?ulwi?7i cash in advance. PRINTING ol nil Rinds esecutel with beauty and despatch. C(J~ All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to hie establishment, must fie post paidt or the postage will bo deducted from the subscription money romutod I AMES GORDON BENNETT, P'osaieT-ia o? tmk New Yoaa IIkkald Estsulish vmv ROCK AIVA Y STA GES. ON sod after Auiru-t 1st, 1315. will leave lib,? city Htel, ?l 3li o'clock P.M. daily, sgetsfc -.miwIivk yeeynlPil. fin Ear Itck iway. Ue tiirniu^. leave* ilie Pavilion at A. M., for New York, cross ina ?t the Smith Kerry. All ordei * to be left at 3M> Pearl street, atll Im-re II. CONKLIN. DAILY OVER THE LONG INLAND HAIL ROAD, VTA xf.iv mypny, Nowricrt 4- ivorcksteit. At H o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall itreet, South Ferry?Sunday* excepted Way (Writes are 111 retain*** to receive baggage for New ~ B< EUR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FAilK FIFTY CENTS FOR THE SEASON. smmmmSA of WnireltTl street, South Kerry. juJStfre Linden, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. julfi if re . M11 l-,ys, Wtiti 1 i-.utijrs. and I'riday*. over the Long ! Island Rail Ituad.10 Green port, to Newport and Provi- j de t e in a splendid and Commodious Mound Miramor. Thi* Line leaves at 8 o'clock in the .Morning, frotn the Koot " "fnifehatlstre FAKE TU BALTIMORE ?:-{ Through in Seven Hb>Ds. NLW CASTLE AND FRENCH TOWN KAIL ROAD AiND STEAMBOAT LINE. T(v rn* .i ?tif u nri valled Steam boatTTOBKlIT M ORHl (TCai ? t?iii J !"! '? <?" an June 16, leave Dock I ,r -t wharf. daily, (except,Suuduys.) at 3 o'clock, I'. M. INs ?.-ugers will a:Ttva iu Daitimcfa at about 10 P. At. Fare only j jStranhou's"?* Com'KJ,,e<' oP t'") following splendid and last ! Robert Morris, Captain J. M. Douglass. Ohio,.,, Captain L. Davis. Constitution.. Captain J. Chaytor. George Washington Captain J Trope. t i"", r till"!" 7 ?- wharf- Baltimore at 3 V. M._ tin bout l l"*bui'K Cnu uc procured ou board UNITED STATES MAIL LINES FOR BALTIMORE. B?? . trie f3?Through in Six Fiuuri. . HILADLLPH1A, WILMINGTON AND B ALTI- ' MOIIE RAILROAD LINE. * V la Cheater, Wilroing^M^jou, avredeUrace.Stc. I '? ''an i PPr We.!i,.-sd al, ./~ ISA, to *2 ^ Baltimore, by tUe Mail Lines, will be reduced The Trains will leave as follows:? iw. iuSx pl|ll?deU,hi*- I From Baltimore, Depot II rh and Market streets. Depot in Pratt street. . 7 2: i . r w' ^ I'cpiu Ml I ran street. , 'h , i" " i t Sunday,at 8 A.M. | Daily, esc, Sunday, at 9AM. "'"i ;:ViLl,. Pia.-K-liu H".LA".d s p.m. ai-i V ' 1 , , V "LI Auu Dally, at 8 P ,\1 U heeling and I Ituburgh-l .cliets through to Wheeling and 1 ittsburgh can be had at the Depot, Eleventh and Market sts n- r . . f , o. HUDDELL, Agent, rorfnrther informatiou^apjily to J. L, 8LEMMER, at the office of t ?. , Adams St Co. 17 Wall street. ?uue24th, IS-I5. je29ec LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. REDUCt'.lTFA RES. sU M MER AH RANGEMENT, TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Ou and after 14th June, 1845. Ft Gin Brooklyn Depot? Boston Train?8;i A. M. daily, Sundayi excepted, stoppiug it rarmimjaalr and St. Gunn^e'* Manor. ?u a ?>> iniii^uiiir ituu oi. vjreor^f a .uaxjur. Accojnm datiou Tram?A. M and 5 P. M. for Farming aao <uU latemiediatepiaceF.aaily. Suudays excepted. ^comit."dp*M ii Train,3 r. M . fur (in cuport, daily, Sundays vs.... v, i . .11, j , .i,,, v,r? ciipori, unity, sinnonya excepted, stoppiuyat ?! liTiaica, Branch, lleuipfttead, and llickx v'?' ? fU1" H?1 the slumping places between llick-sville and Ur. c?up?rt. Frmm Oreenjort Depot? Boston T.Tin, d.ily, Mondays excepted, at 12,4 Tclock M., or Oi*ih? ?rnv I ofthesteamers Irom Noiwich. Ac?:onuiiod.Uiou Train?At 5 A >1., daily, buudnys excepted, mr Brooklyn and intermediate placet. From Far mi/I gdulr Depot? Accommodation Train. 6^ A.M. and 2% P. M., daily, Mon days ex-- pu d, for Brooklyn and intermediate places. Front Jommca Ire pot? Eatca iVuin, 1'^ r. M. daily, Sundays excepted, forfirrok ?7" and intermediate places. M !T 1,0,1011 Trnius *l?P on,7 at Kormingdale and St. George's The Accommodation Trains stop ?r the following places 0R e- 1' both way* to receive and deliver pasMn 'cr;, vit: Bedford 8 Deer Park ft9 Jjn*t .New York 18W Thompson 8??a {Lice Coarse 18 ^ Su tin!k Station 100 Trot ring Coarse ]H\ Lak* Koad Station 1 18M ?5 Mcdford Station 1 18?J ^ , . * "1J..-I4J QU111UU ... . . . i 10 BrnsnviUe . . 31U Milleville 1 50 Hyde f irk, 17 miles 373% Si. t George's M.ui?r.... 1 fi2 ... ,1 ; . kvi.uivi.,., x H4 Clowsvillt, (during ses- I! 1 Ii2 itSiouCou*,) 37H Jftinrsport 1 63)4 Hcropiteaa 37>j Mattetack 1 62>? 37*< Cutchogae 1 6 >>2 V?n? 1 l?ce ..." Soatbold ? l 62H U i.tburv ? H <?rceuport, Acc'n. train. I 71>j Htcksvillc i J Boston Train 200 raiiniMgan.c .. . S, .^cu ire in i-adm-ss o i the arrival of Trains at the seven l Still",.s, t.i take I as.ieug. very low Fares, to all part. . I the Island. Bnggage Crates will be in readinesr. at the foot of Whitehall ?ireet, t?> i " iv. llaggag.' for ll.e several Trains, 30 minutes be^ line i?." honr ol starting from the Brooklyn side. K-.rti .iv .v b'/g .ae fake.j in separnie Crates. ju18rc IU VVEoTEKN TRAVEi.LiL.lta. .Alr,t..Wi\.\,i I'! O.N I.e. I. I'.Xl K K 1 LINK, h ruin Philiidelpbia to Piuabuigh vis the IViiu.ylvanin Hail ruadsati'l t anal?through in 3Vg days. The .hove line i* now in full operation ar.d oiiers great induei to pcrsous who wuli a pleasant mode of travelliugto the west. I'hc cars are huilt in thi most approved modern style, ih< fin r. are litted up in a superior manner,.aud every effort is mailt h> tio." pr?pii< tors to conduce to toe comfort and cnuveiiienve oi travellers. '1 lw scenery on this route is unrivalled, and tiie great cluiii ol Pennsylvania internal improvement, u well tvoi tliy ol being seeu. Uv tins r- a:e passengBis avoid all the fatigues end dnngeta at lila " " " * .t upon stage travel ting, and at the same tim" make an ea pi ditions trip. Tli" r .r* leave every morningM 7o'clock, l aaseuger.are r.d vited to engage places at rhiNd'Iplua. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner ol Khesuut and Fourth si recti, and at Not. ?. IS :?>. alb ilnr-l ?t*. A. CUJLMINOS, Ageft. Phtlr.delpliin, May 17, 184S. For iaformatiou, in the city of New York, poly to h. II. KNISFLL. Agent lor I) LF.F.i HkCO.'sLiue 7 We.t.t, N. R. ioy!7 tim*rrc ^(SAT-- Foil sale. FREIGHT OR ( HAliTF.r- It v,'ry last ?.oling \. Vork built packet ship YAZOO, JaJMCn b70 tons, live ...k anil locust top, live oak transom, spin..ami forward and after cauls, carries 22PO bale- New (tr ie in. cotton, and has handsome furntshed accommod ilions for 26 passenger*. Apply on board at Jones' w harf, or ro E. K. COLLINS & CO , V30ee If, Sonlli street. HOH SALE, FREIGHT OH CHARTER?Tie ,T?ry last sailing burijne HOME, Captain Watts, built am Baltimore one year since of the hcr.t materials came, inout 4,000 barrels, and has handsome accommodations lor twenty passengers. Apply t o < apfain Wait*, on board at Pike street wharf or to K. K. COLLINS Si i;(j, ' 117 re yt Month afreet AIM. /OH NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND.?The vTTn KCTjfV known,,ng coppered anu copper-l ateeed jkUraUm ship RAMBLER, Bixter, Mnsler" naviiig all her i i -v lien lit engaged, will sail in a ft *v days. For light freight, or passage, having good accommodations Apply to WOODHULL ?c MlNTURN, .1 3R rre 177 Hniltb strref btjll LI VEKI'OOL?I'aek-1 of the 6 h piimoer The splendid m-w p.eliei aliio HENRY t LAV", _4a?E Nye, master, 1280 tuns burthen, will sail a.? above, i gu.or day. Having ui surpassed accommodations fur cabin, er and cabin and steer "ite pa nengers, persons Wishing to secure norths should riake early application ou board, foot of ilaiileu Lane, or to thnsubscriber, JOSEPH McMURRAY, "t" Pine street, corner of South street. lie .pleinlid packet ship Patrick Henry. J. C. Delano, mas ter, 100 Mtons, burthen, W ill succeed the Henry Clay, ami tail thug h October. all rc "imVV.Kt ' SlK(Vm.!l.\V RL-(Necoiid Line.) 1 li^ ick- ? ^hip I 11(> A, r.iniain l- redcrick llr w lit, wil? hri 1 on the l*t for !? t'lghY or paajntff*, n; ply to BOYO k HINCKKN, ? I onfine Pnildit g cor Wall ?,l Weier ?t?. VFv. / OR LONDON?Regular la.kit of the 1st ol hCadtT' ?{1 ll ,'r? I P'eket ship ST. JA.MF.S, K. R. jdSNWva "l> or, master, will anil sa above, her regular il.iy. Having vrry Cunnortable arcominod<1 ion* lor cabin, se ct,ud esoin andaecoiiil and steerage pnssei.gers, |?rsons .-boat to i i ure b itlis, should make ea ly application on hoard, loot ol balden Lane, in to JOSEPH McMI RRAY, , , ... ,. 100 I'inn street corner of South at. l he picket slop Ula.barer, It L. Hunting, will succeed the gt, lames, oud s.ol on the 20 h Scjitemhcr, her regular day. ?2lrc a ., *!''OL?The New Line?Regular I aekej of 2lit Hepteinhrr.?Th" superior fast sailing v/fjfy I...... . oe.aemner.? I he superior last s. i^IMlfainickft ship mTEN OK THE U K.ST, ism ton,, < iTTnilip Uoodhonse.dndgn, will sailasahove, her regular uav. bur freight or passage, I, ving splendid, large and comfortable state rooms and cabin, "H'Jy mi,b?ird .west side Burling slip, *'' to WOODHULL k MIN fLHN, Trice of passage $100 87 Hout1' ??"?*? |h. , Set ship Itoch.ster, BOO tons, ( apt. John Britton will oi err. d the tlnreu of the West, and sail ou Ii, r r.gnl Isr day.H*t Oetobnr. " m r itk J >2* W ANTED IMMEDIATEI.T-ATh.p to lonj for i sonthern poet?Apply to F K ( OLLINS k CO., 50 ?k>nth street . Kelt long branch *ii ,,? J,n^';;!_e Mark"' *??<:???? ? v,<r*,,. t Aug.ll-Wedue VI" a1 ? . ., ? L?av?" BMon Town, m?Tra:}1- < t T ,'l'r'|-y' I 1" i,??rri hv, ]?? u K r. ? : ??*/? ft=S23f4r* (hF?* ? .. 22?Friday it ?. I.'?!> .. 22? fc-.i ..." .i .. *1?Thursday, 1! d $??? \ ??*. a*. -m .V I, >*'?*? 24-.M nday, 6>,.. s^K-?, S-ru-.J'V 0 ?? 26?Tuesday, 2 ^-WedhMd.,}, Ill " 27?VV. dm sd.iy, 2 " id..;-, if '? 2*?Thursday, :i ?l?'ld'V:.. U'a" ? ?r&y. i 1'a .? !? riu?y, l M-Sxurd.y, 12 M So?Saturday, 4. 31?,Sunday, ? A.?. 31?Sunday, ji?ounuay, ? a.m. 31?Sunday, -I " sr.,Kes ? i|| he m readiness to convey passengers to alt parts oftlie country. aldrc MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, pi* K)R ALBANY, TIM!V and iuterm -Jiate !rom f,itl Steamboat I'i-rnt the foot o Om i j?W iW o iiLl-.y strri't. Urvikiasf iiud Dinner oo board the boat. : leaves .\Vw Vorkat To'eUck, A .M., Tuesdays. Thursdays uiJ Saturday. and I roy at t> o'clock, A. M., Alb.uiy at 7 o'clock Vjoucniy, v ? 'Jnesd^y ami I* ridgy, 1 .??''? .... '7 1 ( wain A. Clorhus. oa I *, 1 hursdvvs and Suturdnys, ?t 1 0 florh 1 he steam boar NIAGARA, Captain A. Degioot, oa Mem ? diif.HtI.l v nuti Friday, nt 7 o'clock iffice onThrwha If"'''''' ?" t0 V B' H&11' ttt?" o.h,frLCiZiAfl,KOO<l1.'r' f,.Ki,c''! '?Baw.l?auk bills, specie, or any mustultt ni H.'infy, H11"'" ?k hl I'i "'i ,,r pnt oil board this boat, !raue ?r owners ol such goods, freight b ig. jel8rc NOTICE **<#**?' a. V 4 a vy ^.-(^1 STATE N ISLAND PERKY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET The Steamboats 8YLFH and STATKN ISLAND KB wilt ? V% u^fd 7rr VlVl'7 kour esorpt A P ,M? commencing at . -.., I M. Leave St.aten Island oVcry hour except 4 P. >1.. commencing at# A. M.. ancil7 P. M 1 t M Jalii'i rid' V'Tr1"^ 7'^,lMVe ""rv hour Irom 8 hour ' 1" M" nirtli 7 1'? -M- ""V ball jy 12 NEW YORK, ALRANY AND TROY LINE Alirl^L^L f'Rn ALB. XSJ ASD troy direct. - wsjF"ui lii'oj. 1 ,i M- The steamboat KM 1 1Kb., (.rptam K 11. Mtcy, will liavc th. Ite.iml.oat I'll r foot oi ' ourtluidt street, every Tuesdav I hurtdny n!1d Saturdsy afternoon, at 7 o'clock "y' ?llZaUwi'':t V?i,:,UUI,A .'.Ton Wm. II. Peck,every ami Fridayaftfmoon, at 7 o'clock. mui'Jt "r b r-ight apply no hoard, or st th? office on tha , .v. 1,1.1 orrior,.?pur I', ,7.? cents?IJtica. 53-Syracuse .r 1 '/?"oK-S2,5C?Rochester, S3?Bullslo S3'i? Al.n' through in t?v hist line, with board, $l(l,3f? Al-o', Osive 'o *tl' Kingston, (I ' S4?Toronto, $S-C cvelai d (O t S^Lll trim, s; -.n i IO-).?--Uo ????? on OSITION T1CKKT OKKl(JE.^p>r 7 ,, 'Jw , " ??". v?-1 wortli to Troy Ji< '?$4.50. Olftce No. 102 Barclay It. ? ? V,tt "" U ML RAY! Acent. -? }|,:,.>n"-N "Krai BRITAIN AND ve, , IU.I.A.NP-i arsons wishing to renm mo \lL\ friends in auy p ut of Kn.-laud -r-g Irelend. Scotland or Wales, can he supplied with drafts payable at sight, without dis plsces' Tii anV amo,,nt' ,rora ?l nP^ards, at the following SC28& "s" ?in "i4"?! f National Bank of Ireland, and Provin ci il Bank and hranclifs throughout It eland !rt Lastern Bank of Scotland, National throng?mur^"li;id,reeUOCli Ba"k"1K C0,Dpauy' a"d branci'=? 'i'he steamship Cambria, sails from Boston on the lGtli \u gust, by which all drafts can be forwarded free. AppIv to . VV. 8t J. T. TAPSCtm, I; Tn 7i> South sf. cor. Maulcu lane. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. nr,T!I,!' .Ro5'?I aVIeil Steam Ships CAM BRiAand UIBKHNIA. will l<*ave Boston P lor the above ports, as follows, viz'? Cambria, C. H. E. Judjins, Est)., Commander. Atigust 16. 18'5. Htucinia, Ale*. By rie, Esq., Commander,. ,^eptesnber 1,1815 Passage to Liverpool *iV' Passage to (labia* it" * Jg* For freight or parage, apply to BRI4SI a7rc D BBIOHAM. Jr . Accnt. 6 W?l| ,t STEAM ~ BETWEEN NEW YORK ANI) LIVERPOOL THE OTeai Western Steam Ship Comma ny s Stenm Ships. I The OH EAT WESTERN. 1700 tons, 4j0 horse power, li. R. Matthews, Esq. .... ... . 'Commander. I ,1'f i'i V l BiitlTA1'V';. V,fl0 ,on*> I0C0 horse power, to run a's follows'? N" intended ? GREAT WESTERN. From Liverpool. | From New York. Saturday . August 23. Thursday Sei S iiurd.uv <)..t,,i.. . 11 '!?: I. 2""? '?y . August 23. Thursday Sept. 18 I'frday October II. | Thursday Nov ti GREAT BRITAIN From Liverpool. i " Ertim New York. Z: "'?t Saturday August 30 5 .Sept. 27. * I Saturday! ; IV. TcJ'25 ? ?.!. Saturday... . ...D.c 20 Fare per Great Wettern, Shift and $5 Stewards' Fe, ?" t are per -r. ai Britain, li t.rn Sill) to $12 \ (ai d $5 Steward's fti,) accoiding 'o the size and position of the State Rooms I*or lii-'ijiht ur or other mforrnatioii, ?ii?p*y ... . . lUCiiAIU) IKVIN, ?u7 2aw4m?rc 98 Kro.itatrect. v KV\f OKLKANS-^Louiaip.nn enrt INpv x ' > *ork Liue?Poiitivelv first Hf^ular Picket?To sail coppei t W \i j ' iw#Bwr I iCKPl? 1 O R8II ??Moiiany. laf bepfrm!?er?'Tn# elernnt, last nailn.L d picket anin DAMASCUS, Bli&s, master, will sail a? above, her reKiifir day. for freight or iMJsage, having bandtone furnished accom modatious, app.y on board, at Orleans whaif, foot of Wall sf or,:? , . n K K COLLINS k CO.. % South if I ositivel> no goods received on board after thit, Sanirday evening, JO.h instant. ' ' I'asseiigers will ple.ise be on board, at Orleans wharf foot ol , i Monday morning, 1st September, st 12 o'clock at w hioh time the ship will sail. i,,'v JV Oilesns Jnuies E.Woodruff, who will prompt IV forward all goods to his address. 1 ' ?i lo'd''sk'|t'zn,l' u1!''' Tyylormatify will succefd the Damns. '*?, and i I ??d **-'p'etnhrr. her n-gnlnr day. a!M) ZVUHv , ' vJ1',*" " Lille of I ackets lor Ni.W (IK LEANS-! elect ol the Ut Sept.-The new and A#*4*M.ftpleiid.d picket slop DAMASCl'S, Captain B|js. tviH sail punctually on MoiuLy, September 1st, tier reguiai' The accommndations of this favorite packet shir for cabin seeoudedui, and steerage Pas.eiig, r, are' very superior, l" VWt '? wly application on b aril, toot of Wall street, 'or to W. at J. T. TATSCOTT, I'An!IO'7' L|i;S.Kr ,Ui,e tA< lvK1> Kolt LIVER. ? I GPL" ' 'Ii'het 'I 1st S.-, tember?Til,, splendid, fi.-t ' *s'''?'11 ;t,|0 1'ivorite iMrkt-f shin SI- V lif t ?... be;:^;^:::: wil! L"??Cem^r The ships of this line being nil 1000 tons and upwards Person, -hunt to embark or the Old Country will not Ibil to CTThe o ine rnr* b, d, r|ved Irom sdeetnig this |,i,c , , preference o fui> otlijr, n% j heir Kivat crucify rnnlrrs tlirm ev?ry wa\ more comfortable and convenient thai! sliiirs of a small class s 'InJI, ?'<?'? '"r cabin, second cabin, and steerage . a'seii/reri.'t isW'ell known, are superior to those of snv othei line of packers Persons wis lung ,o secure bertlis ah. uld no fail to make early application on board, foot ol Dover s rm. oi ,0 (1 , ?W. 8c J. T. TAPSl. OTT, ?Mee "r i,'"er!l1 ''""Ke Office, 76 South Street, - 0 corner of Maiden lane U*fSw?fH,? Liue?Kegniat lack.T Ik fly ?.! t"''- .?>th. Sept?1 he elegant last suiting P.iClo t 2MiJC.Shin SI eKIDAN, Cspt G,?. B. Cornish, of 1'00 V.* ? ? a* a hove, In-regular day. .JZr?TiOT b jiving ARcommodatnoi oneqnnltHfor f v!vil ?S1 J' al ?r,eau> wb? ? r K. COLLINS fit, (30., 66 tiouth utifvt Price ?f $:on. ' ?' .Tk.-t Sin,., Opt. II H. Tr.wk, will mco-d th !"'' ulftn. rn'l sail'>IUh Ottober. b"r rf,, au''8rc au28rc Ji-jtST . ''<),! GLASGOW'?Regular Packet?The weiT '.."J > knnw", I ust sailing packet ship SA It AC E.N, tno tons dTptcF '' Hawkins, master, will have immediate I ' 7 or having eaci Ilent neenmmodstious, ap. ply lo the ( aptsin on bond, I,,.,t of Dover street, K R..or to WUGDHULL * MIN'i'DHNti, 'I he regular t.scket barque ADAM CARU.^Robert'scott master, will succeed tbe S,. a23rc prvitA<ws?fiA!tik06 fiLD LINE OF LIVER" ? TOOL Ah hETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Only ?Rfttiihr I jcketof the 1st of September.?Tlie WIG r?>l. I... : i: .. I . S sad posit" elv ^Vo'd^'fst ^ptlmliv Wm"",<,Cr' " Momm. .h,turns for cabin, second cabin seiidmu for ii! ',s"r"F'r". returning to the old country, or 1" ?elert ,hi? ,,'n qua ltd hic of packf'tl'.''" ""J e0U,ror, l'llCatlo3?^^.a,Vi,<^*',y,'?to. "cure the best berths, early ap. t?-he .ub-criiwrsT m"de TtOCIltta^HKTSk'c'o1' ? " ? " fle-r to the Fulton II ink. N 1 m ?'"p'oA/Fl V K_?"|W|' '"q-1 'r 'P'fnd'd Packet the cilv w ill". I, i . J reailw ell, who goes tn patch f.r tlw nil!;'w.l. have inn n-,r, si! Ol W hi'ch w "iVde tall,','1,'1.' "*CLnd "r ?feer ! hv^rVoVJOHN ilERDMAN fc Tit] 61 South street. %1 /fV ' hip G \'st'>nV? Nptai'ii' S ri >''"r^' feiki "II the Ut of Keptemln r. 1 oulter, will anil pHSlagr, .' pp y In < HA'. BEjiLAlS. ?, PIIELP8. I0ivr??t,f nr,? HOYD h IIINt K I -l"."f"or,? ! no.or ? iTZ ? * prepared to collect Notes and Draft, payable It ihl f t lowing |?|,irpg on rl??* mnaf reARotiniiin frrm", vie:? '* Boston. Providence. Newport, Portland, I'hilaflelphia H . risburg. La, caster, heading, Pittsburg, WilminSS, ??!?* inoie, Annapojii Washington < ity, Richmond, Norfolk I'll" rersburg. Fiederick.bu.g, W hrriiuy, Raleigh, Fsyette.'i l!" U dmingto", Newhern. ( lisrlcston, < elumbia, Camden ( I,, i ^'"'"1". New Orleans, l " cinns i ( o.nmbua, Lhillicotne, Indianapolis, Louisville. Leiiugrnn' the'i'ln'iteij .SulHI ' 8' il"d m0,t olh" ,n New V rt ftngii.t llth, 181 j. s 11 I m' rc ~ J. H HTIIUVENeTT IMPORTER OK WIN EH, No. 39 John ,V?, Mom, h? I, and the lovers of good Wines generally that morilw to supply the great demand, lie lias made arrang. merits to have always in store, and to receive direct from Bordram, Wmes ol the lirst quality, frmn the proprietors direct. i v Wr.i km"?" are sufficient reeommen Yi J'! f,'i[ * Wines, without further III tail, ?? Messrs Bortne h Ouestier, ) n .... J. Freyrlie, ( ? ropnetors of Vignobles, Csm Oetvais, y at nordesm. th#1d^M or faRoo "der"1^" W"" to ft WANTED? A small HOUSE, with four room* and a kitchen; rent SIJO; or four roorm audti kitchen, ill a hi,ii-.- where hut two families reside. Tire- i "C." M the office of mta piper. >r*m TllE HOSE STREET HOUSE, U<<3 llrnnilwnj', 18 now open for the reception of boarders. Th? situ htiou i* one of the mint litunblr r> thecity. The )' V J, house has lie.-u newly pit*rod mid painted thninghnut ? containing I elweeu 60 and 70 rooms, bso I'omrlv furnished. Parlors annuedrooms ai d l-i'tun attached?lilcew a* room* fir single getiFemen. Southerner audnilirrs wishing to avoid the uois and i of an lintel, * illhaie every ntt-utiou paid to their comfort and coiireui- uce. aii'i lm*rc Pill 1.1 Oft T.PIP A HO'l'KIii). ' H AKT~Wl';i.L\-S ' H' A S H I A* (i I (J .V H () U SE , n-i i (')tt-:(nut Mrnt, ABOV y dK V'ENTIi hi HEF.T, NEAT TO THE :? \ SONIC HAL?,. I'M iL A D K L i"U i A ICf P ''at introduced?Warm aad Cold?in Hue apart meets?fur both iaditeuot! I'c.t'ctoej. *|? lin'rli COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chestnut Street, l>t-twe? r> Ltfr 711a street*, PHILADKLPH I A. 'PHE St 'BStilt IBKK8 respet tlully inform their friend* utid 1 tile travelling public,they h - \e t .ken the alinae hou?u,( for nierly known the Marshal) House.) nil ha'< made extensive alteration , and improvement* in it* interior, having spared no expense to render it one of III- most pleasant and fashionable \ houses ill the city. Tie- pnloi.a arc nuinvi. lis, tiie ch nillieri , large and well nr-auged, the furniture entirely new. ita loca tion i* ill the most oentr I p.-rt ofthe city ue .r to all the (daces of public amusement, mid convenient to the depots of the | Southern, Western and Northern route! ; The tables will he supplied with ill the delicacies of the sea son. The Wines are ol the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. | The proprietors hojir by tiieir iwrsonalattention a d experience I in the business, to give s itisl-ctiou to those who may favor I them with their patron ise DAGLKY, MACKENZIE & CO. J t.srs Baglcy, (Inteof Jones'Hotel.) Mncl Henry C.Alackeuzia, (formerly of the Washington House.) Pvter L. Ferguson. July 1st. 1845 iy3 Sm*ee TII E B Y R O N , 15 7 liroailtvn}', nv ' WM. DINNKFORD. \%T ?IO rrsp- c!r,dlv inform* his I'rieudr. and the public that I m he Ins i'-a.sed the abo'> ish'i.pntand fitted it uj? in a j stvh-id. ri.?r Ui nt>ue.t W. I), will all limes kppjiothu d 1 the he t di criptioii of wines spirit -. s* tftirs, &c;. selected with | j t)iaf frtsit*' peculiar ro an t \j>?*riHiiced w i. e libber. liis bed j ! rooms are fittt d ui> with a due regard to ut.tla a?.d cleanli liess, iiid in each departrnei i the price* will square with the times??;! ..meiy, 26 cmi.s j?tr night lor lodgings, or one dollar ! and a h ilffn-r week, or five dol'an per month. VV. I) His also i itrodii'ed the Houtitcni plan of providing a i lunch from I! ill I o'cl ck,no that thecre ttireoo nforrs of the ; inward m m will be attended to. An Id and shower bath free ; to customers. Committee rooms, Club rooms lice. 8tc. a!0 lm*m i WIL ? 8 H< )TKi AND DIN] i ?:? H d, tm!d (ftrcel, near Ulnlih n Laite* ; QOl'NVK V MI.'UHANTh will find this a desirable House, being convenient to the business purl of the city. This establishment is fitted uo with entirely new litrnitnre. (Sood r.ud suhitanu.l dinner, 18V cents, IndKiiius 25 cents. For con venience him! comfort this house j* equal to any hotel in the city, and ?t half the prict. Permanent bourders csn lie accomuiodxteu on very reasonable term*. All the delicacies of ti e season served up, as soon as they arrive in market, at half the price of other house* Elegant private p irlori. for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup (i-r parties. The vrrv h"*t of li.mors. ju5 Jin^rc CARROLL'S VAPOR BATHS, 181 Fulton Stresrt, opposite Ht.Pnul'B CUurclx. ' 1'HE excessive heat of the weather, alternating with sudden 1. and severe changes, expose many to attacks of the rnost dangerous character?a safe and agreeable preventive of p inlul ?If-e consequences, iu such rases, is to be found in the well-estab lished Medicated Vapor Baths of Mrs. I.'arroll, at 181 Fulton itr-et. Q/"Sulphur Baths at one hour's notice au2l Imrc EAGLE a A T H S, 5id8 Pearl Street. 1JETWEKN Centre and Elm streets.?Warm, Cold and 13 Shower Baths, eqinl to any in the city, 12)^ cents each. Aieals I ' (rood clean single beds, 12% cents each. Meals 12>k cts. each. Board and lodging, $2,50 per w eek. Newspapers from London, Liverpool, Canada and all th? p*indpa] cltfea in the (Jiltsd ntat h, on nie j\ m*rc THE PA TENT GALVANIC RINGS AND C R 1 ST 1 E ? S MAG N E T1 G FLUID. 'IM1IS REMARKABLE DISCOVERY lias received the ? universal apitrobation of the Medical Profession of Great Britain, and has been sufficiently long before the American pub !.c to give a fair trial of its nower and efficacy. The Patent Galvanic Rings have been found to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary Galvanic Battery or Llectric and mag ut*tic Machines arc used, hut are without any of the injurious shocks, which accompany the applications by those instru ments, and in many other respects are more sari: and ckrtai". ic accomplishing tun desired object. The Galvanic Kings have been nsed with perfectlsucceu in til rase* of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applyiug to the head, face or ktuihs; Gout; Tic Dolorcaui; Toothache,; Bronchitis ; Vertigo ; Nervous or Sick Headache ; indiges tion ; Paralysis ; Palsy ; Rmlepgy ; Fits i Cramp ; Palpitation of the Heart ; Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago; Nta n Igia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; aud ill Nervous Disorders. In cases of confirmed Dyspepsia they have been equally successful. Their extraordinary effects upon the system must he witnessed to be believed ; aud as a certain preventive for the above complaints they are equally to be recommended. The Galvanic Rings are in every way Perfect ly harmless, aud are sold at prices to be within the reach of all, Lristii.'s Magnetic is used in connection with the Rings, to render their efficient action Certain, and to direct the (11 v .inic iiillnt nee tot in- particular portions w hich are .iffecte<1 For liUirivrou." certificates of the highest character regarding the efficacy of the Galvanic Ring* and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is made to former advertisements, or they may he sei-u it the office. Only Agency in New York, 131 Kultou street, (Sun Building.) In Biooklyn, at the store of James W. Smith, Druggist, corner Fulton and Gran berry stree's. jy28 lmVc THE ORIGINAL GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID, pOS?!'.SS ill thr tdrinUgnof a Galvanic Battery, with ? (tut i. th'tck. and are successful in curing rheumatism, tic dolorous. headache and >11 chronic or nervous (Incises. Korsele illy by Dr. ( rombie'* Agents?A B St I). Sand's ( Vtots Vlso, 27) Bro idway, 77 East Broadway, 149, HI and VI Ft?tton, 87 Walker, at DrUK Store* corner of Bowery itnl (ir md (7 Vv -it te V ; (7fi Siiritttf, 9# Catherine, corner of I ?' 11 ij t ? ? tad Division, \ir. Hays, Brooklyn, Trice of Kings I Is? gold idated SI?Moid 15 cents per bottle, t ult lm*ec Hr E, theundersigned, deem it necessary for the bttufll of life, a, well is recreation, not to he (.unfitted by the retail trade to sul-Ii a late hour at night. do hereby agree to close our (toVesat 9 o'clock tvery evening (Saturday nixht escepted) for wo months, to commence from tilts, the 1st day of August, I8ij. (Signed.) B. I.ewitt, Jnt>. Hatchler, M. Woolf, W. McKimley, W, Srurges, Jno. C. H islett. Jno. Davis, IS. F. Sturges, W. Bemiett, _ P. Ivonpmni,, Pr. prietors of the Shir! Stores of Chatham street, New York, oti liii*rrc AGENCY AT NEW ORLEANS, L*. I'HE SI BSCRIBER offers his services in the Settlemeu 1 of Claims in this city, or 'ts vicinity, and in the C olive lection of Accounts, Notes, Drafts, Dividends, or any obligs ion swhatever. Refer* to A1e*?r*. 11 St D. Parish, ) L. M. Win y 4k Co.. > New York. Joseph Kernochau, Esq., N PETER ( ONREY, Jr. New Orfrttns, Jnly 18th. 1815 jrJi Im'rc PINE WOOD ' QJEVKN HUNDRED CORDS No. 1, for sale low, in Gin O eatha Inlet, Accomac Co., Va., by JOHN SAVAGE, S S DENNIS. 11 T. RUSSELL. Inlet is navicable lor vessels draw lux Seven feet. jy?2 lm*rrc \TiLTAlKE'Sl'MILiJtiOI'l J 1CAL DICTK)NARY BOSTON EDI'! ION, two volumes in one, price Si, for sale at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Squme, N. Y, .New edith us of Volney'* Ruins, Stroiis.'Life of Christ, M iry Wollstoticraft's Rights of Woman, Vale'* Life of Fame. Palmer's Principles, Shelley's Qui en Malt r.iine'* Woiks, complete, ,-**A ? irietyofcheap Liberal Work* au20 lm*r MUSIC. I LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol JV yon iij ladies on the Piano. She teaches 'iy the l.oxerian system, whichhta never t>< < ~i i it.odnced as yt t into iins coun try i it lias been greatly approved ef III Envoi**, as iieinx the 1 shortest ai d easiest metnOO of bringing on tie pupil. A note , addressed to X. Y. at the Office of this paper, shdl be attended i to. alt lin*re M UtilC. A Rav Opportunity of Acquiring a Thorough M\t steal Edut at ion. ("1 II. PKRWORT, Profawor of Sn ging, Ouitar and Piano f ? Forte, hat opened :\ n'asa fur Young Ladira, from 7 to 10 \ ?? irs of age, among whom nrr three of hi* own daughters, w hom ne Urol" ua to thoroughi> instruct in the art of Singing, Mr. Dt rwort'a system is the result of many yean observation and ex|F*ri ice, duiing which he has surcessnilly t Might in Ger man) , London, and New York. His method cannot fail to im | put to Ins pupils a near perce|Htion, and a thorough knowledge of the grammatical principle* of music, with the ability to har nio n/f nny itimph , iveu melody. Parent* and (niodians are invited to call at his Room*, 427 B roan way, when every inquiry will he answered Terms $20 per annum, payable quarterly in advance Le* ton* three times a week. Private instruction as heretofore, a!2 Im'rh AEOLIAN HAKIM. NUNNH 8c CLARK having purchased the patent right frf "Colcmau's JKoIian Pianoforte,'* for the entireUnited States, (excepting Massachusetts,) announce to the public, that they are now Prepared to jrupply Pianofortes with this improvement attached, or to attach the Mine to any modern made horizontal Pianofortes. In regard to the durability of this invention ItC. ire prepared to satisfy the most pre judiced rnind, tlieir own critical examination jnd?xoenenee warrant them in the assertion, that theMAColi*n" will remain in tune iu any climate, and it will not be affected by tpinitions of atmosphere. The most satisfactory warrantee is given with each instrument. f The public are invited to examine the M?f&oliao Pianofortes at their ware-room. No. 2<0 Broadway, opposite the Park where also may be W>und an assortment of G, and 7 Oetav Pianofortes both in rosewood and in. hog >nv cases. f>infr A<r/V( :t:, TO MERCHANTS. tilllF MAtiTEK.8 AND OTHERS. PHE SUBSCRIBER would roiiretfully inform tin in. th*t M. h* Im* Ihvu the employ of the latr asmurl Dvmilt oyer twenty tranra, end the IstrSsinuel Demilt hnyitf tsaswtbwlM hi in ih- I ii n*i r Instrutn"Ut. two A*t ruwrmicol I 'locks, nnd lie* ii iv ol the Obseiratort. it i* nis Iiitvntu n to continoe (in oouiiee tion with In. son) (lie hMiness ol mnnnfavtnnux, rrpmrinx and riting Chronnmetere, nml dealing m Nnntiral Instrnments, ( Mis, Ml *?i hen, ('!,,rks, Jewvlry, Silver \V trv kr . .1 the old stand, No 2 Ht Pearl street. |). KGGKRT. JnS lin-od-re TO TAILORS rpMOBE who desire to rttniu nooireet kanwltilx.' of Kash M. ionnlile Cnuinxt m all its various hr,inches, would do well to obtain Btinemets' Complete Work m the *nh'ret, Which fun b? obtained of the antiior mils, it No 113 Broad way Price?from M to flOper Book unt lm-r Mniato;'n Springs. United States Hotki., Aug. 80, 1845. Fashionable /Jepartures?'/Vie Court of Fashion? j ImUi\S mussel?Tltr Pantnuts?Brilliancy ofNeu t Season?Amusements?Puss,Puss in the Corner? Colonel lFebb?Button, Button?The Polka? A Laugh?'lite Weuthtr. The brilliancy of Saratoga is on the wane?the cool breeites of itiittinr.i are beginning to whistle j among the leaves and fan the brows and blow the si!k<'ii tresses ol lu-uuiy's daughters. The wealthy cotton planter and his fair children, whose languish ing beauties shun the rude touc i ot cold, are return ing to their own sunny homes?the princely mer chant and manufacturer, from our Atlantic cities, now hear the roar of business, and fly to mingle in its cares?the wealthy and simulating i.roker dreams of money-bigs and the pleasures of Wall street?the man ot leisure and re lined taste begins to lino all tit. 11 and monotonous?the lover sighs tor his absent mistress?the ;>ai vermes find nobody wil- i lint* to notice their absurd and ridiculous uirs, and I before long, the "Court of Fashion" will be desert- i ed, save by a tew staid old bachelors, wlio remain i during September, for fishing in Lake Sonasser. and invalids who linger in hopes ol liealih A* we have j before repeatedly stated, this se. -on lias been some- j what dull. This was owing to the vast concourse of people, never lieaid of before in fashionable so- j ciety. attempting to mingle with tiie ??exchisives," ! who looked upon them with contempt. It is to t>e hoped, the lemons tine dourly purchased, will I o a w urn ing to all "preteu lers' for the future ; and that the ele gant hotels, cool bowers, uml glutei ing pnvillionti of Sa ratoga, will ne.\t summer hohold a more brilliant and fashionable assemblage, united by i. common bond of sympathy. The new hotel about to bo erected by our worthy hosts, ilia Marries, on the borders of the Lake, near the Sulphur Spring, will d;nw the lo\ -rs of ile light ful and romantic scenery, ipiiet and comfort to its shores. The erection of this hou-e will nl?o in ren-e the busiiiass of Saratoga, as visitors will probably spend a w eek or two at each place. A glorious season may ac cordingly be anticipated. Among the amusements in vogue with the juveniles, since the departure of the " protenders" from this house, may he mentioned the celebrated and recherche game of ?? fuss, puss in the corner." It is a nice game?a very nice game, as your renders will no doubt acknowledge, when they are in formed that Colonel Webb is one of its chief supporters. Yes, Colonel Webb, of the Courier and Enquirer ! Colonel Webb, the renowned 1 Colonel Webb, the chivalrous ! Colonel Webb ol the " regular army !" has given up his associations among the pious denizens of Wall street?left the cliques in that vicinity to take care ot themselves, and come to Saratoga to play " Puss, puss, in the corner," with .sentimental young ladies and hall grown boys. Hut this is not the only amusement the gallant Colonel indulges in. Oh. no ! There is a game, superior to chess or whist, which requires a logi cal and mathematical mind to comprehend Here is a Held worthy the famo of the immortal Colonel. Wo saw him last evening in the drawing room, playing the highly classic game of " Button, button?or who's got the button." 1mo Colonel lost a pawn, and the ladies sentenced him to dance the Polka. The band struck up, and it was really refreshing to behold the grace with which the steps were taken. Another pawn was lost, and this time the ladies insisted that he should stauJ up in the middle of the lloor and laugh I Yes, laugh ! There was no escape?laugh he must?ami ho did?and such a laugh?haw, haw, haw ! Very good laugh for a beginning. Try again, Colonel??' practico" makes per fect. The weather this morning is delightful?the air cool ami bracing, and the best of accommodations may now be found at the " United States." West Point, Aug. 29,1845. Grand Military Ball at J Vest Point?77ie Hudson River?Josh and his Omnibus?The Hotel?The Ball Room?The Cadets?Beauty and liveliness ?Mahomet's Pa rati Lie?Feast of Lapithre, ??<?. Hendrick Hudson! how well have you merited your glorious immortality. The noblest of rivers benrs your name. Beautiful, romantic river, on tliv surface floats the produce of man's untiring in dustry and enterprise, whilst the wealth of the west and north is pouring into thy lap, as from a horn ot pl-nty. We left New York yesterday to attend the grand ball at West Point, our hearts bounding with joyful expectation, while our gallant boat stems the waves like a bird breasting the wild winds of hea ven. It w s a beautiful morning. The rising sun gilded the eastern hills with a splendor such only as we dream or rend of in fairy tale. The songsters of tin- grove warbled their melodies, and nature dressed with a mantle of contentment the whole face of creation. The palisades, like the fortifiea tionp ot Briareua?Morgaute?or some fabled giant of old, rear their gigantic brows, defying man's at tack. We jiaes them, pursuing our rapid course? time and distance seem almost annihilated. 'Tis like inugic?like the ineantution of some demon or genius?bidding " Pass earth?pan sky?time stand?space fly." The highlands next are passed and we are landed at our destined coal, the seat of valor?ardor and ' chivalry?West Point'?the favorite retrent of the I gallant Kosciusko. We landed, and after waiting about an hour were conducted by " Josh " and his omnibus to the West Point Hotel. And here a pass ing remark to the traveller. If you go to West Point, at such a time as this particularly, bring a ci ust of bread in your knapsack?you will need it before vou can leave. The attendance is bad?the fare bad?the wine had?crammed ten in a room? no bedsteads?water scarce?and in fact nothing but pomp?dirt?and imi>ertinent, good.tor nothing servants. What a dillerence from the west Point hotel when Cozzens kept it. Then ull was neat ness, elegance and comfort. We dressed as well as we could in a room with t'-n others, with three halt pints of water and no towel among the whole. The signal gnn fires! We quit the hotel, thank heaven,for a lew hours at least, and wend our way to the Academical Department, (hi entering,a magnificent scene met our view?the brilliant decorations a la militaire did credit to the good taste of thejnanagers. Here were nuns and swords, and pikes and cannon, and all the dread panoply of war, in forms grotesque and fantastic, yet a simplicity and elegance pervaded the whole What a sight!?the officer glittering with gold lace: the cadet in modest uniform; und last, though not least, heaven's best gift to man, woman! magnifi cently arrayed?loveliness, elegance Rnd grace, vis ing with each other to render the scene attractive Yes. let us feast our eyes awhile?here is beauty, wealth, and grandeur. By Jove, look there?there 1 is a picture worth looking at?do you see that form j o'er which scarce sixteen summers have passed? | whose drapery of spotless white scarce veils the : beauties of that towering and voluptuous, yet etlie- J real form: her golden hair floating Hebe-like o'er j her transparent neck?her mild blue eyes now melt- | ingwith love?now suffused with tears of joy, while i around her mouth is wreathed a smile, such as an gels wear when with the soul of the dying martyr it i wings its way to heaven?it is the lovely Louisa M., I from Athens, Georgia; the oflicer with whom she i converses is Lieut. H., of the army. And i while we gaze, behold!?what seraph form Hits across our parti: i' is Miss Mary M, Iter sister. Can 1 describe her beauty?her form, stalely as 'lie Cedar of Lebanon, is ar rayed in heaven's colors?as if some immortal being had torn the azure robes of heaven und thrown them o'er its form for a mantle, while benevolence, charity and love light up her angelic lace, sparkling with wif, intelligence pshaw! we dash our pen aside in despair of describing one ol those beingp otten rend of but rarely seen. II such avc the Hoiiries of Mahomet's Paradise, I will worship the Alcoran. Her pattner is Cadet McC., of Georgia.? There is also the beautiful Miss G., of New York, daughter of Lieut. G., of the Navy. Also, Miss Adeline .s , daughter <-t (len. S.. Miss Z., Miss K , and Miss P., o! Ye^- York?all lovely and graceful .Mrs. T., of Philadelphia, the most beautiful and graceful dancer in the room, danced the polka beau fully, and?en passant?a good joke : she passed all the evening as AlissT., and caused many h bachelor heart to sigh and curse the tales that had made her another's. There was the daughter ol the Hon. F. J.M.ol South Carolina, elegantly and tastefully arrayed. Among the gentleman we noticed many distinguished persons, whose names it would he tedious to enumerate, all mingling together in the maiet "l the dance to the soulstirring strains of the West Point Baud : and it is impossible to describe all the beautilul women that were there ; indeed, the penril of the painter?the pen of the poet?or the eloquence of the orntor? " All aro faint to imago forth Woman's beauty, woman'* worth; Htio '? the purest, brightest gem (bl proud nature's diadem." The iliing was well done?the supper table and re freshments elegant anil costly?and everything went merry as a marriage bell. Knlike the feast of Lo ! till . all WHS harmony and pleasure ; and at the dawo ol day many n lovely head sought its pillow to dream of joy, love nnd happiness. i ot.p Weather ?The thermometer yesterday oming at sunrise, in a northerly direction, in lironk ne, stooil at 40-H degrees above freezing point This oming it stood at t>d London Theatrls-nlu and Mnale, by an Amcrl run Traveller. [From the London Sunday Times. | If is my way to go ahead and say what I pie/ise, without living over particular as to whether J please by what 1 say. I've been in the old country twice, and calculate that I understand English character, and write the Kuglnh language as true and pure as any native breathing. 1'ui pretty considerable smart at sjiorting, and can get ? mile an hour more out of ahorse than any trotting jock going?but that aint it; I want to give you my notions ot your the-a-tres and my notions are genu-tne, tliar you may dejtend. I tell nothing but straight-out truths, and don't keep my mind like an old clothes shop lull of second-hand opinions. Now, when I first came to this little but all mighty couniry, twenty yearptgo, I was kinder awe-struck with the names of SMilaons, Keuible, Keua, Munden, Bannister, and Jordan. 'J'hey were all swent away slick, save Kean, and lie was given up to that hui cide of the mind, drink, and was'nt as he used to could he. Well, 1 lost all that awe, arid made up my mind that we understood the drama better down eur-t?ay, a tarnation right better than you do here. I ain't cleared out of that opinion yet Now (It<d5), 1 take a month's spell in country and town and see all; first, in nateral courtesy (being particklar in breeding), I visit? Dituav Lank Tiiiatsi:, which you call the National Noo since Now there youre wrong ; a nootanre it may lie, but national it is not They do opeias and bullets here on a new plan, ?ubatituting scene-painters and tai lors for singers and dancers; the money laid out in color and canvass should be spent in flesh and blood. Nothing. I reckon, ever attracted at theatres but men and women. ?V show is but a show let it be ever so sidendid. Bunn's a srnuit chap, and would do well ut Philadelphia ; plays what lie calls bis own opeias, and cellars so much a night I do admire him. hut what soit of goneys arc those bine-noses the committee!?they're as lazy as niggers,and not fui oil being as stupid. Thillon is native English, and I was kinder glad to see her hero, but I couldn't help thinking that Mrs. Wood, Miss Homer, H iison. Temple ton, and II Phillips should be here too. 1 on Saxons, as that big Irish loafer calls j on, are cruel bad to the orna ments of your country?-don't bo iyled ?' my telling you mi it You starved i hulteiton into suicide?to you did" Harry Ncelc you made Jiloomfleld stamp your internal wiits for i'70 a year?you let Savage die in a gaol ?never it/, a monument toDora Jordan,yet you call hei tlieltritish Tnalia, as it that did tier any good. The very water you drink ought to turn to pison on your lips when you think that Hugh Myildleton, who brought and gave the New River t<> you, died a beggar. Now, your Uasil Hulls, tour Trollopes, and that consulted know-nothin Marry at call us all manner of names?let'em?we don't desart our own. The names of Bryant, of Cooper (tho' he ryles us), and Irving aie spells?they represent and adorn the great country. Why Edwin Forrest (a great and good man. and we think a gieat actor) has only to mention w ho In is to the roughest lot that ever squatted in the lar-off wild, and he'd be treated like the President?he represents and adorns our greut country. We (dou't be ryied i tell you), gave Booth, Hamblin. and Wallack a splendid home with us, which they couldn't?at least didn't?get here. All your charity benefits are failures, and even your favo-rita actors can't make a house unless they ?lap up all sort of torn fooleries. Now, if all this be a notion of a flam, tell me on it, that's all. Covkkt Garden Theatre.?The Huguenot was put up, a sort of French opera about a lot of French Protest ants?not in my mind a thing for players to meddle with. I delayed seeing it; when 1 came to the doors they were shut?so it was you go not right out. One Robertson had locked up the house, as some said without leave or license. I guess if he'd done that in our enlightened country, the price of tar and feathers bad riz considera ble. lou have a nice notion of placing your national temples too ; here's Covent Garden, in like a w edge, with your thief-taking street on one side ; blocked up, ?cept a narrow way, on another; a market at what you call Prince's entrance; and Hart street, ail stable and some thing unnameable, for your stage-way side. Don't you kinder blush at the court opposite the stage door! The list market.?Did you ever see tyrannical land holders turn a poor devil into the highway to starve ) In course you have. Now, did you ever see a warm-heart ed ciittiir throw open his door and say here's a shelter for you f la course you have Well, then, the propri etors of the bid houses arc the tyrannical landholders, the genuine drama is the infortunatc devil, and Benjamin Webstoria the warm-hearted crittur as has given it shel ter. (I s'pose you know we've a Webster we are kinder proud of, too.) The fault here is, they run their pieces too long ; they might play 'em just as often, but i ot night urter night. They want a first-rate not-to-be-Jenied light comedian, and a chap to do the loafers?what you call Jeremy Diddlers , they should pare down the old come dies too ; most of 'em are ondncent, and they are all like tho sea sarpent, a plaguy deal too long. En n lis h OriiA House.?Mignty pleasant, but rather | unsubstantial. You can't make a meal oil' pastry ; and then all their tarts are so much alike, and their burlesques I more gorgeous than witty. What's come of the he sing ' ers ? tnere should be one here. When that .Mrs. Keeley was in our country we were mad in love with her serious i acting; what she is bottling up her pathos for, 1 can't , guess. There's rather a long lump cf talent liete, called Wlgan ; that chap lias the ruul stuff in him?and mind I ! say so. i The Princess's.?They do operas bore, too, in a sort of j wonld-if-wc-could style. Plated goods will not look as I well as the raal thing, electrotype em as you may.? Now, we are not only a free and enlightened nation, hut a mo !e<t nation too ; and I do say two hulking he crit turs stuck in bed, making believe to be man and wife, is an outrage tipou decency that even a nigger oughtn't countenance. That Com-ton, as done caudle, can read Shakspeare?he can ; and yet he does this, and Oxherry - born with a good name to his hack anil worthy of it? he to night-gown it as Mrs. Caudle ! Why, if the son of Kish had axed one of our actors to do it he'd have blown him into eternity. Sauleh's Wells.?This was the ha-quatic theatre, where they had real water and a real clown ; now they do wliut Drury can't or won't. Phelps i9 a clear headed chap, and plays remarkable well: but somehow he seems as though he was a lecturing upon the part ray ther than playing of it. He don't make you jump out of your shoes or sink into'cm ; lie wants ilander ?rides on too tight a curl), and won't let his devil run away with his judgment. Mrs. Warner is an almighty fine crittur ?a beauty herself, and fit to be the motuer of beauties ; she has an e\ e soft as silk, dark as night, and flashy us lightning. When she keeps in the wide ocean of Lady Macbeth. Constance, Emilia, she could give two acts out of five to any actiusB living ; but she won't do for still lake or smail river sailing ; she can't art the puling love sick gals no how. They do thing* hero as they should lie done, aud our enlightened country might take a bint from Greenwood's management (his father was the old chap Byron writ about in his English Bards). .Miss Cooper's lady-liko ar.d pretty; rayther a little Mrs Yates-y, hut joung enough to he hot daughter. Miss Lebatt is a right down go-ahead free-and-easy bouncing body, ami, tho' from an everlasting modest nation, I do -ay, with as pretty a pair of leg., as I ever did see. Astlev'*.? Ducrow took all hi* genius with him to a fitter place, and left nothing hohiml but the noise, and ihat they "vc improved considerable. The very horses -eem to know that the rider has gone. Adelfhi.? That there Wright is a right-down humor some crittur, but plaguy apt to talk his own nonsense , lie takes w hat you call "liberties, he'll cure of that if he comes to us. Reese disgusted our enlightened citizens tho very first night he came out, and never recovered it. Woolgar is jist about as nice a gal as you'd see in a day's ride, it they don't tpitc her, or rayther if she don't spiff herself. As to Celeste, we made her what she is. It may he li ne that she was the mere matter of born in France, but she is a native American at heart, and she has n heart and an eye w orth the 'tarnal universe. That Bedford'* a tire, gong, a?d old Wilkey a Hit of obi Hickory. Mrs. Mate*? I did look at her till 1 felt s lump growing in my tin oat, for I know'd Yates when I was here afore. She ?lops look so marble like and still, as if something he side* the thoatic was hanging about her heait. 1 felt proper sorry for her. and yet it was all right for the part, too ; hut somehow I could never in her case divide the woman from the actress. When she played in The Wreck *Uhnre, 1 was alway s a blubbering with hei and for her? not at her. Olympic and Strand.?Them concerns is shut up ; ons Miss Howard, who played a sort of sweetheart to Dan Marble when he was here, has the first, and means to walk in the footmarks of Vestris?she must step out re markable. I can tell her. Copplestone Hodges bad the Strand ; he was our favourite tenor, und shouldn't ought to have left us. He's a good singer and a good fellow, and so in course onght'nt to ho a manager. 1 he Qi a *?'?.?Irti* place aint much to letouton; it a ni,out the size of an omnibus. A funny f it crittur railed Manders is a little like f'larlde, *od Parry seem* a spry chap. Tho scenery is right dow n excellent. Tin St axev Here thoy ate opera-ting too, but they aint always at that fun; there's u sue critter here called Homier, worth a ship load of would be.hcroines She has a soul, she h?s, and could bring a tear out of a four year-old bear. Only let her come to us, for I do conceit we known genuine actress when we see her; lather ask Ellen Tree if wo don't. Madame ?iarcia, whose a ringing at the Surrey, aint a ninety-gun ship, hut asilce frigate, docs credit to good feeding, and chaws up Eng. Iirii so pretty between her littlo French lips, that IliegaTi to feel kinder awkward oh the left hand side of my waist coat Where did they cetch their chorus I 1 ou t care what time theni chorusses in Lucy Lamatnore is sung, 'nit do let 'em lie all of n mind. Vn tohia?The great draw here is a lady what they crack us " tho acknowledged heroine of domestic tra gedy,'' no one knows what that means, hut the managers h lunny sort of a chap, and always full of his " lark*.'' i'elham tells me he'll hack him to play Holla or at skit ties with anything alive. The City ok London.-?If people ever do go here they wnrn't that way inclined tiie night I dropped in. ft* inythera pretty place, but plaguy dirty. This theatre never can pay, for one sufficient reason, and this is, that tho cockneys always go west for their amusements. Say I said so. Pavillion?f calculate this theatre is about on the edge of eternity, I was stteh a plaguy time a getting to it. Twai last Friday, and I took it lor a synagogue; | there warn't n Christum crittur In It, but 1 and the tiog. keeper. The acting is of the down-east sort, andI wouldn t convene with us nohow. Our Burton came slick away ..... ... ,11,1 Mr*. Gibb* (Miss Graddon). arm. i?? '??.? i , kind that seems to grow up at the oast end It ain't good, it aint had, hot IPs a kinder iort ot like nothing else on the face of the globe; see it one. you neve, forget it II a raal actor or actress come* among these critturs lie or she's like a bird of parmdiM amid magpies?the pies carry it holler by noise alone. Tin Gabrick.?A theatre and a public-house?drama and drams. Manager plays a scene, and runs slick away to pull a pot of porter ; another scene, mixes sangaree; a third scene, rum aud water; sings a song?draws a bot tle of stout?whilst the little Jew boys are bawling out "hangcore." This heats into immortal smash all lever did see. Thi: Mabvlfboxe.?This is altogether out at Padding ton, and a nation pretty place it is?considerable large, too. I see little but a sailor lighting half a dozen at once, and some sickening palaver about Britons never will be slaves; as if anybody ever ask'd 'em to. This place seems a-waiting for a neighborhood to grow round it; and it is a-growing, and tarnation fast, too. 1 don't say nothing about the Queen's Theatre, Hay market, nor the St. James, because I dont understand ?yetalian nor French .Vow, this is a mere "hit-as-i-go" touch at your play houses ; but my tour (as they call it) convinces me of this, that the stage is going to smash?and why 7 You dou't encourage your actors. You under-omliey 'em, and that's a fact. A great actor's scarcer than a great painter and a great poet - ten times scarcer than a great slates man?a hundred times scarcer thsn a great general.? Look'ee here: take all Kurope in the last thirty year*, what names had you in tragedy?raal great ones 7? Shroeder (Germany), Talina (France), Kerabie, and Kuan, in that time you'd Bounaparte. Soult, Bernadotta, Ney, Blucher, Wellington, Hill, Pictou. Why,it's cl-an agin generals. Yon undervalty your ectors?you dont Sive 'em their fair place in socioty. And whatdo you do y your actresses > blander'em, lie about them?as if an actress like Suldoni or O Neil warn't worth moie than nil the queens that ever scampered over a country. 1 have been in your clubs, and find all your dandy haristo crats talk lightly of actresses, who. in nine cases out of ten, are far mor e virtuous than those dandies' sisters or mothers. A great actress has no time for anything but her profession and has no light thoughts: a line lady, if sne thinks at nil, thinks on oue subject only; and it'a remarkable well it she only think*. I'm a free and en lightened citizen, end speak as I feel. If you want good actors and actresses, vaily them as we do ours When your Walluck ? a? burnt out?when Hamblin was burnt out : once, twice, thrice--tec built them up again. Wa did not send to you lor the dollars Let h ebster ba burnt out and sec if you'll do as much foriiim. I expect tii.s will ryle you conmdeiable, but I go ahead an 1 speak right out; and if what I let on is untrue, do you confute sir. Varieties. The Saints are at their old business again in the north of toe Countr -stealing beef cattJo --ith a ven geance. Let the sufferer seal on u Ji?t of their losses, sad we will euify the Saints by their publication.? War saw Signal. The next Annual Convention of this Diocese is notilied to meet in St. John's C hapel, New York, on Wed nesday the 124th of September. It w ill probably tie the largest t onvention ever held in the Diocese, and one of the most exciting. The Hon. J. M'Clerland, lias declined being a candidate ior next Governor of Illinois. General White sides appeals to be the most prominent man in the south of the Staie for that office. A dry dock, capible of receiving the largest ves sels of the line, lias been constructed in Havana. The Habaneras were rejoicing at it, as they said .t would save i lie in the trouble ol sending their vessels to the United States to be repaired. The change of temperature in the weather during the last few days, admonishes that the autumnal season is at hand, and will soon be "doing blown." In Provi dence and its vicinity as wejlcara from the Transcript, tnere was a frost on Thursday night. lV-sons in the T'nited States writing to their friends in Texas, should remember that it necessary to pay the postage of their letters to New Orleans. Unless this be done, the letters are not to be forwarded. The last papers from the Sandwich Islands, an nounce the death of the Hon. T. Haalilio, one of his Ma jesty's special envoys to the United States, France and F.ngland, and who was in this country a few years ago. On the fjterial list of letters remaining in the post office at this town, we yesterday noticed one potted, ad dressed "To The. Man That Splits Palm I*af In Concord, N. II.? llill'% Patriot. Gov. I'ricgs delivered a verv able Temperance Lecture at North Natick on Thursday evening. The Hon. Thomas II. Benton arrived at Washing ton on Friday evening, iresh from the people of the West, in improved health and with renewed vigor. Mr. N. 1). Gay, at Springfield, has been sent to the i ommon Pleas by Justice Scamans, to be tried for unmercifully beating his dog. The battle-ground near (Quebec, on which the bravo Gen. Wolfe fell, is now a race course; a desecra tion, truly. lion. Henry Clay was at White Sulphur Springs, on the 22d ult. The public sale of lands in Iowa, announced to come off on the 15th ol September and on the JOth of Octo ber next, are postponed to the 18th of May and the 2id of June, 1H46. A new steamer has been placed on the Merrimack river, being the first that has ever run upon it The rumor that < len. Stockton had been removed from the office of Superintendent ol Mineral Lands, says tho Detroit Fret Press, and a gentleman from Tennessee appointed in his place, is without foundation. Interesting from the Mountains?Oil yester day the Radnor arrived, and brought down ten or twelve men from the mountain!, being part of those in the employment of I'ratte & Cabanne. The present has been a very favorable year for obtaining robes and furs; the winter was mild, and there was very little snow.? The company had collected about six hundred packs of buffalo robes and a quantity of beaver ; they started from Fort Laramie (the upper fort) with four Mackinaw boats ami lour hundred packs of buffalo robes, and descended the Plaite nver nbout ninety miles, when the water be came so low that they were compelled to abandon their I voyage; they landed their peltries at the Cedar Bluff's, and i ent back to the fort for w agons. Whilst there Col. 1 Kearney with two hundred and fifteen dragoons arrived I on the l*th of June, lie sent out a deputation to a Sioux j village to invite the Indians to a talk. The Sioux could 1 not he found : he then went on to Fort I'ratte. (the lower I fort) and there had the Sioux Indians assemhled, held a talk with them, and entered into an agreement, or treaty, { with them to regulate their conduct with the whites. He at night fired his artillery, discharged a bomb and some lockets in '.he air and surprised and astonished the Indi ans exceedingly. Col. Kearney intended to go to the Chimney, thence to the South-pass, and from that point to Fort William, on th? Arkansas. Whilst the traders were waiting at the Cedar Bluffs,.VAO wngons ol Oregon emigrants passed them. They had gotten along very w ell ; the Pawnees had shot a lew of their cattle, and caught u few of their men straggling tiom cainp, und stripped them, but did no further injury. fin the ? day of June the traders started from the Ce dar Bluffs towards Missouri, with ten wagons, one bund led and twenty-three packs of buffalo robes and six packs of bcavt-r, and came in rapidly withou* difficulty, l'hey met with no Indians, saw plenty of buffalo, and came to the mu ith of Kansas, 7rti miles in twenty-eight days. On a part of the route they were straitened for provisions Mr. Cal anue, is behind on the Wapello, which is aground. When they left, theie were fifty-five men at '? ort Platte and thirty-Iivo at Fort John. in the Indian country they fell in with Antonia Rubi Joux, who ha 1 been trading with the Miakes and Yu taws. Ho had with him krty or fifty ho:ses and mules, and seven or eight thousand Jollars worth ot peltries.? lie had been suceossiul in trading with the Indians ; the Yutaws hu 1 ouco robbod his tort when left in the cus tody of soma Spaniards, but they were gene'ally very friendly with kim. He stoppe I with ins brother at St. Joseph Mr. Vlunet states that in Decemhor last the Bruler J kioux raised a war party, went to the foiks otTlatte.sur 1 prized ? Pawnee village of on# hundred and twenty 1 lodges, killed ten ol their waniurs and eight squaws', , aid took three warnors prisoners, burned the village, and plundered the Pawnees of their beaver, horses anil ! corn The Paw nees (led in great consternation, and the ; .Sioux returned home in triumph.?Sf. Louii lira, I -iug.-i3. Great Salvation of Human Life.?On Friday, tip- 22>i instant, ubout 9 SI) P.M., as the steamer Portland, with over nine hundred passengara on board from the camp meeting at Cape Cod, was approaching thu Narrows, she would have been run ashore on the False Spit, had not Mr. McField, one of our branch pilots, stepped into the wheel-house and warned the master of the danger. The muter immediately changed the ves rel's course as directed hy the pilot Mr. Henry Gurney, Sen., another branch pilot whs also on board; he, ?? well as Mr. Mr Field, aasuros us, that if the vessel's course had not been changed she would have gone ashore; crowded as shr was with passengers, great toss of life was to be apprehended had such an event occurred, i o avoid such a calamity, Mr. McField, with the urgent advice of I Mf, llurney, wtirned the master of his danger, and was 1 thus the means of saving both the vessel and those on j board.?Motion Moil. | Court for thb Correction of Errors, Roches ter Aug 2M 1915?Present, the Lt. Governor and i twenty Senators. No. 14, P. I). Mickles vs. the Roches ter city Bank?0. B. Noxon concluded for thenppt.? 1 Decision postponed until December next. No 16, D. B. I Wood and al., vs. Samuel 8. Seward?J. a. Spencer was heard for appts. Afternoon session?J. A. Hrencer con 1 eluded for appts.?Wm. 11. Seward was heard for respts. j Another Warning ofp from Nauvoo.?Mr. i Loom is, late proprietor of the Masonic Hall Tavern in Nauvoo, having become obnoxious to the Saints, has hail notice to leave the Holy City. He brought his horses to Warsaw for safe keeping, about a week since?know ing from experience that tne Saints esteem it a virtue to steal the horses of all those who fall under the maledic tions of the Twelve. Another Accident on the Railrod ?Mr. Bur lingame and niace, while crossing the track at Attica, I on Friday, were thrown from thoir wagon by the cars i running Hgainst them, and seriously injured. Mr. Be. I head was severely cut, and his niece is badly hurt. Mr. ! B? though badly hurt, it is thought will reoover. 1 he I western train were coming in as Mr. B crossed on the track-anil if any warning waagivon, Mr. B., being denf. ! ,|i,i not hear it One of the horse's legs was torn instant | ly off

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