Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1845 Page 3
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Court Intelligence. Circuit Court, September 1.?The court room hi ? been much improved during the recti**, having under gone h thorouKh repair. It has al*o been reconstructed, and the Judge's Bench ha* been removed to the eastern side of the court room. The Iteporter'* table ha* also been changed to a very good location. The "bustle and liieparution'' at the opening of the term, together with the crowd* oflawyers, who were in attendance, with their briots and paper* under their arm*, indicate the prospect ofaamart run of husiuess during tho term. The civil calendar is unusually heavy. A few inquests were disposed of, whoir the court adjourned. <J*i:h anh Terminer, .September 1.?Before Judge ['inker and Aldermen .Measerole and ComptoiL?A Spe cial term ol this court was set down tor this day, when, in the uhseuce of Judge KdmouJi, Judgo Parker of the third district, opened the court. Jurors.?Considerable delay was occasioned 111 pro curing a jury, several who were summoned being ex cused Iroin serving ou various grounds, by which they stood exempt under the stutute. No Grand Jury were sworn, the term being a special one, held to dispose of adjourned cases. The dilHculty in procuring a jury, many persons who were summoned preferring to pay tines rathor than at tend, shows the reluctance with which men of business will undertake the duty of jurors, without compensation Tor these services. The entire jury system in this city, is a radical defect in the law of the constitu tion Jurors, iu almost every other State than New 1 ork, receive compensation for their time and services, and tho refusal to pay jurors who serve and aro kept bom their tamilies anil business during an entire term, is a perfect anomaly in our history. Several cartmen, who have to depend upon their daily labor for their ordi nary support, and to whom their families have to look up to lor subsistence, were brought before the Court, and some only were excused from serving. The frequent complaints thnt have been made on this subject have passed away " like the idle wind," and all the clamor that may be raised against the abuses in tire jury system will pass for naught, unless tho parties who are interest ed and are must aggrieved, adopt such a course as will bring the matter under the consideration of the Legisla ture at its next session. Case of Jlrson.?'l'Ue trial of James Howard, indicted for arson, was postponed, ox motion of his counsel, Da vid Graham, Esq. Murder Case.?The -trial of young llodgkins and Li vingston, charged with the murder of Jesse Lee Burtiss, is set duwn for this (Tuesday) morning. Common Pleas.?Before Judge Ulshoetfer.?September 1.?The term of this court also commenced, when, after considerable delay iu swearing in ajury, a few inquests were taken, and the Court adjourned over. Stephen VV. Dusenberry has beon appointed crier of the Court, vice Mr. Kuomc, resigned. Si i'krioii Cm n r. This Court also opened its Scpteur tember term, when, after the jury were sworn, the Cour t adjourned over to Monday next. Hniteii St* i k? Distinct Court. -The special term of the U. S. District Court was commenced yesterday try Judge Nelson. The day was consumed in the argument's in the case of Charles C. Keyser, appellant, rs. the hrig Hriilgton and appellees Burr St Benedict for appellants, Peter Wilson tor appelloes. Common Pleas Calendar, Tuesday, September J.? Nos. 5, 13, l'JO, 15, 16, 17, 18, 113, lit, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30. General Sessions.?Sent 1.?Before the Recorder and Aldermen Seaman nnd Rich.?Jonas B. Phillips, ?iq,, Acting District Attorney.?The September term of this Court, commenced this morning. The following cases comprise ttie calendar for the present term, viz : Kor rob bery 2; forgory 3;burglary 4; perjury 1; bigamy 1; grand larcony 13; felony 3; fraud 2; receiving stolen goods 1; potit larceny 1?making 41 new cases. Previously In dicted 10, witnesses 2; cases of bastardy 2; abandonment of families 3; disorderly conduct 1?18 Total old and new cases 50. The following gentlemen were sworn as Grand Jurors, viz: Peter Neefus, foreman, Abraham Burkhalter, Thos. Cummings, Samuel Dick, Abuer Ely, Francis Lyon, Ty ler W. l.afetra, James McCullogh, Thomas Barker, Sid- | noy Mason, James Nash, Medad Piatt, llonry C. Stueey, Albert W. Smith, George A. Wasson and Thomas Kelly. After the usual charge from tlio Court, tliey retired to commence their duttcs. The Petit Jurors were culled, tint only 24 answered to their names. Fines.? A number of Grand and Petit Jurors were lined fur non-attciidnnru. Forfeiture of Hail.? In the case of John Williams, in dicted for a burglary in the lirst degree, tho recogni zances were declared forfeited, the accused having failed to uuswer when called ii|ion for trial. Inconsequence of witnesses having failed to attend, no cases were tried, and the Court accordingly adjourned | until II o'clock A. M. to-morrow. In Chancery.? Before the Hon. Lewis H. Sanford, As sistant Vice Chancellor.? Decisions.? Isaac jl. Storm unit others, rs. If. C'.'lf. Waddrll, General -.dssignre in Bankruptcy, Ht.? E. S. Van Winklo for compl't, B. W. Bonney for the General Assignee. George C. He Kuy rs. tlis same lief'I and S. Merrihrw, Itrreirer, if-e.?l. Ilutler Wright for complainant, B. W. | Bonney for Wuddell, O. Ilushnell for tho receiver. Itwusdecidod in these cases, thnt by the commence ment of a judgment creditor's suit iu chancery, the cred itor Requires a lien upon the things in action ol the debtor, which is not divested by the subsequent bankruptcy of the latter; ulthough the petition be tiled heforo there is any assignment -o a receiver in tho creditor's suit. De crees accordingly. Costs ol the General Assignee in the liist suit, out of the fund. Charles %tl. Williamson and others v. the Kit cut or h and Heirs of Mom s Field,? D. I). Field tor compl'ts, John Jay and George Wood for def'ts. Decided that the children of T. B. Clarke (the compl'ts) had vested estates in fee in remainder, in his lifetime, in the lot 357 Bioadway, ami were necessary parties to the suit for the foreclosure ot Mupes & Oakley'* mortgage. Thnt they are uot barred liy such toreclusure, and have a right to redeem. That the mortgage is valid in part: and the question on Ken nedy's mor.gago reserved. Decided that the limitation of suits in equity, prescribed iu the 52d section of the Re r, od Statues, docs not apply to causes of action existing when the statutes went into operation. Decree for redemption and an amount of rents, Sic., and of the imprm eme'ds. Ac Other questions and directions re re vcd. II. II. and V Slatter, rs. Charles II. Carroll and otlurs. I. P. Crosby and B. K. Butler for complainants. .1 r. Hitveroux, .Ir , ('.O'Conor and Geo. Wood for de fendants. Decided that Carroll and Neill, ns assignees ol a filial in this btute lor the benefit of creditors, are liable to proceedings in our Courts to have the assign ment carried into effect. Decree establishing complain ant's debt, and'iliiecting a sale ol the lands assigned, an account and n distribution among all the creditors of SuUe Tieriinli. Cyrus /'. Smith te at. executors of Magdalene March rs. John M. Sands ? 4. Crist for complainants; T. Eame* i<ir dele: d int.decided that the lands in question belong ed to defendant, and not to .Mrs March. Bill dismissed w ith costs. James Coats and others vs. Ilolhrook and others.?C. Edward* lor complainants; J. II. Wright for defendants. Derided that no one Ira* a right to u*e tho trade marks of another, so as to palm oil a similar article on the pub lic ns tiie manufacture of the latter. An alien non-rest- | dent is entitled to protection against such use of his I lade marks. Defendants perpetually enjoined from sel ling an imitation of " ( oats' Six Cord Thread," and de creed to pay costs of suit. Waller /flint rs. Robert II. Ruggles.?J. Anthon for complainant: (>. C. Goddard for defendant. Bill dis missed with cost*. Jacob Kerry vs. John -ft. Cross and others.?J. Dikeman I for complainant; W. W. Campbell for defendants. Dp-| cnled tliat the complainants did not resign or vacntc his oftu ol tinstee in the Williamsburg t'niun Ferry Com pany, and was, therefore, wrongfully excluded tsy de MtBaiurta. Decree accordingly?defendants to pay the /'. .V. Henry rs. II.Wilkes.?A.Crist tor compininant; II. W. Warner for defendant, and H. Wilkes v. r. S. Henry, ciess suit. Original bill dismissed with costs. Cruss lull dismissed without costs. Scudtlcr and Manning, Assignees, 4-e., rj. 1 lav eis and wife.?11. Manning for complainant; J. H Power and II. Brewster for defendants. Decree that judgment belongs to complainants, McKinley to assign same. Ilairis ami wile to refund to him the money paid, and givo up his note, and pay complainant costs. Ro gers was not a necessary party to the suit. J. Goodhue 4" Co rs. It. Bertien, in suit of MeCrarken rs. H'ollen.? J. A Maniug and C. Edw ards ior complain ant-. s H. Thayer nd J. T. Brady, lor defendants. De riled that Berrien's moitgage was fraudulent as against M ullen's creditors, ami complainants entitled to the sur plus moneys on their judgment, with their costs of the litigation before the Master. No costs on the exceptions or ttic hearing. C. I '. Cnlterill and others v. Edward -J. Jee. and others. - G. K. Allen, for complainants: C. Edwards, for defen dants. Dec ree that tho proceeds, Ac. , of both consign ments be delivered to the complainants, who aro to de liver " p the hills of exchange pro tasita. Defendants to have 0II aCcount if tliey choose. ?f". Ntwcomh, -Administrator of M. Matthews, and New Co inh ami Me Bride, -Id mini ileal or s of IJ. O'Brien, rs. SI, Peter's Church, C. Ilreiley and others.- H. H. Mackay and II. F. Butler, for complainants; 8. B. Ilouiaine, for C. iloe ney; C. O'i onor, for the other defendants.? Decided that the i liurch was affected by no trust or fraud, and the bond Hi"' moitgiige deemed satisfied by the lapse of time. And that tho complainants are barred as against Hccney, by the accounting ol Heed's executors, before the Mas tor m 1842, ami its subsequent adoption, Ac. Bill dis missed without costs. Janet Wilkes and others r James Harper and others.? W. VI. hvnrts uud J. Prescott Hall, for complainants; 8. A Foot, tor defendants.?Bill dismissed with costs, hut without prejudice, Ac..unless detoudnnt* consent that the hill he amended on terms. II \l. Clarke rs. Co*zeni,4-c. F. Griffin, for complain ant. r. |i Markett, fur defendant. ? Decree lor sale ot prc ini cs, but without cost*. (Decided in vacation.) North elmericjii Fire Insurance Company rs, Pitmen te and atli-1 s. W. <Noyes, for complainants; G. N. Titus, lot Butler's executors; J. 8 A E. Sanction!. for Handy.? Decree for sale. No decree for delleiency. Complain ants remedy over against Handy, reserved. (In vaca Snriih Hariri rs. W.Kuwenharen and others. J. A. Scott for complainant, J. Dikeman lor defendants. Decided that mi misrepresentations or mistakes were proven, and Ihe set ofl's offered iiiudmlssnhlo. Decree for foreclosure nnd sale. George I'. Ilin rell, Trustee, ,fc. rs. Marcus Bull nnd oth i rs. -T. Hastings ami E. Samllord for complainants; A. P. Mann tor Hull; It. Lock wood for McKeau; M. K. Burke in person. Decided that complainant* are entiled to an account ut the profits ol the Pha?nix Cofl'ee House against Bull ami Mckean until Burke puirliasod, and lor the fourth part ol the sales to Burke. Decree accordingly. L'Osis, Ac., reserved. T T. Cnwtnhoren rs. II. G. Onderdnnk.?11. II. Waller, for complainant; J. E. Bnrnll, Jr., for defendant. Bill dismissed with costs. II". Bard and It'. S. Wet more vs. S. Chamberlain and oth irs. I) l.ord, Jr., tor complainant*; E. Norton for defen dants. Decided that the lull does not show a> in the American I.tie ami Trust Company to take the secu rities in question. Leave to amend on terms, and suit to stand over. < iiani kav Tsrai ai Itiiaca. By appointment made t>\ the 1 haiicellor at the request of the Governor, Assis tant Vice 1 haiicellor landlord will hold a I oiirt ol Chan .?oi), lot tiie Sixth Circuit, ul Ithaca, on the fourth Man ia y of September inst. Dkspkrate Fight.?A pair of vagabonds, nun Jim Mauley and Tom Gardner, hod a light in Baitirr on Saturday last, In which the latter we* ?o ihockln beaten wrd maimsd m to dttfigur* him for life, Brooklyn City Intelligence. Dead Child Found.?Yesterday morning, Andrew Oukes, K?<| , Coroner, was called upon to hold an in quest at the bouse of Mr. Bartholomew Ward, corner of Bond and Atlantic streets, upon the body of a colored iidaut, apparently but a lew days old, which was found dead in tne rear of a cottage, situate at the corner oi Bond and State streets. No information could be ob tained us to the manner, or by whom, the body was thus deposited, and the Juiois returned a verdict of " Dcuth by causes unknown." MrsTKBioi'i Death.?Last evening the ? orouor bold an inquest at the house of Mr. John Lassidv, corner ol Flushing and Franklin Avenues, upon the body of an uged colored woman named Filettu Townsond, who died suddenly at a dwelling occupied by her between Spencer and Walworth streets, it appeared from the testimony of .Messrs. < hailed Levises, James G rilfith (a city watchman), W. C. Betts, and .Mury Ann TownsenJ (a daughter of the deceased), that the latter had for some time past complained ol a choking sensation in her throat, and that to alleviate her distress, she had pro cured of Dr. Hudson, of Myrtle Avenue, some tartar emetic. Alter taking this, she stated she wus much re lieved, hut in a few hours expired. The Jury found that she came to her death by causes to them unknown ~ " .Eil.-l King's County Common Fleas.?The September ses sion ol this Court commenced yesterday morning. There are but a few causes to be disposed of, principally appeals Irom tribunals of lower jurisdiction, possessing very little of public interest or importance. Brooklyn Common Council.?This loaraod and au gust body resumed their arduous oliicial dtfties last even ing, after a very agreeable iuteregnum of one month. An immense amount of business had to be transacted, and tlio " city fathers" did not adjourn until a late hour. There is no "tea room" attached to their legislative ha 11, and it therefoie shows well for the patriotism anil industry of the municipal authorities, that they conti nued in so long u session. Folk e Matters.?But very little business was tran sacted at the police oftice yesterday. Amongst the most important, was the urrest, by otticors Bird anil Felt, of a Mrs. tiray, the wife of the man who feloniously appro priated to himself the largo sum of money lost by a gen tleman at Providence, It. I , a short time since,?the par ticulars of which havo already been stated in this paper. The man went oft'to Ireland, but a portion of the money was found upon the female arrested, ami she is commit ted to prison to await an examination. The officers met with a desperate resistance Irom some of the womun's friends when they went to take her into custody. A man named William Bennett (a common drunkard) was sentenced to six months imprisonment at the com mon jail, for an assault upon Mr. Pierson, of Bridge st ; and a coioied woman named Margaret Jackson was sent to prison, in default of bail, lor throwing water upon, and otherwise assaulting a very pretty little girl named Nos trum], residing in TuJlmun street. John Burns and Jeremiah Cochran had a tight in front ol Cunningham Mi Harris's distillery, in Front street, and bedaubed each other, from head to loot, with tlio tilth that lies thoro. They were lined each $4, and dis charged. Charles Barnes, a lad-attendant of an icc cart?was arrested for stouling a silver fork from a house in Wil low street. Lost Child.?A little boy was found asleep on board one of the 8outh ferry boats on Sunday afternoon, with no one to protect him, and brought to the oflico of the Coroner. He was clothed in a plaid dress, and his age is apparently about two years. He could give 110 account of himsclt, 1 hut it is supposed his parents reside in New York. Accident.?A mau named King, was seriously injured vy Yu at the Cobb dock in the Navy Yard, on Saturday last. He was driving a long iron bolt, when he slipped from the log on which he stood, and fell with his stomach on the hoad of the projecting bolt. He lay senseless for a long time ; but lie is now, although seriously injured, in a fair way of recovery. A Pugilistic Hero.?A toi disani relative, and name sake, of the celebrated Knglish puligist, Jem Ward, lias been for several weeks in prison in Brooklyn, on a con viction lor having been engaged in a prize light at Wil liumsburgh. Prior to the battle, (il such it may be called,) in which ho was concerned, he had plenty ol friends and backers hut since his incarceration there is " none so poor as to do him reverence." Koupies and Loungers.?We ugain call upon the popular and excellent Mayor of Brooklyn to remove from the side-walks, and the corners of three or four streets in the vicinity of the Police Office, a parcel of blackguards,who meet together for the express purpose of insulting females as they pass by. Although many ol thera are known to the officers as idle, worthless, and impudent vagabonds, no action has as yet been taken to abate the loudly complained of nuisance. The Mammot h Steamer Oregon .-ThZZTT" ftss. tnss ssf1 jrfWsaasa t* {.hey are alike faultless, illl(1 a, speclme^'ori/V"* d''S"<" J111 to he highly ttitpreciatec/ hv all U.. trt, rh?>y cannot {*, for 111*11 y m,^7,Zd ^ these new specimen. of his skill ami I/il.L I'mf^sioii, and add much to hi. well earned diitinctioS ??," f*me! nec^0y | Portable Mhavlinr Cnw|.a mi... m . | having perfected and finished a variety ?f H S"b"c,'l,?e> * "Site ius the most coil Ml..- . , 5 ?bo?e, off.r the W Hits ?t the travelling nulihc^ cwtwnhm *m' ,l?' lor the toilet, with the*, ,|jt V]'?,|ij ?'a,t,,s '?"?'?es.ary ? ?"?' Razor. .u' hVmr'V!:iol'.cld,r,t,|he1rr',,,',Ut nan i SAUNDERS & SON B|oadway, opposite Howards'Hotel. [ NeBweS;k&C<Wtttr' 156 Broadway, n ? I' ASHlOItFOR Fali |f?.|^ ferov'ai '' Ml' * '6~" 'a- curve. ler at sides "in ct'hig^t front' ind"r.e r'"'' ?Ed r"uil<1' rather fill Brondway, Angnst18(5. ^'^*-1^.?1 "hl&lJ*."d C,"l,lrc"'s "sis anil I .'dl\KV MARKK'I'. ~ .... , , Monday. Sept. l.t?6P.M. UUonVf^ rrket.TMrather ',0aV>- to J^. and quo Sr. i 8 ruction. Norwich and Worcester de cJmedi per cent; Morri. . anal J ; Long Island > ; Far mers Loan , ; Reading R. Road closed firm at Saturday's price. with large sales. Pennsylvania .V, improved I , er cent, anton j ; and Vicksburg f. The speculative movement noticed at the close of the past w eek has disappeared,and the improvement in some of the fancies produced by the excitement of the moment, will, with! out doubt be soon lost. Four railroad lines are in contemplation in New Kng Of the P t0 WhiCh a,c "early filed up 01 the ortlaml and Montreal Railroad, $'2,.500,000, the Canada portion,had heen subscribed, leaving a deficiency L comCa"ital which must be taken before ZST Ca" " ?rga,,i*ed- " " thoURht ?hat it will Of the Portsmouth and Conctfrd Railroad $000,000 has been subscribed. $200,000 more is required It will probably all be raised in Now ilampshiro. To the AVorcester and Providence Railroad *700 lion 'ZZ^in,u" J lo the Rutland Railroad oon fwin , znbZl'" i., Boston, bul it ,I?0, n,?, ??k" through, it will have tn 1,. t , carried Vomit capital '? ',0n? a'm"'t delusively by ,ement *howin* ?? State, for the years ending June 'xl' returns from which this stutomo.,. . e l zt::\:ztz: vt ore not, however, entirely correct. ' ' Imports ijrro thr Uxitro Stitp. irk Year rnding Year mdfnJr n ,t,s _ June 3D. '?* Jun" 3S tiff Inrrtr'!tf $9,76. AH Vi!ofl|?M ,n lttS- '? 1??. su^r.v.v.::::: J:!?:? tiuoU [avm 3,BC2,7i? L8.""1' V.. 1135,673 I mm ,0- ,77 11.329 Co?rmM?.c^,3.f,,,77 - Worsted do.V.: J,?J '9.732 AVoolei. do.... 7,066,90.1 52?!i liSSJl'lSSS? ; oi all kimji, ..manufactured.. 583,913 Jt9 Hi', Hemn, niuinfacM ' ? 131,838 tnclit g ?*i| durk 1,001,872 707 nil Hax.maiipf^'uv , ^ Iron, pig... 2to-M "''S. If',153 _ do other, not W 'j2J '89, >08 mm ntilaetureil... .ii *jfu* . K z d.f^feri'i ""%> *:>? Wi z >.s - T"" 97?'MiUr ?7^ 7.(?76.7&# , hion-me.. . 7" Of the 371 ??1 aim I SB75,tif,2 4875,w2 ! ,,,e -100 imported in |hi<> *i7nnn .. Mo in the two yoars is n, v 1 . ,"'le{| 1,1 ,hc ubove (u heing less thau'^7 the importation of collee in Hi '?Hni* oft 11, cn be accounted for in a me".iT T early part of the year I844 .1 "1 } "C 'HCl lh,,t ln tb* were imported in anticipation of n ZSSHHZ 'iff, placing a duty upon the article n.. 1 quantity of sugar Imported hM been caul"T creased producUon in this country. The suga, cV?p l ouisiana in IS43 was short, the yield pL,, ' ,. nmre thRn ,mll the HvprB(;<. e# m'ni ThlTc ,"rge,yith#B the,,,. abo 111"loubleThat of""gi'i . J" ^ ?' H" W" tho homo "iipjdy bu,| ^ "l" > ^.^,uy.2?BpoSrQBdr","fc,Nto" ? Canal*, ZS5 'TV** ?" K,i" and . 'nnada, wil! bo aaen inTh. BBd th" |Wa't"n More than on. half of the arVm T ",H,-"?ents. ?Ji wi. the product of UU. ?l. lV'Zl"" tri,n,"port wd tha tggragata ton of the Agricul Merchan for, st. ture. dize. Year. 1 oils. Tons. Tails. 1816. .. . 2(18,779 117,87(1 10,142 1817. . . . 171,(817 98,172 7,879 1838.. . . 189.73.1 101,(143 6,789 1839 . . . 147,(174 61.713 4,084 18 III. . . . 119,142 149,823 .4,388 1811. . . . 192,122 92,183 9,076 1812. >. . 124.623 1112,11 Ml 7,716 1813.. . . 2112.Hit) 1 .'1,313 21,165 1811... . 288.786 (34,:7I 27,579 1,6.48,287 991,628 101,899 | nag* of th* production* of thisSUt* tr*n*port*d on tb*Eri* | Canal, arriving at Tid* Water,during the pait nine year*, j wm more than double th* tonnage of the production* of all the other State* put together traniported on the Krie ' Canal. The table* show the amouut of each deacriptiou of inerchandiae, transported in each year : ToiKiut Arriving *1 Tide Water h* way or the Krik Canal, the ProuicE ok Wk.*te*n Rtatci ok (Canada, Coming in AT 111 KKALO, Blvla Rock and Oswego. Product* of the Agricul- Muitu- Olher Ycur. fur tut. litre. failures. articles. lotat Tons. Tons. Tuns. runs. roris. 1836.... 5,100 18,000 641 164 41,21!) 18 7.... 7,6:i7 17,416 171 601 16.244 1838.... 9,211 72,912 400 430 83,233 1819.... 28,611 91,369 8?' 847 1 21,671 1810.... 21,211 131,600 1-267 1,010 148,118 1811.... 14,398 173.137 3,702 1,639 221,176 1812.... 31,069 184.898 2.649 1,841 221,177 1813 36,774 211.644 2,077 2,849 246.376 1811.... 68,088 236,144 843 2,929 308,024 243,183 1,201,632 12,981 12,181 1,183,480 Tonnage Arriving at Tipe Watek, tiii Pnoot'c e or this State, h* Wvv oe the Kris Canal? Inci.i-dinii THE I'llNTHIRI'TIONS OK THE l.ATEHAI. f'.VNAIS. Product* Other articles. Total. Tun*. Tons. 28,104 361,906 41.193 331,241 38,401 116.010 37.911 261,496 21613 309,167 11.663 3(18,311 23.273 248,672 30,381 378 %9 10,244 191,791 288,898 3,013,712 1 be aggregate* ul these uiticlos, the production of tin* and other State* compared, stand as follows Product* of I he Agrieul- Merclian? Other Production* ol the forest. lure. dize. attic's. Total. ? W. State*ht?. Tims. Tons. Tans. Tons Tons. u?d*. ...... 253,183 1,201,632 12,981 12,IKl' 1,183,480 | Productions ul the State of N. V. .1,648.287 991,628 101,899 288,898 3,013,712 This statement show* that nearly as largo an aggro, gate amount of the agricultural productions of thi* State reached tide water on the Krie ("anal, within the past nino years, as from all the othor States put together. The increase in tho quantity of the productions of this State, reaching tide water from year to year, hug not until within the past year been very luige. The amount trans, ported in 18-13, was only fourteen thousand tons moro I in than 1836. The increase from 18-12 to 1813 was one hun dred and twenty thousand tons, uikI from 1813 to 184-1 oiio hundred and thirtorn thousand tons. In 1836, there wns | only a little more than fifty-four thousand tons of the productions of othor States transported to tide wator on the Krie Canal; in 1839, the quantity had more than doub led, and in 18n, it had reached three hundred and eight thousand tons, or nearly six times a* large a quantity as was transported in 1836. It appears, therefore, from this statement, that the sources of any increase of I consequence in the tonnage transported to tide water on the Krie Canal, are beyond the limits of ! this State. Tho transportation to tido water ol the productions of our own State, on our own canals is not very difficult to secure, but it is the transportation oftlie productions of other States on our canals that we I aim at, and which we should leave no cltort untried to secure. Neighboring States, Kast and South of us, are making despotato utteinpts to draw the westesn trade away from this city, but our natural and artificial advan. tages are too great to he successfully contended with. The internal improvements progressing so rapidly in tho Western StHtos will, when finished, be of immense benefit to our public works. Since tho opening of the Miami Canal extension in Ohio, merchandise can ho j transported from this city to Cincinnati for one dol lar and twenty cents per hundred, by tho way of tho Krie Canal and I.ake Krio. By the way of Pittsburg it costs from $1,78 to $2,50, according to tho state of water in the Ohio. This opens to our public works, the trans, portation of merchandise to all parts of the Western' Southern and South Western country, by the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, as tho expensc'is less than the cost of I transporting the same kind of goods from Philadelphia or Baltimore. Oltl Stock Kxchnnge. I SionnU SG's, 1862, 110'i 340 ?lu Canton Co, 38>; $4011 Penn 5's 7.4'.j 24 do do, *30 38'. SlIIOII do, 74 40 do do, *tu 38!-' $.44(100 do. 74',' 40 do do, btw 38 'i $5000 III SnI Bds, Ii60 37!i 174 do Nor St Wor UK, Mt'? 2''0 ?1iks Vicksburg Bk, 7'- 74 do do, (Mi 40 do Far Trust, blO 33!- 111 do IlotntHtnuic llll, 26 ' .40 do do, 33,!% 70(1 <lo Reading UK, f>G0 50 50 do do, 33,'* .40 do do, m.v 384 do Morris Canal, 28 600 Ho do, mi; 40 do Long I RR,15th, 61* .40 do do, bCO 19' P4 do do, 6.4 2"0 do do, in 140 do do, 1)10 64 Second Board. 74 shs Nor k Wor IIR, 69 40 do Morris Canal, 1)60 2It'.. 40 do l.oug Island, hi 0l!% 24 do Nor Ik Wor 69 140 do do, s3 6I'? 50 do Canton Co, bOfl 38l. 50 do do, hGO GlJi New Stork Kichangn, $1000 Ohio 6's, I860, cash 95!% 25 shs Canton Co, s(vv !i?,. 24 shi Virksbiirg Bk, s3 7' i 74 do Long 1st RR, *3 ?|C 40 do do, slO 7'% 24 do do, *3 i;|v 24 do do, si 7!% 32) do do, rash 61* .40 do do, rath 74; 24 do do, btw 61!, 50 do do, cash 7* 124 do (|o, cash 611, .40 do do, *20 7 'a .40 do do, *60 6112 1110 do Farmers' Trust, 33!% 2.4 do Nor Si Wor, stw 68', .40 do do, b3tn 31 .'>0 do Krie RR, *60 27!, 2.4 do Morri*Canal, stw 28 24 do do, *15 J7f? 40 do do, cash 28 Married* On September 1st, by the Rev. Dr. Martin, Mr. D. J. Baknkv, to Miss Margaxktta Ward, daughter of Titos. Ward, Ksq., all ofthis city On Wednesday, 97th ult., at Chatham, Mass , Mr. Gksruk Goderei. of Brooklyn, I-. I., to Miss Taritha 11, youngest daughter of Joshua Nickcrsou, Ksq , of the former place. Died* Yesterday morning, 1st inst.,, aged eleven mouths, son of Thomas J. anil Melaino V. Stewart. 2* At Jersey City, on Sunday morning, 31st ult., John Wanin, youngest son of William W. Gilchrist, aged ' months and 26 days. sixth irAnn. VT A MKKTING of tlie Democratic Whigs of the Sixth Ward, held at National Hall, on Monday evening. Sept. 1st, pursnau'to notice of the General and \Vard Committees, on motion of D. F. Bacon, HKMAN W. CHILDS was called to the Chair. J. B. Taylor and K. T. Lewis were appointed Secretaries. Oil motion, the meeting proceeded to ballot lor Delegates to represent the Ward mi the Neu.itorial and County Conventions. The following gentleman were unsuino ally elected: C JOHN P. WARK, Senatorial.OIKMAN W. CHILDS, f D. F. BACON. (OWKN W BRKNNAN, | 1SRAKL WILLIAMS, County. { BKN'J. G. KORBKS, I J. B. TAYLOR, [WILLIAM ROWK. HKMAN W. CHILDS, Chairman J. B.Taylor, K. T. Lr.wta, $s-cretarirs. ?2 lt*je AMERICAN ART UNION. 1*T OTICK?The rooms ot the Art Union, No. 322 Broadway, il containing a very line collection of puiitirig?, lor distribu tion in December nest,?also, some very superior pictures fi.r sale?are now open to the public, with catalogues, free ol charge. Gentlemen who have not yet renewed their subscription* for the present year, are respectfully, invited to do so as early as possible. The honks of subscription are now open at the rooms. '26tis'rli R K. KRASKH, Siiperintendent. PARLOR ORGAN FOR SALE, IN a polished and richly carved mahogany case. Compass from FKK hi bass to G in alt, two rows of k?ys, ten stops, three coiiqiositiou |>ed ds, and octave of pedal buss. OlL-red low for cash. From the great variety ot musical effects pro duced it is worth the attention of nroprtMen of Concert rooms, amateurs, societies kc. lu perfect order and but little used. Height 10 feet, width 6 fert, depth 2 leet it inches; mad - bv Jardine, of this city. Apply at 103 Spring st., between 12 mill 2 oVIoen. s2 It'rre TO HATTERS 'rilK Stock, ft ixturps and flood Will of a St rre for sale. 8- doing a good buainras. The reason for selling out i* change ol business; situated in the village of Wtlliainsbnrgh, with twelve thousand uihahitaurs, and the only list store in 'he place It w *TI lie sold a bargaiu. A goud opportuniiy is now nflered to any one wanting to go in husieuss Apply to R. W . ALLKN Grand street, *2 ll*r one door from lib. Willi,lntshnrgh, L. I. 1 IIK.A I SI'KCl.'LATK>N?Any person with $200 in cash. * and not afraid to pay it out lor -he ch.i ce of in iki't'! sevc ' I thoiis <ndf, Can purchaar an interest III a machine ol great is patented in tloi eouutryand Knglrnd. The in ventor In.) expended nearly $1000 in Iniildiug ttii* machine, and is now obliged to sell a put of th- patent for the money to iu ' roihiee it Address K. < 1.. at this nlliec. s'2 I fill ROOMS TO LKT?Tuoserxtwo single gentlemen, with or without breakfast and tea?* neatly furnished suit nf rooms, ou the second tloor of s neatly luriii-hed house, in \v hue street, near Broadway. To those that suit, they will ha rented O'geiher, or single. e.lupnre37 Whitest. s? It'rli DM. SALMON'S RKMEDY, lor disorders of the Stomach, Liter and Kidneys,accoiiip.iiilrd with indigestion, loss of . elite, headache, hill-ins nttscks, giddiness, palpitation, l*n I guor. low spirits, lots nf strength, pains III the tuck, tide, and lower part of the cheit, habitual costiveiiess, worms, and other ?lis'ressing symptoms. Dr Salo on's Remedy ha* met with extraordinary success in private practice) n-iil is priced so ItlKhly by all who have lakeii it. that the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to tlie public generally lie assures any sii Iferer from the abov e com plaints, that it is. as it professes to tut, a perfect cure, invigora ting the .system, restoring appetite, health, c?lor and strength, even to the most debilitated. Tins Reini dy contains no mercury, nor any preparation of It, ami iloea not prevent the closest attention to business. DR. WM. il.MILNOR, 192 Broadway. "L'-I'l cor of John st., Sole Agent for N. Y pONIlUNKU |rer ship HaMPDEN, from Liverpool, will IV please send their ta rmii. on hoard. 1'ier No. 4. N. II . "i toihe omce of the suhscrihert. All good* not |>ermittcil in five days, must lie uiinvonh.hly sent to the Public 8lorc. '2 rb J. UKRDM \N .V I t). 81 South st. NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS. T'" *'.???< 'I'h! R having the lessc and furniture "I the A I II.\ItLf.ttTON (8. r.) HOTKL, will lie prepared lo receive Ins Irirnds on or before the I Arts Heptemher next. Prom his long exper enee in keeping u Hotel, he hopes to give satis tveiiou tit all who may favor linn with their patronage.

??I* bl "" J. 1). BOY D TO STKANGKILs l 'Ihin Broadway, between Spring and by strangers Voninn 7. h"" ?f,hr 'T1 inenf i,f the k ml i , ,1? ' C '' 8"d justly, roo, as no establislt of noveltv and fs. .1.- co""'r\ ri" compare with it in point not o ailnk ft ..V.e 'r'""J )"'f"'dcenee of its interior ( ^*L(irtfio tN^'(OLdVHl,'Ll,,*',n inn" 0Bt' have remoredto stor* r*9.89 Broad Itr*?t. on th* oontsr of Sums itrest. <TW** AUCTION NOTICES. ?T^jj WM. W. SHTnXEV~A"^tT ?? ?'l. IT ? OlllIlLiu I ? ililll ,. fATALOOUE HALE? Of50 Oil rainting* and House Fur " > niture?H. K. WIl.LAKD will tell on Wednesday, 8rpt. 3d, at 10 o'clock, at the Hair* Room, No. I'll Broadway, with out reserve, lor cash, to pay advances, a choice collection of Oil Paintings. AlsOj a variety of valuable second hand Furniture, Book ?aue, Centre Tables , Sofas, Chain, Ike. A ho, a g, oeral assortment of new city made Sofa*. Chairs, Hur? aus, Caul Tables, 25 p.itct and other IJ? ds'eols. Couches, Divans, Looking and Pier Glutei, 6tc. nale positive, and good, packed for shipping. sf 2t*ih Los r MA SETTER DOG, marked w I die and limwn; an swers to the name nl ( trio. Any one leaving said dog at No. Id Brevoort Place, 10th street, shall receive | a reward ol Si. Had on when he left, a collar answering to the altovt address. *2 lt'rh INFERIOR TO NONE AND SUPERIOR TO MANY. ( K NOX would respectfully iulbriii the public that _ the Fall Style ol Gentlemen*'Hats, for ISO, wdl be I troduced at hit **?.( ibluhmeiit, on Saturday, 30th instant, No. 110 | Fultou street, bvtwren Wdliiin and N tssau street*. Aim, new style ol Boy's Cap*. au'iO lm#ni TAVERN LIQUOR STAND. a Wanted to 1'urcha.e, by a person who wishe* to yo ml j the above business, tlie good will and futures ot a small establishment, where some bmiue*.* lias been dune I in or near the city of New York. Communications addressed to E. II If., bos I2IU, Post Oilier, New York, will be im-nedi atelv attended to. s2 2t*rrc LOU SALE. THE Stock, Future* and Furniture of a respectable p'jjff Tavern,conducted on the Engl'?li style, doing a good al'-snLlu^iiMMs and of old standing. Will be sold cheap, for cast! only. Satisfactory reisouafor disposing of it w ill be given ou application to 37 Dey street, from 12 to 1 P. M. a28 6t??*rc I FOR SALE. a The stock, futures and good will of the w holesale and retail Grocery ajid Liquor Store, No. J17 South street, opposite the Hartford and New Haven steamboat land j ing?now doing a good cash business in the ship and cabiu | stores, and city ami country trade. The different articles com prising the stock are all o! the best quality, and purchased at the lowest cash prices. Toaj?ersou who understands tlie busi ness, such an opportunity of making a profitable investment I seldom offers, b or further particulars, apply on the premises. ! Also for sale, the House and Lot No. 175 Fourth street, near I the Sixth avenue. Apply as above. al9 ltn*mc ANTI-HUMII U(J. J CHEAPEST BO TS AND SHOES in the city.?T. L. M AKTIN has established a new and f&sliiouab'e Boot and Shoe Store, No- 201 Fulton street, between Church and Greenwich its., where In/ would he happy to m com modate those who m ly patronise him. Boots made to order. of the best materials, $5; boots footed, $3 50; *h<?es. S2. Also made to order, after the same rates, opera aud fancy patent lea ther hoots, gaiters, pumps and fancy colored slippers N. B?The greitest c ire taken to ensure a h andsome and easy lit, a dralt of the foot t?k? n, and a last made and kept ex pressly for each customer. Repairing of all kinds uratly executed at the shortest notice. Terms cash. s? eod2w' rh m FINE FRENCH BOOTS FUR $3 50. CITY MADE fW ?For style and durability they are equal to thus*' sold IM in other stores for $5 ; five French imperial dres* Boou made to order for St 50, equal to those made in other stores for $0 and $7. and wairuited to give satisfaction, *t YOUNG (k JONES' French imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot ami Shoe establishments tu this city. Gentlemen that are in want of a pair of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per cent by getting tie in of us. Mending also done ill the store. WM. \1. YOUNG Ik II. B. JONES, a!2 lmi**?"c No. 4 Auust.. near Broadway, New York. UNION COUIWli?TKOITINO. 71MIE FOLLOWING PURSES arc offered, to come off over JL this Course: No 1?Purse $200? Mile heat*, best J in 5, in harness, f'ee for all trotting horses, Lady Suffolk excoptc-.; to come on the 24th September. No. 2?I'u'se $200?Tw?? mile hea's, iu harness, free for all trotting horse*, Lady Suffolk excepted, to come off the latter part, of September. No. II?Purse $100, with an inside stake of $100, h. f.?Mile heats, he j ;t in 5, under the sad (J I*, free for all (rotting horses, Lady StiIff*1 k excepted, to come off the 15th Sept. No.I^Pius* $.?o?Mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harness, free for trotting horses that never won a purrenver $50, not except ing John Anderson, to come olf the 15th S pt. Three or more, in all the above, to make a rare. Entries to close on Saturday evening, Sept. 6th, by 9 o'clock, at Messrs. Green Losec's, Chatham Square. si 2>' r BEACON COURSE. r|"*"K h OLLOH INGPURSES will be given,to come off for <l" 5"*r ( 011 Tuesday, tile '.Ith September, er first lst--Al Jlj, o'clock, a purse of $10, freo for all trottinu hor se* that uexer xx011 overS30, best J in 5, to go , s they please, catch weight*. Jd At I'tf, a purse ol S3fl, for all pacing horses that never xx on over S.'iii best 3 in 5, to go as they please, catch weights. Jd?Immediately after the above, a pti'se of $30, free for trot ting horses that never won, mile heats. .Entries to be made at (ireeu At Loire's, on Thursday Eve ning next, at 9o'clock; three or more hi each to ma lie a race ? Should there be out one purse full, the r rt xvill not take place. ?3 lfr,; < . S. IIHtlWMNG. Proprietor. CENTREVUJ.E COURSE, L. I TROTTING. f|Mll KS|>\V September II, at 3 o'clock P. M? Sweep ?"?*? for SiOO, mile heats, best 3 in 3. to 240 |h. xvagons-a purse of SSI added. The billowing are the named horses: Mrnrx Jones" br. m. I.adx Wellington. ;? ii n" ,u ".b.r- Nelly Guuiu. l . a. uertines hr. g. Trouble. s2 It'je i J Alt LKM PAR K?TRfTfTliNG. r 'IMJFHDAY, September 2d, at 3 o'clock, match for $100, X mile lie its,lietsvct-ui ll. Jones b. in. Lady Washington, and tteorxe Uorioii s ch Bill II trriugton?IIarrini>toii t?? |p? to a HUlky, Lady v\ aslnnKion t. r? skeleton wagon At I 1. M., will cotne oil the RWvepstakes for $150, two mile j heats, under the indole, between John Spicer's gr. g. Stockton. !'? *<>?'? bl. g Newlmrgh, rxr i? . i '"C.Maiin sgr g. Harry. ? Admittance to stand, 24 cents only. si 2t"r ? ONLv _R eg u La"rT.TS v. Of packktsTfuk ORLKANS?Packet of the Dili September? I he ssphniflid rimI fast sailing Packet ship VM'KS JHL m?, t a; t. VV. ( . Berry, will sail as above, her regular day. the accommodations of this ship foi cabin, second cabin and steerage pa** Rf.nre very superior. The ships of this linehave now commenced their reaular trips,and will sail punctually even Monday. Person* wishing to secure berths, should make early application on hoard, foot of Maiden l ane, or to W. J. T. TAP.S( OTT, . r 75 South at., cor. Maiden Lane. JS&tii KOHNKVV ORLFANS?The splendid fast sail WWfyidg packet shipl \ IK?'!' xx ill positively sail on the NMbttli beptembar, lu r reKul r day. For freight or pas save apply to J. HER DM AN CO, _?LliL_ til bontli st reet TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, HKTIVEEy \-Kiy SOUK .IXb (MT.KE8TON iifiv j {? Snbscril era haveestahlished a regular Line ? I r0 between New York and Galveston, tc MPMb spiI fro in each | ort on the first day of e ich m -ith i as follows :? 1 The Brig EMPIRE, Captain Baiter, to sail Iroin New Vurl. "'T'ernher next ami irom Galveston |,t November rxt B' Ul REPUBLIC, Captain .vjoss, ro sail i"r in New i ork Ixt October next, and from Otilve*i?n 1st Det em ber next. 1 he Brig Pi. B. I.AMAK, Captain Richardson. r> sail Irom Nexv 1 ork 1st November next, aud from Galvestor, 1st Janu ary next. i?r'* '^JARY, i .Plain Nnrriss, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Gilvcston 1st February next, and thereafter in regular succession. 1 Ik se vessels are all of superior clns*, having line cabin accommodations, are ably commanded, will sail punctually ? * invert se.f, aud take freight and passengers at the lowest ra'es. William Readier and Co. will be the established Agents at Uaiveaton.and efficient attention to the business of the me, and all other business directed to tliern ; and alto make liberal Advances oil consignment*. Goods directed to the care of the Subscribers will be regu larly lorwarded, free Iroin commission. And Shippers may relv on 1.1,liters at Galveston to tranship cargo from thence and upon its being regularly forwarded, according to nistruc tions, It consigned to ihecare of William Heudley and Co. Waives:.pi. r or ire'gnt or paasxge, apply to llHOWKa X N'KILSON, id In.n rr qi Front atrret. ,Ve., Vnrk 'JMt FARM KR8, AGHIi IT/TV RIOT'S. ke.-W. are in I 'LrT1r'l,'5 meeting will be held at the house ofJohn V , nu tli. Siw .Mill river, ah.iuttxvo miles from While Plains in ' ,' "'vo "fG'eens burgh, on TCF.SI) \\ , ,|?. g,| 2 i> clock I M,, tonrgams.a FARMF.RS't I.CB, fori list town III aceordnice with the provision* of the constitution ami bx i xx * . s 'CietX' "f Agrieultnir ind Horticiillure of W. si clu *ivr count). All w ho t <k? in intfrcRf in the cnltiviriou in?l iiripruvenif ni of the I,mil in the t?>\i ? and county, And It I Or ..I increasing the r. wards of agricultural iudusirx are respectlnlly invited to attend. Some addresses mav be ex peeled. I ersons xvishing to attend the inreiing. ran go out by the 10 I. tic Harlem Railroad, mini r. turn the same day. ( ~"W.VTt IIKS, CLOCKS. JF.VyELHV AND |t] S. S. H()( KVVKLL, No. <13 Uro ulway, nlewdonrs J. south of anal street, have a goodasso tnmiit of line gold mil silver duplex.,I-taehe.l lever, lepine ml other Watches, \n I?i < h 111?? > hi 11 \> iri.-'it first r u <? t inn* kfrpr r\ "it I v| I a l vcr\ loxx pi ices. A hue a?s?>tinent ot , legem Mani It locks and of new and faahionable Jewelry. Silver Ware, See. i i Vi- ! '"a hicks ot'every ilesi ription earefitlly repaired n) KKilliil wild fxprru'iif, <| workmen. s| ."{fi??*r H MUNN & EARLE Ax r.auoi'iated withthrm.elves, in itie t'nttou Hrnkeriigi business. WM. D. MaLTBI E, and will do hiisiness mi iter the brm of Mkltbi*, Munn 4c Earle, at their old stand No. 00 Wall street. New York, 1st September, 1814. WM. D. MALTBIE, .... SAMUEL MUNN. 31 ?' WILL'AM EAR I.E. Y| ONWF.I 'H EDM ONI) |)|i Bl ISsON. A M . will re Lf I open liia count* ot French Lessons, cm the Koberfioinan Hysfetn, flic Mecoml Monday of September. For information NPHlv nt niai residence, kki Bromlwny, from 8 t > Ift \ M. and from A to 5 I'. M. Mivink h h'w hours to spire, he will he very happy fo <h*votc thorn in kivi?i< instruction in public scliools. I an'10 2wrc i ART1FIGJAL KYES" MADE aud Inserted by Dr J. . No. ||9 Bowery, N V ork the only maker of the HUMAN ARTIFICIAL FA E in the United State* Any person that wishes to be well I suited should alway s ipply to tfie Makt r, who lias 1,,-co in ttie Art Forty Vears. )n]F !vu*i? WILDER* PATENT SALAMANDER SAFE Ariaiii Tup mpiiant.?Several have been taken from the bum ng rums of the late great tire, and all having proved faithful to j their trust, a* ran he seen at my store of tile Great Sign I'19 Wner, comer of D*p* x-rs'raet, w!irm> more of the same j*1Mi>SV.i AMUSEMENTS. FAHK TIIEATKE. HECOND NIGHT OK MR. AND MRS CHARLES EE AN. fl Tucurtay hivMilliK, Mrpltuibt r M, Tlie perlormsuce will commence witii the Coimdv of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Benedick M?< harles Kesu Pedro Hl'iuil Beatrice Mrs Cheilcs Kcan BAflvr which, P-is Do Savoyard, by the two Misses V&llce. To conclude with LUKE THE LABORER. Luke Mr Andrews ' I 'ra Miss Gordon Price of Admission?Boxes, >1 : I'it, 50 cents ; Gallery 25 cents. D<k rs open tt 7 o'clock, and the Curtain will rise precisely at haif-imatT o clock. . i tA numi'tr of Season Tickets may be obtained h? riii- do* (ilnce. flOWHSl fcflUBAYjQu Tuesday Kv?.nln?, September 4d, Will tie i?rr*Hiift-?J U L A , M LWH r ^s\K, h."ln.s V .'.:'.nV -Mr. J. R. Scott Itruius .'.....7.7.7. Davenport i is.iu? n.z Cali'huruia Mr', 'Madison Overture to /?mp?, by tl?- (VrciieMra"""''"' 1 O CgWcIikU" with ROBIN JlOOIi, TIM Ol TI.AW Or, &herwood Forest. KobiuHoud Mr. J. R. Scott K ,.gJohn.. Ph.lliuiore 1 he 1 inker ol 1 ickel tladaway KJ? 1,1 ? ? ? Clarke El werwolf. . Mrs. Madison Margaret de Marciiinont Phillip, Lower Boies 50 cents; te coud and Third Tiers, 25 ct, ? , I it and Gallery, l2Ys, cents. Doors will open at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rise at i hal(-put7. | CASTLE DA11DEA. " ! :r/- Admlssloii 43 CenUl.^j(j i'iiv';-t .. .. .. ...... Messrs.Kronen and Hose; iirtul Musii ul AUrartiun .' Tuesday K veiling;. September !4d, Tim performance will commence with Tlie^ Overture ta La Kille du Regiment, i lie beautiful air of ' (rood Night." La Polka des Salons, til and Overture to Gustave. . A D.vertimeute, or Pot Pourri. ? nr-i a.iiou of llall an Hour for Prumeuade and Kefresh. menu iher areol i| leinlio I osmuranias w ill he open for inspection After which. Overture to Eampe, by the Orchestra. L- <ialopqui fait pi nsir I ir aid Marcli and Ruickstep. I lit rod net ion to 1.1 K-ine del'liyiTf. W It/ and Ma/ourk > National <ud I'UiiiitK! Air, by a lull Orchestra. On SUNDAY, a Orai.d Selection of Sacr al Music.?Ad inittance 12', cents "Doorsojeo at hall-put c "'cloep >'ei' ... incnce at 8 o'clock STH Mrs-< I \ KDiiM Tuesday K veiling, September jjd. The performancrs will commence at 7>, o'clock, tvith the Popular Farce of ..... ., . ills Last lkus. U Callagiuu. Brougham Jul a. ... .Miss Koberts I Mrs Montague Mrs Watts Mrs Banks. . . Miss McNally. | Betty Miss Webb Scotch I as de Deux, by Misses Celeste and Patliugtnu. All intermission ol half an hour will be allowed for refresh ments, during which there will be a display of FIRKWOUKS To conclude with the . IRISHMAN IN LONDON. Louise, Mi?s Matthews | Cubba, Mrs Deeriug Murtoch Delaney, Ma Brougham l ailoouy, Nickiiisou I Cymon, I hippeudale ' L'D**?, John Selton I Capt veyuionr, < 'id lag her lL/"lerfomance t.: c >Cr at 7>-? .clock. D o .. k 7 o clock. I he Books of the French Opera. with a literal Englishtranj latioii. lor sale at the ticket office. Nights ef the Kreuch Company?Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and k nday. fir?- Tickett Fifty C'enfs.-frf} IT Private Boxes $7 each. o. "Au riTit.eut Pouce will always be inatteadaace to tuaik tain good ordei and keep all uniaoia-r persons nut A limited number of Seasou Tickets will be di.pos-d o' ORE A T M It SIC A /, A T fR ACTION , THE " ORIGINAL" and J ^'ebrat<-il ^afiiii luoloL'ian Baud of SWISS IIKLI, lll.MlEHS, Having completed their triumphantly successful four threugli the United States, the Island of Cuba, and the I auaiias re. pectlully inform the citizens of New Y ork, tlmt tliey will give A GRAND CONCERT T II K 1' A II E II N A C L. K , On THl'KSDAY' b VKNING. Sept. I, which occasion thev will be assisted by MO.VS. MESSEMER, (lie iiurivalle'l |ierfortner on the Valve Cornet, and oilier tal eutcd artistes. j MR. H. TIMM will preside at the Piauo Forte, c ull particulars will be duly aunouueed. Tickets 50 cents each. I Doors upon at 7, Concert Commences at H. s2lt-r THEATRICAL SOT ICE. ' I>HOH KSSIOsVAL ladies and gentlemen are informed thv * n y winter season commences on the IstofOct..alternating at Iticlinioiid, Petersburg and Norfolk Va , until July next ? Communications, post paid, addressed to rne at Lyuchbnrgb, Y a., will be promptly atteud-d to. . .. . ? . JOHN S. TOTTER. Lyre il urgb, Va., Aug. 29, IKI5. ,2 2tis,me P KEE E.VH I BITiON'S?Elysian, lloboken-Every A pair -.Mr. McCaHI\ l?<us 1< iv?' to announce that by Hie un.niimoiii a .-I* Km minicroiis visiters he li.ubft n indiici'd f.i c ontinue Iiin'ii n.d and Uuetiiullc d Performance for one wet k loiiRvr. He li.T* also t-n^L'fd for one week more, ^ THK KTH lOPlAN OPKHATIC BROniKRS AND 8ISTKRS. I lie foil iwiiitj well known and celebrated ot'rforiners coin |?iu?? the Operet e Baud of Kthioimui*. Mr. l>. (lAUl)N KR, the only person living who can laraon ate the nejcro wnich in rharactur, and almost defies drtection.? Also, the only rival biirleaque d.uic?>r of KlUler, f e'eite, itr,, and h is no equal ill the following beautiful dance??Cachucha. La[ilfyadcre K IB-dero, K1 Jalto de Xcret, Polka, flic. "ILL) Willi LOCK, the Krcat Locomotive Nigirer and accomplished B*?jo Player. DAN K.VIMKT, the celebrated Violinist and old \*ir k'liniy I\itfk'cr, who is always on hand wb?n there u music j feuding. i ( WHITE, the unrivalled Accordionist and cele brated Nigger I'erforiner. A'*", lor tbe first time, SAM JOHNSON, the great unequal led Negro Singer, See. on the triangle. Perfotrri.nire.s tf> commence it half past 3o'clock, si ttfis^r i TO AMERICAN l^KAMATi^TS. I OA'J? THOUSAND DOLLARS Will be |>ai<l fur nu ? ORIGINAL AA1ERJCAN COMEDY, IN FIVK ACTS, Calculated to display the talent of a first-rate Company. \V. E. BURTON, IKSSEK of the I'hiladelplnn and U iltimore Theatres, makes -d this otter to the Dramatic Authors of Ameiica, guarantee i use the above sum for a successful Five Act Comedy, of every day lil'?, pledging himself to produce it iu the first style, with appropriate Scenery, Costumes, h uruiture and Properties, ami ilie aiu of one of the bestCompauies of Comedians iu the United States, Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars to be paid on the ac ceptance of the Comedy by the Manager?Two Hundred and Kilty Dollars on its fourth performance?Two Hundred ai d Fifty on the tenth?and the remaining Two Hundred aud Kiftv on the lixteenth. The Manager guarantees the |**rformauce of the piece so long as the receipts of two consecutive uiglits do not run below the expeuses of tlie Theatre, as proved by the Books of the Establish elit The Comedy to he Cm., .ercn the sole property of W. E Bnrtou after the seconu payment, subject only to th? author's claims ou the tenth aud sixteenth nights The w riters must send their productions with or without their real n tines, hut with an address to W. E. Burton, Philadelphia, before the 1st of i leceinber, 18-15. The unsuccessful candidates will receive their pieces back again without delay or ex pense. i: 7*Boston Post, New York Courier, Mirror, and the Balti more Patriot will please copy for one week and send bills to Philadelphia. a27 lwrc WANT{t,D*?K<>iirjourneymen Brush Makers, pan hands and sit boys, from 16 to 18 years old, t > ienru the feather biush m king. 1 quire immediately, at 395 Pearl st. *2 :l Mi STEELE \ CO. APARTM h'NTS WANTED. 4 GENTLEMAN and lii< Wile, without children, vyant to . V rent two or three Rooms of' a small ami genteel family, iu the lower | art of the city. The west side of Broadway will he preferred. Address G. I' , ai this office. si 3t*mc BOARD WANT ED. 4 GENTLEMAN AND his FAMILY, who require a private parlor and two good bed rooms, wonld like to en gage hoard, in a French . ouse, for the winter. For good apart ments and accommodations, liberal terms will he given. Somewhere near Broadway, in the upper part of the city, would he preferred. Apply to P. P., addressed to Herald Of fice. for lurther information. n:lU fit * rc 4 YOl NG MaN from the country w ishee to get into some Tn. useful business or employment in the city. A book store a printing office preferred. Address, Thomas Gardner, 261 Hudson st. au2l lm*rc INFORMATION' WANTED OWEN ROOK KS? Whereas, the relatives ofthi? person, (who was of the Parish of Cooler in, in the County ofSligo and who left Ireland some 35 or 38 years ago,) hare been in formed that the said Owen Rogers wishes to have some infor mation tS to his relations?this is to acquaint hun that he c in ohl in intelligence of his sister, bv addressiug a letter to M. C. at ilie New V ork Herald Office, N. Y. Southern paper* please c< 11 nil lm"rc CAST OFF CLOTHING It FURNITURE WANTES. I VDIES OR i i F. NT l< KM FIN any superfluous or -i cast off < lotliing or'Furniture todispose of, can obtaiu for the same a liberal cash price, by tending "r the subscriber (through Post or otherw ise) at (lis residence, No. 89 Diiarie slr-et.Tmsement. M.S. COHEN. N.B. Mrs. Cohcu will also attend to Ladies at their esi dence, if requested. a!2 lm*rc WANTED T CLARKE'S <t 8TKVAN'S Temperance Intalligeuce Office, ?.iH Duane street, suliecribera lor some good Pro tests nt Servants anil others. mith white and colored, of good moral clmracter. The subofcriber pledges himself in precure help lor r hv public at the shortest notice. .Mr. Clarke s office is p ilrcinieeu by some of the lirsr tamilies in the couutry. Remember?45't Duuie itm i tw o doors west of Broadway, Washington Tetii|?eranco Intelligence Office. jy2S lin'rh A A SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR MTU RE WANTS D. NDilie highest price given for all kinds of cast off < lotliing and good second Hand Furniture Persons wishing to dis pose of the same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Post Olfie, which will he punctually atteudedto. B. LEVY, 19,vj Chatham street, New \ ork. N. B ? oiistautl y on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's < lotliing, cheap for cash. a!6lin*rc Wigs and Scalps. BATCH KLOR'8 New Wins ami Scalps, arc ev ening ilie astnuishnt'nr, enrineity and rdmiration of con iioisseiirs. All the old difficulties ami vexations annoyances ire now done away w till. These beautiful apecimene ol the art of Win making, rui only in- procured at Wm. Balchelor's, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadwav. Removed from 165 Broadway, aej'l lin'mc TO ANGLERS AND DEAI.ERS IN FISHING TACKLE. (' (IN ROY S, 52 Fulton street, comer of Cliff street, Manu J far turei s and Impoiters of Fish lug Tackle in all its h ranches, bate now completed their fall stock, consisting of every article Mtheline for Pond, Stream, Rivet and Sea pishing. Impnr ters of the genuine It llemini- g Jk You, and genuine Limerick justly celebrated Fish Hooka VIso, of DixonkSon* celebrated Shooting Tackle and covered Drinkiiig Flasks, finest Canister Gunpowder, he., Itc , wholesale and retail. a23 lm*r t?LR ROLLED I'OITKK-WOO shoots cold rolled < qp if,uRAAt LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY LAST UVUNLUG'H MAIL. . Washington. [Correspondence ol the Herald.] B.ltimokc, Sept. 1, 1845. Uiainr.s Products Brightening?Democratic ftlo-dt-n? Can,tin t *1rrr*ted ?Accidtnlal Death?Nativirm?Rati ruad jlccidtnt. The ol September ban arrived, the time looked for ward to by our merchants with so much anxiety for a verification of their anticipations with reepect to an ex tensive fall trade. But the season has, so far, greatly an ticipated itself, large numbers of merchants, principally from the Fur West, having already arrived and made their purchases. With a proper display of energy, ac tivity, and enterprise, a sufficiency of the Southern and Western dealers, who pass through Baltimore on their way to the North, could be detained to greatly enhance the commercial character of the city. Within the last two yeurs, however, much attention has been given to this business, and the trade of the city has, consequent ly, been nearly doubled. 11' these dealers had to pass through .New \ ork to get to Baltimore, I expect very few ol them would ever reach their destination, even if our market should in reality be superior?so the Yorkers must not grumble when they miss the sight of some of their old customers. The Democratic Convention have disregarded my ad vice. and nominated for the Sheriffalty the candidate of the 'l'ylerite wire-pullers, John Kettlewell, with the un derstanding that il elected I hurley Loran is to be Depu ty. Never was a more suicidal course adopted, ensuring as it does the defeat ot the party, beyond all peradven tore. Had they taken up John Mitchell, Daviu Hudson, or any other but the triendless and unpopular John Ket tlewell, they could have walked over the course. The whigs have a clique, a " 1 unit-house clique," it is gene rally admitted, hut they have never trodden down the in terests of their party with the tyrannical |>ower exer cised by the new-fangled " Tylerite clique," which has assumed the control ol the democracy. I see that John Mitchell has come out noldy in opposition to their tyran ny, and will receive three votes to Kettle well's one, as an independent candidate. Kcttlewell's nomination has also brought out .James O., the most popular man in the city, as the whig candidate? so, you see, the coons have the upper haml of the roosters so far, and are in ex cellent spirits. Writs were issued on Saturday last, for the arrest of the gamblers concerned in "clearing out" young Isaac Juiicn. and George < ampbell, George James, and Wil liam James, were arrested, and held to bail in $1000 each, to answer. The whole amount of tho money lost, is $10,300, hut the tale accompanying the writ for the arrest ol the parties, shows him to have been the most verdant youth that the thirteen original States can boast. Had I have been in his place, I should have pock eted my loss und said nothing about it, rather than have exposed myself to have been such a double-distilled ig noramus as he now represents himself to have been But a confession, it is said, is good for the soul, if not the pocket, and Abraham llyam, and (Jreen, the reformed gambler, should take him around the country, and show him up as one oftliose peculiar geniuses, who are an nually victimised by the Baltimore gamblers. A young man, named James Fogler, was instantly kil led on Saturday night, being run over by an engine, whilst going to a lire at the .Marine Railway of Mr. Skin ner, on Federal Hill, which was wholly consumed. Capt. Henry A. Thompson the valorous hero of Fort Mcllcnry, who thought that his commission was of no value only during peace, and thiew it up at the ghost of a Seminole Indian, is going to lead the aboriginal natives on to victory or death in ni coming congressional cam paign. He thinks that congressional campaigns, or Fort Mcllenry campaigns,aio much to he preferred to Florida campaigns?perhaps, however, he had joined the I'eace Society and felt conscientious qualms with respect to being shot at from the F.verglades. At any rate, if there should be a war with Mexico,we natives are not going to tiglit whilst tlicro is so many infernal Irish and Dutch in the country to fight for us. Come on, Bustamente, who's at raid. The train of cars that left this city last night for Phila delphia ran over a man lying on the track, supposed to have been drunk, about fourteen miles from tne city, killing him instantly. I Ic appeared to have been a labor ing man, but bis name is uukuown. " No blame," Ike. I'l 111. A OKI. I'M J A, Sept. lit, 184fi. The Odd Fellows hid a procession to-day for the pur pose of participating in the ceremony of laying the cor ner stone of a new Hall, ahout to be built at the corner of Oth and Haines streets, near Itaco. They did not turn out with their regalia, but in lieu thereof, wore white strips of ribbon in their button holes. They made quite a stirring parade, but about three o'clock their rauks were somewhat thinned by a heavy shower. It cleared off, however, in a few moments, and they marched the balance of their route without interruption. The Court of Quarter Sessions commenced the Septem ber term to-day, Judge I'aisons presiding. The charge to the Grand Jury is a long and able document. I was not at either of the theatres on Saturday night, but was told that they were all lull -Burton opening the i hestnut street to a large and fashionable audience.? Mrs. Mowatt and .Mr. Crisp appear at this latter establish ment to-night in Sheridan Knowles' play of "The Wile." The Wullacks appear to-night at the walnut street The atre in the "Lady ot Lyons". At the Arch, Mr.Wood and the popular drama ol "Margaret Catchpole" constitute the attraction. V light business was done in Stocks to-day, and pri ces slightly improved. I'enn'a 6'* and Wilmington Rail Itoad advanced 1, the former reaching 7). The follow ing are the quotations : Sale of Slocks at PhlladelpHla. First Boabr, Sept. 1?$150 Old Annual fi'a 78. Sitcom Bharii, Sept 1?(1000 Penn'a Vs, 74j; (1000 do do A ds, 7">; (1000 Heading R. R. Bonds, s o 6 ds, 641, jGWCMo do, 64]; II shares Northern Bank Kentucky, ; 5 do Beaver Meadow R., 6J: l-K) do Wilmington R. R., loJ ds 147: AO do do do Bonus b o fid 141: do do do It. W. do. Boston, Sept. l,184fi. Sail on' I lone?Sailors' Parsons?Market s- The Weather? Steamer Hibernia, <J-c., <fc. A splendid building, named the Sailora' Home, in this city, which has been frequently alluded to in your paper is now nearly completed. It has accommodation almost equal to those of our tint hotels, for one hundred and fifty sailors. Rev. Mr. Lord, favorably known as a warm friend of seamen, will have the superintendence of this establishment. If sailors understand their own interests, they will give it a hearty support. By doing so, they will not only be greatly benefitted themselves, but will also be the means of shutting up many of the abominable holes which are now open as sailor boarding houses, and in which every crime, not excepting murder, is fre quently committed. Another such an establishment in the north end of the city, I believe would ultimately be productive of much good. Father Taylor, the sailor parson, in this section of the city, has great influence with seamen, and is much beloved by the community at large, and if he, therefore, would take hold of a project to erect another Home, he could canj it through suc cessfully. The old fellow is of the right temperament to go ahead. Nothing that ho undertakes earnestly can fail for want of a.lair trial. As there is nothing of great importance stirring at present, I will relate a small anec dote or two of this jolly sailor parson. A few years since he was blazing away from the pulpit, broadside alter broadside against the wicked mess of seamen. Hell and all its terrors were laid so completely bare that only a very small effort of the imagination was necessary to smell the brimstone, and hear the howling of tor mented fiends. As he was in the middle of one of his most terrible pictures, an old rusty-looking salt got up and was walking townrda the door, when the par son sung out " the enemy flies?our fire is too hot for him?we have knocked his top-hamper down, and now he is crawling off under his lower masts." All eyes (the church was crowded as it always is when he preaches) were turned towards the sailor, who, perceiving that the lost remarks were levelled at him, turned round, and looking the old man full in the face, said, in a pretty loud voice?" you're damnably mistaken, obi cock, if you think your shot has made this craft haul off?you never saw the day you could make me a story lower. I'm only jist going to get a glass of grog, and if you'll take a turn there till I come back, I'll let you see how I can stand your broadsides'' "Good" cried half a dozen sailors,"go it Jack," cried others, "you'll make a first rate parson?try again," and other expressions followed. The whole au dience was in an uproar, some laughing, others, more pious, hushing and endeavoring to restore order. When all was quiet again, Father Taylor, by no means discon certed, having apparently enjoyed the joke himself,? said, "that is a tough old sinner ; but we have hnllod him?he has got it hot and heavy hetween wind and water, ami unless he hauls into the gospel dock, he'll go down nil standing: pumping, can't save him now." The sailor returned,ami Father Taylor resumed his discourse; and it is a remarkable fact that he never lost sight of the old salt until he succeeded in converting him. The sailor is now a very respectable man and would blush to the eyes if any one would but even allude to this circum stance. Our market during the past week has presented n? new feature The rise of provisions in the Southern markets ha* had a tendency to make prices firm here, with, in some instances, a slight advance for beet and pork, for ship's use. Molasses and Sugar still hold their own, but the supply has been equal to the demand. The steamer Hibernia, which loaves this day, will carry out a very large mail, ami a goodly number of passengers. Captain Ryrie expects to arrive at Liver pool a day before the Great Britain. The weather on Saturday and yesterday Vas most beautiful. There is nothing *tirrmg of a public cha racter here, at present. The war lever is quiescent?the water project ditto?repeal and Millerism are dead and buried, hikI the ladies aro as lively as kittens, and as gay as peacocks. Wind, NW iky clear. Cock r of Inquiry on Likct. McLaughlin.?It has been stated that Lieut. McLaughlin, of the U. S. Navy, has asked an investigation of charges made against him by Lieut Tansil, of the U. S. Marine corps, as commander in the Florida war. The Washington cor respondent ol the Charleston Mercury says there is to he a Court ot Inquiry, composed ot three officers, to investi gate the charges preferred against Lieut. Mcl aughlin, late commander of the Florida expedition, who Hre to re port whether there should be a ? ourt Martial or not.? The court is to sit at Baltimore, and .Mr. Kay, of Wash ington. to bo the judge advocate. It is rumored that the members ol the court aro Commodore f'erry, President; and i ommanders Tntnall and fitribluig. Hon. (Ieouok MoDiffir ?The Hamburgh Jour nal, ol Wedneaday, aaya: "This distinguished gen tlemen arrived in our oltv on Monday last. We ara grati fied to perceive that Ida health haa greatly improved.? He tine retui to hi* home In Abbeville,"

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