Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Eylül 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Eylül 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD. Vol. 3.!., >o. W?toJl? Ho. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 4, 1845. Prhi? Two Dud. THE NEW YORK HERALD. mm GIlRMfi BKNNKTT, Proprietor. Circulation-- Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. 1'rice 3 cent* pel ropy?$7 34 per lii'.Qiira?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6J centt per cony?$3 134 conta per annum?payablo in advance ADVERTISEMENTS >t Uie usual price* ~ftlway? f'.iiah in advance PRINTING r.i ail hind.t exocuted with beauty and despatch. XJ' AU letter* or comnnuilcation*, by mail, addressed to the Mtablithiuent, must bo post pubis or the poct&gt Will be deducted from thf. aubaeription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pv'.i htrTi.u or thv Nttw York llen,iu> Kjtshlismmvitt ?>orn*r t\( Mip?nr? tfcF- ONLY REGULAR LINK OK PACKETS FOR !?y,SVVKVV OH LEANH?Packet of the 8>h September? '??iJjelfci I'be sp'endid end last sailiug packet ship VICK8 lit It 11, Ca t. VV. C Hero', will mil as above, tier regular day. The accommodations of this ship lor cabin, second cabin uud s' |>asa.Re, are rery sur?nor. '111.' shins of this line hare now commented t-.eir r sol ir trips,and will sail punctually every Monday. Persons wishing to se-ure b?rih\ should make etrly application on bosrd, fo >t of Maiden ' ane, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, s2 r 74 Moutb St., cor. Maiden Lane. KOR NEW ORLEANS?The si lendid f *t sail , iug packet ship C \ BOT, will positively sal on the still September, her regul r day. Kor bright or pas Jiply to J. HEKDMAN it CO , __s2 rli til -oiltli street. KOR MOBILE?New Line?The splendid Packet knrAMrV- ship GAZELLE, Captain Treadwell, wno goes to MaMlCa* the city with freight and p-.ssengers, will bare lin ui n , ?- ue.patch for the aoove port Kor I'r ighr or oassage, in either cabin, aecond cabin, or steer ate, all ol w loch w ill bo taken t much leas than the usual ratea, by applying to JOHN HEKDMAN & CO., a3'. re 61 South street. KoK LI YEitrOOL?Packet of me 6?h September -The splendid new packet ship HENRY ? LAY, Nye, master, 1200 tous burthen, will sail as above, if day. Having u .surpassed accommodations for cabiu. second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to secure berths should mike early ippLcutiou ou board, loot of sidi-u Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMUllUAY, ITHI Pine Street, corner of South street. The splendid packet sbip Patrick Henry, J. C Delano, mas ter, lOOii tous burthcu, will succeed the Heury Clay, aud sail the 6 h Ociolier. all rc PACKEiS KOR 11 VV RE-(Second Liue.) Tli* Packer -hip UTICA, Captain Kred rick llew i itt, wiP sail on the 1st September. ?or 1 eight or passage, a, ply to BOYD kt HIN'CKEN, Bier No 9 Tontine Building cor Wall >nd Water sts. KOR LIVKRPOOL-The New Line?Regular I'ncket of 2l?t Si-pteinber.?The superior fast sailing -it-"1,ship QUEEN OK THE WEST. 1250 tous, apt Pinlip tYoiidhouse.dridge, will sail as above, her regular day. Korfreight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable state looms and cabin, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL U MINTURN, 67 South St) cot. Price of passage $100. The packet ship Rochester, 6G0 tons, Capt. John Britton, will succei d the Queen of the West, and sail on her regu lar dty, 21st October. jy22 KOR LlVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ? of the 26th Sept?The elegant fast sailing Packet wShip SHERIDAN, Capt. Geo. B. Cornish, of 1100 lui-.i eiii sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for ?plunder or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS ?t CO., 56 South street. Price of piumage $100. Packet Ship Gtrrick, Capt. B H. Trask, will succeed the Sheridan. and sail 2hrb Of tnber. Iter regular flat* an26rc dt ROSE MILL Ml'ABl-EM, 21th street, helween /isa1|Nid and 3d Avenues, and uaarly opposite Bull's Head. . ' ' ? '"'t arrived from the country, and for sale at th ab 'Vesunles, 10 llorses, among which are four fast trotting horses, 2 f it pacing do., several puirs farm horses, some flue cart horses, a few good road and stage horses, and shippers. s3Jra*rrc 11. 11. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. MKOlt SALE? A desirable Residence lor ? genteel funily, comprising a convenient two story frame dw-ll <ng house, filled i.i, and sixteen acres of good laud.inclu Un.g orchard and garden, with requisite outbuildings,beau iful ly situated oil the easterly side of the Passaic river, oue mile shove Belleville Bridge, lour from Newark, and nine from IN. York Price moderate Kor further particulars, apply to C. V. B Kane Esq 9 .Nassau street, o to VVililam Dow, Auc tioneer. B llev^l?, N. J. sS lw*rrc FOR SAI.E?The stock and fixtures of a retail Li Iqiioraud Mcgij S oie uow doing a good business; situ l. ted in Nassau stieet, within oue miuute's walk of the ?oil ofli e. None but a cash customer need apply. Enquire of s3 3t*r I'HOB McMANUS, 109 Nassau st. HOTEL 1)E PARIS. ANTIONE VIGNKH, one of the late proprietors of [the Peikins' House. Boston respectfully informs his iends nud the travelling | ublir. that he bas opened tlie ho. ?r No. 290 Broadway, entrance ou lteede street, culled the Hotel De P r,? where lie will be lnopy to aceoininedat" tbose who may wish to patrouisi liiin, with Board and Lodgiug, by the day. week or mouth, ou the most re .tunable It-tuts, si lin*. rc KOlt SALE The stock, fixtures and good will of the wholesale and ' retail Grocery and Liqnoi Store, No. 117 South street, .opposite the Hartford and New Haven steamboat land ing?uow doing a good cash bus:ur*s in the ship and cabin stores, and city aud country trade. The different articles com prising the stock are all ol the best quality, and pure baaed at the Ion e<r cash prices. Tt* a person who understands the busi ness, such UI opportunity of in iking a profitable investment seldom pile a. Kor further particulars, apply on the premises. Also for sale, the House and Lot No. 175 Eourth street, near the Mirth avenue. Apply as above. a!9 ltn*me THE BONJt STREET HOUSE, 663 Broadway, MIS now open ler the reception of hoarders. The situ ation is one of the most desirahle in the city. The house lias Iwii newly pa|k red aud painted throughout - coiitaini. g i etwi-eu 60 and 70 rooms, hamlsomely furnished. Pallors andliedrooms and pantries attached?likew ss rooms lor single gcut'euieii. Southerners andoliiers wisluug to avoid the nois and cunlusiou of an Hotel, - ill have every attention paid to their comfort and conveni-oce. aB"> lm*ro W A.N 1 c.D?A smail tloltih, with lour room, and \a kitcheu; reut $150; or four moms and a kitchen, in a .house where but two Cam.ties reside. < *1 ihe oilice of this paper. a!2*m i tit. fA 1KJSL GALVANIC RINGS AND CRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID. ri'HIs) REMARKABLE DISCOVERY haa received the JL universal approbation of the Medical Profession ol Great Britain, MMhu6e?n infldOMTlong btfotlthl American pub lic to give a lair trial ol iu (iiiwn nail efficacy. The Patent Galvanic Kini.s have been loiiud to answer all the purposes for which the ordinary Galvanic Battery or Electric and Mag netic Machines are used, but are without any of the injurious shocks, which accompany the applications by thosr instru meuts, and in many other respects are more safe and certain iu accomplishing tae desired object. The Galvanic Kings have been used with perfecusnccess in all cases of Rheumatism, acute or chronic, applying 10 the bead, face or liiiibn ; Gout', Tic Dojoreani; 'J oolnnche,, Bronchitis: Vertigo ; Nervous or Sick Headache; Indiges tion ; Paralysis ; Palsy ; Epilepsy ; Fits ; ('ramp ; Palpitation of the tlearl ; Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints; Lumbago ; Neu ralgia ; General Debility; Deficiency of Nervous Energy ; and all Nervous Disorders. In cases ol confirmed Dyspe|sna they have been erpi illy successful. Their extraorduiary elfects upon the system must be witnessed to be believed ; and as a certain PBKVgisTivK lor the above complainta they are equally to be recommended. The Galvanic ate in every way perfect ly harmless, ami are sold at prices to be within the reach of all, (.Hisnr't M au netio Ki.t'tb is used in connection with the Kings to render their sllicient nction certain, and to direct the Galvanic influence tulhe particular portiwns which areatfected Fur numerous certilicales ol the highest character regarding the efficacy of the Galvanic Kings and Magnetic Fluid, refer ence is made to former adveii isemeiits, or they may he seen At the office. Only Agency iu New York, 134 Fulton street, (Sun Building.) iu Brooklyn, at the store of Jamf.s W. Smith, Druggist, corner Fnltou and Cranberry streets, j>'28 lm*ec THE ORIGINAL GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID, POSSESS all the advantages of a Galvanic Battery, with out Its shock, ted MTU SICSSSsDll in curing rheumatism, tic doloreux, headacne and ill chronic or nervous diseases bursal* only by Dr. Crombie's Agents?A. B. It D. Sand's General Agents Also, 273 Broadway, 77 East Broadway, 119, itJ and 92 kulton, 67 Walker, at Drug Stores corner of Bowery nnd Grand, 17 Avenue D.; 176 Spring, 34 Catherine, corner of Clinton snd Division, Mrs Hays, Brooklyn. Price of Kings 2s?gold plated >1?b'lnid 75 cents per bottle. ul9 lm*ec V( )LTA IR K'S I'll ILOSUPHICAL DICTION AH Y BOSTON EDITION, two volumes ill oue, price $3, for sale at ihe Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, N. V. New editions of Voluey's Hnins, Strouss' Life of Christ, Mary YVollstonrraft's Bights of Woman, Vale's Life of fame, ('?liner's Principles, Shelley's Queen Mali I'uiue's Works, complete. i. } A variety of cheap Liberal Works. an2nim*r MUSIC. A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction ol yuui g ladies ou the Piano She leaches on the Logerian ay stem, which lias never been introduced as yet into this coun try: it h is been greatly approved uf in Kusope, as being the shone t and easiest method of bringing on the pupil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of litis paper, shall he attended to. all Im'rc ~~Muiiia A Rnrr (htportunity of Acquiring a Thorough 4.. -'t'.ZyM* Musical Education. H. DERWORT, Professor of Singing, flnitar and Piam a ? ? Forte, has opened a class for Young Ladies, from 7 tu 10 years ?fare, among whom are three of his own daughters, whom he proposes to thoroughly lustnictin the art of Hinging, Mr Derwort't system is the result of many years observation and espei ience, during which he has successfully taught in Ger many, Loudon, and New York. His method ceunol fail to im part to his pupils a clear perception, and a thorough linow ledge ol the g.ainin.itical principles of music, with the ability to bar mom/.* any simple given melody. Parents and Gustdisns are invited to call at his Rooms, 427 Broadway, when evvry inquiry will he answered 'lerms $20 per annnin, payable quarterly in advance Lee ions thieetunes a week. Private instruction as heretofore, al2 lm'rh vEOUAN HARTS. NunNK It CLAKK having purchased the patent right fot "Coleman's AColian Attaelimeutto the Pianolorte,"Tor the entire Lni ed Status, (cxerptiug Ma.ixachusetts,) nnnonnce to public, that they are now prepared to supply Pianofortes i this improvement attached, or to attach the same to any em made horizontal Pianofortes. Ill regard to the durability is invention. N. It ( are prepared to satisfy the most pre ?od inind, their own critical examination and experience mtt ioiniii the nisenion, Diat the "JKolian" will remain iu m any climate, and it will not he affected by transitions iiosphrre. 1 he moat satisfactory warrantee is given w ith ? ustruiiieut e public ate invited to examine the"2Eollan Pienofortes' or ware room. No, 2(0 Uioadway, opposite the Park e also may be Itmiid an assortment of 6, 6)6 and 7 Octav ? Kntn in fnut*wood And mwhoffmiy m36 6m*r i, IN 100 bales llridport Heine, Herring snd Gil) Net rwinei, matiufscritred expressly for this market, with the ret possible cere, for sale by a t. K. COLLINS k CO., M South ?. Taclahassek, (Fla.) Aug. 25th, 1815. Health of the Town?Affair* of State?Interesttng Political Movements, ?-c. fyc. For the past few weeks the heat has been here most inaupixjrtable, the mercury in the shade reach ing to 108 deg. (Far't) and in the sun as high as 144. Think of that, ye salamanders, and say whether you could live in such a latitude 1 Yet not withstanding this elevation of our pyrometers, the season, though much advanced, has been entirely healthy; not a fatal case of disease in the city or vicinity, and but few cases of any kind whatever. This is something unusual in this fact, and the cre dulity of i>ersons at u distance will no doubt be ?e verely tested, when this report is brought into co 1 j lision with the former insalubrity and mortality which has alllicted this beautiful city. One promt nent cause for this improvement in the health of the place is found in the great change in the habits and morals of her people. A tew years since Tallahas- , see was the scene of everything repulsive to law. i good order, decency, virtue and morality, but now. how great the change ! Its inhabitants are saved from the sins and evils which hitherto polluted them?and there is no city in America where more good order and decency prevail?and no people that have more respect for, and are more obedient to the laws of their city and State than are this pop ulation. En passant, speaking of State, brings me to the fact that Florida has emerged from her territorial vassalage, and is now in the full Hood tide of suc cessful 8iate government She has adopted her constitution, elected her officers, organised herself, and has taken her position amongst the other States 1 of this great confederacy. In tne election of her i officers, she has been both fortunate and unfortu- i nate, and although this o|?eration may seem para doxical, it is nevertheless true. Fortunate in the election of her Governor, who is a patriot, a states man and philosopher?Wm. D Mosely, a gentle man ot the old school of the democratic party, a college mate of James K. Polk, urbane, honest and gentlemanly, full ot candor, without a speck of so phistry, a friend to the people and the constitution ; he is a North Carolinian, and stood high in the af fections of the oeople of that good old 8tate before his emigration nere lie has now received his re ward Let him go on, his destiny is written?"sic iter sul oslra." In the election of her other officers (I mean State olficers), she has honored a parcel of neophytes,men without tame, experience or reading, of whom we are unable to say anything, cither pro or contra, as we know nothing of them?negative characters. 1 would give their names, but we presume this would be uninteresting to the public, as they are entirely unknown beyond the confines of Florida. I speak of those who are State officers. The judicial offi cers are men of high character, and are good ap pointments; but in the appointments generally made bvthe last Legislature, more regard was paid to po litical considerations thanactual merit?an unfortu nate thing lor a young State in her swaddling clothes, hut w'e hope for better things as she becomes older. Florida, by her admission, becomes entitled to two Senators. She has elected two i>ersoos to that trust, of whom 1 will give you a small history.? First is David Levy, our late delegate, and our re cently elected member" ot Congress, but who re signed when he ascertained (although he had only p.uised his election to the House of Representatives of tlieUntted States one month,) that abetter school for his eminence was within his reach, videlicit die Senate of the United States. Mr. Levy is an industrious, faithful, indefatigable public servant, who would have made a good Representative. Ot the oilier Senator, James D. Wescott, Jr., what shall we say 1 An old hunker, a man of good talents, a good criminal lawyer. It eeems that the Legislature elected this person to the Senate of the United States, as a recompense for his active exer tions in the State elections. We see from the Fioridian of to-day, that the guillotine has been at work in our neighboring vil lage of St. Murks, and that the place of the gentle manly Collector, win. II. Ware, Esq., has been supplied by Nathaniel W. Walker. The resignation ?>1 David Levy has created a new election for member of Congress. There are two tiichmonds in the field?both of them the first blood of Virginia. Ed. Conington Cabell, is the whig candidate, a young man ot merit and talent, anil Wm. H. Brockenbrough the standard bearer of the locofocos. The contest will be a warm one. The Stbte is probably democratic, but such unfair ness was used towards the rest of the democratic party in the caucus which nominated Brocken brough, that Cabell's prospect is much the best for election; and taking into consideration the fact that Brockenbrough is a member of that cabal, the bastard Albany Regency, for which the democratic party have not tho r wonted attachment. Hartford, Sept. 2,1815. Hill and Nash?Misses Bramson?Goldsmith?B rad* bury?Accident to Hon. Isaac Toucey and Ijidy. We have the past few weeks been overrun and surfeited with shows, concerts, Arc. Arc. Messrs. Hill and Nash, of your city, have the past week given two concerts in this city to delighted audi ences ; as also in several other towns in this State, the past few wesiks. The Misses Branwon, this evening and to-morrow evening, are to show us what Misses seven and ten years of age can do. Goldsmith the celebrated penman, from the " Em pire City," is here "kicking up considerable of a dust," and cutting flourishes with his pen, and filling his pockets with three dollar bank rags, from pupils of his large school. Mr Bradbury, of your city, last evening gave a, concert, with some 400 Sabbath school children whom he has been teaching here a few weeks past. The Hon. Isaac Toucey, and his lady, came very near being killed, yesterday, in Bolton, a town 12 miles east of this city. It happened in this wise:? In attempting to turn around his carriage, in which were himself and jady, the carnage upset, and the horses run, mangling Mr. T. in a most shocking manner; insomuch that, from accounts received this morning in this city, the result between life and death, in Ins case, is doubtful. His wife escaped with only slight bruises. The best of medical at tendance was, of course, immmediately called. Mr. Toucey has twice represented this district in Con gress, and was last year the democratic candidate for < iovernor, und is, beyond dispute, the ablest lawyer in the democratic ranks, in this State. The story that I have lately seen in different pa lters that Mrs. Sigourney, our city's gifted and es teemed poetess, was very sick, was greatly over stated. As none ot our city presses have put the matter right, the Herald must do it. Mrs. S. wns confined to her house onlv two or three days with a common summer complaint, such as all other per sons tn litis section ot country have during the fruit season, and which is here always termed only the summer complaint. Is it not strange that no person ot any note can have a toothache, a toe ache, or any other ache, without its being heralded from odp end of our country to the other as " lying at the point ot death," ?Vc., whilst many a poor female is robbed of her virtue and then mur dered, boxed up nnd sent to the dissectiontsts, with out any effort to ferret out the murderers. And this is the 19th century. Nnmt Congressional District.?A fifth trial to obtain a member of Congress, in the ninth district of Massachusetts, was had on Monday. Wc annex the returns received Fifth Trinl. Fourth Trial. . Sept. 1 , April 28??. sis? 3 ? < 5 a | * a Taunton 388 f41 36 31 123 446 47 32 R.ivnhani 113 78 3.1 3 107 68 31 ? Attlebornngli. . . 173 188 ? 10 too 187 11 2 Freetown...... 73 12 23 74 97 IS 21 34 Pawtuckft... . .. .. 88 137 4 ?. 113 127 4 Weetport.. 91 39 T 7 101 40 10 2 Berkley 37 56 t 37 36 34 2 045 030 132 134 1137 941 164 03 Mr. Williams has gained in Raynham and Attlehoro; in Weatport he has fallen off nearly 100. The whole vote in these towns it 164 less than that given in April.? There is, of course, no clioico. Arrivat. of the Bmiks at Boston.?The Inde pendent Tompkins Blues, a line Light Infanttr Com pany from tho city of New York, arrived in the Worces ter train from New York, lit half past 12 o'clock, and were handsomely received by the Boston Light Infant ry, ("apt. I'nrk, whose guests they are to remain during their stay in the city. Aitor which, they inarched to thoir quarters in Bowdoin squaro, where tne two corps were to dine together. At ft o'elork this afternoon the Illues will ho reviewed on the Common by Col. Spooner, if the rain docs not prevent. The Blues are a fine body of men, under an excellent state of drill nnd discipline. The three Knickerbocker Pioneers at the head of the column, presented truly a formidable appearance. Their axes looV as though they would cut. Alt York must have been levied upon topro duce three such noble looking soldiers.?Rot(sn 7ron strip!, Sept. 0. Bixk>mfikli>, N. J., Aug 19th, 1815. Quirt Villa#?Beautiful Girls and Old Maids Grand Hoax-Jack o' Lanthern-Neio Yorkers at a Discount. I am at present rusticating for a few days in this lonely but interesting village, and presuming you have never had a correspondent here, I must give you some little description of the place. It iB loca ted about live miles from Newark, and lies chiefly upon two roads,one, the Dover turnpike, from New ark, and the other Patterson road, which branches off from the turnpike just at the commencement of the village. The principal purt lies upon the Pattei" son road, upon which is situated the Church, front ing which is a large, and beautiful "green" or com mon, extending nearly the whole length of the village, which is surrounded by posts, (and chains by and by) interspersed with beautiful fruit and shade trees, which are planted a certain dis tance apart; and completely encircling the whole spot On either side are the dwellings ol the princi pal citizens, chieflv built in a neat manner, some ol which are uiter the stvle of the modern finish ol our own city. On one side is a large brick edifice, which is occupied as a Classical and English School for young men; and nearly opposite is an ex tensive female seminary?at this school there are many very beautiful young ladies, some ol whom are from New York. These two ucadernies com bined together, contribute to make the place very lively and happy. If you should ever visit this piace, do so by all means on Sunday, when you will have the opportunity ol seeing all the place contains.? When the bell is lolling tor church, many prim old maids may be seen wending their way towards the church, followed with not u tew "luckless wits, stalking in their best, with one eye on the other sex, and the other on the church door as a matter ol course; and carriage after carriage rolls along, bear in" bright eyes und beautiful smiles to render prais es" toward their Creator for his mercy and benili ceuce; and lastly, though not least, you see n whole re?iment of young and heautdul girls, walking two and two, with their principal at their head, for by this time von would have found outjthat they were the pupils of the female seminary; while nearly behind them, are coming the "Academy ISnys' in the same manner On the whole., there is something in the Sabbath here, that delights the eye and is deeply in teresting to the mind. . Though almost stiictly puritanical and inetlioi is tical in their thoughts and actions, yet these vi la gers are often the subject of a merry joke or giddy frolic. One of the rarest of these happened not more than three davs ago. Upon looking out of my window in the morning, 1 saw quite a crowd of the inhabitants gazing very attentively upon something which seemed very interesting, posted upon the "pole ot liberty" near the dwelling where I was re siding. Curiosity impelled me to hasten out, and as I drew near, to my surprise, horror was depected on every countenance. Some were lifting their hands to heaven, others crying out, "save us! save us " What can it be, thought 1. as 1 was trying in vain to get a view of the "monstrous thing. It Can't be war with Mexico, thought i; no, that sure ly cannot strike such horror to these quiet villagers. "1 leaven save us," cried 1, with the rest, thinking it must be something new from Miller By this tune 1 got near enough to read the following NOTICE. To the inhabitants of Bloomfield and its vicinity:-?An amateur company of Indies am) gentlemen lrom New York have consented, by the advice of numerous mends, to "ive a theatrical representation for one bight only in this village. The members of this company have been informed that the people of this place aro desirous of a theatre, and that they have had hitherto to blush (or the want of nn institution of this kind, have now an oppor tunity by patronising the humble endeavors of these followers of Thespis, to establish a permanent "J'emple to the Muses" in the flourishing Tillage of Bloomfield. Wc will not descant upon its benefits, as it is universally admitted that the stage it highly beneficial to the morals and refinement of the community of which it holds a part. And more particularly the young are led by its sublime teachings in the paths ot religion, virtue and l'?The performances will take place on Monday evening, \uc lfth, with Bulwer'c celebrated play of the A 8' LADY OF LYONS. To be followed bv the Defence of the Stage before the Roman Tribunal, in character, by a gentloman of tho company. Tho whole to conclude with the farce of company. COLONBL WILDFIRE, Accompanied by a song. .... , I Performances to take place in a building near tho I church, to be recognised by colored lights. Doors open at half past six-performances to commence at half past seven. Admittance twenty-five cents?children hall price. ? . . Nothing was talked of for the next fortv-eig it hours, but the horrid theatrical company. 1 he old maids wondered what the world was corning to ? The old folks talked of the laws, sheriff consta ble" Arc. Arc.; and the young ladies, God bless them, wondered it the young Thespis wus good l? Thus time passed on till! Monday evening, when after tea 1 sallied forth to see the sport. 1 here were eight or ten grou|>s of idlers on the Common and many othetsscattered over the "green,? und quit" a "sprinkling" of our before-mentioned young la, dies in front of their-echool house, touddenly and simultaneously, a red and blue light, though both uuile small,were seen about an 8Jh ?* mlle on,and a rush was immediately made lor it. I ran with the others, and on reaching the spot where the light was seen, it as suddenly disappeared. 1 concluded from what I observed ot it that it was a will-o -the-wisp, and so it undoubtedly was. feo after waiting till about eight o'clock and seeing nothing more, the multitude,thinking they had been most awfully took in began to drop oil one by one till they were .ill dispersed. 1 lingered about listening to the most exquisite music i ever heard, emanating troni the ?Seminary opposite to where I stood, and shortly af ter I retired into the house and into> the arms ot Morpheus, and lelt the good village of Bloomfield as peaceful as it had been before the " Amateur Thea trical Company" had threatened to contaminate it with their "sublime teachings in the paths ot re igion, virtue and honor." Fort Hamilton, 1st September, 1S45. The Ball at the Hamilton House. The ball that took place on last Friday evening nt the Hamilton House, was really a most beautiful as well as splendid aflair. We have been at maay balls and fetes, from'that given to La Fayette, at Castle Garden, in 1824, up to the present time, yet we feel hound to say, that in point of gentlemanly und lady, like demeanor, elegance of dancing, elegance (f manners and dress, and high respectability oi com pany, we have not seen any thing of the kind, for the number of two hundred persons, that surpassed, in any way, this enchanting affair, got up by the en terprising and gentlemanly proprietor of the hotel, Mr. Alonzo Reed. The music was good, the danc ing was good, the supper was good, and the cham pagne was better, as it sparkled in the gentlemen s eyes as beauty, innocence and pleasure sparkled in those of the ladies. The hall room was honored and graced by Doctor E., of the Army, und his three ac complished daughters Alderman B. of thiscity, two sons, daughter and niece. Mr. M. ot Broadway with his lady and sisters. Also I Miss S. ol Ko chester; oh! what pretty eyes! Then there was 1) C. 1'., Esq., and one of the most fascinating wives on earth. Oh ! how she renovated the withered chord of mv old heart ?hut, "thou shalt not covet, vVc." She was the belle of the evening, and danced with great modesty and grace, as did all the ladies present. We had officers of the army, geiulcmeii ol ihc bar, and of the medical profession, with highly respectable merchants and others, from the neighbor hood. among whom were General B. and daughter, of Arlington House, Counseller L. S. E. Esq., and C. D. W Esq , Mr. II of Washington street, and Mr. C. of Front street, were active and eflicient managers. We hope that Mr. Reed will give us one or two such halls before the season ends, and we would re mind the gentlemen who are not boarders at the house, that as these balls and suppers are tree, the champagne, which is of the very first quality, should "suffer some" at the expense of the guests. /Vrni* vrrrons- Tankkrvilli. Mtstkriof.s.?-rhe body of a man by the naine of Timothy Sullivan, about 38 years of age, a native ol Kerry county, Ireland, who arrived in this city in the brig L. Baldwin, from New York, on the IMh instant, where he had been on business, waa found yesterday morning, about 10 o'clock, in the water *t the foot of Last Bay street, with no marks of violence about his person. He was ?een last about S o'clock on Thursday evening, and as he was supposed to have between one thousand and twelve hundred dollars in money, and as only a lew five and ten cont pieces were found about his person, the impression at first was, that he had been murdered, but as no marks of violence could be discovered about hit person, the jury of inquest has found it difficult to bring in a verdict, as to the cause of his death, and nt the pres ent time of writing havo not brought in their verdict. The decerned has resided in this community for tho last seven or eight yoars, and from what we can learn has borne the character of an honest and industrious citizen. Ha had but racantly loat hi* wife and hat laft behind him two orphan childrau.? Bavonnsfi Osorgisn, Aug. M, Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge I'urker, and Aldermen Meserole ?n'l Compton. M. C. Paterson, Ksq., District Attorney. Sept.3.? Tt ial oj Leonard H. Hodgkim for Murder? | returned.?The Court opened at 10 o'clock, and was crowded to excess. The prisoner and Livingston took i the place* occupied hy them yesterday H Bakklh, the step-lather of deceased, who was examined yesterday, resumed his place upon the stand, wishing to explain acme points in relation to his testimony on the trial yesterday He stated that the material of which the deceased's trowsera was made, was the same at that of his own, ol w hich he had a small piece, and compared them. The l oots of deceased were marked in the same manner as thoso kept In hit (wit nets') store. William McCormai k, (assistant Captain of the Muni cipal Police, sworn,) examined by Mr. Paterson.?On Sunday evening, Mr. Barker cumo to the Station House, and wanted to search lor his son; he searched, and could not find him. He want ayain with Captain Thorn on Monday evening, and could not find him; on Tuesday morning llodgkins came to the station house, and went out. and said he would search for the deceased. The father of llodgkins came subsequeut.y In company with a small hoy, and again left; on Tuesday evening Mr. Barker, a hoy named Burr and Hodgkins, came to tho Station liouso Bait said he saw Hodgkins and Livingston, and the deceased to gether on Monday. He said lie also saw them ou l ues day. Hodgkins and Livingston wero brought to tho station house on Tuesday evening, and both stated the> did not fee the deceased. 1 then turned to llodgkiu., and said to hitn ?" Now, can you look me in the lace and s.iv vou <lid not sue Burti* on Monday To which he replied, " On my honor 1 did not" On M ed nosday morning, they admitted thev ware toge'lier on Monday. '1 hey first contradicted each other in their statements, one suying one thing, and ano'hcrsav ing another thing. They then acknowledged they xveie together on Mon lay and Tuesday. Barr said, he su\v the three together on Tuesday in tho Second Kvenue ; but did not say where Hodgkins said to Livingston, " I would suffer death before I would acknowledge it, hut now as vou have done so, I will let tho whole come out He said they took a boat ami went to the Novelty Works, anil again i ot limed. ami stopped lor a tune ou tiie steps l . a church in the avenue. Crost'exnmined by Mr. Pimsit.?Hodgkins was in ens* tody all the night of Tuesday, at tno Station H.iu?e They had an oppottunity of leaving the city several times since the 33ili of February. They did not go an. voluntarily came to the Station House until they w h finally arrested on this charge They were ciiuiged with a burglary before, and in custody on the charge Charles P Bl-hss. sworn?(Examined by Mr. Pater son)?1 am a blacksmith, and was in the employ of the person who built the Niagara. 1 saw ou tho tha* boat was launched, three boys in a boat; they came up from tbo dock, line of the boys bad two small oars, and put tlieni in tbe shop where I worked ; they lelt ami re turned in half an hour. I have seen the two young men here in court, llodgkins and Livingston, at the I olico ol fice ; I said they .lid not look liko the boys who brought the oars, and 1 could not swear thoy were the same boys. It was about half past two o'clock when they came with the-oars ; 1 never swore that it wus at 11 o clock. | An affidavit signed by witness, in which he stated it was at 11 o'clock when the b vs left the oars, was here put in and admitted.) 1 have since reflected on the matter, and have changed my mind as to the time. Ma. I'rk k. ?It is not competent for the District Attor ney to use this affidavit now. Court.?Do,you object to tho reading ot it I Mr. Price ?Certainly, your Honor. Court.?The witness is entitled to use it to relresh his mC\Vi?TNKSs.?1 have since put tny mind ou tho subject, and have altered my opinion. William Fee, sworn-1 lived with a man named Pear sail, who hired out boats ; three boys come there to hue a boat in February last; Hodgkins, the prisoner, was one of the boys whocomo ; he wus the principal spokesman at tho time, and offered mo twelve shillings; I said 1 would not hire the boat to them. It was about 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning. Crott-rxamintd by Mr. Phknii-I was examined at the Police office ; the affidavit [here shown] hears my sig nature. The affidavit says it was about seven or eight ? Chaui Lf.uxk, sworn?I have known prisoner at the bar, Hodgkins, since last fall ; 1 had a conversation with him after the advertisement appeared, about the taking ol the money. He said " they never would catch BurtU. H.Strickland, sworn.?1 am keeper ol the Lp|>er Prison. 1 often heard them calling out to each other. I heard Hodgkins and Livingston often in conversation; I sometimes could not understand w hat they said. I heard Hodgkins say to Livingston, "Dan, if you blow me, I shall kill you." , ... Crots examined by Mr. ,PHtr.Nix.?I considered it was my duty to listen to what I could hear in prison ; 1 considered it my duty to communicate it to Judge Xny lor. Mr. Piiice.?Now. sir, at tho time of this conversation, were there not other charges agaimt the prisoners on which they were confined 1 Mr Pati uson.? I object to this question I have se dulously considered this fact oil through the trial, ami I will be able to show, by unexceptionable testimony, that this conversation had reference to the murder. Mr. Price.?Were they not confined at the same time on a charge of burglary f Question overruled. Witness, in continuation.?1 often heard them speak in flash language, which 1 could not understand. I do not understand Latin. They spoke in F.aglish, but in such a manner as I could not understand. Mrs. Smith, sworn.?I live in the 3d avenue, and keep a shop; I sell pies. 1 know John Andrew Smith. I sold his servant three mince pies containing raisins. 'The girl's name was Margaret. I think this was about the ?did February. This was tho only time 1 ever sold pies to my son before. ..... . .l Cross examined by Mr. Price.?1 did not make the pies myself. I bought tliem from a min in the avenue. I did not sen the contents of the pies. They were mince pres. I can't tell whether there wrerc seeds in thorn; 1 can t tell if there w ere stems in them. Mrs. Smith, (wife of John A. Smith.) iwom.-F.xatn ined by Mr. Paterson*? I remember the day the pies were sent for; I saw the pies brought into the house by " macrice D Dinlap sworn?I was employed at tho Hnrlgate Feriy in February last. Captain Thorn came there on Tuesday with Hodgkins; 1 kept a refreshment store there; I recollect that Thorn wanted to know if Hodgkins was at my place the day before; Thorn asked me " Did you bear anything ol that boy yet ' (meaning Bui til); 1 said, " Very likely that boy (prisoner) can tell where he is; he was with him the day before yester day " I saw threo bovs at my storo on Monday after noon, about four o'clock, I think the two young men in Court (prisoner aud Livington who sbt beside him) were there the third boy was smaller than either; it was about four o'clock. The Court here took a recess at half-past H. The court met atone o clock. Marciarkt Oalbsaith, the servant girl alluded to by Mrs Smith, testified she bought three pies on the "lay in question, and gave thein to the three boys who called, the smallest oi the boys was fair haired. Mr Stephen Barker, brother of Joseph D. Barker, corroborated his brother's testimony, in relation to the declarations made byprisoncr, in his (witness's) and his brother's presence. j Thomas Barn, the hoy referred to above, corroborated the testimony of former witnesses, in rolation to the fact of his having seen prisoner and Livingston on tho Mon day and Tuesday, and to declarations made by them; he heard Hodgkins say to Livingston, "We must be caretul how|we talk here, for there is some one listening all the The case for the prosecution here rested, and Mr. Phenix, in a very able and eloquent address, open ed tho case for the defence. In tho course of Ins re murks. ho stated thnt they would be able to disprove every material fact of tho case, so as to rebut the main j facts on the part of tho prosecution, and prove, beyond , tho shadow of doubt, tire innocence of tho prisoned. Defence. Ji mks Barr. the first witness called for the defence, examined by Mr. Phenix?This witness testified he saw j deceased on Tuesday morning, 36th February; and again between three and four o'clock he heard him say he on ly took twentj -five cents; heard prisoner telling him to go home; Hodgkins told witness ho would lick him ll ' Viarv SxfNNER sworn-Knows Barr; saw hor nephew and Barr with Livingston and Burtis on Monday, 34th February; her nephew and self afterwards came down to the city. . , , .. Wn.i iam Hodgkins sworn?Knew deceased: heard he had robbed his father, heard to at the public school; saw him (deceased) on Wednosday, on 3d avenue, be tween 8 and 9 o'clock; went with Mr. Barker on Wed nesday to look for Jesse. . Os> ar Hour.kins, a very intelligent lad, about twolve I yeais old, brother of last witness, neither having any re- ! fntionship to the prisoner, tostified he knew Burtis, and saw him last on the 36th February, in 3d avenue, be tween 9and 9 o'clock; knows it was ou 36th Feb. hy the hooks be took to school; had a conversation with his bro ther (last witness), and both agreed it was on Wednesday they saw Burtis, because of the class books they took to school, which were always usod on Wednesday; on that <lny my brother went out with Mr. Barker. Joseph I. Barii, (father of the boy,James Barr) sworn and examined by Mr. Thenix.?Testified his son (James) came into his (witnessed) house on Tuesday .and said he , had seen deceased; on Tuesday morning, Mr. Wright called on witness, and said ho wanted his son to go with him to tho Police nlfice; his son wont with Mr. Wright and came back in the evening; he stated he hn.t seen the j deceased on that day (Tuesday) In company with Hodg kins and Livingston. WPu.SMV Joseph J. Jennings sworn?examined by Mr.fcl ?1 knew Jesse Lee Burtis ; he was in the habit of visit ine my house to sec my son ; 1 saw him on tbe Saturday j alter the robbery wus committed ; I saw him <ui the 3rd avenue near -Mid atraet, with three other boys ; 1 was about two blocks from him; when he ?aw rric he " held down his head and went off; he separated from the hoys and joined them ngain in 30th street . I ten Mocks ; I then went back and infmmed Mrs. Barker, I than w ent to the Rtation House; I met Mr. Barker; the bovs had a gun : I disguised myself and put on a cap in i order to conceul mysell; 1 ain positive it was Jes?e I saw ^ ?Vr oVr'ljImined by Mr. Ptrr.RiCN.-I am a baker ; 11* as ?mnloved by Mr l b/.ren* in May last, one of bos s I saw i hnd aEun.Thlswitnesa underwent an ahlo cross-ciemma- I lion bv Mr. Peterson, but nothing material was r Fcited to shake his direct testimony, which went to show that he hail seen deceased on the Saturday alter the robbery. tsrsssss^^^^xwsrs th? (should were taught on Wednesdays in his school; j un that day it was usual for the scholars to bring the books required; the former witnesses, in ordinary course, should Imve brought the books required for Wednesday; 1 the prisoner's lather came for Oscar Ilodgkins to accom pany him to search for Jesse ; this was 011 Tutiday morn- 1 ing ; it was not on Wednesday. The Court adjourned to this forenoon at 10 o'clock. Portland, September 2d, 1S45. ; Enterfrize of the Blue Notes?Railroad to Mon treal. As the ihr ihl his k great many readers, and no i correspondent e.o-t et Hostun, pardon a stranger tor penning a few lines, concerning mutters and things in general in tins Aote/tag ivilrlirness, as Maine is called in IWton, hut tuo: ? particularly of an enter* prize looked upon by all candid observers, as of more importance to tins country, especially New England, than a war with Mexico, the fulfilment of Miller's prophecy, or uuv other enterprize, mcefthe Battle of New Orleans, Viz.t the Atlunttc and St. Lawrence Railroad. L-ss than a year ago tins enterprize was looked upon by many of our shrewd, sound, calculating men, including some three hundred and sixty from a neighboring St tie, cut moonshine, or in other words,asan impossibility And in fact, until our leg islature granted a charter?which for liberality, fair ness and ? quality, is not surpassed in our country's history?toiiowed by Canada and New Hampshire, I in continuation of the same road?many could not believe Maine capable of accomplishing a work 1 costing nearly two aud a halt millions of dollars to i ihe Canada line. But subsequent events prove that Maine is not only abundantly able, but willing, by ihe fact, that in less than u week utter trie books ; were opened, Portland alone subscribed tire hun dred thousand dollars, which has gradually swelled to one million, the sum necessary tor organization. English capitalists have taken the balance of the 0 uiaUiati stock, aud stand ready with anxious looks, open purses, and a reasonable anticipation of ten per cent interest, to catch the few crumbs that tall from Maine's subscription books. Judging from present appearances, this magnani mous undertaking will he speedily accomplished, when each successive sun snail witness a train or cars winding their way through the interstices of this "howling wilderness," laden with the inexhaustible treasures of the mighty West?when Maine shall i assume a name and i?luce she is destined to occupy, i at no future day?first and foremost in agriculture, ; manufactures and commerce! Maine has come te the rescue! Fuhny Scene in Washington.?The President as you have doubtless heard, has recently been | making tours of "inspection" (so callud) through all the ' different bureaus ana departments, just as the overseer I of a large manufacturing or agricultural establishment occasionally takes the round among his employees, to see that each understands his respective duty and is not slack in its performance. Well, the other day ho paid a visit of this sort to the treasury department. The head of one of the bureaus, who has been in office very long, and is more than suspected of harboring whigism, (and heuco somewhat apprehensive of the " guillotine,") was peculiarly polite and agreeable to " his excellency," car rying his affability, perhaps, to a stupid excess. Among other" reforms" suggested by the bureau-man to the | ['resident, was one in relation to procuring new I "fixtures," as it was represented that those in use were I totally inadequate to the preservation of the very nu ! inerous and important public papers committed to ; his safe keeping. " And now,"said he, " merely to give j you an idea of the kind of places in which we are com; i pelled to stow away our papers, let me open one of the j drawers here Rt the same time suiting the action to I the word. The drawer was revealed, when, lo, and be} | hold, the eyes of the President were greeted with the ; sight of a bottlo of porter, a paper-bag lull of biscuit, and a huge Bologna sausage The surprise depicted on | the countenance of the chop-fallen dignitary, would pre j sent a picture well worthy the pencil of a Hogarth, but ' your correspondent begs to be excused from any attempt i to portray it. He sought relief from his delicate posi ' tion by assuring the ProsideBt, that these luxuries did not ! j belong to him, but had been deposited there by one of j the clerks, whose stomach, probably, had rebelled against the ten-hour system. The President replied, with characteristic naivelti , that ho considered these fix- . teres as fully adequate to contain all such " numerous : ind important public papers," and that no further reform j in this respect was needed. Supreme Court.?Tuesday, Sept. 2.?Special Terra?Mr. Justice Beardeley preiuding.?Benedict ot al. vs. Owen?motion ex parte to amend judgment re cord?granted. Whitfield vs. llaight et al.?motion that an appearance be entered by another attorney for de fendants, in the place and stead of J. W. Osborn, de ceased, or that plaintiff proceed as though no appear auce had been entered?granted ex parte In the mat ter of tlie application of Kellogg et al. for a certiorari? granted ex parte. In the matter of the application of iliewster for a commission to take a deposition?granted ox parte. Fuller ads. Holt et al.?motion that the bond given by plaintiff for security for costs, be delivered up lor prosecution?granted ex parte. In the matter of the application of 1'. W. Kngs for a writ of alternative man- J dam us to the Board ol Education of the city of New York?granted without opposition. Griffin ads. I'latt? motion to sot aside default, Sic. granted, defendant to have twenty days to plead, Sic. Baker etal. vs. Jenkins, sheriff, Sic.?motion for a commission granted. In the matter of the application of I ivingston tor a commission ' to issue to take a deposition?granted ex perte. Camp- t bell ads. Connick- motion to set aside capias granted without opposition. See ads. See?motion to set aside and vacated default and uli subsequent proceedings, Sic.; el. Griffin vs the 'Judges of granted. The People ex. rel. __ the New York ? ommon Pleas ?Motion for an alterna tive mandamus directed to the fudges of the Court of Common Pleas of New \oih, granted. Veaplc ads. Van Demark.?Motion for leave to take bond from files, for the purpose of prosecution ; granted, ex pnrte. Rose crants ads. Douglass.?The like. Yeaple ads. Van De raark.?The like. Rosec rants ads. Douglass.?Tne like. ?Albany Argus. Life at Saratoga.?A correspondent of the Syracuse Journal, writing from Saratoga, gives the lotlowing item ol fashionable amu'emonts at that great watering place :?" A great number of distinguished di vines have visited Saratoga duiiug the present month. Throwing off the cares ami anxieties for their churches, when they arrive hero, they also lay aside that ministerial austerity and severity, in which they are too olten en shrined at home, and mingle with the gay crowd, as though they were ol " like passions as other men " It is customary at the Union Hall, to attend prayers every evening at 7 o'clock. There is usually dancing and other amusement in the saloon, but when tho hour arrives, all, with one consent proreod to the dining hall, where sonic cleigvmnn officiates ; after which the dance is re sumed and 'continued not later than 10 or II o'clock Theso proceedings appear to bo legarded by all with complacency and favor: no objection is offered, no fault found. Our best men were present and shared the gen eral joy." This is probably all right, but it does seem to us.that the prayers and dancing should be kept a little further apart. , Providential Escape.?Maj. Wm. Bloodgooil of Albany and two of his children, had a very nar row escape ot their lives on Tuesday morning, from the bolting of his horses in a barouche that he was driving. It appears that the horses became alarmed when near the heud ol Stato street, by meeting with some companies of militia going "a-training," an.I that his first efforts to stop them were frustrated by the breaking of the chains on the bits. Retaining his scat and the reins, howf ver, Major Bloodgood guided the horses, even in their mad career, with a firm and skillful hand,and had partially succee led in checking their speed when the carriage was overset in Market street, most fortunately without injury to those within. Port Captains.?Mr. Bancroft, the Secretary of the Navy,has dis|*>nsed with the Port Captain at this itation, and directed that hereafter the command of the Commandant of the Yard will extend to the station and all 1'. States vessel* afloat, except the receiving ship which will he commanded separately only until the cap tain of that ship shall bo junior to the Commandant of the Yard. A similar arrangement will doubtless be made at Norfolk, where there are fort Captains, New York and i! it has not already. This is a itnlioiou* arrangement, and one which will save to the government several thousands of dollars annually. There is no need what ever of a Tort Captain.?Boilon Pott, Sipl.3. Railroad Trials.?Mr. James Fowle, of 1 lamp tun, N. II., hud two cases tried ugumst the Eastern Railroad company, at the late term of ttio Common Plea* in Portsmouth. The first was for depriving tho endants, by plaintiff of "air and light." which the defendants, by an order of the town of Hampton, had been obliged to uo in building a bridge near his residence. The jury gave to Air. fowle damages in the amount of $775. The other case was for the loss of a cow, which bad been run over and killed by the engine. The defendants proved that the usual notice of tho whistle was given, and every precaution was taken, notwithstanding which, the cow was kiilsd, and the cars were forced from the track ? The plaintiff was nop-suited. Charck of Suave Dkalinil?Capt. Thomas Du- j ling was yesterday brought before Recorder Vaui, ' and held to bail in the sum of $6000 for a farther hearing > this morning, on a charge of being concerned in the ? slave trade. The accusation is founded on certain do cument transmitted to the Government by the American consul at Kio de Janeiro, and charges the defendant with a violation of the 3d and i<l sections of the act ?t Congress of the 10th ot May, IWOO, while commanding an American vessel called Washington's Barque.?i'hilaitrl- [ pbia Ltdgtr. b* team bo at Accident.?The steamboat Columbia broke Iter shaft last night on her passage up, when just below C aldwell's Landing. The Rochester brought tip tier passengers. The night boats this season are eitlioi miseiuhlv out of order, or else afflicted with a mania lor breaking down. The safety of the travelling public requires that althar should he oerrected.?jilbavy Jitlat, bspf. 3. Varieties. A fort is in prosrress of erection at Rouse's Point, on an Island in Lake Champlain, of which the United State* came in possession by the Ashburton treaty. The work was commenced last year under the direction of Captain Brewerton. The ground not being ?olnl, pile* have been driven to a great depth in the earth, on which timber* are laid ; then a thick floor and after that the *toue-work. The Plaltiburg (.V. Y.) Republican, ?ay? that the foundation requiring great care and (kill, admita ef hut slow progress. The tort, when completed, will be 40 or 60 feet high; and as it ia situated within a few rod* ol the channel of the lakt, (which i* here but 00 rods wide ) wilt be able to destroy anything afloat which may attempt to pan* it. There are now upward* of 100 men employed by the day, and they are constantly in creasing Lieu'. Mason has assumed the superinten dence of the work. A horrible murder was perpetrated at Springfield, Tonn., two weeks since, in open day. Two negro slaves hail gone out with their master with axes, and when they returned they gave such excuse for his absence a* induced the family to hope, he was in the neighborhood. Upon investigation it was proved that the slaves had murdered their master, and, as was supposed, in order to obtain his money. The writer of a letter from Galena, 111., Bays he learned from the Superintendent of the United States lead mines at that place, that the amount ot lead shipped from that district this year will reach 60.000,000 pounds. The quantity shipped last year was 43,000,000 pounds. The reward tor the apprehension of the murder ers of Colonel Davenport, at Rock Island, 111 , has been increased to $2,i00?the Governor of the State offering $1009, and his friends $la00. A convict, just released from the penitentiary, has given^mo clue to the where abouts of the villains. Captain Frit-bee. has been acquitted of all charges relative to the accident recently on hoard the brig liatchee, near St. Louis. It was caused by n delect in the boiler-head, und not by any carelessness or incom petency of those concerned in the navigation of the vessel. Major A. J Donelson reached Nashville on Satur day evening last, on his return from Texas He remain ed at his post as Charge until he had fully discharged all tbo duties which devolved upon him The Magnetic Telegraph between Boston and Lowell will be completed and in operation in a very few days. A meeting of the parties interested in the Buffalo and Albany, Albany and New York, and Albany and Boston, will be held at Utica one day this week. Orrin De Wolf, under sentence of death, in the jail at Worcester, for the murder of William .Stiles, has had his sentence commuted by the Governor and Coun cil, for imprisonment tor life in the State 1'rison. The St. Louis papers are felicitating themselves upon the prospect that, w hen the magnetic telegraph is completed from Washington to their city, they will be able to report the speeches in Congress a few minutes before they are delivered, in consequence of the diffe rence of longitude between the two places. The Angelica Reporter gives an intimation of two respectable young men,both of respectablefamilies,living in the same neighborhood in one of the towns of Allega ny county, and in prosperous circumstances, swapping wives?the ladies taking to their new homes all the pro perty they had on their first matrimonial alliance. The above journalTurther states that no difficulty had everoc cured between any of the parties, and that no reason is given for the strange reciprocation.?Ruchetler Daily Judge S. J. Hitchcock Qied on Saturday evening, : at New Haven. At Concord, on Monday, there was an attempt to , commence the trial of William Wyman, for matter* in reference to the Phmnix Bank management. After some skirmishing among the lawyers, including Webster, the ' caso was to be commenced on Tuesday morning, i If, as stated in the New Orleans accounts, our troops in Texas have plenty of fish at all the ports, fresh I beel at two cents a pound, and plenty of deer just for shooting, the war is not likely to effect the Eastern pro vision market s very essentially. During the seven months of the present year, there has been built at Cincinnati seventeen steamboats, with an aggregate tonnage of 3,215 tons, and at an aggregate cost of $243,000. The State of Massachusetts has this day re i ceived a dividend of $:IO,000 on its shares in the Western Ilailread. On the 20th of February last it received a like amount, making the total sixty thousand dollars. The Hon. George M'Dutfiie arrived in Hamburg ! on Monday last. His health has greatly improved. He 1 has returned again to his home at Abbeville. Three Millerites of Athol, have been arrested as common railers and brawlers, and for assault and battery, and committed to the House of Correction. A Paris letter published in the Boston Atlas, says that "Mrs. C , an American lady, some seventy odd years of age, has been led to the altar by a gallant Eng lishman, who has not seen thirty summers.'' The Legislature oi Alabama will in future meet j biennially. The question was submitted to the people at the recent election, and the majority in favor of the re striction was very large. Two Cricket Clubs have been established at Cin cinnati, to cult.vate this truly interesting and manly ex i ercise. A report, without foundation, has been circulation in New Jersey, that the widow of Peter Parka bad con fessed that she knew who committed the Warren mur j hers; that six persons were engaged in them, ot whom I ( arter was the most active, and that Peter Tarke was 1 present but took no actiTe part. It was established by Captain Fremont, in his Ex ploring Expedition, that there is no river of any navi gable ai/.e which has its outlet direetly into the J'acific, and communicates with the western slope of our continent, except the Columbia, between fifty degrees of northern latitude and the Gulf of California. The Rev Dr. Atonzo Potter officiated on Sunday in St. Peters's Church, Albany, for the last time, prior to his entering upon bis charge as Bishop of this Episcopal Diocese. The Cortland Democrat states that Senator Bart lett has received the appointment of Commissioner, from the War Department at Washington, to examine the vast mineral region, bordering on Lute Superior, in connec tion with Gov. Todd, of Ohio. The Chicago pedestrians are in advance of their ^porting neighbors along the lakes. A coarse was re cently opened at that place, and last week a match for a given sum against a " stack of oats " came oft', which created considerable mirth. The New Orleans horse won his winter's fodder. A simple cure is proposed in the Albany Argus for Diarrhoea. Three strawberry leaves eaten green, ore sail to be an unfailing and immediate cure for summer complaint, diarrhcea and dyseutery. Stiawberries are out of season, but the green leaves can be had. The Alexandria Canal Company, on whose work there has up to this time been no toll charges, have com menced collecting tolls on all boats and cargoes passing tlnough their canal from Monday last. The charge on ilour is one cent per brl. through the whole seven miles. Assistant Vice-Chancellor Sanford will hold a term of the Court for the vacant Sixth Circuit, at the i ourt-house in Ithaca, on the fourth Monday of Septem ber instant Tne Port Huron (Michigan) Observer states that British engineers are daily expected to lay out fortifica tions at Fort Edwards, nearly opposito Fort Gratiot. The increased activity and business to be seen along the docks, evince the commencement of the fall trade, which all concur in saying is likely to be good this season.?Albany Atlas, Sepl. '2. At the recent commencement at Transylvania College, Kentucky, the honorary degree of D. D. was conferred on Francis Hodgson, of Trinity Church, Phila delphia, and the llev George F. Pierce, of Georgia. The honorary degree of L. L. D. was conferred on the Hon, John Woods of Ohio, and the Hon. W. C. Rives of Vir ginia. Hon. Mr. Bragg of Milford, formerly a Senator from Worcester county, in the Legislature, has had the misfortune to lose one ol his eyes. A piece of the heed of a nail, which lie was driving into a box, flew off and lot his eye, causing its loss. The 23d of ."September has been appointed for the consecration of the Right Rev. Bishop elect of the Pro testant Episcopal Church of Pennsylvania. Bishop Hop kins. of Vermont, will deliver the sermon. The church in which the ceremony will be performed, has not yet been decided on. They had a thunder shower at Taunton, Mass., a few days since, which was an hour in passing orer the town; ihe rain lell dnriig the time to the depth of wn incAt* on a level! SamuelMumnta, Esq., one of the gentlemen nom inated by the Whigs ot Washington f ounty for the next House of Delegates, has declined serving. The latest accounts from Lexington state thatCas sius M. (.'lay is recovering from his sickness. The Union Hotel in Georgetown, D. C? an ex tensive property, was sold last week for $7,700. The Democratic voters ol Providence, had a grand clambake in the neighborhood of that city on Sa turday last. Speeches were made and clams devoured to a considerable extent. A heavy thunder storm passed over this city and neighborhood on Saturday morning, between one and two o'clock A barn belonging to Mr. Creak. of Cote St Luc, about three miles from town, was set on fire by the lightning and burnt to the ground.?Montreal Herald, September 1. The trial of Captain Gray waa progressing, at Newcastle, Pa., on Monday, but no testimony has been produced calculated to show thet he was engaged In the slave trade. At half-past one o'clock, counsel rone-laded their argument, and court adjourned to meet at half-past two, when the Judge delivers the charge. Affidavit, re specting the slander in the Ledger was made that morn ing, and an attachment issued for libel. Mr. George Gmnshaw was shot dead about a week since, at his plantation on the Ouachita, in the par ish of Caldwell, in Louisiana, by a young man named George W. ({agents, and. as it would seem, without any provocation llagents has been committed to prison, and the magistrate has refused to take bail in his case.?N.O Hte, .Hug. M. O'Blennts, who was accused of the murder ot young Combs, was brought before Judge Debiieur, in riaouemine, a few days since, end admitted to ball ie the sum of $1<,000.-1* O. Pitaywu, dw"M

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