Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Eylül 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Eylül 1845 Page 1
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MMH _ _ ? ??? T HE NEW r O R K HERALD. Vu?. JCi . ?!??. ?37... ^ feou Ro. RlOfl. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 8, 1845. Pri?? Two Cone*. T iiE Nii YV_TOR E_HERAL!J. mm Gimoofv PBJMTZ Proprietor, f irculation---Forty Thousand. DA1LV HERALD?Every day. Pries 3 ceaU- dm ???].)??S7 5 per annum?jpyabli ui advance. EKKLVHtSR.aO?Etcry fteturday?I rico^i cents icr cony?S3 IJ> coi ts pel an turn?payable in ? "v?nc.e Al>v*'dTi.^KMKNTK ot n?n? f-'i. i in k !v?-'co? ' HINT;NO 01 lUi kfOdt ???-.( r .i: Nsi.. 7 t* ';>."tch S}? *IJ f?u. ?' <?? mmuaieti-do., ly n ml,r..'M,\v :o.j '?v. ???"?? ih ?>lir'..,r?,nt, l". "?:* '"o linn? ,K\ ry as |< v 1 !, il^u . 1 nflwi the uev . .? J4MSI <u>nn6 i f r, J f," i" Ntw Toiff !!*Uli.O I'.-ri HUit J'h'Y* "I '.rinwwi^naja:m? jurjfsm^-rtrr ? ton M.?n?Kvmie:A I'NITJU) (STATES MAIL, LINE TO UALTIi'oitJC. fiWC S3. MILALELWIA, '.vi L.,TON AND HALT' "ionP. <tUI.RO.\T> I INK. 11 Wiliuitigtoa, Newark, Llktnn, ll.ivro ai'' triii .v.. :n BpE Morning Line?Through inti limn s Tht. t 'a-., leave i' o Dnpot, rorir of II lb .ml Market sen uts daily (nzcept Sunday atEo'clock A.M. NEW CASTLE AND FRHNCHTOV/N RAIL U'.'A O AND STEAMEDAT COMPANY. AiWllOOO Li.lO The* o cibcit HO!JETl! Mollislm Capt. Doue's*s, Icnvte D ck ?r w htrf daily, racepr Hun (I >, at At o'? loek P. M. Fire S-3. The ,v? L e le>m Baltimore as follows, viz : By Car* rom Prist I street, depot ?t9o' lock A. M. Hv* .o.iiib'at, iroin Bow ley's whof nt U o'clock P.M. >>U V DAY M \M. LINK. The only l.ine f. r ICIi in re ? n Sand ,,, , leave* the depot, 11 h J V. 'lift %ti, at 1 o'clock P. M. Fa. e S3. WIIE' LIVO AND P TPSBUItGH Tickets III ngl, to Wheeling r Pit' ,tough C"n be procured either i I c iepot, Blrwiih eud M rkettte. oi oo Ivwrdilu boat, and ii Ii "uecn Tli rd it, m ar I' e out, Li.ilail. I phi a I lire to \V heeling $|J; to Pittsburg S>T (i. H. IIUDDELI., .iyeut kor furtkei information. apply to J. L SLKMMF.R, at the office of Adams Sc Co. 17 Wall strain, .9. V. June S4th. 18-15, jejll >m ise MORNL\G LINE AT 7 i'Ci.OtJN, algrAno^ KOR ALBANY. TKOi' c/t<i interini-diaM ri^ !1i.r*H>l nidinRa, from the Steamboat Pier at the toot o L ?e.*Kw)CL.*:?r?lr>ystr<e't. ihv.ikiiuitand Dinner on board the boat. :'i,Len. N-tc Vork nt 7 o'clock, A M., TneiJnye, Tlmrjil it? r.'.,l Snteril v, mid Tioy et U o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A M. do,.day , \V eon?<tl: y and Kridiiy. Tlit- low*|?tvM?urf steaoilioat TUOV, i 'Apfnin A. i>o;har/M on Tilt I l'?irnj:r, * and Saturdays, <t7 r?V?n?:k. Tli** 4i.c:u!iliOHt NIAiUH.A, r?ytiin A. i>egroo(f on Mon day, tVifilneiduy anil Erniny, at 7 o'clock. }>' >r ;?.? ?. rrp or irembt, upidv on board, or r.o ?. D. Hall, at tba office on Iti- v\ h.?* rf, Ndtic?*?All gondii, freight. baf;i; bill?, u- ri^, ox an/ otr i i *wi? 1 of Frnin*ity 1 ken, shsi j?t n or j?ut no. board ibin boat, muHt Iv ?i tbe ri4k of t)a? owners o( such gocbi, biF ^twre, t&\ NOTICE (OHkf &SZ^*2? fc.TAT.--lN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT OK WHITEHALL STREET The Stenoiboatv HV LP! I mid -iTATKN ISLANDER 'a ill lc.'tv. New York every hour exreot 5 I'. M , cocimeociii^ at 8 A ?V, until 7 F M l^nrca Statin l<cJaii(lt?Tery hour fhCe^ I ?. M. ' ? otne '.cinyf hi fi A Si., unit) 7 P. M. N. 11 * i 'i. Mund vs the Boats i 11^ !<rav? <*v?ry hour from I . . Luvii \ i'. 1VL, hjuI frotn \ i*. i>i. until 7 F. iVj., ewiy iiall hum. iv 12 rl>" a \ri W aLi5ANV AN Is :fWY Uft? <m ?OH AieiiA.V A SD TROV DIRK AT a?'?/.7 o'clock, F. M ?Nim steanr ?I t vl i""S"'s-.V ..#?'kL rni )?:, {'R???.ain ?i i;. lMacy, W-Jl '.-a* the steJcntuiar pier foi;t of I ourrlaudf nr'M every Tl'.t .L . , Thr'- isNyn d K>.tu?rduy Afreiuoou, at 7 o'clock The nt -TTi ruLt'MB! A, f-'epf^in Wm. H. Fecfe,cycry M'Miday, VVc'hif lay i.a! FHrtav Rh.^nvui. nt 7 o'clock ctr'.T*.n,?- r* vpi'.1, or *.. t ? t ' i ?.!??? rO S1IIF BU1L0KRR, SHU" UWNtR ? CAPT.UNH Tlic Auxiliary Steam Ship MAsSACllUS li'f'TS. ^ ^ Tins fine .'.itp. boilt for C?pr. Forbes, or y^Kr''.{ ?* B''?t,,n. Ii 11 It ni snpiili-d %nih ertry un A/A I f L^i'mvemeat a? reynrds her conve: e 'Jtt-H a, J nc.'O'iiliioilllioin fcr passer, ere. The (anili ?radeSl:^223i^ H'l'irti* is weR de'.crvini; the sttcntien of all th -?e c.nic n eJ ,u sli pping. Genii, meu c uveriant with the e d., ule an will pleneu allow the mannfactttrer to ?.?k ih ml otoe the whole ?rra, gen ent of this department of this splendid ship; nun ,.ny oidefi they may give w ill he po: c ta.lly a;ie aled t; their obedient servant, \v\ H. WHITELEV, 23 AVeter st Boston. 5Ia,s UX VI To ON ??l.t ,J BRITAIN AMI !tfELAN!>? IYhoum wisliiug to remit mo <rLA*&: ;*S&. uev inendiii my part of England * iff?liarfw**h>? itflaiid. Swhiifl ci ,l' '1-1. ci? be pippin, v x . ;J.a, npUiit night, without dia count, lor nay amount, Oram xl upwards, ?t the follow ms plactu. vit' In K??' National nod Provincial Bank of hug land; Met* -.J. Bai.ied et Co . Exchange and Discount Bunk. Liverpool; Messrs. .1 auies Bill t 4t London, and branches throughout I' litfi'O'd and Wales. I < ;? i > ami.? The N tioiihl Back of Ir-laud, nnd I'rovin H ink mil! branches throughout h elm d. in dcoiland?Tt;< Eastern Bank of tkcotlaiid, NaUouni Ilii k of Sr I "i.l (.Irtruoek U.n.kiiiK Comimuy, and branches tl i i'.IKhotll S-oiliuid Th-ateuiinihip Cambria, v ii? irom Boatou Ou the ,6th Au mst br svhi-h all draftscan be forwarded (nee. AppITto * W U J. 1\ TAP9CO'JT, h M re. T* Sooth *r. nor Mnidfii haa. ryriii r i 3.5TV/Ei N NEW i'Oivh. 1NP LIVERPOOL jn ? TUB (ireni Wi.tern Ship Co:n;i ? '1!'^ i: ' "?team S!iI - ' '*???? t'KKA'r W^TKRN. !7tn ton,, !"r:e.',ov"-'r- ? *? MattS:ew'' i -mall BRITAIN, 3.J00 tons, i."''(fl horse p iw*r, | eiitcmi.t jumes llosken, A. N., CotDEWudeo"- are intended re ? ai fo' 1 ??>, ? GREAT WESTERN. , , hc/ii I iverpnol. | From N^w "or*. Wrd.iy August 23 i Thursday Sept. 18 11. I Tlllirsdn" Not. OR HAT BRITAIN From Liverpool. From New York. Satniuiy luly'iG, IMS ?tartliday ?*!?. 27. tfai ui'dny Nov Saturday August 33 Saturday Oct. 23 , ... __ Saturday .I)eo 20 1* are i tliriat Western, $103 and S*1 Stew nxis' I'Ve*. per fir-at Brit, li, lr. m $110 to $12 , (ro d Si S ew ard's fc, .) . ilnig "i the size and position of th- State Rooms Korftei i "? r ? or other information, app.y to 1 KICK MID IRV1N, JIT 2aw4ni ? r 99 Front street. HALIFAX A?? LIVERPOOL. TDK Royal Mail ste . ? Ship, CAM lik BRIA ifl VihkJ!j!jk. BRIA t.U it Of MNIA. will lea.c Boston * !:'iLsarafc (' r rise '.So- . pon. as fellows, viz:? fi ?r?i WtUi i' aXWllSs HamVu, *1 I". Ju<'J? ? 'a*)., Commandoi, Attmiat. 16 t*-i il orrnin. VI * ";tir. P.-, '.'I'um.'uder,..Hepteoiber I,IfiA fuui ?!,. Liverpool. ? $12*J. "-.1 ?! . ' 'ilati lie, apt lr io ?i B'llti I1 A 'v . (r.. nvfii' I Well i WteL- BLACK HALi OR OLD LINK Oh LIVER wQdTVPOOL PACKET:!?For Lisetpool, only nrnlur -ki t ofthi> 18th of :-ep'emtier i .i now .mi eelebr t-n fmt sailillR f -v.irite paeke? afc-p i yORKSHIilE. itf.p tim? littitilHm.f up'. D O.Builuy,Will nail mm iir, on Tuesday, 16tli ^'eiiteinh-r. It is oi l nowrii ti -.t the Rccammudiitioof of the Vo. n .hi. t art fit'out . a troilrnperb and Costly manner, sviili r-ery in "ii-rn iiti|iroveioent ntvl r ;uiveit pffe. th t cannot but add to i the c mf t of tii'isr ? nbaikintf. IVrsiui i yiailiii-jh* #M toun try, should rail and aee th splendid ap.-cimen of nave arclii- i tenure bslorerop'Ringeli -wliere. -or i" nK- in cilitii, seroiidcabin and atectnge, eal.-appli. <? : >,, ? lion ! I ?? imnle on ' aid foot of Beekuiat) it, or to,he H'lbs ril i. RO'Tlr , BROTIiLK-St CO. ii r'nlti'ti si, next doo to toe Fulton Bnrk, New 1 ork. P. B ? The 1 Itwltim ? dj from Liverpool en li, I it N hn. "Hi'endiutf forlliisit trieiei,C'lilhave .hem brom'rit en! i. In roe in ouy of ilw e aht (acHtl MHMkfM tjhf "Block Ji .11 I* i.e # ? ill.)-' from Livei pool, o: the Ut aud 18ui of each "lontli For ; ye in dy as above. k,D"-fs 1 kiuii' I. rauv auioiiiit diav, ii direct on the Roy d .?tot i mi, 'id in .\le???r, Pr-icott, Orute, Arne* fit t "ike**, London, yvln Ii < n p.i.l fiee ol'any iliseotmt or any ci is* ? r in ?? i ry 'ouii throt>i:'iOiit Liiglaiid, Itcland, (Scotland olili \>a',is. ''he f v. rit-;i. clo;t ship ('??? h-idvo Will anecerd the ?u0-? pncliat. unl anil for Liven ool on the 1st Letobrr, |,or lei{ular osy. lY REOLLAR LINi. OKPACKK.TB H W? N r. IV OHLMfis?Pick i, of the 3th ''."it ?The *2iiaSeafciii|dendi ! .md fist mi imtpnehet >!iip VI' ("SB'TltO 'i.i . \V. C. Beiry, wid j -it punctually as above, tier .'..,;a larday. , T he anomtnodatioas of this ship lot eahtn. seenndcabin and rte< i ? pa aeuyrr a e very superior. The (hit1* of tins I i ... mivi i rum In* ctdtoeirri :uhirtrips,iiid w ill ? 111 JunCtu ; ly tor, Monday. t'ero' i is i Hint to fern? beri1 s, t.honld make early app 1 i"s? lion mi hoard. Ire; of Malik l lone, or to W. t. .1 T TATsrOTT, s'i.c 7', Sonrh streat, for Maiden Lane. n. ; . K"R HI. \SIii I W?Ite,mar t a: lo t ?1 It- wi.l! lAvdT;. kuowu. Hat ami, .a ,.?,e SAK.Vf ? N sntiyon., d. n '< 'Iihiih I .1 Hawk hi.'., in ster.hartnK one h.iilnt |* ' ; itJetl, will hare immediate e-io-.tch. For b." ,iice td freight or pass go. hating ezcilbnt accom mod nin pidy to toe Oj, iin on undid, toot of 11 vi-r arret *, E. II., or to VfOODItm.l. A 'INTURN.S7S ???h vtrarl V!e> .a -i'--. p.ieket t irijue ADAMCAMH Rolmrt Si it. it i ier. will anceoetl tho Bnraeeii, tfiili 1 I' OR l.h F.RPOOl,?The fail tailing eopiier fa* ?MMfVteni iiiii.di jppt-il ship hOLTllEU'sfcn, T. D. it.'tfi "kiwi ..tiier, mauti i. will have dint? dispatch I ii.' I,t or a ' ",e. h-vniK escvlle it urrmnin d atio.u , J i ly t" i ? i. ij t .in, o i'd. i't Ii.os ?e I ?t wharl, or to stjrii WtiQDllULl. h MIN TURN, ?7 Sonrh St. R5R ht.-kiTTOh. n b?With Dmmri ?*??! impl-I f.oi. ned, flist class British slop ?Wl Tiut-Otj D .MAIDaTONK, Capinin Artliiimld Ta lot wall. I dy in a r note of days to receive rare , hud liar* (1e-|?ireh fi rlhe aliovu port. I' iriiei lit nvCabin pisssRe, having statn room .aeeommoda tinns, apply till heard, loot of Clintoa at, or to I lie suhserl eta. ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO. r-6 ill li Kultou at, next door to the Fulton Bank l/ili'ltw I1 '''1 LIVK.llFOoL-fiie New LiiieHROittikr HusV "'Ci'ol September.?'Th- superior ftsf r. eiDg 111 mar ni'l'temner.?'l lif superior I irt r.nlin JWMtti'.nlui ship m/EEN OK THE WEST. 12 .ii lor .. ( apt Kin lip \\ oiidlioose, drnlge, will sail as above, lier regular day For freight or pas-age, hav mg splendid, larae and comfortable state Moms mid cshin, appiv on hoard, west side Rur'ingslip, orto WOODHULL k MINTCRN. 87 South sueet. Price or pnssige $100. The packet ahip il ich-ster, 800 tons, ( apt. John Brlfton. r. ill suerei d the ((keen of the West, anil sail nn her regit lar day, 81st October. jrjr Ml LI .'S FALL .STYLE WELLINGTON NOW READ V, ?i tin' w,ll kuowu t.t&blifchineiit, l.C j**- Ur>. dw*>, i>? r<l liuliM, it tiac fall')* inj; j.ricc*. : First quality Nutria Si 5fl 1 I do (lu Kirst Jo Mole Itiiu . 4 40 , 2 j ?}" HO 'd UO do ;i (^0 < J D Torteu mkI It. J. Tifftuy would fv picked to ? their 1 rit.-d i.s above. < j Im'rh I'M K ??' v LI sf V LK OK * J?\VTLE MEN'S HA TS AR1' ?*') W U'r. Af)'/ t?>r th?* seusoQ, 184.5, which for tfhtnef and ? ?r.*';ioiity .#( color camp L be lurjw^eti, , v. . h i* * v ?y ir?. irt- : oh. of H?, 1'at. retaining the coior , Lulu worn out. \> a. ticse sc Id iu rhn. ,l!i hmtm is i.e *? r sen , <1 i iu soil f?-r w.Vr. t ; Alto, th' All style , of b Slid I-1 ?ldrr:;\ (*t, gt of ? -trioi *. ps'.tiTus. bwiji-men i cm*. have Ju?ir ht k nude u order vt *?vfchppe or styh thy/ wi*?. KNOX, HO K"h..' at, /?::?$ lrn*m V'vVr?*-ii William and Nsvan *t?. A X TJ UG rw . ' AT*r BO TSANl- MHOKSin the rlty.-T. /fr to. M \Il PIN hv* tv.'ai iu'ied a new :*nt! fn?hi< ?>abV Boor J! nr?ii Shoe Store, No- 2 0 Krlttili street, between Church JK and (iivenw:rh Itx., where ti? would be hupp/ to moJ-te those who m^v patronise him. Bon'* m^de fo ^riler, of the he-it tmtctri-'ii* $!>; boou foo'ei ?3 50; ;.h ?ex, ?' Also mid to order, ft?r tnesjore mte<. opera a<?u t pwKui lea tnerbo.n* u ice't, pumps audi In icy colored ><lipucrs N. li?i'lie gre te&t cy# uk?*n to ensure a handsome *nd eiy it, ?? d? J' -I the foot fk-u, cud h l**t made nod kej t ex po. ;?1> for r ich customer. K p iri.ijc ot all kinds neatly tit cuted at the flhoitef Terms r *h. ??ill2v'*ih ~ . H>K Mlb.NCil UOU'lK Kul; St )0, ( 1 r V MA UK At ~Korstyle?nd durablity thev ore equal to thoio sold in ochi.'r stores for $5 : five Kreurh imperial tiros* Boqu j!?4 made co oriler f??r S4 UO. to those ma%ie iu other fafoies for and $7, uud ?vfnrtiif ?i to c;i\o a fitfaction, at li UlN 11 ti JON fcji' Kit orb Imperial Boot and Shoe Miiju f .cturiii,; Uepot, or e of the ii.ost I .shio .ahle Hoof ami? Shoe ?.?tabli*hmenu iu tins nry. Ueutletoeii th??i are in wnut of ap.ii.-ef dress Bo-its, will fn.d a saving of fifty per cent h\ Ktittuiif thi-m tf c*. Aleiid'i t al -) ?!o? e io fh- iitor - vry M. YOl'NGik H. ft. JONKR ill? lini-i*? C No \iiii at. in ..i !*"pM')wav? New V*> rlc. OSh 'ILL B VA BIj^i tkh Ktci:et, htiiwee and " cl Avciiut and ue -rlr opposi:a Bull's ll^ad AT lu?t arrived from the e untry, uud for s-le nt th ab^ usi Uih- , fO ilorce^, ao on^ wdch are t- ur trofiiuc h I'ieJ, 2 f it picnic do , several pairs fsiin hoises. "Oire fii t, c.irt horves, a le <v good road and *t horses, and ship< era. s3 2:u*ric K M NOMTil lilJf, i r ) rietor 7\iR SALE. A HOLTSANI> LOT u ihecitv of Duff lo, si'ui r.Mlf vd om YVwl ? ?nt sr, rii-iuiug throuch to Pi.i;t t?in ?cirf?lb\ 8? I Vet The hu'luuq; <n it is n clou-le one, 2 st a hiith, fined in w ith brick from ce'l-r to artic, nudlauh fully fi isheil, and about Hi years old. llaa ;;o<?d well ami cis tern of exi el e?.i water on i!ie pr. m?ses. 'i his property will he sola ro isoii.ibty for cs It and will no d ui ,t prove- n p ?bd iuvesr ii-ent, aa - here ban been a uutuber of ? uil-ii its put up iu its vi c nity * he present summer, ii'iil is rapidly in* re ?nui? hi ralue.? Apply to GLO. LUDLUW BJKIDE, U Wall at. WANTED TO~PIrHCHA8E, A SM ALL two story Dri k H? u-p, sittinted went of Broad way, !?? iwcen Leotnid and iluutouhis, fur which a liberal pro e will be paid. Apply to m; twrrc < *!'.(> LI DLOW PRIDF, 41 Wall st. M\ A 11 OS' ? K. KO It S A L K-?Tie- llou-e nnd Lot No. I"?' K"ui(!i street, neui ?be Sixth areune, ai.d ?;eolv* op cKAtllL ?1 -it- the VVathiii^ton P.;r?d? Oroiiud Apply as above. an liu*inc 1 O Lb T?A *u it cd' i on ins. consist ii.* of n ii^.d-oiui llliif U Loom Mid Parlor n, t. e tiM floor, front i nH .mAA'ear bedo> iu* with pniuries aud w;iid?oot 4 convent ?ntJ > ..r aii^r d f .r a hoy;e fitmily, lor tlie w ii.tvr, - it handsernt ly a ,.d new L furni*. ?d .i tr?vate tib'e, an i "ill iiec-a ? ry roitifi iris nt 41' H-tor on street, second block esst .sitle fr>nr BroaHw ?y. Cm bd seen < t .my time after the 8 h Bepternber. i,4 lvv*rr? ^ l'Oli B \ Li;. oe i?' ha 0esitien. e for u ,t-uteei H? f'tnily. comrri ?.iK? couvenient two story fr ine dw I tAMaL''';- house, filled iu, and sixteen an ex of good l >nd iuelu ?! i; inch ltd .md garden, with nquis tc on huildmx?,beau ii'ul 'y Mtu -.t d on the ?M.i -.uly sid -of th P - $.uc river, o .e mile ? "??vn Lelh vilie Bridge, ?ou. tuun Newark, and nine lrt?m i\ \ oid? Price tnoderatc Kor ft. it tier jmrtieul ???*, apply to C \ . S Ki t , idsu 9 Nussaa street, o to Wililam Do*. Auc * B IN vil.o, N.J. ? lw*rn? HOTEL J)E PARIS "* ?>.?ANT I ON h VIGN KH, one of the late proprietors of ?h ikiiiK flow, Boston, ic-pectfully mi <s his ?.-jVil"Vi? *h u?d the invnlittg public, tnat lie has opened the ho .. N i. 2!f0 Broad war, entrant-^e on Ha-de street, called th?* H? lei JJr t *?-; where he will be happy to acconim dale thcxr wlir mvy wi-h to putroaire him. w ith Board and Lodging, by the day. week or luoiith, on the most reifenable terms. THE BUjVJ) STREET HOUSE, <X>ft Broadway, jggjl IS now open lV-r iherc . tp ion of ho-rdcrs. The *itu ntion ii ou? >>C the ino-it dt'.Hi ihle i i the city. The house has be^tt r.ewly p ip-rrd and puiutcd Aiouyltoui co"t liuit'g t.etween r0 and 7j rooms, h?ndaoinely furuiched. Parh'rs and bedrooms and pnnMej a'tached?likew ?? rooun for single gent emeu. Southern^, s and others wishing to jitomI rlic oots and r il lusion of a-i Hotel, will have every att?ution p .id to their comfort aud couveai.nee. nu4) 1 m* rc. ~ ROCK AIVA V STAGES^ OX nod after Attgu* t is^, 13!5, will leave Ithe f'ity Hotel, ?t o'clock P.M. daily I aiind*\s exevj 'is, lor Kir Rorksway. Re , c? Pavilion at % A M., for New York, cross ng it the South Kerry. \ II orders to be left at .'BO IVirl street an! lm'ic H. CONKUN. iA&i KOII JrlAUlsEILLe..S? Packftof the 1st of Octn u'M'-rWbtr?The new ahip N .BRASKA, Cart. Brown lie ir'a. icconiiuodations f >e pasiwugers are suri i.ncd by luj ol ni<- pnckeu sailing from thin |n it. She offer* i dciinblt toni c . ante to tliOM* dektined to any pntt ill tin- Mediterrain in, as ale r?,s re gnlir'y lily to all I he porta from Mai'feilles. for freight i r rvonoge M'l'ly to t HAvlBlvRLAIN RPHELrS, 103Froitst,orto BO I'D fc LUNCKEN, " To itin" 15uildin(,"i, al rh W.iII r.lrfrf. LIVERPOOL LIME OF i'ACKE'l S?Regular FT.xyjfVPacket ol the 1Kb heptcmher-- The well k iowii tilni?fti*i i... u-i*rn..i,-M WHITNEY V .C.Thomp on in i?i?r, will sail as above Is, r regal ir day. Having very ? uperior iccoinmcd pious for cabin, recoiid cabin and stcerHyc I oil- gen, | ( rmna intending to embark should in Ice itnuudi* ati .no-icnt'ii in board, foot of Mai !vn Lane, c-ri,' JOoEf H McJlURnAV, corner of I'iuc and ?tonth its. The packet.*h p V'irginian, C. A. Uiern matter, wil, succeed the Stephen ' ? li'ln-.y m-'l mil n'l tin- lit', p. I ?.s rh Mr- 'lit NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New V.Yt ik Line ?Regular Packet?To sail Monday, Zt'd i?e*r?Sfiia ? ,nt -The elepaii' fast sailing packet ahip 8 Alt* '1 t.siL t'ayiur, toaster, w ill positively anil aa aVo?, her reg ular ttjv For ft right or pc"?ge, i.ivinK handsome tuiuislivd accorn mnil i'.io if, apply ou board, at Orleans whavl'. foot of Wall at. or to E K. COLLINS 8c CO , 0* Hllllth street. 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BEECHK.H, ?028 ?m"rr> JOO Broid*"r c VKIT OF QUEEN VICTORIA TO GERMANY, HER RECEPTION. ?INIU:L\H iUSVOLLTIQN IN EURftPE [Vruut i.on Jon Times, August 10 j S i ;rtly ai'ier four o'clock hor Majesty and It.s royal hi; ; :o*s ('mi o Albert, accompanied J ' Laity Gunning, thu ' ounte.s of Gainsborough tho f'-.rl of Aberdeen, fh: J- nisl'luih; (-r lai) in ordinary), and savers! others o. tti > grant oth nit lo'itcto, loft Buckingham Palace in the i tv..l curti ;:ph, nail, p " si.ig through ! mlico, it.i1 0 < i Van*hull Ige, proceed;: I at a i-.ti id i tie toward* V/oclwicn, si/hole Uu ? "'nl yacht t'ha Victoria and Al bert,-. and Iter consort, the (1.1.ok Kagle, lay in readiness to cs iivey the toy nl pa: ty to the Continent. (lor Mints ty ai |?eirf-il in xcellRUt health and rj t:u nod was evi dent.y unaffected by tho fntiguo of ' roruguing Parlia ment. At early as a o'clo-tk the gates of the - oefcyird v era ?urr-iutrJml by crowds ol well-dicmed persons, % ha evil :od bs cngoran anxiety toohtiuu a glimpse ol royal ty. as il the prt-sonea of 8 crowned heed at Woolwich emti ikira; or debarking was en unusual and t a<? event, insti id of being, as it in, a circumstance whiuh luo noli tic.:I and maritime greatness of Kugiaud has renJeiod a matterof almost everyday occurrence. Notwiti..bind ing the extreme dcrlre which was displayed by all pie sent to Obtain a glimpse of tho <lu i?u, and trio conse quent fi'uits to secure, a favourable position, the at m;i:-omenta were so complete, and were carried out w ith so much order, by Inspector itillalieu and the u,on umh r liis command, that nut the slightest ciicuu'.stfuiea Occurred to mar the genera! enjoyment and karmonv teat prevailed. As every circumstance connected with ?ueh cu event as tho departure of her Majesty for a fo reign shore will nutiimiiy he looked cu i-y subjects bh important, wu eommetico to mirruto tiinio whicii wo witiie:.?;:] in the order in which thny ocv nod At halfspast three o'clock the gntfts ?>!' tho dockyard worn lluo w a \t i-ioly open, and ao-vbriolst came tliuodor ing down tho ctirriugo-drtvo, w hich was br.'i->d with a ho/ of expueia'.ioii by the assembled multitude ; son the morucnt it stopped, a gentleman with a blue hag stepped light.)' from tit vehicle, and approached Ike watet's v dg , v?ith so much of tho uir ilittiuuut ns to impress ttie h) ft tinders with an idea that ho was n contiiieiital prince or, ft the very least, a foreign field marshal. I"he Iloy al barge was immediately hailed, and the "illn-trions fo reip nor" having gone on board, the illusion of his coil ;e qUfince was dispelled trom tlio minds of the inquirer :, ti) Tho blunt answer of u subordinate, that it wo only Mr. Isidore, her Majesty's barber. Shortly after* aids a real slai in lived, in tho perron ol the Km Id Liverpool, who, in the quiet, gentlemanly , and unobtrusive manner, cha racioristfr ol the Knglish nobility geneially, went on bev ilthe Koyal Yacht, whoio every prep,nation for her Majesty's reception was already completed. And here let us congratulate the naval authorities on the great im provements effected in the appearance oi the Albert, and Victoria since last hoi Majesty wont abroad in this much talked ol "gem of the sea." lVe are "lad to perceive from the thorough cleansing which she his undergone, Unit the atmosphere between deck:, was entirely free from tho disagtucable e!Tiuviutii 01 bilgo water, which had been in former voyages so op pressive and offensive toiler Majesty. In tie loyal ami other apartments the most appropriate and w ell judged alterations and improvements have been elfacted uuaet tho experienced direction of tho Commodore, Captain < tispin. 'i'ne a no band ol the lluyal Marinos played the lively find inspiring ;.ir of" Hoy , Johnny Cope," follow ed by a batallion of this distinguished corps, under the commsud of Colonel Mercer, una who ware appointed I to I? >nr. the guard of honor to he. Majesty on this occa sion. These were loilowud by two batteries ol field ar tillery ol fou r guns ouch, tinder tho command of Colunei Cleveland, who took up n position on 'he left, prepared to fire a royal salute on her Majo sty'a arrive! and depar tuio. The Marines formed u double line Iron the wa ver's edgo to the dock) rml gate, naa in the centre a cut pet oi green cloth, extending a considersble distance, wax laid down for tho royal purl to walk oa. Outside the dockyard gates the streets w-.-ie liue-1 with the horde artillery, whose excellent band continued at intervals to delight the Inss 1.1 cored portion ol Hie multitude with en livuninr i irs. iLr-at huttio vea observaide ia i vei, part td Woolwich, the streets becoming tnorueutariiy more thronged I y tiio live cargoes which the watermun steamers from London rapidly discharged. Lines ol'all kirds military, private vehicles, and placard bearers were formed in oil tho great thoroughfares, amongst which the latter, holdi g opto public admiration and support the groat Now Railway Director, vrns not ttie least conspicuous. At half-past four o'clock, Lord Ilud dington, Sir F. Collier, Admiral Cage, and several oilier great marine magnates, entered tho dockyur.;, followed shortly afterwards by tho Karl ol Jersey and the Marquis of Exeter, whoso reeking post horses showed that no time had been lost in anticipating her Majesty's visit to the great Metropolitan naval stronghold. The quantity of baggage war comparatively Email, the great bulk of it having bean shipped oil" during the pre cious evening by ti.e Lightning and Monkey (jovciu nant steamers, and hore we n:ey taka leave to say that this is, in our opinion, n great improvement on royal movements, for' the public exhibition of personal lug gage, provokes speculations on human wants wnich it in for tho dignity of royalty that it should be spared. Duiing this time the clouds lowered and looked threaten ing and now and then ominous drops of ruin gave indi cations ol unfavorable weather. At a quarter past live o'clock, however, just as tho royal etrtrge entered ttie dock yard gates, and tho soldiery presented arms, the sun, which previously only condescended to visit tile dull earth with fi'ful and niggard glimpses, broke out in all his splendor, affording another of thoso propitious and extraordinary instances of good fortune which have marked her V"jc?;y's journeys on all oocasions of groat public in'erest. Her Majesty and Prince Albert woro receive don their arrival by Lord Bloomfield, Sir F. Collier, and the other distinguished officers in attendance. At this moment the Admiralty !'ag was hauled down and the royal standard hoisted in its stead. The baud struck up " uod sure the Queen:" but the music was scarcely audible amid the ringing of belli ou t roaring|of cannon, which rendered everything but hor Majesty's presence coofiuied aud in distinct. Her Majesty looked well, and gave her hand to the Earl of Haddington, on alighting from her car riage. iinef space suilcied to conduct her Mejosty to the Majesty landing stairs, w here she sprang lightly into the roj al barge, and amidst tho cheers aud blessings of her almost countless loyal subjects, was speedily rowed alongside the royalyecht, w hich wasraoorud u short die ? unco oil in readiness to receive the piecious freight. The royal standard being hoisted a? the main, tho noble vassal weighed anchor and proceeded down the river Opposite ll.o Hoyal Arsenal, whore tho Artillery and Sappers and Miners wore drawn up in almost intermina ble array, to welcome their royal mistress, another paik of artillery gave forth its boisterous welcome, and count less throats cheered at their utmost pitch, froin windows, balconies, and house-tops along the riverside, where the population had congregated to witness tiie maiine pa geant Tho l!lcck Eagle n -d the Porcupine followed in the wake oi the Albeit and Victoria; but a river steam boat, the City of Canterbury, came up somewhat close, sad continued its propinquity throughout the dij '?> voj tge. Her .Majesty and iiv; royal Highneia tho Prior a paced tho quarter-deck, chatting familiarly v. ith the members of the roy al suite, an I occasionally ascending tue platform between the paddle boa oh, as ii to obtain a better view of the surrounding scenery, which, varied and attractive as it is, wee greatly enhanced by the im proved firmness of tho weather. Thit pun of inn vessel has been conveniently fitted up with a settee, on which her Majesty and the Prince occasionally reposed. At Krith and Greenhithe the shore aud jetties wcro luieo v, ith spectators,v; ho hailed the royal party with the most hcartydeinorist'Rtionjnfroyal toward At'- tnc royal yacht pasted Tilbury-fort,which also tired a royal ?a and at Graveseud ttie piers wore crowded with t.-ou; .mis of human beings, v.ho crowded down to witness tho roy al progress. The scene here was somewhat enlivened by tiro previous arrival of tho Satellite stenmor from London-bridge, crowded with passengers, who set up a g-oRiiol interne dissatisfaction at the captain, who had kept thorn, during the entire voyage, at 11 most provoking distance from the royal yacht, i'o say tho truth, he might have indulged the curiosity and loyal feelings ol the multitude by Q ing to for a lew moment!) ; and no thing but un obodtenco to orders could possibly have in duced hiin to so fur outrage tnc feelings of su-'ti a nume rous oomp-ny of lespoctublo pontoon who are evidently not chant -a customers. At this point, the river not being much crowded with shipping, the royal yacht rapidly ncretsod her speed, ami hi less tliaD hall an hour reached * j > Hooch, wneiu she anchored for tba night. In conclusion wo msj ob ?crve that it was gratify ifig In ttie highest degree to no tioe ike general reeling of sympathy which uli evmcc i in this most caarkutoristicand u*'i >titi| excursion of Iter ? isjesty, and the Qiuvouiilniiliviottrn - s which opf-eat c.: to urevnil with regard to all tin political and ministerial sviIh o( the Country, wtiirnlm dsjcStV w ?.? so tocentiy vniploye.l in ohiito'i tiling. [From London Time, tug 17.) ? !r rival nj Her Ul in'y Anywi se, (Sunday Evening) August 10 The I tg Ji-h public will be anxious to hoir of her Majesty 's n.iIo arrival at this., the flret place she reaches ?n her con tinental tour. H was not supposed here that the POJiil party could teach tho fch.'ldt until, at the curliest, e.ght o'clock tins evening, but tho authorities, aithotigli thoy had receive 1 no official infoi motion whatever, a? t-> whe ther her Majesty would disomhni k, had done all that " ? possible, undei the circumstances, to prepm-i lot her reception, Lung before the vessel was insnrtit, the find ing i luce wos made randy in the event of tho rev J jar ty discml irking to-night. There whs :f usual army ol crimson cloth end flags, anil the "Pompiers'" who, by the way,are a very soldier-like body of inon -woro mus tered in strong force on the quay. A body of chns ears of the line Were also thoro, and name of the arlilleiy. Besides these airaiigomrntsof tho authorities, the good people ol Antwei p had made Home art angements on thotr own account. 1'iepaiations weie made on tho quay, and along the first stieet through which her Majesty would pass ou her lauding, to salute her with firework'; and there was also a very showy display of most of them of the tfi-e.olor. On each side ot the landing place was the royal standard of Kngigud, sido by side v 1th the national flag of Belgium. Thi* standard, flying aloft on the tower of the cathe dral. was visible Loin a coiiKiderahlo d itan- u as the loynl party came up the Scheldt ; and for tint reason, - ore, If 1 1 therefore, il for no other, it was un uppropiiuto mode of expressing welcome. Those who bad not expected the arrival of her Majesty i 17 Antwcin until alter (talk, were ngreeahly surprised to hear at about a quarter to aix o'clock ihia evening the 1 roar ol a salute, announcing that tho vessel containing ? the royal travellers w >? tu sight Another and another ?alute followed ia lainU succession. This was the sig- ' iihI lor n i.eral rush to the quay, to say nothing of the , increased anxiety and uncertainty of tho municipal eu , tbontie-, who still did not know whether or not her Ma- ' 1 jetty would disembark, although they had made all their preparation^. It would have been easy for them to have satisfied their doubts, however, seeing that the special train whicn was to convey her Majesty to Cologne was j , ori'c ed lor S o'clock en Monday morning. Very soot. after the firing of the first solute the masts and tfie paddle boxen of toe Victmia and Albert wore , jeen it. iho distance :iy tun crowd assomhloil 0:1 tne ' j quay, over the 1; >.t thorns of the river. The different | ylamir.P vc.iels ho.t d all their r igs, an they did it in j ; a style that would havo done henor to the most snip- I : rVui e emit on any river The '.earners, too, one or two j '' them ' 'ndni. t'ontr, r.i.d the othe.s small passage boats, 1 I did tbsirbest to welcome tho royal visitors in tho same | | nautical '.vie. so that the Scheldt for once, at least, i j looked h'*o y. 'l'he iihoie o. the quay was lined with a I I i:. ckcrow ! of s, cctufoi-. Cut, although thoy were dis r.\ poiiitc 1 !??? to tun landing of her Majesty, tnev wero no i ; dorbt atnt ly repaid by the gay scene presented by tho j .'thine in the river, and the certainty that early in tiio ; n.o.nic.; they would be gratified by n eight of the <iue.n ' | ofl'nghia.i ;.nd her royal contort To a spectator, the i scene outdo quay whs one of the prettiest most I picturesque that can n? conceived, j By l, o'clock the Victoria Rud ilbert pasted tho Quai j IT. lv ke and came opposite the landing place, and now | the troubles oftho pun iexod municipal authorities coin i me need anew, Tho "Pompiers" foiiued themselves it' goo I militury order, i.od the regulars began to look more regular The crimson carpets were smoothed down .lfresh, and the great people us veil as the little people who were assembled around the temporary pier, wore all anxiety, curiosity, and attention. But after the 1 .pse of n j I'ov, moments, the head ol tho yacht turned off towards i to" centre of the tiver and it was pretty clear thut theic ] would lie no landing then In ?. lew minutes the atich-o j tvns dropped, and. the yacht wung round slowly to Hei i moo . in ;s. The final Stopping of the vessel seemed to put i sr rtid to the perplexities ol the burgomasters and iht j other 8Uthotities who hud bean thus cavelteily left in i the dai s :.a to w hat tiicy were to do. The ord- ri soon I wore to 1 : at a general totreat. The "I'ompiors" relaxed , in their in: 1 it.*.rjr vigilance; tho "Choaaeurr" v ent in | '"srsnit of other tmusemeut* ; t.i:J the "I .raves llcdgca begun to p?v,.3Binde mid chat w in the pcueanne, on the quay. But before this general dispersion took place tiie har bormasters boat put oil tow aids tho V icturia uuu Al'.". > t with the Commandant do Port, tho Baron iTArnim, the PriiHSian niiuistot in Belgium, and Sir Hamilton Set mour. They went on board tha vessel, and with their icturn, ended the ceremonial pa rt of the reception of her .Majesty in loo Scheldt It u tin much more picturesque, on the u hole, than could have been expected. The weather was unfortunately very tinpropttious.? Her .Majesty had a very rough passage ; and what made it more iuconvenioiit was, the rain fell so heavily a? in n great measure to prevent her from being on deck during the voyage. Immediately on her arrival, hor Ma. jvsty despatched letters announcing it to the King ot the Belgians and tho King of Prhssiu. Landing of the Quern. Ltenu, (Monday Afternoon,) Aug. 11.?This morning, at about half-past six o'clock, her Majesty and Prince Al bert, iitu nued by the Karl of Aberdeen end their suite, disembarked on tho landing-place of tha IJuni Vandyke. The Burgomaster's'' Antwerp (M. Henri Logrelle,) tno governor mi interim of tho province, the general com manding the forces (fount d'Hanede Stenhoua,) tlie Baron D'Arnim, Sir Hamilton Seymour (our minister at 'he couitof Brussels, nnd the other civil and military authorities, were present to receive her Majesty. It was I her Majesty's exptossnd wish that no official ceremo i n'es whatever should tiilto place on her arrival, but that I she should travel, ac it were, incognito. There was. thcictore, no address, or any formality, beyond tho tneie reception of hei'Mi-jesty. The privute carriages of the King of the Belgians worodrawn up on the quay, and in a few* minutes on the royal party were en route to The Street! of Antwerp. J *r racing through the city, on the war to *he ra;l ^ Mtatiort, was ft scone of no JittXe animatiou and 01 some ph. nro-q.,0 beauty. The street* oi Antwcn. like ertlv IaidT,7 ? 'bfl tOW!!" in -"'g'""'. ??>>? ?ot e< .lv idM out upon any t.Un, Liu iiuto probnbJv in th I ttmrnrtence lullouedthi natural cup" ec.ufa ?row!,,? u.p ilation. I Uey wind and turn, and turn and winf Widoth f\i . ne'^libor :t" U?e different parts of a hi j unth, Uat a ft i anger bus no rmali difficulty in choosing OU' his way. Around the cuthodtaJ there are uno low npon squares, small in proportion to m ri's fiold?m "ins [rent' hv !> R,;rKM h ? want of some the ct.Jfi * 'J0,!rsc of which ali the rest of I we ?, W#y b,"- ""??"'?<'? 11 thi. he a fault in v," arc tutectur 1 com''hiat?r ? rer',af hY the grotesque tor, nVs<.hn ' . el l"'?'!,|<'"d '>y the endjos,. ?e m stnrl. n*1'- "i '-hot!" i, six or I w u ?tot if*n hijjn, tapoi'inj; i,; to i i , I fronts all fidon.e.t witlsthe luKuri^t trace?y,!v!:,?h char ' !'? "ltliugt erected in Flanders by the -snaii I ; , ?' jeuuelves at ovary ati :< Ucorn (Uck i toiirlive^e8'?,, yeV0 ?,ictu'<"''|ee l'>*t you arc read, in, I ! Tftgular construction of the city Wit,, i*ri? rll! 1" j'ew 01 ti,c Iluw "treets, nnl i-irticu I thn .in0! 00! ? Meer (which ia n line I,road sticet n tno modem style,) Antworp looks or if it had t,,.n, tUeies"r'l>U.C| ' 'I"Ce I UU,!i AIV8' 0I" tl,at thice C?l, ^1^edtTiU?dvaiuCh01 11,9 WGrst l,orrors of wai stmeu ^ J h ' ^ ,J0tweeQ th? picturesque ole ?jS^iSS3WSSS wi?1i!n ?nt ,Ci '"euy Belgi'ins er ! leir.ip" *ho hero and there graced tho houses aroun.1 Two Classes alone among tho motley croups who fille t iticet.'i retained tbeir tnifient coNtum?? put keeping with the unchanged city. Tlwre was thLVll' giiunt c?, i (not always tall and gaunt, hut aorne.1, J. ''oihy) stalking about the streets in shovel-ha', and long black omen, tho moat inelegant of nil toe fr,hc,C' '""?I'10'1 i" *'" ^oS.Um y it. ? I iemish woman, pm/tnnne or di,*,-,/, .< wit her gay contrast ot colors-scarlet, blue, in.d ?Cl ?and liei pure White cape of lace its hr,. i rV shadowing tha rosy face, and failing over the IhouhwJ I'k'? l;iG r?iiii(t? 11 CR^fjuut ol <i kniirlic ?!**? saiaSaSS j^is3ts/sta,4i?syss: IX sxiisxsvtrzss'? ds&n B i ne.a in lanxuago, and in politic, l" - t '? peopio linvu remained nmcli tho stlar# U i ihen. .V 7V9 "'C characteristica oi tho Queen's route evety uay thnt .ueie is an^event of sufficient, ? monta eMhe pic'u^S&c?^,^;^ such ale j Dep irrvre of tSe Tram. At a few minutes before seven liar Majesty, the frinct, an, h.irniitearrired at t!ie station, and the fain wh. soon afterm motion towards .Valines. NethineVouM te he tee than tho nrranaemouts ot the railway company -Hnnanreed thst",n'1 th'* eoml,(",y ?re in generals,, I to "nT i l t T"'" mU>' Wt'1: tail? '*?m z 2? .4 TSSS s z fondou pros., by tho polite attention of M M m, Tho Swr^Kwss, l. lint pin tuner Which (p,ir parrni/utr) aeems to he the ! n"?,A ' 1,1 ere tione ol tha conductors ol the Belgian newspapers at Antwerp or .Malinei ho train at rived at the iVIalmes station at oicht o'clock hour 'ffi:?d?1,aviD* bou" ab^'t I'? inoon miles an uiiizsziiris zwrti-siit: s?.1 ts,z:\xi ? & . Xfrss&sz arrival. T toy conducted themselves w,tn t|lMt " b , decorum wine the chartic.en.t.c of the Be??i I .0 lo. 1 here wai no cheoting or shouting a, , , t ? ' h"*' according to the custom ofthot ounuv there v'"lt':vv'y ?")?r denionstration of respect.,ml woi.m?? in u ah," gt' 11 're i v e\ he'' roy al*'! rave l'l? i s^'"' jf he v Sttonded by their suite, which was, of cuiirtr '\t '??! nd I laid. ' h? eh >el mom tiers ol tho suite wore the < omte v\'lami'W'nrn.1,1'lloogvoorst sr.,' ,i '*?' ?? '? . itiinS;ir* ""? "?* "'ori .n!nu|i,r.r!'!?tl<Mh* Qdeonof tho ilelgitns . so, n Il iter entered the toy si carriage, and in tho court., I (fr.ooiit n juuitrr atau hour tno trim wh sg.nn in mo on ?< onri, ( nhri, the chief engiuecr ol the railway. | w ho had (nought the train of the King of the Jielginus .oi'i 111usrets, here took charge of the other liain. At tl"! I.otivuin station thsrc wa? t, ropotitinn of the same tasteful welcome that had been olfeted at Mnlinrs ' '1 lie front of the station-home whs decorated after the 1 ft I rove I iiishion, and there wb* a party ol tho ( linsteuis l>Oi .i<|Uts urawn up to reoeivn her Majesty. The ban,1 ! Ol the regiment played n national ulr. A oonsideraMo ' Iltimhcrol people were collected be,0 also Thov re C, ived the total trovellers with tho custonmry wrh'ou.e tint iiniet couitesy of tho people seemed, howevct nt 1 riiou It I"r u travelling Knglishmnn, who hapect'd to I e among them. H. sot up ?t once the iiftUonftl hurrah oi tsth'.i, ill Ills bullion, the " hooray !" and tiitd hr sctmg as fugleman, to induce the rest to join, hut the chorus w as very faint. The train stopped, however, tor a few moments, and when it was once more in motion our Englishman again aet up hi. cheer, waiving |,U h, must p isrgeticnlly. By this time tho people had entered into ' the nam or of it,*' mil they joined liim with a cheer a* heaoty as could have been produced by any given nun Parol Vm Bull. Tli ? fugloman ueemud inten?ely delighted at the result of his lest. At Tirlnmont, also, the military (Lancerij ware drawn up. The train re ma-ned lit re lor a law mooieuts. The An* station i? remark d ie in another way. There are -omo unusual engineeung uitnculties bare. The station is between *U)0 and ? feet ubovo tha level o! the Met!"". The gradient ofdescent is 10 steep, that the lo comotive engine* cannot i>o u-o! tint the trainia(h" .- i> by rope* u > and down two inelinad plane*, eael i.t out nmg. t'ne (en vou obn. -i rom the height of th? rradicot "f Liegu aud tuo vaili : ' ,ie Men-en una uf a chai n .< :? not often teen on a tailway, or indeed any wtiare al e. Tha station u Liege was a score of grout e- racut A regiment of Belgian infantry was drntvn up i ui - on either side, and saluted vleje*tjf, the hand pi tying the tvhilo. Klags waved from t, >ery height, : moug thoin the royal standard of JobgUud .' a fuw minute* delay' the tiuin procee od onw: ? ' tow.""' Aix-li Chapelle. virtual >it C .'jj'i. i ou.asr, Tuesday Morning.?Tno flat character of Flemish scenery lied b-en r< lieved, "ti tho arrival of tho train at Liege, by a very different k, i of pnospcot than that afforded by i lain* a nil titcliei, or emu tie 1 t* ami co ti res, how> vet naat, luxurious, or preity. Tho contrast presented by the view of Liege fi'Oi i the heights oi the tuilwiiy at \was aa i'riding a.. the scene it?olf whs ! i-.iuiiful. fho same, or nearly the .imp, cIsm of ticenttry prevailed on either side of tho toad from Liogp to Verviers. A perfect panorama of pictuiwurpie ubj?cta? bills, villiev. woodland and stream - ipe'.r.l tho eye no the train shot along. It afforded a sort of forela-te ol the beaulios of tho 1 bine : and com ing ?o immediately a!'.- r tiie flat fertility ofBi igium.tbi*' happy cajn ice of nature was only tbe more gnitefnl. At Versions tlieie wan a grend sen*t.i?ori Triumphal rtrchos, tri-4plort in abundance, bends of music, soldiers, iri'i crowd* f t sc't. 1 ;,->ople ' l owed that lomethiiigr out el' the - mini m v-ay whs to happen there it tarred ? itit to be ti a*, '.ho King aud Queen of tha 1! elf;, ens, who liiii accompanied her V ? wty thai far, *ver. t-ere to leavu the train, on their ret urn to Brussels. Tiiey did ?o, aftrr tr.'-riag ic.tve of the Queeii and Price Vhoit As they passed nloii? tho rtntion they were received with load cries of fir* U' and h' e Ix llrint! ? Thnre was also a party of I'ir.ssiar. soldiers, vbo now omuo here their first eppnarance on tho line. Among miiay other indicanons of the p -oximity cf n military Hate, uot the least wm a veritaijo vivariJure, with her rouud black glared man-like bat, her belt ;o*? tier ihouhlers, with a well stored wallet a tacned, liei green uniform and mannish trousers cud hooti. As she t .u eaded hei way among trie sold', s, tho officials, cover ed w itii decorations, and the people in tlicir many color ed rostumeM, she wn ouo ot the most p,cturumjue ob jects in the crowd? tbc more so, perhaps, because while | people were only' igfiinf* feiiilr, she wa* i real life like, and natural. The Queen was recoi vail with music, shout , sain tec and waving of lit-ts. The people tvero thoroughly en thusiastic?so different from tho phlegmatic and orderly demeanor of '.lio -o who had been aeon at the previous station!?and for t e fust time on her joufrttey her Maje: ty was received wan u real, genuine, hearty, almost English cneer. '1 be Prussians, who are much more quick ,n the expression of sentiment* of entbc .i - m, and particuluily of loyalty, seemed to have in this respect infected Belgian neighbors, for there wai certainly u very marked difference between the recoption given at Vervierit, and that at the other places passed on the route. A little further on the railway passes tho ruins of what was once Ltinbupg, the capital of a duchy of the seme name, but whose impoitancc has long 8'nee faded under tbe superior influence of the '?new'' town of Verviers hi i the increased manufacturing power of Liege. The next station at witlok, *he train stopped, was 11a i hen-thai, tho point at which the Prussian fcriitory com 1 mences. Here it had been arranged that her Majesty I -hould be t oceivod by the Crown Prince of Prussia, who I uiado his appearuuee immediately on the arrival of the , train, and was received most cordially by her Majesty. He went into the royal carriage. The characteristic en ! tbusiwsm of the Prussians wss exhibited hero also Tho | cheering was deafening, and had her Majesty's arrival lahen i'1 ice in the heart of her own dominions, instead of in ttiose of a foreign Sovereign, the welcome she re ceived could not have been mors warm and hearty The station is very lpacious. end a vory handsome bridge rosFos it at the frontier line. On iho one side of the In i'?? i the Belgian lion; on tho other, tho black c.tgl" "I I ' ussih. Over tho former w ave ! the tri-colour, and over ihe la ter the black and white flag ot Prussia. Jlrrival at Jiix-liyChaytLle. At tiv-!?. Ohaoelle t? similar scene was presented. but on a *cnlc : e Prussian troops lino.! the station, in whicn, also, there was a very latge assemblage of ilerren and Frauen. Ilero th? King of Prnssia rvas wait ing to receive her Majesty and Prince Albert. As soon as the royal cairiagu stopped before tho door of the sta tiou, the Kintr advanced towards it and banded out h?i vlajosty. Prince Allies'. tiie Crown Prince of Prussia, au.i the royui suite followed; uu.i tho whole party, imids. the most enthusiastic cheers from the people, tne clang ot military music, uuJ the tirii g of salutes, passed ihrongh tho station to the carriages, \. hich were drawn up toward* the hick, in which they went off towards the ?own of tu la-kliupello. a largo number ol gentle men .1 i horseback, dressed in tho colouu ol the national llog -very jet black and very puie white?escorted the roy al puny through the town Great preparations had been made b; tint inhabitant). The prtucipal sticet wits span j iit.l wit.u triumphal arches, ami lined on either side with | im no en mi festoons of fir, laurel and flowers. The house* j were hung with garland, and the window* crowded with people. A prettier sight than Aix-la-Chapelle pre I seated on tois creation bus ??eidoin beeu *??n. Tbe Queen and. I'rtnco, nrid :l *ir royal host*, proceed ed at once to the bon e of Mr Nellcssen, the tmrgomuN ret, and an ?-xton):ve manufacturer, wticro they partook of lunch 'I hey then went to visit tho tuigb ttf i 'harliv magneto the Cathedral, "i'ltt? 'i tiro " i!on:> ofAi\-la i.haj.clle, Tlio royal pcrty returned tn the stain n at r.ko :t n quar ter to hm o'clock, having been away eltogethar throe hours. In alow minute- the (lulu was again in motion At a ?mitll place oailed L-ngorweido, tho train stopped for a tec/ miuutco, and up. ? ; t Ir.iici, were th*re was it gi'cit display ot Prussian beauties, troops, irtttsiu, laurels, erd enthusiasm. Here, too, tue Ur, ox- national militia of Prussia, made for tho fust time their appear af-CH, and a very soldier-like body oi rw.-n they a e Their baud p'jyc I ? God ?a"e tha tgneon ' v/ith n ?pint ?xud expression which't w ould not be easy to equal iu Knglnnd Nothing roull exceed tho enthusiasm of the good German*, ttie ladies more especially, and the cheer ing would have done honor to Brl'ish lung*. IS 111. gratifying us the reception of her .vinjesty by the Prussians inust have abendy beea, Cologne presented it still more htiiking spectacle. As the spires oi the ancient c-ity became visible in the distance, ?u also were There signs that its vast population were on the stir. IP hen the Train tieared the itatiun, ndense trass ol people were to bo seen, who had collected there to viow her Majes ty') arrival. Tiiero were trinmpbel arches, festoon* hn-ids of music, and above ell, troop* tu abiiuJance?in tact, tho *atno scene winch had been enacted at almost ttvery station ou tho way down, was now repeated, but on a gigantic scsle. The whole population of the city ?emrcd to have poiirnd out.fcodense and so enormous wai this crowd. 'i'ho royal party loft the railway for *.iic private car- j riages. w itch were drawn up outside tho station, ml drovo off at onco to tho ilonu railway. To do this they lud to pa** tnrough tho principal pari of the city off i - ! logne. It was a gay and brtiliant upectacle. The old j nouses, almost a* picturesque as those of Ghent, or An twerp, were garlanded and festooned. and, whr.t war Iistter than ell, studded with the smiling feces ol tho hap- i py German girls, vi ho, howover sedato and phlegmatic | liiey may seom, will beat all the world for ? nthusiusni Kings spanned the .streets till they seemed all at or.o tri umphal urcli. ur.d tho bells rang a merry pchI from the . many churches around, ftp . i i .s 1 of pecpio lined the way, and oeliod th? national character by the loud ' and lusty cheers with which they greeted tho new guest* ol then sovereign There is something pete liar in German enthusiasm [t is not prone to display, hut when it cemos it is *o drop-seated, so strong, and vehe ment. ted by these best armies of kings, the sovereign* ol' Prussia and I.rigliind passed through Cologne to the Banks ol the llliine, wheneo the railway runs to Bonn I In and around the station another scene of military pomp and popular ardor displayed itself, not inferior to ; a hat hud taken place elsewhere. Cheers and shoutsol weicomo, mingied with the ratthr.gof drums, Iho roar ol j esnr-.on, and|,tha martial music of th* bands, brought to . its Hood the- rolling tide ol e*thusia?ti- welcome which ia i gieetod the Que/ti of Icuelainl and her Cr.i'ort noui trie hr*t hour ol toon arrival xn lli?'t rb-, " Aug ?t Prussia. X very stint time i.v ' "?: rovol tr ters to the Itruh! station oft!-. , tfee? *o the i Palace of the King ot Prus?:.t, w'.-e.-?? : .-.* 'l'..<-#tyoi l ived soon alter in safety in Tito prose.1' tr titndas, who gave her a right nearly me Thr I'a lax ?/ BruKl. Tiie excitement and enthusiasm which attond cd liei Majesty's arrival her,;, have been fully kept , u, since. Tho Palace of Unit I, which is inveiedlate- ! p. opposite ttie station of the Cologne uu I llonn railway, | . a* ine scene of a reception, as tho ttain containing the i in i al rarty came up last night such :is i? not often nc- , co:dod e\on to roy alty. Not lc?s than tklO mnsiciatis, | cuiiipo t'd of 80 ol the handa of different regiments in two Prussian rerviee, joined tlicir ettorts to produce a con- | cert, or musical salute of w elcome. The i tiect ol such | m ennrmotts mass of sound, regulated us it was by tin) tloest mostcnl taste, arid accomplisheil w i'.h the most per- ! lect precision of execution, wn? more giai.d than any" to I which we aio ordinarily accustomed. The acce*.?oric > j and association* connected witli tho occasion added still mote to the interest of tha sceue. This aioiutcr ban t pcrlbimed tlio Knglish national nnthoin and "itulc, Ilri iatinlii," I;slides somo ot tue marches ot Beethoven and Meycvheer, and somo of the national Prussian nirs.? I They also heat the tattoo in the Prussian fashion.? I Among the vast body of musicians, there wa* an enor- | titon* number of drummers, whoso skillui playing pro duced an effect that w e do not usiociale with the Idea of , that instrument. Tho execution was so perlect that a complete gradation ot musical sound* was kopt up, Irom the softest of the piano up to the most deafening forte | that whs ever inflicted on moi tnl ears. <,crowds of j people were assembled around tho palace, by whom tho | tpieen and her royal host were enthusiMslkiiiiy cheered. Her Majesty, after listening tot some time to this new kind of military rati, irt montlrr, toiirod witnjn the pal ace, an I the rural party soon uitor dined. Bo ,i,' Idea oft .e numbeis who came <o ftrubl, may ho firmed fiom ttie fact that tho railwny showed almost a continuous sueceision ot carriages nil the way from Ur ihl to Cologne A.t tough the distance is only Ifl t r IT miles more than one ot the trains occupied three hour* and a half la the journey. A* there i? only one line of rail, each train had to atop perpetually till that which came in the opposite direction had passed. These Prus sian. ?eem to do nothing by halves In the way of wel coming their royal guests No reception her Majesty has over had in her own dominions exceeded that which has been given her by tin; people of Prussia. This morning (Tuesday) her Majesty left Bruhl by the railway and proceeded to Ilonn, to witness the grand ce remonial ef the Inauguration of the statue of Beethoven. Or and File on the Rhine. In the evening a grand Jilt was prepared for Her Ma jesty by the Kiugof Prussia, far exceeding in splendor enu 'iiagniflcence any Mritli which she hat been gratified on her various tours in her own country or abroud. To illuminate Cologne, and make the Kiiine one vast /?? it juit, wis a grand idea, which could only be carried out .'i such a place and by a despotic will acting with un united resources. Perhaps in a military country like Prussia alone could so many elements be combined to war Is one grard effect. But here, for tne ruling power to v ill that a thing shall he done is to insure its accom plishf ient, so peHeqtii the organization of the national power. In no other country, except perhaps irt Russia, would so vu.t and extraordinary n mode of welcome have been *? en tnougbt of as that which with so trium phant a. success gnioted liar Majesty last night. We have never yet ?een even attempted, much loss aocora nlished, effects so vast, and at the sauia time so beauti ful, as those which were lest night to lie seen on the bank* of tbo Rhine The fete was worthy at once ol the i state whir ii provided it, and of the Queen who received it. As soon as twilight began, the massive outline of the antique city of Cologne v.-ss traced dimly on the dark ness Lim a "I twinkling brightness weie seen stealing like liquid gold along its front, as bouse alter hou-obe I came illuminated. It was but a few minutes that passed | botme the wlode mass shono with light, developing the I outline- of the architecture, and indicating in bold end | bright rebel upon the gloom beyoud the great testates I of this p>rt o 'tie city A little longer and the lines of I brightness aiight be seen shooting across the Rhine, as 1 the illumination was communicated to the Bridge of I Hi iti , ago hi a lit' i longer and the tete uu pent on the uj petite bank to Cologne was kindled up into brilliancy 11 the name almost magic influence Running along the j ?? <ros c! the riv: eye porceived 'he twinkle of the I i.. i-<retablo lights o; . 'her aidu. dotting the dmknoae I.! 2i>nno:iu?, till tha iiiio ci aricvy silver was lost in anctbcu and a greater blaze of splendor on tiie upper | part ef the rive elionta .-iiiloaaid r half above tha Biidgo o! Boats. . re sunaco ol the river blazed tor with arti ; li : si ug! ? et duzzling brilliancy, and on the eu'tent uhoie sTc g the banks, besides the lump* that twinkled I from the meats of every vend lying alongside, the ho tfcli were all lined in front with little globes of exquisite arency, in colors of more than Chinese variety. .'''ne 'v bole rest space 'bus framed in light sparkled and ' twinkled like is firms meat. This wi< beautiful in the extreme, hut it was to be succeeded by what was far more grand and striking. A rocket from the upper end of the river, in the d.reetion of Bruhl, made the thousands of spectators who lined I the shores and crowded tho windows of the houses ware lhaf the approach of the Queen might soon he ex 1 acted. Other rockets from the Bridge of Beats imme diately answered the signal and in a minute or two after, c. largo steam vessel (the Princess of Prussia, belonging to tho Duascldoif Company) was seen gliding slowly up the Rhine in the direction of Bruhl, her marts boa'rmg signals of various colors, aud her cabins aud saloons liter ally a blaze of light. Rockets of all the molt bril liant colors shot up instantaneously from all parts of the horizon, forming, as hey bent gracefully towards a cen tre in the high upper air, a canopy of biief splendor. The ateam-vessel proceeded up the river pa tar as St. Tremond, the place at which her Majesty was to em I baik on coming from Bruhl, and during tho interval that i elapsed a.dead silenco prevailed Bmong the orderly Fpec i tators. A quarter of an hour or twenty minutes after | wards a rocket snot up from the quarter to which the steamer had gone. This was the signal for tne com mencement of the grand reception, and grand it was in j the extreme. The rocket immediately preceded the ?p I peanuico of the steamer which bote her .Majesty and her | roval Mat. Instantaneously, as if one w ill had animated all those who took part in the spectacle, the whole &> ma il ant was ia a blazu ot light. Rockets and other feux i'artifice appeased in cvety direction, and salutes ot ar tillery was tiieciou all sides. Tha Piussian troops, who lined both shores, alio Kept up a contiguous fire of miti? ketrv . ami from different paits ot the horizon, blue, rod, and orange-colored lights wero burnt in large masses, siieddmg a blight giaie over the animated tceno. This tiring wa? kept up without intermission?rockets blazing and salutes firing from every pait of the vast area cover edby tne illuminations? during the whole time the stea iuer took to come to tho Bridge ot Boats?perhaps tweiv tv minutes ono wide blaze of light, and j tho lund glaru thrown over it by tho artificial light, par - I tictiluily orpr the city of Cologne, brought out some exquisite effects A more striking ami imposing display | Irnoi the extent of the held ol operations, and the iuex i haustihle cootinuit) of the firing, can seldom have been 1 seen. As the steamer npjeoachid the Bridge of Boats, a now feature ot beauty was added. Instantaneously the .vooie budge became a blaze of light, looking hUo n rich fringe of luight gold. And as u climax to the T>?/4? itucMxtttg, tho Cathedral of Coinage was illuminated, rusting through the bridge of Boats, which was opened fur the purpose, tha steamer went onto the lauding pltce, aniidat a continuous hie of salutes. A guard of I honor formed ol t'lu.sian tiooj s of the line was drawn 1 up. Her Msjealy afterwards drove through the principal i -itieetsof Cologne, which -eie brilliantly illuminated and decorated with hags She was enthusiastically re | ceived by the people. Her Majesty then went back to I Bruhl by the railroad. Fit it to the Cathedral. j 'I'liis ufternoon, Wednesday, Aug 13, her Majesty and | suite, accompanied by the King of I'rusnia, iclt Bruhl i for Cologne, in order to see the cathedral and some few other ol tho remarkable sights of the city. By on order from the authorities, Which was previously promulgated In the papers, n procession was formed of tho Ltombau Verein, or committee for superintending the completion :>f the cathedral, together with the workmen employed under them. Tliet formed in a long line, two or turce abreast, in a small square ner.r the cathedral, so that wheu the ioy*i part) came up they were ready to pre cede them. The carriage* drove slowly round tho area in which the cathedral stands, the Queen being thus en uhled te see the full beauty of the structure, which, al though, ns every reader knows, it is unfinished, is nc vertheless magnificent. When it is entirely finished. ? hie a uow, alter tie lapse of nearly three centuries end a half, seems probable, it will bo the most splendid and perfect specimen of Oethio architecture in tha w orld. When the cathedral was illuminated on Tuesday ?right, the effect as seen from tho rivor, was imposing and brilliant, but seen from a nearer point of view, ex qiiuitely beauti.'ul. It was lit, not merely with plain, out with.colored lights, end, by a little skill, a general color was suffused over the building, a sort of pink with a glare of bright orange thrown ou it. Alltheexqui ?itely delicate tracery of thu architecture was taus brougl t oot clearly, and the building looked more air) an t elegant rvou than by day. It looked as if it wer" madeol very thin transparent stone, and lit from within. Tins Whole ?fleet was beautiful in the extreme. As the Queeu now pa?sed rouud tho cathedral a vast crowd of persons lined the way. They behaved with ho utmost decorum As soon as the circuit of the exte rior had been mads nor majesty and the other distin guished person lgc left their carriages and entered the catUodral. Thr bulh wars est toiling at the time, and their blended toner, mere deep, and nt the same time more soft than -c-so rf thu finest organ, produced the grandest harmonv conceivable. The choir'of the catlm l-al is remarkable as one of the most perfect specimens of Gothic architecture extant. Here also is the famoua -hrino of the thrco Wings of Cologne. All these things, and many more, which are familiar to travellers, ant the oiruurstanlirl pniticulanoi which are to be iound in I tne gui.le hocks, were vis tod by tho royal party. After leaving tho cathedral they proceeded to the church of ' :? . Ursula, to lire museum, und to some of the other ob ; jects ofinterest in it") city. '! hoy then returned to Bruhl. 1 m. Her Majesty ". ill lodtre "rulii'to-mcnow forCobientz. ' iTr order t<> go to ftolseatel < tsiio will embark on the i KUine at Bonn, o:r boaru *he steamer (belonging to the ?Dusseldorf company) which lis already Been used by 1 her. The hour of departure is not yui fixed. As her Vla.ieity lias stayed at Biuhla day loogor than was at first intended, w ill stop only ohe night at Stolseofels instead ot two, ?? at first arranged Hor Majesty will ar rive ut Ktol/.enfels to-morrow (Thursday) night, where vhe will sleep, starting the next day for Mayenoe. ehe will sleep there, aud proceed on Saturday to Wurzburg, where the will go the palace of the King ef Bavaria, remaining tlioie during the Sunday. Ou the next day one long journey, by wav of Bamberg, will bilagthe royal party to ''nburg. jbTf am Packkt Li?r to Jamaica.?We learn th a project ia on loot, a id near consummation, for the estab1 i hment ot i utoeir t<r* n,ltJ between this city and Kingston, Jamaica, which will their transfer its mail* and passm-gom to tho British itoyai Mail Company bt.eamers that ply 'hence to nil tho principal ports in tlx# West I idies, also to Demernru, Laguhyrs, I'orto < at olio, Santa-'.atlfia and ? hugtes To th - latter point n imh tneaus ol communicationWghly'fmpttttetit at any time, bltt mofi especially m toe preterit state of ourteistions with Mexico, as despatches can thus *>?.t an??itted to el 1 parts of ttie Western 1 oa.tof South true: me the doutn .Strn iiml the North u r*t ' oentui North Amurtca The (iitlsscs iioin New1 Orteaun io Kingston, Js . ts eboUt one thousand miles. hud tor t."" noo ' m) for * stf smtr to accomplish It against trade * imls s si.out lite iIhj ? ; from Kingston to < hsgres. it is about oignt hundred ratios touching onlr at h.mta Vurth.i and f arthtgena to leave mails, and Is a voyage by tbe? ol tnree days; thus affot line a sale aim sine route, to that important point, oi only eight d-iy s for mails aud passengers. At tho pre sent time, ihere is no regular ?r silt* mod* for the U. 8. Government to comma icate wan its agents in the notthern oi western parts of Boi^th Amed#*, except by lianvhut nailing vessels, which nfl'otd uncurtain ootivey us ? til as a casual one 'i he ports in t e West In dies and BfiUth Ameiicu. with which the Itoyai Mail Co. stuiimen coiiiniuuiCHte, are Ht. Jngo de Cuba, Jsueiel, st Thotnas, Antigua, Ht. Kittt, Torials, Nevis, Montser nit, St. Johns, (Porto Elico,) l>omi iicu, i>uadaloui>e,.viar Unique, Tobago, Grenada, Barbadoes, Trinidad, D? me ra ta, Bcrbice. l.agunyrn, Porto Csbailo, Santa .Martha. C'.arthngeiia and t hagres- baaides Veru Cruz, Teinpico, Huvanu, Nassutt and Beremdu. This plan ol steam inail, via Kingston, has received ihe nigent recommendation of Col. Harrison, I <9, Consul at laiosioe, ami of all tho merchants theru tngaged in tho American trade?also ot our principal mercantile homes here insurance othceu CO. One Of tho genMemeti active > cgegod m forwa * ing this desirable ohject, ha. Isit lor the Nortfi. wlth t .e viow of obtaining a suitable ve. sei tor the purpdso. luo onreprelentfiig to our fiot cn.rnent .i WajhingUn, tho utility' of the enterprise, and tho hanefits o bs denx ed from >t by th* community at laige, as well at the vernmont-JV- O TVapte. Aug .30

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