Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 12, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 12, 1845 Page 1
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m HE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI.. Bo. m l..Whol* Ho. #113. YEW YORK FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 12, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JHE8 M&DOM BENMTT, Proprietor. Circulfitiar?-Forty Thounand. DAILY HERALD?Every <lny. l'Hco 3 cents pat copy?$7 35 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price GJ eonvi per copy?$3 i3j cent* per annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at tbo usual cash in advance. PRINTING oi nil kir.da executed with beauty end despatch. iff- All letters or coiruiiunicatkms, by mail, addressed to the establishment, mu. t be poM pai-h, or tlie postage w:ll l>o deducted iroin tho subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, r*< rMxx*oa c? tKr. New Yoks Mi u.o E?t?*>.i?u atv *** ??<? r.t ??'*?,t?-n m ?< LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing on Monday, September 15tli, !845. Leave Hrw'Ktyn? At ()* o'clock, A. M., Boston Train for Greenport, daily, SuuUa>x exiauacii, slopping it Fanulugdale mid St. George's .Manor. Ai 9Ji A. M , for Fsrmiug Inlennd intermediate plaoes.daily Sundays excepted and on Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Satur days, through to Greetiuori and intermediate places. At 4 P. M., for Farmiiigdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to Suffolk Station. Lrure Oreeitfiuri ? Boston Train, at 1 oejoen, P. .1, ir on the arrival of the i .... ,' v' ...:..i. a. :t.. >a.. .I .... .v*.i,.ua? tar r.'tanie. Von, Norwich, dailv Sou-days excepted stopping at St George's Manor and At 9 o'. lock, V V ; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I.rave Farvmigdale? For Biooklyu, at G;!* o'clock, A. M., an 1 1 P. M., daily, Sun cnays eaeepk-u. Leave Jamaica? For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M. end 2}\ P. M.p daily, Sun dew excepted. Bedford II Deer Tark Kaat New York I25? Thompson US llace Course 180^ Sulfolk Station 100 Trotting Couise 1 V-i l.ak? lioad Station 1 lot* " "H Jamaica 25 Medford Station 1 18' Brn hville 31N .Miileville 1 50 Hyde Park, 17 tniles 37.1, St. George's Maner.... 1 82 Olowsville, (during ses- Riverhead 1 615a iiou Cou*,) 37h? Jamesport 1 82S Hempstead 37!? Mattetuch 1825 Branch 37>% Cutchogue 1825 Carle Place... 44 Soothold 1 825s VVcatbury 44 Greenport, Acc'n. train.1 75 ... . ri,k - - ? Uicksville 44 Boston Train 2 0" Fnrmingdale ,.. . 82N jjjflSJ nrmmguaie t?>% ggj Stages are in readiness ou the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the island. I)nggageCratrsxvillbeinrea4incssat the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage lor the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. T"5~Rookaway Baggage taken in separate Crates. The Steamer Statesman ieavts Greenport for Sag Harbor twice each day oil the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. CENTRAL HAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. DISTANCE ilk) MILES. frMHS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengers A and Freight. Rates oi Passage 8 00 Rates of Freight, viz ; On w eight goods generally 50 cents per hundred. measurement goods 13 cents per cnbicfoot. )n barrels wret (except inolax and oil) , . $ .n per barrel. On barrels dry (except lime).. .. 80 cents per barrel. On iron in pigs rs, c tine for millaand-i 1 m ebm, i .. 40 ce. )>er hundred On hlids and i iquornoi iver 120 gallons. . $5 00 per lihd. On hlids molars. io'l., 6 00 Goods addrc F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free of > THO" comm.ssion. .THOMAS PURSE, si I 3m 'c Qea i Snp't. Transportation. u.Mir.L isa 3 MAIL LifSE TO a.uit.viour.. Fare $3. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINE. Via Wilmingtou, Newark, Elkton, Havre de Grace, *c. Morning Line?Through in6 Honrs. The On's leave e Depui, corner of lllli and Market streets daily (except Sunday, at 8o'clock A.M. NEW CASTLE AND b'RENCHTOWN KAIL itOAD AND STEAMBOAT COMPANY. Afternoon Line. The steamboat ROBERT MORH IS, Capt. Douglaaa. leavea Dork at whirl' dally, except Sunday, at 3), o'clock P. M. Fare S3. The above line leavea Baltimore as follows, vir : By Cars, from Pratt street de|iot. at 9 o'- lock A. M. By steamboat, from Bow Ivy's wharf. at 8 o'clock P. M. iDAYA ... SUNDAY MAI I. LINE. The ouly Line for Baltimore on Sunday, leaves the depot, 11th and Mirket sts, at 4 o'clock P. M. Fare S3. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling rr Pittsburgh can be procured either at the depot, Eleventh and Market sts. or on board - lie boat, and at 45 South Third st, near Chrxnut, Philadelphia, fare to \5 heeling $1], to Pittsburg $12 ...... OH. HUDDELL. Agent. r or further information, apply to J. L. HLF.MMER, at the office of i ? i_ .... Adams it Co. 17 Wall street, N. Y. June 24th, 1845. jeM 2m ee MAID dine for boston. DAILY Ov Eli THE lA>N<r ISLAND RAIL ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH <p WORCESTER. At 8 o'clock in tlie Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall "fMli ? .oath Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way Urates are in readiness to receive baggage for New Lou .ion, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Bosiougoes th.ongh under lock. jnl6tfrc FOR NEWPORT AND PROVIDENCE. FARE FIFTY CENTS FOR THE SEASON. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, over the Long Island Kail Road to Cireenport, thence to Newport and Provi dence in n splendid and commodious Sound Steamer. This Line leaves at 8 o'clock iu the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Ferry. jultt tf rc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. r.Triii-.~ \N II I'lON U~TTPACKET LINK, FTom Philadelphia ?o Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail roads and < 'anal?through in 3% day*. The above line is now in full operation and ofTeis ureal inducements to persons who wish a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built in the most approved modern style, the boats are titled up in a superior manner,and every efTort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience of travellers. Th* scenery on this route is unrivalled, and the great chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well woi thy of being seou. By this r-tite passengers aveid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant upon stage travelling, and at the same time make in ex peditious trip. The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. Passengers are ad vised to engage their (daces at Philadelphia. Office iu Pluladel "llia N. K. corner of Clieannt and Fourth streets, and at Not IJ and 16 South Third sts. A- CUMMINUS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. * For information, in the city of New Ifork, apply to It. H. KNISKLL, Agent lor mylT Cm'rrc D LEECH k CO.'sLinc. 1 Went st. If. H 8TEAM BETWEEN NEW YollK ANI) LIVERPOOL __ THF, (h-eat Western Strain Ship Compa l.-tS>| ny'a Steam Ships The UKKAT WESTERN, 1700 tons, t.'iO horse power, B. 11. Matthews, Esq., ?Commander. The UKKhT BRITAIN. 3..'>(ifl tona, 1000 horse power. Lieutenant James Mosken, R. N., Commander?are intended to run an follows:? ORE AT WESTERN. From Liverpool. I From New York. Satnrihiy August 23. I Thursday Sept. 18 Saturday October II. I Thursday........Nov. 4 OR EAT BRITAIN From Liverpool Ma turd iy July 28. 184.6. Saturday Sept. 27. Saturday Nov. 22 From New York. Saturday August 30. Saturday Oct. 25. Saturday Dec. 20. Fare per Oreat Western, $100. and $6 Stewards'kees. Fare per Ormt Britain, from $80 to Jl?1, (and $5 Steward ? fee,) according to the site and position of the State Rooms. 8or freight or passage, or other information, apply to RICHARD IRVIN, au7 2aw4m"rc 98 Front street. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. i"r-'\ kWV\ THE Royal Mail Steam Hhira CAM BH'Aand HIBEHNIA, will leave Boston ii ^i>ii"jjhSrjJUh above porta, na follows, vie? 1 imbrit, C. II. E. Jndjins, Esq., Commander, Ant ust 16, 18!5 Hibtrma, Ale*. ltyrie, Ks<i? Commander,. .September 1,1845 Passage to Liverpool $120. _ Passage to Halifax 10. lor freight or passage, apply to 87re _D^ BKIOIIAM, Jr.. Agent. 6 Wall ??. TO SHIP BUILDERS, SHIPOWNERS k CAPTAINS 7hr Auxiliary Steam Ship MASSACHUSETTS. This fine ship, built for Capt.. Forhea, of Beaton, has been supplied with every tin 4provemeut as regards ner conveniences and accommodations lor passengers. The Conk ?House is well deserving the attention of all those concerned n shipping. < tenth men conversant with these detide uta. will please allow the manufacturer to u.k tie m to notiee the ? hole arrangement of this depaitment of this aplei did ship; ami nny outers they may give will be punc tually attended to, By their obedient servant, W. H WHITELKY. s3 tfire 22 Water st. Huston, ,\1n?s NEW kUKK, ALlaAih V aMi TKUV LINE j438 ?OR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT ?imet3i!Fimf ?7, ?,?'?"' 1; M.?The steamhoal F.M JBmhMmLpIHE, Captain R. ll. Mary, will leave tht su-nnhoat pier foot of Courtlandt street, every Tucadsy, Thursday and Sainnlay aftemoon/at 7 o'clock. Th# xtewniwoatCOLUMBIA, ( atitsin Wm. II. Peek, every JI today, Wednesday end Fri'l#*xft?ruo?i,M7 o'clock. forfait*!*orfrtijhtepplyouboai,1, or it toe g/ficeoaih# trUfL nil Sept. 5?Friday, i.m. Sept. 4? K'-iday, 11 (i?Saturday, 9 8?holiday, 12 9?Tuesday, 1 r. M. 10?W ediirs'.Iny,m " 11?T tursday, 2>? " 12?iduy, 4 " PEOPLES' LINK OK STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY DAILY?Sundayi Excepted?Through l)i ___ 7 o'cloek P- M., Irani tiie Pi-r between ?SK iiBti <ourtl i ult ajjd Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Crutteoden, will le*voon .Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Oar.tain A Ilo-iglit. u, will tear* ou Tutsday, Thursday and Sitnrilay Evening* at 7 o'clock. At ? P Mm I mding at int-rmrdiate plar ?$, from the foot of Barclay street l? Hi amboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. \V. Brainard, will leave en Monday, Wednesday, Kriday and Sunday After noons at 6 o'clock Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell, I will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 4 u'clock. Passengers taking either of the above Lines w ill arrive in Alba aj in ample time for tlie Morning Train ol Cara for the cast or west. The lluals are new and substantial,are furnished with new 1 olagant state rooms, and for speed sua accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persona are forbid trustinir any of the Boats o( tb.s Line, | without .* written order from the Captains or Aiteuu. ho: sausage or freight. apply on board the boats, or to I' C. Hr.tiultx, it trie office on the wharf. ?B r FOR LONG BRANCH, OCEAN HOUSE, ItU.MSON, EATON TOWN, SHREWSBURY AND MANASQUAN. The new and elegant low pressure steamer EDWIN LEWIS, Captain Corllea, will leave Catharine Market as follows, touching at Pier No. I East River, going aud returning:? 1 eaves New York. _ Leav s Eaton Town. OH a. M. 9 9?Tuesday, 8 19?Wednesday .9 11?Thursday. 10 12?Kriday, UH 11?Saturdy, 3 V Stages w 11 be in readiness to' convey passengers to 11 parts of we country 9r*rh ICOJLN1NG LJUN ? AT 7 O'CLOCK, ~ FOR ALBANY, TROY and intermediate landings. from the Steamboat Pier at the foot o Barclay-street. Breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves N w York at T o'clock, A. M., Tuesdays, Thursdays sudSaturdav, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Alb.wy at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday aud Kriday. The low-pr. ssure steamboat 'i'ROV, Captain A. Goiiiaui, oe Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Cap'ain A. Dec-root, on Mon day, Wednesday and Kriday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply ou board, or to K. B. Hal), nt the office ou the wharf. Notice?All goods, freight, bills, apucie, or any other kind of property taken, shipped, or put on board this boat, must be at the risk of the owners of such goods, freight, bag gage, itc. je.lHrc FT?* STATEN'iSLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET The Steamboats BYLl'H and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York every hour except 5 P. M., commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P.M. Leave Staten Island every hour except 4 P. M.. commencing at 8 A. M., until 7 P. M. N. B.?Ot. Suudays the Boats will leave every hour from 8 A. M., until 1 P. M., and from 1 P. M. until 7 I*. M., every ball hour. j >-12 FOR LIVERPOOL?Kim P ckct with Despatch? ?The lirat class fust sailing packet ship PAN ill*. A, m'" B. Lane master, w II be despatched n? above. laving superior accommodations lor cablu, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate application oil board, west side of Burling Slip, or to JOSEPH McMURR AY, si I Comer of I'.ne and South sts 5?- FOR SALE, FREIGHT OK CHARTER?The .p-icget ship8HAKSFKARE, 759 toils, has carried i2559 bales New Orleans cotton, built in this city by .mw.. St Bell, in the best possible manner: live oak and locust top, live oak aprons, transoms and cants, forward and aft; salt ed ou the stocks and resulted several times since; lias handsome lurnished accommodations lor 20 passengers and is bebevid to be the fastest ship of her length belonging tothis port. Apply to ?IOm E. K. COLLINS St CO., M South st. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20th *ep ? tember?'.I lie first class packet (hip GLADIATOR, iCaptaiu Bunting will aail aa above, being herregular day. Having very superior accommodations forcabin, second cab n and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make early application on board, foot of vlaidrn Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURR AY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. The splendid packet ship Switzerland, Captain Knight, will succeed the Gladiator, and sail ou the 1st October. slO m FOR LIVERPOOL?The srlendid steams' ip .MA8SACJIUSF.T1 S Capt. White, will positively isail on Monday, lath of September i ...>, second cabin and steerage passengers, having un surpassed accommodations, apply ou board, font of Hector St., or to JAMES CLANNY. s9 lw'rc 110 South st. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK, OK LIVER ? POOL PACKETS?For Liveipoo), ouly regular (packet of the 161 li of September, w and celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship YORKSHIRE, 1150 tuns burthen,Capt. D G.Bailey, will sail posi ively on Tuesday, 16th September. It is well known that the accommodations of the Yorkshire are fitted out in a most superb aud costly manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot but add to the comfort of lno?e en.barking. Persons visiting the aid coun try, should rail and see this splendid specimen of naval archi tecture, before engaging elsew here. For passage, in cabin, secoud cabin and steerage, early appli cation should be made on board, foot of Beikinau at, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHER- & C6. 35 Fulton bt, next door to the Fulton Bank, New Vork. FOR. GLASttOW?Regular P?rkn?The well known, fair sailing packet slop SARACEN, 400 torn. ,Nathaniel J. Hawkins. master, having one half her cargo engaged, will hare immediate deapntch. kor balance of freight or pnasage, having excellent accom mod itioua, apply to the Captain ou boaid, tool of Dover street, E. II., or to WOOT)fnTLL k MINTURN. R7 8 .nth street The regular packet barque ADAM CARIl, Robert Scott, master, will succeed the Saracen. s6rh ONLY REGUL \R I,INK OF PACKETS KOll NEW ORLEANS?Packet ofthe 13th September? .The splendid and fast sailing packet ship JOHN MINTURN, Capt. D. Stark, will positively sail on Monday Sept. 13th, her regular day. The accommodations ol this favorite packet ship for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, are very sui? rior. The ships of this line have now commenced their regular trips and will sail punctually every Monday. Persons wishing to secure bertlir should make early applica tiou ou board, fool of Wall street, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, s9 rc 73 South St., corner of Maiden Lane. ~ FOR NEW ORLEANS?The splendid packet ship CLYDE, Capt. Theabold, will positively sail on (Monday 13th iuat. tier renin modal ions for cabin, second cabin, and a limited number ot steerage passengers, cannot be excelled by any packet ship in port, having splendid state ro ims and every oth er convenience suitable for tlie comfort of those about to em bark. For freight or passage in any of the above place*, all of which will he taken at less than usual rates by early applica tion on board the ship, foot of Wall strert, or to J. HERDMAN & CO., s9 rc 61 Suuth st, REGULAR LINK C F PACKETS FOR GLAR MMvaVgriw?Packet of 13th September?The fast tailing fa JBBBBBVnrite packet ship SARACEN, Capt. N. T. Haw kina, will sail punctually us above, her regular day. Having accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passen gers, unsurpassed by any shin in the trade, persons about pro ceeding to Scotland, will finu her a very desirable conveyance, and reliance may he placed ou her sailing punctually as adver tised. To secure berths, early applicatiou must be made ou hoard, foot ol Dover street, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT,75 South street. The regular packet ship ADAM CARR will succeed the Saracen. Persons wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out in either of the |>arkel* of this liue, on favorable terms, by applying as above. Drafts for any amount supplied, payablethroughout Sntrland. rffs3 UNITED LINE OF PACKET8 FOR LIVER POOL.?Packet of 12th September.?The splendid .fast sailing and favorite packer ship SOUTHERN EK, (IUuO tons burthen,) Capt. 1. D. Palmer, will sail oil Friday, Sept. 12th, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 toils and upwards, per sons about to embaik lor Ilia old couirry will not fail to see the advantag. s to b. deiived from selecting this line in prefer ence to any other, as their great capacity rendeis them every way mure comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, and the r accommodations for cabin, second cabin ami steerage pass, ngars, it it well kuowu, are superior to those ol any other line ol packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to make -ally application on board, foot of Rosevelt street or to ?I W.kJT TAPSCOTT, 73 Southatraet, FOR ST. JOHNS, N. B-With Despatch The . roppei ed and cornier fastened, first class British ship iLORD MAIDSTONE, Captain Archibald Ta.lor. will oe ready in a couple of days to receive cargo, and h.,vc despatch f< rthe above port. I" or freight or cabin passage, having state room accommoda tions, apply ou board, loot of Clinton st, or to the stihscri ers. ROCHE, BROTHERS R CO. s6 rh 33 Knltou st. nexi door to the Fulton Bank. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular ? Packet of2lst September.?The suiKwior fast soiling ??packet ship QUEEN OF THE WV.hT. 1250 tons, . I hilip Woodhoasr.dndge, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable state rooms and cabin, apply on board, west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL & MINTURN. ? . , 87 South street. I nee of passage $100. The packet ship Rochester, too tons, ("apt. John Brittnn, will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail on her regu lar day. 2lat October. jyf| ^"OJS. MARSEILLES?Packet of the 1st of Oeto her?1 lie new ship NEBRASKA, Capt. Brown. Her ,?(accommodations for passengers are not surpassed by any ol the pickets sailing froin tins port. She offers a desirable conveyance to tliose destined to any port in the Mediterranean, as Steamers regularly ply to all the ports from Mnrsaillrs. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN St PHELPS, 103 Front st,or to BOYD St HINCKEN. ftToiitin- Buildings, s4 rh Wall street. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and ,\?-w York Line?Regular Packet?To sail Monday, 22d instant?The elegant fast sailing packet ship ?\1;. KI.L, Taylor, master, w ill positively sail as above, her i*g ular day. For freight or pasaage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at.ot to ' ? K. COLLINS & CO., 9* Booth street. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening 2f)th instant. Agent in New Orleans. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly lorward all goods to his address. s3 PACKETS Ft )~R~ II A VIt F.?Second Line ? hfyfVhe packet ship 8|\ NICHOLAS,! ipt. John B. MHMEbI ell. will sail on the 1st of I Ictober For frei. ht or ssage apply to BOYD V HINT KEN. No 9Touthir Building, Corner Wall and Water ats fOIL MOBILE?New Line?The splendid Packet ship UAXELLE, Captain Tread well, who goes to the city with freight and passengers, will have im ?spstcli for the shove port, bor freight or passage, in either cabin, second cabin, or steer age, al ol which will n>i Islteu jt much less than the usn .1 rili-s, By applying to JOHN HERDMAN It ( u , ?** !? II South street. CARTS, HARNESS, HOKSKS. ,Vc. TWO second hand curt* ?nu harne ?; o .e 'ante meat cait;one small spring do; our ti u rate cart horse; one handsome young b iy ... jo?? to tingle and double harness and escelle .t under the saddle, it very gentle and w ell calculated for a I idv, and an elegtut ladie* *id ? saddle and a new net of very Iiulit hsrne-s. Also, an iron i best and copying |>re*s ill Kood order. Tlie above will lie sold clienp fo close a concern Apply at the V*'d. 76 Sullivan st. all lw*rr ROCK AIVA Y STAGES, ON and alter August 1st, 1015, will leave the < 'ity Hotel, at 3}? ij,'clock P.M. daily, Sundays excepiei. for Par Itoelraway. lle turuuu;. leav ea the Pavilion at 734 A VI., for New York, cross ing at the South Kerry. All orders to be left at 3|0 Pearl stn et nul lm*rc f{. CONKLIN. HORSES FOR SALE! SEVERAL Hoises. the property of gentlemen who 1 a having returned from the country anil having no fur titer use fur An excellent opportunity now oir-rs lor those who may wish to purchase. at they will be ntrerid at reasonable p icej. Also, sev.ral Uockaway and other Wagons may be seen at Ditbrow's Riding School mid Livery Stables. -108 Bow ery. s'O 1 w*m KOSK HILL STABLES. 2ith street, hetween 2d and 3d Avenues, and nearly opposit* Bull's plead. lust arrived from the country, and for sale at th Love stables, 40 Horses, anions: which are four fist trottiiiK lliorsi s, 2 1st pacuot do., several pairs farm horses, some fine cart horses, a fe w good road and st me horses, and ship,<ers. s3 2m?rrc It. H. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. FALL FAbiiiUiN liM-5 WM. BANT A, No. 9-1 Canal Street, Corner of wooster Street, ami No. l.'iO Cliutlinm Street, TM OFFERS to his friends and ihe public a large assort uient of Hats of the newest style ut thu following low prices, vir :? Short Napped Silk Hats $2 50 Fine Moleskui Silk Hats .... :t 00 Superior " " " 3 SO Nutria Fur " 3 00 First Quality Nutria Fur Hat 4 01 Also, a choice variety of I'hildrent' Caps. Uoys Fur and Silk llats Gentlemen's Travelling and Dress Caps, fctc. See. slO lm*r MILL'S FALL STYLE WELLINGTON HATS rm NOW READY, at the well known establishment, U8 JpA Broadway, Howard Hotel,at the following prices ; First quality Nutria Si 50 2i do do 3 VI First do Moleskins 4 .70 M do do I 00 lid do do 3 00 J I) Totten and R. J. Tilfany would bepleased to see their riend, as above. *5 lm*rh the fall sty Lb. of GENTLEMEN'S HATS r3 AHF, NOW RKADY for the season, 1615, which for Jtw^lighturss and sujierioiity of color cann-t be surpassed, which is a very important 1'art of the Hat, retaining the color till it is worn out. Any article sold in this eatablihinen' is ue ver misrepresented but sold for what it is Also, the fall style of Boys and Children's Caps, of various patterns, Gentlemen can hare their hais tnade to order in anv shape or style they wish. C. KNOX, SlO Fulton St, auW lm*m between William and Nassau sts. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS-BOUTS AND SHOES. J. F.. JOHNSON (late Wilson St Johnson) has gou hand,in store 142 Chatham street, direct) I pposile the theatre, one of the best assorted stocks of r Brrots and Slton that can be had in the city. Gents Kip. II, Grain and Seal, Thick a^tid Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, p-lf'ri and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; LaiUies Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, die., of every description. A greater variety of Children*' Shoes than anv other store in this c ty. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty different kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Spoilsmen's, Fishermen's, and Seamen's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock iu the evening, giving country_mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leiiure. s9 lin'mc ANTI-HUMB UG. J CHEAPEST BO' TS AND SHOES in the city.-T. L. M ARTIN has established a new aud fashionable Boot and Shoe Store, No- 2 0 Fnltou street, between Church and Greenwich.its., where he would be happy to accom modate those who may patronise htm. Boots made to order, of the best materials, $5; hoots footed, S3 50; shoes, S3. Also mad- to order, afterthe same rates, opera and fancy patent lea ther hoots. K'iters, pumps and fancy colored slippers N. B?Tire greatest care taken to ensure a handsome and easy lit, a draft of the foot taken, and a last made and kept ex pressly for each customer. Rep liruig of all kinds neatly executed at the shrines' notice. Terms cash. s2eod2w*rh i FINE FRENCH BOOTS FOR $3 50,CITY MADE ?For style and dnrahility they are equal to those sold iu other stores for 85 ; five French imperial dress Boots made to order for $1 50, equal to those made iu other 'Ores for 80 and 87, and warranted to give satisfaction, at YOUNG k JONES' French Imperial Boot and Shoe !\lauu lecturing Depot, oue of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe establishments in this city. Gentlemen that nre iu want o( i pair of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per cent by getting them of us. Meudiug also done in the store. WM. M. YOUNG k 11. B. JONES, ?l2 1mis*re No. 4 Ann it., near Broadwsy, New York. FOR SALE, IN THE CITY OF Al'ALAOIll COLA. ss^ee TWO LOTS. No. 18 and ti, in Block F" 1. each 30 feet flf^Sthy80. eiitep.rtn a 'h ough f omWater to Commerce st., din ? ?' hounded b Vv've , ' henv mid Commerce streets 11 net sold privately l y the -l it instant, will th. n be offered at anctton. For particulars, euqni eol G O I. I'RIIE, No 1 W .1!'treet. Who has 817,500 in one sum. to loan on real e-nat iu this city or Brooklyn Apnly r-? above si' wrc TO HOTEL AND BOARUi> G HOUSE KEEPERS. tA FIRST RATE Establishment, no-- Joins a goo. and profitable business (the rei.t being veiy low;) is lie disposed of on reasonable lerma, f< r cs.h If it situ the very heart of the business part of the cuy an'I I in extensive connection, not only with country tneichaul., Ini also with persons constantly arming (rom European ports The only cause of the Proprietor wishing to dispose of bit liutiuess is an rucagcuieiit which reipiites his presence iu Kim land. Address W. T. at this office, with real name and ad dress. s9 t'je FOR SALE. A HOUSE AND LOT in the city of Buffalo, situa ' ted on Walnut st, and running through to Pratt st?ill .rear lil by 87 feet. Tile building oil it is a double one, 2 . high, tilled iu with brick from cellar to attic, and faith fully finished, and about 10 years old. Has a good well and cis tern ofexcclent water on the premises. This property will be sold reasonably for cash and will no doubt prove a good invest ment, as there has been a uumber of buildings put up in its vi cinity .the present summer, and is rapidly increasing in value.? Apply to GEO. LUDLOW PRIDE, 41 Walltl. WANTED TO~PURCHASE, A SMALL two story Brick House, situated west of Brosd wsy, between Leonard and Houston sis, for which a liberal price will be paid. Apply to s6 I wire GEO. LUDLOW TRIPE. (I Wall st. ~ A HOUSE FOR SALE?The House and Lot No. 175 Fourth street, near the Sixth avenue, and nearly op poaite the Washington Parade Ground Apply as above. aPJ lin'mc jrcl FOR SALE?A desirable Residence for a genteel oj? I'ainil y, comprising a convenient two story frame dwell _hMLiiik bouse, lilted iu, aud sixteen acres of good land inclu ding orchard and garden, with requisite outbuildings,beautiful ly situated on the easterly side of the Passaic river, one mile shove Belleville Bridge, four froin Newark, and nine from N. York Price moderate. For further particulars, apply to C. V.S.Kane, Esq 9 Nassau street, o to Wtlilam Dow, Auc lioueer, Bt llevilla, N. J. s3 Iw'rrc HOTEL DE PARIS. ANTIONF. VIONF.S, one of the late proprietors of the Perkins' House, Boston, respectfully informs his .friends and the travelling public, tliat he has opened the house No. 290 Broadway, entrance on street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will be luppy to accornor date those who nny wish to patronise him, with Board ami Lodging, by the day. week or mouth, on the most reasonable terms. *3 Ini'rrc THE BOND STREET HOUSE, (Wd Broadway, 18 now open far the reception of boarders. The situ ation it one of the most desirable in the city. The house has been newly pap-red and painted thiouglmut containing between 60 and 70 rooms, handsomely furuuhed. Parlors and bedrooms and pantries attached?likew sa rooms for single gentlemen. Southerners and others wishing to avoid he nois and confusion of an Hotel, will have every attention paid to their comfort and Couveui, lice. a?5 lm*rc I'HILAUKLPtllA HOTKI.S. HART WELL'S IV ASHING TO N HOUSE, Chestnut Street, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA. IT/" Baths just introduced?Warm mid Cold?in fine apart menu?for both ladies and gentlemen. al61m*rh COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chestnut Strcet,hetwecn (1th and 7th?trect?, 1.,?, ???? PHILADELPHIA. , HIE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform their friends and the travelling public,they have taken the above bouse,(lor ? merly known as the Marshall Honse,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements in its interior, having spared no expeuse to render it one of the most pleasant ami fashionable houses ill the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large and well arranged, tnr furniture entirely new. Its loca tion is in the most central part of the city, near to all the places ol public amnsement, and convenient to the depou of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. the tables wil I be supplisd with all the delicacies of the sea son. I he Wines are of the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hope by their jrersonal attention a .d experience in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favoi them with their patronage. ? , , BAOLEY, MACKENZIE k CO James Barley, (late of Jones' Hotel.) Hei ry C. mackcuxie, (formerly of the Washington House.) Peter L. Ferguson. July lat. 1H5. jyj tm?ec TO STRANGERS. i'I'HE ALHAMRA," Broadway, between Spring and A Prince, i*_ now one of the lirst places of resort, songlit by strangers coining to the city, and justly, too, as no establish ment of the kind in this country can compare with if in point of novelty, and the elegaiirr and in igniticem-e of its interior? not to speak of the eicellrnce of the Ice < re*ns and other Ue Iresbments to be found there ?K rwit'in WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, DRoldslreel, near Maiden Lane. COUNTRY M ERC HANTS will find this a desirable House, vv |)e?iig convenient to the busiuess part of the city. This ?KUbhsr>!nent is fitted ui> with entirely new furniture. Oood anu mint tail tin I dinner. 18-k cents, lodgings 26 cents. For con remfioc? nod Co fort this house it equal to any hotrl in the city, and at nail the price. Permanent hoarder! cau be nccomnuHlated 011 very reasmiahle terim. All the delicacies of the season ierred up, at toon as they trriff in market, at half the price of other houses Klegant private pirlors. for the referee i nset, or private dinners or snp per parties P r"n K?*f of honors. jnS Im'rc LA it is K IUT H S, Psnrl Street. BfcTWKKN ( tnue Hint str-ets.?Warrn, Fold ai d Shower Buna, equal to my in the ritjr, I2){ cents each. tJond clean sinyh- bed?, I2l4 e ts rich Meals UK cts. each, hoard and lodging, per we. k ? r* from London. Liverpool. I aiiada and all the priuciptl cities in the Luittd Butts, on tile. < i? m I Ion* n( the Meat of War, die. | From the Norfolk Herald, Sopt. 9.] M"* l.nvo been favored with the following extract of a luttei, dated Pt.iucou, Aug. 31, 1845. " The Saiatoga has juet come in trom Vera Cruz in 13 day*, with intelligence that Mexico ha* marched an ar ru) into Texaa, and her Congress has authorised a Loan of Kl million* of ollurs. The Montezuma is well armed, and transporting troop*! " The above, no doubt, will he considered a Declara tion ot Wur, by the U. States. " We are all up in excitement?don't know what move we Rhall make." | From Charleston Courier, Sept. 8.] The b'. M. steamer Col. Harney, arrived here yester day in three days from Norfolk, Va., bound to the Gulf of Mexico. The following is a list of her officers :?Wm. C. Whittle, Lieut. Corad'g; Melancton Smith, 1st Lieut.; Wm. A. Nelson, Asst Surgeon; George W. Rogers, Act ing Mustv : ltichard T. Konshaw, I'assed Midshipman; Henry N. T. Arnold, do do; A. K. Wsrley, Midshipman. James S. Wa Idell, do; George Goldsliorough, Captain s Clerk; John D. Wood, t oast Pilot; Samuel Archbold. Chief Kiigineer; Theodore Zeller, Asst do. Passengers James N. King, W. B. Luce, M. M. Thompson, 3d Ass't F.ngineers for steam ship Mississippi; K W. Brown, for Galveston, Te.xas Thc Col. llarney will, it is said, he tinder the command 1 of Com Conner, and will he employed in conveying de spatches between Mobile and Galvestoa. [From New Orleans Picayune, Sept. 2.J It i* some lime since the public have heard much ol the diplomatic tiiumvirate consisting of Ashbel Smith, ( 'apt. Klliott and Mr. Saligny. Occasionally, however, their names come forth to tiie light of day. Thus, we yosterday learned that Mr. Smith had arrived in town, as well as the "man in the white hat," and taken lodg ings at (he St. Charles. On whut especial mission they are now bent, we arc not informed, and he must be a bold man who would hazard a conjecture. Texan diplo macy under President Jones's administration is almost unfathomable. If t.m ex-Plenipotentiary is on his way to Texas, we should presume he would lind the people ripe to receive him. The dissolution of the Mexican cabinet is regarded by the editor of the Courier (on the French side) us the har binger of peace. He has watched the progress of events narrowly, and now argues that the lute ministry retired because they w anted the support of the direct represen tatives of the people in their warlike demonstrations. - This is plausible, and is supported by ingenious reason ing. The inference the writerdraw*, and which he is most anxious to draw, is that reasonable hope may he indulged that the difficulties between the United S'a'es and Mexico ma) be adjusted without the discharge of a single shot, by a little liberality on tb? part of our go vernment, an<l forbeaiance on the part of our land and naval force*. These speculation* (for a translation of which we have not room) are worthy of notice as those of a close observer, who has attentively studied Mexican politics. [From the New Orleans Bee, Sept. 2.1 Through the polite attention of a commercial house of this city we have received the Diario Art Ooblemo (Hie government pnper) of the 11th ult. It contains the offi cial announcement of the election of General Herrertias Piesideut of the Republic of Mexico. There are twen ty-five departments in .Mexico, of which the successful candidate must receive the votes of thirteen?being an absolute majority of the whole. It api>ears that although full returns hail not been received, it was ascertained that Herrera had already obtained the suffrages of thir teen departments, anil was consequently duly elected President. He will take the oath of office and be inau gurated on the 26th Septomber. The resignation of the various Ministers, of which we made mention yesterday, was purely the consequence of nn understanding with the President nd interim when they accepted office under him on the 6lh December last. The Diario del Gobirrno publishes Cueva'f letter of re signation, in which that functionary refers to the agree ment alluded to, and declares that he and hi* confreres of the cabinet are only acting in conformity to the terms stipulated at the period of the organization of the new government. The only reference made to Texas in this communica tion is the following :?" You are about to commence a new administration, with the certainty that the Republic is anxious for internal tranquillity,loves and respects the constitutional authorities, and is resolved to make every sacrifice required by the war which it is necessary to un dertake, in consequence of the iniquitous usurpation of the department of Texas." Marseille** Packets. Marseille*, July 16, 1B4.">. Dear Sir,? We deem it our duty before parting, to express to you our gratitude, lor the constant kindness shown to us, and for the care and diligence with which you have at tended to the comforts of us all during our passage from New York to this city on hoard the noble ship Prince de doinville, of which you are tho commander. Permit ut also to state, that having witnessed the obsti nacy with which adverse winds and calms have opposed our progress, we consider ourselves much indebted to y our skill and abilities as a navigator, for having reached so soon our destination in safety. It is but justice to add, that the owners of the ship Prince de doinville hav ing given you the command of a splendid, new, easy, and ia-t sailing vessel, furnished with elegant accom modations, and with a profusion of conveniences tend make the situation of passengers as comfortable plea aiu as possibly are entitled to a great deal of floi radii, and -.hut their efforts should be properly apprccia .-.i and pa'r mixed by travellers and invalids intending .1 reicu with despatch the south of France and Italy, r,U enjoy in au economical manner atsea, all the luxu ,09 v i.i-.h they could procure on land. Sincerely wish n ah success and prosperity to yourself and them, \t e are, truly, your friends and passengers, F 11. VVhitmore, New York; Otis J. Chalee, Charles ton, S. C. ; Henry I'eters Gray, Anthony lloropalo, L. C. Sartori, U. S. Navy. Marseilles, July 17, 1845. Gentlemen :? With pleasure I acknowledge the receipt of your kind note of the 16th, in bohalf ol your fellow passengers, and am happy that I have, in any way been conducive to your comforts while ou board the ship under my com mand. There is much pleasure in bringing to mind the days passed in your society, putting aside the tedious and anxious hours of hoad winds and calms. I hope, gentle men, our course through life may be as fair. With my sincere regard to the ladies of your cotn pany, yours, truly, WM. W. LAWRKNCK. Another Destructive Fire in Philadelphia.? A (ire broke < ut on Wednesday morning in a stable occupied by Michael Oak, on a lot on the north side of Vine street above Twelfth, and extended to frame sta bles occupied by Kdward Smith, a carter, Patrick ilagey ~ which and Wm. Bargan, .draymen, and Robert Buck, were entirely destroyed, together with eight horses-, three of the animals belonged to Oak, one to Smith, three to Hagcy and Bargun. and the remaining cue to some one unknown. Besides this property, a row of frame dwellings occupied by two widow women named ( hristy and Ralston, and Mr. Buck, were entirely con sumed with nearly all the furniture which they con tained. The flames spread to a large carpenter shop on Vine street, occupied by Messrs. Samuel Thomas and Jacob Gloss, who lost tools, materials and finished work, to tho amount ol about $800. The dwelling of Mr. John Donnelly, ndjoining, took fiic and was partially burned. The dwelling ofMr. Joseph Lutz, at the rear ol this on a small alley, caught also, and was very much damaged, as well as the property of its inmates. Tho real estate belonged to Mr. Matthew Matthews, who had leased the whole of the frame stables and dwellings to Mr. Robert Buck. Loss of property by the above fire was very con siderable. The fire resulted, it is supposed, from careless ness on tha part of one of the drivers, who left the premi ses where ttie fire first mndo its appcaarnce, but a lew minutes before the tlames broke out. Extensive Robbery* by an Express Auknt ? Francis Davenport, a messengeruttucliedto "Gay's Kxpross," received in New York, on Friday, Sept. 5th, a puckage of New Kngland bank notes, addressed to J. Urowur, Cashier Suffolk Bank, Boston, containing $1,500, and another addressed to Waldo Flint, Cashier F.agle Bank, containing $1,648 59 cents, and a draft drawn by Charles Wardel 8i Co., on Hill, Chamberlin St Co., Bos ton sight, tor $341 and 41 cents, payable to order of Wal do Flint, Cashier, which has not been delivered. A reward of $100 is offered for the recovery of the mo ney. Davenport is about 5 feet Bin. high, florid complex ion, black hair, and usually wears his hair in a twist or curl ou his face; wears his hat back. Wore a bluck fiock coat and light ribbed pantaloons. Ha lias been for ahout a month employed as messenger, and was previ ously a carrier for Hale's Letter Office, Boston. Davenport, tho absconding Messenger of Gay's Kx prcss, was seen at the Bowery Theatre on Saturday owning, in an inebriated state, and an acquaintance met him in Broadway on Tuesday. An Affray on a Race Course.?Day before yes terday an affray occurred on the race course, which has resulted in the death ol one individual, ond injury to others. After the race, while a few horses were being trained, by running ovor the course, one of the horses threw his rider, anil in the attempt to stop him, another horse wbs struck with a whip by one of the bystanders This enraged tho owner, Mr. More, who drew a pistol on the transgressor. Constable Sullivan, in endeavoi ing to suppress the disturbance, rode into the crowd on his hoise, and stiuck several men with his cane. Andrew Simpson seized Mr. Sullivan's horse by the reins, and ? ndcavoreil to stop him from riding upon the crowd. He was thrown down, trod upon by the horse, and so se verely injured that he died yesterday about 3 o'clock.? A Mr. Ilotclikiss, of Bloomington, was struck over the head, and so badly hurt that his life is considered in danger. These are some of the legitimate fruits of horse lacing.?Ckica/i Newi, 30th ult. Death or Judoe Baylor Confirmed.?In the last Alabama Baptiit, we see an extract of a letter from the Hon. R. 1.. B. Baylor of Texas, dated Austin, 30th July, to the Hon. Thorns* Chilton of Terry county, which says By the time this reaches you, you will have heard of the melancholy fate of my brother, Wal ker K Baylor. His death was suddon and unexpected. \ Mr. Rivers, late of the State of Tennessee, having a revolving pistol in his hand, the hammer slipped through his fingers, causing the pistol to fire, snrt shooting my brother immediately through tho heart. He died in stantly A nephew standing by, ewclaimed to tho gen tleman, " you have killed my uncle." Poor Walker re plied, "oh no"?-and never spoko again. Mr. Rivers, I Darn, suffered greatly from sgony of inind, and express .? I the deepest sorrow on Recount of his being tho cause is Iulal uCC v, tiu? iulal uccurroace Vniltlce. Wm. I). Waterman, a merchant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who had been on a tour to the south for the benefit of hu health, and was returning homewards, died on Tuesday night on board of the Knickerbocker, on the upward passage of the boat. His disease was con sumption, with which he had struggling for a year, and was returning to his fuuiily and friends in despair. A botjus manufactory has been broken up in the western jiart of the State Dollars of that description have lately been particularly plentiful in the city ot Ro chester, inducing a suspicion that the mint from which the coin emanated could not he far distant. According ly the police made a sortie, and at Lyons they found the bogus factory in full operation The implements were seized, together with about $100 of the Am it money, and the comers brought to Rochester and placed in limbo. It is stated that the present number of distilleries in the I'nited States is 10,400 , the number of gallons of distilled liquors, distiliod annually, is Il.o0-2.fin7 which, if sold at JO cents per gallon, would produce $H,000,000 , 4.000,000 of quarrels; half a million assaults and batteries 100,000 thefts; 800 suicides; and about 100 murders. A I prolific business?very. Mr. Milton, of Brighton, Monroe county, states, in a letter to the Evening Journal, that a resident of that place (Mr. Abraham Jagaman) out-Colburn's '. alburn al together, in the f-iculty ol mental calculation. He mul tiplies "in his head" 13 places of figures by as many place sof figures The result occupying 20 places of figures. Colburn, it is said, could not go beyond mul tiplying 0 places by 6 places. Catharine Lindsay, the servant ?rirl of Mr. Hodg son, of Savannah, (ia.. who was arrested and taken he fore Judge Dewey at Northampton, on a writ of Aahtas cor/mt. through the agency of a Dr. Hudson of West Springfield, has sued said Hudson for false imprison ment, laying her damages at $1000. The suit is brought in the Common I'leas Court for Suffolk, which meets at Boston iri October. As Hudson refused to give the ne cessary hail, $1500, he was committed to jail in this town on .Monday last. In his arrest and commitment lie played the part of a " non-resistant."' and was about as helpless as a hag of cotton.?Spnn^litld Republican. The Springfield (III.) Republic statCB the death o Henry Laudis, aged 70, on Thursdy morning, in the stage coach, between Jefferson and Lafayette, on the National road. He was returning home, was in his usual health, and engaged in cheerful conversation a few moments be fore his death. Execution of II. G Gkeen.?The inandute of the law lias been fulfilled, the last office performed, and the spirit of II. G. Green has beon ushered before his .Maker, there, we hope, to meet the reward so freely held out to all who repent of their sins, and believe in the forgiveness of God. The deceased has taken little rest for the last three or four days ; aud night and day he has occupied almost all his time in pray ing and inging liymns. At 12 o'clock to-day his relatives bid him a last and af fecting farewell, and left him with the Rev. Mr. Van Kleek of .St. Paul's Church, and the Rev. Mr. Baldwin of tlie Third street Baptist Church, who have heretofore labored without censing, and with success, to bring him to a sense of his awful situation. llii parting with the Sheriff and hii deputies, Messrs. Richmond mid Robe , was extiemcly affecting ; before leaving his room he sent for Mr. Rose to bid iiiim good bye. The moment he entered the room he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him, excluiming, " You hnve been very kind to mo, you have treated me like a brother for the last seven months that I have been under your charge ; but 1 must now leave you, and I ex hort you to turn to the Lord and seek a home in that hapny world where all my hopes are centered." About a quarter to four the Shoritt' came up stairs, fol lowed by the Rev. Mr. Van Kleek and the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, who were shortly succeeded by the prisoner, supported by Mr. Richmond and ono of his friends. He appeared calm and collected ; but owing to the length of time he has lain in bed, he was unable to support himself. When he arrived at the gallows, he requested the clergy to sing a verse from a hymn, commencing with? " itock of ag s cleft for me, l Lot me hide myself in thee." After which the Rev. Mr. Baldwin addressed n prayer to the throne of grace, aud was followed by Mr. Van Kleek, imploring divine forgivenness on the prisoner in an elo quent strain. When he closed Green made a short hut very ntfecting prayer, and then signified he was ready. The weights then fell, and he was drawn up ; and alter a lew spasmodic ell'orts he settled down quietly, still holding his hands grasped together. After he had hung about ten minutes, the Rev. Mr. Van Kleek addressed those present, and said? " 1 take this opportunity to announce, in behalf of the Rev Mr. Baldwin and myself, that a full and free confes sion has been made to us by Henry G. Green, of the crime o( which he was convicted and lor which he has now been executed; that he acknowledged tho just ness of his sentence ; that he had no hard and unkind feelings towards the wituesses, the prosecutors, the ju ry, the officers of the law, or the Governor who refused to pardon him or to commute his sentence ; that he was deeply penitent and humble for his offences against God and man, and that lie died looking for, through the merits of that Saviour, 'whose precious blood cleans eth from all sin,' and 'who came into the world to save sinners,even the chief.' " 'The details of the confession, after being submitted to his friends, w ill in due time be laid before the public. After the body had hung about half an hour,Dr. Backus and other medical men present pronounced him dead ? The pulse was perceptible at the wrist 17 minutes, and a slight tremor ol the heart was also perceptible 24 min j utcs. After hanging about five minutes longer the body j was taken down und given to his friends by the sheriff'.? | Trvy Riidget, Sept. 10. Important Movements ok the Ciioctaws and Cherokkes.?The project to which we alluded re cently, concerning the probable application of the Choc taw and Cherokee nation* for organization under the territorial law*, preparatory to Keeking admission a* states ol our Federal system, is now in progress of ac complishment. The Choctaws have promptly approved of the policy adopted by their worthy chief upon this important subject; and as will be seen by the following extract from the Miisiss'pjii b'ree Trader, that nation have further evinced their worthiness of political rights by electing fitchlyn us their representative in present ing to Congress their claim for admission to the privi leges of American citizens under our nutional confede racy : " Pitchlyn, the elective chief of J5,00C.civilized Choctaws beyond the Mississippi," says the Frtt Trader, will probably visit Washington this winter for the e of applying purpose of applying to Congress for the admission of his nation as a territory into the United States, with a dele gate in Congress. A constitution it is said has been adopted by the voters of the nation and every prelimi nary step taken for submitting it to Congress, and this distinguished chief selected us their representative." The Census.?It appears that the Tonawanda Indians have at lust yielded their assent that an enu meration shall be made of their number and resources.? A letter from H. K. Schoolcraft, the census agent ap ' - 17tl pointed for this purpose by the State, dnted the 7th inst., says that, ori reaching Tonawanda, some weeks since, the Indians discussed the policy of giving in the census, two days, some being In favor, others agninst the mea sure. They finally agreed to |>ostpone u decision, until his return front tiie west, evidently that they might in the meantime learn what course was pursued by the other tribes. Mr. 8. on the 4th, revisited them, and obtained their full assent. This completes tb? whole circle oi the New Vork bands, and will enable him, when the work is finished, to lay before the legislature a full account ol their industrial efforts and progresa in civilization. Reverse or Fortune.?Noah Brown, whose death was announced in our paper, was formerly one of the firm of Noah and Adum Brown, extensive ship builders in the city of New York. We understand that when that firm dissolved some years since, the deceased received upward of $130,000 in money as his share of the joint property ; but owing to being cheated, going secu rity for others, and making had speculations, he became very poor in his old age, and for some time before his death proeured a scanty subsistence for himself and fa mily at corking and repairing old boats by day's work. We have heard?though whether true or not we cannot fay?that our govornment owed him a large balance for vessels built for the public service during the last war with (treat Britain, and also that he built a vessel of war for the Russian Government, and has received but n , small part of the pay,? Xewark Eaglr. Mails for Texas.?We have the authority ol the |K>atma8ter ol this city, to state that mails will be duly made up at Mobile and New Orleans, and transmit ted by the steamboats and other vessels in the Net vice of the government, from those ports to tiulvcston and Corpus i liristi, in Texas, as often as said boats or ves sels shall perlorm trips to those places. Return malls will be made up ami forwarded by the postmaster of Galveston, and mail mutter from Corpus ( hristi and other places will tie received and brought by the cap tains aforesaid, which mails and mail matter will he de livered into the post office of New Orleans or Mobile as the case maybe. Letters, newspapers and pamphlets, unpaid, as well as pre-paid are to be forwarded in the foregoing mails. ? Mobile licgitter, Sept. 3. Murder at thf. Richmond Penitentiary ?Fe lix Fergusson, one of the keepers of the penitenti ary, was killed on Tuesday about Id o'clock, by Moses Johnson, a free negro convict in tlio penitentiary, near Richmond. Johnson was a workman in Mr. Fcrgusson's department: and whilo Mr. K. was sitting down, John son, wo understand, went up behind him and without any provocation, inflicted a wound upon his neck with;u knife, the blade of which was about threa inches long, severing the carotid artery and windpipe. Mr. Fergus son dieu within about 30 minutes. Maine Flection.?We have received some fur ther returns from the recent election in Maine. The Saro Democrat, giving returns from eighteen town* in York county, announces the completo success ot the en tire democratic ticket for that county ; and also the gra tifying result of the election of Mr. Scammon, the demo cratic candidate for Congress, by a handsome majority. A slip from the Jluguita .'Ige expresses the opinion that there is no choice ol governor by the people. The Canal ?We understand that the work on the Cnnal is being prosecuted with great vigor ? Contractors experience some difficulty in getting labo rers, possibly on account of the great demand for hands for the harvest work in the country. The contractors pav $1 perday, the hands hoarding themselves. Fair board and longing can be had any where along the line lor$l 30 per week Chicago Journal Court Intelligence. General, Sept. 11.?Before the Recorder end Aldermen Rich aud Seaman.?M. C. i'aterion, Esq. Dis trict Attorney. * Trial for Libel.?John P. O'Hairan, indicted for a libel on Samuel Garrison, Esq. one of the Juiticei of the mu nicipal court of Brooklyn, which he caused to be pub lished in a paper called the Subtrrranean, issued on the '98th of June last, was placed upon trial. The libel complained of, consisted of a series of re marks in relation to the character of Mr. Garrison, hold ing him up to ridicule, also imputing to him mat practice iu his official capacity as a Judge. The manuscript was produced in court, and after Mr. Garrison had sworn that 1 It was in the handwriting of O'llagan, it was read 1 Judge Garrison, in his cress-examination, admitted that he issued a warrant on the affidavit of Judge Church, an associate Justice oi the court, agaiast O'Hagan, for | grinning in the court, and also in the street, at Judge , Church, and for which otfence he held O'Hagan to bail | to keep the peace, in the sum of $500. Mich ikl Walsh, being sworn, deposed, that he was the proprietor of the paper iu which the libel appeared ; but at the time of its publication he was absent from the city, ami therefore could not say who was the author of it as he was not acquainted with the handwriting of O'llagan. He gave the manuscript to Judge Garrison.? The jury found O'Hagan guilty; whereupon he was re quested to appear ou Tuesday next to receive sentence, Trial for Embezzlement.?John P. Ostrander, indicted forembez/ling twenty-live bundles of hay belonging te Benjamin M. Still, was then tried. The accused, who was clerk to Mr. K. W. Sherwood St Co , commissioners, was charged with disposing of the hay and appropriating the money to his own us e. It appeared in evidenco, that the accused acted as the agent of Sherwood it Co., to whom the hay had been sent for the purpose of being sold, and that at the time the hay was disposed of, Sherwood U. Co. were indebted to him, ami that he had likewise become responsible for rent, in consequence of which Ostrander refused to give up the hay until Sherwood St Co., had paid the rent of inaiket, Sec. The ljury, after a brief consultation, acquitted the ac cused. Receiving Holm Goods.?Ellen McFairland, indicted for receiving stolen goods, knowing the same to have been stolen, was then put on trial. From the evidenco adduced it appeared that the ac cused was found, in possession of property which was Ftelen from the 'dwelling |of W.I A. Brooks, of No. 59 Second Avenue, which was broken into on the night of the 7th of August last. As the prisoner was a married woman, and as there was reason to believe that her husband was privy to the concealment of the property, the Jury rendered a ver dict of net guilty, The Court then adjourned until to Snpertor Court. Before Judge Oakley. Sept. 11. ? Charles Strums vs. Joseph N. Lucky?This was an action to recover for loss sustained by an alleged breach of warranty, in the sale of a quantity of sperm oil. The plaintiff having failed to prove the warranty, the case Was withdrawn. Frederick Hewitt vs. Alexander H. Ridebsck and Charles RHebock.?This was an action of assault and battery, which has already been twice tried. The plaintiff is cap tain of the I'tic a,{and it appeared that on the 17th of April, 1844, was met by the defendants in the office of a Mr. Boyd, the owner, residing in Wall street, where the as sault was committed. One of the defendants was mate of the vessel, and the captain (Hewitt) having reported him tor an alleged breach of duty on board, to the owner,Mr. Boyd, he took occasion to indict bodily injury on the plaintiff, instigated thereto by his father, who is im pleaded with him, and who, it is alleged, also aided the son in committing the assault. The case stands ad journed. Before Judge Vanderpoel. HarveyA. Jenkins vs. Frederick A. Cos, Griewold M. Rogers, Kdwtn Blydenhurgh, and Archibald Moffat.?This was an action of trespars de bonis asportalis, brought un der the following circumstances:?The defendant, Frederick A. Coe, is a lawyer of some standing in this city, and on the 19th of April last, recovered a judgment for a client of his in the First, Second and Third Ward Court, against one James Jenkins, a brother oi the plain tiff in this suit, for $30. Mr. Coe issued an execution on this judgment, and handed it to the dofendant Ro gers, who is a constable. Rogers in company with Mr. Coe, proceeded to the store No. 100 Norfolk street and levied upon the property there, and employed Blyden burgh and Motfatt, cartmen, to remove the goods, which consisted of hay, oats, horse feed, Ac. The property was sold under the execution. The plaintiff in this suit, alleges that the projierty in question was his, having been sold to him by his brother, and tire consideration paid, and brings this suit to recover the value of the iir qierty and damages for the trespass, while the defend ants contend tha' if such assignment were mado it was fraudulent, and made for the purpose of defeating the collection of the judgment. The plaintiff satisfactorily proved the|ns*ignment to be for a bona fide consideration, and the jury gave a verdict in his favor for $100 dama ges and ti cents cost. For plaintiff, James R. Whiting, Esq. For defendants Mr Coe in person, and Win. M. Mitchell, Esq. l'ande.rburgh vs. The Harlem Railroad Co.?The jury in this case brought in a sealed verdict for $100 damages and 6 cents costs. Common Pleas. Sett. 11.?Jacob Alter vs. John B. Ray.?This was an action on a promissory note made by defendant for $603 97, and given by him in payment for a quantity of sugar sold to him by the plaintiff', through a commission merchant or agent named Burns. The defendant con tended that he was not liable for the whole amount of the note, but only for Jo per cent thereof, in consequence of Burns having joined with other creditors of the de fendant in executing a release of the debt on receiving at the rate of 96 per cent. To this plaintiff replies, that Burns at the time he executed the release, expressly told the defendant in presence of two or three of the creditors, that he had no authority from his principal, the plaintiff in this cause to execute such release, and that he had previously delivered the note to the plaintiff. Under the charge of Judge Ulshoeffer, the jury gave a verdict for the plaintiff for $tH7 01, the whole amount of the note and interest. Cornelius McDermott vs Cortlandt Palmer? Action under the lien law, to recover compensation for work done in flagging the fronts of thirteen houses on 4(h ave nue and 95th street. The defence is, that the defendant is not the owner of the premises?and if he were, that thero is nothing due plaintiff'. The case will be con tinued to-morrow. 17. S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Nelson. Svrv. 11.? F.mrrton ti. Hogg and Delamater.?Motion for a new trial in this case was made, which has already been tried, in relation to infringement of patent right, in the manufacture of the Lriccson propeller. The plaintiff recovered damages at the former triad. Decision re served. Court Calendar. II. Tom mo* Pleas.? Nos. 67, 5, 58 to 66, 116, 67 to 70. StTREMK Coirt.?Wednesday, Sept. 10.?Special | Term.?Mr. Justice Beardsley presiding.?Tucker i vs. Black. Motion to set aside judgment, execution, lie.; | denied, with costs.?Smith et al. ads. Magee, sheriff. Mo tion for judgment as in case of non-suit: granted, by de j fault.?Cole vs. Jessup, imp'd, lie. Motion that plaintiff i have leave to put in two replications, he.; granted, by i default.?Whited et al. ads. Scott. Motion to change I venue; granted, by default.? Johnsoa ads. Johnson. Mo j tion te amend return to writ of error; denied, with costs. Higbie imp'd ads. Meeker. Motion for leave to defendant Higbie to come, implead and defend, he.; granted, on terms.? Green et al. ads. Snow ot al. Motion for attach ment; denied, without costs.?Story ads. Skidmore. Mo tion by deft, that a statement of tlio facts in this cause be drawn up under the direction of the Chief Justice, he.; granted.?Van Slyck. sheriff, ails. Adams. Motion to stay proceedings in this cause until another is decided, now dejiending in the Court ot Krrors j granted, on terms.?Bournian et al. ads. Powlis. Motion to change the venue ; denied.? Hunt imp'd he. ads. Otis. Motion to change venue ; granted, by default.? Ives ads. Wedge. .Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit, granted,by default.?Monroe ads. Crawford. Mo tion to change venue granted by default.?Chapman ads. Uilbert. Motion that plaintiff file a new bona for costs, granted by default. People ex. rel. Dickman vs. Jen kins, sheriff. Motion ordered to stand over to next spe. cial term. Relator to pay costs of appearing to oppose. Tucker vs. Black. Motion to set aside judgment and execution, he. denied, with costs?Ontario JBank vs. fink; impleaded, he. Motion to set aside taxation, he. Ordered that $1 37 be deducted from the bill as taxed.? Robinson ads. Cobb. Ordered that plaintiff's attorney pay defendant's costs, or that an attachment issue.? Wullup et al, ads. Hodgn. Motion that plaintiff pay de fendant's costs; granted, by default.?Benedict vs. Lord. Motion to refer; granted by default.?Kish vs. Lyon,Mo tion to amend declaration by changiug venue; granted, on terms.?Denerow et al. ads Hubbelf Motion lor judg ment as in case of non suit; denied, without costs and without prejudice.?In the matter of the application of Biddlecome lor a certiorari, granted ex parte ? Matteson ads. Chapnell. Motion to change the venue; denied,with costs, without prejudice.?Mhany slrgut. Factory Girls.?Mies Louisa Boyden wove week before last, at the mills of the Griswoldville Manufacturing t'smpany, in C'oleraice, J141 yards of cotton cloth, and received for the same $6,60. Misses Susan Stickney and Charlotte Newcomb wove in the same time -ions yards each, and received for the same $6 each. Misses Louisa Bratton and Klvira Marry wove in the same time 1974 yards each, receiving for the same $5,00 each, making 10,106 yards of cloth woven by live hands in one week. Young farmers and mechanics, before you go a courting just sit down and cypher oat the difference of profit between this and the yarn of simpering misses, with their novels in band loitering on the ottoman, or gadding th? streets for their weekly routine.? Greenjuld Democrat. Thk Titrpkntink Croil?A gentleman, himself a turpentine maker, and well acquainted with the turpentine region of North Carolina, told us on yester day that the crop of this yesr would rail considerably short, as compared with last ye*1" He says that he thinks there will be a felling oil of some '10 l? Mp? cent. He says that the very same seasons which will produce an abundant grain crop are necessary te the sd vageous cultivation o? the pine-that the bleed near so freely in extremely dry hot "??'"?'V 1 when there are what the fanner call, goed sesson. that i is. sunshine and showers interspersed Wilmington, pp. (J. Journal, Sefil 6

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