Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. JUL, Mo. ii?!i.Whoto Ho. ?U4. NEW YORK, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 13, 1848. Mm Two Cones* the NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES G0RDM BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. 1'AILY HERALD?Kvtrjr day. Price 3 oenta per .... C0 Price 6) ceuU Copy?$7 as por aimum?payable in advaoce. WEEKLY HKRALD?Every Saturday? per coy^'?$3 cente [>er annum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at th? usual prlcoii?<always cost, iu idva.uco. PRINTING of all kinds executed with henuty and despatch. 3if- All lettooi or communications, by mail, addressed to the eatublishmunt, must l>? post pai'ls or the porinfje rill bo deducted from the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON | BENNETT, N"ii?tp? or rur Nrw Yoss Hkssi.d Kstshi iisnio "??r.r f,. ,l ?+*?.- -p LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing mi Monday, Septemper 15th, 1815. Leave ih ouklyn? At 8% o'clock, A. M .Boston Train for Greenport, daily, Suinl.'.,. . ?., .ell, stopping *.t b jriniugdale anil St. George's Manor. At 9% A. M , for Earminr Lie uud intermediate places, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days, through to Greeiinon and intermediate places. At 4 P. i\L, for KariuiugdaU and iuterme liate places, daily, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to Sulf IkSlatiou. J,, are Qrce.tmurt? Boston Train, at 1 o'clorl?, P. VI., or on the arrival of the steamer front Norwich, daily. Ssirdays excepted stopping at 8t George's Manor and Karmingdale. At 9 o'clock, A M ; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, ! Wediir.davs and Fridays. Leave Earmingdale? For Brooklyn, at 6% o'clock, A. M., an 1 1 P. M., daily, 8un tldeys csi rpied. Leave Jamaica? For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and 2'i P. M., daily, Sun days rsrepieU. Bedford I Deer Park 69 Fast New York 12% Thompson 88 j Have Course 18% Suffolk Station 100 Trotting Course 18% Lakn llnad Station 1 18% ' ' ' '% Jamaica 25 Medfurd Station 1 18% , Brushville 31% Milleville 150 Hyile Park, 17 miles 37% St. George's Maner.... 1 f.2 Clowsville, (during ses- Kiverhead 16' ~ " sion Court,) 37% Jainesport 1 G2% Hempstead 37% Mattetuck 162% Brancn 37% Cutcliogue 1 62% Carle Place 44 Southold 1 62% 62% Wrsthury 44 fireenport, Acc'n. tnin.l 75 Hieksville 44 Boston Train 2 on | k'aruiiiiRdale 62% LIU ' the Singes are ill readinesa on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will he in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 minutes be fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. IP/" Hooka way Baggage taken in separate Grata*. The Sle mer Statesman leaves Gri enpoit for Sag Harbor twice each day ou the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. si I rc CENTRAL RAIL ROALJ FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. DISTANCE 1SJ0 MILKS THIS ROAD it open for the transportation of Passengers and Freight. Rates ol Passage 8 00 Rates of Freight vir. ; On weight goods generally 50 cents per hundred. 8ii measurement goods 13 cents per cubic foot. ii )n hirrels wet (except molasses SUB oil) $1 50 per barrel. On btrrelt dry (except lime) 80 cents per barrel. On ir m in pigs or bars, ca tings for mi lis and unboxed m chiuery... 40 cents per hundred. On hhds ..I'd piia s of liquor not over 120 gallons $5 00 per hhd. On libds molasses and oil... 6 00 Go. ds address.d to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free of THOM ~ IMAS PURSE, (Jen I Sup'i. Traiis|siftation. u.M'jr.u tiidf'bb iiLlb LiNri i'u u.ti.i i.>njtec. Fare 88. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALT1. MOKE RAILROAD LINE. Via Wilmington, Newark, Elktou, Havre drOra Morning Line?Through iriG Hour? The Cars leave li e Depot, corner of 11th mid Market streets daily (except Sunday, at 8 o'clock A. M. NEW CASTLE AND FRENCHTOWN RAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT COMPANY. Afternoon Line. The s'??inboat ROBERT MOltli Irs, I apt- Douglass, leaves Dock st wharf daily, exceptSuuday,at 3% o'clock P. M. F.-ro S3. The above line leaves Baltimore as follows, nr. : By Cars, from Pratt street depot, at 9 o'> lock A. M. By steamboat, from Bow Ivy's wharf, at 8 o'clock P. M. SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line fi r Baltimore on Sunday, leaves the depot, lllhand Market sts, at 4 o'clock P. M. Fine S3. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Tickets through to Wheeling '-r Pittsburgh can be procured either at the depot, Eleventh and Marketsts. or on board . he boat, and at 46 Sonth Third st, near Che inut, Philadelphia Fare to Wheeling $13; to Pittakerg $12 o. h. ir __UDDELL, Agent. For further information, apply to J. L. SLEMMER, at the office of Adams b Co. 17 Wall street, N. Y. June 24th. 1645. je29 2in ec MALL. LINE FOR BOSTON. taaaa eseaa acaawlal DAILY uVER TitL, i&LANd KAIL ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH -f WORCESTER. At * o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall Street, South Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way ( rates are lu leadiness to receive baggage for New London. Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. ju!6 tfrq^ TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ~'WhTl'ithi.vTI'lONi^.K PACKET LINK, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh Tin the Pennsylvania Rail roads and Can d?through m 3S day*. The above line i> uow iu full uperatiou mid offers u rent inducement* to pe rsous who wnil a pleuaant mode of travelling to the west. Hie cars are built ill die most approved modern style,the boat4 are fitted up inn aii|ierior manner,and every etfort it made by tlie proprietor* to conduce to the comfort mid convenience of travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, ud the rrrat chain of reuiiaylvnni i internal improvement* la well wot thy of being seen. By this rente passengers avoid all the fatigues and dangers at tendant npon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ei pedihoua trip. The cars leave every moruingat 7 o'clock. I'iuseLgersare ad vised to engnge their placet at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel ph.s N. K. corner ol Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 13 and 16 South Third sts. A. CUMMINOS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17. 1845. For uiforinarion, in the city of New York, apply to B. H. KNIHELL, Agent lor inv!7 lim'rrc I) LEECH k III! *? Line. 7 West at. N. B TO SHIP BUILDERS, SHIPOWNER* & CAPTAINS The Auxiliary Steam Ship MASSACHUSETTS. This fine ship, limit for ('apt. Forbes, o' Boston, has been snpiili-d with every im provement as regards In r root viices and arcominoilaiions lor passenger The Cook iHouse is well di-servlog the al,ciiti?n of all those coucerned in shipping. (jeiiSt-nieu conversant with tl ese ileside ata will please allow the manufacturer to a?k th m to notice the whole arm gen-eat of this department of tins splendid alnp; and any o tiers they may give will be punc tually atteuded to, By their obedient servant, W. II WHITELEY. ?3 tfrrc 22 Water st Boston. Mass FOR ST. JOHNS. N B -With Despatch 1 he ,n ppered mid coppd fastened, first class British ship ? 1.4 > H D MA I DsTONE, Captain Archibald Ta lor will ue re dy iu a couple of days to receive cargo, and have despatch f- rthe a how port. For lieight or caliin pusage, having state room scconiinod i tiona, apply on board, loot of Clinton at ot to the snhsrri ers. ROCHE, BROTHERS (It CO. sft rh 3i Fnlto-i st, nesi door to the 8 u'tnn Bank FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular UiHrsW Packet of 21st September.?Tlie superior rut sailing rriTnr 1 ? ?h>p queen of the west. hw tons. J.'*pt Philip Wood house, ilridgr, will sail us above, her regular day. For freight ort>nssage, havingaplrndid, large slid coinfortablr state rooms and cabin, apply oil board, west side Burling slip, orto WOODHULLk MINTURN, 87 South street. Price of passage $100. Tlie packet ship Rochester, TOO tons,('apt. John Britton, will suree, d the Qneeu of th* West, and sail on her regu |ar day. ?l?t Qctnher. |v2? FOR MARSEILLES? Parket of the 1st of Octo s her?The new ship NEBR ASK A, 4 apt Brown I ler _ ? irronimml tious f..i p*uwugei? ire not siirpus. d by any ol loe packets sailing from this poit. She offers a desir iblt lonseyance to tlwiee de-tiiied to any pmtin the Mediterranean, ste men regularly ply to all ihe ports from Marseilles. Fur. freight or passage apply to < H A vlBKRLAIN k PHELPS, 103 Front st, or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, 8 Tontine Buildings, *( rli Wall street. FOR NEVV ORLEANS?I .ouisiana ami New .York Line?llegnlur Parket?To sail Monday, 22d ? iistant?The elegant fast sailing packet ship 8AM I l.l.Li Taylor, master, will positively anil iu above, her reg ular day. Yor freight or passage, having handsome fnrnishvil accom miHlstlous, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall st. or to E K. COLLINS 8t CO., South street. Positively no goods receiTed on hoard r.flcr Saturday evening 2,rl, instant. Agrnt i'< New Orleans. JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will pra.11 tly f'.rwanl all goods to his address. s3 iri- PACKETS lOH HAVRE?Second Line ? JMwy rhe picket ship ST. MI'HOLAB, Capt. John B JBiiVr* 111 ???! on the lat of (>? tuber For fr.isl.t oi .r-av-PPly to BOYD 3c HINCKEN. No (iToiitinr Mil11iling, se3 _ Comer Wall and Water sts. FOR (ILABOOW Regular Packet-The well s known, fast tailing packet ship 8AHACEN, 400 tons g^ppBwNntb nul l J. Hawkins, master, liaving one half her cargo engaged, will liave immediate despatch. For balanc* of freight or pusnge. having ricellent accom modations, apply to the Captain on boaid, foot of Dovsr street, h R..or to WOODHULl> ? MINTDRN.878 .nth street The regular packet barque ADAM CARR, Robert Scott, i matter, will eucceed th* Saracen etrh 1 HORSES FOR SALE. SKyKIlAL Horses, the property of gentlemen who Infill* returned from the country nnd having no fur - ther use for them. Au excellent opportunity now off r? for tho?e who may wish to purchase. as they will tie ufferi-d ut reasonable p>ices. Ainu, several Rockaway and other \Vn*ou? inay be seen at Disbrow's Riding School and Livery Stable*. ?11)8 Bowery. s'Olw'm ROSF. KILL bl'AllLhH, 24lh street, bcweeii 2d and 'Jd Avenues, and nearly opposite Bull's Head. Juat arrived from the country, and for sale at the | love stables. SO Horses, among which are four fist trot tint* horses, 2 fast pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some line cart horses, a few good road and st 'ge horses, nnd shippers. s3 2m'rrc R. H. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. FALL FASHION 1845. i WM. HANTA, No. 94 Canal Street, Corner op | Wooster Street, and So. 130 Clinthum Street, 1 M OFFKRn to his friends aud the public a larue assort ineut of Hats of the u-west style at the following low prices, viz .? Short Napped Silk Hats $2 50 Fine Moleskin Silk Hats 3 (10 Superior " " " 3 50 Nutria Fur " 3 00 First (duality Nutria Fur Hat I 00 Also, a choice variety ot Childreus' Caps. Boys Furand Silk Hats. Geutlemeu's l'rjvvlliu* and Dress Caps, Jcc. See. >10 ltn*r MILL'S"FALL STYLE WELLINGTON HATS r\ NOW READ Y, at the well known establishment, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel, at tlie follow in* prices : First duality Nutria Si M 2d do do . 3 50 hirst do Moleskins 4 20 2d d<y do 4 0(1 lid do do 3 Ot) J. D Tot ten and 11. J. TifT my would lie pleased to see their rienda as above. *5 Im'rh THE FALL STY I.hi OF GENTLEMEN'S HATS [1 ARB NOW RF.ADY for the seasou, 1815, which for . dl^?lighlness and suiieriority of color canur t be surpassed,! which is a very important part of the Hat, refiiiping the color I till it is worn out. Any article sold in this establt liineii is tie- [ ver misrepresented hut sold for what it is Also, the fall style 1 of Boys and Children's '"apt, of various parte ins. Gentlemen i can have their hats made to order in anv shape or style thev j wish. C. KNOX, 110 Full.>u st, ?uN lm*m between William and Nassau sts. ! TU COUNTRY MERCHANTS ?RUUT.S AND | SHOES. F.. JOHNSON (late Wilson & Johnson) has fon liaiid,ill stoie 142 Chatham street, directly*. > p|iosite the theatre, one of the best assorted st ck? ul Boots and Shoes that can lie had iii the ciry. Gents Kip, all, (Lain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, p e'd and sewed, from the Eastern ni uufucturies; Laidies Gaiters. Buskins, Ties, Slips, 8cc., of every descr ption. A greater variety cf Children*' Shoes th*u am other store ill this o ty. OusttWiMn'aflan Gaiters, twenty dill', rent kinds Gents Buckskin Shoes, SiKirUmen's, Fisherineu's, and Seamen's Boots. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening. giving country mer chants auoppoituuity of examiuing the goods at their lei>uie. si lm*mc (JARTS, H 'KNLSS, HOUSES, .Sic. TWO second hand carts aud harness; one arge meat cart; one small spring do; nue first rate cart horse; one handsome young hay i.o w to single aud double harness and excellent uiulei-11 e saddle, is very gentle and w ell calculated for a I idy, and an elegant ladies aid- saddle and a new set of very livlit harness. Also, an iron < hesl and copying press iu good order The above w ill lie sold cheap to c'ose a concern Apply at the ?ard 76 Sullivan st. sll l">*rc PEOPLES LlaNt. UF St'EAAldlMln run DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Through Di rect, at 7 o'clock P. M., frern the I'ier between Courtla idt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Cruttendcn. will leave on Monday. Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER. Csntaiu A Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., landing at intermediate placet, from the foot if Barclay street t? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capiaiu L. W. Brainard, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After noons at 5 o'clock Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt M. H Truesdell wiil h-av? on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at5 o'clock I'iisjruger* taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ay lit ample time for die Morning Train ol Cars for the east or west The Beats are new and substantial, are furnished with new and elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are un rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rates Ail persons are forbid trustiug any of the Boats of this Line without a written order from the Captains or Agents j For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C | ictuitx, at the office >in the wharf &8 r | FOR LONG BRANCH, OCEAN HOUSE, RUM SON, EATON TOWN, SHREWSBURY AND MANASQUAN. The new and elegant low pressure tteamer ' E'DIC/.V l.Kll'fS, Captain I orlies, will .leave Catharine Market as follows, touching at Pier No. 1 blast River, going aud relurnii*:? I eaves New York L,av s Eaton Town. Sept. 5?F-iday, 11 8?\ ouday, 17. it. 9?1 aesday, 1 r. m 10?V ednesuay,l)4 " 11?T tursday, 2>g " 12?Fi iday, 4 " Sept. 5?F'riday, 6}? A.M. 6?Saturday, 9 9?Tuesday. 8 1(1? W ed uesuay ,9 11?Thursday, 10 12?F'riday, 11N 13?Saturay, S f fisges will be In readiness to convey passengers to II parts of the country 9c*rh MORN1NO LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, F'OR ALBANY, TROY and iuterm?di<ite landings, from the Steamboat Piex at the loot o B arc lay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A.M., Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albauy at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and F'riday. The low-pressure steamboat '1 ROY , A. Gorhain, on Tuesdays, Thursdsvs and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F ? B. Hall, at the ?jffice on the w harf. , Netiee?AII goods, freight, baggage,bank bills, si-ecie, or any Jllier kind of property taken,shipped, or put on board this boat, mnst lie at the rial: of the owners of such goods, lreight, bag {age See. jelgrc NEW YORK. ALU ANY AN J) TROY LINE. FOR AI.BANY AND TROY DIRECT, '?at 7 o'clock, P. M.?The steamboat EM .PIKE, Captain R. B. Macy, will leave tiie iteatnboat pier foot of Oourtlacdt street, every Tuesday, rhuradayand Saturday afternoon. at7 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Peck, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 7 o'clock. por Pnaaage or 6 reittht apple on board, or at the office on the whort in?e staten island Szaasr. FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET The Steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will '.eave New York every hour except 5 P. M., commencing nt 3 A. V., until 7 P.M. Leave Staten Island every hour eieept 4 P. M.j commencing at fl A. M. until 7 P. M. N. 8.?On Sundays the Boata will leave every hoor from 8 M., until 1 P. M., and from I P. M. until 7 P. M., every hall tour. j y 12 FOR LIVKRl'OOL?Kirat Packet with Despatch? ??*!*%.Tlie first class fait sailing packet ship PAN 1H ?'A, JKkJ?i W. B. Lane master, will lie despatched as above. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second calmi and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make iinineui'ite on lioarit, west aid' of Hurling Slip,or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, si I Corner of I'nie and South ats, FO K S AI. K, F R EI < i H I O K CIIA RTF R?The .parget ahipSHAKSPKARK, 7S0 tons, has carried i'.'W hales New Orleans cotton, built in this rity bv Bnwu ?c Bi ll, in the best possible manner; live oak and locust ton, live oak aprons, transoms and cants, forward and aft: salt ed on the storks and reialled several times since; liashandsome 'iirnislied accommodations for 26 passengers and is believed to lie t he fastest ship of her length belonging tothis port. Apply to sMm E. K. COI.LINS u CO., .76 South st. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20th feeie f-mher?1 lie first class packet ship OLADIATOR, Captain Bunting will sail as above, being her regular having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin i id steerage passengers, persons intending toemlmrk should nuke enrly application on board, font of -I lidei Lane, or to JOSEPH Mc.MUKKAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. The splendid racket ship Switi rlaiid, Captain Knight, will succeed the (Jlidiatur, and sail on the 1st October. s 10 m FOR LIVERPOOL?The s-lendid steamship M AS8AI HU8ETT8 ( apt. White, will poaitivrly rail on Mon ay, I ilh of September en, eaniii, second rahiu and steerage passengers, having un surpassed accommodations, apply onboard foot of Hector St., or to JA.HE8 CLANN V. s9 Iw'rc 110 South st. 9KT BLACK BALL OR OLD LI WE OF LIVER. JnS3f*V''OOI. PACKETS?For Liverpool, only regular kwlugluil'acket of the 16th of September. 'I'll, new and celebrated f,i?t sailing favorite pneket ship VOH K SHI HE, I PiO tons burthen, (apt. 1). O. Bailey, will sail posi ively on Tuesday, IGth Hnptember. It is well known thai the eccomniodetione of the Yorkshire ire fitted out in a most superb and costly manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that cannot hut adu to lie comlort ol Uiotc embarking. Persons visiting the old i onn try, should call and ?ee this splendid s|s ciineu of naval archi tecture, before engaging elsewhere. '? or passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, early appli cation i hould be made nn hoard, foot of He. k'nan ?!. or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHER* It CO. 35 Fulton it, nest door to the Fulton B-nk, New Y ork. FOR MOBILE?N?w Line?The splendid P cket slop <1 A/I Ll.E. ( aptam Trradweli, who goes to the city with freight snd passengers, wiL luve mi iii mi, e ugspaicli for the above port. hor freight or passage in eifln i cabin, second cabin, or steer ire. all ot which w ill Re tak-n ? t much less than the usti ,1 rates, by applying to gJOHN HEHUMAN k CO., ?26 rc 61 South .1 reef, ONLV ItI'.OUL 1R LINE (if PACKETS FOR NEW OH LE \ NS?Packet ofllie litli September? jThe splendid and last sailing packet -hip JOHN UN, ( apt. 1). Stark, will pos.lively sail on Monday Sent. I.'dli, her tegular day. Til - accommodations ol this favorite packet ship for cabin, second cabin, niul steerage passengers, are very superior. The slops of tins line have now commented their regular trips and will sail punctually every Monday. Persons wishing to secure I,ertlu should make early applies til,II on hoard, foot of Wall street, or to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT. s9 rc 75 South St., coner of Maiden Li?. FOR NEW ORLEANS?The splendid packet ,sh-p CLYDE, ("apt. Theobold, will positively sail on jMoudiv 11th inst. coininofUtions for obin, ieroini C.ibin, and a limited number ot steerage passengers, cannot he eacelleil by any p icki i ship in port, having splendid state ro n.s ami every oth er Convenience suitable for the comfoit of those about to em bark. For freight or paaaage in any of the above pi ces, all of which will he taken at leas than usual rates by early applica tion on hoard the ship, foot of Wall street, or to J. HEltliMAN k CO.. re 61 South st. MANGANESE. OAO Barrela of the best Black Otide of Manganese, for *vv stle cheap by PF.R88F, Is BROOKS, ??Iwmc M k 17 Nassau st Kurt lit-r from tl*e Sent of \V nr. [From New Orleans Picayune, Sept. 4 1 iterday fr< Letters weio received in town yesterday from Pen s >?-oli, which announced the arrival there, on the 31st .lit, of the sloop of war Saratoga, Captain Shu brick, from Vera Cruz, from which port she had been some time expected. We received nothing by the Saratoga, but were assured thnt a let ter from an ulliccr on board staled explicitly, that prior to the departure o! the ship from Vera Cni7, advices had been received there fiom the capital, that C'ongiess had authorised the President of .Mexico to declare war against the United States, and that Oen. Huneru had in consequence ordered 16,000 men to the Rio Grande (who had already taken up their line of march for their destination) anil issued orders lot raising a much larger force. Such were the morning's rumors. At a later hour in the day we were indebted to tho courtesy of the editors of the Tropic for a slip containing a letter f rom their Peusne.ola correspondent. A postscript to tho letter confirms the arrival ol the Saratoga after a passage of thirteen days. It also confirms the elec tion of Oen. Herrera. as repotted here by i apt Gormez, from Tumpico. It further states, that Mexico does not intend to declare war against this country, but will ex ert her utmost efforts to reconquer Texas. This is the course of policy so stienuously urged by El Siglo LHtz y tfutvt, when the late ministry brought forward, in July, their war measures. The Siglo has all along been | an earnest advocate of the election of General Herrera. J The VVopic's correspondent assign* to Gen. Almonte a place in tho next ministry, witli the portfolio either of finance or war?the first most probably. The Tropic'e Correspondent writes that Com. Connor has r.o intention of leaving IVnsacola with his Meet un til ho hears of a declaration of war or an act of hostility by Mexico. He will then sail with his whole squadron for San Juan d'Ulua. Till then he will keep one or two vessels on the Texan and Mexican coast, to maintain his communications with Oen. Taylor. Wo regret to hear that the Saratoga had some sickness on hoard upon her arrival. The Lawrence, whose place the Porpoise has gone to supply, was continually looked for at Pensacolu. The Courier oI last evening gives (ion. Arista's ad dress to the inhabitants of Coaliuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas. It is, if possible, more ridiculous than that to bis troops which we havo published. It is not there fore worth while to copy it. The towboat Shark, (.'apt. Rinehart, reports having seen tho steamship Creole on tho-id inst. oll tho N.K Pass, Irom Pensacola, and bound to Aransas. Copt. It saw. on the same day, the two U. 8. vessels of war men turned by us yesterday us having been seen on the 31st ult. ?the John Adams and Porpoiso. [From Now Orleans Bulletin, Sept. 4.J In all the conjectures, prognostications and specula tions, in which the editorial fraternity have indulged, on our rotations with Mexico, one fact of no little signi ficance, seems to have been entirely-overlooked. As an impoitanl element in the calculation of political contin gencies, it is woitl.y of special note. It is this : that ilerrera, the President of Mexico, whose re-election is announced by the last advices, has a Yankee girl for a wife. This fact is well known, and on the occasion of his lint elevation, was canvassed in the papers through out the United States. Of the personal character and qualities of the Presidentest, we havo no reliable infor mation But, presuming her to he like the " common run" of Yankee girls there can ho little doubt, that in I this caso, the old proverb will hold true, and " the grey j mare be found to lie the best horse." If Mexico is not I under Yankee rule, then are we mistaken in supposing > that " somethings may he done us well as others." [From the Mobile Herald, Sept. 0 ] Pensacola, Sept. 3. I Excuse my remissness in ?not informing you of the 1 arrival of the United States sloop-of-war Saratoga, on ; the 31st ult., from Vera Cruz. The Saratoga bears news j decidedly of a more warlike complexion than any we have yet received. Although she does not inform us of a positive declaration, yet the news is tantamount to it. The Saratoga remained at Vera Cruz some three or four da) s, duiing which timo her officers mad- frequent visits on shore, and saw the active preparations that were being made by the Mexicans for the approaching conflict. The Fort at Vera Cruz is amply provided Willi <<11 the implements of war, in addition to ull other neces sary accommodations for tho reception of her enemies The Mexican officers expressed no little legret that the friendly feeling heretofore existing between the two countiies was so shortly to be ended. The Mexican troops, about 10.000 in number, were on their " winding way" towards Texas?and if our troops dispute their entrance, they must abida tho consequences. Texas, they say, must and will be subjugated, regardless of nil the forces of the United Stnte s. We are sufficiently fortified by sea, but I fear our troops occupying the line between the two countries, are too feeble to repel the aggressions which will inevitably be made by Mexico. Our squadron, with the exception of the slcop John Adams, brigs Lawrence and Porpoise, still ride at anchor in our waters?and "matters and things in general" have be come wrapt in such profound mystery of late, that wo cannot piognosticate with any "sort of certainty any thing about their movements. 1 presume, however, they will remain here until oidcrod to sea by the Secretary ut Hie Navy Commodore Conner still remains on board the leaning frigate, winch is no nearer being repaired than when I last wrote you; and I fear she will be a total loss to the Government, unlet* there is a dry dock constructed at cost Bf this place, the cost of which would not exceed one third the loss of the frigate, should she go down ?which is at present very probable. It is not known which ship tlie Commodore will trans fer his ting to; but I think it highly probable he will go on hoard the Falmouth. I have just received a letter from an ofllcer on board the U. S. hrig Lawrence, off Corpus Christi, dated 27th August,in which he says:?" The troops are preparing to fix themselves permanently here?hut for a tight thcie is 110 chance. The Mexicans have about live hundred men at Matamoros, sixty miles from here?a ragged, hungry, and dirty sot of poor devils, with no pay. They would play tiie deuce ut n tight!" [From St. Louis Republican, Sept. I ] The IVeitern Expositor, of Saturday last, printed at In dependence, announces the artivalof Albert Sp^yer, in thirty-eight days from Chihuahua?twelve or lourteen days less ihan the trip lias evor before been made. .Mr. Spe>er left chihuahua on the 18th of July, at which date all was apparent peace and security, nor was there any news of importance. It was renorted at Santa Fe that Gen. Garcia Coude was expected shortly, as also the ap pointment of the new Governor (Armijo) which kept the military and all astir. The news of the annexation of Texas had not been received at Chihuahua, although it was daily expected, and the citizens were anxious to light. The weather had baen unusually favorable, and the company were only detained two or three days on ac count of high water. Mr. Speyer brings in with him 8 wagons,175 mules,and about $ 10,000 in specie. After the most unheard of mis fortunes, mid the loss of about 000 mules in his outward trip, aad unexpected delavs, he is here again, ready to undertake the hardships of another journey the coming sea-on?exhibiting an energy of character, and determi iiH'ion of spirit almost unparalleled. Any other man in similar circumstances would have become dispirited in the onset, and given up, rather than endure the labor and vexation, or suffer the trouble of mind that he must ne cessarily have endured. Magoffin Si llouck's companies were met on the 15th of July on Sand ( reek, 50 miles on the othcrsido of the crossing of the Arkansas, Mr. Mcknight's, about 26 miles behind Magoftin. Don Francisco Alguea, at Coon creek, six days travel this side of the Arkansas. All well. The Mexican traders wcro waiting for the arrival of Gen. Garcia ('oiule, beloi e they would leave. VVieck, Thurston, Mc.Mnunan and others, whose names we have not learned, also arrived this week from chihuahua. They bring with them about $80,000 in spe cie? making in all, $100,000 that has arrived in our town this week. Two companies U. S Infantry, 100 in number, under the command of Lieut. Whiting, landed at Cairo trom the steamer Domain, on their way to Texas via New Or leans. There was also a body of 218 landed ot the same place from steamer Plymouth, bound also for Texas. Gen. Brooko, U. 8. Infantry, arrived in the city yes terday, and viill, we presume, assume the command ot this dcpaitment. Steamboat Accidents on the Western Wa ters?Quite h fatality appears to exist among the steamers on these waters. The Little Pike, Captain It Hughes, bound from St. Louis to New Orleans, with a heavy cargo, stiuck a snag on the morning.of the 29th ult, ut Island 63, about seventy-live miles nelow Mem phis, and sunk in a few moments ; her stern went tlown in about 18 feet water; her bow was upon a t>ar The boat and cargo were nearly a total loss. The steamboat Planter, < apt. Lodwick, bound up Red River, stiuck a snag tour miles below Alexandria, on the morn ing of the l!)th instant, and sunk immediately, tshe was 1 >aded with corn, oats and hay belonging to the Govern ment, all of which was lost, together with u few bales of cotton. Tlie Albatross struck the liar at Island 10, on her ? ay down, and the concussion was so severe as to break and start several of her hull timbers, which caused her to spring aleak; hut they were fortunate enough to Set at the breach in a short time, and to stop the water cforo any considerable damage was done to her cargo The steamer* Harry of the W est, North Alabama, and Sea Bird were lying ot Island 6'), oil the 3tlth tilt. The Harry of the West was discharging a portion >>f her cargo, and her pumps were going The injury she stis * ' ' ild f tamed at Island 21, a day or two before, is said to have been very severe, and it is thought a considerable amount of her cargo is in a damaged condition. The ( ongiesN w'as passed on the 31st tut , hard aground at ? Island 34, and the Naptune on the 28th ult, iu the same condition, at Tea Table Bar. Lewis F. Linn was har l , aground on Smith's Bar, with one of her main shalts broken. At Lexington Bar, the steamers John Oolong, . anil Gen. Brooke aground , the former had gotten over \ alter having lightened off hrr entire cargo ; the latter i w as aground on the ltar, and it was thought could not j succeed iu getting over unless she followed the example , of the John Goloug.?St. Lew's Ere, Srpt 4. Cost or tiie Cot kt of Error* ?A correspond ent ol the Albany Alias ha* hern looking over the cost of each case decided by the Court of Krrors for the ycais '42, '43 and '44. In the first named year lorty causes w ere decided by the Court, at an expense of $21,616 tP, or $537 80 cents for each cause. In 1843 the number of I cases decided was fifty-eight, at an aggregate expense of I $27,005 05 In 1844 the rnsea were fifty .six, and the cost 1 $15.3.13 88. Recapitulated the matter will itend thus : Number of cases decided, 164 Cost of the whole, $73,986 42 Or four hundred and eighty dollars and twenty-thrao cent* for each case disposed of. Is there any need of I this' ' I l<at?*l Anti-Kent .\ewi. We received a letter from our correspondent at Delhi, which we annex, with later intelligence from Hudson. Arc. Df.i.hi, Wednesday, Sept. 10,1845. Our Court of Special Sessions commenced its session on Monday. The charge ot the First Judge to the Grand Jury was very good lor him, ami contained much good advice. Saverucivil cases have been tried, and one as sault and battery case is now on the tapis. The Grand Jury have not as yet made a single presentment, al though they have been in session two days. Not much excitement can be expected during this Court, in rela tion to the Indian prisoners, as no trial for any high (murder) crimes will take place until the Circuit Court sits, which will be one week from next Monday. When., that time arrives, I shull endeavor to keep you duly informed of all interesting occurrences tiere, and if anything takes place during the interval, will send you a true acsount of the same. There are three hundred troops qu.iiterod here, one hundred ofthein horse; posses from the last named hundred are now out, and every day they bring in more prisoner*; if they continue to

send them in as plentifully as heretoforo, they will he under the necessity of building another log jail in addi tion to the two already erected. IFrom Albany Atlas, Sept. 11.] Dklhi, Sept.8.?Nothing particularly worthy of no : tice has transpired since my last. Things, however, seem to be moving on towards a consummation, that promises a restoration of order here; still, could the guilty this Way bo punished, and order restored; it would then lake years to bring us back, as a county, to our lor mer prosperous conditi <n. The great fountain* of so ciai life seem broken up, and the olden political lines greatly endangered at least, if not lor a time actually lost; and when we shall emerge from this state ol confu sion, the wisost will hardly know where to find them selves, or where to look for tho good ancient ways of civil or political life. A quantity of government arms and ammunition has i iust arrived in town, undercharge of a hand of mounted i men, who met them at I'ratUville, on thuir way from | Albany. 1 think we shall hear from the Grand Jury to ; moriow. and wo are ail auxious to do so. They have a large field of labor before them, for already ??!? commit ments have been made. A large number will be pre 1 seated who have not been committed, and a larger num ber who have nut been taken, and probably will never be, even if indicted. Hul?o>, Sept. 10, 184.i.?The case of the People vs. Uoughton, continues to draw its weary length uloug.? This morning the empauneling of a fourth juror was ac compli hod, and at noon the unusually large panel wus exhausted There were sixty drawn and summoned, but the number was reduced by reason of excuses and other causes to forty-nine, in attendance. Out of this number, alter just one week's labor, four have been found indifferent and ready to do justice between the people and the prisoner. ffad it not been for tho late ('.elision of the Supreme Court in Polly (iodine's case, a jury would be empanncled ere this. That decision grants such a latitude of inquiry ^that an examination conse quent upon a challenge to the favor, must of necessity bo protiacted and consume time. But while time is con sumed. and the patience of all concerned nigh exhaust ed, it would not be amiss to enquire what will be the re suit of the lato decision?good or bad' Bad it can never be, unless the delay itself be an evil. The rule is un- 1 doubted!)* expensive, covering and admitting that w tich , is or inay bo entirely foreign to the issue presented. It I might perhaps receive some amendment; if not, the couqt before whorn a prisoner is tried, should have some discre | tion in the limitation of the rule. As it is, however, very little injury can flow from it; hut stop the inquiry, and let a man's belief as to tiie state of his mind, be the oidy crite liontohe governed by, and we shall find that the very flood-gates of iniquity will be opened, and the wave of perjury and prejudice will silently and unseen, wash i away every hope, to which the people or a piisoner | might witli safety cling amidst the storm of local excite { ment. For the last week the court-room has been a the I atro in which human frailty has been shown up, so that | one is sometimes led to distrust the "whole human fami ' ly." The panel ot jurors having been consumed, tho At ] torney General moved a tales. Mr. Jordan, of counsel 1 for tho prisoner, claimed, that inasmuch as the indict | ment wus lor robbing Sheriff Miller of his papers at Co pake, that it would be improper tnat a tales should issue to him. The Attorney General replied that so far from I doslring the sheriff should be the officer selected, tie j should not insist upon any such thing, as it was a duty in no case desirable by the sheriff, who wished he might he ; saved the burden. The Court directed that tales issue to the Coroners of the county, and the order is now on its way to those officers. The piospect of a speedy termina i tion of this ease is not very favorable. [From Albany Argns. Sept. 13.j Dklhi, Sept. 9.?The Grand Jnry was einpannelled? '23 being sworn. John Kdgerton, Kiq. former Sheriff, is the foreman, and as you may infer, it is composed of some of our best men Thut they will do their duty, there can be doubt. Tho charge of Judge Wheeler was clear, forcible, and impressive, and was listened to with the deepest interest. 1 have conversed with many of the prisoners. They appear subdued and disposed to keep bark nothing. Some of them are anxious to go directly before the Grand Jury and make full confessions, and When indicted, to plead guilty believing that there is no ohunoe ot an escape. Fnither arrests have hoen made since my last. Timothy Corbin, jr., deputy sheriff, returned last evening with several prisoners? among them John (J. Kittle, Dennis Jaakson and Abel Jones. They ore Indians, not present at the Karl sale, but otherwise implicated. Also, Klias Osterhout.n chief, who was present at the sale ; Homer Sanford, another chief, but not present ; Valentine Kittle, and Wm. Reynolds, both Indians, pre sent at the sale, armed and disguised. Among the com mitments, was that of Abraham Hadley, last evening. He is a resident of Dovina, was present nt the sale, and disguised. He was anested whilst attempting to escape at Ksq. Reynold's, in Colesville, Broome county, by Con stable Joseph Harper, assisted by Wm. Henerick, K. L. Brndstreet. Archibald McKennon, and others, of Mason ? ilie. McKennon, Bradstreet and others, also arrested i at Guilford, Chenango county, another person who was ; present nt the sale ; but being sick, and unable to be moved, he was left in the charge of keepers, and the party proceeded in (pursuit of two others who left our county in company with the prisoner last named. Cal vin Chase has plead guilty to an indictment fur riot and assault and battery, and being disguised and armed, at the bouse of John B Gould in Roxbury in August, !b44. But he does not appear to have been disguised since. In general, the prisoners brought before the Coroner, find ing that most of the facts are known, as well as the per sons implicated, make full confessions of guilt. Klecllon lleturns. MAINE ELECTION. Below we give returna from 112 towns, in which, compared with the Presidential vote, Anderson loses 2,719. 184V 1844. Jlndrr'n. Morie. Fir Counl'i. Total*. Dan. IV/iig. Sent. Polk. Clay. nty. \ orU, 2.) 1,016 2,134 392 3,083 2.702 324 Cumberland,H 85 4,636 3,131 843 5,817 4,037 503 Kennebec, 1 231 315 KM) 357 538 bincolli, 30 3,269 3,309 421 4,737 4,212 428 Penobscot, 12 1.46(1 1,151 471 2.100 1,846 403 Waldo, I 887 Ml 78 1,277 722 70 Hancock, 10 660 40(1 7 1,018 627 Oxford, 10 1,524 533 159 1,836 580 1 84 112 15,742 12,213 2,473 21,256 13,384 2067 The Democrats, ii will be seen, are doing better in the interior than in the towns first heard f rom. The Legislature will he Democratic in both branches. Scaminon's election in the York Con gressional district is beyond doubt. VERMONT ELECTION. The fable below gives a condensed statement of the vote in 135 towns, in which the Whig net loss since November is lour thousand three hundred and fifty-three. 1945. 1814. Dtm. Whit. ,'Uo'ti. Towns Mill. Sin,I.-. Shfr. 810 Folk. Clay. Bir'y. Windsor, 21 1,670 3.171 1.732 4.224 474 Wmdlism, 18 1,549 2,015 39.5 1.419 2.211 278 It u (laud, 4 335 673 140 32.5 019 149 Addison, 4 259 402 86 265 612 61 'Or inge. 17 2,393 1.989 854 1,910 2.07C 412 t hitteuden, 15 1,3*3 1,706 481 1,442 1,921 386 Washington . H 1.962 1,352 459 1,858 1,530 242 '('.ilrdoiiia, 17 1,654 1,629 290 1.7.50 1,762 181 Franklin, 2 223 397 49 295 481 52 Orleai?, 4 265 340 80 211 309 78 Lamoille, (iinnd Die, 10 727 353 GH 7tU 118 378 1 31 81 ? 35 51 mm Kases. 8 hi 78 ? 233 212 15 135 12,602 11.268 4,285 12,229 16.672 2,709 ?Complete. The Whig irwjority in the Senate will be 16?last year 12; in the Douse about 25?lust year over fit) An ;Um'ortunate Family.?A family of Ger mans by the name of Ilauptman, consisting of five persons, an old lady, her two sons and two daughteri-in law, loft Philadelphia on the 994 ult. to come to St. Louii bv the way of the Ohio. A short time before reaching Pittsburgh, the son, a young man about 96 years of age. fell Horn the canal boat during the night and was never afterwards seen. At Pittsburgh the disconsolate mother and the widow of the unfortunate yeungman, together w itb the boy and the other young woman, took passage st night on a steamboat for Cincinnati. During the first nigh out, the boy, a lad of 10 or 1*2 years of age, fell from a barge which the steamer had in tow, and he too sunk to rise no more. Almost overcome with grief, the three women concluded to continue their journey, and ac cording!), after reaching ( incinnati, took passngo on board flic steamer Ohio Mail for this city. It would seem that this severe loss would have been sutlicient under the circumstance* to have borne down the strongest mind, hut still the widow's cupof affliction was not full ; laboring under the greatest distress of mind from having lost her only dependence in old age, and anticipating what reception would awnit her in a land of strangers, she was for the third time startled by the cry of some one overboard. She had barely time (o rush to the side ol the boat and see the agitated waters clese over the bead of (be third member ol her family?hor daughter in-law (he nest instant she had passed under tho w heel house, and the paddle-wheel finished the work. This last misfortune happened night beloro last, when the boat was opposite Liberty. The young woman went forward of tho cook-house to draw a bucket ol water, and in attempting to get it on hoard, her feet slipped,and the current w hich tilled tho tmcketdrew her oveiboard. The two survivors reached here yesterday morning, and we have this statement from them. ?St. /ami's Era, Sep* ttmbtr 4. The cod and haddock fisheries down East, have hoen failures this year. As an offset to this, however, the mackerel fishery is good now, although it has been bad for two or three year* back. Court Intelligence. Gk*>kral Sessions, Sept. II.?Before the Recorder and Aldermen Rich and Seaman.? M. C. t'aterson, Esq. Dis trict Attorney. .irraigned. -On opening the court this morning, James Houoyman alias Smith, William Parkinson, John Davis, and James Miller alma Cupid, indicted for a grand larce ny, were brought into court and arraigned. They aeve rally plead not guilty, and were remanded tor trial, be ing charged with robbing tha barge Cliiiton ol Pough keepaie, of $34,000. Trial for Grami larceny.?A female named Margaret NlcCarty, indicted lor a grand larceny, having stolen a quantity of female wealing appaiel and silver ware, worth $84, from .Mia. Mariam Phillips, of No. 60 Frank lin street, in whose family the accused was employed aa a domestic, was placed upon trial. There being some doubt in the minds of the jury as to whether the proper ilty of a ty war all taken at one time, she was found guilty petit larceny only. The court sentenced her to the |>eni teritiary for a period of six months. Plea of Guilty.?lingerie (Jrousaet, indicted for an as sault and battery upon the person of Joseph F.moric, en tered a plea of guilty. The plea was received, und Groussel was requested, on a subsequent day, to receive the sentence of the court. Forfeiture of Hail.? Louisa Fisher alias Kinchet, in dicted for a grand larceny in steuling $130 from Edwin llshaw. Bernard Mulligan, indicted for an assault and battery with intent to kill Thomas Hnllohan. Ann Irvin, George Sims, and Cluistopher Humphrey, severally in dicted for assault* and battery, were called to trial, and failing to appear, their respective recognizances were declared fuileited. Trial fui keeping a Disorderly House.?James McMar row was then tried for keeping a disorderly house at 6 Thames street, where gaining was permitted, and money won and lost. A number of witnesses were examined, who testified that games were played, but it was not deemed siirticient to identify and prove the tact that it carne under the denomination of a common gambling house, as defined by the Revised .Statutes. The jury ac- : cordingly acquitted the accused. On the rendition of iho verdict, u person in the court made a loud demon stration of joy He was brought before the bench, and committed to prison for twenty-tour hours, for contempt of court. Trial for Receiving Stolen Goods.?John Coy 1*. indict ed for receiving about worth of property, knowing the same tu have been stolen, was then placed upon his trial. The property, which consisted of a watch and , chain, were stolen from Mr. T. G. Stout on the 16th of April. The watch was found in possession of the pri soner, who keeps a stand in Chatham strcat, having been sold to him by the thief for $7. Several witnesses were called on the part of the defence, who testified to the good character of Coyle, and as the evidence adduced on rhe part of the peoplo had not shown that lie was aware of the property having liceu stolen, the jury acquitted him. Trial for Burglary.?'Thomas Smith, indicted for a bur glary in the tirst degree, in breaking into the house of the Rev. Charles J. Hopkins. No. 15 Allen street, on the night ol the 4th of June last, and stealing a quantity of silver ware. In this case, the evidence adduced not be ing deemed sufficient to warrant a verdict of guilty, the jury acquitted him. Another Charge. -Thomas Smith was again tried on an indictment for a grand larceny, in having on the nth of J June last, stolen a watch worth $90 Horn Patrick Dunn, of No 1 :t 1 Cedar st. On the part of the prosecution, Du- : gari testified that the watch was taken from him while ' laboiing under the influence of liquor. Officer Gardiner testified that he found the watch in the wood housa of No. 91 Cross street, and that the prisoner claimed it as his property, alleging that he had purchased it. The jury found the prisoner quilty of petit larceny only, and the Lenced him to the fenitentiarr lor 6 mo court sentenced him to the Penitentiary lor U months. The Court then adjourned until Monday morning next. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley, Sept. 11.?Frederick Hewitt vs. .Alexander Ridahock and Charlrs Ridahock.?The Jury in this case, already noticed, rendered a sealed verdict for plaintiff of $660 da mages and 6 cents costs. James McCormack vs. Emanuel B. Pike.?Slander.? ] This was an action of slander. The plaintiff resides in Orange street, where the parties had the altercation in which the alleged slander was uttered. Plaintiff is a vender ol old clothes, and a short time since had a dis pate w ith the defendant, who abased him. Defendant, in retaliation, called plaintiff "a damned thief," and also said he had two stolen coats in his store. No justifica tion being offered, the jury rendered a verdict ior plain tiff 6 cents damages and 6 cents costs. For plHintitf, Messrs. 1'. Mulvey and Bryan. For defendant, G. W. Stevens. John JJ. Milderherger vs. IF. W. Erertt.?This was an action of assumpsit brought to recover one quarter's rent of house No. 18 Moit street, due on 1st May, 1843 ? The defence set up was payment. It appeared that de fendant lured the premises of plaintiff for one year from May 1641 to May 1843, and not taking possession himself, underlet them to a party named Leander Brown, who paid the rent to plaintiff. About May, '43, Brown paid to plaintiff a check for $111 50, being the amount ot the rent, receiving plaintiffs receipt lor last quarter's rent The check was dated May 9th, but there was no proof that it was aver presented at the hank, although it was admitted that thero whs iio funds in the bank to the credit oftho drawers ol the check, they having uocomw ; insolvent. The plaintiff seeks to recover on the ground that the check was of no value, and the original tenant was liable. Verdict for defendant. The Court also ad journed as a tribute of respect to tho memory of Judge Story. I". S. Circuit Court. A full Bench present. Sept. 13.? Dratk of Jud^nStory.?B. F Bitler, K?q., U. S. District Attorney, ruse and announced in a brief speech the melancholy intelligence of the death of the lion. Judge Story, of the Supreme Court of the United States, and moved the following resolutions :? That as a mark of respect for the eminent public talents and learning, distinguished services as a Judge and a Jurist, and the great private worth of the deceased, the Court do now adjourn. And that a copy of the foregoing order be transmitted j to the family ot the dcceaaed. Judge Nelson said?The court deeply sympathize with the bar at the loss of so learned and esteemed a professional brother us the late Mr. Justice Story. We all deplore the event unnounced as a public loss. His high and distinguished character and services through out a long professional and official life marked with un surpassed labor, and devotion to his varied and multi plied professional pursuits, eminently deserve this tribute of respect to his memory on the part ol his pro fessional brethren. We accordingly direct that this court do stand adjourned, and that the order be entered on the minutes. The court then adjourned. In Chnncrry. 8v.rt. 13.?At the opening of the Assistant Vice Chan cellor's Court this morning Mr. Okorok Woon having communicated the intelli gence of the decease of the honorable Joirru Stoby, late one of the Associate Justices of the Supremo Court of the United States, moved, that in testimony of its esti mation of the high intelligence and large acquirements of the deceased, and of the deep loss sustained by the liar, bench, and the public at large by his itemise, this Court do now adjourn. Which motion being seconded by Mr. Wm. Bvtts, Tho Assistant Vice Chancellor said that he deeply sympathised with the Bar, not only of the first Circuit, but of the whole Union, in the severe affliction mention ed by the learned Counsel. Judge Story, both as a judge and an author, has had an influence, and left an impres sion upon our national law, which will not be ettaced whilo our institutions endure. And as a fitting tribute of inspect to his memory, the Court will stand adjourn ed till this morning, and the motion be adopted and en tered on the minutes. Ularlne Court. Before Judge Waterhury and a Jury. Sift. 13.? Daniel lliggini vs. Thomai Fowler.?The plaintiff in this suit is the owner of the sloop ( Umax, which was sunk at tho Whitehall dock last wock, ami employed the defendant to assist with his sloop and men in raising her. for which he was to pay him at the rate of 10 per day. In the work of raising the vessel, the de fendant took from the sunken sloop her sails, boom, tic., and refused to deliver them until he was paid for his la bor in raising her, ami the plaintiff brings an action of trover tberclore The plaintiff not having proved a suf ficient demand of the property, Mr. Waring, counsel for defendant, moved for a nonsuit, which was granted by the nun i Common Plrss. Sept. 12.? Cornel tut Mt Dermott vs. Court land/ Palmei ?Tho jury in this ca<c gave a verdict lor plaintiff for J.218M. His Honor Judge Ut.sHOKrrtn after making some ap propriate remarks in relation to the death of Judge Story, made the following order Intelligence ol the decease ol the Hon.Jost.rii Stort, one of the Judges of the Supiemo C ourt ol the 1 nited States, having reached this city, it is ordered by the j court, as a tribute of respect to the memory of a distin- i crushed learned, and enlightened Judge, a ripe scholar, ami a most estimable riti/en, that this court do now ad journ, and that this order he entered by the clerk on the I minutes. _ Since the great Hood in the Mississippi last year, | several kinds of fish, before unknown to the vicinity ol | St. l.ouia, are caught in great abundance in the river and the smull streams running into it. One kind is a very handsome fish, with bright silvery sides, reddish colored back, fiat and broad, resembling in shape the salt water ? had ; for wuntot a better name, the fishermen call them flounders. Another kind resembles in appearance the pike, but is smaller and more delicate in its proportions, j w itli a brownish circle or ring round* its body near the gills?these are called ringed stargeon Both aro excel lent fish. The latter is tiee from, and the former lull of small wiry bones. Herring, precisely like those of C ape ; Fear, have also made their appearance in the waters at St. bonis. They run-in shoals, and aro easily taken with hook or seine. Shrimps are now caught in the small necks end streams, near that city, witn the seine by bushels. A party of about thirty of the Penobscot tribe ol Indians arrived in New Bedford some days since, and have encamped on a lot belonging to the town on the ! west side of Purchase street, near tho railroad depot. They are busily engaged in the manufacture of baskets, which aro readily purchased by the numerous citizens wio visit their encampment. The driver of a stage coach from Brulgewater to Abington, tolls the remarkable fact that he recently conveyed ten lediee at a time in his coach, neither of whom had a banbox! We doubt whether he gets such another load if he drives for fifty years. Police Intelllirenri. Skft. 12.?FWin# the Hlind.-A hli^l ? respectability, from Providence by the nam. nfi^Y1 last everting, in company with a frCn,* v'iT'el th.? Points, where, on cischarginjr a small Vi,im 1 conferred, he handed over a V instead of a l whiM?*0" kept by the frail sister, without r.turntng^."^^,:!! the' oB'Jncea 6 brOI'ght U'? at>?w? for CtnttrucHvt Grand Larceny.?A man named Henrr Tooley was arrested yesterday afternoon, charged with leaving fraudulently taken a horse, wagon and load of coal from Henry L. Bulklty. Case of Hane ?A man named Daniel Nolan, who wee recently employed in the engineer department on Bed low a Island, waa this morning arrested by offlcers Welsh and Bulkley. on a charge of having, on the Slat of August last, committed a rape upon the person of a girl named Maria Hand, who was at the time employed as a domestic on the island, whom, while attending to ?h.r i?*' wa' dr*K8"i by Nolan into an out building, th. ,!,i l accomplished his purposes, since which Uma r.t ,! J } hat been confined to her room in consequence of the injuries she sustained. H Pro nit i ng Child.?A lad named Daniel Murphy was far*Dreettwith !nim m'1' night, while upoTa^egu !n^ .. I i.7 U ? y ob,ained upon a quantity of cioth ingwhich lie had stolen from his mother and pledged. ing at Vo "aaVn ?ma^ "an?ed Alber Rotthamer liy virn^n l' who 1* the owner and dri ver of a furniture wagon, was arrested last night on a charge ol having, on the 7th instant, broken Into the dwelling of feidinand Voyght, of No. 142 Cherry at and stolen sundry articles, worth $12. The accused was held to bail in the sum of $1000, in default of which he stands committed for trial. and???frilf 'f01'*'?Two females, named Susan Barber of Iff, 1' ? J V? arre".ted last night on a charge ol keeping a disorderly house in Delancy street nhV.w'.it "" S"f""an ~A calling himself Hum phrey ( allanan, was arrested this morning on suspicion fr,^\7n< "t0ie.D .a 1uan?^ of shirts, apparently fresh from the wash tub, which it is supposed that he had sto en, as he was endeavoring to dispose of the same at the time of his arrest hv officer Korshay, of the 8th ward star police. A couple of cloth coats were also found in his possession. On being taken into custody, the sc cused attempted to strike officer Forshay with a large hammer which he had in his hands. With the aid of a citi zen he was conquered, and taken to the station housa. neceivmg Stolen (ioodt.?A man named Michael Fish er, was arrested last night by officer Simons, on a charge of receiving stolen property. marge Madame CoiltUo.?This notorious woman, who was liberated on hail on Wednesday evening last, was this who"/"? ** u co.m?ltLtedto Pr,son' John Florence, Jr., thorities*"'* having surrendered her to the au ScpREMe (Joust.?Thursdav, Sent. 11.?Special Term Watkins,UM, ?.?ardaUy Pressing -Butterfleld et al. vs. I atkins. Motion to set aside execution; granted, with b? 17. r ieaTB,to, e 1 t0 am8B<1 ?n terms. McNiel et ul ads Bunker et al. Mction for judgment as in case of n.v'i.Ui ; M,nt? * W1itho,U co"U' and without prejudice. Dai is imp d, Sic., ads Johnston. Motion for judgment as in case non-suit; denied, with costs. Itoach imp-d to ads. Coit. .Motion to set aside writ of replevfn to'' ftntinhi, 71 Ct!?-*' b}" default- Little et al. ads. Prince. I.. ?n??h ,tay..plfl 8 Proceedings, until the costs are paid Hnrt vt , su C; Bra?ted- by default. Lyon et al. ads. Hart. Motion lor judgment as in case of non-suit; grant ed by default. Devoe et al ads. Campbell and wife, do )rront?7 n ads. r orbet. Motion to substitute referees, granted Battershall ads. Priestly. Motion to change | venue, granted by default. Hollister ads. Crandall. Mo I for Jud?ment of nonpros, granted unless plaintiff i Tinn r ? mot,on- ,poillon et al. ads. Knowles. Mo t " f"L.J"d*7,ent a* ln ca,e of non suit, granted unless 1 lailmli rnL" af,d ray COit,? Rosekrans ads Chau i the mfn A'i J Mot'on t0 change venue, denied. In in t ?i . ? et 8 Application that Judge make ' na'rtf 'wYr cert'oran, or show cause, granted, ox .Williams vs. Raymond. Motion to set aside writ of inquiry, he., granted, costs to abide the event. Livingston ads. Goodenough. - Motion for relaxa tion ot costs Ordered that $43 93 be deducted from the bill as taxed. Bent et al. vs. Hulbert. Motion to refer: denied w ith costs, without prejudice; Thome et al. ads. uarstow. Motion to put cause ever to next special term; granted on payment of costs of opposing this motion. Sutliff vs. Taylor. Motion lor reference; i 8? & ? Matthews ads Mitchell Adams kc. Mo ils ,?Bat ,ibertjr t0 enter Judgment for \ J" u i ca.1'8? ; *rant?d with costs. lcBuruej ads. Houck. Motion for judgment as in case of non suit ; granted by default. Same ads. Houck. do do. do. do. Jones imp'd Sic. ads Olmstead et al. Motion to change venue ; granted, by default. Brown et al. vs. shepard et al. .Motion that plaintiffs have leave to put in replications; granted by default. Wittingham ads. L Amoureux. .Motion to change venue ; granted. Ba ker ads. Baker and wife et al. Motion for judgment as in case of n?n suit; granted, unless plaiutiff stipulate , and pay cost. Olmsted ads Jones. Motion to change T? , 1 denied. Jackson ads. The Albany City BanV Motion to change venue ; denied. Oould vs. Hart and t wo other causes Motion to strike two defendants from the judgment record, and docket of judgment in these cause. ; granted. Hart ads. Trowbridge* Morion for it aSiln ca,e non su't > Faanteif, unless plaintiff to rVinS pay cn8t" Van Pat,en a,u- Smith. Motion Tr? ! gV'.enue,; Branted- Th? New Jersey Railroad t on to ."/i b.T mpa,ny ads- Lawrence, surv'r. Mo ?et "ide ?"K'"al writ or summons in this cause ? granted, with costs. 1 he West Branch Bank at Wit' hamsportva. Beers and one other cause. Motion for Couwv'aSnU dnie'iu With C0,ta- ^"he ( hautaque InT ii^i ad'- P'etcher. MoUon for retaxation of costs, $ 1? 76 deducted ; defendant to pay costs of oppo sing motion. Heartt ads. Swain. Motion ex parte for writ of error; granted." MoUon Mount a<SeBaakVrnirC*,M?f n0nraUit ; denied' with costs. r J-ii,J ' , j J Motion for perpetual stay of pro Honing <a Jugm.ent and execution; grantecL condi e?rnal y.l "uvrny- Ac- ad? ( hamberlin, L. Motion for i,u f L i ? execution; granted on terms. Faurote ds. Leonard, jr Motion to change venue; granted ? ?? % C,r,V In the matter of several applications of the Mayor Sic for the opening of tith avenue, Itc. Motion for pronor tionate part of awards, Sic ; granted ex parte. I^ows et cLtmlw)*7 ? Iotlon,e* Parte t0 ">'? to plead and publi cationtct.fa.; granted. Brown ads. Brown. Motion ditto *^11 Te""e; denied. Relyea et al. ads. Kemptin \J ?i !? Kran,ed; Phelps vs. Taylor et al ? Motion for retaxation of costs. Ordered $4 68 ba deducted from bill as taxed. Davis ads. Witherell, et al. Motion \?o? an!? venile,; denied. Mount ads. Troudflt, do do do s-.r-tl.ntg ?m. ?. 8 i? ,>ower- do do do; Brock et al. ads. ?; Vail v?- Brewster. MoUon for 'uj,8w reP',cat,pn without costs; granted.? iv^?? ? j <-0rt?r ?v,ot'on to set aside default, and or leave to defendant to plead his discharge; granted on terms. Moray, sherifT, &C. ads Van Benscoten. Mo tion directing taxing officer to allow defendant double costs; granted, by default.?Jllfiany Jirgut. Varieties. The general association of the Congregational and Presbyterian churches in New Hampshire, at their recent convention in Portsmouth, adopted a series ef resolutions which take strong grounds against slavery. It appears by their annual report that there have been 49 churches and congregations aided during the last year, 44 mission aries employed?additions to the church 48?"hopeful conversions," 6?removals by death and excomraunica tiom53?whole number of communicants 4338?number of pupils supported in Sabbath Schools and Bible classes :ico4 ?amount contributed to the cause of benevolence (1,144,19, ol which $416,81 were for home missions?re ceipts of the Society from legacies, donations, lie., $4,036,87, which is (-4,607.44 less than last year. The balance in the Treasury after the disbursements, is (186,80. Mr. Hardin, of Kentucky, against whom a serioua charge of attempting to seduce a young woman has been lately made in the papers, has addressed a note to the editor of the Kentucky Yeoman, in which he says that he intends, as soon as possible, to iirepsre and publish an address to the public, which will exculpate him from all censure. Senator Crittenden is to deliver the oration on the occasion of interring the remains of Daniel Boon and his wife in the soil of Kentucky. Colonel Johnson is one of the pall-bearers; lien. Coombs one of the mar sh kis. The yacht Siren, of and from New York, owned ami commanded by W. E. Miller, Esq., arrived at Boston on Thursday. Several gentlemen, (among whom ia Com. Stevens,) hare come in her; and we understand that when the first snoring breeze springs up she will try her sail ing qualities with the yacht Northern Light, of this port. ? Huston Fait. In Mississippi there are thirteen subordinate lodges of Odd Fellows, with lour hundred'and eighty nine contributing members, and a revenue of (1948 17 per quarter. Yveekly benefits (178 94, and (304 44 '?harity donations. Incidental expenditures, (1.036 40. Ileveuues ot the Orand Lodge (403 30 per quarter. A writer from the White Sulphur Springs, in Virginia, says the proprietor of the hotel at that place, estimates the profits of the hotel at (80,000 a season, this being the smallest income ever realized in any season It sometimes amounts to (00,000 Horses that are round, or "barrel chested," are invariably more muscular and enduring than those of an opposite kind. Scientific sportsmen are, in a great met suie, guided in their opinion of a horse's racing qualifi cations by his girth just behind his shoulders. By this test, a jockey foretold the reputation and prowess of the celebrated racer Plenipotentiary, almost from the period of his birth. Cattle-dealers and butchers, in like manner, judge by the chests and shoulders of cows, and what amount of I'at they are likely to gain by feeding. All animuls that have large lungs are remarkable for the vigor of their appetite,and the facility with which theyap piopriate their nutriment; such animals will fsed upoa the coarsest hay and straw, whilst their less fortunately con-tructed companions are fattened by no kind of food. ?Farmar. The amount of natla made in the United ?taiea is estimated to be fifty thousand tons! forty thousand casks, or four million pounds of nails are annually made by the Boston Company, at ths Mill Dam. Estimating the number of nails at 160 to ths P<J"n<L number here made daily, will be ebout two millions ; end estimating this number to be but the twenty-fifth pert of those made in the United States, fifty millions are made, sold, and used per day.

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