Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Ho. S4l4-Whol? Ho. ftllti. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 15, 1S45. THE NEW YORK HERALD. mm (iORIMIN BKNXKTT, Proprietor, Oil'otslaticm?Forty Thousand. DAILY H?KAU>-tv87raTy. Prtcx 1 c?ioU |MJ ocjiv?$7 M> per annum ?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Pr;c? cent* per copy --$3 Ml cento pel annum- puvahle in advance AD Vr RT18EMENT8 at tiio no vial priceu alWRjri ca*h in advance. PRINTING of ail bind) executed With beenty and ikt.-p.iU... ? AU letteis or oonMnunicattonv, by mail.adlievaed to the establishment, must be pout pta V, or the poctage will be deducted from tho subscription money remitted JAM EH GORDON BENNETT, PaovaiEToa or tmk Nan Yoaa Hvualu Estaiii.ibis***?? "Jnvt'h <*rtPTi*r rtf Fulton nrvl Vaibbtii ?tm.r# LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. VIIAN OF OF HOURS TR AINS RUN AH FOLLOWS Commenting on Monday, September 13th. 1813. Ztuvt tii ?o*(yn Al 8R o'clock, A. M , Boaton Train for Oreenpoit, daily, 8tiu?lay> eieepieU, stopping at Karmuigdalr ami St. George's Mivnor. At 9>a A. M , for Farming lale and intermediate planes, daily Siuiday* eicepted. and ou Tuesdays, Thursday* and Satur an,?, through to Greenport aud intermediate, places. At 1 F. M., for Farmlngt'ale aud intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, anil on Saturday* to Suffolk Station. Ltave Ortmjiinl ? Boston Train, at 1 o'clock, F. M., or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily. Sundays excepted, stopping tt St George's Manor and Farmiugdale. At 9 o\ lock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, | 'Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave Farmingdalt? .Fof Brooklyn, at o'clock, A. M.. and 1 P. M., daily, Sun trt'ays ernei'ie-*. Leave Jamaica? ? > > For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A M and I'. M , dail/, Him days excepted. Bedford 8 Deer Park 68 East New York 12V? Thompson 81 ] Race Course 18^ Suffolk Station 1 ihi Trotting Course 18114 Lake Road Staiiou 1 1BV Jamaica 23 Medford Station 1 lu'Vj Bru&hville 31V Alillevitle I 30 Hyde Park, 17 milea 37>? St. George's Miuier. ... I 02 Clowaville, (during ses- Riverhead 1 32'^ Hon Cotut,) 37>% Jamesport 1 t>2>4 Hempstead y>4 Mattetuck I ??>Z Tf>? CulHtoxfte 1 82H Carle Place... li Houtfioiu 1 I-25J Westbury 44 Greenport, Acc'u. train. 1 73 Jiickaville 44 Boston Train 2 00 Kariningd vie f,1% Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several F'a'iiais, to take passeugersat very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be ill readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 30 iniuntes be fore the hour ol'startiug from the Brooklyn side. P" ^ Roek.iway Baggage taken in seimrate Crates. The Steamer Statesman leaves Greenport for Sag Harbor twice each day on the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. all ie CENTRAL KAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. T DISTANCi 411 IS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengers . and Freight. Hatea ot Passage 8 00 "a'esof Freight, vix ; (hi weight goods generally 30 cents per hundred. nn measurement goods 13 cents per cubic foot. On barrels wet (except molasses and oil) SI 30 per barrel. On barrels dry (except lime) 80 ccuta per barrel. Oil iron in pigs or bars, castings for mills and nuboteil machinery ... 43 cents |>er hundred. On hhds and pipes of liquor not ovcr 120 gallons S3 00 per hfid. Oil hhils molasses and nil fi 00 " " Goods addressed to K. Winter, Agent, forwarded flee of ] commission. . TllOMAS PURSE, all :<m 'C Gen'I Sup't.Transportation. UNITED SPATES MAIL LINE TO B \1.4 i VIOKC.. Fart $3. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTI MORE RAILROAD LINK. Via Wilmiugtou, Newark, Elktim, ti av re de Grace, he. Morning Line?Through tit 6 Hours. The Cars leave roe Depot, corner of 11thand Market streets, dally (except Sunday, at 8 o clock A. M. NEW CASTLE ANlTfRENCHTOWN KAIL ROAD AND STEAMBOAT COMPANY Afternoon Line. The steamboat ROBERT MORRIS, ("apt. Douglvsi, leave a Dock ?t. whaif daily, evceptSunday,at Sj* o'clock I' M. Fats 53 The above line leaves Baltimore as follows, vir : By Cars, from Pratt street de|>ot, . at !> o'clock A M By steamboat, from Bowlvy's wharf, at 8 o'clock P. M SUNDAY MAIL LINE. The only Line lor Baltimore on Monday, Laves the depot, 11th and Market its, at 4 o'clock P. M. Kate 53. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. 1'iekets through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh caw he procured either at the depot, Eleventh and Marketsts. or on board the boat, and at 43 South Third st, near Che unit , Philadelphia. Fare to Wheeling $13; to Pittskarg f 12. (J. H. HUDDELL, Agent. Km farther information, applv to J. L. SLEMMER, at the office of Adams tt Co. 17 Wall street, N Y. June 24th. 1845. jc?9 ?m ec MAIL. LINE FOR BOSTON. ffsaSjI :2jF6Kffl!8Sz$5ayHBL LAiLY OVER THE LON(i ISLAND KAIL ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH d- WORCESTER At 8 o'clock hi the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall street, South Fsrry?Sundays eicepted. Way Crates arc in readiness to receive baggage for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through under lock. jti 16 tf rc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. kxrlb'ss aT'u lM^N?:k"i-.\< KK.T link. From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh vi* the I ennsyivania Kail ToHtJ*diid Canal?through in 33^ days. The above line is now in full operation and offer* great inducement* to potion* who wish a pU aaaut mode of travelling to the west. Thecals are built in the moat approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is made by the proprietor* to conduce to the comfort and convenience of travellers. The scenery 011 this route is unrivalled, atidtue great yhain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well wot tnyof being seen. By this r* ute passengers avoid all the fatigue* and dangers at tenonnt upon stage travelling, and at the ?au?e time inake no ex peditious trip. , The cars leave every morning at 7 o'clock. I assengers are ad vised to engage their places at Philadelphia. Ofhce in Ph'laucl phia N. K. comer of Chesnut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 11 aiid i.'? South Third sts. A. CUMMINOS, Agent. Philadelphia, May 17, 1815. For information, in the city of New York, apply to 1 B. H. KNlSKLL. Agent for mv!7 6m*rrc D. Lf&KCH k CO.?s Line. 7 Wen ?t. IN If. STEAM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVEKPOOL. -- f?*-wla THE Ureal Western Steam Ship Compn J The,eORKA?'WESTERN 17M ton., i:>o hor.e power, B. R. Matthews, Esq., The ORE AT BRITAIN. 3..800 tons, looo horse power. I.ii utenant James Hoiken, R. N., Commander?arc intended to run at follows.? GREAT WESTERN. From Liverpool. I From New York Saturday August 23. I Thursday Sept IS Saturday October II. | Thursday Nov. (I Krom Liverpool. Saturday Inly 28, IBJ5 Katuiday Sept. 27 Saturday Nov. 22 GREAT BRITAIN. From New Yoik. Saturday August 70. Saturday Oct. Saturday Dee. 20. Fare per Great Western, flOfl. mid t5 stewards' Kee? Fare per < iri at Britain, from $80 to S12", (slid $.8 Steward'* lee,) according to the sw.t and position of the Stale Rooms. for fn ight or pat. ace, oi other information, o i pi, to ntviN, RICHARD au7 2awlm*rc M Frout street. TO SHIP BUILDERS, SHIP OWNhlls V CAPTAINS 77ir Auxiliary Steam Ship MASSACHUSETTS. This fine ship, built for Cap'. Forbes, of l Boston, has been supplied with every im iproveinent as regards Iter conveniences and accommodations for passengers. The ? <ink ? House is well deteiving the attention of all thote concerned in shipping. Gentlemen conversant with iheae desiderata, will please allow the manufacturer to ask tin in to notice the whole arm n gem ell t of this department of (his splendid slop; and any mdera tliey may give will he punc tually attended to. By their obedient servant, W. 11. WHITELEY, tfrre 22 Water St.. Boston, Mass. FOR ST. JOHNS. N. B ?With Daspateh The yCoptieied and cornier fasiened, first class British ship il.ORD MAIDSTONE, Captain Archibald Taylor, I be ready in a couple of days to receive cargo, ami have despatch for the abov. port. for freight or cabin passage, having state room accommoda tions, apply on hoard, foot ol < lintoa st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERH Ic CO. "i rli 35 f niton st, nevt door to the Fnlton Bank. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lino-Regular Packet of 2lat September.?The inpnrior fait aniline ?jpu'ket ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, M50 tons, apt I lulip Uoodhousc, drnlgc, will sail as above, lier rrgular r r freight or passage, having splendid, large and romfortahle stall rooms and cabin, apply on hoard, west side Burling slip, ?'"> VVOODIIirLL It MINTURN, 87 South street. rriec of passage Han I hi packet ship Rochester, 800 tons, Capt. John Brittnn, ill iiicrecf the Queen of the West, and sail on her regit it d ir. list Orinher. iV2, RACKETS Hilt HAVRE?Second Line.-? ..I he l'"ekvi ship HT. NICHOLAB, Capt. John B a' ?'"? ?"R "an on the 1st of October. For frriirht or -sage ?PP'y '<> BOYD 8t 111NCKEN. , ,, No. OToutine Building, *r1 Comer Wall and Water ata. mVhs steamship MASSAl III 8K.TTS Capt. White, will positively _aml on Monday, I ith of Septcmlier. bin, second cabin and steerage passengers having nil ml accommodation',, apply on hoard, foot of Hector st JAMES CLANNY. ?* , JAME* CLANNY. ?? iw'r# no South st. ^ ? H08K HILL STAflLES. 24th street, between -AAT^d and 3d Avenues, au?f nearly opposit- Hull's Head, i I f 1L J"?t arrived from rim country, and for ,ale at th ahove stables, PI Horses, among which are four fast trotting horses, 2 last pacing do., several pairs farm hones, some tiun cart horses, a few good road and stage horses, and shippers, s'l2in'rrc H. H. NORTHRUP, Proprietor. " FA I.L Fa >Hl ON IS15. WM. BAffTA, No. 94 Ca.nal. Sthkkt, Cornkk. op Woosikr >Stkjut, and No. Idl) C'liuthaiii Mreel, 11 OFFERS to his friends and the public a large assort ineut of Hats of the in-west style at the following low prices, vis .? Short Nipped Bilk Hats $2 10 Fine Moleskin Bilk Hats 3 (Id oaperior " " " 3 30 Nutria h ui '?si ? First Quality Nutria Fur Hat I 00 Also, a choice variety o( ' hildreus' Caps. Hoys Fur and Silk Ilats. Oeiitleui-u's Tiavelliug and Dress Cays, die. Ac. slO 1 in * r MILL'S FALL STYLE WELLINGTON HATS pi NOW READY, a'the well known establishment, 178 jp*s Broadway, Howard Hotel,at the following prices . First quality Nutiia $4 30 2d do do 3 30 First do Moleskins 4 30 2d do do 4 00 3d do do 300 J. D. Totteu mid R. J. Tiffany would he planted to see their riends aa above. >3 Im'th */m fall style of GENTLEMEN'S HATS ^J^ARK NOW^ READY for llm season, 1843, which for ?lightness and superiority of color yannnt be surpassed, rl of which is a very important part of the Hat, retaining 'he color till it is worn out. Any article sold in this establishment is ne ver misrepresented but sold for what it is. Also, the fall style of Boys and Children's Cups, of various patterns. Gentlemen ?an jhnve thsir hals made to order in anv shape or style thev wish. C. KNOX, 110 Fulton st, hu29 Im'in hetweau William and Nassau ats. NOTIVK. STATEN ISLAND FKRRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Boata will run as follows until further notice :? ^ Is^av# Staten Island at B, 9, 10, 11, 12 A. M , and 1, 2, 3, 3,6 f ?- M. ... Crt.'l, nf o n in II e? A M ....I I a ale A c Leave New Yo.'k at ", 9, 19. 11, 12 A.M., and 1, 2, 3>a, 4,6 P. M. N. B.?All baggage at the risk ot the ov4it?br thereof ? 14 THE Steamer NEW HAVEN, now run ning between Oreenport and Providence,will .he withdrawn until Wednesday next for the purpose of littiug her up for a night boat on ihe same route, ill Iwr FOR LONG BRANCH, OCEAN HOUSE, RUM SON. EATON TOWN, SHREWSBURY AND MANASQUAN. The new and elegant low pressure sp amer EDIVIN LEWIS. Captain A orlies, will leave Catharine Market as follows, touching at Pier No. 1 Fast River, going and .etnrmr.g:? Leaves New York Leat s Eaton Town. Sept. 5?Friday, t;1, a. m. I Sept. 5?Friday, II a. m. 6? Saturday, 9 " 8?Vonday, 9?Tuesday. 8 " | 9?'J uesday, I ^? i in oiioj . o I :? j iicmti) , | ' ? Wedpr.suay.Q " I 10?Wednesday,lj ?ThuisuuV, I a '? I 11?Tiursday, 2,'i 12?Friday, ll>a " I 12?Fi iday, 13? Satnruy, 3 Stages will be in rcadiuess to convey passengers to M parts of the country. 9t*rh MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, FOR ALBANY, TROY and intermediate landings, from the Htaambont I'ier at the foot o .Bahder street. Breakfast and Dinner on bc.-.rl the boa'. Leaves New York at 7 o'clock, A. f?l., Tuesdays, Thnrtdaya and Saturday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 1 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. liorham, on Ti ? . - ? .... uesdaya, Thursdays and Satnrdnys, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon ly, Wednesday and F'riday, at 7 o'clock. .'"or passage or freight, apply onboard, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. Notice?All goods, freight, bills, ?peeir\or any other kind of property taken,ahipi"?d, or put on hoard this boat, must he at the riig of the owners of inch goods, freight, hsg ?age, Sic. jelBre NEW YORK, ALBANY AN1) TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. 1?at 7 o'clock, P. M.?The steamboat EM .PIRF, Captain R. B. Macy, will leave the ?Vamhoat pier foot of Courtlandt atrrrt, every Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday afternoon, at 7 o'clock? The steamboat COLUMBIA,' apiaiu Wm. JI Feck, every M (today, Wednesday aud Fridav afternoon, at 7 o'clock * or Passage or Freight apply on board, or at the office on the FOR BELIZE?HONDURAS?Bark JoITn K. GARDNER, Jaines Federaon, master, will have idespatrh for the above port. For passage only, having supenoi accommodations, spply to the Captain ou board, Pier 8 Fast River, or to h13 4t*rh K. ALEXANDRE, 28 South at. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively first Regular Packet?Only iPacket of Monday, 22d instant?The siipenoi very last sailing packut ship SARTFLLE, Taylor, master, w ill po sitively sail as shove, her regular <lay. For freight or rasaage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans w harf, fool of Wall st.or to E K. COLLINS & CO., 3s> South street, .Shippers may tell on the ships of this line sailing punctual ly as advertised. Positively no goods received on board aftri Satmday evening 21th instant. Agent in New Orleans. JAS. K. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. si !m FOR LI VKRPOOL?First Packet with Despatch? The tint class fast sailing packet ship PAN'I H t? A, ,W. B. I.auc master, will be despatched as above. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persous wishing to embark should make immediate application on hoard, west side of Burling Blip,or to JOSEPH McMUBRAY, si I Corner of Pine and South sts FOR SALE, Fit EIGHT OK CHARTER?The .pacget sliipSHAKSPK ARE, 730 tons, has carried ?ami hales New Orleans cotton, built in tins city by _i.own h Bell, in the bestpoaiible manner; lite oak and locust top, lire oak aprons, transoms and cants, forward and alt; salt ed on the stocks and retailed several times since; has handsome furnished accommodations (or 7b passengers and is belli veil to be the fastest st ip ofhei length belonging totliis port. Apply to sjOni E. K COI.LINHtt ( P.. % South st. ???- KOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 70th fwp wj3r3^Rt*-mber?The lirat rlasi packet ship GLADIATOR, ?HMShi' aptain Bunting will sail as above, being leu regular Catnip very superior accommodations forcabin, second cabin siid steerage passcntters, persons intending to embark should nuke early application on board, foot of vlaiden Lain, or to JOSEPH MeMI'HR AY, ion Fine street, corner of South street. The splendid packet ship Switzerland, Captain Knight, will succeed the Gladiator, and sail 011 the 1st October. . .11 10 FOR MAliSKI 1,1.KM -Packet ,,f the 1st of Oct.-" .bcr?The newshipNb HHASKA,Capt. Brown. Her ?accommodations for passengers ire not surpassed by any of the packets sailmir from this part. She 0IT1 rs a desirable 1 nnveyance to those destined to any port ill the Mediterranean, as steamers regularly ply to all the ports from Marseilles. Kor freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN Sr. PHELPS, 103 Front st, orto BOYD it 111 N< K EN, 9 Tontin* Buildings, -I ill Wall street. Adjxir FOB MOBILE?New L1111?The snlcudid Packet v|ffy ship GAZELLE. Captain Tread well, who goes to the city with freight and passengers, w ill have mi ni -dune despatch for the above port. For freight or passage, in either cabin, svcoDd cabin, or steer 0.0, all ol which w ill ba taken M much less than the usual rates, h. applying to tJOHN HERDMAN * CO., i2ti rc 61 South street. ONLY REGULAR LINK OF PACKETS FOR NhiAV ORLEANS?racket ofthe 13th September? iThe splendid and fact sailing packet ship JOHN RN.Capt. D. Stark, will positively sail on Monday Si id. 1.3th, her regular day. I'lie accoinmoditions oi thi, favorite packet ship for cabin, si COud cabin, and steerage passengers, are very superior. The ships of this line have now commenced their regular tr ps and will sail punctually every Monday. Persona wishing to secure bertht should make early applies ti -n on board, fool of Wall street, or to W. it J. T. TAPBCOTT, .9 rc 73 South st., comer of Maiden Lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?The last sailing coppar fea .leurd and coppered ship SOUTHERNER, T. I) jPalmer, mantcr, will have immediate dispatch. For freight or lassage, h iving excellent accommodations, ap pl v to tl.e captain, on hoard, at Rose veil st. wharf, or to ' lb WOODIiri l, it MINTI'HN, B7 South t ^ KM. II, AH I.IN'F. ( IPG KF.TS FOR GI.AS ? gow ? Packet ol 15lhSeptember?The fast sailing fa arnrite packet ship SARACEN. 1 ipt. N. T. Il?w s, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. Having > commodatious for cabin, second cabin and steerage passen e- rs, unsurpassed hp anv snip 111 the trade, persons about pro ri eiluig to Scotland, w ill find her a 1 cry desirable conveyance, a. il reliance may be placed oil her sailing punctually as adver 11.ed. To serine berths, early application must he made 011 board, foot of Dover street, or to XV. it J. T TAPKt OTT,73 Mouth street. ! Tin regular packet ship ADAM C'ARR will succeed the K iracen. Persons wishing to send for their friends can have them 'nought out in either of the packets of this line, 011 favorable terms, by apply ing as above. Drafts for any amount supplied, I'lyahlOthrovigliout Scotland. s3 FGIl GLASGOW? Regular Packet The well , known, fast sailing packt t ship SA H A(' H N, Kin toils, ? Nathaniel.). Hawkins, master, haling one hill her c rgo engaged, will have immediate despatch. ror l-alanca of freight or passage, having excellent scrom niodatiimi, apply to the Captain 011 board, loot of Dot er sltei t, r. IL, or to WOODH1JU. (k MINTDRN 87 H mth street I lie regular packet barque ADAM CARR, Robi it Scott, in isicr. w ill succeed ibe S.oact 1,. Mali ~~llLACK.BALL OR OLD LINK Ob lTvER ? POOL P.\( K E'i H?Hor Liverpool, only rcgulai Bpacket ol till' Itilh of September. I lie new and celebrated fast sailing favorite packet ship \ OKKKIIIKF., 1130 tons burthen, Capt. D. G. Bailey, will sail posi ively on Tuesday, 16th September. It is well known that the accommodations of the Yoikshire are lilted out in a most superb and costly maimer, w itli every modem improvement and convenience, that cannot hut add to the comfort of those embarking. Persons visiting the old roiin li y, should call and fee this splendid specimen of naval archi tecture, before engaging elsewhere. For passage, ill cabin, second cabin and steerage, early appli cation should he made 011 hoard, foot of I'ei k man si, or to ihr subscribers, IHH IIK, BKOTHF.Rw It CO. 33 Fulton st, aeat door 10 the Fulton Bank. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liue?Regular Packet ? of the With Sept -The elegant lost sailing Packet pHhii- SHERIDAN, ( apt Geo. B. Cornish, of 1100 :? will s iif as ahovr, Iter regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations nneiinalledfor ?; I- nrlor or comfort, apply 011 hoard, at Orleans wharf, fool at Wall stirrt, orto F. K. COLLINS It CO., 36 South street I rirr ol passage |100 Packet Ship On rick. Cnpt. B II. Trask, will succeed the J'" riiliin. in? snil 3f{ili Orlohrr. Ii#f rcirnlnf rtnt nuMfd \ OLTAItCK'MPHILOSOPHICAL L)1(JTI< )NAH\ I EDITION, twovolinnes 111 one, price $3, for sale I > at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, N. V. New editions of Vo ncy's Ruins, Stronss' I.ile of Christ, 3 arv VVollstoncraft ? Rights of Woman, Vale's Life ol Paine, I Imer's Pilin iplea, Shelley's fju,. U Mat, Fame's Works, l ILr-A vsricty ol cheap Liberal Wor ks. auJU lin*r FOR SALE, IN THE CITY OF APALACHI COLA I TWO LOTS, No. 10 and 11 III Block K I. each JO Get tbytfl r-ntfiidiiig tbruugli IroinWatei to Columella ?l , mil bounded by Water, '"berry aud Coinuicref streets Knot told privately by the fith mutant, will then be olh-red at anct'oii. For particulars, ii,<iuur?f GEO. L. Pill HE, No 41 W> II struct Who lias 517,300 hi M| mm, to I ran on real estate in this city or Brooklyn Apply t above. sit iwrc TO LE'l?A suit of rooms, consisting "f > twnboni' Drawing UooDl and Parlor on the first floor, Irout uud JnaflL'tar bedrooms, with |>autrie* and wardrobes, convent eutl) arrang. d for a large family, for the wiiitsr.nll handsome ly and newly formated, .? private tible, and all necessary comforts at 111 Houston street, .ecoud block east aide frout Broadway, t an be seen at any time after the 8th September. sI2 Iw'rc TO HOTEL AND JiUAKLUNO HOUSE KEEPERS. A FIRST RATE Establishment, now doing a good and profitable business (tha rent being very low) n to be disposed of On reasonable terms, for cash. It is situ ated in the very heart of the business part of the city, and has an extensive connection, not only with country merchants, bnt also with persons constantly arriving from European porta The only cause of the Proprietor wishing to dispose of his business is an engagement w hich requires his presence in Kink land. Address W. T. at this office, with real name and ad dress s9 t'je FOR SALE. A HOUSE AND LOT in the city of Buffalo, situa ted oil Walnut st, and running through to Prultst?in -1???r S4 bv lit feet The building mi it is a double one, 2 ?torie? high, filled hi with brick from cellar to attic, and faith fully finished, aud about 10 years old. Has s good well and cis tern ofexcellent water on the premises. This property will be sold reasonably for cash and will no doubt prove a good invest ment, us there lint been a number of buildings put up in its vi cinity,the present summer, and is rapidly increasing m value.? Apply to OEO. LUDLOW PRIDE, 41 Wall it. WANTED TO PURCHASE, A SMALL two story Brick House, situated west of Broad way, betw eau Leonard and Houston sts, for which a liberal price will be paid. Apply to GEO. L s6 Iwrrc GEO. LUDLOW PRIDE, 41 Wall st. A HOUSE FOR SALE?The House and Lot No. 173 Eoui th street, near I he Sixth avenue, slid newly op i IV-iJI '"???"? 'i.-' Washington Parade Oround Apply as above. 1 TS lin'mc MFUK SALE?A desirable Kesideucc for a genteel family, comprising a convenient two story fiarae dwil ing house, fdled in. and sixteen acres of good land inclu I ding orchard aud garden, with rei|uisitanutbuildmgs,l>iauiilul Iv sittruted on the easterly side of th- Passaic liver, one mile above E. llrTille Bridge, lour from Newark, and nine from N. York Price moderate For further particulars, apply to C V.S Kane, Esq. if Nana* street, o to Wililam Dow, Auc leer, B-llevilta, N. J. tioueer, B-llevilf, N. J. s3 lw*rtc Hotel ue pahis. MANTIONfc' VIUNKS, one of the late proprietors of the Perkins* House. Boston. re?|'e*tfn)lv informs his fi ieuds h11<1 the travelling public, that he Ims opened the hous* N.?. 290 Broadway, entrance on iteade stit et, railed the Hotel T)e Pari*. where ne will he happv to accorunv date those who may wish to patronise hi in, with Board and Lodging, by the day, week or month, on tilt* most reasonable terms. s3 lm'rrt! THE BOND STREET HOUSE, Ut\3 Broadway, IS now open for the reception of boarder*. The situ ation is one of the most desirable in the city. The house haa b< en newly papered and painted thinuphout ?containing between 60 and 7n rooms, handsomely furnished. Parlors and r>edroo'ms and rMiitrtes attached?likevvs* roouis for single gentlemen. Boiilnernrri and others wishing to avoid the uoi? aud confttstoii of au ilotel, will have every attention iff i paid to their comfort hum convenience. au5 lm*rc PIlIliAUKIiHUlA nO'l'KLH. liAKTWELL'S H' A SII IN~$ *TON H O USE, *4!43 Client nut Strecl, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILAD KLFHI A O-" Bath, Jiinl introduced?Worm and Cold? m line apart nenH?lor both ladle*and gentlemen. ?16 1 in * rli COLUMBIA HOUSE, Clirifnut Street, between 6tl? mut 7th street*, PHILADELPHIA. GMIE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform ihrir friends and A the travelling public,they have taken the above home, (for iner|jr known a* the Marshall I louse,) and have made extensive alterations and improvements in its interior, having spared no i-xpense to render it one of the most pleasant and huh ion able boa linthecfcj The pulofiin nnmfroiu, the ehanbers Urge and xv el I arranti d, tnc furniture entirely new lis loca tion is hi the inost ceutral part of the city, ueir to all the places of public amusement, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. The tables w ill be .supplied with all the delicacies of the soa ?on. The Wines are ol the choicest brands, and have been carefully selected. The proprietors hojic by then Personal attention a .d experience in the business, to give satisfaction to those who may favor 'hem with their patronage. BAULKY. MACKENZIE h CO. James Bagley, (late of Jones' Hotel ) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Washington House ) Peter L. Ft imison. July 1st, 184V jvJ ?ra*ec TO .STRANGERS. 4<r?.HK ALHAMRA," Broadway, between Spring and L Prince, is now one of the first places of icsoit, sought bv itrangers routing to the city, and justly, too, a. no establish ment of the kind iu this country can compare with it in point ol novelty, and the elegance and mafuificence of its in tenor no, ,,k of the excellence ot the Ice tropin and other Ke freshmenta to be found there a2ti ?wih m WILSON'S HOTEL ANI? DINING ROOM, . > Oold si in I, nr ixr Mnlrlcii I.(lire. / M)UNTR V MER< HANTS will find this a desirable House, being convenient to the hiixinesa part of the city. Tina IWUhlialTnirwt i? filled up with entirely new lanitunj (loud uiil enhstmifieI dinner, IS* rents, lodgings 24 cents. Kor con venience and comfort this house iseipial toauy hotel iu the city, and at half the price. IVrmanent koardeia ran he accommodated on very reasonable term.'!. All the delicacies of lb* season served np, as xoon a* they arrive in inarkrt, at half the price of other bonnes Elegant private p irlors. for tbe referee eases, or private dinners or ?ii|v perparlie* The very best of Honors ju4 3m'rc NATIONAL HOTElT fVashinplon City D. C 'I' H H rU'trUIE J OR of tins line Hotel, lorintily known as A Oadsbv 'a, tiui now generally railed fob man's Hotel, de .ire. To return los thanks to bis friends and the ti.ivrlhug por tion of the rcimnunitv generally, for the favors which they have bestowed upon him aincc lie opened hjs establishment, itid lo assure them tliat he will spare no exertions to render Ins hou r worthy of the patronage ol winch lie liar aheady re reived so liber"! a shaie. The house having been, during ihe summer, thoroughly punted ami refitted, is now iu first rate order for the reception of travellers or rexideuta; and the proprietor respectfully soli > l eonthraaoen of m favon on the part of usitorsto Washington, or rexidmt* during the xe.siou of < ougiesa, be ing confident that they will always lind comfortable lodgings the beat on the. lable that the market affords. Mid arteutire ami polite waiters. S S. COLEMAN. Washington City, September, 1814. s.'i DmdticWis jgh MRS. CARROLL'.-* MEDICATED, VAPOR A- SULPHUR BATHS, IK 4 H'nl toii street,0|>|>oalU- St. I'ii it I'm Cliurch. VI Ho. CAlfslOLL begs to rrmind her patrous of the effica lTAcvof me Vapor baths in curing colds, rheum.itisin,chills and for r, Ste Sulphur Baths require half an hour'* notice. Tor-a .<? Vapor Baths seiat to any part of the city air vicinity, sit Im rc EA OLE K A T H S , .V48 Pearl Street. BETWEEN Cenlie and Elm streets.?W.-rm, Cold and Shower Baths, equal lo any in the city, 12.', rents each, t loan! cle aaa single beds, 12,y cents each. Meals 12>, cts. each. Board and lodging, *2,4(1 per week. Newspaper, from London, Liverpool, Canada and all tin, principal citie* aaa the United State*. on lib*. ivrn* CONSUMPTIVES, DOUBT NO LONGER! BUT read the following and reflect.?Another Wonderful Core:? PhiladfU'Hia. April 1,1816. 1 hereby certify tlint dm in? the riot* in Bouthwark of July last, owing to exposure and f.itigue in the performance ol mili tary duty, inv health received a severe shock. In the latter part I of August, ill the symptom# of PULMONARY 1 ONM MP TION appeared. At this juncture I called iu my first phytlcMii, w li<> attctulcd me some w eeks without benefit, and told me dis tinctly that he considered my disease beyond the reach ol hu man aid. I now employed another physician* who at once recommended THOMSON'S < (IMPOUND SYRUP OF PAR AND WOOD NAPTIIA. I used twelve bottles, and I testify that m common witli thousands of others, \\ ho h ive been cured by this medicine, that to it alone I owe my restora tion to health. JAMES ANDREWS, No. 217 ratharme st. I win called to attend to the above case, in the secondary stage ol* the disease. I found the patient laboring under com plex disease of the lungs and liver; ulceration of the latter Ind taken idace, and b\ porcuxaion I discovered an abscess had formed m the tight Inn*; The case being apparently hopelt??* and beyond the reach of the usual treatment, I resolved at once on lining Thomson's Compound Syrup of Tar and Wood N uv tlm, the virtues of which I had previously tested, scarcely ex pecting it would reach a case ro desperate. The result is, A t'URK THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY, henceforth dis pelling all doubts respecting the efficacy of this excellent mt ili cine, iii disease* of the lungs and liver. M. fHAMnBRK. M l>. Philadelphia, April 1, 1845. Principal office, North East corner of Fifth and Spruce *t?. Phifadelphin. Sold whntcsalc hiuI retail by A B SANDS k CO. ( herni'ts and DniKKista, 273 Broadway, comer of Uhanibei * ?t Sold also nt 79 Eu I ton st. and 77 East Broadway. Price 611 cents. s9 Im'mc THE PATENT GALVANIC RINGS AND OR I ST I E ' S M A G N E TI C V L U I D. 'IMIIK REMARKABLE DIM,'OVERV ha* received (he A nmveraal approbation of (he Medical Profvxxion of Ureal Rritnin, nuil lis, been sufficiently long before the American rub In' to given Inir l ri?l of ilx newer and cflirncy 'I hel'virMi ?J ai.x ank Riniix Imvp hpcii (omul to mix we i "II the |mrpo?M for which the ordinary (ialvmiir Battery or Electric mul kl ig nrtic Mnchrnex ?rc uxed, bnt arc without *ny of the injunonx . iHOx Ri, which ncc<im|i,iuy the npidicntionx by thoxc inxtrtt- 1

merit*, "nil in manv oilier rexpertx are more lirr and cKRTAtft in ?cconi|>li>hing the dcxircd object The (Jnlvwric Kiugx have been med with i>eifeei^iicc< ?x in all ra*e? of Kheumaiixni, aente or chronic, applyiug to the head, fare or hmba ; (lout; Tie lioloreaux; I ootnaehe,; Brnnrliirt" : Vertigo; Nervorra or Sirli Headache; Indigex tion ; I'aralyxrx ; Talxy ; K.pilrpxy ; hilx . I ramp ; Palpitation of I he Heart ; Apoplexy, Kliffuesx of.linnta; Lumbago; Nm ralgia , (ieuvrgl Debility, Di lirirnry of Nrrvon i Energy . ??"' all Nervoux Diaordrrv In e,?*< x <>| eenlirnird Dyxprpai. ihry have been eqnallvinrrraiful Thi n extraordinary ? ffeel.x upon the "yatem matt he w itnexxed to b<- hebeved ; and a* a rertain rtMi'NTlvr: f,r rhi' above complaint* fhev are cipiallv to he recommended. The tLilrnnie Iti.igxare in every way iierfcft ly haruileax, and are .old at price* lo he within the reach of all, I mxrir'i Maunvtii' Ki.iik i. uxed in eonncction with the Iting-., to render their efficient action certain, and to dirert (he Halvanie inffueuee tothe pa rtietilar iiortionx which are affi eted Kornumeron* certificate* ot the hrghr?t charactvr regarding the ellieacy of tlie tialyanie King* and Mrgraetic Fhtid, refer cure ia made ro former advartiapmenla, ortney may he ?ren nl the office. Only Agency iu New York, 134 Knlton xtrret, (Hun IHirlding.) In Brooklyn, at Ihe xlore of J xmix W Smith, l<rnggi*t, comer knlton and t'ranherrv itreet*. jyM im'ec 5" Tons Bi/isvifor, til* IEH88E It BROOKS AT THE WEST END. H WILLIAM A. SMETS, 741 MruadWNy, under (he N. V. Hotel, corner of YVaverly Flare, AS Dm honor lo inform the Ladies thai he has just re ceiYtu by the Utr Arrival., from Havre .1 soUii'lid n>?ort roeut ol FRENCH FALL GOODS, that have beau selected with particularcare Fat Paris for this hluie only, which he bi g. leave to call tie* attention of the La uii i to eMirniir . ,,, WEDDING AND SOIREE DRESSES. Lino u. JVlnsIm Dressr. Point de D'Angleterre dieu>e? Mich thread lace do . with ilutuicr*. Brussels tJuaad do Lxtrarich tluead tiouuces, Linb d vv ith thread do " " snail's, ?"o do do " " bertiii, Kith white satn, do 11 thread lace veil., ruiut dr Bruisel do " sleeves and caps. KICH SILKS, All in Pattern Dresses. Silks?Bioche Venecien, Bilks?Black extra " Arct nciel richly shad'd " Pekui Camayeuv, Glace Ombre, " Horizontal* Stripes, ' Ki'M Rovale, " Pekin blnuou, Ombie ' adrille, " Cardoluie Perse, " White Watered, eatia " Herinma Kiche, " Algerieu Nuanie. 1'ztRlS EMBROIDERIES. Extra nth Pelletmes, Eiub Muslin Points, do do Chemisettes, do do Fichus, do do Collars, do do Cauezotis, do do Berths, Trimmed with Valeo Cuffs, Rieli en b. Pocket Hdkfa. Splendid Mautella*. VERY RICH SHAWLS AND CLOAKS. Thibet Sliawls and Cloak,, New a tuff for Cloaks, Tartar do do Cashmere Cloaks Magadou do do Printed Cashmere d'ecosso. Plaid do do Muslin de Laiues, RICH CASHMERES FOR DRESSES. Einb'd Cashmere d'ecoase in drass patterus. Also, a very large assortment French Jewell y, Reticules, Sasiies, Kibnors. Perfumeries, uud a variety of Fancy Articles not to be found iu any ether part, than at the West-end. s!2 lui'ili FUR SALE. MEDALS AND COINS, FOR SALE?Ancient Coins, Grecian and Roman, of the middle aire, and modern Coins, a?d Medals of all natious to the present time, in great and small quantities. Also, col Irctions ol eouiposition medals, finished ill the inost esquisite manner, and at very moderate prices. Mineral Samples from Siberia, Sweden, Norway. Bohemia. Saxony, England, Prance, h.c., at No. lib Greenwich .tree!, td Story. st23w?r TEE1H, TEETH, TEETH. G1 RF.AT III".LIB' TION in the price of Dentistry, at the I old establishment t>2 East Broadway. Tveth set on pivot * 71 Teeth set on plate from $2 00 to 3 00 letth filled from SO to 1 00 All other Dental operations performed in a superior style ch* aper ihan can be done by any ether Deulist in the city. 'i'eeth mounted for other ileiiliats, by N, P.TAYLOR, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist. All work done it this office warranted. s5 Ini* rrc l)EA EN ESS. DR8. CASTLES?; EDWARDS, Auri.u, No. 381 Bread w a v. attend to the cure of deafness aud every disease aud if lection incidental to the ear. Their treatment i . based on the rational principles of science and practical knowledge, entirely free from ny theoretical dogmas Acoustic Oil foraale, a sure cure for Ear Ache, pains or ringing rounds, collections of hard wax, discl or vitiated secretions of this organ, incipient deafness, swellings, 8te. si lm*rh SELECT PERFUMER V I UHIN'*, Guorlain's,. Fiver's, Pr?vo?i'*, G inland's and net St Coudray'a Extracts i 'nliipncs; Soaps; Laven der ; Oil; Pomatums; Cosmetiquex. Kr; Kuijlisli and Preach Hair Brushes aud Cotnlis of all descriptions, together with Ins highly esteemed and well patronised Japonica Juice, for cleansing the head aud moistening the liair, the only thing that will prevent the hair Idlling out. Sold at VV.M. DlB BI.F.F.'8, Coiffeur Ainericain, 261.1,(late 271) Broadway. s3 lm*rrc CAST OFF CLOTHING it HJIIM'l'UIIK WANTED. 1ADIEH OR GENTLEMEN having .tuy superfluous or J east off Clothing or'p'urniturc to dispose of, cau obtain for iIn* same a liberal cash price, bv sending lor the subscriber (through Post or otherwise) at Ins residence. No. 09 Dilute street .oaaemeut. M.S.COHEN. N.B. Mrs. Cohen will also attend lo Ladies at their resi dence, tfreqaeetea. aU im'ic SECONIJ HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE IVANTED. \ N D the highest price given for all kinds of cast off I lot lung ix and good second band Furniture. Persons wishing to dis pose of the same, will do well to call ou the subscriber, or ud Iresa a hoc through the Post Oflie, which wilj be^|>uiictuall>* attended to. 11. LEVY. t9ls Chatham street, New Yoik N B Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gin tlemen's Clothing, cheap for cash. a!6 lm*rc ?201; TRUNK BOARDS. Tons Trunk BoariL of a good quality, from No b to 13, by PER88E fct BROOKS, ? LI 1 w ir. No. and 67 Nas hu at. BTEACHING FOWDER. UI C*#ki Boyd'tbrst Bleaching Powder, foi talc ubeai? -4UU by FERS8L &l BROOKS. sU lirrc No f?s ami 67 Na ,?du *t. TISSUE PAPER. IiWWk Reams assoited Tissue Paper, of the hist quality ,UU<I and liest Colors LMmi Reams Wmte 200 ?' Yellow. 2i0 " Pink, lifl " Blue. too " Gieeu. 100 Purple. For tale bv PERSSE ie BROOKS, al2lwrc No 61aud67 Nassau st. HOOK. PliENTLNG RAl'iiR. >) (WW) Heams 24x';8. :tifl Reams 2ix38 31 lbs. 200 " 2tx38 (0 lbs. 100 " 24x38 14 lbs 400 " 24x48 40 lbs. it'll " 21x38 48 lbs. 200 " .'4x38 16 lbs Just received and lor sal- by PERSSF. St BROOKS. Slllwi- No. 61 and 67 Nassau >t. The odd fellows' offering FOR 184B. JUST PUBLISHED, BY McGOWAN tte TREADWELL, No. Ilk Unrilny Street. rpHE ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING. FOR 1846?Edited M bv Paschal Donaldson?Embellnh with elegant Engra ving, on 8: eel. from Urigmal Designs by Casilrer and Mor ton, and beautifully hoand in Morocco and Gilt The usual discount allow*d to Booksellers. sll lm*r ^SHERWOOD'S VIBRATORY MAGNETIC MACHINES. fHE VIBRATORY MOVEMENT recently substituted A for the rotary m this machine, by the sttbicriher, en dows it with an extraordinary superiority over evety form in which it been constructed. It is compactly fitted toge ther, win its batten , wnes ua other ifdlaiiMi] in neat ma Itogauy cases, of scleral sires and powers, at $10 (two sixes) $12, <11 and $16 each, and forward d to order to any part ol the I iiioii, the ('anadaa, VVesl Indies, or South America. Each case is accompanied with a Manual (7th edition, pp 224.32mo )?iiicludiiiK a complete Manual of the practice o Modicum, with a very full ulosaary, giving cliar and amide directions for the use of the instrument in the various diseases to w hich it is applicable, and w Inch are found, by the success ful practice of hundreds of operators, to include the most pre valent as well as the most peculiar and obstinate that are known to the medical profession, with the proper medirines for each case. If. I!. SHERWOOD. s6 lin'rh 192 Chambers si TO TRAVELLERS) AND OTHERS. ("7 ENTLEMEN or Families going to Europe or elsewhere, A wishing to disencumber themselves of superfluous effects such as WEARING APPAREL, either ladies' or gentle men's, JEWELRY, EIRE ARMS, kc., kc., will do well to send for the subscriber, fiotn whom they will obtain the highest cash prices. H. LEVETT, 99 Nassau street, Herald Buildings. Families or gentlemen attended by appointment, and all or dels lelt at the subscriber's office, or a line through the post office punctually attended to. au21 lin'rc DRAFTS AND NOTES COLLECTED. Bt W.CLARK, DODGEkCO., No. 60 Wall street, are prepared to collect Notes and Drafts payable at trie fol lowiug places on the most reasonable terms, vis:? Boston, Providence, Newport, Portland, Philadelphia, Jlnr rishurg, Lancaster, Reading, Pittsburg, Wilmington, Balti more, Annapolis, Washington City, Richmond, Norfolk, Pe tersburg, Fredericksburg, Wheeling, Raleigh, Fay< tteville, Wilmington, Newbern, Charleston, Columbia, I'amdeu,Che raw, Savannah. Augusta, Mobile, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Columbns, Chtllicothe, Indianapolis, Louisville, Levington, Nashv ille. Memphis, St. Louis, and most other chief towns in the United States. New V rt august lllh, 1845. all Iin*re NOTICE. A LL persons ire lurhid liarhoring or trusting the crew of il tin Biitish Bar que Adam Carr, as no debts ol then c< n Irartiinr wilt he i . id either hv Captain or owners slum CUDICC ITS VEciETARLK LOTH >N, FOR CLEARING AND BEAUTIFYING THE C< )MPLEXK >N 4 1 HUB' ll'H VEGETABLE LOTION will .II. dually re Ay move Irom the skin all offensive blotches, pimples, tan, sun biiin and freckles,which detract from heiuMv >u* ? lair com plesii.n. This valuable ('osmetic has bees. naive use for many yeais, and is now considered an indispensable nptvuidage to the toilet. Sold ni bottles, at 75 cents each, at 188 Bowery, cor ner of Soring street. al2lm*m STUDY OF MODERN LANOUAt!ES~ RLE U TEEN, having heeu engaged for several years ? past, in the tuition of Modern Languages, wishes to find a lew scholars, either in the Frcuch, Spanish, Italian or Portn guete language. Forfurther iiifoimation. apply in Mr. II. dr L-, 16 Beekman street, between 9 and II o'clock, A. M., or 3 and I, P. M. aJ* Im're G(V()|)\|.;aICn PATENT SHIRRED SUSPENDERS Oltlt DO/EN Shirred Suspenders, manufactured under the OOv/ above patent. Forsaleby GEO. BEECHF.R, in'28 7m*m inn Hrna.lw ? SALAMANJ)fc(K aAKt,a. 7|7flF. first and only kind of Safe thai has ki every instaaee A preserved their contents from accidental fires are Edwards k II.dnian's Improved Salamander, They are lor sale by A ('. Ifnbhs, 26 Plstt St., N v.. where certificates and test Safes may he seen, one of which saved the bonks and papers of Messrs ( lie, Anderson k I o., No. 28 Broad street at the great file on I he I9th nil. Also, ol Mr. J.Mel, at the corner of Broad street sud Kxrhnrge Place on the night of the 30 th of (misery. 1*13. st lin'ee I OPARTn I HSHIP NOTICE. " |A W CLARK h CO , Philadelphia, and J W.CLARK k PJi t O , Boston, have formed a comet tiou hi the Exchange and Commission business m New Yoik, under tbe firm of F? \V i LARK. DODGE k CO. at No. 68 Wall street, and having correspondents in all the principal elites and low ns in the I Juion, they are enabled to make ( 'olfaction* of Notes and Bills of Eaeliange at the lowest, rates and with the utmost promptitude. They are also prepared to purchase all kinds of fa .nk Notes and Exchange upon the principal cities. Drafts nuonatl prominent points can always be had in sums to suit. They revpectfnlly solicit a share of public patronage New \ork, August li^li, 1845. all Hrtt|[r H1 t..n? n \V il. r Rot 11. trpt-H .,ii .11: V .nuctualltd hv sr.y in market. Also. J tons hackled, for sals by E. K. COLLINS ? CO , The Anti-Kent Disturbances. There uppcarts to be a lull in the affairs of the Anti-Kentera. According to the latest accounts, they desire i*ace. [From the Albany Journal, Sept. 13.J Oilhi, Sept. 10, 1445 In the midst of the tumult au<l commotion prevailing here this week (it being Court week,) I have barely time to drop you a line and give you ft few oi the leading incident i ol the week thus far. The grand jury were early on the ground, aud the charge of Judge Wheeler was every way commensurate to the great occasion. I am informed by the District Attorney that a very large number of bills, some 1 AO or over, have been already ordered by the jury, or rattier bills against tbat number, as many of them will tie joiued in the same indictment. Our village is thronged with people many of them witnesses, jurors, ike., and far uioie ol'them anxious friends oi those now in custody chaiged with ciime I am informed that very many of the principal anti-rent era throughout the county are renouncing all connec tion with the association, and from a calm investigation of what is going on around and among us, I am satisfied, as 1 before anticipated, that tbe death ol Steele wilt be the means oi a speedy disbanding of this dangerous asso ciation. Those tenants against whom warrants have boon is sued manliest no disposition to iesist, and are settling and compromising in vanous ways with the landlords. I'kivais Theatricals at New Brighton.?We find ii the Pom of Saturday, the following account, taken trorn another paper, of the private theatricals at New Brighton. "On arriving at the Pavilion on Wednesday evening, we touud the magnificent dining room of the establish ment converted into a theatre, and the audience part fil led to ovei flowing by as brilliant an assemblage as could be well selected from the beauty aud fashion of the me tropolis. The stage occupied the east end of the room ? ami was elevated about three feet above the floor of the | hull. The proscenium, curtain, foot lights, kc., were all arranged itcundum artrm. The performance was an | nounccd to commence at eight o'clock, but some latitude was allowed, of course, by the good rutured audience, and although it was near nine beibro tbe prompter's bell | was heard, the smiling faees in front were umutfled At | length the orchestra struck up and the audience settled I dow n to witness the performances. The music ceased, : the hell rung, up went the curtain, and the play began. I The following is the cast :? Sir Anthony Absolute, Mr. Williams, Captain Abso | lute. Mr. Robinson; Kuulkland, Mr. bard, Sir Lucius O'Trigger, Mr. Keose; Acres, Mr. Watson; Fag, Mr. j Warburton, David, Mr. Armstrong. Coachman, Mr. ; Julia, Mrs. Lane; Lydia, Miss Flanden; Mis. i Malaprop, Mrs.Hills; Lucy, Mrs Duff. I We need scarcely rcinu' k that the reception which was bestowed upon each ol the performers, on their en trance, was of the warmest and most encouraging cha racter. Somo little nervousness was perceptible in all the dthutantes, but certainly much less than might have bccu expected. The ladies wero evidently more self possessed than the gentlemen, or succeeded better in disguising their feelings. We witnessed the perform mice throughout with much satisfaction and pleasure, and can truly say that we nover saw an amateur per formance which, as a whole, would compare, m point of excellence,with tho acting at the Rivals at the Tavillion, while some of the characters wore personated in a manner which would have reflected credit on experienced strangers. Among the latter we must notice especially the Sir Lucius O'Trigger of Mr. Keese. It was most truthful in conception, and presented with an ease and unction that really astonished us. Sir Lucius is too lie quently represented on the stage as a noisy, blustering Irishman, whilst tbe sentiments lie is made to speak, show him to be a man of nice honor and a gentleman, and as such Mr. Keese happily succeeded in making him appear. It was a highly meritorious personation. The Sir Anthony Absolute, aud Captain Absolute of Mr. Wil liams and Mr. Robinson, were well given, the latter es pecially. David, the Yorkshireman, was also well play ed, and would have appeared to great advantage if Acres hail attended fa little more to the business ot his part. The Acres of Mr. Watson was funny, and in some scenes, the first particularly, good Fag improved as he progressed, and the gentleman who played it became more confident. Mrs. Malaprop was an admirable piece of acting, and the applause which she received, us a matter of course, from her friends in front, was as much ber due from real merit as from courtesy. There were points of it that we never saw excelled on any stage Julia, by Mrs. Lane, quite won our admiratiou. She has a voice of most win ning sweetness, and her reading was tianscendently good The Lydia Languish of Mi?s Flanden, was a very ladylike personation, and won for her gulden opinions. Lucy was uervous, and rathei toe lady like lor the part ol the lady's lady. The performers were all perfect in their parts, end the play went oil us smoothly as could be desired With regard to the dressing ol the charac ter, uotlung could have been better. At the end ot the pieces the performers were culled out, and we believe that they lelt more embarrassed in performing this duty, than in all thev had done before. Missoi ri and Arkansas? We learn that the CommiBsioners to run the boundary line between Arkansas and .Missouri have returned home in fine health and spirits, alter completing; the line and signify ing1 the perlormaucc of their duties, as required by tho nets of their respective Legislatures in 184z, to the Gov ernors oi each State interested. The new line will vary hut slightly trom the old, say from one hundred to seven hundred j ards south, west of St. Francis river. The following is a concise description of the celebra ted spring which forms the source of -Spring river, in Arkansas, kindly furnished us by our friend -Major John K. Graham, as an extract from Brazil Gordon's notes of the late survey of the boundary line between this state and Missouri. It will prove interesting to many of our readers : ? " This spung is 110 yards south oi the above line in T. II N. R. 6 W. of the 6th principal meridian, and about fifty miles nearly north of Batesville. It rises in the western extremity of the basin, Iron) a cavity nearly cir t ular, about fifty yards in diameter, and of a depth hither to unfathoined. The water flows with but little varia tion in quantity throughout the year. The quantity, I estimate, without measurement, to be from twenty to thirty thousand cubic feet per minute. The fall is rapid amounting in the distance ol half a mile to twelve or lilteen teet. This bounutul provision of Nature for the use and benefit of man, lies at present in tho stato ill which it came from the hands of the Creator, but at some future day it will probably keep in motion the industry of another Lowell or another Rochester. "We understand thut this spring has been sounded to the depth of live hundred feet without reaching its bot tom- Little Rack Gate tie, ?Jug. 36. bi.MKNSE Claim.?A number of citizens of this parish were in the early part of last week startled by hearing of a claim that lias just been made to a large and vaiuublo tract ol land on Bayou Boeuf, comprising a front of at least twenty miles ou the said bayou, all oi which is the choicest land in the State; highly improved and in cultivation. It extends from Bay ou Lamourie to the village of Cheney ville, taking in the lands on both sides of the bayou, the whole distaiiee. The claim covers thirty of the best plantations in the patish, aud indeed, in the Stale. Fur the puiposeol giving our leaders some idea ol this immense claim, we have examined the tax list ot last year, and find the lands it includes assessed ut $463,636. According to tlie tux list there are on this land 1,9(57 slaves It is calculated that about 10,000 bales ot cotton are raised annually within the limits of the claim, which, at $30 a bale, would be $300,000. The claimants of this fine body of land, ate General Gaines and his wife, Mrs. Myra Gaines. They claim, under the late Daniel Clark, of whom .Mrs. Gaines pro fesses to be the legitimate child and legal heir. The question of her legitimacy has been before the public tribunals tor some time, but we do not know whether it has ever been fully decided. We understand, however, that it has lately been ascertained that a lady by the name oi Smith, who is living in Philadelphia, was pies ent at the marriage ot Mr. t lark to Mrs. Gaines' mother, and that she will testily to the fact. The present posses sors have all been notified by the U. 8. Marshal of the institution of the suit for the recovery of the lands they occupy .lltsandriit (La.) Republican. The Election Rkti rns.?We have received re turns trorn several towns in Kennebec, Penobscot, Sic., since yesterday. In Kennebec county, in the towns heard from, the demoeiutic nett gain is several hundred. In the few towns received from Piscataquis, we muke gains In the heavy democratic counties, there is ol course a falling otl. Gov. Anderson, n however, re elected by a reduced mnjoiily To the Senate, as laras heard from, the democrats have elected three in Vork, three in Oxford, three in Waldo, three in Penobscot, one in Aroostook, one cer tainly in Cumberland, and very likely threo ; and we have no doiild of two or three other districts, though we are not w urianted in setting them down, as we have not heard froin them The whigs have carried three in Ken nebec That ends their stoiy, and that is probably all the} will have They may have elected one more There are vacancies ol four Senators in Lincoln, and two in Somerset there being no choice in those two districts. These will he tilled by democrats, as they will havo a decided majority iu the two branches where with to effect that object. The ft'aldo Republn an says? The democracy ot this county, although the vote is much smaller than last year, and the majority conse quently somewhat reduced, have very nobly sustained their well-earned reputation for |K>litical rectitude and faithfulness. They have entered into the contest with admirable harmony, ami have elected their entire Sena torial and county ticket by majorities varying hut little from that given lor Governor. Kattrrn .'/rgu.i, Stpt. 1.1. Adams A- Co's. Kxvrkss.?The editor of the Ihilatlrlphin U. S. (Jaztttc speaks ,i.h follows ot the enterprise of this old established Lxpress on the early receipt o( foreign news brought by the steamer. We can also slate that they are equally attentive to the press and the mercantile community here. We have h id oc rasion very frequently to notice evidences ol an early remembrance ol our wants by this enteiprising firm, and it is but just that.w lie orgy ol movement and cor rectness of business arrangements bung about an early reception ol new s, by insuring a quick transmission ot it from roini to point, those w ho do so should be properly remembered wheie the henelit is conlerred and is valua ble. Adams h. ( o. deserves to lie well spoken of |0r tboir unceasing and successful efforts to be the first and best in the work of transmitting matters confided to their rhaige, and the mercantile community hnve lound them a valuable addition to the means of transacting business correctly and with despatch in other cities Census Returns. We take the lollowing returns of the different census takers, as far as received: i Batavia.?Namber of male parsons in the town 9,186; do of females, 2.212; total, 4,376, population of 1840 4.219; increase, 169; persona subject to military duty, 434; persona entitled to vote for all ofllces elective by the people, 946; aliens not naturalised in the town, 178; pau pers, 4; persons of color in the town who are not taxed inoue in the western district) 40; persons of color who are taxed. 0; persons of color who are legal voters, 0, man ted females under the age of 46 years, 664; unmarri ed females between the ages of 16 and 46. 433; unmarri ed females under 16 years of age, 868; ohildren attending academies, or incorporated seminaries of learning other thau colleges, 101; yaids of cloth manufactured in the families duung the preceding rear in the town, 3,22ty; yards of llunnel and other woollen clotha not fulled,man ufactured in the families during the year .preceding in the town (W. 2729^ *-? 1062) 3,9114, yards of linen, cotton, or other thin cloth manufactured during the preceding year, 186; 2 Baptist churchos, cost $3,700; 1 Episcopal | church, $12.noo, real estate, $600. 1 Presbyterian obu'h, . $6,000; improvements. $1000; real estate, $800; 1 Meth odist church, $2,600; real estate, $600; 1 female aemina 1 ry, $1,260; improvements, $30; real estate, $200; num berofcommon schools, $22; cost of buildings, $4,631, other improvements, $68, real estate, $436; num ber of pupils on teachers' list, 827 ; average attend ance. 642 ; number of private and select schools, 4 j coat of buildings, $3,002 ; cost of other improvements, 268; costot real estate, 1408; number of children attending, 99 ; number ol' taverns, 8 ; do. retail atorei, 17 ; do. gro ceries, 11 ; do. farmers and agriculturists, 298 ; do. mer chants, 17 ; do. mechanics, 17 ; physicians, 7 ; attornies, 15; clergymen 6. Total amount ol salaries and perqui sites, payable to clergyman, including use of real es tate, $2,800. Clahsncb.?Number of male persona in the town of Clarence, 1,283; of females, 1,214; total, 2,487.? Num ber ol persons subject to military duty, 184; legal votars, 476 ; marriages during the year preoeding. 88 ; I births, 90 ; deaths, 26 ; children attending common schools, 611 , children between the ages of five and six teen years, 736 ; yards of fulled cloth manufactured du ring the year preceding, 2,631 ; flannel, 6 044 yards: linen, cotton, or other thiu cloth, 1,510 yards; acres of improved land, 12,888 ; acres of barley sown, 827 ; bush els, 2, 1(12 i acres of peas, 338 ; bushels, 6,640 ; acres of beans, 26 ; bushels, 163 ; acres of buckwheat, 312 ; bush els, 4,787 ; acres of turnips, 6 ; bushels, 1,696 ; acres of potatoes, 316 ; bushels, 25,594 ; acres of flax, 30 ; pounds 978 ; acres nj' wheat harvested the present year, 3,108 : acres harvested the year preceding, 2,940; bushels or w heat, 37.154 ; acres of corn, 600 ; bushels 22,229 ; acres of rye. 169 ; bushels, 1,934 ; acres of oats. 1,443 ; bush els. *40.149; neat cattle, 2.507; cows, 1,211; pounds of butter, 97.302 ; pounds of cheese, 14.648; horses, 886 ; sheep and iambs, 7,321 ; fleeces of wool, 6,047 ; peunds, 15,361; bogs, 3,142 ; taverns, 3 ; retail stores, 6 ; ash eries, 2; tanneries, 1 ; grist mills, 3; saw mills, 7; churches,' 10 ; common school houses, 12 ; classical schools, 1 ; farmers, 385 ; mechanics, 71 ; merchants, 6 ; clergymen, 17; attorneys 1 ; physicians, 4. The numbers of acres of grain sown, mentioned in the above abstract, are those harvested, and yet to be har vested, the present year,and the number of bushels were those .raised last year. In addition to the amount of grain contained in the abstract, there wore raised last year, 1,000 bushels of clover seed. Ponc?HK.EEPf<iE.?The town contains a population of 11,791, ol which 5,b72 are males ana (i,119 fe males, being an increase of 1,785 since 1840. The num ber oi voters is 2,228, 706 are subject to military duty. There are also in the town 800 aliens not naturalized, 222 paupers, 436 persons of color not taxed, 48 who are taxed. 20 colored voters , 1,647 married females under the age of 45 years, 1,362 unmarried females between the ages of 16 and 45, 2,823 children between the ages of 6 and 16, 1,624 of whom are attending common schools, 608 in private, select or unincorporated schools, and 147 in incorporated academies or seminaries other than col leges. There are Ave grist mills manufacturing articles to the amount of $102,336 annually : two cotton facto ries. turning out articles to the value of $52,260 annual ly in each; three woolen factories, using raw material to the annual val le of $102,000 for each, and turning out cloth worth $147,000 each ; one rope factory using $16, 000 worth of raw material, aud manufacturing to the value of $22,000 ; three tanneries, using $26,306 in mate rial in each, and furnishing $37,761 60 worth in manufac tured articles , and oue brewery using material to the value of $95,000 and turning out the amount of $126,000. There are also in the town 15 churches, of which there are oue Baptist, four Episcopalian, one Presbyterian, one ?ngrcgatioual, two Methodist, two Roman Catholic, one Dutch Reformed, two Quakers and one Universaliat. There are also fifteen common and free schools, sixteen private aud select schools, fifteen public houses or taverns, 164 retail stores, 301 fsrmers, 184 merchants, 111 muiactureis, 696 mechanics, 36 attorneys, 22 clergy men, and 19 physicians The voters in the various dis tricts stuud as loliovvs : No. 1,170 ; No. 2, 862 ; No. 8, 694 , No. 4,611. The village contains a population of 9,u79, which is an increase of 1,369 since 1640 In 1886 the town contained but 7,222 inhabitants. It has now increased to 11,791, or the large amount ol 4,660. Utica ?The population of this city, according to the census just taken by the authority of the State, is 12,190. Tbe census of 1340 made the population 13, 791. But the Vtica Gazeitt says the ceniut of 1840 waa not correct, an<l to prove the assertion states that during the last five years the city has largely increased in ex tent, and in 1943 alone over two hundred buildings were elected?the census of 1840 returned the number of fa milies as 1777, while that ol 1945 makes the uumber3143, an increase of 365-in 1840 the vote of the oitv at the ('residential election was 1716, while in the election of 1-44 it was mi, au increase of 309 votes. The mistake of 1940 is accounted for in the fact that the persons who took the census then were paid ao much per 100 inhabi tants ! The number of voters by the new census is 3349. Number of males in the city 5886?females 6304. Un married females between 16 and 45, 1350?married do between those ages, 1756. Children between 5 and 16, 3050. Births during the last year, 433?death* 307.? Aliens not naturalized. 1784. Whitkstown.?Extract from the Marshal's re turn relating to the town ol Whiteetown : Entire population 5,797; Born out of the United States, 1,340, Children attending Common Schools, 1,008 Pi rifucts of Year preceding?Number of yards of full n<J cloth, home made, 827; number of yards other cloth, not fulled, do, 3,490. number yards linen and cotton, do, 1,450: barley raised, 4,376 bushels; potatoes, 48,613; buckwheat, 2,742, wheat, 2,106; corn, 21,954. Oats, 49, 117; butter made preceding year, 150,596 lbs ; cheeae do, "1,370; pounds of wool, 11,145; number of sheep, 5,356, value ol cotton used in lactones, $92,667; cotton goods in luufactured, $262,000; wool useu in factories, $149,233; woollen goods manufactured, $219,634. Number of luna tics 267 (including those in the State Asylum); 423farm en and agriculturists; 690 manufacturers; 302 mechan ics Taid to ministers of the Gospel including perqui sites and value of real estate used by them, $4,156. Om ios.?This county has a population of about 90, ooo. The aggregate value of lieal and 1'ersonal Estate is near $14,000,000. The Agricultural products amount annually to some $2,000,000. In 1840 there were in the county 23 woollen iactoiies, 40 fulling mills, 18 cotton factories, 61 tanneries, 6 flouring mills, 37 grist mills, 248 saw mills, 2 oil mills, 3 glass lactones, 4 paper mill*, tkc. Hcdson.?Whole uumber of inhabitants 5,537,of which ?2,811 are males, aud 3,3926 are females. Number of vo ters 1,122. Number ol deaths during the year 80, ol births 163. 632 children attend common schools, and 322 private schools. Albaw.?The following statement will show the po pulation ol the city at other periods, its comparative in ciease, Vc. : Population of tln> city of Albany in 1930, 24,238 in 1831, 28,109 " " " in 1840, 33,663 ill 1845. 41,153 Gain from 18.10to 1835 , 3,871?I7tf percent 18.15 to 1840, 5,554 ? 21 " 1810 lo 1845, 7,489?22,'v " Totsl increase in 15 years 16,914 Towns. N,? Vohk State ( EMst'l of 1841. Population 1841. 18-40. 9,814 6,10" IsVXrVhv.'.'.. :::w 8,#? iTr ft Waterloo ?.?? J'SS Schenectady Hudson 5.6JZ O.we?0 ?.?? Clareuce.. . . 8.497 8,271 Wi'liamsburgh U'53?, so iai !?.? wcV?Biiomfiei-i ...... ::::::: *?** yi;r ????:?"? v.v.v.:::::!:}* ?ft Letiyard '.. .. f.Ml 8,148 lia?bT,rhh in* ^ plimyrav.*. '.?>? >?;* UorheV.f'r" ?'?W u ffK 28,346 18,21.1 Hr okUn - 19.92.1 * 233 ft ' 12.190 12,782 Trov" ....... 21 19,373 243,743 190,996 190,996 Increase from 1840 54,747 Monroe Copmy.?'The semi-annual report of the Inspectors ot the Jail of the county of Monroe, con stating of the First Judge and the Superintendents of the Poor, has been published. The report sets forth that they (the Inspectors) visited and inspected the Jhil in luly lust, and found the same in good order. The num ber ol persons confined therein for the six months pre vious was S03, and for the following causes respective ly Disorderly, 236 ; Assault and Battery, 7tf ; Petit Larceny, 02 ; Vagrancy, 43; Debtors, 22; Petil Larce ny, 'Id oiteiici^ 9 ; Grand Larceny, s, Cheat, 8 , Bur glary, 7 ; Hape, -I; Counterfeiting. 3 ; Forgery, 9 , Per jury, 2 , Conspiracy, 2 , Arson, 2 ; Bigamy, I Total, . 03. Maryland Politics In the ?th Congressional district, Janus Lloyd Martin, Lsq., is announced se the democratic candidate for Congress Col. Csttsaan. i he independent whig candidate in the same district,has withdrawn The democrats sf Carroll county hs?# HI led the vacancy on their delegate ticket, by the nemina lion of lacoh Kerlinger, Esq. In Dorchester county, H D. Locompte and W. Woolford. Esq* , are announced as Mie Reform candidates for the house of delegates. The vhigs of Calvert county have nominated Thoe. J. <*ra nam, Cant Richard Hanc# and Basil Dude Bond for the house of delegates.