Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., Ho. '4H't-Whole Ho. ?IH. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 23. IS45. Prtoo Two Ontii TFIE NEW YORK HERALD. }\?m G0RD0.1 "BEJUPTT. Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Trice 3 cent* p?l Copy??i7 3A per iinnum ?jmyable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Trie# Sf cent# per copy?$3 I'H cent* per in advance AD VERTI9KMKNTH at the uveal price*?alwayi cash in udvnnce. PRINTING of all kina* executed with beauty huo d? npatch. fcf All letter* or communication*, by mail, addretaed to the establishment, must be post pux<k or the postapi w il b? deducted from the nihacriptiuii money reiriitec JAM EH GORDON DENNETT, iNer?icroa "r th ? New Vom II. a. l>> E?t?hi i?? ? r? EVENING LIN . Kult NEWPORT & PROVnlENCE, LONG ISLAND' RAIL HOD, rT/T'are Fifty Om?..T Every Tuesday, Tliurxday and Sa'U'daV. fron the fo< t of Whiteha'l Mreet a<4j? o'clock, and from Crnuklyu deiu-t a J P. M On the arrival of 'lie Irain at Grvenpnit pvx.engcr* will be taken by th? "New Haven-' d rict to Newport and Provi dence *21 Iwtc LONO 13LAN1J RAILKUAD (JU-VlfAiN \ m CUANiJJ: OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, Commencing on Monday, September 15th, 11145. Leave tirvaKlyn? At 8% o'clock, A. M-, Boitou Train for Greenport, daily, Sunday* excelled, .loyj-.i.g *t Karmiugdale and St. George'x Manor. At 9% A. M , for Farming l*le and intermediate places, daily Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur days, through to Greenport and intermediate places. At I P. M., for Farmiugdale and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to Suffolk Station. Leave Greeiijiort ? Ronton Train, at 1 o'clock-, P. VI , or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, daily. Sundays excepted. .tipping at St. George's Manor aud Farmiugdale. At 9 o'clock, A.M.; Accommodation Train, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday*. l.rart Far win (? dale? For Brooklyn, at C% o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. M., daily, Sun tniayi excepted. leave Jamaica? For Brooklyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and 2*4 P. M., daily, Snu davs excepted. Bedford 8 Deer Park 69 East New Vork 12W Thompson 118 Race Course 184s Suffolk Station 10ft Trotting Course lfv'ti I-ike Road Station 1 1UM Jamaica 25 Medford Station 1 IK'? Bnp.bville 31'i Milleville 1 5u Hyde Park, 17 miles 37>4 St. George'* Manor. ... 1 62 Clowsville, (during ses- Riverhead 1 65,^ SIOI1 CoiiK.) 37H| June,port 1 6SS Hempstead 37 W Mattetnck 1 62>i Branch 37>? Oufchogue 1 62V* Carle Place.. 44 Southold 1 62% Westbnry 44 Greenport, Acc'n. train. 1 75 flicksville 44 Bostnn Train 2 CO Farininzdale 62% Stages are in readiness ou the arrival of Trains at the several Station*, in take passengers at very low Fires, to all parts ofthe Hand. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the (not of Whiteliall itreet, to receive Baggage for the several 1 rains, 30 minutes be fcretne hour of .starting from the Brooklyn side. tr~7"Kockaway Baggage taken in separate Crates. The Sle: mer Statesman leaves Greenpert for Sag llarbor twii e each day on the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. sll rc CENTRAL KAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. UlSTANCK I'M Jill.US 6TMIIS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengers 1 and Freight. Rates ol Passage 8 00 Rates of Freight vix ; O weight goods generally 50 cents per hundred. Bii measurement goods 13 cenu per cubic foot. n birrels wet (except molasses aud oil) $1 50 per hern 1. Ou barrels dry (except lime) 80 cents per barrel. Ou iron in pigs or bars, cartings for mills aud unboxed m chinery... 40 cents jier hundred. Ou bhds ind pipes of lii)nornot over 120 gallons $5 00 per hhd. On hhds molasses and o'l... 6 00 " " Goods addressed to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free of commission. THOMAS PUK9E, si I 3m -c Gen I Sup't. Transportation. MAIL. LINE EUR JJObTON. dSQei ^Ve1-ulfa UAhTy OVER THE LUfvG lhL.AAG 4i.AJL KOAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH <?- WORCESTER. At t o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehcdl street, South Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way Cratcx are in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes through unaer lock. jnierlrc TU WESTERN TRAVELLERS ExVilL* Olu I IOnTeFRACKET LINE. From Philadelphia to Pitta burgh via the Pennsylvania liail runl?Mid (-anal?through in 3% days. Tlie above line is uow iu ful! operation and offers great inducements to persons who wish a pleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cars are built 111 the most approved modern style, the boats are fitted up in a superior manner,and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience Ol travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and t/ie Sreit chain of Pennsylvania internal improvements is well woi ty of being seen. By this r-ute passengers avoid all the fatigues and dan vers at tenuaut upon stage travel ling, and at the same time ro.iU.eau ex peditious trip. The cars leave even' morning at 7 o'clock. I assengers ao ?d sised to engage their (daces at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. h. corner ol Ciiesuut and Fourth streets, and at Nos. 13 and 15 South Third sts. A. CUMJV11NG8, Agent. Phil-id* lpliial May 17, 1C15. For information, in the city ol N.'W York, apply to B. 11 KNI8ELL. Agent lor mv!7 6m*rrc 1). LKE(!H & r.O.'s Line 7 Wmi %t %' MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS i*in* u uurmentioimi ah im will lit u ..ui ? I v desp?.tinu nun hmir? on lln* 1st, noil I'.oin Marseilles the lot 11 of each mouth during the year, as follows:? Krom Shirs Captains. FrnnN.Y. Marseil's NEBRASKA (new), .1 K Brown, Oct 1 Urr 10 PK'CE ilo JOlNVlLLE, W \V Lawrence, Not I Jan 10 MARC ELLA, P Ingham, Reel Feb 10 NEW Hill', N Vv Kvelcigh, Jan 1 Mario (jASTON, S.ephen Coulter, Feb 1 Apr 10 'I'll y are all fast sailing, coppered and copper fastened ves sels, and commanded, or to be commended, by men of experi ence. Tli-iraccotnmod-r.ous for peeaengers are ail that need be He ired in point of com I' rt and convenience, litving excellent state mom nrcommodatioui. Punctuality in the days of .Hail ing fom both porta may he relied oil Goods addressed to trie agents m ill be forward d tree of oth er charges than those net it ally paid. For freight or passage applv to CHAMBERLAIN St PHELPS, Proprietors, No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD St HINCKEN. Agents, sl7rc 9 Tontine Buildings cor. Wall and Water sfs. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?ibgular facki t Mt-^IfVol the With Sept?The elegant last sailing Packet JBfiyi&Shin SHERIDAN, Capt, Geo. B. Cornish, of HOC tons n ill sail as above, her regular day. For freighter passage, having accommodate aa uircqualleclfor splendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf,foot of Wn!l street, or to E K. COLLINS St CO., 36 Sooth stTtet. Price of passage S100. Packet Ship Oarrick, Capt. B H. Trask, will succeed the Sheridan, mid sail 26th Ottnher e regular c'sv au'fSrc FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ? York Lint?Positively fnttniid only Regular PacK ?et?To sail Monday. 22d mat int?'The elegant very ..uliug packet ship 8AHTELLE, Taylor, master, v i?I po sitively sail as above, her regular d y. For freight or passage, having elegant furnished ne em modntious, apply on board, at Orleans ? barf, foot of Wall -t. or to E K. COLLINS lit CO . > South ati i rt. Shippers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctual ly as advertised. M - _ Positively no goods received on board alter Saturday evening 20th instant. , _ , , ? I'asM'iigers will pleaae lie on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, oil Monday morning, 22d instant, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Agent in New Orleans, J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will I ro nptly forward all goods to his address. N. b ? r reight taken at very reduced rates. Packet ship CLIFTON, Capt Ingirsoll, will tuccred the H irtellr, andaail l.t Oct. _ >20 III FlR8T PACKET FORC11ARLE?TON-Wiih ,D spatcli?'The splendid last sailing packet ship DIA gJEM, i apt. Barstow, will have immediate despatch |?i ,n. .uoveport. 'Hie accommi d itions of this ship for cabin, second cabin and ste rage passengers cannot i r surpass! il. I'erso. s w ishing to secure lienhs. should not fail to inaku early n|<i>licntion on hosril, nt p er 13 ER, or to W. k J. T. TAPS('OTT,7.y South street, s2fl m comer Maiden lane. (Sftg. FOli MAH8KILLES?Packet of the 1st of Octo jftXjyher?^'I he new ship NEBRASKA, Capt. Brown. Her XBvMKniccoinniodations '"r passengers are not mirpas-rd tiy any nt the packets sailing from this port. She olfers a desirable conveyance to those destined to any port in the Mediterranean, as steimers regnlnrly ply to all the ports from Marseilles. Ft,r freight or passage ripply to CHAMBERLAIN k I'HELPH, 103 Front st,or to BOYD ?c HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildings, si rh Wall street. FOR ST. JOHNS. N. B ?With Despatch '1 |,e copper fastened, first class British slop jLOllD MAIDSTONE, Captain Archibald I s lor. will be ready in a couple of days to receive cargo and have despatch lor the above port. for freight or cabin passage, having atntr room feci rninoil?? lions, apply ou board, foot ol Cliuto* st. or to the suhsi-.rii ers. ROCHE. BROTHERS ti CO. >6 til so eniton sr. nevt door to th. Fnlton It u,U Ft) 11 MOB ILE?NeW Line?'i'he splendid Packet amp <?A/KLlsPs. C aptain TrMdwefl, who gwi to ?i ' Cl.y& with fmyht and |m?w*iiK?r?t iIa Imie irn ir <iia v d^spntcn for the above port. For ft"!*ht or passage, in either cabin, second cabin, or steer age, al ol which will ba taken at much less than the usual rates, hv spplymg to JOHN II F.H DM A N A Ct) . EUH UI VEHPOOL?Kirat Packet with Despatch? ? I he first class fast sailing ps< ket ship I AN I II - A |ff B. I.ane master, will be despatched as above Having superior ncrniiiniodntioiis for cabin, second cabin and ateerage passengers, persons wishing to emhnrk should make ac?? JWMftdHuM: TEN DOLLARS REWARD. ?fl TAKEN from the Stable of the Huhicriher on the mat., ?t 7 o'clock P. M . a hobtnil Bav Horn*, 15 f ,} Itikli, with white in the f.?ce. wi h mature of grey hair* on 'he left ihouhler, cauned by blister. Had on when taken s uldU aud br die. Whosoever will return ? ?id Horse or give information wher^ he caube fouud, shall receive the above reward, at No ltO Libf'ty st. S L. COLBURN. s*? I 3t*m KOsJK iiILL 8'i'ABub^ 24tli street, bcrweeu JLs*X^2d ami !Jd Avenues, Mid nearly opposit-* Bull's Head. v t f *'wr arrived from the country, and for sele at the above stables, fcO Horses, among which ure four f it trotting horses, 2 l*?t pacing do., several pairs farm horses, some line cart horses, a few good road and st gf horses, and shippers. ?J2m*rrc R 11 NORTHKUP, Proprietor. K O B t K T 8 O i\ ? 8 PHG2NIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, iO<S Pullon Street, between William mid riassnii. P5 THE Success w hich has attended tlie efforts of ("w d^H^lhe Proprietor of this Establishment, to introduce jfik* into use a superior article at an extremely low price, encoura ges hiin torn -k- ineressed exertions to merit the patfonag- ot the Public, The peculiarit y of Ins system of conducting bu siness consuls in the establishment of the must fluid economy ill its various departments, us w? ll as in hii iiiv ri ble adlie lence to "Cash on delivery," relieved from the oppressive ex penseso the more vxtr.tV'gaiit craftsmen of Broadway, and suhje? ted to none of hose losses which a/? the certain accom paniment of i he "credit principle." He is enabled to offer the different articles in his line at the follow ing reduced rates ^ First Qualify Nutria Fur $3 50 Second do do do 3 00 Fir,t do Moleskin 3(H) Second do do 2 50 CAPS. First Quality Cloih SI 50 Second d l no 1 00 'J bird do do 75 *13tm*m FALL FAbriluN 1845. WM. BANTA, No. !)J Canal Street, Corner of Wooster Street, and No. 130 Clrntluim Striel, rn OFFKKtttohis friends and the public a large assort iiu-iit of Hat. of the n-we?t at}'1a .11 the following low price*. viz :? Short Napped Silk Hat. $2 50 Kin. Moleskin Bilfc Hats 3 011 ; Superior " " " 3 M Nutria Kur '* 3 00 Fust Quality Nutria Fur Hut 4 00 Alio, a choice variety o' Children* Cap,. Boys Kur and j Silk Hat?. Gentlemen's Travelling aud Dress ( aps, &c. he. ? 10 lm-r MILL'S FALL STYLE WELLINGTON HATS (1NOW READY, at the well known establishment, 170 JS??? Broadway, i.oward Hotel,at the following prices : First quality Nutria $1 40 21 do do . 3 .'<0 First do Mole.kins 4 50 2.1 do do 4 00 3d do do 3 00 J. I) Totteu and R. J. Tiffany would lie pleased to see their rieadia#above. s5 im'rb THE KALL STVLr. UK GENTLEMEN'S IIA TS a ARK. NOW READY for the season, 11145, which for 'lightness noil superiority of color caiiul te surpassed, Willi li is .1 very important part of the lint, retaining the color till it is worn out. Auy article sold in this e'ltabli-huieu i, ne ver misrepresented but sold lor what it Is Also, the fall style of Boys and t hildm'i Cap., of various pnttprns. Gentlemen c<ui have their has made to order in anv shape or style thev I wish. C. KNOX, 110 Knlton st, 1 snMlm'm between William and Nassau sts. IJUUTS AND SHOES AT RETAIL. ' X lame ""d splendid assortment of city made Boots and [Shoes, of the mort approved styles and workinmship, for sale twenty-five per cent cheaper than at any other store in . New York Ju.t received, u few rases of fiue Kreiu h ? If Dress Boots Gentlemen >0 disposed, can furnish their understanding with an elegant pairt.f Boots, at prices varying Irom three to five dollars. sl7 1 in * rc KReNCH 8t KVERETT, 71 Maiden lane. KINK kRKNCH BOOTS KOR$3 50,CITY MADE ? Kur style WO durability they are equal to those sold iii other stores for S5 ; live French imperial dress Boots made to order for $1 50, equal to those made iu other stores for $G and V", and warranted to give satisfaction, at YOUNG li JONES' Kiencn imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe establishments in this city. Geutlenieu that are iu want of a pur of dress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per ceu'. by getting them of us. Mending alio done in the store. WM. M. YOUNG At 11. B. JONE8, ?17 Im'mc No. 4 Ann St., near Broadway, New York. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS?BOOTS AND SHOES. K. JOHNSON (late Wilson St. Johnson) has foil hand, in stoie 112 Chaihani street, uireclly?g?4Bi^ 1 pposite the tlie.ilre, one ol ihe best assorted stocks of Boots and Shoes that can be had ill tbe city. Gent, Kip, ail. Grain and Seal, Thick aud Thin Soled Boots and Shoes, p g'd and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories; haidies Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, &<?., of every description. A greater variety of Children.' Shoes than anv other store in this c ty. Gentlemen's liu. Gaiters, twenty diffrreut kinds. Gents Buckskin Shoes, Spoitsmru's, Kishcrmen's, and Seamen's Boots. Store oiu-n till Id o'clock in the evening, giving country mer cliauts an oppoituuity of examining the goods at their leisure. s!? lin*mc UKUUEKY STUKE Tu Lib !' AND STOCK. FUll SALE. a 'I'M E Grocery Store, corner of Tliird Aveuue snd Se venth street, is offered To Let, and the sto k, amounting In about Thr. e Thnuaanil Dollars, purchased 011 the must advantage ius terms lorc'sh, is fnrsale. It is known to be one of the best locations mid oldest Oroceri iu New l urk. Such an opportunity seldom offers. Kor terms, whirh w II be liberal, am ly to the subscriber, Id New street, or at 221 Tenth stree'. JOHN VAN BUSK IRK. s22 3t*rc HOTEL DE PARIS. JmA ANTIONK VIGNV.8, one of tbe late proprietors of uVTM the Peikina' House Boston, respectfully informs his .I'slBlif' """' f,?d the travelling public, that he lias opened the bo. a- No. 29U Broadway, entrain e on Re de street, railed the De Tarts where lie will be hippy to accomm date those w ho may wish to patronise turn, with Board and Lodging, by the day. week or mouth, on the most reasonable terms, si Ifls?rro AbW YORK, ALiiAN V ANO TROY LIN t. ?'0R ALBANY AND TROY 1)1 IIIX"!. %rr^p^*from the i?ifr at the loot of Courtlandt Passrare ? taking this boat will arrive in time to take the Mi ming Train of Car< from Troy west to Buffalo, and uorih to Saratoga and Lake George. '1 he low pressure steamboat EY1PIRE, Captain R. B. Ma cy, every Tnesdsv Thursday ami Saturday at 6 o'clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win H. Peck,every Monday, Wednesday and Fndav afternoon. at G o'clock I'or Passage or sv-ieht apply o<i hoard, or to C. Clark, a! the i V.e? ni " - srhsrf Freight taken ou the moit reasonable terms. Freight must tie pot in charge of tin Freight Agent, or thecompany wiil not he re .roil--1 III e for I'.ss .Nil freight t ken al'er 5 o'clock. I.OPLtiH LIME Oh si e.A illiU't i'h KOK AL.BA.N ? Arfl DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Ihrougl De jprect, ji G o'clock P. M., fruin the Pier between :..ln..i-.iP???3uL.Coiirth. nit and Liberty streets. Steamboat 'IOCIIK8YKR, Cants in 11. U. Cruticuden. wil enve ou Monday, Wednesday arid Friday Evru 1UL'.1, i 0 o'clock Steamboat KSiCKKitBOCKER, < npuain A Houghton, will leave ou Tursday, Thursday end Saturdny Evenings, si 6 ?'clock. A: 5 o'clock P.M., i uidiug at iut rmcdiat" places, from the fool a! ile.rehiy atr-et i? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brninard will leave on Monday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday After tiiHius sr. 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Copt. M. H. Tmesdell * ill leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at J o'clock l'Mieeiigrrs taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Albs J >' i.i ample titr." for the Morning Tram ol Cars for the rust or The Beats are new and snbstantial.are furnished with new and s'agantstati .moms, and for speed end accommodations are an rtrnlled on (hp Hudson. Freight tekeu nt moderate rates. All |ersoi.s .-re forbid trusting any of the Boats of this Line, e ithout i writter. order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to t. " '11X1117, at the office r,n the wharf. ?22 'h NOTICE? HUlJlt CHANGED. <Wt^| ja (Jn and after Monday next, Heptembe- 22d, ' ^ the Steamboats EMPIRE and COLUMBIA, .will lea\e the foot of Courtlandt street, nt Eia o'clock, I' M , inst?ad of seven, as herelofoie. Near York, Sept. Ultli, 1845. sill toZIre NOTICE?HOUR CHANGED. ~~ Afl ' IIE Evening Line of Steamers for Albany, tXu . uPJij. ?jJ*'on isti. g of ihe K. irkerbocker, Rochrs'er 3m Hi 'fr old Columbia, on and after > oudsy nest, will leave N-w t oik for Albany at S.x o'clock, P..VI , mi end of Seven, as heretofore. New York. Sept. 19ih, WIS. sl9 Iw ..?k.v.l j iVUiJC t. iiBaEaiL STATEN ISLAND FERRY, HOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Boats will run as follows until further notice Leave Stolen Island at 8, 9, 10, II, 12 A.M., and I, 3,3,5,6 l'.M. Leave New York nt 8. 9, 10 II, 12 A.M., and 1,2,2^.5,6 P. M. jslfi tf MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK, ? sB'lfffcJi FOR ALBANY. TROY and intermediate megy^Jai and* landings, from the Steamboat Pin at tb? foot o - Ka^LdL.11 arc I a y s t reet. Or.alilast and Dinner on board the boat. Leaves New York at! o'clock, A. M., Tuesday*, Thvrtdays sodHstnrday, and Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat TBOV , Captain A. tlnrl.em, c-n 1 nt-sdays, s hursdavs and Snturdayi, itT o'clock. I he steamboat NIAGARA, Usptaiu A. Dcgroot, on MOB day, Wednesday aud Friday, at 7 o'clock. e'er peonage or freight, apply en board. ortoF. B Hsil, ..(fee a'Tire on the wharf. Net ice? VII goods, freight, baggage, bank bills, spacie, or any ?.her kii'd ol property taken,shtrped, or put on hoard this boat, must be at the risk ot tli? owners ot such goods, freight, bsg ; .cc, tf.. Je litre ~ , ()K LI VEIil'oOL?The New Line-Regular fcJMRjfV'?rk?tt "> 21?t Ucfofo*/.-- J lit superior la?t siiliiiu -hip IlOt III BTk.lL ItdO ton, bn.then* J.din Biiltuii mister, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable ' lie rooms snd cabin, apply on board. West Side Burling slip. to WOODHUI.L It MINTURN. 87 Sonth stieet. Price of passage tlCO FOR 8AL.K, FKF.IOH 1 Ok CHARTER?The parget ship ill AKBPEARK, 750 tons, lis, carried ? srwrntas "s'l'i hales New Orleans eniton, built ill this city by Itri.wn k Bell, in tlie best possible mn.itier; live oak and locust ton, lii e oak rpions, transoms Hnd cants, forward and aft: salt ? I on the stocks and resulted several time*. since; tins handsome jurmibed sccommodwons foi 2T. passengers snd is lu hevd to be die fastest ship of her length brloiignig tothis port. Aptdy to E h ( QLI.lSsh I 56 XqiiiIi st. Wn.PACKET? FOR HAVRE?Second Line ? uick.t ,hi|. s r. NICHOLAS, ( apt, John B. ? ??HHaii *'!'? will Briil on the lit of' Orfohtr For freight or I isssg, apply to BOYD -V MINI KEN. No tTiiutine Building, . Corner Wall and Water sts. fr4tw m' oarif\i!Y1 i: "HAB-Bavk John j ? '?AHI?NKR, Jame* I filfrioii, mistor, will hnY?< avMb'l^iulfli for th? above' port. For passage only, having superior accommodations, amdy ?o I in I a plain on board, Pier 8 East River, or to all 4t*rh F. ALkxANDRE, 21 South st. Very late and Important from Del ill ami the . Surrounding District. Di.lhi, Sept 20, 184ft. Journey to Delhi?Snnrise?The Cottskill Mountains? Util ity of the Scenery?Incidents on the. Road ?Sap,e Refections ? Uilhi?Hospitality of its Inhabitants? Stole Troops? Court of Oyer and Terminer?Court of General Sessions?Grand Jury?More Indictments? Number of Mnti- Renters in Trison?Sentenced?Jlrrts^ of the CliieJ of the fiovina Trihe?Seren More Jlrrests? Urn Hundred Indictments for Muuler in the First Ve' Hire. We left ? atskill at two o'clock ) esterduy morning in h hurd rain, for this seat of anarchy, confusion, und i'is' order, us it has been called. By the way, this thing of getting iiji at two o'clock A.M., enveloping oneself in a cloak, and being jammed into a crowded stugo coach, on the middle seat, where j on cannot possibly sleep, is certainly not among the plcmuutest portions ofexistenco. But " business is business," and the wants of the public must be attended to. The rain, however, at length ceased, and red streaks of light in the eastern sky an nounced the coming dawn. The sua rose in all his glo rious majesty, making his way through dazzling, fleecy clouds, lighting up tire blue serene, and gilding tbo som bre earth with beauty. The birds warbled sweetest me lody, and the cool, bracing mount,,in air whistling through open windows us we rattled along, shar pened the appetite, and tilled the heart with joy. At length we arrived ut the toot of tho Catskill mountains, and I left the coach, and hastened on loot to cross them, for tho purpose of gaining a better view of the valley, which lay below, After usrending several hundred feet the scene grand and beautiful. Far above you, are giant lulls which have stood tho blasts of ages, clothed with verdure, on whose lofty summit hangs the black and gloomy cloud below, and far us the et? can reach, the rich valley, which now ' glittered green with sunny showers," spread itself in beauty. The counties of Greene, Albany, Columbia, Schoharie and the blue mountains of Vermont undMassachusetts lie before you in the distance. Tho coup d'ceil is indeed grand anil imposing. Whon did painter's magic pencil trace scenes of such loveliness as these??beholding tliem our feelings rarrfy, expand, glow with love, w hile tancy decks them with her most gorgeous hues. White cottages, the at,ode of happy hearts, are sprinkled hero and there on tho vnrieguted carpet of nature? ttie blue smoke curls gracefully above the tall tree tops and mingles with the fleecy cloud. A turn in tho road how ever shuts tho valley Irom our view, and we ascend the mountain, on whose sides the leaves of autumn faded, seared and blighted,seem to shrink from the coming win ter's blast, Sheop are browsing by the roitd side, their tinkling hells sounding sweetly and mournfully. Here too is a school house, v. her - some "mute inglorious Mil ton" may be undergoing tho process of induction into the mysteries of tire alphabet. Hero isaharn yard with hogs, cows, dogs, horses, hens and chickens?and there is u rosy cheuked, htrxom, comely mountain lass, going a milking with her shining pails. These scenes recall tbo shadow s of boyhood's years. Let him whose | mind is not yet all corrupted by tho frivolity, dissipation and strifo ot some modern Baby Ion?whose heart has not been seared and blighted by disappointment, or bowed : beneath a load of shame and grief, till he has become cal lous to the warm gushing springs of hope and ulfectiou | within, und stands forth a mero worlding and eyesore, ! I tread these majestic hills, gaze on nature's loveliness; | then will come o'er him, as a dream of what his soul has i loved nnd lost, the memory ol those hours and years which have forever fled?the dim past will rise at his call and yield up the precious treasures which there lie buri ed?" thatlirst garden of his innocence" arraying itself before Itim with all its early loves, hopes, fears and dis appointments?its wild and passionate longings?its short-lived griefs nnd sorrows. Then will u richer per fume fill tho air as he wanders in these solitudes and tangled wilds, his brain filled with " thick coming fan cies," all combined to make him once more a child. "Hod made the country, man the town." But here we are at Delhi. It is a beautiful little vil lage, embosomed in hills clothed with sugar maple, hemlock,oak, beechand pine. Itpossesses foiirchurenes, one academy, u court house, school shouse. three taverns, and a population of about nine hundred porsons. , These last, to judge by the kindness arid attention he stowed on a stranger, are among tho most hospitable and goou-natured people in existence. Their memory ; will lie ever sweet to me. There is also a neatly built jail, and three iog-cabins hare lately been erected, two of which are occupied as prisons for the down-renters, and the other for a guard-house. Tho jail has been re presented to be in a dirty condition; but, from what 1 have learned and ohserveJ, the dirt must have existed in the eyes of him who made the, observation. On I my ariival I found too town in a much more quiet and peaceable state than I had expected. There ore, however, about thrco hundred States' troops quartered in it, who patrol the streets to tho sound of the " spirit stirring drum," and " ear-piercing fife." Companies of these, aided by the citizens, also make daily excursions mo tho neighboring Counties, on the look-out for anti ? en'ers, who have been engaged in the late iniquitous, and murderous proceedings. A number of causes have been put oil'till the Court of Oyur ami Terminer meet next week. The Court of General Sessions, for the county of Delaware, was in session to-day. lion N, K. Wheeler, first Judge presiding. Tho Grand Jury came into Court, having found i dictments against sixty-eight per sons. Nine ot the<e are indicted fur conspiracy, being disguised and armed ut the Karle sale, where Steele, under Sheriff of tho County, was shot. Among them Klias Ostcrnout, Alouzo Saodford and John I)ela mater are in custody. Ten for conspiracy and being disguised nnd armed ut other places. Of these Henry L. ltussel, Francis Scott and Barber Stafford are in custody. Seventeen for conspiracy, riot, attempt to lescue prison ers. nnd appearing disguised and armed?Darius Travis and George Tompkins (2nd indictment) ure in custody fourteen lor appearing disguised, aimed and conspiracy I ?Daniel Nortbrup (7th indictment), Jason Sandfoid (5tli , indictment), Nathaniel Hendricks (3d indictment), in i custody, four for appearing disguised and armed?John | | Hendricks, Nathaniel Hendricks (4th indictment), Jason , ; Sandfoid (lilh indictment), in custody fourteen for at- ' tempt to rescue prisoners, conspiracy, and appearing disguised and armed?Abel A fuller, in custody. The whole number indicted up to this time is one him- j dred and forty-nine; of these, thirty-six are in custody, : i There are, however, about ninety in prison, most of | whose cases are tinder consideration. This afternoon Calvin Chace, indicted for being armed nnd disguised, having plead guilty, the Court sentenced him to pay u fine of >2ft?to stand committed till paid. Klias (Kiei liout, indicted for conspiracy, iic , at tho i F.ailennle having plead guilty to the charge of riot on 1 i each indictment, was sentenced by the Court on three i indictments to imprisonment for three days in the county I jail, and on the fourth to imprisonment in the State Pri- | son for two > ears. Valentine and Augustus Kittle, having pl?ad guilty so several indictments, on account of their youth a ere sen tenced to pay a fine of $2.i each. lliram B. Kelly, having plead guilty, was sentenced to pay a fine of $160 for same cause. Alva F. Crosby, indicted for conspiracy, See., was sen tenced to pay a fine of $50. Thomas Purdy, a constable of Bovina, was indict for arson, in setting lire to the house of the late Hon. Morgan L. Lewis, at fish Lake, Bovina. Ho was ar- i rested this ultemoou on a bench warrant, and com muted. More Merestt.? Henry J. Johnson, commandant of a detachment of twelve, who hpve been out some days,- ? brought in this alternoon Kdward O'Connor, supposed to be tho head cliiel ol tho Bovina trihe, and deeply impli cated in most of the outrages committed by the Indians, j and John Oliver, ot Andes, said to liavo been present at tho Karl snle. These men were found at Neversink, Sul- i livan county. George N. Doolittle, commandant of another posse, ; (despite his name,) brought ill this afternoon f. W. Ken- \ tor, Daniel Keator, Moses Sherwood, Joel Sherwood, I Daniel ltobinson, and James Huminon, sup|>oscd to have j been at tho Shackelvillc battle last spring. Indictments have been found, prev:ous to this, against some of them. ! i'hoy were found iu Lexington, Greene county. Ku.vss O'ci.ock, Hail-ihiay Niaur.?The grand jury is now out, but will ho in before midnight, as their labors close at that time. It is expected thut neaily one hun dred indictments will he found for murder in the first degree. [from Albany Argus, Sept. 22.] The testimony iu tbo case ol the People vs. Houghton, was not concluded down t? Saturday night. Tbo case, it was supposed, would not go to the jury until Wednes day or Thursday. Supposed Cask ok Murder.?The body ot ( O'ltourke, the pugilist, concerning whose myste rious disappearance we copied b paragraph from " l.ife at ttie Spring*," him been discovered about a miie ami n ball from In* own house. When found, the body was perfectly naked, with a gun shot wound in the brea.-t and a deep wound in the back part of the neck, as if in* | dieted with an axe. The pnrty in search of him foun I a piece of an old wood drag with blood spots on it, and 011 lollowing the trail they came to some newly turned eaith, under which was found O'Kourke's horse, which hail been shot ; the pit was not deep enough, and the horse's legs bad boen cut off. About three quarters of a mile from this place, on the banks of the river Itouge, they found the body ol O'ltourke. A man named Bindy, an immediate neighbor of O'ltourke, has boon arrested | at Long Sault, on suspicion of being concerned in this , barbarous murder? the piece of tho wood ding found on the search exactly coriespoudod to one found on his pre mises. Mr. O'ltourke lived in a retired manner on his farm at (Jrenville, and though a man of great bodily strength, was remarkably inoffensive in bis habits. We trust that the author or author* of this brutal murder, will bo sjieedily brought to condign punishment.? Montreal lltralu, Si/il. 111. Kevrinie Mnndnrib The movement* making nt Washington in favor nf ill# principles of free trade, and equal taxation through a reduction of the tariff to the standard and tor the purpose* ol revenue merely, do not secni to attract as much of public attention as they deserve. [ In this greut commercial c? ntre, should there not be tunic response by the friend# ot such measures'! i Would not a demonstration be advisable before the fall election# come on 1 In the present fused and fluctuating state of parties, would it not be well to organize upon iwrmancnt and far-reaching princi ples a decided political movement! Why do not | the Iriend# ot tree trade echo the voice from the capital in a call for a pnbltc meeting. Onward. ' Sewn from tl?e Sent of War. [From the Pensacola Democrat, Sept 12 ] The U. S. Ship St. Mary'e, Commander Saunders, sailed on Tuesday morning, for Aransas Ba) with a hearer of despatches, who has come on direct from Washington in six days. The despatchea were for (Jen. Taylor, and doubtless, aie of importance ; if wo may he allowed to judge hy the expedition which was displayed in gutting the ship underway with the hearer. The Froad pennant of the Commodore, commanding the home squadron, was transferred to the sloop of w ar Falmouth, Commander J. It. Sands, on Thursday morn ing,and i ommodore Connor received on board with a su lu'e of thirteen guus ; immediately thereafter, three ves sels of the squadron ? vi/.: the ships Falmouth and Sura toga with the brig Hornets, gut underway, and stood out of tha harbor in gallant style. They aro hound 011 a cruise iu the Cull", and will pro bata) rendezvous at Aransas Hay, to which place some of the rest of the squadron have preceded them The only vessels in our harbor at piesent are the frigate I'otomac and steamer Mississippi, the latter of which will leave here in a day or two. [From Philadelphia Gazette, Sept. 22 ) The I '. S frigate Congress is now ready lor sea at Norfolk, V'a. The Columbia, a line frigate ol 02 guns, is lilting out with all despatch at Norfolk; she will relieve the Potomac fiigute in the Gulf station; the P. to return to the north to go into dock for repairs. How important it is to the efficiency of our naval establishment, tiiat dry docks should bo constructed at all our navy yards. The 1 frigate United States, and Independence, at Boston > dockyard, are repairing and getting ready for sea ser vice This bespeaks activity and zeal 011 the part of Mr. Bancroft, the present Secretary of the Navy. Charleston, Sept. 18, 1845. Business?Manufactures?Politics?'I he Collector* shi]>,4fc,? Lyons' Murder?Fort Moultrie?Lite rury?Pavilion llotet, fyr. Our business reason is beg'mningearlier than usu al, owing no doubt to the continued health of the city, which lias been much better than (or many years past, and caused the earlier return of the nu- \ merous birds o( passage who go hence in summer to enjoy the pleasures of your warmer climate. I say warmer, because 111 no instance has the thermo meter reached 100here,while in the northern cities it has been some degrees higher. Just now, we have delightful breezes, no doubt precursors of the big breeze which comes with the Equinox. The merchants appear to have larger stocks than usual, and large package sales are already adverti sed at auction, by houses] that import direct from Europe, and can allord as favorable terms as your own business |>eop!e to traders from the up-country. The three last ships from Liverpool, the James Col der,'ThomasBarnett,and Harriet and Jessie,brought out lull cargoes. All of these vessels belong to this port, and holies are therefore entertained that out import# will not hereafter exceed our exports in value, the "Black Tariff" to the contrary notwith standing. A spirit favorable to manufacturing is aho observable, and applications will be made to the next legislature lor the incorporation of companies to establish factories for cotton nnd wool j len goods. The low price of cotton lai-t season has 'aught the people that they must depend upon some 1 thing more than that single staple to promote their i own interests and the prosperity of the State. In the Northern districts we may look for some be neficial results from the companies engaged in min ing operations, although their success in previous years, in developing the resources of the country, was not attended with much profit. Kxj?erienoed as tliey now are, however, and imbued with a greater degree of the " go ahead" piinoiple, we may antici pate more benelicial results. The new crop <>1 cotton is coming in slowly, and commands much better prices than that of last year, rice has also largely advanced, and the failure of the corn crop will doubtless enable the planters to make u;> for 0.1st losses. The exports of the latter article to the west Indies have been unusually large. There is but little excitement in the political mar ket, although " curses loud and deep" are vented 011 the leaders of the democrats, hy the rank and file, owing to the re-appointment of tfm present collector, who is regarded as a" Blutlton boy" and interloper His re-appointment, however, was brought about more from the want of political strength in 1ns com petitors ihan any other uau?e that 1 know of, except perhaps the opposition of a select clique to Pmekney, I who, it was said, had been promised the oilice by ! Mr. Polk. The effect of the re-appointment ot Mr. j Grayson will no doubt prove injurious 10 the demo I crats, and we may look for a small row at their next ? meeting, if the leaders dare to call on<?at least so ; say the dissatisfied. 1 wastoldjyesterday that Sena 1 tor Levy, of Florida, endorsed Air. Grayson's demo cracy. The subordinates in the custom-house are I generally whigs?or were so?only some one or ! two having the temerity to " stand by their guns," I since Mr. Clay's defeHt. It is but justice to say ol tho.e temporarily employed, that they are efficient officers?one of them, Captain Wm. Perry, has ac quired considerable reputation for his courage and -lull in times ot danger on the ocean, having on two almost hopeless oc asions, succeeded in saving the lives ol the crews and passengers ot distressed ves sels. Men of his calibre certainly deserve well of their country, be they whig or democrat. A mysterious murder occurred here some fifteen months since, and circumstances have recently conte to light which caused the urrest ol a German named Flusch, who is now in the city tail, us a par ticipator in the deed. As all the evidence against him, however, is presumptive, it would he unjust to allude to it in this place. Tue name ot ihe mur dered man was Lyons, a Jew and jeweller, who lived on East Bay, one of the principal thorough fares in the city, and the deed must have been Com mitted between midnight and morning. He was found in bed with his throat cut from ear to ear, and Ins store completely rifled of all its valuable con tents ; such us watches, pins, rings, iVc. A reward of ftGtXHI was offered for the discovery of the mur derer, hut there has been as yet " no takers." I would direct the attention ol your Police Gazettee editors to the matter. There is now only one company of Uncle Sam's troops at Fort Moultrie, the balance having ie|t here some time since for the State of Texas, in the steamboat Cincinnati," a craft, by the way, not much used to such a voyage, the previous extent ol her travelling only being as tar us Savannah. There are boats 011 the Savannah line, however, that daily beat the United States Mail from the South-west, which is brought hy railroad from Augusta here, and ellorts have been made by the (Jeorgtans to ob tain Cave Johnson's favor towards the Savannah route?so far their efforts seem to be unsuccessful. In n literary way there is not much doing. Le gate's Life and Writings, edited by Yeadon, are to appear shortly. The editor is well qualified for the task, though possessing less of the conservatism of IjCgare than we could wish. Sitnins is with you, overlooking his new work. His monthly here does a tolerable Business. The only opposition it has is a wishy-washy concern yclept the Floral Wreath, hy prefixing "Green" to which, the title would suit to a tittle. The Evening News, a new cash evening paper, appears on the 1st proximo. Cardoso, the editor, is a man of talent in die political economy line, but requires tact; he will be ably assisted how ever by i>r. A. G. Mackey, a sprightly though not a spirited writer?the doctor "going it strong" only on teetotalism. The number of passengers passing through here is truly astonishing and keeps the hotel |ieople quite busy. Your agent, Head, is making money, and ' the Herald creates its usual amount of inquiry and information. 80 mote it oe. MKTHorusT CitfRcii.?We understand that dis sensions exist in one of the Methodist churches in \ tbis city .which have led to unpleasant difficulties. These ' dissensions liavo grown out ot the separation ot' t'-e ' church, which was declared by a convention at Louis- j vide lust spi ing. A portion of liie congregation ol the , church to which we allude, in the Kirst Ward, adhere to ; the old organization and oppose the separation; another, > and the larger portion, acquiesce in it. Within a lew ! days, such of the trustees as tie anti-separatlonists got possession of the keys ol the church, or housn used lor i that purpose, locked It, and when the minister appeared j loi the purpose of performing his clerical functions, they j refused him admission. The majority of tho trustees, w ho belong to the other parly, alterward got together, proceedeil to the church, forced open the doors, ami put new locks upon them?ot which tlrey have now the keys. W hat move will next be made, is hard to say; but we hope that the matter may be adjusted without farther i trouble St. I.onit Krpuhlican, Srpt. |j. Fi.ohiiu f-VuAR.?The Tallahasnrc Shir ol lite 12ih inat, pays?We were shown the other d y n rt ry line sample of Klorida sugar, from the plantain ol Mr. Miller, ol Jeltcrson county, which, lor its perfect chrystallr.ation, ami beautiful colour, could scarcely be surpassed bv the best .Muscovado or N. Orleans Stigurs Sugar lias afieadr become an article of extensive manu facture in Middle as well as Kaat Klorida, and where a proper degree of skill and experience aie brought to tho business, it is found to tie a very sure and profitable one The cane in this climate seldom fads, and caie and at tention will ensure an abundant return. It is shortly destined to become ono of tire staple nrticles in the ex potts ol the Slate. Tiik L'rkooji Stkamir.?This new and splendid boat arrived lur the first time at our wharf yeaier day morning. She reached the dock at the foot of State atrret, 10 minutes before 4 o'clock, She noised Hudson ol precisely half past 1 o'clock- accomplishing the difl I ,nee from New York to thot place, (120 miles) against tide, In six hours nnd n half. The Knickerbocker passed Hudson about in minutes afterwards the K.mpiri-mi nutes alter the K. ,'Ilhnny ,'lrgut, Srpt. 23. I-Alhk 1- ROM THK (-APK OK (iOOD Hoj'K. ?We tlrtVe received tlie Port Natal Gazette of die 4th of July, and the Pattern Province Herald of the 25th of June. The news front the Cape is not of miy conse quence; and it is interesting only as showing the progress of civilization and trade in the different parts of the world. The only item in the Gazette that particularly af fects us is the following: Imhosti at Poiu Elisabeth rao.w Boston ? Feb. ''3 ? (W. and J Smith k < o. Agents,) Klviva, (American 199 tons) J Green ? < onsignees : the Agents. 2 dot with, boards, t, nests 0I tubs, 39 hrls tar, 4 brls und and 7 cs pine-apple cheese, 1 bx pipes, 1 brl hams, 4 cultivators ?- harrows, 9 straw cutters 3 doz axe handles, 3 Cs clocks' ?,??>00 c-ft timber, 6 cs crackers, 60 Brooms, t doz brushes' ! J bx cider, 9 bx glass, li bx Ess of sarsaparilla, 50 rms packing ptper, 9 dx coutectionery, Iti cs rasberry vine- 1 gar, I 1 bx pickles. 3 bx boots and shoes, 18 bx chocolate, h bx sugar candy, 99 dmjns ckerrv brandy, 2 cs cigars 2 l>x garden seeds. And this gives a funny list of articles that help | wake up the trade between the Cape and the United States. We notice among the "staples"wooden clocks, tuhs, washboards, brooms, and other " no tions," but no wooden nutmegs. Is that market fully supplied with the latter commodity ! [from Port Natal Gazette, duly 4.1 in the preceding number of this publication, our rea ders were informed of the departure of the Governor trom ( olesberg ; and we are now happy to announce the tJurC te0," '"Vof His K*' ?""e ?t I 1ouw Pontein, the head quarters of If. M. Dragoon i Guards ; and thereiore wo inav expect to be able soon ! s """ "?r""' ! In another part of our paper will be seen the copy of a memorial. which lies on the tablo of the Commercial ,o =iaiittou,?'i,(prco-1 tony of Natal a Civil Goverment and Judicial Establish merit, n e hope this is merely a matter of precaution a* we have not the least doubt that before tne said me mortal reaches England, the prayer of the memorialists will have been grunted. The subject is one of great mo r>!nm i" ? '? ,mI>o??ible to say what mischief may niise LroteeteH1"/5. ?riC"I,ory nny lonSer ita present un readv lu .r ?' ,i 6 s,Knalu'es which have been al- j H'er,?t0' l le extremely numerous ; so tinnsVv i hi ne fe?'n g }? tl,e '5'fficu 1 tirs and priva tions 1 y which our fellow colonists are there sui rounded, ome time iigo we callod the attention of the public establishment at Wallwich Bay, on our botith Uest t oast, and we have now to state that by letter, received from thence, doted in tho early part of v month, too baid establishment was increasing inim poitance, and a contract had been cnteredluto lor sup ply mg the island of St. Helena with meat for 12 months. Thomas Law ton lately of this Town, and now a partner ju the Kind establishment, intended shortly to make a o " of at east 6O0 miles, with the view ot extending the ?i t \V?l ?ri 'e "rm- 1" a<ldition 10 "'0 establishment h J.. Bay. we are happy to announce that,within the last two months another has been formed at Peu wTJ k m"es t0 ,ho southward of the Orange Mi. Home wood?of the safe arrival of whose expedition at that place we have leceived accounts? rhis establishment will, we hope, be tue means of open mg up the vust resources of Nauaqualand, (particularl v as that country is rich in copper mines, tsg we have fre quently had ca 'asion to remind our readers) about which the natives themselves appear so anxious, and whereby n'al?y facilitiesi will be offered to the extension ol trade in that part ol the Colony and beyond the border. [From Kastern Province Herald, June 26 1 In connection with the extension of the trade of Port Elizabeth we have to notice the arrival of the Ghika from Quilhmaino, having on hoard 6 tons of ivory - value Po??UIt' i' ?rW-'n 0lhur ftoduco. That the trade of I oit Elizabeth will extend itself all along the East Coast admi.g not of a question. By sea communication it al ready begins to draw towards it the trade of Catterland Tint aro con*'bced that before many years are past! it Will have run lines ol connection with every aecessi ,,wi'i,01! ?i Laalf,'nt Africa, from Algoa to Delagoa But and beyond, and that out ol the mere "forwarding sta \\?'L ,0,0ral:a"?? Town, will be reaied the greatest .Mart, not only of (.ape hut of Kastern Africa produce. \i:\vs no* THE win Indies - Vt are Indebted to our attentive correspondent for tiles ot the Kmi., ion, Jamaica, papers to the 30th ult. The Ot,patch suv's We understand that by a late order lroin the authorities in London, the entire patronage of the Tost Office in this i island has been transferred to his Excellency the Go- I vernor, who will now have the privilege ol appointing I the vanous deputies at the out offices | Tho neighborhood of Spanish Town had been visited by a thunder storm and heavy shower, which were vaiv severe'd'rought. MiShborhood had bcc? ?uflering from The Jamaica (Kingston) iVsrn.W Journal, of the SCtli nit. has the following, which, however, must be erro ' Our cTtv h??nh? " n ?'!e ?'Jbe b'enUtmen named. Our cit) has been honored within tne last few wseks ^ cfrtMin foreign gentlemen of exalted rank and dignity, w ho, in the cotir.e ol their voyages mode a temporary sojourn amongst us. The individual. 'A n ,0'"re elr Exr,-ltencies the President of Mexico "rf"1''wnohte, oil his tour to the Havana; und tho Pre sident of Equador. Don Juan Jose Flores, on his tour to VnX'aT"!!""116'1 by ,rieud "?d follower Co] Wright, a gentleman mnch noted for his literary talents and military experience ; and lastly, his honor the A?esor General, and Lieut. Governor of Cuba, mention ed in our columns of yesterday, Don Meliton Balai.z ? egu. who left this a few days ago tor Europe Th. par" " "*to?'ol "r A smart shock of an earthquake, which continued for several seconds,wasifelt in thia city on Sunday allernoon at a few minutes before three o clock. The vibration i W?tm'Th J " '.umbli"K no',e) was from Kast to West. The excessive heat had prepared us tor tome- ' thing unusual, but we hope that this will not be sue- I ceeded by others -Amgr/on Journal, slue 2*1 tin: Sr iAR MARKK.T.-Several hogsheads and barrels of sugar were turned up yesterday by Messrs John Howies Si Son The attendance of bidders was numer eomnet* ? !hoPkeePer?. bu? 'hey were tinable to compete with merchants who were in the market lor ex pol lution. W e learn that the greatest part of the suears b?u?h'fo'i refining purposes at the following rate, d"t.l1;,,? co"*istii.g of four hogsheads, sold at Horn 23s to 23s 3d per 100 IDs. The secoud lot, consist 'titto* n same number of hogsheads, sold at 22s til pei ditto; one hogshead ot 21s tid, nnd 18 barrels at 21s The general impression is, that tliisarticle will'maintain its ^11^27 1Ced I'fc** for some lime.--King,ton Jour. Tho weather, the Dominician papers say, has been ex cessiveiy wet during the latter pert of July. The rains Th ! rn |V'h ?".very heHV.v' coipinued night and dev.' Thi roads have been much injured in some iiarts by in. undatious ol the rivers, though, generaJh speaking Jit- I tie damage had been done. " j Our fellow subjects in Antigua appear to havo been a uttering more trom the effects of drought than wo had the mislortiine to suffer during thoso we had recently ? xpenencod on this side ol the island. The whole el the I Eh| OIS' l?lt re''?rt lhc continuation of I drought, which caused considerable fears for the next ? crop ?I hilad Inquirer Sept. 22. Imtebrsting from the River Pi.ate.?We have tiles of the Bueiwt Ai/res Packet to July 19, which date, however, is not so late hy a week as are the advices by the St. Loins, received hy the w ay of Rio Janeiro. Tho cai>ture of the Buenos Ayrean fleet, by the French and English forces, in contrnvention of the comity and law of nations, was foreshadowed hy the follow ing, says the Motion Conrirr which appeared in the Montevideo National of the 12th :? H. K.the Minister of War, and Commander-in-Chief, has received the following communication from the Home Department:? The undersigned is directed by the Government to in form the Minister of war, in order that he may make it known to tho worthy-farmy defending the capital, that the happy period for the termination of their heroic elforts is at hand. This department has just received oiticial com munications from their Excellencies the Ministers Ple nipotentiaries oi France and England, at Buenos Ay res. which afford it assurance of this glonous termination. It not being allowable for the undersigned to enlarge upon the contents of those communications, he confines himself to state, thHt tho evacuation of the Oriental Tsf- | ritory by the Argentine troops, and the withdrawal of, the Aigentino naval force horn oft' this port, are de manded. SANTIAGO VAStlt EZ. j The Packet, after protecting against this extraordinary intetlerence of the European powers, and Rlluding to the offer, and acceptance by the Argentine Government, 1 of the services ol the I nited States Minister as a media- I tor in the matter, says There is no use in mincing the matter. The question at issue is one ol paramount importance to all the States ol Americu, not Irom republican susceptibility only, in regard to the interference of monarchical Europe, but from the vital principle# ef independent existence it in- ; i dives, and in respect to which tlieie can be no compro mi-e. It is substantially reduce I to this : Is the Argen tine Republic?are the Republics of America, mem bers ol the great family of nations, or ate they mere liels of the crowncii heads of Europe The Ar gentine government usseits the former. 'I lie squadrons of England ntnl France practically maintain the latter. The war, it is w ell known, has long been confined to operations upon tho city of Montevideo, tho rest ol the Oriental Republic recognizing tho authority of President Oribe. The Parkrt of llie 19th has the following : We iiiuleistand that Tiesident Oiihe has convoked the Legislative Chambers ot tho Oriental State, w hich were s-o unceremoniously turned out of doois by itiveia. in I83H, to as-omble loithwith in the vicinity of Montevideo for tlie despatch "of important business, now that the w hole territory of the Republic, the capital excepted, obeys the legal authority. We believe that, with very lew exceptions, the w hole of the metUber* ul those cham bers are still alive, and ? ill attend at their post. iMaink Election.?The Augusta Age of Friday has returns from two hundred and uin- ty-fTve towns, which give lor Gov. Anderson. 30,1)46; lor Mr. Morse 3a.0?3, and for Mr. Eessenden and tent taring, .1437. Gov. i Andetson ? majority in these towns, which comprise the strength of the State, Is 6'Jfl over all others The demo- i crats nave also a tnir prospect of a largo majority in tho Legislature, or at least in the upper branch ot it. The Senate comprises thirty-ono members, of which the 1 whigs hate nttt three, trom Kennebec county . Superior Court. Before a full Bench. Sept. 32.? Decisions? H'illiam Smithurst ads. John Frater.?In this ca?e, a motion was made at Chamber! to discharge defendant on common ball, which was granted; end an appeal was subsequently made to the Court in full Bench. It appeared that the action was brought by foreign creditors against defendant, who is also a foreign er, and against whom before he Jpft England a commis sion of bankruptcy was issued ; and, an assignment was made of ail his property. The Assignee in bankruptcy brings this action en the ground that an assignment un der tho English law passed all the property to the as signee, as well, both that portion under the jurisdiction of thn Court, as also that which was out of it at the time the assignment was made upon this question The Court hold that Plaintiff had a right to sue, and cited authority hearing some analogy to the case, in which,by a former decision of the Court, in the case of a party named Abraham, who left Englund a few jears since and came to this country with property consisting of paint ings, Jtc. He was followed by English creditors, anil sued in an action of law ru the Superior Court. Subse quently the Assignees in England instituted a suit in equity to enable them to secure th-j paintings, Ike , at the Custom House, and they obtained tn injunction to pre vent tho delivery. The Chancellor granted the injunc tion, mid the case was brought up to the Court of Errors, who decided that an assignment under the British Bank rupt Law, did not divest the Bankrupt ot that p operty, which at the time ol assignment was out of their jurisdic tion. :Though, as in this case, it was in a ship coming to a foreign |>ort;therofore the property 1 emiiined in the bank rupt, subject to his debts and the suits of his foreign cre ditors, but not to the Assignee. The case now before the Court was the same as the one referred to In this case a man tied from England bringing property with him, and while it was in iransituthe assignment in bank ruptcy was made, and if in the other case the property did not pass to the assignees, it could not pass in the pre sent case. Therefore, the assignee had no right to the pi operty and the appeal must be dismissed and the order of the Chambers confirmed. James J. King vs. Ohadiah Nesccomb.?Motion to open adelault. Default set aside on payment of costs; the cause to be again regularly placed on the calendar on payment by plaintiff of all costs of the motion. Jacob Seabold ads. Conrad Melman.? Appeal from an order at Chambers dismissed and order confirmed. T. E. Canfirld vs. George C. Cindle.?Order at Cham bers set aside without costs. Phillips and others vs French.?This was an application at Chambers to compel the plaintiffs to tile security lor costs. Plaintiffs, it appeared, are seamen, and bring ac tion against defendant, the Captain of a vessel with whom they had been engaged formerly, and alleged they had been treated in a cruel and unusual manner. The plain tiffs are foreigners by birth. They bring action for as sault and battery. The defence set up was that they had acted insubordiuately during the voyage and on the arri val of the ship at port the master had them arrested and imprisoned on a charge of mutiny. They were at first confined in the Tombs and then sent to Queens county jail in consequence of the unhealthy state of the place of their first confinement. The question for the Court was, whether under the circumstances they were to be treated as non-residents, so as to cause them to file secu rities lor costs. The Court held the motion, asking se curity for costs be denied. Frtderick Moll i'or vs. Jo/in Behringer et all.?Appeal dismissed, without costs. Pa mer and Peters, plaintiffs tn error vs. David Jarvis, defendant in error.?Judgment reversed, and cause re manded tor a new trial | Daniel It. H'ai d et al. plaintiff' in error, vs. Geo. E. i Corkwood, defendant in error.?Judgment reversed. I). S. Taylor,plaintiff in error, vs Edward P. Huxley difi-ndant in irror.?Judgment reversed Sarah Me Donald rs. The Bank for Savings.?Motion to set aside nonsuit denied. The Court proceeded with the argument calendar. Marine Court. Before Judge tVaterbury. Sri-T. ?John Harmon, a minor, by his next friend, vs. Smithl Heed and wife.?An action of trespass, to reco ver damages for injuries sustained in consequence of Mrs. Heed, (who is impleaded with Heed, the defendant,) > having set her dog upon Uarmore, (a child of about 7 j years ol age,) the dog having torn the side of the boy, | and cut him in a dangerous manner, in August last, at ' Lewis street. The defence set up was, that the boy was tearing the dog, in company witn several other lads, and 1 t iat the dog had been irritated when ho bit tho boy. Ver | diet lor plaintiff $40 damages. John Henry Batrsbilt vs Charles S Spear.?This was 1 nn action of assault and battery brought by the plaintiff, who was chief mate o! the ship Massachusetts, against t >e defendant, captain ol the same ship. The plaintiff proved by Henry Cuttermoie that he was struck by the defendant, and that in an attempt to gouge his eje the defendant injured the plaintiff's (ace and then threw him out of the Cdbin, calling him a d?d son of a bitch, srnd -eying that it would do him good to kill him. The de le uce whs that the diltlculty between the parties com menced by the defendant's ordering plaintiff to the fore 1 cattle in consequence of the plaintiff's neglect in attend ing to hit business, and that not going when ordered the delendant attempted to put him out forcibly, when the -quabble occurred and that the defendant w as justified under the circumstances. Verdict this forenoon. Before Judge dinith. Henry Gosling vs. Henry JCoj/plt/ttan.?The parties in this suit are rival eating-house keepers, the plaintiff keeping in Nassau stieet a id the derendant at 217 Fulton street. The plaintiff it appears attaches great credit to his j house on account ol the superiority of his puddings, and | ! oing desirou- of maintaining his stand in that respect , oired a man named Becker fer the purpose of making ! puddings in a scientific manner, he being a famed artist in that line. Mr. Koppleman in disregard of the commandment ; which says you must not covet your neighbor's ox, or } our neighbor's ass, did, notwithstanding covet his ueignbor'x pudding-maker and succeeded in enticing this celebrated aitist nut of the employ of Mr. Gosling, with whom he had engaged for the aforesaid purpose lor one year, at $1 i per month, board included. Mr. Gosling considering his reputation for puddings at stake, now brings a suit against Mr. Koppleman for da mages arising hom the pudding-maker's being coaxed from him by defendant. The case was adjourned till to-morrow. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. Srpt. 32.?Robert F. Hickt vs. Charter M Terrey.? This was an action for breach of covenant. It appeared that the parties had been engaged in business as co partners up to January, 1844. It was stipulated that ilii ks should convey and transfer all the joint stock goods to Terrey, who was to pay the debts oi the firm? ?.li t Terrey paying over a certain sum to secure the in terest of Hicks, and holding himself liable for all debts j of the firm during the existence of the co-partnership. ! It appeared that after the dissolution of the partnership, a party named Bailey, who had transacted business with the firm, (being employed by them as clerks) sued them ia one oi the minor courts at Brooklyn for services, and recovered a judgment for some $86, which defendant did not pay. Plaintiff having paid the same in virtue of the agreement between himself and defendant, now sues to recover the amount from defendant. The jury will ren der a sealed verdict this forenoon. Before Judge Ulshoeffer. Hit Uanl .Imus vs. Charles H. Haremtyer.?This was an action of covenant brought under the following cir cumstances:?It appeared that on the '15th of March, 1841, thn plaintiff leased to tho defendant a farm in the town oi llackensack, New Jersey, forone year, with the stock of cattle andlarming implements, with the condition that tne defendant was to keep the place in as good repair as ic was in at the time of renting, and keep the fruit and othei trees in preservation. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant broke the covonant in the loasc, by cutting down and selling timber on the place, not tilling the farm in a husbandlike manner, and doing other damages to thn larm, and lays his damages at $H)00. 1'lie defence was that the timber was cut from neces sity for tuel, andthat no other damage was committed. Verdict this forenoon. At Chamber*. Before t hief Justice Jones. * -*"*"1 Pift. 23.?Habeas Cot-put.? Honcyman. Davis and upiJ, throe men charged with robbing the "Clinton Barge" ol a largo amount of money, the property of the f'oughkeepsie Bank, weia brought before His Honor, claiming t? be discharged on bail. The caae will be dis posed oi this forenoon. Before Judge Daly. Scot. 32.?Charles Watson?arrested under the (name i.f William Watson?was arrested, charged with having in company w ith a girl named, robbed a man named Ferguson, of the sum of $40 !Io has been in custody since Uth September, without being commuted by the Magistrate, and now sues out a writol habeas ccr/uu to compel his prosecutors to show cause, if any, why he should not be discharged. From the testimony ottered, the Judge did not think he was justified in discharging him. but admitted him to bail in the sum of $500. with the undeistanding that if the prisoner be not committed before to morrow, he would order his discharge. |;,S, 51ninlint's Oilier. Srr i. 23.?Captain l.aughton was arrested on a charge if cruel and unusual treatment towards a seaman late under his command, and will be examined, it is expected, this (Tuesday) forenoon. Jtthbwrto* Treaty ?A man named Bryon O'Donnell, ?nlling himself in his passport Wm. Dunlap, was arrested on complaint of an Irish constable, named Thomas Har rington, charged with tho murder ol an Irish farmer, re siling in the county of Mayo, in June last. The arrest was made by officer Closely, of the First Ward, and the prisoner was handed over to the U. 8. Marshal, who holds him in enstody. An examination, it is ex pected, will take place this (Tuesday) forenoon. tlyer and Terminer, Srrr.22.?His Honor Judge Ulshoeffer, accompanied by Ahlermen Mcsserole and Compton,opened this Court mo form*, which was adjourned over to Thursday at 10 o'clock. Circuit Court. Burr. 23?The Clerk of this Court, which stood ad ournod over to this day. attended in the absence of ludgn hldinonds, and ad journed it over until this (Tues day) forenoon at U o'clock. I". S. Circuit Court. Before Judges Nelson and Bet's. Their Honors opened this Court to-day. and took up the argument calendar. Court ('nlericlnr? rule Day. (oMMotv Ptm, Parti. Nos 101, 17, 105, 107, 10?, 111,113,115,117,01 Part -J 32, W, 48. 8<). OO, 74, 76. 10, |n, i i, 28, 14, W), 73.

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