Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1845 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. xi?, No. ass wuoie no. 4134. NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 3, 1845. Price Two Cento* THE NEW YORK HERALD. JM (it)RDM BKMKTT, Proprietor. Clrculntion?Forty Thousand DAILY HERALD?Every dny. Price 3 cents pe) Copy?$" -id per annum?-payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price <4 centa por cony?<3 134 cents per aiuiam?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?always cash in advonoe PRINTING of all kinds exeoated with beauty urn. despatch. (!? *- All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postals will bo deducted from tho subscription money romitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, fsoesnti-o* or tkk New Yon* Hkrald EsTsBLisasir** INDEPENDENT OPPOSITION LINE, FOR ALBANY DIRECT-WITHOUT LAND1NO. Pastajfe 121c?Berths 28c. The splendid steamer JAMES MADISON, IT. P Newburv, master, leaves New York at ?6 o'clock, P. M , for Albany, direct, on iVlou dav, VVedue-dty and Friday from font of dedar st. Freight tak-n at tow boat p-ices. N. B.?This boat has state rooms, and is in complete order. Passengers will arrive ill time to take 1 lie morning trains for the East and West. >29 lin'mc NEW VUlttv. AGHAN V AND TROY LL\t FOB ALBANY AND TIIOY DIRECT. kfrom the pier at tiie foot of Courtlandt - _ . >treet the r.isaviMre a taking this boat will arrive in tinae to takeenh Morji. g Train of Car from Troy weat to Buffalo, and u to Saratoga and Lake George. '"13 The low preeeure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R B. Ma cy, every Toeadav Tharaday and Saturday at 8 o'clock. The ateambeat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Pack, every Monday, Wednesday and Kridav afteruoeu, at 6 o'clock Nor Pusave or freight apply on board, or to C. Clark, at the 0*< e <j to- whsv* Freight taken on ibe mi't reaaonebU terma. Freight mutt be put in charge of tin Freight Ageut. or the company will not be responsible for loss. No freight taken after 5 o'clock. s21m PEOPLES' LINE Of STEAMBOATS FOR Al.UA.. DAILY?Sundays Excepted?Throngb Di ?root, at 6 o'clock P. M., from the Pier between _ .Courtis idt and Liberty streets. Sieainboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. O. Cruttroden. will Itava ou Morning, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, alO o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A Houghton, will leave on Tuesday, Tharaday and Saturday Evenings, at C e'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., lauding at intermediate piacea, from the foot of Barclay street I? Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday After unmix at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock Passengers taking either of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ny in ample tune for the Morning Train ol Cars for the east or west. The Boms are new an J substantial, are famished with new end flee ant state rooms, and for speed >uid accommodations are on rivalled on the Hudson. Freight taken at moderate rotes. All persona are forbid any of the Boats of tkia Line, without a written order frotr the Captains or Ageuu. I1 or passage or freight. ' i lily on board the boats, or to P. C. S, bin sr., at the office on tip barf ?23 ih iSSSfc st/.T" Island FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. The Boats will mil as follows until further notice:? Leave Staten Island at U, 9, 10, 11, 13 A.M., and 1, 3,3,3,6 P M. ..cave New York at 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 A.M., and 1, 3, 3X, 3,6 P. M. si6 tf MORNLNO LTjNEAT 7 O'CLOCK! M FOR ALBANY. TROY and intermediate jJei indinga, from the Steamboat Pier at the foot o Tli iiMJK-Bitrclay street. JBrvalilasl and Dinner ou board the boat. Leavea Ne w York at I o'clock, A. M., Taeadays, ThnrsdaTi anil Saturday, aud Troy at 6 o'clock, A. M., Albany at 7 o'clock A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock. The steamboat NIAGARA, Captain A. Degroot, on Mon day, Wednesday aud Friday, at 7 o clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to K. B. Hall, aMie oftiae on the wharf. Notice?All goods, freight, baggage,bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property taken, snipped, or put on board this boat, mutt be at the risk of the owuers of such goods, freight, bag gage. it* jelNre iSlfr, THAN- PORT ATION. lSWft. JOHN ALLEN'S FC L I N TO N LINE. JOHN ALLEN wishes to inform his old and tried friends, that he hi' ones more, under a new orgaiuzition. His present line conai ts of twenty lirst class Cam I B rats, fitted up in superior style, for the comfort of passengers and be safety ol freight. Each boat of this line is commanded by her owner, (and lor the public safely, is Sully insured,) and placed eutiie ly under bis ma. ateuient aud contiol. Tint line is connected at fonnerly, with the Eckford Line of Tow Bouts ou the Hud son Hirer, and C. M. Heed's Steamboats on the Lakes, and he can with confidence s?y to his frieuds, that at no rime hat he ever been placed in a better ritualiou to serve the public more elTcctoslly than with the present orgauixit ou.aud would there font rotpectl'ully solicit ac-mtinnauce of patronage. AGENTS Hugh Allen 19Sou h street. New York. Robert Allrn, Huay. Albany. John Allen, Exchange street Rochester. George Dsvis, Reed ? VVliari Buffalo. E N Paiks St Co., Cleveland. 1 u. lew, BabcockSt Itrownlcsj, Toledo. J. u Armstrong, Detroit. J. Lm HcClure. Milwaukie. Bn til Us Porter, Chicago. JOHN ALLEN, Of Rochester, General Agent. T7"*Merchants shipping in New York, will please mark rsckacta, "Joh i Allen's Clinton Line," and ship by Eckford Tow Bout, which leave Pier 4, foot Broad street, daily. at 3 o'elocl., P M s26 Im'rc MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS 1 in oi-rmeutiiii. u junps wi 1 ne i, suiu. ly despaiclieu . loin Irenre on the 1st, and f. om M.-rset'les the lOtli of each monih duriug the year, as follows:? From llliirs. Captains. From N.Y. Murseil'a NF.BRaSK A (new), J K Brown, Oct I Dec ID PH'CK de JOIN V1LLE, W W Lawrence, Nov I Jan 10 MARCF.LLA, P Ingham, Dec 1 Feb 10 NEW SHIP, N W Evcleigh, Jan 1 Mat 10 OASTON, S.ephen Coulter, Feb 1 Apr 10 Th y are all fast tailing, coppered and copper fattened ves tals, and enmma- ded, or to be commanded, by men of experi ence. Their accommodat out for passengers are all that need be de-ired in point ol comfort and convenience, having excellent state room eccommodiitioua. Punctuality iu the daya of sail ing fiom both port- may be relied ou Goods addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of oth er charges than those actually paid. For Ireight or pissage applv to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietors, No 103 Front street, or to BOYD St HINCKEN. Agents, al7rc 9 Tontine Buildings cor. Wall and Water ats. Sb ^ I-uttMiW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS It is iiitei.di-d (<> dispa'ch a ship Irom this port on the 1st, 6th, Uth, liiih. 31st anil 36th of each moutli, commencing 1st Octo ber anil continuing until May, when regular days will l?e ap pointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay a ami and disti'i'ointmeiiis will be prevented during the summer months. The following ships will commence this arrange ment:? ' Ship Clifton Captain Ingersoll. Ship Tunnesae,... Captain Pray. Ship Sliakupcnre. .Captain Cornell. Ship '? ouisville . .Captain Hunt. Ship Genesee ... Captain Mtuo'. Ship Osweao ... Captain Wood, Ship Damascus.. Captain Bliss. Ship Sartelle ... Captain Taylor. These ships wa e all built expressly for packet), are of light draft of water, have recently beeu newly coppered and pat in apl-udul order, with accominodnliout for passengers umqualled for comfort; they are commanded by experienced musters. who wi'l make every exertion to give general satisfaction The> will at all times be tow d up and down the Mississippi by steam goals. Neither tlio capt <ius or owners of those snips will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious atorea.ailvor or plated w >re. or for auy letters, parcels or packages sent by or put OH board of rliem. unless regular bills of lading are t>ken for the same, Ot the value thereon expressed. E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 Smith at rr JAS. E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who Will Promptly forward all goods to his address The ships of this |ine are warranted to sail pouctuallv as ad vertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods cor rectly measured. a24re hllta fS ON UK&AT BRITAIN ANii IREI. \ND?Peraona wishing to remit mo nev to their friends in any part of England, ' 1 rs" Scotland or Wales, can he sn|i>licti w payable at sight, without dis rount, for any amount, from XI npwarda, at the following place*, nr.' Irs EvnnaiSD?The National and Provincial Bank of Eng land; Messrs. J. Barned R Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Messrs. damea bill t k Sen, Loadou, and branches throughout England and Wales. It* larLavn.?The Nntionnl Bank of Ireland, and Frovin oial Bank and hranches throughout Ireland. Ii* ScoTi.avi)?Tlie Eastern Bank of Scotland, National Hank of Scotland, Greenock Broking Company, and branches throughout Scotland. '1 he steamship Cambria, sails from Boston on the Idtli An gust, by which all drafts can he forwarded free. Apply to W. k J T TAPSCU lT . j vlf> re 76 South it. eor. Maiden lane BOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. \^WiTW|V,, ,,, THE Royal Mail Staara Stupe BRI T ANN IA and CAMBRIA will leave Bos Mm for the above porta, at follows, via t? Britannia J liewett, Esq., Commander October 1,1645 Cambria.C. II. E. Juilkina. Esq., Commander Oct. 16 1Kb Passage to Liverpool $130. Passage to Halifax 30. For freight or pnasngr, apply to ?t7rc D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent. 6 Wall at 'tte "RKullLAirEr E-OF PAI-Kb.TR Kin: \|u JTfyy BILE-Packet of the 6th Octoirr?The ?p|. ndiil last JWUKwiailiiig pocoet shin WAVER V, Captain Smith, wilt - 'it punctually on Monday .Oct. fith, her rrgul .r day. This ship h? very superior arcominoda'ions lor ciibiu, se e-ieil cshiu and teerage passengers, who will tie taken at very mnt'en fe rates, if early application he made on beard, at pier ,} r. R. ?r to W. k J. T TAPBCOTT, mc 75 South at., corner of Maiden Lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?'The New Liue?Regular , Parket of 2let, *'kgm? ?The auiierior last amlim, epackct ship ll'B,! oaThll. Hen tons bnrtfieti ... liltton master, wtll suR as above, her regular day Km freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable atsta rooms and cabin, apply on hoard west aide Burling alip, otto WOODHULL It MINTl KN, ? , ,1(U> ?T South street. Price ?f passage w 100 The packet ship Hotiinguri, 1050 tone. Cspt. Ira Bursley will succeed tbo Rochester. a?d tail on her rogdUr day, Ji?t Novewbor, iffr? ETnce, , iu: LONO ISLAND HAIL ROD, _ , Kw** Fifty Ceutj._?y Every Tnnilt;, I liuraday and Saturday. from the font of Whiteht'l street at 4)^ o'clock, mid from Brooklyn depot a 5 P. M On the arrival of'he iraiu at Gre^ipoit paaaeuicera will be takeu by the "New Haven" d?r**ct to Newport aud Provi dence *21 Iwrc LOJMU laiaAiVLI KA1L.KUAD UUMUAiN i MM jH?S5L. CHANGE OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. Commencing uu Monday, September 15th, 1816. Leave hi ftiKltfti? At 8>a o'clock, A. M., Boaton .Tenia for.Qreengort^ dailjr, Sundays excepted, *tO|<i>tng at Fnrtnuigdale and at. I Manor. i At9S A. M , for Karminy 'Ma and intermediate places. daily Sunday* excepted, aud on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Batur | days, through to Oreenport and intermediate places. ^ At 4 1'. M., for Karmingdnle and intermediate places, daily, Sundays excepted, and on Saturdays to Suffolk Station. Leave Greeiijiort ? Boston Train, at 1 o'clock, F. M , or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, dailv. Sundays excepted stopping at St George's Manor aud Farmingdale. At 9 o'clock, A VI ; Accommodation Train, on Moudays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leave Farmingdale? For Brooklyn, at 63? o'clock, A. M., and 1 P. >1., daily, Sun odaya excepuoi. Leave Jamaica? For llrooalyn, at 8 o'clock, A. M. and 2fi P. M., daily, Sun day* escepteu. Bedford 8 Daer Park 68 cast New Vork 12>6 Thompson 88 ttace Course lrtS.i Suffolk Station 1 00 Trottiog Course 1&M Lake Road Station 1 1 laniaica 25 Meilford Sutiou !? Irualiville Sf.VA Milleville 1 50 - - 37>J ~ lyde Park, 17 miles 37)J St. George's Manor.... 1 (12 Towsville, ^during aes- Riverhead 1 GAJ sion Court,) S7H Jameaport 1 62S rlempstead 37 Mattel uck 1 G2>i Jrauch 37>g Cutchogue 1 62K Carle Place 14 Sonthohl 1 62H Weatbury 44 Ureeuport, Acc'u. train. 1 75 Boi licltsvi lie .... 44 Boston Tiuin 2 00 'anuingOale 62S Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Traius at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low Fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Baggage for the several Traius, 30 miuntes be fore the hour of starting Hon the Brooklyn side. fr- Hooka way Baggage taken in separate Crates. The Stc-mer Statesman leaves Oreenport for Hag Harbor twi. e each day ou the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. >11 rc CENTRAL ItAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. DISTANCE 19D MILES THIS ROAD is open for the transportation of Passengen and hreight. Rates o! Pas-ratfe . g no Kate* of Freight viz; On weight goods generairy 50 cents per hundred. 8ii measurement goods 1J cents per cubic foot. n birrels wet (except molasses and oil) $1 50 per barrel. On barrels dry (except lime) 80 cents per barrel. Ou iron in pigs or bars, cartings for mills anil unboxed m chiuery... 41 cents per hundred. On hlids nid pipes of liqnornot over 120 gallons $5 00 |wr hhd. On hhds molasses and oil 6 00 " " Goods addressed to I'*. Winter, Agent, forwarded free of commission. THO.VlAS PURsK, all 3m -c Oen'l Su|>'i. Transpo'tat'on. MA lis IAN E FUK HUSlUtV DALLK OVER 'i'liK LUAU loLrUvU xtALL ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH <f- WORCESTER. At 8 o'clock iu the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall itreet, South Ferry?Sundays excepted. Way Crates arc in readiness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage for Boston goes .hrongh under lock. jul6 tfrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS iu PIONEER PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Kail oadsaud Canal?through iu 3S days. The above line is now in nil operation aud offers great inducements to persons who wish i peasant mode of travelling to the west. _ he cars are built in the most approved modern style, the loats ore fitted up in a superior manner, and every effort is made 7y the proprietors to conduce to the comfort anil convenience it travellers. The scenery ou this route is unrivalled, and the treat chain of Pennsylvania interna! improvements is well wot hy of being seen. By this r>nte passengers aveid nil the fatigues and dangers at enan nt upon stage travelling, and at the same time make an ex irditioux trip. The cars leave every morningat 7 o'clock. Passenger*are ail >i?ed to engage their places at Philadelphia. Office in Philadel phia N. E. corner of Chesnut and Fourth streets, aud at Nos. '3 and 15 South Third sts. A. CUMMINOS, AgenL Philadelphia, May 17, 1845. For information, in the city of New York, apply to A. H. KN1SELL. Agent lor mvl7 Cm*rrc D. LEECH 8t CO.'s Line. 7 West at. N. B. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana aud New .York Line?Regular Packet, to sail Ilthinst?The >eiegant fast sailing packet ship TENNESSEE, Pray, inster, will p sitivelv sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo dations, apply on bosiil nt Orleans whsrf fo t of Wall st, or to E K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 South at. Positively no goods received ou board after Friday evening, 10th inst. Ageut in New Orleans James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all^oods to bis address. " cltet ship Li Packet ?hip Louisville, Hunt, master, will succeed the Ten nessee snd sail 20th inst her regulardsy o'l l)N Ll KEOULAK LINE hUK NEW UK LEAN!^?Packet of the 6th October?To succeed itli-* Clifton?The regular packet ship LOUISA, Capt. ' eavitt, will sail punctually on Monday,Oct Gth, her re gular day and he succeeded by the Union, on the 10th, aud the i ennessee, ou the 11th inst. Terxons about going to New Orleans should not fail to selert this line in preference to transient shipi, as their punctuality iu sailing may at all times be depended on, and the price of passage is very low, lor which otrly application should be made, ou board,foot ofMriden laiie.orto W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, o2 75 South at., co-ner of Maiden Lane. PACKETS HUII HAV'Ufc?Second Liue ? *f3OTV.Tke pricket ?hip ONElUA, Capt. James h unck, JiUjfi??dawill sail ou the Ut or November. For freight or passage apply to BOYD fit HINCKEN, o2 rnc No.9 Tontine Building, 68 Wall it. PASSAGE FOR-NEW ORLEANS -Regular KrjpffWpnckr t. and tails on Thursday the 2d October?The jKUftar plendid fast sailing tivorite packet ship 11AK .t>AV t. burthen 900 tons, Captaiu J. Bailey, will sail posi tively as above, her regular dsy. Having accommodati.iis for cabin, second cabin, and steer age iMssengers. nnsnr passed by any vessel loading lor the above port, those proceeding will find it iheir interest and comfmt to select this couveyancFor manage, and to secure the h st herihs, early application should be made on board, foot of Pine afreet, or to the subucril ers ROCHE, BnOTHKRH fit Co.. 39 Fulton st? ol rrc next door to the Fulton Bank 1^- FOR LlVERPOOIe-Regnlar Packet of the 6th .Oct-The splendid pack-l ship PATRICK HEN ?RY, J. C. Delano, master, will sail as above her te gular day. Having very superior acconimodstietia for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board, footof Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, Corner of Pine and South ats. The Patrick Henry will be succeeded by the favorite pneket ship Iudepniideuce, F. P. Allen, master, to sail on the fitli Nov. her regular day. ol m FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 6th .October.?The spieudid p.cket ship PATRICK |H_allF.N,KY J. C. Delano, master, wi'l sail as anove. her irgtilar day. Having very superior accommodations for cahm, second cabin, and i tec age passengers, persons inteud iug to embark should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden lour, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, Corner o' Pine and South streeta. Tiie Patrick Henry will he succeeded by the favorite packet ship Iiidcpendei cr, F. P. Allen, master, to sail on the 6th No vember. her re.ular <1 <y. a23ic FOR BALE, FRk IGHT OR CH ARTER.-The jdKjyjV very lost sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, fill tons. MMMKecarritt 1900 bales New Orleans Cotton; was built in tin. tit>, with live oak and locust top; newly eoppcr.d and pateut felted. Has handsome accommodations for 24 passen gers. Apply to K. K. COLLIx S St (.0. ?30 96 Sooth ft' ect. FOR SALE. FKF.IGHT OR CH ARTER.?The MrwJV packet ship 8HAKSPEARE, 790 tous, has carried JMaK?29.'>0 bsles New Orleans Cotton; built in this city by Blown fit Bi ll, in the best possible manner; live oak and locust top?live oak aprons, transoms and canUforward and ft?salted on the stocks, and re-?<i|ted several limesaince. Haa hindsoinr famished arcominodatiout fi.r 26 pas?enge a, and ia believed to he the faateet ship of her length belonging to this port Apply ?<> E. K. COLLINS fit CO ??i" 96 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL? First Packet with Despatch? ?S>,VieJlrfte,"s f?t sailing packet ship PAN i H A. ????BbYV B. Lane master, will be despatched as above. Having superior accommodations for csbii, second cabin and steeiage passengers, persons wishing to embark should make immediate applicat.on on hoard, weat aide -I Burling B| in. or to McVIUKRtY. bOR MOBILE? New Line?The solenoid Packet allies ll I 71 I T le ? m nte ? i. T.,.. J .Is _ _ - _ ship GAZELLE, Captain Treadweil, who goes to ? the city with freight and paaaergcra, will have im .iiedni. e despatch for the above port. For freight or passage, in cither cabin, ancond cabin, or iterr. age, all ol which will be taken et much less than the usual rataa. hv applying to JOHN HF.RDMAN fit CO., tdf LONDON AND NEW ORLEANS LINES OF mMM^P ACKET8?The superior, fast sailing packet slop MUwbMEDI ATOH, Captain (hsdwirk. will positively sell on Wednesday, the 1st of October, her regular day. Also the well known and favorite paeket ship LIVERPOOL, will sail on Wednesday, 1st of October, h r regular day. The above are all first class ships, having the best of socom comm dations?for passage apply to C. A. TEN EYCK, ?23 4t*rc 67 South street. FOR LIVEHPOOL-New Line-Regular Packet HFtttV''! ?''? I6lh Oct.?The elegant fait tailing Packet ?MKKeShiii GAR HICK. B.J H. Trask, masttr, of 1100 tons will sail aa above, her regular day. ror freight or passage, having accotnmodatinna unequal led for splendor or cotnlurt, apply on hoard, nt Orleani wharf, foot of Wall street, or to ? r COLLINS It CO., 96 Month atreet Pile* of passage *100 ' ar.t.e,s"l'iP R^'ciT' \?? Eldridge, 1200 tons, will sue reed the Garrick and tail fcih Nov., her regular day! sU W "'P ??Mrior 111 in. da WheM-for .!? "I,br * COLLINS It CO.. * Booth THE POETRY OF CLASSICAL STOCK-JOBBING,! By John Van Buren, Esq. Sweet prettier ! how thou talkest. [ Macbeth. O dear discretion, bow his words ere sniked ! The fool hath planted in his memory An army of good words. [ Merchant of Venice. No. I. John goes into Stock jobbing with a perfect Looseness?Is eu met king oJ~ a Poet, and deals also in beautiful figures of Speech. How docs be csrry himself 7 I have told your lordship al'eadv ; the cirry h'in. Mil's 1 Veil thai Endt IFell. Mr Dkah Jr.ssi:?Please let Nevins and Townsend buy me 100 shares of Moh. and H?.d R. R for cash at 96, and Bout. and Pro* , 100 shares at 92, cash; drawing on ma at 3 days sight for the amount. If better terms can be had by taking the stocks two weeks hence (buying on time) 1 should like it better. I fear stocks will rise after Monday, and therefore 1 want these purchases made Monday, but leave it open after. Lot tire beggars deal honestly by me, for I lose a deal of money, any how. There will be something done here Monday, that will charm you Yorkers. Lawrence will run like the Cholera. riea?e ask Bucknor to hand you the amount of differ ences at which my fifty shares Manhattan stock were set tled, and send it to me. Yours very truly, smd much better, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, March 22nd, 1884. No. 11. John vies some rather vigorous expressions. Swear's! thou, ungracious Boy / henceforth ne'er look on me. Thou art violeutly carried sway from grass*. I Ki ng Henry TV. Why God I)?n you, Jesse ! buy ngy stock and draw upon me at sight. You must be poor bitches down there, if you cannot raise this two-penny sum. If the Stock has gone up, let it go to H?11. The Bank will come up against tho Srifoty Fund Banks, and depress stocks?the Governor's nusasuro will event ually relieve the country. Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, March 26th, 1884. No. III. John congratulates himself on a " good" transaction and promises to make " dear Jetee" a vieit. I shall crave yrur forbevrancc a little ; may be, I will call upon y eu anon, for some advantage to yourself. I Measure for Measure. Mv Dear Jesse :? The purchase by N. and T. of 100 Mohawk at 96, is very good. I understand it to be payable in all next weok. I shall be in N. V. next Monday (31st inst.) and shall thou arrange it. rieaso countermand the order for Boston and Provi dence : I si.on l,i prefer not to buy it ; and if it is purcha sed and can be resold without loss, let it be done?any how, as Lord Grey said, I shall stand by my " order." Yours very truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, March 23tb, 1834. Mr Ukau Jf.sse :? Nevins and Townsend write me that they have bought my Utica Stock. Please get the money for the enclosed and pay them. I do not wish to correspond with them directly. Let the certificate be made out in my name, and send it to me by some private coDveyunec, or keep it till 1 come down, which will be shortly. Yours very truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, April 17th, 1834. No. IV. John waxes libsral and con missions Jesse to pay his debts. Here is the gold ; All this I siv? you t-tfs You Like Jt. He nsth n tear for pity, and a hand Open as day for meltlug charity. [King Henry IV. Mv Dear Jksse :? With the slender assistance of the above [a draft for $780] fortified by the enclosed [a check for $31 10J, you will, 1 think, be abla, (if you will do mo the iavor,) to satisfy tho following demands? Nevins St Townsend $391 46?Chester Jennings $260 ? "Young" Wilson $100?Minthorne Tompkins $70. If it mils short, parcel it out*o the cormorants, in such bits as you may deem most meet to subserve their seve ral necessities. 1 intend to walk into the Mohawk soon. J. VAN BUREN P. S. I tho't my stock was bought at 109, wu it not 7 The receipt says 169$. Albany, June 13th, 1884. No. V. John has got very bad habits. Here's Wart?you see wlist a ragged appearance it is. [King Henry IV. Mv Dear Jvssr :? ForO?d's sake send me over my coal?my under clothes arc all worn out, and 1 am a beggar. Let it be taken to u'hra et s. who will send it to me. Can you get any bets on Governor, even 7 We shall lick the dogs so in this State that the "Great West' will bear tne howling. Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, August 29th, 1834. N. B. ?Our brethren in Oneida aro all "with one ac cord united"?look out for a tall majority in O. (I) " Perish C. P. C. Beardsley" (2) will be ra-eleoted by 1500 majority. (1) Oneida. (2) " Parish credit, parish commerce Beardsley." No~VI. John is in a good deal of trouble. Tis a precious life to be sure.?[TAe Duenna. Mv DftAR Jesse :? Please let Nevins A Townsend buy mo 100 shares of Paterson II. R Stook del'v'r in 00 ds, as cheap as pos sible. 1 must have a sby at tho boys. Keep the purchased note till I see yott I shall go west this afternoon, and return Jn three or four weeks. If anything turns up in my absence to de press stocks rapidly and seriously, which is hardly possible, sell out and save me from toss. Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. September 5, 1834. No. VII. John hat a Jit of "tho blutt." DinWhy is le melancholy f IIcl.?Perchance lie's liuit i' the battle. [Jilts IVeil That Ends Well. My Dkar Jf.ssk,?I make use of a trank tbe old man left witti me, to let you know that I am about a* unhappy a d 1 as you would wish to see?from the fear that you have purchased me some I'aterson K. R. Stock, on which I am to lose a large sum of money. I see that on Wednesday it left oft'at elj, which is 8 or 0 per cent lower than it was when I authorized you to buy for me. I know nothing of the d d stock, except that Dremner was dealing in it, and it had been rising for a month, and I hardly tho't my buying would knock it down forthwith. Perhaps it will go still lower, and may be worth no thing for all I know. It so, and if I own any, sell if you think best, and let me lose the present difference. If I get out of this job, you may consider me "discharg ed cured" as the cholera reports read. Yours, ever truly, J. VAN BUREN Avon Springs, Sept. 27, Saturday, [1834.] No. VIII. John it un.rtout to bet on the Election. -Inn.?You are a gentlemau and a gs* ester, sir. Moth.?I confess Doth ; tliey are both the varnish of a com plete man.?[Love's Labor Lost. Mr Dkar Hoyt :? They say "the blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the Church,"and heaven knows I have been Ireely tapped in tho good cause. The Rem [removalj of the Dep. [depos itsj cost me a fortuno, and now I don't see but 1 must lose another hunk of my little earnings. My impression is that Stocks will go tip till Election, and fall immediately after If the poor Whigs could car ry a (unstable somewhere and get up a Jubilee, storks would rise. New Jersey may go for tnetn, and give tbem a blip, but Penna. will knock them stiff neat week?so | will Ohio, and so will N. Y. It you could get the difference bet on Marcy, I should | say'Sellby all means'?and any how I don't know but you | had better sell Do exactly as you see fit. I shall be down before it falls due probably- meantime I should be most particulaily obliged to you, if you can get me an even bet against Marcy to any amount less than Five Thousand Dollars. I think 1 would bet $100 on each 1000 majority up to 6000. 1 would bet $1600 against $1000 on an even election. I consider Marcy 'e election, by from 7,600 to 16,000 ma jority, as sure as Ood. Vou know best how much the Paterson Is worth, and you must do exactly as if it was your own, and I shall be satisfied. Yours, truly, J V B, Make me some bets, it possible. Tuesday. P. 8.?The whigs may gather pluck after some meet ings, or somethings. No. IX. John giretJtttt some hinti by which he can hart "a shy at at the boys." Isaac.?'This is trap I I'm * cunning dog, ant I1 A sly vil lain, eh I ,'tnt ? Hs ! H? ! ha ! yon are, indeed t hoar..? Rugueish you'll siy , but kern, eh ' devilish keen t .Int.?So you are,indeed?keen?very keen.?[ Tbe Ihtenna. My Dkar Jkssr :? I should think you rightabout selling the Paterson, if it will not do to hold. Bv the looks of Webb's paper (altho' it is intended no doubt to operate on New Jersey,) the opposition gained confidence Can you tempt them with a wageron 8-4 ? and 6000 Majorities- $200 on each- or $500 on 4000 1 If neither of these can be got tomorrow, bet them $600 on 5000 majority. 1 here will be no betting alter to-morrow. Have the order for Bost. end Prov. open?the Moh. ts all right. We have nominated a strong ticket, tho'Livingaten (Ned) is the Assembly man contrary to all expectation. Yours ever truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Oot. 12th, late. No. X. John and Jesse lay their beads together ta sons purpose. Ah ! mi ' 1 pair was ne'er seen So justly formed to ssi rt by ualuis '. Do#t bo " unoAsy" J ease?(Jo ahead. I wrtfc J ou by | tiy Bun-lay's boat: but I suppose, as there waa no mail, the letter miacarried. I think atocka will fall thia weak ?Sell if you think beat. Can you get ukti on three, feur, and five thousand majority for Mnrcy, two hundred dollars on each 7?if not, 1 will bet five hundred dollars on four thousand? I perhaps, if we lose New Jersey, you can get thia. If y-ju can't do better, I should like a bet of three hun dred dollars on five thousand majority for \1arcy?unless we lo?e New Jersey?in that event I will wait to get better terms. Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Oct 14, 1884 P. 8.? 1 will bet on five thousand majority for Lucas in ' Ohio. No. XI. John Compliments Jetie on kit clnerntti. 1 perceive pi isly. air. that you are uot oee that can easily be out-wilted ?[The Duenna. Alt Ui.ah Hovt : You have worked the Peterson Railroad very well. I am shocked at the shares only being $50, having become reconciled to at least double the loss. Tell Wilson that 1 have an impression that he promised to invest $600 or so, for me, provided I kept out of the " hotting ring," so as to encourage the enemy to give him a fair chance If 1 am right, and even if I am not, 1 count upon his no bility to spare me $600 evan on Marcy, out of his big in vestment I shall be in New York the lost ef the month- let me know what W. says. Yours truly, J. V. B. Albany, Oct. 16, 1634. P. 8.?1 don't care to bet on 6000 majority for Marcy just now?if it is not too late to back out. No. XII. John it badly off Jot a pair of boots. Hot.? Home without boots, and in foul weather, too ! How 'scapes he agues, in the devil's mine 1 [King Henry IV. Mr Dear Jkssk :? Please sell me 100 shares Boston A Providence, deliver able in 60 days, at 107 j or 107]. I shall be in New York this week. Can you send an order to and Kim ball, No 3 Wail street, to make me forthwith a pair of neat winter Boots with heels an inch high : I want them York,an' to wear when I shall come to New York,and that will be by Thursday. Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Deo. 7th, 1S34. No. XIII. Jthn ctates betting on elections, takes to another line of bu siness, and is ready to do any body's " dirty work." Well, Sir.?at last, what with bankruptcies, fires, gouts, drop-ies, im nison menu and other rain ibla calamities, having got together a prettv haiidamne sum, I determined to quit a bu siness which hsd always gone rather against my conscience, an- iu a more liberal way still to indulge my talents. [The Critic. [Addressed Jesse Hoyt, Esq., Counsellor, Ac., Wall street, New York?care of L. Jenkins, Esq.] My Dkab Jr.ssa:? Enclosad is your note. II the order to Nevins A Town send to sell mo 100 shares Boston A Providence at 107] to J at 60 days und interest should not providentially have been countermanded in season, I take it they have ert'ect eJ the sale : if so, let them close it at the present prices, so that I may recuperate a small portion of my losses, is Legged wicked or crazy ? Yours duly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Dec. 30th, 1634. I' s. 1 have formed a partnership in low with Col. McKotin: one of us will attend all the Courts and wa shall be happy to do any body's ,' dirty work.'' J. V. B. No. XIV. John lets Jesse into the secret ?f a very clear scheme. O ! this cunning little head ! I'm a Machiaral?n very Ma chiavel L The Duenna. Mr Dkab Jr.tsr. :? On enquiry 1 find that I can get one of the Banks in this city to deposit, subject to their own order, such sum as may be requisite to make the arrangement of wnich we spoke, in any bank in New York, (say the Fulton,) that you may choose : this will answer the purpose pro vided you oan get the Bank selected to loan you the money on your Note. All our Banks are nearly up to their limit, and 1 cannot borrow the money. The Bank here will chaige the Bank there six per cent interest on the Deposit, and you will pay seven proba bly. If this meets your views, you willplease advise me by return mail. If you agree to give me half the profits of the enter prize for making this arrangement, please send me a sti pulation to that eftect, signed by yourself and Cutting, when you wirite. Your note might be made payable on demand, with an understanding that you should pay it when our Bank calls on the V Y. Bank for the Deposit, which will not be till we see fit Yours truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Aug. JSd, 1836. No. XV. John implorn Jrsn to ierve hit fathrr. Wilt thou serv* in* ! For siuee patiently tliou hs?t stu'k to the bur fortuue of th?t beggsr Pcsihuu.ous. tliou can'it not i. the course of gratitude but t* a diligeut follower of ruiue.? [ Cymbeline. Mr I)r*R Hott :? I'll do the juitice to lay, (and ?o doe* my father,) that you have atood the d d liea from Penn'a better than moit of our friendi in N. Y. ' I hope the fright from thii dictate* the letter* to ui, ?aying that all of our ticket* beside* Kegiater, [I think that'* the word,] are in dangor. I don't believe we shall lose ore. In this State our majority will range from Id to 16,000. Bet* on Id are perfectly safe. For God's sake let our friend* turn all their attention to New Jersey, and not he caught napping there, as in Connecticut. My father wishes rae to say *o to you. Vour* truly, J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Nov. 11th, 1836. No. XVI. John write t pathetirally on the necessities of hit ?? arjrobe. Deedie dtedle, duuipliug, my son John, Weut to btd with his liousers on? On* sli<>* off and the other shoe on. [ Deedie, dredle dnmpliug, my ion John '. Mv Dear Hott (as lotne rascal write* to " Webb,")?I enclose you your check, for your com tort?it was de posited in the Bank for collection, and, of course, is re turned to you without inconvenience. A* for money, I dout know that I shall be peculiarly short (not physi cally but pecuniarily) unless Boston and Providence should go down to a mere anatomy. In that event I fear the ex-Danish Commissioner and myself will be a " be low-par nobile" of sufferers. Please to let Willard of the City Hotel be apprized that I want two flannel shirts, and as many pairs of drawers, to be had of Tryon for a trifle, alias credit. I am not a " Councellor" and be d d to you?and if I were, 1 should spell it with an ' S' in the middle. Vours "to serve," J. VAN BUREN. Albany, Dec. 19th, 1833. P. S. Since the foregoing effusion was poured forth, I have enquired at the Bank, and And your check has been sent to New York. I suppose the easiest way "to work it," is to enclose you, as I do, my check on this bank for the same amount, payable at the same time. Jesse Hoyt, Esq., Ac , Ac., Ac. J. V. B. No. XVII. John has a return of his old complaint. I can get no remedy against thii consumption of the purs* ; borrowing ouly lingers sua lingers it out, bat ths disease is inrurabls.? [Ainr Henry IV. Dcar Sir :?I'leaso pay Glover one hundred and fifty dollars and accommodate your recently much abused triend, J. VAN BUREN. At your office, Saturday, 3 P. M. (May, 1633.) Jesse Hoyt, Esq. Mormow Affairs.?The following extra from the Illinois State HegisUr, gives the latest, and we must say rather doubtful news : SrsDir, September 31, 184S.?We issue an extra lor the purpose ol furnishing tho latest news from Hancock. It sppears that the anti-Mormons continued their work of destruction until upwards ol one hundred houses have been consumed Hherifl'Backenstoa failed in raising a possee strong enough to stop these movements without resulting to Nauvoo. owing to the fear ot all well dis posed iioraoiis in the country, thut their owu houses might be consumed. We learn that he has raised about five hundred men from Nauvoo, all well armed, with which he had dispersed the rioters, commanded by Col. Williams, at Green Plains. In this affair no lives were lost, as the "Antis" run and took shelter in a cornfield, before the possee came with in firing distance. Backcnstos had been driven away from Carthage, and returned with about five hundred men, to remove his family ; on his retreat he fell in with a large body of Anti-Mormons, when a battle ensued. It is said that eighteen Anti-Mormons and three Mormons were lulled. It appears that Williams, Sharp, Davis, and other lead ers, escaped. A large number of the Anti-Mormons were taken prisoners, and urn new confined and guarded in the court house at Carthage. The people had all fled from Carthage. Augusta, and other Anti Mormon towns, and carried their families into the counties ol Adams, Marquette, Schuyler, and McDonough, ami are beating up for volunteers in those counties to recruit their forces with which to ienew the war It is unknown how many men they will be able to raise, but it is believed that they have se disgraced themselves by the incendiary mode in which they have carried on the war, that their success will not be very great. But if they succeed, another bloody battle may be ex|<ected in the courae of this week. Heioro this news arrived, the (Governor had issued a call for five hundred me', to quell the disturbances. We are advised that it is a fact that no letters have been received at this place from any of the Mormon par ty since the commencement ol these troubles,except one fioin a very obscure man in Nauvoo, and another from McDenough county, and no new*|>apers. It is rumored that the mails havo been stopped, and there is a story afloat that one mail carrier has been murdered. No messenger has arrived from all that section of country until to day, when a committee arrived from Mt. Ster ling. of New Ori.kams.?It did not require a card to satisfy the public mind aa to the sauitary state of the city. All weie convinced that the general health was never better, the number ot deaths la. t week reaching no higher than forty-nine, and thara not being even a pretext of a case of yellow fever.?N. O. Pica yune, Sept. 9'J. Massachusetts has paid, in the last ten yeara, nearly 5.1,000,000 for common schools, bounties and asy lums. This she has done with a State tax of tIMi.noo only Anti-Kent Trial-, Jkc. Delhi, Sept. 30, 184V Delaware Oyer and Terminer?I Ion. Ji. J. Parker, Pre tiding Judge?J. ,1. llughiton. E\<i , D'.ilricl Attorney ? Samuel Sherwood, Enj . nj Sew York, Counrel for the People?Trial oj John fan Steenhurgh for Murder. Fin h Dat.?Tne Court mot this morning at 9 o'clock The testimony ontioth shies having closed last evening, Hon. 8.8 Bowne proceeded to sum up the case on the part of the prisoner. The argument was listened to with the closest attention?it was at once chaste and brilliant, and the learned couuael closed his remarks with a pathetic and most effecting appeal for mercy, which brought big drops of pity into the eye. and caused them to 'course do*n the rugged, furrowed chsdk of some hardy moun taineer, while the counsel told of the anguish of a broken hearted mother, and the feelings of a father for a son, on trial for his life. J. II. Steele, Esq , District Attorney of Otsego County, and a brother of the late Hheriff. Osrnon N. Steele, fol lowed Mr. Bowne, on the part of the people. The Court now took a recess for dinner. Upon again assembling, Hon. Samuel Oordon rose to make the closing remarks to the Jury, on the part of the prisoner. As Mr. Oordon commenced, the Court-Koom door opened, and a brilliant array of beauty, grace and love liness entered the hall where justice sat enthroned in her majesty The sudden and unexpected appearance omen, caused the gallant of so many fair and beautiful women, counsel te pause until they were seated. Their Hashing eyes, graceful forms, sparkling and animated features, ;h from the undoubtedly drew forth from the learned counsel, the feeling, able and logical argument which he made. Old Delaware's laiiest daughters, with hearts fall of sympathy, mercy and affection, had congregated in her couit house, to witness the trial of one of her sons foi his life. The hitherto downcast face of the piisoner seemed to brighten with hope, as he gazed in astonish meut on this sudden display of loveliness. The hand some features of the presiding Judge, who has been for days busily engaged in the performance of his stern du ty, was now wreathed with smiles, as each blooming 1'ebe and simple maid of nature took her seat. But the greatest sensation was manifested among youngor members of the bar, BDd (shall I say it?) the corps of reporters who sat directly opposite the dazzling array. Mr. (ioanov's speech was listened to throughout with bieathless interest He commenced with somu remuiks in relation to the persecution ne had himself received in consequence of having addressed meetings of anti-rent ers, and than passed to some questions of law. He con ten fed that the assembling of disguised men to resist the execution of a distress warrant, though armed, was not per te a felony under the 7th section of the act of the 98th of January, 1846. but a misdemeanor only; that the stat ute does not declare the offence to be a felony; that it is a new crime created by the statute, and not a felony at common law. The offence was punishablo by fine or j imprisonment in the c rnnty jail, or by imprisonment in the 8tate prison, and not declared a felony; that if not a felony at the common law, which it was uot, it is not a fe lony bythe statute,unless theLegi.-latuie so declare it dis tinctly. Felony does not depend on the amount er degree of punishment,but the nature of the crime; petit larceny is punishable by fine and imprisonment in tie county jail, and yet it is a felony at common law, because by com mon law a forfeiture of lands and goods was a conse quence of the conviction. So crimes are punishable with death, and yet no felonies. Murder is a felony at common law, because tho lands and goods were forfeit ed. Felony comprises every species of crime which occasioned at common law a forfeiture of lands and goods, ltiots were not felonies at common law. Felo nies, breaches of the peace, are strained up to that de gree ol malignity by virtue of the Statutes declaring them to tie lelonies. Disfranchisement is part of the pun ishment on a conviction for lelony, end when the Legis lature intend to affix to a new crime then created the dis qualification of disfranchisement, they mutt so declare their intention by galling it a felony; because it was not a felony at common law. In this case, if the offence be a felony, it is contingent, depending on the amount of punishment to be imposed by the court after conviction. If felony must be absolute at the time of its commission, and not made such by the expost facto sentence of the court, a crime is felony orno felony when committed.? In tho construction of penal statutes, when there is any doubt in the case, it is the duty of the court and jury so to construe them as not to multiply the felonies, unless tho construction be supported by express words. Here is an attempt by construction of a doubtful penal statute to multiply felonios to build on them constructive murder. The argument of the opposite side assumes that the assembling of disguised men was a felony, and there tore all were guilty of murder, though not actually pre sent, nor consenting to the firing of the guns. The learn ed counsel then took up the facts of the case, to show that if the crimo was a felony, still tho defendant was not present at the firing?did not consent to it?and was not, therefore, guilty of a felony. The Court now took a recess for tea. Upon again as sembling, Sasii xl Sherwood, F.sq. counsel for people, summed up the case for the people. He reviewed the testimony with his usual brevity and discrimination, and quoted from the Revised Statutes and other books, to show that the persons assembling at Eurle's were guilty of felony, and therefore of murder, as a murder was committed. Mr. Sherwood Tead from 5d Revised Statutes, page 697, section 30th, the following The term ' felony,' when used in this act or in any other statute, shall be construed to mean an ofi'ence for which the offender, on conviction, shall be liable by law to be punished by death, or by imprisonment in a State prison" Mr. Sherwood continued at some length on this subject. The mail is closing, and 1 will send you the charge of Judge Parker to the Jury to-morrow. I1udsor, Sept SOtli, 1846, 10 A.M. The Cate of Big Thunder?Jin Epitome of hit Lift, 4'C. The jury ampalueled iu the case of the I'oople vs. Dr. BoughtoD, have now been 111 confinement twelve hours, and as yet, there is no possibility of a verilict. The last report from the scene of their deliberations is 9 lor con viction, and 3 for acquittal. Judge Edmonds is deter mined to keep them confined until there is no ho|>e left either fur the prisoner or the poor carcasses of the jurors themselves. If thev should agree, I will transmit their verdict to you, in all possible haste. Our city was unusually distuihed yesterday, by the arrival of all the Van Buion family, and some ot tLe more renowned gentlemen oftho day. Ex Attorney General Barker ia now here, accompanied by several ot the west ern locofoco pedestrians on the ladder ot democracy, anxiously awaiting the deliberations of a pettit jury The Attorney General made a very able speech of some eight hours in length, to a house full of the fair and beautiful of our city and neighboring towns, who en couraged the young widower by their smiles, and made him brave and eloquent by their presence. All eyes beamed with love and enthusiasm, when he arose and pronounced the emphatic words of?Gentlemen of the Jury. It seemed to electrify the female part of the com munity mightily, if 1 may be enabled to judge from the tittering which was constantly kept up. His speech was pronounced by all to bo the best argument, fraught with more good sense and sound reasoning than he ever made before. He was particularly pointed in his remarks con cerning tho Sheriff's testimony. Elf-vsr, A. M.?The Jurv have just come in with a verdict of guilty. Judge Edmonds had a few minutes previous ordered beds lor them, which brought them to the scratch in double quick time. He deferred the sen tence until 3 P. M. inst. The prisoner seemed to betray no symptoms of grief, but bore it with becoming Indian fortitude. Hit countenance, although care-worn, teemed a little more downcast when told of his fate. Sheriff Miller was elated beyond comparison: his mouth toemed stretched from ear to ear when the spell ot silence which pervaded the room was broken by the sonorous tone of Guilty, uttered by the foreman. Two, P. M.?The Court ha* again convened to pro nounce sentence upon the guilty?and a jammed house it is?all the tlite of the city are, it seems, on the quo t-ive for a parting peep at the prince of widowers, who looks rather worn out to-day, owing to the arduous task he has performed. The prisoner, uj?on being asked if he had any thing to say why the sentence of the law should not be pronounced upon him, replied in a few remarks, the substance of which was that he was innocent, and always thought he was doing nothing wrong when act ing in the capacity of an Indian. He was then sentenced, in a brief hut solemn sentence, to hard labor for life in the State Prison. Thus this farce hath ended; nature still blooms and plotting man still will plot. And now since we hare danced comes our mite to the fiddler, which will be a sore one. This, however, is the most extraordinary case I have ever heard of. All whose minds have not been poisoned with prejudice ete astonished and amazed at the verdict. History furnishes no parallel. Tsn witnesses swearing po sitively to an alibi, and still the jury convicting the pri soner. They retired last evening at nine o'clock, and sat up all night. Tbey first stood sir and six.then nine/or cent irfmg and t brie for acquitling.and laetly Ion In tvo, fill they agreed. What accounts for this Strang# procedure ! Was it the evidence .' Common sense toil us, no ! Was it the address of the Attorney General I Those who listoned to his remarks, cannot attribute it to that. Was it Judge Edmonds'.charge ? Oh ! there's the rub. Did he not tell the iury "that circumstantial evidence was more reliable than positive." Let him answer. Doctor Boughton has been sentenced by the Judge to spend the remuinder of his days in the State Prison, in the County of Clinton. He is thirty six years old, was born in Kensselcar Countv, in tbe town of Nas an, gra duated at Middleburg College in 1830, received tbe de gree of M. D. et Rutgers' College in New York, practiced medicine at Saratoga Springs during the yeurs of 1838 and 1834, moved to Delhi the year following, where he also practiced in company with ur. Steele, the uncle of the lamented Deputy Sheriff, till the breaking out of the Patriot war in Canada, when he enlisted under Gent ml Van Rensaelear, at Albany, together with Gen. Root's son, who was then a cadat at west Point, and went to help the Patriots. He was engaged in the battles of Charleatown, Windmill Point and Navy Island. He was surgeon of the insurrectionary forces, and at the close of the war was imprisoned in tbe jail at Buffalo with Bill ' Lying Mackeniia, Nelson and others. [From the Albany Argus, Oct. 3.J Boughton, who was sentenced on Tuesday to the State prison for life, came up yesterday morning in the j steamboat South America, in custody of Sherift Miller, on his way to the Clinton County prison. Imptoknt.?One day last week, Smith, of this village, lost a wallet containing ?16 in mo ney. He put up bills offering a reward for the recovery of it and its contents, but heard nothing of it until vaster- | Hay morning, when thewailetwas found lying ?y the gate of his garden. It contained a cool note, of which the following is a copy ?? 1 "Mr Smith?I leturnyour wallet, but the money 1 have immediate use for-Every man for himself these : times. Yours, F. O. 1 "F O ," mii-t '"ok sharp that w bile practising "every j man loi himself. ' he does net get to Sing Sing - ftugk- . Uopita TtUgrafk, ' Varieties. The mninufacturera generally are in a flourishing condition here, having more order? loan they can filL? We understand that, although the number of workmen in the various trade* is larger no* than at any lormar period, there ia a scarcity of moulderi and ftoishera In foundries and machine shops, and there is also a demand for carpenters and bricklayers. Property here is tolera bly low. rents moderate, and wages fair. W% notion some improvements In the lower part of the oity, the other day, that were making by parsons who hive earn ed the means to buy the lots and put up the buildings by common labor at lass than a dollar a day Ail our me chanics do well, and they are geneially enabled to own gooJ honses and lots alter a veiy short period.?Louu vilte Journal. The number of interments in the city of Portland, from April 1 to Sept. 80, 1844. inclusive, wn as follows : Stillborn 14; under one year '26; under two years 16; un der fire jtn-i tt; under ten years 6; under twenty years 0; undor thirty yours 8; under forty years 10; under fifty years 7; under sixty years 4; undor seventy years 10; un dsr eighty years 4. Ono aged 81, one 83, one 84, and one 87 years. The Ct' il Whig Md., scutes that Daniel Lord, Esq., of Philadelphia, has purchased the two Elk Forgea, with 871 acres of land attached thereto, for $18,000. He intends to carry on an eatensive cotton factory. We also learn from the same toutce, that Mr. Fisher haa pur chased the property known as " Tyson's Mills" on Big Elk Creek, and that ha likewise intends to start a oottoa factory. At New Orleans, about one o'clock, A M , on the 23d ult, Mr. Edward Miltord, well known in these parts from bis long connexion with places of public entertain ment, fell from the third story window of No IS Cansl street Row, and was instantly killed. For many years bo was the proprietor of the American Hotel in the city of New York. For the last few years ho has had charga of the Hotel at the Bay ot St. Louis, and the Franklin Kestaurat in this city Ex-President Tyler, with his lady, Hon. Caleb Gushing, late Minister in China, and John Rosa, Chief of the Cherokee Nation, and his family, arrived at Phila delphia on Wednesday. The Alton Register says there are 4,000 inhabi tants in Alton, twelve unmarried females, eleven of whom are engaged and the twelfth has alieady had three husbands. Horace Wiltaic waa tried in One ida county hut week, for killing his grandmother, in the town ot Maroy, by striking her with s hoe. He was found guilty of man slaughter, and sentenced to the State prison for 7 years. On the 28th of August, Misa Fanny Jenkins, ot Baltimore, received the white veil at the hands of the Most Rev. Archbi-hop, in the Convent of Visitation, Baltimore. Her name in religion ii Sister Mary Au gustine. During the last six months there have been 217 marriages, 2206 births, and 3683 death* in Havana. Extensive Post OprtCE Robbery.?On Friday, the 2tith September, the cashier of the Albany Ex change Bank put into the post office a letter to the Mer chant*'Each ange Bonk, with the following enclosures, viz :? Draft on I). Van Norden, due Oct. 6?9 $366 83 " William Oaul, " Nov. 33?36 1,413 1* " E. Fish k Co. 1 day 1,000 00 " U M. k W. B. Taylor, 1 day 1,360 30 " G. Hitching, 1 day 1,784 64 " Drew Robinson k Co., sight 3,000 00 " " " " 4 000 00 " E. Clagget, sight 2,00187 " Bank ot Commerce, sight 490 63 " Merchants' Bank, sight 1,000 00 Also two protested notes, $300 and $162 80. The dralts were all properly endorsed by William H. Johnson, Esq., Cashier, or order. On Saturday evening at ball past seven, the Cashier received a letter through the Post Office, containing the last three mentioned sight dralts. The letter returning them was without dute or signature, and merely stated, in an evidently dis guised hand, "Found in the coat pocket of one of the Post-Office Clerks." The lettei was immediately deli vered to the Postmaster, who has it still in his posses sion ; and the Cashier addressed to each of the drawers a notice of the robbery, and has since been advised of the receipt of such notices in time te prevent the pay ment of the drafts.?Evening Journal. Another Flare-up at Parkersbcro, Va.? Tha Ohio Conference ot the Methodist Church, at its laat session in Cincinnati, stationed Rev. John Dillon, at Par kersbuig, to succeed Rev. Azra Brown, on the reooan mendation, as it was supposed, of the latter. The Church is about equally divided tor and against teceiving a mi nister from the Ohio Conference. Those who were in the negative closed the church doors against Mr. Dillon on Sabbath morning, and refuted to let bim in. He suc ceeded in gettiug in, however, at we learn fiom the fife riftta Intelligencer, and preach^. An indignation meet ing was held the neat day, and a committee oi sixty waa appointed to wait upon him and notily hint that he must remove or be removed by force 1 Rev A. Blown, when he returned to town to remove his taioilv, was threat ened with u coat ol tar and leathers! Neither ol that* gentlemen ere charge i witn abolitionism, yet such pro ceedings aie tolerated in open day. Half ol the cbutCh want a minister Irotn the Onio Conference, and they are denied the privilege ot having or haariug one?CaUtm hut (D ) State Journal. Moses Johnson Sentences to be Huro ? At a special term ol the Circuit Superior Court of Hen rico county and city of Richmond, held on Monday the 29th day of September, 1844, by the Hon. Piulip N. Nicholas, lor the trial ot .Mote* Joimaun, a tree negro, charged with rebellion in the Penitentiary on the 9tu of September, 184o, and with uaviug on that day killed Fe lix KeiguasoD, an assistant keeper and turnkey in eaid Penitentiary?the cane was submitted to tt.e j ury with out argument, and in a few miuutes ttie jury bruught ia a veruict ol guilty; alter which, the Juuge prououueed the sentence ol the lew, whicU was that the prisoner should be lemauded into the custody ot the *uperinien dent of the Penitentiary until Friday, the lUih day of Deo. 1846, wliuu he is tu be bung. Liberal Party Convention in Mass ?The Poli tical Abolitionists ot .WasaacUutetts, assembled at th Premont Temple on Tuesday, and nonnuated Samuel E Sewall of Boston for Governor, and Eiibu liuiiittof Wor neater lor Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, to b supported by their party at the November election. Common Plena. Bulore Judge Daly. Oct. 3.?Junius S. Ltwn >'*. Eluha S. Mott.?Thia was an action of trover, brought to recover the value ol h chain cable, used tor shipping. it appeared that in the mouth of August, 184a, the sloop John Hancock, of Athena, met with an accident, and waa aunk in the East Kiver. The veaael waa raiaed by a party named Bride, who had occaaiou to uae the chain cable in the execu tion, while raiaing the vessel. 'The chain being plain tilt ?a property, waa attached to the heel of the veaael af ter it was raiaed. Detendaiit having removed the vaaaal, got permiaaion from plaintiff to uae the chain in the ope ration, which being peilormed, plaintiff waa net return ed the chain. bun in trover waa accord,ugly brought by plaintiff. The defence olfered was that the chain waa originally attached to the veaael by Bride, who atone could be held responsible; and that having sunt in the river, and got covered with sand, it couid not be got up by plaintiff, who left it as it lor lost, when a son-in-law of delehiiaut eventually succeeded m getting it op.? It waa alao put in lor defence that action sliouT' lie only against the sou-in-law. The jury, alter a briet delibe ration, rendered a verdict for plaintiff?$10* damages and six cents coats. ITiitiam ,1moi vt. Ferdinand Knaujft ? Action on ? promissory note, dated May, 1843, paased by delendant to a party named fritz, payable in three months alter date, and endorsed by him over to plaintiff, his former partner. It was put up lor defence thet no consideration was given, on the ground that plaintiff and fritz wore formerly in partnership in the morocco leather businese, at Philadelphia; and the defendant was a dealer in mo rocco in this city. Delendant purchased of the firm, at Philadelphia, a <|uantity of the goods, and failed, fritz proposed a compromise with uelendiut's creditors, to unable him to cai ry on business, which was agreed to? the creditors taking 16 cents en the dollar on the instant' or 35 cents on the uollar at the conclusion of the term of one year. Delendant subsequently wont to Philadel phia, and took his goods, which ware seized by fritz, in violation of tha alleged agreement; and dsfsadant also was arrested at the suit ot frits, and waa compelled to pay him ft0 cents on the dollar, and pats two notas lor a lurther sum ol 35 cents on tha dollar, whioh he paid, ob taining full release lrom all further claims lrom fritz - The note upon which action is brougfft, was oue ol the above notes, lor which detendanU contend there wes no consideration givan. Adjourned over to this iorenoon V. S. Circuit Court. Befo.e Judges Beits and Nelson. Oct. 3.?Decisions?Daniel Smith vs. FUot boat "Plot ooni' her tackle.?This cause having beau heard upon the pleadings and proof, and being argned by MrMoitou onbehallot the libellaot, anil Mr. t utting on behalf of tha claimant, and due deliberation being had in the pre mines it is emeied by me conit that libeilant recover against the I dot Boat, and the sum ol >63 00, together with costs to be taxed, with loavo, howev r, to either uartv at his own expense, to take an older of reference lor the purpose ol increasing or diminishing the dama ges so decreed, the matter to he enquired into on suck reference to bo what it would cost to place the schooner in as serviceable a condition as she waa immediately be fore the collision. John Fert rs Schooner " Harriot."? Decree for libeilant, $17 35. Court Calendar?This Lin jr. COMMO* Pl.KAS.? PxaT I ?Nos .1(1, 61, 117, I S3, 161, *9, nil, 139, 16?, 171, 9 , 33,57 , 96, loe, 131, 141,65, 106, 135, 164. Pear 3 ?Nos. 33, 158, 168, 176 Gotrmx por thr Corrictio* or Error* ? Alu *y, October 1, 1846? Present, Senator Bockco presiding, and twenty other Senators, and thiet Justice Bronson No. 3. E 8. Lhanipiiu, spp'lt. vs II. Paiuh, resp't. Mr A. M Sherwood whh he?td for resp't, and Mr. W. Warner was htard us reply. Decision postponed until to-morrow Arrtssoon Stssio.v No. 8. O. K. Edwards, appl't, vs. It. A. Vanck uuu al. isKp't Passed without piejndice ? \0 3. Ja?. ferris and el., appellants, vs. Jas ( rawlord, x<l,v?in de betui nan, Ho., tesp't. Mr. J, T Bmdy vil leer*1 f?>r appellaut

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