Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1845 Page 3
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mosby' ill arkjbt. Thursday, Oct. ??? P. M. There wu vary Uttla alteration in quotations for stock* to-day. Moat of those offered closed at yester day's ptices. Erie Railroad full off] per cent; Morria Canal ? i Heading Railroad Improved 1 per cent; Long Island | ; Harlem ] , and Stoulngton, Norwich and Wor ceater, Farmer's Loan, Pennsylvania Fives, Illinois Siaes, Canton, Kentucky, and Ohio Sixes, closed Arm at yesterday's prices. The sales were only to a limited extent The receipts of the Western Railroad Company for the week ending Sept. 17th, 1841 and '45, have been as fol lows WxsrrsN Rail Road. lYeek Ending Sept. 27M, 1844. 1845. Passengers $9,335 8 887 Freight, Sic 8,209 10,548 $17,544 $19,485 Increase for this week in 1845, 1,891 Increase previously from Jan. 1st, 1845, 88,240 Including the last reported week, the total reported receipts this year have been, from passengers $283,832, and freight, mail, Sic. $289,860. Total, $672,990. In 1844, the passage receipts to the same time were $277,882, and for freight, mail, lie $259,977. Total, $637,859. Gain on passengers this year, $5,760. Freight, Sic. 29,381. To tal, $35 131. The Neptune Insurance Company of Baltimore, have mnde afmther dividend from its capital of two dollars per shaie. This, with the three previous dividends from the tame souice, will have paid to the stockholders one hun. died and four dollars per share, the parol which is one hundred. We understand that this may be considered the last dividend, unless the Company should hereafter realise something more from several old claims yet in its posse ssion. The Bute Bank, of Newark, N. J., has declared a dividend of three per cent Counterfeit 5's of the Nashua Bank are in circulation. A number ol them have been passed to traders on the streets. They are sigued by Isaac Spalding, President, nnd John >1. Hunt, Cashier, the same as ou the genuine bills. The signatures ere well imitated, but the appear ance of the bill is bad ; it has a dingy look. The receipts of the Reading Railroad Company for one week in September, 1841,'44, and'46, have been as fol" lows :? Rr.ADiNd Rail Roao. Wsefc Ending Sept. 30, 1843 Sept. 38. 1814. Sept 27, 1845. Rec-ipls $12.146 68 $16,974 33 *29.619 43 tioal trdiisportsd,tons, 8,137 11,720 22,463 This shows a slight failing off from the receipts the previous week this year. It is stated that the Railroad Company intenl giving those who use the coal exclu sively, the preference for the transportation of coal. We annex a tiiblo showing the quantity of certain lead ing articles exported from Boston for the year ending September 1, 1845. These export* are by sea, and do net include tho transportation of merchandise into the interior. bxroHTS FROM THE Po*T OF BoSTO* FROM Bsrr. 1, 1844, TO Seer. 1. 1815. Apple-, libit 11,482 Lard, bbls 5,414 A>h' S. Pots, bills 433 La- Dye. cases 14 Allies. rVnrl-, bills... . 233 Lluseed,bass 28,534 Bee wai, casks 67 L? ?d, white, kegs 1,968 Bsh-wst, bus ? 69 Lesd, pigs 21,620 Bu'tn kecs 16 884 Lead, white, tons 215hs bis 13.745 Lime, cask, 7,220 B end, bhls 9 763 Lumber, ,h ks (k lilid M 781 14... t & Slmes, cases . . 9-,069 Hoard, Si plank M ft.. 6,389 B .rilla, tin s 6 Staves & he ding... . 1,243 Candles. Biierm, boxes. 26.178 Houps, M 1.31# Cs (He. tallow, buses.. 20.H59 Shingles. M 5,257 C-s-is, man 4,206 Molasses, hhds 15.441 4'li- e<e, b xes 11,474 Molasses, tes. 1,460 fli-ere hluit 665 Molasses, bbls 3,816 C..c"?. bags <.371 Nails, cisks S3.126 Coffer Ims 127,762 Nnval h ores,Husin,bbls 13.769 Corn Im 33,901 Spirits Turpentine... 1,392 I urn M- nl. bbls 10 373 lar.bbls 4 963 Cotton, b les 15,685 Pitch, bbls 12.620 Dy woods? T rpentiue, bbls.,,. 3 640 l.og.vood, to s 7,553V Pepper, bags 5 003 L gwood.log- 306 Plister, tms 10.074 S ipsa wei'd. tons.,.. 146 Pork, bbls ??*,?? 28 227 Fustic, tons 216 Oil, bbls. ,.,.????,,?? 11,505 Domstici, cases 51.181 Rice.let 3.284 Fisb, dr Ci d, il-utni,. 8,539 Rice, bbls... 2,343 Fi-h. dry Cod, b xes... 7,1.6 Hum, hhds 2 778 Fi h.d-vCoil, qtls ... 103,020 Rum,bbls 13.482 Fisli, Mickn el. bbls... 44 511 Raisins,boxes 33,260 Fi?h, Hei ing,boxes... 21,952 8-dt, sacks 27,595 Flour, Wheat, bhj 120,401 Bait, hhds 12 559 F'our. Rye, bbls 6.047 Shellac, c S'* 1,010 G assware. pkgs 2.3 2 Sumac, Daga 1,203 Ounpnwtle . kega 11,925 Saltpetre,bags 22.486 Granite, t >ns 8,107 far-Himrilla, Dales 196 Granite pieces 3,132 Sugar, boxes 14,731 Gu.niy ClotliSi bags,bis. 6,595 v ugar, bags 8,116 Hams, hhds 1,006 Sugar, bbls 4,013 Ham-, threes 214 Sugar, libds 3,265 Hams, bbls 574 Soap, boxes 79,601 H mi, l umber 3.07R Speller, lln.. .? 8,400 Hemp, hales 7,121 TinPl-to b xes 889 Hemp, tons 472 Tobacco, leaf, hhila... 1,350 H i'cs bales 3 667 Tobacco, bales Sicsses.. 3 999 Hid s, i umber....... 167.729 Tob icco, manufsc. b s. .5,601 Ice, O S 41 080 Tallow, bbls 3,905 Ir- ii, ion* 4,| ij Teas, chests 12,332 Iron, pieces Si bdls.... 8.4i2 Wheai, bu 14.891 ' n'i e , cases 809 Whiskey, bbls 115 1 dijo. c romp 32 Whalebone, lidls 3.882 '.an! kegs 60,108 Wool, bales 3,069 The principal exporting staples from Boston arc manu factures, such as domestic goods, hoots and shoes. The exportation of provisions from that port the past yenr has been large, and the trade in articles coming under that head is daily increasing, hut there is very little <i'"'!n in the assertion that Boston is the principal provi sion market in the United States. We annex a statement showing the exportation of the principal stapla article of provisions fiom New York for eight months, ending September 1st, lb |j and from Boston for the year ending the same date. Provisions k XFoai rn from Boitosish NxwYosx. .V. York Hmton. X. York Boiton. Finn-,bbls 175,381 1 '0,401 Lard, kegs 47 126 60,108 Bu-ter. kegs 21,701 16.814 Pork, hi Is 49,574 28.227 JU-rf, bbls 33 196 13,74.5 Tallow,cskslkbblt4 530 3,905 Cher-e, bxs 42,5-3 It.474 Corn Meal, bbls 18,215 10,373 Coru, bssi. 8;,986 33,901 Flour, Rj e, bbls 3,858 *,047 It will be teen by this table that the exports of these articles from this port exceed those of Boston, withou* any rrganl to the difference in time. The shipments from New Yoik being for only eight months, and those from Boston lor twelve This doci not look much like Boston being the provision market of the United States. The exportation of Ash from Boston is much larger than from eny other port In the Union. The shipments of these ar. tides from this port In the fall months are very exten sive. generally equal to the ether three seasons; it would, therefore, be no more than just to nearly double the quantities given above in estimating the exports for the year, to moke a fair comparison between the trade oj the two cities in these staples The official statement of the quantityol flour imported into this port for eech of the past lour years, does not show any very great decreaae in the movements of that staple in this maiket. Flour li??rtcTri> n* the Citv of Nrw York. 1841. 1842. 1(43. 1844 bbll. bbll bbll. bblt. Bur wh't flour 1,477.812 1,383.156 1,488 809 1,431,083 Extra super 2.827 1,482 4.276 12,300 Fire. II 851 H 321 52,619 72,875 B ddeil 36 727 4 4 886 54,384 53,740 Fine middlings 7,040 6 226 7,495 7,168 Middlings 8.410 6,965 5,238 3,971 1,541,700 1,457,036 1,612,921 1,561,137 There hm been a much greater increase in the import trade of Boston than in the eaport trade. A few years since the merchants of that city imported nearly all their supplies of foreign manu factnres hy the way of New York, but their lines of Lil verpool packets, and the British steamers, furnish them with foreign goods direct. There is an immense amount ol capital employed in mercantile business in Boston, more, in proportion to the business transacted, than in any other city in the Union, and tho advancement making in the foieign and domestic trade of that port is upon a basis too solid for competition to destroy, The numerous works of internal improvement in New Eng. lind, starting from Boston and running into the interior of each of the States of that section, and connecting wtih the public works of New York, give that city a position eminently calculated to increase ita internal and eaternal co meroe. The various railroads of the East have not been constructed at an immense ex pense so much for profit as for tho ultimate advantages thvj must give that over every other section of the country With every disadvantage to contend against' so tar as geographical location and natural position aro concerned, the citizens of Boston have, within the past ten j csis, advanced the value ol landed property and in creased the conmerce of their city more rapidly than ever leohzad in the history of any Atlantic city in the Union. 3 his fact is perfectly plain, and requires no comparative statements, showing the value of personal and re si estate, to demonitrate it. The modes of taxation in the two cities vary so much that it ia impossible to tell the position of the two cities hs regards wealth, in tost wsy. A very large portion of Boston proper is appropriated to com met rial pursuits, and therefora covered with large sod valuable stores. This swells the value of real es tate and paraonaJ estate In tho city. Tho eltitens of Boa ton have been compelled to resort to the neighboring towns for dwelling places, and East Boston, South Bos ton, Cambridge, ? hurlestown, Chelsea, Itoxbury, fcc., have been very rapidly Ailing rip with houses for the re sidences of those doing business in Boston. One hun dred snd lorty-seven bouses were built in South Boston, and one bundled and fitly-seven in East Boston, in ten months one half of Boston proper is covered with buildings similar to those ia tho first and second waidnul this city. It ia therefore apparent that a com parison of the value of real estate on the whole island of Manhattan, with that of Boaton proper, ia no indication 0f the relative wealth of tho two oitiaa. The asaesa. merits furnish no correct data from which wo ooa draw just com pari sons Old Stock fiiehuift. $1000 NY Bute 6's, 186t, 1U7 225 ths Canton Co 41 1100 NY Stat# S'l, 184t, 9>W 121 do s30 43 19000 Ohio ?'?, 1800, 100 do b60 43W 1000 do bSO 98 50 do 4JA? 2000 Kentucky 6's 10lK 00 do 30da 4Jt? 1100O III Spl Bond* rx 25 do 130 4(5 17000 Penn s 5 * 77 50 do mjJa 43V 5400 Rending KR t .'iW 30 Ohio Lift It Traat 97 15000 do 05* 50 Hhrlen. Hit ,iV 1000 Texas 10 per ct Bd* 25 50 L Island RK a00 70 18 shs B nik Com full 06 50 do 71 25 U S Bank ih 2i0 do 71W 25 N O Canal Bk 42 200 do blO 71V 20 East River In* 25 50 Western RR *20 <j? 5? Farmers'1 luat h30 MK UO Stouiugtou RK do 3?S 25 Norlt Wor RR 74? 100 do 34,5 25 do 7jV: luMercliExBk lo< 25 d,> a 10 74 30 do 100V 100 do *oo 77 50 Morri* Canal QOds 25 25 do 7j W *il v ? 'to M R??din? RR 51H 68 Erie RR 34^ 100 do *10 5lX JA '1? 54 V 300 do b?0 52 40J do 34 25o ,i0 1,30 3m Second Board. 3000 Reading Bond* 65 V 50 Erie RR .30 34 3jStomi>gtan RR 32 50 Wilmington RR 33* '? do 32 iio do .30 33S ? 31* 75 Morria Canal 24V 50 trie RR 34 50 do 1,10 24 V do 33X 50 L laland 7U? do 34 25 Reading RR 51 >?5 do 31 ]00 do b30 51 15 do ?30 34 New Stock Bxrhangc. 50ah* MpmaCanal 015 25 V SOslis VicksburgBank ? do bS 25V 50 Erie RR 2* do 1,20 23 V 25 do 25 do bw 25 V 75 do 25 do a 10 25 25 Nor St Wor 25 Canton Co 43 150 do 26 do *10 42X 125 do 25 do tw 43 25 do 25 do bl 43 25 do Married* On the 22d September, 1844, by the Rev. Henry Chare, Calks Watson, Esq., to Miaa Adkliivk, daughter of the late Thomas Arenta, all of thia city. On the 25th Sopte mher, at Trinity Church, Newark, N J., by the Rev Malliew H. Henderaon, Galloway Fhv lioh, Esq , to Elixa J., youngeit daughter of the late John Miaa, all of Bedford, Canada Eaat. On the 29th ult , by the Rev. .Mr. Lyont, Mr. Joseph D. .loHNao.N to Miaa Elizabeth Bbitt, all of this city. On Tueadny, the 30th September, by the Rev. E. Mien, Mr. Jacob Pkcark, ol Charleston, 8. C, to Miss Bkhtha, daughter of Zion Barnatein, Esq., of this city. On Wednesday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Dewitt, Gkorqk W. Thompson to Eliza A.>."4A,*younire?t daugh ter of Ichabod Prall, Esq. 8 8 Died. Suddenly, at his residence in Clinton, Oneida county, N. Y., on the 6th ult., Bkkj. Hickcox, Esq., aged 83 years. He was one of the earliest settlers in that part of the couutry, and for 30 years held the offlco of Magis trate and Postmaster, On the 1st inse., Claps Schkkfkr, a native of Germa ny, aged 43 years 11 months and 19 days, of consume tion, alter long and severe suffering, which he bore with fortitude and resignation. Tho relatives and Iriends are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral from his late tesidence, 137 Duane st on Friday afternoon, at three o'clock, without further in vitation. CRIMINAL INFORMATION. THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, of Saturday morning October 4, published at No. 27 Centre street, will exceed errry previous number in its account* of startling criminal infnpnation Among other things it will con tain a minute account of the particulars of the Robbery of Rt'ubeuRowluy of $28,000, with the name of the suspected '"iire* of 'he Felons," Suttou, 8 evens and Reed. Full expose of Lntterv Policy Gambling in thia city. Escape and pursuit of a notorious fugitive from justice, with his correspondence Gambling for Joh> Quhicv Ad'ins. Hot. Wright's Hewnrd for George Poiter, the pickpocket. Movements of the panel thieves of New York and Phila delphia. Jufain' us conduct of Cabmen at S eamboats. John B. Guush mid his confession. Pickpockets ou Bnstunt hmige More about die du-1 between Belmont h Hayward. Ihimiiial proceeding* agoust Mckenzie. Discovery ol Chevalier Wykolfa amatory correspondence at the great I'ne. Contemplated trials af Schermerhorn, Ashley and Barker, for forgery. Coulter, Banlett St Co. for falae pretences Midatne I oat. llo for murder ol u iboru infanta. Smith, Davia ?nd Cupid for robbery. Robbery el' T ff.iny fi V ouug's rich fancy store. Kln'tering of the " F'ymeu '' French Ja< k, Bil'y C x. Bob Pinkerton alias Long Bob. Charley Morv-u alias t barley Roper. George Martin alias --ho. m iker George. Joe Murriyaiid t.< k H tfield r"i ir es Cooper, all a BUck-Eyed Chailey. Mike Ne ? a on, ? hsa Mike Newton. John *hsw and Jack Roach. 6m &c List of Ciiuiea mud I uuiahmenta, under the Statutes of New York. Knuck, Gennaufa and Cracksmen. For sale ai 27 Centre st, N rw York; Zeiber & Co., and other agents at l'hiladrlphia; Redding tk Co., Boston; iteitisligh, Bal timore Price 3 cents pernumber. Newsmen and Carriers snppliednt the u?nal rates. o3 lt?ric TtlP* USWEUO AND SYRACUSE KA1LKUAU rpHE Books of Subscription to the stock of the Oswego & A Syracuse Ksilioad Company will lie opened for a suhscr.p tion of the balance of the stock on Sarurday and Monday nex'.. the 4ih anil 6th of October, at Howard's Hotel, l'ruin 11 to 1 o'clock esco day. Dated Oct. 2, 1815. ALFRED MUNSON, JOHN WILKINSON, ALVIN BRON80N. HOLMEo HUTCHINSON, o3 3t*m3d. 4rli8iCth (. nmmitne NOTICE. PHYSIOLOGY OKTIl ? . ORIGIN OK LIFE, Sic -First tune?An entirely new and select Course of Lectures, to a 1'initeil number of gentlemen only, by r. Hollick, M iidav, Tue-dsy, Wednesday, Oct. 6, 7, 8?Embracing many novel anil interesting topics never before introductd to a public au di < ce. Tickets tor th? course $1; 'lis number is limited. Single ad mission 50 cents,to he i> the ateudauce select Lyceum ol Natural Histoiy, opposite Ninlo's, Broadway.? Doors open at 7?lecture to comm. nee st 7V. Illustrated by 16 full sized life-like models, which minutely dissect and eshibit t e whole ma e and lemale structure com plete; the gradual deveh pinent of the new b-inz from its , ri malgerm, &.C?alipeilectiy tnie to nature; besides diagrtrns and uatipal preparations. These models h?ve never beloie been exhibited and explai ed except m medical inst tutions. Alter tne lecture the audience can examine them ntleisnr*. aud ask any questions about them. Each lecture complete uy itself, though the whole form a counrcied < ourse At 3 I' .Vl, same day, a new course, for Ladies only, ou Fe male diseases, Sic. Admission 25 cents. Gentlemen of the press are invited. o3 3t*rrc FOR SALE. rPHK LEASE.Stock and Fixtures ofa first rate Oys'erCellar, $ limited in a business part oftlie City. For terms inquire at the Vivarnmbla, cor Spring and Mercer sts. o3 2t*mc FR8. N. BARRON. w At >ON FOR SALE?A light one seat wagon, nearly uew. with leather top, patent axles; hu It by Godwin, to order, in *lie best manm r; for sale low. Apply to ROB P. L. WILLIAMS, Livery Stable, 13th it, o3 3t*inc between 5th and 6th avenues. | IMPORTEDSEGARS. SMOKERS are reminded that they can Ml Hie best Segars the Hsbana produces, a- . "THE HABANEROS.V 12 Berkmeustreet. Dealers in Segars not wi-lung to lay out n^H^putal in stock it will be to the r advantage to call as sbovi fcSWexamiue the very supern r article ' . have just received, elegmitly put up tu fancy b- Irs, ?rw style. ?ntne containing 100 and others 75 Se gtrs each box, and if they give satixfaction can always get the same article, thus avoiding to iuvest mu-h money mm iiemg cheated in tlm b irgaiu. PEN A Ik RIVA8, o3 21"ire Sole Agents for ih- Fig.iro Segars. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, FEA THERS AM) MATERIALS. A P. MONTANT, III Pearl st, has received from packet ? slops Oneida, Emerald and Zurich, from Havre, a com plete assortment of Artificial Flowers mid materials for the same. , Also, an assortment of Msrahout, Ostrich and Fancy Fea thers, which he offers for sale cheap to close a consignment. ; o36teodism STOLEN. STOLEN from my home in Fleet street, Brooklyn, by n German girl, wno gave her name CATHERINE, at.d slated that she had lately arrived from Bremen, in the barque | Charleston. Had on a pu'plr calico frock and apron, black I silk lint; middle sire, dark complexion, lleshy and clumsy I looking?said she had been lick last Friday and had a (it rraau dortoi?had stayed a few days with a shoemaker in Brooklyn. The articles stolen, Wrre Four silver Soup Spoon, two ! smaller Children ditto, and aeven Tea Spoons, marl ed (1. B.; , one white muslin dress, uue embroidered lace collar, two pocket h nidkerchiefa, one marked D. B A. suitable re ward will be given to any person who may apprehend the thief an recover'he goods, /apply to G. BALC'HEN, o22l*rc llli Wall street. I tcTtaXlors. THOSE who desire to attain a correct knowledge of Fash ionable Cutting, in all its various branches, would do we I I to obtain Sti i met,' Complete Work ou the su ject, which I r. <n be ?b aiued ol the aut .or only, at ID Broadway. I'rice, I *r<"" 0? P*r book ol Im'inr WOOL?2u OOu I s We.tern He-ce, from common to full blooil, washed and unw shed, for sale hy n2 F. K COLLINS Ik C *. 36 South st. HEMP?160 b ilea extra water rot, a vi ry superior article, for salejiy * . . Qt LLl_NH > CO 36 South ?t LIACKLFD H MP? ISO hales hackled dew rot h. mp, pre ?? pared with greit? are and free from slivers and tow, lor sale by K. K COcLINS ACQ, 36 South at. '/'he Mont Cut tou.1 Book Vet. SHAKsPEAtvE'S MERRY TALES, ANo TALKS JIN I) QUICK JIN SIXERS. THIS iaonenfthe moat Curious additions that have of laie years been m ? 11e to what may be teimnl bhaksperiau Lite rature, aud thst it sup, lies a vacuum therein that has long oeen open. F very reader of Shak.peare ia aware that in the pi iv Much Ado Ah. nr No lung," the spimhtly Beatrice replies to the diagnoed B in ihct >n the f llow nig leima: Be it rice?I hat I was di dainful. and that Iliad my good witoutolthe' nu d.ed Merry Tales." Price of tne book o ly 2a cents. F'or sale by ..1 the Booksellers and Periodical Agents, ol 3."r FOR SALE, A /' A BARGAIN, A FIRST RATE ME AT SHOP, i the upp-rpartof the uti, Fifteenth Ward, uow doing a good business. Alao, Morse slid Csit The winSe wi I be sO'll cheap for cash. Inquire of Alfred Marsh, cor Broadway aim 12th st. oils r FRENCH FALL AND WINTER GOODS ]Vf AD'LLE. F. t.OOF'FROY having jnat arrived ftom Pa IvA rit by the last Havre jweket, will open on Tuesday next, 7th inst, sevrr.d eases of Silks, Mantillas, Hats. New Material Articles for Dresses, Ribbon-. Ike. All the above goods have hern houglitaud ordered hi Msd'lle F. (J. foi her exclusive sale, and willtic disposed ol on the most reasonable tetms. ilk BROADWAY, ol lw*r co nor Leonard it. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. IjAVF.NINO SCHOOL?No 12 Chambers street?(om J meiicea on Monday, the 6th nf October. Terms?Members el the Institute, $3 per quarter ; non-members. $|. Payable in ?"I"0,6*;. M C. TRACY,Principal. J. J. M AI KS, Chairman School Com. sllfl b'*r AMkjtivAtt SCR IH FOR SALE BOUT $3.7,0 0 in M*?nr%n Hcrip, bearing fl per rent p? r Annum, mid ? ny*h|? in 17 <|i? irt?*rl> m?ulm#nt?, for *nb Dy ihr holdrr, who n about tor?mov? to lLtirop?\ . fj. nf* a<utl' ^6*^ October, proximo, addr??ned to r.. r , 292 Bn *dw*y. 1 apitsIlata will And this a profitable and secure investment. s2K tf rrc FINE ARTS. O'b PAINTINGS C leaned, Lined and Restored, by V.e ? H. BENT, ?10 1m re No. TM Broadway. WANTED? By arespectable young wom*n.a nt?ali"i to I wlMIINIll housework oi * sm.ll fsmily, or is chain bertriad. 1 c best of city references can brgiveu. Please call ; ?i No. a Kiimth. oi i(*m WANTED?A young mm of get ir*l sddr*M, about IT or IB yeark of mcc, to attend ait rxh:~K.u? a J laJestsi d at t&t COOMB* Fair oftM A;.,rnr. , NMM m?<1 *PpW except thoac who are capable at.d cva ?t?e'l ?? hear refrrvnc a. Out who haa tome knowledge i f Ur peituiniry business would be ptelerred. Addrraa Q .Herald ,Ite*. t>3 lt*rrr JNFOKMATl N W iMLU-Of John O'Hrien, a of the county of Kilke ny. Ire'and, (artaerly a privaie ol Company O, I li U S I. faulty, who w aa diacharved from tha aonrl e at Tampa Bay. Honda on the 82d May, 1141, since which period uo tidings hare been haaid of turn, ?t of Ins wife and family, who accompanied him AuT information respecting the present whereabouts of the aaid O'Brien, or hia lamily, dir.ced to Mr. John Kelly, care of Mr. John Sweeny South Kerry, Brooklyn, will be lit uikfully received <'*3l*.je ?air a Mf i. n_Ho . ......... 1.1- ~ ? ~ WANTED?By a irapei tible young woman, a aituatiou aa i Ur.e, p ain iramttress. clmunermaid, lauudreia or J waiter , the beat of city refeiencea given aa to character, capa bility, kc Please apply at 486 Peul at, cor City Hall place. 03 Urn TO WI(J WORKERS. WANTED?Immediately, a young lady to work ventilated Wigs; good pay aiid ste :uy work. Alao, smart active boy. Apply to W.vl. BATCHELOR, No. a Wall atreet. <>2 fmc LEFT OFF WARDROBE ANLl FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families can obtain the full value for i all ki ius oUu^rllou.sefftctH they with to dispose of,suoh * Ladies ajid Oeiitlemeiu Weariun Appsrel, Fire Arms, Fur- j niture, Sic. Gentleman leaving or returning to the city will j nuil it to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who pledg es himelf to give a fab price lor all articles offered. " ~A lluc through the Poat Office will be promptly at tended to. T. LEVEN8TYN, | sll 1 id rc 466 Broadway, up stain. ^ r , WANTED. ?)' AMIL1ES can alwaya be (applied with faithful, competent A and well recommended belli of all capacitiea, both for city and country, at tlie well established Agency office for dotnea 11cu 21ft (J,and atreet, uear the Bowery, where every means ia used to procure the best help 1. T. WATTS. ^ 8 ?trood and faithful domestics can have excellent places at this office. ?9 |m.rc out LIST DK. POWELL, M. U., OCCLUST AND OPERATIVE SUKGf ON, cuutiuuet to atteud to Diaraaes of the V ye and to all impelfections of vision,jroin 9 tot o'clock, at his re sidei ce, 261 Broadway, cor Warren at. Inveterate cases of Strabismus, or squinting, cured in a few tnuutea ARTIFICIAL EVES inserted that can scarcely be distin guished from the natural Offices and residence 261 Broadway, entrance 1)?i Warren St.? Gra'Uitous advice to the Poor. (>3 ll'rre TEETH! TEETH!! fDEETH?Who would be without Teeth when they can have 1. tlietn iuseited without the alighteat possible pain, and war ranted to suit all the purposes of natural ones, by cilliug ou Dr. JUNES, Dentist, at Ftta office, corner of Canal street rud_ Broadway, entrance in Caual street. The foliowiug is a list of prices :? A complete double set of beat mineral teeth on gold plates, $60 l>0 A set uf ties' mineral teeth, ou fine gold plate, for J the up|ier jaw, to be woru by atmospheric im pression, 30 00 ?ingle tooth, ou gold plate, from $2 60 to 6 00 Pivot tooth, from 76 to l 60 Plugging teetli with gold, from 76 to I 60 Extracting teeth, 26 to 60 All oilier operations in the same proportion. Remember, comer of Caual street and Broadway, entrance ou (.'anal at. s Au Apprentice wautod. o3 lt*mc BWigs and Scalps. ATC H K.LOR'SrsVw Invented Wigs and Scalps, are ex citing the astonishment, curiosity and admiration of con noisseurs. All the old difficulties and vexatious annoyances are now done away with. These beautiful specimens of the art to Wig making, can only be procured at Wm. Bntchelor's, No 2 Wallstreet, near Broadway. Removed I rom 166 Broadway. o31m*mc R 11 A Rl'S. EMOVAL of Waretooms to 281 Broadway, in Granite Building, cor Chambers at.?J. K. BROWNE offers for site, in 2111 Broadway, au elegant assortment of double and sin gle action Harps. The rich brilliancy of tone, lightness of touch, perfect mechanism aud elegnnt finish of ile-se harps arc unequalled. Warranted to bear the test of climate, and at Eu ropean prices. The attention of merchants, and the musical world generally, is particularly desired. Haips repaired. MtrmgSj Instruction Books, See. J. F. BltO CO. ( From Erard,) London and New Vork, establ shed IBIO. Certainly the finest harps yet produced. The first profe sion al talent we have prefer these harps to all others.?London Mis? steal Mirror, Jutie, 1840. .vtr. Biowne's harps are by far the most magnificent instru ments we ever saw . Through hia iwtfect knowledge ofthe lu strum' lit he liar effected many import lit improvements in the tnerliaii'Cal department, and in the tone there is an extraordi nary addition of sweetness, purity and power. The pill rs are elate rately and gorgeously c rved a> d gilded, while the framn are elegantly shaped and finished.?BroadwayJ ournal, Srpt. 27tl>, 18-16 o3 ImDSiW* rc MUSIC. A LADY wishes to devote her time to the instruction o< young ladies on the Piano. She teaches ou the Logerian system, which has never been introduced as yet iuto this coun try: it has been greatly approved ?f in Enrope, as bemg the shortest and easiest method of bringing on the pupil. A note addressed to X. Y. at the office of this paper, shall be attended to. s26 lm*rr CHEMICAL BALSAM, 4>r Hair liivlgorntor. A REMED Y for all diseases iucident'l to the Hair and its restorative, in all cases wheie Baldness is not beyond the reach of art. Memits of the Chkmipi. Bat sim on Ham ItrvtooRTOB.?U prevents Baldness. It removes D uidriff and Cutaneous Scruff. It keeps the Hair iu its natural color and Prevents it from turning grey. It is now presented to the world, witli a firm be lief. thai as a be vutiful aud healthy restorative of the Hair it will he found ou irial unequalled. Prepared solely by E i'l.a lon. No. 214 Bio ,dw <y. Agents?ii H ish St Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer It fielan, 16 Broad street, Columbus Georgia; E. 3. Tattle. Philadel phia, P- untylvania; H. Rice, corner of Court and H?waid streets Boston ; C B. Brower, No. 186 Fulton st.. Brooklyn; M. S Fletcher, Marebon, Ulster Co., N. Y.j S. W. Creech, Tiwmnat House Boston s28 lm*tnc "THE ALBATA SILVER WARE," VI* ANL'KACTURED by Wm. ('hnndless. 462 Hudson St., ivl rami t be d t> cted from Bteiling Silver, for the longer this Ware is used the whiter it becomes. W. C., also niauufactnres Sterling Silver Spoons, Forks and Jewelry, cheap aud is preiwied to buy Old Gold and Silver, German do, I'enrls lud Ulamonds, to any amount. Be snre to look out for the Sun Date 152 IIlid-on street between Barrow and .Morton sts. Win. Chuidlest, established 1833, late of Clarkson St. ? 26 lm*rc MII'ATION PRECIOUS STONES; eal Garnet andTur kois, lor sale by E. F. KOKTUM, 214 William street, New York. OSTRICH FEATHERS, for sale b^; F. KORT1JM, s26 lm*r 214 William street. JUST OPENED. COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET, Between Sixth and Seventh Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAOLEY, MACKENZIE 8t CO hr^rVeffife?!Proprut"r' PETER L. KKRULSOn "?"1' of Washington Hon,, s242mrc G. B. CLARKE. FASHIONABLE TAILOR AND DRAPER, Near Fultok, 132 William Street, Opposite the new Row of Buildings, G1VEH the following reasous for the gi^at success he has hi therto inet with :? lit.? Ml goods are bought at the loweit cash pricea and paid for at once. 2d?An exclusive and rigid system of selling for cash only. 3d?Many years exm-neiicr in business 4th?Being satisfied with small profits. A discerning public, therefore, can at once perceive that it is their inteieat to patronise this establishment. (J. B C. would refer to a large and respectable connexion both in this city and iu Brooklyn, in proof of the style and fi nish of his garments. Splendid F rench Cloth Dress Coats made te measure from <14 to <20. An assortment of Office Coats and all otherartiD re of gentle men's dress, at equally reasonable prices s8 lm'rc A. PURDIE, FRINGE, GIMP, CORD AND TASfcEL MANUFACTURER, No. 105 William Street. l p fitnlri. 1NTIMATES that he has en hand, and is daily bringing for ward, a splendid assortment of the above articles, So which he invites altentiou. Orders promptly executed. Prices low. s 11 1 m * rc A PORTRAIT FOR ONE DOLLAR A K. THOMPSON'S Dagnerrisn Rooms. No. 2kj Broad sway, between the Granite Buildings and llende St. L1K ENKhHES of the various sixes taken by the improved process and finished in the most superior style, with all the natural colors. Operations in all weather from 8 A. M. till 4 P. ,M. Instructions in the Art and Apparatus and Materials supplied. To persons wishing a thorough knowledge of the business t>u perior advantages are here offered sin lm?m ~ COAL. I AM now delivering best Peach Orchard and Red Ash Coal screeued andfree ol cartage fro ' it.c yard at the following prices, (as usual the lowest iu tin' city,) namely. Broken. Egg and Stove at <5 25; large uut <4 75; >1011111111 <4 per ton. with .<5 Cents off if taken from the boats. Coal Yard corner of King and Greenwich streets. PETER CLINTON, sll lm*re FALL FASHIONS. r|^HE SUBSCRIBERS have just received an invoiee of very 1. rich Scarfs, Cravats and Linen Hdkfs, richly bordered? Their assortment of ready made Linen, and gentlemen's under garments is now complete and well worthy the attention ol citixen* and strangers. Their Patent Elastic Brace is highly recommended by the 'acuity for all persons who are suffering from debility, or ain 111 the chest, or have acquired the habit of stooping- For sale wholesale and r tail, at the old establishment of Pursells & Agate 237 np'ftilway. corner of Park place sin Im'm THE ODD FELLOWS' OFFERING FOR IRRv JUST PUBLISHED, BY McGOWAN Ac TREADWELL, No. ?H llnrclny Street. 'I'HIC ODD FELLOWS' Oh> ERINO, FOR 1816-Kdited I by Paschal Donaldson? Kmbelluh with elegant Engra vings on S'eel from 1 riginal Designs hy ( asilver and Mor ton, and be-utifully hound in Morocco and Gilt. Theusuil .lisC'lint allow d to Booksellers. sll lin'r TO DEALERS IN JEWELERY. I^HE UNDERSIGNED, being Manufacturers. and having | aline Assortment of Jewrlerv and Diamond Work on hantf, solicit a call from dealers and merchants dealing in the above ! articles. Any given pattern or style of jewelery or fine dia mond work made to order, at BMAW tL ARROWSMITH'S, >19 lin*mc No. 1 De> street, one door Irom Broadway. N. B ?Twelve or fifteen good chain makers can find em rlnvment ?s above. Rl' dl EMBROIDERED White Marseilles Vestings; .1 Do do do Valencia do; . Do do Black Skitin do; Do do do tvaasimere do; t asuroerea in a great variety, new styles; Ettri Hilk and 8 <(in Scarfs and Cravats; Super b ack, white and colored Kul Gloves, extra sires, I Sic., man u tact ur (I espre.aly fur our sales. Just received at 231 Broudway, . , American Hotel, >28 Iwl.m Ml T JENNINGS Ik CO. A Card. ^IGNOR KAPETTI having dedicated himself exclusively O to the instruction of Music, respectfully informs bis friends md the public, lie will, during the month of October, com uence a class for the VlOLlN st his room, No .185 Broadway. Terms modtrgr. Those who are desirous of becoming pupils, will please apply to Signor Godone, 403 Broadway, and at (. handlers It Jollie, 385 Broadway. Signor ILipetti will contigre, as usual, giving Itssoua ou the Piano and Italian Singing. *14 eodlm'ro 1 AUCTION NOTICES. Urttn-huute and Parlor Planit at Auction, and Jjulrh Rulboun Hooti. A LEVY will tell, on Monday morning. 8th nut, at 11 o'clk ? at 293 Broadway, a choice variety of ornai, eutal Plants, consisting of Came lias, Aralias, R hododendr on?, in bad; Koici ol various s irts; Geraniums, Passion Viliet, he., Wltbuumer oni other variities.nll in fine order Sale pot itive. And on Tuesday* morning a few cases of c hoioe Dutch Bul boua U*h ta, juti received from Haerlein, in hnlluid. ?3 3t*mc W.N1. W. SH IRLEY. Auctiom sr. QTOCK OF RICH CHIN ?By H. E Wil'lard, This Day. ?3 Friday, Oct 3J, at 10 o'clock, at the atore 061 Broadway, cp ? . rutailera, a "e r 11hiy | vw 1-1 ju, cii- iu v vi , t * poaite Bond at, iu lota to auit housekeepers am beautiful asaortnirnt of rich Cliiua aud otlier i?nuorudessert, oeauinui assortment oi ncn wiiiua mu uu?i tea, coffee and toilet ae a, of various pstt*rus; yicli Pitchers, Mautel Oruaineuta, fiiaeuit Images iu paira or saugly, Lamps, Solars, and varn ua other goods. Safe positive* for cash, and to be taken away same day, as the atore must he given U|> on Saturday. ?> lt*m A C. TUTTLE. Auctioneer. P ATTERN CARDS-Jacob S. I'.att will aril, Thia Day, at the auctiou room, et 10 o'clock, at 23 Piatt at. the halance of AahtOu, Jackson 4t Co'a pattern cards, emulating of Knives, very rich, 2, 3 and 4 blades, ivory, pearl and shell handles; also, Table Cutlery; also, 1* uglish Scissors, Shears, Ike., with which the sale will commence. (.'atajngur s are now ready. r>3 lt'tnc A.C TUTTLE, Auctioneer. DAMAGED TOYS?Jacob 8. Plait will tell, this day, at the auctiou room, 23 Piatt 10 o'clock, 20 caves dama ged Toys, for account of whom it may concern. T-rins cash. o3 lt'inc A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. ?).AMAOED HARDWARE?Jacob S.PUt^UlaelLthis ~'d iy, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room 23 Pl itt-1. the ba lance of the hard ware damaged on heard ship Suuthiaart, bound to Chaileaton, S C.?Coi silting of 300 lct? of Ales Saws, Sail Irons, Curry Combs, Locka, Nails. Hemp Itopev, Rim Lock v. H miners, Waffle Irons, large Bells, Coffee Mills, Table and Pocket f futlery, Vices, Shaving Boxes, Planes, See. Also, a general assortment or Hardware, suitable for South ern and \V estern markets. The whole will be sold for cash. Catalogue! are now ready. o3 lt'inc TO LET, A SUIT OK ROOMS, consisting of a handsome D,aw ing Room and Pallor on the first floor, front aud u-ewfcrear bedrooms, with pantries aud wardrobes, convtni eutly arranged for a large family, for the wiuter.all handsome ly and newly furuitl ed, a private table, and all necessary comforts at 411 Houston street, second block east side from Broadway. Can be seeu at any lime after the 8ih September, of I w*m LOST?A black Newfoundland Dog, wilh_ white 'ghborno breast and grayish tail, iu i lie neighborhood of Peail t - t ? Street and f.oeiities slin. The fiuder will receives suit-ble reward on re.uruing him to No. 34 Greenwich st. oS It* me HARLEM PARK?PACING. ON FRIDAY, Oct. 3d, at 3 P M, purse aud stake for $100, mile heats, best 3 in Si under the saddle. W Davis names blk K Blk Joke Col Bartine names., ch g Frelnighuysen A Conklin names b g Sir Archy o3 lt'tnc BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. MONDAY, Oct Gth, at 3 P M. match for SHOO?Mile heats, under the saddle, between Gen. Dunham's b. g. Moscow audlunvs D. McMann's hr. in. Reality. TU ESDAY, Oct. 7, at 3 PM, purse $'.100?mile heats, best3 ill iGn harness. D llry.viit enters gr in Lady Suffolk ? * in. ? W. Wheelau - hr m Duchess N B?A purse of $30 will also he given, to come off on each of the abo?e days. Particulars to-morrow. o!6t"in OCTOBF.K 61h?A purse ofS30 will be given, free for all horses that never won a purse over $50, to go mile heats, best tnree iu five under the saddle?three or more to make a mce. Entries to be made at Grevu St Loiee's, at 9 o'clock on Friday evening. Get. 13th?A purse of $10, free for all trotting horses that neve won a purse over $"5, to go in harness, one mile heats, bes'three in five. Entries to be made at Green St Losee's, on Friday eveuing next, at 9 o'clock?three or more to make a race Oct. 13 h or first fair day?purse $250, mile heats, best three in five. D Bryant enters gr m Lady S ffolk H Woodruff b g Ripton P Hunt bgMoscow October on or about the 20th?Purse $400, three mile heats iu liarnew. Gen Spieer enters bg Americus It Bryant -liters gr m Lady Suffolk W Wheelau br m Duchess H Woodruff b g Riptoti PHimt bg Moscow Tro" ng a"f p' cing I'urses to thr amount of $1200 will be given f it ? l'"l lowing races : A puis, otj.n0 $10(1 to second horse, one mile heats, best 3 iu 5 fo I, id . Suffolk and James K Polk; Lady Suffolk to go under ih< -addle, James K. Polk in skeleton wagon, to come off about Mth iust Also a purse of same amount, for same horses, to go two mile beats, as above, to couie oil within about li days of the above. Also, same puwe for same horses, to go three mile heats, La dv S if ilk under the saddle, James K Polk iu harness?to come oil within two v? eeks after the , hove Lady S rtfo'k and and J imn K. Polk are entered for the above three purses, to come off over the Beacon Course. o2 2t*rtc C. H BROWNING, Proprietor. PHILADELPHIA HUNTING PARK COURSE. TROTTING. THF. FALL MEETING over the above Course will com nieiice on Tuesday, the 28lh of October, and continue two davs No. 1?Tuesday. 28 h October, purse $200, two mile hea's, under the saddle, free for all horses that never won a purse over $300. No. 2?Snine day, purse $150, $50 to the second best, tnile heats, the b st in five, in harness, free for all horses thai have never trotted tor money. No. 3 Wednesday, 29th October, purve $300, tbree mile heats, in harness, free for all trotting horses. No. 4?Same day. purse $150, $5oio the second best, two mile esaddle, f heats, under the saddle, free for all horses that have uever trot ted for money ? ntries for No. 1 and No. 3 to be made on Saturday, the 18th of October, ut the Course, in Philadelphia, and at Greeutt Losee's, (,nathams>|Uare, on ortiefore 9 o'clock P M, in New York. Entries for Nm. 2 and 4 to be made at the Course the evening previous to each trot. Two or more to make a race in each purse. I Members will pie ise apply for their fail badges as it has been el I found necessary to cancel those already issued. n3 rodicev Sun't o!8m J W. JACKSON will run W. Barlow, of Williamsburg, ? for any amount from 500 up to 2000 dollars, five miles or any distance up to twenty that he or his frieudi think proper to name, and I will take or give 150 dollrrs for choice ol ground i to run on. which ground to he within twenty miles ol New York. The shove money will be ready to-n,ght, the 2d of Oc i toiler, at Mr. Jones's, Park Row. i o2 ifmc W. JACKSON, Park How. m?Ai ivagh,. A MATCH for One Hundred Dollars a-tide. will come off at the Elysian Fields. Hoboken. on Monday afternoon, Oct fitli, at 1 o'clock, between the celebrated scull boait New V'ork ami Butters Pet?the New York to be rowed bv the Bro thera Tenvcks, and the Battery Pet by Charles Thoinaa and John Connor. The diatance to be 2% miles and to be rowed in, ,mil the winning boat to receive a purse of S30? to be given by the proprietors of the Colonade. oi ?Hs'm M. MoT ARTY. REGULAR U. S. MAIL LINKS BETWEEN CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORN I NO LINK at 10 o'clock A. M. BKN KMANKLIN Ne. 7, J. B. Summons, .matter. PIKE No. t, J Armstrong, matter. EVENING J.INK at6 o'clock P M. SIMON KKNTON, W. McClain, master. BKN FRANKLIN No. 6, W. McClrllan, master. These boats, forming two daily lines, will run rcg'tlarly, lea ving punctu illy at the hour, aud will take freight and passen gers to and from intermediate I Hidings, at the iitu-l rates. Freight w.ll he received for these lines at the Mail Wharf Boat, foot ot Broadway. Every efTort will be used to accommodate shippers and pas seugers. BTRADKK fc WORM AN, I Agents ol lm*rrc ROGERS It SHERLOC K, J Agents. STEAMSHIP NEW YORK, forC haile tou, Key West and New Orleans?Passen gers by this steamer will please be on board, at 10 o clock This Morning, at pier 7 N II.? 'Letter bags will rinse at ?>'? o clock, at (lie W. bt J. T. TAP8COTT, 76 South st? cor. Maiden Lane. KUK LONDON?Regular Packet ol the 10th Oc tober?The splendid packet ship S WITZERL AN D, jCaptaiu Kii'ght, will sail as alWvv. her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin aud tteerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden Lane, orto JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of Sonth street. The packet ship Ouchec, K H. Hebard, master, will succeed the Switzerland and sail on the 20th Oct. oJ COLMAN'S (LITERARY SALOON, AND EXHIBITION OF BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS, No. !W?:i Broadway, New York.. MAXIMILIAN'S (heal and Splendid work, being hit tour through the United States, illustrated with Eighty En gravings, alter the manner of drawings in large folio?with a'o volume of It iter pieaa. both volumes elegantly put up lor the Drawing Room. A few ^opies < uly printed iu Euglish. Nostr.iuger ? honId visit the City without calling iii to see the Ureut I HI lection of BOOKS, PAINTINGS, AND ENGRAVINGS, which are offered "at greatly reduced prices." The Public Sale Room is filled with l ooks of every kind, in various languages, to see which, and the Fnnt Room, no charge is made a Above the Bookstore or Sale Room, au apartment is fitted "'V.YIHBITlON AND SALE OK OIL PAINTINGS, consisting of about TWO HUNDRED CHOICE PICTURES, by anc.ieut snd modern Masters?to view wnich, a small charge of 1*>4 cents is required. HERALDRY. The Arms of Individuals whose families originated m any country , " iiiope, traced and splendidly emblazoned on eel ha.eqn ?, in vsecntion, uidat one third the charge of the Lon don 11? s, id 'a Colleges. Genealogies or Pedigrees arranged and illuminated JUST PUBLISHED, The GENEALOGY OK GEORGE WASHINGTON, with hi* mil. <nd erest, as wern upon hit carnage Price nnlv $' 6*? in eolora. A Cnriosirv jetlcodtfm INDIA SHAWLS. JAMES HECK te CO., AVE lust n-ci-ieed some more splendid India, very rich herd.' ge Lou ; White Shaelt, from $700 toSI.' OO. Long White ?lit fashioned Borders, at low prices. Long htui H'Ch Shawls and good calors. Long G cen do do do Long Scaile' old stale Borders, at moderate prices. Long Srariet, rich borders well filled. Long Blai k, plain centres and narrow hordera. I.i ng lllack, with larg. rich borders. 10 t Square Btaek prim corner and good renters. 10-4 do Green, d? do do 10-s de Bine, do do do 10 4 do White, do do do lit.| do Scarlet, narrow borders. White, Red. Green, Black and Blue Scarfs, all aizes. also, CANTON CRAl E SHAWLs. Scarlet, White, IJrah, lllack, Straw, Crimson and Fancy Colors, s ,mc ofthem very rich. Also?Scarfs and < anion Silks, with a varietv of other India II ami China Goods, at very moderate prices, by JAMES fcECK k CO., ! * *? 7ieodi?.re IM Broadway, k AMUSEMENTS. FA1U& THKATiUC. BENEFIT OF MI89 DELCY, Friday BrcnInK, October 3d, The the Op*ra of Rudolph Mr. F. Oardner Gasp ir B rough Ottocar Peoaou Witch of'lie Glen Anderson Agatha Miss Delcy Anna Mis* Muii Aftar which. La V cneciao, by the two M>as Vallr-ea. Bohr by Mr F Gardner. To c m ludr with .. ADVICE GRATIS. QJbod.W Mr Baa* Eventide...... o Audrew* Mr* Eventide Mra Vernon ?rice ol Anuiiituiu?Boxes, SI : fit, 111 cenu ; Gallery 23 cent*. " Door* o,*i at7 o'clock, and' the Cnrtaia will riae preciiely at halfjiaatT o'clock. C,7"_A limited number of Seiaon Ticket* may be obtained at the Boa Office. BOWKIU THEAltUi. 'Xy-TV public are respectfully informed, that Mtstrt Cony and Blurvkurd, the celebrated Pautomiiuisti from Loudon, are engaged atthi* Theatre. They will make their appearance till* evening, intro ducing their Asgnnishiug Tr lined Dog* iu their performance*, that have excited the greatest wonder and aitouuluneut through out Europe. Friday KvciiIiir, October 3d, Will be performed, the draina of THE RLKFIAS* BOY Girald Duval Mr J K Scott The Baroness Ethelinde Mr* Phillip* After which. THE HIGHLAND DROVER. Archibald Leslie Mr Blanckard Dugald McNeil -. -Cony Jc**ie Campbell Mra Phillip* To conclude w th THE BLACK RANGERS. Urn. Washington Mr Vache Capt Herbert Tracy Clarke (ien Howe Lewia Major Tracy Heukini ITrai - . . . Wellwood Tracy Sutherland Jell'Heth Davenport _ Maria Waltham Mra Phillips Lower Boxea 30 cents; Second and Third Tieri, 23 eta.; Pit and Gallery, i8X cents. Doora will open at half paat 6 'he enrtain will riae at 7. CASTLK UAKDEK. BURLESQUE OPERA SINGERS. t-9-Admlulou 45 Cents._/jj Proprietors Messrs. Feuch It Helser. Friday Kvcnlng, October 3d, The performance will commauce with SOM.AM-BULL-OLE. Taken from LA S0.V1NAMBULA Araina?A-Mean-Her, alia* Dinah, Stg. La Screecher Porgie* Elvino?He'll-Wean Her, all's Jumbo, Signor Aiut-A-Niuny Kudolnho?Rude-fellow, alias DTucker,Sr,8ig.Pair-0'-Ho*ses Lisa?Laxy. alia* Ro?y Madame Buckwheat Alesiio?All-Easy O, uliaa Satnbo... Signor Small Potatoes Trrezu?A-Teazer, alias Annt Sally... .Signer All-bul-Saisy Notary?No-Tory a Whig, and not hairy. Signor Sangaree-Co lL/~lntermiMion of Hall an Hoar for Promenade and Refresh mcnta. The range of splendid Cotmoramas will be ripen for inspection. To conclude with the Mock Opera of BUY-I-DAREj Or The Revolt of the Wool Heads. Pinky . Madame Cat-a-lean-her Rosa, principal dancing girl... Mad'lle Tallow-knees Dingy stop-dar Sig De-big-knees On SUNDAY, a Grand Selection of Sacred Muaie ?Ad mittance 12R cents. Bouquets constantly for sale at the Garden. IjfT- Doora open at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance toe em inence at 8 o'clock. HIBLO'MJARDKH. BENEFIT OF MR CR1 ST. MR. H. PL AC IDE, MRS. MOWATT AND MR. CRISP. Friday, Oct. 3d. 1*4.9. The performances will commence w'tli the Overture to La Gazza Ladra? to be succeeded by the play of THE WIFE. Mariana Mra Mowatt Floribel Mrs Ludlow Julian St. Pierre Mr Crisp Antonio Chirpendde Leonard Mr Gallagher Bartolo , T Placide After which. Splendid Firework*. An Intermission of half an hour for Refreshments. After which the Farce of UNCLE JOHN. Sam Hobbs Mr Placide O" Performance to commauce at7Ho'c!ock Doora open at T o'clock. ftrj- Ticketi Fifty Cmt<.-C6 fT^* Private Boie* $5 each. fcT" An efficient Police will t\ waya be in atteadagee to aea ? tain good order and keep all improper persons ont A limited number of Season Ticket* will he dianoaeg of PALMO'S OPERA HOI SE, OPEN EVERY NIGHT. Admi$rion 25 Cent* only. Frldwr Rvanlng October 3il, 77ic Strenadrrs Triumphant Messrs. GERM ON. STAN WOOD. HARRINGTON. PELHAM and WHITE. Hnvlng received solicit iiimi? from many families who have not yet iiarl an opportunity of witnessing the r INIMITABLE PERFORMANCES. Owing to the LARGE CROWDS That nightly fill the Opera House, Have consented to_r^niaiu a_short_tim_c looker. OPEN EVERY Until fttrther notice. For particulars see programme. fTTt" Doors open at 7X?Concert to commence nt I. Boies and seats aeenred daily at the office, from in A. M til P M. *28 Iw rre AliCIl STKKK'I' TIlKATRJl.. PHILADELPHIA. Staue Maraoer Mr H. E. Steteri BENEFIT OK MR HACKETT, Aud last night of his Engagement. Frltlay Evening, October .'Id, The Performance will commence with THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR?Sir John Fsll ?tsfl. Mr Hackett; Ford, Mr Fredericks; [)r Caius, Mr Thay er; Slender, Mr Burke; Mrs Ford, Mrs Burke; Mrs Page, Mrs McLean. Daucing, Ac. To be followed by MONS. TCNSON?Mous Morblesu, Mr Hsckett. To conclude with THE MARRIED BACHELOR-Sharp, Mr Owens; Grace, Hiss Coad. CHEh.MT M'llKKT IHKVlHIe m , PHILADELPHIA. W. K. Burton Lessee ard Maraokr Frlilay Evening. Octolier 3d. Will be presented the >dmired eaudeville of LES PETITE8 MISEKE8 DE LA HUMANIE To conclude with the opera of DOMINO NOIR. Iu which M'selle Calve will appear. To-morrow Evniug. Mr. and Mrs. C. HE AN Will appear for one night only. BOWERY CIRCUS. Boxes 25 c ents ; Pit I2}? cents Chi dren to Boxtt half price. ELEGANT CHANGE~OF PERFORMANCES. SPRITE OF THE SILVER SHOWER. New and beautiful scenes snd acts of HORSEMANSHIP. Astounding Exploits of the American Oymnasien, Mr. Brewer. DON JUAN ON HORSEBACK. Songs, Gleet. Choru<ses, and Eitravaxanxas. by the famous ETHIOPIAN MELODISTS. Q^^"The celebrated Military Brass Band, of thirteen instru ments, led by Mr. Shelteu, will perform during the evening. IL7"Performance commences at half-past 7oxlock se29 lwis'rh EIGHTEENTH ANNUAL FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE, AT NIrtl,0>S G.1RDEN. MANUFACTURERS, Mechanics. Artixans, Inventors, Ac. Ac., should send in their artir'es intended for exhibi tion aud competition on This Day. Tomorrow and Saturday. Monday Oct. 6th?The arden will open to the public at 12 o'clock, and close at night with magnificent fireworks. Oct. 7th?An opening Address by Professor Mapes, at 7^ P M. Oct Bth?Whole range of machinery in motion. Oct. !)th?National Convention ol Farmers, Gardeners aud Silk Cultnrists. Address by the Hon. George Lunt. Vocal and Instruments Music. Oct. 10th?National Convention, continued. Oct. 11th?National Convention closes. Address at7RPM, in the great saloon. Great display ol fireworks. The Second Week commencirg Monday, Oct. 13th?Ploughing and Spading Matches, Show of Cattle, Morses, Ac. Triumphant procession?-Vehicles load ed with choice productions. Anniversary Address. Music, Fireworks, Ac. o22t mc N( THE GREAT LEVIATHAN. OR SEA MONSTER HIDRARCHOS, OW Exhibiting St the Apollo Saloon, 410 Broadway, will , certainly clone this week. All those who may have any desire to see this greatest of all natural curiosities before its departure from the country, had better visit it at once; when it IS gone many will regret that they had not visited it, as it may be looked upon as a national monument that will never be teen h<The^jajoon is open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Admittance 25 cents. ol 3tla*f NO W EXHIBITING, (for a short time only) at the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner of Broadway and Leonard street, De Knyper's celebrated statue (in marble) entit leu "LA SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This exquisite and refined work, which has k?en pronounced by all who have seen it to be the chtf d'auvre of modem art, sud which has attracted crowds ol admi ers in Europe, has been brought to this country at ?reat cost and risk, and is now ronfidriiily opened for the inspection ol thr lovers of this sub lime and beautiful art. Opeu from 9 A. M. until 10 P.M. Admittance 25 ceeu.? Season Tickets50 cents. s30 rrc ROYAL. OLYMPIC THEATRIC, MONTREAL. 'PHIS establishment will be ready for unlimited Theatrical J. Perform wires on the beginning of September, under the nanagemet. of the subscriber, who will tereire proposals for engagement (from ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged talent. The opeiiin i of the said Theatre for a few evenings will be with ihe celebr edSigMora Rosuia 1'ico and Signor lie Begnis. and lhe even- | (entertainment will be iotenpersed with vaude rille. Dun (eng. Orchestral Orerturee, the orchestra being posed on t meoccasion of 17 Professors, and the pnacipei in menu in the hands offi ve British music iriasters. se3 1m rrc VT. MA//OUHI, D. M. NOTICE. MHHVtflRq f-1 ark K A ST EVAN solicit the patronage ol ?S^id?r.o Iheif Temivric. Intelligence Office.95* Dtiassea s I r??t .. |w,r,. tllPVCft'l )lf fMlltl Ol tl"* fl It ClfUl whin* uiil colored. Protr?t*i?tt aud d*?c?lptip??, XZiil cHmtfr. Mw?rr < Itrke * fttrtan r .urn their Since e thanks lor the kind patronage they havei so liberally rerp,vp?l Mid confinnp to serve the public U ?)% Uuane Htrt-et nne rioor'wesiof Br,....two ?I3 Im'r YORK TATIERSALLS. ^^HNF.W ARRANGEMENT. MIE Auction Department and Prirete Stable* entirely die connected. Commodious Entrance ta each. 'ublir talaa of Horses, Carriages, Harness, Saddlery. Ac. Ac. iry Monday and Wednesday, commencing at II o'clock. W iw'mc 446 BROADWAY. LATEST INTELLIuENC Li. Mt LAt'i KitA.MHto'j J-. Waihlnglon. [Cerrctpcn.lencu of the Tfei J.1 1 Wasiiiw-jto*, Oct 1,1840 aOinet and Uit Commencement of Columbia ' r^~!'"P<rrtanl Movement in Virginia on the ? object of Education?The Richmond Whig and .nquirer faking hand, in the Movement?The ? d ' " ' v~~'y'lelr Condition and L'xpantion? Reasons for Avpnhtnding another Revulsion by and-by?Miscellaneous Matters The President, and hi. Cabinet, (savin? Mr. Bu chanan who w off to Pennsylvania to consult with his people tn reference to his propos d retirement from the Cabinet, as suspected) are al< attendin? to-day the celebration of the Annual Commence ment (or termination, rather) of the Columbia College, in the large and commodious Tenth street Baptist Church, known as Rev. O. B. Brown's mnhV J lColumbl* College is situated a tnile north of Washington City; but that, as Mr Cod lingto.i says, is pretty much all we do know about Our friends of Georgetown College uniformlv aend us on commencement day, an invitation and a KaftheT' a^d "TJ0* nothing bv their co?".y Had the f acuhyof the Columbia College followed this politic example, we Bhould have been pleased to y? J tie church, it is true, was open to the uub . * 11 Wad so crowded when we came up as to ren w t n . i, ? '?nS ln l!ro*? and verse. interspersed grees, &c * of medal8? P^miums, de Apropos of this subject of education ?? long asleep: old Virginia, that great old Istate' of ours, going down h.lfso long in Ivery SingScept State, which, indeed, as much as any S tteit?" accelerated h?;r ciown-lnll movement?olf I ' w,e 8ay?18 at 'tt8t """ring herself. I 1 he people are waking up after studying over the compendium of the last census, and finding that there is an average?a humiliating average?of one r80n 10 *very twelve, whose signature from disability to read or write, is his or her cross i mark. Heaven save the mark?the cross-mark of course. It is time to wake up upon such a discovery 1 ?? j !8i' r<V?lce in hehalf of our good old State Cod bless her, that she is about to rise, like Zion, shake the dust from her feet, and put on her beau tiful mrments. Fellow-citizens, let us go to work, and build school-houses, and call in the schoolmas ter, who has been abroad so long, that we are left in almost outer darkness. Let us move all parties, all sects, all classes?Jet us move in this matter with the unanimity of the Siamese twins. There appears to be such a movement in progress. The Kuhmond IVhig stands out in the nobility of hu manity, for this good, saving cause of education. Ihe Enquirer ui>on this subject, lays down the hatchet, and in ottering the pipe of peace, says Brother, we will go together in this good work." We like that sort of talk. It does one^ heart good I to hear it?it looks like doing something And, faith, something will be done. Let the Virginia press keep up the contest. We shall give them a cross-hie now and then, that shall echo like Spring thunder among the mountains. Go on, ye good teP lows of the Whig?go noble youngsters of the I r.w/uiier?come out for the old State, ye Rip Van winkle county presses, and before two years are pHu1' haVf">in *u" blast. >n five hundred new school houses, morning exercises, such aa fol lows:? First person singular, I love. See., First person plural, we love, Stc.? Grand mathematical conclusion;?I love, thou iovesf, he love9, we love, you love, they love, we all love one another, we Iqve our country, our Creator our government: and it is education that has taught it all. Hurrah! On the subject of banks. From authentic evi dences examined to-day, there lias been for the last year or two such a general inflation of the circula tion and deposits of the State Banks, as must even tuate, at or before the next Presidential election, in another panic?another season of distress?another breaking up of manufacturing monopolies, mercan tile houses and over inflated hanks The event in the graphic language of John Van Buren, appears to be " as sure as God." The Massachusetts Banks, for instance, with an increasing redundancy of paper deposits, have created by their example a mania for investments in nil road stocks Pay Hay must come, and they will he found wanting. 1 lie present system ol deposits ?.( the public moneys is evidently contributing its lull share to the expan sionot the paper circulation. Tne general increase of the circulation and deposits of the banks, within two years jxist, appears to be not less than thirty three and a third per cent, saving the banks of New 1'rleans, which, Irom our information at the trea j Bury department, are in a sound and safe condition present and perspeciively The Illinois banks, from their broken down condition have been unable to I 1" jIe, The new system in Ohm, if continued, ?11J Political complexion of the next legislature will decide that question.) wil, speedily bring on a revulsion in that State, deranging the business and the credit of that commonwealth for years to come , thereafter. It will, therefore, be presented to the next Congress, as a means of safety to the national j finances, that they should be withdrawn in season I Irotn deposit with the banks, and placed under the securitvof the Sub-Treasury system; but whether | the banks will not be able to control an advantage ous modification of the law to themselves, remains to be seen. There will be a hard tight, at all events between a clear unmitigated Sub-Treasury, and & y . T>Fys,em compounded of the Exchequer, a Na tional Bank, the Pet Bank system and the Sub-Trea I 8tirv. ? T6e, ^an'{ Report from the Treasury Department in 1841, by Mr. Gouge, occupies some 1400 p>ages j of document printing. Mr. Gouge was expelled by Ewinir, and with his expulsion the annual Bank Re port to Congress was stopped. Having been rein stated by the present administration, he has the duty now assigned him of bringing up by the next Congress, the condition of the "Banks of the coun try annually, for four years. He expects, however to bring up the whole business by December next, I and we exjiect his books will prove to the commer ctal world the most valuable of all the valuable documents that will be printed by the next Con gress. A new weekly paper has been stalled in this city, published by Messrs. Harris and Heart, of the Constitution. It is entitled "Aurora?Periodico, Politico y Literario"?printed in Sjianish, French and English. A prospectus has also been issued by Mr. William Green, of a periodical Journal of the Patent Office which we think is a good idea, and might bt turned to good account. There was a fight between two buH dogs in the I resident's House yesterday. Martin must have been away from his post, or they never would have been admitted. There was a street tight between two men also yesterday, and there was good cause for it. The printer ot Anne RoyaU's paper, called " The Hun I'W," surreptitiously, it appears, inserted and pub lished in a number of copies of the last week's is sue, a slanderous article on a respectable voung man holding office in one of the departments.? Vesterdny the injured person met the offender and chastised him after the old right and left style. The circumstances of the whole affair, as detailed to us, are very discreditable to the offending printer and tor the honor of the craft we hope he will never do the like again. Washixotcis, D. C., Oct. 1, IMS. S?enth Day'i Proceeding* of tho Court of Inquiry, in |A? Con of Lieutenant McLaughlin. The Court mot pursuant to adjournmeat. Record being road ami corrected? Lieutenant McLaughlin submittod letters from him self to George Bancroft, and from the latter to himself, urging upon the Secretary tho propriety of enquiring, fully and explicitly, into all the charges contained in Lieut. TaniiU'i pamphlet against him; also, one ac knowledging the receipt of the precept for the Court of Inquiry, wherein Lieut. McLaughlin laments that the in - ?estigation to he made, will be of so limited enquiry uud recommending a charge, or else, order a com I martial, with full power to go into an indiscr minute and particular enquiry, to which George Bn i croft replied that the precept cannot bo altered, nui court martial ordered, as Tansill could not appear, asi prosecutor being under arrest, Ac Ac. 1 he court w then cleared for deliberation; and on re-openingt < , samo, the decision of the court was announced that h , papers submitted were irrovelunt to the issue, and th , court could not go into any examination of the matte, was then called and continued hie teati mony, who desired to explain his former testimony as re gards his examination of the accounta of the two Hogera. I did not enter into un examination of thoae two acoouuta to the same extent aa I did Lieut. McL'a., but simply to obtain tho fact that the Dr. end Cr. were the earoe at in the hooka ot the office. I will atate that the whole axioun credited by thoae three acting persona for expenditure*, ia the nett amount of $404,487 96. This turn does not em brace th# coat of eny outfit* and tuppliet of provision* and other stores furnished by navy store keepers at Nor folk and elsewhere, and medical supplies paid for by the navy agent. The sum of $343,937 no. as credited as ex ponses, by Lieut. Met,, does not include any part of the ?nms credited as expenditures by the t? o purser Ri-gere, but ia distinct from and additional to tho-a sums. The following items I have found to be correct by the vouch era, as I scrutinizing!)' examined there, except in gioup of articles No 3, "icc ami its expenditures." The item of freight on ice is not charged in the medical di-hutse. moots, but that of contingent The I'em for scales, for weighing ice. I did not place in this group, because it was charged elsewhere The estimate ol the teble, I think, is fl'Mor MO shot t 411 thme items are lor hospi tal stores. The gioups ot articles aie too lengthy to for ward, I give tho amounts, beads, kc "Liquors for sick." $9.I'M 97; "syrups for drinks," f-JTs .>0 "id siwl its expenses," $1,617 97: "Vanilla beans," 91 M>; "com forts sick, ' $10*10 71; (being fresh meat,) "poultry," $J10 ,48; "cured meat," $8.)9A; "eggs and milk." $369 A3; paid for HK* V*r <lox '"rd* Ht* Mod*? l?w. milk $1 pet

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