Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1845 Page 2
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Ity\ h-i quitted Pari*. The Government it under- | , , 'f tuV ? given him orders to leave, out a sort of h .l o . nne was that the laws which I " v him urt all hit f.mily from France shall be re P i...| or at least mouiti-d III* Coa-in, Louts N i >oLoii, still remains in the Chateau ot H un, where he has now been coutiiied tor five years tor | la- absur.l and Quixotic attempt at an invasion ot J lu u.-tiee to Louia Phillippe, it should be i stated, that lie has more ihau once offered t release ban. provided he would pledge his word ot honor nn: main to endeavor to enforce his pretensions to I the 11rone ; but he has always indignantly refused ! Italy. Rome, Sept. 4 ?Our government has adopted a it -a-ure tor a reduction of 80, 50 and 00 per cent on cl ?'he, cassimeres, and almost all other articles im- ? ported into its states. The Pope is in a declining st t^ of health lie is sadly plagued with a cmcer in the nose. Being upwards ot eig'ity years ot age, it i? not likely that, with his maladies, he wtll long i tie spared. He is a good hearted, well meaning . , i ot inin, and is personally much beloved (.real severities towards bis people have been committed in his name. Spain. Our ttdv'oes from Madrid are to the 10th ult. The authorities ot Madrid, well aware ot the ticklish position in which they are placed, are un w. aried in ttietr precautions A revolution more formidable than any which has yet been attempted 1 v. :;* Iicv. whele-8 expected. A foolish rumor had been propagated by the Etpanoi to the effect that th- [Jake of Victory would leave Enuland shortly tor Spain, in a ship of war, with 25,600 triuskets. A ciimp r w is given on the 9th to M. Thiers by the M itq us de Miraflores. It was attended by about 30 (>? r,oua, including the tour ministi rs remaining Lad rid Madnd wasti nquil, but the most san guine supporters of the lSar\a.'2 ministry did not npi .r to eX|>ect that the trau | utility would last ma ny days. Belgium. Bkt.-ssils, September 15 ?Our ct p of potatoes is iiiiito.-t entirely destroyed, in most pi i es a thirtieth put not being worth anything, and even in the pla were the disease has made the least ravages, only a sixth part being preserved. This is a terrible c .Utility, potatoes being the chief pirtot the food ot Hie greater p-.rt ot our population. In compliance with the general wish of the country, ministers have i- sued a royal ordinance, decreeing the admission ol wheat and all kinds ot corn, together with pota toes, &c., duty free, and forbidding the ex|K>rtation of such articles. Crriuany. The Congress of the Zollversin at Garlsrhue is pursuing its deliberations. Nothing positive as to its intentions can be yet known,but there is no doubt n will d I >"? ui lavor ola protective policy towards G'-rrn in manufactures, ihat is to say, it will fix such ? high < uty on imported articles us shall huve the ef fect of preventing their sale in German markets. O.tepirtof the Congress proposes to put on ex trav ig int'y bign duties, but the other warmly op p ises th.>., because, as it justty says, it will prevent the tnuau.acturersfrom exerting themselves to effect improvements or to lessen prices Hussta is in fa vor of a moderate policy?indeed she is about the moat liberal i t any in the Congress; but unlortu natelv sh * h is only one vote, like the most trumperyt p tncip'hiy, and her moral influence i* not suffieien to outweigh Germ in obstinacy and wrong-headed liess Two ot her agents have already thrown up iheir mission, from the violent hostility which their more enlightened vie ws encountered. The United Slates hive, I believe, sent over an agent to nego tiaie, it p i-sit !e. a treaty with the Zollverein, which shall ex-mpt their inanulactures from the meditated i.xclu-ioa ; hot 1 doubt much that lie will succeed The Cologne Gazette states that the Pope has de clined r cetving M Lf'Usedorn is, Ambassador from Prus-ia, because he is a partisan of the reform in re ligion promoted by M de Bunsen. The Prussian Government at first expressed some astonishment at this rejection, but, as it appears, ha" determined not to insist on the appointment of Iff D'Usedomas. The German papers mention that M. Ronge. who arrtvep ,it llreplau on ttie 8th, on his way to Brieg, where lie was to preach, was arrested, but was re- ; leased aimost immediately, and |iermitted to conti- j pue his journey The Swiss journals mention that it w is the determination ot the Free Corps and its ndher nts to retirw their late attempt against Lu cernr, and had expected to induce the government of Berne to place itself at their head and declare war ag linst Lucerne. Hopes were entertained that the auihorities of Berne would be enabled to frus trate the design. Indeed, a meeting of the Grand Council on the 11th ended in a decision in favour of the vote of confidence demanded by the govern ment. Trie Augsburg Gazette contains a letter from j Stockholm, stating that the king had rejected thea|>- ; p-al ot the painter AI son against the judgment of the Supreme Court, sentencing htrn to banishment tor j having changed from the Protestant to the Catholic j retig on. The new religion is pretty much in the same state es it was when last noticed. In some places its apos tles are received with tavor, in others they are pelt ed and ducked. The Mem and the Danube have been at length united by a canal. This great work was designed .by Charlemagne, and has been finished by the King ot Bavaria. Switzerland. letters troin this country dwell rnncli upon the n:;itated state of the country, but stive no details worth reporting. The people of Berne are much excited; and it is believed that when the harvest shall have been got in, all Switzerland will be again ? in a state of convulsion. At present, the people are too much occupied to make war upon each other, but the disposition is not wanung. Russia. The Empress of Russia will make a lengthened stay in Italy, for the benefit of her health, which his long been in a declining state During her ab sence the Emperor will visit different parts of the em (lire. Orders have bpen sent by our Government to j Engl in I and ih'- United State's for the construction of ? number of steam vessels. Hopes are, however, entertained that before long Russia will be perfectly inde|.< udent of foreign countries lor supplies of attain machinery. < irdrrs iiuvs been sent by the government to Eng land ind the United States lor the construction of a number of ste.i in vessels Hopes are. however, en tertained that before long Russia will be perfectly tut: ;*? .d int of foreign countries for supplies of steam machinery. rii'cnssln. 11 it and Battt.K in Gikoassia?Intelligence, via ! Odessa, !ms been received of a battle between the Circassian forces under r^chamil Bey, and the Rus ?tan H.rmy (oil,(KM) strong) under General Woron i: If, wii.i attacked the town of Dargo, the head quar ters oi Scamil. Atti-r five days hard fighting, the (.irc tsriaiis ware obliged to abandon the fortress to llv* i-netny, having ex[iended all their ammunition, not, howev.-r, without carrying off their artillery nnd b igi'age into the mountains. The loss on the part ol th-- Russians is said to amount in killed alone to * IMM), among whom were three generals j and forty other officers, and four aides de-camp ot rbe commander in chief The latter, finding his oimy so much crippled, on account ot the number ot his wounded, which was enormous, was destroying I the fortifications to retire to Tifhs, to reorganize Ins , force. Dargo was defended by Schamils regular j troops, consisting of a corps ot Dagasten infantry, and the Russian and Polish deserters from the Em peror's service. <?reece. Our Alliens correspondent writes on the 30th uIt., th it ihe Coletti Administration and its partizuns up ?tared determined to overthrow the constitution, and made no longer a mystery of their intention, ts-veral |ter*ons known for their constitutional opin ions, nnd amongst others General Calergi, the hero of the l.i-t revolution, Colonels Spiro, Milio, and Starve li, wnd Major Roditis, had been placed on th * half pay list and ordered out of the capital. M Aleisxa h id lelused to accept the embassy to Con stantinople, and declared, on the 29th, in ttie- Cham ber. that In' had resigned his sent in the Cabinet on account of die incompatibility of his principles with those professed by some of its members. Turkey. Our Alexandria corres)iondence of the 2f?th of August states, that th ? uutorseen change of .Minis try in I urkey hid created a great sensation in that city. Mehemet All was awaiting the return from C .iisiantiiiople of Kiamil Bey (Pacha) his future son in-law, previous to hi? quitting Alexandria for ( iiro Tin* Lieutenant of the late (famuli I'isliaol 1 i silda, h <d upon his arrival at Alexandria been re ceived with great distinction by ihe JU.cha. The old L . u nam was on the i?oint of leaving for Con rtaiitmople. The son ol the Imaurn of Muscat had also lately arrived at Alexandria, it was reported ?hat 'other, Irom some cause or other, was greatly utlended with him ; he had in consequence fled, and come to pin himself under the protection ot dp '' 'vlia, who had received him very favorably. Mi d'm-i Alt will send him back to his father with letter.-, and accompanied by one of the officers of his court Paris Fashion*. The fashion* in drew at indent are the most lidfou Jon. that en be .\len wo*, tiny hut* with i mi an ei) any brime; coats almost without tails- trousers wit..' in snaps, and aht.ut a yard wi le ?t the ancles tie V ?: < oil" waistcoats, ol the linhi..p. (in,i nl0 rtimmiions won in the year Ol glace 1746; enormous ivatco nh c.uing pendaiou* I.III.Che. ol ?eal?. The Udie. we.i i?i ? lilting light to tiio l>odv . and buttoning up to t . ol. in soldier's jacket, paletot., fastened in eve rj respe. I Me those ol men, only made ol silk, and bon at. e . intdnig corpulent and apoplectic coal .cuttle. J on sfinid tliat this description will not lie sufttcieuily rcici'.lflc loi the teil.rnr* aud ;ntrchandt> dr merf>t ot N. loik but it is correct. markets. . ? oow Moisxv .'.Uhkk i , Sept 18.?.Money ha* again in or very easy in the Discount Market, end the nro ker. complain ol the insufficiency ol tlie demand; the pi >, oct of a larorahle harvest, and the known disincli nation ef the Bank Directors to aitei their present mode of baalntii, hare settled the appoirantoe of the Money Market, which, during the l?te enxie'y which prevailed iwt the crop*, wax in lather an uuquiet state. Under tliii influence railway sneculetioas of all kindz flourish amazingly. A strong fffbrt ia being made, both in the .Stock Exchange* of London, Liverpool, and Man cheater, to check wild apeculation in tharea, and we be lieve with good effect, atill it ia a very difficult matter to keep it within proper and legitimate bonds. The stock Market haa been very quiet; the tranaac tiona ltava been of little importance, and price of Con- j cola ba< varied acarcely a point. The same may be taid of Exchequer Bills In the Foreign Market, the rise and fall of one per eent in Mexican Stock haa bean the chief feature-, it waa caused by the arrival by the Wast Inula mail of MM*) on accouut of tbe dividend and cauaed a litiie temporary activity m the maiket. The following ait the la'eat prices ?Consols for mo ney left t fl' this jfteruoon 93* to 1, and for the account S/9y to i ludia stock closed ids to 270; and Exchequer Dills -10s to 43s premium. In the Fuicign Market bargains were done in Colom bian at I3J ; in Ecuador at 41 ; Mexican Deferred at 17 ; Fr Portuguese at 63 ; Spanish Five per cents, at 27 ; Spar, ish Three per cents 38^ ; Dutch Two and-a Half per rents. til| : and the Four per cents, at 98?. The operation* in this department have been of the most insignificant character. The quota tions were ?Belgian 99V to 1001; Brazilian 89 to 90; Bue nos Ay res 00 to 03; Chilian 103 to 104; Colombian ISf to J; Danish 89 to 90; Dutch Two-and a-Half per Cents 61 j to 4; the Four par Cents 99 to Mexican 32j to 83; the Deferred 17 to J; Portuguese 60 to 83; Spanish Five per Cents, 27 to?; and the Three per Cents 33 to T Livcrpooi CoTTct Marxtt, Slept #.?There is some advance in the price of Cotton during the last ten days or a lortnight The only change which w* mad* in the acale of quotations of Friday last, was to restore the ''fair" quality of Uplands from 4|d to 4?d., from which lattar price we venture to thiuk they should not have beeu reduced oa Friday . tbe 33d ulL But w* have now to notice an advance of nearly ;d per lb. on the middle and lower qualities, and *d on the better sorts of Ameiican. Egyptian about yd, Bnhias a little higher, and all kluJs firm and strongly held. Considering the very large amount of business transacted during this pe riod, as well as the settled prospects of well doing for our harvest, this advance must be icgardedin tbe light of a very moderate step from the low position we have so long occupied. Of late speculators seem disposed to in vest. with the view of holding over for further accounts from the United States as to rrops See , and it will be seen that a considerable business has been don* this week oil that account. Our strong resting place, however, is I the good trade and good home prospects. 36,SOU Ameri 1 can, 250 8urat. 3 706 Egyptian, and 350 Uahia. have been taken on speculation, and 1200 Ameiican for export.? Tbe total sales of the week amount to 04,250 bags; IltroHT for thk West Skpt. 12.?The advance of aeaily id per lb., which we noticed in our circular of Friday last as having been obtained during the previous fortnight, has been steadily maintained. The demand I has hardly exceeded moderation during any part of this week,and haa never been animated or lively. Occasional- i ly, some considerable transactions have tuken place on I speculation, but not to such an extent or in sucn a spirit j as to disturb the even tenor of our market. We close I the week with our quotations as before, except the fair ' quality of Mobile, which are placed jd lower. 11.500 American, 500 Surat , and 2000 Egyptian have been 1 taken on speculation ; and 350 American, and 100 Su rat tor export. Total number of sales 32,980 bales. >t?:ronT or the Cotton Markkt, Sent. 18 ?Since Friday last the sales of Cotton have been large, the mar ket is well supplied, and the tiade purchase freely ; there has also beeu a considerable business done by specula tors, but at tbe same time, prices remain unchanged und steady. Tbe sales from Friday last, up to this day in clusive, at * 42,000 bags, of which 15,500 were to specula ton. LivrRrooL Conn Miitu, Sept. 18 ?Notwithstanding the continuance of weather very favorable for ripening and gathering in the crops still outstanding, an upward movement has again commenced, induced principally by the unfavorable reports from the agricultural districts as to the deficient yield of the wheat crop, and the extended prevalence of hiigbt in potatoes. The advance from the lowest point this mouth is Is 3d per bl>l on Hour. 3d a 4d per bushel o.i wheat; ad on oats; and Is per load on oat- 1 meal. IVas also advanced 2s per quarter, 37s being now ; obtainable for good parcels of Canadian. Pease and In 1 diau corn, both free and in bond, command a ready sale. for export to llelgium. In bonded flour no sales the pa?t 1 lortnight; 21s and 24s nominal prices tor s'our and sweet. Prices?Wheat, per 70 lbs, Canada red 7s tid a 7s I0d; wtute 8 a 8s tid; United States red 7s 7d a Ss; Indian corn 480 llis 30 a 32s; in bond 22 a 23s; Flour bbl. Canada sweet 30 a 31s; United States swoet 31 a 32s; in bond 2is. do aud Canada sour 28 a 29s; in bond (United States. ( 20s a 21s. Loxdox Markets, Sept. 13?The home demand for pro- i duce was never better than at present W. India sugar has | tisen Is percwt. lit foreign a trifling reaction, anil the inclination of holders to sell has caused a decline of Is a Is tid per ca t Improved rates hate been obtained foi foreign eottee. Tea firm and prices tend upward Pep per has advanced in consequence of exteusive purchases. Black pepper not in much request. The advance in pi mento supported. Cassia brought rather better pi ices ; also nutmeg# and mace. Not much done io oils; seal and cod declined; southern spenn a Ivanced. Palm and olive tend upward The late advance in tallow well sup ported. Demand for Cochineal good, and prices improv ing. Whalebone ?7 tons southern sold at All9a A'21S Sugar?This afternoon 434 boxes white iiavava taken at 40 a Its tid for mid and good mid, being more than it was worth; damaged sold at 32 a 40s Nutmegs?An increas ed demand to-day in consequence of the Dutch Co selling ? the u hole of their spices In one lot each. By auction, 10 boxes Singapore sold at an advance of 1 tt 1* lid: good bold brown 4s 11 a 6s 2d; mid 4s 9d Mace on the rise from the same cause. Saltpetre, rough, hcarv of sale but importers not inclined to give way. E 1. Linseed in good request and brings higher rates; by auction, 42s Oil?197 casks Palm taken in at 30 a Sis 3d. Tallow ? V V C for lasi 3 inos, 4Is. on spot 41 a 4ls fid. Rice ?Oar . sold at 31 a 38s for 1st and 3d qual; little offering at these I prices. Indigo?16.789 chs declared for sale 7th prox. 1 Lac Dye in better request; 100 chs taken in at sr a (id lor j ord, being about previous rales. Sept. Ml.?S00 bags Biazil Coffee bought iu at 32s lid a 35s, which was greatly beyond its value. Pepper?1300 1 hags sifted Sumatra sold at 2|d. | Sept. 18.?Shellac?350 ch, all bought in at 18s, which > was about 3 a 4s above its value. I.ondox Hor Market, Sept. 16.?Some arrivals new, which found ready buyers at A'8 8s a A'9 10s; quantity of old very small, and lioldor* look for higher rates. Duty : hacked at A 173,000. There is every prospect of a fair j average yield. Liverpool Market, Sept. 18.?Transactions in Ameri can produce exceedingly limited. In Beef and Pork hardly a sale of consequence, dealers being disposed to get quit of their present stock, and to know the terms of the Government contract 26th inst. before they agaia operate in purchases In Lard, only sale is 1000 kegs damaged aad inferior, at 43s fid to 4hs percwt, : which may be considered ttie highest prices yet realized foi similar quality and condition; 46 to 48s would be easily obtained lor prime parcels ol bids and kegs?none ! here. Tallow ? 42s per cwt. is still obtainable for good f right samples of N. American. Markets bare of any Cheese in good condition, demand sufficient to take off a ! much heavier import than is arriving, and prices will he I Mipported.lln Ashes sales to a f lir extent, at 22s (id to 22s !M for Montreal Pot, and 23s 6d tor Pearl, and in latter some speculative purchases, ex-ship, at ratner under this 1 quotation. Stock of liotli Kinds in first hands considera bly icduced, no sellers under 23s for Pot, and 24s for I'eail. In Ileinp no sales of consequence ; ?21 per ton is an extreme quotation tor best Ame rican. Lead held firmly at ?17 10s in bond, from quay. Argols?Several parcels changed hands, but at extiem e. ly low prices. Bnmstone is anxiously inquired for and few sellers; not lower than ?5 6s to ?8 10s per ton; very little expected to arrive ('ream of Tartar?Brown and discolored more inquired for. Dtowoods?Cam and Log wood very good A10 to A'10 10s per ton; Jam and Hond ?5 Ills to AM Lis; 60 St Dom A'-'i 10s; 60 Suvamlla, and 260 Toba co, at extreme rates. 60 Sapan Wood, A12 to A14 per ton. Uuano?Sales at A'6 10s for mid to A'fi 16s and A'7 for prime lchaboe. Peruvian also aJrancing in proportion, ?9 to A'10 asked, but no sales. Iron?-Firm and a large business doing. Pigs in Glasgow A1 -5s per ton; io Liverpool ?4 12s hi I to A'4 16s. Com bars in Liverpool A'8 10s. hoops A'10 6s; sheets ?11 IDs; rods A'9-5s; best refined All 10s.? Hails in great demand, All perton in Liverpool. Mad ders?A lew bales line Turkey sold as high as 8s; infe rior 70s perewt, Nitrate sod\ slightly improved, and considerable inquiry, yet salos barely reach 1000 'rags, fur which a good price was tealised. Oils?Olive, sales 200 tuns, ami an advance of A'I per tun is generally es tablished. Palm oil, considerable excitement, and an extensive business done, ?30 to A'31 for arrival. Pop pet in vers- limited request. Pimento?Demand improv- j el; 700 hags soli at 3d to ?jd. Rice?The ex citement caused by the failure of the potato crop still exists, and every parcel of Rice offered is I instantly purchased at extreme rates. Sales 10 000 bags clnellj taken by exporters at 14s to 19s Oil for line white I is 3d for inid, and 14s for low ord; 16s 9d obtained for | good broken, and is expected to go higher Salt?Prt- ; ces, if any thing higher; a strong inclination towards a permanent advance, particularly in xtoved. Saltpetre? j Only 400 bags changed hands at 24s lor inf. to 27s per cwt for good Sumac, stock very low and demand limited Sugar- Firm, and demand increased. In Foreign an ex Tobacco?Sales 791 hods; lolly id advance obtained on Strips, but mai.tifac- i turers do not buy freely, or fool disposed to give the rates requited. Market very linn, and ownnrs holding tor jd advance on Strips, wool ? Demand for low f or- I eigu on tho increase, and an increasing confidence in the stability of juices is manifested. State or Tradc.? Uaxcasiiirr, Sept. 18.?At Bolton counterpanes and quilts are extremely brisk, and the w eavers have obtained another advance of wages to the amount of ton per rent , being the third advance this year amounting in the whole to twenty five por ccnt. Giii;;bams are hi good request, lint jirolits are low. Bleachers and machine printers are moderately busy.? There has been a good demand (or manufactured goods at lilatkhurn, lsnt prices aro low. The yarn market continues firm, and puces much the same. Power loom weavers generally neve full work, lately, a large nuns her of hand loom wcaveis have gone to work in the fuc lories The coliiei* at Belthornand Rioadtieid still re mam on the stnke. The turnouts and their l.imilies are in a distressed state. M.?xi hisrr.R, Sept. 17.?Tho demand for yarn vaster- i day wos quite as active us last week, with a slight ad vance on tw onty "a water twist. Goods have been rather less in request, with the exception of seven eighths j-i in ters, which have an ujiwerd tendency. IWiidai.e Pi.axxel Maiiki t, Sept 15 ?There has not been so much doing to-day as last .Monday, the rise in lac price ol the ruw niulei isl having obliged too manu facturer* to demnml highei prices lor their goods Wools remain very firm, and the high prices have cam c 1 the manufacturers to buy sjiaiingly. s.strm.? Wools ami yams remain firm, and are likely to remain so. There is a lair average demand lor the time of y ear, and tue weather i, seasonable at any ? Hte iu the ey ea of thr, manufacturers. \ oh a mi is t ? Theip w ax lather less doing in the cloth balii at Leeds last week, owing to a shoitness ol supply Prices lermu-'Pd veiy firm. In the warehouses ttiero a bur aveisge business. Ttiero whs no material si fetation eilhei m he foreign or English wool inaikat. l?:;nd continue.! fcteady, and price* firm. At btu lm. mn.! wool ir arket a steady, though not eateniive, full v?!i ni* In piece market at Bradford a k1u^a\, a-3* wft* doing, in wool there waa a *t*?dv riom*v WBi doing. In wool there wm a At Hudderifilta ii )*ln* Con?iderable improvement. At HtuMtrsfteM there wm a good demand for piece goods, and considerable activity in the warehouses. At Halifax there was no material alteration either in the piece or yaiu market- In the ?0ol tunic tkuie was tolc rahlo activity in combing kinds, the demand being chief ly for hogs of fine and super quality, which were a shade higher. In otber sorts there a as uo alteration. The demand for yarns at Blackburn remains good Counterpanes and other manufactured goods meet with ready cale, especially for the heme market. Artisans ot every branch are in full work, at fair wages. The Iron Tbade ? In the course of la.I week circu lars were Issued by several firms, announcing that they could not receivo further orders uuless at en advance of ?1 per ton One circular intimated an entrance of 10s per ton on nail rods ; an advance on pig iron of from 6? to 10e per ton has also taken place Havbe, Sept IS.?Cottons?Our market has not exhibi ted the tame degree of activity during tbo past week that distinguished it at the close of our preceding cir cular, for notwithstanding that the weather ha< con tiuued uninterruptedly propitious, and that all appre hensions as to n short crop of Wheat are now dispelled, the harvest in most districts having been more favorable than was generally expected, the transactions have been quite devoid of animation, not more than 800 bales on an average having changed hands daily. The demand from the trade has been of a very restricted character, dealers operating merely from hand to mouth, which may be chiefly nscribed to the dull feature of the ad vices lrom Liverpool; on the other hand, the less warlike tone of the news received from Mexico up to the first of August, has allayed the speculative spirit that had previously been excited by the prospect ot hostilities with the United States, acd which constituted its principal element. There has been however no great pressure manifested on the part ot holders to run off their stocks, and prices, although upon the whole but feebly supporteJ, cannot be said to have undergone any alteration, although it is not improbable that in order to effect extensive sales, a slight ooncessioo would have been unavoidable. The transatlantic steam ers,bringing advice* up to 1st inst.are shortly arrive, and are looked for with some anxiety, as their te nor will no doubt be productive o( a change in the pre sent situation of business. Hatre Markets, Sert. 15 ?Ashes, Am. Pot. firm;75 bl* realised Jif 75; 103 his,1st brands, to arrive at 35f 35,per50 kil, duty paid 39 bbls Pearl, to arrive, 87f 76. Coffee ? Within the last few davs holJers seem inclined to accept lower terms; sales 3911 bags St Domingo. 41jj to 44c; 1550 do to arrive, 43 to 43c; and 947 Brazil, 46 to 61 per ? kil. in bond; 1190 St Domingo damaged, by auction, 83 to 91c, duty paid; advices just received of the Netherlands Company's auction, held at Rotterdam, state a decline of about 3 cents. Drugs and liven?Sale of 1000 bags Ni trate Soda, 30f 36 per 60 kit, in bond Hops ?16 hales American sold at 136fper 50 kil; weather favorable to the crop. Kiee?Very little enquiry in Carolina; 30 tcs run ofi'at 40fper60 kil, duty paid. Whalebone?Scarce ly any tiling done, but prices maintained; sales of 3 tons Americin fishery, 8\ 3f 75, and a 6mall lot of N. W. at 31 35 per j kil, duty paid; stock 130 tons, against 30 tons last year. Paris Bourse, Sept. 16.?Tiie Stock Market has been again feeble to-day, hu' the quotations at the close were about the saroo as yesterday. Money appears very scarce, from the large amount invested in railway spec ulations. Throe per Cents, left off at 83f. 90o., and Kiv# per Cent*, at 118f. 30c. ex div. New l.oan not quoted The Siiaio market is again weak to-day, and most of the leading lines havo again been closed at a reduced quota tion. Paris and Orleans, 1380f; Paris and Rouen, HOOf.; Rouen and Havre, 9101',; Avignou and Vierzon, not quo tud ; Strasbourg and Bale, 3871' 'JOc.; Boulogne und Amiens, tiSOf.; Montoieau, 5361'.; Bordeaux, 7101. Amsterdam. Sept. 13.?At the Rotteidani sales yester day by Netherlands Co. ol 160,560 bugs Java Coft'eo, the whole was taken in at about 3 a 3jc below ita valuation Sept 14?The result of the Rotterdam Coffee sale has caused a declino in price, but the demand remains brisk at sales' prices Raw Sugar without variation. Rice, Car 34 a 36(1. Tobacco well supported. Bancs Tin helo at 6911 Indigo in request. Antw, Sept. 15.?Coffee?Sales of last 8 days 500 Java, ord to fair 39 a 39jc; 300 St Dom 341. and 090 Bra zil. 31 a 33c. Raw 9ugar firm. Cotton, Rice and Tobac co firm. In Hides little variation. Very Interesting from the South Seas?Fresh Discoveries In the Antarctic Regions. The Cape Town, C. G. H. Gazette of the 25th of July has been received in this office containing some highly interesting intelligence from the Antarctic Region. According to these accounts ihe Magnetic Pole was nearly reached It appears that an expedition was fitted out at the Cape and sent southward, under the command ol Lieut. Moore, of the Royal Navy, who succeeded in penetrating further towards the Pole than any na vigator before him. We annex the particulars. [From Cape Tow n Gazette, July 36. The barque Pagoda, hired by Government for a scienti fic expedition to the A tarctic Regions lately returned to Simon's Bay, and the following particulars connected therewith, may bo relied upon as authentic. This ves sel, under the command of Lieut. Moore, penetrated, we understand, further to the southward, (betw een the Me ridian of Greenwich aud 130 degrees Last,) than an> other vessel ever attained unto before her ; and com pleted the whole series of magnetic observations ielt un finished by H. M. ships Terror and Erebus. The Pagoda veiy nearly reached tbu magnetic pole, but the quantity of compact'ice and ice-bergs which she fell in with pre cluded the possibility of her advancement. Many im portant discoveries weie made which will doubtless be laid before tho public as soon as the olticial report shall have reached home. She was at times surrounded by ice bergs considerably higher than the must heads : notwithstanding which, the existence of tho Autarctic continent, viz : Victoria Land, has been confirmed beyond a doubt. Tho "Auro ra Borealis," or northern luminary, was observed to be exceedingly biilliant, so much so indeed, that at night I small print was distinctly legible thorehy?a truly rate circumstance in a southern hemisphero ! The stores ol natural history have been much enriched by collections of birds and fishes previously unknown. On her home ward track the Pagoda touched at King George's sou d. where the Hospital treatment of the settlers and natives is highly spoken of, every thing was going on well at that settlement. She next made the Mauritius und re turned to Simon's Bay, alter a circuit of nearly fourteen thousand miles in 140 days, having in that period fully accomplished the intended objects ; when the vessel was delivered up in excellent condition to Capt. H. Byron, Jr , her original commander, without a single casualty, not a mau having been sick all the voyage ; which may be mainly ascribed to the gieat care and attention be stowed by Admiral Percy in fitting out this barque for for her hazardous and solitary task ; and there is uo doubt that the scientific woi Id will he much benefitted by ill results. [From Port Natal Gazette. July 18.] We are happy to state that the object ot the Gover nor's expedition beyond the Frontier has been effected so fur as it was possible, considering the complicated na ture of our relations with ttie native tribes in that quar ter The < tiief Adam Kok has acceded to plans pro posed by his F.xcellency for adjustment of the diffe rences which had arisen between him und the Emigrant Boers in his territory. The Basuto Chief Moshesh has also readily agreed to the Governor's proposals, hut the completion ot the formal treaty with the latter stands oternntil the boundaries of certain lands disputed by him and the Chief Maroko shall have been defined. We understand that a highly favorable impression was made on His Excellency by tiie conduct of both .Moshesh and the French Missionary the Rev. Mr. ('assails. The Gov ornor and suite left Touw Fontein on Tuesday, the 1st inst, and airived at Cradock on Friday, the 4th, where the inhabitants showed their respect for His F.xcellency by a general illumination, and the display ot several loyal devices. The distinguished party left < radock on the following morning, and maybe expected hereto wards the close of the current month. Ten Days Later from Tttas. The L. N. Hitchcock arrived yesterday from Galves ton, and we have dates by her, says the New Orleans Picayivr of tho 20th, to the 17th tiIt., from Galveston. The National Register, published at Washington,states that the President of Texas has authorised Col.Clark L. Owen, of Jackson county, to raise 1000 men by volun tary enrolment, to he mhstercd into the United States service under General Taylor. Major Hays, with his command, is also to co-operate with Gen. Taylor. Ac

tive measure* have been taken to recruit the number ol men required. The LMviliun of the 13th mentions that Galveston con tinuos to enjoy uninterrupted good health; and that as lar as accounts extend, the entire country is ,.s healthy as any region of the world. Tho editor ran hear of no sickness in any direction. Jacob Jean, a Get man who went to Texas with the Prince ol Holms, died by a stroke ol the sun, in Oalves ton.on the lOtli It is said to be the only case which has occurred at Galveston this season. The Hon. J. B.Miller, of Fort Bend, has con-cnted to become a candidate for Governor of the State of Texas. The National Register <uys that < ol. Albert C. HortOi is spoken of for Lieutenant Governor of tho State of Texas. The Rsgis'rr confirms the Indian information which wc gave on Fn lay last. Tho Ciinanchet are divider among themselves, forming the peace and the war pit tits The peace party is now said to be in the ascend ? nt, and manifest their fidelity in various way s. They were nil expected to moot iu a general council, to be holo on Towarrano freek. at Post No. on the IMh inst. The chief, Santa Atn a was exported to be present, ami to unite with otheis in a treaty ol amity with us. The late expedition, undorthe chiel Buffalo Hump, again-i the Mexicans, is said to have been crowned with sac ce?- They returned fium beyond the Itio Grand loaded with spoils. The other tribes, rays tho Register, are progressing in tin- agricultural arts, and i ginning to enjoy the blessings of civilization. I)r. Aihbel Sroitn attiacts a good deil of attention from the press of Texas. His long letter is copied at length but elicits i ornment* tho most u favora' lu to ibo doctor's purpose. It is n singular fact that men of sense in this, part of the country, and a largo portion of tho Toxan?, do not believe in the sincerity ol libel Smith's asser tion that he w as mid is m favor ol the Annexation ol Texas. The following are tho names of the members elect to tho Tenth Texan ( digress : Archibald McNeill for the county of Montgomery ; Dr ( . McAnelly, for Harris ; i iimi. \V. S Fisher, for Galveston ; J. P. Hudson, for Fay ette ; it. M. Williamson lot Washington ; and H. W. Perkins, and W. B. P. Gaines, for Brazoria. Nrw* prom (.'hrrokkr Nation ?A moot atroci ous murder had been committed at Tahleqtiali, in the Cherokee country. The Advornic, (the paper pu lislierl by the Clierokeea) of (lie IJihult , chargea n on refugees from the States, who had nought an asylum among them. Die Exploring party that was to atart for Texas, hud lefi?not number',rig many, however ; a dnqxe Mtion to remain quiet and advance the prosperity ol the nut ton being prevalent among the majority. 'I hey were to hold a temperance meeting lor chtl rlren, on the Hrd in-t ; and a Methodiat camp meet ing waa announced to com-- off on the 19m ult There waa some sickness at Fort Oibson?congea iive fever wua the trouble. NPW VORK HERALD. \?vr York, Saturday, October ?, IMS, WEEKLY HERALD. PORTRAITS OF TSE TWO CONVICTED ANTI-RENTERS, ?Vc. ?Sn'. The Wukiy Herald, with an unusual amount of interesting intelligence, will be ready at 8 o'clock ihis morning. Among other matter, it will contain the full re ports of the trials ol the Anti-Renters, with striking portruits ol Smith A. Boughton, alias Big Thunder, sentenced to the Stale Prison for liie, and of John Van Steenburgh, just convicted of the murder ol Sheriff Steele. Also the completion of the pro ceedings ot the famous Episcopal Convention, and the late interesting foreign news, received last evening by the steam ship Cambria?the state of the crops in England?the cotton market?the fight be tween Caunt and Bendigo, Arc. tec. This paper, in wrappers, for mailing, can be had at the desk, at sixpence a copy. Tke Foreign News, We give in this day's paper, our usnal, accurate* and comprehensive synopsis of the intelligence brought from Europe by the steamship " Cambria" at Boston, g The news does not present any striking points oj interest. Commercial affairs, so far as respects the intercourse with the United States, are in a proa perous condition. The cotton market?that great centre to which so many eyes are here nnxiously di rected?is healthy and vigorous. Political matters are in a state of quiescence. One very curious and important item of intelli gence, we find in our files received by the " Cam bria,"and that is the announcement of the extraor. dinary and significant fact, that vessels have ac tually sailed from Ireland, fitted out as privatears, and bound lor the Oulf of Mexico, there to receive letters of marque from the Mexican government. It was supposed that Mexico would certainly declare war against this country, and the journal from which we have extracted this piece of intelligence does not hesitate to invite attention to the opportu nity for piracy, which it was confidently expected, had been thus afforded, and with unblushing inso lence recommends and defends the fitting out of pr;. vateers, on the ground that that was the best means of annoying the United States?which Mexico " sadly wanted " This confirms in a remarkable manner, what we have so repeatedly said relative to the assault which would be made on our commeree, in case of a declaration of war by Mexico. Our impression is, that we have not yet seen the end of all this. The meeting of Victoria and Louis Phillipe, at Treport, has been the fruitful theme of ridicule and laughter. Royalty has often been in a curious pre dicament, but only think of a King and Queen in a bath-tub! In connection with the ridicule excited by this and other incidents in the Queen's late tour, and which appears to be so freely indulged in by the masses of the English people, the agitation ot the question?" Will Cromwell have a statue ??is not unworthy of note. The spirit of republicanism is working in the popular mind on the other side of the Atlantic, and one day we shall see wondrous re sults. With respect to Mexican affairs, the British journals maintain a marvellous silence. This very silence, however, is significant. We have not space at present for further com ment, but refer our readers to the ample and inte resting details of the news with which we have furnished them in to-day's Herald. More Scandalous Publications or Private Pavers.?We understand that Mackenzie has now ready lor press another pamphlet, containing still more cut ious private letters, picked up in the Cus tom House, some of them written by Mr. Van Buren addressed to J esse Iloyt, and others addressed to other distinguished characters; but particularly a lot ot love letters, or amatory correspondence, writ ten by ladies who wanted otlice on any considera tion for their friends and fellow sufferers. It is said that this correspondence will give an insight into a new class of society, and utterly astound the public with revelations that have never been dreamed of. The pamphlet is now ready, as Mackenzie himself declares to his publishers, but he is only waiting the disposition to be made next week by the Chancellor before he puts this new brochure to press. This pamphlet will probably contain something like a his- j tory of the Presidency of Mt. Van Burcn, and also ] that of Mr. Tyler. We understand, indeed we know, that unother pamphlet is in press, attributed to one Hiram Cum ining, formerly a warm Tyler man, giving an ac count of the administration of Captain Tyler, rela ting chiefly to appointments to office, and a variety of curious incidents, love letters, and what not, connected with the Tyler dynasty. It is said that wine and women were two of the most potent instruments in procuring appointments to office during this dynasty, and that many curious facts, illustrative of this phenomena in the admin istration of the affairs of n great republic, will ap pear in this correspondence. Well, it never rains but it pours, as the old proverb goes. It is also said that there is in the hands of the Po lice of this city, a batch of amatory correspondence consisting ot nearly one hundred letters, belonging to Chevalier Wikofl, of Fanny Klasler memory; but whether they are to be published or not, ws have not been able to ascertain. These letters were found during the last great fire in this city, in some escritoir which was broken up in the melie on that occasion. They consist of a series ot letters ad dressed by men and women of various characters? -ome doubtful and some otherwise?to Wikoff, du ring his residence in Paris, London, Philadelphia and New York?all interesting, but particularly so, some curious propositions made by distinguished inen of fashion, tlirough Wikotf, to Fanny Ellsler, during her residence in this country. The Maryland Election?Sions of tiie Times ?The recent election in Maryland is one ot tin most pregnant signs of the times, indicating th< contusion that is going to take place in political parties throughout the country, which we have 'teen anticipating for some time. In ihe city ol Baltimore, by throwing in the element of nativeism is a third party there, the whigs have been entire)) lefeated. Mr. Kennedy, the celebrated author and literary man, lost his election, and the locofocos b> accident got the upper hand. The same state ol confusion exists in several other districts of thm Slate. In New York, city and State, both the poii lical parties are in a confused condition, and a va riety of new elements aredreginning to t how them elves, which will gradually bring about a complete dissolution of the old parties and lav ihe foundation for some new movements hereafter. The downlal. uf the Van Buren dynasty and the exposure of their private morals and systems, have been proceeding lor some time, and will be completed before an) new |>oliticaJ movement of conse'iuence takes place in the country. b air of the Americas Institute?Wc refer to ihe advertisement of the managers of the Fair in mother column ) they are now ready to receive rrticles intended for exhibition, and those who wish heir contributions to he placed in a conspicuous ?lace, had better send them in to-day. The alien* ion ol farmers, mechanics,See , is especially called o this fact It will he opened for public view on Monday next. Rev. Dr. Prsr..?This distinguished divine will ?reach a Charity Sermon to-morrow, Sunday, 6th "at., at half past 10 o'clock, A M , in St. Paul's Jhurch, Brooklyn. The Anti-Rext Trials in Delhi.?Conviction of onf of the MrnnrRER'5 ? 9teenburgh, one ofthr Anti renters, indicted for the murder ol Mr. Steele, ids been convicted; the question will now come be fore the public and the newspaper press what punish, ment is to be awarded to him. "Big Thunder," convicted at Hudson, for violating the law, has been sentenced to confinement for life in the State Prison, but no Joubt in a short time he will be liberated by the weakness of the Executive, either during this term or the next. It is, however, luliy time for adi the administrators of the law and all those patriotic citizens who in iend to maintain a republican form of gov. rnment, ;o oome up to the point at once and to take such measures, bold and resolute, as will compel obedi dience to the law. Steenburgh has been convicted of murder. By the law of this state that crime is punishable by death. There are, however, a greai many who have a horror of shedding blood, even tccording to law, and who will endeavor to com mute that punishment to imprisonment for life, But we think that in this case, and particularly in order ro put a stop to this organized rebellion against the institutions of civilized society, the highest punish ment of the law ought to be awarded to the perj>e trator of the crime. Judge Parker is one of the pu rest of men?firm, frank, and fearless. We have no doubt he will do his duty. It^is time, by some bold act, to show the mob spirit and violators of the pub ic peace that the arm of the law ha9 still the power to restrain and punish. Fashionable Intelligence.?The celebrated Co lonel Thorn and his family from Paris are now rut ticatingat New Rochelle, and are dashing about in great Btyle at that beautiful watering place. The Colonel's beautiful country seat at Blootningdale is preparing for his reception in as short a time as pos sible. It is probable, however, that he will remain in the city during the winter. We have received a very curious and graphic 1 historical sketch of Colonel Thorn's career in the great metropolis of European refinement, highly creditable to his genius, tact and liberality, and many other excellent traits ol character. We may give this one of these days. On all occasions the Colonel maintaiaed the dignity ol the American character, and particularly cut it very thick into the Knglish nobility whenever he had a chance, to the <?reat satisfaction of both French and Americans.? Some rich anecdotes are told of his promptness and spirit in such tilings. Amongst the other fashionable movements of the day, we perceive that Madame Restell is on the ground again in this city, dashing about in a beauti. ful equipage, which appears to be bran-new. Much to our surprise we understend that our friend Col. Webb has purchased Madame's old equipage, and has had it re-varnished, so that it looks almost us good as new ! Express from Boston.?We are indebted first to Adnata fic Co., and then to Harnden Sc Co , for late papers brought by the Cambria. Theatrical*. Par* Theatre.?"Der Freiachutzi" drew * full house lait night. Mr. F. Gardner a8 Rudolph, Mr. Brough ai Caspar, 8. Pearson as the Prince, Miss Moss as Anna, and all the others, did as well as could be desired. Miss Moss was encored more than once, and sho deserved it; her share of the music was so tastefully executed is quite to surprise the hearers. Miss Moss grows rapiuly in favor. The prima donna, Miss Delcy, even outdone hersolf Her voice really seemed improved since bei recovery from that small fit of hoarseness. The cavatina, " Al though dark clouds," w as given with the force of one conscious of the ability required to do justice to the most difficult passages. Miss Delcy's action is more than usually correct, and her enunciation clear and dis'iuct in fact she is an accomplished actress, and this is the mote apparent the more closely she is observed. Of course, that general favorite the ? Hunting chorus," was immensely relished, and a lepeution called for. At the close of the piece Miss Delcy appeared acco-unamed b> Mr Gardner, in response to tho vociferous calls of antx Ircmely thronged house The evening's amusement wound up with the capital farce ol ?' Advice Gratis. by w Inch alt seemed to vr0<lt amazingly. Messrs Bass Fisher, Bland and Andrews, with Mrs. \ ernon and Miss Horn appeared in it. 1 1's in aNassI-TUo " Rufliin Boy' | was produced last evening at the Bowery, before s densely crowded house; and not expecting to find any. thing sufficiently attractive under such a soitirtyurf, we were not at all prepared for tho very brilliant display ol costume and splendid scenery with which the drama was rehearsed through. The whole caste of character show ed judicious management, and the parts were generally well sustained. Mr. J. R Scott has alread y won golden opinions aioco the commencement of his engagement md is nightly adding to hit laurels. The parts selected by him, in his general peiformance, are auch as are well adapted for his powers and ability as a graphic delineator of the bold and fiercer passion*. His reading* are correct, and enunciation clear and (lis Tmet, while his manly figure adds considerably .0 Ins performance in his pieces, llis personation of the hero ol the plot, " I lie llulHan Boy." was well sustained lost evening, and drew forth loud reals ol applause. Mr. S. is a general favotite with the Bowery playgoers, and lias already received many thundering proofs of it, par ticularly from "de boys." Mr. Iladaway played Solo mon with much cleverness, and kept tho house in con- , tiuuod roars of laughter, bv the broad comic humors dis- I played in his personation of the character, which may be called a sort of Paul Pry, in ita way. Mra Phili ps' Ba | roness Kthelind was also very respectably sustained - ' Tho performance by the orchestra of tho excellent mu- 1 sic accompanying tho drama, was highly croditablc to the professors in this department. Indeed, the whole , went oft with much iclat, and very creditable to the en tire company. The "Mountain Drover," and "Black Rangers," were again repeated. In the latter piece, Da venport's Jell Hull, a "live yonkce," kept the house in a continuul roar of laughter during the performance j The bumper houses which nightly fill "old Bowery, showsthe increasing thirst f ir dramatic representation hy the public, and aigues strongly in favor of the grow | ing "taste of the age,' which justly appreciates tho exei | tions of the manager,whose liberality in catering for the public amusement has been nightly acknowledged in the bumper bouses that fill " old Bowery " The encourage ment and cordial support which it receives will ne an 1 additional inducement to the proprietor to add nightly iresh attraction to this popular place of amusement. Castle Garden.?I.ast evening the burlesque opera | company made a most capital hit with two burlesque operaa-" Som-am-Bull-OIe," and "Buy-I-Dare"-bui ? j lesques upon two operaa whose original names will . readily he recognised. The effects produced by these burlesques are very funny, and put the audience in good humor with themselves and all the world. To-night is the last night of the burlesque company, and the same bill is presented. Palmo's.--1To-night the Kthiopiaus close tho third j week of their performances, ami during that timn we j will venture to aay, that never liavo such audiences j been seen before in New York; night aftor night have , they crowded to hear their aweet songs Oi l and young guy and grave, alike have been delighted. To-r.ight they give another concert. We trust they will he in duced to remain another week to rejoice tho hearts ol (hose who have not yet heard tliem. Niblo's ?The performances last evening were for the benefit of Mr. Win. H. Crisp, who as anaclor an t a gen leman, has made for himself a popularity to which n< tora of his ago have seldom arrived in so short a time Sheridan Knowlea' play of the Wife, with Mrs. Mowatt is Mariana, and Mr. Crisp as Julian St Pierre, was pie sented to nn overflowing house Mr. Crisp's perform ance of St. Pierre wst one marked with the strong point which that character exhibits Tho care and reckle" .mis of poverty the keen sen?n of wrong from t ie won nil were finely delineated by Mr Crisp, and the as umption of renk and v naitli was well portrayed. Mr vlowntt, as the faithful wife, pte?etving lior bono through intrigue and misunderstanding, was n beaut ul and cl a?e performance. And hor final triumph suspicious circumstances ami her enemies. wa? strong inn powerful. Mr Chippendale performed Antonio. Matthews, Forrado an I (,R"Bgher. beouardo ? Watts appealed as Florihel and T. titer some splendid fireworks, the er?^?*h(1,]*,],? pi? the laughable larre of Utile 9am, in which hoth tl ma cidos appeared. The School for Brand. I s n ' leceivnd with such applause on the pr n he repeated te-niglit. We understand Mr. Tejnplelon , Thestre, and will ai.pear there in a gtand musical enter 'uinment on the lath lust. Ole Bull gives hi. second concert at the I,.her a on Monday nont Mrs D1.vernal, late Mis. Maywood, ha. been ou?a (e ',y Mr Forbes, forth-I harUsu.i. M.oeUu. Congrtve's come l> of'Love for Love, has beon reviv ed at the National Theatre. Boston Mr Winter's Chemical Dioramas are drawing crowd to the theatre at fclnebeo. Ludlow It Smith's Theatre, at Hi. bonis, is in opera lion Dan Marble, iho Yankee pertoriner, was pet form ing there lately, s d was complimented with a suppoi Iroin some of the first people in the town. Howo It Mahie's Circus is also at St Louis. One of Rockwell It Stone's establishments is at Sa lem, Mass Mr. Moaaep is at Buflhlo. .A A 1* ? >^MI> A-.,- I 9p*rtln| Intelligence. The Recent Pedestrian Match a Sell?This Biter Bitten.?Some curieui atatemant* have been made since the |>edeitriRD iuatoh, betwneu Jackson and Barlow, that came olf over tbe Beacon Courae, Hoboken It la aald that in tbe couraa of the preceding week certain partiea made overturea to Jackson to maka tbe a"air "all right," or rather all wrong?or in other worda to allow bimaelf to be beaten bjr bis oppo nent under any circumstances. Attersome const deration be cou.ented to do ao on condition of roooiving ?fiiOuO, but ultimately it was agreed upon that be should receive $900 and tbe ameunt ho had invested In tbe .takes. This sum was lodged in secure hands on his nehalf. until tbo fulfilment of the conditions On Satur day last, Jackson applied to a gentleman residing in Jer ?0), who has been his principal backer and supporter once bis arrival in this country lor the loan of $760, stat ing that it was to bet with Tbe request was oouiplisd with, the gentleman atating, that whatever was won with the money Jackson should have hall, and if it was lost the gentleman would coiisentto be the loser of the ? mount advanced. Jacksou tuan placed about $9,1100 hi the hands of two friends, with directions to take all the odds that were olfered upon him. Tbe betting, ironi this time up to the race coming off, ranged from 100 to 00, to 105 to 75?so that Jacksou stood to win 000 or $700 over and above the $00,1, for losing the race t'he result isknuwu?he lost the race; and itla said that ? he loss of certain parties?his backers, supporters and ?'?lends? in consequence, is about $10 000. But tbe best ol the story Is, that tbe principal per.on to whom Jack son entrusted his $2,000 to back against hi:n. refused to acknowledge the receipt of it, and cooly pocketed tho <um and what it had produced, to which he holds fast \s soou as these facts became known, the gentleman who had advanced the $760 to Jacluon. got a writ out against him, and proceaded to Jersey in company of the Sheriff, and several persons who had been great lasers by the affair, to arreat him; but he observed their ap proach, and made his escape by jumping out of a tbi<d story window. He has since, it is stated, takeu his de parture for Canada, in company with another pedestrian who came out with him. This affair has caused u great sensation among the sporting gentry of this vicinity, during the past week. The knowing ones have been se verely bitten, and Jacluon boasts that he has taken in the Yankees. Trotting at the Harlem Track?There was a good muster on this Course on Thursday, to witnass a match for flOP, mile heats, in harness, between C. T. Bartine'a Tyro 0 i i W. Wholnn's Gilbert 0 3 3 Time, 3m. 47s.; 3m 47a.; 3m. 43s. Tyro was an uutried nag, about Ave years old, from Mew Kocbelle. He astonished " the boys" wonderfully, in making the first a dead heat against an old stager, and still moru in each succeeding heat. The Colonel is in for luck this seasen at any rato. Yesterday another interesting match came offover the same track, at which tho attendance was good. A purse and stake for $100, mile heats, best three in five, under the saddle. W Davis named blk g Black Joke. Col. Barton named ch g Frelingbuysen. A. Coukliu named b g Sir Archy. It was a well contested affair throughout. The fol lowing is the result W. Davis's blk g Black Joke,. .. 3 3 3 1 3 Col. Bartine's Frelinghuyseu ... 3 1 3 3 3 A. Conklin's Sir Archy 1 3 1 3 1 Time, 3m 30 ; 3m. 30s ; 3m SOJs ; 3m. 30ja ; 3m. 3ls. Beacon Connie. Hubokkn.?Some great sport is pro mised to come olf over this Course during the ensuing week. All thu best nags in this vicinity, ami some from a distance will come together and display tbpir powers. ?fTh? Cricket Mutch between the New York and Philadelphia Clubs was played at Camden yeater lay, and as usual, only the roost kindly fueling ol honora hie rivalry was exhibited. Tbe New York Club wore the wiuners. The following is the scores. St. Gkoroks. 1st Innings. Id Innings. Buckley b. Ansell, 7 b. Ansell Hiwthorn, 0 Piatt, h Dennis, 3 Parker, b. Dennis, o. Richardson, 9 Barker, c. Ansell, 60 Garvin, b. Nichols, 6 tyres, bit wickot, 10 not out t Tinson, runout, 0 Spmforth, b. and c. Niohols, 0 not out, 3 S. Nicholls, b Nicholls, 0 Walter, not out, 0 Winterlioltom, b. Autill, 0 Byes, 0 Wide. 6 No. Ball, 1 111 ~4 111 116 Won by tho St George's Club with nine wickets to go down. Union Cricket Cu b k'irtf Innings. Second rnningt. ".ichardson, b Buckley, c. Waters, o a. Barker, 0 Hawthorn, h. Buckley, c. Tinson, 0 run oat, 4 Wall, run out, 6 run out, 6 Dennis, h Barker, 6 b. Buckley, 0 Bumess, V do. 3 not out, 1 Moon, b Buckley, c. Kyro, 4 c. Bpinfortn, I tntell, b. Barker, ] b Barker, A Rroadback, run out 8 b do 19 Nichols runout flb Eyres, 19 i ell. riot out 8 st'pd Tinson, a Vlaslin, b Barker 3 b. Barker, 0 Byes, C 13 Wide, 3 2 W 68 First Innings 46 Total, U4 Distinguished Arrivals.?The Hon. A. H. Kveritt, Commissioner to China, arrived in the Courier yesterday from Kio Janeiro, and tvnh his family occupies apartments at the Astor. Major General Sir lticherd Armstrong, command ing in CanadH West, hue arrived at the Astor, from Kingston. Hon. H Johnson, of Louisiana, arrived at the American Hotel yesterday. Philosophy and Pudding.?Holt the famous foun der of the cheap eating-house system?one of ths nost philanthropic discoveries ever made?has late ly ojiened an elegant establishment at 125 Fulton street, for the benefit of his fellow men. Knox's IIats ?For elegance and cheapness the fiats manufactured by young Knox, of 114 Fulton -treet, are not to be surpassed. Police Intelligence. Oct3 .?Forgery and Compounding a Ft'ony ?A short timo ago. a person by the n,mo?f Higgins was arrested in complaint of Mr. Warner, of No, ll Wall st.. for forg ing the namo of Lambert Suydam, to various notes, amounting to about <111.000; two of which note* amount ng to*5 500. found their way into one of the pel hanks in Wall st.; but owing to the course pursued by the Pre sident and officers et the institution, the b ink succeeded in recoveiiug the amount ot lorged paper held by the hank. The circumstances coming to the knowledge of Justice Drinker, he pioceeded to make an investiga ion in the case, and in the course of which, suftl ient hss been eli ??ited to place before the public the following particu lars : It appears that about seventeen days prior to the crest ot Higgin, Mr Surdam was in the hank referred to, and while in conversation with the President, .craaikt'd that he had not at that time his name ittached to a single note ; whereupon trio Presi lent or cashier replied that ho (Mr. Suydam) must be under some mistake, as some notes, endorsed by him, were then in trie drawer Mr 4 then said, tnat if there were any with his name to them, they were forgeries, and requested to see thein. and on heing ? hown to him, lie at once pronounced them to he for geries The President informed VIr. Suydam from whom they had been toceived, and after some consul'ation in which the cashier took a part, it wis resolved to Hnl lliggins, who acknowledged that he had forged the en lorsernent ol Mr. Huydarn, and on being pressed to take up the notes, promised to do so in the cour-e ofthe same or billowing day. provided matters weie kept quiet, as ne would sell some sto k for that purpose, wmch pro position was assented to on the part ol the hank ufltr.ers; nit instead ol selling stock tue neat day lliggins ap plied to lr. Warien to raise for him $5,000 on n>-w notos, dso purporting to be eudoised by Lambert S'lf.'am Tne money was obtained by Mr Warnerfroin A <) Piiomp ? on who gave his rheck for the amount, an I the money thus obtained was taken to the h uk and paid to take up the forged notes that had been discounted there Seven uen day s after the notes were pas ml to Mr Warren, t-n-y were off. ted at tie hank in question, and pi on innc I to 1>? forgeries Tuis was tho li'st iolima iao th it liggins hnd been gudty of lorg.-ry, alth >ugh it is alleg ed it was a well known fact to the ofttcere of the hoik aid Mr rtuydan foi neaily three srtsks piior to tint time. Under these Circumstances, Mr Warner has com menced a civil suit against tho bank for the recovery of the money loaned to lligglna on the notes, out e gri.u id 'nit if tho hank had not rnmpotliide I the nia'ter w.tli liiggii.. in thoo "SO of th ? first lorgeries. amounting to ..I.on ?, ho would not have nad Bn opportunity of lorging enow note* to take up the ft -I with, by which trans ctioit 5ir. Warner beca no a lo-er A criminal prose ?otion has alto necn instituted against the ottlcers of th# nank, for compounding wttli Ulggina In tho course of i 'c-v days ttie whole affsir will lie m >ra lully inve tiga ted. when the facts that .nay ho elicited will ho again re tarred to. Fnftty on o *moll SrnU ?On' Wednesday evening nst a yoti.ig follow named John Moore, was urrestod on i charge' I forging lotters, purporting to ho wiittenhy Michael (Ja'lnglier, H Centre street, for the pnipnseof oht lining loans ol money One, of which the follow log is a copy, was directed to James McOowan of No. * 'V shli gt in Rtreot, from whom he received $5: ? . .i K end ? As I have topiv n Mil le-Mflt, and not liiiving tho money I expucted to receive in the course of the day, and being short of money, yon would ( cry much oblige mo by binding me $0 Enclose and send by tho bearer. Higuo I, MICHAEL QALLAQHER." \notber letter of the same character he took to Mr. ? i.e. (?< In. id No 141 Oreenwich street, in which ? f, ..ow tVi .. In- ?<'i , I , s jii. cusslul The accused, in n< defence, stute I that lin oht ined the letters Irom a ornate, but ns she was not produced, bo was de lined to nswc' Grand Loir my A tleiman ail, named f'atiieriuo ? iT.iari, ivi" an sted this morning on a charge ol ha ving stole ? ipiHrtltv of silver wait- from ttie dwelling I >lr <1 Halclien, in Fleet eteeet. Brookltn. On I nv* upon a Policr Captain As t apt Howell of the 7th Police Distiict was paitnking ol some reliesh nenls in tho Saloon under the station House, et the cor ner ol F'ike and South streets between the hours ol 9 and 10 last night, he was Attacked and benlon in the moat brutal manner by three men, who then (led. Oapt How ell was conveyod to his residence in u carriage, and medical aid immediately obtained.